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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  August 13, 2011 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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take a look around. i think we already are. that will do it. we'll continue to follow your money because it is our job. good day. >> well, it is finally here the the real test of the gop field this after a week for the candidates working the crowd and eating fried fair food and battling out in iowa . iowa voters are casting the first vote in the ames traw poll. for some it is a make or breakk moment. not all eyes are on the ohio state. rick perry could steal the thunder, he is expected to shake up the race and announce the bid for the white house. live from our nation's capitol
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we begin with karl in the ames straw poll. >>reporter: welcome to the lead off of the caucus states and historically significant test and what a political carnival it is. we'll give you a short tour here. as far as the eye can see on the campus of iowa state university. activists and supporters have convirged and it is fried food and barbecue and live music and getting together and community organize america politics in the future of the country. there are activist groups for special about in the court yard here and far outside of the compound there are activist tents for the candidates themselves and stream of people that you see now moving away from us is the line of those who will cast ballots in this straw poll. you can see a lot of kelly green shirts and deep navy
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blue. kelly green is tim pawlenty and deep blue is ron paul it is a straw poll of the straw poll itself . we were watching how the crowds got to the booths early and how the buses arrive a indicator of how things go . tremendously consequentual traw boll. maybe 12,000 ballots will be cast and first time ever, the iowa straw poll which is decades old will allow write in ballots. that may create problems for the organizers as they figure out how to tabulate them . in the end. 10,000 or 12,000, will decide. you can tell there is a very large presence for the texas congressman ronn paul and a large for the minnesota congresswoman pawlenty and out of sight there is a tent a
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couple of yards away bachmann supporters are elbow to elbow and the line is deep. expectation of day three. pawlenty, bachmann and paul will be one, two or three. >> for tim pawlenty it is a make or break day. if he doesn't do well there could be a damper on the campaign that could end it. michelle bachmann campaigned aggressively and trying to get supporters out . her buzz was tremendous from the moment she set foot on the cam train trail and combated with strong debate performance. there is a possibility she could win. but you cannot rule out the ron paul folks. they were here in the traw pole in 2008 and third presidential run and no one works harder and more loyal devoteys than ron paul. that doesn't mean he will be long-term viable but today he
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is a major force. ballots are cast after the cand dastes give speeches and entertainment that they are participating n? say it is a lot of hype and not import. don't buy that. this is a major day on the campaign traill and huge day for iowa and consequential for all of the candidates and that's why they are here smending money and 15,000 some odd crowd is here on the biggest day. >> stakes are high and thank you for bringing us up to date. thanks. >>reporter: you bet. >> and challenge those seeking the office of the presidency of the united states . the honor and privilege to lead this great country. as you head to ames this weekend, exercise the rights and race to the forefront, the importance of family values, faith and life and defending
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the constitution. >> that was the iowa lieutenant governor kim reynolds and urging iwans to vote in the straw poll and kick the tires of the gop presidential hopeful and joins us from ames, iowa? >> guest: great to be here and welcome to ames and welcome to the iowa straw poll. >> thank you very much. it is a test of the candidate organizational skills. is it a mistake to underestimate the importance of the straw poll. >> guest: it is the way to test the candidates and important to participate. we have had candidates come through iowa. there is a strong effort to encourage all of them to spend time in iowa. we are expect and used to it and greatt way to talk to iwans in the state and on important issues and ask them where they stand on issues and give them a chance to vet them and find them and ask them the tough question. we can pick the right
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presidential candidate to beat president obama and turn this nation away. >> in an air rick perry will announce his cand daysy hundreds of miles away. does he risk alienating folk in iowa? >> he has time to come to iowa. as a said earlier, we encourage everyone to participate in the iowa straw poll. it is great for the candidates and early test for them to test the organizational skills and see where they need to improve or do things different. there is time before the caucus and we understand if he get in he will spend time in iowa and we have encouraged him to do that. >> given what is happen negligent economy and anger that voters are feeling. do you think they will stay home instead of voting? >> guest: no. this is the line up to go in and cast their vote and i have
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stood in line with them . i have been pleasantly surprised at the number of people. i have them this is your first time to participate in the iowa straw poll, and gosh, i would say 35 or 40 percent this is the first time they had participated in a straw poll. i think just the opposite. i think what you are going to see is an engaged electorate that is determined to change the direction of the nation and they are going to have their voices heard and that starts with participating in the traw poll and caucus and casting their ball on the for a true leader to lead the nation. >> it sounds great and i know a lot of folks are interested. thank you for joining us today. all the best to you. >> guest: we appreciate the coverage and again we encourage everyone to have a great time in the apes, iowa
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straw poll. >> great talk to you one of the candidates hoping to bring in serpts is congressman ron paul. he will joinn us from ames to tell us more about what he has done to make sure he has done better than the fifth place finish in the straw poll four years ago. hidden among them is debra washerman fults. they called tea party contenders flacks . the congresswoman reiterated that from ames. >> >> guest: if the tea party candidates would offer new ideas instead of the same failed policy that put us in a economic dire situation to begin with, they could be taken more seriously. right now, they haven't offered anything but more right-wing proposal and the american people i think will reject it. >> she said she will leave it up to the american people to
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decide. >> governor perry has a great record of job creation in texas. >> i hope he offers a lot for everybody in the state. >> i am pleased he is coming in and he represents the status quo. >> candidates are not concerned about texas governor rick perry joinings race. but plenty call him 2012 game changer should they be. perry plan to make it official in less than an hour. what can you tell us? >>reporter: that's right, uma. we are looking at official perry for president website. he just updated it and announced why he is running and definitely making it official today and we expect his official announcement to take place in less than an hour. the timing coinicides with the straw poll in iowa . as you discuss, a lot of
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debate going on and what that is going to do to the cand daysy and in iowa, there is a lot of speculation going on here as well . as to whether that will alienate future caucus goers in iowa or potentially steal the spotlight from the other candidates and either way. people are saying that the more contenders you have entering the race, ultimately it is a good thing for the gop . the most important thing to talk about is job creation and that is according to governor rick scott of florida. lin. >> guest: it is going to be a long primary season and people are going to be out there and explainn why they are better than the next person generating jobs. we have great conservative candidates and i want the one the best explaining the job creation opportunity to win. >>reporter: perry can boast about the state's job creation
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during the state's governor. it is 900,000 jobs and account be for half of the new jobs created in the entire nation . but someone who served for office. perry will have to counter skepticism against career politician that runs deep in conservative service. perry came in second among the republicans contenders with 13 percent to mitt romney's 21 percent. they were the only two candidates in that poll with double diget supportment and uma that poll was taken almost a week prior to perry's official announcement. back to you. >> we look forward to the announce happening later this afternoon. >> it is your turn to weigh in. how does rick perry entering change things. will it your vote. we ask you to tweet answers or at hurricane uma and i am
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happy to read your responses later in this hour. >> turning to a story that raises the stakes in the ongoing battle with the nation's health care system. a new opponent for the white house backed law. jim is here to lay out rule reaction. >> the 111th circuit court of appeals struck serious blow to the health care law ruling that the requirement that everyone must buy health insurance is unconstitutional. it is a stunning defeat for the obama administration today. one, this is significant case that is brought to date. primarily because it involves more than half . states suing the federal government. >>reporter: in fact 26 states gined in the suit led by florida including a clinton employee. they declared it unconstitutional and did so with pointed language saying
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"this economic man date represents a wholly novele and unbounded assertion of congressional authority: the ability to compet americans to purchase an expensive health insurance product they elected not to buy and repurchase that every month for their entire lives." . the decision said the congress had the power on enact other parts of the law. we are confident that it will not stand and main part of the law at issue in this cases isal . obama administration argued that the man date was essential and without it the rest of the law will not work and now have to rely on the supreme court to decide the matter. >> i can't imagine the obama administration wouldn't want the supreme court to hear it at this point. they are on the losing end of the case with 26 states saying, hey, this is unstugal and a federal circuit court
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agreeing with them. >>reporter: that's why many analyst believe there is a 100 percent likelihood that the supreme court will hear the case this fall with a decision year in the middle of the presidential election campaign. uma. >> should be fascinating. thank you, jim. an american living in pakistan was kidnapped from his home by gunmen in the town of lahere. the u.s. embassy said he is warren weinstein and believed to be a contractor to work to strengthen competition. >> is syrian tarvings and armored personnel carriers are in a security sweep that killed three people there in an attempt to disperse the protestors that are demanding the olster of bashar assad.
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these protests have been ongoing since march. f.b.i. agents, have served the maryland home of the many held in aruba. the 35 year old american woman. gary vacationing with robin gardner before her disappearance. search warrants were executed on the home last night. arubian authorities don't believe she is still alive. part of the country that dperately needs rain will not be getting it just yet. meteorologist maria molina is standing by with more on the hot forecast, maria? >> that's right. we are talking about triple-digit in store for texas unfortunately. we had a break on thursday and we stopped the streak of hundred degrees weather for dallas, texas with 40 son consectative. one break and back to the
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triple-digit heat. an area of low pressure moving through the great lakes and bringing in scattered showers and thunderstorm that is could turn severe later on . further south in texas. heavy rain falling in sanangelo and dallas not getting on too much of that action. but reports was four and five and seven inches was rain in some of the spots and very beneficial rain for the areas still ongoing now. as far as the severe weather threat, large size hail and damaging wind gust in indianapolis, columbus and chicago . that something we will track throughout the day. triple-digit heat expecting it in san antonio at 100 . dallas at 86 . heading into tomorrow and next several days it will get warmer and looking at those temperature in the hundreds . we have tropical storm franklin way off north in cooler waters and will not affect anyone .
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three areas that we are looking at, three tropical waves that could develop in next several days . by the way, i am digging your twitter name. hurricane uma. >> i will wait for the name to get down to the u. >> hopefully not. >> thank you maria. >> no doubt ron paul supporters are positionate . later on. we will ask him if he has done what it take to get the voters to vote. time pawlenty's campaign may have to make changes if his straw poll records are not true. stay with us. you said the era of small government was over. that sounds like barack obama. >> she said she had a titanium
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>> when the deal was put together depov gov pawlenty cut a deal with special interest groups and put in the same bill a vote to increase sig rate tax and take away protection from the unborn. i made a decision, i believe in the sanctity of human life and i believe that you can get money wrong, but you can't get life wrong and that's why i came down on that decision. >> what is wrong in the answer is the answer. congresswoman bachmann didn't vote because was stripping
9:22 am
away a pro life. she is creating that as an excuse. >> from minnesota nice and minnesota mean. coming off between congresswoman bachmann and governor pawlenty. will toughening up will help his campaign. pawlenty campaign manager nick airs. >> guest: it is incredible day in ames uma. >> you have quite the scene back there. tim pawlenty is pulling no punches against michelle bachmann is because in the debate he sees her as a threat. does he believe she is the biggest threat. >> she is a competitor and we are competing for the same votes in iowa . the debate showed differences. michelle can say the right things but never accomplished any of them. governor pawlenty is not so much a talker but a walker and
9:23 am
governed one of the liberal state could you wantry and move today in the conservative direction and balanced the budget. he actually did it and what he wanted point out in the debate and did it affectively. while michelle said all of the time she led on tarp and impose cap and trade and stop government increase in spending, results of those she didn't achieve results f. you are going to lead, be accountable for the results and i think governor pawlenty pointed that out well on thursday night and we are looking for a good outcome here today. >> you didn't say the same kind of fireworks between mr. pawlenty and bachmann. one wonders if he seeing her as a threat to his organization and campaign at the moment. >> we didn't show -- he talked about his record. michelle showed up looking for a fight. they were passing out opposition research to the
9:24 am
reporters before the debate as it began. he showed up to talk about his record and he has one of achieving results and she has one of talking a lot . as for the confrontation, they are competing for the same prize and we'll see a party unite ready to defeat the president. we have to. >> your candidate said he may have to reassess the campaign if he doesn't come up in the top three or four in the staw poll. how do you feel about that. will he have to reassess if he falls flat in the ames iowa pole. >> campaigns are constantly about reassess fill your budget and revenue and opportunity in the market place it is not that different than a business and you have to change the dynamics of the campaign. we'll have to do that after the straw poll. we'll have a new entry in the race with governor peryethat is a new dynamic.
9:25 am
you will find all campaigns reassessing the dynamics after the results come in. >> we'll wait and watch how it is . thank you for joining us today. >> thank you, uma. >> what is michelle bachmann's take on this. she will joinn chris wallace on fox news sunday. check your local listings for the news and channel. ron paul is no stranger to the straw poll scene. ron paul will be joining us after the break to talk about his game plan for today. stay with us. >> i think we are going to do well and better than four years ago. if we don't it will be a bis disappoint am to me. [ man ] behind every business is a "what if." what if we designed an electric motorcycle? what if we turned trash into surfboards? whatever your what if is, the new sprint biz 360 has custom solutions to make it happen,
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>> welcome back. the voiting is now under way in iowa. the straw poll is the biggest
9:29 am
test for the republican presidential hopefuls. peter doocy has the rest of the top stories, peter? >> nine republican candidates vying for the nomination are hoping that early test vote is the white house bid boost. they are nonbinding but could foreshadow the coming monthses and texas governor is set to formally announce his cand daysy for president on why i am running just aappeared. search and rescue got back to work trying to find boy scout missing in uta. he was hiking and noon on friday that he was no longer with them . tiger woods, missed the cut in the pga championship. he sank four balls in the water and 22 in bunkers and made the most bogeys for him in one tournament . finished out of the top 100
9:30 am
first time ever in a major. three over par. ouch. those are the top stories, back to you. >> thank you peter . compared to the other 2012ial candidates. ron paul is considered a veteran . no previous ames win he hopes for a better outcome. congressman paul is joining us from iowa. great to see you out there. >> nice to be with you. >> you are expecting a better outcome this time around? >> i sure am and i will be disacious pointed if we don't have a better outcome. that is our goal. i don't know if i can predict much more than that. >> what gives you the sense of confidence that your supporters have what it takes? >> and the one thing is, we talked about certain principles on foreign policy and monetary policy and spending for many, many yearrs . there for a while there was
9:31 am
not much support. but the views are growing and including the disenchantment with the american people with the wars going on. the country move in our direction and this is reflected in the number of people and the ease of raisingly money and the number of volunteers and the organization that we have had out here. we can't help but be optmistic to do better. >> the race will get more crowded in a while with rick perry jumping in the race. how do you feel about that? >> well, that's the way the system works and i imagine he will not be the last one to enter the race. but my personally in our campaign looks at it he's more of the status quo politician and been around a long time and he doesn't challenge the federal reserve and therefore he will have an affect. no doubt about it. >> you think he is a game changer. >> he will end up taking the
9:32 am
votes from the others. he's not a threat to us in any way. >> you think he is a game changer in the race then? >> i think so. i think the weaker establishment candidates will lose more support and they will be forced to make a decision and he will be a strong candidate, but he represents more of what is going on for many, many years and therefore, offers no real change tt we are talking about. >> you have been out there shaking hand and talking with folks over the last few weeks and trying to get a sense on what is in their hearts and minds . what are you hearing that stands out. we had a crazy ride on wall street over the last week, and we obviously got downgraded. so many things at play that is making people feel anxious. what are you hearing with the voters right now? >> i think most intense interest is in the economy. but there is no way that when people understand what is
9:33 am
going on they don't think about our foreign policy. when you end up in many multiple wars going on and last forever and never ending, that is real economic cost and costing us trillions and connecting that. think of the trillion that could have been saved with a wiser foreign policy. i argued against going into all of these wars . that makes a difference. you could have come close to balancing the budget with just staying out of war. we have to deal with regulatory and tax and monetary policy. because it is monetary policy that encourages the big spender whether for entitlement or war. as long as congress doesn't have to pay the bills and go to the federal reserve and print out the money and why then we have economic problems it is common sense and young people you have a ph.d you get
9:34 am
confused on economics. but common sense to say you can't run up the deficits and promise the sky to everybody. there is a counterfeiter of last resort. >> and at this moment why you stand you feel more confident and you think that youill do better than last time . where would you feel and if you don't come out number one what is a good win for you? better than last time is in the first four places . a distant fourth is not too encouraging but most people who do more measurements than i do. i don't look at the polls. i try to encourage people and deliver the message. most believe we will number the top three. >> and give your campaign momentum. thank you for joining us. we'll check back with you today. appreciate it. many of the candidates have a
9:35 am
lot riding on. who has the most to gain from a strong finish. judge head to our website at fox news opinion com. take our poll. one of america's brave mines. sergeant dacota miers will receive the medal of honor. peter doocy has more. peter? >> uma, the scout niper has an amazing story. sandwich dacota mier exposed himself from heavy fire and at times returning machine gunfire and in the end rescue 15 injured afghan soldiers and recover the bodies of four americans . as attention shift to him, all he is thinking about is brothers in arms who did not make it off of the battlefield alive. >> the price that was paid for that, it is not for me f. it
9:36 am
was for me i would use it. but it is for the guys who died and their familis and people fighting there. >> that was important to be part of that team . those guys on the team was important to him. and i don't want people to miscontrue this at all, because he still feels responsible. >> commandant of the marine corp said of mier, he is a living example of young brave men and women who service and sacrifice make us so proud. his actions in the village in afghanistan serve as an inspiration to all marines and etched in our corp's rich inspiration of legacy and valuor. he will be the first marine to receive the medal. it is just a few short weeks away. >> he is a hero instead. thank you peter. >> it is a roller coaster week
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>> welcome back, everybody. u.s. stocks ended higher and putting the breaks on a wild ride and had investors ready to hit the panic button. it is a sign that the worst of the selling frenzy may be over? they are joining us from new york. hi, liz. >> i know, this is a big question. is this it and done with all of the drama? you could say here or out of europe between now and monday mo that is not a sure thing. bulls will tip toe in trading when the markets are trading especially after the wild
9:41 am
week. historic actually and a win thursday, strung together with friday's trade might be the empous for a tentative rally on monday. dow friday gained 125 and s&p higher by six and nasdaq up 15 points and for the week, all three major indexes were down and s&p losing under two percent . that is the down side and looking at a tough day. month ugier . down 10 percent for the year. over the past 52 weeks, i have to tell you uma, the dow and nasdaq are still to the up side. and obviously monday. we took that massive hit with the dow down 635 points after the sipts rating's agency a week ago downgraded the united states triple a credit rating status. midweek it is like they
9:42 am
started worry of all things, european markets that was the situation there. >> why are we concerned with the french banks as well? >> the financial earthquake that shook the european continent is unsubstantated and worrisome concern about french banks hit the market. the trick that london's market managed to end higher and the french bank situation there is one bank, the third largest bank that has a lot of exposure to the troublesome areas like spain, italy and ireland and greece and deriffative exposure . they do business with j.p. morgan goldman sachs and kind of strung together whether there is risk with the tentacles extending over the continents and oceans, back to you. >> for those of us who are the average investors trying to
9:43 am
make sense of the 401 k portfolio that advice to ride it out. >> do not, do not sell in a down or violent market. just sit tight for the moment. >> thank you, liz and great to see you as always. >> take care. >> and so. while the main focus of the straw poll is the actual voting there is a lot more going on behind the scenes. streave brown is live in ames. what are candidates doing to convince people to vote for them today. what kind of experiences are you seeing and how are people faring with all of this. >> it is what they are not doing. a campaign typically . these folks are lined up to vote. it is a long line. show them your voting. in order to vote you have to have one of those . have one form of id that shows
9:44 am
you are an actual iwan. no out of the state vores here in this particular contest. it is a shorter list was what they will not do for you to get you to come to the straw poll. they will provide you that ticket and bus ride and feed you. and i mean well . there is a lot of barbecue here and dq blizzards in the tim pawlenty place and blow up jumpy houses for your kids to play on and a dunk tank . all sorts of live music. everything you could possibly think of in terms like a summer barbecue is available here for free and that is just for the campaign to get you to come here and maybe cast a vote for them. it is a real meaningful contest in a lot of different ways, most of the all in my mind. you are hearing from the voters it is not a pole of folks around the country . this is their opportunity to
9:45 am
have a say as to who they think is most presidential. keep in mind. this support is for now. it is not necessarily forever. this is kind of soft support and state party chairman said they are in the dating phase and not ready to marry just yet but they will cast a vote . even the governor terry brand was not sure who to mark his ballot for and it doesn't mean he will mark it a different way on caucus day. that is politics in iowa. >> that is politics in a big way. all right. steve thank you so much from ames . fox news channel is your home for the ames straw poll vote. tune in at 5:00 eastern for a special report from life from iowa and huckabee at eight and hanity at nine . one magazine and a great controversy calling michelle
9:46 am
bachmann the queen of rage. even sarah palin, the former alaska government. is this unfair in liz prada will give her take next. >> i look at the headline. queen of rage is worse than the picture. i don't think every day americans. if they think she is the queen of rage, not at all. i wasn't eating well. she's a dietitian. and she suggested i try boost complete nutritional drink to help get the nutrition i was missing. now i drink it everyday, and i love the great new taste. [ female announcer ] boost has 26 essential vitamins and minerals, including calcium and vitamin d to help keep bones strong and 10 grams of protein help maintain muscle. and boost has the taste that's preferred. your favorite patient is here! [ dad ] i choose being strong and active. i choose new and improved boost.
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>> welcome back. queen of rage. that's what the cover of "newsweek" is calling presidential candidate michelle bachmann. what about the coverage of the debate.
9:50 am
author and journalist liz is joining us. that was a cover indeed. >> good afternoon, uma. it dominated the so-called media news. but 15 months from now and until the presidential election, there is a certain phenomenon that is underway and that is sweetheart of the week syndrome and that is press sort of consciously or unconsciously picks who the hot topic is. bachmann, michelle bachmann after the international debate emerged as number one favorite as she is regard in iowa. but the debate performance thursday night sort of made her go from very hot to sort of medium cool . largely because of her performance in the debate and the cover on times and
9:51 am
"newsweek" magazine didn't help. but look at one of the comments on this cover which appeared in the huffington post. writer joanne williams. one thing that struck us watching the debate is that bachmann is an excellent speaker and makes what she said sound reasonable even when it and she channel others anger without internalized it. bachmann's rage is the tea party's rage and not her own. bachmann represents the tea party and this is what the left is aiming at . blaming it for everything including the increase in the debt ceiling, the feminist went wild when they saw the cover of "newsweek". largely because it makes her look like raised eyes and a fervent kind of radical look and the big debate started,
9:52 am
did tina brown, editor of "newsweek", did she do thatly? they are struggling as a magazine slash pamp let and they need to create buzz which is brown's speciality. but in doing that. brown still raises a valid point, what exactly is michelle bachmann and is she really a little bit fanatical . these are the things that people are talking about . the implication from the media, left wing media is presenting that cover. that cover line and saying this is what she is really like. we'll have to see more of it and after today's results, she will not be the sweetheart of the week and maybe will go to rick perry. this will change each week we go until the election. >> we have a long way to go. >> we do. >> straw poll and debate.
9:53 am
not the only thing going on in iowa. it is the anniversary of the state fair. it is a cow spulted from button. visitors signed a birthday cow . while the cow is not that old. recycled butter is from sevenyears ago. believe it or not . a frightening scene on a delta flight. a stow away bat flew around the cabin and terrorized the passengers. they trapped the bat in the bathroom and it escaped in the terminal and flew out of the airport. officials don't know if it was rabid. they want to talk to the passengers to make sure they don't have rabies. that is unbelievable. >> rick perry will announce running for president in a few minutes. will that change things?
9:54 am
your answers are coming up after the break. stay with us. [ male announcer ] where'd you get that idea? how'd you learn to do that? what'd you use? every project we finish comes with a story built-in. it's how our rough ideas become "you did that yourself?" so when we can save more on the projects that let us fix, make, and do more... that just makes the stories even better.
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>> it's hard to believe it's happening, but i'm excited and excited for my family, really. >> okay, take a look, thomas
9:58 am
and kathleen morris are the winners of a 229 million dollar powerball jackpot and met with financial advisor earlier this week and learned they didn't have much planning and now they do. the minnesota couple has 60 days to decide whether to take a lump sum that equals 84 million after taxes or a full payout over 30 years. >> comedy central funny man steven colbert the political ad game in iowa and mocking endorses rick perry in the ames straw poll, well, sort of. >> but not their rick perry. our rick perry. on august 13th, write in rick perry. that's parry with an a for america.
9:59 am
with an a for iowa. >> and pac ran ads this week and one local tv station refused to run them out of fear they would confuse voters. and americans for a better tomorrow. on a much more serious note perry is making a formal announcement at the top of the hour and fox of course will carry that announcement live and we love hearing from you at home. we have been asking you if the addition of rick perry to the 2012 presidential contest would change things? and am of you weighed in and shelly writes, yes, governor rick perry running for president will change my vote, i will vote for him. charles says rick perry will make a difference because he's advertising his religion to the religious right, same as george bush did. that will do it for me in washington, but america's news headquarters rolls on. kelly wright and jamie colby standing by in new yor


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