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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  August 17, 2011 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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of the tea party on the middle of the road in america. is this bus tour going to back fire on the administration? crowley and colmes will analyze. >> printing more money to play politics is almost treason. >> governor perry -- >> -- governor rick perry hits the campaign trail with some tough texas talk. and he is already under attack from the left. >> is he a good looking rascal. >> if the supreme court follows existing precedent, existing law, it should be upheld without a problem. >> will obama care survive a constitutional challenge at the supreme court? our is it legal team will examine the evidence. >> laura: caution, you where to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. captions by closed captioning services
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>> laura: hello, everyone. i'm laura ingraham in tonight for bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us. brand new polling really good news for the texas governor rick perry that we're going to tell you about in just a moment. first, let's get right to our top story. president obama hit the road on a big bus tour. then he gets into a head on collision with the tea party. this guy ryan rhodes is a tea party leader in iowa confronted mr. obama yesterday at a town hall event over controversial allegations that vice president biden had called tea partiers terrorists. >> talking about -- how is your vice president calling us terrorists. i would like to understand that. >> okay. okay. i will explain it right now. he did not call you guys terrorists. >> we were acting like terrorists. >> no. what he said was for us to be take to the economy to the brink was irresponsible and it was. almost defaulting. >> balanced budget amendment. we could have that and nothing
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else. >> it doesn't sound like you are listening in listening. >> you are not listening either. >> laura: if you are wondering what bill o'reilly thinks about the bus tour. here is your answer. >> bill: why is president obama on a bus trying to convince people that he is doing a good job? i don't know. i think he probably should be in washington doing a good job so then people can say well we don't really need him on the bus. >> laura: joining us now from new york to analyze the bus tour our barack and hard place duo monica crowley and alan colmes. i look at this bus and i kind of see the death star. it's all black. it looks kind of gloomy. i think we should have gotten some color on this bus. red, white, and blue. we might have all thought it was campaign bus is that the image we want to convey this dark figure moving across the midwest? haven't they been through enough, alan colmes? >> have your way laura ingraham locked away in the rose garden so he could lose like jimmy
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carter did. few months. look, this is planned before, you know, all this campaign stuff. is he meeting the people and doing what he should be doing. if he did the opposite, you say why he is hiding in the white house. certain republicans doesn't have a problem mixing it up with people and talking with people with whom he disagrees and answering directly the question of the american people tea partiers question there, mondayca. >> line about terrorists. joe biden never said the word terrorist. >> laura: that's not what at least a few people in the room said. >> that's not true he never said it. >> laura: president goes on this bus tour. all presidents do during election season. they go on the tours and criticizing the right and left. however, the thing that we remember most i think so far is the fact that he was confronted by the tea party or how is it doing so far for him? is it achieving some of these goals? >> yeah, well, so far, the one nation under the bus tour, not
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going so well for the in the because, look, first of all you mentioned that the bus is all black. it's like going to a funeral. and if you have seen his poll numbers recently at 39% job approval, 54% disapprove of the job he is doing, no wonder the bus is black. these moments laura either define a campaign or presidency. remember during the 2008 campaign he he had that seminole exchange with joe the plumber where he blurted out his real socialist impulse i just want to spread wealth around. over the last couple of years that's exactly what he has done. mr. rhodes the tea party guy he shows he doesn't have an answer for that's the majority of americans who have real issues with the amount of spending and the expansion of government that he has done over the last three years. >> laura: alan, one of the things that i think was said about this tour is they wanted the president to be able to empathize, sympathize with people in the heartland who are kind of frustrated and concerned about the pace of the recovery.
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that's not a bad goal. but my question is is this really achieving the goal? >> gives validity the fact that you see him out with people. i'm surprised sarah palin isn't falling him with her bus. >> laura: she has a better bus tour. >> quits her bus tour like she did the iowa bus tour. should be in the bus behind trying to suck all the oxygen out. where is she? >> bus tour is derivative of sarah palin's bus tour. >> yeah. >> laura: i see the bus, i think monica is on to something. it looks like something you would see -- i don't know, around town you see people being moved from asylum to asylum or jail to jail. very gloomy. >> you two. >> laura: very gloomy bus. >> either of you people. >> laura: move on to. so things he has said. number one, alan, he talked about the fact that in september he is going to have a plan. kind of like jon huntsman it's not up on my web site yet but it
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will be. he does have plan coming up in september. i don't know how he went from i have a dream to i will have a plan. >> wasn't it the bush administration who said when we were talking about the iraq war you unveil stuff after labor day. >> you're not talking about bush. i'm talking about the president. >> why is bush rolled in. >> wait until after labor day. >> laura: i was a big critic of bush. i think he made a lot of mistakes. >> that's after the fact. >> laura: i'm not talking about bush. i'm talking about obama. current day. >> i'm talking about double standards. >> laura: substantive thing he talked about oonels and the need for these car manufacturers not just to try to dine out on suv and truck sales and our brain room in new york found out a couple of statistics, 63.75% of all vehicles sold in the united states year to date have been trucks. g.m., second quarter 92% earnings, strong earnings increased because of the global sales and because of the huge production of high margin pickup
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trucks sold in the united states. this is big money for detroit. and, yet, the president comes in and lecturing detroit about you need to build smaller cars. either of you can chime in here. how does that help america start working again when the chevy volt sold 120-volts in the month of july. 120. >> doing away with trucks. need to buy trucks. talking about fuel efficiency and what is going to sale and what sales on the global market. people want smaller more fuel efficient cars. not dictating it. not taking over the auto industry. >> he already did that, colmes. >> did he not. general motors not profitable thanks to the government saving it. >> this comment that he made. central economic planning. the auto industry, nationalizing the auto industry, largely nationalizing the banks. this is about centralized economic planning. this is what this guy is all about. it's all about wealth redistribution. by the way, laura, he he wants all of us driving a toaster
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oven. tiny fuel efficient cars when, by the way, detroit and every other automaker makes most of their money as you pointed out on suvs and trucks because that's what the consumer wants. bush who did the stimulus for the banks not obama. >> laura: which i criticized and totally against. >> i love the fact thinking of you in a toaster oven going down the street. i would put it all the way over to broil. >> this is the way you treat liberals. you wants knee suffer. >> laura: what's the gas mileage on that black death star bus going across the country. that looks like what you transport people to prison. in that's not the way you treat the president. >> i'm a liberal. take the subway. public transportation. >> colmes, i'm with you on empathizing with the people spends vacation on the bus. >> do the bus around martha's vineyard.
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>> still has a better bus. >> alan and monica great to see you. >> you too. >> texas governor rick perry comes out swinging at president obama and the washington establishment in his debut on the campaign trail. and some new polling suggests that republicans are fired up about this texas tea partier. and what is bill o'reilly think about governor perry? we are going to hear from mr. o'reilly moments away.
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>> laura: in the impact segment tonight, according to the latest rasmussen poll on the contest texas governor rick perry leads the pack. mr. perry has 29% support. mitt romney drops down to 18%. 15% remain undecided and michele bachmann comes in with 13%. since announcing over the weekend, mr. perry has had some tough words for washington starting with fed chairman ben bernanke. >> is this guy prints more money between now and the election, i don't know what you all would do to him in iowa. but we would treat him pretty ugly. printing more money to play politics at this particular time in american history is almost
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treason oust in my opinion. >> mr. perry raised some eyebrows with these comments about the president. >> laura: bill o'reilly talked to don imus this morning about the governor. >> speaking of rick perry, is he for real? >> bill: yeah, oh yeah. absolutely viable contender. nice economic story to tell in texas. and you know, you know he is for real when the "new york times" attacks him, which they did 13 seconds after he announced calling him some kind of fascist and all of that. so, yeah, he certainly is a viable contender. >> joining us now from houston, texas, chris, a republican strategist and from columbia, south carolina, the chair of the
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south carolina democratic party let's start with you, dick, down in south carolina because that's where perry announced his candidacy. i'm looking at richard cohen's piece today in the "the washington post." is he no conservative, kind of a liberal guy. and his piece is called the texas gipper. he doesn't much like the texas governor but he said the following. perry stands a pretty good chance of being the next president of the united states. he said this man was born for the stump. it's basically ridiculous to think he can't campaign beyond texas. he have great appeal beyond the suburban america and midwest and beyond. what's your response to that?
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he all of a sudden becomes a republican. look, he is out there promising this and saying he has done that. the fact of the matter is, this guy, we see him in the south, see guys like this all the time. trying to sell you vinyl siding or they want to pave your asphalt. driveway. >> is that like a president going out there and saying we are going to create and save millions of dollars with the stimulus bill that never comes to fruition and then goes around and promises that the health care bill is going to be a jobs creator when it's a jobs killer. is that snake oil as well? >> the problem -- the problem is it took eight years for george bush to screw this country up and you want barack obama to turn it around in 31 months. it ain't going to happen in 31 months. >> that's a strategy for re-election. you can jump in on this. it's the republicans fault when the president is the president, right? >> laura, dick needs to clean up on homework. he was only 12 years off. rick perry was not working for al gore in 2000.
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rick perry was a democrat in 88. get your facts straight. >> i apologize. >> turned republican in 1990. that's a mistake and we are all entitled to that. i will tell you what, underestimate this man at your own peril. he is a phenomenal candidate. is he a fierce competitor. texas politics is a bare knuckle sport and this guy is darn good. he is driving the left crazy. everything he says endears himself to the far right. he knows what he is doing. is he crazy like a fox. he has got this bounce already. he is 11 points up on romney. and half of the country hardly doesn't even know who he is. so, underestimate him at your own peril, i would say that to the g.o.p. and i would say that to the far left and the president's campaign team. >> laura: dick, i will give you. this the democrats have to do something with perry. they have to do something with this abysmal record of their guy in the white house. and it's abysmal across the board. they have to do something. perry's jobs weren't real jobs. they were, i guess, not good
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jobs because they weren't green enough. they were created by the stimulus bill. so barack obama is really indirectly responsible for the 37% of jobs that were created in texas. do you honestly think that that is going to sell nationwide? >> no. i think though when he attacks washington for printing money like he did with ben bernanke and talks about the stimulus funds being bogus and not do any good, it didn't stop him from taking $10 billion from federal money to balance his budget this year. you can't say one thing, having done something just this year totally at odds with what you are telling the american people you are going to do. let me say this to you. is he leading in the republican primary but this is like watching a midget wrestling match. is he winning it but none of these guys are going to beat barack obama in 2012. >> laura: say one thing and go another is that like saying after the tucson shooting of gabriel giffords that we need a dignified debate and telling activists that they need to punish their enemies? was that civil dialogue? both sides are kind of guilty of saying one thing and doing
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another here. but this -- go ahead. >> taking $10 billion of federal money. >> if i may, laura. >> i will tell you what. rick perry has created jobs in texas. and he is the classic candidate, i think that many in this country are looking for. small government, lower taxes. less regulation and incredible candidate on the stump. texas has created virtually half of all the jobs last 10 years last 10 years. underestimate him at your own peril, rick perry is for real, is he going to endear himself to a large portion of this country. >> laura: i think it's interesting president obama and rick perry rick perry in washington. one man in washington usually in washington that's barack obama. thanks so much. coming up on the factor, president obama and his supporters have revealed the campaign strategy. blame the republicans for pretty much everything. definitely not the hope and change. will it work? that report coming up.
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>> >> laura: factor follow up segment tonight, reported earlier the president has hit the road for campaign swing through middle america. after two and a half years in office, mr. obama promises to lay out his latest plan to safe the economy. >> i will be putting forward when they come back in september a very specific plan to boost the economy, to create jobs and to control our deficit. and my attitude is get it done. and if they don't get it done, then we will be running against a congress that's not doing anything for the american people and the choice will be very stark and will be very clear. >> laura: this blame congress mantra is being echoed by obama
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surrogates. they are focusing their fire on republicans. >> there are things, quite frankly, matt that the president has talked about on a number of occasions that we just can't seem to get the republican house of representatives to deal with. and at some point are they not dealing with these things because quite frankly they don't want to see this economy get better because they want to see an election that might turn out better for them. i think what the american people want is for people to put aside their party labels and instead work together for the united states. >> is any of this going to work james fleming cleave? >> a bunch of stuff going on here. first three years in office he had both houses of congress in democratic hands. the idea that now two and a half years in you better do what i want you to do seems to me to be a little ridiculous and little disingenuous. they actually did pass ground breaking legislation.
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health care reform and lily led better, the repeal of don't ask, don't tell. obama is doing things that every president does. this is a tried and true measure. >> laura: two big things that he did, however, health care we form and the stimulus are the two when polled today very unpopular and most people still prefer a complete re-do of health care or revocation of the entire legislation. so, the thing that he really focused on most of his energy and he said that, that was his seminole piece of legislation ends up probably not decreasing health care costs and, also, leads to the loss of 1100 jobs just a week and a half ago boston scientific. china now to be made. the idea that he charged forward, yeah, he did. but, unfortunately for the country, those two pieces of legislation, the stimulus and health care were utter disasters and did not turn around this economy. >> i don't think they are utter disasters. health care reform was never meant to turn around the economy.
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>> nancy pelosi called it a job creator. she made that argument in the final days. i know you remember that she was on capitol hill. >> i was in the trench. there was lots of battle scars. it was meant to save lives and it is saving lives. preexisting conditions is no longer going to be a word that health insurance companies can use against women who have had babies. >> laura: do you think looking back that was the way to go with this economy? with what the country is facing, that was what the president should have done off the bat. >> i think there was miscalculation. health care reform. employee free choice. some other popular going to pass in 100 days. when that didn't happen, they have had no choice but to charge forward. we it to reform health care. what turned out. >> once you see how great it is you are going to like it. that's not come to fruition. see what it is and especially business. the president talked about the do-nothing congress. obviously republicans in the house, they passed the paul ryan
2:26 am
plan. president dismissed it quite explicitly, cut cap and balance to try to get this economy going a step forward in the right direction in their view. those people basically laughed at it the idea that congress in public hands factually untrue. they tried to do what they can. obviously democrats in the senate and the president is a democrat. >> you can see the same for republicans though that they walked away from a significant deficit plan. and so i think what we need to focus on is the middle class. both parties have stopped valuing the middle class. the middle class are the ones who generate jobs and buy products in order to keep our economy going. >> laura: a lot of the them are having their taxes threatened with being hiked by the end of the year if the president had their way. >> tax argue. in the green room -- i said so what do you think? republicans actually going to come to the table and increase taxes on the top 1%? he said no, they are not going to budge on tax reform. no they better not. >> that's a big problem. if republicans are already
2:27 am
saying. >> laura: don't you think that's winning for obama. win the election by saying the rich aren't paying enough when 50% of the country pay no, sir taxes. >> with have to get serious about tax reform lawyer layer why are you not calling it tax. >> i'm fine in saying we are going to increase top 1%. >> laura: it's not tax reform. it's not tax reform. raising taxes on the rich which is the oldest trick in the liberal bag of tricks. i mean, that's the only thing you guys have. raise taxes on the rich. what's the plan? >> here is the other thing. i will be curious to see what obama comes forth when he says. >> laura: in september. >> let's also look at the republican stop plan. >> laura: they have one. >> 10 pages. font is about 20 point and has lots of cliff bar. it's the same talking points from the 1980s. let's cut the taxes for the wealthy and. >> laura: that led to economic oil. >> big oil. >> laura: that led to unprecedented growth for
2:28 am
america. >> i think middle class folks agree with me. be energy independent. continue to rely on foreign oil. right now possibly letting another foreign oil pipeline pass through. >> north american canadian sands? do you want to get out of the that's north american energy security. >> it is threatening our main water supply. that's not getting america off of foreign oil. >> laura: canada is one of our closest allies. china is going to go in there and get that oil. >> it's already dedicated to china. >> north america. plenty more as the factor moves along this evening. will african-americans stand by president obama in 2012? talk with two obama supporters about that what can be done about these violent flash mobs that are causing havoc in urban areas in the united states. is it legal loopings at the options. you go next if you had a hoveround power chair?
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>> laura: in the unresolved problem segment tonight, according to a new gallup poll president obama's support among african-americans is down 14 points from a tie. support from impressive 81%. but earlier in his presidency, he drew an astounding 95%. so why is the president losing black voters? and ken k. he win the white house without tremendous support from the black community? joining us now to discuss two men who supported the president in 2008. reverend jack degraff. radio talk show host hutchinson joining us from los angeles. let's start with you reverend, 9 a%, i don't know how you can ever maintain a 95% approval rating but very impressive. still 81% there has been some movement. you are looking at 17% unemployment for african-americans, 11% foreclosure rate for black homeowners. what has president obama to put it bluntly done for black americans? >> well, first of all, he has
2:33 am
led with leadership and distinction sings he has been there, he has been responsive but, remember, in the same poll that the below the president is the standing of congress. the americans didn't just take a step back from the president. they have taken a step back from congress who they see in much lower terms, number one. number two, it's a poll, not a vote. so the african-american community has been the most loyal community not only to this president but to the democratic party. >> laura: reverend degraff, i'm going to focus on these facts because those are alarming. >> those are the facts. >> laura: when i saw these facts, they are alarming facts for all americans but for an already hard-hit african-american community, especially these inner city numbers are terrible. and in two and a half years, you at some point have to look at a benchmark. you can't keep blaming bush but what about the numbers? >> you are absolutely right. there is unhappiness in the african-american community because we didn't support this president for him to be president of everybody but else.
2:34 am
the disparity numbers in unemployment and in a variety of other indices indicate that our community is suffering. and we are listening for his voice now. and expect action and activity in the balance of his term. but make no mistake about it, there are 10 other candidates running. none of them have a record that compares to barack obama. >> laura: mr. hutchinson we can go into what rick perry has done for the minority communities inside texas and job creation record is actually more impressive than barack obama's. stick to obama's record here the numbers are the numbers. my question is a simple one. what has barack obama identifiably done substance and jobs and so forth for the black community in the united states? >> well, you know, that's a question that many people are asking. it's a legitimate question, too. many african-americans quietly and some not so quietly the congressional black caucus the naacp, urban league they're always challenging, challenging on that point. we have to number one, it is true that there has been a
2:35 am
tremendous over the last few years and especially last year downturn the economy, how much congress, the white house, corporations, the business community and banks are responsible for that that is subject to debate. we do know. this the president is the man at the top. he gets the blame for it and we're looking at many african-americans saying mr. president, as others are saying, you made some promises, some of them, of course, could not be kept given the rules of government but, none the less, we expect to you keep those promises. so how much how much of that is really a realistic expectation or overinflated expectation. >> laura: you are not lowering the bar for this president, are you? >> no, no. it's not lowering, laura. what it is is just reflecting some people, i have tomorrow if a size some people in the african-american community and beyond the african-american community have not lowered the bar they have raised the bar. >> i think they are beginning him to standards which the president himself said.
2:36 am
the president said i don't want people to look at me african-american president. i happen to be but i'm the president of all the people. he said that himself. this is what cornell west said who is absolutely obviously a black scholar poverty tour in the midwest. with tavis smiley also a well known black thinker. obama's team reached out to cornell west and invited him to meet with the president. cornell west declined. went on to say a beer summit won't help our issues. he had very strong words to say about his long time friend and he is president obama. and he is none to happy about it. is cornel west wrong? there needs to be more time for the president to germinate? >> it's jobs and the economy. at the end of the day the president or anyone else in elective office is going to be judged in terms of a paycheck in my pocket. in terms of my welfare and my well-being.
2:37 am
it's going to be the same with the president and it's going to be the same with congress and it's going to be the same with the candidates running against him. that's not an unrealistic expectation from anyone when you are coming into these communities asking for their support. >> i think it's important to point out. 80% is nothing to sneeze in the african-american community. and there is no republican candidate. >> laura: they should. >> no republican candidate who has addressed those disparities. >> we will see what happens. we have a long time during this campaign. gentlemen, i wish we had more time and unfortunately we don't. thank you so much. is it legal is on deck examining the latest legal blow to president obama's health care legislation is it going to be upheld or defeated at the
2:38 am
supreme court [ male announcer ] this is what it's like getting an amazing discount on a hotel with travelocity's top secret hotels. [ gnome ] ahhh... [ male announcer ] the easy way to get unpublished discounts of up to 55% off top hotels. [ gnome ] your fingers are quite magical.
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>> laura: thanks for staying with us. i'm laura ingraham in tonight for bill o'reilly. in the is it legal segment. start with the latest ruling on obama care. the 11th circuit of appeals on friday ruled that the individual mandate to buy health insurance is unconstitutional. this means there is an extremely good chance that the supreme court is going to examine the constitutionality of the law in the 2012 term, which would obviously be a huge campaign issue. president obama talked about the legislation yesterday. >> part of the affordable care act, health care reform also known as obama care, by the way, you know what? let me tell you. i have no problem with folks saying obama cares. i do care. if the other side wants to be the folks who don't care, that's fine with me. if the supreme court follows
2:42 am
existing precedent, existing law, it should be upheld without a problem. if the supreme court does not follow existing law and precedent, then we'll have to manage that when it happens. >> whatever. >> is that what we learned at harvard law school to talk about the supreme court? the is it legal duo kimberly guilfoyle and lis wiehl. this should be fun. the president taking another sideswipe at the supreme court in that comment. well, if they basically if they know their p's and q's they are going to say this thing is constitutional as if the commercial clause and the meaning of it is completely established for all time. >> well, no. what is he citing is the sixth circuit which said yeah, it is constitutional. can you mandate that individuals go out and get this -- this health insurance and that they don't they are going to be penalized for it 11th circuit came out and by the way, laura,
2:43 am
biggest case, 26 states were involved in that case. yeah, they said no, they took out that part of the law and said you cannot mandate this individual health insurance with private companies and the judge was very succinct and eloquent in the way he put it 11th circuit decision do you think, laura. >> he didn't want to mention that. kimberly, look, this was a friday night drop. a couple of big court cases that came out friday. late friday night this broke. considered by the court undoubtedly in the upcoming supreme court term. what does this mean? does this mean election issue? obama which i think frankly is not where he wants to be. >> not his strong suit and is he going to be compelled to talk about health care just like he is trying to compel millions of americans to buy an expensive product from the minute they are born to the day they die. this is something that is unconstitutional, i believe, he t. will go through the supreme
2:44 am
court. it should be expedited. there should be a strong argument to do so. how can you have this conflict between the different states? how can companies and businesses prepare their budget if they don't know what their expenses are going to be. this will be heard by the supreme court. i believe it will be a 5-4 decision. it did l. come down in june. >> the court has already said by the way they weren't going to hear it in expedited version. they turned it down. >> kimberly is right. that's before there was a split in the circuits. huge split in the circuits over a huge issue. >> have to. have to reconcile it be irresponsible need four justices to agree to hear this. they will hear it. >> laura: just praying anthony kennedy. do some hex on anthony kennedy. louisiana sex offender law, now the aclu has decided to file suit saying that this punishment of sex offenders saying that they cannot go on to the internet because that's where they find their victims. this is the way they were going to go. aclu says no way, too broad.
2:45 am
first amendment case. kimberly start with you. lose first amendment rights when you become a heinous criminal that preys on innocent children in chat rooms. these are people that are registered sex offenders that have cases that have been brought before them tried by a jury of their piers. found guilty and now they have to register for a lifetime. why should they have the rights and privileges and be exposed like an open playground to expose them to children. bobby jindal standing strong on it. overbroad and could infringe on rights to be able to network and get business jobs, et cetera. >> quickly. >> that's the problem it is overly proud. basically these are people that are out now and they are sexually registered offenders, they can't even go on web sites to look at newspapers or job things. they can't do email or texting
2:46 am
to their friends and family. i don't think that withstand constitutional scrutiny. very quickly. ladies. this rise of the flash mob, many -- in many instances these mostly young people happen to be african-american. they are running into stores. mayor of philadelphia speaking out against it strongly and he will subsequently last week. what can be done here, curfew clearly the right way to go. german town, maryland disturbing video police apparently have some arrests. what can be done? are we going to see more curfews. >> we are going to see more curfews. shocking, wait for it, the aclu is against this. they filed a case in november saying these are illegal searches. excuse me, since when does somebody have a right to go out and commit lawless acts and rob people and threaten and harass neighborhoods putting everybody on high alert? the curfew works. the violence was cut down over the weekend because they did this. >> i'm for the curfew. we have curfews over 80% of the 300,000 population in the city
2:47 am
in the city, in this country. >> laura: where is jessie jackson and al sharpton on these issues. absent. mayor of philadelphia was terrific on it ladies, thanks so much. billionaire warren buffet says he wants to pay more taxes. why does he keep using the tax code to avoid paying taxes? the factor has answers. coming up.
2:48 am
2:49 am
2:50 am
>> laura: in the back of the book segment tonight, last night warren buffet continued to tell americans he and his rich friends want to give more of their money to the federal government. >> i decided to look around to see if any of my friends were being effected my sacrifice and they like me are enjoying these extremely low tax rates and the very high percentage of the cases the very rich are paying less in the way of taxes than
2:51 am
the people who clean their offices. >> laura: congressman woman michele bachmann had advice for mr. buffet. >> now the president's friend, warren buffet, just came out and said all the billionaires should be paying for money. i have a suggestion. mr. buffet, write a big check today. there is nothing you have to wait for. >> it's worth noting that chairman of the company hathaway chooses to pay a tax system avoid paying more taxes. senior tax policy analyst at the heritage foundation. a conservative tax tank. how does buffet pay such a low rate. >> capital gains tax equities he pays through company. mostly stocks. tax capital gains lower rate. we do that for a very good reason. lower the capital gains rate. the more capital we have in the economy. capital is what businesses use to produce income and employ
2:52 am
people. lower capital gains rate. higher wages for us all. >> didn't he have some deal with bill gates and he pledged to give all of his money away to the bill gates foundation or something so he doesn't have the income to be taxed on a regular income? what about all the income he presumably makes from byrneer hath away. he doesn't pay a salary? is that how it works? >> he talks about higher estate tax. not going to pay one dime of state tax gave fortune to bill gates. >> pay himself a salary pay the same tax rate as workers but he chooses to take it in capital gains. >> he takes it in the stocks that he accrued as head of the company and as the guy making all the decisions. >> forgets a couple things. first, he also pays the corporate income tax rate which is 35%. actual tax rate is closer to 50% when you add on the his workers apples and oranges comparison. workers earn salary.
2:53 am
pay income tax. i talked to ben stein about this last night. we had a dust up about this whole issue. stein's point is look, people have done really well. what's the big deal? if you are making $10 billion. what's the big deal of raising those taxes? and so forth. and my point was, look, ben, since when do we think money going to washington is going to be used to pay down the debt? what happens when washington gets a bigger pot of money. >> i saw that you are exactly right. more taxes mean a bigger government. ben should have said he is higher taxes do. been a long time. bringing it back. >> 1950s. 90% on the richest americans. >> i'm all for that top tax rate when reagan left office 28%. i think what he was referring to percent of the economy rough economic times.
2:54 am
-- >> laura: is obama going to win this argument? we need to share the sacrifice. going to continue to make that argument tax reform. have you noticed that little change? now it's tax reform. just to hike people's taxes. how is that tax reform? >> brought broaden the tax base. simplified too perhaps? >> make more efficient and promote incentives to create income. >> tax reform. they work against each other. >> laura: right now, which republican candidate out there is making a cogent and clear argument in favor of a simplified clear and not economically burdensome tax rate. >> i haven't heard anyone come out with a tax plan yet. >> laura: that's a problem for republicans if they are not making this issue clear. left demagoguery issue is that a problem?
2:55 am
>> the house ha has had their chance to put forth a tax reform plan either. come from congressman dave camp from ways and means. >> laura: pinheads and patriots is up next starring ben stillar and jennifer aniston p a the stronger the rapids, the more we loved it. took some wild risks when i was young. but i was still taking a risk with my cholesterol. anyone with high cholesterol may be at increased risk of heart attack. diet and exercise weren't enough for me. i stopped kidding myself. i've been eating healthier, exercising more, and now i'm also taking lipitor. if you've been kidding yourself about high cholesterol, stop. along with diet, lipitor has been shown to lower bad cholesterol to 60 percent. lipitor is fda approved to reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke in patits who have heart diase or risk factors for heart disease. [ female annncer ] lipitor is not for evyone, including people with liver problems and women who are nursing, pregnant or may become pregnant. you need simple blood tests to check for liver problems. tell your doctor if y are taking other medications
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or if you have any muscle pain or weakness. this may be a sign of a rare but serious side effect. lets go... haha. if you have high cholesterol, you may be at increased risk of heart attack and stroke. don't kid yourself. talk to your doctor about your risk a about lipitor. >> laura: finally, pinheads and patriots. in addition to being an actor and comedian, ben stiller is a charitable guy. >> hi, i'm ben stiller.
2:57 am
i'm launching a new foundation. even more challenging coming up with a name for the foundation. here's a few of the names we've been considering: stiller kpwhroe billion ive. the ben cross. no child left ben. ben foundation. ben schooler foundation. so you think you can donate. the one we decided on is the jennifer aniston foundation. it seemed like more people would go to that. >> what is it? what? i never said that. stiller. >> please, go to see jennifer aniston naked got come or facebook/stiller foundation to find out more. >> laura: for having laughs,
2:58 am
and helping those less fortunate, ben and jennifer are patriots. >> check out where we have a great summer sale. if you sign up for a premiummen you get this cool shirt, free. do not -- do not forget to pick up a copy of "the new york times" best seller, called "of thee i zing." it is on my website again, thanks for watching. i am laura ingraham in for bill o'reilly. remember, the spin stops here because we're always looking because we're always looking out for you. closed captioned by closed captioning services, inc. >> good morning, everyone. it's wednesday, august 17th. i'm gretchen carlson. thanks so much for sharing your time today. results are in in wisconsin.
2:59 am
voters casting their ballots over two re-elections over the anti-union crackdown. >> president obama taking his blame game through the midwest pointing fingers at congress and bush and this time is the time for him to take the lead? >> man, get out there and tell us what's to believe. and be willing to fight for it. even if people disagree with it. >> there you go. that's from more lessons from that man in leadership straight ahead. >> that shiny black million dollar bus that the president is touring in, well, you paid for it and it's not even made in the u.s. your dollar are gone. the bus rolls but we didn't make it. wait until you hear who did. "fox & friends" starts right now. >> hi, this is bob eubanks from the newlywed game. you're watching "fox & friends."


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