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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  September 14, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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never happened and a decade later u.s. astronauts planted a flag on that wheel of cheese but humans reached out and touched the moon 52 years ago today. where were you 12 years ago today? september the 14th, what was it 2000 -- what was it? 12 years ago would have been 1999. right? that many years ago, 12 years ago today we started this newscast "the fox report" with me on this very day. we were in a very small studio with a very small staff. have you been good to us since then. 12 years, longest running pretty good. don't tell o'reilly. >> bill: "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight. >> one in six work-eligible americans cannot find a job. mr. president, that is an economic disaster. >> bill: damning new economic data. the poverty rate in america rising quickly, but you might be
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poor even if you earn a decent salary. it all has to do with taxation. >> the solyndra deal was quickly pushed through with the promise of thousands new jobs. >> at the end of the day more than a thousand people lose their jobs and the taxpayers lose a half a billion dollars. >> bill: looks like the solar panel bankruptcy may be developing into a huge scandal with more than $500 million of taxpayer money vanishing. will the chaos penetrate the white house? we'll have the latest. >> this is not going to work. >> and dennis miller on the growing hate america movement on the far left. >> bill: caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone, the factor begins right now. >> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. are you poor? you might not even know it. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo.
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new report from the census bureau says 15% of the american families now live below the porstd line that is they bring in less than 22,$300 a year that stat is misleading because most americans are in debt. according to the american debt advisory organization, 80% of us, 80% owe money to creditors. and while the median income is about $50,000 in the u.s.a., the amount of money we owe can't be covered by our salaries. especially because of the tax situation. now, the obama administration says it will continue the peril tax cut for working americans while it wants to increase the income fax rate on the affluent and corporations. but all americans are being battered by a variety of hidden taxes. here is the grim news, in new york state where i live not only do we pay a federal income tax but also a state income tax in places like new york city a local income tax as well. new york gasoline tax, 45 cents a gallon, the highest in the
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nation. cigarette tax, $2.75 a pack. sales tax collections average about $1,700 per new yorker. that includes baby huey. 1700 buck force every man, woman, and child living in the state. sales tax, property tax, close to 2,000 per person. toll revenue, 86 bucks a person. new driver's license cost you 80 bucks. sale phone tax and fees, 23% of your bill every month. the list goes on and on and on. i'm exhausted. i can't even list anymore. so you can see if you are a working person in new york or california or new jersey or massachusetts or most other states, your take home pay is being gutted by the rampant taxation. that's what's strangling the u.s. economy. consumers can't buy stuff without incurring each more debt. punishing taxation is bleeding us. and these taxes continue to go up because the states and cities are bankrupt.
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why are they bankrupt? because of pensions. health care costs, corruption, and general irresponsibility with our tax dollars. the politicians have built a society dependent on government and now our freedom is being eroded because of that. how you can be free if you owe all kinds of money? i saw a sticker on a van today that said taxation means civilization. progressive values are american values. that philosophy embraced by the obama administration and the democratic party is what america's economy is dealing with right now. my bumper sticker would read this way. rampant taxation erodes freedom. it makes you depend dent on things you can't control like banks. like politicians, like entitlement programs. true freedom is being able to depend on yourself to support your family. without being punished by an insatiable system demanding more and more and more take home pay. from the american worker.
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no spin. and that's the memo. now for the top story tonight. reaction with us, dennis neil, correspondent for the fox business network. and naomi prins, a noble nic analyst and author of the upcoming book "black tuesday." is that tax day nomi where we pay our taxes? >> it was the day that the market crashed and banks worked our way into a great depression back in the 1930s. parallels to today. >> bill: absolutely. my basic theory again is that taxation is strangling the economy. that's what it is. where am i going wrong. >> the economy is being strangled because, a, there isn't enough revenue coming into those states ha that are bankrupt because there is less wealth because the housing markets got crushed because of what banks did to it. because corporations, which you mentioned, aren't paying their effective tax share properly. in new york city, in new york state, only 6% of the revenues
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that new york state comes in comes from corporations. looking for a small margin coming from them you don't have the enough to distribute. >> bill: if you raise the corporate tax or force them to pay more, then they lay more people off and the unemployment rate goes up or they go offshore to bermuda and the caymans or like g.e. move their things to china. so, if you go after the corporations to fill this insatiable need, the states and municipalities have you are going to make the economy worse, are you not? >> the corporations are a component. but since 2006 to now, their actual tax rate in this state, new york state even has gone up by half a percent. they are still only paying. and they don't collect. we need to figure out a way to a, make sure companies. >> bill: everybody knows the way. flat tax. >> progressive tax that companies actually can hire people here in that respect. they hire people in america. the revenues come into america. people aren't hit by external things. >> bill: way to get money,
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revenue stream is a flat tax and small consumption tax as i said. you say am i wrong about the economy being strangled by taxation? >> you are entirely right about that. let's remember that while we struggle mightily in the income tax system for progressive tax. many of the taxes that local and state governments and county government tax i'm lifting your taxes they pass a bunch of users taxes addicted to alcohol avery aggressive tax on the poor. here is a bigger point you are missing if i may mr. o'reilly. >> bill: sure. >> instead of focusing how we should reduce various taxes for the poor, or focus on let's give them more money, we have given since johnson declared the war on poverty in 1964, our government has spent more than $12 trillion on antipoverty programs. a war that is supposed to have a victory and ending. and, yet, in 1964, 36 million people in poverty. 18%.
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today 49 million people in poverty, 15%. we're down only 3 points in 45 years. >> bill: and we did a segment on that. but the poor as the says will always be with us. i don't begrudge the poor. i don't think the poor are driving the economy into the ground. but president obama is being disingenuous when he makes it about about income taxes for the wealthy. evidence never says about all the taxes i just listed. he said hey you working americans, you are getting hosed. okay? because not only am i taking money fr you at a rate of 25%. but your hometown team is just taking that money away from you and there is no more money to spend unless you want to rack up credit card debt. that's where we are, nomi. that's where we are. >> we do need to find that money to spend to keep the infrastructure and jobs. the reality is those extra taxes contribute to only about 9% to 10% of overall federal revenue and state revenue. you still have this massive gap of revenue not coming in whether
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it's from component. >> bill: we don't need higher rates we need. >> we need effectively higher rate. >> bill: i don't believe that if you are going to put the higher rates on you go deeper and deeper. >> you incentivise to grow jobs in america. >> bill: god help me, are you for a consumption tax because there is a trillion dollars. $1 trillion, ladies and gentlemen untaxed money by people who don't declare it and i want a 2% consumption tax so everybody, are you for that? are you for that? >> i -- >> bill: that's how you get revenue. >> no it's not. >> tax and never cut spending. >> way you get revenue bring jobs to increase jobs here. >> bill: consumption tax. everybody who has ever put it in. >> it is. only 9%, 10% on excise. >> cut those bush tax cuts we are so upset about. federal revenues went up 44% next four years after you cut the taxes. donkt raise taxes.
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talk about the poor. >> bill: cutting income taxes down, i would cut them. >> you are adding a whole extra. >> pay tax. >> raising a tax. and government we need to cut spending, right? >> increase revenue. >> bill: look, that's right. maybe it takes. >> helps business grow. >> by letting business pay their share. >> bill: it's not okay with me. all those dope dealers and everybody else not paying anything, they can pay their consumption tax to the tune of 2%. >> they are paying sales taxes now when they buy their scales and stuff. >> bill: thanks. very lively debate. dick morris on california's trouble and whether rick perry's popularity is on the decli. growing anti-americanism on the far left coming right back. [ male announcer ] this is coach parker... whose non-stop day starts with back pain... and a choice. take advil no and maybe up to four in a day. or choose aleve and two pills for a day free of pain.
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harpist not included. ♪ try smart balance buttery sead. 's heart-healthier than butter. with omega-3s. 64% less saturated fat. andlinically proven to help support healthy cholesterol. ♪ put a little love in your heart ♪ >> bill: impact segment tonight, new field poll in california not good news for president obama. job approval rating fallen eight points there to 44% since june. 44% disprove of the job the president is doing in the golden state for a liberal state like california that's a headline. also will texas governor rick perry start falling in the polls after this week's debate. here now mr. morris. you know, those pinheads in california though, and it's a coastal thing, you know that on the coast very liberal but back, you know, 10 miles away from the pacific ocean, the regular folks are going i'm getting hosed here. >> yeah. >> the people in california and
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san francisco and these areas they are going to vote for barack obama no matter what he does. >> the guy the other day told me, a friend of his said i don't want to be the last rich man left in california. and i said well, there are two ways to avoid that leave or stay. >> bill: why? >> because if you stay you will be broke. and if you move you won't be in california. >> bill: california in bad shape and goes to my talking points memo of taxation in california is out of control as well. when you see a poll like, this though, does it really have national implications? barack obama is going to carry california. he is i don't believe that's going to be a competitive state. new york is going to go for obama no matter what he does. >> you cannot -- we not begin to fathom what's going on around the country. obama's popularity. the new york congressional race is a very good example of that. >> bill: very liberal anthony weiner. >> jews are abandoning obama in droves. >> bill: in that district. >> country wide. he broke even in forest hills,
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for goodness sake. liberal reform judiciary. he lost the orthodox, of course, he also lost the reform jews, ohio, and florida, walking out the door. >> bill: so your theory is that there is a tremendous groundswell of opposition to the president? >> absolutely. and among his base a lack of enthusiasm and lack of llingness to turn out. i was so struck, bill, the atomic bomb for presidents is a joint session of congress prime time televised speech should jump your ratings a points to 10 points. >> just on the exposure alone. >> 34 million americans watched his speech. everybody was watching. he went up 1 point. >> one point from 42. something to 43. something. that means not that he was a bad speech, very good speech. stopped listening to bush when he talked about iraq and they stopped listening to johnson when he did his vietnam thing.
5:16 pm
not listening to obama anymore. >> bill: that means what in votes? what does that mean in votes? my theory is that the polls are tightening. the field is a pretty good operation. but california there is no way they are not going to vote for barack obama. he got them no matter what. am i wrong? >> an election, yeah, you might be. i think if the election were held today. you are looking at something something more extreme than reagan's defeat of carter. not quite at the level. >> bill: doesn't really matter hot republican nominee is? >> it does. you can hand it back to him and you have to be sure you don't which gets to your next topic, perry. >> bill: let's not go there quite yet. what kind of a republican, you don't have to name names if you don't want to. >> no, i will. >> bill: would drive voters back to obama? >> well, a republican that gets the daylights beaten out of them by the media and the problem is how, which candidates you can have that are resistant to it. there are many things about mitt romney that i do not like. like his romney care in
5:17 pm
massachusetts. very hard time with that. but i have to say that i think he could defeat obama. i think there is a, right now in the last poll, ahead of obama 43, 40. that's 60, 40. that's a 20 point defeat. that's george mcgovern time. >> bill: i have to explain this. this is morris' theory if somebody is undecided about a sitting president after two and a half years not going to vote for that president. >> are you going to be married to the same woman next year? i'm undecided. what does that say about your marriage? >> that's not going to go over well. when you then analyze the field, you have basically perry and romney. >> and bachmann. >> bill: bachmann. >> she came back in. >> bill: she was excellent. >> as i told you she would by the way. >> bill: she has waged an excellent campaign she is never going to get away from the ideological label, ever. she is a hard right conservative. a tea party candidate.
5:18 pm
and you just told me that that person can't win. >> no. when you have a president dropping like obama is,. >> bill: you think michele bachmann could beat. >> right now i think she could. the level of what it takes to beat obama is dropping. the thing that worries me is not so much someone from the extreme right because i think the average voter is going to say, look, from the extreme right i get somebody who is rlly going to cut spending and really cut back government, i will put up with all the social stuff. and i think that with bachmann it would work on that way. >> bill: rick perry, you see him dropping in the polls? >> yeah. you and i had this out before the debate. i said if he comes on the debate and he gets clobbered, by everybody ganging up on him, he has got a long way to fall. and i think that's what's happening is five different things. i will go through them quickly. one, the ingsds are turning against him because they are worried that he will lose the election over social security. two, the old people are turning
5:19 pm
against him because of social security. three, the christian right is turning against him because of the vaccination issue. four, the immigration people are turning against him because of his opposition to the arizona law and instate tuition. and finally i think that this vaccination thing may morph into a scandal moral issue because his chief of staff -- >> bill: i don't see that getting a lot of traction myself. i don't think we will hear about it you could be right as always go. to dick and check out morris' musings there. directly ahead, growing scandal may effect the white house. solar panel company going bankrupt and $500 million in taxpayer money going down the drain. we have update on that. then body language with white house jay carney g.o.p. debate earlier this week. those reports after these messages after these message. ,
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>> bill: factor follow up segment tonight, growing scandal at the solyndra company, the energy department, with the encouragement of president obama and vice president biden provided $527 million in loans directly to the solyndra company in california. nevertheless, the company has declared bankruptcy. now, newly uncovered email show the white house was deeply involved in the loan deal. joining us from the abc news studios here in new york city investigative reporter brian ross. how do you -- how bad do you think this is, brian? >> well, bill, it's a half billion dollars bad and plus. it goes right to the door of the white house. new emails that came out today at a congressional hearing revealed the pressure put on people inside the white house to move up timing with bush back by budget analyst, getting rush here. even so they went ahead with the loan. i was stunned to learn today that earlier in the year the
5:24 pm
white house became aware the company was about to go bankrupt the whows told us and the company told people in congress, everything was great, rose projections at a time they knew they were running out of cash. they restructured the loan. and, in doing so, they put the taxpayers behind private investors when any money might be recovered from the bankrupt. >> bill: they not only got 527 million from the taxpayers, they also raised billions of private money. the guy behind, this frazier, is that his name. >> george kaiser. a billionaire and a big fundraiser for president obama. >> bill: this guy kaiser, big obama guy bundled money for his campaign in 2008. continues to be a big donor. he was a private investigator. now he is the head of the line in case there is any money left over from the bankruptcy which you assume there would be and then the taxpayers are going to get hosed. but, where does the buck stop? the energy department lent them the money. now, i assume president obama is going to say, look, i don't deal with this kind of stuff.
5:25 pm
i mean, i'm trying to get bin laden. i'm trying to get the economy back on track. my underlings do this. is that going to wash? >> well, major people on his staff were involved and kaiser, according to white house. visitor logs we examined visited the white house four times in a period when the loan was under consideration before final approval meeting with aids valerie jarrett and peter roust among others. they won't tell us what happened at those meetings. the white house denies there was any political influence. just a loan that went back because these startedups can be risky. i think there are serious questions about whether influence was involved and they were unanswered. the people before the congressional hearing today from the administration essentially were there. they said they didn't know what happened because they took office after the loan was approved. >> bill: all right. so the crony capitalism charges. we knew this with g.e. jeffrey immelt. the ceo is moving divisions to china. yet, reremains in charge of, you
5:26 pm
know, developing american jobs to the obama administration. it seems to me that in their quest and haste and enthusiasm to develop alternative energy, ie solar, that they took a big risk with $527 million, half a billion dollars of taxpayer money and they said, you know, we are going to take the risk because we really want this political payoff. is that what it is? >> i think that's true. i think they believed in it in a way and this was going to be the model. this was the future as the president described it. >> bill: how you can believe in it if your own guys are telling you the company is going down? it looks to me like they don't care. >> they didn't want to hear that the loan was put on hold by the bush administration on january 9th of 2009. and then six days after the new administration took office, it was back on a fast track and was approved very quickly. now, the questions today were not answered very well by the people from the administration. how did that happen? no one seemed to know the answer. >> bill: nobody knows. we weren't here.
5:27 pm
we'll don't know. now the fbi is involved because i think with that kind of money going in there, there has got to be some shah shenanigans. that's that we are looking at, right? >> they are looking at questions whether the company lied to the government about the prospects for its future and, therefore, influence the loan process by giving them misleading figures. they won't talk about that but that's what we are told. >> bill: this is enron 2 is what this is? >> it has that aspect. there are lots of big names that could be drawn. in i think we will be hearing about this all the way through next november. >> bill: all right. brian as always, we thank you very much. plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this evening. entertaining tv brawl between mike wall moore and elisabeth hasselbeck. place your bets. we will show you what happened. talking about the far left, moore, of course, what about insulting america on 9/11? miller didn't like that. we hope you stay tuned to those reports. [ engine revving ]
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>> bill: body language segment
5:31 pm
tonight, we begin with the republican debate earlier this week in tampa the question was life or billion dollars from a drug company. >> i will let senator santorum hold off for a second you have got to hold on to that. >> the company was merck. it was a $5,000 contribution that i had received from them i raised about $30 million. if you are saying i can bought for 5,000, i'm offended. [cheers and applause] >> i'm offended for all the little girls and the parents that didn't have a choice. that's what i'm offended for. >> bill: here now body language maven tonya reiman. i don't know governor governor perry haven't seen him enough in public. he looked a little stiff. that's his first debate. >> i found when he is stumbling, that's when he really does poorly. when he is on, he does great. but when something gets posed to him that he doesn't know he
5:32 pm
really falls apart. >> what about the head deal? the head gets me not only did he tuck his chin to demonstrate anger but then he puffs up his chest dominance cue. hey, listen, don't go there with me. he made a fatal flaw. are you accusing me of being able to be bought for $5,000? because you know what? words are important as well. >> bill: maybe if you are a pinhead and he is saying i can be bought. >> i shouldn't have gone there. >> look at mrs. bachmann. >> she came across as powerful. what she did was bring up a very good point. there is not a lot of movement. the only thing that would have made her stronger is had she either looked directly at him or directly at the camera. >> i don't like the smirk. she looks very sincere. >> i don't think he is really going to do that well. that's just my own opinion. he does grin a lot. people don't find that genuine. >> president bush had that smirk too going on. that is serious situation.
5:33 pm
now, hillary clinton was asked a question by cnn reporter. roll the tape. >> what is the likelihood that you are going to challenge president obama in primary, you know, you got dick cheney in your court. >> yeah it's below zero. >> what do you think about dick cheney said you would have made a better president than president obama. >> one of the great things about secretary of state is i am out of politics. i'm not interested in being drawn back into it by anybody. i have a big job to do and i'm honored to do it everyday. representing our country. >> basically telling the cnn reporter to get lost. >> she did three things to demonstrate that she was sincere. number one, when she first talks about it, she opens up her hands. you will see she does this opening and very nonthreatening gesture that says i'm sincere. then she angles her body away to distance herself from that question. watch in a second you will see her turn her body away to distance herself from that question. then, of course, she is famous for laughing at everything. that is her way of diffusing the stress of the situation. >> she looks fairly relaxed.
5:34 pm
i believed with her she said because she would be crazy to run against barack obama. she is not going to do that. then we had the famous infamiliar miss jay carney white house spokesperson and o'reilly interview. roll that tape, please. >> >> first lady tonight. do you know who was sitting with her? >> well, there were a variety of folks in that box. >> ceo jeffrey immelt. tall guy jeffrey immelt? >> sure. >> guess who moved his airline division to china and his medicine tech division from wisconsin to china? that's jeffrey immelt. made in america, jay. you should -- look, you, jay, you should have threw him out of that box. [ laughter ] he is a lot bigger than i am, bill. you are big enough maybe you could have done it. >> all right. so i made a complete fool out of myself as usual, right? >> you know, you had an expression at one point that was just a mosaic of emotions to form that facial contortion. you will see it in a minute but
5:35 pm
with jay carney what he did was not only did he express so much with his lips and this -- there we go. that was you, bill. >> what is that. >> that was enormous amount of emotion pinned into that one facial gesture. >> bill: no. you are the expert what's the facial gesture mean. >> it would take me a long time the tongue swiping across the entire mouth. the eyes squinting down. that was powerful. but, jay carney has, look, look at this look as he goes into that contemptuous look and he squints and closes his eyes which is like a survival mechanism that just helps us kind of close out, block out. >> why am i here, exactly. tonya reiman, everybody, she is. when we come back, miller time. tonight hating america. the american jobs act and mahmoud ahmadinejad coming to the u.s.a. can't wait. miller is next.
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>> bill: thanks for staying with us. i'm bill o'reilly in the miller time segment tonight, as we reported earlier they're week there was vicious anti-american stuff coming out on the far left on the anniversary of 9/11, unfortunately, things like we are a terrorist nation and our reaction to the 9/11 attack was shameful. "new york times" columnist paul krugman led the way, angering former secretary of defense donald rumsfeld. it's so outrageous for a once great newspaper to pedal that kind of repugnant nonsense that i just gave up and i hope and trust other people will as well. i can live without the "new york times" that's for sure. >> bill: joining us from los angeles the sage of southern california dennis miller. ducan sell your subscription as well, miller. >> i knew rum any would. he hasn't been solid with the times since they cancelled march that duke. i had to talk him off the ledge then. he loved that pooch.
5:40 pm
i knew rummy is going to be out of there. what does the "times" matter anymore. i line my parakeet cage with it and my parakeet wouldn't take a dump for three months. what's in it all already. the "times" has big problems. >> is that how the parrett talks? >> that's my interpretation of my parity squawking. squawkysquawk parrett. >> bill: it doesn't matter. then should we ignore it? >> come on, kgman is a nerd out in princeton and all of a sudden women dig him. guys are listening to him at the end of vanity fair as their hero. the fact is there is a nuclear winter coming for guys like krugman. and he ought to play like the archies going on vacation, spin the globe and throw a dart at scandinavia. paul, whatever you are hasn't worked it's about to come down, the curtain. if guys hate america so much, they should look for another
5:41 pm
place. i think krugman is bugged that he feels we have a culture where elites pass their wealth down to other kids and he doesn't like that. unless, of course, it's punch suls burger and pencil burger at the time. >> suls burger and the kid inherited the paper. last question on this topic. do you believe that americans should do what rumsfeld said? we have a right to disagree with it but we should be respectful. >> they are already doing that they don't have to have rummy lead them out the door. the "times" has circulation problems like a sumo wrestler in a thong of every rest. >> bill: it would be very cold. >> constriction issues. consumer based stuff. >> i wanted to walk tough that president obama out on the road
5:42 pm
for the great american jobs act. and you say? we can all play the game and i don't want the race card dropped on me. this guy's first three years has been a mess. even democrats must know that on some level. it's an absolute mess. i was on vacation last week. i don't pay as much attention as i usually do when i'm on vacation. three strikes, billy. when he came in and said he would take public funding off the bat and he didn't okay. he has trouble with the truth. that's fine. most politicians do. second strike was when he said he wanted unions and this card check thing to vote outloud that's so anti-american to me when anybody has to vote outloud. i weighs against that. willing to give him a shot when he was the president. i'm on vacation last week and i see this stiff hoffa and he is up there talking about, you know, essentially threatening people calling themsons and i thought well, obama can't track everybody who uses his name in
5:43 pm
vain. then i hear that's an actual introduction to obama. that obama came up right after that and he didn't have a sister soldier momenter with looked at him i told you after gabby giffords shut one that crack. i don't like barack obama anymore. you know why? because he he doesn't like me and 50% of america. is he not sticking up for us. it's time for this guy to go next year. he is inept and officially creepy after not chiding hoffa jr. for saying that for god's sake. >> bill: did you ever like him, miller? did you ever like barack obama? >> sure i did. how many months did i say when i saw him in grant park that night and i thought about, you know, black kids in this country and how they have had to look up to guys sticking syringes in their ases to hit home runs or guys happening about women in such is a sage miss stick terms this is a great moment for this country to right a lot of wrong. i came out of the box. i didn't vote for him. i thought this will be a good thing. around six months in i began to get it he is nent.
5:44 pm
he is not that good at it little more chicago cub in it the other day he didn't defend me against an idiot like hoffa. he lost me. i'm voting him out next year to the best can i which is one vote. >> bill: now mahmoud ahmadinejad coming to the u.n. and he is going to have some lunch with some students at columbia university. i'm thinking about this, if i were a college student and this thug came, in i would have lunch with him but i would give him a hard time. >> forget giving him a hard time. have put a dusted off gun in the water closet. do a michael -- go into the whiz student union come out and blow his head off and get extra credit work. i would tell these columbia kids if either one of you, any of you have been married recently in new york under the new law, don't bring it up at lunch with ahmadinejad. because they know is he a world leader and this is going to be impressive and we are going to touch base with another guy. do not tell him that you and jimmy are married because is he not going to dig that. you are going to find your way on the business end of a
5:45 pm
semitar. >> bill: if you were a student, would you have lunch with this guy? >> bill: i would. i would give him all kinds of jazz. you know. i wouldn't yell at him and do something like that. i would say you know what? just as you said. you are treating women terribly. you treat minorities awful. you are threatening everybody. you are funding hezbollah. you know. >> and why do i want to eat with him again? >> bill: i wouldn't eat anything. >> all right. you would just feed him a bunch of stuff. >> bill: yeah. i think that would be worthy. >> jam it down his throat, officer. when are we going out on the road again? i'm excited? >> bill: october 29th. i have got the plug right here, miller. let me do the plug. >> it's not a plug. i just wanted to tell you i'm wringing my -- bringing my little friend ahmadinejad with me. >> bill: that with will be fun. he can sit between us. right now we are set at october 29th at mow he began sun
5:46 pm
connecticut. saturday, november 26th at the borgotta hotel. and i will be doing a book signing. details on bill o' or bolder and more dates to come. big shootout on "the view" today. elisabeth hasselbeck vs. michael moore. i know who i'm rooting for. did you see that moments away. look, every day we're using more and more energy.
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>> bill: back of book segment did you see that far left guy michael moore promoting a new book and elisabeth hasselbeck from theview took him on. >> i think why did a very smart thing putting the nazis on trial. >> that was after the war was over. >> the war is over. no, michael, we are still at war. >> no we are not actually. we put the nazis on trial and man son on trial. >> look i'm sorry i hear you on
5:50 pm
the election. wait a minute, you are tell me usama bin laden, responsible for the slaughter of i don't know how many thousands of individuals deserves a trial but where in new york city at the site of the slaughter of our own 3,000 of 9/11? absolutely not. how dare because casey anthony's trial went so well. we should put usama bin laden on the stand? what are reafraid of. >> we are americans. >> as our citizens obeying the laws of this country. >> want him to appear as a martyr. >> that's right. >> bill: we're americans, man. joining us now from san francisco to put it all in perspective juliet huddy. so moore is basically saying that country or we're a flawed country. taking these al qaeda guys out with drones and usama bin laden gets shot in the head by the seal and all of that. that's. yeah,basically. whenever i see his face, i really end up turning the tv off
5:51 pm
because i can't stand him. i know your viewers he was there to promote his book here comes trouble. here comes a waste of my time every time i see this guy. he was basically saying. >> why do you feel it's a waste you have your time. >> drones on like the teacher in the peanuts wa, wa, wa. first of all we are not at war? tell that to all these folks serving in the military. serving in the military iraq. people have gotten killed. tell them we are not at war. tell them to the families that just went down to ground zero and had to look finally and touch the etchings that's all they have left of their family member killed on 9/11 by usama bin laden. >> bill: not so much that you adisagree with his politics you feel is he is irrational? >> i feel he is completely irrational. i do agree -- disagree with his politics because frankly for him to say that usama bin laden deserves or should be tried here in the united states first, no, no, he doesn't. we know he is a killer.
5:52 pm
there isn't ---we don't need to try him. there isn't any proof that needs to be shown. we all know he is. >> bill: he declared war on the united states and the military took him out. you know more about mtv than i do. >> what's that supposed to mean. >> teen mom. janel evans 19 years old on that program. apparently she got in a fight captured on videotape. roll that. >> get him janel. get him. get him. oh, oh. oh, oh. >> that's what you get. that's what you get. >> i hope she has been arrested, right? has she been arrested? >> she was arrested and she ended up being sentenced -- this is basically she was convicted of a fray. found guilty of a fray. public fighting. it's a misdemeanor. the other two girls were also found same thing. one of them, the girl who was
5:53 pm
pushed, the girl that's being hit, you know, the you know what being out of her she is appealing. this the fact is this is a girl who son this show initially 16 and pregnant. once they had the baby the four girls were followed. once they have the babies they are followed by mtv and glamorized. these girls are being paid on on the cover of u.s. magazine and looking beautiful. frankly their lives like this girl is going to hell. she is a train wreck. >> publicity stunt, don't you. >> i don't think so at all. she is a mess. she is heading down the wrong direction. heading toward a train wreck also picked up for drugs. >> bill: this woman is in trouble and so is the poor baby but i think they did this to get on tmz and get attention. juliet, have fun out there on the west coast. pinheads and patriots on deck. charlie sheen gets roasted. need i say more? p and p moments away. . [ jennifer ] and i'm jennifer northcutt. opening a restaurant is utterly terrifying.
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>> bill: pinheads and patriots starring charlie sheen in a moment. but first, advanced sales big from my upcoming book thank you all. tuesday september 27th, you can preorder. the book is going to keep you up at night so we hope you check it out. now the mail:
5:57 pm
>> bill: wasn't nasty. did my job. >> bill: no belittling took place here. apparently you believe the factor should be dedicated to rooting against president obama. if i did that what would happen to the fair and balanced deal? >> bill: as i said last night the governor has been invited. >> bill: as we all do.
5:58 pm
no sacred cow zone here. i'm just being fair to dr. king's legacy. the hoover tapes will not be released for years. until then we just have speculation. not going to get into that too heavily. >> bill: not if you had the highest rate -- rated program in cable. your mom would let you out to do the show. signed copy of pinheads and patriots in paperback, coming to you. that's a good letter. >> bill: it is easy joe. eat right, exercise and have a skilled make-up artist following you around all day.
5:59 pm
>> bill: stay safe over there tim. >> bill: of course it will be in the library. but i'm going to send you an advanced sign copy. because every american adult and kid should read "killing lincoln." let me know if you like it. >> finally pinheads and patriots. charlie sheen roasted on comedy central. >> i was going to the worst place in the world, cable. channel 745, i think. i don't know what channel it is. they were going to give me a roast for this and i never even watched their [ bleep ] channel. >> charlie, get inside and watch your face, it is past your bedtime. >> dad! >> now! >> i thought you said this was your house? >> girls, time to go >> bill: i'm


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