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tv   Hannity  FOX News  August 15, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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rating continues to sink to record levels. dick morris has the latest from washington. >> rick perry is in. tim pawlenty is out. karl rove reacts to the latest changes in the race. >> reports of internal fighting at the white house over how to handle the tea party. harry reid claims the movement will fade away. will the tea party be a factor in 2012? >> plus, christine o'donnell is here with an exclusive first look at her new book, "troublemaker." we are on the road to 2012, hannity stars right here, right now. >> today president obama embarked on a three day bus tour in the midwest that the white house says will allow him to escape the beltway bubble and hear from actual americans. he doesn't have to waste your tax dollars and travel around in a 1.1 million dollar luxury liner to find out what is on the minds of the so-called
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commoners. the american people are speaking loud and clear about the president's performance. according to a gallup poll 39% say anointed one is doing a good job. 54% say they disapprove. both of those numbers are the worst of the obama presidency. with the president plummeting in the polls not the only story overshadowing his bus tour. the presidential field has been rocked. we begin in ames, iowa where michelle bachmann stunned the gop field with an impressive victory in the straw poll saturday. congressman ron paul finished second. disappointing third place finish by tim pawlenty would bring his campaign to a close. >> we needed to get lift to continue on and have a pathway forward. that didn't happen. so i'm announcing on your show i'm ending my campaign for president.
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>> sean: if as that news was breaking in iowa governor perry was in south carolina making headlines of his own with a highly anticipate add announcement. >> it is time to get america working again. that's why, with the support of my family and unwavering belief in the goodness of america, i declare to you today, as a candidate for president of the united states! [ applause ] >> sean: joining me with analysis of the president's bad news bus tour and the latest on the 2012 race, author of "revolt." dick morris is back. good to see you with >> good to be here. >> sean: let's start with the polls. 39%, the lowest in his presidency. no president, this late into their first term has had those numbers, but for harry truman, and gotten reelected. what does it mean for the president? >> well, he's engaged right now in a zero sum game, with leaders of congress.
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his plus is their minus. their plus is his minus. in the meantime, they are all going down together. because they are incumbents perceived as not doing their job. his advisers can only play against the player that is on the field, the gop congress. it doesn't do them any good to do that, because he sinks further and further. his real opponents, the republican presidential candidates, are so diverse, such a big field, so many possible new entrants he can run against them. all he can do is be a good president. that's impossible for him. he's got an economy that he can't possibly get his way out of. look, let's understand why he can't do that. what he needs right now is a trillion or two trillion dollar tax cut. he can do that, because he spent that money in a wasteful stimulus package, 2 1/2 years
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ago. as a result, there's nothing he can do. his ratings are going to drop and drop. you see the left turning on him now, which is very significant. this about his vacation in afghanistan and he's too weak in the face of republicans and he's too passive. that's going to cost him approval rating and he will drop into the low 30s. at that point, by the time the republicans have a candidate, he will be so radioactive that nobody can possibly dig him out. >> sean: now the elected democrats even his supporters when they see these numbers they will be running for the hills. let me start with rick perry getting in the race. he has shown an instant bounce. a lot of popularity. over half the jobs created, since obama has been president, we are not talking about the negative four million jobs lost. of the ones that were created, more than half were in the stay of texas. axelrod was out there this
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weekend blaming the increase on drilling which i thought was eye nick. >> blaming the increase job creation. -- i think that perry has a basic strategic problem. it is going to be hard for him to overcome that. is he going to be the pea party candidate running against michelle bachmann? or is he going to be the establishment free market, club for growth, economic conservative candidate, running against mitt romney? the first primary, the one against bachmann would be held in iowa. where bachmann is probably going to win and perry could be competitive. the other primary the free market conservative primary will be in new hampshire. which is oriented in that direction, where romney is the front-runner. i could see a situation, where bachmann beats perry in iowa. and maybe perry finishes third with romney in there, you don't know.
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but second or third. then bachmann, using the momentum from iowa, finishes second to romney in new hampshire. at that point, perry who will probably win south carolina, becomes a regional southern candidate, not unlike mike huckabee. >> sean: i think he's going to thread the needle and try to appeal to both groups and draw from all sighs, that would be my guess. >> he could fall between two chairs is the problem. >> sean: a lot has happened. we had the debate thursday night. straw poll saturday. pawlenty out. perry in. if you had to assess putting all these new developments together, who stands where at this moment? >> well, again i always see this in terms of semifinals. the right wing semifinal in the centrists semifinal. in the right wing, bachmann clearly did very well.
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she is moving out from the pack. i would not count out rick santorum, who had a very strong debate performance. and has a perfect foil in ron paul claiming iran would be fine if they got a bomb and they don't intend to get a bomb any way. santorum looked good at the ames poll, he finished fourth and a decent fourth. then with pawlenty out, that's third. i think the other thing -- also don't count out herman cain he has a lot of charisma. he at some point will learn how to use that in the debate, he hasn't yet. romney has now eliminated pawlenty who was his chief come pet for for the establishment support. huntsman revealed himself to be a democrat, a liberal, he has no chance. now you have perry coming in. >> sean: i agree there is more
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establishment vs. tea party. i think perry tries to bring the coalition together. if he didn't, i would be surprised we'll watch and see. as we watch all of this, i watched the president today. i was like, go back to 2008, and the president saying, they want to say obama care, fine, i'm obama and i care. if the other side doesn't care, you know -- it was like air that popped out of a balloon. he seems to have nothing that he had in 2008. and if attack is going to be the answer, i don't care if he raises 10 trillion dollars, i don't think people are going to buy it. >> i think you are absolutely right. don't forget the huge hit that he got last week. i have a video on this on my website. the circuit court declaring obamacare unconstitutional. with a vote of one of the clinton appointees voting in favor of throwing the law out.
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voting against the law. i think is huge. what is this guy going to run for reelection on? lousy economy, failed stimulus package and health care law the courts have thrown out? what is his record going to be? >> sean: thanks. romney in new hampshire slamming the anointed one everywhere he goes. >> she is back, christine o'donnell here in studio with the inside scoop of how she threw the gop establishment for a loop. that, karl rove and much more, coming up. host: could switchino really save you 15% or more
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>> sean: the road to 2012 took a lot of twists and turns this weekend. michelle bachmann rode to victory in the straw poll, just barely she beat out ron paul by just 200 votes. romney placed 7th in the iowa poll. he has not campaigned much in the nation's first caucus state and did not participate in the saw from poll. he's looking to new hampshire. earlier today he gave the anointed one quite the verdict balance beating. >> the president was -- verbal beating. >> the president was on the "today" show and said if i can turn the economy around in three years it is a one turn proposition. i agree and i'm here to collect. the president this week is in three states on a bus tour, campaigning. then he's going on vacation to martha's vineyard for 10 days.
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there's a lot of democrats in martha's vineyard, i don't know why. i wish the president were in washington calling back congress and dealing with the challenges we have. >> sean: joining me with analysis of all of the developments over the past few days karl rove. how are you? >> fine, how about you? >> sean: all is good. a lot happening. bachmann wins the straw poll. romney didn't participate nor did newt gingrich and a few of the others. perry gets in, pawlenty gets out. a lot of moving parts, what do you think? >> a lot of good things happen. big boost for michelle bachmann to win the straw poll. let's not read too much into it. there's 17,000 people who turned out. iowa has three million, seven thousand people. a lot of people didn't show up. nonetheless, a good boost for her. momentum gives her a jump in
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fundraising certainly a bigger part on the national stage. she did five sunday talk programs. perry has gotten in an adroit fashion. he leaked it, dominated the news leading into the straw poll the day before he made it clear he was getting in. dominated the precoverage announced on the same day that gave him a part in every story. michelle bachmann led, the second paragraph in most stories was perry getting in. romney had a good performance in the debate and maintained his lead as front-runner. we've got a good field. i don't think it is the end of the field. i think we are likely to see several others think seriously about getting in. they have time to do so. november 22nd, is the first deadline to file papers to get on a ballot. that's the last day somebody could get in without starting to lose a place in some of the early primaries and caucuses. i suspect we are likely to see early september and late august -- >> sean: who are these other
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people you suspect are going to get if? >> i think palin. >> sean: you do think palin is getting in? >> i think she is going to look seriously at it. i think the nature of the field and the fact that we've now got three candidates when we could have four, five or six major candidates going to leave people to say i could be in that contest. palin has an active schedule this early september. i think chris christie and paul ryan will look at it again. it wouldn't be surprised if all three gave serious consideration. >> sean: i've talked to governor christie a lot he says, no way. i was more convinced governor palin after i saw her friday night at the state fair she might get in now. paul ryan hasn't given any indication. >> there is with was an event in new york, big money ers --
6:17 pm
big money raisers met with christie and said you need to think seriously about in. i talked to a number of people who picked up the phone and called christie to tell him they thought he ought to run, these are republican activists, donors, movers and shakers around the country. the same on paul ryan. i'm starting to pick up vibrations that these kind of conversations are causing christie and ryan to tell the people who are calling, i owe it to you, i think i will take a look. whether or not that happens or not, i don't know. i'm just picking that up that people have some sense, some belief that these two are going to take a look at it. >> sean: the gallup poll has the president at 39% approval rating, 54% travel rating a 15 point gap. no president since truman has been reelected on approval ratings this late into their
6:18 pm
first term. the lowest george w. bush came in was 46%. how big an opportunity now? has it gotten bigger? >> i think the president has structural problems and they are not going to get better. bad economy, high joblessness, sluggish growth. and the fact he has no real concept on how to deal with it and no plan. it was interesting today on his taxpayer-funded campaign stop,' ed he would make a plan available in september. you think the president would have a plan available now. he's only had how long to get a plan together after the failure of the stimulus bill? we'll see was. i think the president is in deep, deep, deep, dodo, as they say. >> sean: that will be the quote of the day. romney still in the lead. perry has good numbers coming out of the box. michelle bachmann has been doing very well. you mentioned three others that may get in, ryan, christie and palin.
6:19 pm
if you had to handicap how this would evolve, who going to emerge as the front runners? >> romney is the nominal front-runner not by the margin we've seen front-runners lead. bachmann and perry first have to have a primary of activity to figure out who is the principle not romney candidate. at the end of the day contests like this tend to be byary in nature. rom has enough strength, money and activity, -- the question is which will come out up. the first bout was sunday night waterloo, perry won the round. he showed up early, shook every hand. he posed for pictures spent others at this lincoln day dinner. bachmann sat in the bus outside and came in before she spoke and after stood behind a
6:20 pm
table signing t-shirts. that will be the last time these two william pain -- that michelle bachmann william pain that way. i suspect she will take a lesson from perry's aggressive retail campaigning and not let that happen to her again. >> sean: karl rove, appreciate you being with us. is the tea party going to fade away? we dissect harry reid's ridiculous reasoning. >> plus, she may not be a witch but it is a self-described troublemaker. christine o'donnell is here. in one place. ♪ the race of your life you never ran. the trip around the world you never took. the best-selling novel you never wrote. but there's one opportunity that's too good to miss. the lexus golden opportunity sales event, with exceptional values on the lexus es. but only until september 6th. see your lexus dealer.
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>> sean: is the tea party movement here to stay or will it be a blip on the political radar? harry reid seems toe"n be going with the latter. telling the las vegas review journal that the tea party was the result of a terrible economy i've said many times and i believe that, that will pass. they will lose a number of seats next year. he's only deluding himself. the latest poll reveals two out of three are not hopeful -- not satisfied with where the nation is headed. "new york times" reporting obama's senior aides are considering whether to adopt a more combative approach over the economy and there's
6:25 pm
debate. the white house denies any internal infighting. insisting the president's first priority is to work with republicans and democrats to grow the economy, create jobs, reduce the deficit. correction, the president's first priority is figure out a way to diminish that tea party power so it won't stand in his way. joining me with reaction pat caddell. author of a huge knew bestseller, margaret hoover is here. both fox news contributors. this just in from iowa, president obama got in a heated debate back and forth with a tea party activists demanding to know whether or not vice president biden had called members of the tea party terrorists, during the debt ceiling debate. watch this. >> [ inaudible ] . >> when you went to him privately and said your
6:26 pm
vice president call the tea party terrorists, what did he said? >> denied it. he said the vice president didn't make any of those assertions. if he doesn't want to admit what was on tv nationally, all over the place. then he decided to say we can't have a conversation because you are saying i called you terrorists. it demonstrates the deep divide. >> sean: by all accounts the statement was made by biden. >> the double standard that bothers me more than anything, is that there was that kind of rhetoric from the entire left of the democratic party the debt ceiling debate and we waited a year all they did was point fingers. we were poisoning the environment of our politics. we created the republicans the wingnuts on the right created the environment that lead to gabrielle giffords' shooting. and suddenly they don't hold themselves to the same standard. >> sean: the president himself has used incendiary language
6:27 pm
over the years against conservatives, republicans, tea party members, nancy pelosi, racist, terrorist, all these comments, he's never stood up for the tea party. >> it is very disingenuous, very chicago. you go out and have a hit man hit somebody. then you say, well that's terrible they probably deserved it. it is like, this is the way they operate. can't you see it is very clear. then you get all these people, biden of course said they were terrorists. senators said he said it, they are not lying this is a mentally that is causing democrats not to understand how they are alien nating parts of their own base. >> they are -- harry reid's comments epitomized it. living in this parallelbísv universe. the only reason harry reid can get away to saying that to his local papers is because he barely walked away with his own election from a tea party candidate.
6:28 pm
the reality is the tea party had a massive victory at his expense in washington. >> everybody is suffering now politically. i thought attack on the tea party is a political liable. in the sense that these are americans who are concerned their country is in decline and going under. [ talking over each other ] >> the answer is, became the people, they are responsible. they caused the default. [ talking over each other ] >> this attack on the american people is outrageous. >> sean: they demonize big business, the rich, the private jets. he's going to martha's vineyard! >> he was just in iowa today on his bus tour talking raising taxes. he's the only person in america talking about raising taxes. we tried it and they haven't worked. >> my question is, we are seeing i think the beginning of a backlash big government,
6:29 pm
period. i think the intensity is going to grow. i don't think they could be any more wrong. >> people see the pensions, the waved spending. they see not working. the problem for liberal government, as a liberal, i will tell you is proving that it works. you cannot have failure and tell people they want more. >> sean: what is this infighting about? >> that's the best part. listen, i'm sorry, i feel like this is yogi berra, for me it is deja vu all over again. i have lived this nightmare. no one has an economic answer. they have an argument between the political team of daley and plouffe on which sound bite might work. sperling is talking about little ideas like let's have a department of jobs, 1984. what they are saying is, it is in chaos. his numbers are plummeting. as is congress. >> their only solution is grow the government, pour more money into the government to try to create more jobs that
6:30 pm
are government jobs. not doing things that will inisn't vice the private sector. the -- [ unintelligible ] >> sean: who do you like for president? >> my book is about how to connect the next generation to the gop. and what i hope sincerely is that the field has not yet flushed itself out yet. >> sean: who do you like that are in the race? >> i empathize with the "wall street journal"'s lead editorial that says if there is anybody else who going to get in, now is the time. [ unintelligible ] >> sean: that's a little dodge. >> it is . >> sean: i agree but -- >> my book is a road map for whoever the gop nominee is -- [ unintelligible ] [ talking over each other ] >> as long as you can keep it between just these two parties. anger is unbelievable.
6:31 pm
>> sean: being in iowa for three days, it shocked me. >> the numbers are unbelievable out there i'm telling you, -- [ talking over each other ] >> as i said i have lived this nightmare. >> sean: you did, you worked with carter. >> when you go out and say, vote for me because it could be worse. >> sean: good to see you both. >> she was one of the most talked about candidates in the midterm elections. christine o'donnell has a new book out. she is going to set the record straight about her political run. she even talks about her infamous i am not a witch political ad, coming up, next. [ man ] behind every business is a "what if."
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>> sean: my next guest was a tea party favorite during the 2010 midterm election. and experienced firsthand the vicious attacks of the mainstream media. while christine o'donnell was unsuccessful in the senate race that year she is still fighting for the tea party principles. she explains why. her new book "troublemaker, what it takes to make america great again." welcome back. >> thank you. >> sean: it is not easy to put your neck out there and get beaten up that is not fun. >> no, it is not. but more troublemakers need to step up and put their name in the ballots and challenge the status quo if we are going to get our country back. i hope this book does, i talk about the stories and everything i had to fight against since i made the decision to run. how the establishment will not always welcome you with open arms. >> sean: i've experienced, during the last debate for example, over the debt ceiling, i didn't like -- i like cut, cap and balance, i like the
6:37 pm
ryan plan. when i agreed with the republicans, fine i didn't like the compromise deal. then all of a sudden, well i'm like, i'm sorry i wrote a book conservative victory. i didn't write a book republican victory. for the republican party to remerge they got to be stand on those principles the tea party is reminding them of that. >> the tea party isn't made just of republicans. it democrats, independents, people who are frustrated with establishment politics. as i define the establishment in my book, anyone who is willing to compromise their principles, to step on people in order to get ahead. what the tea party is reminding those in washington, and those who play the i'll scratch your back, you scratch mine game, there's an ideological reawakening that is happening. that's where our hope lies for our country. >> sean: i do think there is a huge conservative ascendancy
6:38 pm
this was the second most attended straw poll in iowa history. which is pretty interesting. we saw the 2010 midterm election results. the argument they are making already you are in a battle with mike castle's people, i guess if they don't like what you say, too bad. >> exactly this is my book. >> sean: the argument was then and is now, well she had a better chance of winning because he's more moderate. and that argument is made a lot. i think there are instances there may be some truth to that. i guess you have to decide and people have to decide, maybe a candidate is more electable, maybe you are electing a water downed democrat. >> it is not only that. this book is not just some of the behind the scenes stories. we get into the wonky stuff showing that is not true. mike castle was dipping in the polls, way before i beat him. because people are waking up
6:39 pm
and recognizing that what republicans in name only and liberal democrats, what establishment politicians represent does not help the country. and i think the electorate is more educated than ever. they know the principles on which our country was founded. they know the common sense principles. you brought up the debt thing. why were we all shocked that our credit rating went down? >> sean: had the tea party planned then -- if cut, cap and balance had been adopted, it met the stated standard of s&p to avoid a downgrade. it was interesting, the democrats started this is the tea party downgrade this is president downgrade's downgrade. >> exactly, we were in trouble way before the tea party came on the scene. the tea party is willing to say the emperor has no clothes. they are trying to discredit the messenger. what i'm hoping to do in my book is encourage people that
6:40 pm
any major step toward in american history has been because people have said, enough is enough. they've taken the hits. and they've decided to forge on, regardless of the attacks that came their way. >> sean: look, i said to you before we came on air, i'm a witch, i'm not a witch ad? you wrote in detail, you were told it wind going to run. it ran. >> right. >> sean: i remember seeing it -- >> i hated the ad. i never liked it. >> sean: why did they get to run it if it is your campaign, why did you allow that to happen? >> first of all, it is my mistake. i go into detail about the -- >> sean: i'm to -- i'm glad to hear you are not a witch. >> i know. i go into detail about the thinking. there's a lesson -- >> sean: don't worry, go ahead. you should see the his hannity combs.
6:41 pm
i can feel your pain, go ahead. >> there's a lesson in there. -- first, it went my gut. everything that enabled us to win the primary that enabled the victory in 2010 is because of this organic movement within the tea party not based on politics as usual but based on instincts and the convictions of the people who are propeling this movement forward. >> sean: are you going to run again? >> i don't know, we'll see. >> sean: christine o'donnell, trouble maker that you are, good to see you. >> likewise. >> sean: time to check in with greta, well -- welcome to new york. >> greta: i was in the green room. >> sean: we were celebrating something that nobody could guess. >> greta: we don't have such a wild green room in d.c..
6:42 pm
donald trump is tweeting about the president. the president go into a spat with a tea party activist. dana perino is here. and we have so much more. we have a great show. >> sean: great to see you in new york. she is coming up in 18 minutes. i have a bone to pick with beckel. our great, great american panel, next. ve copd. ve copd. if you have it, you know how hard it can be to breathe and what that fes like copd includes chronic bronchitis and emphysema. spiriva helps control my copd symptoms... keepinmy airways open... ...a full 24 hours. plus, it reduces copd flare-ups. spiriva is the only once-daily inhaled copd maintence treatment that does both. and it's eroid-free. spiriva doesot replace fast-acting inlers for sudden symptoms. tell your doctor if you have kidney problems, glaucoma, trouble urinating, or an enlarged prostate. these may worsen with spiriva. discuss all medicines you take, even eye drops.
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>> sean: tonight on our great, great american panel. co-host of the five which i enjoy the show, bob beckel is here. writer of the best of the web column james taranto is back. she former chairwoman of the virginia republican party kate obenshain is here. we go the full audio now of barack obama and the tea party member confronting him about
6:47 pm
biden's statements about tea party members being terrorists. let's roll the tape. >> the president: what he said was that -- [ inaudible ] >> sean: prettying interesting confrontation. he doesn't put himself in that position often. >> i liked the part where he said considering what is said about me. does that justify and say it is okay. the tea party has been consistently vilified. the downgrading was call the
6:48 pm
tea party downgrading and that sort of thing. treating these good, god loving, law abiding constitution loving americans who have created this phenomenon of returning to our founding values, calling them names or placing blame -- >> sean: the tone. >> he should say anybody who calls a group like yours terrorists is wrong and out of line. elevate the dialogue. >> sean: that would have been like a sister souljah moment. >> i would like to dwell on this self-pitying business. poor little me most powerful man in the free world. earlier in the speech in minnesota i believe it was, he said, lincoln, they said terrible thins about him. they tacked about him as bad as they tacked about me. like he's jealous of the land of lincoln license plates. this is a pathetic little man in the most important poe in the world. it is really --
6:49 pm
>> sean: bob, would it have been better -- he had an opportunity to say, that language has got to stop from both sides. did he miss an opportunity instead of saying i'm called names too? >> i think he should have. calling him a pathetic little man is probably not adequate to the office of the president of the united states. obama has been called a socialist. george bush was called a right wingnut. every president is subjected to these things. there comes a time when you have to step back and say, maybe we ought to try this cool this down. you are not going to get anywhere having these kind of arguments. you are not going to satisfy, convince each other, what biden said or didn't. i called the tea party a terrorist on television and i came on the next day and apologized. it was a wrong thing to same having said that. do i agree with them? not at all. >> sean: let's move on. we get the point.
6:50 pm
serious question, perry in, paw y out. we had the debate. michelle bachmann wins the straw -- poll. as a democrat what does this mean? >> the straw poll in ames has only once delivered a winner, george bush. i think that bachmann showed extraordinary strength and i predicted on this show that pawlenty if he didn't come in a strong second, he would be gone, he is. he will be followed by newt gingrich and probably santorum. the reason these guys get out not because they don't think they can win, they have non3e÷x money. let's assume bachmann does win the republican caucuses in iowa new hampshire has never been friendly to winners of iowa in either party. she will have a much different environment when she goes there. when perry is in the race, does she split the vote of the values group and the more conservative people with perry?
6:51 pm
does somebody end up being the alternative to romney? i'm not so sure that romney is going to be the alternative. i'm not so sure romney will have the staying power to stay that long. >> sean: we'll come back and get james taranto and kate obenshain's -- your boy is going to catch the -- >> i know let's see how he does. >> sean: more with the american great, great, great panel, right after the break. this summer put your family in an exceptionally engineered mercedes-benz w for an exceptional price during the summer event. but hurry, this offer ends august 31st. the nascar nationwide series, i know pleasing fans is a top priority, 'cause without the fans, there'd be no nascar. just like if it weren't for customers, there'd be no nationwide. that's why they serve their customers' needs, not shareholder profits. because as a mutual, nationwide doesn't report to wall street, they report to their customers.
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>> sean: back to our lead story. the gallup poll this psychological number i think you that has been passed a "tipping point", if you will the president's approval rating something now 39% approval rating. i thought i was 54% disapproval but it says 53. bottom line is, if he were to win reelection he would be the first president since truman to come back with numbers like that this late in his presidency. >> numbers are a natural consequence of this intense left wing ideology which everyone acknowledges that it is. class warfare rhetoric. refusal to accept responsibility for what is happening in the economy. and most fundamentally, ineptitude. look at what has happened to
6:56 pm
our economy. it is not a consequence. >> sean: explain that through the prism of what happened in ames? >> i think there is this energy to find a conservative candidate. there's not this panic that republicans often display to need this establishment candidate who independents convince us the only one that can win. there's a sense we need a dramatic change as americans. >> sean: who do you like? >> i think there's an energy behind candidates who are different, new who have a fresh face but an idea of restoring our country to sound economic policies. it is fundamentally different from what the mainstream is talking about. >> i want to say a about these approval ratings. do you know what the approval rating of the president was before barack obama took office? it was 34%. i don't think you can blame obama for this, he inherited
6:57 pm
that. he has saved or or created 39 approval points. >> sean: george bush never got below 36. >> that is not correct. >> sean: gallup. >> if you take gallup. one was ronald reagan he came back and crushed my guy. bill clinton was below 40% and came back and won and crushed dole. >> sean: not this late in the presidency. >> yeah, sure he was. >> sean: first of all, reagan the last year of his before reelect, growth in this country was 7 and 8%. >> believe it or not we were still beating him in february of '84. >> sean: where is the beef bob? >> that's right. the one thing i can lay claim to in my entire political"pç1 career. i think perry coming into this race is going to shake things up clearly. but it is also going to move
6:58 pm
-- there's a divide in the republican party. i'm not looking for an argument. there was the business establishment group who wanted the debt deal and the tea party people did not. they settled on somebody that nobody liked. my question is whether that divide continues ala goldwater in '64. he took the republican party from the moderate and conservative republican establishment. i think it is possible somebody could do that this time around with the same disastrous consequences. >> where was a return to sound philosophy. >> that was the difference. >> i don't see barack obama carrying 44 states next year. >> i don't see a republican -- you have to look at this you keep saying generic -- >> sean: we are running out of time. he's down in florida, pennsylvania, ohio, michigan and wisconsin. that's a lot of states he has to shore up. >> back to ronald reagan we
6:59 pm
were ahead in 32 states in 1983. >> sean: what was the final count? >> 49-1. because i stole the one. >> sean: what do you mean you stole the one? >> not really. >> if unemployment stays where it is, gas prices, -- [ talking over each other ] >> there are sound excellent candidates out there -- >> you believe michelle bachmann can beat barack obama? >> absolutely. i think perry and romney could go after each other, ignoring michelle romney -- i mean michelle bachmann. >> i rest my case. >> i don't think obama is going to win a second term. >> sean: that's all the time we have. greta is next. see you tomorrow night. >> greta: tonight, donald trump takes to twitter. he slams the president. donald trump goes on the record, right now. >> thank you.


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