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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  August 2, 2011 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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her back. and likewise, are we. go to greta for an open thread and a poll. >> bill: the o'reilly factor is on. tonight. >> it's like having a patient with pneumonia. you're going to treat them with tylenol. >> on the surface this looks like a satan sandwich. >> gives us the best shot that we've had in the 20 years i've been here. >> what does the so called debt compromise mean to you? is it good for your life? we'll have no-spin analysis and layout the good, bad and ugly. >> there are two kinds of people, my friend. those with loaded guns, and those who think. >> you have a right wing group that does not accept the notion that there is a role for government. >> bill: many liberals are furious but is that a self destructive position?
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>> and president ob yaum has a bully pull bit pitt but does he need to be more of a bully when dealing with congress? how is the media treating the whole deal? bernie goldberg has been watching closely. >> greta: -- . >> bill: caution. the factor begins right now. hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. what the debt deal means to you that. is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. the house just voted 269-161 to approve the deal. here is what it is. the united states government will define at least $2.1 trillion in spending cuts by thanksgiving. and the feds will raise the debt ceiling by $2.1 trillion, at least through the year 2013. that is pretty much a wash financially and not nearly
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enough, not nearly enough to bring federal expenses under control. but, the government is divided between big spending liberals and small government conservatives, the deal at least lessens chaos for now. most important thing about the deal is that it challenges you, the american voter. if you want less spending in the future you'll vote for republicans next time around f you want to continue with big government, you'll vote democrat. if the g.o.p. does win the presidency, the senate holds the house, then we can expect a radical transformation in washington. that is massive spending cuts and hopefully a new tax code which would raise more revenue than class war fair system we have nouchl the truth is that we need more revenue in america. and the far right should understand that. and in the future we must protect our selfs from radical islam and other threats and fulfill our obligations to the elderly and ill.
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america will not remain a great country if we don't keep our promises and protect ourselves. i hope everybody understands thachl we need a-that. we need a flat tax that would maximize revenue so that people would pay a fair amount to the government and unfair loop holes would be closed. we need a small national sales tax to tap into the $1 trillion per year in the underground economy. come on. criminals who sell drugs don't pay taxes. but they do buy stuff. also of 2009 about 50% american households pay no federal income tax. many of those people earn money off the books. shouldn't they contribute something to their country? national sales tax raising an enormous amount of cash which could be then used to fund medicare, and other social programs. now, pleasing forrive me for
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being logical and not ideological. i know some get upset when practical solutions override preconceived notions. let's return to the world of ideology. "new york times" editorial says, quote, democrats won almost nothing they wanted except avoiding default, unquote. that is a sig lal -- signal to liberals they should be angry. and already, far left is mobilizing to voice displeasure with the deal. >> what i'm saying is that if you lift the ground you can see antithetical to what great religions teach, take care of the poor and the aged. >> i have lifted the bun and congressman is misleading you. america can take care of the eldlerly and poor. change the tax code that. can happen. but he doesn't want that. he wants to redistribute
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income. and so does paul hoovman. >> from perspective of a rational person, in other words a progressive, we shouldn't be uncomfortable about spending cuts now. there is 9% unemployment. the cuts goring to worsen unemployment. it's going to hurt the long run fiscal picture and could be a situation where more people are becoming permanent unemployed you may remember professor krugman supported a massive stimulus spending package saying it would bring down unemployment. he said it over and over again. didn't happen. but instead of learning his lesson he demands more spending -- stimulus spending. this guy teaches economics at princeton university. how much is tuition there? how about our pal barney frank who oversaw the collapse of fannie mae and freddie mac? ol barn doesn't like the fact income taxes are not going to be raised.
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>> tax cuts don't put out fires. they don't do health research in the right way. they don't do the construction of bridges and highways or provide for elderly people. you have a right wing group that simply does not accept the notion there is a role for government. >> and congressman frank refer together tea party. there are no tax cuts, barney. the current tax rate is being kept the same. for now. and in the face of all of the madness it's important to understand the mind set of president obama and the political left. the country is in dire economic trouble, largely because of liberal policies they will not acknowledge that. and as for liberal americans themselves, actor matt damon articulates their point of view. >> i don't mind paying more taxes. i'd rather pay for taxes than cut, you know reading is
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fundamental or head start and some of the other programs that are really helping kids. i mean, why not do it? it's the greatest country in the world. is it that more to pay more in taxes? give me a break. >> he's well intentioned but what he apparently does not understand is that many federal programs do not work. and, that if he wants, he can pay as much to the government he would like. in fact i would like to see mr. damon and other wealthy liberal americans set up foundations to supplement federal programs they admire. i have a foundation. so i'll help, matt, if he wants to put his money where his mouth is. he doesn't seem to understand the economy needs more consumer spending and higher tax rates inhibit that. the far left is accusing the tea party and others of extortion. the view on cnn. >> instead of accepting some
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compromise that can get through the democratic process, what they're saying is that we'll blow up the country if you don't listen to us. we'll hold hostage the credit of the united states, the good standing of the united states, and we'll blow it up. >> now, bernie goldberg will have more on that coming up. but the bottom line is this. massive pressure had to be put on the obama administration, and the democrats in order to get anything done on spending cuts. and you can call it extortion. you can call it whatever you want. and the truth is that we need far more discipline in federal spending and total reform, total reform of the tax code. and that is a memo. coming up next arks nal sis from newt gingrich, bernie gold bern, juan williams and mary catherine ham. best debt coverage anywhere continues on the factor in just a moment.
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>> bill: continuing with lead story. newt gingrich, scott gingrich new book out. so, what's the headline this evening for you, mr. speaker? >> well, i think a couple things. first the tea party members should feel really good. the left is mad at him for the right reason. they were effective. they were successful. we just had an extraordinary moment where a very left wing president blinked and that would not have happened without the
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tea party. now they have a great opportunity to push to pass a balanced budget amendment by the end of the year. that could be a historic effort for the tea parties to focus on. second, washington has to shift and focus on the economy. we are in very grave danger of sliding into an even deeper depression. and i think there is no sign right now that washington understands that this is a temporary moment. okay. we have all focused the debt ceiling. we are about to launch a big five or six month fight and it's going to be a fight. this was not the end, it was the beginning of a fight over the whole nature of what happens next. the middle of that they had better put a lot of attention into repealing dodd frank. repealing sarbanes oxley. i can't tell you everybody i go from iowa to georgia to south carolina to florida, the number of people here in wisconsin who talk to me about how bad the economy is and how much washington doesn't realize that if we don't focus on jobs, we
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could slide into a really deep depression before this year is up. >> bill: the president is doing internal polling that shows what you are saying, that his job is in jeopardy. the president's re-election is in if the economy doesn't improve. he has got to know that every poll says it. people have lost confidence in him. he has got to know it. >> but your own talking points captured it perfectly. this is a paul krugman presidency. he believes that stuff. he actually believes in left wing economic ideas. the only problem with him is they don't work. sort of somebody -- >> bill: krugman is a smart guy but he doesn't care, i believe, and i really believe this, i don't think krugman cares about improving the economy. i think he wants to do a socialistic number. obama to care if he wants to keep his job. >> oh, look, i think he cares.
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all the ideas he has and all the advisors he has is wrong. when you go out and to small businesses they will tell you the inenvironmental protection agency is killing them. osha is killing them. where boeing is trying to create jobs. the national reels board is killing them. you talk to every small bank in america they are getting killed by the dodd frank bill. dodd frank is to financial services. >> bill: explain that to people who might not be familiar with it. dodd frank says what? >> dodd frank is a 2700 page bill that is going to impose on every small bank in america so much red tape and so much regulation that many of them are going to go out of business and none of them are going to be comfortable making any loans to small businesses. disastrous to the economy. >> bill: because some participated in mortgage lending thing the irony of t was driven by the feds in fannie mae who
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was in charge of fannie mae, barn from y. frank who is putting in the onerous. barney frank. you have got to love it? >> they did nothing to fannie mae and freddie mac in this bill. the guys who pride overruled the disaster write a bill to -- if we don't have strategies and the republicans are going to have to come up with them because it's clear the left wing democrats just don't understand free enterprise. they don't understand small business. >> not that they don't understand it they don't like it. they don't want it. they want to have distribution. if you were the speaker of the house, first of all, rate boehner. did boehner do a good job here? >> i think boehner comes out of this as the strongest person in the entire system. he was methodical. >> bill: would you have had to do the same thing as boehner did? if you say yes, you would have had to cracked whip on the tea party guys. >> you can't second-guess it he was in a totally different
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environ. i was. in bill clinton was dra mat tickly more reasonable person than barack obama. frankly more dramatically more realistic person than barack obama. i am not going to second ge john boehner. they have got to manage this process to really rethink the federal government. you can't cut the current systems. i would recommend strongly that everybody that is going to be involved in this look at strong america now and a guy named michael strong who has really helped develop a program, i mean michael george who has helped develop a program which is called lean six signature that. they think they can take $500 billion a year out of the federal government by just applying modern systems to it. we have got to go -- >> bill: that is obsolete model we have got to change across the board. we have to start with the tax code. got to get rid of this class warfare business and be realistic about raising revenue mr. speaker, always a pleasure. good luck on the page. thanks for dropping in tonight.
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directly ahead. new polls tell us interesting things about president obama and the republican field a raid against him. coming up, bernie goldberg on how the media is handling the intense debate. it
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>> bill: impact segment tonight. a couple of new polls to tell you about. president obama's job approval rating according to the rasmussen daily tracking poll. 44% of americans believe the president is doing a good job while 55% think is he not. on the republican front rasmussen says that mitt romney continues to lead with 22% of likely republican voters supporting him now but governor rick perry of texas not yet in the race comes in second at 18%. congresswoman michelle back man third 16. ron paul.
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the rest of the cap dates in single digits. the key question going forward how will this debt debate deal play in the presidential vote. joining us now were from as bury park scos ratmusen and from charlottesville, virginia. larry sabato teechesz at the university there i have been saying this whole debt deal is bad for president obama, many people disagree with me on that. what say you? >> it's been bat bad for him. look, independents and swing voters, saw a president who was disengaged. who appeared irrelevant for a lot of the last week and frankly, i think is, looking more and more carter-ized referring to jimmy carter. look at the left, bill. you mentioned. this i think the left on the democratic side actually has it right. the republicans control 1/3 of the national government but they got two thirds of this deal. so, for president obama, it did look like he caved. >> bill: but the reason that the
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republicans if you want to say they won and i'm not sure in the hearts and finds of americans that's the case, i think that it is so obvious, doctor, that the country is in economic peril, so obvious that you can't sustain a spending jihad like the democrats want to sustain. you heard krugman. you heard barney frank. you hear these people day in and day out. most americans go are you insane? it's more about the folks, i think, than the party. doctor? >> well, essentially, it's about the economy. look, president obama's slogan has really changed it was hope and change in 2008 and now it's hope that the status quo changes because unless the jobs picture and economic growth shows improvement, dramatic improvement by 2012, i think he is going to have a very tough time. >> bill: i don't know if that will save him now. what do you say mr. rasmussen in the sense that you are analyzing
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polling data. some people say that president's job approval rating should be even lower than they are. >> you know, the president has got strong support still among the democratic base. they are less enthusiastic than they were before. but that's what is propping up his numbers. what we also see though is the president has lost ground in the last couple of weeks and the battle against a generic republican. i know there is no generic republican but the trends are looking bad. the president is down by six points. debt ceiling debate made him look weak. the reason is simple. congress always looks bad. when the president can't even win in that matchup, he looks even weaker. larry is right. it's about the economy and this blip in the polling, downward blip the president is experiencing right now would disappear if the economy improves. but if the economy doesn't, the numbers will just get worse for president obama. >> bill: it's hard to believe the economy can improve that dramatically in the space of a few months the presidential race
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gets underway in october of this year. only two months from now. >> everybody is going to have to be declared. the debates will be starting. everybody is gearing up for iowa and new hampshire. so, i mean, you would have to have a surge an economic surge that would be almost unprecedented. >> you would have to have a surge in the first half of next year. let me put it into perspective. back in the fall of 2008, when barack obama was running for president, 43% of americans said their own finances were in good shape. lehman brothers collapsed. the economy tanked. when the president took office only 35 percent said their finances were in good shape. people wanted him to turn that around. instead, the numbers have gotten worse. as of this morning, only 31% rate their own personal finances as good or excellent. that's a number that's going to be very difficult to turn around because. >> bill: 31%, my god. >> bill: it's frightening. you heard newt gingrich, dr. sabato say that president
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obama pretty much a captive of the far left that, you know, despite all the evidence, and all the hard times america is going through, continues to hawk about spending more and cutting less. and i don't know. maybe the president is a captive of those people. what do you say? >> i wouldn't say captive. i would say his orientation is liberal anyway. but, look, i think one thing that may be in the back of his mind, is that he may fear a liberal challenge for the nomination. everybody today would say oh, it can't happen. but did you notice that senator bernie sanders from vermont last week. >> bill: we noticed. they might be able to give him a hard time. no candidate that's close. >> not going to beat him. >> bill, the question is, do you end up spending some of europe time and effort and money fighting a candidate in the primary even if you are certain of winning? >> listen, i said this from the jump and i wrote it in my book pinheads and patriots.
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the president is a mystery to me. i mean, he seems to be a guy who has got -- wants to retain his job, but he is doing all the things wrong. you know in the people have -- look, one more question, scott. haven't people lost confidence in him and the economy. i think that's what the polls say every day. they will don't have any confidence anymore in the man. >> absolutely. 50% say is he doing a poor job. they think he wants to raise spending and for most americans raising spending that's bad for the economy. if the president want to restore some credibility on that, he would have to find a significant program in the government that is he willing to get rid of and establish some credibility on the spending front. >> is he not going to do that thanks very much. plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this evening. our guys james cammeron -- james rosen and carl cameron standing by. how the media and various pundits are handling the debt debate story. is the coverage fair and balanced? we hope you stay tuned to those we hope you stay tuned to those
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i can tell you that childhood is a magical time. but for children with diabetes, life is not quite so carefree. the barbara davis center for childhood diabetes is fighting hard to find a cure. know the signs: irritability, excessive urination, weight loss. if you have any of these signs, please call your doctor. early detection can save your life. give to save lives and reach for the cure. call now or log on to >> bill: unresolved problem segment tonight. while many expect the deal to get done there are many twists and turns. with us now is chief washington correspondent james rosen and chief political correspondent carl cameron. i think i would commit suicide if i had to do your job. most people would say gee, i hope o'reilly gets the job down there. >> i'm open to switching. >> bill: these pinheads drive me
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crazy my head is going to explode. i think this thing could have got done six months ago. they didn't do much. they said okay we will raise the debt limit and cut 2.1 trillion. the same amount we will raise the three of us could have done this in two hour and watch the game. the senate tomorrow, cammeron is going to vote in the morning, correct? they are probably going to pass, this right? >> noon, yeah. listen, you can count on one thing in congress and one thing only. they will expand their work to the available time and bring it right up to the deadline. >> bill: why waste everybody's time and have the stock market drop 600 points? why? >> they argue what they are doing best possible deal on either side. this vote tomorrow. the republicans say they will have a at least 30 votes for it democrats probably the same things. as remove forward what's happened with the house vote today and the senate vote tomorrow is it virtually guarantees that the entire 2012 election and everything from this point forward is going to be about spending and the size of the government.
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>> bill: as well it should be. now. all right. so you say you are predicting the senate will pass it tomorrow and president obama is likely to sign it, what, tomorrow afternoon? tomorrow night? what is he going to do. >> sign it fairly quickly. by the way, don't get your hopes up too high. because after it's been signed into law by the president. usually it takes a day or two what the surprises are. nobody managed to find in the few day these were given a chance to actually read it. >> bill: little things they slip in we don't know about yet. as far as getting my hopes up too high, cammeron. trust me. not going to happen. my hopes are like really low for what washington delivers. >> you are a wise guy. >> bill: rosen, 100 and what 160 congressman voted against the compromise. it was pretty evenly divided, right between democrats and republicans. you can give as you profile who voted against it. >> the people who voted against this were predominantly on the various two wings, bill. interestingly the democratic party members in the house split 95 to 95.
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which the people voting against it were those who were upset on the far left that this didn't include any tax hikes on the wealthy. and those on the far right, the tea party caucus who feel it didn't go far enough in spending cuts but also some moderate republicans voted against it because they felt that the department of defense was going to bear an unfair burden in the kind of cuts that will happen if this special joint committee's recommendations are not listened to. those are the triggers that we have been hearing about. >> bill: what did nancy pelosi do? do we know what she voted. >> yeah. she said she was going to vote for it but wasn't going to ask any of her colleagues to vote for it. >> bill: she voted for it, nancy did? >> that's right. >> all right. so the idealogues on both the right and the left, generally speaking, didn't support it, but the more moderate people did. now. >> but, bill, you have got to give credit to the tea party. even though they now oppose this deal in large measure, the parameters of the deal are to their credit. the fact there is a big, big
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spending cut tied to a debt ceiling increase is because of the tea party. it was routine. you are right, it as routine all the way before until now. raise the debt increase and no spending reduction at all. >> bill: tea party is a fascinating discussion we are going to have with juan and mary katharine coming up a couple segments down. >> there is another audience we have been talking about. we have talked about the politicians and american public in 2012. what about the credit ratings agencies. they took a dim view of all of this. they had said earlier this month we need 4 trillion in cuts just to show serious. >> bill: they are not going to downgrade for one reason. it's bad for their business. i'm not saying that the fix is in. i'm just saying that they will give the country the benefit of the doubt because everybody wants to see. >> for a while. for a while. >> bill: no, no. until the next presidential election. that's what's going to happen. >> there is plenty more opportunity to cut here, bill, james, we all know that there is going to be this second trawnch that the super committee is going to have to look at for additional cuts by thanksgiving.
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>> bill: absolutely. >> let's not forget that the budget of this fiscal year suspect in two months. new budget for beginning of october 1st. the current fiscal year expires september 30th. >> bill: we need a new budget. >> we're back into shut down negotiations in less than a month. >> one fiscal year is not enough. you are going to have multiple cutting reduction. >> bill: calm down. >> lots more to cut it. >> bill: see, this is what they could all day, ladies and gentlemen. >> we are right next door to each other, too. >> bill: never want to go to the fox news d.c. bureau that's all they do is that all day long in the hallway. >> not true. >> bill: excitement continues. more budget stuff throughout september. i just can't wait. forget the nfl season. i want to hear more about the budget and how these pinheads do it. all right, gentlemen, thanks very much. when we come right back, bernie goldberg on how the media covering the debt debate not pretty. and, later, why is this man doing that? why is he doing that? we will tell you upcoming.
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>> bill: thanks for staying with us. i'm bill o'reilly in the weekdays with bernie segment tonight. two themes developing among pundits in the debt debate. on the right it is that the obama administration and the democrats are simply bankrupting the country. on the left, the new spin that republicans are extorting the country. >> it's like a form of economic
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terrorism. i imagine these tea party guys are like strapped with dynamite standing in the middle of times square at rush hour and saying do you it my way or we are going to blow ourselves up and the whole country up with us. you tell me how these kind of standoffs end. >> they have strapped explosives to the capitol and they think they are immune from it, the tea party caucus wants this crisis. >> the g.o.p. has become the wohabis of the american government willing to risk bringing down the whole country in their identifiedology. [ laughter ] joining us now from north carolina to analyze the purveyor of bernard goldberg. they are strapping explosives to their woababi chest. these are people who don't call real terrorists terrorists. [ laughter ] >> bill: that's right. they refuse to identify terrorists. they are just misguided people.
2:39 am
>> that's right. they are misguided. they didn't mean it when they shot up the army base. it was an accident. okay. but, beyond that, i see two story lines that have developed. one, mainly from liberal commentators is that barack obama is a weak president that is he letting the tea party republicans in the house push him around. that they thought they were helping to elect a real progressive liberal and is he not liberal enough for them as crazy as that is. but the second story line has to do strictly with the tea party. and you played a couple of those things. i want to make clear, i'm not here to defend the strategy or the tactics of the tea party. i'm not taking a position on that. but if you are a journalist, you could portray them either as principled patriots who care about their country or
2:40 am
dangerous, scary, stupid, wackoes, and a lot of the liberals have portrayed them as that i want to give you a few specifics. tina brown, editor and chief of news week said they were suicide bombers. tom freidman "new york times" compared them to hezbollah. peter goodman of the huffington post said they are acting like terrorists. william yoman's on political he teaches law said the tea party faction of the houses that now become full-blown terrorists. sakaria you played this in the beginning they want to blow up the country. david brooks the only kind of conservative they're happy with they have no sense of moral decency and today the vice president of the united states said they are acting like terrorists. earlier this year, bill, the before the united states said we should all tone it down after the tucson massacre. apparently his only vice president, who has thrown the word terrorist around and his most loyal base in the media
2:41 am
never got that memo. >> bill: it's ironic because gabriel giffords, of course, you may have heard, showed up to vote in favor of the compromise today, you are right. look, but i don't take -- maybe i'm wrong here, bernie, but i don't think the metaphor that the far left is using in any kind of a violent capacity. i don't. but what is amusing to me, is that some of the people that we heard and we have discussed, are so radical in their thinking. so radical that the fact that they would call the tea party reactionaries and crazy people, look at krugman and we pointed out in the talking points memo. here is a guy who is demanding more trillions of dollars to be spent by the federal government when we're already 14.5 trillion in debt. he wants more, all right? >> have you noticed, bill? have you noticed that the sound
2:42 am
bites that you played and the ones that i read, they represent the administration's position on these things. >> bill: who is crazier? if you step back and you are a man from mars and you just come down and you look at the tea party and the tea party said you know what? we don't want any more spending, that's it. we have had it. then you look at these guys going we want trillions more and we don't really care that the country is 14.5 billion in debt. so, who is crazier? >> but even if you accept that that that's an arguable position, the other side aren't terrorists? whether you mean it in a violent way or not to. compare them to suicide bombers and strapping themselves with dynamite and blowing up, that's just wrong. i think they are doing it because it doesn't work anymore when they call conservative republicans racists. you know, if you are a racist. >> bill: what's next? racist, terrorist, what's next?
2:43 am
mass murderers. terrorists are mass murderers. >> could be. >> bill: i don't know. i mean, i think everybody realizes that calling people racist is a waste of time, nobody buys it anymore. if you are a racist because you are against obama care and the stimulus and the world wide apology tour, if that makes you a racist, what do you call the skin heads who are really racist? well, it just -- it's passe. nobody is accepting it. >> bill: i don't think anybody is buying it. >> they kicked it up now it's terrorists. bye the way, these people don't have an ounce of originality. one person says terrorist and they all jump on. yeah, terrorist. one person says yeah, they are blowing up the economy. yeah, blowing um. it just takes one person and they all -- it's like birds on a telephone wire. >> bill: there they are. >> one bird lands, they all land. one bird takes off, they all take off. >> bill: we would like you to vote in our bill o' poll. we are asking what kind of job is speaker boehner doing in this
2:44 am
entire debt debate? good? fair? or poor. very interesting results so far. please select one of those. we will give you the results tomorrow. coming next, juan and mary katharine on the whole chaotic thing coming right back.
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>> bill: back of the book segment tonight, let's wrap up our debt coverage this evening with juan williams and mary katharine ham who join us now from washington. now, williams, i think you have been on every show -- yeah, williams has a book "muzzled" the assault against honest debate. have you been on every show. i saw you on the jersey shore yelling at the situation. >> oh, stop. >> bill: his taxes should go up. how dare you tell the situation that his taxes should go up. the situation doesn't know what
2:48 am
the situation is you are taking advantage of him. what's the beef, williams? >> i have got to tell you something. right now i just saw a pole tonight that said 72% of americans, that's republicans and democrats say what's been going on in washington disgusting, negative, ridiculous, bill, ridiculous. >> bill: absolutely right. >> they can't stand it they are outraged by it when you talk about poll numbers, president obama's numbers going down, you should also mention that republican numbers are even lower than president obama's numbers. in fact, the congressional ratings from rasmussen is like 6%. >> bill: i know you don't. >> what? >> bill: the vision of congress, both democrats and republicans is like 15% approval. but, as scott rat muffin pointed out against a generic republican candidate, obama loses by 6%. that's embarrassing. >> you know there is not one
2:49 am
republican actually running for office, even those thinking about running sarah palin and rick perry who actually beats president obama head to head. you should let people know that to me, what's come out of this is we are going to have an election in 2012 where people are going to argue about things like who is protecting medicare in this country for our seniors and i think the democrats are well poised now we saw what happened in that special election in -- >> bill: scare the old people. might be able to do that i'm not ignoring you mary katharine. i will get to you in a minute. you williams want the income tax rise. you want the matt damon economic approach. let's tax the wealthy and corporations more and i can't believe that you actually think that's going to be helpful to the american economy. i can't believe it. >> i just ask for some kind of sharing, bill. >> bill: i'm sharing. i share. >> you think it's cool for g.e. to pay no taxes? i know i pay taxes. you pay taxes.
2:50 am
why shouldn't corporate america pay taxes. >> bill: i would send them all to taiwan. every one of them. >> their corporations get away with murder and the little guy says. >> bill: loopholes. >> you said in the talking points memo you said we need more revenue. you hope the far right knows it. >> bill: right. >> bill, that's an important message and i'm not sure they do know it. >> bill: you can get it without raising in connection with tax rates. mary katharine, we ignored you for far too long. you have the next two minutes. >> as far as the swation tax situation's tax has gone up because the tanning tax has gone up. i'm with you bill on the talking points you said this has illuminated a remarkable ability of the democrats to deny there is an actual issue here with the amount of money that we are borrowing and the amount of money that we have. and they think you can deal with it with a corporate jet tax which is not the case. the american people actually wanted a down payment with cuts
2:51 am
so where we are right now, if you will excuse the metaphor is in the methadone clinic for addicts to spending. it's not a pretty place. that's why we are having this awful fight and that's why everybody is kicking and screaming to get there. what we are doing is taking methadone, which is not actually, you know, going to be the solution to the problem. but it may get you to a place where you could get off spending. >> bill: that's what i say. have you got to get to the next presidential election. i asked this question of a couple of people. why do you think president obama, excuse me, continues to embrace the left wing economic philosophy when it is destroying his administration, mary katharine? >> well, i'm not sure that he actually is embracing it effectively right now. the left would argue that they didn't get a lot of this package. i know that much of the tea party is upset. >> bill: forming at all. and is he not an enthusiastic cutter. is he not. >> i think he genuinely believes that liberal policies are going to fix the country or do whatever it is that they wants.
2:52 am
even though the evidence in front of him says. no is he a liberal college professor and he believes this is going to happen. so he gives sort of lip service to checking regulations but he actually doesn't do much about it and their business is hurt every day. but he is not actually. >> i hate to break up this love fest. here is some facts for the two of you to consider. >> bill: real quick, juan. gompleghts the president said last night that our tax rate right now is lowest in about 60 years. spending as a percentage of g.d.p. lowest in about 50 years since eisenhower. you are talking about oh, high taxes. we are on a bing for spending. addict methadone for spending. in fact, what we are right now as we continue tax cuts and tax cuts and tax cuts and bush tax cuts and where have they gotten us? this economy is not in great shape. we should be -- asking the president to -- not taking away. >> that stimulus was super awesome. >> bill: one stat, under president obama every day the united states owes another
2:53 am
$4.1 billion far more. >> now he has actually got the wars on the book. we are actually paying for medicare benefits that weren't funded under president bush. >> bill: that's the fact jack and it's got to stop. whole system can be reformed but. >> this has the groundwork for it. >> bill: mary katharine and juan, pinheads and patriots on deck. why is this man doing that? why? i want to know. you want to know. p and p up next.
2:54 am
2:55 am
17.3%. the next year it dropped to 14.7%. we regret the error. thanks for pointing it out. now to mail, charles clifford, the cayman islands, the caribbean, the dysfunctional in washington is quite an indictment of the political parties. i think that's dysfunction, right. ideology is placed above economic interests, which not only affect the u.s., but the entire world. absolutely right. stuart robertson, sydney, australia, i can see the usa is bankrupt all the way from here. so why is it so hard to get a deal to reduce spending? because many politicians are elected, because they promise their constituents entitlements. also it is a senator and congressperson's duty to bring home the cash so local projects have funding and people get jobs. cash equals votes in america,
2:56 am
stuart. now that the cash has run out, politicians don't know what to do. bobby gordon in california, hey, bill, do you ever post tweets during "the factor"? let us know. bobby, during the program, i'm often listening to the guests, formulating questions, before the computer takes us off the air. this is like being an airline controller, always another plane on the horizon. if i were to tweet during the program, something would crash, and it would probably be me. david munley, massachusetts. bill, i took my kids to the movies, thereby missing your show. i kept them up to watch "the factor." you're a pinhead. o'riley not sure about you, but we love dennis miller.
2:57 am
please bring the tour here. you would be welcomed with much aloha. mahalo. i love hawaii. we could do the program on can pauly -- o on the beach. jake from northampton, england. bill, i'm visiting greece. anand "the factor" is on one of the bars. that made me very happy. are you sure it was the program that made you happy? brittany, ohio, bill, i was pleased with your performance in " transformer 3." will you be in the new "batman" movie? only if i can play the lead. word is hugo chavez is not good
2:58 am
in health, but in order to maintain his power he must show he's strong. thereforede this. >> ♪ let's get physical ♪ i want to get physical ♪ let's get physical ♪ let me hear your body talk your body talk ♪ let me hear your body talk ♪ let's get physical physical ♪ i want to get physical >> not sure that's going to do it, hugo. no matter what he does, mr. chavez is a pinhead. that's it for tonight. spout off from anywhere in the world, o'reillyat fox thanks for watching "the
2:59 am
factor." i'm bill o'reilly. remember the spin stops right here. we're definitely >> top of the morning to you because it's the tuesday and it's august 2nd. i'm gretchen carlson. thanks for sharing your time. one more hurdle to go to raise the nation's debt ceiling and the final vote could be hours away in the senate. >> oh, joe. did the vice president compare tea partiers to terrorists? he said it's a misunderstanding. we are going to report and you can decide. >> and they saved her life and then they sued. two heroes pull a woman from this car engulfed in flames. now they say she should pay! find out why on "fox & friends" which starts right now. >>


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