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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  July 30, 2011 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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2012 and then pass balanced budget amendment. >> at people living is outnumbered by those who vote for a living. thanks for sharing, want to hear next time from you ladies. that will do it from here in washington, kelly wright and jamie colby are standing by in new york, have a great day. >> uma, thank you very much. this is a fox news alert. mrs. 'plenty of political theater. i know it's the weekend, but the debt ceiling battle is entering crunch time on capitol hill. i'm jamie colby, good for you here. thank you inside america's news headquarters. >> kelly: i'm kelly wright. the house is expected to vote soon on legislation mirroring a proposal worked on in the senate. now, that bill not expected to pass, and it comes as our nation is closer and closer to default. mike emanuel is live on capitol hill right now and mike, as the senate heads back into session today, set the stage for us, if you will. what is the mood there?
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>> kelly, it seems tense and a lot of people seem uncertain exactly how they move forward to get a deal that will pass both the united states senate and the house of representatives. we caught up with senator clare mccaskill, answering her phones in other own office and the phones have been ringing off the hook all week long since the president said, you know, contact your representatives and make your voices heard. well, she got an earful about people saying just get something done. people who are married about their social security or medicare, so, she heard directly from her constituents and was able to say that she understood their concerns. bottom line at this point, well, here is senator harry reid. >> it's time for us to be adults, it's what the american people want. it's time to come together and compromise. it's what the american people want and that's what we need to do. >> so, it's time to be adults. so what he is saying is that
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he would like senator mcconnell, the republican leader in the senate to sit down with him and senator mcconnell's folks say they want the president's folks to engage because last weekend they negotiated all weekend with the democrats and at the last minute the president said no to the deal and so they don't want a repeat of that this weekend. kelly. >> kelly: mike, it remains that we're getting dangerously close now to that august 2nd deadline. will they get it done? that's the bottom line question. >> it is, and all indications are they will get something done. the precise shape is still to be determined, a lot of questions about triggers or enforcement mechanisms to force congress to make some of the cuts, some spending cuts and we heard just moments ago from the leader of the house armed services committee, concerned about defense cuts that are contained in the senate version of legislation at this point, but here is one utah republican's take whether they'll get a deal done. >> i think it will.
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i think we'll come to some sort of fruition. nobody is going to get everything they want. i'm willing to bend over backwards to try to get there and i think we've shown that and done that in a bipartisan way and got a history of doing that. >> and so, here we are, both the house and senate getting back into session, getting to work. we expect to hear from the senate leaders momentarily and they will kind of set the tone for the day. the house, as you mentioned, is expected to take up the language of the senator harry reid bill and kill it to demonstrate that it does not have support in the house of representatives. kelly. >> kelly: mike, i couldn't help, but notice in our earlier video we actually chapped chaplin black there, looked like he was administering a prayer, obviously need a wing and a prayer to get it done. thanks, mike. >> absolutely. >> jamie: what's president obama up to? he's taking his case to the american people and using his weekly address to stress urgency of reaching this bipartisan debt deal to avoid
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financial disaster. >> we need to reach a compromise by tuesday so that our country will have the ability to pay its bills on time. bills like social security checks, veterans benefits and contracts we've signed with thousands of american businesses. if we don't, for the first time ever, we could lose our country's triple-a credit rating, not because we didn't have the capacity to pay our bills, we do, but because we didn't have a triple-a political system to match it. and make no mistake, for those who reflexively resist tax increases on anybody, a lower credit rating could be higher tax rates on everybody. we pay higher rates on car loans, mortgages and credit cards, that would inexcusable, and entirely self-inflicted by washington. the power to solve this is in our hands. >> jamie: meanwhile, arizona snort jon kyl, delivering the republican address and accusing the democrats to use
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the debt crisis to raise taxes instead of viewing it as an opportunity to rein in spending. >> unfortunately, after weeks of negotiations it became clear that democrats in washington did not view this crisis as an opportunity to rein in spending. instead, they saw it as an opportunity to impose huge tax increases on american families and small businesses. president obama is simply too committed to the european style of big government that his policies have set in motion. to democrats in washington, the answer isn't to cut spending, but to raise taxes and keep on spending. democrats claim they would only target the privileged few, but behind the scenes, they argue for much broader tax increases. >> jamie: now, we're keeping an eye on both the house and senate and fox is the place to be. you will not miss any of the action as this all moves forward. the senate is expected to vote early sunday morning to cut off debate on its own debt ceiling plans. keep it right here, kelly.
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>> kelly: as you can imagine, concern over the debt crisis hitting wall street very hard this week. we've seen it happen. the dow closing down for six straight day on friday, and its worse monthly loss in about a year. what can we expect from the the markets if congress fails to meet tuesday's debt ceiling deadline, and what will all of this mean for your bottom line? joining me now from capitol hill, fox senior vice-president of business news and the anchor of your world, neil cavuto. neil, always good to see you. >> thank you. >> kelly: even on this when things are so precarious. i was watching you earlier today and former senator alan simpson who served on the president's budget commitment along with erskine bowles told you earlier today, and i'm quoting here, the agencies are looking at united states congress are on a mountain and about to give birth to a mouse. in the end, it's the little guy will be hurt if the
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downgrade takes place. is it the little guy that gets hurt? >> yes, i do notice when we look for signals coming up here, you played some bites, among them the president earlier, who has now changed his talk away from the risk of default to the risk of a credit downgrading because i don't think we're going to be looking at a default. a default would be a nonpayment on a bond holder, some of these extended through social security and medicare beneficiary. i don't see that happening and the president was among the early sort of warners, if you will, saying, look, you don't move on this, we're going to default. so, now they've taken that talk off the table and dialed it down a bit to say the risk of a downgrade is imminent. i think, kelly, that regardless we're going to get downgraded, because whatever deal we cobble together here, it might just be sort of a sad loosy goosy kind of a thing and will not fall for serious cuts and substantive to win over the credit rating
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agencies who have all sort of backed themselves into a corner and signaled they're going to lower the rate anyway and i'll go a step further and say as tough as that will be, it will probably be the only thing that will get washington to focus on substantive and real cuts. so a downgrade, while it would be awful, in the short-term, if you think about it, it would recognize for what has for years been the obvious, we've never deserved the triple-a rating in the first place. >> kelly: so it could be a dose of painful medicine yet, good for us. the cuts as i understand, are not extended 4 trillion dollars over ten years and that's perhaps what the ratings agencies are looking at and why we might risk being downgraded as you mentioned? >> the one thing that troubles me, even if they stick to the 4 trillion dollar figure, you're quite right to point out that moody's and the s & p and other ratings agencies, they've all talked about this 4 trillion dollar figure, kelly, as sort of a magic
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elic elixir, and you might stave off the reaper, i'm paraphrasing. i want to put that number in perspective. we spend as a country. 3.7 trillion dollars. we take in 2.4 trillion dollars, in tax revenue. so, we are spending 1.3 trillion more, just this year, than we take in. so, when we're talking about shaving the debt by 4 trillion dollars over the next ten years, keep in mind, we will normally pile up government spending year in, year out, 40 trillion dollars or thereabouts, right? so, that's a rounding error. what's troubling about both sides they're talking about, this is extended, as i said, over decades. the real pain upfront is actually quite minimal. 38 billion by one read.
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66 billion by another read. the upfront cuts are not there and nor obligation on the part of future presidents, if not congresses to agree to them. yes, you can make pie in the sky promises going many, many years old. i could tell you, kelly that, you know, ten years out i'm going to be as thin as shepard smith. i would not put money on it. so, unless i act and move immediately, they're just pie in the the sky promises and i think that is what will prompt the ratings agency to say, been there, done that, no longer fooled by that. >> kelly: all right. neil, look on monday a lot of people are going to be watching the markets and global markets are watching the united states very closely. how does what happens here affect the world and might we see something take place in the asian markets and the european markets, as early as monday? >> well, i think we'll get the first evidence of that, kelly, tomorrow, we'll be here in this exact same spot, as they
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begin to open up and monitoring it closely for you. but, the markets, as we mention, how our own markets have been doing, i hate to tell you, why the debt thing is certainly a prominent concern, i think the big e-concern now is the pronounced slowdown in the economy. we've got a lot of really bad economic numbers out this past week, grosse pointe woo week, gdp, not doing too well. 1.had%. and revised, close to not growing at all. we've seen more layoffs announced, merck, the pharmaceutical giants, it's going to layoff 13,000 people and we had better than 20,000 layoffs announced last week and concerns about china dipping into another recession, but we have concerns about germany slowing its momentum, england slowing its momentum, greece, part g
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portugal, ireland, i'm not trying to say they're not concerned about what's happening to them -- to us, but more concerned what's happening to them. so, i think the combination, the confluence of these events, it's sort of like the perfect financial storm. >> kelly: sure. >> and i would batten down the hatches. >> kelly: neil cavuto, thank you for the assessment of what's going on and hopefully get the right things done to move forward in the future and by the way it's a fluid situation in washington and news on the debt crisis is changing by the hour. as neil mentioned he will be monitoring the latest developments as congress works on a deal. you can tune in for a very special edition of your world tomorrow at 4 p.m. eastern live. from capitol hill, only on the fox news channel. >> so what will it take to reach that bipartisan compromise that everyone says they're looking for. at this point, is that
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possible when we're looking at the august 2nd deadline? joining us to talk about, consultant for the republican national senatorial committee and chris conn and former aide to chuck schumer. great to have you along. let me start first with you, matt. i want to ask about the august 2nd deadline. how real do you think that is? people sitting at home, if they knew the procedural mechanisms that go on to get anything debate or passed, we're there already. >> i think that august 2nd deadline is the the date we have to your ducks in a row and we have to be on a way to a deal. i'm worried that we're dealing with a white house that doesn't really want a deal because this is their opening in their reelection campaign. >> jamie: chris, at this point, both of the proposal we've heard about in various forms don't provide for any new taxes and this is
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something that republicans wanted very much and this is something that democrats came up with, yet, are we closer to coming up with something everybody can agree with or are we right back where we started? >> well, first, let me just say that the democrats and the white house have moved so 910th 9/10s of the way, there's no new revenues in the plan. the cuts in the plan are going to hurt a lot of people who i care about and the democrats care about. so, the republicans to say that the white house and democrats don't want to make a deal is farce. it's time for the republicans to take yes for an answer and move on. what they want to do, they want to tie a debt limit increase to amending the united states constitution. they want to say, if you don't amend the united states constitution, we're going to drive the economy off a cliff. >> jamie: chris, what's the problem? don't you think that the american people feel that the job that our elected
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representatives go to washington to do is to run this country. >> absolutely. >> jamie: if they're balancing their budgets at home, why is it so, so hated by democrats to have to balance budget amendment? i'm trying to understand it myself. >> i'm not against having a debate against a balanced budget amendment. what i'm against is them saying you better pass this balanced budget amendment. this is what the boehner bill said last night. if you don't pass the balanced budget amendment by christmas this year we're going to be right back in the same spot. if you say no to a balanced budget amendment there's the not going to be another debt limit increase and we are going to drive this economy into the ditch and the world. >> jamie: let matt weigh nfrjts thank you. >> jamie: i'm serious and i think a lot of people are, matt, why that balanced budget amendment discussion, such a turnoff to some? >> well, it's a turnoff to some because they want to spend money on programs to help your people. >> our people. >> in washington d.c. over a long period of time have shown
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an inability to live by their own means. what i'm saying is that we're spending too much money, we're not taking in enough money and for really, the only way we're going to get out of this mess that politicians in both parties, quite frankly, have created, but certainly, barack obama and his administration have made a ton worse, we have to grow the economy. remember, jobs, jobs, jobs? barack obama and the democrats have to help republicans, and-- >> i haven't seen one job-- >> if you listen to the president, he said six months ago, it would be wrong to raise taxes, it would hurt the job market and i agree with the president on that. >> matt, jamie. >> jamie: go ahead. >> i haven't seen one job from the house since the republican took over. >> and the jobs bill-- >> no it's not. >> yes, it is. >> we've had tax cuts for 11 years and haven't created one job from it. >> in 11 years haven't created jobs. go back to the clinton aria, and created a boom in
10:17 am
the economy and everybody knows this doesn't work, the biggest-- >> let me ask, jobs aside, chris, we know this is the number one thing on the minds of so many americans, is they want to get back to work or at least work up to what their capacity is and take care of their families and live within their means or even improve their means, the great american dream, remember? let me ask you a prediction quickly before we go. matt, what's going it happen and when are we going to see a deal? will we see a deal? you're at polar opposite sides right here and a whole bunch of people in washington have to agree. matt, will it happen? >> i think the politicians are going to cut a deal and we're going to find out the world is not going to care and we're going to be downgraded anyway because we continue to live beyond our means. >> jamie: thanks, matt. chris? >> first, i think you put me and hath in a room and banged it out three weeks ago and playing golf by now. >> agreed. >> second, there will be a
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deal at 11:51 p.m. on monday night, mark my words. >> jamie: i suppose that's eight minutes before it needs-- >> eight minutes before midnight. >> jamie: thanks so much, gentlemen. thank you so much for being here. >> have a great saturday. >> jamie: thanks for following things so closely and giving your perspective. fair and balanced. great. >> kelly: let's talk about thunderstorm don, how it turned into a dud for dry texas. the storm so many had actually hoped for would fuelly bring them some much-needed rain to the parched state fizzling out, dropping less than an inch of rain. texas is suffering from an extreme drought that's killed crops and live stocks. casey stegall joins us live from corpus christi, texas and what's the reaction out there? they were hoping for this. >> reporter: yeah, kelly, i have to say a lot of people are pretty bummed. usually it sounds strange when people are looking forward to a tropical depression headed
10:19 am
straight in their direction, that's what people in texas were up against because they need the rain so badly, but parts of texas were expecting up to five inches of rain from tropical storm don, but the form fizzled as it came ashore last night and dropped less than an inch. a the lot of disappointment. no reports of flooding or damage, in fact, meteorologists say the moisture not even putting a dent in the extreme drought conditions here. it was so uneventful, in fact, most texans didn't even know it hit. >> it's their calm before the storm. >> it's over. >> yeah. >> it's over. >> the storm is already over? >> see that guy didn't know that it had come through. let's put it to you this way. rainfall totals are eight inches below average in texas, according to the u.s. drought monitor, 94% of the ranges and pastures are in poor or very
10:20 am
poor condition and as you know, this part of the country has been in the grips of the heatwave which has not improved the situation. look at the satellite image provided from nasa, the brown, dead, vegetation nfact, farmers have lost 30% or more of their crops in 2011. the situation is quite dire, as you can imagine. kelly, there is another tropical disturbance brewing out in the atlantic and now people here have their eyes on that, hoping it will provide the moisture they so desperately need here. >> kelly: one can certainly understand why. casey stegall from corpus christi, texas. >> jamie: drama, drama, drama is unfolding in washington right now, we're following every part of it. the votes taking place in the house and senate today. coming up we are going to talk to congressman john fleming to find out where things stand right there on the floor. >> kelly: but we also have a lot of other news we want to tell you about today. two planes full of passengers colliding at chicago's o'hare
10:21 am
airport. we'll tell you how that happened and we're going to catch up on something else, something caught on tape, caught in the fact. cameras installed on public buses, catching drivers engaging in dangerous acts. you've got to see this. >> jamie: caught on camera again. your nutritional needs can go up when you're on the road to recovery. proper nutrition can help you get back on your feet. three out of four doctors recommend the ensure brand for extra nutrition. ensure clinical strength has revigor and thirteen grams of protein to protect, preserve, and promote muscle health. and immune balance to help support your immune system. ensure clinical strength... helping you to bounce back. ensure! nutrition in charge! you have arrived. sweet belt. e-reader for textbooks. gps. hd video cam for lectures. game pad. have you considered this by motorola ? it's got all that and more than 200,000 apps.
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>> all right. welcome back, we've been watching a tit for tat battle taking place on capitol hill. this is a live look right now of the house and senate floors. the house will soon vote on and likely kill a debt limit bill mirroring legislation crafted by senate majority leader, harry reid. just last night the senate swiftly mixed the bill or nixed a bill, rather, by house
10:25 am
speaker john boehner, meantime, the clock is ticking, so isn't it time to end the political maneuvering and do something to solve the crisis? joining us now, louisiana congressman john fleming a republican and we thank you, sir, for joining us and i know you're very busy today so we appreciate your time. let's get to it, congressman fleming. the house and senate seem to past each other and senator reid's bill will be the same thing in the house. a tit for tat or one calls it a ten miss match, nothing getting done in congress. what's going on? >> well, remember, that the only bill that was ever passed, which is cut, cap and balance, that would actually prevent a downgrade because the agencies that rate these tell us, it look, it's the debt not the debt ceiling that we're going to rate you on. the only one was cut, cap and balance, well, we had to move
10:26 am
beyond that, all the discussions behind closed doors, yielded nothing, so, now we're doing a series of test votes to see, kelly, where we are, where are the votes going to be and while it's a dirty process, it's definitely making sausage, hopefully it will get us to a point where we can get a resolution to this by august 2nd or soon after. >> kelly: congressman, do you in your honest, get feeling, believe that's even possible at this point? >> it's going to be very different. a very difficult, rather, because we have the most conservative house of representatives in history and we have the most left wing liberal democrat members of congress, both in the house and the senate, and also in the white house, so, i would say the divide is greater than ever and the philosophical divide, the republicans want to begin slowing and stopping the spending and cutting it altogether and get us on a glide path back to a balanced
10:27 am
budget, the democrats want to continue spending as usual and one way that we can do that is to cuff ourselves with spending caps and balanced budget amendment. congress won't go for it. >> kelly: congressman, i understand that. but both sides of the aisle are not helping each other. i want to ask you pointedly, what are your concerns in terms of telling your constituents if come tuesday nothing's been done on congress. what will you tell your constituents if the united states should receive a downgrade in its credit? >> well, i think if it comes, it's not going to necessarily come on august 3rd. and in fact, even if we get a deal by august 3rd, i think that it's very possible we're going to get a downgrade anyway, because, again, it's the overall debt to gdp, not the debt ceiling issue that's going to get us there. we're going to make the interest payments, so that's not an issue of the the only thing i worry about is the beginning of a ratcheting down of government services, if we don't get this resolved by
10:28 am
august 2nd, and that will happen one by one. so, i'm telling folks in my district, don't panic there's no need to panic and we need to continue the pressure in washington to get this to a resolution and many of us who are conservatives. >> kelly: all right, congressman. >> we want-- that's not going to happen until we change the white house. >> kelly: we know you've got work to do. go back and get it done and come out with a deal. compromise or otherwise, just get it done. congressman john fleming from louisiana, thank you for joining us. >> jamie: we're certainly not going to miss a moment and neither will you. if you keep it here on fox you'll get all that comes out of washington, including the debt showdown, including the president's grim warning to lawmakers, that was today and almost to two years to the day of their capture, there may be a new development for the two americans hikers that are still being held prisoner in iran. living, breathing intelligence that's helping people rethink how they live.
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>> the white house is now watching and waiting. this is a live look at the debate taking place right now on the house and senate floors. lawmakers there are trying to keep our nation from possibly defaulting on its debt. molly henneberg is live at the white house and molly, the president is pressing congress right now to take what he calls a simple vote. >> yes, a simple vote, kelly, to raise the debt ceiling as has been done many times previously, including under republican president, president obama notes. in his weekly radio address today. the president called out one group of lawmakers suggesting they may be getting in the way of a deal and praised another group of lawmakers working in what he believes is a bipartisan manner. >> democrats in congress and some senator republicans have been listening and have shown themselves willing to make compromises to solve this crisis. now all of you us, including republicans in the house of representatives need to demonstrate the same kind of
10:33 am
responsibility the american people show every day. the time for putting party first is over. >> the president urged the house g.o.p. and all lawmakers to quote, compromise on behalf of the american people. kelly. >> but, molly, as you know, the republicans are saying that the president is missing the entire cause of this debt crisis, so, what does that mean for the president? >> yeah, not just house republicans, but some g.o.p. senators as well say the president is missing that the cause of this debt crisis is quote, run away washington spending and they want significant cuts in spending to go along with increase in the debt ceiling. >> we hope that the need to increase the debt ceiling could be an opportunity to make some very hard decisions to reduce department of the spending. unfortunately, after weeks of negotiations, it became clear that democrats in washington did not view this crisis as an opportunity to rein in spending. and instead, they saw it as an opportunity to impose huge tax
10:34 am
increases on american families, and small businesses. >> senator kyl says both sides it have an agreement and reduce the size of the federal government, kelly. >> kelly: molly henneberg reporting live from the white house. thanks, molly. >> this is a chilling story that broke this week about an american soldier accused of plotting an attack on ford fort hood personnel. army private first class nasser abdo, charged with having a destructive device. as he was leaving court, shouted the name aaccused shooter major nadle hassan set to have his trial and potentially get the death penalty. how do they deal with violent extremists within their own ranks? walid phares, the author of
10:35 am
coming revolution, struggle for freedom in the middle east. good to see you, good afternoon. >> good afternoon, jamie, thank you. >> jamie: is it safe to say that the u.s. military is the the subject and focus of attacks by jihadists? >> with no question. first al-qaeda and other jihadist organizations websites for the last many years, about eight years, have been falling on their supporters, not just the ones who can penetrate the united states, but those who can radicalize and recruited or recruit themselves inside the united states to take on national security and national security mainly is first of all, defense security and other agencies, including the ministry, on american soil. >> how valuable is it for them to have a subject like this? someone who used the excuse at the can't go fight with our u.s. military when they were a member of it because they are muslims, to then be radicalized to the point of amassing this ammunition that could have had the impact of a repeat of what major hassan
10:36 am
had done? >> well, jamie, first of all, the argument doesn't have any legs, any teeth. the argument that because of faith they don't want to join the armed forces in campaigns in the regions, iraq, afghanistan, or elsewhere. because if that's the case then you have 62 countries that are muslim and have armed forces that are engaged against the terrorists and many of these countries are engaged against other muslim countries or organizations. in fact, he invoked that argument because once he entered the armed forces, and we'll see more when the details are coming from the court proceedings. but once he's inside, he for some reason decided he doesn't want to go. another statement made in the press, by the press, that he said, well, i looked a second time at my faith, or at the values and i realized that i would look at this specific time, who radicalized him and who told him this. >> i'm sure they'll look into all of this. he's home grown and so is
10:37 am
major hassan. how many more are there out there and what do we do to root them out? >> look, when you have one case you say that's the exception, and two cases, extended exception, the past two to three years we're seen dozens of cases of american citizens, some born here, some raised here, some born elsewhere and raised here, and all have one common bond, the idea of jihadism. if you arrive by internet, e-mail, radicalized, wherever you are in the armed forces or within other entities, you are becoming a potential, terrorist at the end. day, if uyou are radicalized. >> jamie: spending times at fort hood, it's tolerant and understanding and muslim organizations and must be changing the way they're thinking a sad part of the story, but sounds like a wakeup call and you want us
10:38 am
all to be aware of it. i'm glad you're getting the message out there. thank you for being with us. >> thank you. >> jamie: kelly. >> kelly: all right, got to check this out. there's a camera program meant to help train bus drivers in washington d.c. instead, it's actually catching some drivers, well, behaving badly. possibly even putting lives in danger and now, it's costing some of them their jobs. peter doocy live now in washington with more details on this, peter? >> kelly, as you said, metro buses here in d.c. have new cameras on the win shield that turn on anytime the bus makes a sudden move. it turns out, sudden moves was because of drivers on cell phone and because of that, 20 drivers have now been fired and 222 others suspended for other things. >> we found that 20 operators over the last few months have been using their cell phones in nonrevenue service, meaning without passengers, but again, were still driving the bus and makes it an unsafe situation.
10:39 am
>> reporter: based on what the cameras are showing, metro bus says about 40% of their crashes could have been prevented, 5% higher than they estimated before they could see what's going on in the driver's seat, but the union that represents most metro bus drivers in d.c. say they were duped, quote, it's amazing when they convinced us to accept the cameras, they lied and said it was a training tool. it's not bad for all drivers. 80% the cameras are turned on it's not for anything illegal and bus riders say they've noticed changes. >> and every once in a while. they texting and get off the bus and used their phone, holding me up, but at least got off the bus. >> even though 20 drivers got canned for using a cell phone, the most commonly broken rule, running red lights, kelly. >> kelly: tough going, thanks, peter. >> jamie: i don't know how realistic this is going to be for most of us, especially
10:40 am
with everything going on in washington. you could sill dream, right, folks, about owning a bentley and the all new redesigned 2012 continental gt, it's a sweet car, but will it give car lovers something to smile about even in their sleep? gary gastelu took the super car for a ride in this week's car report. he got to drive it. >> it's quicker, more powerful and lighter, not much. the bentley gf looks a lot like the old one and fully redesigned with a sharper more detailed exterior to go along with the hand crafted cabin that offers dozens of color and trim options and it's been on a diet, losing 143 pounds in the process. never the less, this little compact coupe still weighs over 2 1/2 tons, nearly as much as that truck over there, it's just so dense, like driving around in a hung of neutron stars.
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and for the wall street bankers, hip-hop stars and athletes who made this their official daily driver, that's part of the appeal. that feeling of invincible and overstuffed luxury. the continental gt is truly the fau gra. and you see the birds use to make the tasty trait. this is made from grain because it's flexed fuel and runs on e-85. shouldn't do us a whole lot of good in new jersey or most of the united states where that's not available, but if you can afford one of these you could probably get it delivered. regardless of what's in the tank, the w-12 cylinder engine underneath the hood. 567 horsepower, enough to accelerate it to 60 miles an hour in 4 1/2 seconds on to a top speed of over 198 miles
10:42 am
per hour. over 5,000 pound travelling at nearly 200 miles an hour, a good reason to invest in the $15,000 carbon ceramic brake option. it's not all to say that it's perfect in bentliville. it's so quiet inside you can hear the massaging seats working. i mean, how do people live like this? >> in the bentley continental gt. gary gas law. >> jamie: i know we're friends, if you drive to work in this thing i'm taking your job, all i've got to say. if you want to learn more about the lently continental, go to fox car >> nice to dream a little. two passenger planes colliding at one of the busiest airports in the country. how that happened as wellment and lawmakers wrangling in washington at this hour over the debt ceiling, but what can and should you do to protect yourself in washington if they can't strike a deal? [ rge ] psst.
10:43 am
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>> it's not all that comforting, it happened again. two planes are out of commission after they glided at chicago's o'hare airport. it was delta gagain and you can see the pictures. one plane is headed to minneapolis and other to atlanta and no injuries reported, but they hit each other while they were backing out of the gate yesterday. passengers put on other flights and we understand it's minor damage, but nevertheless, we've got it get it all organized. kelly. >> kelly: all right. the clock is ticking closer and closer to that possible u.s. default we have been talking about or at least the down grading, but if congress fails to act by tuesday, what should you do, particularly about your money? here now financial advisor dominique, president of diversified financial consultants. thanks for joining us, and good saturday afternoon to
10:47 am
you. >> good afternoon, kelly. >> kelly: a lot of people are watching this scratching their heads, why can't the guys on capitol hill get the job done? if they don't get it done, what's your best advice to people in terms of protecting their portfolios as well as their retirement? >> the first is don't panic. i mean, you can see that if they don't resolve this by monday, tuesday the markets could react and could react violently. the key is don't look at the situation on a moment by moment basis and react and panic and channing your investment allocation or go to cash, because historically that's shown to be a pretty big mistake. >> kelly: well, what's-- do you think any mistakes are made on wall street right now in terms of reacting to the situation in congress? >> no, if you look at what's going on right now on wall street, we've lost about 500 points in the market just in the last week. what that really is our portfolio managers, people that manage 401(k)'s and pension plans raising cash and
10:48 am
some assets they have invested in stocks and bonds and putting it in cash and maybe using that cash as a buying opportunity, monday, tuesday, wednesday, depending what happens in the markets. but we as investors, sometimes, go ahead, kelly. >> kelly: no, no, i didn't mean to interrupt you, but that makes sense that they would be doing that, but for that person who owns a 401(k), for example, they're watching that closely and they might be given to panic because they're saying, gee, i don't have that much money, but some money in my 401(k) and i might lose that. >> yeah, and kelly that's exactly the problem. this is the one that frightens me the most. if we look at the last decade in in country. we've gone through 9/11, the twin others collapsing, terrorism, hurricane katrina, tsunami, world crisis and if you had a good, quality, balanced mutual fund, vanguard, fidelity. american funds, done matter, you would have done 6 to 9% return. if you'd sold out when the
10:49 am
market had done that collapse you wouldn't have your principal back today. so you have to look at your personal time line. am i in this 401(k) for the next week or the next 3, 5, 20 years? in fact, if the market were to go through some kind of correction, the fact that you're buying on a weekly, monthly annual basis, you're accumulating more shares and could be an advantage to you to continue to buy during these moments of crisis. >> kelly: dominic, greatest advice, don't panic, hold on, the market might get rocky. >> do not panic, long-term. >> jamie: coming up, if you're pregnant or know someone who is. there were shocking findings on a new study at that even surprised doctors. we want to tell you about this troubling problem so you can recognize it, that's just ahead. ♪ with diabetes, it's tough to keep life balanced. i don't always have time to eat like i should. and the more i focus on everything else, the less time i have to take care of me. that's why i like glucerna shakes. they have slowly digestible carbs
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>> and this is a fox news alert. we want to take you right to the house and show you quickly, they're voting and that's steny hoyer talking about what they're going to do. they're debating before they vote on the reid bill, as it's known as and they will basically state that they're going to push, the democrats will, but on the senate side, 43 republicans writing a letter and in the house, writing a letter to reject the reid bill. we'll continue to follow the details and make them available to you in terms of how the vote goes. >> a troubling new study we have to tell, but 54% increase in strokes in women, both during pregnancy and right after they give birth. what's behind this disturbing trend. here now a member of the fox news medical a-team chief the robotics and minimally invasive surgery at mount
10:54 am
sinai in new york city, you don't deliver babies, but you don't want our viewers to have strokes. where did the study start and what are the findings? >> this is a study that came out from c.d.c. and i was actually quite surprised when i saw the numbers talking about increasing 54% of stroke after pregnancy. >> jamie: that's a huge number. >> it's a big number and a lot we can learn from this, but the truth is that they're looking at all section, and women between the age of 25 to 34 were really at high risk. and this was like the risk takers and ones that are smoking during pregnancy, and we also see that the rise in obesity and blood pressure in this particular group has been on the rise. so, these women are really at high risk and there are certain behaviors that they have to do, either during pregnancy or beforehand in anticipation of the pregnancy. >> so, say you live a healthy life style, doctor, when you get pregnant, you're aware and you eat right and you take care of yourself and you keep your blood pressure normal and you don't smoke.
10:55 am
do you have a better chance of beating that 54% statistic? >> if everyone in america who gets pregnant do exactly what you said then we're going to be in further good shape. the problem is that, again, obesity is a big problem. they take chances with smoking. you're right, if you do all of those, stop smoking, exercise, eat healthy and stick to healthy diet and be under control of your physicians, to control their cholesterol, sugar and all of that stuff. then you have an outcome. >> will this get out to women and their doctors and make sure that they're adequately counseled on this? >> you need to recognize this and there are some pneumonics for strokes, some fast, ease toy remember and if you see any of these symptoms, f is for face. if you see any kind of weakness in your face. arms, if there's any weakness in the arms or speech, get to 911 and get to the hospital, because time is an issue.
10:56 am
sooner you get to the hospital and earlier you can beat the stroke and have a better outcome. >> jamie: before you go, i know that time is of the essence, if you get to the hospital they can prevent further damage from a stroke, even if you're pregnant? >> absolutely. the sooner you get to the doctor and find out it's preventible and residual deficits from the stroke will be minimized and that's the take home message and recognizing it is important and like you said. >> jamie: do what you can. do exactly what you can, stick to healthy diet. >> i think you may have saved a life. >> hope so. >> jamie: probably made healthier women and certainly healthier babies. always great to see you, great to have you back. that's going to do it for us, i'm jamie colby and i'll see you overnight tonight with live updates as the debate on the debt continues. >> kelly: a lot more coming up. i love that my daughter's part fish.
10:57 am
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