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tv   Geraldo at Large  FOX News  August 21, 2011 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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>> i am on one of the rebel soldier's pickup trucks in tripoli. the rest of the convoy every where we have gone people have been pouring out onto the treat celebrating. most of the time you can't hear yourself think. i am only wearing this helmet and bulletproof vest not because i feel i am in danger but there
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are so many bullets being fired into the air this celebration volley of shots. i don't want one bouncing off me. that's the only reason i am wearing it. i feel absolutely safe. the rebels have come into the capital (inaudible). each of these vehicles are surrounded by -- i don't know if you can see on the cameras. (inaudible) they are coming out in celebration and what they believe is the liberation of the capital.
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it likes everyone to be very still, the camera. glorious feeling people have in the city tonight. they feel liberated. that is water being thrown. they do that in celebration as well. there are fireworks and guns going off. absolutely amazing sight. >> that was alex crawford of sister network sky news live in tripoli. the scene she is describing a mix of euphoria and anxiety and amazement. muammar gaddafi boasted of the ring of steel he put around his capital city of tripoli. it was more like an egg shell fighters giving little or no resistance over running the most important military bases and occupying the city's central square with this epic almost instantaneous collapse the
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strong man muammar gaddafi appears over or nearly over tonight. the scene in tripoli is one of confusion and chaos the rebels definitely occupy that green square, their times square the center of the city where gaddafi used to exhort his people to stay strong and all of the rest of his cram. terr there are signs now the toughest military unit the one charged with protecting his own security has reportedly defected. there are still unconfirmed but persistent reports ask youing wlun from the prosecutor of the international crimes commission that the dictate other's high profile son and one time air apparent saeed islam has been arrested as well as one of gadda gaddafi's loyalist officials has defected to the rebels or they have left the country entirely and boisterous crowds are this
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night celebrating the apparent fall of the dictator who ruled over every aspect of libyan life for the last 42 years. the stunning developments follow several doe size i have military victories in the west and south of the embattled oil ridge nation. our own mar could you ski joinse telephone with the latest. first of all, mace, where are you exactly and what is going on around you? >> i am in the hotel which is not far from downtown tripoli not far from greens square where alex crawford was reporting from. we are cut off, however, there has been amazing gun battles all evening outside of the hotel. we had about an hour's lull just about 3 minutes before we went on air with you it started again. alex is trying to make her way to us but on the way the sniper fire is so intense they can't
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get through at this point. we are waiting nervously in great anticipation of meeting up with our colleagues to be honest. >> what is the mood to you of the gaddafi loyalists who were the last 180 odd days have been regulating the coming and going of that hotel, listening to everything you are saying, how are they behaving toward you tonight. >> if i could finds one i would ask one. they disappeared. about 2-3 hours ago intense fighting was going on outside of the hotel. suddenly all of those guys who lectured us about how to do our jobs and gave us these diatribes about not telling the truth and getting the real story out there suddenly evaporated. they have gone. what we have is a dozen or so young kids some of them heavily armed with bayonets on their
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rifles stalking around the hotel making us nervous. even they have settled down taken off their green bandanas and everything is subdued now. geraldo to me the picture that sums it up if you can see in the backgrounds of alex crawford's shot these huge yellow scaffolding that was going up in preparation for 10-days from now he was going to celebrate 42 years in power. september 1st was going to be the anniversary of the el fatah celebration. you have opposition supporters shooting celebrating with gun fire in the air instead. >> his green banner replaced by the red, black and green of the libyan opposition. the immediate questions tonight is where in the world is moammar qaddafi? have you heard any inkling of where the libyan dictator soon to be ex sd dictator is? is he breathing, has he left the
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country? what do you hear? >> it is the million dollar question. there is talk that a 7 vehicle convoy crossed the desert in libya about 3 days ago on friday and that it may have been on its way to my gore yaw. the good money is that's where he is. we keep on hearing his audio messages where he would bring in and urge supporters to pick up guns to go and fight em employering them to dry out the rats and vermin but all of the while he is on a saturday light phone making his way out of the country. the last photograph of him shaking hands with somebody in algeria with his friend around president of venezuela. just too early to call right now. >> stand by if you can. don't stay on the phone if you are in personal danger no more than anything.
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pulitzer prize winning journalist, you were nodding your head. is algeria a likely spot? i cannot image although we are stunned the rop p rapid nature events unfolding. i can't believer he didn't have an inkling it was going to unfold. >> i am sure he did have an inkling. i think these reports that he might be in algeria are credible because algeria is a signature to the international criminal court but it's not. it didn't ratify it. so it is a country that will be compelled to turn him over in the international court in the hague. plus geraldo algeria was super pliing his rue geem with weapons during the up rising. >> lieutenants tom mcinernie i want to give you another high
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long distance high five like the night we shared when bin laden went down. celebrations ahid i cann -- asi cannot believe the rebels would offer safe passage to muammar gaddafi and his sons, that seems like a bus that left the station. >> it looks like he is out of town. i think we have seen this movie before the first of may or parts of it. i believe judy is right he is probably in algeria for sanctuary, if he ends up there or that's where he starts out or others will support him. i think tonight is a tipping point. there will be more fighting. there is chaos going on right now. confusion. the big question is, who takes over in this rebel government? can they run a country? are they going to ask the united states and nato for international security force, an isf that will help them get
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started build hopefully a democracy but i have great doubts because we still don't know who the rebels are. there are a lot of unknowns sitting out there right now while we are high-fiving everyone now. >> casey -- kt mcfarland. i still believe gaddafi gone is gaddafi gone. i think that's wonderful. i am sure you would agree with me. i have been with the rebels. they are the biggest flakes i have ever spent any time with. they are base the in the east. they had nothing to do as far as i can see with what's going on in the west in tripoli. a totally different tribe. you think the rebels who are taking over tripoli now will follow the government in the east, a different tribe who had nothing to do with this stunning victory? >> the problem with any revolution act one is getting rid of the dictator act two is can the guy who got rid of the
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dictator govern? they starts falling out amongst themselves when the reason they unified in the first place is gone. what happens next? i think the rebels have several choices. they can announce before settling to clean up the gaddafi people and going after them in revenge or are they going to start governing turning on the water, making sure society works all of the stuff that didn't happen after iraq. and then the gaddafi is he going to fight? is he going to stand and fight? is he going to flee? you don't know. in the next 48-hours is anybody going to roundup kwad fy or anybody he can use for the insurgency with. >> you have seen just a taste of the depth and knowledge of our experts. stand by. we will give you the latest on what's happening in libya after this. [ male announcer ] you love the taste of 2% milk.
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>> the president spent his vacation in martha's vineyard saying they are studying the situation and they will make statements presumably first thing tomorrow morning. you are looking at scenes of the dramatic transition that is happening in libya we think in the capital of tripoli. this is the time that is the most dangerous for reporters for foreigners on the scene former cia operative mike baker has been has had a team on the grounds in libya. have you heard why from your people? >> the speed in which the whole movement ended up in tripoli has been fairly surprising.
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they said it quite well earlier the chaos that ensues at this point when you start to transition from the offense i have operations in the period of time to establish some form of working government can be extremely dangerous and difficult. >> are your people east or west? >> east and make their way west. >> east and make their way west. do you have any idea whether the western rebels who are the only ones who put up a fight here the eastern rebels that i saw up close and personal haven't really budged from the oil refinery where they have been stuck for most of this war do you have any indication whether or not east and west will jien together in the new libya? >> i think there's going to be real problems here. i think you are ooabsolutely rit in noting that this would not have happened if it hadn't been for the better trained resource
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log distick provider on the western side of this country. what will happen unfortunately is what we have seen in other cases where there will be a rool period of rush to the trough by a lot of people who believe they deserve something as a result of this effort whether it's a government position or some type of influence. i suspect we are going as to be looking at ra rather messy period. they have recently shuffled the entire national transition council. this is again a very difficult time i think there's a lot of speculation. >> general tom mcinerney it was only a couple weeks ago where rebel forces killed their own commander-in-chief presumably members of one tribe killing commander in chief eunice a former qaddafi loyalist.
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they arrested him shot him dead, his body was mangled. is there any guarantee that tomorrow will be brighter than today? oo it's just an indication of the huge difficulties and unknowns that we are facing. which tribe is the 132 plus tribes over there. which tribe will gain dominance the eastern or western tribes? you have had experience with eastern tribes. it is loaded with muslim brotherhood radical islamists and some al qaeda. in the unknowns we are about to face and the stability, it is like when the dog finally catches the car that he is facing. i don't know what nato is going to do about it but i again fear that the bird enis going to be shifted back to the united states.
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>> up until now the united states has done a fairly good job of moderating our involvement a position that i certainly have been advocating to let someone else do the heavy lifting. is this a triumph for nato? >> geraldo i am going to give nato their due credit. but the joint stars the global hawk, the predators all of the drones all of the cruise missiles all that was all united states. whenever they needed punch they had to call the u.s. forces in. i assure you you were actively involved in this and i assure you it could not have happened without u.s. forces making it happen? >> of that i have no doubt. we are talking about the dep lt and breadth what's it going to do with the stock market after this.
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>> incredible scenes from the libyan capitol city of tripoli. that is the green banner of moammar qaddafi being shot to pieces by elated rebels filling green square. green square with the libyan dictator used to exhort his people to stand firm against the west and all of the i am purelyists and all of the rest of it. guess what? they hated him as much as everybody else. they are firing at the symbols of his power they are tearing down his posters. they are dancing in the streets. it is like we have seen this movie before. it is cairo. it is tune nearby shaw. it's a lot of other places. will it also be syria?
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>> syria is the big unknown in all of this. i think it's interesting that the president of syria came out in the last couple hours is any country thinking of invading syria saying twice you are going to have your own problems. he is got to be the most nervous by on the planet similar behavior to what qaddafi was. we have finally come out and said syria, assad you have to step aside. is he next? >> judy miller is it the tipping point? it must be getting closer and closer to damascus. >> clearly what the president did this week is very, very important declaring explicitly that bash sar that his time is over. this is more that symbolic. this tells the world the united states is now on the side as the president would like to say is history. >> i agree with the president on that. i am very nervous having seen
10:25 pm
them up close and personally about who exactly these rebels are? are they for us or against us? >> that is the question of the day. the big bench mark i guess in libya for one fact and two projections the strategic fact is the rebels have won. there is still some enclave whatever qaddafi is going to do later on is important. so we have to project projections number one qaddafi forces are going to become guess what the next rebel? they are going to form some sort of dang and unit not immediately but in the next few weeks and months they are going to come and we te tell it. who are the rebels. often we say in washington we don't know them. there are two kind of rebels. you have been there and you met some of their leaders. you have those who are members of the armed forces of gaddafi. you have the military one of them was killed the chief of
10:26 pm
staff and those are now united now they are moving together. i project there are going to be tensions between the two groups as they try to form the next government. >> i think tensions is an under statement. director of the middle eastern affairs as national security council welcome to you michael. i wonder if you think this is -- is this a grande? should general mcenernarmcmcinei be giving each other high fives? >> we are going to spend the next due days analyzing what will be happening next. i think we should take a moment to recognize this for the moment it is where people who have been oppressed in brutal ways for 40 years are experiencing something like freedom at least for one night. what happens tomorrow is a question. i may be more optimistic than other commentators about this. one is this is not iraq organ stan. you don't have the deep ethnic religious divisions in libya
10:27 pm
than you do in some of the other places. >> what about the berbers verses arabs the east verses west that used to be three different countries libya before the italians kinds of took it over and became a fascination after. i think it's a pretty severe division. >> it's nothing like iraq organ stan where you had the posh tunes and other tribes who were engaged in the civil war when the united states came in. it is true that is disturbing and it revealed under the surface there is significant division. >> they didn't just kill him
10:28 pm
they over killed they ripped it apart. there was an indication the savagery of it of the deep hate tried whoever killed him felt for him. >> if you look at what happened, it didn't collapse they didn't turn on one another. they have taken tripoli. >> that will be our cliff hangar. there are critical decisions coming up haej. i will take a quick commercial break and we will hear what they are after this the latest live in libya. host: could switching o really save you 15% or more on car insurance? host: do people use smartphones to do dumbhings? man 1: send, that is the weekend. app grapgic: yeah dawg! man 2: allow me to crack...the bubbly! man 1: don't mind if i doozy.
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checkpoint in sight. not a single khaddafy soldier in sight. we went into the qaddafi's brigade headquarters is the most feared ministry brigade in the whole of livonia run by his son who is in charge of controlling the interior. it was rebels who were taking out flat screen tv's, office tables, chairs as well as crucial liam munition and any military hardware we could get a hold of. we have not seen a single soldier. >> that is alex crawford of sky news doing an incredible job. alex is right from the field of chaos and confusion there in tripoli libya. we are joined by james bro broz.
10:33 pm
what is the statement from the white house to these dramatic events? >> we are watching with great anticipation. the state department said flat out that gaddafi's days are numbered and the fight for tripoli has begun. nato who is involved in all of this for the military campaign. they came out today and reminded the transitional council that they hold a great responsibility. his move inclusive and the future of libya is founded is in short a great deal of concern in official washington geraldo that the future after moammar qaddafi could be marred this very important moment by tribal feud.
10:34 pm
fudz over the oil in libya. the question remains as to what will happen to all of the oil fields in libya after this moment has passed. early on the transitional national council says they are glad to honor all outstanding oil contracts with western countries. it will be interesting to see if they still feel that way in what may become very soon the post gaddafi era. >> you fear the transitional national council will not be recognized by the gad any regime. >> the united states itself has been late in the game in recognizing formally the transitional national council in libya. other countries followed suit the united states is one of the last western country for as for
10:35 pm
what happens in the west part of the country of course it was from the west that the rebels succeeded in launching this final offensioffensive>> you me early recognition of the rebels and catalyst and he blew up the tank qaddafi as they were entering benghazi. if it's a tribe to the as he runs for election? >> he will seek to cap li capitn it. someone weakened by the economy in this country by a vic areas state. the white husba house will try this by president obama and perhaps seek to equate it of
10:36 pm
osama bin laden. it was back on april 15th that president obama says qaddafi is running out of money is running out of supplies. my expectation is the president told the associated press in april if we supply that gaddafi will go and we will be successful in this mission. you can bet this president in this economy here at home facing a tough reelection battle will certainly try to make most of this moment as a triumph for this administration. >> thank you very much. should the president post president about the fall of qaddafi if what we are seeing with our own eyes -- >> if it works out well he should crow.
10:37 pm
if it doesn't work out he should stand back which is exactly what he is doing. knowing that i have stood in that square a dozen times watching qaddafi staged event. tonight only revel and be happy for them. tomorrow i say we have to wait and see. >> the he would dest son of there are reports of the international crime commission that saeed the most prominent of the sons. >> safe. >> safe al-islam was arrested. we are getting a report from the associated press -- from roiters moammar qaddafi's eldest son muhammad told al-jazeera that his house had been surrounded he was detaidetained by rebels. here is a quote from mohammed
10:38 pm
gaddafi. he had 7 sons. gunmen surrounding my house and i am at home they are still outside. he said on the phone they would guarantee my safety they are besieging my house. the gun fire is inside my house he says before the line was suddenly cut off. he later clarified they are unhurt. clearly he is arrested before he is behind bars in tripoli assuming it is not a hoax. they are quoting the guy and we can reasonably assume they had the right guy on the telephone. we are going to have lots more from this very dramatic event. libya one of the world's great oil producing nations for six months has been nothing but chaos and civil war. now it appears the good guys we hope have won. we will be right back.
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>> they are pulling down all of the green. >> if you watch the inspiring screams of the crowds the jubilant crowds in the once thought impregnable capital of
10:43 pm
tripoli. there is news from martha's vineyard from our own ed henry the fox news chief white house correspondently read it and you can watch the crowd as i do. during his vacation in the picturesque island president obama continues to get up states on the dramatic scenes halfway around the world in tripoli but told reporters he will not make an on camera statement until they know the fate of moammar qaddafi and the quote we laid ea played earlier until we get full confirmation on what's happening. the president told reporters they made their way into a popular restaurant here. owe mama and henry was greeted with chance of four more years as he hook hands with cheering supporters as he made his way to nancy's restaurant. heened up not staying therefore
10:44 pm
dinner. the president and firs lady stopped one of their spots operator island to visit friends before heading to a home where valley jarrett is staying for dinner where she is staying the first family joining valeri and her pal for dinner. >> does do these events make the vacation seem more or less abrace i have? >> he has to continue with his vacation. if he comes out right now with his statement oh i was so right it is a huge mistake. where is qaddafi? is he going to show up on a spike or lead the insurgency. >> steven yates former deputy security advisor to vice president cheney, do you see this as an amazing victory or ddo
10:45 pm
you have your fingers crossed or do you worry the vice president often did the devil we know is better than the devil we don't? >> i guess on balance i have my fingers crossed. with the opening sentiments you have gaddafi gone, gaddafi gone. i think he would rather deal with the uncertainty in the post gaddafi world than dealing with the brutal dictator who dwrot his hands on nuclear capability. we had a deal to get royd rid those things but he is a dangerous man. post gaddafi world full of uncertainty is better than what he brought. >> if you would say stand by i want to go to michael sing former deputy security advisor senior director of national affairs. do you i want to ask the same
10:46 pm
question i asked of steven. is this a night where celebration is appropriate or more for nail biting? >> i think both. you will have a celebration for a man who was part of terrorist attacks is no longer with us of force that's not confirmed. then you head straight back to nail biting as to what is going to follow. what is going to happen tomorrow when the party is over and people realize they have to build a country out of this. >> are we missing war criminals if they are apprehended are there any other figures in libya that we should worry about mounting either a counter attack or rebellion? oo the former chief of
10:47 pm
intelligence who is gaddafi's brother in law so there's a marriage connection he is behind all of the terror we have seen. he is capable of leading an insurgency against the new government if he chooses to do so. we haven't heard from him. we have had no sightings. he is the third person indicted by international criminal court. >> let's go to chuck nash who has not spoken to our captain our fox news channel military analyst. you have a situation here. i don't know if a rebellion in the desert will have legs. it seems to me what they want to do now and what they were really angry about aside from being deprived represented to government is a piece of the action a piece of the oil pie and if whoever is in charge of
10:48 pm
the transition now everyone will get their capital share can't they quell a lot of the rage they felt that qaddafi who was gloming all of the money. >> i think so, geraldo. i have got to go back to what a lot of the guests have been saying in this segment in the previous segment which is the divisions within this group we are collectively calling the rebels this is a much more diverse group a lot of the people who had been vetted prior to this and that the western allies bought off on those people may have just been put up for show. we don't know. we are going to wait and sigh who is the real leadership when that all comes out over the next several weeks. up until this point we have been dealing with one set of characters who knows if they are going to be there or if they were just there for show. >> if you were in italy captain nash would you be breathing a
10:49 pm
sigh of relief that maybe now the refugee flood from libya would be cut off or would you worry this tunnel will just add to another tsunami of pitiful creatures fleeing violence? >> it could go either way quite frankly. one of the things that would be foremost on my mind is if they want to stem that they better get ahead of this right now if down there to the porch as soon as they can get access to the porch in tripoli figure out how they are going to resupply the western sides of the country. up until this point everybody has been working on sustaining rebel forces in the eastern b pt of benghazi. you have to see what theport is in tripoli to see if they can get supplies there. otherwise you could have a large humanitarian issue where people are going to friday try to flee the countries. they are already dealing with
10:50 pm
refugee flood. >> mcinernie i am going to give you this question now. what do you think in general in terms of the insurrection if it takes place a counter insurgency so to speak? will it have the form of these like where did all of these key brigades go, where did all of the fear some units evaporate to? did they leave as units or go off into the cool of the libyan desert nights. desert nights. back with the answers.@p@çx
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10:54 pm
>> i don't want to offend anybody but they don't know their ass from their elbow when it comes to fighting in the east. they were the worst i have ever seen. that's why they didn't move at all that tribe in the eastern part of the country has no moral imperative over the real fighters in mazraa and the western cities and those dudes and dude he ises that went in tripoli. general mcinerney, i remember howie lated we all were, we had defeated the armed forces of sadam hussein in 2003 in baghdad and we started hearing some unlawlessness and looting and ali babas and turns out it was a full-fledged 4,000 deaths later they are still killing people there in iraq.
10:55 pm
>> we all want to be ue fore rick. we have to watch very closely. this could be baghdad all over again in tripoli. if we start seeing lawlessness and looters and all that going on captain nash pointed outrightly so we have a humanitarian effort you have the western tribes fundamentally took over tripoli. what is the relationship with the eastern tribes going to be? we are going to have power struggles there. the international community to include the muslim league, the u.n., nato. what role were they going to play to get a country working again and functioning. there are so many unknowns there and so many challenges. let's be ue fore rick tonight and we have huge challenges in front of us. >> i couldn't have said it better. general thank you. i want everyone to know that fox news is going to stay with this
10:56 pm
story all night long. we are going to be live. we are going to give you the in-depth. we will try to get the best beat on whether or not moammar qaddafi excited if so where. it's a state of panic he had the blanket over head. he has made a deal with algeria or likely one of the nations in africa. i want to give viewers who care about things other than the grand scheme of things that we will be going l live with world exclusive news. we can tell you where he has been and jose bay as her chief defense attorney will be joining me at the bottom of the next hour. up until then we are going to stay with our comprehensive
10:57 pm
coverage sudden collapse of the regime of muammar gaddafi. it happened like that. he was there and now he w he is. he was on the radio either yesterday or this morning saying he was in tripoli and he was in it for the long hall. was that just a recording he left behind so he could high tail it out of the
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