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tv   Huckabee  FOX News  August 13, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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carolina that america is not broken, washington d.c. is broken and that's how fox reports. i am harris faulkner. thanks for being here. live from ames, iowa, it is huckabee now. ♪ >> with 16,892 iowans voting the winner of the 2011 iowa straw poll is congresswoman michelle bachmann. >> mike: hello and michelle bachmann will join us right here on this special edition of huckabee. we are live on the campus of the iowa university. home of the iowa straw poll. this is the political center of the universe and a big day for congresswoman michelle bachmann. we'll let you tell her why and what it means.
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the iowa strawberry is misunderstood by lots of people who may not realize it is important for iowa. the people of iowa serve as a filter for the filter for the candidates who want to be president. when you come to iowa. you don't get to jump out of the bus and make a speech and never answer tough questions . the questions you get. the toughest one will not come from the reporters that come all over the world to. other than they're not star struck. they have met dem- democrats and republicans and independents. do they understand what it is like to be a farmer whose seed is in the ground . oner fist he will get the cost of the seed. unemployed truck driver and
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factory worker who hasn't had a job in 73 weeks. that's who the people of iowa will present themselves to be and the candidate had better be able to answer the question and a person who will not come answer the questions is got no reason to be president of the united states. joining me is bret baeir. was today's activities in the straw poll surprise or was it what you had seen shaping up. one congresswoman bachmann proves her organizational chops today. pulling off the win is a big win in a place like iowa . two, i heard a story that she at one point after speaking today. >> mike: i will now. >> give you a suggestion people that hadn't vote walked
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over and pied piper style to the voting area and say now please go vote. she vote by 152 votes over congressman ron paul and that is a big deal . by proving the win it is making a line in the sand with the newest candidate who got into the race day governor rick perry today. he will be here in iowa tomorrow and that is a battle that we are going to watch develop over the next couple of months. >> mike: when i visited with you not just a couple of hours ago, i felt governor perry made a mistake not by being here and making his announcement on the very day that the focus of the politics is in iowa. your assessment did he make a tactical error until not waiting until monday. >> you made a fair point there. i think he will suck some of the oxygen and head lines in
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south carolina and perhaps that is his strategy and the battle here in iowa will be joined. he's coming to waterloo . she will be there tomorrow and that will be interesting to watch tomorrow . all of this that develops is interesting for the romney campaign. they are counting on congresswoman bachmann to take iowa and set up a fort here if you will unite the right and deny governor perry. and the other story is governor pawlenty who has serious thinking to do about his campaign and a good showing for senator sanatorium in fourth. he campaigned in iowa and reached out to the rural counties. >> mike: senator sanatorium will join us. >> how do you get all of the bookings. >> mike: i tell them bret is going to be here. bret will be here and they don't come for me but come for
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you . also governor pawlenty was supposed to be here. he call cancel said he was not coming and we'll have an extended time to talk to congresswoman bachmann. is that a message that he's not coming out and facing the press tonight? >> yes, i think he will come out tomorrow from what i am seeing. i don't know why he would not talk about it tonight. he this is the first step moving forward and going to new hampshire and florida and south carolina. this is a moment for governor pawlenty things will change. he will have to scale his campaign back because of the important money and donor situation. >> mike: i do. >> you know it most. >> mike: it is a tough thing not to win. but it is an important decision to determine if you are in it for a long haul. bret, it is always great to talk to you . i know you have more duties
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yet tomorrow. >> tomorrow on fox news sunday. >> mike: winner of the iowa straw poll here with us. congresswoman bachmann. stay with us. [ artis brown ] america is facing some tough challenges right now. two of the most important are energy security and economic growth. north america actually has one of the largest oil reserves in the world. a large part of that is oil sands. this resource has the ability to create hundreds of thousands ojobs. at our kearl project in canada, we'll be able to produce these oil sands with the same emissions as many other oils and that's a huge breakthrough. that's good for oucountry's energy security and our economy.
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plaque buildup... and if crestor is right for you. if you can't afford your medication, astrazeneca may be able to help. >> mike: why are live from the iowa straw poll. the story of the day is congresswoman much -- michelle bachmann who won in a way. congresswoman, let's talk about the victory. first of all emotionally. i know you invested in an amount of time and energy and campaign money. what are you feeling in the moments after the announcement that you have won?
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>> we are stunned and humble and grateful and all of the rest of the the people of iowa did this. this was not us. it was the people of iowa. the fact that is unique 48 days in this campaign and we are able to win despite the fact other people have been here for years and invested. this invested to the fact that people wanted to have a champion for their voice. i was born here and they want to send a strong signal to barack obama that he will be a one-term president. >> mike: you know he got his start in the iowa caucus. that propelled him to a position where people thought he might win and your victory here in the straw poll gave you a status and level of respect that the front runner is going to have. do you feel coming out of this you are the front runner in
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the republican nomination based on today's result. >> we feel the love. put it it that way. we are grateful for that . i am not a pundit and i wont weigh in on that. we just crossed a very important hurdle, but it is the first one and a long way to go. there is the caucus and we aim to have a 50 state strategy and this is first of many is a wonderful, wonderful result today and i just couldn't be more grateful to the people of iowa. >> mike: i awn said the presidential campaign is a marathon . people want to start on mile six or seven. you have to start in the first mile. iowa is the first on mile of the marathon. you have shown you can run the first mile and leave others behind you. i want to ask those specifically. what about your message caught fire in the state it is a tough state to sell. they have heard every speech
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and listen to all of the talking points and you connected with the people here, tell me why? >> the voices that i heard and the reasonable fair-minded voices was people here in iowa spread across party lines and it is not just republicans, it was democrats and independents that i listened to deprowing up. we love our country and at any point to succeed and want to make sure people have jobs. that's what iowa is all about. people appreciated the fact that i have been fighting and i haven't marked time in congress. i have been a fighter and one thing they know about me. i say what i mean and mean what i say and i have a spine and a back bone. that's what they want. they want someone to be new, bold and different and stand up. they want someone to stand up and they understand and they have seen me do it and they want to make sure. they want to give their vote
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and make sure that vote counts and in the white house, they want a president who will do what they are hoping, which is create jobs and that's what i plann to do. >> mike: talk about the debate the other night and people have seen the battle of the minnesotians. you and governor pawlenty and got heated the other night and few sharp elbows and nothing bloody and sharper than what we have seen. do you think that your end of that exchange was part of what brought you to victory. you feel people connected better with your spirit and your answers and the way you handled what all of us would call a little dust up. >> it is for the voters who cast their votes to let you know why. that is one element in all of this and i think it goes from everything i take this seriously and i am extremely
5:14 pm
hard worker. we were all over iowa. we held five and six events a day. my goal was to meet as many iwans as we could and speak to them and lin to them it is all of the elements together that brought the results . i am grateful. we'll be in waterloo tomorrow thanking them. >> we heard from bret baier that governor perry is going there. is that an attempt to bring it to you right away. >> we'll welcome him to waterloo it is a great city and it was where i was born and we will stay thank you. >> mike: with him coming, he chose to be in south carolina and make his announcement and i heard a lot of people out here not happy about that and they felt like he was attempting to take away some of the attention. that is historically given to the iowa straw poll.
5:15 pm
i want you to speak and don't give me hard comment about governor perry but that from a tactical standpoint. you think he took anything from your victory here by making his announcement halfway over the country. >> i think the people see what the victory was today and they appreciate it and the results. what we are going to see going forward is that iowa is extremely important. the straw poll is very important . the caucuses are important and we don't take it for granted. just because we won today. that said we will work harder to work the votes of people here and work for the vote and support for people here in iowa. we'll be back in iowa time after time and day after day and speaking to people. iowa matters, this is the first in the nation. iowa matters and we are going to make sure we continue to make our case in iowa and then in south carolina this week and new hampshire and we'll be
5:16 pm
all over the nation. but in particular right now, we'll focus on iowa and south carolina and new hampshire and then the next frenitates. we are commit i am committed to making barack obama a one-term president. the united states can't afford a second president. >> you have made a big step to that today. stay with us, when we come back more congresswoman michelle bachmann the winner of the iowa straw poll here in ames, iowa. ♪ let me entertain you
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♪ >> you have just sent a message to barack obama you will be a one-term president.
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thank you everyone. we love you. god bless you. "god bless america" and now it is on to all 50 states. god bless youy, everyone. >> mikel-> one of the things you clearly have with an advantage over bark obama you thanked the people for this great victory and then take it to all 50 states and not the pen. >> mike, you are intelligent and now you told the world. >> mike: i didn't win the iowa traw pole four years ago and you did. it is a victory. where do you take it from here and not so much the tactical and where does the campaign go. democrats are all so worked up that you're going to be a formidable force. they are afraid of you and call the you the tea party crazy. what does that do inside much you when you hear those kinds
5:21 pm
of ridiculous accusations? >> i think it is a judgment on the people of america. the people of america say we are taxed enough already and don't spend more money than what you take in and hen's sake act within the constitution. that's the message that people are sending and there is no better evidence than the terrible week than we had last week. america had a punch to the gut when we saw what happened in the stock market and credit rating and barack obama get a 2.4 trillion check. we got 21 billion in cuts? people are smart. you know that, governor. they recognize what a raw deal they are begin. they want true hope and change. people believing in the greatness of america and want someone to give a voice and that's our message. i will go to washington and be different than the current
5:22 pm
president. i want to go in there and do the bold things that have to be done. only one term, my political career is not the point. the point is do bold thing to turn the country aroundd. >> mike: speaking of one-term president you want this one to be a one term president. >>s yes, sir. >> mike: the way things are going that could happen because of the debt and obama care is now unconstitutional by another appeal it ises court. the court got one right. >> and as president of the united states i pledge i will not rest until we repeal obama care. i am not content to let the court take care of it. i want it repealed by the united states congress and i will sign it and campaign for it. >> mike: a lot of americans and small business owners and senior citizens. >> they don't want obama care. >> mike: in the grounds of the
5:23 pm
straw poll a lot of your supporters blend the tea party emphasis on economics and you also have clearly tapped into a very deep root and that is the value voterss and social conservatives and people who believe that every life marries. >> that's right. >> mike: how important has that been in bringing this coalition together for your victory here together. >> you are right. it is valuable. i am pro-life and i believe in the sanctity of marriage between a man and a woman. people want a president who is not ashamed to stand up for life and not ashamed to stand up for marriage. social conservatives are important as are fiscal conservatives and peace through strength in service and so is the tea party movement. that's what we are bringing together. this is a movement that can't be beat .
5:24 pm
we are a team that can't be beat. we are a wide swath of america that are solution minded people. we'll take it back and get it down in 2012. >> mike: i want to make a comment to you personally and people know my show is not objective. i have a strong opinion. your answer the other night when asked about biblical submission was one of the most articult and effective and brilliant on behalf of every christian believer who loves the word of god and loves traditional marriage. i want to say thank you for helping people to understand what that means and doesn't mean. your answer was brilliant and every american believer wants to say thank you for articulating it in a way. i >> thank you. it means mutual respect between husband and wife and that's what we need to have ultimately. respect in marriage for one another and it is important to do that.
5:25 pm
i am grateful to have a wonderful husband of 33 years and he's taught me a lot. >> mike: you taught us a lot about winning and thank you for being here. congratulations on a terrific victory on the iowa straw poll and best wishes in waterloo. >> to be here on the show after the first win is a honor for me. >> mike: thank you, congresswoman. congresswoman michelle bachmann, the winner of the iowa straw poll on the campus of iowa state university. coming up. steve king who has been a part of a few straww poles himself. how do you do it and stay with us. at exxon and mobil, we engineer smart gasoline that works at the molecular level to help your engine run more smoothly by helping remove deposits and cleaning up intake valves. so when you fill up at an exxon or mobil station,
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expected from his bedroom in pakistan . warren winestein am police say a group of men broke in the house and overpowered the guard and forced weinstein in the car. he plan to leave for good on monday. >> a bus crashed near harrisburg, pennsylvania. the bus crashed on the pennsylvania turnpike on the way to st. louis from new york city. the driver lost control before hitting an embank flipped on its side. 30 people have died in the u.s. in tour bus crashes this year ooh lone. we'll get you back to huckabee in ames, iowa. ♪ >> mike: we are back. congressman teave king is not
5:30 pm
only a congressman from iowa he is a rock star in this state and a go to guy. people want your advice and every candidate wants your endorsement . have you endorsed anyone in the race? >> i am going to get past labor day and we have an event in south carolina. this certainly has impact today. >> mike: you have been in iowa all of your life and seen straw polls. why should someone living outside of iowa care. >> it is linked to the first nation caucus. you know mike, it is retail politics and a measure of a person's character and authtesity and the issues in the agenda and stamina and all things that embody a great president. if we lose the first in the nation caucus. the person with deep pockets would buy media image and we would not be able to see them
5:31 pm
unless they had a lot of money. >> mike: chip is the campaign manager from my campaign and i know him. >> we didn't win, governor. >> mike: we did win the caucus. i want to talk about what congressman just said. it is not parachuted and getting plate of the foot and moving on . how does a person win in iowa? what are the mechanics. >> work hard and meet the vores and get them to vote for you. this is what is so special. any candidate can come and do 10 events a day and meet with 10 people . go to pizza ranch for lunch and you know there are people there and work it one voters at a time is where it happens in the presidential campaign. today you can go out and win one voters at a time and make a difference and this is in iowa where it is happening like that.
5:32 pm
>> mike: it shows organization and the intensity of organization to the point where people are willing to spend a day. you might with a television adget them to vote for a particular candidate. it requires an extraordinary level of intensity to get a person who is willing to give up an all saturday on august day to come and be a part of what is a massive event. how much difference does that in terms of engaging the intensity of voters here. >> as i walked around here and i could feel that intensity and you know what it feels like. there was intensity in michelle bachmann's tent and intensity in ron paul's that was going on . measure a couple of things in tim pawlenty's team was well organize worked two years to get to this point. does that organizational effort off set the energy that
5:33 pm
michelle bachmann brought to the campaign. i think she had 48 days working here in iowa and not all of the days to do everything. she has a tremendous force and personality and if you put the behind that you have a team roller here in iowa. >> mike: we were out spent a dime to a dollar and yet we won the caucus. how it is possible to win even if you don't have the media or money behind you. >> behawe proved if you have a strong organization and passionate people working for you and strong leadership in the campaign manager, you can over come a weak candidate and win the caucus. we had all of those things come together a candidate who was a great messenger and organization behind him from day one and we had to do it michelle bachmann showed lot was enthusiasm for her
5:34 pm
personally and lot was enthusiam for her message and what happened. she put a w on the board and now the only candidate that has a win . so when governor perry comes here he has to put something on the scoreboard. he has to dig in, in iowa and south carolina. michelle bachmann can get a w. >> mike: was it a mistake that governor perry decided not to show up here but use it for his announcement 1200a miles away. >> in my opinion yes. but to pick that timing right in the center of the ceremonies here in the straw poll it is clear that was intentional effort to step on the straw poll and as i said it is linked to the caucus. if they are not tied together we don't have an effective caucus. it diminishes the opportunity for a person to win. it looks like he's coming to iowa and will be in waterloo
5:35 pm
in the same building where michelle bachmann announced her cand daysy and she will be there . we might have a shoot out in oak coral. >> he will bring it to iowa and in essence recognizing with today's win by michelle bachmann he has to get past her to be the tea party candidate and value voters candidate. but did he make a tactical error that is hard to over come by not being her today and attempting to take the shine off if you will? >> i would not have suggested he do that. but i think he played it perfectly until today. i think he should have announced next week. let everyone have their day and this was michelle bachmann's day . people wanted her to have her day and come and tryy to take the shine is too cute by half. governor perry, the game
5:36 pm
changes tomorrow and preseason was over. michelle bachmann got the win and it starts tomorrow and we reset the board and governor persewell in the game. >> mike: last time barack obama carried the state of iowa. what is your prediction, will he win regardless who the republican is. has he got a shot at winning? this is a president who hasn't had a great record in iowa. >> he started his movement in iowa and some take that as a responsibility to end his move iowa . given the economy and where it is going and where things are going in national defense, you are seeing a reflection of iowa being the balance of the rest of the country. he has a shot. we worked hard for george bush to win here in his reelecthaving a great candidate in the top of the ticket, this will make a difference. we can win this in iowa and i understand the destiny of the country is at stake.
5:37 pm
if we are going to balance the budget and repeal obama care. if he is reelected obama care is the law of the land and if he is defeated he we will repeal obama care. >> mike: i hope we can do that . thanks for the support of the fair tax as well coming up. herman cain and thad mccotter and all on the campus of the iowa state university. we'll be right back.
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ah. [ female announcer ] charmin ultra soft. >> mike: some the of the candidates behohad a exceptional day was rick sanatorium. rick you finished fourth. you needed to show you had progress and momentum. did you do that? and where does this take you as a result of you finishing. >> we feel good. if you look at three folks ahead of us. two local millionaire rock stars of the main stream one guy who can't win the caucus. i feel good we were up against tough competition and up against competition as we sit next to me and we did well because i heard it from all day long they love what i had to say and a lot of folks first i heard from you. you almost didn't hear much from me at the debate.
5:42 pm
they liked what they heard and i was willing to go out and work hard and meet the people of iowa. we have good organizations and just like you were able to plush four yearrs ago. >> mike: what the key. why did they connect with you and what was it about the message of rick sanatorium that speaks to my soul. >> they like the conseshative who understands what makes america great and willing to fight for the country and soul and life and liberty and pursuit of happiness and the foundational principles of our country and someone who n only fights for the principles but accomplishes it. that is the contrast i like to make. i went to washington d.c. and didn't back down in one of the toughest state to get elected in and accomplished on the
5:43 pm
social conservative and national security and taxes and spend final thing that i heard back. i defeated three democratic incumbents that. is a good track record going up against tough oppons in a tough state and one that we mede to win if we are going to beat barack obama . no one else can say they have done that. >> mike: congratulations, you had a great day . that is an upward mobility and you were able to do that today. >> thanks for coming and playing with the cricket. >> mike: i got bay with buddy holly and the crickets . i play with them today. >> you did great. >> mike: herman cain. i want to talk to you because you are one of the few people who never held an elected office . some people are saying why would you want to start with president. shouldn't you run for sheriff or something first.
5:44 pm
tell me what do you say to those folks who say you need government experience first. >> i worked my way up the corporate and america can't wait for me to work my way up the political president. the problems are too serious and we are eestatic about the results. i want to congratulate re.ative bachmann and rick and all of the other people. consider that my national name is 46% . zero on tv and zero on the radio, and we worked the ground hard, this is how we got people behind us and we happen to believe that the more people who hear my message as the only problem solver nonpolitician. i am up against now nine politicians, no disrespect, men. but i am the only problem solver in the groupp and i love it. that's what resonated with people in my opinion. >> mike: do you run the risk of having people say you are a great motivator and you take
5:45 pm
the stage and command attention but not ready to go ahead and govern and sit down with those folks in congress and make the deal that is have to be done. it is almost the same question but different. tell me how you respond when the pressure comes that way. >> same thing i happened when i run burger king and god father. you think franchizeees. you have convince it. they would get behind it. i believe that those same skills will apply in the behite white. i will work with congress but i will also have the american people understand the agenda and understand the proposal and if the american people understand it they will support it and demand if can special so the principles of leadership. they are sick of excuse and want leadership and tired of the blame game. they want results. that's what they will see.
5:46 pm
i work with congress because i will have the american people behind me on the things to get done. >> mike: thaddeus mccotter is a congressman from michigan and one of the candidate that is did not get selected to be a part of the debate. you had to come out here without the opportunity to be on the debate stage? what does that mean having to fight your way to get recognition? >> governor, don't worry me. i try to get the message out in front of people and i love the iowa first . alm you can do as you know put your message in front of the sovereign american citizens and abide their judgment. >> mike: you didn't get to be on the debate stage. if you had and why should you be president. why would be the answer? >> affirm the american. i was born in 1965 in detroit in the zeith of the manufacturing base of the united states.
5:47 pm
we see much of that be lost and american in decline. i think we have to take on the powerful structural forces including big government and wall street banks that fail credit growing . move forward from that basis . governor as we talked about communist china is a threat to this generation's soviet union and refused to seed the 21st century to a communist dictator. >> mike: i will call you right on that issue and a lott of americans underestimate the way in which china manipulated our currence yeforeign policy and it is an important issue. you had a tough day today. you didn't come out in the top four or five. are you discouraged and if not. tell me where you go from here and how you build on our experience in the straw poll. >> first, it was too much respect for iowa ans to enter
5:48 pm
a month ago and expected to finish like where senator sanatorium or mr. gam. and build as you go. and in fairness. it is a and that is a warehouse foreman. and we are look figure you are available. >> mike: i like this gig better. thad mccotter thank you for coming to the straw poll and compete showing us here tonight and bringing your message to the audience. the only way you get heard is to come to forums like this and it is significant and note worthy it would be ease to say i am not doing well and i am
5:49 pm
leaving. i like you, and you are a great musician and can shred the guitar. >> as you, governor. >> rick sanatorium and herman cain and thaddeus mccotter all candidates for the president of the united states. >> and steve days. one of the leading talk show host in iowa and what do value voters mean for the contest in iowa and the arrest of the country. more on this special edition of huckabee . it's the cleanest, clearest water. we find the best, sweetest crab for red lobster we can find. yeah! [ male announcer ] hurry in to crabfest at red lobster. the only time you can savor three sweet alaskan crab entrees all under $20, like our hearty crab and roasted garlic seafood bake or sn crab and crab butter shrimp. [ jon i wouldn'tut it my table at home, i wouldn't bring it in. my name's jon forsythe, and i sea fd differently.
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5:52 pm
>> mike: do value voters still matter? a couple of people might disagree with that.
5:53 pm
tony perkins is head of the family research counsel . someone who knows iowa in and out steve day had the number one talk show . gon national with salem broadcaster. remarkable person who understands iowa. tony, you saw a value's voters candidate michelle bachmann win this race. never backed away from her position on life and marriage and made it a piece of her message. smart strategy? >> if you look how all of the races ended up. ron paul, the last speech in the straw poll talked about the value issues and value of human life and why you have to stand for life . go back to twen years you had one value voters on the ballot and you had pat robertson and today, the ballot is dominated by social conservatives and that shows that the impact of the value's voters on
5:54 pm
republican politics is growing. it is not diminishing in request about way. >> mike: steve we have the possibility that the value voters think they need to tone it down this time. we need to focus on jobs and the economy. is there a conflict? do we have to pick one or the other? >> no, you can't have strong government without strong family. look at welfare state and social security is a by product of the break down of the family. fiscal conservatives look at what is going on in a level. controversial marriage pledge that was put out. it was pillage plundered all over the country. the candidate who won today was first to sign it today. rick sanatorium was the first to commit to signing it and he finished stronger than people thought. that is not a coincidence.
5:55 pm
>> mike: iowa voters are tough because they ask tough questions and they are not what i would say take platitudes easily. what was the difference that you saw in iowa for michelle bachmann today. >> sincerity. most important thing for iowa voters is sincerity. we saw your race. you were the more sincere candidate in the minds of voters . they saw integrity which is belief and behavior. they saw more in you than mitt romney . that's why you won. >> mike: what about vermont or california, so how does michelle bachmann take this message and go. >> she is a complete conservative and understands the economy and spoke clearly on the debt ceiling debate. people understand. if you want to shrink the size of government you have to -- her misdemeanors - enemies attacked you over faith.
5:56 pm
>> mike: i remember. >> you shot up through the roof. the more they attack her, the stronger her response from the american people who don't trust media and politician. who is attacking her. media and politicians. she has great potential and i am very encouraged by the out wam of the iowa straw poll and candidate who is finished. >> mike: both of you guys have a clear understanding. not only of iowa but the process nationally. thank you for coming and thank all of you for giving us an opportunity to being in your home and bring the live report where the straw poll was held and michelle bachmann won the straw poll and comes out with moment up that could be very significant part of the republican primary. but i want to close with a reminder, the people of iowa did standing out in the
5:57 pm
sunshine and coming out early and staying late did you a favor. they asked them hard questions and were not star struck and because of that we have a better candidates and process and hopefully will have a better america. from ames, iowa, good night and god bless. a couple decades , we didn't even realize just how much natural gas was trapped irocks thounds of feet below us. technology has made it possible to safely unlock this cleanly burning natural gas. this deposits can provide us with fuel for a hundred years, providing energy security and economic growth all across this country. it just takes somebody having thidea, and that's where the discovery comes from. toi switched to a complete0, multivitamin with more. it just takes somebody having thidea, only one a day women's 50+ advantage has ginkgo for memory and concentration, plus support for bone and breast health. a great addition to my routine. [ female announcer ] one a day women's.
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