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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  September 14, 2011 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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let's grade the president. overall what grid >> i did not vote for him. and i'm an american citizen now. i didn't vote for anybody in the end, because i decided i didn't want to rote for mccain and i didn't want to vote for him. >> sean: grade? >> two. >> sean: two out of 10? >> maybe 1 1/2. >> i give him an "f" based on the economy and where in is going. >> sean: you have an -- >> am i doing 1 through 10? i'm going to say "b." >> sean: i have a lot of work to do with you. greta is next, we'll see you tomorrow night. >> greta: big night of guests. you hear from donald trump. then senators demint and marco rubio. live in our studios congressman darrell issa goes on the record. we have a jam-packed show. first, brace yourself for this
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one. the obama administration just blew 535 million of your dollars. it was either playing politics or favorites, either is disgraceful. the obama administration guaranteed a 535 million dollar loan to a solar energy company that just went belly-up. that's not what is sparking the outrage. it is why they did it and how that is setting some on fire. rick klein joins us. first the name of the company is? >> solyndra. >> what happened? >> it is getting famous now. solyndra was a politically connected firm. a lot of folks involved in that firm were big obama donors. they applied for loan guarantees a program started by president bush. it was stalled by president bush. once president obama took office there was a lot lot of movement from top aides to president obama himself who urged this along even though
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there were red flags raised. people saying this is moving too fast. the white house was trying to fit this into a political schedule at the least, maybe more. >> greta: what do the e-mails say? >> congress subpoenaed these. e-mails from the vice president's staff an aide to rahm emanuel. flagging this for the department of energy. office of management and budget asking where it stood. one interesting strain said vice president biden wants to announce this is a done deal, can we make it happen? what we do to urge this along? e-mails back saying this is too fast. we have to make sure this goes through the proper checks. this may not be ready for primetime. one said we looked at a credit rating agency and said this firm is going to go bankrupt in september 2011. they went bankrupt a couple weeks ago. growth this cost us 535
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million dollars because -- >> greta: this cost us 535 million dollars. there's a billionaire steps in line in front us who is that? >> kaiser a fundraiser for president obama -- >> greta: he gets money before us. >> the taxpayers are last in line to get any of this money back. this was something that the other end is that vice president biden, president obama held solyndra up as an example of what stimulus could do talking about thousands of new jobs created. those jobs are lost because the firm has gone un. >> greta: a couple of things, first other people's money, outrageous based on the fact that the people of this country don't have jobs. then the white house response saying it is unfortunate. are you kidding! this is absolutely outrageous. then the white house defending e-mail saying the e-mails were to show active interest. if they had active interest they would have explored to see if this was a viable an --
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investment. >> when you guarantee loans as part of this, obviously stimulus dollars go out and money either comes back to the taxpayers or he it doesn't. what is rubbing a lot of republicans even democrats the fingerprints of political aides trying to push in along. others are raising flags internally. professionals are saying is not ready for primetime they are still saying let's make this happen. >> greta: anyone fired? >> not yet. there are multiple investigations. treasury depth inspector general, energy department inspector general. fbi raid. >> greta: the fbi raid doesn't go unless they suspect something is really dirty, i.e. a crime. >> whether it has to do with official corruption, no suggestion of that yet or false filings with the -- they were presenting financials along the way different than what happened with this company.
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>> greta: has president obama said anything? this is under his watch. 535 million dollars may seem like chump change but it is the american people's money. we are in tough shape. if he's not enough of a steward of our money, has he made a statement? >> i don't think he's been asked directly. the white house said some bets work some don't. >> greta: when i hear that when they said it is unfortunate. heads better roll. >> we'll see how this develops. the investigation has begun there are multiple investigations. e-mails just coming out. congress on the case, fbi, inspector generals. whether there was attempt to cover-up. that has to be answered. >> greta: the patent bill the president will sign friday senator sessions and coburn it a row vision which is a bailout for a law firm in boston apparently had a malpractice and this bill covers for them so they don't
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have to pay this 214 million dollar malpractice issue. washington bailing out bad companies. bailing outlaw firms and everybody. >> part of what makes this damaging for president obama with solyndra in particular this was held up as a centerpiece of the president's stimulus program. the program to get the economy moving again. >> greta: he was there in may. >> vice president spoke about the importance of investing in companies like solyndra. to have these political connections all this interference that seems to have happened all the investigations, it doesn't smell good. >> greta: rick, thank you. >> now to donald trump, why was he been making robo calls? your candidate last night in new york won. i bet you are happy about that? >> i am. he's really a good guy bob turner. he's a terrific guy. and he asked know do a little work for him. i did a robo, we are in a different world now we do roboes but it seemed to have a good effect. he won easily.
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-- >> greta: is that a vote for him, against president obama, against anthony weiner or for a particular issue how do you see that vote? >> i think all of the above. first a vote for him. he's a very, very quality person. totally decent human being that comes loud and clear right now. it is also a serious vote against obama and his policies and what he thinks of israel and lots of other things. it is a tremendous referendum and a very negative one on obama. i think weiner is out of the picture. he's been disgraced. he's a disgrace. hopefully, he won't be heard from again. ihink weiner is out of the picture. he certainly didn't help the democratic candidate, that's for sure. >> greta: you mentioned president obama's policies. there's a lot of smoke coming out of a lot of people's ears as more and more is learned about solyndra, a cap in
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california -- a company in california length them 535 million dollars they've now gone belly up. white house spokes person was quoted as saying that it is very unfortunate. your thoughts? >> i think it is embarrassing maybe beyond that. the head of solyndra was up at the white house all the time. obviously friends with obama and the group. and they gave them 500 million. for the people like your listeners that might know what that represents that is an insane amount of money. that's insane. we are not talking about half a million dollars or two million dollars. 500. that's half a billion dollars for a company that was no good and was poorly run. it is absolutely outrageous. >> greta: it says so much more donald. after all we've endured in this country with this bad economic time, housing collapse during the previous administration but creating
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problems now. the idea that 500 million dollars is other people's money that's just taxpayers' money it is very unfortunate. i think it is so outrageous to the people living under the poverty line in this country who want jobs and can't get them and that gets flushed down the toilet because of incompetency. >> when you think of what that amount represents. i can see maybe giving somebody a little help or whatever, if it is whatever kind of energy. energy, we have so much in the ground if we ever did our own energy we wouldn't need this nonsense they are trying to come up with. frankly, what we are"y doing is a country with respect to energy is crazy. but, when you think of the amount, 500 million dollar, half a billion dollars. it is absolutely incredible to think of it. the head of the company was constantly in and out of white house. who in and out of the white house? even if you are doing big deals in this country. you go to the department of treasury, you go here, housing, hud.
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but whoever goes back and forth forth to the white house? the system doesn't work that way. somebody in the white house did something that was at best, very stupid, at best. that's at best, very, very stupid. 500 million dollars a half a billion dollars, your talking about serious money. >> greta: there is no end to it. all the money that is just getting wasted in this city is extraordinary. it is breathtaking. >> how about the satchel of 52 million dollars that left from afanistan and ended up in dubai, cash! how about that? that was a year ago. and it is almost forgotten that's the one i just keep thinking about it. who is giving this money out? where is it going? 52 million dollars leaves afghanistan and ends up in dubai. this was a story of a year ago reported by a lot of people
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now forgotten. who approves 52 million in cash to go to afghanistan which ends up in dubai? unbelievable. this country is in such trouble. we have leaders that don't have any chew as to what is happening. or -- any clue as to what is happening, maybe they do have a clue that makes it worse. >> greta: the president's jobs act. the report is about the 450 billion, now we've gone from millions to billions. 400 billion will come from reducing the ability to take charitable deductions. if you give to charity you will lose that over a certain income level. many say will discourage people if giving to charity, hospitals, people starving, schools or whatever. that's the first thing. second payroll tax deduction eliminating that. how do you play with these numbers? what does this mean?
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>> as far as the charity is concerned, that will totally dry up. you will not have a lot of people giving lots of money to charity. they give and they are nice but when you tell them the deduction is not going to be there, i have a feeling it is going to dry up if not completely, most of it will dry up. >> greta: are you saying people who are going to pay for the jobs act are the people who are resippient of a lot of charity in this -- recipient of a lot of charity in this country? >> i think so. many of us give a lot of money to charity, we take a legitimate deduction. when there is no more deduction it is unlikely that lots of people are going to be making those big contributions. >> greta: who is going to the soup kitchens, schools, cancer wards? >> maybe nobody. because the government doesn't have the money. maybe nobody will do it and that's very sad. not all of the contributions are great. many of those contributions
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are great contributions. i know so much about that. many of those contributions are great contributions. you take away that deduction and i personally think it is going to dry up. >> greta: anything about the president's job act that you think is a great idea or is this just stimulus 2.0? >> i think you need a bigger horizon. you need a bigger plan. but not necessarily bigger dollars. i think you have to bring our jobs back from overseas. i think you have to bring our jobs back and our manufacturing jobs had in particular from places like china. you have to stop factories from moving and leaving new england and going to mexico and lots of other countries. and i really view that as the big jobs picture. not what he's talking about. what he's talking is peanuts compared to what china in particular is doing to this country. you look at china and india and mexico and so many other countries. they are all taking our jobs.
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that's the big picture. in my opinion, we can never get better unless we solve that picture. we are never going to have low unemployment. we will never get that number to the fours and the fives and the threes. where it could be. unless we solve the problem of other countries ripping us off as a nation. >> greta: i see your discontent. i listen to your words, i hear it. the growing discontent that you seem to have or maybe the same as you had before, still there, does that give you a greater itch to run or not? >> i just want to see was. it is going to be interesting. i'm getting to know the candidates well. they are all coming to meet me, i have a big base. i have a lot of people that want me to run. and i have a lot of people respect what i'm saying. maybe it is what i'm saying or the way i say it. hopefully, it is what i'm saying. i have a lot of people that agree with what i'm saying. all of the candidates want to have that. you see what happened with bob
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turner. it helped bob turner he was generous this morning when he gave me a lot of credit for his victory and i was appreciative of that we have a big base. what am i doing? it is common sense, china, india, opec, what they are doing in terms of energy how they are laughing at us, the they are making. their streets are paved in gold and ours are paved with potholes. absolutely insane what going on with this country. our leadership is absolutely horrible. it has to be changed. if it is not changed correctly, i've told you before this is the most important election that this country has ever had, other than you know a couple of biggies. lincoln, washington, let's leave a few out this is truly one of the very, very critical elections. if we don't get it right. if we put the wrong candidates up and the wrong person wins, it is going to be potentially
7:16 pm
ruin news for our country, in my opinion. -- >> greta: are you satisfied to be a power broker on the side talking to people and influencing them or -- or would you rather be in the arena? >> i think whatever it takes to get fixed properly. first of all, i love what i'm doing. i'm doing great jobs, working out great. i would say this, my company has never, ever been anywhere near the level that it is at now. even in a not such great economy. what we are doing is amazing. the success we've had is amazing over the last number of years in a down economy. i really like it. i would be most happy if somebody came along and did a fantastic job, including the current president. i would love to see the current president have a phenomenal last year and a half. that would make me very happy. >> greta: so it is a no?
7:17 pm
>> i would say i'm very happy if somebody could come along and do a great job if i don't see that happening, i will talk to you again. >> greta: thank you very much. we'll be watching and there's a lot going on right now. >> there's a lot going on. >> greta: come back. >> thanks greta i will. >> greta: who is senator demint calling a venture socialist? give up? stick around. he will answer that question himself, next. >> congressman darrell issa is here he has a new report. you may want to brace yourself. stay tuned
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>> greta: president obama is hitting the trail trying to sell his new jobs plan. back at the ranch, in washington his critics are rolling their eyes saying the plan is more of the same. here's senator jim demint on the record. nice to see you. >> good to be here. >> greta: i've seen some quotes from you about the president's jobs act. i guess what i take away from it you think it is dead on arrival? >> i would love to work withu5sm the president on something. he's practicing what we call venture socialism. he has taken an approach the
7:22 pm
government needs to stimulate jobs. i know as an employer, you don't hire someone because the payroll tax is a little lower or you get a $4,000 tax credit. you certainly don't if they are going to tax you more, which the president says, everybody making over $200,000 has to pay more of their fair share. they already pay 50% of all federal taxes now. 40% of that income is small business. what bothers me is i've been visiting businesses for the last month. they are telling me the same thing. that the president's policies and the lack of certainty with the regulatory environment is killing them. they have money to invest. they believe in the american economy. but the president is killing jobs. it is hard to listen to him have a jobs plan when it is a political program to try to defer the blame of our economy on to the republicans. >> greta: payroll taxes and reduction of it. would that include employees
7:23 pm
contribution to social security? >> that's what it is. >> greta: if you lower the contributions to social security, that now when we got cut on the -- caught on the other end running out of money there. we have less going into social security. meanwhile, we got a big problem as the -- to pay social security recipients. >> they are saying they are back filling it but they are not. we have to borrow to backfill it. the president said if you think there's any money in the trust fund for social security you are mistaken. he said if he couldn't borrow more -- >> greta: that turns off the spigot. that creates another problem. another way the president wants to pay for it reduce the charitable -- the deduction for charitable contributions. there are a lot of nonprofits that are worried if he does there is not going to be money
7:24 pm
for the good things done around america that is going to dis-- discourage people. >> and the government will have to do more. it doesn't make sense. one of the most efficient part of our tax code is encouraging people to give to private hands on approach to helping people. what we do at the government level, we spent trillions on poverty, it was announced today poverty is at the highest level ever recorded in america that's shameful that we've spent trillion and if you want to help people keep money in the private second for. >> greta: what do the democrats say to you? what do they say about the president's job act off-the-record? >> i don't think think believe it is going to create jobs? it is a populous thing to put money in people's pockets -- i've cut taxes for 90% of americans.
7:25 pm
so it is a populous, political thing. i don't think many democrats think it is going to create jobs unfortunately there are a number of democrats this is the scariest of all who believe that government spending is the major part of our economy. if we cutback on spending that it going to hurt the economy. frankly if we don't stop borrowing it is going to collapse our economy. there's a polar opposite vision of what makes america work. it is hard to compromise with someone who wants to go in that direction when you know american exceptionalism is in that direction. >> greta: if the stimulus of february '09 had been a roaring success there would be more support, at least republicans -- is anyone looking back at the stimulus of 2009 saying if anything worked, if so let's continue to do that if nothing worked we need to change direction? >> we spent over a trillion if you add interest, i was a
7:26 pm
government spending program, effectively spend and borrowing program, it didn't work. unemployment is higher. grell >> greta: anything good out of the stimulus bill? -- >> i done think so the jobs were temporary. we -- i don't think so. the jobs were temporary. we propped upstates. we lost jobs this year. it is the same with the president's job plan now it is temporary. we need to create long term fixes. fix our tax code. open up our energy supplies put a moratorium on regulation if that's all we did it wouldn't cost taxpayer money it wouldn't increase our debt. if people knew that would be in place jobs would start happening tomorrow. >> greta: any dialogue you or others are thinking of having with the president? i don't get the sense there's a collaboration, an effort to
7:27 pm
hash out these differences. >> unfortunately, we can't collaborate with him. it is not we are not willing to work with him and compromise in a lot of ways. the president is sold out to big labor, radical environmentalists. this isn't partisan. look at every bill he's tried to pass. they are trying to expand ization. what they are doing to boeing in south carolina is one of many examples of administration who puts union bosses before workers. before jobs. he's literally killing jobs across the country. i think americans though that you see that in the polls. i think he could convince people a year ago that whatever he did was right. now i think whatever he says is questioned. >> greta: have you given up on him personally? >> i don't think the president understands free market economics. i know, i don't mean to be insulting to the president. everything he does is central planning out of textbooks of what socialism is. that's a hard thing to say about an american president.
7:28 pm
there's nothing he's done that actually encourages a tree enterprise, really market capitalism. he's really a venture socialist. he talks about government investment, everything he does. again, i don't like to be disrespectful to our president. but in president is moving america in the wrong direction. he's made things much, much worse. we need to minimize the damage. >> greta: the debate the other night, any one of those candidates particularly one you really like now? >> i was good to see more feistyness. >> greta: anyone in particular? >> i'm -- i'm going to stay neutral. >> greta: what did you see, what do you like? >> i think the candidates are talking the right things. >> greta: you are taking a pass? >> i'm taking a pass. >> greta: nice to see you. >> new congressional report that has to do with jobs, lots of them. and you at home are probably
7:29 pm
not going to like in. congressman issa goes on the record, next. >> president obama may want to cover his ears senator marco rubio is talking about the president's jobs plan. senator rubio on the record, straight ahead. you could save a bundle with geico's multi-policy discount. geico, saving people money on more than just car insurance. ♪ geico, saving people money on more than just car insurance.
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7:33 pm
it seems like everyone is blaming the white house tonight. you are too? >> well, i like to say the administration. because the administration naturally wants to make lots of regulations. if a president signals it is a good time to do it, they will. democrats in today's hearing were proud to say in the first two years, this administration did less than president bush did during his last two years. righ they did legislation up created lots of new laws. when they lost that ability to do it they went into overdrive over 2,000 regulations, effectively laws. there's a pattern, one is they claim these things cost less than 100 million dollars of impact. so they don't have to do as much. when they cost more, like the livestock bill that going to ruin a lot of livestock operations they don't want to reopen it and have public comment. a lot of what we did was talk about there's going to be
7:34 pm
regulations let's not shortcut the ability get it right. >> greta: i get the sense that the chief of staff they are trying to deal with the regulatory thing. it isn't necessarily the white house is making a lot of regulations sort of the machinery of the government is overwhelming and go to us. it is not really a blame anybody. >> one of our witnesses today was very cordial, honest and straightforward. but he was bragging about 500 that may be reviewed and eliminated, while 2,000 new ones we put in this year. >> greta: who creates these regulations? >> every bureaucracy, every alphabet soup, epa, osha, pto has limited rule making most agencies have expansive rule making. in the case of the epa where congress tried to prevent them from doing cafe standards the
7:35 pm
way they are doing it, they've done it any way. >> greta: rules made goes up to the secretary of the cabinet or not? ever make it up there? >> it goes through a review process. at the end of the day, once the secretary of x has blessed it or just ignored it, the fact is the rule making process goes through and it become was is a law. >> greta: but it never makes it to the white house. >> exactly. >> greta: we might talk about the white house doing this, that. it is really these independent agencies or cabinet-run agencies that doing this, let it happen over the years. >> it has in effect who in the white house. under reagan there was a sense that there had to be that. he appointed cabinet officers who scrutinized. under other presidents, republican and democratic, it has been less. the bottom line, i was a ceo
7:36 pm
for 20 years. the president has been a ceo for three years. he is responsible for what the agencies report to him. all these cabinet positions they all serve at will. he can fire any of them on an ur's notice. the bottom line is he's the ceo and he's saying he wants to cut these back. in fact we are getting new regulations many bypassing the other process of review. >> greta: i'm not trying to apologize for him it is the way washington is, unfortunately worked for decades. i guess the solution is to issue orders no more or try to change how regulations are implemented. >> he can do a lot. [ talking over each other ] >> greta: two go you will come back? >> absolutely. we'll still be talking about how to create jobs in america. regulations are part of the problem. >> greta: thank you, sir. marco rubio is here. he says our economy bounce back but we need to do a few
7:37 pm
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ask your doctor about symbicort. i got my first prescription free. call or click to learn more. [ male announcer ] if you can't afford your medication, astrazeneca may be able to help. >> greta: senator marco rubio goes on the record in 60 seconds. but first to our new york newsroom. >> reporter: the gulf state of oman sending a private plane to iran amid efforts to free those two americans that jailed for spying. president ahmadinejad is i will claiming the pair could be released within days. the country's judiciary says the case is still under review. in 2009 they were detained along the border with their friend sarah shourd. she was released last year because of health problems. >> supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg among 200 passengers and crew evacuating a plane in virginia. the flight was set to fry to
7:42 pm
san francisco when it suffered engine -- problems. three passengers were injured sliding down the emergency chute. the justice who had pancreatic cancer also had to go down that slide. she did make it off the plane safely. i'm ainsley earhardt. back to coretta. >> greta: senator marco rubio accuse the president of playing politics. we asked him about that and america's role in the world. nice to see you. giving a speech on america's role in the wore. how do you perceive it? >> it is an important world. we can't solve every problem in the world. there are few parts in the world that what is happening will impact us. the economic crisis in europe is having a direct impact here
7:43 pm
at home. in those places where we can make a different we should try to if it is in our national interest. >> greta: we are sitting watching and hoping. >> there's not a lot we can do about europe per se based on soft decisions they made with regard to government spending. similar to the ones we made here. the conflict in libya could have impacted europe worse. the reason why england and france took such an interest in what was happening. significant amount of oil and energy come from libya. disruption in libya, significant long term disruption could have a group tick economic impact in europe which would reflect back on america. one example of how things around the world impact our daily lives. >> greta: one foreign policy issue important to all of america especially to jewish american the issue of israel.mi palestinians are going to go to the united nations to ask
7:44 pm
for statehood that has created an enormous problem. your suggestion? >> one of the things i've tried to do is engage with some of the leaders in the western hem fist fear in latin america and asked them -- hemisphere in latin america and asked them not to vote for this. i think it iss the peace process back. the key is to have a jewish state and have the palestinians recognize israel. i think that's where the starting point needs to be. a vote by the u.n. could set us back when israel is surrounded by tremendous uncertainty. we saw events in cairo last week, sear uncertainty in egypt, jordan has its challenges. -- iran continues to move forward. all things are combined are putting israel in a difficult position which makes it harder to reach that settlement everyone would like to have. i hope our allies will join
7:45 pm
the united states in voting against that measure. >> greta: looks like the vote will go through. the security council may veto it, but it going through, now what? >> ultimately it is going to be vetoed by the united states. the psychological impact can be significant. i don't want to overplay it. i think it is a step back. i think it makes peace harder to achieve. i'm not giving up on some of these countries. our allies in mexico, gentleman may co-, countries but they have a vote. colombia, nations we hope will vote for us and we hope to recruit others. >> greta: the president's jobs act. senator demint doesn't think it will pass. is it a good start? >> really the only job it is designed to protect is his. there's some things, payroll tax holiday, that's fine. the plan is not a serious effort to create jobs. >> gta: you think it is a political move?
7:46 pm
>> largely. jobs issue is enormous. i've said the biggest issue in washington is debt. the biggest issue in america is jobs. what the president is saying he wants to do to help create jobs in america is not going to work. a lot of the stuff we tried before, all it does is cost us money. we need basic things. they are not exciting the media hates it when i say it because it is not new, like telling a farmer stop focusing on fertilizer, soil and water what it takes to grow the economy, tax reform, regulatory reform, certainty about our debt many these are things that worked. that's what we as policymakers should be focused on. >> greta: are you surprised at how slowly things get changed around here? are you us from strayed? >> the process is designed to move slowly because the framers and the founders never envisioned the federal government to do as much as this federal government does that being said we have important issues.
7:47 pm
if we do a few simple but important things i think the 20 first century will be better than the 20th. we could have one of the largest economic expansions in american history. there's a lot of people ready to invest in america's future they are not going to do it unless our tax codes work, regulations under control and a plan to dale with our national debt. >> greta: if you can pull the -- pull the present aside what would you say? >> the free enterprise system works well. it has created more tune, wealth, prosperity, than any -- than any other system in the world. >> greta: you think he doesn't think it works? >> he's part of a group of people that think the free enterprise system is unfair. we should be moving towards economic justice instead of opportunity. i think he misunderstands the role of government. i think he sincerely believes that presidents and senators can create jobs. we can create an environment
7:48 pm
for job creation. ultimately, jobs are created by everyday people from all walks of life that start a business or grow an existing business. our job is to make it easier for them to do that. >> greta: thank you. >> thank you. >> greta: a loud message for the obama administration from an unlikely place. that's next. for sunsweet, growing the perfect prune plum is an art form. and now, we present a true masterpiece: d'noir prunes. they're delicious. absolutely perfect. d'lightful, d'cious, d'noir prunes, only from sunsweet. ♪ ♪
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>> greta: new worry for the white house. democrats were just handed two big lawsuits raising questions about the president's chances in 2012. joining us associate politics editor for roll call. good evening christina. >> hi. >> greta: is the obama campaign rattled? any way to them in terms of what 2012 could bring? >> they are never going to portray they are rattled. one of the messages is in fact they are head down trying to fill the grassroots organization focusing on what they are doing next year trying not to pay attention to the everyday polls. those messages may sound familiar, because they are. this is what you heard in
7:53 pm
2008. they were able to be out in chicago,. of course it is not a good sign in is a solidly democratic district in new york and the president was a factor there. it would be one thing if turner was able to win by one or two points he had a solid blow-out win if a strong "d" district. that said, special elections are very unusual. and democrats won a bunch before they lost the house last year. >> greta: did weprin ask president obama to campaign for him? was there any offer to campaign for him? >> that's a good question. i know. i imagine if he would have asked obama would have been there. a lot of candidates you are will see distance themselves from the president in several states. a lot of blue states think having obama on the ticket will help, certainly
7:54 pm
california, states like that. i do not expect to see president obama campaigning along side claire mccaskill in missouri for example facing a tough reelection campaign there. >> greta: she was one of the first to come out for president obama in 2008. everyone thought she would go with then senator clinton and instead hitched her horse to president obama. >> yeah i think that is going to be something you are talking about. how much has changed from where some of the redder states the president could go to in 2008 and enjoy that spirit of candidacy is going to change that said, the obama campaign will tell you, we are competing every. even though indian narcotic missouri, these states that were traditional -- battlegrounds, they say they are going to compete there they are knocking at other states they need to win, north carolina, virginia, florida being important and the west.
7:55 pm
>> greta: nevada, what happened? >> that was really expected. a democrat never held this distick congressionally. i was very close for the presidency in 2008. it was not a major deal that she lost, although she did lose in a big way. >> greta: we'll be watching. this campaign is going to be fascinating. christina, thank you. >> thank you. >> greta: coming up, president obama is heading to the out back in november. what is vice president biden doing? this seems strange, but it is next. @?ñ well we tried the whole pinkhing. nope.
7:56 pm
all she wants to wear is hoodies. hoodies and cargo shorts. getting dirty. then she left some crayons in her pocket and they went through the wash. i thought all r clothes were ruined. >>. >> the stains are gone. it's kind of too bad. [ laughs ] another car garage honey?
7:57 pm
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book early and save up to 20% at any holiday inn express. stay you. two of the most important are energy security and economic growth. north america actually has one of the largest oil reserves in the world. a large part of that is oil sands. this resource has the ability to create hundreds of thousands ojobs. at our kearl project in canada, we'll be able to produce these oil sands with the same emissions as many other oils and that's a huge breakthrough. that's good for oucountry's energy security and our economy. >> greta: 11:00 is almost here, flash studio lights, it's time, last call. vice president joe biden is busy looking for help and jimmy fallon explains.


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