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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  August 2, 2011 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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i'm bill o'reilly. remember the spin stops right here. we're definitely looking out for you. welcome to "red eye." i'm geeing gutfeld. now with 25% more gutfeld than any other leading brand of gutfeld. but at the same low price. if you can find a cheaper gutfeld, buy it. let's go to andy levy for a pre game report. andy, what's coming up on tonight's show? >> i don't think anyone will find a cheaper gutfeld. the top story, the latest on the debt deal out of washington. if by latest you mean six hours ago when we taped this. and a woman is charged with assault after taping a man on the shoulder. our -- i will contribute to the defense fund. and scarlet johansson turns down a marine's invitation to be his date at the marine corp ball. >> thank you, andy. >> happy spider-man day, greg.
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>> i am more of a fan of manned spiders. >> you mean man spider, the the alternate version? >> no, a group of men i met in the mark over the weekend. oh what a web they weave. >> there are two manned spiders on earth. there was peter parker and then a clone of peter parker and both had six arms. >> the man spiders i met in the park never gave me their names, but it was probably because it was dark and i didn't ask for them. >> the parker clone was killed by the goblin queen, but the brute took the blame for. it. >> the goblin queen, the name is earned. >> and man spider himself was killed by the beyonder. >> that's that then. i won't be going back there. he seemed like a nice man. >> now that i think about it, the beyonder had brown hair and was short. >> have to move on, andy. >> i'm sure it is just a coincidence. say hello to barry on your shoulder for me. she is so sun -- she is so
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hot the sun keeps a picture of her in his wallet, it is courtney f ry el. and sailors often mistake him for the north star and follow him home. and lysol considers him their everest. it is bill shultz. that's a heroic look there. and he knows hearty songs like i know leather songs. baby powder prevents the chafing. it is country music legendary singer larry gatlin. >> legend, ledge legendary, fairly redone tent. >> good to see you pinch. >> quote, we are watching him turn into jimmy carter before our eyes. well, madam, i saw you more of -- morph into richie cunningham with a wig a longtime ago. see you at the next review, traitor. you have to be hard on those
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columnists. >> i understand. >> you don't understand anything. >> you don't have to take it out on me. >> i will take anything out on you pinch style. >> all right. >> yes. >> go away. >> you go away. >> why do i let myself again drawn that conversations with pinch? >> why indeed? >> shut up. to the greg-alogue. it is an olive of awesomeness in a martini of malice. >> remember the coffee party? the liberal response to the tea party? cnn covered it and so did the "new york times." and john stewart organized his rally as a form of santee to, again, the dash of sanity to, again, the tea party. they were lagging indicators of the dead world. shiny, happy people who didn't see the train heading their way. the tea party in the healthcare protest was the train. future predictors saw the road ahead and all of the signs pointed to greece, not the musical. the tea party is the punk rock
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moment of politics, rescuing us from 20-minute morgan noodle -- organ noodling. the tea party offered "beat on the brat" ramones' wisdom reminding us of what worked before. it exposed the emptiness of hope and change. when a real movement directs the administration, the fluffy good feelings withered against simple principal. if you are not for shrinking government, what are you for? not shrinking government is a lousy bumper sticker. i have issues. i worry about the defense cuts. the left wants entitlement growth. we want independence through strength. lastly, the government will still grow 70% over the next decade, and there will probably be new taxes in the next year or so. so the budget debate is using pho breeze. masking the stench does not erase the pile of crap at your
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feet. if you disagree with me are you a racist hoe ma -- homophobe. larry, welcome back. >> hi, greg. >> what do you make of this deal? >> i'm moderately intelligent, fairly well educated. i can read, write and trace if i have to. did you get that, pinch? i was a political science minor in college, and i cannot understand the arcane, mysterious bovine droppings because you can say [bleep] on tv. and the problem with that to me is the american people. they are not stupid. they are not dumb. they just don't know about parlimentary -- all of the things going back and forth. let me tell you what they know. they do not like -- and this is cliche. the things things become cliche is you say a lot. the fox is guarding the hen house. these are the people, the vast majority of whom, helped to get us in this in the first place.
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i agree some of my buddies have sold out to that situation too. the american people understand why are we letting this bunch of bandits take 50% of everything i make out on the road. >> that's a couple hundred bucks a week. >> that's terrible. it will pay for the bandannas. >> that hurts me, greg. how do you pay for the $5 diesel in the bus? a 100 gallon tank. i'm through. >> here is the thing. everybody seems unhappy about it. i have always thought that was a good sign, like if the left is pissed off and the right is pissed off and you have biden calling people terrorists and mitt romney saying no, it seems like everybody finds something in there they don't like. so could that mean it is not as bad as everybody thinks? >> no, i think in this situation what everyone is upset about is things got to a certain point, and then they didn't get enough out of it. but by bringing things to a breaking point when everybody
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was on the brink of they don't know what, they should have accomplished something, and they didn't. obama without talking the whole time trying to control the narrative, and just to see him be like, this is not what i wanted, to have him not even have his words was pretty bad. >> you know what it is, they address the panic, but not the problem. we will be right back after this. no, no, no. just kidding. courtney, what do you think of the deal? are you glad it is almost over? you have been reporting on the debt ceiling for the last like three months. >> well first of all, larry, i majored in political science. i too am very confused and i have anxiety over this. i am glad this is hopefully coming to an end soon. my favorite quote that i heard today was from auto von-bismark. the less people know about how sausages are made the better they will sleep. this is so true. >> i would say that people might say this was watching sausage not get made.
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i don't think it -- i mean it did allow the debt to increase and we avoided -- whatever. >> we put a bandaid on it. >> who said this was a sugar coated say tan sandwich? do you agree with that? >> who put the sugar on the sandwich? >> i don't know. here is the thing, if you have a say tan sandwich, are you going to need some sugar. that is a hard thing to put down. kudos to you. as you know, greg, auto is a uh sedge king. -- sausage king. no one is better. it is a family business. >> he too majored in political science. >> he did, absolutely. >> enough about sausages. from debt scorn to jason born, is matt damon as much an authority on tax cuts as he is on hair cuts? at the july 30th save our schools rally, i usually go to that a lot, the oscar winner
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was of course asked about the debt ceiling and he had an answer of honest to goodness words. >> the with el thee should pay more. do you agree that the wealthy should pay more. >> yes, the wealthy are paying less than they paid. certainly in my lifetime and probably in the last century. i don't know what they are paying in the roaring 20s. it is criminal. so little is asked of people who are getting so much. i don't mind paying more taxes i would rather pay for taxes than cut reading is fundamental or some of these programs that are really helping kids.
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this is the greatest country in the world. give me a break. look at what you get for it. >> so dreamy and smoothe. matt went on to add that nobody started a business with their bush tax cut and the tea party ran the debate quote, off a cliff. let's look at the clip. >> that's a resilient bird. matt played the wiper instead of the bird. he is that good, people. >> kudos. >> is it possible that right wing media outlets make too much out of liberal celebrities. he was asked his opinion.
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who cares? >> well, i mean there is so many more to have fun with. and the problem with matt damon is he is like sort of a smart guy. he should be smart enough to know let sean penn do all of that. you don't have to do that. well you don't have to answer. it is not going to advance your cause in anyway. >> i like when he is trying to think of a program he brought up, reading is fundamental. he could have done better than that, right? >> you can't argue that. read sing deed fundamental. as an illiterate, i should know. >> if you are going to be on tv, if reading is fundamental, don't get your reading material and facts from movie scripts. matt, just in. they are movies. they are not real. he is a perfect example of an art see smartsy. he does not know what he is talking about. at least i have read art laughter and milton f ry
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edman. educate yourself before you have dribble. >> he walks around and i still am convinced. i don't think he reads it. >> what does a humming bird ask? >> it is another way to say power bottom. >> that's terrible, bill. >> you can look it up. >> washington mutual of omaha. >> we have drawings, but we can't show them on tv. >> we have four minutes of this show we can actually put on the air. we have done an hour. >> courtney, as an entertainment reporter did you often come in contact with a listers talking politics? and when they find out you are with fox -- >> they immediately do not want to talk politics, for sure. matt damon did four minutes with this guy. he obviously wanted to continue the conversation. and i have to stick up for really nice celebrities. i'm sorry. it is my policy. he is very classy and
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professional. she also my neighbor and we talked about how my son is going to date his new baby girl. >> where do you live? >> on the west side. i can tell you his apartment is way taller than mine. he is in the penthouse, so he can surely pay more. >> i'm sure he is nice to you because you are his neighbor. >> anyone that makes over $1 million i think can pay a little bit more. >> because they don't pay enough, right? 1% of the es -- of the united states pays 40% of their -- >> he did say so little was asked of the upper class. that's not true because the upper class is paying the majority of the taxes. >> green room we talked about my piano player, gaylin butler, who quit the band. he had a baby and he will get better medical in branson. we talked about who i hired in his place and the answer was no one. so i'm wondering -- i didn't
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make a million last year. some years i had. i wonder if it is better to take 10% of that million, take $100,000 and give it to nancy pelosi and harry reid and some of my guys, or go hire a piano player. i think the hiring of a piano player is a better deal and let him pay some taxes too. >> just say i i was hiring a piano player and then i would be gone jie. that's how you got to be the host. >> bill, what is with his hair caught? >> it is for a movie. it is called method, look into it, sir. he is earning his paycheck. and look at what matt damon said. he is paying less taxes than we have in our lifetime. yes it is less. >> corporate taxes are higher than ever. >> i still pay more taxes than i ever have. trust me. >> that's not true.
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maybe you are paying more because you are making more than you ever have. >> why should i pay more? the top 1% is paying 40% and 40% aren't paying any and the middle class is paying 4%. what's the big problem here? the other thing he said are the tax cuts will affect the educational programs. >> i hope so. >> and he said the bush tax cuts did nothing as far as the economy is concerned. if you don't believe him, look at bush's job raights. there is nothing he said on paper. 51 months in a row of positive job growth. >> within 18 months of the beginning of the tax cuts, the tax revenues were more than they had. >> let him respond. >> every time it occurs every time. my dear friend george w. bush we played golf and i talked about it and i said, you know,
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we could cut some spending bills a little bit, and he said, well, we could have. i didn't mean to put him on the spot. never veto a spending bill. the prescription drug deal, the revenues went up, they do it every time. it is the big-d that he wrote. it is a d. that's damon, matt damon. >> you don't win baseball games in the fifth inning. you have to look at bush's record overall. and that was an amazing impression of bush. >> if you score 100 runs by god you would win. >> from an actor to an a-hole she was vexed by his text. but was it assault or his fault? i speak of a dispute between a man and woman at a texas movie theater. she says the guy in sfront of her began checking his text messages as the 15-year-old explains to the fort worth star.
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"the light was shining at me, and i think he will turn it off. he didn't. he whipped around and said don't ever touch me. he whirls around readyd me and says i am charging you with assault." he saw it differently. he says he got an important text and he didn't just tap him. she pushed his neck causing something like whiplash. he called the police saying he had been assaulted. how brave of him. and godwin decided to pay the $260 fine rather than to return to texas to fight the charge. did i mention she weighs 160 pounds and about 220? for more we go to the chief legal correspondent. >> we will have to see that again late -- later in the show. they could have at least had that in slow motion. if anybody is charged with
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something it is that guy for being a rude jerk. >> if that would have happened in new york, the result would have been different. in 2008 there was a case where two people were in spin class. one guy was being too loud and the other asked him to be quiet. the loud guy didn't. he picked up the guy and his bike and threw him through the wall. and the court ruled in favor of the guy who threw the guy. that was a red eye classic story. we were all for the guy, the attacker and wondering what spin class was. courtney, quickly, -- >> it is so ridiculous. he is immature, and there is no way that 136-pound woman by just poking someone could get -- the medical problems that he claims he had. >> larry, -- >> he is a woos. if there is ever a squint essential gash gash squint essential case of the privatization of public space, you know those cars that come
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up to the red light, you can feel them in your back, and this guy, he needs to be frisked for the possession of lipstick mascara. >> that's interesting. i never heard of that. that's an interesting way of putting that. why were you in texas dressed as a woman? >> they exclusively obtained the text, and indeed it was important and it was to his mother and it reads, omg-the sm ru tfs are smur phi er than i was lead to believe. important. >> we must move on. coming up, what is the deal with ugly men at bars who just keep staring at me? we discuss courtney's new book, "just die already" and awful book title. look, a beautiful woman. keep looking at her until i steel all of the drugs from your medicine cabinet.
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her sexy shape made them irate. a couple of british muslim teens put a burka on kelly b ru ka drying it on the abs of the chesty model. her awesome bod defends their beliefs. the two 18-year-olds used black paint to draw a burka on the posters featuring brooke, seen here. later police say it was a sin for women to remain uncovered, and that they were, quote, just trying to do good. the ad is for links which is the british brand name of the axe body spray. and they directed the rage at nicholas cage. they were arrested and have to
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pay a fine. for more we go to the london bureau chief. i am troubled by this. what the muslim teens had done was wrong. but axe body wash bothers me. >> what about it bothers you? are you older than 18? >> yes jie. are you older than 16? >> i can't spike my hair anymore. >> yes, you can, look at you. >> well, thank you. >> it just seems like so much work to blackout a whole poster. i take the subway every day. all it takes is one person with a sharpie to blackout the teeth and i won't look at another poster. >> yes, and they write muss stash -- mustache. >> for teenage boys to be
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scared by a scantily clad model, isn't that against all laws? >> well, of course it is. i tell you what, it is damn sure against one of mine. they said it was a sin to do it. well, i believe it is a sin to fly airplanes into buildings. and if i am painting them with too broad a brush, deal with it. the second thing is they said to look at the -- how the hell did they know where to put the paint if they weren't looking? >> i am kind of like -- i am not a big fan of billboards with like revealing people on it. but is this going too far? >> listen, the world of advertising is only getting slutier. if they have a problem they should move back to iran or something. >> i don't know if they are from iran. i think they might have been born in england. >> okay. well here is my other conspiracy theory on this.
12:26 am
i wonder if this story is fake and the axe de yoder rent company said, you you two guys pay this, and their billboard is in the news for free, lots of publicity. we are talking about it. >> i wonder if the equipment she had was fake. >> did i not ask that on the commercial break? >> the most amazing thing about kelly brooke is her long-term relationship with mr. billy zane. >> i did not know that. i am not as much as an officianado as i thought. >> she once dated him for awhile and i was always impressed jie. no wonder matt damon shaved his head, to get his hands on that piece of evening english art. >> apologize to everyone. >> it was a theory and i took my theory too far. >> you did. do you have a comment on the show? e-mail us at red eye at fox news .com. to leave a voicemail my direct line 212-462-5050. still to come, the half time
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report for andy levy. he is a thee rear. -- there ree. >> the half time report is spoarnsed by male pole dancers. that group of men hoping to strip away the stigma of the pole and by building a stronger physique. thanks male pole dancers.
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let's find out if we anything wrong and for that we go to tv's andy levy. >> i'm doing okay, man. >> is something bothering you? >> no, i don't know. well, actually, yeah. let's talk about your greg-alogue. >> i knew that was coming. i knew that was coming. can you tell me, andy, where does one start? >> there is nothing wrong with a 20-minute hammond organ solo not then, not now, not ever. >> i don't know. i remember that as a dark period in music. >> that i am. are you not going to defend yes either? >> i will take him over the ramones any day. >> the problem is they played at every hour on every fm station. >> they really did. >> for the latter half. >> the conversation does not appear to the demo.
12:32 am
>> i disagree. you were in your mid to late 40s and that was in the demo. >> that's a good point. or if you are dead. you also or demo. >> you say the problem -- oh yeah i never finished this. >> have you done it to me again. you never crit sidesed my stuff. >> i know it is bad because this thing ends with "and i agree with you." >> what is the point of that? well i appreciate you because i think you are very bright. >> thank you. >> don't play with any organ for 20 minutes. >> yeah, i purposely dropped the word hammond in there to avoid someone making that joke. >> i went there. i'm sorry. >> regarding the sugar-coated say tan sandwich you said who
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put sugar on the sandwich? i think the say tan is sugar coated and then it goes between the bread. >> my impression was a sandwich that was made salty because satan is in it and it is dipped in sugar. >> shouldn't they have called it a benyay then? >> yeah, almost as catchy. >> i'm going to look into that. i will get to the bottom of this. >> have you the funest jobs. >> i do, don't i? chris, you said damon is sort of a smart guy and he should leave stuff like this to sean penn. i don't think anything he said was as uh fen -- offensive as the stuff that comes out of sean penn's mouth. he is a boiler point dribble. >> i don't know he is convincing anybody by saying that. sometimes he is funny about it when he made the crack about
12:34 am
is sarah palin. >> you know what, andy, he said the fact that the rich aren't paying more is criminal and, no, you know what is criminal? >> what? >> crime. >> is it really, though? these days is it? >> some people don't think so. matt damon might dismiss some crimes. >> we brought this up on the show before. if damon would like to pay more taxes he can go to treasury .gov. they accept contributions from people to reduce the public debt. >> he gives to charity. he has his own personal charity. a lot of these people who say they have their own charity, they do have ties to. >> but charity is wholly different from paying taxes. he says he wants to pay more taxes. i am pointing out he can. i am trying to help the damon. >> here is a question, andy,
12:35 am
why would jason born want to give back to a government who has done so many awful things to him. >> fair point. >> but the same government taught him how to kill with his hands which is awesome. >> and then they took his right to kill and turned it against him. and then gave him amnesia to boot. >> that's no good. >> i am not paying taxes for that. >> and now we have las vegas casinos. >> or travel in time and help a young western girl find her true dad. >> "true grit." >> i haven't seen that. >> it is good. >> i heard it was good. >> bill, don't ever say the phrase people like me, you and matt damon. >> matt nomad. >> next time you play golf
12:36 am
with your good buddy, with you thank him for growing belief in the eight years he was president? >> thank you, bonnie frank. >> texting in movie theaters, can i rant? >> yes. >> this guy dealt out everything that is wrong with society. first of all he says, quote, i got a text and i responded to it because it was something important. take out your stupid phone when you hear it vibrate and walk out of the theater you unbelievable jerk. then he sues a woman for tapping him on the shoulder. and this is the worst thing. he is 54 years old and describes himself as -- >> used to play football. >> nice. >> shut up you loser. >> can i add something to your rant? >> please. >> i don't understand why people still go to movies. it makes no sense. it is cold, it is dirty. it is overpriced. you are always among really weird people and it is an event created by unhappy
12:37 am
people who lack imagination when there are so many other things you can do than sit in a hall eating crappy rat infested popcorn next to fat people who fart. >> and lately people's purses or even man bags, i have heard several stories of people putting their bags under the seat. just someone comes up from behind and steals it. >> greg, i agree with you in general. i do think people should are go to see 20th century fox movies. >> absolutely. >> and just to end the story, you take out your cell phone in the movie theater, i have the right to kill you. >> wow. rut real deal. >> andy, was i totally perfect in the first few blocks of this show? >> only one thing, courtney, the charge of painting over the posters, you raise the possibility of everything being fake. i doubt it only if -- unless these kids are that stupid they would agree to go along with this even though they know there will be charges filed against them.
12:38 am
>> yeah, but maybe they are willing to do it for their 15 minutes of fame. >> maybe. >> are they from iran, andy? >> it didn't say. >> i just wanted to check. >> larry, you said of these kids who did what they did because you happen to believe it is a sin to fly air planes into buildings. these kids have not done that. i just thought it was important. >> their uncles and grandpas thought they did. >> we don't know that of. >> we don't know that. >> it clearly is. >> does that mean i don't get to come back. >> one stroke of the brush painted an entire city block. >> we have a three-stoke policy. >> fox news legal will take that away. >> shouldn't it get rid of the bros? >> yes. >> i could get behind that. otherwise it doesn't make sense. >> it doesn't even sound fun.
12:39 am
>> i am pro-broderant. un-brod re ant sounds good. >> goodbye. >> i can keep going with this. coming up, how much can i bench press? i just got this in my new book "350 and change." first, what is new with scarlet johansson? for one thing she is closing her blinds a lot.
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would ssscar-jo o go? scarlet johansson is the late toast get an invite to the marine corp ball. the actress declined sergeant dustin williams' offer saying she had a prior commitment. probably to communism. in a statement she wrote, quote, not only does sergeant williams deserve recognition for his bravery and
12:43 am
self-lessness, he displays blah, blah, blah and i am sending you a case of shandon with gratitude. those are french dwarves, right? let's discuss it in the always fun, probably, -- >> lightning round. >> did she do the right thing? i thought it was nice to send champagne. >> i think he did the right thing. the moral of this story because mila and justin timberlake are going to this ball because they were asked. the power of marines and youtube is infinite. i don't know why we haven't taped this resource before. we could have solved the debt crisis and stopped all of those spider-man movies. you have to do it because they are great people. i thought this would start a trend where these balls would just be -- all of these soldier s who have nothing but hot actresses. >> i would like to personally invite ms. scarlet johansson to come to the grand ole op pre with me in nationalville sh -- tennessee and if not
12:44 am
make a package of goo-goo's. it's chocolate can debt. -- candy. courtney, will you say yes when somebody asks you to go to this? you know somebody will tonight. >> if it is in new york city i can do it. otherwise i may have to bring the baby with me. which probably won't be too fun for my date. >> you call bill, baby, right? >> bill no one asked you yet. have you given up hope? >> hope my dog? no, greg. i don't care if my landlord says i can't have dogs in the building. he is fantastic. what do i say? can of worms. mila opened up a can of words. every b, c actor hates her. all of the youtubes are coming and they will have to put a red carpet in front of this. >> dpokz -- fox opened up the can of worms. >> it is a cute trend, but scarlet handled it well by
12:45 am
sending them a case of booze. >> how many marines do you know that -- well, a case of beer would have been better. >> maybe 20 or 30 cases of beer. >> it was sincere. i thought it was a nice response. a new law in missouri a state prohibits teachers and students from becoming friends on facebook. the point is to prevent sexual misconduct from teachers. good idea or no good idea? >> if a teacher-student relationship is in the cards, i don't think anything will stop them having facebook connections. >> it has no affect whatsoever on what might happen. that's an interesting point. if this stops creeps from sending inappropriate e-mails to kids, doesn't that make it harder to catch the creeps? isn't it good to have them on facebook so you can monitor their moves?
12:46 am
not saying the teachers are creeps. >> like courtney said, i think the creeps -- this is like five year ago creeps. they are pretending to be kids. they are bullying and they are setting up chats and things like that. i think this is like a really loose net. >> larry, is it so wrong for a good teacher to have to explore it with one of their students? i am being real care -- careful. how are you? what are you up to? not much. good, lol, lmao. >> facebook is the new version of face-to-face. face-to-face i had a coach who was treating me unfairly of a wrong relationship in that he treated me like a dog. instead of letting the school and the world and society parent me, my daddy came up there and said if you look at my son i am going open a shoe store in your ass. the guy stopped being mad to me and wouldn't even look at me walking down the hall.
12:47 am
if we let the world parent our children and -- my god they will. i say this facebook -- moms and dads, get involved in this thing. know what your kids are doing. >> this is awkward. bill actually invented facebook. could you have imagined this kind of controversy at the time you invented it? >> i invented lace book. it is me pictures traipsing about in articles of lingerie, and it did nothing. i don't know what big is. i will say, boo. i teach community college courses, and this is the only way i can make sure they do their homework. now they are hurting my class. >> i just thought of something. i was never propositions by a teacher or none of them ever hit on me. no one said i will give you an-a-if you hookup. >> you are absolutely hideous. time for another break. remember to check out the "red eye" pod cast. there is a new one every day. fox news radio .com and click on "red eye." tonight we talked about the
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movie i am writing for fabio. it will be great.
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the mayor of shaw boy begin, wisconsin, bob ryan,
12:52 am
says he will never recover after a three-day bender. it started friday night and ended three days later. the admitted alcoholic got into a fight and passed out at a bar. this after he told the city council in twine, quote, alcohol will never again play a role in my future. i thought we had a picture of him. oh, they won't let us show the picture. that was the whole reason of doing the story. there was a picture of him. >> we have all been there. >> that was the whole reason we were doing the story so i could show him like this. >> this is working. >> does he deserve another chance? >> absolutely. a little mea-culpa. what i really think is that the city council needs to have a couple of pops and relax. >> bottom line this wouldn't have been a story if it wasn't for the picture. that's the only reason we are doing this story is because of the picture.
12:53 am
>> and that was one of my questions. >> anyway. that is an iconic image. that's going to linger on the internet. i think what is telling about this story is to kick him out of office, someone in the town needed to complain about him, and no one filed a complaint. let's be honest, it is fun to have a mayor who get crap canned all the time. >> everybody loves a drunk politician, right? >> if he stays sober and working on his sobriety, he does deserve a second chance. however when you are a public figure, you might have to be prepared to step down if something like this happens. >> the city council should be forced to take breathalyzers every day for the next 60-days. let's see how well they do coming home from church or wherever. >> we have an expert here on benders, and we haven't been to them yet. bill, you pass out at bars all the time. do you have advice for this man? >> i have been to shaw boy begin. it is not that far from the
12:54 am
illinois border and we would cross to wisconsin because that's where the bars are. the only thing this guy ever said or did wrong was saying alcohol will no longer have a role in his life. the only way to be mayor is to get [ bleep [. >> by the way, i would rather have a mayor like this than one who passes judgment on your personal behavior like bloomberg who goes after you smoking in your park or having too much salt in your food. i want this guy to be the mayor. >> did you see the press conference? didn't even bother to shave. that was amazing. thumbs up, buddy. you got my vote. we will close things out with a post game wrap up with tv's andy levy. to see clips of recent shows, go to
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so i will see you back here at 5:00 p.m. eastern time for "the five." coming up tomorrow on the next
12:58 am
"red eye" return appearances from tucker carlson and comedian jesse joyce. >> and now back to andy levy for the post game wrap up. >> are you working on any big projects? >> one of the big issue stz 10th anniversary, the september 11th issue. we have a huge encyclopedia of the september 11th things. i know it sounds depressing, but it is interesting. pick up new york magazine. >> it is coming up. >> larry, any updates on your campaign to overtake lady gaga and twitter followers? >> i gained 600 on her since the first time i announced this on "red eye." she is over two million and i am up to 2430. steady progress. i am encouraged. hope and change. >> i think she has 12 million. i think have you 2,419.
12:59 am
>> good luck with all of those. >> and then it is down one. >> courtney, what are you doing on august 20th? >> i am petrified, but i am doing new york's funniest reporter contest. i have to perform five minutes of stand up in front of a huge crowd on stage. so tweet me some jokes i can use at courtney friel. >> i don't think that is part of the contest. i think you have to do your own humor. >> have i stuff up my sleeves. >> you don't have a dog in this fight. >> use larry jokes. that will go over well. they love that stuff. that is not a good thing. >> she can be the judge of that. >> get this off this crazy theme. >> an actual judge can b


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