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tv   America Live  FOX News  August 16, 2011 10:00am-12:00pm PDT

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the president delivering opening remarks at the white house rural economic forum. we'll have those comments live as soon as they get underway. they will also be streaming live on in the meantime, a fox news election alert for you, the gop campaign trail is buzzing this hour after reports surfaced that congressman paul ryan and new jersey governor chris christie may be about to enter the race for the white house, or at least are now seriously considering it. welcome to "america live," i'm megyn kelly. the republican field may be dramatically changing, as soon as the next 24 hours. according to the weekly standard wisconsin congressman paul ryan has quietly been meeting with political strategists over a possible run for the white house. there is growing speculation that new jersey governor chris christie may also join the race. chris stirewalt is our fox news digital politics editor and he's with me now. chris, if one or both of those
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guys got in it would be huge news. what is the likelihood? >> reporter: well i think they are in two different places. from paul ryan's point of view he's the idea guy for the republicans when it comes to debt control and budgeting and awful that stuff. what you're hearing from congressman ryan in this is frustration. he wants attention paid to his ideas, he wants his budget plan front and center. when he says he's thinking about the coded message to mitt romney and rick perry is, hey guys, take a look at me, it's time to get my idea in the mix because i could come in here and mess this whole thing up for you, probably more for romney than perry. christie, though is an absolute phenomenon, republicans love him, he is one of the remaining individuals, probably he and sarah palin that have the kind of draw, have the kind of attraction, and the national name id that they could get in at this very late date and manage to get some fundraising together, manage to make something happen.
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megyn: if paul ryan is simply trying to stir the pot and get those in the field toess spouse his ideas more why did he ask not to serve on that super committee that is being formed in congress? they say according to steve haye serbgs of the weekly standard that that was likely to preserve the ofpg option of a presidential run. he is seriously considering getting in for his own reasons, not necessarily to force those who are already in to talk like paul ryan talks. >> reporter: the biggest reason he did not want to be on the super committee is he thinks it's not a good idea and won't work and will end up diluting his brand. whether he wants to run for president now, whether he wants to run for president another time, or run for senate, being on this committee the results that they produce will be unappealing. it's not like what they produce people are going to cheer in the streets for. conservatives are not going to like it, neither will liberals. ryan doesn't want to associate
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with that. it dilutes his brand. megyn: his office is changing that he, quote, hasn't changed his mind. that doesn't debunk the reporting that he's considering changing his mind more and more seriously. he's 41 years old. service in the house of representatives. would he have a serious chance? would he be a serious contender, in terms of getting the nomination, and then giving barack obama a run for his money in the general election? >> reporter: i think that for the nomination it's probably just too tough for a house member, as everybody has pointed out of late that it hasn't happened since james a. garfield made his run, that's been a longtime now. ryan probably just can't get there fast enough. rick perry has been able to vault into the top tier in sort of a mano ymano race with mitt romney. he has been able to launch really well. ryan would have to start smaller and grow and grow and grow. that would be a lot harder to
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do. as an opponent to obama on the trail he has a lot of appeal and he is good at arguing these points and talking about the fiscal message. i don't know whether his lack of executive experience, whether his lack of gravitas are what the republicans are going to want to contrast with obama who they basically say is in over his head. megyn: thank you. three days after he came in second in iowa's straw poll and he was very close to coming in first. texas congressman ron paul has many supporters who say he is still not getting any respect from the media as a legitimate candidate. now ron paul is responding with a new campaign ad and he joins me live in our next hour to talk about his approach, and i'll ask him why he thinks he is not getting the same coverage as mitt romney, rick perry, and michelle bachmann. a big fox news alert from the campaign trail now. just 72 hours after announcing that he is officially in, a
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brand-new rasmussen poll shows that governor rick perry of texas is leading the pack as the new frontrunner for the republican nomination nor 2012. perry is at 29. romney at 18. michelle bachmann has 13. she is coming off of her win in the iowa straw poll. is this primary still anybody's game? scott rasmussen is the president of rasmussen reports. you're making news today. >> glad to make news for you. this is a big jump for rick perry. he got into the race at exactly the right time. all attention was focused on what was happening in eye watch s thede his announcemen frontrunner bu it's much more difficult to remain the front reurpb than to be the guy that everybody wants to get in the race. he's got his time, let's see
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what he can do with that. megyn: where does that come from? how do you jump -- i mean it's a considerable lead according to your polling. >> reporter: there has been a lot of buzz about him for along time. mitt romney has been the consistent frontrunner. romney still looked upon favorably by 77% of republican voters, but it's a little bit of tepid support, only 21% have a very favorable opinion. megyn: does it mean that people like what they saw with perry's announcement in iowa. a lot of americans got their first look at him. texans know him but americans in the other states maybe not. >> reporter: it means they like what they think they saw. he had a good announcement and a good opening, and a lot of coverage. you always get a bounce when you're making the news. he's generating a lot of enthusiasm. but once you enter the race you face new levels of scrutiny. as you mentioned a few minutes ago there may be other people coming in. the race is still wide open, but if you're rick perry you've got to feel good about where you are right now. megyn: i want to ask you about that. now the reports today, and karl
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rove first floated this on hannity last night. that chris christie of new jersey and paul ryan of wisconsin may be reconsidering earlier decisions not to run. normally if karl rove says that he knows something. you can't find somebody more connected in terms of republican circles than that guy. have you done polling on those two guys? what does your polling suggest in terms of whether they, one or both could come into this race and change it? >> reporter: well for congressman ryan, he has a passionate base of support, but the more his plan about the budget became known the more unpopular it became and the more unpopular he became. i don't think that it's likely he'll be jumping into the race. he also voted for the bail out package back in the fall of 2008. that is a big negative for any candidate in the gop field. and so that's a tough one. governor christie, we have polled on him at various times, and he could jump in just like rick perry did and instantly move into the top tier. and he would have the same
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questions. it's one thing to be the guy who everyone is begging you to come to the dance, but when you get there what do you do? i think the people this hurts the most are michelle bachmann and mitt romney. they have been aoeupbd kind of up front, in the game for a little bit. and the newcomers are saying i think there is an opening. megyn: karl rove is pointing out they have until november 22nd to make it official. there is plenty of time right now. >> reporter: plenty of time. and megyn in the internet era scott brown has already shown you can raise money rapidly. that is not the obstacle it used to be. someone can jump in very late and become the republican nominee. before the iowa straw poll we found that 28% of iowa voters were certain of who they were going to vote for. 72% were wide open to changing their mind. the race remains wide open today. megyn: you see that with the ascension of perry topping everybody in the field according
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to your latest poll. thank you. new reporting on america's economic health. a sister company to credit ratings company moody's significantly lowering the near term growth for the united states and making a second recession more likely. stew varney is with me now. what does this mean. >> reporter: there is real unease about a recession that may be impending in the united states, even though another rating agency this morning gave america that same aaa credit rating. this is fitch, but this is a smaller credit rating agency. the big negative came from moody's and one of its organizations which says there is a one in three chance that america will go into recession. plus, we now have to wait at least a month before we get the president's jobs and growth plan. we heard this morning that housing and construction still very much in the dumps. and we find that europe is also on the brink of recession.
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so there is real anxiety today about the state of the american economy, and whether or not it's going to slip into a recession. that's where we are. megyn: wasn't there some good news for the country today, in terms of our retaining our aaa credit rating with another agency, stu. >> reporter: that was fitch and they did say that america retains its aaa credit rating and it has a stable outlook for the american economy. that is fitch, a smaller and perhaps less important rating agency, but they did say that we have in mark exceptional creditworthiness, that's what they said. there is indeed good news on that front. i think it's been overshadowed by the news from europe, and the news about the delay in the president's jobs and growth plan, and a general unease about the state of our economy and whether or not we are going to slide into a recession. megyn: stu mentions a delay in the president's jobs and growth plan.
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the president says he has a plan and he's going to unveil it in september which has led a lot of critics to say, why wait given the nation's unemployment rate. stu thank you so much. president obama is making remarks about the economy right now at northeast iowa community college. those comments are streaming live if you care to watch them right now at you can check them out. do you remember when president obama promised that his healthcare law would not cover illegal immigrants? and he got this angry response from one congressman? >> the reforms -- the reforms i'm proposing would not apply to those who are here illegally. >> you lie. megyn: well that congressman who was forced to apologize to the president now says that new developments prove that he was right the first time, and that illegal immigrants are covered. we'll have that news for you in three minutes. a surprising arrest in a case involving this australian teenager. just a few weeks ago she was involved in a bizarre bomb
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hoax. we will well you where the f.b.i. caught up with the suspect. what would you do if your boyfriend proposed and at the same time surprised you with a wedding right on the spot with 200 of your closes friends and family? it happened to this woman. wait until you see her response. >> hi. >> i love you so much. i wanted to do something very special for you. >> okay. >> i wanted to plan this for you. >> this is your wedding ring. >> right now? as a manager, my team counts on me to stay focused.
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megyn: i want to mention to folks that missed the last segment that big news came into "america live" just a moment ago. as scott rasmussen told us that
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72 hours after announcing that he is in a brand-new rasmussen poll shows governor rick perry of texas leads the pack of republican contenders. look at the numbers. he is ahead of mitt romney. perry showing 29%. romney at 18. not sure is next at 16. bachmann is next at 13, and ron paul is off that at 9. that is a considerable political headline and one that will come as good news to the perry campaign. wanted to make sure you were aware of it. >> the reforms -- the reforms i'm proposing would not apply to those who are here illegally. >> you lie. [booing ] megyn: remember that moment? south carolina republican congressman joe wilson shouting out at the president during his remarks on healthcare. well that congressman who was forced to apologize to the white house after he interrupted the president's speech by yelling, you lie, now says he has been
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vindicated. at the time he was responding to the president's claims that illegal immigrants would not be covered by the president's healthcare plan. well now we are learning that millions of healthcare dollars are being set aside for migrant and farm workers, but those medical centers are not going to be allowed to ask about immigration status. congressman wilson says it is inevitable that some of the money will be used for immigrants. joining me now is my panel to discuss this. dan, let me start with you. congressman wilson basically says this vindicates his charge that the president was misleading the american people when he said that the healthcare reform bill would not, now law, would not cover illegals, does he have a point? >> joe wilson was always correct. he was always correct, megyn. now he apologized because he violated the house rules on decorum, but he was never apologizing for the merits of what he said, which is that under the president's plan as
10:18 am
originally proposed, and certainly under these community, illegal aliens will be getting government subsidized healthcare. farm employers have us subsidize the use of illegal labor. under the block grants the centers simply won't ask. that was always the big issue with joe wilson and everybody working on healthcare. are we going to continue this "don't ask don't tell" policy whereby illegal aliens continue to get taxpayer funded healthcare? and the answer is it's still going on. megyn: francisco apparently they will get $8.5 million that will be used to target services to migrant and seasonal farm workers. that is according to the government. they admit they will not be checking immigration status, and it is a well-known fact this a large portion of migrant workers may be typically made up of illegal immigrants. how does it not then follow that we will be paying taxpayer dollars to pay for illegal immigrants healthcare? >> well, first of all the issue
10:19 am
that we're here about is you can't vindicate bad manners. congressman wilson was chastised for bad manners and bad decorum and breaching protocol and being insulting to the president. megyn: the subsequent question is was he right? >> substantive lee he doesn't know. he's going on assumption. by virtue of being labeled migrant farm workers they have to have assem prairie visa, farm worker advice a. we don't even know that they are or how many they are. megyn: the pugh hispanic center estimates that about a quarter of them are undocumented, about a quarter. >> but it also says that they are going to be paying for their own services of primary care. megyn: but they can't turn anyone away. >> i'm sorry? megyn: they can't turn anyone away. what they say is the law requires the health centers to not turn anybody away, if they have the inability to pay. they will try to get people to pay towards their cost of care
10:20 am
but if they cant they can't turn them away, so who is paying for it, dan. >> if you order a cheese pizza at a pizza parlor i can't tell you for sure there's going to be cheese in the first bite but i guarantee you it's coming somewhere along the way. i guarantee you one hundred percent. megyn: let him finish francisco. >> there will be illegal aliens getting healthcare under the grants. we know the obama administration has done nothing, zero, nada to try to improve the verification systems that are available to keep illegal aliens from getting our taxpayer funded benefits. megyn: can you speak to that francisco. according to the government, the feds the programs authorizing this statute giving th*epl all the money does not address immigration status. it doesn't tell the healthcare centers, ask people about their immigration status and make sure we are not providing taxpayer funded healthcare to illegal immigrants. >> the law itself doesn't
10:21 am
provide for giving primary healthcare to undocumented workers. congressman wilson saying that i was right that the law does allow it and it still doesn't allow it. the question of how you get to who is getting it is a much deeper question they can get to, why can't congressman wilson pass a law and say you have to ask. >> if if it doesn't specifically prohibit it then it's allowing it that's the point. megyn: got to go. >> no it doesn't it specifically. megyn: got to run. my apologies, all the best. what does congressman join wilson have to say about these developments. he will join me live to discuss it. michael reagan joins us straight ahead. [ slap! ]
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megyn: new information now houpb the deadly stage collapse in indiana. a state fair spokesman says organizers were on their way to announce a mandatory evacuation moments before the horrifying collapse. the two narrowly escaping the collapse themselves as they rushed to the microphone. five people were killed, dozens more were injured. investigators say they may not know the exact cause for another six months. new developments in the news of the world phone hacking case. that is the now closed british paper owned by news corp. the parent of fox news channel as well. these developments could have some key players back before parliament to address new claims. amy kellogg has the latest from london. >> reporter: hi, megyn. the most key player to be recalled could be james murdoch. no decision has been made on that yet, but it is said to be likely. and that is because the former royal editor of the news of the world said that the practice of phone hacking at the now defunct sunday tabloid was not limited
10:26 am
to just one or two rogue reporters but in fact that it was widespread. now clyde good man wrote the letter in 2007 but it was only released publicly today. he claims the practice of phone hacking was, quote, widely discussed in the daily editorial conference until explicit reference to it was banned by the editor. good man who was convicted and jailed for hacking into the voice mails of members of the royal family in 2007 wrote the letter at the time of his dismissal from news of the world. when james murdoch answered questions before the parliamentary committee last month he told the committee he did not know about other reporters engaging in phone hacking but other senior executives, former executives of news of the world have told this parliamentary committee that james murdoch was in the loop. murdoch did say previously that parliament had been misled by the company when fresh phone hacking allegations emerged last month, but the latest revelation
10:27 am
today adds further complexity to the story. >> james murdoch said the parliament was misled, which is why we invited him to give evidence a few weeks ago. there seems to be a question of whether james murdoch himself misled the committee. >> reporter: the committee has identified a list of former news international executives it wants to question again, and that is going to happen september 5th. that's the latest from london. back to you. megyn: amy, thank you. new reports that president obama may create a department of jobs. >> we know what to do. i'll be putting forward when they come back in september a very specific plan. megyn: did you see the background? doesn't it look something like out of a children's toy? i think my son has this barn. a new government agent sigh, is this really the way to go? a fair & balanced debate on that next.
10:28 am
plus, madeline pulver is the australian teen who caused a worldwide stir when she thought she had a bomb strapped to her neck. just ahead, how this bizarre standoff has roots in the united states. a groom gives his future wife the shock of her life, a surprised proposal with the wedding all planned to happen moments later. we'll ask her what she was thinking at that moment when she joins us live. >> they are going to take you to the back and get you ready. everything is all taken care of for you. >> shut up. i don't even believe this right now. i don't even believe this. >> you have to say yes. >> yes, i'll marry you today. [ male announcer ] it's a fact: your nutritional needs can go up when you're on the road to recovery. proper nutrition can help you get back on your feet. three out of four doctors recommend the ensure brand for extra nutrition. ensure clinical strength
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an amp hearing professional near you. at only $1,500 a pair, you can't afford to wait. that's 1-888-379-1405. call today. megyn: the standoff became a worldwide sensation. tv networks on four continents describing a horrifying scene as police tried to figure out how to diffuse a bomb attached to the neck of a teen able girl in australia. the bomb turned out to be a fake, but the suspect was just arrested in kentucky and is very, very real. mike tobin live in louisville with the latest. >> reporter: now that paul douglas peter has had his initial appearance here in court a lot of the documents have become public that reveal this bizarre set of facts and glaring oversights that led australian authorities halfway around the world here to louisville,
10:33 am
kentucky. it became public on august the 3rd when according to court documents a masked man broke into the home in a sidney suburb where 18-year-old pulver was studying. he attached something to her head that was supposed to be explosives. it held ransom note and a usb drive. it it said to contact a g mail address. the usb drive contained a copy of the ransom note and three deleted files. one of the deleted files was written on a computer that was registered to paul p. police determined that the web-based g mail address was established at a chicago airport on a day when peters was traveling through the particular airport. the g mail account was accessed three times on the day of the bomb hoax. an individual caught by security cameras and witnesses fit the describe of paul peters.
10:34 am
a car was also caught on 0 security video, that was traced back to peters. then travel documents tracked him all the way here to a home just outside of louisville, kentucky where his ex-wife lived, where he was listed as a resident, that's where the s.w.a.t. team found him yesterday. he is being held without bond until his extradition which is october 14th. but it could be moved when authorities get papers over here. megyn: there are new reports that president obama may create a new department of jobs in washington. that report coming after president obama said at an event in iowa yesterday that he would unveil a detailed jobs plan in september. here is the president's pitch and charles krauthammer's response. >> we know what to do. i'll be putting forward when they come back in september a very specific plan to boost the economy, to create jobs, and to
10:35 am
control our deficit. and my attitude is, get it donement. >> even today after the skwraoeu ration -gs of the market and after the downgrade and after the whole debate in the country and how we are going to go over a cliff on that, all of a sudden he says we are going to wait until september? if he has an idea how about giving it? in the whole debate over the debt ceiling he never once gave a plan. the democrats in the senate have never even issued a budget for two years. megyn: knowing me now christopher hahn, a democratic strategist and lar larson a syndicated radio host. thanks for being here. let me start with you, chris. krauthammer comes out and says, why are we waiting until september? why do we have to wait until now at all? >> i think the president is right that these guys need to be back in their district and actually feeling the pain that their constituents are feeling right now. this congress has been unwilling to do anything to create jobs and help this economy.
10:36 am
all they think that they have to do is cut the deficit, which makes no sense right now. sure, it's a problem, it's something that needs to be fixed long term, but right now we need jobs in this country and focusing on the debt ceiling as they did and holding it hostage was not going to do that. the president is going to make proposals in september, the do nothing tea party terrorists in the house of representatives are going to reject it and we'll be back to where we were. megyn: here comes the terrorist rhetoric, which by the way we have a segment on in one hour: let me ask you this. lars. the president has come out and said, this is more and more on the record to media, that he's going to send the jobs package to congress next month, he's going to ask the lawmakers to pass it including in the gop house. if they don't he is going to campaign against him on some of the talking points that we heard from chris, that they are a do nothing congress obstructing his attempt to create jobs. >> this is all politics and it's not going to do any good. maybe he should create a
10:37 am
department of clues so that somebody could get him a clue about what this country needs. not only, why is he waiting until september, why have we waited two and a half years? jobs was the number one issue for america when he took over two and a half years ago. he's done nothing about it. he focused his attention on passing a healthcare plan that if anything has destroyed jobs, created uncertainty for business owners. megyn, this is crazy. there are simple things that could be done. chris is wrong, going to district and feeling pain, that's what clinton did, you don't need to feel pain, they know exactly what what is going on in the district. >> these guys. >> listen, chris. >> they have never been in the house of representatives before. they need to find out what is going on in their district. >> i'll tell you something if you let me finish. what they need to do is take specific action has will bring certainty become for american business owners and investors so they can create the jobs. everything the president has done has created uncertainty. megyn: let me just interject here. because chris the president gave us a thumbnail sketch of his
10:38 am
plan yesterday. he talked about how he wants to extend the payroll tax cuts that he approved. he wants to -- sorry, getting something in my ear. he wants more infrastructure akin to another stimulus. he wants more free trade. the extension of the payroll tax how will that create more jobs, and the infrastructure spending? we already had that. >> we need infrastructure spending, it should have been double or triple the side and had less tax cuts to it. this congress is not going to pass anything that will help the economy because they want the president to fail, even if it means america suffers as a result. >> not true, chris. >> these guys only care about politics. megyn: lars, is there a risk if the president proposes this infrastructure stimulus plan and an extension of the payroll tax cut to congress and they don't approve it that the american people will side with him and not the gop when we come around
10:39 am
to 2012? >> i hope not because that delay in the payroll tax, number one social security is going broke and the payroll tax if you do the math on it after taxes works out to about 12 bucks a week for the average worker. secondly, if it was really about building infrastructure. >> the bush tax cut is less than that. >> if it was about infrastructure, 830 billion for that stimulus plan and of that 30 billion was spent on roads, highways, bridges and airport. if it was about infrastructure they spent a tiny fraction of the first stimulus on that. megyn: all right guys i've got to leave it at that, although clearly there is more to be said. >> there is a lot more to be said. megyn: thank you guys i appreciate it. >> thanks for having us. megyn: a golden retriever named rosy is the first dog allowed in a new york courtroom. she helps victims of rape and violence to testify on the stand in court. but she can hurt defense lawyers in a serious way, in other
10:40 am
words, having her up there, does it presume that one is a victim? which is something the jury is supposed to be deciding. that's in today's "kelly's court." a crazy scene playing out on the streets of eye watch we'll tell you why these people are running for their lives. and surprise engagement, sure. surprise wedding? before you try this at home, this couple joins us live to explain how it all went down right after this break. >> surprise. surprise wedding. >> is my dress in here. >> everything is here. >> she said yes. >> she said yes, man. >> can't believe it took a whole year. with the 48-hour sale,
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the possibilities are endless. interesting...
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megyn: this next one is one of the most romantic ideas ever or a bride's worst nightmare. shaun popped the question to colleen and married her minutes later. he had planned the entire wedding before he even got an official yes, and the whole
10:44 am
thing was caught on tape. watch. >> i love you so much. i wanted to do something really special for you. >> okay. >> so i wanted to plan this for you. >> okay. >> this is your wedding. >> right now? >> yes, i'll marry you today, right now. oh, my god. >> they are waiting for you. >> okay. >> surprise wedding. >> i'm so happy. [cheering]
10:45 am
>> do you take shaun as your lawful wedded husband? >> i do. >> it is my absolute delight to pronounce you husband and wife. shaun, you may kiss the bride. megyn: joining me now, shaun and colleen leipert in their first national tv interview. thank you both so much for being here. congratulations, best wishes, and shaun let me start with you. what were you thinking? >> everybody makes it sound like it was like this thing that was out of the blue. we planned toee hroep on september 10th and then we were going to have a barbecue september 17th and surprise everybody, but i just moved it all up a month ahead, that's all i did. megyn: how did you know she would want to do that as opposed
10:46 am
to picking out all of her own choices when it comes to band and food for the barbecue and so on? >> she picked out everything. all i did was over an entire year i would ask her a question here and there, then it would be like, what is your favorite cake. she would say cherry chip case. i would check it off. if we got married what kind of center pieces would you like? i'd like tea lights in mason jars. i checked it off. i did it over the course of a year so she wouldn't catch on. i spread it all out. if she wanted her nails change i brought the whole entire bedroom set just in case there was something i missed. >> colleen what was your reaction when he not only got down on one knee, you had been planning on march ring him at some point and told you the wedding was already set up and you had 20 minutes to get ready? >> i never gave her 20 minutes. megyn: okay that was a little editorializing on my part.
10:47 am
>> we were prepared to wait there for two hours if we had to. megyn: colleen he gave you two whole hours to get ready for your wedding. what was your reaction? >> i was so floored that this was actually happening, like that i was getting married right then and there. i was so happy that it didn't even matter. i had my hair done because i thought we were going to some retirement party. the girls said do you like your hair do you want to change it? i said it's fine. i painted my nails like this moss green color. they said do you want to change the color? i said no it's part of the story i love it. megyn: how did you have your dress? >> well, because i thought we wer were eloping and we were going to have a family barbecue, i thought i was surprising everybody else with this family barbecue with the announcement of us being married so i already had a dress, i already picked it out, i had it altered. i did everything. i planned the wedding really. >> i went to the alteration
10:48 am
place and i said listen tell her the dress isn't done and give her a very late date. they said okay, colleen you can pick it up august 29th. i went in the friday before and picked up the dress and they had it all completely done. megyn: colleen, did you hesitate at all when he said and everybody is here and we're ready to go? >> well, it was confusing because i'm like everyone is here? like everyone? and he's like, yeah, and i'm like -- i started listing off names, is so-and-so here, is this person here? do i have tea lights. >> i had them all. i didn't miss one. i spent a year meticulously writing it down. megyn: is that true did he miss everything? >> everything was there. no he didn't miss anything, nothing. megyn: the theme of the wedding i wrote it as a play and i called it as you wish. her favorite movie is the princess bride. there's a part in the movie where it says butter cup soon realized that every time the farm boy said as you wish it really meant i love you. that's exactly what it was. i went in, she was saying like get me this. and i was as you wish in a
10:49 am
roundabout way so she had everything. megyn: is he normally a romantic guy? >> he has his moments. >> i'm a clown. >> i would not say that he's the most romantic man in the world but now i guess -- >> that's what everybody is calling me and i'm eating it up. megyn: shaun i've god to ask you when you spoke to colleen's family about this and they were in on it did anybody try to discourage her. >> they were horrified. she has three sisters. they got knives, you know. the more i explained it to them and how i did it and how intricate it was. i had everything detailed to the point where she was going to stand where the garage door opened up because when the door opened, what she saw i made it exactly picturesque. we put ficus trees, everything was meticulously placed. i really wanted her to see that and remember it forever almost like a picture frame. megyn: colleen it looks like you've got yourself a keeper. all the best to both of you. congratulations.
10:50 am
>> thank you so much. >> thank you. megyn: looking forward to the baby shower. >> oh. [laughter] megyn: take care. >> thanks. megyn: so folks, what do you think? what do you think about it? would you say yes? would you be happy or not so happy if your spouse surprised you like that? the most romantic thing a man can do or every woman's worst nightmare or are you not sure how to feel about this. you can head over to our website"america live" and weigh in. great story. ron paul came just short of winning the iowa straw poll. it was close. he seems to be coming up a lot shorter with regard to media coverage. why is that? we'll ask him in just moments. are you receiving a payout from a legal settlement or annuity over 10 or even 20 years? call imperial structured settlements. the experts at imperial can convert your long-term payout into a lump sum of cash today.
10:51 am
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10:54 am
megyn: plans for a hollywood blockbuster on this year's osama bin laden raid hit agnew road block. republican congresswoman lynn jenkins of kansas is taking her case to washington introducing a new bill that would prohibit the feds from giving any information on the raid to outside groups. it would require that no taxpayer dollars are used in any kind of collaboration on the raid. jenkins points you the that sony pictures has already held a fund-raiser for the president. they are behind the release, and that the film is due for release the month before next year's presidential election. new details on a brazen home invasion in connecticut. police say five armed men stormed into a home in north branford, grabbed the people inside and kept them tied up for hours in a wine cellar. david lee miller with more. >> reporter: the search continues for the men who
10:55 am
terrorized the family. they wore hooded sweat shirts or bandanas to conceal faces and poured bleach over the house to destroy evidence evidence. the men are described as black, one man 6 feet tall, 240 pounds, with facial hair. they restrained their three adult victims with zip ties. they tried and failed to break into a 700-pound safe. they attempted to kidnap the homeowners 3-year-old grandson who was sleeping in a bedroom. instead they stole everything they could find, cash, jewelry, liquor and homemade tomato sauce. they fled in the family's pickup truck that was later abandoned. though no one was injured it shocked the entire community. >> it was brazen to come here, middle of the night raining with handguns. the victims were scared. >> reporter: for many connecticut residents sunday's home invasion brings up memories of what happened satisfactory miles away. two men broke into the home of
10:56 am
dr. william petit and killed his wife and two daughters. this crime outraged the entire country. one intruder is awaiting trial the other is on death row. sunday's invasion could have turned deadly, they believe the intruders, though armed didn't want to hurt anyone, they believe they wanted money. the psychological scars remain. the 3-year-old boy later told his father that he had seen monsters. megyn. megyn: david lee miller, thank you. well a massachusetts solar panel company took millions in tax breaks and millions more in federal grants all to create green jobs. why is this company now doing all its hiring in china? and is ron paul being snubbed by the media? a look into allegations he is not getting as much coverage as his fellow candidates. we'll ask him live why he thinks that is next.
10:57 am
10:58 am
10:59 am
megyn: scott rasmussen breaking news with a new poll showing
11:00 am
governor rick perry of texas is leading the pack of contendsers in the presidential race. the man who wasn't even a candidate has a double digit lead over the rest of the field. mike reagan joins us in 10 minutes. president obama speaking home live in the home of the first nation's contest. the president's tour bus in iowa now. part of the three-day trip across the heartland. by it has not been smooth sailing so far. tea party leaders confronted him on comments reportedly made by vice president joe biden not long aloe. >> how is your vice president calling us terrorists -- i would like to understand that. >> i will explain.
11:01 am
megyn: so that is making a lot of news. that ex chain the president had on the rope line yesterday. >> reporter: the wants to be laying out his plans on jobs and the economy, trying to connect with voters. even though they say these are not official campaign events. these are events as president reaching out to the american people. when you roll around in a bus and playing campaign music at these events it's clear he's rolling out the new message. but some people -- ryan rhodes, the founder of the was tea party, are not buying it and pressing the president on other issues. he's trying to have a give them
11:02 am
hell harry truman kind of approach. he will challenge house republicans to help him pass a plan. take a his to the president today elaborating on all that. >> the refusal of a faction in congress to put country ahead of party. i don't care whether you are a democrat or republican or independent, if you are not registered with any party. i want to enlist your help. i need your help sending a message to congress that it's time to put the politics aside and get something done. >> reporter: the up side for the president for take on what you might call a do-nothing congress. if you look at the approval ratings for congress, they are worse than the president. the latest fox news poll shows congress with an approval rating of 10%. but congress is not run totally
11:03 am
by republicans. the senate is run by democrats and majority leader harry reid. they are in charge of the senate. so running against congress may have spillover and boo boomerann the president. megyn: they didn't mean that half. >> reporter: they are only talking about the republican side. megyn: the president says the bus tour is a chance for americans to hear ideas for the struggling economy. we did some research and unemployment in the four counties he's visiting is significantly lower than the national unemployment rate of 9.1%. while neighboring counties all have unemployment rates well above 10%. we'll debate the tea party confrontation and show it to you in more context as well as the polls showing slipping support. a tea party leader joins us live
11:04 am
just ahead. with strong grassroots support and second place showing in the iowa shaw poll, you would think congressman ron paul would be getting more media attention. but all of the focus appears to be on mitt romney, and michele bachmann. congressman paul is out with a new commit cal ad that goes after bachmann, romney and perry by name. take a listen. >> a story of failed leadership, failed policies, games of he said, she said. rhetoric and division. one man has stood apart, stood strong, and true. voting against every tax increase, every unbalanced budget, every time. standing up to the washington machine, guiding light
11:05 am
principle. ron paul. megyn: there you have it. my guest now, congressman ron paul. let me start with this. it's starting to make more and more headlines. not your campaign and candidacy. by the fact that the media is ignoring you. are they? >> sure. they are. and we need to ask them why. what are they after he frayed of? we are doing well. we are certainly in the top tier. we showed we did well in iowa and we have a good organization and we can raise money. but they don't want to discuss my views because i think they are frightened by us challenging the status question and the establishment when it comes to foreign policy, monetary policy and the entitlement system because my views are quite different than the other candidates. and they will concentrate on establishment-type politicians. megyn: there seems to be a narrative emerging that you can't win, therefore they are
11:06 am
giving you the back of the hand treatment. there was an editorial in the "wall street journal" that says he has no chance to windows spite you were within 250 votes, and 150 away from number one. but they say you can't win. why do they believe that? >> they want to believe it and promote an idea. they don't want to promote information. because there have been polls write come in first or second when you match my name up against obama. my views come beat. this would -- my views competes. i can compete against obama because his base is unhappy with his expansion of the law and lack of interest in protecting civil liberties. they don't want to hear from me either. but i have done quite well. i'm quite willing to match my name up against obama any time of the day. megyn: it's got to be
11:07 am
frustrating to come in second and be as close as you were to winning in iowa, not to mention the polling you have been doing which is fairly good, to have this kind of treatment in the media. does it disturb you? >> it disturbs me. i know how the system works and i know what i'm trying to do. it's not like i'm just trying to win and get elected. i'm trying to change the course of history. our history in this country hasn't been good for the last 100 years whether it's our drift into manage an empire, the december strusks our currency, the deficits that have been run up. the climax of the dollar reserve standard. this is big stuff and no one else is addressing this. in spite of all the short comings on the reporting of this, i where it off a bit because they don't have any idea about the significance of the monetary system and what's going on with the federal reserve. millions of people are read
11:08 am
being the federal reserve understanding how they bail out their friends. trillions of dollars. give a third of all that money they used in the bailout and gave to it foreign banks. people are realizing, even though the media generally speaking, they don't understand it, they don't ask me the right questions. if they do understand it they don't want to get the secret out on how the system we have protects the special interests, the big corporations that run our society. megyn: i want to ask about your initial point. they don't like your views on foreign policy. you made headlines in the debate saying you don't think we should be interfering with iran. you also described the usama bin laden raid that took his life as unnecessary. that has critics saying ron paul is out of the mainstream. >> i'm running on george bush's eastern policy of 2000.
11:09 am
he was critical of clinton's nation building. he said we don't need to intervene and be the policemen of the world. that was george bush. why was that so strange? the peace candidate is always a strong candidate. obama was the peace candidate in the last go-around because he was going to start bringing our troops home. and here we are in more wars than ever. megyn: even he had some tough talk when it came to iran. as reported we have been helping kill our troops in two battlefields. there is a question if you are going to let them get a nuke, who is next? you have got to draw the line somewhere. >> our foreign policy has led to the death of a million iraqis. you can't ignore that. i don't want iran to have a nuke. i don't want anyone to have nukes. but i understand it. i understand ronald reagan could took you the soviet union and
11:10 am
nixon talked to the chinese. we didn't say the solution was to invade those countries and take their niewrks away from them. iran doesn't even have a nuke. our cia says they are not even on the verge of having a nuke. they don't have enough gasoline to provide for the people and have all that oil. and we want to believe they are on the verge of nuking somebody? believe me, this is all war propaganda. they just wants number six war. we have five going on now. and we are broke and the american people know we can't afford any more wars. megyn: if you were president paul, and it turned out you were wrong, that iran did have the bomb, and attacked israel. would you step in? >> no. i would let israel take care of it. why should we interfere with israel. we undermine their national sovereignty. we shouldn't tell them how to
11:11 am
defend their borders. israel has 300 of these. there is a lot of problems in iran. there is no doubt about it. but i tell you what, they are not suicidal. what has been happening since 1953 we have interfered -- they had a good democracy going in 1953. and our cia kicked it out for oil and put in the shaw, a ruthless dictator. and you wonder why there is blowback. the founders were right, non-intervention, trade with people, more prosperity and peace. megyn: thanks so much for being here. there is no denying it. she is adorable. a golden retriever trained to help victims relax on the witness stand in court. is that something we should be encouraging? the defense lawyers don't like it. it's in "kelly's court" today. it was supposed to use stimulus
11:12 am
money to expand and create jobs. so why did one of america's largest green energy companies just hit the skids in plus he's a no-nonsense governor from texas. but is rick perry more like ronald reagan when it comes to foreign policy. >> america's jobs governor, rick perry learned the value of hard work and faith in god. as the son of tenant farmers he was an air force captain before returning to the family farm. ♪ with diabetes, it's tough to keep life balanced. i don't always have time to eat like i should. and the more i focus on everything else, the less time i have to take care of me. that's why i like glucerna shakes. they have slowly digestible carbs to help minimize blood sugar spikes, which can help ler a1c. glucerna products help me keep everything balanced. [ golf ubs clanking ] [ husband ] i'm good!
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well, almost everything. [ male announcer ] glucerna. delicious shakes and bars. helping people with diabetes find balance. or annuity over 10 or even 20 years? call imperial structured settlements. the experts at imperial can convert your long-term payout into a lump sum of cash today.
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announcer: call toll-free 1-888-379-1405 to find an amp hearing professional near you. at only $1,500 a pair, you can't afford to wait. that's 1-888-379-1405. call today. megyn: this is a fox news election alert. rick perry is ahead in the
11:16 am
polls. they are seeing he sound eerily similar to former president george bush. that some say could hurt him. but some say he's more like ronald reagan and george bush. >> record debt and the president's refusal to control spending led to our nation's credit rating being downgrade for the first time in history. but hope is on the horizon. that leader, rick perry. america's jobs governor, rick perry learned the val iewfer hard work, patriotism and faith in god as the son of tenant farmers. he wort uniform our country as an air force captain before return together family farm mashying his high school sweetheart anita and starting a family. megyn: michael reagan is a political consultant and chairman of the reagan group.
11:17 am
tell us what you think about the latest poll numbers showing perry shooting to the top. do you think the comparison to your father is more apt or he's more like george w. bush. >> i'm not surprised by the poll numbers for perry. i think there are a lot of people looking for someone else to rights out of the ashes to take that away from mitt romney. you have michele bachmann in there, great race and winning the straw poll over the weekend. i think it ends up being a three-person race. michele bachmann, rick perry and mitt romney. megyn: you say he won't win in he's george w. bush or ronald reagan. he has to be rick perry which seems more like john wayne. >> everybody is trying to say he's like george bush or ronald reagan. that ad you just ladies an introduction of rick perry and it plays in hearted of america.
11:18 am
my wife, one of 11 children, first one born in a hospital. didn't have indoor plumbing until she was 12 years old. rick perry not until he was 6 years old. it plays in that hard-working family that guy out of the middle part of this country and made it well. it reminds me of ronald reagan going to school on a needy school scholarship to eureka college. it plays in heartland. megyn: why is he distancing himself from george w. bush. >> because all the attack ads against george w. bush the last few years have done damage to george w. bush and the reputation of george w. bush. this president ran against george w. bush. he wants this president to run against rick perry. he has to show he's different than george w. bush.
11:19 am
he is a leader that will bring hope to the united states. the next president of the united states from our party will have to be a cheer leader from the united states and lift us up again to make us feel good about ourselves and feel good about our country and i think rick perry would be that guy. megyn: karl rove says he's surprised he's distancing himself from bush. bill clinton weighed in saying he's a good looking rascal but says he's full of nonsense. he came under the microscope because he made these comments about ben bernanke which is turning into a news story. >> if this guy prints more money between now and the elections, i don't know what y'all will do to him in iowa, but we would treat him pretty ugly in texas. and printing more money to play politics at this particular time
11:20 am
in america's history is almost treasonous in my opinion. megyn: we have an nyu professor saying that's a murder threat. you have the "new york times" correspondents calling the comments horrifying. questioning how this can be a major party candidate. >> most of the people in this country probably agree with rick perry. printing more money is not going to answer the problems we have in the united states of america. we are winning a primary, not a general election. we prints enough money, we need to get our house in order. this governor has done nothing but create jobs in texas since he has been there. 11 years he has been the governor of texas. he has been creating jobs. that's what this election is going to be about. megyn: did he misspeak? did he make an error saying i don't know how you treats them
11:21 am
in iowa, but we treats them pretty ugly in texas and calling its almost treasonous. >> ronald reagan was going to bomb the russians in five minutes at the ranch. people say things of that nature. sometimes we take this stuff too seriously in the middle of a campaign. it is what it is, get over it. megyn: thank you so much, sir, come back any time. well pelicans are threatened by oil spills environmentalists demands bands on drilling. but endangered eagles are being killed each day by wind turbines and so far we are not hearing many complaints. the tea party versus the president. who is being unreasonable? one of the hottest debates of the week after this debate. [ male announcer ] this is lisa, who tries to stay ahd of her class.
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11:25 am
megyn: it's the newest development in an effort to address the country's debt. they are proposing an overhaul of the military's retirement system. jim angle live in washington on this one. >> the search for ways to rein in federal spending suggests sweeping changes to military retirement plans. leon panetta says no decision has been made, but this is the kinds of thing you have to consider, though he said it has to be done in a way that doesn't break faith with the military. those who have served have the same view. >> the military retirement system was structured the what it was structured. war is a young man's game. we reward those who sacrifice when they are young.
11:26 am
when they retire they are give up a decent retirement pay to carry them over during the time they leave the service and this would remove that. >> reporter: understood the existing pension system those who serve 20 years or more can retire at 50% of their highest average salary. those who serve less than 20 years guest nothing. -- get nothing. ' the veterans worry that will weaken the incentive to serve and threaten the all-volunteer military. >> if you are going to get a 401k match, i can get that anywhere. but my contract says i might have to go to war and die for my
11:27 am
country. my family will have to pick up immediately and move from place to place to place, have to equity. uproot the kids from school. >> reporter: others say the current mention pensions are unfair to those who get out before 20 years and get nothing. megyn: jangle, everybody. i missed you, jangle. he's gone. i hear him a little bits. do you hear him. he's out there. just wanted to tell you i missed you, jangle. >> reporter: i missed you and the viewers missed you a lot more than you missed me. megyn: thank you for hat. see you soon. a poster child for green energy jobs is headed for brusms. a company that received millions of stimulus dollars. i'll show you where those jobs are really going. a head-to-head confrontation
11:28 am
between the tea party and president obama. what may be the debate of the week. host: could switching to o really save you 15% or more
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11:32 am
china. elizabeth mcdonald is live with that story. >> this calls into question the white house's $90 billion stimulus plan to create clean energy in the united states. evergreen is a company in massachusetts. laid off 800 workers. took $43 million in federal money to help create their solar panels. essentially what the ceo of the company is saying, china undercut it. china has been moving into the solar panel space so rapidly that prices for solar panels dropped by 2/3 over the past three years. so solar companies in this country cannot compete with china and the ceo of evergreen cited that very reason. megyn: stand by.
11:33 am
>> how is your vice president calling us terrorists any would like to understand it. >> i will explain the right now. megyn: a heated confrontation with the most powerful man on the planet. tea party members demanding to know why vice president biden reportedly called the tea party terrorists. joining me now the founder of tea party nation and sally coaly
11:34 am
colmes. there is a question whether vice president bind said that. but the question is, some have called out and called that tea party member rude, one of the event participants suggested that. even dana perino said it made her feel uncomfort and. she said he should have squall ode his anger and greeted the president. >> this is a free country and we don't bow down and worship at the altar of obama. biden may not have called is terrorists, but we have been called terrorists and whose take takers and they called is hobbits. megyn: was it out of line for this tea party member to raise this issue. >> the video you didn't show is the first person interrupting and heckling the president during this speech during a back and forth q ann a discussion.
11:35 am
not raising his hand to ask a question, but heckling the question. it's deeply ironic to be raising the question of civility of known our politics while heckling the president of the united states of america. the larger issue is political discourse is flowery. we use it to get attention. but i find it ironic mr. phillips is critiquing what progressives have said when he has called teachers in wisconsin nazis. people have all gone over the top. megyn: president obama defended himself in that exchange and said i agree everybody needs to tone down the red rick. but i have been called a socialist who wasn't born in this country and taking away america's freedoms because i passed a healthcare bill. are both sides to blame for that vitriol? >> political vitriol is nothing
11:36 am
new. the thing that gets me about it is it's always a run-way street with the left. they say you tea party people, you have to be nice to us and you have to be civil. what do they do, they call is every name in the book and a few of we haven't thought of yet. and we are suppose nod say we'll be nice. no. it's not a one-way street. it's a two-way street. our insults as conservatives are generally more original and funny as opposed to what liberals come out with. megyn: the rope line, heckling the president. what about when move-on was doing that to president bush. >> i think it's inappropriate in all cases. i don't think there is anything funny about calling public school teachers in wisconsin nazis. secondly there is a difference between saying we can be civil and reasonable versus biting our
11:37 am
tongues. nobody is saying bites your tongue. there is a difference between making unfound over the top rhetorical attacks on the other side versus logical but attention-getting sentiments. >> we were attacks when leftists like you tried to shout me down in wisconsin. >> you can't blame me personally for something someone else did. i have said i think republicans acted like ideological terrorists on the debt ceiling. they were willing to blow up our economy. megyn: it's one thing for to you say it and another to have the vice president of the united states say it. i don't know what happened in that room but i read a lot about vice president biden being on the record with hostage takers
11:38 am
referring to republicans. that was the point in rhodes was trying to raise with the president. >> the vice president categorically denied he said it. megyn: what about the hostage taking. >> his exact words are republicans are holding a gun to the heads of the american people. isn't it an appropriate metaphor? that's what the s & p said when they issued their downgrade. they said there were people in the republican party threatening the united states. megyn: i'm confused when i watch the debates what the rules are. the president called for civility and we are not supposed to talk like that after the tucson tragedy. so either it's all in or all out. i'm not sure where the line is drawn. >> i'm tired of the line. i'm tired of talking. i don't want to talk anymore. i want to get a whole bunch of
11:39 am
real americans out there and i want to beat barack obama and the liberals in 2012 and be done with it. let's put a whole bunch of conservatives in the congress and we don't have to worry about the civility. megyn: the tea party member was trying to have an exchange with president obama. but the question is whether his manner of doing it was not present deductive. whether we are at the point where neither side can talk to each other because everybody is so offended by prior thing that have been said. >> i think it's unfair to suggest that tea party members are across the board always civil. when we talk about the tucson shooting, what we were critiquings receipt particular that crossed the line from political metaphor to calling for violence. nancy pelosi should be puts on the firing line. i think we should all as proud americans dial back some of that rhetoric and respect each
11:40 am
other's different opinions and be able to engage in civil yet pointed discourse. does it mean we should take all political metafor out of our tool bet? it would be boring. megyn: i appreciate both of you have for coming on. and i would love to have you back. they are supposed to be the future of renewable energy. but apparently wind farms can be deadly to wildlife. she is trained to help victims relax as they give difficult testimony in court. but defense attorneys say dogs like rosie give prosecutors an unfair advantage. does a courtroom canine violate a defendant's constitutional rights?
11:41 am
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megyn: "kelly's court" is back in session. meet rosie the golden retriever. a service dog especially trained to help young or disabled witnesses relax on the witness stand. most recently coaxing a 15-year-old rape victim through horrifying testimony. rosie sensing hes sense sensing, gently nudge can the witness. it's happen montgomery more and more states. but should it be? let's ask our panel. criminal defense southern joey jackson and former prosecutor jonna spilbor. it happened in poughkeepsie, new
11:45 am
york. but it's happening across the country. trained dogs offering vulnerable witnesses support so they can get through their testimony. people want to protect children. but is it prejudicial to the defendant? >> the case in poughkeepsie involves my dear friend who is a fantastic prosecutor and has put away more perverts. but standing in a defense attorney's shoes it should not allowed. i get the argument, that is having a comfort dog, a therapy dog in front of the jury doesn't just comfort the victim, it sways the jury. not you appellate court has to decide whose rights are more important. the child victim or a defendant. megyn: the thing is, if you or i were to take the stand, we can't have the dog. but a child victim, this young
11:46 am
woman, 15-year-old had to talk about rape. and we'll leave it at that. ultimately the defendant was convicted and sentenced to 25 years to life. shouldn't we be doing something to help children get through the most traumatic testimony? >> 100%. we are talking about man's best friend. you have children and they are vulnerable. a courtroom is a harrowing experience. this our reality. i'm in the courtroom every day. it's fine to us, it's home away from home. when you get a child witness who is testifying and you see two evil lawyers staring at you, you see theors pondering your every move. you see the judge in a black robe. the strangers looking at you from afar in the courtroom. you knead something to relax you. to jonna's points in terms of the prejudicial nature. i think the judge would allow lawyers to voir dire.
11:47 am
you are not going to just because you like that dog believe the testimony. megyn: that's something you can do. but does it really erase the taint in the question is, do it resume victimhood to have the comfort dog there in the first place? that's something the jury of is supposed to be deciding. >> and is she credible. that's one of the biggest question from defense side. the jury was voir dired on this issue. if i'm a rotten defense attorney and i have to question a child victim who went through something horrific, if i'm aware there is a therapy dog, comfort dog who will be newsling her on my cross-examination might i go easy on her when that might not be in the best interests of my client? >> not at all. megyn: juries are supposed to assess the credibility of
11:48 am
witnesses. getle rattled on the witness stand is something they look for. should we be erasing that piece of legal testimony? >> i don't think you erase it. when it comes to effective cross-examination. a dog is not going to help you. when a lawyer is probing questions -- megyn: the dog did help her. at least once when the teenager hesitated the dog rose. >> did sway the testimony? did allow the witness to answer questions? megyn: did it diffuse stress from lying under oath? could the dog get rid of that kind of stress? >> if you want pane effective cross-examiner you will expose that lie. megyn: can you imagine the poor defense attorney in this case. the courts in this state ruled
11:49 am
years agovernment's okay for a child to take a teddy bear up on the stand for comfort. lawyers on this case, your friend is arguing this is just living version of a teddy bear. >> here is what i would argue with her about. that would be true if rosie were in fact this victim's dog. ordinarily at home. but this comfort dog was brought in for the purpose of comforting the child during trial, then rosie is going to go help another victim. megyn: if you can't have rosie, the law in new york state requires the judge to be sensitive to the emotional stress the child victim may be undergoing. >> it also can be a curative instruction given by the court. megyn: i'm talking about how he or she protects the children testifying. >> i think you need the dog. it's something you can help the
11:50 am
witness with. >> if you can shield the witness from having to look at the defendant which was a big part of why the judge resumed the way he did. the defendant was intimidating. that might be enough comfort to get her through that day or two. joe * all of them are testifying. leave the dog there. >> hats off to rosie. she did her job and did it well. one final word for our viewers. the jury's major function is to determine the credibility of witnesses and determining wets ear victim is a victim. having a therapy dog undermines that critical function. while i'm all for helping our most vulnerable victims getting through their testimony, there are others what else of doing its. hey can i play with the toys ?
11:51 am
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megyn: new allegation that the green energy industry is benefiting from a double standard when it comes to the environment. the largest wind farms on average kill 80 eagles every year including rare protected golden eagles. if anybody else did that there would be major consequences. but this industry gets a pass. why? william lajeunesse is live in california. >> reporter: exxon got find by fish and wildlife $600,000 when 82 migratory birds died in an oil spill. a power company were find $1 million when eagles were electrocuted on a power line. but the wind farms kill birds every day, sometimes protected species. but the industry has gone the to scot-free. >> we would like to have no bird
11:55 am
injuries. but we have to balance all the needs of so sight. we need the energy, i don't deny that. but it doesn't have to be overnight. >> reporter: 33% of california's electricity must come from green power over the next nine years. >> it am not inconceivable that we could reduce golden eagle populations if not wipe them out. >> reporter: they ignore the slaughter of the birds in the booming wind energy business. >> if you or i kill an eagle we are looking as the major consequences. >> reporter: he claims they are killing fields for raptors. these wind farms killed 80 golden eagles a year. in the south this project kills fewer birds but at a higher rate. >> we have a state government mandate that required utilities to buy renewable power.
11:56 am
we have investors who are willing to invest millions of dollars in california and bring jobs. report rrp proper sighting -- >> if i shoot an eagle it's $1-5 years in a pen tensery of my choice. >> reporter: the activists claim there is no double standard. p are you receiving a payout from a legal settlement or annuity over 10 or even 20 years? call imperial structured settlements. the experts at imperial can convert your long-term payout into a lump sum of cash today. because it helps get odors out of athletic clothes. i mean, i wear my yogapants for everything. hiking, biking, pilates. brooke... okay. i wear yoga pants because i am too lazy for real pants. that's my tide. what's yours?
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>>megyn: the couple that had the surprise wedding, 50 percent say it is romantic, and 32 percent say it 10 woman's worst nightmare and 60 percent are unsure. thank you for watching. >>shepard: the news begins anew, on "studio b." in box one, major players on both sides of the political aisle calling out the newest presidential candidate to texas governor perry after he


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