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tv   Geraldo at Large  FOX News  September 19, 2011 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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just win a special election for congress tuesday. >> i hate obama. >> why is that? >> because i don't think he's any good for the country. he is ruining it. definitely he is very against israel. >> they convinced a huge honk of the majority jewish voters and reliably 9th district the president they voted for in 2008 had become hostile to israel. >> i believe that president obama exhibited great hostility to the state of israel to the prime minister netanyahu and i am upset by that. >> for some it was the outreach to muslims and subsequent snub of the israel lie prime minister. >> we learn behind the scenes netanyahu was snubbed the president wouldn't take a photograph with him and was left in the white house.
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if you change your mind i am going up stairs to eat. >> both houses repudiated the presidential scolding. >> israeli prime minister netanyahu received 30 standing ovations from a special joint meeting of congress. the majority orthodox jews did not forgive and forget. >> i do not trust barack obama. the messenger is bob turner. >> i am a republican and a conservative. people are crossing the line because they know the importance of this election. >> the sharpest came from ex mayor ed koch. >> selecting bob turner on tuesday will send a huge message to president obama that we are not happy with how he is dealing with israel. >> i am a democrat a proud democrat and i am supporting bob turner. >> democratic seat held for 29
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years. >> congressional seat is up for grabs that no one ever thought would be won by a republican. >> until anthony weiner tweeted the self portraits. >> six of 512 reporting it shows republicans 56 percent bob turner against 43 percent. went from blue to red. >> in the end it wasn't close. bob turner comfortably taking the overwhelmingly democratic district anthony weiner, before him geraldine ferraro. they used to call it theirs. not now. >> he is trying to hard to get the jewish vote. >> i want to also acknowledge somebody who i rely on day in, day out one of my dearest friends. joe biden is in the house. >> my jewish mother used to ask
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one question when people asked her opinion about politics, is it good for the jews? clearly the overwhelmingly jewish voters in last tuesday's special election here in new york said president obama was not good for the jews. were they right? >> i think they were right. if you think about the obama policies his saying we need to go back to the 1967 borders. that is a complete reversal of our policy. we never pushed them to go back pre67 borders. the read sense to recognize israel's right to exist which is the beginning of any real negotiations. >> what about the rest of the middle east? isn't it clear an american policy israel right or wrong on any nuance positions settlements as an example is destructive of our ability to make peace in the
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region? >> what's destructive is palestinians have yet to recognize israel has a right to be a state and has a right to be in secure borders. they are willing to work toward a palestinian state but not as long as they are being shot at and not as long as part of the deal is that palestinians continue to educate their children that jews are evil people and ought to be killed. >> does this bowed ill for president obama in 2012 amongst constituency where he got almost 80 percent of the vote in 2008 and now in the brooklyn district at least got 22 percent? >> that was really not just a shot across the bough tt was a shot between the eyes. brooklyn vote new york district nine is huge. for several reasons that's a 3-1 democratic district. it's not only a district that votes democrat it is heavily jewish and voted overwhelmingly
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for obama. 61 percent of the vote for anthony weiner in his last election 7 terms there hadn't been held by a republican since 1920. that was seismic. it was not just sort of an oh an upset. it was a seismic upset of gargantuan proportion. i think it bodes very sadly and badly for barack obama in the next election. for two reasons. politically he can't afford to lose the jewish vote particularly in florida and pennsylvania and new york and still be president. secondly, he can't afford to lose what is a huge cash cow for the democrats in general. that is the jewish constituency largest single ethnic group that gives overwhelmingly to democratic candidates. >> to me this is a clear example of what i have always thought is a real principal of american politics unless you are a lame duck president and running for nothing you won't get anything
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past in the mid eels because you are afraid of jewish voters going against you. >> always a pleasure. >> in 2008 the jewish vote wednesday 78 percent to 21 percent. 4-1 obama over senator mccain. civil rights attorney well-known connected new yorker, was this the revenge of the jews? >> it was revenge of a certain segment of the jewish community. the particular district, district nine a lot of holocaust survivors children of holocaust survivors family members of holocaust survivors. these are the folks who still think israel is the international version of panic room. that is one day when america finally turns on the jews and starts throwing us in ovens will all be able to flee to israel. that's why israel's security not america's security but israel's security is the most important thing in the world. most people don't think that way
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any more. most jews don't think that way any more. but a large number of the people who think that way think that way live in district nine. >> i want to be clear although the orthodox jews voted overwhelmingly for the republican for turner, the other more moderate jews or less orthodox jews were more evenly divided still it was quite a land slide. >> one of the things that hurt david weprin voted in favor of gay marriage as an assemblyman. he is an orthodox jew himself not like he's a member of hamas. >> they lost the democrat to the 70-year-old catholic ex cable tv exec. fred dicker did the president's position on israel is that what cost him or having a lame democratic? >> terrible candidate he was picked not because he was a
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strong candidate. he was picked because he was a weak candidate. they wanted to have a democratic congressman who wouldn't challenge the leadership next year when they apobolished the district. >> they wanted to throw the race? >> knot throw it. they wanted someone who wouldn't be a threat to other elected congressman next year when they abolished the district. >> one democratic district has to go. new york is losing two districts one a democrat one a republican. they wanted a candidate who when he abolished his seat wouldn't turn and and abolish it. they thought he was too weak to do that but strong enough to win. they had that when president obama's ratings took such a nose diver and they now are paying the cost. >> he is also in favor of the
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ground zero mosque so-called. the founder of tea party patriots i don't think of that as a huge phenomenon. do you have any jewish tea party yirs. >> i am a jewish tea partyyer. >>as it the economy. are you saying it's also economy and government spending? >> traditionally republican issues or tea party issues aren't relevant. >> i am stunned the tone of this discussion in 20011 what we are talking aut is the jewish a-- jews and the jewish vote. this is not about viejews verse catholics. these were americans repudiating democratic policies. these were americans repudiating our president policies abroad. >> it is talking about religion. don't be sliel. don't say it's not about religion.
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we are talking about religious district orthodox view and people wear hats and stuff. >> they are only 25 percent of the district if 2that. >> you are talking about -- >> geraldo. hold on a second. you are talking about religious stereotypes that's only 25 percent of the district. >> 40 percent. >> 40 percent. you are talking about people wearing hats -- >> these are american citizens. those stereotypes are outrageous. >> i think we are all jews. >> ed koch gets up there. >> he gets up there and specifically tells the constituents that what you have to do is protect israel. >> protect israel not from david wepron but from barack obama. you should cast your vote vot out of loyalty to the state of israel. >> what's what he said.
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that's what he said, mark. >> not as if you were cooking this up. >> i understand politicians say all kinds of things all of the time. if you look at americans, americans are much smarter than our political class in general. you don't give them enough credit. you think you are single issue voters you are trying to stereotype. it is not appropriate and not correct. >> fred final say. we have got to go. i have go to hamove on to steren the next segment. >> say that again, fred? >> the poll including the most recent won the sienna one last week showed the economy and unemployment was the number one issue for all voters jews and non-jews alike. israel was low on the totem pole it was important to jews but it wasn't necessarily decisive. if it was decisive it was to the orthodox jews who make up a relatively small number maybe 20 to 25 percent. >> thank you. we are going to move on. losing the jewish vote would hurt the president's reelection
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chances as governor huckabee said. losing the vote would destroy the president's chances. the legislators on the showing of recent polls among latinos. then don't we know giordano is guilty of murder? jose biaz talks about the new insurance policy and the woman he hardly knew after this back in a flash.
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>> problems in the latino community are problems for our whole community. >> obama is the first person i have had voted for president. i don't know if i am going to go on to another vote yet because i haven't seen anything that anybody has promised. >> how widespread is that dissatisfaction. is it about the economy? first the number. in 2008 candidate obama won a
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whopping 67 percent of the latino vote which helped him carry toss up states like nevada, new mexico, colorado, florida very importantly. in the most recent gallop poll the job approval ratings among latinos which is as high as 28 percent is down to 48 percent. are hispanic voters in play. let me ask two latino congressman betoth republicans v have been un nez and mary diaz valart. good to see you guys. he's reaching out to latinos at congressional hispanic caucus gala. is it too little too late? >> it really is. when i was listening to your previous panel those trying to justify why the democrats lost the district race in new york they said it is because the
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economy. the econ moo is horrible. there are so many reasons his numbers are down. number one reason why hispanics don't support him as much or don't turnout like they have before is because of the economy. he promised unemployment would be under 8 percent. pizz his entire economic program is a dismal failure. he wants to do more of the same. can we afford four more years of failed policies. >> what about the immigration issue is it because he has not acted -- hispanics delivered the margin he is not active on immigration reform? >> that is one of the problems. you have to look at it regionally. when you have a cuban population of florida a lot of the population is not happy with the policies toward fidel castro and what's happening in central and southern america.
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it is like a country. when you look at hispanic voters in my part of the world which has been designated by environmental protection agency endangered fspee he's act hundreds of thousands of acres of land dried up it hurt hispanic farm workers the hardest. in areas in different pockets of the country president obama and democrats will do very, very poorly. there will be some areas that possibly the president may do well. but it will all come down to what does the economy look like this time next year. >> what about what congressman valart said about turnout? i was at the hispanic gala shortly after the -- just before the president's inauguration and there was tremendous energy. everybody was psyched and happy and turned on about the turnout as much as anything else. do you think that rather than voting to the republicans they may just stay home?
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>> thit is important to remembe the hispanic community is not monolithic. there are huge differences between mexican americans and cuban americans and puerto ricans like yourself. in my pocket in the san joaquin valley where we have a large mexican american population, i believe that we will see good turnout in those communities and they will not be voting for the democrats. mario can speak for the cuban population in florida. >> before he does let me take a quick break. we will have a chance on the other side of this break. stand by gentlemen if you would. we will take a quick break. the aruba world exclusive is scant minutes away.???ñpu
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>> what if the republican nominee is rick perry relative moderate on the important latino issue of immigration reform or mitt romney and he chooses marco rubio senator from florida as his running mate? i will go to you first if i may congressman. george bush wanted -- won by the hair of his chin knee chin chin, 2004 he won it decisively. president obama turned it around in 2008. florida clearly florida's latinos the population is changing as congressman suggests there are cubans in the south and florida increasingly. do you think in a state like yours in florida that the latino vote will be the de sighs i have vote?
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-- de sighs i have decisive vot. >> here's the problem he has. lack of confidence. lack of confidence in how he handled the economy. lack of confidence he is going to tax them or regulate them. they are not investing or creating the jobs if they believed the president was not going to target them. when you are dealing with hispanics and latino communities there is a lot of diversity. there's one thing that unites all of the people in the united states lack of confidence in the united states as far as his ability to get things done to get the economy going and also to deliver on some of his promises. you remember that the president said within his first 12 months in office he would fight for present and pass immigration freerm. he didn't even try to do that. so now when the election has already started, now when he's talking about it it really kind of sounds like just the same old
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same old empty campaign promises. i think there is very little confidence whether it's handling the economy or support for israel or support for columbia he talks about supporting the free trade deal but he doesn't send it forward to congress. he has a crisis of confidence. people candon't think we can afd another four years and can people even trust him? >> the problem he runs is pleas one constituency and off fends another. what do you do? >> he tries to do that continually. the problem that not only president obama has but also nancy pelosi and democrats have in california they have the control super majorities in the congress for four years two years when president bush wanted to assign any immigration reform and two years with president obama who as mario stated went out numerous times promising
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immigration reform. >> he looks like mario. i am the much younger one. >> bert looking. that's it. thank you guys. i have got to go. leave it there.
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>> if i were interviewing him i would say you are walking around like you don't care. you would think the normal
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person would be very excited. they would be beating on dorrs desperately trying to find somebody. he is not conveying that behavior in this video. >> i think that this is just going to make the investigators they are going to say gosh we know this is the guy. we are so convinced of that yet they don't have enough. they have enough to convict him in public opinion but not in the court of law. >> even if the surveillance video comes some are asking where is the proof that he committed a crime? where is the body for instance. before you throw a shoe or click on the emmys here is craig. >> robin gardener was reported missing from this beach in aruba. three-days later they are
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traveling companion was arrested as a suspect in her disappearance. jose biaz has been brought out as his defense attorney by his family. what are your plans? >> i plan on working closely with the peruvians looking at the investigation strategy and case preparation should this ever go to trial or should he be charged. >> the aspects of the litigation is not something i will be involved in as much as it will be the strategy as well as presentation of evidence. >> there are bigger challenges ahead for the attorney taking on another client almost everybody thinks is stone cold guilty like ida explaining why no dive gear from the alleged vic tame was found in or near the area
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giodano claims he disappeared. explaining why he quickly left the scene after a brief search and attempted to leaf the island before his schedule the flight. and perhaps most incriminating of all ida within days attempted to collect on a million and a half dollar life insurance policy. >> people get travel insurance all of the time. as a matter of fact mr. giordano travelled several times with traveler's insurance. as part of the life insurance policy i think what happened is that aspect of the policy has been blown completely out of proportion in this case. what about eyewitness testimony that seems to contradict gsh i -- giodano's equipment. >> they didn't see him with diving equipment and he came at an unlikely time. 6:30 in the evening is when he reported her missing.
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>> i can't tell you what he says but i ask how closely are people being watched these days? they ate and have drinks they didn't appear they were going diving at that moment. >> biaz says his complient had own equipment. claims that he doesn't appear in the water? >> there's a cast of suspicion put on someone. these people have not been examined. >> describe the relationship? >> it was a casual relationship. >> what about the bizarre point. >> unless there's something in the photos that so anything that would relate to her disappearance or death, i think that these are what two consenting adults did within the prooifr see of the-- privacy of own room. >> is robin really dead? >> there's also speculation that
2:35 am
robin gardener and mr. giordano are trying to get the insurance policy. >> he is paying the ultimate price sitting in prison for so long. >> what about reports of blood found on the rocks near the scene? >> if you look here you can see there is a certain red allergy that grows on the entire sandy area on numerous rocks through out the area. . it got to the point where the prosecution had to come out and refute that story. >> if he is released by aubir rubian authority would he still be able to cash the policy. >> he didn't answer but can he ge the life insurance? before you answer that how long can they hold him? >> they could hold him for 60 days. they just ruled august 31st
2:36 am
there was enough proof to hold. they can go another 30-days beyond that or they can charge him. >> hold on. so august, september, or october, november, december. if he is not charged -- >> if he is not charged they could go another 30-days or they could pile it on top of that. murder, manslaughter accidental death or insurance fraught. >> that's if they charge you. they need evidence to try -- they could take it to trial with what they have. the magistrate says they have enough evidence to con ton theirler gagtheir investigation. >> they have to go in the cycles 30-days, 60 days. >> if they don't charge him ke collect the insurance? >> if he doesnisn't charged he deal with the insance company. they ask for proof of loss.
2:37 am
without a body you need a death certificate some way to prove you have a boss. 52 day as missing person is proven dead or you can get a death certificate. then you would have to deal with litigation in the family saying you are claiming on my daughter. end up in civil court. >> a dollar for the defense joey jackson prosecutor. >> does having jose baez who is very controversial helps or hurt? >> i think under these circumstances it helps. this is casey anthoniesque in terms of the evidence they are basing this on his behavior and what he did afterwards and was it bizarre and is that row a reasonable person would react?
2:38 am
i would say it keeps the casey anthony verdict fresh in people's minds. like don't j jump to conclusion it on how someone reacted. >> there will not ab jury. someone may pull a proverbial rabbit. there are things that don't make sense. he talked about the person who is in jail. >> de or ddie or dan no. >> he describes the water as very rough. the investigation tors dgo loo , look,>> hold on. >> he was -- >> i don't know about you but when i go swimming i get wet when i swim. that's a problem. furthermore he also is not proof
2:39 am
for murder. >> he wanted to go do this they had just had under some type of influence. that is not the appropriate time to be. >> travel policy people do all of the time. >> if they can prove he has done his time. >> do you collect on that? >> if you are a jerk. >> what does robin gardener's f fiancee the woman's disawe're perhaps. you have jose bay arizona her lawyer. everybody what is to right you to defense. i am sure he could have picked any one of the millions of lawyers, thousands of lawyers in the united states.
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>> more importantly what do you think about the thinness, just the panel of lawyers and no one disagrees about this of the state case the prosecution case against jerry giordano. >> i am sure the investigators and authorities no more than what they have with us. i still believe 100 percent she is out there. it is kind of hard for me to make a de lik-- decision. >> i am not the lawyer i go by what i hear in the media. >> you are sailing suggesting that she is still alive helps gary -- he's proved in her disappearance. unless westbound spents the body
2:41 am
po me richard reported she was on her google made. she appeared to be on after she was macing. >> wow. could be hacking, though. >> jose. >> i say thumbs up. >> joey you say what? >> hey, geraldo. >> yes. >> i don't want to lose that can of this here. whether hee say bias her attorney. the only ching i hear you. we did wipe off it. it will lead to a resolution of that hams to this one way or the other. irrespective for former done sill use.
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dfk finally. charlie sheen gets roasted and nude professors of your lot johan den get hacked.
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oo we are talking co talking ab dominic straws kahn. the one time leading candidate the next president of france. he is back in france for the fit time following his arrest
2:46 am
and humiliation on charges that he raped the made you know the case in a new york hotel. here is an excerpt from the french network tsi. >> can you say tonight what happened in 2806 on that saturday may 14th? >> what happened did not include violence, force, aggression or any unlawful act. it is the prosecutor who says this not me. what happened was not only an appropriate relationship but more than that, an error. i think it is a moral error and i am not proud of it. i regret it immensely. i have regretted every day. i don't think i am going to finish regretting it. >> have you at any point thought that it was a setup? will y
2:47 am
will you launch an investigation? >> a trap is possible. we will see. could be applauded. >> he was acquitted on the criminal charges. he is facing a gigantic civil suit by the made. he has until september 26th to respond to the civil complaint. the lawsuit against him. he is alleging he was set up it was a conspiracy. i don't know who was involved in this mess. >> conspiracy of two? how big is he talking about is he saying the president of france set this up? or is he saying there was a made who was thinking she was going to make money? i think what happened was they had a sexual encounter she thought best of it like i am going to get fired or something is going to happen. she went and spilled the beans. i will tell you from a practical aspect as a criminal defense attorney in new york this case now gives me the leverage to look at a prosecutor and say, listen, you double checked every
2:48 am
fact or triple checked quadruple checked on that guy my client better get the same exact detention. >> the new york prosecutor choosing not to press charges. >> that's huge. you know that. >> what about the civility gages? won't the same weaknesses that destroyed the criminal case effect the civil case even though the burden of proof is different? >> there is a different burden. ultimately i don't think we are ever going to know what happened. in terms of the skifl case it will settle it will get resolved. why? he wants to put it behind thhimt involves his money. he suffered whatever you have to say about it head of imf no longer. going to be the leading candidate for the socialist party in france. no longer. at the end of the day he suffers. we certainly didn't find out what happened in the hotel room based on his interview. >> he basically says it. he basically says it was
2:49 am
consensual sexual event. he's apologizing to his wife. his dna is all over the place. i disagree. i don't think he's going to settle so quickly. i think ben broth man they are going to put up a big fight. they are alleging misconduct by the civiled attorney the way he handled himself. >> by the made's attorney. >> yeah. by the way he handled himself. >> i like the fact that arthur respectfully disagrees. because usually he never respectfully disagrees. he's back in france has to live his life. he has his wife and his family to answer to. >> it's over. >> charlie sheen gets roasted scarlet johansson gets
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>> may i suggest to you, charlie that you reexamine your relations with women? first of all one should always be a gentlemen. would it kill you to open a door for her before you lock her in the closet? also prostitutes cost a lot of money, charlie. hasn't any one told you actresses will sleep with you for free? that's hollywood 101. >> a few months ago charlie sheen was a show business outcast accused of everything from domestic abuse to drug addiction to anti-semitism. he was a presenter on the emmys. he airs opposite his old show two and a half men.
2:54 am
does hollywood have a short memory? >> they do. they have a short memory. they always give you a comeback attempt if you want to stay there. charlie is fine. it was bound to happen sooner or later. he was a train wreck. he always said he was. of course he will get a second chance he will make another mountain of money. >> will ashton kutcher do as well as he did? >> i don't think as well but he will do just fine. >> one thing about charlie sheen in that role he wasn't acting. >> believing the recent hacking of nude photos from her cell phone was a criminal act sources close to the actress scarlet johansson have contacted the fbi. as serious and disturbing the crime might be it didn't stop conan o'brien from making the comments. >> scarlet johansson contacted the fbi after several naked pictures of her were hacked from her phone.
2:55 am
the fbi said they are determine to do find the hacker, and even more determined to find the pictures. seriously, they think that she is one of 15. >> demi moore. >> who is doing it? >> one group is called anonymous another is hollywood leaks. they are nerds with money. nerds run the world. these tech key guys can do this sort of thing. computer is like the new home invasion to get pictures off a phone. it's happening. what you are seeing now these hollywood stars some were in the top of the game i think they are doing it themselves. >> you think they are doing it themselves? >> i think they want a shot. you think they are on top of the mountain they would be fine. generally speaking in hollywood top of the mountain is the most precarious spot. >> you don't have any proof to that. what do you think arthur. it's an interesting theory. >> i think the theory is people should get the brain in their head don't take these pictures on the phone.
2:56 am
>> if you don't send them to somebody. >> how many times have we covered these types of stories on computer, facebook. >> do a photo op. >> you are blaming the victim. she has them on her cell phone. >> i understand the pictures are very, very nice pictures. >> you like them, joey. >> as a result you have these hackers out there. it shouldn't be done. it is done and moral of the story is they should not happen. >> they should be prosecuted vigorously. >> it is a felony. >> ten years ago you got a dose punch a paparazzi. now they are on a first name basis. three years ago you got a crotch shot you got an extra dose of name out of limousine. now you show your breasts get
2:57 am
hacked. >> it comes when there's a new relationship starting or they want to be taken more seriously as vanessa hudgins. >> she is one of the 50 hacked. >> she was anticipating getting
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au>> ♪ feels like the first ti feels like the very first time ♪ ♪ spend my time so foolishly ♪ but now that i found you ♪ together we'll make history ♪ to bring out the man in me >> where are you? >> wow!


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