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tv   Hannity  FOX News  September 7, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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i said jesse withouters out there, was nice, respectful, we put dr. paul's remarks on. you like him? good. my job to show you what the presidential candidates are what they are really like, what they think and we do that the people who won't talk to me, like ron paul, we got waters and we are going to have a few others floating around. you can run, but you can't hide. again, thanks for watching. i am bill o'reilly. please always remember the spin stops right here because we are definitely looking out closed captioned by closed captioning services, inc. >> sean: the white house finally responds to the hoffa outburst by stating, obama won't serve as the speech police. did david horowitz and bob
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beckel react. >> the anointed one will reportedly ask for another 300 billion dollars during his much anticipated speech tomorrow. can you really afford four more years of obama? >> it is time for our weekly analysis of the obama mainstream media bias. >> you are very proud of what you said. i think a lot of people are proud of you too. >> sean: a hannity special investigation into an obama administration agency trying to bully its whacky vision of die remembersy on one new york county. -- diversity on one new york county we are on the road to 2012. it took 24 hours at last the white house has issued a response to the shocking remarks delivered by the teamsters president hoffa. who urged a union crowd to take those tea party sons of bitches out. the anointed one has been calling on you and me to tone down the heated rhetoric since
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january. here's what the white house communications director told wmal radio today. >> i think this is a bit of a parlor game in washington. let's try to take anything that anyone who supports the president or -- and pin it on them and make the president have to serve as the speech police for the democratic party. >> but dan, he said he an army ready to do the president's bidding. and it was time to take the sob's out. that's a harsh thing that you should say before the president of the united states speaks. the president has called for a greater and higher political discourse in this country. this doesn't seem to meet the standard. >> that's a judgment for you guys to make. it is a judgment for others to make. >> sean: i have a judgment. the president is more than happy to serve as chief of the speech police for
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conservatives, for republicans, for me, for you. of course members of the tea party movement, just not for members of his own party. maxine waters, you can go straight to hell. wilson, thinks you are the real enemy. his own vice president referred to the tea party members as terrorists. joining me with reaction author of a new book called "a point in time" david horowitz. co-host of the five, always getting in trouble. always having to be defended, bob beckel, good to see you. congrats on the book. the guy who rote the art of political war this is what we are talking about. a more reflective book and a lot of your wisdom many bob, when hoffa says we are at war with 'em, we are going to take those son of bitches out, we need jobs. he's talking about unions not the american people, the 15 million americans that are out of work. the other americans that are
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under employed, is he? >> i really can't quite get what the big deal is. i know jimmy hoffa he is not a guy who is a soft spoken guy. would i have used those words now that i have finished calling the tea party all the names i could call them i call a truce. i say they are tea people and that is fine. what hoffa was talking about is let's stop calling names and win the war in the elections that's where we are going to beat 'em. the tea party doesn't represent much in america. they had a poll out today, among republicans, half positive and negative about the tea party. >> sean: let's go to a montage of the president. the issue is the double standard. here's president obama calling for civility again and again. >> the president: own a more civil and honest public discourse can help us face up to the challenges of our nation. let's -- >> let's take these son of a
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bitches. >> the president: we can question each other's ideas without questioning the love of the country. i hope we will talk with each other not over each other. >> real enemy is the tea party. >> the president: where we days grow, let's disagree over things that are -- disagree, let's disagree over things that are real. >> the tea party can go straight to hll. >> the president: trying to scare folks. >> you are the only ones keeping the barbarians at the gate. >> when it comes to bold-face lying to the american people, barack obama makes bill clinton look like a boy scout. i've never seen a president lie with such aplomb and so consistently over so long a time as barack obama. it is totally hypocritical. bob put a nice spin on the hoffa speech, this is the long
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witch of warfare. this is so -- language of warfare this is so districtive. our politics unbelievably ugly. the democrats for reasons i don't refer to democrats, but i explain in my book, people on the left are basically in a religious movement. they want to see a redemption in this life. they see conservatives like us, we are the party of satan for them. that's the way they treat us. conservatives tend to be on the whole, civil, they give people the benefit of the doubt and they are -- >> excuse me, i'm sorry. >> it is okay we forgive you. >> sean: bob give me three quick examples come able, son of a bitch. >> joe wilson, you lie! i could bring up david, that schmuck in louisiana the clue clues -- the ku klux klan, republican.
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>> excuse me -- i've been in -- >> i'll give you 10 more. anybody who calls barack obama a socialist that is a lie. when you say he's lying. point out where he's lying. he's not responsible for what everybody on the left is saying. >> when joe wilson called him out as a liar illegals aren't going to get -- >> that's ridiculous. joe wilson is not showing up tomorrow night which is good that means the i.q. goes up in the hall. >> you need to read the book on obama. obama comes from my left. his entire career was shaped, consulted and made possible by marxists from the 60s who actually a lot of them are in the white house now -- of course he's a socialist. >> another example. you just heard it. now you are calling him a marxist. i happened to be a socialist early in my career. you were a marxist now you are saying barack obama is a
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marxist, that is a lie. >> sean: if we borrow 40 cents of every dollar and he wants the government to take care of everything and bailout the banks and the insurance companies and the car companies that is the definition of socialism. >> that is not the definition of socialism. a socialist systemtaken over >> i've wrten a lot about this. sal alinsky -- >> one of the great men. >> one of his basic message is you lie, you don't people your agendas, you don't tell them what the final goal is you pretend to be something you are not. that's what that book is about. that is the script that obama works on. okay when he's running for office, you know government health care is extreme and
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complete privatization is extreme and we need something in the middle. when he gets into office, you know it is a socialist -- >> you write about the conservative militia in this country that supports -- >> oh, give me a break. [ talking over each other ] >> give me a break. let me switch. can you name one tax cut for rich people that you don't support? and one positive program for poor people that you do? >> there's a lot that i don't support. >> like what? >> yacht loophole. >> good, hannity is in favor of that. >> sean: i don't care about boats. except for the people that make 'em. >> how about the airplane. you know why you got caught >> sean: we gotta run. what percentage of people's income, 50 cents on the dollar, 60 cents on the dollar? how much is enough in taxes, state, local, federal. >> in our case i would say 85 cents in mine 15. >> sean: my point is well taken.
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david good to see >> coming up media mash is back. new details of president's jobs speech emerging. we'll give you a complete firsthand take on what is coming to be his second failed stimulus plan. we have the shocking price tag, trade -- straight ahead. does that in one daily dose. new citracal slow release... continuously releases calcium plus d for the efficient absorption my body needs. citracal.
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as we reported last night tomorrow's speech before a joint session of congress will include a heavy dose of infrastructure spending and ap estimates show the tab will run about 50 billion dollars. the spending spree does not stop there. according to white house sources the president will also propose a one year extension of the payroll tax cut as well as another extension of unemployment insurance benefits. those measures will cost an estimated 170 billion dollars. also word of a possible tax credit for companies that are hiring americans without jobs. the price tag on that said to be in the realm of 30 billion dollars. when it is all said and didn't the second coming of the stimulus is likely to cost you upwards of 300 billion dollars. here with a preview of tomorrow's big presidential address from the fox business network sandra smith. and author of the huge successful sex thriller, 18 acres now available in paperback. former white house communications director,
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nicole wallace. >> my father finally read it. >> sean: the first woman president has a husband. and he does what? >> he cheats. >> sean: he cheats, okay way is inaccurate about what i said? >> what you have said about 18 acres has generated more sales among certain segments of the reading public. you got my dad to read i. >> sean: was he mad at me? >> he kept reading trying to get to the sex part. i don't want to say that about dad, sorry dad. >> sean: all right. seems like more of the same, stimulus, son of stimulus, grandson of stimulus. now the great, great, great grandson of stimulus. >> it is the same. extending the payroll tax cuts. we've seen this movie before. that's why you are not seeing major reaction in the markets or anybody really anticipating
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the speech. some republicans saying they are not going to attend or listen to it. bottom line this is going to be more of the same. he's not going to talk about the real issues that are going to create jobs. infrastructure spending, this was part of the original 787 billion dollar stimulus that failed. the president himself along with gm's jeffrey immelt joked about. shovel-ready jobs not exactly shovel-ready. >> sean: the president i think has set himself up. i go on vacation when i come back there's going to be this big speech. first he to move the speech because he was playing political games with the republican debate. then he has to move the again, because it is conflicting with football. >> hard to be president these days, right? >> sean: what can he said that would inspire the american people if this is what with we are getting as a preview? >> whenever president has lost the trust and confidence of the public on an issue as
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central to every american's life the health of our economy, the ailing health of our economy right now. the first hurt regain trust. i don't know how obama presents this speech as anything more than a political move. when he has been so political in every aspect of his treatment of the economy. if he gets into office. he says i'm going to reach across the aisle in the meetings to discuss the stimulus he says i won. doesn't take a republican suggestion. people jumping up and down republicans and democrats hurting in a bad economy. he rams through obama care. people still hurting suffers big political losses in the midterm. now, on the cusp of his reelection bid beginning he's going to share the secret key to adding jobs? people don't buy it. >> you are almost insinuating there is not a secret key. >> i just don't think het]g has it. >> the problem is, he's not
6:18 pm
focusing on the real issue that is small businesses that's the hiring engine in this country. right now he's talking about extending payroll taxes, what is that going to do? taxes. the massive over regulation restraining businesses from growing. no doubt they are sitting on trillions of cash these companies. why would they hire in an environment where the health care reform is looming. restraining them to grow. and not to mention the tax -- we need tax reform. >> they don't trust him. they don't think that he gets what it is they need out of the economy. there is no evidence that in advance of the speech the white house has brought in small business owners. i'm sure you meet people all the time, small business owners would love to be heard there is no evidence this white house is listening. >> sean: they are tone-deaf. thehq vacation,
6:19 pm
tone-deaf. two planes, within for him, one for i had wife. tone-deaf. there's a big controversy nancy pelosi is peeved republicans have opted out of maybe they don't want to give a response because there's an important1j football game coming on. they feel they've done their job. they passed cut, cap and balance. >> i think they fell for some of the white house tricks, i think republicans were used in they don't want to make this political. this isn't political to republicans. i think most democrats out in the country would like to see the economy get better. the white house seems immune to anything that isn't laden with politics. >> sean: i know is a theme on this program. rigid, radical i'd log. that's what it comes down to. nicole has picked occupy and big point -- we are going to see democrats up for
6:20 pm
reelection. how do they escape the fact that they voted for the stimulus? >>a9mó already distancing frome stimulus. you are forbidden from using it. we know the first stimulus failed. if the goal, even as he took vacation and said this jobs speech is coming, i have a solution. if the job was to instill confidence, first why don't we have it on the table? second,=w why isn't he addressing the real problem in this country? we can't spend our way out of this. we've proved that >> i think he doesn't get it. >> sean: there is nobody around him politically savvy enough. bill clinton was smart enough as governor and in a fairly conservative state he to adjust and he understood it and did and he benefited. the country benefited and he benefited. >> he actually had a jobs plan that would do the things you are talking about would --
6:21 pm
>> they are saying don't expect a really big speech. >> that time is over. >> they are setting themselves up. they have really keyed this up. if he says the same thing they are setting up for overpromising and under delivery. >> sean: again. good to see you. congratulations on your sex thriller. it has done so well. >> you catapulted me into a new genre. >> sean: it is what it is. you have the first dude having the first affair. new standard in washington. >> if you put the vice president's book in there he would have a bump in sales. >> sean: probably. good to see you. . >> our weekly round up on the mainstream spinning of the news. >> how the obama administration is trying to strong arm one new york county into admitting it is
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>> sean: welcome back to hannity. time for media mash our weekly round up of all the ways the liberal media tries to spin
6:26 pm
the news. joining me president of the media research center brent bozell. brother bozell, how are you? >> how are you doing? before we go into this let me congratulate you on your 10 year anniversary on your radio show. >> sean: thank you, it means a lot. they kind of surprised me. we are heading to 15 years here on fox news brent bozell, amazing. if you watch the first tape over you know i should have been fired if the first week. so i'm very blessed. let me start with the liberal media embracing war against the tea party. the sons of bitches. of course they are only talking about union jobs. watch the media embrace this. >> i think he's talking to his members and he's rough and tough. >> that's it. you have to take the context of the moment. he's speaking to a labor crowd in detroit on labor day.
6:27 pm
>> do you think the republicans are sons of bitches? >> i think they are if they are trying to take food out of the mouth of working people. >> you are proud of what you said? i think a lot of people are proud of you too. >> sean: he was not talking about most americans that wanted jobs/gq
6:28 pm
when a liberal does that, not only is it a yawn here you have two from the media, tina brown and barnacle, defending and ed shultz, that idiot, defending this month for making those comments. it is outrageous. tea party people should not stand for this. there should be outrage against msnbc, aiding and abetting on this character assassination campaign against some very good people. >> sean: i agree. they did this before the 2010 election and it didn't work. i don't think it is going to work now. i think there will be a backlash. a price to pay. especially from a president that has called for civility. speaking of which, the president is going to give this big speech. some republicans have said we've heard it all before, we are not going. others said america wants to watch the football game and they figured out that's what the american people would rather see. so they are not going to give a response.
6:29 pm
nancy pelosi is having a fit. some in the media suggesting it has to do with race. >> interesting question is, what is it about this president that has stripped away the very near of respect that normally accompanies the office of the president? why do republicans think this president is under presidental, and shouldn't dare to request this kind of thing? it strikes me that it could be the economic times. it could be that he won so big in 2008. or it could be the color of his skin. >> are you able to be as disrespectful to the office of president by simply walking away from something that every member of the congress is going to attend? is that also because he's black? >> sean: add to this, andre carson, making, you know, back to jim crow and republicans want blacks hanging from trees and people can go to hell and they are sons of bitches and
6:30 pm
racists and terrosts and the real enemy. >> no concern over the rhetoric from me democrats. martin bashir, i hear nothing but crickets when left wingers make those kind of racist statements. what this republican is saying he doesn't want to go to a campaign event. he has every right not to go. talking about being under president al, the president and his staff were being under president alibi playing politics, trying to pre-- trying to preempt the debate and they got called out on it. the second narrative, if it is not class warfare the second narrative is going to be race. they are going to throw that at every opportunity. you disagree with him, because you are a racist. >> sean: i'm going to take you back 20 months ago, 12 months ago, and seven months ago. deja vu all over again.
6:31 pm
touting the president's next jobs speech. amazing how similar it is. watch this. >> the president made it crystal clear he knows what the top issue is for americans. >> the president: jobs must be our number one focus in 2010. >> in wisconsin speaking to a union audience vowing to keep his focus on jobs and the economy. >> jobs, jobs, jobs, when president obama addresses the state of the union before congress tonight. >> sean: it goes on and it is seven months same thing. the theme is going to be jobs, jobs, jobs. and the theme is jobs. and we have no jobs. and we have the country with more debt and largeréaí÷y defict than we ever had. [ laughing ] >> it just hit me. it is grounding who day the movie. you work up every morning at 6 a.m. and it is obama with the jobs program. fine, do that. again, where are the press corp? instead after announcing he's coming out with his job program why aren't they doing
6:32 pm
an an analysis on the other job programs and the fact that they've all failed? and what he is going to come out with tomorrow night issk what he's been coming out with for the last two years. >> sean: shocking what is the definition of insanity? >> get. >> sean: when you do the same thing over and over again and expect a different result. >> exactly. >> sean: brent bozell, goo to see you. >> congratulations. >> sean: thank you. our great, great, american panel, next. [ male announcer ] do you have questions about medicare?
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>> sean: tonight on our panel editor of the national review, fox news contributor, rich lowry is back. she a criminal defense he a nationally syndicated columnist, tony blankley also back. 300 billion dollars in new
6:37 pm
spending, infrastructure, bridges and roads and shovel-ready, same old, same old. everything now, piecemeal is it going to work? >> no. the problem the president has now, a problem he didn't have last year the÷czãpublic has come to a judgment. they don't trust his political policy decision-making. if he had been seen to have spent the 800 billion last time on the stimulus well, he might be able to make a case for spending another 400,. but because the public cape to the judgment he didn't spend the money well they don't want him to spend another 400 billion. he's becoming an obstacle in the public's mind to recovery. >> sean: i think he's hit a tipping point, if i may use that term, malcolm gladwell, great book. i think the american people now the narrative is in cement. he's incompetent, inept, in over his head. rigid, ideological.
6:38 pm
and he doesn't have a willingness to change. why? >> i'm not sure i'm going to agree with the premise of that question. >> sean: tell me where he's changing. tell me what is different about this speech, these proposals, they are floating and what he said before? >> i think what needs to be different and what this country hopes will be different from this speech, we will see our president lead us. i mean, give us some concretes. specific details about how you are going to make these changes. how are we going innovate -- >> sean: 300 billion dollars infrastructure, shovel-ready, it is a stimulus program. >> i agree to the extent we should know more from in white house. there is no reason we should have to wait for this big speech. we should know the details what is the plan? we can't judge him entirely until we've heard it. if he can create jobs, people will have confidence. >> problem is not a lack of specificity. the problem is his whole approach has failed and will
6:39 pm
fail again. even if you take the keynesian assumptions, which i don't. if you assume 300 billion goes immediately in the economy, we have a 14 trillion dollar economy. it is a drop in the bucket. all you do is add to the debt without making any fundamental difference about the things that are holding the economy back. >> there's a fascinating in the "wall street journal" poll this week they asked the public would you rather have the congress and the president deal with the deficit or with boosting the economy? by 56-38% they say deal with the deficit this is nbc/ "wall street journal" poll this week. the president is coming out with more deficit spending. he's going against the overwhelming opinion of the american public. the public is terrified of the deficit. they believe the more we get into deficit and debt the less we'll be able to recover. >> i've never felt so unstyle than -- unstylish than
6:40 pm
being onset with tony and those glasses. >> sean: you got these in a drugstore. >> no. i used to. but i got these from a real eye doctor. [ laughing ] >> i think the american public is afraid of the deficit because they don't understand it. it is so out of their reach. the numbers are so out of control. >> sean: you are a democrat. here's the question. president obama, then candidate obama in 2008 called bush unpatriotic because he accumulated four trillion over eight years. this president has the distinction of doing it in 2 1/2 years. those are his words about george bush in eight years. what are we to say about his reckless spending especially on top of a promise that he wasn't going to do this and we'll have shovel-ready jobs and he would cut the deficit in half? >> when he the first trillion dollar deficit that caught all of our attention.
6:41 pm
[ talking over each other ] >> everyone understands "t" word large number, that did get everyone's attention. >> what is scaring the american people the most they don't have jobs. when you don't have a paycheck coming in to put food on the table and pay for your rent, that's what people are scared of. they hear the "y" word and don't understand. -- >> sean: give me measure of success he's had? >> he need the success. i'm saying if he doesn't change his jobs speech is going to be just about keeping his job not about giving jobs, creating jobs. >> sean: he said he would change things. 2 1/2 years can you point out one thing that he has done that you think was successful? >> no, i don't think his administration would call itself a success. >> sean: this is the tsunami's
6:42 pm
fault, the arab spring's fault, bush's fault. >> we can not blame president obama for all of the country's problems, first and foremost. >> sean: is it not his economy, his stimulus, his budgets? >> can he lead us into a direction where we start to see unemployment go down? >> sean: the answer is now unfortunately for the country. we have more after the break. ainsley earhardt with a special report, coming up. (birds chirping) there he is. (reel dropping) (laughing) dude, you caught a boot.
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6:47 pm
imam the way we did at the service that rudy organized at yankee stadium, which was emceed by oprah winfrey if i'm not mistaken. >> and james earl jones. >> right. you just get 'em up and say a little prayer the microphone will not melt if you say a prayer. >> sean: what a great line. what is the thinking behind this? >> itub have a theory. a smart person suggested, i don't know whether it is true. that he probably didn't want to have perhaps a muslim there because he might get resistant with the mosque. to an individual making the decision he said none. >> sean: my theory is he would have to invite somebody like imam rauf who said bin laden was made in the u.s.a.. >> maybe it is not true. >> sean: that's my take. >> i think a true leader has to make the tough decisions that's why they are in the
6:48 pm
position of power. i don't think we should pretend like religion doesn't exist. it was such an important part of the recovery during 9/11 and the days and months that followed. so many people rely on religion. doesn't matter what your religion is. who are we going to offend? it is not a war on religion it is a war on terror. >> especially after an act of evil like this the churches, mosques, synagogues were full in the weeks after that. it is not a gutsy decision it is a common sense decision. >> sean: a church in chicago amazing moment the sunday after 9/11, the pastor said not god bless america but god damn america. you know what church that is? sitcom pulls sieve, i add me. >> we are all -- we are all shocked whenever you mention -- breathtaking when you think about it. that could be your pastor, my
6:49 pm
friend, my mentor for 20 years. look, he is not responsible for the economy. this way. and he didn't know jimmy hoffa said what he said. he doesn't hear anything. i will let it go there. when we come back ainsley earhardt, hannity special on the obama trample on a local county's right to govern itself. how the administration is throwing around accusations of segregation. that and much more, coming up, next.ygd
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>> sean: it is the case of big government overreach that has local officials in one county in new york protesting. if they are right about local governance as the obama administration officials fight to impose their vision of so-called diversity. ainsley earhardt has the story. >> we are in suburbs of manhattan this is westchester county, new york. county officials are in an all out brawl with the obama administration's department of housing and urban development otherwise known as hud in 2009 the county officials agreed to build 750 affordable housing units that look like these. construction is still ongoing, a year ahead of schedule.
6:54 pm
county officials are upset saying they are getting a litany of outrageous demands from d.c. for hud westchester county is too white and houses are too expensive. in a letter hud ordered county officials to explain and analyze westchester's long history of segregation and fix it. westchester county is mostly caucasian. segregation has never been legal. >> what hud is trying to do is create this aura of segregation. >> administration officials assume segregation is to blame for the racial composition. county officials see other factors. >> i reject the fact that it is race that has driven the formation of the neighborhoods. people live in areas difficult event by economic reality. by family dies -- family ties. >> obama administration is not shy about its belief that the feds know best when it comes
6:55 pm
to building local communites. >> today we've taken an important step toward building what we call geography of opportunity. >> perhaps most troubling are some of the administration's prescriptions for westchester's so-called problem. hud officials are demanding that the county urge banks to relax their lending standards, a policy instrumental in causing america's financial meltdown. >> some people took out mortgages they can't afford. >> this isn't the first time the officials behind hud's orders have been the subject of controversy. the former number two at hud, illegally withheld documents from a constituent when he served as executive of kings county washington. last year the state supreme court fined his office more than $370,000. back in 2007 hud's assistant secretary marquez came fire for paying almost $30,000 tax
6:56 pm
dollars to a zen buddhist priest for so-called management training when she worked for los angeles. worse still, these offs are vowing to take their plan for westchester county national. >> at hud we believe this approach can serve as a model for building strong, inclusive substance able communities across the entire united states. >> officials in westchester county are vowing to stand their ground. the obama administration has made it clear that the outcome of this battle will resonate across the country. nowak back to you sean. >> sean: that's -- ainsley earhardt. joining me the man leading the fight against hud, west county executive. you have a website set up for this. you put up a lot of -- >> it is where we have the letter that hud wrote to the county making all of these crazy demands that are outside the scope of the settlement this is government gone wild. social engineering at its worse. this is the model that they
6:57 pm
want to move around the country to every county and every town. it started with when any county took money from the federal government, this case hud, you had to certify documents. and the county settled with the federal government saying they didn't certify certain things. which lead to a housing settlement which now hud is calling an integration order. >> sean: first this is the highest taxed county, property taxed county in america. and you want to lower it by the way. >> i do. >> sean: i know because i live in the number two county, nassau county. they are giving this money to build housing. if somebody applies and they can pete the mortgage, in other words, standards, they can get the loan. these are very inexpensive housing compared to the neighborhood, right? >> right. >> sean: anybody of any race, religion, color creed, can get one of these units. no discrimination. >> none. >> sean: what are they demanding?
6:58 pm
banks lower standards. isn't that what happened with fanny and freddie? >> hud is trying to change the game.íkú the countyñ has to build 750 you anies of affordable housing in 31 eligible communities meaning white communities based on the census. 7% or less hispanic, 3% or less african-american. we are complying. with communites building. in the middle of the game we get a letter from hud saying not good enough. we want to find out how you are going to combat local opposition to me, combat opposition. like tear gas, i don't now. all these crazy things. loan modifications. we don't do that. we are the fourth most diverse county in new york state. we are as diverse as manhattan. and yet, westchester is being singled out as a test case, by hud to take this around the nation. they are trying to make us do
6:59 pm
things that are not in the agreement. we are not standing for it. they are trying to bankrupt our county. this cost go to er 100 millionlars. by ing us to p three bedroom units in our communities. >> sean: they are changing the rules. what are they trying to do? is this the equivalent of you know, i guess affirmative action, forcing you know -- i guess demographically it has to be a perfect way regardless of people's ability to pay or get a loan. >> they are trying to say we westchester has a pattern of discrimination in its housing policies. we don't do that. >> sean: has any african-american, hispanic american been denied act -- access to your housing? >> does racism, discrimination exist in this world? of course i


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