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tv   Huckabee  FOX News  September 18, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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since my presidency is this: look at it! >> take that. republican bob turner's victory delivered an unmistakable message to president obama, be afraid, be very afrid. ooh. i'm shaking in my boots. and look at the smirk on his face. don't believe this trash! >> these results don't have anything to do with me. republicans winning a very liberal jewish district has nothing to do with my policy in israel. the jewish people and i, we are hkosher and they call me o oi-bama, a few nights ago i told the folks who paid $35,000 a plate to attend my fundraiser, i have the better chance of winning in 2012 than
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i did in 2008. so don't worry about these ridiculous headlines. rest assured, that as long as i'm in this office, you're in good hands. good night and god bless america. are we done? >> we're off. >> good. who's on huckabee tonight? >> bob turner. >> bob turner? oye va, i'm over here. >> tonight on huckabee, he's one of the most kirth members of the the senate. who does senator jim demint think is the best candidate for the white house? and solyndra didn't have had a solid business plan, but pushed for a half billion dollar anyway and now the company has gone bust and gerri willis and sandra smith with their grades on the scandal. plus, is this the end of days? >> i believe we're living in the last generation. >> billy graham's daughter live tonight. tonight, ladies and gentlemen,
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governor mike huckabee. >> mike: thank you. thank you very much. very enthusiastic audience with us tonight. welcome to new york city. this week the palestinian authority is coming to the u.n. and demand that think be declared a state in total defiance of all the agreements of the peace process and they're going to force the hand of the u.s. to veto any favorable vote. it's an unnecessary and unproductive move on the part of palestinians that reveal their disregard to consummate a peace deal with the israelis and further example of the blatant contempt that foreign leaders actually have for the current administration and president obama. what was supposed to be a new day of foreign relations, well, it certainly happened. we're no longer feared and therefore, we're no longer respected. iran builds nuclear bombs and the saudis thumb their nose at human rights and the europeans
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lecture us on running a debt and the chinese violate trade agreements and debt ridden faces and stick it in our ear. israel should not stop building communities, but accelerate building and make it clear that building residential areas will continue until the palestinians acknowledge israel's right to exist and to have a safe and secure homeland. well, do you believe in mayorcles? a miracle happened this week, you might have missed it. sarah palin defended by a writer in the new york times. yes, that's right. a piece of "pulp fiction" marketed as a book by some stalker, who went sewer swimming to write about the palins put out a book that was so awful, that the new york times book reviewer trashed it instead of sarah palin. and the nation he's poverty rate-- (applause) >> and the nation's poverty
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rate rose to over 15% this wook, highe esest since 199 #. sad thing is the-- president obama promised hope and change. and poor people are running out of hope, but hope we get some change. and james carville boldly projected that the president needs to fire people. i agree. if he doesn't, i'm afraid the country is going to fire the president next year. by the way, if he wonders who he can get to be his academic advisor, i've got just the person. it's my two month old grandson chandler. oh! >> i love it when the audience does that. and what does he know about the economy? not a dang thing. (laughter) >> you know what? he couldn't do any worse than the people that obama is listening to now, and besides-- (applause) >> this gave me the opportunity to shamelessly show you the latest photo of
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my grandson. [applause] >> that's my view and i welcome yours. you can contact me at mike and click on the fox feedback session. and send your comment or join my facebook page or follow me on twitter. well, you probably know bob turner became the first republican to win his congressional district in over 90 years, earlier this week he shocked the political world, beating david weprin in the heavily democrat 9th congressional district. and joining me from queens, new york congressman bob turner. good to have you with us. >> (applause) >> i want to again, just by-- do you like the sound of congressman, is that something you're getting used to now? >> i keep looking over my shoulder to see who they're talking to, but i'm getting used to it. there were a lot of people in the political establishment among republicans who didn't think you had a chance. some of the committees didn't even want to support you.
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do you kind of feel vindicated by the election results? they weren't really that close. >> i think i got a great deal of support from the state party, the national republican party, but mostly, it was democrats and independents coming across party lines, supporting the right ideas. >> how much i am tactful-- impact did the endorsement of former mayor koch have in your election? >> a 3-1 democratic to republican district, his endorsement gave it the right credibility and strategy for crossing party lines. i can reach a critical point of the election. >> do you also feel that you're a tea party candidate. i mean, that was the way the democrats tried to characterize you, and tried to scare people, that, oh, this bob turner, he's a tea party
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guy. are you a tea party guy and if so, what does that mean? >> well, when i was confronted with that, i said, we don't really have a tea party here, but we have people who are sympathetic, and the tea stands for taxed enough already. the people i've met who identified themselves with the tea movement are constitutionalists and pro note american exceptionalism. so, i think i can live with that. >> mike: you also had a very memorable reaction when i think people were speculating was your election a message to president obama? give me that line again, i thought it was absolutely brilliant. >> i forget, but it was something along the line of, yes, indeed, it is a message. >> mike: i think, i thought it was great. i think you said, i am the message and indeed, congressman, you are and it's great to be able to call you congressman, i know you've only been there a few days and
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don't have time to change the whole system yet, but you've heard about the president's job plan which seems to be like a retread of the one he talked about before. but is there anything in that plan that you could get your arms around and embrace and say, yeah, we could do that? >> well, i think the strength of-- the bill or the proposed bill it's a starting point. there are more things we'll disagree with, but both sides are going to have to come together and soon, if we're going to do anything positive, we have to get on both side of the aisle. but we thank the president for starting the process and now let's get to work. >> i know you've got a lot of congratulatory calls from across the country. one little question i've got to ask. congressman did you get a call from the white house and the president congratulating on the election? >> it may have gotten lost in the things, but i'm not aware
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of it. >> mike: i am he' sure it's coming soon. congressman, you're a great sport, but more than that, you're a great american and congratulations and also, thanks for having the courage to do what a lot of people say could not be done and you proved that it could and i hope you enjoy your time in congress and i hope we, as an american people. enjoy your time in congress, thank you very much indeed. >> thank you very much. >> congressman bob sherman. he's known to many, ap who does he thinks represents the tea party views? senator jim demint is joining me next. ngine revving ] [ ma announcer ] you won't find the toughness of a ram 1500 combined with the legendary power of a hemi v8 in any other truck.
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side effects may include headache, upset stomach, delayed backache or muscle ache. to avoid long-term injury seek immediate medical help for an erection lasting more than 4 hours. if you have any sudden decrease or loss in hearing or vision, stop taking cialis and call your doctor right away. [ male announcer ] ask your doctor if cialis for daily use is right for you. for a 30-tablet free trial offer, go to >> my next guest says that america has changed the last couple of years, but it's not the type of change that president obama promised. going to meet from charleston, south carolina, senator and the author of the new book "the great american awakening"
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jim demint. good to have you here with me. i want to get into a question. a lot of people thought you'd run for president, and you've become known as a leader in the tea party movement. why did you decide not to? >> well, mike, i might be the only senator who looks in the mirror and till doesn't see a president. i was hoping you would run. and i kent thinking i would see someone come forward, who could do a better job, i have a unique role right now in the senate and if we can get five or ten more solid conservatives in the senate, i think this we could give the next president a congress that they can work with. >> mike: who do you think the next president ought to be? have you made a determination, anyone you've enforced dip or do you anticipate it? >> i learned last time. if you get in too early you might miss the best candidate, which i did. i think in your case, mike. so, i'm going to wait this time and i want to see how
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these candidates respond to the issues that are in washington now that we're having to deal with, the debt and the super congress recommendation, there will be a lot of things happen over the next couple months that will tell me which candidate has the character, the courage to actually lead our country. >> last time you did endorse, support, governor mitt romney he's on the ballot again. what were the factors which led you to support him last time and you're not so far, i realize you still might. what causes you to esitate. it was a different time than, our country is about 5 trillion more in debt than it was, and we're borrowing 42 cents on every doll. last time i was looking for someone with some business experience because my background is business and so many of washington seems object irrational when it comes to our economy. and that's what i was looking
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for then and we still need someone who understands how economics worked and why america's so different and so much more prosperous than most other nations. i don't think a lot of folks in washington understand that. particularly the president right now. i want to watch the candidates for while and see what the proposals are and keep studying them and i may the not get involved at all. if i do, it's probably going to be in january before i pick a candidate. >> mike: but, specifically, was there something about governor romney? you mentioned some of the business experience issues, but those would be the issues that he would be most prepared for. and do you anticipate that you would support governor romney this time? >> well, i am he' open to all the candidates and i see strengths on all of them, not just the top two, but the ones in the world right now and i find at every debate, particularly the forum in south carolina where we gave them 20 minutes to talk, i found out a lot about them. which had the most depth when
5:16 pm
it came to america's first principles. so, i he see strengths and i see some weak northeasts and i really just want to let it play out right now. don't have a favorite, and i think we saw it in the last section that you were a part of, thanks really change a you move toward the first caucus and found whenever i endorse a candidate they generally stop listening to me and i'm hoping that we can, encourage them to move in the right direction. >> mike: is there sni candidate on that stage that you would find unacceptable as a republican nominee? >> no, there's not. i think there's some as we get further along, that may appear to be more electable and it's important that we win, mike. i wrote about in the book "the great american way" what the grass roots movement did to change things in 2010 and actually we saw signs that have when you first ran, but
5:17 pm
2012 may be our lance chance to turn things around and what i want team to know is that the power to save our country is in their hands and we need to get them back engaged with the process and i want to be a part of that and i'm going to follow where the grass roots go as far as the presidential race. >> let's talk about the book because in it you said there was something that happened in you. a persol change because of the crisis in the country. i want you to talk about that. what was that moment, if it was a proemeblem or process. tell me what happened in their heart and mind and saying that this country is in a case. when i was elected to the house, we had about 5 trillion dollars debt and i thought i was joining a republican people that was going to reform the tax code, fix social security, have people buy their own health insurance and i'm afraid i ran into a republican party that was
5:18 pm
focused more on getting reelected and taking home the bacon. over the years in the house, i lost the confidence in the party. by the time i got to the sna, i just decide i my team was outside of washington and i got involved as much as i could with the grass routes movement, trying to replace not only democratic, but some of our republicans. and my pear leaders didn't nesby get behind the folks like marco rubio. i knew it would help the country in the right direction. what happened in me, i had to change my party or at least be a part of changing it before i could give the country a choice which party they should vote for, that meant losing some friends in washington, taking a lot of grief inside washington. everywhere i go around the country, mike, i'm sure you've heard the same thing, people saying thanks for fighting and
5:19 pm
we're praying for you. most say what can i do. >> mike: that's true, senator. people respect the fact you've taken a stand and i want to say thanks for being here, and thanks for the book, the a great awakening and i hope people read it and we're in a deep, deep crisis and take some leadership to work our way out. thank you for joining us. >> has the house had another vote defense raising the debt ceiling. what do we do once we hit the wall. >> he says the whole house is going to come crashing down. we'll be right back. ♪ [ male announcer ] unlike some car companies, nissan is running at 100%, which means the most innovative cars
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>> mike: this week the house of representatives voted ag >> about week the house p
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representatives voted against allowing president obama raising the debt selling 2.4 trillion dollars. the the amount that was built into the august debt deal. my next guest says forget about the debt ceiling we need to be worried about hitting the debt wall. attorney and former policy advisor for president reagan, mark nutle is here. what do you think about the debt wall. >> it's an economic term, that point where governments can't borrow money at cheap rates. they can still get it, but a higher interest rate for it and becomes unaffordable. >> it affects the average person how? >> interest rates go up on car loans, authorities, small business have trouble dnsing the inventory. it's across the board in america that it becomes unaffordable. >> is this really basic law of supply and demand? it's a fact if you have a whole lot of money the interest rates go down. interest you don't have any interest rate, the doctor rates, demand exceeding the
5:24 pm
supply, would that be a simple laymen's. >> there's a cause and effect for everything and supply and demand applies also to capital. now, you've got a charge what happens when we hit the debt wall and by way, there is no way possible for us to get to all of us. i suggest you get to the parks web side and we'll keep it up on the screen. wur he' going to want it and lead it, but let's look at the chart. describe what you mean about the debt wall and why we're close to it. >> this is a world global debt problem the not just in the its. some of the things are a perfect storm. the debt is now greater than the gross domestic product. the world's debt 60, 61 trillion dollars will cross into 100% debt to gdp.
5:25 pm
>> more money than we could possibly bring in. >> more cash flow. >> for everything we do. >> there's a cost for the capitalist to become a force to itself. let's talk about what it means. the wall is a point when you hit the wall, the cost of interest rates go up the point that you have to spend money or cut government services dramatically. and what this sort is. this line is total deficit spending, 181 governments spending right now. only china arguably is cash flowing and we could talk about that another day, but let's take them at their word that they are. in 2009. we have reached this point and bought our way off of it and came down here and-- >> ge one, meaning quantitative easing one. which is a way of throwing money in the system. >> qe1, 600 billion dollars. we've never asked the question, why 600 billion. well, i'll tell you, it was to ease interest rates.
5:26 pm
why isn't it the first time in history that we have to print money and ease and back off intere rates. this is why, the amount of money that's available. liquid capital in the gross total economy, affordable at government rates. in 2008 we had an economic meltdown and extraordinary spending, stimulus, tarp, ongoing deficits. your plate had the same problem you see the picture on the black wall, it spiked in 2009 and when the implement achilles one and the number 600 billion was almost the number you had to have to back off the line. it was extraordinary, one time spending and qe two was part of it. go back up. macarthur haven't been doing it and now we're moving back to structural deficits. >> we're going to hit the wall is what you shall' talking about. i want to talk to you about, if we hit the hole and what are the solutions, what do we
5:27 pm
do to stop crash you willing down all over us. >> that's the thing, governor. we can fix this problem all you have to do is cut the deficits and think about the numbers, the united states government is spending 4 trillion dollars on 2 trillion of income. we are he' overspending our cash flow by 100%. the budget we could cut that. let' think of the people who have said this. er ski erskin bowles, saved 400, billion. and his fear for the bond market. if we don't correct the deficits, then erskine bowles, when asked how honk do we have? he said a maximum of two years in january of this year. our calculations are july of
5:28 pm
2012. >> mike: that's when we're going to hit the wall. july 12th in the middle of the presidential election. and wouldn't you think that both parties try to avoid this issue? >> yes. >> the bowl from the commission were hated by both parties and made it a good idea if they hate it so much. >> and to bring them back after they have been vilified was for another reason, that they sent notes and this is a real cries cities and they wanted them out front talking about it and we haven't gotten the american people on board. american people didn't understand we're part of the solution and need to join a grass root movements. we'll be part of the this. they've got to understand, this is war time stuff. i think that's so important. all we've done is put the beanies back on the stove and let them cook and at some point we're going to follow
5:29 pm
that. and for more on the debt wall, go to his website. americans had better be paying attention to the debt wall. up next, a half billion dollars of your hard earned tax dollars went to a slor panel company and the company goes bust. we'll report this one in our report card when we come back. d. two million data points. this is what we can gather from a lexus crash test genius. [ engine revving ] when you pursue industry-leading safety, you don't just engineer breakthroughs in simulation technology, you engineer amazing. ♪
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5:33 pm
happened on friday. dominique straus-kahn now talking with his sex encount wer a new york city hotel made that ended with his arrest. the former head of the monetary fund telling that it quote did not involve violence restraint or aggression. he says he still faces criminal charge or civil charges from the maid. all criminal charges have been dropped. now, back to huckabee.: (applause). (applause). >> you can get my daily commentary on the news of the day on the huckabee report. on news and pod casts and all of those stations near you, sign up or follow me on twitter go to in retrospect, the collapse of solar panel company solyndra shouldn't have been a surprise to anybody. it got a guaranteed loan of 535 dollars as part of president obama's green jobs
5:34 pm
plan. now, even though the omb warned the deal was not ready for prime time. i think we ought to grade the government with our report card panel. we've got two of fox business west finest sfinest, gerri willh the willis report and sandra smith. >> mike: people have been talking about the solyndra, how do you start with a grade of solyndra? >> i would have to say f-minus. >> f-minus. >> not good. >> mike: that's not good. that's the kind of thing you don't go home and show to your mother. >> hide at that report card. why, what did they mess up so badly? >> i think it's a crystal what's wrong with the administration. they pushed it through they want today hold a press conference showing to have the. >> mike: it's style not
5:35 pm
substance. and they don't know anything about the business, this company shows that in spradz spades. the they didn't seem to know that and understand the technology that solyndra was promoting. at the end of the day the company was in trouble and ignored the warning sirens, full speed f-minus for me. >> mike: do i get more mercy than g eecherri. this is an example of a politician who happens ton our presence, choosing political gain over the health of the united states of america. that's what happened here, he had no business making this decision, this is the government proving they do not know business. anybody, whether it's your household or a small business or corporation, when you make a business decision, you look at the economic impact on your business. is the return on investment good? they were told it would not be
5:36 pm
and they still pushed it through. >> i think i said earlier in the production, $535. it's $535 million dollars and a big difference. >> our taxpayer dollars. >> came out of our pockets. >> we were unwillingly put at risk, that's right. >> and one of, i think, the most damning pieces of evidence is the department of energy's own audit and part of the reason the bush administration rejust a seconded it, satisid that this company would run ott of money, they gave a date. september of 2011. that's a shocker. >> they were sitting in board meetings. >> the governor, the government sitening, listening to everything that's going on and still giving the company over 500 of our taxpayer dollars. i say it's astonishing, they need more before it goes out the door. >> and shows whether or not
5:37 pm
green energy should be be pushed or not pushed, whether it's effective or not effective and makes economic sense and goes to show you, and i put this in line with the stimulus and other things the president is talking about doing, you can't throw money at something and expect to artificially stimulate it. this stuff organically thrive and grow on its own. >> people have to want it. >> remind myself. the government didn't have to subsidize the development of the iphone, people want it. nobody had to say you'll only buy an mac book if the government subsidizes it, people want it and stand in line at the apple store to get them. nobody is standing in line to get the solar panels. i love the idea of it. i think your word is perfect, sandra, organic. the profferty rose the first time-- not the first time, but since 1993, more americans living under the line of poverty than we've seen in such a long time.
5:38 pm
let's talk about the significance of that. sandra, start with you, gave me the obama administration have they discussed the root causes going on in policy? >> it would be fair, i gave a c-minus and the reason why i say that because i don't think that the president and the administration are doing nothing. i think that they're almost acting like treeage doctor and they've got people coming in and patients coming in, they're bloody, hurting, a mess, they're throwing a bandaid on those patients rather than fixing the root of the problem, the root of the health of economy. instead they're trying to promote good stamps and they're not addressing jobs. and if address the root of problem jobs, everybody will feel bet ner the country. the reason i give it a c-minus, are they trying to address it, addressing it correctly, no, c-minus nowhere we are where we need to be. >> the key to jobs, that's what will create the growth in the economy not an artifical
5:39 pm
transfer of money. government to private pockets. the private pockets are growing their own money. farmers who have seed in the ground rather than hoping will tail them good. >> gerri? >> i would be here and-- >> you're tough, don't want to be in your classroom. >> you're going to learn something when you're done with me for sure. it's not working-- >> you know, you're getting your house egged at halloween. >> listen, i think the real problem here isn't just poverty rising, middle american and middle income families are only earning what they earned 30 years ago: middle income people, go to work oofr devery day and growinx burden. maybe we're looking at the wrong problem here. i don't know, i don't like what's going on here, i say a d. >> mike: wow. okay, remind me never ever to take a class with gerri willis and she's going to be talking all of us to school on monday because she's taking the
5:40 pm
willis report on monday with special guest house speaker john boehner live from cincinnati at five o'clock eastern on the fox business network. and i think it's something that we'll all want to see. by the way, if people don't have the fox business network, what should they do? >> demand it. >> neil cavuto, you owe me for at that one. you do. gerri willis and sandra, great to have you both here. thank you very much. >> well, her own father was the best preacher in the family, and he ought to know. her father is billy graham and you'll want to be here next. just one phillips' colon health probiotic cap a day helps defends against occasional constipation, diarrhea, gas and bloating. with the strains of good bacteria to help balance your colon.
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who's gonna race with that? ♪ (applaus (applause) >> well, she hales from a family of preachers and she's been called one of the five most influential evangelists in america and author of a new book "expecting to see jesus", please welcome ann graham watts, great to have you here. >> it's an honor. [applause] >> you know, i want to talk a lot about your book, but can't have you here without asking the obvious question you get auld time, but i haven't asked it yet. here goes. what's it like growing up the daughter of billy and ruth graham? >> it's so hard to answer that question, i have nothing to compare it with and the only family i grew up in. i'll tell you two things, one, i was pretty much raised by a single parent and grandparent and dadly traveled, estimated he was gone 60% of the time.
5:45 pm
i say that to encourage the single parents i don't know if i'm a good example or not you can do it with god's help. the other things it was a christ-centered home. he jesus was loved, believed in, served and obeyed and contagious and my mother taught me to love god's word and the jesus of the bible and my daddy taught me to be faithful to what you were called to do and that was in the. >> mike: i was going to ask you, franklin had his prodigal son days and come back and been a servant of the lord in his life. was there rebellion and ann's life when you went off the reservation? >> i did, i've always loved the lord when i was a little girl, eight or nine, i can't remember the year, the date it was good friday, and i watched cecil b demille film on t
5:46 pm
vjesus and convicted him of my sin and gave him my life as lord and from that moment forward i a have loved him. >> mike: there's irony, not come loving the lord at one of h his, but a cecil b demille. >> they use today show it every friday. easter tradition and when i got married and had three children and because of the business of life, i drifted from god. i didn't rebel against him, but he moved to the privilegery of my life and didn't have time for prayer or bible and disciplines to maintain the relationship, i knew i was saved if i died i'd go to heaven and i missed the fellowship with him and made the decision to come back to god and home sick. somebody told me about a bible class. >> mike: what a beautiful expression, home sick for god. love that expression.
5:47 pm
>> if you've ever known time and fall away from that relationship, there's a longing in your heart and nothing else satisfies. you know, and so i had that longing for him again, and i knew where to find him, in the pages of my bible on my knees, i didn't have the discipline to do it and somebody told me about bible study fellowship and i started that class so i could be in it and taught it. i had 500 ladies show up for the class and used to throw up before i went out to teach because i was scared. >> better before than on them. >> that's exactly right. but, i just wanted to be in the scripture and i wanted to come back to god and i did, through the discipline of that study i did. >> you have a brand new bock out it's called "expecting to see jesus" it's all about your belief that we may be in the very, very last days of this planet. and that's a pretty bold position it take, does at that cause you you some pain when people say oh, come on now, how do you know the end of the world is near. >> the ion't know if the end
5:48 pm
of the world is near and i read it and i match it. governor huckabee i believe we're living in the last generation of humans and that's two generations one it the rebirth of nation of israel,en israel was reborn in 1948. the month i was born. that's nigh generation and then the other thing, the gospel would be preached to the whole world and right now the gospel is preached to the whole world and jesus gave he said would take place in the same generation, taking place in the same generation, he says that's the generation that would see all of these things fulfilled. you know, the heavens and earth would pass away his word would never pass away. and i believe jesus is the son of god and take him at his word based on what he he said and what i see happening in the world, i believe this is the last generation, if i'm wrong, okay, i'm still expecting to see him when i die.
5:49 pm
>> mike: and it's a powerful message and we are he' going to come back and talk more with ann graham and talk about the end of the world. do we possibly conclude that we're living in the last of the days of the planet? we'll talk more with ann as to why when we come back, stay with us. ♪ i'm a film star. well, i'm a film, left behind by a floor cleaner i thought was going to take me places. wait! now life is dull... darling! ♪ i believe in miracles [ male announcer ] swiffer attracts dirt.
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>> let's talk about the end of the world. there was a radio preacher that predicted a specific time last year and really, became a point of of derigs and people were making fun of it, and his name is harold camping. and do people say don't go there. a kook and a nut. >> i've been warned i would lose my credibility.
5:53 pm
and harold camping did something that contradicted what jesus did, you cannot know the day and hour. that was not only disobedient, he he turned something into a joke that's not a joke. jesus gave us enough signs, we don't know the day or hour, but the generation, how will we know the generation and jesus sat down and told enough that they could know and gave them signs and this is interesting, he he said they're like birth pains and when i gave birth to my children and started out, you had a grandson, five minutes apart and four minutes apart. three, two. until they increase in free kwens city. >> t >>-- frequency. >> and actually the birth of my grandchild was pain-free. >> i'd like to talk to your daughter. i said this is not so bad and the last i can't stand one more. and jesus gave signs of
5:54 pm
volcano eruptions, floods, tornados, pestilence like birth pains and you would see them in increasing frequency, not ten years, every month, every week. and record breaking, and how many last month breaks this one and this week breaks last month and see them increasing in frequency and intensity and those are birth pains, just like my birth pains led to the birth of my children, they' they're-- >> obviously, christians get encouragement for a christian the thought to the world coming to an end is not the worst thing. what would skeptics get if they read your book, expecting to see jesus? is it a book for skeptics and not just believers. >> if they're interested in what god has to say. and the first part jesus matthew 24 and how we can know
5:55 pm
the signs, and i put them in five categories and get it on the newspaper and put the signs in categories and the rest of the book how to respond to it and i believe what we need to do, governor huckabee, is to get right with god and i speak to the church first because god said in chronicles, to solomon when you see disasters happening like a 9/11 or like hurricane katrina or a war in afghanistan, longest of our history. if my people called by my name would humble they will selves, pray, seek my face and turn from our wicked weighs. we're see busy pointing our finger at other people and god is looking at his people in the church, you need to get right with me, when we do, he'll forgive our sins and heel our lands and he would bless america if the church would get right with him. that's the message in the rest of the book, but if the skeptic wants to read it the solution is the same for them, because we're going to meet jesus, meet him as savior or judge, death or at his return and you're going to stand
5:56 pm
before him and we need to be prepared for that moment. >> mike: ann, great to have you here. thank you. give my regards to your family, a wonderful family so good to america and one of the things i think it's evident to say, is if, even if you're not a believer, if you lived as if jesus were coming there's no down side to that and if you live as if his coming is immediate and imminent. there's really no down side to that. it might do america some good to actually believe it, if you didn't believe it, live like that anyway, hope you have ahad a great time. we've enjoyed being with us. until next week, this is mike huckabee, and for the crew, good night and god bless. with less chronic osteoarthritis pain. imagine you, with less pain. cymbalta can help. cymbalta is a non-narcotic treatment that's fda-approved to manage chronic musculoskeletal pain. one pill a day, every day, can help reduce this pain.
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