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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  August 11, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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>> president obama said you will the factor is coming up and an be out getting ice cream with hour from now the debate kicks your children you will be stopped. >> bill: supporting the off. that will go for two hours. government's lawsuit against alabama. >> yes. we are making hannity stay up >> bill: and in arizona, right? late tonight. >> yes. because apparently mexico 11:00 eastern for a solid hour doesn't have enough trouble on live. thanks for having us in tonight. its hands it now wants to get ♪ involved. more concerned about legal dispute in alabama. >> bill: "the o'reilly factor" is on. drug war. >> bill: megyn kelly coming down tonight: >> i will not rest until i hard on our elm brays south of repeal obama care. the border? it's a promise. >> focus on your own troubles. take it to the bank. don't you have enough, mexico? >> i believe they do. >> bill: last time around >> the governor of arizona, in michele bachmann was the big winner in the republican debate. response to all of this lawsuit but tonight it's a new ballgame. says, what? i'm going to take it to the we'll take to you iowa for a supreme court, right? >> that's a separate thing. preview. we were talking about the alabama immigration law, which [sirens] [shouting] >> the police are unable to was similar to the arizona immigration law which governor destroy the streets. these are local people who have jan brewer received a bunch of come out to defend their area. challenges from the feds from the aclu. >> bill: ann coulter say the anyway, she lost at the trial riots in great britain may be court in large part on her law. the fault of that society. then it went up to the ninth ms. coulter will be here to circuit of appeals. explain. >> on the ground. very liberal. on the ground. that ninth circuit upheld her loss, basically saying yeah you on the ground. still lose. you can't legislate it. >> bill: obama administration telling the states they have to >> bill: now she has taken that
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to the supreme court. cooperate in deporting criminal >> filed a petition to the supreme court asking the supreme illegal aliens or else. court to take the case. it's up to them whether they but what if the states defy the want to. >> bill: do you think they? you are a supreme court feds? megyn kelly on that. exreporter do you think they will. caution, you are about to enter >> i don't know. the no spin zone, the factor >> bill: dicey? >> i would think they would want begins right now. to take it but i wouldn't put money on it. >> bill: when will we know? captions by closed captioning services because they have been on vacation longer than you. >> vacation? vacation? >> bill: i'm sorry. >> would all the mothers out there back me up on this? >> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. maternity leave is not vacation. predicting the presidential >> bill: not vacation. i don't think any of the supreme election. that is the suck of this court justices are on maternity evening's talking points memo. leave, are they? >> i'm putting you on the always dicey to prognosticate pinhead and patriot list of your own show. about an election that is 15 >> bill: you have a lot of months away. support. >> you are category 1. but some trends are solid and >> bill: you have a lot of support for that. >> girlfriend. >> bill: went might they hear tea points wants you to know this in the fall? >> if they decide to take it. about them. >> bill: after they get through three republicans have a with obama care throwing that realistic chance of getting the out the window. nomination. >> they have got a lot. romney, perry and bachmann and still on vacation until the congressman is a long shot. we received some angry mail october 3rd. about that analysis and i will megyn kelly good to have you back. >> thanks, bill. read some of it a bit later on. >> bill: in a moment great american news quiz the political as far as president obama is concerned, he is working hard debate edition. great clips to show you.
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brother cordell west brings me for underdog status. up in a discussion about recent economic chaos and the president obama and debt debate debacle has hurt his accountability. back in a moment. the front-ros you never bought. leadership profile now showing you up in the polls. 43% approving of the president's job performance. the lucrative investment you never made. 56% disapproving. the exotic vacation you never took. gallup daily poll 41% approving. 51% disapproving. fox news asked if president but there's one opportunity that's too good to miss. obama is a strong leader? the lexus golden opportunity sales event, 51% no. 45% yes. with exceptional values on the lexus rx. also we asked if the election were held today, would you vote but only until september 6th. for mr. obama? see your lexus dealer. 51 percent said no. 44% say they would. now, on the state front, a map put together by university of virginia professor larry sabato who we will speak with in a moment indicates the president is leading in states reporting 247. republicans have 206 electoral votes. 270 are needed to win. notice the yellow states of florida and ohio which have 47 electoral votes between them. they are in the toss-up
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category. but, state polls indicate trouble there for the president. of course, polls are just a snapshot in time. but few expect the economy to dramatically improve over the next 15 months. and the economy will, of course, dominate the voting. the republicans though have one major problem. the tea party. they. a hard right approach to fiscal matters. and, if a moderate, like mitt romney gets the nomination, they might not support him. traditional g.o.p. folks believe that independent voters who are turning away from mr. obama big time would go for a guy like romney or even texas governor rick perry. talking points analyzes political trends based on facts and science not emotion or wishful thinking. right now president obama's presidency is in deep trouble. there is no question about it. but his opposition is also having trouble defining itself and the primary process will be grueling. the election itself, however, will largely be a referendum on the president. and the democratic party's economic philosophy.
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it will likely be the most important election in our lifetimes. and that's the memo. now for the top story tonight reaction. joining us from washington david trucker from "roll call" and charlottesville, virginia, the aforementioned doctor dr. larry sabato. you are generous to president obama giving him toss-up status in florida and ohio, are you not? >> well, remember, as you said, bill, the election is 15 months away. if the election were this november, i would have given both of those toss-ups to the republicans assuming they nominated a mainstream candidate. >> bill: okay. but that's a little bit of a reuse, because your map reflects what's happening today. if the economy turns great, then a lot of these states are going to turn to different, i would say mr. obama will have a much better chance in a lot of these states. but, right now, in ohio, with john kasich governor and in florida with scott governor,
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both republicans, people really angry in both states, furious. the state polls say that president obama is losing among independents, certainly big time in both of those states. am i wrong? >> well, that's true today. but, actually, my matt is -- math is a projection of what i think it will be in november of >> bill: back of the book 2012. segment tonight. great american news quiz debate i have got -- >> all right. you think the economy is going edition. here they are dagen mccowell to improve then. that's what you are saying? in moammar that mac counsel >> i think economic growth will. tonight. i don't know about unemployment. she has won the news quiz three but, look, they are 85 toss-ups. names a row beating doosy. it didn't just ohio, the 47. playing for charles for bronzeville, texas. >> bill: that's the ones that jumped out at me because of the representing paula from lakewood, california. statewide polling. paula doesn't have much of a how do you see this, mr. trucker. chance. [ laughter ] it looked like president obama if you would like to sign up to had the worst week of his win great prizes go to bill presidency this week. would i be wrong in saying that? o' >> well, he ha has had a couple nops. three in a row, going for four. of bumps. i think this is one of the >> she is working with the psychic friends network. worsts. i think what larry says is correct in that we are 15 months [ laughter ] >> if i lose, i threw it. away and a lot of things can >> bill: there you go. question number one, john mccain change. for obama it's not about his job approval numbers as much as it 2008 debate performance came
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is about the unemployment across as disdainful or numbers. those aren't supposed to change that much. and if they don't he is going to contemptuous towards barack obama. have a problem. what phrase did mccain use to barack obama that got some what jumped out at me this week when we looked at all the democrats angry? polling is that for the first time if you look at trends since he has been president, his personal approval rating, not his job approval but how people feel about him personally dropped below 50 to 48%. i know you grow a little weary that's according to the fox news back and for the. energy bill on the floor of the senate. loaded down with goodies, poll. your job approval can be low for all kinds of time for a long billions for the oil companies. time but people may like you sponsored by bush and cheney. personally. do you know who volted for it? when they start to sour on you might not never know. that one. do you know who voted against personally it cab problem and it? poor tend that your job approval me. >> bill: that one, b. can be baked in the cake. you got that right. off to a good start. there is time for it to change question number two. clearly. if i were the obama campaign the 1984 democratic primary debate most worrisome poll number that walter mondale attempted to i would have seen this week. paint gary hart as a light >> bill: okay. but don't you both see the point weight. >> what's wrong with coming out that president obama is now for entrepreneurs? when i hear your new ideas i'm starting to look like jimmy reminded of that ad where's the carter? he is starting to look like he beef? just can't handle the job. >> bill: all right. mondale took that line from a
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so you have the debt debacle and commercial for what fast food that teed everybody off. place? everybody was teed off on both sides. right? nobody happy with that. that went on for six weeks. immediately after that the stock market tanks, people lose >> bill: that is correct. wendy's. where's the beef? trillions of dollars and remember that old lady that was americans are going, you know what? scaring the cow? something wrong here. not about whether is he a good >> clara peller. guy or whether this or whether do i get extra credit for that. that. it's a competency issue right >> no. now, dr. sabato, is it not? because i knew it too. >> yes, it is. >> bill: all right. question number three. and, look, bill, in -- at this correct. during a 1984 debate, with walter mondale, again, ronald point in 1983, ronald reagan was reagan used a clever line to answer a question about his age. losing to most of the democrats. at this point in 1995, bill >> you already are the oldest clinton was losing to several of president in history and some of the republicans. your staff say you were tired a lot can change. oh, and george h.w. bush was way after your most recent encounter ahead of everybody at this point with mr. mondale. >> i will not make age an issue in 1991. so a lot can change. of this campaign. i am not going to exploit for but, bill, if you are going to talk electoral college, remember political purposes my opponent's the fickle 5. it's going to come down to the youth and inexperience. two you mentioned, ohio and [ laughter ] florida, but also virginia, >> bill: all right. mondale went on to lose that nevada, and colorado. those are the fickle five. election in a landslide winning >> bill: the republicans are only one state. going to win big time because of which state was it?
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the vegas collapse. colorado, i don't know that's a >> bill: mondale won one state and it was d, minnesota. strange changing state. correct. iowa could go either way. i'm telling you in ohio and so you all got three in a row. which tells me. >> he also won district of florida i would be very, very surprised. final question, mr. druker. colombia. >> bill: not a state, doocy. thank you very much. i said last night and with all this tells me the quiz is far due respect. i mean that sincerely. guys like herman cain and newt too easy if both of you have gotten all three questions gingrich and rick santorum, and right. so now let's get to hard questions. number four, al gore was even pawlenty. governor pawlenty. criticized for his debate they don't have a chance. performance in 2000 when he did what several times? the stats -- just no way they're going to rise up. am i wrong to say that at this point? >> i don't think you are wrong with the exception of governor pawlenty who, depending on how he does this weekend, could hang >> much the evening gore was around long enough to be a frustrated responding to bush's factor because he has the statements with audible sighing. >> i have had a record of pedigree and background. appointing judges in the state this could come down to mitt of texas. romney and governor perry from [sigh] >> as if the sighing weren't bad texas and possibly michele bachmann although i think she enough, gore's behavior got has a tougher road. worse. >> bill: absolutely. [ laughter ] but she has a built-in constituency where the others and ultimately, down right rude. don't. am i wrong for dismissing
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[ laughter ] realistically cain and i don't >> bill: they both got it again. sighing, d for those listening to you on the radio. know paul and these guys, they can listen to the factor on dr. sabato? the radio now and get all the >> no. it's going to be a governor and former governor and probably one of the two you mentioned. letters. >> what about citizens band >> bill: all right. guys, thanks very much. radio. we appreciate it next on the run >> bill: both doocy and down we will take to you iowa ms. dagen got all four questions down we will take to you iowa for a preview host: could switco really save you 15% or more right. now, here is the tie breaker. the vice presidential debate is usually boring affair. there was one very memorable exchange in 1988 between dan quayle and lloyd benson. >> i have as much experience in the congress that jack kennedy did when he sought the presidency. >> i served with jack kennedy. on car insurance? i knew jack kennedy. host: do people use smartphones to do dumb things? jack kennedy was a friend of man 1: send, that is the weekend. mine. senator, you are no jack kennedy. app grapgic: yeah dawg! man 2: allow me to crack...the bubbly! [roaring cheers] man 1: don't mind if i doozy. >> bill: all right. man 3: is a gentleman with a brostache invited over to this party? man 1: only if he's ready to rock! dukakis and benson went on to ♪ sfx: guitar and trumpet jam lose. they went on to serve in the clinton administration in what capacity? vo: geico. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance.
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is besabsorbed in small continuous amounts. >> bill: lloyd benson was c only one calcium supplement does that in one daily dose. treasury secretary. you got it he was the geithner. new citracal slow release... >> no, no. continuously releases calcium plus d lloyd benson paid his taxes. for the efficient absorption my body needs. >> bill: doocy, very g very good citracal. that will endear you to him. that was a time. >> let's end it there. got to go. [ laughter ] >> sucker. sit down. >> bill: do you want to come back? >> tie breaker, dagen, i'm giving it to you. >> who -- oh no, go ahead. >> bill: who was the producer of the kennedy-nixon debate that some say kennedy -- put kennedy in the white house. who was the producer? >> i have no idea. >> bill: doocy? >> d as in don hewitt. 60 minutes producer. i have got to give it to him. i hate to do it. don't cry. >> she threw it. >> i might be a chic but i don't cry. >> bill: you heard it. pinheads and patriots coming up
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that's health in numbers. unitedhealthcare. is this the year you make a commute that's a little more worthwhile? then you belong at bass pro shops. >> bill: impact segment tonight. big republican debate in ames this week at the fall hunting classic iowa this evening could be a you can save up to $100 extra on a new scope last chance to turn campaigns when you trade in an old one. your adventure starts here. around. passion running high in the hawkeye state as mitt romney found out today. >> hold on just a moment. hold on just a moment. you know what? i am going to let you speak in a moment. >> you came here to listen to the people. >> no, no. i came here to speak. you will get to ask your question. hold on a second. hold on a second and i will let you speak. [shouting] >> hold on a second. >> bill: that dope in the hat is from the iowa citizens for community improvement organization, a left wing group that targeted romney. showed up there to do that. yeah. joining us now from the debate site is susan freeshio from "the washington examiner" and our pal
5:13 pm
bret baier anchor of "special report" along with chris york. they will be moderating the debate in less than an hour coming on up. all right, brit, so what is the frontrunner mitt romney have to do tonight? i mean, he has got -- i think he has got to do something but i'm not sure what it is. >> well, that's a good question, bill. i think it's more -- it's not what he is not going to do. not make a big mistake. obviously the frontrunner here. is he not really competing in iowa, that dust-up there was with democrats as you mentioned. he is not loved here in iowa but he has some support. he has to not make a mistake number one. number two, he needs to outline >> bill: pinheads and patriots his solutions after this week on starring me, president obama the markets and the economy, the and cornell west in a moment. debt ceiling downgrade. but first the summer sale ends his solutions. he needs to. soon. >> bill: he can't play it as premium members get 20% off safe as he has been playing -- sale prices. both of you guys have got to we are pretty much give you nail romney tonight with tough the shirts, hats, mugs, mats, ones. what are you going to do when you are staring at the governor. pins and books. we like you, that's why we are kind of like doing the rope a doing this.
5:14 pm
dope. sign up and get the patriots have you got to hit him with something. what are you going to hit him shirt free. with? >> we don't want to give it away nice garment. ahead of time. >> now the mail: >> don't say, susan. >> bill: that's fair enough. don't give me specifics. >> bill: no it doesn't. but what area, what area are you going to go into? >> well, we go -- when i have we are the no-spin zone here. poll numbers don't add up for been around the state talking to voters this week. those guys to win. everybody is worried about a it is the truth. whole litany of things. people are out of work wiment are worried where mortgages and debt. people wonder what these candidates are going to do about it. what are they going to do to distinguish themselves from each other in terms of how they are going to solve these problems in america right now. >> bill: demand that romney be specific in some economic solutions. okay. i'm up for that okay, now, baier, i think governor rick perry called you personally and said that he is going to nominate -- he is going to >> bill: because they dislike announce his nomination on america and that's their way saturday, if it's okay with you. of venting. that's the story i got. simple as that. is that true? >> yeah. i don't think that's the right story. but, i will tell you that the operatives in his campaign are
5:15 pm
>> bill: very snappy reply now confirming. >> bill: saturday. >> is he going to make it justin, watch those. official on saturday in south >> bill: that's interesting. carolina. >> bill: is he going to iowa on sunday. my talking points i said romney, perry and bachmann outside chance. they are the three that really, at this point in time, have a realistic possibility of being nominated. am i wrong for doing that baier? i mean, because it's a no spin zone. that's what the numbers and all the polls say, is it not? >> yeah, but i mean, if you went only by the polls, you know, >> bill: that's because of the bill, that it would be a massive amount of botox i put dramatically different situation back in 2008. on my cereal each morning. we would have a president giuliani or a republican nominee being 45 is no easy thing. giuliani or hillary clinton would have been the nominee just by the polls. people like tim pawlenty need to make their stand here tonight and by this saturday. they realistically could be -- >> bill: when mayor emanuel he could be another option. promises us keys to the city, we are there. herman cain says he needs to finish in the top three here in check out the bold and fresh ames. there will be a process here shows see you on long island. after this saturday, i think. and definitely through the iowa
5:16 pm
>> finally i. caucus. tavis smiley can't get >> bill: the reason i'm saying that is not to diminish newt president obama to sit for an gingrich or rick santorum or any interview. that is not sitting well with of those people, misferrechio. cornell west. >> a brother like bill o'reilly can get interviews or it's basically to tell the audience where we are. tavis or rowan martin can't. the others haven't caught fire and not in double digits and it is not a personal attack, don't have any money. they have to do something just a question of a pattern here in the white house. tonight. as bret said they have to do we want accountability. something tonight to get >> bill: interesting. attention to spur it up. >> as i heard on the campaign we've been trying to get him on the factor for a machine. trail this week. i heard one constituent tell tim you have to walk the walk pawlenty have you got to give them heck tonight. professor. have you got to hit it out of or risk being labeled a pinhead. the park i think that's true for that is it for us tonight. check out the fox news factor pawlenty. he has goal to validate his website. campaign and show something that spout off about the factor he is a real contender despite from anywhere in the world. his sagging poll numbers. >> bill: with all those people on the stage it's got to be really, really hard. i expect it to be a bash obama name and town if you wish to fest. opine. i don't think they goal after each other very hard. word of the day, do not be a they are all going to zero in on obama and say you have got to nebbish when writing to the get rid of this guy. factor or doing anything else. >> bret: i think you are right. we will set the environment by
5:17 pm
which they can throw some elbows we go the big debate coming in the paint, bill. up. should be a lot of fun this is they will be able to by our questioning and by the way we have set up this debate to distinguish themselves from each other. you know,. >> bill: that would be good. if you guys can do that and say okay, mr. speaker, mr. gingrich, where do you disagree with romney? okay, congressman woman bachmann, where do you disagree with pawlenty? you have got to get them going like this so they don't know what they're saying. blow them out of those rehearsed answers. i'm serious. you know that. they all come in with all these talking points. once you obliterate those, then they will get really down to it. so i hope you guys can accomplish that. have some fun tonight. we really appreciate you giving us a preview. thank you. directly ahead the culture warriors on what questions other than the economy should be put to the candidates tonight. and megyn kelly returns to the factor as the obama administration's ordering states to cooperate in deporting criminal illegal aliens. big controversy upahead.
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>> bill: culture warrior seeing many tonight. we expect obama bashing as i said and economic questions to dominate the debate tonight. but, cultural problems should also come up. so, what should the candidates be asked in that area? here now the warriors themselves, margaret hoover, author of the big new book "american individualism" and "fox & friends" coerce gresham carlson. if you were moderating tonight and you had an opportunity to ask a cultural question, what would the first question be? >> as president, how important would it be for you to address the political correctness in our society, many argue is totally out of control, from the war on christmas to leaving the word god out of the pledge of allegiance to not calling the alleged fort hood shooter what
5:22 pm
he is a homegrown muslim terrorist, how is that harmful moving forward for our nation? >> bill: all right. i like that question it might be too open-ended. it's horrible. we should be honest. p.c. i think is absolutely. is p.c. harming the country and if you believe that how? >> and the second pardon of my question was and what message does it send to our next generation of kids that we are sort of taking away all of these things that we used to have in our society? why? because we don't want to offend one person. >> bill: you know, i don't believe that he offends stuff. that's not the reasonable. the reason is they don't like god and they don't like traditional america and they want to change it. >> i agree. >> bill: what would you ask on a cultural level, hoover. >> all of have you likened yourself to ronald reagan in the past. as we know, ronald reagan won the youth vote by 20% in 1984. the young vote. the millennials, the 30 and unders made all the difference in barack obama's re-election
5:23 pm
and they are deeply disappointed by him. what are you going to do to reach out to this group who could be as much as 24% of the electorate? >> bill: that's a good question, too. what are you going to do to get the youngsters to vote for you because i think you are boring? i think you have to throw that last question out. you know, look, i'm a provocateur in my questioning as you all know. that's why -- >> -- you? no. >> provocateur? >> that's why i'm not moderating the debate because i throw in because i think you are boring. [ laughter ] >> a pinhead you might say. >> or a pinhead. exactly. that's why i am here in new york and they're running up a big tab in iowa. i like the question because i think the republican party creeds the young vote and the black vote, too. they don't even try for it. hispanics is going to be well contested this time around. >> i hope you are right. >> bill: all right. so second question in the cultural realm. >> traditional family values appear to have eroded over the last few decades. some would argue less
5:24 pm
discipline. people going to church less. society makes it easier for people being more lax. do you think this is going to be a problem nor our next generation. >> bill: declining christian judeo values in the united states declining church attendance and other things is a problem. that's, you know, a home run for michele bachmann. she just tees that up though. isn't that too easy for her. >> i don't think so, actually. >> bill: she tees it up? >> well, what i guess any candidate you could argue. >> bill: not one candidate on that panel that's going to say no, you know, i think. >> what are you going to do about it is the question. the question is what are you going to do about it. >> bill: can they do about it? >> they can talk about it a little bit more. the problem is we don't talk about it as much anymore. things have become acceptable in our society. somebody needs to stand up for convictions and stand up for the family. >> bill: do you think rick perry's prayer exposition earlier this month hurt him. >> i do not. >> bill: do you think it helped him. >> i don't think it helped him. >> bill: no? >> i think he needs to stand up for what he believes in.
5:25 pm
>> bill: he was out front. only one other governor showed up brown back of kansas showed up and the guy scott from florida sent a taped message. 47 governors said you know, we don't want any part of this. why do you think it hurt him. >> it helped him in the field because his primary challenge is michele bachmann. field changer but not a game changer. he comes to iowa and he shores up the vang conservative base. in that sense it's quite helpful. in terms of win winning over you wrote a book on this. >> even if i were an atheist. i don't care what rick perry, if he wants to go and pray for the country, i think it's a good thing. what's wrong with that? >> exactly right. nothing wrong with praying for the country and nothing wrong with being religious. the problem is in a time where we are dealing with economic issues. >> praying the economy turns around. >> by the way i am an independent. and i'm still a christian. so and i don't have a problem with it it's not only the evangelicals that he was preaching to.
5:26 pm
>> one of the problems that independents have is that there seems to be. there is a perception that the religious right wing of the conservative movement has control over the republican party i'm appear independent and know that's not true. i don't know why think are opposed to saying prayers for the country. >> can i get my last question? >> bill: governmental iowa one of six states legalized same sex marriage. all the social issues out there. abortion by the way is trending the majority of americans believe abortion is morally unacceptable and same sex marriage only social issue where public opinion is changing in the opposite direction. is this really the culture war fight that the republican g.o.p. wants to have right now in 2012? >> bill: have you got to be more specific. do you favor gay marriage if so why. >> we know how they feel about it they all signed the national organization for marriage pledge. every single one of them have. >> bill: why are you bothering asking the question. >> is this really the culture war fight when we know the country is moving in the opposite direction that the
5:27 pm
republican party wants to. >> bill: party question rather than personal preference question. >> we know how they feel. >> bill: there they are. the culture warriors everybody. >> what happens if they ask one of our questions? >> 100 bucks for me? >> bill: absolutely give you credit. you know, fair and balanced. plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this evening. ann coulter says the riots in great britain are the fault of british society. she will be here to explain that then megyn kelly on the federal government ordering the states to cooperate in the deportation of criminal illegal aliens. what happens in the states defy the obama administration. we hope you stay tuned to those reports. announcer ] it's simple physics... a body at rest tends to stay at rest... while a body in motion tends to stay in motion. staying active can actually ease arthritis sympms. but if you have arthris, staying active can be difficult. prescription celebrex can help relieve arthritis pain so your body can stay in motion. because just one 200mg celebrex a day can provide 24 hour relief for many with arthritis pain and inflammation. plus, in clinical studies,
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vrrroooooooommmmmm mmmm mm. >> bill: factor follow up segment tonight as we have been covering the vicious riots in great britain because there is a chance that kind of thing could start happening in the u.s.a. joining us now from los angeles ann coulter who has written a new column on the rioting. also the author of the big new best seller demonic. what's the -- look, with britain being the u.s.a.'s closest ally and very close to us in a lot of
5:31 pm
ways, what is t about british society that you believe is has led to terrible deplorable situation over there? >> well, all of these riots around the globe are the evidence of the theme of my book's subtitle is how moms are endangering america and endangering the world. three main points of my column and the book are that moms are always dangerous destructive things that end society. liberal policies promote mobs because liberals crawl on the mobs the destruction brought by the mobs to obtain power. only one way to react to a mob to save civilized society and that is to smash the mob. it's not to molly coddle the mob. >> throughout the history, particularly 20th century history have you seen movements in italy and germany in particular do the mob thing as well on the right to, as you said, seize power. but now you say that the
5:32 pm
totalitarianism is coming from the left. these kids and the arrest sheets from great britain show the majority of people arrested were born in the 1990s. been more than 1200 arrested. majority of them born in the 1990s. so they're young. so what is driving them. >> what's striking -- what is striking about these mobs, compared to -- well, and proving a conservative thesis but it's liberal policies that lead to these savaged farrell beasts is so many of these looting kids are white, come from good families, have ancestors in england going back hundreds of years. compare that to the l.a. riots or the riots in the 60's in detroit and so on. that's allowed liberals to act as if this is a race thing. it isn't a race thing. >> bill: not a race things in britain. >> pay people to not work. britain makes it absolutely clear social liberal welfare policies.
5:33 pm
they have a turned a good chunk of their native populations into animals. absolute animals. not animals with free will. they eat, they screw, they drink. >> bill: this is interesting hypothesis you have. the younger people in great britain, many of them, certainly not all, many of them, are used to getting stuff given to. they you start there. is that where you start? >> yes. >> bill: so they get stuff given to them. british society has become increasingly liberal. i used to live there so i know that there aren't a lot of consequences for behavior in great britain anymore. you can do a lot of things that you couldn't do there. >> right. >> bill: 30 years ago. they are used to getting things and not used to consequences for bad behavior. so that kind of social message sent from parliament down to the street of totten ham and the other places now gives them a sense of entitlement that if they don't like something they can go out and burn things down and steal stuff. is that where you are going with this? >> that's right. i mean, you have seen other broodish mod behavior from
5:34 pm
native englirkman before now at these soccer games under absolute savages and hooligans. it is a welfare system that doesn't require work that just pays women to have children going back to a theme from my last book that subsidizes ill legitimizes. tax something you get less of it subsidize you get more of it. and you have the highest rate of single motherhood in england of continental europe and as a kant sequence the highest rate of crime. >> bill: basically saying, kroncke, that the more the government gives to people, the more they provide to people, the less respect those people have for the government. shouldn't it be the reversed? >> and themselves. >> bill: pleased with the government that they are giving them all of these things? >> it really isn't that. they have no respect for themselves. they are having their humanity taken away from them there are no cons sequences to their actions. they grow up without fathers. they grow up as animals like i say. they drink, they screw, they smash things. they eat when they are hungry
5:35 pm
and the government is subsidizing it all. nothing something this country is immune england is more advanced than we are. if you are imagine as i say in the column. this population of british people in 1939. they would all be doing the heil hitler sleuth right -- salute right now. respect and admire. >> bill: society has collapsed. >> yes. and in a way they are living with the consequences of their own self-abasement for some years. i mean, if they don't in england worth saving they aren't going to fight back. you need to smash the mob. they are not doing that. >> bill: many, many britains are appalled by. this younger folks that i think is a big problem. >> they need to shoot back. >> bill: come right back kelly file returns to the factor big controversy tonight. obama administration ordering the states to cooperated in the deportation of criminal illegal aliens, some of the states don't want to do that ms. megyn is
5:36 pm
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if you can't afford your medication, astrazeneca may be able to help. >> thanks for staying with us. bill o'reilly in the kelly file segment tonight, we welcome back ms. megyn who has been on maternity leave since 2007. [ laughter ] >> bill: you, too my friend. look at them pile on. how much did you. >> when a a woman carry as baby for nine months and gives birth. get back to work. >> bill: disappears for three years. >> there is the baby. look what a good excuse i had. >> what's the baby's name. >> yardley. >> bill: that's soap, isn't it? >> as my nanna said. my cousin melanie lives in pennsylvania. that's where melanie lives is pennsylvania. >> bill: did you miss us? >> you in particular. every thursday night while i was sitting with my family i thought
5:40 pm
i really wish i was sitting on that set. >> bill: here is a story that goes -- i'm just going to overlook that. here is a story that goes against type. obama administration is basically saying to the states, california in particular, and massachusetts, you better cooperate in our attempts to deport criminal illegal aliens. you know you would think a liberal guy like barack obama wouldn't do that but is he doing it? >> yeah. >> bill: the states are basically not afraid. the states say we are not going to cooperate. we don't care what you say. >> it's really not up to them. basically there is this program called the secure communities program. what that means is when you get arrested in a state, they can take your fringier prints and fingerprints and run them through a data base and make shoe there is not a warrant out for you. cooperation between the state and the feds where the feds would run it through immigration data base too to see if you were an illegal. some states had the agreement to do that with the feds and some states didn't have the agreement. now the feds have said we don't need the agreement we will do
5:41 pm
it. >> bill: they all have to cooperate in this effort. >> they don't need the state's cooperation anyway. >> bill: wait. devol patrick the governor of the commonwealth of massachusetts and jerry brown the governor of california basically saying we are not going to do it. we are not going to turn this stuff over to you. >> they don't really have a choice. when you get arrested, and you run the fingerprints through the federal data base to see if the fbi has a warrant out, the feds have the fingerprints. and now. >> bill: they are not going to run it through the fbi. >> yes, they are. >> bill: no, they won't. the san the san francisco pd dot take them in. >> it will be up to john morton to decide. >> bill: who is john morton. >> the head of ice. immigration and customs enforcement. has to decide whether to go over to eric holder's office and enforce the law. >> bill: the liberal states continue to defy the federal government and don't cooperate. what county president do to them to force them? >> they have to argue that it's a federal jurisdiction matter and that they have control over immigration similar to how they are arguing in the arizona law. >> bill: they have to sue them.
5:42 pm
>> yeah and try to have to force them to comply. >> bill: if i were president, i would withhold federal funding in certain areas. >> you can do that. >> bill: i would do that and i think that would change their minds. we just solved that problem. a bunch of latin american nations mexico and 15 or 16 others are suing the state of alabama for, what? >> they are not suing. >> bill: what are they doing? >> they filed a friend of the court brief. >> bill: so they're annoying the state. >> yes. they are siding with the feds. the feds have gone in and challenged this alabama law saying it's bad, like the arizona law. >> bill: what is it they don't like? >> they think it cracks down unfairly on immigration. they also think that it steps on the feds' toes. >> why does mexico care. >> they believe it's unfair to mexicans. when they come in this country they will be unfairly targeted and discriminated against alabama. >> bill: legitimate mexicans and costa ricaens when they come on vacation they will be up against the wall with arms and legs.
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