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tv   Hannity  FOX News  September 15, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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the half billion dollar taxpayer funded loan to solyndra is growing by the hour. fbi, congress, treasury department, have now all open up investigations into this matter. the big question being asked by the house energy committee is, did the white house push through the loan in reckless fashion to advance the president's bogus green jobs agenda? somebody you may be interested hearing from is the former employee who called into the mark levin radio show. listen as she tells the great one of the destruction. vacant factory and what the white house's role may have been. >> while we were out there, building it, because it is a half a billion dollar plant, everyone already knew that there was a more inexpensive way to manufacturer these solar panels. everyone knew the plant wouldn't work. they still built it.
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and basically stole that money. [ inaudible ] they are filing bankruptcy next week. >> sean: despite e-mails that clearly indicate that white house officials were engaged in the loan process, press secretary carney had this to is say today. >> there is standard operating procedure for the white house to get some involved in a loan by the department of energy? >> there's no evidence that the white house was involved in the loan this is the white house involved, because they weren't. the white house was involved in trying to find out when a decision would be made. so they could make -- the staph could make a decision about the vice president's having an event. -- >> sean: no evidence? really? i have a feeling that is a sound bite you are going to regret delivering in the future. joining us jay sekulow is back and white house former counsel
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lanny davis. what carney said is not true. meetings that took place, for example there were solyndra executives that were in the white house, according to white house logs, the week before the company received the 535 million dollars. the meetings took place at the white house, while a white house budget analyst warned in an e-mail, this deal is not ready for primetime. the office of management and budget said they had a gun at their head. there isn't time to negotiate. the vice president's office was told we would prefer to have sufficient time to do our due diligence reviews. one of the top guys bundled half a million dollars for the president. you don't see a problem here? >> you are connecting dots without packs. >> sean: no, lanny, don't accuse me -- stop, don't accuse me of not having the
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facts. i gave you the e-mails, they are all on the record if you would do your research, you would have rae the same thing. >> i did. the e-mails say they were pushing omb to make an they don't say to award the loan that loan began under the bush administration. do you have an e-mail that says [ talking over each other ] >> the loan did begin under the bush administration. you would have the facts. the fact is, 10 days before president obama was sworn into office the evaluation team that puts the recommendation finally together, unanimously said this loan should not be approved. the presidency or the white house, or the administration, within that context, clearly for political expediency, let's be realistic they wanted this deal to be a showcase for their green jobs. the government is incapable of doing the due diligence necessary. you end with a situation where
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the e-mail evidence shows that the analysis done by the administration's officials said this company would be out of money in september of 2011. guess what? they are. and the white house only now say if we are going to unwind this deal after sean mentioned the e-mail that said they are not ready for primetime. they said we are going to unwind this deal, we better do so quickly. why? the that white house targeted this deal to be the showcase for the green jobs. no green produced here. a lot of unfortunately, economic losses and a lot of people lost their jobs and the american taxpayers are out half a billion dollars. >> it sounds like this was a bad decision and a bad loan. you are speculating it had anything to do with donation or political influence. they may have just made a wrong decision. now looking back at may have been a bad decision.
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>> sean: lanny, wait a minute, way. the guy bundled money. the guy had access. i don't know many people -- you don't bundle half a million dollars for the president, you don't get if the white house four times before your company gets all this money. number two, you say they didn't have knowledge. the vice president's office was given a note. we would prefer to have sufficient time to do our due diligence here. top democrats now show that on a -- look at -- in the best case scenario here, what you have is people close to the white house, buying influence and getting rewarded for their financial support. that's the best casein their yo that i see lanny. >> first of all, -- you are concluding there was buying of influence. let's wait for the facts to show that. this was something i faced when i was in the clinton white house. the rooster crows and the sunrises. therefore the rooster causes
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the sun to rise. >> sean: forget roosters and cross. how do -- how do they get into the white house? >> i'm shocked that in the bush white house and previous white houses -- >> sean: forget, i don't care -- [ talking over each other ] >> they said this deal shouldn't go forward. unanimously said this deal shouldn't be done. someone inside the administration grabbed this deal. decided to showcase it. this isn't conjecture and speculation. there's e-mail -- look we are both lawyers we deal with he have. the evidence is showing this deal was looked at by the white house. decided to be highlighted. 9 loan was rushed through without -- the loan was rushed through without due diligence. the best light is to the that it was just a bad loan. i was a bad loan rushed through by a government and
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white house that wanted to showcase something for the green jobs program. and the american taxpayers are stuck with the bill that's the problem. >> a quick suggestion to the white house, because this is a crisis management issue. what we would do in the white house is put everything out, all the e-mail, every piece of correspondence, every piece of paper to show the white house's involvement find out what happened at the energy department. if they made a wrong decision, then it is a wrong decision. but we can at least clear the air. [ talking over each other ] >> this is half a billion dollars to someone who bundled money for the president. let's be realistic. they pushed this thing on fast forward because the president wanted to highlight the green jobs program. [ talking over each other ] >> sean: hang on for a second. do you really believe that the average person watching this program, if they didn't bundle half a million dollars for the president they would have access to the white house,
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four times the week before they got 500 million dollars? do you believe that lanny davis? look in the camera and tell the american people you believe that? >> i think whether democrats or republicans -- [ talking over each other ] >> everybody watching this show knows big donors go to republican and democratic white houses. >> >> sean: it is bush's fault. >> big donors don't get half a billion dollars in loans -- [ talking over each other ] >> the government own analyst said don't give them the money it is not ready for primetime. >> big donors on the merits. >> sean: on the merits. four meetings with the white house. everyone says don't do it, he does it any way. >> we check in next with louisiana governor jindal. he's here to explain how this will impact the race 2012. and he is supporting perry to
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great. thank you so much. [ male announcer ] we provide great service, so you can stay you. holiday inn express. stay you. [ tv announcer ] today's trivia question -- what's the hardest play in baseball? the unassisted triple play. the unassisted triple play. [ male announcer ] stay smart and book smart. book early and save up to 20% at any holiday inn express. stay you. . >> sean: another day, another reason why we can not afford four more years of obama according to the labor department the number of people applying for unemployment last week skyrocketed by 11,000 applications the highest level in three months. even democrats are conceding
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it is time for the white house to start sweating. james carville said one word comes to mind, people often ask me what advice i would give the white house about various things. today i was mulling over the election results from new york and nevada while thinking about that question. what should the white house do now? one word came to mind, "panic." karl rove is right i couldn't agree more. joining me the man who threw his support behind rick perry. governor jindal. how are you? >> sean, i'm doing great. i think james carville got it right. one thing he got wrong. he said president obama should fire a bunch of people. the person who needs to be fired is president obama. it starts at the top. they have so many left wing radicals in the white house. you said it early and were you right he's the most liberal president we've ever elected. this election is as important between the election between way from began and carter that's how important it is to
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make sure president obama is a one-term president. >> sean: on the president's's jobs bill there is hardly any democrats who want to go along with it. massachusetts, liberal state. the candidate who was going to take on brown worked for obama, hand picked when asked if she would support the jobs bill. i'm not sure about that. it seems like the list -- distancing has begun. how problemmatic is that for him? >> it is huge. you can't blame them. he proposes stimulus part two, the same policies that don't work. more taxes, borrowing, government spending. what he doesn't seem to understand is when the government creates jobs it doesn't help the american taxpayer. we the private sector creates jobs that does help taxpayers. he never understood if he took economics 101. you saw the election results in new york and nevada.
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in new york the most democratic district for 80, 90 years. chuck schumer's old seat and a republican wins it, running on a conservative republican message against obama's failed economic policies. it is simple, you've got president obama thinks that 14 trillion of debt is no problem. we understand it is drowning our country's economy. he believes more taxes the answer. we understand you need to cut tabs. he believes more regulations will fix the economy. we understand epa and other regulations are standing in the way of job creation. even democrats, the same democrats who voted for those stimulus policies, obamacare returning away, hoping to survive despite his poll ratings and failed policies. >> sean: how interesting after the summer of recovery, geithner is saying we are at the early stage of a crisis. we lost our aaa rating.
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one in six americans in poverty. we define poverty as a family of four that headaches $22 to you a year. there's -- that makes $22,000 a year. then obama says, if you love me, give me another 500 billion dollars. what do you make of his new plan? >> clearly, the president is in way over his head this is what you get when you elect a president who has never run anything before, until he got to be president. the only thing he ever ran was his campaign. the reality is the stimulus they promised to keep unemployment below 8%. i'm supporting rick perry he has been governor of texas nearly left -- nearly 11 years. this is a fundamental choice, president obama is going to try to take us more towards the path of a european-style socialism. already tried to take over parts of the banking and auto
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industries. we need a principled, fiscal conservative. perry has a proven track record. the mistake this country made when we elected, i know you and i didn't vote for him. the mistake we made is we elected a candidate who has never run anything. never balanced a budget. never made a payroll, no track record. >> sean: the biggest deal he ever did, i think i did bigger deals when i was a contractor going back in my earlier life than i think this president has ever had. let me ask you about why you picked governor perry. i'm holding off on who i support. but i'm impressed with this field, including governor perry and governor romney and newt and bachmann and santorum. i'm impressed with how these debates are going. every week i think all candidates seem to be stronger. i know the media loves the intramural fighting.
6:18 pm
why did you pick governor perry this early? and do you not like the other candidates? >> i was at the debate in florida. almost every one of those candidates would be a huge improvement over president obama, make no mistake. you couldn't have a more clear choice. this election is not going to be about personality, who can give the best speech. let's be clear, president obama has a very, very liberal aggressive radical agenda. they will try to does it up. let's be very clear. he wants to grow government. spend your children's and children's money. borrow more from china. raise our taxes. every one of the republican candidates understands that's a recipe for disaster. perry consistently stood against regulations, taxes and government spending and he has a proven track record. >> sean: as the front-runner, he is going to draw fire that happened in that debate on the
6:19 pm
term ponzi scheme for social security. on the hpv vaccine issue, immigration some other issues. did you feel he answered those three questions in a way that is going to help him as he moves forward? >> a couple of things. i think debates are great. too lone the republican party is anointed or -- too long the republican party is anointed that is not healthy. >> sean: not going to happen this time. >> that's a good thing. i don't agree with rick on 100% of the issues. i think he's the best candidate when it comes to the economy. social security, he got a lot of attacks. the democrats are trying to use the word upon did scheme. the real is democrats know the entitlement programs are going broke. they know doing nothing is not a choice. they know every two years they try to scare the public, win elections -- [ talking over each other ] >> sean: it didn't work in new york and he tried to do this to turner it fell flat.
6:20 pm
last question, do you agree with karl rove and dick morris, two people that think that perry feeds to explain, no i want to save social security. romney hit him on this hard. because of what he wrote in his book. do you think he needs to change the way he's communicating the issue? do you think he's doing it effectively the way he's doing it? >> i think what he said monday -- he'll have many more tunes to expand upon this. what he said -- more opportunities to expand upon this. >> sean: if they asked you to be vp would you say yes? >> no, i have the best job in the world. >> sean: wiggle room no? >> no. i don't want a job from rick perry, i want him to create millions of jobs. i've got the best job in the world. yours is a close second sean. >> sean: i kind of like mine. governor, good to see you. thanks for being with us. >> thanks sean. >> sean: coming up our weekly
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>> sean: welcome back. time for media mash. our weekly round up of all the ways the liberal media fries to spin the news. joining me brent bozell. how are you, sir? >> how are you? bobby jindal told you he won't take the vp spot. let's offer it to mark levin. >> sean: i'm all for it. i would prefer him be secretary of defense. we'll let him have the codes. let's start with -- we are so proud of nbc news i bet brian williams is proud, don't you think? it seems like he's learning from his liberal friends at the news network there. let's watch and compare how brian interviews and talks to some of the gop candidates versus the way he throws up softballs to the anointed one.
6:26 pm
>> the catholic faith has, as part of it, carrying for the poor. where do the poor come in? where do they place, in this party, on this stage, and a santorum administration? your state ranks the worse in the country high school graduation rates. you recently signed a budget cut for billions in educating funding. young teacher in texas horrified to see kids coming too the classroom hungry do you that i is any more providing nutrition at schools for children, a role of the federal government? >> it appears we are sitting 30 feet from harry truman's official white house portrait. members of your base are asking when are you going to get your harry truman on? >> sean: did you see rick santorum's face? little bit of a difference here? >> let's go to the republican one first. we counted in the republican
6:27 pm
debate, 26 ideological questions, questions from the left or right with an ideological bent. out of 26 questions, how many do you think came with a left wing ideological bent? >> sean: none. >> 25. 25 out of 26. >> sean: all right perfect. >> now, that is fine, if you are going to play devil's advocate. tim russert was good at that. that's not what these questions are. they are not hardballs, they are spitballs. designed to trip you up. they are designed to make you look bad. if you are going to do that fine, then do it to the democrat. he turns to obama and asks him, when are you going to get your harry truman on? isn't time for a good old fashioned jobs work bill? he doesn't ask the republicans are you going to get your
6:28 pm
ronald reagan on? isn't it time for a good old fashioned tax cut this is a good snapshot of the two-sided news media. >> sean: stay on truman. bold, forceful his speech on jobs which was awful. by the way, his poll numbers went down after, they didn't go up. watch how they are trying to get this harry truman thing, the great comeback, no nothing congress. seems like a narrative advanced by the dnc. >> this is going to be a plan with a price tag of over 400 billion dollars. more than half of it will be taxuts. this is an extraordinary bold plan by the president. >> i thought this was a forceful speech. the president understands the stakes, the country could go into another resection. he made a robust defense of government. that government has a role to play here. >> this is not the cool, detached college professor that some people accused
6:29 pm
barack obama of being. he really at 'em tonight. a lot of harry truman in his speech tonight. >> how many times have i said that the media in this country are like the press secretaries for in guy? >> yeah, they really are running his press;bk the statement is flat out untrue. she talks about half of it being tax cuts. there are 245 billion dollars in tax cuts proposed. they are short term. also 467 billion dollars in tax increases that are permanent. what she said isn't true. rest of this is pom-pom waving. nobody had guts to say there's nothing bold. there's nothing new. it is stimulus two. except with half the price tag. >> sean: imagine if i did a cartoon or narrative here on this program, anti-obama cartoon with let's say a character's wright, ayers and
6:30 pm
dorn i think there would be interesting reaction to that. this is what cbs did to rick perry. let's roll the tape. >> perry is one of the country's most religious and socially conservative governors. he has launched lawsuits against washington. he calls klein 'tises liars and challenges federal authority on issues from taxes to civil rights. >> he has caed social security a failure and ponzi scheme for starters. >> he made it legal to hunt wild boar from the air. he's the kind of governor who would shoot a coyote while out jogging. he actually did shoot a coyote while he was out jogging. >> sean: got a problem with that? >> he's probably a damn good shot too. this is the cbs morning news show? this is a 3 1/2 minute cartoon designed to ridicule perry. they said they would do it
6:31 pm
with the other republicans. no word if they do it to barack obama. you think they would dare do a 3 1/2 minute cartoon ridiculing barack obama? never in a million years this is cbs morning news. we'll say it over and over again, they are throwing everything and the kitchen sink at republicans this year. >> sean: it didn't work in new york, they radar and 2010. and good -- in nevada and 2010. and good luckin 2012. >> when we come back, can you be as happy on a monday as a friday? he says yes. ♪ [ female announcer ] the road is not exactly a place of intelligence. highway maintenance is underfunded, costing drivers $67 billion a year, and countless tires. which drivers never actually check because they're busy, checking email. this is why we engineered a car that makes 2,000 decisions every second.
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6:36 pm
ya. >> sean: bernard mcguirk is back. nina easton is back. she reality tv star housewives of some city and author of the secrets of a jewish mother. did you get fired or did you quit? >> neither. bravo hasn't released what they want to do. >> sean: it is on one of those websites. >> i know, do you believe everything you read? >> sean: i'm asking you. >> every housewife is going to decide on their own based on their conversations with bravo there is no pink slip. it is like do you want to come back. do they want you back? >> sean: do they want you back? >> of course. >> sean: so you didn't get fired. what does it moon when the democratic party, new york 9, 1920, the democrats held the district in nevada, huge margin from 2008 to now, 28,000 mor voters for the republican. here's what james carville says. he has advice for the
6:37 pm
democrats in the white house. what should the white house do now, one word comes to mind "panic." we are past talking points. don't attempt to dumb it down. have you talked to any democratic senators lately? i have it is clear they are not happy campers. carville is right. >> you know who else aren't happy campers other democrats, like clinton democrats. business democrats. i have friends who are democrats who are not happy campers in washington. this frustration has been building. the new york race was really telling. jewish voters, he has problems in the jewish community. >> big problems. >> and i think it is not just these races, it is also this jobs plan he came out with, once again it is groundhog day. more of the same. there's a sense even from the left of the party, -- where is the plan? >> carville said panic.
6:38 pm
i would throw in pray and maybe a little voodoo on top of it. he said fire, indict, fight. hold people accountable for the financial disaster. i would start with alan greenspan, franklin raines. i would like to see barney frank in handcuffs. led off to prison of course. all of those things. [ talking over each other ] >> sean: it has to be him. >> that is true. as far as the base, the perception on the public's part goes somebody has to be held accountable. carville is giving him advice. he should do some of that. tap into the public anger. >> he should come up with a plan that has faith in the private sector not in the public sector. he keeps coming up with plans that trusts government to rescue this economy. >> he needs just to get the
6:39 pm
momentum, some momentum back. he needs to fire everybody. he feeds to clean house. >> sean: not going to do it. >> it is him. at the end of the day the buck stops here. it is about him, voters can fire him next year. it is about his view of how to rescue this economy and it is him. it really is the -- [ talking over each other ] >> he has a chance to do something radical and bold and do real -- >> sean: you are saying all along you have been right hannity? >> i think you have. >> sean: for the 46.2 million americans that are in poverty now, i wish i was wrong. imus admits i was right? >> he will never admit that. hannity was right, those words you will never hear. >> james carville a friend of the program was on the show yesterday. he also said that he was
6:40 pm
watching tv, he's afraid one of these crazy people at the republican debate is going to get elected. carville calling somebody crazy like chris christie calling somebody fat, i guess. >> oh! >> i love carville, but i'm just saying. >> sean: carville is a fun guy. by the way, we disagree. the guy knows politics. >> and he's given great counsel in the past. when he speaks it is telling. >> sean: the ship has sailed for him to triangulate, do what clinton did, you are right that speech groundhog day. >> i don't think there's ever been a president with that high of an unemployment rate that has been reelected. >> sean: why has the jewish community turned on him? i know he screwed netanyahu twice. >> '67 borders comment. >> sean: he left him in the
6:41 pm
white house sitting there. >> the thing about the jewish community he has criticized israel about settlements. what has he said about the palestinians? >> sean: next week is going to be interesting to see was in the united nations. >> time to check in with greta for a sneak peek. why are you smiling? >> greta: because i saw the football go up. was it the football? >> sean: this is why i took my wedding ring off. i take it off, spin it, i can't sit still, i'm like a 2-year-old. nobody cares. >> greta: i hope you can sit still long enough to watch on the record tonight. we go inside solyndra with an it. we've heard bank bailouts, bailouts for the auto industry. how about a big politically connected law firm? you lake that one? >> sean: i like it a lot.
6:42 pm
greta is on the case. -- >> greta: i'll see you monday, maybe you can throw it through the wall. >> sean: invite me on your show. >> greta: you stay that up late? >> i would for you. more with our panel coming up. >> greta: sean, monday night. >> sean: all right. nationwide insurance, what's up ?
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>> sean: we continue with our panel. chris christie slapping the media again. >> i don't put out my private schedule to everything nor will i ever nor has any other governor. if it is a private meeting, i'm not disclosing it. that's just the way it goes guys. i'm allowed to get advice and counsel from people that i want to. i'm allowed to meet people that i want to. people want to talk to me about whatever they want to talk about. you are not entitled to know everything that i do. >> sean: i lover of that.
6:47 pm
>> if i was a woman i would be attracted to that kind of decisiveness. >> sean: you just attacked him for his white house. >> -- him for his weight. >> as far as the public knowing what he's doing. it is a fine line. let's say he was dressing up's woman hanging out at the mall in new jersey, at the food court -- >> you are obsessed with the food. >> sad reality, we have to know what the hell you are doing. >> he's entitled to his privacy. let's be honest. was this really a private meeting? he wasn't with his friend from high school many this seemed like a businessman. it was a billionaire. >> sean: see what? >> i think -- >> sean: the difference would be like solyndra where the company execs donate a bundle to the president. they meet with him four times in the week before they get 535 million dollars.
6:48 pm
then everyone else in the white house don't guarantee these loans. >> contacts of the speech he gave to the koch brothers, there was no money involved. and typically, fundraisers are off-the-record. which do involve money. you remember the old obama quote where he said at a fundraiser he thought was off-the-record he talked about people addicted to guns and god, you remember that? >> sean: right. >> that was supposed to be off-the-record. what is interesting about this story is this obsession with the koch brothers on the left and in the media. there's this belief, this myth they think the tea party would not exist without funding from the brothers, which is ridiculous if that was the case the cato institute would be running the country because provided funding to the cato institute. >> he's entitled to his privacy.
6:49 pm
>> if obama was hanging out with the nation of islam on the weekends we would be concerned. it is a tough question. >> sean: i've always wanted to know, because he hung out with a radical group in chicago and michelle obama is on the cover of a magazine with mrs. farrakhan. >> you have to set some -- again, there's not money being exchanged. >> sean: i have to move on. michelle obama now encouraged by her olive garden, red lobster they are going to cut their calories. do we have to get a parental waiver if get fries. >> it is a free country you should be able to eat if you want to eat garbage. >> sean: the food i like is not garbage. >> but it is high calorie food. >> sean: i lost 15 pounds. >> that said, i think michelle obama -- i think this is a good cause for her being a role model for children,
6:50 pm
particularly in 'tis advantaged communities. -- particularly in disadvantaged communites. >> some of the lyrics and some of the songs that the girls are listening to --j -- [ talking over each other ] >> sean: good to see all of you. pastor joel olsteen is next. [ whispering ] ok, here's your room key,
6:51 pm
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>> sean: according to my next guest you don't have to wait until tomorrow morning to be a happier person. he's come up with a plan to make everyday friday that happens to be the title of his new book. earlier i sat down with author, pastor joel olsteen. how are you? >> hey sean. >> sean: you didn't bring your wife is she mad at me? >> no, she will come next time. she loves you. >> sean: this is an interesting concept. i love my job. i love to work. there are some times on mondays, i wish i had another two days or something. i don't dread going to work. you don't dread going to work. >> no. >> sean: a lot of people do. i remember my years in construction sometimes i would
6:55 pm
be like, 16 hours a day, four weeks at a time. there are days i was like oh no, i hated monday. >> yeah, you can't wait -- a lot of people can't wait to get off. studies show people are happier on fridays. when i read that i thought we shouldn't have one day where we are happier. we can enjoy each day if we had right attitude. we learn how to see each day as a gift. that's what the book is about. choosing to be happy each day. >> >> sean: on the weekend, you go do what you want to do. anything -- if you don't want to do anything you can sit in front of the tv and watch you or fox news that part of it that seems natural? i want to play with my kids. i want to workout. go out to dinner with friends. >> i think is natural. i don't think god created us to endure monday, tuesday, wednesday or dread it. there are more heart attacks monday.
6:56 pm
people get uptight if we see each day as a gift and have the right attitude even if the job you don't like that much, if you can find something to be grateful for, you can still enjoy it. >> sean: that is a good point. maybe we have gotten away from the idea. you can name any business and you are providing a good or service to somebody else. is that the whole purpose behind work? is that you are supposed to learn to serve other people? >> i think so. i think you are posed to help others to be productive with your life. we teach people, i gotta go to work today. a lot of people today would love to have a job. i get to go to work today. i don't are to clean the house. i get to clean the house, i'm healthy, i have strength, peace. >> sean: i never imagine myself getting up, i get to clean the house today. i don't that i is going to happen. >> it's hard. >> sean: that is a hard one. i think what you are saying is a lot of how we feel is based on how we think.
6:57 pm
i read a book not long ago. the premise was thoughts create feelings, emotions, et cetera. if you change the way you think, you change the way you feel. >> i agree 100%. i put it your life follows your thoughts. you get up in the morning, i don't want to go to work, it is so bad. you are going to draw in negative. if you think wow, i'm alive today i have a good family, it is going to draw in good things. >> sean: i've never seen you down. i've been looking to penetrate. you have down moments, do you have times when you are stressed out? >> i do. but i do what i ask other people to do. then i come bang to that place of peace. and say god you are in control. you knew i was going to have this problem. you knew whatever it might be. i try to come back to the place of peace. >> sean: do you ever get mad? >> i don't really get mad.
6:58 pm
>> sean: ever? >> i may get upset or angry at injustice or something like that i hike to use my energy to fix things not just to -- i like to use my energy to fix things not just be angry. >> sean: you are unusual. i think anger is the most destructive emotion you can have. no good for you, for the people, it is the anti-'tis sis of forgiveness. -- there are a lot of angry people out there, we get frustrated and annoyed and we have the pressures of the day. i have to fix the car, my boss yelled at me. >> there's a lot of people that have never been trained how to release their anger. >> sean: how do you do that? >> you have to believe that god is in control of your life. it is one step at a time. you may not do it every time. you have to think i'm diagnose to let it go. there's a lot of distractions in life that i find we give
6:59 pm
our emotional energy to that we don't need to. somebody says something at the office, let it go and moved forward. it is a distraction. it is not between you and your destiny. >> sean: this is a positive book. no reason to be miserable the other days of the week and enjoy your life every. good to see you pastor, thanks for being with us. >> my pleasure. >> sean: that is all the time we have left. thank you for being . the news continues. greta is next. >> greta: the solyndra scandal is setting people on fire. why did the obama administration push then guarantee a 535 million dollar thrown to a company that was wobbly at best and has now gone belly-up? not only are we on the hook for the loan, but 1100 workers were fired on the spot with no noti.


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