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tv   The Journal Editorial Report  FOX News  August 28, 2011 10:00pm-10:30pm PDT

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>> the past few days show how americans pull together in tough times to help fellow citizens prepare for and respond to as well as recover from extraordinary challenges whether natural disasters or economic difficulties. that's what makes the united states of america a strong and resill yept nation strong and resglil yent people.
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i want to thank all who have been involved very much. >> as the president praises our fighting spirit and neighborly compassion we are counting the death tole from hurricane irene which killed 121 people in 8 states. some drowned when vehicles were submerged after they drove over overpasses that flooded out. some had heart attacks as they struggled from aspects of the storm. most were killed by falling trees that were made weak by the record rainfalls this northeastern region of the nation has engured ev -- enduren before hurricane irene hit. as it leighs the new england regions they are leaving hine the saturated states. here is craig in fairfield new jersey. >> the streets of fairfield new
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jersey are already flooded this is just the beginning of the flood stage. all a result of hurricane irene. i am with deputy chief anthony mannah the fairfield police. have you ever seen anything like this? >> 1984 we had a very, very bad flood. but the levels are expected to be worse th worse now than they were in 84. >> we are in the back of a truck using these trucks to evacuate many of the residents. you have a job here. >> the resources normally allocated to fairfield are being deployed throughout the state. we are on our own for the first 24-48-hours of this event. >> normally this event we would see with the nor' easter but what's different here? >> basically the rapid rise of the water over the last 234 hour
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period a lot of wasserer was dropped as well as upstate new york. >> m how many residents do you have in this community? >> 9,000 residents. what happens during the day during the monday through friday workweek we elevate anywhere from if 60,000 people. the work we are trying to get out is just because of where you live and maybe you have not been impacted by the hurricane. fairfield will be impacted all week long. it will be very limited. >> we see a fire truck behind us. what are they doing? >> we have a wire and water they are conducting evacuations. the area we are going in even the truck we are in cannot access that area right now. >> not only do you have the damage of the water but you have to remember there is still power going to these houses. a lot of them have natural gas flowing inside which makes a fire hazard.
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you have the weakening of the ground which could cause trees to fall. >> that is exactly what is happening now. we thought we escaped the brunt of the hurricane but we are getting winds and it is causing trees to get down. fairfield is starting to get that right now. >> what do you do with the poor people sitting on the porch not ready to leave? >> we are not going to take them out of their houses and arrest them. if they don't leave there may be a time when we cannot provide medical services. if you have a medical emergency or fire you cannot access the conditions. we are trying to plead with people to leave while they can hopefully they will heed our warnings. >> this is just the beginning? >> it will get worse and it will get worst quickly. >> craig joins us live.
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>> people have to heed the warnings. they are putting the first responders at risk. we were talking about long-term solutions for the flooding here in the passaic river but there are also short term solutions. tell me about that. >> the federal dollars are beyond our ability to build on a local level. we believe a short term solution is a serious problem of the talking off the state river and it's ability to blow it would be the construction of a jety like we are for instance that would channel both rivers and allow both to function appropriately. right now we have two rivers and only one is functioning. >> you are saying a highway divider to separate so one would
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not block the other there are people living on the passaic river basement. that is a lot of people. >> thank you very much. general we have been talking about emergen new jersey but wee vermont situation. it was expected to go further east went right up the vermont new york state boundary. vermonters are saying they have never seen flooding like this before. is there a second wave happening now? that has happened now more or less the river in philadelphia that started to recede the rivers further south at least they have trusted. what is happening further north? >> they clear in 24-hours a lot
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of water that moves quickly. nothing was absoabsorbed. we took steps we have 31 sdams in the new england region. they are not guilt built. we have protection every where. that is a double-wham double-wh 247 hours after it started. we have concerns with lower basin. so many people have lost power including my family. it varies from state to state region to region county to county.
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half a million people paul rose sin grin of pseng a big utility in new jersey when does half a million go back on-line? thank you for being with us. >> i can only talk about 3757 thousand that are part of the bed. we are trying to get as many of them up and running as quickly as possible. cruz in from far away. people should expect the outages caused by wind and the flooding. to be honest it's the flooding that is going to take longer to restore. it is the flooding of our equipment. need to ride it out before we can restart some of that and flooding in homes as well. >> so what about electrocution? i mean aside from -- these wires
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have you cleaned up all of those kind of perilous situations own as you were and does that cause even more outages you have to shut the power to get the hot wire out of the water. >> we do turn off power in the same situation. other customers safety is a number one priority. you want to reiterate people should not buy a downed wire even though it is not the electrical wire we always urge caution. there have been some of the fataliti fatalities. we want everyone to be careful especially when there is water involved to not go into their electrical box. >> how come psg doesn't have more under groundwaters. i lose power at least twice a year. >> sorry to hear that but we have one of the most reliable systems.
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under ground is more expensive and traditionally they have fought and fought about putting them under ground. if you have a problem with the wire it is much more difficult to find where the problem is. >> they are still ugly. you do your best. paul, thanks. congressman chris smith are you there? >> doing good. how are you? >> republican 4th district. member of the transportation and infrastructure committee. man, doesn't new jersey need the infrastructu infrastructure? you visited the residence of your district who has been affected by this. you want to comment about how they are faring? >> i am in a pleasant beach and there are people walking the boardwalk not many. the damage is in far left than what we anticipated.
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loss of business has been significant and that is part of the problem. there are many places where the flooding has been the problem huge amounts of flooding. rivers and streams completely overflowed their banks and ready to come home. >> i just thought of something. half of the people in new jersey in massachusetts, in new york state in maryland, it seems to me you are in pennsylvania some of these in our community are trying to sell their houses. if their houses have been damaged the storm or they have peesh i don't doic problems due to these events doesn't that put a damper on an already troubled real estate law? >> if a prospective buyer knows there has been previous
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flooding, it makes it all that much harder. we work closely with the army corps and local municipalities are trying to ensure flood al f doesn't occur. there are ways of mitigating that threat. it doesn't necessarily mean because your place than flooded you will not be able to sell it. >> an extra burden on homeowners desperate to get out. congressman chrisman thank you very much. we will take a quick break. we will be back with much more happening from maryland to the canadian border. [ water ] hey, it's me water. check this out... boo-yah! shazam! h2...o! hydrolicious! magic bananas! it's our first one-click faucet filter that removes 99% of lead and microbial cysts. adios contaminos! try smart balance buttery sead. 's heart-healthier than butter. with omega-3s. 64% less saturated fat.
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>> back live the president is asking and praising the compassion of the american people. neighbors helping neighbors particularly here in new york where you had 300 thousand people evacuated.
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there were only some i don't remember the exact number but tens of thousands went to shelters. the vast majority were taken by family and friends and by compassionate americans and the institution that really epitomizes our country american red cross bill lengther is the national spokesman. thank you for being with us. what have you been doing and what do you need? >> we have 27,000 people last night in shelters about 500 shelters up and down the coast. we have thousands of volunteers who have deployed out here. they are working hard. once the water is clear and it is safe we will be doing assessments finding out people's needs and helping those needs. >> 27,000? >> do you know where most of them are concentrated? >> that is all down the coast. i know there were about 8,000
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just here in the new york area. that doesn't account for the shelters the city ran. the 27,000 people was in addition to the new yorkers. >> i noted how the vast majority were with friends and family. can we assume most of the people you were caring for were at leastable. if is personal and society responsibility that you should be prepared and also look out for your neighbors. it is a volunteer led organization. most of the thousands of people localized are from volunteers. we are supported by generosity of americans. >> i don't know what it is but it seems to me maybe the economy
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or as government tightens it's belt i have not seen more requests for donations. are you feeling strapped by the economic downturn taking the edge off of the generosity of some of the higher ones? >> the red cross spends 450 million a year. we need those donations to keep pouring in and we are continuing to ask people viewers are watching they can give you can call click or text right now. >> we are a great partner. they are part of the team. >> you really do a fantastic job. i have been with you since 80 to every other place on earth here in this country.
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>> i was a public engineering officer. i wanted to give time back. i was one of the few hired. we maximize donation dollars so we use mostly volunteers. >> what was the calamity? >> there were well fires out in boulder that i felt like i could help out with. >> nice to see you. thank you for coming on. we are will be right back. ♪
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>> as the hurricane left the new york metropolitan area and left up the hudson now earlier today and through this evening has been pounding new england i have been worrying general peter daluka army corps of engineers division commander of the whole
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north atlantic region they are another and dear to me new bedford, massachusetts, providence, rhode island, fair haven in massachusetts. we had a feature i got this tip from whitney in cincinnati who asked about the moveable areas in providence and new bedford. did they work? >> we have hurricane barrier in providence rhode island. those features all worked to get the surge from the hurricane. they often engage them during storms. >> so they are closed tonight? >> i know that i have gone behind the new bedford wall during hurricanes and road it out pretty well. you do that for the whole nation
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that would be terrific. >> and expensive. on that note meet congressman michael grimm a rising star in congress. you represent staten island among other places. before i answer how much it will cost, how did the low lying areas in staten island one of the boroughs or counties in new york city that was evacuated partially how did it go and was it necessary? >> toward the evening they hunkered down. i think it was necessary. you don't want to take any chances. i got to tell you the administration and i would be the first to say when the mayor's office doesn't do their job the outreach was incredible. they were in contact with us constantly. harry was tremendous. we gave them a laundry list of needs and concerns. they were working with us. across the board by partisan
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effort it was a very good effort. a couple people those who live on the other half of the country asked what the media hype is this wasn't the apocalypse it wasn't the end of the world. we had 21 fatalities at least. was there media hype? was there official hype? really we took our lead from the mayor from the governors of several states. >> i don't think it's a matter of type it's a matter of improvements. no one can appreciate a storm like this. it's a hurricane. if it turned bad you didn't make the precautions there's a massive device a massive casualties and tremendous rescue effort now you are putting your first responders at risk. everyone whob planning the mayor and governor saying look at hurricane katrina. >> we learned from this we will do things better moving forward. i would err on the side of
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caution you are talking about human life. >> where did you spend last night? >> i was out until 3 in the morning going shelter to shelter throughout staten island and brooklyn. we had to make sure we got a backup generator. in staten island we only had one hospital open. it had to be evacuated we had only one hospital for the entire island. >> there was some talk the bridges would have to be closed the verrazano one of the largest bridges in the world. the turn passed right over that big bridge. if that had closed -- >> we were prepared for that. we knew it would close before the other bridges. 40 to 50 miles an hour.
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it is the tallest in the country. so all things considered what kinds of grade would you give the response in this area? >> well, overall i would have to give them an a. i have to tell you the -- i was blown away by those that were volunteering and staffing the shelters. i give them an a triple plus. >> congressman grimm a rising star in congress. ♪ [ mrs. davis ] i want to find a way to break through. to make science as exciting as a video game. i need to reach peter, who's falling behind. and push janet who's 6 chapters ahead. ♪ [ male announcer ] with interacve learning solutions from dell, mrs. davis can make education a little more personal. so every student feels like her only student. dell. the power to do more.
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