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tv   Hannity  FOX News  August 31, 2011 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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name and town if you wish to opine. word of the day, do not be quixotic. thank you for watching. i am bill o'reilly. always remember the spin stops right here. because we are definitely because we are definitely looking out for you. closed captioned by closed captioning services, inc. >> sean: the race is starting to heat up as the two top gop front-runners hit the trail in full attack mode. >> career politicians got us into this mess. >> sean: ann coulter has the latest on romney vs. perry. >> more attacks on the tea
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party movement frommcl the liberal left. >> wait until you hear the rest of this shocking rant. >> the anointed one stands firm in favor of the federal gas tax and more spending on infrastructure projects. we'll debate the question, can you afford four more? we are on the road to 2012. hannity starts right here, right now. controversy erupted today after president obama announced that he intends to unveil his jobs plan in the form of a speech to a joint session of congress. one itsy-bitsy problem. the speaker of the house has declined the president's request. things are just a little different for the anointed one now that he's not on martha's vineyard. it started when the president a letter to speak boehner to ask that the join session be held next wednesday night. that happens to be the same night of the next republican presidential debate. let not your heart be troubled. today the white house press secretary generously announced
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that he wouldn't mind if the republicans rescheduled their debate, which has been on the books for months. the debate organizers have dismissed mr. carney's suggestion that brings us to speaker boehner who in light of the pending gop debate and other legislative concerns, has asked that the speech take place thursday instead. we'll get ann coulter's reaction, straight ahead. >> it was high noon deep in the heart of texas yesterday. the two republican presidential front runners collided for a brief moment. the showdown took place at the veterans foreign affairs national convention in san antonio. massachusetts governor romney showed he was not afraid of taking a shot at the texas governor perry. let's take a look. >> i'm a conservative businessman. i spent most of my life outside politics. dealing with real problems in the real economy. career politicians got us into this mess and they simply don't know how to get us out.
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>> sean: joining me with reaction to all the drama, is the author of the "new york times" best seller "demonic." hand coulter is back. this -- ann coulter is become. this is amazing. the president is coming up with a plan, putting that aside. he has to pick, what bright light around the president. >> i think it was intentional. the idea that he will not take a day off, come back early from martha's vineyard vacation to come up with this jobs plan but he will interfere with the republican -- it want the way it was originally reported, the white house told nbc they were allowed to reschedule the republican debate. which does give the order of things the white house the boss of nbc. i think boehner is doing the right thing. now obama not only looks petty, he looks weak. boehner said no. why not do it tuesday? why not the day right after
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labor day? no, wednesday. not immediately after labor day, not thursday, can't wait until thursday. >> sean: one day, 24 hours we haven't had a plan for three years. >> it is going to be the same nonsense. the idea that he's calling for a joint session that is for state of the union, announcement of war after attack on the nation. joint session of congress just to hear the same nonsense from in guy! >> sean: it is almost like he's reaching into his inner crybaby child side. you know they planned this. somebody thought what a great idea we'll put the ran in the box. they are going to say no, he will look good and they will seem petty. this was on the books forever. he wasn't going to stop his vacation to give in speech. i think this is going to backfire on whatever genius came up with this idea. >> i think that is right once we hear the same nonsense many no way obama could come up
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with some useful idea for creating jobs, because he's in a liberal and liberals don't know how to do it. >> sean: he supports extending the gas tax. shovel-ready jobs, new infrastructure spending. new investment. >> they want the new stimulus jobs. the last bill only funded pensions. clips i want you to run over and over again until your viewers are complaining. you have to do the one where obama wants to get gas prices up to $7 to encourage people because, if you inflate your tires and get a tune-up we will get better mileage. >> because liberals are nuts. >> sean: i know it is going to be difficult for to you talk about anybody other than chris christie -- tkpwharb is --
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what is with the smile? look at the poll numbers perry has come out strong, romney handling in there. bachmann doing well. palin is not in, but still polling well. who do you think, at this point, what do you think of perry? >> umm, i think the fact that he leaps to the head of the polls does show enormous dissatisfaction with romney and for good reason. though, we may have to get used to it if my love of new jersey doesn't jump in. i think perry does have problems of his own. i think it is very important for people to remember there's a difference running and being elected in texas, versus massachusetts or new jersey. perry has won elections in a state that is entirely the republican base. >> sean: wait a minute south carolina up 24 points. >> that's our base. >> sean: wait a minute -- >> more important, when your entire electorate is a conservative republican base,
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you don't have room to make a single mistake. perry has made mistakes. he's made big mistakes on illegal immigration. >> sean: in terms of obama, the economy stays -- >> oh yeah. >> sean: maxine waters criticizing him is important. she is going to vote for barack obama, not a republican wham percentage of his base stays home because they are out of work, the economy has not gotten better, hope and change has fizzled out. >> i agree, obama has a total glass jaw it could be any of these candidates could win but you may as well run your best candidate and which is going to govern early. i think if christie doesn't jump in, it is going to be romney that is my guess, perry or romney. in the senate we want a republican president who will sign things the republican senate [ unintelligible ] >> sean: if governor christie
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doesn't run, i've asked him enough times and i'm taking him at his word. he doesn't run. would you want whoever gets the nomination to pick christie as vp or marco rubio? >> no it has definitely got to be marco rubio. unless he turns it down. i don't know why he would. >> sean: i don't think he should. i think he's the future republican any way. >> the reason marco rubio seems like such an obvious choice, he's the choice of the tea party. he's the choice of hispanics. he's the choice for florida which is normally a swing state. obama's numbers are so bad in florida he may not even need somebody from florida. let's go with somebody from california. >> sean: do you think it is a possibility? >> no, but i think obama has a real glass jaw but things could change. he has the mainstream media. >> sean: what do you think of all these attacks, black
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caucus members standing by comments about tea party wanting to lynch african americans? tea party members are terrorists. they can go straight to hell, racist. why do you think they are ratcheting up? >> it is a somber and mature response to the shooting of gabriel gifford we've decided to cut the hyperbole in political rhetoric. >> sean: this is a kumbaya moment, coulter good to see you. i'll let you know as soon as christie tells me his decision. >> he better tell me first. >> sean: coming up a vicious attack against the tea party. this coming from a united states congressman. we'll debate the latest instance of democrats' outrageous rhetoric. >> tomorrow night, don't forget to tune into part two of my interview with former vice president cheney about his new book.
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>> sean: member of the congressional black caucus have been hurling in s at members of the tea party movement. democratic indiana congressman andre carson has decided to get in on the bashing. listen to what he had to say.
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>> the >> sean: fox news reached out to congressman carson's office. a spokesman confirmed the remarks and said he believes members of the tea party are ones that are standing in the way. he used the strong language because he believes that agenda jeopardizes the most vulnerable. joining me with reaction mike
9:15 pm
meyers. radio talk show host soon to be a daytime television host starting september 19th, great american himself, bill cunningham. all right, tea party members are terrorists. they can go straight to hell. racist. now he's saying tea party movement would love to see you and me hanging on a tree. >> this guy is the no pun intended the whip of the congressional black caucus. this rhetoric is ignorant, repugnant, regressive, vile, racial rhetoric after racial idiocy, which is the usual fare for the congressional black choir. >> sean: choir? >> choir because they sing the same song of separatism and peddling racial poison. >> sean: bill cunningham, where is the president? >> this is being orchestrated out of the white house.
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think of the number of racially incendiary remarks made by numerous of the democrat party this didn't come from carson many this came from barack hussein obama. he's the one orchestrating the attack in racial terms. why? he's losing black votes because of unemployment, he's losing hispanic votes until he said immigration is okay. this guy understands if the tea party movement succeeded in '12 like it did in '10 he's jimmy carter part two. >> sean: let's analyze this. all attacks before the 2010 election historic, biggest midterm victory in 70 years, it didn't work, it backfired. they tried the tea party is racist before. they tried terrorist before. >> everybody and anybody who criticizes barack obama, anybody and everybody who disagrees with congressional
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black choir they are racist or negro. that's how they operate. i am not a member of the tea party. i am a liberal. i'm a liberal as ed koch would say, with sanity. the point here is the tea party -- >> sean: you were so good up to this point. >> let me tell you why this is an -- [ unintelligible ] tea party principles are liberal principles. limited government whereby you have the constitution as the law of the land. and liberals believe that. you talk about tree enterprise, from markets, liberals believe in free markets and free enterprise. liberals believe in personal freedom. >> sean: modern liberalism -- >> i'm not going to have -- [ talking over each other ] >> i'm to have the racial racketeers hijack the notion. >> sean: bill conditioning ham,
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obviously the president can run on his record. the senate is going republican, a lot of democrats know that it seems when the president says republicans want kids with autism, down syndrome and elderly to fend for themselves that's a life when you hear this racial rhetoric repeated by numerous house members, democrats -- >> racial poison. >> sean: this is obviously a strategy. >> the hurricane was politicized. irene was politicized for benefits. there have been two grassroots movement in your lifetime one was the anti-war movement which give us nixon for eight years, four years carter, eight years ronald reagan. the second has been the tea party. the only way obama wins the presidency in 15 months is to demonize, to make hateful and to smear tea party members, despite what they say. >> sean: i think it backfires. >> did it work in 2010? it will not work in 2012. he can spend his billion dollars from michael meyers'
9:19 pm
friends on wall street. he can spend all the money he wants -- >> i don't have any friends on wall street. [ laughing ] >> you can't put whip cream on ex- and eat it and it is not going to work. excrement and it is not going to work. >> you can put whip cream and ex- and it will still taste the same. >> i don't know about that. >> sean: when we are dividing the country, rich vs. poor, black vs. white, what happened to the era of civility? >> people never believed in civility. in that moment of tragedy that gets people to give words meaning they don't have. i never believed that. [ talking over each other ] >> i have one real fear. there might be a jared loughner out there, a crazy individual that listens to the rhetoric that people like carson and say it is time
9:20 pm
to take action against members of the tea party. happens, i want to hear from carson and maxine waters saying we are sorry we caused some crazy dude to go off on a member of the tea party. it could happen. >> i believe in the power of free speech and rational dialogue. and this kind of racial rhetoric should be condemned by those who should condemn it, including barack obama. where is his voice? where are the other congress people, black and white and other? >> can't find them with a search warrant. >> sean: guys good to see you both. author and columnist david limbaugh, while he convicted the president of what he calls crimes against liberty one year ago. what does he think now? >> the anointed one falls back on some of his favorite policy options. calling for more taxes, more shovel-ready jobs. can you afford four more years of obama? of obama? next.
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>> sean: the president may have lost the fight overtax hikes in last month's debt deal. it appears he has not gotten the message. today he called for extension of the federal gas tax. expected to expire september
9:25 pm
30th. he's going to keep gas prices up. the damage didn't stop there. he came out in favor of the transportation act and called for more of those infamous shovel-ready infrastructure jobs the ones we didn't get before. >> the president: at a time when a lot of people in washington are talking about creating jobs it is time to stop the political gamesmanship that can cost hundreds of thousands of jobs. today i'm directing certain agencies to identify high priority infrastructure projects that can put people back to work. >> sean: i recall the president saying something different a couple months ago. >> the president: shovel-ready was not as shovel-ready as we expected. >> sean: it looks like we have one more week to wait for the so-called jobs plan. joining me fox news contributor. co-host of the five with beckel.
9:26 pm
andrea tran ter rose is back. -- he's going do raise the gas tax, infrastructure spending code word for stimulus. >> we heard this last year. labor day of 2010, the president came out, proposed a jobs plan. it was a 50 billion dollar plan. unemployment 9.6% at the time now 9.1%. are you getting what you paid for then? >> sean: not really as shovel-ready as we thought. the president cannot resist. he's got to spend more, raise more taxes. i think people paying a high price at the pump, they are not going to like seeing gas prices stay high. >> he's got to reward his key constituencies the unions. he's going to funnel more to them. he talks about railing against these corporate welfare programs. this plan is likely going to be another corporate welfare
9:27 pm
program. not tax credits for all businesses. he's going to cherry pick different industries that benefit him politically. >> sean: i've been saying he's poll testing and focus grouping. what are the words, reasonable, you know consensus, balanced war the words he's going to come up with? >> the business community would like to see washington move out of their way. here's the words we would like to hear in the business community. tax code reform. decreased regulation. incentives for businesses for hiring. health care issue now in the courts and heading to the supreme court. all of this goes to the word uncertainy. until you get rid of uncertainty you are not going to see hiring. the only jobs created for the last year have been in the private sector, decrease in jobs has been seen on the government side. his plans have not worked. all of that was based on infrastructure that does not work. [ talking over each other ]
9:28 pm
>> sean: i'm worried about the tax reform. to me whatever embodiment it comes in, is going to be a tax increase. he can't resist raising taxes as we can see. >> there's not going to be the political appetite for that. steny hoyer said they are not going to even back raising taxes. when your base starts to pull away, also conservative members like senator claire mccaskill is up for reelection. she can't get behind tax increases in a swing state like missouri. a lot of ideas that seemed balanced were in his own deficit commission rejecting it completely. now he's trying to pull this political stunt by squashing the gop debate. his ego has reached an unreal level. can cockiness, arrogance. >> he's listening to the wrong people. this that second sound bite he was next to immelt the head of
9:29 pm
ge. no wonder he made the shovel-ready comment. ge has been a corporate failure. you might as well own a mule -- a mutual fund. >> sean: i was saying this about his inner child has come out this has been a long scheduled debate. the exact same time, exact same date as the republican debate at the reagan library. all of a sudden that has to be the night after his martha's vineyard's vacation that he comes back and makes that announcement. obviously, there was some political calculation there. what was it? >> to announce the jobs plan? >> sean: no that he's going to make his so-called his version of -- >> i don't think it was a political calculation. i think they bungled this from day one to say you have a plan when you don't. then go on vacation. come back and have the associated press reporting your team is scrambling to find the plan. now he's talking about going up to the hill on the same day
9:30 pm
as the gop debate, hoping to step on their story. it is not even about this jobs plan it is his political ambition. and he's stepping on his own story. >> that is what investors are so sick of. we are sick of this. that's all we are seeing everyday. i can't tell you how many colleagues in the business world had a big eye roll the minute we heard this big speech wants to go to the floor and talk to congress next week. it is ridiculous. it does nothing to improve the environment. he needs to get out of the way. >> sean: the more he spoke about obamacare, the less support he had. the more he was fighting on the debt ceiling, the less support he has. for all his oratory skills, he does not have the persuasion of a regan. >> that's his ego. he believes if he can have this grandiose speech he can sell it. he this administration has not learned how to manage expectations.
9:31 pm
they didn't do it with the stimulus, with obamacare. now they've raised the bar so high they are going to get clothe-lined by it many >> the final trading machine of august, today went down in the record books not in a good way all of this began with that debt debate that began at the end of the month which was a nightmare. >> sean: i don't see how the city going to get better. this speech is not going to help. i think it is going to backfire. >> i don't care about the politics, i care about the economy. it is not going to help the economy. we need jobs! >> sean: you need a new president. let me be more blunt. you need a leader. he's in over his head. you mentioned he has bad people around him. he has bad instincts himself. >> this is going to backfire big time. >> sean: all right we are on record. >> it has been a year, a year since my friend david limbaugh exposed what he says are
9:32 pm
president obama's crimes against liberty. he's here and has gathered more damning evidence on the anointed one.
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>> sean: breaking develops out of d.c.. moments ago we learned the white house and speaker of the house boehner have come to agreement. president obama has caved to the speaker's request and will now deliver his jobs' speech to a joint session of congress thursday day, not interrupting the republican debate wednesday. joining me with more is the author of the "new york times" best seller out today in paperback, "crimes against liberty an indictment of the anointed one -- i'm sorry of the president -- i'm kidding you. david limbaugh. first, what do you make of this news? do you think the president, as we were talking earlier, i think he did it purposely.
9:37 pm
>> unquestionable that he did it. it was grandstanding, display of arrogance. the idea he would have this on the night of the republican debate. you can't tell me his handlers didn't know about that. if they didn't they are incompetent. >> sean: i think they strategized. they didn't think step two, three and four and now he looks weak q >> all the fights from the budget ceiling debates and on. the tea party is on everybody's following everybody and watchdogging many so the gop is not letting him get away with anything and they shouldn't. this is about the presidency of the united states. this debate serious. all obama's speech is about is propaganda and policy. it is not about announcing an economic plan. it is about getting him up in the polls. >> sean: when you were here a year ago, you don't come back often enough. it is hard get you here. when you were here a year ago and launched this book which became a massive best seller
9:38 pm
you have now updated it. we talked about his crimes, the against obama, crimes against liberty. have things gotten worse? >> i think they've continued and accelerated. he's defying the constitution and the rule of law. acting outside his constitutional authority. look what he did with immigration. look what he did with libya, forget the results. the results are debatable because we don't know how the rebels -- >> sean: it is law of the land. >> even so, he should have consulted with congress even as a matter of respect. no president has ever done what he did. democrats were all over bush and he go a join resolution on iraq. obama thumbs his nose. epa doing end runs around congress. he's not respecting his kopblgs al authority. his real problem is spending. he's addicted to an ideology that is destined to destroy the country and bankrupt us.
9:39 pm
and he won't come away from it. he is incapable ideologically of coming off of it. any speech he presents will be more of the same. like his 54 plus obamacare speeches. 10 speech -- ten speeches on the economy. >> sean: you studied every speech, you studied about his background. why is it, what have you learned about him that he shows this inability to change? i was talking to a friend of mine who won the australian open. he's talking you got to make adjustments in your game all the time, tweaking, adjusting, shifting, changing and getting better. this president just doubles down on stupid. >> liberals able to learn. they were unable to learn through fdr's failed policies. they exacerbated the depression. historians revised history, in
9:40 pm
college they preached keynesian economics. and so, they continue to believe it. obama presents this trillion dollar stimulus package almost. it not only didn't work it has exacerbated the problem. i use that word advisedly again. it has caused unemployment to stay above 9%. now he's going for another stimulus. >> sean: this is it. infrastructure, which means more spending. even something as simple as letting the tax on gasoline expire, which i think would make a lot of americans happy, because americans are struggling. he doesn't seem to have the intuition, that even bill clinton had. >> he's fixated on his ideology. it scares me. he's the one guy standing in the way to the only reforms that can save the nation. we are at that turning point. we've talked about it before. we talked about it with clinton. now it is really true. we are approaching a point if we don't reverse this debt -- last year alone, our unfunded
9:41 pm
liabilities grew 10 trillion dollars. now a cut is defined as a decrease in the rate of outrageous spending increases. >> sean: discretionary spending has gone up -- >> it is surreal. we have to have entitlement reform. obama's answer to any these of proposals demagoguing, you are going to mess with the seniors medicare. we have to mess with medicare not the seniors. >> sean: what do you make of this rhetoric we just played? the republicans tea party members want african-americans hung up. >> that's all they have. all the democrats have is to demonize the republicans and conservatives. they have no positive affirmative agenda. nothing they subscribe to works. they cannot reduce spending. if we don't the country fails. and yet, they are still talking about spending more money. you couldn't justify it if it did stimulate the economy.
9:42 pm
it manifestly does not. and it is double bad. it not only depresses economic growth. it also exacerbates the debt. exacerbate three times, ben a -- been a while since i've been on tv. he needs his boot off the throat of the private sector. how is that for his terminology? >> sean: david limbaugh -- >> is that out now that paperback version? i didn't know. >> sean: you add add additional chapter. >> who wrote that? >> sean: you did. our , great american panel is next. [ male announcer ] life is full of missed opportunities. like the trip around the world you never took. but there's one opportunity that's too good to miss. the lexus golden opportunity sales event. see your lexus dealer. ♪
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>> this was like the height of the incompetence coupled with height of lying. worst thing about that is j carney lying and saying we didn't pick this day. how stupid do you -- do they think the american people are? >> i don't, this is the lying born from the arrogance of thinking you're the smartest person in the room.
9:48 pm
it's almost, every kind you can think of. now they've caved and now, football fans are upset. >> that is a good point. yeah. >> the president seems weak. >> yes. now he's going to have to compete with football. what do yougg think people goring to watch? i know what i'll be watching. >> when it comes to the president they can replay the speech last time and show to it everyone again. all of the same nonsense from the beginning. nothing changes. same talking points. where are the jobs going to come from? >> earlier today, they can move their debate on the calendar forever. it's not like this was so urgent he was going to go way from vacation. so he schedules a speech. they knew about it. now, he has to back off. he looks weak. why do they do that to the president? if he didn't know? >> i think the president made a mistake here. he should have stuck to his! guns doing it on wednesday. >> slightly. >> there is a important
9:49 pm
constitutional principle here. the president of the united states should be grant that had request. >> meet his demands. >> how about they tell fdr we'll do the speech tuesday after pearl harbor. come on, sean. >> sean: that is pearl harbor. >> we have an economic crisis. it's very important. >> he was right and should haven't backed down. >> sean: it wasn't that important that he'd cancel his vacation. he was at martha's vineyard. >> why wasn't hea given it in six months? this isn't pearl harbor or time sensitive. wednesday, thursday? the economy is going to suck either night. >> sean: not a day that will live in infamy. >> he thought he was going to pull a slick move. john boehner said sorry. this is what we're going to do. now, he looks silly. >> have you to respect the
9:50 pm
office. he should have granted the request. there are going to be 40 republican debates he says yes. but this is not the appropriate date for it. that is not disrespect. >> sean: if so important he didn't have to go toxs martha's vineyard. >> congress was out of session. what is he going to do? speak to one person? so he can't make account.ments? challenging the authority of the presidency? we don't want a weak president. >> we have one. >> other thing is that you've got two -- two. >> boehner needs to have respect for the office. >> two sitting members of congress goring to participate f the speech is so damn important doesn't the president want every member of congress sitting there? he knew who members couldn't be there. this is absurd. >> sean: they're not goingf see those two. >> and this president is going try to paint himself as someone who cares about
9:51 pm
urgency. what have you been doing for two years, president obama? >> sean: he would have gotenen off the golf course. >> he's been trying to cut $4 thrill trillion from the debt and republicans won't let him do it he called gorge bush unpatriotic for accumulating date. >> gorge butch accumulate that had debt with his economic policy autos neither one of them is... >> and neither one of them is?÷ unpatriotic. >> sean: so obama owes george bush an apology. >> barack obama is saying it owes him an apology. >> sean: if a republican president had done this? he should not have drawn thaup debt by taxing taxes to wealthy. you go to war, you don't cut taxes when you go war.
9:52 pm
>> sorry. more with our great, great american panel is next. panel, . >> so, ah, your seat good? got the mirrors all adjusted? you can see everything ok? just stay off th freeways, all right? i don't want you going out on those yet. and leave your phone in your purse, i don't want you texting. >> daddy... ok! ok, here you go. >> thanks dad. >> and call me--but not while u're driving. we knew this day was coming. that's why we bought a subaru.
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>> sean: we continue with our panel. as a kid i used to love to go to rye playland, rye beach they used to call it.
9:56 pm
any way, at that amusement park, a fight breaks out after some muslim women with head scarves were not allowed on the ride. these rules have been in place for a number of years. for safety reasons people that have scarfs or anything that hangs off they feel it is a safety concern this fight breaks out. we have audio of the women after that happens. here's what they say. >> the cops came and just blew it out of the proportion. they came like ready to attack. they took my brother, threw him on the floor. they took my husband in front of my child and cuffed him. they were pulling me. i had to call my brother-in-law and husband. >> sean: this has been a rule in place for safety reasons. i think the playland is within their rights if people don't have the proper attire if it going to create a danger, sorry but safety comes first. >> absolutely they told the muslim american society of
9:57 pm
new york in addition to having the rules posted on its website they told them over and over again make sure you know this. clearly the event operator didn't tell all of the people that were going to be there. to me the blame lies with them. you can't blame the amuse park. the park offered refunds. which seems more than they would have to do. since they clearly explained the rule as head of time. >> this is not about religion. this is about safety. i can't wear my yankee baseball cap, you can't go in flip-flops on a rollercoaster. this is about safety and protecting safety. >> sean: good point. you just reminded me. my kids love rollercoasters. i hate them now, i loved them as a kid. now i do it because i'm a good dad. i remember getting on, takeoff your sun grasses, your hat. >> you have to. this is not -- sunglasses, your hat. >> you have to. >> it is not about religion. >> ridiculous. the whole thing is ridiculous.
9:58 pm
a safety issue. if you ride on an amusement park ride with a long scarf or something like that, you are likely to get decapitated. >> that's what the saud family does to women in saudi arabia but we don't do it here. >> you can't sign a waiver and we'll let you go. it is not just yourself you are putting in danger, if you jam the ride someone else can get hurt or kill. there's nothing you can do here. >> sean: these issues keep coming up. in florida there was the woman that had her face covered except for her eyes. and she was like i want that to be the face on my driver's license. and claims there is religious discrimination. >> this isn't discriminating. >> she can get a driver's license here at least, sorry jedediah. >> it is okay. >> she can't get one in saudi arabia. >> sean: what happened to you?
9:59 pm
[ laughing ] >> i'm rubbing off on him. >> i don't support medieval monarchyes. >> sean: she is like a -- >> the only thing this is a bigger issue. nobody wants to assimilate any more. it is not just a muslim issue this is an person issue. previous generations of americans came here and they knew they could preserve their culture but they also had to give a litt bit and they had to adapt. >> sean: nobody is saying they have to change their religion. nobody is saying we don't have freedom of religion here. we are asking that muslim extremists and there's a distinction that they be rejected by everybody. >> we are less of a melting pot now it is a bunch of different people in their own pots around the take. >> you can't have a hypersensitivity when it comes to any religious group. you can't have that overwhelm safety.


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