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tv   The Five  FOX News  August 11, 2011 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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i am that leader for america. i will make sure when i am president th americans' brightest, strongest and best days are ahead. good night. thank you and may god continue to bless the united states of america. >> governor huntsman? >> i am running for president of the united states because i love this country. this nation is hurting. it is scared. and it is bankrupt. we have a cancer growing in this country called debt. and we must deal realistically with it. we are about to hand down for the first time in the history of the greatest nation that ever was, the united states of america, to the next generation, less good, less productive, less competitive than the country we got. barack obama won in 2008 on hope. i am going to win in 2012 on solutions. may god bless america. thank you so very much. >> speaker gingrich. >> let me first of all, thank fox and the washington examiner and the people of iowa for
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hosting hosting this tonight. i think in many ways, this is a very important next step in the national conversation. but i want to remind everyone that the presidential election is 15 months away. we are in a crisis now. and i would hope everybody watching us around the country would call their congressmen and their senators now and say go back to washington, repeal frank and repeal kare-11 this. summer start saving american families from the pain they are in because we have real problems and we need real leadership now. >> thank you all. thank you all. that's it tonight. please go to and cast your vote. our thanks to the candidates. thank you. and thanks to their staffs and to our debate partners, washington examiner, the iowa republican party and to all the great people here at the stevens auditorium -- even him, on the campus of iowa state university. and of course, to the wonderful people here in iowa. they could not have been more
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hospitable. there is a big straw poll here on saturday. stay tuned to fox newschannel, america's news headquarters, all the way to the election and the inauguration. our next debate is september 22 in orland oh florida. we will see you there. thanks for watching tonight. good night. good night. i'll throw it now sean hannity i'll throw it now sean hannity in the spin room. closed captioning by closed captioning services, inc.
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gloves off tonight. and is that good? or bad for the process? >> this is a challenge. you knew it had to happen. i thought newt gang rich won the battle and i think tim pawlenty, funniest line of the evening. and the battle hurt him, challenged him. language was very powerful. and that is what the republican -- . >> let's go over, you think
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newt gingrich won the battle? >> he took on the media tonight which is something everyone said go for it. i was in the room for first two-thirds of it. that got greatest applause of any line this evening. also took on that super commission, super committee. newt did it the way the public would have said go for it. what mitt romney sounded presidential no. one laid a glove on him. and tim pawlenty had a funny line. but that battle between him and michelle bachmann, did he not come across effective. >> in the room itself, she held her ground, standing for principle. he looked like he was attacking her policy. >> sean: does that come off as desperate? >> as someone who isn't focused and should&aur have prepared better for this debate. someone, that language is not effective. >> we'll be dialing this. your initial impressions? there is a lot tafkz against
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the president tonight. >> i was surprised and thought newt gingrich did well. he came in clearly with -- he wanted to take that attack on the press looking for it and had that line ready to go. like, you know, bob beckel create those lines for walter mondale. we knew going in that is what they're trying to do. >> sean: i thought reagan said i paid for this mike fob, fob, -- microphone. >> he did it in a way that i think helped him. i think romney helped himself as well. i agree. i think those two scored the best. >> pawlenty i think really just did massive damage to himself. reminding me of when dick gephardt went after howard dean during the dean campaign. like gephardt was on a suicide
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mission that. is what -- that is what he did. it was -- i just think it's, a going to be the guy democrats are frayed of. after tonight, man, i really oos he... >> he had the best line of the evening. saying "if you can find barack obama's plan". >> sean: how does this change we looked at pls -- polls coming into the race. obviously romney is the front runner. >> michelle bachmann is second place. now the question is what does rick perry do? based on what i saw today, it comes in and replaces other two governors so that is what we're going to be% watching for when he appear autos what happens to you if he won the battle tonight? has this now shifted? do you think he answered the question? >> he said why do you campaign.
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>> great answer. >> sean: before new hampshire. >> right. >> he has seen with the front runner, and the challenge for gingrich is can you get people to like you? not just agree with you? getting people to say this is going to be a great press. >> sean: he's being forceful. there is a lot of talk about governor christie taking on the media and being aggressive z taking onr! unions and fighting for people. isn't that the reason he's popular? doesn't that seem tobt mood of the country now? that passion? and taking it, too? >> i think, look, before tonight he was becoming irrelevant vent. i mean, i can't remember last time he was talking about newt gingrich in any events. and tonight he made himself relevant again. now, the question what can he do with that? can he -- can he get back into the game? tonight was a big step for him.
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>> sean: i don't want to forget... >> he gave history. more than any other candidate. he called this new super committee a dumb ideag not only was he intellectual, i think people at home were cheering him on. >> sean: what is fascinating is that all candidates went after the down grade. they went after barack obama. one -- when newt is saying "i want more substance on why we agree barack obama should be gone, the president shouldn't go on vacation. all of these things during a time of crisis. is there something barack obama could learn from this? >> yeah. i mean it would all attacks being felt they're going to go school on this now and start, and push back hard. but look. the fieldx8ñitself, this was a much better debate. they're getting stronger, these debates are good for them. >> i agree. >> and the only one going after the weaker debate
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is -- i think everybody else. >> sean: rick santorun got more time at the end. rick santorun. let's talk about herman cane, ron paul who had and had a lot of moments there. and america's got to learn to take a joke. >> that is a great line. >> good line. i like that a lot. >> and more she does that, less political he seems and more real and business-like heñ seems. did he get enough of a chance to talk in terms of business. >> he should focus more on experience. in terms of rick santorum, he challenged michelle bachmann on principle. i give michelle credit. she focused on fighting. these iowa caucuses want someone to fight for them. >> sean: who ended up on these battles? who do you think came out on top? >> i'm not clear on bachmann.
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i've been in that situation someone is attacking on the suicide thing. the problem is that when you're just trying to get this guys handsj off of you, it looks like you're -- murder suicide and you're in on it. i'm worried that the number after tacks she's been taking on from everybody is going to hurt her over time. think. >> sean: we've got to run, last word. >> i think she won that because it makes her into someone she's now survived a challenge, taking on the establishment. she has her own niche. >> it's going to be interesting and guys thanks for being with us. and candidates beginning to flood the spin room. coming up next i'll be joined by minnesota congress woman michelle bachmann.z she'll join us next as this post-debate edition of "hanni
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undisputable fact in congress, the record of accomplishment and results is nonexistent. >> he said era of small government was over. that sounds more like barack obama if you ask me. i have a very consistent record of fighting very hard against barack obama and his measures in congress and she says she's got a titanium and please, you're kil8png us.
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>> nancy pelosi, hairy reid and barack obama ran congress but i gave them a run for their money. i fought. others ran, i fought. >> and welcome back to the special edition of "hannity". we're in ames, iowa tonight. a short time ago a debate between eight energized hopefuls came to a close now, more than once things got heated between two of tonight's contenders as you just saw. and for more on all that and tonight's events minnesota congress woman michelle balmman joins us. how are you? did you have a good time up there? >> yes. welcome to my home state this, i was born in iowa. i'm a seventh generation. we go back to pioneer days. >> sean: let's talk about one of the worst things someone can say, someone reminds you
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heated between two of you a little bit. he challenged you on accomplishments and other issues. what is going on here? >> my record of accomplishments has been based on being a champion on what people seek out on. i have been at the tip of the spear, whether not putting obama care into placeo< or now, for two months have been a lone voice in the wilderness of washington saying we can't raise the debt ceiling and ke we don't have to default to do it, either. and offering a plan. and cap and trade, big government. if there has been a fight i've been in the middle of it. >> sean: why do you think this emerged between you and governor pawlenty? you're neighbors and the straw poll is on saturday. maybe that added to urgency. you went back at him talking about his support of the individual mandate cap and tax trade che supported as governor. which he's said he regrets. why do youui think it's gotten
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so personal between two of you? >> well, the president -- the governor had lodged maybe six or seven attacks against me. we felt we needed to make a response. and our response was, extremely proud of my record, and what i've done and the fact governor pawlenty did implement cap and trade in minnesota. the businesses are still suffering because of it. and he was behind the individual mandaten health care, which is unconstitutional. he wanted to require it for minnesota and he praised it. just a fact and also, he says ther yaf small government is over. i don't think that is what people are looking for right now what. they want is a champion for what they$h beliee in that. is what i've been doing in washington. i've been in a lot of dust ups in washington taking on president obama and taken on nancy pelosi. i think that is what we need in the president, someone bold, new and different. >> sean: a lot of issues of principle came up. this came up between you and senator santorum tonight about
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getting things moving forward. he was trying to make an argument in washington have you divided government sometimes have you to compromise. what was your standard to raise the debt ceiling? you had a standard. >> my standard for raising the debt ceiling was yes, cut cap and balance but we had to have#l a full repeal of obama care. my opinion has been, i would not raise the debt ceiling right now. because we're almost at the $17 trillion. when i came into office we were at $8.67 trillion. in over four years, we've almost doubled the debt. standard and poor's proved me right. we are not in a position to be able to repay our debt when we continue to spend this money. we didn't have to default. we what we had to do is let markets know we won't default and will get our credit rating back. we're going to pay military and our it?s but then, we're not going to kick the can down the road. we're going' to cut spending
11:19 pm
now that. is not an extremist view. it's reality view we have to take. because right now piper is asking to be paid. it's hit the fan. we've got to deal with it now. >> sean: you lose the line you're finished in 2012. you'll be a one-term president. >> sean: that is interesting. numbers have gob up. they've attacked you, your husband. and more specifically, news week with this cover. i wanted to get your reaction to that cover. >> as far as the cover i didn't pay a lot after tension to it. >> sean: do you think it's meant to be a flattering picture?xo >> you should ask john huntsman. >> we'll ask him. >> sean: with head light on there, there has come a lot of heat to go with the territory, you prepared for it? it is. i mean, america had a punch in the gut this week. let's face it.
11:20 pm
the president got a $2.4 trillion blank check. we got $21 billion in cuts, not much of a deal two. days later the stock market dropped then, we lost for the first time in history of the country triple a credit rating then we saw a terrible tragedy over the weekend and all hope wasj# lost. 1500 points in the stock market. all the president could do was blame earthquakes and the tea party? we've got a problem. >> sean: i never thought we'd have to institute light bulb freedom of choice act. >> i introduced that. seriously that is symbolic of what is wrong with washington. isn't it? when you have the federal government telling you what light bulb you can use? that is why i introduce that had bill n the white house as president, you can buy any light bulb you want to buy. >> sean: good to know. >> sean: coming up next our post-debate show rolls on with a candidate who spent time is
11:21 pm
tim paulenty. he's going to be here and newt gingrich ln joining us, rick santorum and much, much more, glad you're with us.
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where is barack obama on issues? you can't find his plans on
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pressing9v financial issues. where is barack obama's plan on social security reform in yesterday yi care reform in medicaid reform? i'll offer a prize to anyone in this auditorium if you can find barack obama's plan on those items i will come to your house and cook you dinner. or if you prefer, i'll come to your house and mow your lawn. but in case mitt wins i'm limiting to one acre. one acre. >> that is former minnesota governor tim pawlenty, there voicing his criticism of president barack obama tonight. anrçe+%ñ the last few months governor pawlenty spent a lot of time and frankly his money here in iowa. he's hoping for a strong showing in saturday's all-important strong hold, tonight he's here, live, governor pawlenty. you're offering free dinner or a choice, or cutting the lawn,
11:26 pm
romney only gets one acre? what is up with that? >> well, look at his, he has a big lawn. i only got so much time. i'm on the campaign trail. the point is about barack obama's leadership. where is he? he zrnt a plan with major financial issues of the day. we shouldn't have to play come out whenever you are;y with the president of the united states. i don't think i'm going to have to mow a lawn or make dinner because he doesn't have a plan. >> sean: i don't know how we got the debt limit increase without him putting a plan in writing on the table that people would have an opportunity to dies yekts. >> they supposedly reverenced it in the meetings. you've got to say i'm going lead. he's leading from behind or not at all. >> sean: a lot going to be made, as you know of the exchange made wex had congress woman bachmann on the program. you went after her pretty hard. you said you did not go after30
11:27 pm
her on the issue of migraines or headaches. you attacked and said she had no accomplishments. unqualified. etc.. to what extent, you know are you concerned people goring to say this has to do with polls? you're fighting back? you know? right now she's, her poll numbers are better or. >> there was a question so i answered it. headaches, i think that is a side show. she wants to assign herself the label of leader. if you assign yourself a label of leader you've got to be accountable. she said she fought and was a voice. well, if you're going to be president of the united states you've got to be more than a voice. you're going to be aañ leader on fighting against obama care. if you're going to be a leader against more spending we've got more spending. the point is that you can't be someone who gives speeches you've got to produce results. if you're going to be a nominee and in you're going to be president of the united states. bottom line if you're looking at a record, you'll have that.
11:28 pm
>> sean: you regret cap and trade issue you supported. you talked about it. we've been there. she brought that up tonight. she brought up the issue of -- . >> she said i imposed it in minnesota. no. i didn't. there is legislation that studied it. well before it got impose order close to)n imposed i rejected it and came out against it several years ago. again, she's aloof with facts. >> sean: did it bother you when one of my colleagues said one of the worst things you can say is compare you to barack obama. did that hurt? >> look. when i was governor, swhaez in congress and she used to say nice things about me. now we're competing and it's change bud that is politics. >> let's talk about where we are with the money. you know? we're financially losing our triple a rating and we're headed to real economic problems. you brought up the issue about how you -- how fast can we recover? where is obama's plan? etc..
11:29 pm
how fast could you get this economy up and rolling again? and i think you're talking about growth, 5% a year for 10 years. how short a period of time until you can get that growth area? >> markets anticipate the few fewer you give them confidence so if changes didn't have a full affect, the fact you're going to do them and commit to them sends a positive signal. if you go to tim you'll see the plan. cut the corporate tax rate. take the individual rates from six down to two. do an american energy policy. lighten up on regulations so they're more pro job. health care reform the right way. and c you say we're going to have back those things if affects spill out over months in cases longer the market will say we're turning this thing around and people will start to invest and spend and hire. >> sean: you took a little issue with mitt romney's answer on his health care plan as governor of state of
11:30 pm
massachusetts. he answered that ought to be state decisions. you took a little bit of issue with that. what is your position on health care? >> the question related to is the obama care label fair? anyone looking fairly says there are great similarities and they're essentially the same. >> sean: what does it make a >> he'd(/)k say that is one ofe differences. 6 you can't take a look at the plans and say they're somehow fundamentally different. they're essentially the same. >> sean: okay. other issue is relates to afghanistan. saying you'd draw down slower. explain. >> i think our remaining mission is making sure afghan security forces both in quality and number are sufficient to stand up as we stand down. we're not quite there yet. boy have accepted general petraus's and general mullen's recommendation, starting to draw down troops but slower than what barack obamac+
11:31 pm
proposed. unfortunately president obama didn't listen to general who's know the most about it and accelerated the draw down in a way i don't think is going to be best for the mission or our interest in the country. >> sean: governor, thanks for joining us. we're just getting started here tonight n iowa and when we come back, the one and only, one of the most outspoken critics of the obama administration. former speaker of the house newt gingrich will join us, live, ahead from ames, iowa tonight.  [ gnome ] ahh...
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i'd love to see the rest of the debate asking us about what we'd do to lead in americat whose president has failed to lead instead of playing micky mouse games. >> speaker gingrich, if you think questions about your records are micky mouse, i'm
11:36 pm
sorry. i think those are questions a lot of people want to hear answers to and you're responsible for your records. >> i've got a rebuttal. i think that there is too much attention paid by the press core and not enough paid to the basic idea that distinguish us from barack obama. >> sean: and welcome back to thel special post-debate edition of "hannity". we're in ames, iowa. you just heard from newt gingrich, never too shy to criticize the poll says of barack obama. tonight moderateors got a taste of his answers. anyway, former speaker joins us, how are you? >> great to be with you. >> it was interesting. joe tripi thought this was a where's the beef moment. it reminded me of i paid for this microphone. you know, you seem to think wait a minute. why are we talking about this? we've got to talk about substance. you're not happy.
11:37 pm
>> what made it differñnv is when bret opened the show he said we want you to put aside your talking points. we want you to have a conversation about what you'd really do. i wrote that down and i wrote under it, then we want you to put gotcha questions. because i knew sooner or later dwoitsing to happen. it's part of the washington culture, i do think we're in desperate trouble as a country. we do need a serious national conversation. and gotcha kind of questions disrupt and slow down the flow of trying to find solutions. >> sean: i don't mind hard questions. i was#t watching and what ran through my mind in all of the time president obama ran he didn't experience one of these moments that i can think of so it's a double standard. it's clear. tonight was interesting from a standpoint, franklin's characterizes you won the battle tonight. and so that -- . >> the country is going to
11:38 pm
decide. i thought you had an opportunity to your solutions soy think you did get your substance in as it relates to issues. how soon could it be fixed? >> i think it's terrible and congress ought to come back in monday. and4that this economy is a disaster. that leads 523 senators basically sitting to one side until thanksgiving. i think they should change the whole approach. i'd repeel on tuesday and open up the gulf and other areas for gas exploration on wednesday arks plying every subcommittee in the congress hold hearings on how to modernize the government. mike george could save $500 billion a year? that is moreover 10 years than assignment of the gang of 12. i am, i can't tell you, being out here, iowa, georgiace, new
11:39 pm
hampshire, being with me who are not part of the process, i'm so fed up with politics as usual. and i think having been speaker and having done a lot of this, served 20 years i respect how hard it s but there is something profoundly wrong with our washington working now on both parties. >> sean: are you saying republican he'dership on the house should come back, get to work? >> sure. do it. >> sean: and lay it on the senate? >> house republicans came back monday and began doing this stuff. since then, not a single republican voted for don frank last year. it should be easydñ to repeal him, then said to the senate dims do you want to come help fix the economy or stay home on vacation? >> a agree. it would be a brilliant move. and and you and i are fortunate. and god has been good to us. we've been successful. there are 14 million
11:40 pm
unemployed americans and 10 million more who are under employed and quit looking for work. largest number of americans on food stamps in american history that. is a level of pain. that is a political leadership of being sensitive to the country coming back to do something about it. that is why i didn't close by i said it's 15 months from the presidential election what. are you going to do monday to help this country? >> sean: president obama going to martha's vineyard 10 days. >> he ought to cancel. >> sean: a agree. i have people calming my show, people with degrees and experience that lost their jobs, homes are underwater investments lost billions in the stock market. and he's thees guys are on vacation for a month? he's on vacation 10 days? i don't take a 10 day vacation. most people don't take a 10 day vacation. >> blue dog democrats, about 15 of them sent a letter today
11:41 pm
askingde him to come back. you can have a bipartisan coalition just get the job done. don't worry about nancy pelosi. we know she'll be a no. don't worry about the three people she apot pointed they'll be a no. but you might find 30-40 democrat who's will vote. >> sean: you like the penny plan by connie mack? >> i think it's a start. i think there are piece that's are gimmicky but i think idea is basically right. set a standard, take a penny a year, 1%. >> sean: no more increase autos no base line. eliminate the base line and4  increases is an increase. and i told you on your radio show, imagine your kids talking to you there is a base line allowance. if it didn't go up $20 a month you were cutting it. that is how washington works. congressional budget office invented by liberal democrats in 1974 for the purpose of
11:42 pm
groiing big government and succeeding. >> sean: mr. speaker, thank you for being with us, there is still more from ames, iowa tonight. still to come, more with rick santorum, herman cane, straight head.
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michelle bachmann said she'd fight health care being imposed by states and won't fight marriage. being imposed by the state. that would be okay. we have ron paul saying what the states want to do, whatever the states wants to do is fine. so if the states want to pass polygamy that is fine, impose sterl saigs that, is fine. no. our count very based on moral laws, ladies and gentlemen. there are things abraham lincoln. and the 10th amendment we're a nation that has values and we get our nation and built on a moral enterprise and states
11:47 pm
don't have the=d right to trample over those because of the 10 amendment. >> and welcome back. and you just sawiy during tonight's republican presidential primary debate. joining me now is senator. welcome back. >> thank you. good to be here. >> sean: they're showing i don't think you can hair it in your ear piece. you recognized. >> i was reading my list. yes. >> sean: you got into it as well as governor pawlenty and michelle bachmann, talking about leadership not showmanship and had a disagreement on the 10 amendment and said something that stuck out in my mind, the country is based on moral leadership and quoted lincoln and states can't trample on a morallg imperative. >> the country is founded on a baigsic set of values. we said in our founding documents all men are created
11:48 pm
equal. and the states can't go and trample on what is core values. and nature, nature's law. as i said in the debate if the state of iowa wanted to pass a law and enforce sterl saigs would that be okay? they would say no. they would come out and fight. and that is an afront to american basic values. why are you saying you find same-sex marriage an afront but not going campaign against#b it? you can't have that inconsistencies and lincoln said states don't have the right to do wrong. if you think this is wrong you have an obligation to fight it. >> last night i was on greta's show and said boy get tougher questions from a town meeting than from bret baier. or that i would not get any questions. an hour and 15 minutes throughout the show i had two
11:49 pm
questions. so yeah. i was a little frustrated. and you know what? national media not going decide this race. people of iowa are going to decide this race. i have been to 68 counties and 51 cities in2v two weeks. we've had town meetings and i've met well over a thousand people. here tomorrow, and not tomorrow, saturday, i think they're going to see results of that. they like a candidate is going to talk to them personally. >> you gave us statistics i didn't know about manufacturing. used to be 21%. now, it's 9%? >> yes. nine. >> sean: and jobs are going overseas? >> overseas. i'm the only one talking about thchl people say we have to grow the economy. i don't want to grow wall street. wall street is fine. it's grai. but i want to grow in, you know, in council and places here in iowa they can have processing jobs and manufacturing jobs. because that is the job. when i was growing up, a steel
11:50 pm
town in pennsylvania. those were jobs that made up the middle of america. the heart and soul of the community. we've lost those. we can bring them back if we create an environment in this zero percent corporate tax in all manufacturing with regulatory reform and a solid energy policy, keeping energy prices stable and flat for a long term. and that will create jobs here. >> sean: just talking to newt. he would bring congress back in session immediately. he wouldjç move the economy. and it's a republican congress gives him an opportunity? >> if i was republican congress i'd be passing those things. you look at. >> sean: not going on vacation. >> and and with this talk about corporate jets and there is a message. and coming back early. >> sean: do you get a 10 day
11:51 pm
vacation? >> get a three-week vacation in iowa. >> and and seven children are here with me. we've made a commitment. the house and8 senate have to make that commitment, too. it's key on what is going on in this political time. to go and sit on side lines when the markets are this upset about what is going on in this country we'll see we'll let a committee do it. they're right. >> senator, great to see you. >> and we'll be around next two days. >> sean: coming up more analysis from tonight's republican presidential primary debate. herman cane coming up next, we're live in ames, iowa. special edition of
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also taking capitol gains rates to zero as well as make it permanent. uncertainty is killing this company. now if a company were to decide they want to take some of the money and pay a bigger dividend so, what? the people receiving the dive eastbound dends might be happy with that. maybe that is the right thing to do. >> and welcome back to a
11:56 pm
special edition of "hahnit eye". joining me now is the man you just saw in that former news talk 750 am and fm radio talk show host, businessman, you're in billsbury, too. republican presidential candidate, herman cane. the best line of the night. it was... america needs to learn to take a joke. >> yes. >> when the lady asked me the question about president obama kidding about the alligators in moats, i took it one step further. were you serious about that? i said america needs to learn how to take a joke. >> sean: you need to put an electric barbed wire on -- . >> and with alligators and all. i was kidding. >> sean: i got the joke and thought it was funny. and the point is that you've
11:57 pm
got to be serious about the laws that are already there. promoting the path to citizenship. it's called legal immigration. we've got to be serious about empowering thenw state. >> and one interesting answer you gave, they're talking about the economy in the for front of everybody's mind. talking about make tax rates permanent. talking about a zero capitol gains tax. saying there is no option to wait. we can't wait 90 days. does that mean, is congress making a mistake and newt gingrich said do this now. the president shouldn't go on vacation. reaction? >> if the president brought congress back now, it's a problem. he doesn't have it in his dna to lower taxes, make taxes be done. >> he seems to be out of ideas. >> he is. this means one of the things you heard me talking about, surrounding yourself with good
11:58 pm
people. he has not surrounded himself with good people. the bad thing about this and i made the statement to people i've talked to out here on the tour. bearer of bad news but with policies of this administration nothing economically is going to get better for the next year and a half. i was referring to the next 90 days, we've got to make it happen. >> what7kf can we do now? what do you think? and you're very well liked in the fae party movement saying you want to cut cap and balance. why do we start competing against ourselves and offering ideas? and we're supposedly cutting spending. >> that is one criticism of republicans in the house. they should have taken one plan. >> and other plans came out.
11:59 pm
and they're competing. you talk about leadership, m i come in with speaker boehher. they had a couple good approaches if they have stuck together, they would have been able to get more out of it now. that being said, this super committee is a super mistake. it's like newt gingrich said tonight. all they're doing is agitating their responsibility. we have enough committees. give me a break. >> herman cane we'll be seeing you over next couple day autos see you tomorrow night. >> that is, by the way all the time we have left. as always, thank you for being=e with us. we're going to see you tomorrow night live at the fair grounds and by the way governor palin will join us and you're going to be on tomorrow night? >> i will. we'll see you there. it's open if you're in iowa and want to come to state fair, it's open and free.


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