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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  September 7, 2011 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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he speaks for the labor movement. >> is there a big, old double standard in the obama administration when it comes to being civil? yes. >> you're not supposed to answer. this is a tease. >> and they say cheerleading is not a contact sport. not so at this game. >> ho, ho, ho. >> notice, i haven't told everybody what to think, steve. "fox & friends" starts right now. >> so it's a tease. you don't tell the whole story? you get people to watch for another minute or two? >> that's the point. >> work with me off the show every day throughout the 1980's and now i'm finally ready in the new century. >> i'm going with that. let's go with headlines for you now. when you were sleeping, at least 10 people were killed and dozens injured during an apparent terror attack in india.
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a bomb apparently hidden in a briefcase went off as hundreds of people lined up outside a courthouse in new delhi. this is the deadliest terror attack india has seen in more than three years. no group has claimed responsibility. overnight, a third national guard soldier, a woman, died after being gunned down at an ihop restaurant in carson city, nevada, one of five national guard members that was shot when eating breakfast. a civilian woman was killed in the rampage and seven others were hurt. gunman's motive is not yet known but here he is, eduardo turned his gun on himself in the parking lot. police say he was a u.s. citizen born in mexico and had no criminal record. his family says he had a history of mental illness, though, he was not in the military but was well armed. in addition to the ak-47 used in the rampage, police found another rifle and pistol in his bag. >> in this community in the last four years and then all of a sudden, we're hit with
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something that we just, you know, in our worst case scenarios never, never anticipated could happen. >> victims will be released later today. possible signs of relief this those devastating wildfires plaguing texas right now. officials say some of the fires appear to be slowing down thanks to some calming winds. unfortunately, much of the damage is already done. four people have been killed. more than 1,000 homes destroyed. today, state's most elite search and rescue team will look for more victims in the town where the worst of the fires is raging for a fourth straight day. it will fly high above ground zero in rememberance of those who died on september 11th. new york governor andrew cuomo unveiled the state's new 9/11 memorial flag on tuesday. it displays the twin towers surrounded by the pentagon. there are also 40 yellow stars honoring those who died on united flight 93. you remember that flight crashed in pennsylvania. the state consulted with
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designers to come up with the proper signal. >> just found out, too, flight 93 in shanksville, president bush will speak at that event. >> he will indeed. the president of the united states is going to speak tomorrow night after his vacation. we understand that, apparently, the speech is going to be 30 or 40 minutes, something like that. and while members of the democrat party are reluctant to call it a stimulus, let's take a look at some of the details because it sure looks like a stimulus. >> i mean, you got $300 billion set aside for job creation which could be code for let's go build some tunnels, build some bridges and rebuild some roads and some schools. look for stimulus money. extend payroll tax cuts. i think that will get both sides to join in. infrastructure spending is what we just discussed and direct aid to state and local governments which was a lot like the first stimulus package that kept people in jobs that were unsustainable without the money. >> yeah, but it's a union bailout for teachers and first responders. >> a lot of the same old, same old. one other key final point will
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offset some of that spending by raising tax revenues. and this is just sort of the same thing we've been hearing. i loved one article that i read. it said that the people giving these details spoke on the condition of anonymity because the plan was still being fin finali finali finalized and some things are subject to change. what is going to change? this is stuff we've been hearing for months to months. it took a month long vacation to come one the same stuff. you see what is said tomorrow night. if it's the same stuff, how are you going to feel about it? >> i'll tell you what, jay carney said yesterday, some new proposals will be in that you have not heard probably because they were waiting to hear from mitt romney and mitt romney has 59 and they could steal five or six, who would know? >> i think it's very interesting that speaker boehner and eric cantor called to the president's office and said let's meet before the speech and see if we could find some areas of common ground before it goes out for example when it comes to the transportation bill, the highway bill you want passed,
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maybe we could put some things in. >> why did they do that? so the president doesn't call them out completely and point the finger on every single thing? >> i'll take a different tact. maybe they're doing it because they're hearing from some people that it doesn't do any good to wait for all or nothing. maybe they say we have to show some flexibility. let's go do it. >> there are at least three republicans who will not be in attendance. congressman paul brune from georgia and joe walsh, he doesn't want to be essentially a prop for the president of the united states and jim demint, republican senator from south carolina. he may not show up because he is sick and tired of just another speech. he would love to get a proposal from the president of the united states with a plan written down, you know, we'd heard that the president had all sorts of suggestions on entitlement and stuff like that but it was never written down. mr. demint would like to see something on paper. listen. >> i am sick and tired of
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speeches, the president told us not only the stimulus but obamacare would help the economy, mortgage bailout. this is probably the 10th speech of various kinds that he said is his jobs speech. i want to see something in writing and what the president is talking about is more of the same. and frankly, over august, i had a chance to talk to dozens of businesses. nothing that he is talking about now relates to what they're telling me. >> so that's why he's choosing not to be there. it will be interesting to see if any other republicans decide to also not show up. in the meantime, nancy pelosi says that those skipping out here's your quote from her office. the president's refusal to respond to the proposal on jobs is not only disrespectful to him but to the american people. so is this the continuation now of if you do not agree with the president's plan, then you are unpatriotic, how dare you don't show up to listen and to be possibly berated for not following one specific plan. >> that's true. i do think he should show up. i think it is a bad precedent for the next president or the
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next president or next president, i don't like this jobs speech. i don't like his policy on iraq, i'm not going to go when it comes to the surge. four years ago. i think you show up unless you have a conflict or you turn an ankle. >> nonetheless, unlike the state of the union, there will be no response from the republicans immediately following. meanwhile, mitt romney was in north las vegas yesterday and he pretty well -- >> how did that become his home by the way? >> because nevada has a terrible problem with unemployment. that's where he unveiled his believe in america plan that's really interesting. he's got 59 points. he's got 10 things that he would do immediately. and it sounds like he's already figured it out that if they were to enact -- if he's made president, of course, it would boost growth by 4% each year over the first four years, create something like 11 million jobs and lower the unemployment rate to less than 6%. >> so one of the ways in which he would do that is cut the corporate tax rate to 25%.
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we've heard a lot about that, you know, why do corporations go overseas to make all their money? because they don't have to pay all the tax. so maybe that would be one incentive. replace obamacare with state programs. now, that's interesting that he included that because, of course, he has taken a lot of hits for mass care and whether or not that worked in his home state where he was governor in massachusetts. >> he'll have to battle that out in the debates. i'm sure rick perry will be loaded up for that. i love saying possibly sanctioning china on their trade policies. it turns out upon further review, they seem to be unfair but the president and the prior president did not really attack china when it came to this. >> correct. >> well, in particular what he would do with china is sanction them because they manipulate their currency. >> doesn't sound like the chinese i know. >> this is a problem for mitt romney, this is what rick perry will bring up tonight during the debate, no doubt. in massachusetts, they were 47th in creating jobs out of 50 states when he was governor. that's going to be the number one thing that rick perry will talk about. so how will romney, you know,
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defend that and get away from it? it sounds like romney will continue to attack the president, maybe not so much perry. listen to this. >> this president really has a -- i call it a pay phone strategy for a smart phone world. he's locked in the technology of the past and the economy of the past. he's trying to stuff quarters into a pay phone. that pay phone isn't connected anymore. we got smart phones. we have to have an economic strategy which is modern, updated, structured for the new economy. >> i just think that mitt romney just had a sputnik moment, i don't know. let's talk about the white house. the white house was put in a corner and it wasn't -- it was by none other than abc really yesterday who really pinned jay carney to the wall when it came to the apparent double standard they now have when it comes to inflammatory rhetoric from the stump in the political forum. and that's exactly what i think everybody would agree jimmy hoffa put -- james hoffa put forward over the weekend when he
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said this. >> here's the head of a union, an ally of -- >> but what he said was when he was introducing the president at the speech in detroit, he called out the tea party and he said let's -- when you go to vote, let's make sure to take out those sons of bitches. talking about -- excuse me, talking about the tea party. that would not be my choice of words. that was his choice of words. >> sounds like you said it. >> and the white house refused to respond to that. yesterday on this show, the dnc chair debbie wasserman schultz refused to respond to that and it continued. jay carney refused to respond to it. >> mr. hoffa speaks for himself. he speaks for the labor movement, afl-cio. the president speaks for himself. i speak for the president. you know, what the president was glad to do yesterday was have the opportunity to present his views on the importance of
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working americans and on the importance of taking measures to help working americans to create jobs and grow the economy. >> and he indicated that the president didn't really hear his remarks and unless he's -- >> but unless he's in the newlywed game where you have to sit down in a different room with the headsets on and you couldn't hear what he said. >> i love that show! >> yeah, it was fantastic. why was it canceled? >> not funny anymore. >> i wonder how the president could not have heard that. >> there is a double starnld. charles krauthammer said that last night. listen. >> here's the head of the union, an ally of his speaking in these terms, taking out the opposition and remember, this is the head of a union with its own history, a man that called hoffa his own family, the president, as carney indicated, spoke 20 minutes after on the same stage and said nothing. i think the real story is double standards, civil discourse is a
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1 way street if you're a democrat. >> here's another double standard. last night on hannity's show, he had bill cunningham who in 2008 introduced john mccain at a big rally in cincinnati. and he referred to the senator's opponent as barack hussein obama which is, of course, his name and that's what he said when he put his hand on the bible and became president of the united states. after he said barack hussein obama, then senator obama objected and demanded -- demanded that mr. mccain apologize for or slap down mr. cunningham which he did. double standard? absolutely, don't you think? >> right. you know, the other thing is -- it goes all the way back on the same panel last night on bret's panel, why was everyone thinking the inflammatory rhetoric had anything to do with congresswoman giffords' shooting anyway. the guy was insane. had nothing to do with sarah palin or anything else. the whole process started on the wrong premise to begin with.
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>> we'll see how that continues to flush out. it looks like the white house is not going to respond to that. >> by the way, the name of the show. >> tattletales. >> one of my favorites. i loved it. >> as we mentioned, president obama's jobs plan including a plan to spend money on roads and bridges. there's one problem with that. dick morris up next with the details. >> then a football player sweeps a cheerleader right off her feet. the whole thing caught on tape. -- camera. hold on to your pom-poms. kevin are you sure this is okay? in the distance: hey, yall! run! go! i was just going to ask what they were biting on. now's the time to save big during the fall hunting classic sale at prego?! but i've been buying ragu for years.
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>> president obama's big jobs speech tomorrow night and the white house promising specifics. >> he will make clear in his speech that the package of proposals he will put forward
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will be paid for. that he will pay for them within the package. and he will also put it within the context of his broader vision for economic growth and making america competitive in the 21st century. >> things need to be paid for. that, i guess, means spending but let's ask former advisor to president bill clinton and the author of "revolt." dick morris. does that mean spending? we sound liknow what it sounds s going to say, more spending. >> it looks like this thing will cost $300 billion which means he has to come up with $300 billion in new tax revenues. he's probably going to restate his case of ending deductions for people making more than 250 for real estate and other stuff like that and in return using that money to fund this program. but one of the things that
3:18 am
bothers me the most about what's likely to be in the program is there's this proposal kicking around that he's likely to make tomorrow for an infrastructure bank and what that would be is it would be set up with federal seed money, $20 or $30 billion they're saying and then this bank would sell its own bonds to the public, build its own roads and bridges, charge tolls and use the tolls to pay back the bonds. sounds neat. except for the fact that highway mileage is way down. and the odds are that the toll revenue will never be enough to pay them back and we'll end up stuck with paying it. it's kind of a fannie mae only for road construction. >> we know how that ended up. it wasn't good. >> not just here but also in japan. when their recession failed to yield just stimulus measures the government put up, they did the exact same thing. they called it the postal savings bank. they ended up having one bridge with a $50 toll on it. nobody ever took it. and the taxpayers had to pay for
3:19 am
it. >> thank you for the analogy. let's talk about mitt romney's plan, he gave out a 160 page booklet in advance of the president's plan. do you like it? >> i love it. i sat up all night reading it. it's not a page turner but it is the most comprehensive well thought out plan for dealing with the economy. and it makes the fundamental point that what you have to do is to deregulate in five crucial sectors. manufacturing by getting the e.p.a. off people's backs. labor by getting the national labor relations board to be fairer, the medical industry by repealing obamacare, consumer spending by eliminating the threat of future tax increases. that essentially what he's doing is taking each segment of the economy and relieving it from the threat of obamacare -- of obama's policies, the fifth one was banking in repealing the dodd-frank bill.
3:20 am
it's a brilliant plan. whoever is the president, that's going to be the plan. >> thanks for the cliffnotes version of that. it's 69 points and 161 pages. dick morris will stick around to preview tonight's g.o.p. debate for us. if you got to spend five minutes with rick perry today, what one piece of advice would you give him? don't say it yet! wait until after the break. religious leaders were invited to ground zero. another slap in the face? at the washington national cathedral where the president is going to be on sunday night, why aren't they allowed there either? it's a church, isn't it? we'll explain. thisne works. ooh, the price sure doesn't. i'm tired of shopping around. [ gh ] tobad you're not buying car insurance. like that's easy. oh, it is. progressive direct showed me their rates and the rates of their competitors. i saved hundreds when switching.
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>> time for some quick
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headlines on this wednesday. chief executive bounced by the board. they fired barts over the telephone. at least it wasn't an e-mail. meanwhile, yahoo's stock jumped 6% in after hours trading. her temporary replacement, the company's cfo. and america's most wanted rescued, the show was canceled by fox network but now john walsh finding a new home. his show will air on the lifetime channel starting later on this year. all right. brian? up to you and gretch. >> thanks, steve. texas governor rick perry making his big debut on the debate stage tonight. going head to head with the other republican presidential candidates. >> we asked dick morris before the break, what one piece of advice would you give to rick perry? this is his debut, what would you tell him? >> well, each of the main candidates among the republicans, perry, romney and bachmann, have developed their own negatives. largely with the democrats looking for their vulnerability and it's clear how the democrats
3:25 am
are going to characterize each of them. we discussed this last week and the week before on this show. they're going to call rick perry a dope and they're going to call sarah palin -- michelle bachmann a joke and they're going to call mitt romney a fraud. so romney has to prove sincerity on issues like obamacare. bachmann has to prove that she's part of the mainstream and not some looney candidate like ron paul or someone. and perry has to prove that he's substantive, knowledgeable, understands the issues, can go deep in them and he's not just a pretty face with a nice accent. >> well said. but how does this stack up? he's experienced, is rick perry, but i found out he's only debated four times in 10 years and spends all his time over the last 48 hours doing the best he can with those fires in texas. remember, when president bush, sitting president was focused on the hurricane in florida, he did very poorly against john kerry in the first debate.
3:26 am
could that carry over? >> yeah, it sure could. you need to know if a guy like perry is going to really sit down and master this stuff and i think that could be a serious problem. if perry is transparent. in other words, if you can kind of see through him and there's not a lot of substance there and not a lot of specificity and a lot of facts. particularly after romney came out with this great plan, he's going to be in trouble. >> uh-huh. yesterday, we had the governor. governor perry on our show and we asked him, when is your plan going to come out? he said he was just dealing with the fires for now. you got to think he's under pressure to also come out with a plan sometime soon. one other quick exit question, will either of them go against each other or just attack president obama? >> no, i think both will go after each other. i think romney is going to try to draw the difference between someone who actually has created jobs and someone who has just presided over it and perry is going to talk about romney's job creation record in massachusetts. before we go, i just wanted to
3:27 am
mention that later today, in fact, in two hours, i'm going down -- we're going down to the lower manhattan development corporation to present the 71,000 signatures against federal funding for the ground zero mosque. so it's 165 broadway. one liberty plaza, if you're in california, hop on a plane, you'll be here in no time and we want to tell them how we feel about federal funds going to that mosque. >> all right. that's one thing that you're working on, dick. thanks very much for joining us today. see you again soon. >> thank you. >> of course, we're going to be down in that area on 9/11 marking 10 years since the attacks. all right, straight ahead, one home destroyed every four minutes in texas so why are nearly half of our government's air tankers sitting idle at the airport? that's next. >> and president obama backing away from e.p.a. regulations that would kill american jobs but a "new york times" columnist says those regulations would have created jobs. stu varney on that story. >> but first, happy birthday to
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>> according to the latest "wall street journal" poll, a record 73% of americans believe the country is headed in the wrong direction. but the good news, gas is so expensive and traffic is so bad, we'll never get there. so -- >> that's true, by the way, gas prices have not gone down even though they promised us it would, still over $4. >> now the gas just shuts off, not because you filled up. are you tired yet of sitting there? >> my gas station still has a loan officer and i think that's weird. >> i think that's fine. >> meanwhile, president obama backing away from harsh e.p.a. regulations that would have put a big strain on businesses. >> but "new york times" columnist paul krugman who has
3:33 am
won a lot of awards is angry with that decision and says more regulation would actually help create more jobs. >> stu varney is here to explain. who do you agree with, stu? >> i don't agree with paul krugman, that would be news, would it not? he believes you must spend money. doesn't matter whose money you spend, just spend it. >> it's a kensian. >> yes he is big time. he thinks regulate utilities, regulate industry and make him spend some money so he thinks the president were dead wrong when he rescinded the stricter rules on ozone. krugman thinks you should have those strict rules, impose them, make companies pay for new equipment to meet the new regulations. i think he's flat out wrong. 100% wrong. >> well, regulations rarely create jobs. that's not the way you do it. >> they hire regulators who are paid by governments. >> regulator jobs. >> is that a kind of america we want to create? i mean, new regulators, more food stamps, more unemployment
3:34 am
benefits, more government bureaucrats. >> did you just see i'm agreeing with him? >> if you have time. >> i was reading, i think, in "the wall street journal" this morning, it said in advance of the president's speech tomorrow night, one thing ceo's would like the president to do or say is i'm going to get out of the way because there are too many clamp downs and regulations the way it is. >> well, he's not going to do that. >> no. >> so why did he do it with the ozone regulation? why did he rescind them? why didn't he get out of the way? >> there's a re-election coming. >> precisely. 41 states and hundreds of counties would not have been in compliance with the stricter ozone standards. that means businesses in those states and counties could not expand. that means you can't get jobs. now, the president saw this, knows this. there's an election coming and he moves backwards on those regulations. >> that's what bill clinton would do. >> yes, but this is not for reasons of principle. it's not that the president --
3:35 am
this is pragmatism in the extreme. i want to get re-elected! i know why you're laughing. >> why wouldn't he do it with more regulations? brian suspects tomorrow night he's going to do this in his speech and talk about easing more regulations potentially on banks and other companies, do you agree with that? >> i don't think he will. if he does, it will be around the edges. the central thrust of his regulatory regimen which he's imposed, his financial regulation is not going to be withdrawn. it's obamacare. that's not going to be withdrawn and there's a lot of other regulations by the e.p.a. which he will not withdraw. nibbling around the edges is as good as you can get, brian. >> gotcha. stuart varney coming up at 9:20me9:20. i expect to be in your opening line. >> gretchen carlson is on the show tonight talking about gas prices, i think. >> i like the company i like that rhyme. >> thank you. >> 25 minutes before the top of the hour. let's go over some headlines. stuart, you might want to use this. first, guns now grenades and the justice department investigation into the government's failed fast and furious program. now being expanded to include
3:36 am
the arrest of an american accused of smuggling grenade parts across the border. his name is john baptiste kingery, he alleged bought grenade pins and powder in the u.s. and sold the materials to one of mexico's deadliest drug cartels. good luck, darrell issa with that one. >> southern baptist and evangelical christians asking why they were cut out of the special service marking the 10th anniversary of the september 11th attacks. a rabbi and buddhist nun, hindu priest and a muslim imam are among the religious leaders invited to the interfaith service at the national cathedral in washington sunday night. the head of the baptist convention asking president obama to reconsider. i didn't know that there was such thing as a buddhist nun. >> i'm looking into it. >> ok. thank you. >> meanwhile, call it the great government mail out. the white house now asking lawmakers to give the postal service three extra months to pay off billions of dollars in mandatory retirement payments. it's also working on a more long-term solution to help save
3:37 am
the cash-strapped agency which is now $10 billion in the hole and expected to run out of money by next summer. brian? >> talk about unnecessary roughness. you have a cheerleader who gets tackled by a high school football player in south carolina by mistake. he was too enthusiastic all caught on camera. >> i heard my name being called but i wasn't paying attention and then when i looked at him, he came and swept me off my feet! >> yes, he did. >> the cheerleader doing just fine. >> man, oh, man. >> all right. meanwhile, let's take a look at the weather and there's a lot of it and we have extreme weather in florida this morning, powerful winds. well, here you can't really -- let's talk about the satellite and the radar, well, we'll do this first. powerful winds ripped off the roof of a motel, remnants of tropical storm lee hit the area about 1:00 this morning. 16 people were inside.
3:38 am
thank goodness, nobody was hurt. that would wake you up. let's go back to the maps and find out where it's raining as you can see throughout the northeast, portions of the ohio valley at this hour, you have remnants of lee creeping up the coast and moving to the north ever so slowly. it's quite a rainmaker and also we've got some rain being generated in portions of eastern colorado and western kansas. otherwise, the balance of the country is near bone dry. a lot of 50's and 60's on the map on this wednesday morning. 74 right now in tampa. lot of 60's along the gulf coast. 50's up north. almost chilly right now in caribou, maine, they got 48 but eventually, 66 up in caribou as you can see it will be 72 at chicago. 80's and 90's in portions of texas where they could really use some rain but they're not going to get it today and 80's across the mid atlantic. and that's a quick look at the fox travelcast and now it's time for sports. >> right, and while i do sports, please google gretchen carlson, we have to find out if there is a buddhist nun. days before the season starts, the jacksonville jaguars made a crazy roster change.
3:39 am
it seems money related. quarterback david gerard has been cut. the move comes two hours after the team announced him as their starting quarterback. it will save them $9 million this season, the jags' first game is sunday against tennessee. this opens up the spot for blaine gabbert. the rookie out of missouri did very well but played against second and third string. good luck, jaguar fans. it's been over a year since steven strasbourg underwent tommy john surgery to repair his elbow. he started again. now he's back. how did he do? last night, he made his return against the dodgers. he was awesome and struck out four on the night pitching a shutout through five and the crowd gave him a standing ovation. man, the game needs him this year. the team couldn't pull it out. they lost 7-3. need a good story in baseball. there hasn't been one outside of jeter's 3,000 hits. we'll discuss that in the break. >> there actually is a buddhist nun. >> and? >> they lead a life similar to
3:40 am
a catholic nun. >> so they can't get married. >> but you might understand the baptist argument, if a buddhist nun is allowed to go, maybe they should be allowed. >> let's talk about this. over 1,000 homes have been destroyed in texas. it's absolutely charred. 100,000 acres and now we're learning in human events on line this morning that apparently, about half the federal government's firefighting tanker fleet essentially is idle out in california because it's just before the wildfires season started, apparently a contractor of the company in california called aero union, they terminated their contract that would have kept seven p-3 orions in the air and right now, the federal government has only 11 tankers. >> why is the key? >> apparently, they didn't specify why they lifted the contract, however, apparently the federal government had a problem with the maintenance
3:41 am
program. >> that's exactly what they say. here's the response from aero union's ceo. we were certified too fly all season but they just terminated us and threw 60 people out of work and left the country vulnerable to fires as you can see right now in texas. apparently, 10 years ago, they had 40 of these tankers operational. up and ready to go for these types of fire situations. now, with only 11, it's problematic. i mean, yesterday when we spoke to governor rick perry of texas, that fire was 0% contain. 0% and 1,000 homes had been destroyed. two people had died. >> and company says they are willing to have everybody get on four planes and fly to texas immediately. all they need is the nod from the federal government which at this point says no. >> start nodding. ambassador john bolton announcing late last night he is not running for president. why? he'll be here live after the break. >> and it's the best stuff on earth. snapple looking to hire right now and one of five companies adding jobs this week. we'll tell you the rest. get out your pen and paper and
3:42 am
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[ male announcer ] the most legroom per dollar of any car in america. from $10,990. the all-new nissan versa sedan. innovation upsized. innovation f all. >> glad you're up. quick headlines first. john edwards' legal team says the criminal case against him is pure politics and wants the federal court to dismiss the charges. the former presidential candidate is accused of conspireing to transfer more than $900,000 from campaign supporters to mistress rielle hunter and more than 700 cowboy hats, costumes and saddles from john wayne's personal estate going up for auction in los angeles next month. you can also check out the auction on line starting on october 3rdrd. my dog is named after him, duke. >> really? >> yeah. >> talk more in the break. >> had no idea. meanwhile, ambassador john bolton was considering running
3:46 am
for president. late last night, he made an announcement here on fox news and joins us from our nation's capital. ambassador, you've decided not to throw your hat in. why? >> well, i think the conventional political wisdom that you have to have been elected to a lower office and the voters don't care about foreign policy was too hard to overcome. i happen to think that's wrong. i think people are voting for a president who is going to be in office until 2017. there are a lot of other issues and i think voters see foreign policy as a surrogate for leadership. they want to know the person they're putting the country's future in the hands of is qualified to handle all these contingencies but the reality is what it is. i think you've got to be realistic. i haven't changed my view that foreign policy needs to be more salient in this debate and i'm going to see what i can do to help that happen. >> well, you have 14 months now where you don't have to go around and kiss a bunch of babies. >> i'm going to go to new hampshire on thursday, sort of the reverse of the normal
3:47 am
pattern but i'm going to keep it going. >> all right. good enough. let's talk a little bit about this, ambassador. yesterday, fox news learned that apparently, there are people inside the administration and the pentagon who say that by the end of the next year, there will only be 3,000 guys left in iraq. is that a military decision or is that a political decision? >> well, it's obviously a political decision. you know, the whole idea of withdrawing according to an artificial timetable was misguided, was a mistake in the bush administration. it's been a mistake in this administration. obviously, we have to get the consent of the government of iraq but if we had been pushing aggressively to have a much larger force, keeping, for example, the 45,000 we've got now, that would make much more sense given iran's increasing effort to destablize the government in iraq and undo what we've done for the last 10 years. >> well, ambassador, let me ask you this. if this happens, and panetta has apparently said, you know, no
3:48 am
final decision has been made but if it does happen, how safe would it be for those remaining 3,000 or 4,000 troops? >> i think they would be at risk. that's a very small number. i think they'd be subject to the kinds of terrorist attacks we remember all too well from the marine barracks in lebanon in 1983. so it's basically a question of leaving a token force that i don't think is going to have much effect. the number 10,000 has been talked about. frankly, that's not much better. the military itself was asking for up to 18,000. i'd have a much larger force. but i think, unfortunately, this administration has put the handwriting on the wall. >> no kidding. joe lieberman said yesterday he's never heard of a number as low as 3,000 troops to secure the gains that iraqis have won over the years. he's right. >> it's a big risk for us after 10 years of blood and sweat and toil, i think everything is at risk now. this is a boom to the iranians and giving them a gift
3:49 am
strategically and they could never have won on their own. it's a bad, bad mistake if it's true. >> all right. well, we'll find out. ambassador john bolton who is not running for president but is going to new hampshire. thank you very much for joining us live from washington. >> thank you. >> you bet. >> all right, a dozen minutes before the top of the hour on this wednesday. at least three republicans refusing to attend the president's jobs speech tomorrow night. is that respectful to the office? dana perino has something to say about that. and she's going to join us in 12 minutes. are you one of the millions of americans looking for work? up next, five companies hiring right now. we'll tell you about the big snapple job coming up.
3:50 am
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>> all right. here at "fox & friends", you want to help america get back to work in every way we can. that's why each week, we bring you five new companies that are hiring right now. joining us, the one that did all the research. cheryl casone from the fox business network is here to break it down for us. >> thank you. i have interesting companies this week. some you'll know and some you wouldn't. >> for example, yellowbook. >> you know this, they use to be the big book that would come to your house with all the addresses. they don't do that anymore. they've expanded their on-line presence and have 47 million unique users every month and making a lot of money on advertising and looking for i.t. people. no more books but if you want to do -- do sales to consulting and do i.t. work for a company like this, yellowbook is the place to be. $54,000 and $68,000 is the
3:54 am
range. >> example of a company that does not want to be left in the dust. they made the change for the new generation. >> and they're surviving fairly well. not all companies can go from bricks and mortar over to on-line but they've done it and this one you probably know. this is you. you know airmark, right? >> yes. >> you know what they do? >> food in ballparks, important part of your life. i just know about that. but they do food stands, they do managing and consulting services and they even make uniforms. they're actually in a lot more pieces of the economy than people realize. could do food service and could do management but they have some hotel services. so they're kind of like in everywhere. range is pretty broad. $27,000 up to $100,000. >> you're best -- that's a great place to hook up with them and can go as high as $62,000. >> you also point out that trucking and transportation across the country, lucrative business, is opening, ryder
3:55 am
logistics and transportation. >> they were doing a lot of fleet managers so they're basically if you want to manage like 1,000 cars for a company. ryder has gotten into that business and been very successful at it. the jobs are in texas, maryland and massachusetts but also across the country and the range is $22,000 to $100,000. why is the range so different? it depends on what your skill set is. but a lot of companies i brought to you guys have been, you know, if you've got basic automotive skills, you want to get the management experience, this is another one of those examples where you can move up through the ranks. if you're willing to take a lower paying job now, get in on the ground floor, you can have a long history with the company like ryder. >> and you found out a doctor that's hiring. that's dr. pepper. >> you know the name. but it's dr. pepper-snapple. so this combined company has been around since 2008. they make dr. pepper. but they have lots and lots of drinks. they have 50 brands of carbonated drinks, just carbonated beverages. 50. >> what do they want? >> they're looking for sales, transportation and management. the salary range again is spread
3:56 am
at $31,000 to $62,000 and change because it depends on if you're a manager, if you're doing sales, if you want to work again in the transportation department, drivers. but they've got a multitude of positions right now. >> salary range $31,000 to $62,000. sunrise senior living. >> this doesn't surprise me whatsoever. with the baby boomers getting older, we're finding a lot of need for care takers. this is a perfect example of a company that needs nurses and managers and they need people to plan activities for the day and a lot of rehab centers across the country so younger people that are in accidents that need their arms rebuilt and things like that. they're very much about -- what the employees will say to you is we like that we're doing something good. we're helping people. we're coming to work and getting paid but we also like what we do. we feel good about it at the end of the day. >> it's a good thing. who knows? your first client could be regis philbin, he's retiring at 75. >> if we could all make it that far. >> good job. we're watching the fox business
3:57 am
network. first, they were terrorists and now they're sob's. >> beyond the prize, let's take these son of a [beep] out and give america back to america where we belong. thank you very much. thank you! >> you're welcome. should the president condemn that statement? former white house press secretary dana perino weighs in. then he served in the united states army for more than 20 years in desert storm and in desert shield so what does colonel allan west think about the plan to leave 3,000 troops in iraq? he's here live. [ country ] [ man ] ♪ gone, like my last paycheck ♪ gone, gone away ♪ gone, like my landlord's smile ♪ ♪ gone, gone away ♪ my baby's gone away with dedicated claims specialists... and around-the-clock service, travelers can help make things better quicker. will your auto and home insurer... be there when you need them most?
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with new extra-strength bayer advanc aspirin. it has microparticles, enters the bloodstream faster and rushes relief to the site of pain. it's clinically proven to relieve pain ice as fast. new bayer advanced aspirin. >> hope you're going to have a great wednesday. it's september 7th. i'm gretchen carlson. thanks so much for sharing your time with us today. details being revealed about the president's new jobs plan for tomorrow night but how will he pay for the proposed $300 billion price tag? dana perino is here to weigh in on that. >> he called the tea party a
4:01 am
big group of sob's and the white house's response -- >> mr. hoffa speaks for himself. he speaks for the labor movement. >> ok. but isn't the president the one who always calls for civility? >> yeah. where is that now? meanwhile, he served in the u.s. army for more than 20 years in desert storm and desert shield. so what does colonel allen west think about the plan to leave only 3,000 troops in iraq by the end of next year? he is live here and you are, too. hour two of "fox & friends" for a wednesday starts right now. >> live from the news crossroads of the world, this is "fox & friends." >> wow. that sounds so professional. >> makes us sound very professional and very important. we are because look who we have coming up on the show today. starting off with dana perino moments away and we'll have colonel allen west as we
4:02 am
discussed, karl rove will be here as well and financial advice from dave ramsey. >> followed by more financial advice from triple h. no, he's a wrestler, in a big movie and really strong. >> yeah, and governor haley barbour will be joining us and we'll talk about all sorts of stuff and we have a whole bunch of news. two more hours to go. we start with a fox news alert. >> 10 people were killed and dozens injured during an apparent terror attack in india. a bomb reportedly hidden in a briefcase went off as hundreds of people lined up outside a courthouse in new delhi. this is the deadliest terror attack india has seen in more than three years. a muslim militant group reportedly claiming responsibility for the blast in an e-mail but officials say it's too early to confirm whether that claim is actually true. overnight, a third national guard soldier, a woman died after being gunned down at an i-hop restaurant in carson city, nevada, one of five national guard members shot while they were eating breakfast. a civilian woman was killed in this rampage. seven other people were hurt. the gunman's motive not yet
4:03 am
known. here he is. he turned his gun on himself in the parking lot. police say he was a u.s. citizen born in mexico, had no criminal record. his family says he had a history of mental illness, though. >> carson city hasn't witnessed a homicide in this community for the last four years and then all of a sudden, we're hit with something that we just, you know, in our worst case scenarios, never, never anticipated could happen. >> the suspect was not in the military but was well armed in addition to the ak-47 used in the rampage, police found another rifle and pistol in his van. the names of the victims will be released later today. another fox news alert for you this morning. possible signs now, could there be relief in those devastating wildfires plaguing texas? some of the fires appear to be slowing down now thanks to calming winds. unfortunately, much of the damage already done. four people have died. more than 1,000 homes destroyed. today, state's most elite search
4:04 am
and rescue team will look for more victims in the town where the worst of the fires is raging for a fourth straight day. we will be bringing you a live report from texas in a few minutes. more than 100 social security checks lost in the mail. well, they were supposed to be sent to the post office in trinity, north carolina, last friday but they still haven't shown up. many of those who haven't received their checks are on a fixed income and can't pay their bills. the post office is trying to track down those checks for those folks and those are your headlines. >> post office already gone out of business? >> you have to wonder. that's the big topic of decision on capitol hill. >> more on the post office, why it exists and where we're going, dana perino. i threw you off. how are you? >> good. >> president's big speech tonight, if you're in the white house tomorrow, if you're in the white house, what are you thinking right now? >> well, i'm thinking that i'm probably going to leak out a few little tidbits which they have been doing. i saw a report that says he's likely to ask for some spending in the form of $300 billion but that the tax hike would come
4:05 am
later when he's no longer in office. we'll see if that turns out to be true. but he's going to have -- he has a very tough sell tomorrow night. and one of the interesting things is while in the opening, you were talking about it will call for some stimulus but yesterday it was revealed that former speaker nancy pelosi, the minority leader in the house now has banned the word stimulus so it will be fun to watch everybody try to figure out what word they're going to use. >> right. apparently jay carney said yesterday, there are some things we haven't told you about yet. they'll be in the plan. but if you look at that stuff right there, you go, ok. that's not going to do it. >> it leaves you a little flat. and i think that -- i do think there will be a surprise. i'm holding out. i think maybe they're holding something back. >> like what? >> maybe the corporate tax rate. maybe he will finally actually say i am -- >> he has talked around the edges of that and he might actually say, ok, i'm for it. businesses, you tell me you need this. all right, we can do that if -- and then there will be some sort of -- >> what gets you to the point
4:06 am
where his polls are plummeting, he needs a game changer. >> well, the expectations could not get lower for this seat so anything that he says is going to have a little -- give him a little bit of a bump and give him a couple of days worth but the political gamesmanship leading up to this speech even regarding the timing and the fact that the huntsman plan came out last week, the g.o.p. candidate. romney's plan came out yesterday. >> very thorough. >> the republican candidates are going to debate tonight. in like a pre-buttal to the president's speech. by the time you get to friday, the headlines will all be about the packers game. >> or the saints, depending on who wins that one. let's talk about the three g.o.p. members who said they aren't going to show up for this speech. nancy pelosi has called that disrespectful. is it a mandated thing? you know, some people would argue that maybe the president should not have used a joint session of congress for this type of speech. so is it ok if these people don't show up or is it bad manners? >> i would go. i mean, you're an elected leader
4:07 am
and it's quite a privilege to be able to be there and i would be there. i know it's not a requirement. i do remember when i worked on capitol hill back years ago, my boss loved to watch it at home and then go to bed early. he didn't like to do the whole statutory hall thing. but she also said it was disrespectful that the republicans were not going to have a separate response. remember the famous responses, most recently given by paul ryan after the state of the union last year. usually, they say it would be a rebuttal. >> i don't think it's necessary. the game is starting. but also, they're going to open up statutory hall in the rotunda of the capitol and allow any member of the congress that wants to talk to the media there. they'll do it that way and i think also, there will be so much reporting on it and if you are the person that has to give that rebullettarebuttal, you al very small in comparison. >> tell that to bobby jindal. >> no applause. something like that. >> coming up sunday is
4:08 am
september 11th. it will be the 10th year since then and there's a new fox news poll out asking people if they feel safer now than then and we'll put it up right there. people, as you can see, people feel safer now. not surprising. because a lot of -- a lot of work was done during the administration -- >> since last year but not as safe as 2004. >> right. i think that a lot of this goes to the -- eventually bipartisan work that was done on a lot of policies. some of it was done by president bush because he was the commander in chief and he can make some decisions but the patriot act that tore down the wall between intelligence officers and law enforcement. remember, they couldn't even talk to each other before that. the department of homeland security, i know a lot of people don't like it but there was nothing like it before where you could have a one stop shopping place to protect the country and taking the fight to the enemy was really the way to help start decimating al-qaida. we can't rest, though. >> problem is we don't know what too do with the enemy and what
4:09 am
questions to ask them. they might take it wrong and sue us. >> but we -- >> in large part, the policies have been preserved and the patriot act was reauthorized this spring with president obama's strong support and no one even covered it. >> it's interesting how much this administration has gone along with almost all of the policies that president bush put in place even though they totally hated -- >> got elected -- >> and president bush one time told me i don't care how unpopular i have to get on this fight in the patriot act as long as the tools are there for whoever the next president is going to be at that time, we knew it was going to be either mccain or obama. >> let's talk about something that i know you're interested in. you've written a column about this and that's whether or not president obama is losing his liberal base in the media. have they started to attack him now or is it a strategy so that they can talk about how great his comeback may be? >> yeah, so i've seen this before. right, i can just feel what is happening. i do think that liberal columnists that are criticizing
4:10 am
president obama now are sincere in their criticism. i can tell you exactly what happened. next september and the column i wrote today was tongue in cheek with a fake column that everybody i want you to hold on to it until september of 2012 when we can pull it back out and say she was right. at that point, they'll say i was a doubter but i've come around, our criticism made him stand up and take notice and now i am proud to say that he will lead our country and bla, bla, bla. >> you're feeling why he gets -- why he's been criticized so vociferously by the left, not only in the media but the unions and the michael moors of the world. >> a lot of the criticism is they think he has not governed far enough from the left and he's caved too often to the tea party and the right. >> isn't that almost comical? >> it happens to every president. at some point along the way, the base gets a little restless and thinks you're not doing enough because governing is harder than campaigning. >> why does the president go along in this union speech the other day and doesn't disavow that the teamster leader is
4:11 am
saying sons of bitches, etc., why does he -- who else is the base going to vote for? >> they have nowhere to go but they might not be as enthusiastic and if you look at the numbers in "the wall street journal" poll yesterday, chipping away tat his support ae independents and in particular women. i think not coming out and just saying, we're for more civil discourse. that's all they had to say yesterday. now they guarantee the next time president obama does an interview, he'll be asked about this. >> absolutely. >> and i know they can't be the rhetoric police. they can't police everything everybody says but i think they would have been better served to just try to put a damper on it. i do think that jay carney was right yesterday, that the president probably didn't hear it. because i know when the president is behind the scenes, when they're getting ready for their speech, they're talking to people and doing greetings. if he would have heard it, maybe he would have said something. i'm not surprised. >> you talked it last night on "the five" we watched that and we'll be watching it again today. five people around the table talking at 5:00.
4:12 am
>> we'll be staring at dana, is that ok? i don't know of anybody else on there. meanwhile, coming up straight ahead, a man stuck in the middle of a raging river unable to move. incredible way he was pulled to safety coming your way. >> first it was terrorists and now, as we were just discussing, sob's, why won't the white house condemn the attacks on the tea party? do they deserve civility, too? allen west wants some answers and he's next. operatic aria ) ( singing along ) ( singing high note ) that should do it. enjoy your new shower.
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>> sources tell fox news the obama administration is planning to bring home most u.s. troops from iraq by the end of the year. from 45,000 now to just 3,000 soon. is this a dangerous move? a guy that knows coming your way. republican florida congressman allen west who joins us now and by the way, you know, he served
4:16 am
in the army for more than 20 years including desert storm, desert shield and operation iraqi freedom. colonel, welcome. >> good morning to you, brian. how are you doing? >> i'm doing great. i was stunned to hear that news. i hear military leaders are upset. senator feinstein, democrat, upset with how few troops are left. are you? >> yes. you have to be very concerned because here in the d.c. area, probably at the pentagon, we have 3,000 men and women in uniform. and when you look at what is continuing to happen in iraq, the reequipping and resupplying and the dangerous atmosphere with the army which is being supported by iran. 3,000 men and women, we have to start looking at what is the task they're supposed to do as we continue on in iraq and i think you should have the troop level meet the task instead of having it the other way around, just putting out a number. >> this number does it -- this is what i find most disconcerting. maybe you do, too. it's not coming from military leader. the military leaders aren't
4:17 am
saying give me 3,000 or 15,000 and they're not fighting it out. you have politicians deciding this. >> you're absolutely right and i hate to tell people that a lot of the people on the left were very critical of george bush when we had a general make the same recommendation to donald rumsfeld and president bush and now we're seeing generals make the same recommendation to president obama and him saying it's only going to be 3,000. so here again, you have civilian leadership that's not listening to the men we have entrusted with countless years of service and they're on the ground. >> hopefully they'll revisit this. colonel, you're now a congressman. i want you to listen to this and give me your response. this happened on monday, labor day. listen. >> keep the eye on the prize. let's take these sons of a bitches out and give america back to america where we belong. thank you very much. thank you. thank you. thank you.
4:18 am
>> mr. hoffa speaks for himself, he speaks for the labor movement, afl-cio. the president speaks for himself. i speak for the president. what the president was glad to do yesterday was have the opportunity to present his views on the importance of working americans and on the importance of taking measures to help working americans to create jobs and grow the economy. >> the president seemingly does not have a problem with that speech preceding his speech, do you? >> yes, i do. and, perhaps, mr. hoffa was going back over the weekend and he watched the movie "patton" where he gave that incredible speech before the third army and he tried to mimic that. but it has no place in the political discourse in this country. i think what you see happening is in order to stir up the liberal base, they have to
4:19 am
demonize a certain entity and that entity they've chosen is the tea party. instead of looking at the failures of the obama administration, his economic failures, the jobs growth, it was at zero net jobs here recently, so they have to have a solid type of tactic that they're using and we've seen that before. but the president has to come out and say something about this because he gets on the same stage that mr. hoffa was on and now that he knows what was said, and going back to january when he talked about civility, i think we continue to see the people on the left in the democrat party, andre carson with the congressional black caucus making a statement about members of the tea party and certain folks in congress want to see black americans hang from trees and there's no place for this. >> absolutely. 9/11, 10 years from 9/11 coming up on sunday. you have a movie coming out. focusing on what with an announcement today? >> well, what we're going to do is people came to me and they wanted to have a venue on capitol hill to show a story about the survivors of 9/11 and
4:20 am
also about the mosque that they are proposing to build there and i think that the house of representatives are the people's house and i am hosting this movie to be shown because we cannot forget what happened at 9/11. 9/11 is the pearl harbor of the modern day of the 21st century. and when we talk about, you know, building the mosque in the city of 9/11, we would not erect a memorial to japanese navy ship in pearl harbor. i think that's the type of consideration that we must look at. >> not only did you forget but you fought and you're serving. thank you for joining us this morning. >> thank you for having me, brian. >> straight ahead, one home burned to the ground every four minutes. we take you live to texas for the very latest to try to get the flames under control. then our political panel is on deck to tackle the president's jobs speech. what he needs to say. and do to create jobs in this country now. have i got a surprise for you!
4:21 am
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4:24 am
>> president obama's approval rating sinking to new lows ahead of his much anticipated jobs speech. 62% disapprove of the way he's handling the economy. 53% disapprove of the president's overall jobs performance. but white house press secretary jay carney says it's the republicans' fault. meanwhile, on our panel this morning, former labor secretary nominee linda chavez, democratic pollster and fox news contributor doug shoen and michael mislanski, author of "the language of trust." good morning to all of you. >> good morning. >> let's talk about the president's big speech tomorrow. you say if he's truly serious about fixing this country, a good first step would be to repeal obamacare. >> that's exactly right. it is a jobs killer.
4:25 am
there are millions of people out there who could have jobs if employers were satisfied that they were not going to get hit by a great new tax, and that's what it is, with the health care bill and that would be the first step i would recommend. i doubt that he's going to follow that. >> i doubt it, too. you say that what he says tomorrow will establish the tone for his re-election campaign. >> absolutely. he's going to propose extension of the payroll tax cut for employees. and probably extend it to employers and say republicans, you say you want tax cuts, i'm giving you tax cuts basically why don't you climb on board? that will set the tone. >> michael, one of the problems is for the president is the bar is so high, you know, for him to say a month ago, as soon as i get back to washington, d.c., after my big vacation and martha's vineyard, at that place that costs $50,000 a week. he didn't say that. i did. then i'm going to give this big speech to a joint session of congress. the bar is up here. can you possibly live up to that? >> he has the incredible
4:26 am
ability to set the expectations higher than he can achieve. he does it over and over again. i don't think he should be giving this speech at this point. i think he should be co-opting the republican talking points one by one and make action happen without standing in front of the joint sessions of congress. in his presidency, he has yet to stand in front of congress and give a speech that actually helps his presidency. >> unfortunately, linda, in the past, the president during the budget negotiations and the debt ceiling negotiations, you know, we heard that he had different proposals but he never put anything down on paper and that's one of the things that jim demint said last night on "hannity" is i don't want a speech but a proposal written on it. >> we never actually see an actual plan and we don't see legislation. he usually punts to congress. he did when the democrats were in control of both houses. now he has a problem because he doesn't control on both houses of congress. >> now, doug, one of the things is you feel the president is going to sound bipartisan tomorrow night. >> yes. >> so that he can put the
4:27 am
republicans in a box and if you don't go along with what i say, you are not patriotic. >> that's exactly right. i'm not sure it's going to be an attack on patriotism but he's going to say look, i'm for tax cuts. why don't you come along? and by the way, i'm for infrastructure structure spending so we can rebuild our crumbling country and put people back to work. why don't you come on board with ideas that both parties have traditionally supported. >> finally, the people at home who are watching and they're thinking all this stuff has gone on in washington, d.c. they talk about this and that. it's a little here and a little there arnold the edges. -- around the edges. it's not going to impact me. people are skeptical this point. >> they have right to be. it's not about the democrats and about the republicans and one piece of advice that the president certainly should take is the idea that he's going to win by blaming the g.o.p. as opposed to actually try to sound bipartisan not just in policy but also in tone, he can't attack the g.o.p. and reduce this skepticism that's out there. >> let's see what he says tomorrow night. it will be big.
4:28 am
we'll all be watching and it will be live here on fox. michael and doug and linda, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> great conversation. >> meanwhile, straight ahead, if the mortgage mess wasn't bad enough, there's more negative news on the horizon. dave ramsey is here with some advice to avoid the mayhem. and some are counting michelle bachmann out in the race for president already. karl rove says not so fast. wait until you see where john mccain was at the same time back in 2008. karl coming up. getting grime from deep inside grout takes the right tools,
4:29 am
but also a caring touch. you learn to get a feel for the trouble spots. to know its wants... its needs...its dreams. ♪call 1-800-steemer. you noticed! these clothes are too big, so i'm donating them. how'd you do it? eating right, whole grain. [ female announcer ] people who choose more whole grain tend to weigh less than those who don't. multigrain cheerios... five whole grains, 110 calories.
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4:31 am
4:32 am
>> some political news here, you guys. political news. president obama refused to give specifics about his jobs plans yesterday because he wants people to tune in on thursday. not how you handle the economy. that's how you handle the "american idol" results show. >> that's true. >> funnies from your late night comics. now we got to actually get to the headlines. former egyptian president hosni mubarak back on trial in cairo today and this is what it looks like at least outside the courthouse. a much calmer scene than monday. when the violent clash broke
4:33 am
out. mubarak reportedly so sick he's been watching the trial. we've shown you those pictures before. remember seeing him on a hospital gurney? he's charged with ordering the mass killings of hundreds of protesters during an anti-government uprising earlier this year. he faces the death penalty. there he is in the former video. >> first prosecution witness said he never ordered these protesters shot. that's causing them to go crazy. john edwards' legal team says the criminal case against him is pure politics. he wants a federal court to dismiss the charges, the former presidential candidate is accused of conspiring to transfer more than $900,000 from campaign supporters to his mistress. he fathered a child with rielle hunter while on the campaign trail. there he is. >> meanwhile, fox news alert into our newsroom. italian appeals court just rejected prosecutors' requests for new d.n.a. testing in the appeals trial of american college student amanda knox. the decision means closing arguments could start in the middle of the month and a
4:34 am
verdict could be delivered by october. if not before. knox was convicted in 2009 of murdering her roommate. knox is currently serving a 26-year sentence over there. >> a freak accident in a zoo near chicago leads to this dolphin's tragic death. nia died after a head-on collision with another dolphin. trainers heard the loud crash and sent vets to the scene. they tried cpr for 10 minutes but nothing worked. the 4-year-old bottle nose was the youngest of seven dolphins. >> surprised it doesn't happen more. check out the incredible rescue of a man trapped near fredricksburg, virginia. he reportedly fell out of his boat and couldn't make it to shore desperately holding on to a rock. the man only spoke spanish making it tough for rescuers to communicate with him. he's doing ok. did not need medical equipment. still speaks spanish. >> all right. let's go down to texas, austin texas and karl rove joins us live. good morning to you, karl.
4:35 am
>> good morning. how are you? >> doing ok. thanks very much. let's talk a little bit about -- we were just talking with ambassador john bolton about the fact that apparently, there is talk now in the pentagon that by the end of next year, the troop level in afghanistan, keep in mind, currently 45,000 by the end of next year, it could be 3,000 men and women. >> iraq. >> iraq. >> what do you think of that? >> this is probably -- >> well, this is a bad decision if this is the decision they're going to make. the military wants more. i suspect the iraqis want to have more and we ought to have more because 3,000 people is just enough to be visible and not enough to be secure. we need what's called force protection and that means we need a larger number of people on the ground and look, the iraqis can't be happy about this either because this is going to serve like a magnet for -- for terrorists to come after america's military knowing that
4:36 am
there are only 3,000 of them. >> or go after them, karl, because america's military doesn't have the numbers to protect them. >> sure. absolutely. doesn't have the kinetic weight to be of support to them in important missions. i hope this rumor turns out to be only a rumor. it will be a test of the new defense secretary norm -- secretary panetta's strength, leon panetta's strength in the administration to fend off what is clearly a political decision being, you know, managed out of the chicago campaign headquarters and not out of the pentagon. >> reportedly, the only person that didn't think the 3,000 was enough was hillary clinton and she essentially has been outvoted. let's talk about the president's speech tomorrow night. and what we already know about it. he definitely has some stimulus planning, some infrastructure planning. what else do you know about this speech that might be problematic? or on the positive side? >> well, look, we got -- i'm going to sort of withhold
4:37 am
judgment on the substance of the speech until he actually gives it. i will tell you this, my sense is a speech is not going to solve the problem. why they have done this, why they have allowed this to be built up into a big deal, make a speech to a joint session of congress and, you know, sort of get americans hyped up that this is going to be yet another, you know, and a nuance, all we're going to hear is probably old solutions and it's not going to give, i think, people confidence that the president is up to the job. in fact, he's weakened himself as we've run up to this in the way he's handled it. he looks inept and tomorrow night -- >> sorry, karl, i didn't mean to interrupt you. i was going to say that he was sort of forced into this, wasn't he? i mean, because of the jobs numbers coming out -- >> no. >> the job numbers came out and they were so bad over the summer continually. what i'm saying is he was forced into having to do something. i'm not saying he made the right decision. but now he's -- >> yeah. >> now in a month long run-up to it and we're looking still at 9.2%. do you expect to hear anything new in this speech tomorrow
4:38 am
night? and if we don't, what will happen? >> yeah. i think we may hear a little bit new but that's not the test. test is had are we going to hear something new that gives people confidence he knows how to create jobs and i don't think that's the case. look, our right. he had to do something but, for example, i've got this in my column tomorrow in "the wall street journal." i think that it would have been smarter for him not to go to a joint session of congress which is where you declare war or make the annual state of the union address. what if he had gone out this week and gone to where ordinary americans are working and talked about over a series of days, a series of proposals to help get the economy going and talk about it in places and in front of people that would benefit from it. much better frame that he's raised expectations by getting this lofty venue of the house of representatives chamber and a joint session of congress. >> sure. i'm sure that the president's job creation records so far is going to be topic one at the g.o.p. debate tonight. and it's interesting because this will be the first time,
4:39 am
karl, that a lot of people see your governor, rick perry do some debating. you know, he's run for governor a number of times but he hasn't done that much debating and then you've got him opposite mitt romney who has done a lot of debates and yesterday, introduced his 59 point plan. what do you see as the highlights for tonight? >> well, the big question is going to be who is going to make the mistake of going after somebody first? in a debate, the counterpunches often far more powerful than the punch but some of them are not going to be able to help themselves. i don't know if it's going to be bachmann or paul but somebody tonight will take a swing at somebody else on the stage and it will give whoever that somebody else is a chance to pair with a powerful counterpunch. it's the beginning of a next phase, the higher profile and potent phase of the republican presidential primary. it is the beginning, not the end of the phase. let's remember where we were four years ago at this point.
4:40 am
four years ago, rudy led in the public polls with 30%, fred thompson at 27%. john mccain at 14% and mitt romney at 11%. those were the only four candidates who had more than 10% of the vote. this is where it was four years ago and as you remember, these two guys that faded, he led until january. he was in second place until december. and he didn't emerge until -- until january as the -- as the frontrunner. so we'll have lots of twists and turns. lots of twists and turns. >> that's so interesting. and i'm so glad you brought that up because it just goes to show how much can change on a dime. especially after maybe this debate or three more after this one. >> you have more than lived up to your satellite bill. your satellite bill was huge and up until then, we were on the bubble. >> i felt so good. yesterday, i spent most of my morning trying to do what i could to nurse your ratings back up by providing scintillating dialogue on your radio program. i'm working for you all the time
4:41 am
and all i'm doing is working with you and working for you. >> thanks. >> now i got to go back to fighting fires out in bastrop. hose and a rake. >> that's a little bit harder. karm rove joining us today from the state capital of austin. thank you very much, sir. >> you bet. >> all right. >> coming up on this show, if the mortgage mess wasn't bad enough, there's more negative news now on the horizon but dave ramsey is here with advice to avoid the mayhem. >> from the wrestling ring to the battlefield, triple h makes it his mission to visit our troops. this morning, he's making a stop right here on the curvy couch. find out why straight ahead. now, when you want powerful wifi, you've got it.
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4:45 am
do you drink that all the time? >> like a martini. >> new study shows middle aged women who drinks a glass of alcohol each day ends up being healthier in their older years than women who don't drink at all. take a look at this picture. is that a great white shark or just a few surfers making fun? one expert calls the big scare saying it definitely is the other marine biologist says it looks more like a dolphin. whatever it is, it's not keeping surfers out of the water in san diego because it's warm. >> nice job, brian. a new law taking effect october 1st will lower the borrowing limit on federally guaranteed home loans. right now, potential buyers can borrow more than $700,000 in loans. after this low kicks in, that number will be reduced to $625,000 so how will this affect you? joining us now is personal finance expert dave ramsey. good thing you're a mathematician because we got to work out some numbers today. good to see you. >> good to see you. we're trying to stimulate the
4:46 am
economy and we're trying to create jobs but let's make buying homes harder. that's confusing to me. >> all right. so they don't want to give away as much money in loans. here are some of the your pointers if you're going to go out and buy a home. payment should be no more than 25% of your monthly take home pay. you should save up for 20% down payment as well, right? >> absolutely. if you can. that helps you to avoid what's called pmi which is private mortgage insurance. foreclosure insurance. costs you about $75 a month per $100,000 borrowed so it becomes very expensive and it pays the lender in the event you're foreclosed on so with 20% down, you can avoid that. >> i want to take a look at some of the e-mails from our viewers. karissa from oregon had this question. my husband and i have no debt. we've been married for a little more than a year. why should we be putting our home saving? is there something other than a regular savings account? >> as you've noticed bank savings accounts pay nothing! i mean, not even 1%.
4:47 am
it's ridiculous right now. but the problem is this, if you were to invest the money that you're going to use for your home downpayment, you need to plan to leave that alone at least five years so there's really no middle ground. you kind of have to park it in a savings account and not make much and be safe which is what i'd recommend for your downpayment for plan on leaving it alone for a long, long time. >> here's george from phoenix. dave, i'm afraid if my wife and i wait any longer to buy a house, interest rates will climb and we won't get financing. we have a little in savings and do qualify for an fha loan. what do you think we should do? >> george, when broke people buy houses, it makes you broker. don't buy a home until you're -- until you're ready. you need your emergency fund in place. you need to have a good, strong down payment and you need to be out of debt. you will -- i've always heard this question for 20 years that people are going to be priced out of housing market. and it's a function of how well you handle money and how well you handle your income and your career track as to whether you get into a home but don't buy a home out of desperation.
4:48 am
you'll cause yourself major problems. >> all right. debbie from kentucky has this question for you. we don't plan to be in our new home long term. so we are looking at a five year adjustable rate mortgage. what do you think? now i have to admit, dave, i've done this in the past when i knew i wasn't going to be in a home for a long time. do you agree or not? >> no, i don't because we don't know. case in point is lately, you could be stuck in a home right now with an adjustable rate mortgage because you could be upside down in it or you could be willing to move to another market because you get, you know, you get into a situation where you have to sell because the thing adjusts upward. i do not like the risk that the adjustable rate represents especially when we're at their lowest rates since like 1964. so you really, really, really need to lock in these current fixed rates. >> all right. good advice from dave ramsey, as always, on a wednesday where you can see him on "fox & friends", keep your e-mails coming and dave will answer them. thanks so much, dave. have a great weekend. >> thank you, gretchen. >> from the wrestling ring to the battlefield, triple h makes
4:49 am
it his mission to visit our troops. but this morning, he's making a stop right here on the curvy couch. now, usually brian -- oh! i was just going to say, usually brian gets into some sort of a match with these wrestlers thinking he can take them. look. triple h. that's like a flea on triple h's back. he's like who is this flea that i can swat? >> brian, that's going to knock -- >> all right. triple h is coming up. but first, it's september 7th. on this date, the eurthmyics had the number one song "sweet dreams." [ male announcer ] heard this one? listen to this. three out of four americans don't get enough vegetables. so here's five bucks to help you buy v8 juice.
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>> all right. triple h has been the king of the wrestling ring for the last 15 years winning more than a dozen world title world wrestling championships, gretchen. but you know that because you're in connecticut where they're located. >> all right. but i'm not quite the wrestler that you are but now he's bringing the dominance to the box office in the new movie "inside out." >> you made this? >> no. the guy that made this is doing life without the possibility of parole. but nobody can touch his hours, unfortunately, i couldn't get any of those. this is your garlic pill. now, it's not his masterpiece but it's an impressive pickle. >> and here he is, actor, wrestler and coo of the wwe, triple h. that's a lot of letters in there, triple h. >> it's a mouthful, yes. >> now, triple h. your name came because you're hunter herst helmsley created in
4:54 am
1995. >> yeah, at the time when i started with the wwf, wwe now, we had a lot more cartoony characters and i was a greenwich snob from greenwich, connecticut, called hunter herst helmsley and it became triple h and we stuck with it. >> you're a famous wrestler and married into the family. you have job security as well as being -- >> oh, no, there's no job security. vince will fire anyone. yes. >> but he can't. he needs you too much. before we talk about your new movie, that's so exciting, especially when you see what the rock has done with his career, the toll that wrestling takes. you have something to fall back on. i want to talk about 9/11. people were talking about the mets coming back and what the yankees did and president bush's first pitch. but after 9/11, you were the first organization to get back in two days after. you guys still had a show. how tough was that within your organization? >> i'll tell you, a lot of people debated it and really,
4:55 am
the answer came from one person really at the end of the day and that was vince and vince mcmahon is a very big patriot and believes in this country immensely and, you know, he was just hell bent on saying we're not going to let these guys dictate how we live. that's what they want. they want us to shut down. that's what terrorists do. we're not going to let that happen. we had the first public assembly in america after that happened. and he's very proud of that and should be. you know, it was basically us standing up and saying we're not going to take this and we're not going to change. >> and you continue to support the troops as well and hard to believe we're on the 10th anniversary now. but let's talk about the movie. we saw that little clip. you played the role of a man who is just released from prison so you're a bad guy trying to become good? >> yeah, you know, i kind of grew up in -- with a bad life and my family that kind of -- the family that took me in were in organized crime and i was in a part of that. protecting the character, i would kill a guy trying to protect him and go to prison and
4:56 am
come out, i don't want anything to do with organized crime anymore. but as they say, the more i try to get out, the more they bring you back in, you know. and i just can't seem to get -- get away from it. and that's -- there's also a love story between myself and parker posse who is now with michael rapaport and she used to be mine. now she's with him. she has a daughter and, you know, it's an interesting story. >> i was hoping to factor a love story into my life. i just can't get a script. triple h, can i ask you something. do you have a sensitive side? we know you have a tough side. but can you well up? can you well up and show the sensitivity we're looking for in movies? >> listen, i have three children. i have three girls, 5, 3 and 1. if you don't think i can cry at the drop of a hat. >> just because he said that, now i like him a lot. you might have wrestled him. but now i like his sweet and sensitive side. >> this is how you get the romantic part. >> unbelievable. >> i got it going with you. all right. >> you saw how out of control and how much stronger i actually
4:57 am
am. all right. triple h, congratulations. >> thank you very much. >> you and gretchen will be very happy together. nancy pelosi banning the s word. yes, she's turning stimulus into a dirty word. but that doesn't mean she's ready to cut up the government credit cards. maybe ann coulter has some words for nancy pelosi. she's up next. she looks so lonely on the couch but happy. then -- >> a football player sweeps a cheerleader off her feet. is she ok? hey, i'm really glad we took this last minute trip!
4:58 am
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5:01 am
sobs. how did the white house respond? >> mr. hoffa speaks for himself. he speaks for the labor movement. >> steve: oh, really? isn't president obama the one who has calls called for civility, in particular this year? what up with that? >> brian: it's a story we all heard before. a cheerleader swept off her feet by a football player. but this may not be every girl's dream. the side line tackle caught on camera. someone wasn't wearing pads. "fox & friends" starts right now. >> this is the game triple h from the wwe. you're watching "fox & friends." >> steve: that is a short turn around. thank you very much. >> gretchen: there is nothing like a huge hunk who has a soft side. sorry. you got to love it. >> brian: you were swept off your feet. >> gretchen: you got to love a big, bully guy. it reminds me of trace adkins.
5:02 am
a big, burly guy who has a soft spot and sings nice tunes about his wife and kids. >> brian: steve and i should just get lost. we can't sing... . >> gretchen: we actually have to do some headlines. an italian appeals court rejected prosecutors' requests for new dna testing in the appeals trial of amanda knox. the decision is a major victory for knox. it also opens the way for closing arguments to begin later this month. right now knox is serving a 26-year prison sentence for the 2009 death of her roommate. if her appeal is successful, she could be released from jail by next month. overnight, a third national guard soldier, a woman, died after being gunned down at an ihop restaurant in carson city, nevada. she was one of five national guard members shot while eating breakfast. a civilian woman was also killed in the rampage. seven other people hurt. so what the heck was the
5:03 am
gunman's motive? it's not known now. he turned the gun on himself in the parking lot. police say he was a u.s. citizen, barn in mexico, had no criminal record. his family, though, says he had a history of mental illness. >> carson city hasn't had a homicide in this community in the last four years, and then all of a sudden we're hit in our worst case scenarios, never anticipated could happen. >> gretchen: he was not in the military, but he was well armed. in addition to the ak 47 used, police found another rifle and pistol in his van. the names of the victims will be released later today. another fox news alert, possible signs of relief finally in those devastating wildfires plaguing texas. officials say some of the officials appear to be slowing down thanks to some calming winds. unfortunately, though, so much of the damage has already been done. four people have died. more than 1,000 homes have been
5:04 am
destroyed. today the state's most elite search and rescue team will look for more victims in the town of bastrop where the worst of the fires is raging now for a fourth straight day. we'll be bringing you a live report from texas a few minutes away. talk about unnecessary roughness. so there is a cheerleader on the side line there. she gets tackled by a high school football player in south carolina. not on purpose. but it was all caught on camera. >> i heard my name being called, but i wasn't paying attention. and then when i looked at the girl, then he swept me off my feet. >> gretchen: kind a. not like asking her out on a date. nope. taking her out like that. the cheerleader, though, doing just fine. lucky for her. >> steve: out to the nation's capitol where tomorrow night, president obama will announce his long anticipated plan to create jobs in america in front of a joint session of congress. >> brian: i recognize him. he's senior white house and foreign affairs correspondent wendell goler. hey, wendell.
5:05 am
>> we've known the broad outlines of his proposal for some time now. but the numbers emerged yesterday. after democrats on capitol hill urged the president to go bold. a, to help laid off teachers, firefighters and other public sector workers will be funneled through the states. 200,000 public sector workers lost their job last year after state budgets were pinched by lower tax revenue. monday in a labor day rally in detroit, the president announced laid off construction work also be targeted with a program to rebuild the nation's roads and bridges and about a million out of work right now. there is also money for job training. yesterday in a late afternoon briefing, jay carney said none of the costs will be tacked on to the deficit. >> let me also be clear that the president will make it absolutely clear that he will pay for these proposals. he knows that's important and it is part of his commitment to deficit reduction and long-term
5:06 am
debt reduction, getting our deficit and debt under control. >> in addition to the direct aid for jobs, the president's proposal will include indirect aid in the form of another year's extension of the payroll tax cut, which puts about $1,000 in everybody's pocket. there is also tax breaks for businesses that hire new workers or invest in new equipment. and there is also another year of extended unemployment benefits with a record number of people out of work for a year or more. brian, back to you. >> brian: all right. thanks. a great preview of the big speech. 24 hours away. let's bring in ann coulter. or do you want to do that? >> gretchen: fine. woman to woman, here is ann coulter, great to see you. >> great to be here. >> steve: author of "demonic." >> gretchen: we're all waiting for baited breath for this speech or should we not be doing that or will we be surprised? >> i was reading the preview and
5:07 am
it's exactly what we expected. i can't believe the guy wanted to put off the debate for this. it's more, fundamental misunderstanding of why jobs aren't being created. they want to grow the federal government, grow public sector jobs and can't understand why private sector jobs aren't joining. these micromanaging changes will have a tiny tax cut to the payroll, 2% payroll tax cut will continue that. you know, how about opening drilling? how about not raiding republican-owned guitar company because the justice department thinks it may have broken an indian trade law? >> steve: you compare the president's plan and what we know so far with what mitt romney unveiled yesterday, he had 59 points and essentially mitt romney's plan was hey, government, get out of our way. the president's plan? hey, government, bail us out.
5:08 am
>> right. and romney made a great point in his plan. as i was just mentioning, the private sector has lost jobs, job, unemployment through the roof. meanwhile, the federal government has added thousands of jobs. a month ago on cal files, not only is obama saying we can't cut the government anymore, they're advertising for a job in washington called the administrator of administrators for something like $170,000 a year! >> gretchen: the federal work force has grown by 7% in the last three years since president obama and in the meantime, the private sector lost 1.8 million jobs. here is what i'm interested in, do you think that the response to the president's speech will be much of the same, if what he says is things that we already know, or do you think that there will be some sort of a public outcry about something different? >> well, i personally plan not to watch it. i know what he's going to say.
5:09 am
i think -- >> steve: there is an ina garten special on the food network. >> thank you, excellent. we'll get the advance speech, but there is nothing new. this guy for some reason will not change course. it's peculiar because clinton changed course, even jimmy carter changed course. too little too late, but when the soviets invade afghanistan, he says, maybe i misunderstood the threat of communists. but obama cannot change course. it's just going to be more big government. we'll figure it out. we'll tell what you to do. we'll have these tiny little tax credit and oh, i'm sure that will help. >> brian: the president again, he had something happen that totally distracted on monday. on monday he wanted to give a precursor, but what ends up, jimmy hoffa preceded him and at which time he violates all that decorum that we thought we were going to instill in society. last year it was urged by our
5:10 am
president. so hoffa says get those sobs, the president won't condemn it. at least jay carney says the president won't. let's listen. >> mr. hoffa speaks for himself. he speaks for the labor movement, afl-cio. the president speaks for himself. i speak for the president. what the president was glad to do yesterday was have the opportunity to present his views on the importance of working americans and on the importance of taking measures to help working americans, to create jobs and grow the economy. >> brian: then he was getting hammered by an abc reporter. this was no conservative bloggist. so what would have been -- would it have been that hard for the president to say -- >> i'm glad you bring this up because i think you're being ironic when you say, we all expected rhetoric to change. but what i really think needs to be talked about is this is jimmy
5:11 am
hoffa! the president of the teamsters! they used to be truck drivers and pipe fitters. now he's representing public school teachers? kinder garten teachers? fighting for every last bit of their government pension? what a pathetic downfall. how about a little of this tough talk back when the teamsters supported drilling. >> brian: they're not all fired -- >> how about fighting for nuclear power plants being installed? this just -- that is evidence of the decline of the nation that he's not even representing men who have actual jobs. he's representing a bunch of useless public sector workers. >> brian: who doesn't want the free trade agreements passed, is not thrilled about a potential amnesty for immigrants. >> we all want anwar. they used to want jobs -- >> gretchen: i don't know if we can call kindergarten teachers useless. >> i don't think they need to be government workers --
5:12 am
>> gretchen: i don't want to say teachers are useless. >> i will. they are government workers. let's turn it over to vouchers, to charter schools. no, they fight for every last dime. they get summers off. they're off at 2:00 o'clock and they make more money than most of those pipe fitters who no longer have jobs. >> gretchen: back to the actual message where he called out the tea party and sort of this rhetoric that the president said that everyone should lay off of after gabrielle giffords was shot. do you find it ironic that the white house now does not have a response for that? >> no. like i said, i think you're playing when you pretend to be shocked. >> steve: there is a double standard. once again, the book is called "demonic." there it is right there. >> thank you. >> steve: straight ahead, september 11 changed all of our lives forever and ten years later, people are still worried about the future of america. but peter johnson, jr. says it's for much different reasons. he's up next. >> gretchen: first religious leaders were not invited to ground zero. now another slap in the face at
5:13 am
the washington national cathedral? we'll explain who has been left off the list. yesterday doesn't win. big doesn't win. titles
5:14 am
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5:16 am
>> steve: 55% of americans say the 9-11 attacks, the biggest event in their lifetime, that according to a brand-new fox news poll, and at the same time, many americans seem to be more pessimistic than ever about the future. according to a new rasmussen poll, just 16% say the united states is heading in the right direction, while 76% say the united states is on the wrong track. are the two connected or is 9-11 an excuse for the administration that lacks the confidence of the american people? fox news legal analyst peter johnson, jr. joins us. you're nodding as i'm saying that. >> it's a really important question because we're about to be brainwashed in the next few days as to what 9-11 means. it began with time magazine and the aspen festival of ideas where they tried to trace the
5:17 am
pessimism that is seen in america, according to some polls, somehow to 9-11 and the response to 9-11. the 9-11 attack provoked a patriotic, inspired and inspiring response in america. what americans are really concerned about and we see the poll that says that the september 11 terrorist attacks affected 55% of american people, they say that's the real event in their lives. the real issue is leadership in the white house and the malaise and anxiety and dissatisfaction is what's going to happen in the future and why don't we have a plan to bring this country forward? but what we're going to see and what we have seen is this mean, this chant, this incantation and we see it again today in the "new york times" with thomas freedman that somehow president bush blew the lost opportunity of 9-11 that all the problems we're suffering in this country are because of the republican
5:18 am
response to 9-11. i find that to be disingenuous and it's not reflective of the great incredible response of americans to 9-11. >> steve: indeed. and it's interesting that you should bring this up because over the last year, how many times have we heard the administration blame bush and democrats blame bush for everything we're in? now they're blaming -- they're not blaming bush, per say, they're saying the situation in iraq and afghanistan, that's all connected to why you feel so bad. >> what i don't like is there is always prettyickization of tragedies. but to politicize it so boldly. i watched mr. penn, the former pollster for mr. clinton, i watched two of his former operatives and under the guise of ideas, they spun this web out on public television on c-span that somehow as a result of the republican response to 9-11, we're facing a whole series of
5:19 am
problems in this country, a whole cascade of maladies that we didn't have in the '90s when george bush was not there and president clinton was there. so '90s good. job production, happy people. 2000, bad. let's not prostitute the loss of 9-11 for winning brownie points and political points. let's solemnly observe this date. let's do it in a nonpolitical way that recognizes the sacrifice of americans on that day and the sacrifice of thousands of americans since that day. every day. >> steve: absolutely. peter johnson, jr. good observation. thank you. all right. first religious leaders were not invited to ground zero. now another slap in the face at the washington national cathedral. we're going to explain coming up. and the race for president coming down to seven key states.
5:20 am
the man with the best record of predicting these things, dr. larry sabitow here with details. [ male announcer ] do you know how you will react when someone changes lanes without warning? or when you're distracted? when you're falling asleep at the wheel?
5:21 am
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>> gretchen: fox news alert. one of the most devastating wildfire outbreaks in texas history now being blamed for four deaths. kristen galvan is in bastrop county where the worst of the fires are raging and she joins me now. good morning. >> good morning. the scene behind me is a command post for property owners who lost everything and firefighters who gathered to battle this blaze. i want to show you exactly what they are up against, though. texas firefighters telling us yesterday that they are not used to battling this type of fire.
5:24 am
they're used to battling fires in homes and buildings, just not huge wildfires like this one. three days after it started, the fire is raging on uncontrolled. but state authorities say that today may be the day that they finally get some sort of containment. overnight the humidity levels and wind levels dropped here, so that is a good thing. but there are so many bad things right now. two people killed in this particular fire. 600 homes gone, and there are thousands of men, women and children who don't know whether or not they have a home. there are mandatory evacuations. those people have been camping out in cars overnight. yesterday, two days after the fire started, we actually saw young girls dressed in their sunday church clothes because they had nothing else. gretchen, back to you. >> gretchen: wow. thanks so much for bringing that to us this morning out of texas. let's go over to brian now. >> brian: the reshaping of ground zero has been years in the making. now nearly a decade later, we
5:25 am
are days away from the memorial's public unveiling. here is a behind the scenes look at the new world trade in the documentary "engineering ground zero." >> there are so many things that i suspect will hit people when they come here. the humanity that was lost and humanity that came forward, not just for the family members alone. i mean, this is done for the world as an expression of how we respond to an event like this. >> brian: that premieres at 9:00 o'clock tonight. the lead architect is here, david. >> thank you. >> brian: you must feel gratified. can you first bring me back to that day? you were asked by mr. silverstein, he bought the world trade center, he said i want to upgrade the facade. will you help me with that? >> he wanted to clean up that plaza. you will remember, that's the
5:26 am
most desolate, wind swept place. nobody liked it. and he wanted to fix up the buildings that he just bought. so he had asked me to come in and do some work. >> brian: that was three weeks before 9-11? >> three weeks before. >> brian: you see a plane hit the towers. a man next to you in tears and says, will those towers fall? what did david childs say? >> i immediately said no, because in the history of steel construction buildings, only 150 years or something, no building has fallen down from a fire in it. these buildings weren't knocked over, therefore, it would be like every other building in history that caught a fire, people would go in, stop the fire, and we would be in a massive reconstruction, but the buildings wouldn't fall. >> brian: they did. >> they did. >> brian: the sadness that ensued, the deconstruction of what happened is for the record books and we know it. now, moving forward, you mentioned people go down there now and they come out with browns but they leave smiling in many cases because something is
5:27 am
going on there. >> right. it's interesting. for so long you need to plan and do the designs and do the restoration of what was so damaged, but once coming up above grade, they're 80 feet from the bedrock to grade, that's a big building in itself, once it started to come up, people had a smile on their face. they felt good that that symbol of rebirth, regeneration, we were back and going to be back better than ever. >> brian: and the character of the city could be bark and as you walk in, you can now see the freedom tower now called one world trade. 1776 feet high. so that's special. the birth of our nation. tell me about the building. >> well, it has a special role. the wheel -- whole center is the great memorial, the great open space. the buildings around it will be the walls, like around central park, the buildings frame that space. but there is one building, the tallest one, which is one world
5:28 am
trade, that will be the marker in the sky, the way a steeple is for the cathedral or the church down below. and it's typical of new york. people come in from the airports, they don't know where 42nd street it, but they say, there is the chrysler building. they know. so this building will be the marker for the memorial. >> brian: that's fantastic and it's got to feel great for you personally because it's been such a long struggle. we'll be down there on that sunday. david child's, lead architect and now this, more on the making of this building to be found on 9:00 o'clock tonight on pbs. i understand it's excellent. looks at the workers that helped build the building. >> they are the key. they've done a fabulous job. >> brian: you and your pencil helped a lot. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> brian: coming up straight ahead, 32 minutes before we're through, first religious leaders weren't invited to ground zero. now another slap in the face at the washington national cathedral? we'll explain. we'll try to. then, team work off the field makes headlines.
5:29 am
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5:33 am
business this winter. on the bright side, the post office won't receive the report in the mail for another two years. [ laughter ] >> brian: that is true. they had a $5.5 billion deficit and nobody knows how to close that gap. >> gretchen: the administration has not put together a plan. that's part of the problem. the people on capitol hill yesterday were like, well, where is the plan to avoid this shut down? still waiting for it. >> steve: they're talking about trying to perhaps not default, but give us an extension, just give us a little funny money to make things run until we figure it out. >> brian: it's a mess. >> steve: the postal service kicking off your headlines at this hour, call it the great government mailout. the white house now asking lawmakers to give the postal service three extra months to pay off billions of dollars in mandatory retirement payments. this is what i was talking about. it's also working on a more long-term solution to help save the cash-strapped agency which is now $10 billion in the hole and expected to run out of money by next summer. >> gretchen: ten people have
5:34 am
died, dozens injured after a terrorist attack in india overnight. a bomb reportedly hidden in a briefcase, went off as hundreds of people lined up outside a courthouse in new dely. this is the dalliest terrorist attack india has seen in three years. a muslim militant group is claiming responsibility in an e-mail. but officials say it's too early to confirm whether that claim is true or not. >> brian: the justice department investigating the government's failed fast and furious program, now being expanded to include the arrest of an american accused of smuggling grenade parts across the border. one man bought grenades, in the u.s. and sold the material to one of mexico's deadliest drug car tells. good job. >> gretchen: two college football players are being hailed as heros after rescuing a toddler from a locked car in seering heat. the boy's grandmother accidentally locked her keys in the car. the players happened to be driving by. >> before we could even open the
5:35 am
door, a lady came running said she needed help and said there was a baby stuck in the car. >> he took one swoop or hit with the hammer and it it busted. >> gretchen: the one-year-old is fine now. the heros play for missouri western state university. the boy's grandmother promising to be at their first game. >> steve: that's why we have on star. you can call them and say, i locked my keys in the car. let's take a look, extreme weather alert -- >> brian: did they ask you how you were? >> steve: no, general you call on star. winds ripped off the roof of a hotel or motel in florida. remnants of tropical storm lee hit the area about 1:00 o'clock this morning. 16 people were staying inside. but thankfully nobody was hurt. look at the lightning in the background. let's look at the map and find out what's going on. you can see the remnants of lee throughout the northeast. it's been quite a rain maker. some spots, four or five, six
5:36 am
inches of rain. we have a little rain out in western portions of kansas, eastern portions of colorado. the state of texas, which really needs it, unfortunately is bone dry. the current readings as you step out the door to go to school, go to work, wherever you're heading, pick up the newspaper, 71 in raleigh. 50s in the mid plains states. 53 in kansas city, same as chicago. same for memphis. '60s currently across portions of texas. eventually san antonio is going to warm up to 95 degrees. thankfully, i do not believe the winds will be as severe as they've been over the last couple of days. that might help. also 80s in the mid atlantic. 60s and '70s throughout the northeast on this wednesday. that's your fox travel cast. >> gretchen: let's talk about this as september 11, the 10th anniversary comes this sunday, there will be a lot of events. we'll be down at ground zero with a special broadcast for four hours on sunday. and the president is going to be at the national cathedral in
5:37 am
washington, d.c. sunday night for a special. what's being billed as a call to compassion. he's going to have an interfaith prayer vigil from all denominations. we were talking about this earlier. we're going to have a buddhist nun, which we didn't even know existed. they're going to be represented there. an imam will be there. but one particular group that has a relatively large population throughout the united states has not been asked to attend. >> brian: who are they, steve? >> steve: those would be the southern baptists. what they're saying is, you know what? we're being excluded and we would like the president not to attend. to be inclusive, they're going to feature the dean of the cathedral, the bishop of washington, rabbi, a buddhist nun, incarnate lama and hindu priest. >> brian: incarnate lama? >> steve: the president of the islamic society of north america and a muslim musician. so you got figure they were checking things off a list. we've got some christians, we got this and that.
5:38 am
>> brian: what didn't they check? >> steve: i don't think there is a catholic involved there. >> brian: a muslim musician can play a catholic song. >> steve: maybe. so the southern baptists are saying, why are we not included? they're hoping that the president won't show up. >> gretchen: does this talk a little bit too much about political correctness in our society? sorry. i'm just going to say it. if you're going to include all these really sort of fringe groups, i don't know how many buddhist nuns are in the united states, but i know one thing, there are more baptists than buddhist nuns. so if you're really going to try and be inclusive for everyone and abide by this whole pc culture that we live in now, you would think that you would include a big population of our country. >> brian: right. i think you could fit all the buddhist nuns in our country in our phone booth. should we have them? >> steve: right. e-mail us, what do you think about this. meanwhile, he was the only
5:39 am
cantor fitzgerald to make it out on september 11 without a scratch. wait until you hear the erie coincidences that saved his life. he thinks they should change your life as well. >> gretchen: and the race for president all coming down to just seven states? the man with the best record of predicting these things, dr. larry sabito with his crystal ball. exclusive to the military. and commitment is not limited to one's military oath. the same set of values that drive our nation's military are the ones we used to build usaa bank. from free checking to credit cards to loans,
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5:43 am
selling for. he's back in france after sexual assault charges against him were dropped here in new york. next, 16.8%. that's how many americans still don't have health insurance, according to a new study by gallup. that's up from 16.4% last year. and finally, 1. number 1. america is the coolest nation in the world, according to an international on-line survey. as for the coolest people? apple, founder and ceo, steve jobs, and a woman not pictured there, lady gaga. all right. gretch? >> gretchen: got to love the crystal ball. the 2012 election may be 14 months away, but you can bet that both parties are already looking at the electoral map and crunching the numbers. there are states that the candidatepencil in. but our next guest says it will come counsel to seven key swing states.
5:44 am
that's dr. larry sabato. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> gretchen: so first i want to take a look, if we can, at the states that pretty much always -- let's take a look at this. the key swing states that you believe will determine the election, nevada, colorado, iowa, ohio, virginia, new hampshire and florida. why these states? >> because all of history, plus current polling suggests that these states are the swingiest of the swing states. if you had to pick one to watch, i'm a native virginiaan, i love virginia, but i would pick ohio. ohio has gone with the winner in 27 of the last 29 presidential elections. only franklin roosevelt in 1944 who lost it to tom dewey and john kennedy in 1960 who lost the state to richard nixon have won the president sit without winning ohio. i know brian knew that, but a lot of people don't know that about ohio.
5:45 am
so that is the key state. but you look at the others. you want some in each region. i've got new hampshire in the northeast. you could argue it's pennsylvania and look, we talk about swing states. if the election were held this november, i think it would be another 1980. it would not be close at all. you would not only have these swing states moving republican, you would have a lot of other states moving republican. but we're looking to 14 months from now and that's why you're a little more cautious. >> gretchen: so let's take a look at the states that you say, without a doubt, will go democratic. there are a lot of them. some of them are the big one, like california and new york, if we can put that map up. so you can see that you have washington state and california over on the west coast and then the majority of the east coast states. those are a deadlock for any democrat? >> they're a deadlock except for a landslide. again, remember 1980, reagan won more than 40 states. if people want to get rid of an incumbent, it's surprising the states that can move in that
5:46 am
direction, although i have to say, we're much more polarized today than we were in 1980. so you're going to have a lot more red states stay red and a lot more blue states stay blue even when you have a strong voter movement to one side. >> gretchen: very interesting. let's take a look at the map now for gop likely wins. i have a feeling -- there it is. in the heartland of the country. it's almost all red. >> exactly. you don't even have is a democratic candidate, whether it's obama or somebody else campaigning in many of these states unless they're trying to raise money. that's about the only reason why they visit. so so much of the country, really it's 36 to 40 states, you can call in advance if it's a competitive race. if it's going to be a 51-49, 52-48 race, you can call 36 to 40 states today. >> gretchen: so i guess we'll plan on seeing president obama and whomever the republican nominee is in colorado, florida, iowa, nevada, new hampshire, ohio, virginia, and maybe pennsylvania as we get closer to
5:47 am
the election? >> they're going to have a lot of money generated by reporters staying in hotels and eating in fine restaurants on their big expense accounts, gretchen. >> gretchen: good thing to be a swing state, i guess n this economic down turn. always great to pick your brain and look at your crystal ball. thanks so much. >> thanks, gretchen. >> gretchen: he was supposed to be on the 101st floor of the world trade center on september 11 ten years ago. but a series of eerie coincidences saved his life. our next guest, the only cantor fitzgerald worker who made it out without a scratch is here with his amazing story. first, let's check in with bill hemmer for what's on at the top of the hour. >> so many stories we're about to hear. good morning to you. we're about to find out a lot about rick perry during this debate today. steve hayes examines that. the leader of the tea party express reacts to jimmy hoffa. mark if you areman on the killing of these national guard
5:48 am
troops. we've got a lot to cover. we'll get to all of it in 12 minutes on "america's newsroom."
5:49 am
5:50 am
5:51 am
>> steve: as the nation prepares to mark the tenth an verse of september 11, we are remained of some of the miracles that happened on that day. >> brian: this is the executive at cantor fitzgerald today and was then, whose headquarters was completely destroyed as many of you know, when a plane smashed in the world trade center. he was the ohm one on those upper floors to escape unharmed. his new book is called "miracles and fate on 78". welcome. you didn't work on 78. that's where you were when the plane hit.
5:52 am
>> correct. i was in between elevators. you took an express to the 78th floor and then you had to -- which was a sky lobby, then you had to switch to get to an elevator to go to the upper floors. i was in between those elevators. >> steve: you should have been at your desk at that time, but you weren't because of a series of perhaps coincidences that saved your life. first of all, let's start at the beginning. why weren't you at your desk? >> i was starting out at 27 in the morning on my way to work. my son had a scholastic book order which he hadn't done i was supposed to do with him and literally as i was walking out the door, my wife said, did you do the book order and i said no. she yelled, she said you're not leaving it until you do the book order. i went into the kitchen and spent 20 minutes negotiating with my eight-year-old and that set me back 20 minutes. >> steve: 20 minutes that saved your life. >> it was those 20 minutes saved my life. >> brian: because what people don't know is the world trade center stopped, didn't go straight up.
5:53 am
you had to stop and take another elevator to get all the way up to the top and it was the interim elevator that allowed you to live because the plane hit above 78. >> correct. >> brian: once the plane hits, you decide you're going to get out? >> i didn't know what was going on. when the plane hit. i thought it was just an explosion. i thought a bomb had gone off somewhere. there was panic. there was yelling and screaming and fire. >> steve: there in that place where you would change elevators to go up to the higher floors, you saw somebody you knew. a woman named virginia and she was hurt. >> virginia had third degree burns. she was on the elevator that i was about to get on, as a matter of fact, when the plane hit. and the walls collapsed, the jet fuel came down the sides. there was a sparking cable in the elavil -- elevator and she literally jumped through the fire. she had third degree burns and i just -- i happened to be the guy that was there. >> brian: you said you helped her down into the ambulance, outside and into the ground, right? then she said to you, help me into the ambulance. right?
5:54 am
>> what she said to me was -- i helped her into the ambulance, but when the ambulance was ready to go, she says to me, you're coming with us. and it wasn't something i really wanted to do 'cause i was really looking for more friends, co-workers. i wasn't leaving the scene. and she turned to the ambulance driver and she said, we're not leaving unless he comes with us. and so i really didn't have much of a choice. i got into that ambulance and let me tell you, if she wouldn't have insisted i get into that ambulance, you would be interviewing somebody else today. >> steve: because the building would have fallen on you. >> i would have been right there. >> steve: two coincidences. your life was saved twice in one day. >> yes. absolutely. >> brian: what happened since then? you said you changed, obviously. you're not as career driven. you used to be all about wall street first and now it's family one and family two are your priorities. >> correct. my life -- work will always be there. okay? but the experiences that my kids go through, they go through once in life and i want to make sure i'm there for them and i want to
5:55 am
make sure i experience it with them. >> steve: sure. i referred to them as coincidences. a priest told me once, coincidences are god's way of new yorking anonymously. do you feel that they're coincidences or miracles? >> they were miracles. god was looking out for me that day. he plucked me out of a burning building and gave me a second chance. you know, i had a son who was born in 2003, 8 1/2 years after my last child was born, after the doctors told my wife she would not be able to have any more children. we had four and we were fine with it. then all of a sudden, 2003, this kid comes along and, you know what? when i look back on that, i say one of the reasons i think that i actually got out of that building is because -- so that soul could come down to this earth 'cause he needed to be born. >> brian: have you been able to process the loss of your friends and colleagues? how do you put that in perspective as we come up in year ten? >> i cry a lot. i mean, there is no perspective
5:56 am
to put it into. i lost 500 friends. we lost 658 co-workers. how do you deal with that? you deal with it as best you can. you take comfort in the fact that cantor is taking care of these families. >> brian: just like they said they would. >> absolutely. and you go on. you try and do whatever you can. >> steve: were you a religious guy before this? >> i was. i was an orthodox jew before hand. if you had asked me if i had changed nine years ago, i would have said no. but today i feel that i have changed. i have become more religious. >> brian: where are you going to be on 9-11? >> i'm doing a talk in my son's school and then i'm going to be at the can't or memorial in central park. >> steve: stick around. we want to ask you about your feeling about how religious leaders have been banned from the commemoration coming up this sunday. his answer and more in two minutes. you're watching fox friend friends.
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