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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  August 3, 2011 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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>> sean: that's the point. america will be greece, if you have your way. >> please. >> china already owns us. it's over. >> sean: i hope not. that's all the time we have left. greta is next. >> greta: tonight donald trump says we're in big, big trouble. he hates that debt ceiling bill the president just signed. does donald trump have a plan? will he run for president. we asked him. nice to see you. >> thank you. >> greta: the debit, many americans have heard if it hadn't been raised, it would have been catastrophic. would it have been catastrophic to the american people? >> i don't think so. i think the republicans tried hard, but they didn't make a good deal. they did very little cutting, but the worse thing of all -- they could have it had, the one thing obama wanted -- he wanted to bring it past the election, because if they had this come due again before the election, he could not have been re-elected. why they agreed to that, i have no idea. but in addition to that very
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little cutting. of course they don't even talk about the bush tax cuts, because in '13 they expire, so taxes will go through the roof. i don't understand -- you know, people are saying the republicans made a good deal. i don't think they made a good deal. people are finding out they didn't make a good deal, greta. it's a little like the lame duck, thought they made this great deal with billions and billions and billions. rned out to be $300 billion, then $31 billion. people are finding out. they should never have allowed this to expire after the election. >> greta: what would you have done? >> i would have had obama care as a part of it. i would have gotten rid of obama care. that's going to be very destructive for our country. obama care is a disaster. i have people that are going to close up their businesses, friends of mine, so i would have gotten rid of that. i would have gotten much bigger cutting. >> greta: a little the risk of passing that ceiling, because
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the republicans and democrats were at each other's throats essentially, and if there were no agreement we would have gone past the deadline for the debt ceiling. >> that was an artificial date. >> greta: that didn't matter? >> that was a date set by geithner, totally artificial. i don't think the president would have allowed to happen. if they asked for a tougher deal -- you know, i heard on your show, and many other shows frankly, $4 trillion, $5 trillion. it's nowhere those numbers. those are the kind of numbers you needed. so they really didn't get. they didn't make the right deal. they really launched obama's presidency, because this won't come up again before his presidency. comes up after the presidency. what are they doing? >> greta: the democrats and president say they want it off to 2014, not because of the lex, but give stability business. does that mean anything? >> total nonsense. he didn't want it coming up. look, right now if he ran, you'd beat him, anybody would beat him, because this has been such a mess and so bad for him. it shows. he's not so great. okay?
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so anybody would beat him. if this happened again -- you know, you have a very short memory. people have a short memory. everybody has a short memory. if this happened again a couple months before the electn, he has no chance of winning the election. that's what they should have done. now, eventually he would have caved. >> greta: you think so? >> yes. as i said on your show two or three weeks ago, the republicans had all the cards. they had the cards. they could have made a much better deal, much better cuts, and it -- unless they got it all right, then it wouldn't have had to expire at all. if they got what they wanted 100%, then it doesn't come due, that's fine for obama, fine for everybody, but they didn't make a good deal, and comes due too late. you'll have maybe obama as a president again. they did it with lame duck. he rows like a phoenix. he was jimmy carter, rose like a phoenix. they did it -- the lame duck was a disaster, because they brought obama back. now they've done it again. i think it's a very serious
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mistake tt the republicans haveade. >> greta: there's a second part to this, the sort of super committee of members of the house and senate, both sides of the aisle. is that an opportunity to achieve something or is that just another stage of what you say is not a good plan? >> well, i think it's a great opportunity, but every time the republicans negotiate they give the wrong things away. it's almost like they negotiate hard for the small stuff, but the big stuff, like the election, you know, they may have given the presidential election away. now, we're talking politics maybe more than what's good for the country, but ultimately what's good for the country is to get a new president, because we have a president now that has made this country the laughingstock of the world. >> greta: in terms of the debt ceiling, did the president outnegotiate the republicans in your mind or -- and outnegotiate, you know, even the members of his own party that were unhappy with this deal? >> i think the democrats made a better deal than the republicans, because the cuts weren't deep like they were supposed to bo to be, and the
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presidential race -- really he can win this race much easier now. look, the republicans to really do it right have to take over the presidency. they could have taken over the presidency if they made this a little bit shorter, so instead of coming after the election it came due before the election. >> greta: why did they do that, then? why did the republicans agree to that? >> what about the lame duck session? w did they do that? they brought him back. they brought him back again. where's romney's been? he should have said, listen, i'm running, i'm leading, and i don't want this thing to come due after the election. i mean, what does that tell you about romney? romney has been missing in action. he hasn't done a damn thing. he should have been out there saying, of everything, i don't care about cuts, i don't care about anything, i want this to come due before the election. >> greta: i think a lot of the reason that everyone -- maybe i'm wrong. people were tiptoeing around the topic, because people feared if we hit the debt ceiling, it
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would be catastrophic, the market would take a plunge, we'd be downgraded, interest rates would go up, economic catastrophe domestically. >> when you use the word catastrophic -- >> greta: that's the word they were using. >> what's catastrophic? we have $15 trillion in debt right now. a word we never heard two years ago. trillion, trillion. there was no word trillion. we have $15 trillion in debt. we're going to $22 trillion under this agreement, and probably higher than that. nobody knows what they're doing. to me that's catastrophic. not that we're going to miss an artificial debt set b geithner. and you look at stock markets. i mean the stock markets go down after the deal is made. that means people that are smart people, financial people, say the deal is no good. so when you use the word catastrophic, i think it's catastrophic that we owe $15 trillion and we're going to $22 trillion. to me that's catastrophic. we're not respected in the world. hey, look, i have many friends in asia, many friends in south america. they buy apartments from me,
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they do a lot of things. i made a lot of money dealing with the chinese, believe me. these people call me. they say we can't believe we're doing the deals we're doing. the united states is not respected anymore because of our leadership. >> greta: is it ideology or is that they don't understand business or because of the uncertainty of the politics? what is it? >> i think it's everything, but i think it's also the fact that our leaders are not as smart as leaders in other countries. they are not -- >> greta: are you saying he's stupid? >> i'm not saying anything. >> greta: you keep saying the president isn't smart. >> well, he's certainly not smart when it comes to business. he's certainly not smart when it comes to running a country. i don't think this country has ever been so disrespected as we are right now. other countries are laughing at us. i deal with these people. i like them, they're friends of mine. even some of the leaders, i know them. i respect them. i think they respect me. i don't hold it against them. i mean, i wish our people would be able to do what they're
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doing. you look at what's going on, you order products, it's from china, it's from all over the world. >> greta: what do you think the president thinks about it? >> i don't think he thinks about it. all did he is campaign. i think what he is, he's a prettyood campaigner -- i don't think he's a real good campaigner, because hillary, excuse me, was kicking his ass at the end. she got started late. he listened across the line. i don't think he's a -- he limped across the line. i don't think he's a great campaigner. never made a deal in his life except for his house in chicago, which is a suspect deal. he's very bad for this country. and it's very important that we have a great president. this country -- i've said this before -- we are in big, big trouble. this country doesn't need a good president. we need a great president, or we're not going to come back for a long, long time, if ever. >> greta: what about speaker boehner and harry reid? >> i think they all tried, including mcconnell.
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i think they tried hard, but in the end -- i respect them, but the end they missed a couple of the very big points, including what i said about the election, and importantly, including what i said about the cuts? they could have done the cuts now, so you don't need the committee -- what do we need a committee for? all we do is have committees in this country. in china, they want to build a city, they build a city. it starts two days after they conceive of it. all we do in this country is have a committee. we'll have a committee, they'll be fighting. why couldn't we have done this haas week? it's not so hard. we needed $5 trillion in cuts or $4 trillion in cuts. they couldn't get there, so they appoint a committee. >> greta: one of the things that people talk about, a lot of business people are uncertain to do with their money, so they're hoarding cash, in essence, waiting for the right investment. how do you get the business people to have more confidence that now is the time to go out and invest? >> you need new leadership.
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>> greta: that simple? >> that simple. they have no confidence in obama. >> greta: why not? >> you look at oil -- all of the things -- we have tremendous energy resources. as an example, we have tremendous energy resources in this country, but because of epa and other things, we can't get at our own energy. i mean, we have so much energy, we would never need saudi arabia, we would never need -- and these countries, i mean what they're doing -- you go to saudi arabia, you go to china, you go to abu dhabi, you want to see structures, roads, it's unbelievable. they're paved in gold. then la guardia airport, like a third world country. kennedy airport, newark airport, los angeles, l.a.x -- >> greta: how did that happen? that predates president obama. >> it does, it does. we've had bad leadership -- hey, look, was i ever a big fan of bush? you know i wasn't, okay? the fact is we've had horrible
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leadership, but right now we probably have probably the worst leader we've ever had, especially when it comes to rebuilding our once great country. we're not a great country anymore. everybody's talking about investment. here's where you should invest. where? china, india. what about the united states? well, well, invest in china, invest in india, invest in -- every country but our country. now these are wall street geniuses, and they say put your money here. they don't want to invest money in this country. they have no confidence in this country. >> greta: what about steve wynn? >> he's a good friend of mine. i heard his statement, and he's exactly right. >> greta: are any businesspeople sayingby got to ride out of this mess? >> i don't know of any. look what's going on with the country. we're laughed at. what businessman could say i'm wrong? people call me up, heads of steel companies, heads of oil companies, heads of everything.
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how can they say possibly that i'm wrong? our business is going to hell. we don't make our products anymore. we don't manufacture things anymore. you look at computers, they're made in different countries. i ordered thousands of televisions for a hotel that i have. like 2,500 televisions. they're made inko reara. >> greta: couldn't find any made here? forget it. by the way, they're not big enough. they can't make them here. i guess there's place in the country, but when you need 2,500 sets, so i got lg. where's lg made? in south korea. by the way, and we protect south korea. we protect them for nothing. when north korea lobs the missiles over at them, we send our ships. do they pay us? no. we're stupid. very stupid. >> greta: that's been going on for quite some time. >> well, it's got to stop. >> greta: it's been going on for several decades. >> ithaca stop with one election. >> greta: are you going to run? >> if the republicans pick the
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wrong person, which is possible, and if the economy continues to be bad, which i think it will, because we have truly incompetent leadership, i will give it serious thought, and at least will be a very, very respected country again. we'll be a great country again. you know, it's interesting, it's not even hard. some of the things that are going on are so basic. i watch the politicians, they talk about jobs. and this morning on one of the shows they were saying, we don't know where we're going to get the jobs. i know where we're going to get them. we'll get them from china, other countries that are taking all our jobs. it's easy. they don't even mention it. they have no idea. they don't even mention it, greta. it is very sad. >> greta: you said you would run if the economy weren't doing well. >> if the economy continues to be bad, if the republican candidate -- i love what i'm doing. you know i love what i'm doing. i don't want to do it. i love this country more than anything. i love this country. this country is being abused, taken advantage of, and it's
10:14 pm
being run by incompetent people. >> greta: if you look at your criteria, most people predict that the economy won't come out of this mess in any near future. so that's -- >> i agree with that. i think it's going get worse. >> greta: so that criteria, you say that's a done deal, i think, regrettably, i think the economy is not coming back. >> i think that you we'll be right, yes. >> greta: the other is if there's some other republican that emerges, and you mentioned romney, who's the frontrunner, and you don't have high marks on him. >> the thing with romney, i wasn't in love with the job he did in massachusetts. he wasn't popular. he was a one-term governor. didn't have high approval ratings. i don't like that. you know, i'd like a guy that's running for president to be the most popular guy you could have. the romney care was obviously, you know, not a good situation. and i hate what i'm seeing now where he should have been in -- highhe's a frontrunner. he should have been in there telling the republicans to make sure this thing comes due before the election, because anybody
10:15 pm
would win the election if that were the case. they lost that point. and he never made a statement until after everything was done. i mean, he really is, he's missing in action. i don't understand it. he should have been a big part of this. he's the leading candidate, he should have been a big part of this negotiation. so i don't know romney. i'm very disappointed in him in terms of this negotiation. >> greta: is that fatal in terms of your support for him? >> no, not fatal. i mean, we'll see what happens. we've got a long way to go, but i was very disappointed. i kept saying -- in fact, i did it with you the other day on the phone -- where's romney? he should have been a part of this negotiation. he's a very possible person to run against obama. >> greta: another top tier person is representative michele bachmann. does she satisfy you in terms of what she could do or not? >> well, you know, she came to the building, as did sarah palin. they came to trump tower. >> greta: not together i should add. >> no, separately. a couple days later actually. i like them both. i like sarah palin a lot.
10:16 pm
we had the famous pizza incident where i used the fork, where i got killed. >> greta: why did you use a fork? >> i don't get my hands dirty. >> greta: i've been known to do that, too.> i wanted to be nice and neat. i took heat, but that's okay. sarah is terrific. michele bachmann is up, and i think she's a good person. sarah, i don't know if she's running. i think she probably isn't, but i really really don't know. i'm not sure she's made up her mind. i think michele bachmann has waged a good campaign. i think she's a very, very good person. i think she was hit very hard and very unfairly recently with the headache thing. i think it was a very, very unfair thing the way it was brought up, how it was brought up. i think she's a very good person. i think that sarah palin is an absolutely terrific person. i don't know romney. >> greta: do either one of those women have a chance, do you think, for the nomination?
10:17 pm
>> i think everybody has a chance. this is a world where really today everybody has a chance. if you look at what's going on in this country, honestly, i think people want somebody tough and smart. not just tough. you have to be very smart. you have to be very cunning. you have to know what you're doing. this country can be turned around again. kit be great again, but right now we're a laughingstock. >> greta: much more of our interview with donald trump that you can see "on the record" at 10:00 p.m. eastern this friday. we'll post all of it on straight ahead, this has been a very rough week. vice president biden accused the tea party of acting like terrorists, and now russia's prime minister is calling americans parasights. really? parasites? what's up with that? also, is it a slap in the face to americans or business as usual? president obama is calledwh4%l4i hypocrite. he's under fire tonight one day after signing off on the debt
10:18 pm
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>> greta: our debt crisis is rocking the world and provoking some world leaders.
10:22 pm
did you hear what russian prime minister vladimir putin says about us? he says americans are parasites, living off the global economy, living beyond our means. joining us former u.s. ambassador to the u.n. good evening, ambassador. we may be living beyond our means, but there's something rather unseemly for the russian prime minister, former head of the kgb, calling us parasites. >> this shows what prime minister putin really thinks about the united states. he thinks we're in decline. he's deriding our economy and our administration. and it's a real indication of his basic attitude. it's also an indication of the failure of president obama's reset policy, because we have in putin probably a president again, somebody who's utterly unimpressed with the multiple concessions that president obama has made to him. it's gotten nothing back from russia, not even respect.
10:23 pm
>> greta: well, we are indebted to russia. and so he has jumped on for us this. that is very troubling. he's not alone. china has also been critical of us. and they are, of course, our -- we owe them a lot of money, even more than russia. so it sort of -- it's interesting how our financial situation has become an international diplomacy problem for us as well. >> well, it could be, but it's as much a problem for them, too, as calvin coolidge once said, they hired the money, didn't they? you know, russia has a one-pony economy. if oil and natural gas prices globally fell, their economy would collapse. they have an aging, sick, declining population. what they do have, because of high oil prices, is a rapidly increasing military capability, rebuilding, upgrading their ballistic missiles, and their nuclear weapons, all white united states declines under the
10:24 pm
obama administration's policies in all of our strategic weapons areas. >> greta: he called us parasites. i think it's fair for us to put on the screen for the viewers a little picture we have of him shirtless on his horse. if he can do it to us, we can have fun and tease him, we can sort of make fun of him shirtless on his horse. now that i got through that. in terms of the reset policy, what do we want from russia? russia has sort of been off the radar screen recently. what do we need from them and what do they need from us? >> well, russia today is acting as an international trouble-maker. vladimir putin said a few years ago when he was still president, the greatest geopolitical o -- putin wants to reexpand. he's actively working to do it. he's pressuring eastern and central europe, using the oil
10:25 pm
he's pressuring eastern and central europe. he has actively intervened to frustrate american efforts to try and bring peace and security in the middle-east, russia has flown political air cover for iran and north korea's nuclear weapons program. and now president obama actually invited russia to try to mediate between the nato alliance and in libya. so all of these steps that i think that russia has taken show that they are not really interested in cooperating with us at all. they will pocket every concession that this administration makes. but in reciprocity, we got nothing. nothing. >> greta: the israeli defense minister will be on in a second, we'll play our interview with him. i'm curious, you mentioned russia with regard to iran. what is the what is the level of danger of iran vis-a-vis israel? the united states seems to5ñ5ñ>e
10:26 pm
downplaying the nuclear weapons capability of iran, and of course israel is gravely concerned about it. >> every indication we have from publicly available data, iran is enriching more and more uranium, about to open an underground facility, their ballistic missile testing continues pace. all efforts to stop them have failed. the sanctions imposed, while they've caused economic disruption have not slowed down the nuclear weapons program. i think iran's threat remains grave, and saudi arabia and the other gulf arab states are just as worried about iran's nuclear weapons program as israel and see no leadership on the issue from washington. >> greta: are you going to run for president? >> i'm citing thinking about it. i watched what happened our defense budget in the negotiations over the debt
10:27 pm
ceiling legislation. i'm very concerned about hollowing out the american military capability in a dangerous world. we're not doing what we need to do to protect ourselves. >> greta: today is the scale sliding more likely or less likely? >> i'm going to try to make up my mind by labor day. i've done due diligence over the past many months, and now i need to focus and make the decision. there's enormous vulnerability in president obama. i think he deserves to be beaten. i don't think he's competent to be president. 2 1/2 years of on-the-job training haven't improved things. so i think the opportunity is there. >> greta: ambassador, thank you, sir. we'll be watching to see your decision. >> thank you. >> greta: coming up, president obama getting skewered by his critics. he flew home to chicago, and what he's doing tonight has some what he's doing tonight has some people [ male announcer ] this is the network. a network of possibilities.
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>> this is breaking news. david wu announced his resignation,aying he would make it official after voting for the debt ceiling bill. winningman wu released a statement after notifying the oregon governor and house speaker john boehner, saying in port, serving as a u.s.
10:32 pm
congressman has been the greatest honor of my life. there iso other job where you get up each day and ask, how can i try and make the world's better places today? however great honor and engaging the work, there comes the time to hand over the privilege of elected office. the oregon governor plans to call for a special election. >> i understandr understand why a lot of people think it's odd. i spent for days visiting family. and giving $40,000 to a politician for one ticket to go to somebody's birthday party, being president obama's
10:33 pm
birthday, is so foreign to most people outside of the mainstream that i think that even though there is a lot of ra-ra-rar in washington, d.c., he has a responsibility to raise money for his party. it's kind of amazing that his approval rating being what it is that he can still get this many people to come. but it shows he has a very strong core base of support, even though it's shrinking. >> well, this is his home town, chicago. it is his birthday. and it's a big one. we wish the president happy birthday. i am curious, though, in order to pay $40,000 to attend two fund-raisers, not everyone's paying $40 thousand. but there is a second one where they are paying that amount -- i wonder if they -- if they appreciate his criticism of them no paying their fair share, which we have been hearing so much from the president lately?
10:34 pm
>> i would imagine that these are people-- the ones who are paying the $40,000ay apiece, these are people who can afford the very best accountants. so they don't care what happens in washington, d.c. because they will pay their accountants to make sure that they don't have to pay their fair share, whatever fair might mean to them at this point. i do -- if i had been advising thehite house, i don't think i would have done this type of fund-raiser. now, remember, this one's special. it is his birthday. i am all for it. but he's going to have to raise a lot of money. they have said they will be the first presidential campaign ever to raise $1 billion. now, for people out there who have been out of work for two years, w are making the connection that the stimulus bill fail has made our economy worse and they see no plan moving forward and they spend a month in washington talking about, you know, a debt ceiling that most people can't really get their arms around, i think that this strikes a very
10:35 pm
discordant note. but he has every right to do it. >> they are going to spend the money. so in an odd way, this is a stimulus bill. he raises the money. they will put it back into the system, so in an odd way, raising the money is a stimulus bill. secondly, it seems to me, this is -- i mean, every candidate has to raise money, that's the ugly side of politics. have you to raise money and everybody thinks it's tacky. but why not raise it now because the voters have such a short memory? by the time next summer rolls around, nobody will remember the fund-raiser. they don't remember april when he got osama bin laden. better do it now than do it later. >> right. let's set aside president obam a. when you are the incumbent president, you are a fund-raising machine. that's the case no matter what your popularity is. you have the power, you get the donations. on the other side, in one week from tonight, you will have the iowa straw poll. i am looking at a lot of reports
10:36 pm
from rublican contend rez and they are not raising as much money as they need to in order to be competitive. >> does that bode poorly for the republicans going into 2012? >> maybe not necessarily so. i happening that after labor day, you will start to see more of a concerted effort. the race will start to tighten on the republican side. people will start to focus their mind. right now in ah you got the kids out of school, going back in a few weeks. you have the last little bit of your summer. there is a major heat wave. you are tired of washington. you are right, people won't necessarily remember this, but he has left a bad taste in the mouths of many americans over the past 2 and-a-half years. i don't know messagewise how he changes that. >> and he's raising money f the d to make sure the senate stays democratic. he has two roles. i am taking t last word on that. dane anice to see you.
10:37 pm
>> thank you. >> here's a look at the "the o'reilly factor." >> hide the kids, we're coming up. >> hide the kids from dennis miller. coming up, ehud barack goes on the record. this guy is wow-ing the crowds. you don't see this every day. an accident doesn't have to slow you down. with better car replacement ailable only with liberty mutual auto insurance, if your car's totaled, we give you the money for a car one model year newer.
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>> from america's news headquarters, i'm ainsley earhardt. the obama administration asking congress to return from vacation to resolve the faa shutdown. lawmakers left washington without authorizing an extension of the agencies's funding and that could cost more than $1 billion in lost ticket taxes and
10:42 pm
it's leaving 74,000 workers without paychecks. oregon congressman david wu is a private citizen. the democratic lawmaker's resignation became official at the end of wednesday. wu was forced to quit after being accused of an unwanted sexual encounter with an 18-year-old woman. he liant been hit with criminal charges but was facing an ethics committee investigation. wu is the fourth member of congress to resign this year in the wake of a sex scandal. i'm ainsley earhardt. we return to greta van susteren and "on the record." israel is gt what iran is planning, planning to do to them. now we asked israeli defense minister ehud barack about iran's threat to israel. the only thing i know what's in the public domain, what i read about. it seems that the united states seems to think that the nuclear
10:43 pm
threat isn't as grave as israel does, that they stop their nuclear program. frankly i can't imagine iran has stopped its nuclear weapon program. it's hard for me to believe that out of there. but does the united states -- are you and the united states on the same page as to the status of iran's nuclear weapon program or where it is? >> in terms of the diagnosis, we we read their intention the same way. and they quite explicitly say it, so we have to take them seriously. producing nuclear weapons, it can't be ignored. we all believe that our options should be on the table, and that
10:44 pm
we should give serious concern to what happens there, because somehow, generally speaking, time is running out. it won't be forever. the iranians are coming closer capacity of anyone to top them more determinedly and more÷g?5m( explicitly toward nuclear explosive device or nuclear weapons. >> greta: how much time, do you think? >> you cannot judge it, but it's clear it's not many years. years, do you think? >> it could be less than three years. i don't know. i don't want to quote numbers. it's not a matter of years, it's more a matter of quarters. >> greta: there was a report a
10:45 pm
while back that early in 2010, that secretary of defense panetta, when he was head of the cia, went to israel, went to your country to sort of put the lid on your country's enthusiasm for wanting to take action against iran. it seems that your country sees a much greater urgency down the track on nuclear weapons than the united states. of course you're closer. >> it's natural that we are very more kind of cautious. it could have a dramatic impact on the region. we still believe that time is still right for deadly sanctions if they could be imposed, but it's basically in a wider sense, it's not -- we won't have indefinitely a kind of time with us. >> greta: what's sort of the general opinion now of the obama
10:46 pm
administration? especially in light of the fact that the president has said that he'd like to see it go back to the pre-1967 borders with the two states. i know that was not well received among many people. i know that we're good friends, our two countries are good friends, but are israelis disenchanted a little bit with the obama administration? >> no. our country good friends. as minister of defense, i can tell you that i can hardly remember, i was in uniform for decades, i can hardly remember a better period of support -- american support and cooperation and similar strategic understanding of events around us than what we have right now. and it's true that not all the israelis are happy with the positions of the administration, but i should tell you honestly that the president didn't say that israel should go back to the borders of '67.
10:47 pm
he made it very clear that he thinks that palestinians deserve a state of their own. we also believe in two states, side by side, demilitarized palestinian state that will basically have the same area that's west bank and gaza strip had before '67, with certain swap, understanding of the changes on the ground. some security consideration we take into account. i don't think that contradicts what the president said. and i think that we cannot solve the problem without being able, both on the israel side, as well as the palestinian side, to tackle the real problems which inevitably are somewhat painful for both sides. >> greta: is the united states as engaged in the peace process and the problems that your
10:48 pm
country faces as we have been in the last, you know, couple years? because, i mean, we've been awfully involved with our economy and other issues around the globe. are we sufficiently engaged to helping israel move to a better -- to peace? >> i don't think that we have the right to complain, because we are part of -- israel is part of it. i was a prime minister 10 years ago. america was much more deeply involved. but that's not just the fault of america. it's about the palestinians. they were more willing to negotiate. what's been lost in the last two years is the mutual trust, and that's a pity, because you cannot do a lot without this trust. >> greta: straight ahead, old blue eyes is back.
10:49 pm
well sort of. an iron worker in new york city is stopping traffic. we'll show you what he's doing. also, everything about governor sarah palin seems to make news, even her hair. governor's palin hair is apparently a very big deal. apparently a very big deal. yes, we did say hair. check out the bass pro shops fall hunting classic with huge savings on great gear. like and under $60. don't miss our biggest hunting sale and show of [ male announcer ] this is our beach. ♪ this is our pool. ♪ our fireworks. ♪
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>> greta: here's the best of the rest. >> ♪ walk with me ♪ i'll come along ♪ we sang a song and then strolled that golden sand ♪ >> a crooner with a hard hat, a construction worker in new york city has a voyles of velvet and a conscience, trying to the soothe headaches he and his co-workers are causing at a construction site. so during lunch he takes a karaoke kit and hits the streets. who is this singing american? >> i'm gary from queens. >> were you working? >> on the second avenue subway, trying to give back a little bit, you know. it's lunchtime. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> greta: blue eyes would be so proud. now sarah palin's hairstylist is
10:54 pm
following in her footsteps, getting the hollywood treatment. tlc's cameras are busy inside the busy salon where as tlc puts it the personalities of the owner and her staff are as big as the hairstyles she create. now, the network plans to air the two-hour reality series in september. no word on if the governor will make an experience or not. and finally forget about the debt limit and other issues plaguing washington. some of our elected officials took a break last night and went to taylor swift's concert at the verizon center in washington to do fundraising. the arena's luxury suites are apparently the place to be for politicians trying to beef up their campaign accounts. fundraising tickets ranged from $500 per person to $3,500. donors got their own admission to the show and the opportunity to hang out with the washington's finest. the fundraising events were not endorsed by swift. there you have it, the best of the rest. coming up, your last call. one more quick round before we turn down the lights. our economy is so bad, president
10:55 pm
obama is calling in an favor from his mother-in-law. we'll explain. [ male announcer ] imagine all of your missed opportunities in one place. ♪ the race of your life you never ran. the trip around the world you never took. the best-selling novel you never wrote. but there's one opportunity that's too good to miss. the lexus golden opportunity sales event, with exceptional values on the lexus es. but only until september 6th. see your lexus dealer. [ female announcer ] the counter. in most homes, it gets all the action. bring it. in this lab demo, one sheet of bounty leaves this surface as clean as 2 sheets of the bargain brand. ♪ why use more when you can use less? ♪ super durable. super absorbent. super clean.
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10:59 pm
>> greta: almost is almost here, time for last call. president obama relying more on his family than ever before. here is jay leno. >> moody, that investment company says we've raised the debt ceiling they may still down grade our credit rating. what? culp given how bad our credit is, president obama asked china for another lofig);)39úsp >> that is your last call and we're closing down shop. thanks for joining us tonight. we'll see you tomorrow and eastern2ebm+uo+ for 2012 presidl candidates joining us from iowa. go to greta i'm putting up an open thread right after the show.


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