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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  September 20, 2011 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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senator coburn saying one of president's signature plans is the number one thing blocking job creation. he's here to go on the record. indiana governor mitch daniels is back. he managed to do in indiana what everyone in washington is beginning to think is impossible. going from deficit to surplus. how did he do it? governor daniels will tell you. first arizona senator mccain goes on the record. the jobs act. the president wants to pay for it. he has sent up his methodology to pay for it what do you think about it? >> i think the whole thing is unfortunate. it is clearly a campaign employ. the president keeps going around the country saying pass it now. pass what? they have not sent over legislation that they want us to pass. one of the reasons because there are a number of democrat senators who are up in the 2012 election who are very nervous about something like this. the second thing about it, it is obvious this bash the rich,
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class warfare kind of thing that has not worked in the past and i don't think it is working now. greta, in 1968, i'm not sure, they were worried about a small number of millionaires so that we passed this thing called the alternate minimum tax. that very rich people would pay a certain amount. that now affects three million americans. every year we have to defer it to, because of the devastating affects that it would have. so, what it is, is when the president gave his speech at -- for the congress the other night where you and i both attend the key phrase was, i will go to all four corners of america in this effort. because it is clear that it is now a campaign ploy. i look forward to the announcement that mr. buffet, will send a billion dollar check to the treasury, because i know of nothing that would
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keep him from doing so. >> greta: that was clearly a gimmick. warren buffet is acting like everyone is preventing him from paying extra taxes. i assume that backfires. everyone knows you can volunteer to pay extra money that's fine. there's this concept of fair share. that's been going on, i remember 1992 from president clinton, that the rich had to pay their fair share. has anyone ever defined what does that mean? is it by dollar amount? they do. >> dollar amount or percentage, the wealthiest americans pay the majority of taxes in america. >> greta: now, already. >> now. you could argue they need to pay more. you can argue and i think legitimately there are loopholes that are exploited, i understand that. but to somehow say that wealthy americans are not paying a large amount of taxes is contradictory to the facts. there are a large number of americans and i'm not unhappy
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about it, lower income americans who pay no taxes. they still pay sales tax, excise taxes and other taxes. there's a large percentage, i think 47% of americans who pay no income taxes. >> greta: this is a revenue issue. everyone is focusing on to get more money. no one is thinking if we could possibly get more jobs, legitimately get more jobs, 2 1/2 years in this administration if we get some of these communites working, they would be paying more income. so revenue would be less of an issue. we have this fight over this revenue. >> which means we should put a moratorium on most regulations that we should fix the tax code to make it fair and close loopholes and have three tax categories. and do the things that would give the businesses, large and small in america the confidence to go ahead and invest and hire. any businessperson you talk to,
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large or small will say i'm holding back. i'm sitting on a lot of cash because i don't know we theh÷ next regulation is coming down. despite what the president said, there have been billions of dollars, billions and billions in new regulations which cost businesses the ability to keep that money and save most importantly have the confidence to invest and hire. >> greta: if that is so, don't you think democratic business leaders are saying the same to the president? i would think that because there are a lot of wealthy democrats, business leaders who i imagine if you are saying what is so, and i've heard the same thing, aren't they saying to the president or to their senators or something about the moratorium on regulation? >> i think a lot of them are. and there has been lip service paid to regulation the president did negate one big environmental regulation which would have really hurt a lot of utilities, including my own
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state. when you look at the continued flow of thousands of pages of regulation that come out of the bureaucracy. let me give you the best example. if the president were serious, he would say to the nlrb, national labor relations bore, do not do what you just did in the boeing case. boeing makes planes in seattle, they have trouble with labor, they want to open a factory in south carolina. >> greta: a second one not in lieu of this is extra. >> a second one. and the national labor relations board says they can't do it. you are the head of boeing, what are you going to do? you can't go to , you don't want to stay in seattle. you go overseas. it is crazy. -- i have never in my career, heard of such a move by an unelected bureaucracy that tells a corporation, one of the worldest largest corporations they can't go to
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a state to establish a factory and hire people to work there. it is crazy. >> greta: what do you think president obama is saying to the nrlb? if there's -- if you are certain of what you are saying, of course president obama won't talk to me. i would love to interview him, but he won't. what would he said in response? >> i don't know what he possibly could say about this nlrb decision. i never imagined such a decision would be made by an unelected bureaucracy. certainly, a law could never have been passed to mandate such a thing. the president is one, inexperienced. two, i think that he has this idea of spread the wealth around. and that rich people ought to pay more. i don't know why. i stumbled around enough to say i don't know, because he's never shared his views with me,
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except in a debate format. >> greta: if you look at the numbers, unemployment, unlikely he can turn around unemployment in the next 13 months. if you look at the housing starts, all the economic indicators, they are really bad. if i were in his shoes, and i were looking to get reelected, i would try something new or different. because he's really running out of time. in the meantime, we are all waiting. >> cut the corporate tax rate, close the loopholes. give the business community some confidence as to what the future is going to be. put a moratorium on regulations. also, give the employer and ployees a tax break. those at least would be an excellent beginning. but give business some kind of surety as to what kind of future they face. there's a trillion dollars sitting overseas. why not tell the corporations that are keeping that trillion
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dollars overseas, look, if you will show us a plan, where you will invest that trillion in the united states and hire employees, we'll let you bring that money back and you won't have to pay taxes on it. why not do that? otherwise they are going to leave it over there. business in america, sitting on 1 1/2 trillion not investing and not hiring, because of the uncertainy. that is not john mccain's word. viewers, many small business people, go ahead and e-mail greta as to whether i'm telling you the -- telling her the truth or not. i think you will get a lot of e-mails. >> greta: i do hope they e-mail. i would love to know. i would like to know the other side and i have a hard time getting that information. troop withdrawals watch do you think about the president's plan to withdraw troops? >> they've said that it is not the case. but it is published and it is in all the media they are going to withdraw at 3,000 troops. i would rather have no troops
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than 3,000. we would be putting americans in harm's way, as we did in beirut. as we did in somalia. and we have other times in our history. it is not enough. we need 10 to 13,000 troops on the border between kurdistan and iraq. it is very dangerous for technical and intelligence capabilities and help with their air force. no military person has recommended a low number such as 3,000. >> greta: when do we hear? we read in the media 3,000. is it the president doesn't yet -- hasn't yet made the decision or it is unwise to tell us? is there a reason why we don't know what the troop withdrawal is going to be? you be the wrong person to ask, but he won't talk to me >> we are nearing the end of the year we all-american troops are supposed to be out. we are getting close to two months away. three months away. >> greta: do you think he has decided and -- he --
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>> he has to congress there has to be funding or no funding or whatever it is. for a long time the iraqis have been willing to sit down and negotiate this number. each time there has been a failure of the administration to come up with a concrete number of what they recommend. he we lost nearly 4,500 young americans in iraq. i would hate to see this post conflict phase cause iraq to return to a state of chaos or disunity or the kind of bad things that can happen if governments can function. if the government of iraq can't function. i'm very concerned about that. >> greta: what is the drop dead date that you need to know in terms of congress needs to know? >> we are already doing appropriations bills. the fiscal year ends the 1st of october. i thought we would have arrived at this conclusion long ago. >> greta: is there a problem you don't know now?
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>> the way this town works that number 3,000 was leaked. then there's been a strong reaction from republicans and democrat is on this issue. i think they may be revisiting the issue and haven't come up with a conclusion yet. you have to get the agreement of the iraqis as well. we are running out of time. >> greta: senator, thank you sir. >> thanks for having me on again. >> greta: we want jobs, right? then why was one ceo punished for creating more jobs? peter shift told the house subcommittee he was finded $15,000 for hiring too many brokers at his firm. of course there are the legal costs. imagine a penalty for creating jobs. he joins us now. good evening sir. >> good evening. >> greta: right now do you have the capital and profit so if you wanted to hire more
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employees, you could? >> well, i have more than that just yesterday, after almost three years, i got a letter from the security regulators, giving me permission, finally to hire 50 additional brokers. it took a long time, i spent a lot of money get it. i also got permission to finally publish my research, which is something i've been wanting to do for years. so now i can start to hire some analysts. for years i wanted to hire them but i couldn't do it because i couldn't sell any of the research they produced. >> greta: take me back how this happens. if i hear someone wants to hire and there's an impediment i'm a little scandalized. i wanted to know if you are recklessly trying to hire. we've seen what happened with the firm in california that got a little too much extra cash and ran themselves into the ground, our cash. tell me how your situation arose? >> first of all, regulations
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are crippling businesses around the country not just mine. in some cases they don't just cripple the business they kill the business if you go back to 2008, my business was growing rapidlism i had a profit, -- rapidly. a lot of the things i forecast in by book started to happen. i started getting new customers in order to keep pace i needed to hire new brokers to service the accounts in the securities industry there are rules that limit your ability to hire new brokers. you have to get appropriate permission. i thought i had the permission, but i didn't. the regulators sent a letter to my company, ordering us to stop hiring. i never saw that letter, so i kept hiring. by the time it came to my attention i was in a lot of hot water. i had hired 50, 60 more people than i was allowed many that set into motion a chain of events and a lot of legal cost on my part. it slowed me down. before i can get around to
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actually formally requesting permission to hire at additional personnel. you have other compliance issues that put that on the back burner. the process took me years. bottom line is, i've wanted to expand the business for years and i wasn't able to do it, because of the regulatory hurdles that i had to jump over. it isn't just the one specifically about how many people you can hire. there are so many things that i'm required to do, just to stay in business. the pretense is, we have to protect investors. investors don't need protection from me. i protect them am i want to protect my reputation. the free market is the best regulator. all these regulations do is protect the major brokerage firms from competition because they make it difficult for small firms like like mine to grow. many firms are bankrupted. the last few years we've lost a third of the small firms. the reason they are going out of business, they can't afford to comply with the rules and regulations.
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>> greta: who are the regulators? what division of the government? >> the government -- the sec is part of the -- >> greta: fcc or sec? >> a private self-regulatory organization. the government requires me to be a member. it is not technically the government, but the government requires me to be a member of this organization in order to be a breaker. a lot of regulations that the company is enforcing come from washington. one of the worst was the patriot act. the anti-money laundering provisions of the patriot act cost me a fortune they turned me into an unpaid irs agent and fbi agent spying on every one of my customers. if any of my customers looked like they were doing something suspicious i have to turn them in to the government. if i don't that's a crime. >> greta: the thing that is so confusing, the lawyer got in trouble for spending time
7:16 pm
downloading porn at government expense. meanwhile madoff commits the most incredible blunder where there is no -- i've had the two extremes one trying to strangle a successful business that wants to expand. and the situation here that is deplorable. >> i wish they were all just watching porn then the industry could grow. the problem with madoff, madoff happen, because of the regulators. if we didn't have security regulation, i don't think bernie madoff could have gotten as big as he was there would have been more due diligence. because he had the blessing of the regulators, nobody questioned him. i think the industry could be -- would be better off if we had none of this regulation. i could provide my customers with different services much more rebust, i could charge less and i wouldn't have to spend much of my time complying with the rules and
7:17 pm
regulations zaps you of your energy almost like you don't want to come to work in the morning. it takes the fun out of business. people might wonder this guy is rich, why doesn't he just play golf, go fishing. a lot of entrepreneurs in addition to make money enjoy running and growing a business. the government takes that joy away. when the government runs your business and tries to micromanage it with all these regulations, a lot of people say i don't want to do it any more. some of the hashest regulations fall on companies when they hire people. the minute you hire somebody it is almost like you are a criminal. there are all sorts of ways you can be fined and sued. your rights go out of the window the minute you become an employer. a lot of people are unemployable now. >> greta: i have to go. i can tell you have a lot of passion, you have a lot to say. i think we go the picture.
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peter, thank you sir. >> sure. >> greta: is this messed up? there's a government agency assignedded to tracking down waste. now the ax falling on them. -- senator coburn is tipping you off. he's next. >> taking aim at the buffet rule. are secretaries really paying higher taxes than their millionaire or in buffet's situation billionaire pwofss -- bosses? >> could this be true is rush limbaugh campaigning for hillary clinton? rush limbaugh, coming up. [ grandma ] why do relationships matter? [ grandpa ] relationships are the basis of everything. [ grandma ] relationships are life... if you don't have that thing that fills your heart and your soul, you're missing that part of your life that just fulfills you. ♪
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>> greta: he says it is not a jobs bill just a big tax increase that is senator coburn speaking. talking about president obama's jobs plan. there's more. senator coburn tips us off to what is happening to the government agency that is exposing billions in waste and fraud. we spoke with senator coburn earlier tonight. nice to see you. >> good to see you. >> greta: you have had a chance to look at the president's jobs bill, what do you think about it? >> it is a big tax increase
7:23 pm
that's what it is. if you look at it, it is maybe 81 billion dollars in spending cuts. and 1.45 trillion in tax increases. that's not a jobs bill. just read a report, number one detriment to job creation in this country is the president's health care plan. businesses aren't going to hire people that they know they are going to be mandated to cover that's the number one thing keeping people right now from hiring new people. because they know next year, and the middle of the year after that they have to have an additional benefit that they don't now cover. >> greta: yours and mine favorite issue, lightly, a year ago you commissioned the gao to do a report on waste and fraud. i still have it on my desk. they are now getting cut. >> it is very disappointing that the appropriations committee would cut the member of congress budget 3%, but cut
7:24 pm
the only effective tool that we have to help us with oversight 8 1/2%. what you need to do is ask them why they would dare do that? >> greta: why are they doing that? i haven't seen anyone do anything with that report which is astounding. why is gao getting cut so much and congress isn't? >> i don't know the answer. i have some suspicions. i didn't know they are accurate. they are doing the job that the appropriation committee should be doing. they are helping those of us that care about waste, fraud and abuse and duplication in the government that show how many stupid things go on and how many things we are funding that don't have good results. they are helping us do that. who funds that? the prop rages committee. i could be -- the appropriations committee. be payback. there's something wrong with that. it is a professional organization, highly competent,
7:25 pm
dedicated and want to help fix our country. and the appropriation committee is gutting them. growth one thing for this report, i haven't read it, it is masterful in terms of identifying waste and fraud. i've seen no action on it. now i'm hearing from you, their budget is getting cut. >> there's been some action. we passed a reduction of five billion dollars. then the bill got withdrawn. i offered that same amendment this last week on the fema bill. and 10 of the people who voted for it before voted against it. so they don't want the elimination done. you can see it is political when you know nothing is going to happen. when it is going to do something about it and cut five billion dollars out of the government, they didn't vote for it. >> greta: do you think they don't get it? i have a hard time understanding that any member of congress house or senate would vote against getting rid
7:26 pm
of waste and fraud. >> i don't think their calculus goes there. it is what looks good for my next election. >> greta: it can't be that good is it? >> why did we go from 54 to 64 votes on the same -- why? because they are playing the party line rather than what is good for america. they are voting on what is best for a party. republicans did it too. what is best for the party rather than the country. i'm pretty cynical, i've been here 6 1/2 years, more than that i've seen from it the inside. it is so disappointing to me to see people not take a courageous stand and do the right, best thin for our country because of some political consideration. that's why we are in the in the trouble we are in. the number one goal is next election not next generation. >> greta: this shouldn't be a republican, democrat thing.
7:27 pm
if there is easy waste, get rid of it. >> there is easy waste. there's 350 billion dollars of easy waste if congress would inform themselves and do the hard work and fend off the interest groups that want the waste that get the money for nothing and don't accomplish anything with the purposes, we could do -- go a long ways in fixing our country. it takes hard work. you have to study, you have to know it and be able to go out and not be afraid to defend what you're cutting, because everything that we cut has an interest group that is living off of it. they are sucking off of it. it is wasteful. it didn't accomplish anything. but they are getting the money. so people -- politicians avoid confrontation. our country can't afford that any more. we have to confront the fact that we are bankrupt already, we just don't know it. we need real action right now to eliminate three or four
7:28 pm
hundred pwplds in our government. >> greta: thank you. >> more of our interview will be posted at president obama calls it math, but are the numbers adding up. buffet rules coming under fire who is really paying the higher tax rate? >> hillary clinton getting publicity from an unlikely source. >> why rush limbaugh is sounding like secretary clinton's cheerleader. [ beeping ]
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. >> greta: president obama says he's not playing class warfare it is math. he says billionaire warren buffett's secretary should not pay a higher tax than buffett does. is she? do millionaires and billionaires secretaries -- is louise is the secretary paying at a lower rate? in terms of total tax, is she buy any chance paying more taxes than he is? >> it depends who you are the secretary for. whether you are paying more than your boss is. if you are the secretary at for instance a hedge fund or private equity fund, you may be paying a higher that's because in a lot of these private investment firms they have this loophole called the carried interest tax where they are able to claim a lot of their income as investment
7:33 pm
income. they pay the capital gains rate, 15% on that, rather than the income taxes. if you are the secretary at a hedge fund that could be true. but, that's going to be your percentage rate. your percentage rate might be higher than your boss. the overall amount is probably higher for the boss because if the boss is pulling in millions even at lower rate the total dollar figure would be bigger. >> greta: it depends on whether you are looking at percentage or actual tax paid. now the one thing i thought was interesting, they call it the millionaires, warren buffett is a billionaire. a lot different than a millionaire, believe it or not. i read place today that the white house, that gene sperling at the white house called warren buffett and asked for permission from him, almost like they work for him in order to use his name on this. >> that's pretty interesting.
7:34 pm
you have to wonder who works for who. buffett has been helping the banking system out recently, because he invested five billion dollars in bank of america which helped the administration indirectly, they are all working to the. the buffett tax has some appeal. his name has a lot of value connected to it. almost like a good housekeeping seal of approval in a lot of people's minds. he's this friendly omaha investor. that's what they attached on there. >> greta: is he feeling burned? there's a lot of eye-rolling among people across the spectrum, middle or upper middle class or rich about the fact that he acts like he can -- he has 50 billion dollars, co-give 49 billion dollars to the government if he wants and -- and still be a very wealthy man. >> he is in a different league being a billionaire. he's been public about giving a lot of money to charity.
7:35 pm
not everyone's situation is the same. the thing to look back on, historical tax rates. we've had a lot higher income tax brackets in the past than we have now. it will be interesting to see how this plays out. >> greta: it is causing a fuss here in washington. people have drawn the lines in the sand. get ready. >> thank you. >> greta: louise, thank you. here's what is company up after the show on the o'reilly factor! >> bill: is it all over for michelle bachmann? we will talk with her former campaign manager. her numbers are going down. jesse watters confronting maxine waters. must-see tv tonight. >> greta: that's 11 p.m. eastern time. >> is there a trick to this? how did governor daniels turn his 600 million dollar deficit into a 370 million dollar surplus? would that work on a national level?
7:36 pm
we'll fin out. governor daniels is back tonight. >> and the football game turns into a boxing match. a brawl breaks out on the field. it is all caught on camera. you have to see this of i'm phil mickelson, pro golfer.
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with omega-3s. 64% less saturated fat. andlinically proven to help support healthy cholesterol. ♪ put a little love in your heart ♪ >> greta: indiana governor daniels is just 60 seconds. first to our new york newsroom. whether palestine should be recognized as its own state is looming at the united nations. president obama scheduled to meet with palestinian president abbas and israel's prime minister netanyahu over the matter tomorrow. obama administration has pledged to veto any move trying to get abbas and netanyahu back into direct peace talks. >> two top executives from a bankrupt solar energy company are due on capitol hill friday for questioning. solyndra's ceo and cfo have notified the house energy and commerce committee they will
7:41 pm
invoke the fifth and refuse to answer questions. the committee is investigating a half billion dollar government loan given to the california firm in 2009. i'm lauren greene now back to on the record. >> greta: what did governor daniels do to get his state, indiana, from deficit to surplus? who did it hurt? could it be didn't on a national level? he just wrote a book that hits the today called keeping the republic. he within on the record. nice to see you, -- congratulations on your new book. >> hold on maybe nobody will read it. >> greta: i read it. when you came into office in 2005, you were down in the dumps 700 million dollars. now you have a billion surplus. what is the trick? >> tricky, very mysterious.
7:42 pm
we spent less than we took in. >> greta: i figured that one out. how? >> no one way. a lot of things. looking at every expenditure saying does government feed to do this? sometimes the answer was no. if the answer was yes how can we stretch the dollars and did a better job of spending. you have to work on it everyday. we tried to bill a culture of performance. we pay people based on how well they do their job if you get thousands all looking for ways to economize it works better than just somebody at the top trying to give orders. >> greta: i don't mean to take away from the great success financially. anything unique about the industry in indiana? whatever you did couldn't be done in tennessee, wisconsin, idaho? anything special about indiana? >> i can think wait would be. i don't run around prescribing the things we did are right
7:43 pm
for other states. every state ought to decide for itself. i think most watch we do is a fairly general application. in some cases we contracted with the private sector. i told our folks if you can find it in the yellow pages, maybe government shouldn't be doing it directly. people who do something for a living, all day, everyday might be better at it than government. >> greta: when you came into office you issued an executive order about government unions. something governor walker did in wisconsin. people took to the streets. they were crowding through the capitol, most unhappy. you didn't have protests. >> in indiana, there's never been a statute to legalize this. that's a different from wisconsin. it had been done by the stroke of a governor's pen 16 years before. my option was to undo it the same way. i was able to do it in one day. that was certainly different than what governor walker
7:44 pm
faced. he to fight a bill through his legislature. that gave lots of time for people to express disagreement. >> greta: have people been hurt to get your budget under control? in texas we hear the education system got slashed. did people get slashed and take a beating, any big groups? >> no. we had one very, very modest reduction in public education after years of increases. public education might be understood, higher percentage of the indiana state budget than any state in america. 56 cent of every dollar guess to k-12. that we protected. we have found, as i sometimesy%7 say, would you be surprised how much government you will never miss. maybe it was helpful in our case that the state was break in good times when we came in, in 2005.
7:45 pm
most states were doing fine ours was not. we were age to make reductions that made -- we were able to make reductions that made sense while the economy was still growing. we never let up when things turned down and never got in the shape that other states did. so we didn't have to do those unfortunate things. >> greta: you write about president reagan's 11th amendment which is speak no ill of another republican. you added a 12th. speak no ill of another american. you say all hands will be necessary to avert -- [ unintelligible ] speak no ill of another american. >> i think our national leadership ought to be calling all americans together. we can't agree on a lot of things there are one or two we ought to agree on because they are common problems we threat.
7:46 pm
the mathematical threat that we face from the debts we've piled up and are scheduled to pile up, threatens every american. it threatens the heart of the american promise that somebody can start with nothing and rise through their own efforts. i think that it would be very, very helpful if people on both sides of the argument were to step back a little from the personal attacks and ad hominem rhetoric, which has been so dominant lately. >> greta: what you did in indiana, with your financial situation and in light of the 12th commandment, could you do that on a national level? >> somebody could. >> greta: could you do that on a national level? >> nothing important in this life happens because of one person. so it would take the efforts of a lot people, obviously of congress most of what needs to happen nationally, would need to happen by congressional
7:47 pm
enactment. but, i honestly believe, serious as the problems are, i wrote the book because i am alarmed. if we don't do anything, people talk about pain and sacrifice, you want to see pain keep drifting along, failing to act on our problems. on the other hand this book, i told somebody -- on ly optimistic. answers that will not unduly burden people if we move on them quickly enough and the american people are up to it many up to the of governing themselves, not spending ourselves into bankruptcy, as many philosophers predicted democracies would. >> greta: i guess because of your success in indiana i can't help but think you would see the challenge on the national basis. i know you said you would not
7:48 pm
run. >> i don't know, i said elsewhere on your network i'm not sure why any sane person wants to go through what you do. on the other hand, if you love the country as most americans do, and you read at right tick, the only way i think it -- and you read the arithmetic the only way i think it can be read. there are a lot of ways to contribute. for some it might be running for president. in my case it was to put these thoughts on paper and hope to make a small constructive contribution. >> greta: straight ahead, surprise from rush limbaugh throwing and you likely name into the presidential ring. >> football players gone while. football game turns to chaos. see what set off this bench clearing brawl. for sunsweet, growing the perfect prune plum is an art form.
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>> greta: here's the best evident rest. surprising words from rush limbaugh. it may sound like an endorsement. rush is saying independent voters who support president obama are just about to jump ship. so who do they want? here's rush. >> if is not a jobs bill this a campaign speech staking out a position. what i said was obama, has
7:53 pm
lost independents. before he can even dare worry about getting them back he has to shore up his base. his base is livid. his base thks he has whimpered out. his base thinks that he doesn't have what it takes. his base is on the brink of deserting him. they all want hillary folks. the media wants hillary. "the new york times" wants hillary. the chicago tribune wants hillary that's what this is all about. they all want hillary. bill clinton wants chilly back. in the white house. >> high school football game looking more like a hockey game. brawl breaks out in the middle of the act. the fight broke out in the 4th quart during a punt two drove each other out of bounds that drove most to jump into this mess. no one was seriously hurt. the players are facing suspensions. >> if you could pend four million dollars -- if you
7:54 pm
could spend four s on a car, what would it look like? it may look like the gold blinged out car 172 pounds of 22 carat gold. i was craved to celebrate 5,000 years of indian jewelry making. the bejeweled version is worth more than 4.6 million dollars. there you have the best of the rest. >> one more quick round before we turn down the lights. you are
7:55 pm
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>> greta: 11:00 is almost here flash studio lights, it's time for last call. the big win at the emmy awards is an actor who took on the role of the kennedy autos congratulations to barry who won best actor in a mini
7:59 pm
series for his portrayal of bobby kennedy, which would make him the first democrat to win anything since obama took office. am i wrong? >> and that is your last call. lights are blinking and we're closing down sop. make sure you go to greta i'm going to post an open thread in just moments and you can tell me everything what you think about tonight's show. and a lot of you disagree with me, but another day on that. and keep it here on fox news channel, the o'reilly factor is next. good night from washington, d.c.. there is a great show tomorrow night at 10:00 p.m. eastern, be here. to read. i hear it's good. "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight -- >> let's make sure our wealthiest citizens aren't paying taxes at a lower rate than their secretaries. >> is president obama actually hurting himself by continuing his tax the rich


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