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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  August 6, 2011 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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kelly wright and jamie colby are standing by in new york. don't forget neil cavuto's special will be on after. thanks for watching, we report, you decide. >> hi this is a fox news alert. major credit rating agency down gidding america's sterling aaa rating for the first time ever. welcome i'm jamie colby. >> and i'm chemly wright. standard & poor's knocking america down to a aa+ rating at the tail end of a week where a divided congress fought down to the wire over raising the debt limit. to give you an idea of the bag feud of this, consider this, the u.s. has -- held a aaa status rating since 1917. now that lofty status made the u.s. treasury bond one of the
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worldest safest investments and allowed uncle sam to borrow at extraordinarily keep rates. savings pass on to you when you buy a home, car or credit card. >> reporter: white house press secretary carney put out a statement that did not mention the downgrade but talked about the circumstances that lead to the downgrade. carney said, the bipartisan commission on deficit reduction or the bipartisan compromise, i'm sorry, was an important step in the right direction. yet, the path to getting there took too long and at times too divisive. he says we must do better to make clear our nation's capacity to work together to tackle our challenges. that's the reaction of the white house coming this morning. >> we stand the white house is upset over this. there's a flood of reaction from capitol hill. what are we hearing from members of congress so far?
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>> from republicans no shortage of criticism for the president and his admid%gñhqiq%=99ñ senator demint is calling for the resignation of treasury secretary geithner. speaker boehner put out a statement saying: this decision is the latest consequence of the out of control spending that has taken place in washington for decades the spending binge has resulted in job destroying, economic uncertainty and sends destructive ripple affects. congressional committee. nancy pelosi said the american people are watching to see if the bipartisan joint committee will develop a plan to reduce the deficit in a balanced way while promoting economic democrats are calling for a comprehensive solution. when they say that they mean
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one that includes revenues or taxes. >> steve centanni, thanks for that report. >> americans now considered a riskier investment than canada. more than a dozen countries have the rating including france, germany and great britain. america joins new zealand and belgium just a notch above spain. china and japan at aa-. >> billionaire warren buffet is speaking out saying the downgrade doesn't make sense. he says he's not worried about the american economy at all. if there were quadruple a rating he would give the u.s. that. buffet's company berkshire hathaway has 40 billion dollars in short treasury bills he has no plans to sell. he doesn't expect the downgrade to have much effect on the markets monday.
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>> how will this downgrade affect the already volatile market when it reopens monday. lauren, good to see you, what do you expect? >> all i have to say is pack your dramamine if you are an investor monday. it is going to be another wild ride. the past two weeks have been volatile. we've been up and down and in between. here's the thing, standard & poor's did this downgrade friday evening. it was smart of them. now investors have two days to mull it over to think about what they are going to do before they overreact. so it might not be that bad monday but you can expect volatility. the dow lost 700 points last week. s&p and nasdaq down for the week. many people are saying it might already be priced into the market. we are hoping for that. but you never know. we have no economic data monday, no jobs report, no gdp,
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manufacturing report. this downgrade is what the traders are going to be trading on. it will be front and center. you can expect reaction. >> it has been a rocky ride for a long time. a lot of people will see this as a buying opportunity if they have taken cash out and sitting on the sidelines, isn't that possible? >> 100% possible. since january two trillion dollars have been taken out of stocks. now people are sitting with this cash, stuffed under the mattress. there are stocks that you can buy now on sale. wall street is a bargain. go shopping. think of stocks that treat you well in the long run like consumer staples, you brush your teeth every morning, procter & gamble might be a good stock. utilities pay out dividends, health care these sectors might do okay. and of course gold. >> that seems a little out of
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a lot of people's range. they have predictions of 5,000. i bet consumer goods like beverages and foods might be good too. >> yep. >> were we not expecting a correction? regardless of what happened with the debt ceiling debate, were we not due for one? >> we were due. it is good that you point that out. this downgrade came at -- it didn't take anybody by surprise. the timing did. technically s&p told us we had a 50/50 chance of being down graded if the next 9y days. the fact that -- in the next 90 days. the fact that we downgraded is not a vice because we've been talking about it so long -- not a surprise because we've been talking about it so long. this is what we are dealing with, but not a surprise. >> coming up, whether or not this debt deal will get us where we need to go. lauren, thanks so much.
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this is a fox news alert. recovery operations underway now in afghanistan, after a deadly helicopter crash there. 31 u.s. special operations troops and seven -- afghan soldiers shot down in what u.s. officials are calling the single deadliest incident of the war in afghanistan. ap reporting most of the troops were members of seal team 6, you remember the elite unite killed bin laden. we are streaming live from kabul, afghanistan. conner this is shocking to so many here in america. >> reporter: i spoke to one special forces soldier who told me this is a devastating blow to the tight-knit special forces community, something we have never seen before, the largest death total in afghanistan. it is the largest ever on
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special offices -- forces on the overall community in one day. the u.s. military is not officially saying anything other than a helicopter crashed. according to multiple sources, we believe that 31 of the american special forces people who died today, that the majority were from seal team 6, navy seals. the same unit that went into pakistan and got bin laden a few months ago. we are hearing multiple report about what happened. according to the taliban, they say they shot down this chinook helicopter as it was about to launch a raid on a taliban compound. they say they shot it down with a rocket propelled grenade launcher. the military isn't saying how the copter crashed. given the time and location it seems the helicopter was part of one of these night raids launching an attack on a taliban strong whole this is a devastating blow to this small
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community of special forces in afghanistan and across the largest u.s. military in recent months the military has been saying they've taken the momentum away from the taliban. today is a deadly reminder of what type of deadly force the taliban can still bring on u.s. and coalition troops here in afghanistan. >> you are right about that. they are putting their lives on the line everyday. thanks to the men and women serving. our thoughts and prayers to the family members of those lost. thank you, sir. we want to put today's crash in context. give you a sense of the sobering numbers. until yesterday, there had been 1600 military deaths in afghanistan since the war began in october 2001. before today, at least 240 americans have been reported killed in the afghanistan war effort this year. remember the u.s. draw down officially began july 15th. obviously, every death is too many. the army an ing in it is
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shortening the length of troop deployments beginning next january --. shorten the tour to nine months. this will not affect troops deployed this year or aviation and military police. the move comes as the iraq war begins to wind down and the u.s. begins its withdrawal from afghanistan. >> kelly: back to our top story. day. the s&p downgrading our credit rating to aa+. the first time ever in our history. s&p citing: difficulties in bridging the gulf between political parties as a major reason. what's the political fall out? here now kirsten powers and rich lowry. thanks for joining us. john chambers the president of s&p talked to our neil cavuto earlier today. we want to show you what he said about this.
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let's go to that now. >> rating was motivated by a number of factors. one was the political gridlock in washington. which makes us think that it is going to be difficult for elected officials to put the fiscal profile of the u.s. government on a long term sustainable path. part of it was because of the fiscal path itself. debt to the gdp at the all in level, the stays and local governments and federal government, liquid assets 75% of gdp. >> kelly: there we have it. so far the saudis don't like it, china doesn't like it. they say we should tighten up our spending. republican candidates are calling on the president to fire treasury secretary geithner is that really the issue? isn't everyone to blame? >> well look, i think geithner is one of the voices during this process who has been trying to push the administration to do more on
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the deficit and get more deficit reduction. i think ultimately, politically, the president gets hurt most. the buck stops with him this is a huge national embarrassment. he's the president of the united states at the time when the country is facing a potential debt crisis and he doesn't even have his own plan to reduce the deficit. he talks about some wonderful balance, four trillion dollar plan but won't write it down on paper and putting it out there and advocating for it public. >> kelly: kirsten, congresswoman michelle bachmann who is i republican presidential candidate, predicted this that s&p would do this, if congress and the president made a bad deal. now that has happened. she says now it is time for the president to take the lead. what does the president have to do, in your opinion, to take that lead and settle down the markets? >> well, first we have to see how the markets react to this. if you listened earlier,
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warren buffet saying he thinks this was a bad decision by s&p. it is possible the markets done react badly. i think that -- don't react badly. i think congresswoman bachmann is correct, everybody had seen this coming. regardless of what kind of deal came out at this point they feel washington is so dysfunctional they don't have faith they can reach any kind of deal. that's not just about obama, that's about congress as well. it is a dynamic that is problematic. rich is right, the president -- when a country is downgraded it reflects very badly on the president. but it also reflects badly on the member of the congress and the two sides don't seem to be able to get anything done. >> kelly: do you both believe that the left and right have to dial it back to go back to the drawing board if you will, and draft a better plan that can help us get our fiscal husband in order and get that downgrade back up to a aaa
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rating? >> kelly, i believe the president came forward with his plan. republicans who were behind closed doors with him said in private, spending cuts were more fan fast cal and hard and miss tear -- if he has this mystery plan and puts it on paper, republicans aren't going to accept tax increases. if he has three wrong worth of savings on entitlements, i believe those can pass the house. if they did, then you would in effect have a partial obama-boehner plan to cut spending. then there would be some serious chance it would pass the senate. president obama is never going down that course. i don't think he wants to cut entitlements. and he fears his political base, which doesn't want to touch those entitlements that are driving this country into a ditch. >> kelly: kirsten last word. >> they do need to attack the entitlements. there is a problem with the base.
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obama often ignores the base so i don't think that is an excuse. i think republicans have to come around on the revenue side. i don't think anyone is talking raising taxes by any astronomical amount, we are talking closing some loopholes. there's no reason they can't come to the middle >> kelly: certainly no time for finger-pointing. time to get the job done right so the american people can move on. always good to talk to you both. thanks for joining us. what a startling turn of events for today. the top of the hour, the two hour special "on the brink" neil cavuto will bring this down the causes and potential affects of the credit downgrade and where our nation does from here. that's from 2 to 4 p.m. eastern today only on fox news. >> jamie: tense moments for a plane full of passengers forced off their flight by the tsa. we'll tell you what the emergency was.
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>> jamie: welcome back. a us airways plane in philadelphia was given the all-clear but had tense moments. the tsa husband selled passengers off the flight after a threatening note was found onboard. it was thoroughly searched but nothing was found. the passengers and crewmembers were allowed to get back on. the plane arrived earlier from glasgow, could the land.
10:20 am
-- glasgow, scotland. >> kelly: this is the mayhem in philadelphia sweeping through the city streets like a tornado. flash mobs there are nothing new usually fun and peaceful, not this time it turned ugly in some cities forcing authorities to take swift action. julie banderas is there with more details. >> they started innocently seven years ago people linked through social networking websites. the so-called flash mobs have taken a dangerous turn. hundreds of teenagers looking for trouble are using the ritual to bully others terrorizing neighborhoods, assaulting pedestrians. the city of philadelphia has dealt about dramatic increase
10:21 am
of violence. an 11-year-old boy nothing over whatever was in front. the mayor will be announcing a new plan to crackdown on these rowdy juveniles monday, including assigning more law enforcement to the downtown area. enforcing a curfew, already in place. and warning parents, they will be health legally responsible for their children's actions if not brought under control the behavior could cause more damage in the long term. >> the city needs a vibrant downtown. police officials are serious about addressing this in the serious fashion because it has direct costs in terms of overtime also incorrect in terms of loss of business which translates to loss of jobs, taxes. what may seem like this crazy juvenile behavior has all sorts of implications and monetary impacts.
10:22 am
>> flash mobs are not unique to philadelphia. in the past six months they've become frequent in cities from jersey, washington, d.c., chicago, chattanooga, las vegas and st. paul. there are also rob mobs, what you are seeing there. television and radio stations trying to help put an end to the practice by recruiting hip-hop arties to make public service announce s, -- art tesses to make public service announcements. >> kelly: any chance the impetus could be gang activity? >> a lot of it is. it is hard for law enforcement to track in. facebook and twitter is impossible to control. text messaging, friends get together, gangs as well all it takes is a few bad apples to make a lot of violence happen. >> kelly: so true, so dangerous. julie banderas, thank you. >> jamie: the financial wakeup call was heard loud and clear. america losing its aaa credit
10:23 am
rating. will it spur congress to attack our debt problems? can they get it done? we ask congressman john campbell, straight ahead. >> kelly: the worldest richest man, why he lost billions. ouch! ♪ ♪ ♪ not ♪ one of jack's als. fiber one. h, forgot jack cereal. [ jack ] what's for breakfast? um... try the number one! [ jack ] yeah, ts is pretty good. [ male announcer ]alf a day's worth of fiber. fiber one. really? 25 grams of protein. what do we have? all four of us, together? 24. he's low fat, too, and has 5 grams of sugars. i'll believe it when i--- [ both ] oooooh... what's shakin'?
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♪ >> jamie: it is the bottom of the hour. time for top of the news. syria promising free elections after the country's military tightens it seen trying to crush the anti-government uprising it >> kelly: grizzly bear mauls a
10:27 am
hiker. despite his wounds he walked until he found a ranger who ÷ >> jamie: texas governor remember putting his faith in the spotlight today addressing a prayer rally he helped spearheaded. he's considering a run for the white house. >> kelly: brutal week for the economy. talking about something that needs prayer. standard & poor's downgrading america's debt for the first time. 117,000 jobs out there were created last month. nudging the unemployment rate down to 9.1%. investors suffering. the dow losing more than 500 points thursday its worst showing in three years. what are lawmakers saying now? peter doocy with more details. >> reporter: grow the economy faster and create jobs. that's what president obama says we need to do in this short term to get the country back on track.
10:28 am
on a day we are digesting harsh economic news his weekly address place out a few points he wants to focus on. >> the president: we have to do whatever we can to help folks find work to create the climate where business can put up that job lifting. where incomes are rising -- job listing. where incomes are rising again for people. >> reporter: when congress gets back in september, the president says they need to extend tax cuts for the middle class, give tax cuts to countries who hire in iraq and afghanistan. keep getting unemployment benefits and get rid of red tape that makes it tough. >> reporter: republicans don't think more something the answer. they seem surprised that the
10:29 am
president would want to spend more so soon after the debt ceiling debate. here's their response. >> we have a right to whole the president accountable on the debt limit. because he's already back to proposing more stimulus spending, higher taxes and more regulations. doubling down on the same failed policies is not the answer. >> reporter: congressman grimm says he thinks the common sense thing would be to reduce burdensome regulations that make it tough for small businesses to hire new people, simplify the tax code and up energy producing in the states. with >> kelly: thank you. >> jamie: the s&p downgrade and the nasty week on wall street is going to put more pressure on washington to act and will they? california congressman john campbell, thanks for joining us today. >> good to see you. >> jamie: same here.
10:30 am
let me ask you whether you personally have confidence that congress can get the situation under control? it has been one thing after another. i imagine you are hearing from your constituents, they are worried. >> and they should be worried to look at where we are. this wasn't a huge surprise that as several of your guests in the prior half hour mentioned. the jury is still out on how the markets will react to this downgrade next week. that being said, we've got a problem. the debt deal did not -- was insufficient. it didn't make enough progress. i think one thing to keep in mind, only a year ago, we were debating how much we were going to increase spending. and how much we were going to increase the deficit. now we are debating how much we are going to decrease spending. there's no one trying now to increase spending. they might like to, but they are aware they can that is at least some progress. there are several more bits of
10:31 am
the debt limit agreement to come. the first the balanced budget amendment. we get a vote. i think one of the most significant things we could do is pass a balanced budget amendment. in 1995, the house overwhelmingly passed one with over 300 votes and it failed in the senate by one vote. it needed 67, it got 66. i think now we recognize hopefully there is more impetus for that. i don't know why someone wouldn't want to support a balanced budget amendment, given where we are. in december we will be debating whatever the so-called super committee comes up with or the potential automatic cuts that go into effect if the super committee's recommendations or some other deficit reduction recommendations aren't passed. >> jamie: put in perspective your mentioning of the balanced budget amendment and the fact that our government has been run with short term continuing resolutions, seven in the last year, unprecedented. does that suggest that there's
10:32 am
a partisan gridlock, so to speak? and how can we be optimistic that everyone will come together not only with this super committee but in the interim? >> right, there's no question that we are at the moment, in a cusp of what is this country, which direction is it going to go? what is it going to look lake in the future? are we going to have more government spending, more taxes, potential more deficit? are we going to have less government spending and not more taxes going forward? that's a debate we are having. in 2012, the voters will make some decision on that and let us know where they want to go. as far as the continuing resolutions and so forth, part of the problem is the government is so big now. there's so many new agencies and new departments. it takes a long time to -- for the congress to decide what to
10:33 am
spend all this money on. if we were having to debate the other way, maybe we could get this together quicker. >> jamie: the same time congress will debate, so will american voters. they are not only looking at this debt debate and the downgrade, they are looking at their retirement accounts jobs coming their way. going to pay more for mortgages and credit card interest. what advice do you have for them as they look toward 2012? we are not that far out. the president in all of the speeches that he made did a lot of finger-pointing at republicans. >> yeah, he did. i'm not a financial adviser so i don't want to give people financial advice at this point. obviously the markets are rocky and it is difficult to tell where they are going and difficult to predict what will happen in washington. if the economy does worsen, maybe that pushes people together. maybe we do come up with something. we all agree, that we ought to
10:34 am
have -- i heard the president say in the segment before this, that we need more growth and more jobs. we agree. we need more growth and jobs. where we disagree is on how to do that the proposals he's making are about government jobs and government spendingin the end we need the private sector to create these jobs. right now the government is holding back the energy sector. holding back the manufacturing sector. holding back the health care sector. holding back a lot of different sectors through excessive regulation and not allowing businesses to do what they do best, which is expand and grow and create jobs. that's where we think we ought to go. creating an environment under which the private sector has more confidence that they can hire people and get a return on that investment. >> jamie: i know congress is on break for a month. i hope everybody is thinking about it and they come back strong and we continue to move into the right direction.
10:35 am
nice to see you today sir. kong campbell, member of the house budget committee, good to have you. >> thank you very much. >> kelly: meantime, major consumer alert. honda is recalling about 1.5 million cars in the u.s.. including certain 2005 to 2010 four cylinder accords. honda says it is issuing the recalls following complaints that engine stalls and vehicles that shift too quickly. >> jamie: new numbers showing another troubled automaker struggling to win overconsumers. general motors standing by their -- their new electric car the chevy volt. they plan to step up production nevertheless and make 5,000 more volts per month. despite selling only 125 volts last month.
10:36 am
general motors saying the low numbers are a result of limited supplies and long waiting lists not a reflection of that car's popularity. >> kelly: audi might have the sedan for you. >> it has the face of a super car. the body of a sports sedan. the secret that makes the audi a-7 special is this. it is a hatch back. i thought we hate these things. if we do it is probably because we've never seen one as special as this. it has the goods to back it up. 310 horsepower super charged v6, all-we'll drive and automatic transmission. as quick off the line as a drag racer cruises on the highway.
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you can customize the way it the throttle and steering operate. there's a blind spot warning system. google map overlays for the navigation to give you aerial recon. in case you need to set up a mobile command center, cellular wifi. i can connect eight of these to the car which is redundant, considering it only has four seats. the driver shouldn't be using something like this any way. the person behind the wheels can use this pad to input the name of its primary objective. 2012 audi a7. >> kelly: he gets the best cars. last week was bentley. if you want to learn more go to >> jamie: trade-in cars getting upgrade some showing the players in action.
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developers hope the cards will appeal to a new generation of collectors who want to see more than the picture. casey stegall live in los angeles. what are you going to do with your ones? >> reporter: they will still hold value from computers in cars to computers with toys. what will they think of next? the people behind this technology says that not only is this going to be huge for the collectible industry but will allow sports fans and other fans to know their athletes better. check out the video pretty incredible. they are called hrx. highlight reel experiences. only limited edition, nba cards are available now. they are hidden inside regular cardboard packs you can't buy them yet. they feature kobe bryant,
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blake griffin some customized with gold and diamonds. they are expected to fetch big bucks at auction. griffin's card selling for $1300 on ebay. >> so many times we see athletes and what they do on the field and the court. this gives you an opportunity to see that player behind the scenes and experience what goes on with him from a day-to-day perspective. >> reporter: the technology in these cards designed by a southern california company have been making video products from name tags to screens on microphones used at sporting events. the cards are another way to utilize that technology, but make it available to the masses. >> the screen is the thickness of paper. you energize the screen it is an organic material that creates the image. brightness is amazing. as close to getting a true
10:40 am
high definition screen on a small format that you can get. >> reporter: by the way, they say this is just the beginning. in the future we are going to start to see this all over the place from advertisements to even greeting cards at the store. pretty cool. >> jamie: casey stegall, i know you are going to grab me the kobe bray card, thank you. -- kobe bryant card, thank you. >> kelly: downgrading our aaa status what does this mean for your bottom line? >> police uncovering a frightening plot that involved a high school. chilling details, next. >> this is a scary situation in where these people had planned and plotted to go to school on opening day, begin with killing any police officer or sheriff's deputy that tried to stop them the carrying out of their plot and plan and take weapons to school and kill their fellow students. my doctor told me calcium
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>> jamie: allegations three teens in new orleans were accused of plot ago attack at their high school. police say they call themselves day zero. they were planning to bring guns on the first day of school and target at least one student. officials are saying other students helped uncover the plot. >> the students came forward, more than one to administrators they had seen some things online that they were worried about. they went to our administrator and said this is what we have. we immediately turned it overto law enforcement. >> this is a truly scary situation in where these people had planned and ed to go to school on opening day -- planned and plotted to go to school on opening day beginning to kill any police officer or deputy that tried to stop them. and take weapons to school and
10:45 am
kill their fellow students. >> jamie: the 15-year-old boys in juvenile detention facing charges of conspiracy to commit terrorism. >> kelly: of course you know by now we are hearing a lot about the u.s. credit downgrade from aaa to aa+. what does this mean for you? let's bring in managing director at lamco trading. how does this downgrade effect the american people? >> we are going to look at higher interest rates. one in mortgage rates, car loans, boat loans, student loans as well. it is across the board. it is going to make debt that much more expensive. it is going to take a hit on the household balance sheet, including discretionary income so everybody is going to be
10:46 am
impacted. >> kelly: affect how state and local governments run their budgets that will impact people livinging in states in terms of services. -- how might that affect adversely affect the american people? >> that's right. for the federal government for them to actually issue more debt, it is going to be more expensive for them. there will be higher interest rates. that means less money that can trickle down to the state and to the local level. the federal government could either raise taxes on all americans to right to continue with the entire obligation platform they already have or say we are going to cut back. they are probably going to do the cutting back part. which means state and local governments won't have enough for snow removal, maybe trash removal provided by the local municipality, as well as social services. we'll start hearing more of these cuts in the next couple of months. like i said everybody is going to be impacted.
10:47 am
it could be extreme for many, many people. >> kelly: that's ominous. that means there's a cascade of trouble for the american people. i want to go to something else. 13.9 million people unemployed, they are hungry for jobs, looking for jobs i am how might this downgrade an -- jobs. how might this downgrade affect the businesses that would have to create the jobs for those 13.9 million unemployed people? >> great question. corporate bonds, corporations like to issue corporate bonds. because the federal government is impacted, everybody is, including those corporations. it makes it more expensive for them to issue debt and raise more money to hire more people. again, we are talking that unemployment rate we saw it at 9.1% yesterday. the immediate future does not look that great. now that we have a downgrade it adds fuel to the fire. we are in a dire straits
10:48 am
situation now. probably going well into 2012. >> many economists are saying this is a wake-up call for the political leadership as well as the business community, but the consumer as welch the consumer is already not spending -- as well. the consumer is already not spending on homes, cars what is the deal if consumers are not going to spend more because of this downgrade how will that impact the government as well as retailers? >> right the household balance sheet is already decimating. housing is clearly in a depression. you look at some of the people that can find work. then there they are falling behind on loans. as a result, they can't spend. if they can have any type of debt in the credit card area, it is clearly going to be more expensive for them. therefore, less money as far as going out to the mall, going out to a restaurant. if they don't have enough money that means the business owner isn't getting money. as you know, one out of every three jobs in this country are creating by small businesses.
10:49 am
when you look at that number you have to think of their suffering, unemployment is going to continue to rise because people won't be able to find that job. >> kelly: managing director at lamco trade. thank you. brace your service everybody it can get tough out there. >> jamie: bracing yourself for post-traumatic stress disorder is affecting thousands just returning home. a new treatment meant to help these brave men and women may be doing more harm than good. our fox medical family weighs in, next.
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>> kelly: the shakey market is hitting many hard. tough to top the damage done to the worldest richest man reportedly losing eight billion dollars over the past week or so roughly 10% of the value of his stock portfolio. he's likely to be okay. that's what jamie said as well. his personal holdings are still valued at 63 billion dollars. >> jamie: because my money is on car less to earn it back. >> meanwhile, post-traumatic
10:54 am
stress disorder is serious especially for men and women in uniform. but a drug held as a remedy may not be helping. our doctor wants you and family members of our servicemen and women to know about it. doctor, good to see you. sad day in afghanistan we lost a lot of troops. for those who come home they have issues to deal with, particularly this one. war the signs for family members or even the servicemen and women to know they have post traumatic stress? >> as you mentioned this is a serious health issue. ptsd or post-traumatic stress disorder is emotional, anxiety disorder. there are a lot of symptoms. it starts with the fact they want to an individual familiar places, people. they tried to avoid even their families. small s could be irritating them. they get angry easily.
10:55 am
-- things that used to be fun and entertaining, they try to stay away. finally, goes into depression symptoms. which as it continues and not recognized early on, it can go deeper and deeper. >> jamie: what about medications is that helpful? >> there are a lot of medications being used mostly anti-depressant such as zoloft or skill -- or pack sill. they may have nightmares, panic attacks, flashback of trauma. now more anti-psychotic medications used which is typically used for schizophrenia or autism, now they are using these medications for ptsd as well. >> jamie: what is it you want people to know about using that drug? >> reason why we are talking this today, jama published a study recently they looked at
10:56 am
a period between 2007 to 2010, they found this particular medication is not as effective as we thought. it should only be used for patients that have had psychotic or psychosis in an attention -- in addition to ptsd. the side effects also are serious. >> jamie: where can we go for more information? >> there's a phone number that we can put out patients that have symptoms can call and get more information. this is like you mentioned, serious health hazard. a lot of people have to recognize it. the sooner it is being recognized and treated the better the outcome. >> jamie: dr. samadi you have done a great public service, thank you. >> thank you for having me. >> jamie: that is going to do it for us. good to be with you kelly. >> kelly: as always. next, a two hour special neil cavuto will break down
10:57 am
causes and potential impact of this credit downgrade we've been talking about. >> jamie: have a great day, thanks for being with us. [ male announcer ] walls can talk. but it's our job to make them say something interesting. so how about this weekend we learn some new tricks of the trade... then break out our doing clothes and get rolling. let's use some paint that helps us get the job done in record time and makes a statement when we're finished. we're lowering the cost of a new favorite color. more saving. more doing. that's the power of the home depot. take your painting skills to the next level at one of our free paint workshops.
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