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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  August 24, 2011 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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vineyard. he may be the first president voted off the island. voted off the island. >> that is your last call. lights are blinking and we're closing down shop. thanks for being with us tonight. make sure you go to i'm going to post a thread for you in about 20 seconds. keep it here on fox news channel. bill o'reilly is next. got to watch the o'reilly factor. good night from washington, d.c.. at. >> bill: "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight. >> the storm is just blowing up. >> we are just hours away from this situation turning very ugly. >> very destructive storm. >> bill: here comes irene and it may do big damage to the u.s.a. the factor is tracking this hurricane and we will have the very latest for you. >> oh my god, i'm in qaddafi's room. thank heaven, i found this. >> reports of rebel looting in tripoli as the tripoli -- we
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will update you that's happening over there and dennis miller on the president's vacation on march that's vineyard. is it too swell? miller will tell us. >> get a look together. >> bill: caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone, the factor begins right now. captions by closed captioning services >> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. we're breaking format a bit tonight to bring you the latest on hurricane irene. we have talking points in our second he segment it has to do with welfare to the poor. more than 70% of americans now say that welfare is not being handled correctly by the feds. lou dobbs will comment on that after the t points. first the lead story, hurricane irene now a fierce category 3 storm with winds more than 100 miles per hour and is
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heading for the u.s.a. already battered puerto rico. the turks caicos islands and pouncing on the bahamas. forecasters expect the hurricane to hit us very shortly. joining us from houston, joe bastardi the chief meteorologist at weather bell analytics. take it day by day i think is the best way to do. tell the people up top that no forecast is 100%. could veer out to the ocean. we hope it does. we are praying it does. if it stays on its present course, what happens on thursday, tomorrow? >> well, it's going to be battering the northern bahamas tomorrow, places like nassau and those islands in the northern bahamas will be experiencing hurricane conditions and there is a good chance, for instance, nassau that people i know there have been warning 60, 80 mile-per-hour winds gust to 100. the area that got hit 99 by floyd further east are liable to be devastated by this storm because it is going to continue to grow thursday and friday for
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that that's right. >> bill: the bahamas gets it on thursday. friday, where is it? >> well, friday it will be passing far enough east of florida that as we refer to as a kid when i was living in jersey a surfer storm for florida. it's not a threat to florida. it's going to stay well to the east. as it starts making the classic bend up along the eastern seaboard. it will start threatening the carolinas, i think charleston is in good shape. they are going to miss the storm. as you get to wilmington libel to get 2 to 3 inches of rain. wind gusts maybe 60, 70 miles per hour. then things start to happen after that. >> bill: what do you mean things start to happen? we are now on friday night, saturday morning. and you expect that landfall in north carolina on saturday morning? >> i expect this to move very close to or over the outer banks as a strong category 3 or 4 hurricane. comparable to hurricane gloria in 1985 during the day saturday. the problem we have, bill, and
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this is something we talked about before, when the time of climatic hardship, the atlantic is very warm like it was in the 1950s, so i don't expect much weakening of this storm, even if it hugs the coast, comes straight north, which is just a big a possibility as if it turned out to sea. the answer probably lies in between a path very close to hurricane gloria in 1985, which will take this up into long island during the day sunday. >> bill: all right. so it comes past north carolina instead of going inland, all right, it then keeps going up the coast because it then has to bend east a little bit if you look at the map -- put the map back up there. look at the map you have to bend east a little bit. there it goes. then it's heading straight for new york city and long island. that's where you expect it to really whack the island where i live, joe? is it zeroing down on my house here? is there a grudge here against me? >> no. i have no grudge against you. as a matter of fact, bill, i never get invited to parties out in the hamptons, so maybe that's
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why this is going out there. but the -- look, it's a serious situation. i think this will the most destructive storm from the outer banks of north carolina up it into new england since gloria in 1985. could rival the great storms of the 1950s. even back to the 1940s. >> bill: let's hope not. >> a nasty situation. >> bill: long island continues to go northeast into cape cod and boston and that would be on sunday night? >> sunday afternoon and sunday night i expect it to accelerator. i also expect, look, it's a pick your poison, if it hugs the coast and go straight north to jersey. southeast winds side of it water is warm strays strong. tremendous amount of rain in the northeast. ground is saturated and trees loaded with water. this could cause a lot of damage. i believe that's what's going to happen. >> bill: let's recap. you don't think florida is going to get hit. you don't think south carolina
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is going to get hit too hard. it's going to bang the outer banks of north carolina. then continue up northeast, skirting virginia and delaware. skirting new jersey and whacking right into long island and maybe new york city. and then continuing up into the new england area and new england coast? >> right. but skirting in this particular case, bill, this is going to be a huge storm. hurricane-force winds extending out 100 miles to the west. 200 miles to the east. it's not going to be your little tiny storm where if it's 50 miles offshore it's not a big deal. so, when you say skirt, if it's 50 miles east of atlantic city they are getting a full scale hurricane out of this. >> bill: thank you very much. we appreciate it we will check in with joe tomorrow if you are available. we do want to keep obviously everybody apprised. >> i'm available. >> bill: the reason we are doing, this everybody take precaution. don't panic but do what you can do. the talking points memo about welfare in america. and lou dobbs will have some
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analysis of that. later, dennis miller will analyze the president's vacation and the east coast earthquake yesterday. earthquakes, hurricanes, of!
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>> bill: in the impact segment tonight. welfare in america. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. as just about everybody knows the government is broke. the government owes more than $14 trillion. so spending has to be cut,
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possibly including some welfare payments to the poor. in 2002, the poverty rate in america was about 12%. in 2009, it's about 14%. up 2 points despite, despite more than $4 trillion in welfare spending over that period. the big kahuna? medicare which counts for $276 billion this year alone. an 87% rise in 10 years. medicaid is money the federal government gives to the states to pay for health expenses for the poor. food stamps also big up a whopping 256%. in nine years. child nutrition programs up 82%. low income energy assistance up 190%. direct payments to americans who have low wages up 353%. that's the redistribution of income. welfare spending is 15%. 15% of the entire federal budget but that is deceiving. because medicare and social
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security account for 33% of all the spending. if you take those mandated expenses out of the equation, then welfare payments account for 22% of the total budget, and that's a big number. a recent rasmussen poll believes too many people are receiving welfare who should not be getting it just 18% of us say more people should receive welfare. on the immigration front, 57% of households with children, both legal and illegal are on some kind of government assistance. and obviously this is causing some resentment. it's not that illegal aliens themselves get welfare although some of them do. it's the children of illegals who cannot be denied. the democratic party in general does not want to cut government assistance programs to the poor or even to illegal aliens. the basic philosophy of president obama's party is to redistribute income as we said to those who do not have very much regardless of their status. a fair system would hold those receiving government assistance accountable. that is if they turn things around in their lives, they would have to pay back a portion
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of what they receive. and they would actively have to look for work. if they don't, the benefits cease. president clinton signed the welfare reform act in 1996 and that slowed the entitlement industry down a bit but over the past few years it has picked up steam again. the feds must, must impose discipline here and in every other federal spending situation. and that's the memo. now, let's bring in fox business anchor lou dobbs you see him on fbn at 7:00 each evening. let's start with the children. because this is the crux of the whole debate. irresponsible parents can't cut it, right? okay? variety of reasons. ill-educated, screwed up mentally, substance abuse. their children have to have the basics, do they not? >> absolutely. if you live in this country, this country is going to provide. whether through private charity, whether through the school system, or whether through the federal government and state government and all of the assistance programs.
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there will be provision for children. >> bill: so it is very hard for the federal government then to stop these entitlement benefits like food stamps, even though they are abused in many, many cases. >> they are. and arguably that's at the margin. there is no good documentation as to how much is fraud and how much is legitimate. but there is a. >> bill: numbers are just too big. it's estimated 57 million americans are on the dole somewhat here and there is 320 million of us, 57% are now -- 57 million are now dependent somewhat on the government and the government can't police 57 million people. >> impossible. and, further, as we see these block grants to the states. we lose further accountability. >> bill: the states are supposed to be accountable. >> right but of course they are not. then you add to that the fact that we have almost 20 million people in this country who are working directly for the government. whether it is state, whether it
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is county, whether it is federal, or local government. i mean, -- >> bill: big -- they are not on welfare. but let's get back to the welfare thing. it looks to me like this is a very tough area in which to cut. i mean, if you are going to cut, kids are going to get hurt. >> kids may get hurt, but if we decide that that means that we have given up any confidence at all that government can be competent or effective. >> bill: what is the solution? >> the solution is to start doing what we should do in all respects. that is means testing those who have sufficient money should not be receiving assistance. those who do not have enough should under certain conditions. i think what you laid out. performance marks. that is seeking jobs and finding them. and the idea of compensating, paying back government for the largess of the american taxpayer. >> bill: that has to be -- >> -- is a terrific idea. >> bill: absolutely, you have got to impose that down the road. when you have 57% of immigrant families on some kind of
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government assistance. >> right. >> bill: that breeds resentment from americans who are born here. because that's more than half of immigrant families. you hear mayor bloomberg and hear other immigrants and they're. immigrants contribute greatly to this but now we have more than 50% of them taking taxpayer money to get through life. >> and, of course, the issue is the illegal immigrant who is receiving, now, obama care will cover illegal immigrants just as congressman joe wilson famously said as the president spoke, that he is misrepresenting the statement illegal immigrants will be covered. this president is carrying out fiat, de facto amnesty which he announced this week. extraordinary the incentives being offered to illegal immigrants and -- >> bill: what the solution here. the children of illegal aliens mandated right now. different rules about illegal aliens getting phony social security cards which is now they
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get it. >> public benefits found on illegal immigrants all the time. >> bill: what is the solution for that. >> first of all to give up the honor system and start absolutely enforcing immigration law. i'm not talking about anything draconian or out of the extraordinary. out of the ordinary. i'm talking about simply enforcing the law. enforcing our borders and being rational and effective and humane. >> bill: have you got between 12 and 20 illegal people here now. as we said 57 -- and that includes some legal immigrants. 57% of immigrant families. is there any solution to that at all? i don't know. >> there is a solution. i mean, and but this is part of the noise that's been created by the amnesty groups. as if we have to throw our hands in the air. >> bill: you are bigoted if you do that. >> bigoted if you talk dealing with the issue. heartless fool calling for depoor tation even if have you never called for deportation. >> bill: comes back to the left demonizing more responsibility. can't cut back.
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hurting the kids, hurting this people. hurting that people. prejudicing this one and that one. that's the argument. >> the argument is, in some cases, right on. and but they forget the institutions that are involved here. you mentioned bill clinton, welfare reform 1996. the point of welfare reform was to reduce the number of children in this country born out of wedlock. and to. >> bill: didn't work. >> to incentivise two members of head of household as married couples bill didn't work. >> it people married and more people born out of wedlock. >> bill: most intractable problem. most difficult problem in the whole budget mess. lou, thanks very much. >> great to be with you. >> bill: why is ron paul dodging the factor even as he says the media is ignoring him. dick morris on that. republican candidate john huntsman attacking some of his peers, people lik
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>> bill: congressman ron paul recently told megyn kelly he is being ignored by the media since she is part of the media, that was an interesting statement. when we heard it though we immediately invited ron paul on the factor. we don't want anybody to be ignored. he has not accepted our very kind invitation. rick perry leads the republican field 29% with those likely to vote republican. mitt romney second 17%. mr. paul 13%. michele bachmann who has lost some steam is now at 10%. here now to analyze the purveyor of dick mr. morris. let's take this poll first. not a surprise that rick perry would break on top in as are muffin poll because he hasn't been vetted. they haven't seen him in a debate forum. he hasn't done any interviews at all. none.
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zero. but it looks like that's pretty darn smart because he is now, you know, got this commanding lead in the rasmussen poll. >> it's not commanding. it's a lead. >> what is it? >> not a question of the stats. it's just that -- it's the very beginning. it's just his -- >> bill: that's impressive. >> the aroma of rick perry. not the substance yet. >> bill: give his his due to break on top that quickly that's pretty impressive, wouldn't you say? >> yeah. have you rasmussen and gallup both saying it which is impressive. i think we have a ways to go on that. >> bill: absolutely. no doubt about it the problem rick perry has is that he has got to win iowa against bachmann which is a tall order or new hampshire against romney, which is a tall order. >> bill: is he not begin going win new hampshire. >> or just win south carolina at which point he becomes ghetto
8:23 pm
wise as a regional candidate. >> bill: i don't know about that iowas is a small conservative call tus you would agree and everybody understands that new hampshire is a very, very small state and so is south carolina. i say if perry wins one of those three then you still have what have you now a three person race. wouldn't you agree it's a three person race right now? >> well, yes. but also not permanently. first of all, you may have palin and you may have christie in. and, secondly, you cannot entirely count out cain. >> bill: come on. stop with this stuff. >> you can't count out. >> bill: oh, come on. >> you can't count out cain or santorum. >> bill: i have got make some money. money where his mouth is. oh no, no, no. i will give you 10 to 1 odds on cain. 10 to 1. all right. ron paul, is he whining to
8:24 pm
megan. we invited him on and he won't show up. >> he won't face you because he doesn't want to face questioning. >> bill: he wants to give a speech. >> is he fine when he gives a speech. when you probe him are you saying that iran will not develop the bomb and if they do they are not going to use it against israel? and if they do it's okay with you? then you say the gold standard? are you literally saying that the united states of america's economy should only be allowed to grow as much as gold can be extracted from the earth and if there is no gold discovered our economy has to stay small? you ask him about drug lords? are you seriously saying that we should not be fighting drugs in the united states but should legalize it all? >> bill: he would say yes to the legalization. >> he would say yes to all three of those. >> bill: i don't think he would say yes on the gold standard. that's impossible. >> no, no. he is for the gold standard. >> bill: it's not as clear cut as that he wants it to back up the currency. not to be. >> can't print more currency unless more gold is mined. ultimately it means your whole
8:25 pm
economic expansion is hostage to how much the south african gold mine produces. that's why when. >> bill: from the very beginning and we had ron paul on this program, i had said to mr. paul's face that some of his positions are insane. but you can't be an isolated nation the way he wants to be. that bad guys will come and get us unless we get them first. we all know this. except ron paul doesn't. but there is a strain of people who love him. and that's what shows up in the 13% and 14% he gets. >> those people who love him better love obama because if he ever gets the nomination will be four more years. >> bill: all but perry. i believe that mitt romney is much -- see, this poll is a little deceiving on the romney front because romney's strength is not with the traditional republican party. it's with independent americans. >> right. you have to look at any of these polls to see how many independents they are putting in this sample. if it's just republicans, it's
8:26 pm
one result. if they are putting in independents, it's another. >> bill: right. people have to understand when you see a poll, you have to be very skeptical about the poll because certain constituencies, conservative republicans are not big mitt romney supporters. >> right. >> bill: once you get over into the independent ranks, that is a very, very big constituency now. >> remember. >> bill: he does much better. >> with no democratic primary, most of these states permit independents to vote neither. nobody is going to be absorbed into the democratic primary. >> bill: all vote republican primary. that's our job here to define it. go ahead and wrap it up. >> romney defeats obama by 10 points in florida. in the most recent poll, the that gel alan poll. and that is just an astonishing lead. i think it's fair to say right now that romney or perry would defeat obama. bachmann would have a tougher time but could. and you don't know about christie. >> bill: you are giving me herman cain then? are you giving me that? >> no.
8:27 pm
right now herman cain would not defeat obama. >> bill: okay and we like herman cain. it is not a slam against the man. >> is he a good guy. he has to need to learn how to take his charisma from the stump and into a debate. so far he hasn't done that on the stump is he fantastic. >> bill: dick more russ, everybody. plenty more why are politicians soft on criminal illegal aliens when they're killing people in that state? we'll have a special report. dennis miller on president obama's massachusetts vacation and east coast earthquake yesterday. we hope you stay tuned to those reports. woman: downloading music can be expensive. so to save money, i trained my dog and this cockatoo to play all the hits of the '80's woman: hit it, mr. butters. ♪ ♪ take on me... ♪ ....take on me
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>> bill: factor follow up segment tonight, terrible case ins woulder, massachusetts. illegal immigrant from ecuador is charged with vehicular homicide after hitting and dragging a 23-year-old man last saturday night. matthew denise who just graduated from framingham state
8:31 pm
university will be memorialized on friday and reports say that when gauman was told by police that matthew was dead, he shrugged. now, as you may know, massachusetts very lenient when it comes to criminal illegal aliens. in june, governor devol patrick openly defied the federal government by saying he would not cooperate in providing information about criminal illegal aliens. >> i think this is the right decision for the commonwealth from the public safety point of view we continue to work with the fbi and ice. for convicted felons who are undocumented people but the secure. >> bill: that must leave comfort to the family of denice alleged killer had a number of incidents with the police. is there outrage up there about this wendy? >> there is. and it's growing. you know, the thing is devol patrick sounds so great about this when he makes that kind of
8:32 pm
sound bite but the fact is and he uses sneaky words we care deeply about getting rid of illegals that are serious felons. this guy could actually be convicted and stay here illegally with deval patrick's conviction because felony in massachusetts means something very special. you basically have to commit bank robbery or murder. what this guy did arguably could be resolved in the misdemeanor court. >> bill: here is how bad it is. this guy nicolas guaman from ecuador in 2008 was arrested of saab assault and battery on a police officer in massachusetts. the case wasn't -- he didn't even get produced up there and ice -- prosecuted up there. the police weren't informed about it. the place where the arrest was made thomas love lynn explained to us that the state doesn't have a policy. his department can't even get in touch with ice.
8:33 pm
and that he has no data base, the state of massachusetts has no data base to find out if guaman was legal or not. because massachusetts doesn't have a data base about it that's insane. >> that's exactly my point. and deval knows it i know the chief. he is a good guy. is he angry because is he making it clear now in this case that the absence of a policy about serious crimes that don't necessarily get indicted means these illegals are here as serious repeat criminal offenders. >> bill: i want to be very specific about this case so governor patrick can get the message. you have a guy from ecuador sneaks in the country and moves to massachusetts. there he is. he gets arrested for assault on police officer. ice is not informed by the direction of the governor. the governor tells the local cops "don't do that."
8:34 pm
then the guy guaman kills a young man who just graduates from college, matthew denice. so who has blood on their hands here, wendy? who has blood on their hands? >> to me, deval owns this both from a leadership perspective and from a political perspective. this is a guy who once he was elected and chose to do this, which was not romney. remember governor romney was here in massachusetts before deval patrick. he says i don't like what romney said. romney said if you arrest any person and you have to run their record to see if they are here illegally then you have to report them to ice. deval said no, i don't like that. that's too mean to the illegals. he changed it. >> bill: the massachusetts state police were furious when governor patrick changed it. >> this is the result. >> bill: i have never met patrick. i don't know him. okay? what is the thinking?
8:35 pm
what is his thinking behind this insanity? why is the governor doing this? >> well, look, because it's so crazy -- even the attorney general in massachusetts, who is a democrat, disagrees with him on this. he is really looking like a radical left wing outsider more and more in this state. i think what he is trying to do is very simple. he wants to build the ranks for the democratic party here in massachusetts. 70% of the people who get free health care in massachusetts are illegal. that's a gift. he wants people to come here. he wants to build a larger democratic left wing ideological party by giving away stuff and saying we don't even care if you commit crimes here. we're going to let you stay. >> bill: i mean, i would like to talk to governor patrick about it of course, he won't come on the program. it's just infuriates me. wendy, thanks very much. our con coal lenses to the condolences to the family of matthew denice. dennis miller on president obama's vacation, kim
8:36 pm
kardashianian's wedding and earthquake. they all will be
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>> bill: thanks for staying with us. i'm bill o'reilly in the miller time segment tonight. plenty to talk about this evening. let's get right to the sage of southern california. joins us now from los angeles. so, for the third year in a row, president's vacationing on martha's vineyard, and you say? >> well, listen, billy, i would rather have him on vacation than perpetually out to lunch which is what he is when he is back in washington, d.c. all i can tell you is this: i heard you and dobbs much earlier in the show, it is tough work overturning 235 years of america's can-do attitude in the give me, give me, give me. that will take it out of a guy. i give him his vacation. go take it because, quite frankly, that's got to be tiring grinding us all down like this. >> bill: the problem with that, miller is, that president obama,
8:40 pm
with all due respect, you know i have been fair to him is an enabler of this whole give me system. is he an enabler of it. he wants it. he uses it so does the democratic party to build their base as wendy murphy said earlier. they are pandering to it to the extent that they are bankrupting the country. trying to build political power and currency at the expense of the whole united states of america. so i'm not cutting him any slack on that. >> i believe you are being fair to him right there. that's just an accurate appraisal of what the situation is. this whole thing is getting shaky. we're taking motivation out of this country. that's going to come back to get us. it's a co-dependent thing. is he an enabler. although i see today, did you see that footage of qaddafi pulling up on to the edgar town beach on a jet ski in an orange day glow thong and wife beater t-shirt and logo on it and he held a press conference that said obama, i'm only the second
8:41 pm
most shaky world leader on this island right now. so, -- >> bill: i didn't see the vineyard exposition. but i hear he is laredo came across the border with the other 4,000 last night. disguised probably working at taco bell in san antonio next weekend. >> obama care is paying for some sort of hair process. >> bill: nobody knows who i am. easy to get in here. didn't have to pay any visa fees. here i am, hello. >> speaking of vacations. china, could you keep biden over there? is that possible? >> bill: he is in japan now. look, i know. we did it last night. >> unbelievable. let me get this straight. palin was the souped v.p. candidate in the last election, right? biden is a genius. i just want to get that straight. >> bill: yesterday we had the earthquake and people were very, very panicked, although it lasted for two and a half seconds. >> yeah. well, look at that footage. it cracked pelosi's face. you can see it all falling down there on the ground.
8:42 pm
listen, i think this points out to you when i saw people leaving their work place and they kept going. it reminded me when we were in high school and we would have a fire alarm and you will the hoods would just keep going over to the mall to have organic smoke break on the school's dime. that's what it reminded me of. i don't think it's as tough as the japanese. you see them coming together with stoicism. if we have a tsunami event after one of these earthquakes in america there will be reports of cannibalism in three hours. and knowing how touchy. >> bill: you make a good point because the japanese wouldn't even evacuate when godzilla was in the neighborhood. they still wouldn't leave. 2.5 seconds everybody got to go. go home and protect the homestead. see you. >> america is soft. we will be after a major earthquake people over here we will cannibalize people we are so touchy feely only feast on
8:43 pm
the corpses of vegetarians. >> bill: kim kardashians wedding cost $85 million. paid for by the federal government -- that was a joke. it was close to your house, was it not. >> once again, i was at my weekly slip and slide demonstration with barney frank. i saw call tech seismologists say that the weekend she was up here the san andres fault was only the second biggest fault line in the santa barbara area. evidently she superseded that. >> bill: did anyone that you know in the santa barbara area talk about this wedding? were they excited about the wedding? >> i was back in new york with you, brother. i was a pig in slop. i was nowhere near this state. >> bill: is there buzz now, now that you are back. that kim looked beautiful or gee what a great celebration? did anybody care? >> i don't think so. kim kardashian is this. they got nothing and they're making 80 million a year off it. they got nothing.
8:44 pm
>> bill: absolutely this right here is the poster child for any american if she can make it, see, i used to be. if i can make it, you can. now it's this one. we don't know what she does. we absolutely don't know what she does. >> the door cracked a cosmic sliver. i have got to give that woman and her kids. this they stepped through and off the rack culture and they are busting their hump. >> bill: they got everything going on. that's for sure. as miller mentioned the reason he wasn't at the kardashian wedding was because he was with me at the bolder fresher show in west bury, long island, have you recovered from that? >> why did you not warn me that you were going to have the stage revolve. the thing was slowly spinning around. i kept seeing this red-haired chick thinking wow, she is bumping all over this arena. what the hell happened here? >> bill: it's a theater in the round. see? >> i had no idea. and when they had to put the sawhorses up for you like the beatles at the plaza, the women
8:45 pm
fainting, it was unbelievable. factor mania back there, billy. >> bill: i have to say miller during this show told the best frank sinatra story i have ever heard. >> that was -- >> bill: that frank sinatra story, somehow you have got to market that because that was hysterical. you know what really surprised me? everybody who met you, miller, said you were a nice guy. >> yeah. >> bill: everybody loved you. >> well, listen, i met your sis, i met that cool padre where is he from el salvador? that was a sainted cat. nice people. we will see you at the mohican sun. >> thank you as us a. on that subject bill o' members can see that. on friday night we will open it up to everybody on bill o' hope you like it and will come see us. did you see that? up next, looting qaddafi's house. we will show you what's going on moments away. [ man ] behind every business is a "what if."
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>> bill: back of the book segment tonight, did you see that trouble in tripoli. in some cases looting. >> tell me how you got the hat. i mean, it fits you. where did you get it from. >> it wasn't really hard. i just went inside his room. >> colonel qaddafi's bedroom. >> yeah, qaddafi's bedroom and it was -- i was like oh my god, i'm in qaddafi's room. oh my god! but then this thing happened, i found this, i was like oh my goodness! but i'm happy now. i'm having this thing and i'm happy for libyans. >> bill: how did kanye west become a rebel in libya? >> good bill. you are one of the people, bill.
8:50 pm
>> bill: that guy is basically is saying is that he looted qaddafi's bedroom. >> i was watching your reaction to that and you were gleeful. you know that if you were there you would. >> bill: i would be looting. >> it's qaddafi's place. it's theirs anyway. it s. that like a gold. >> bill: that's qaddafi's hat. that's the hat qaddafi actually wore when he pretended to be a military person. >> that thing could sell at christie's for good lord. >> bill: it's not going to sell. the guy is going to wear it to the beach. look at this guy. >> strange land line that people don't have anymore? >> bill: i'm worried about the military produce years of the rebels. i don't know if any of our special forces are dressed that way. you know. [ laughter ] >> he does look like a rapper, that's true. somebody is going to be wearing that around their neck soon. >> bill: qaddafi was overthrown by jay-z. >> it was disturbing knowing that they were able to get in. >> bill: remember baghdad?
8:51 pm
>> people were in there protecting it. >> bill: dopey hat. probably wearing his underwear, too. john huntsman not doing much in the republican deal. is he going after people running against him. roll the tape on this. >> well, inconsistencies and changes on various issues. we would be here all afternoon. i don't know if that's presuccession texas or post succession texas. i'm not sure if the voter out there is going to hear that treason news remark and say that sounds like presidential candidate. no ideas being circulated or talked about that will allow this country to get back on its feet economically. >> bill: the democrats picked up on huntsman's attack ad and saying look. >> they are picking up on the fact that he did interviews with pierce morgan and other people on other met your and that he was attacking rick perry and mitt romney. so they are using his words. >> bill: that's what everybody does. >> that's what everybody does. it's a clever ad by the dnc.
8:52 pm
huntsman basically said i will take your clever ad that you are trying to use my words somehow against the republican candidates. i will take your snarkiness and i will raise you. so huntsman comes out with his own response to the dnc's ad which is basically a mirror copy of the dnc's ad and he basically says on barack obama. he uses clips from the same interviews where is he attacking barack obama. >> bill: huntsman himself, we called him, i guess he is -- wants to be addressed as ambassador. he is governor of utah as well. but it's disorganized campaign. he has no shot. no chance at all as we discussed with dick morris. guys that are running that don't have a chance and he is run of them. >> is he out in the limelight. is he getting a lot of attention. taking on the social media. he is keeping his name in the papers. >> bill: right. and off that you can get a book contract. you can get lecture fees. you can get consulting jobs. and that's really why some of these guys do it, is it not? >> absolutely, yeah. he is doing a good job of it look, we are talking about it on
8:53 pm
the factor the highest rated cable news program. >> look, they are all in play and we respect anybody who wants to get into public service. not an easy gig. >> he is not doing it to resurrect his presidential bid. >> bill: he is knowing he is not going to win he wants to become more famous. right away get the hair care for men ad. >> competing perry for that one. >> bill: pinheads and patriots on deck tonight. nancy reagan saved by senator rubleio. p and p moments away. you happen to have any brilliant silver altimas? yea, right over here. look t 'em all. what about a black frontier with utilitrack? absolutely. oh, great, that's awesome. what about a platinum graphite rogue with touch-screen nav, bluetooth, and...a moonroof? with or without leather? we got 'em both. [ sighs ] i gotta get back. [ male announcer ] the most innovative cars are also the most available cars.
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. >> bill: pinheads and patriots starring nancy ray began and marco rubio in a moment. but first we suggest you check out premium membership on if you sign up you select one of our membership spends, free. you make the call which one you want. we'll send it to you. daily no-spin news, analysis of me by stories we don't get to and big discounts on all our stuff. so please checkgñf it out. >> now the mail: . >> bill: the issue is not ge
8:57 pm
shipping jobs overseas which many u.s. companies do. the issue is president obama giving immelt the big title and having the guy mock it. that's the issue. . >> bill: that is a union play. but the whole thing looks very bad.
8:58 pm
>> bill: that's what tort reform will do that is on governor perry's resume. good thing, tort reform. >> bill: way to go dave. >> bill: oh man, broo !
8:59 pm
sending you a seibed copy of pinheads and patriots. >> finally, pinheads and patriots. 90-year-old nancy reagan was attending an event in california when she almost fell. [ applause ] >> oh! . >> bill: the guy who saved mrs. reagan from falling is marco rubio who later gave a speech. obviously, the senator is a patriot, as is nancy reagan. >> please check out the website different from bill o' talking points on the welfare situation in america. we would love to have you spout off about the factor r' the world, name and town if you wish to opine. when writing the factor do not be a


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