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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  September 27, 2011 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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he would never say to the jewish community stop complaining about israel. >> bill: president obama is now being criticized by some in the black community. we have a special report. also, is the president a strong leader? juan williams and mary katharine ham on that. >> that debate is between former governor mitt romney and governor rick perry. there are also six other people who will never be president. >> bill: "saturday night live" mocks the republican field. >> newt gingrich, do you really want to be president? >> no. >> and a florida straw poll says governor rick perry may be in trouble. we will have the latest. >> rick perry really did throw up all over himself in the debate. >> for life, for liberty, for the american family, this is what we're going to fight for. >> bill: michelle bachmann will be here. can she make a come back or is it all over? caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone, the factor begins right now.
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captions by closed captioning services >> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. abraham lincoln aned next president of the united states. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. most americans well understand the u.s.a. is not in good shape right now. the economy very shaky. millions of americans can't find jobs and the national debt puts every single one of news jeopardy. the worst part? few solutions are in motion. so what the country needs right now is dramatic leadership. enter, abraham lincoln. as you may know, my new book killing lincoln comes out tomorrow. it is a day by day microlook at what lincoln, the greatest american president, went through during the last two weeks of his life. i wrote the book so americans would understand the tremendous sacrifices president lincoln made for his country and the amount of personal suffering
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that he went through in order to keep the union together. simply put, we need another abraham lincoln right now. like america back in the mid 19th century, we are a divided nation. on one side, are americans who believe we need radical change in this country. we are not a noble nation. our economic system has to be torn down and old traditions are useless. that movement is led bisek could you led bisek could you larr progressives. the jew judeo-christian tenants should be retained because they have made this country the strongest country on earth. president obama is progressive. he has tried to control so it expands industry and mr. bama's economic policies have not worked. he still maintains the support of 40% of americans. next year's presidential race will be competitive. only a fool would count mr. obama out. but no matter who is elected president in 2012, that person must rise above partisan
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politics and do what's best for the country. abraham lincoln was a hated man. the south despised him for obvious reasons and many in the north loathed lincoln as well. he had enemies everywhere. he knew it in fact, he knew he was going to be assassinated. we proved that in the book. yet, lincoln did what was necessary to preserve the union to strike down slavery and to reunite the country after the war. it was a brilliant achievement. only lincoln's strength of character. only that made it happen. every american should know the true story of president lincoln. should be taught in every classroom. and it should be widely discussed because today in america only strong leadership will bring this country back. abraham lincoln's example should lead the way. that's the memo. now for the top story tonight. what about american leadership? is it on display anywhere? joining us from washington, fox news analyst mary katharine ham and from tampa florida juan williams author of the big new
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book muzzled. is president obama a strong leader. >> before i answer that question. let me just say i finished reading "killing lincoln" because you gave me a copy at the office the other day. >> bill: you wouldn't buy it so i had to give it to you. >> don't start with me. i would buy. not only that i'm going to buy several copies for my kids. look, it's a compelling read. i'm not saying that because you are my friend. i'm just telling you in terms of all the book its have read by you, this is the one i couldn't put down. i love it i love history. i know you are a fan of history. it's tremendous. when you said in the talking points memo this business about the u.s. being at a point of crisis today, you think back to lincoln. you think as that as a moment that defines a leader because he demonstrated right there a vision, a union of america that he said that was going to be it. we are going to remain a unified nation. two, he had a vision in terms of how to achieve it and a willingness to sacrifice. let me emphasize that word sacrifice in order to achieve
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it. he could persuade people because he was a great speaker. by that measure today, when you look at president obama, you said, you know what? that leadership is not there, bill. and that's what people are complaining about. i think when obama starts to fight for the people, when he says you know what? i'm sick of receipt, -- sick of wall street, i'm sick of these banks. i know you don't trust thed med. when he gets into that fighting mode he does better. you don't see him stopping the g.o.p. bull dozing from controlling the narrative to saying the stimulus didn't work. >> bill: i have to disagree with you, juan. i'm glad you liked the book. mary katharine, i don't see it as a party situation. i don't believe that president obama's vision as articulated by him is what is effective. i don't think he can get us out of the recession. i don't think he can raise enough jobs to get the unemployment down. but, interestingly enough, and to be fair to mr. obama and every other president, when
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abraham lincoln was in office, most americans didn't think he could do it either. they hated him. >> that's right. >> bill: they hated him. >> i think president obama at times has thought of himself as lincolnesque. is he a good speaker. flashes of inspiration certainly during the 2008 campaign and the fact he wanted to take the reigns during a tough time. it disagrees about half the country about where that vision would take us. but, b, he is the guy who sold himself as the guy who once i take the hymn of this government, the government is going to work well and smoothly and is going to solve all the problems. that's his vision, that's his philosophy about how government can work in your life. it has not delivered. him being at the helm did not change. that's the difference in leadership. i would say just like with lincoln, no matter who the leader is, i think people are yearning for somebody who shawn nest with them and strong in character, we are going to be fighting. because there are two opposed views. >> bill: way to go about it first i want to cite the pew
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poll and cnn poll just released. they both have obama's leadership below 50%. pew at 49. cnn at 48. that means half the country doesn't feel the president is a strong leader. he has lost credibility. that's down 9 points since bin laden was killed. this guy made a tough decision. it could have gone south, juan, but he did it. he is dead. and we respect it. so americans, most of them are not ideological. they want performance. and the problem with president obama and lincoln had it before the first two weeks. look, in the last two weeks of lincoln's wife he was winning. grant was chasing lee. he was right there in virginia. he at any time stay in washington. he was right there on the gun boats watching grant chase lee, okay, so that he knew he was going to win. lincoln was going to win. obama doesn't know he is going to win. obama is losing and it looks like it's getting worse, juan. >> yeah. but the thing is, remember, when you look also at that pew poll
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what you see is that the american people still have more confidence in president obama to deal with the economy than they do the republicans by far. >> bill: it's a generic. that's why the republicans have to put forth a strong candidate. someone who demonstrates leadership abilities. >> but what i'm saying to you is that right now when you ask about delivering the goods, and, remember, as you said, lincoln, he seemed to know that something was going on but he couldn't be sure. obama, by comparison, he said we are going to end the wars afternoon still at war. in fact, we increased the troops in afghanistan and iraq for a time. and the economy doesn't look good. >> bill: no, performance. >> right. >> bill: lincoln had dark days too. go ahead mary katharine, wrap it up for us. >> not just a failure of sort of faith in obama. i think a lot of these polls show 81% not having faith in the government thinking that 51 cents of every dollar is wasted or 49% thinking that the government is so big and clumsy that it actually threatens freedom. i think obama and the economy as
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it is right now have illustrated a failure in the actual institutions. and that's what people are responding to. so when you are obama and still running on' the fact that you at the helm of this institution is going to change your life as head of the government, i don't think it works. that's what people -- >> bill: not pivoting as lincoln did. he made the adjustments he had to make when they almost lost the war at gettysburg. i have got to run. thanks for reading the book even though it was free. mary katharine thanks very much. next on the run down is brit hume becoming too critical of texas governor rick perry. brit will be here. then, michele bachmann her poll numbers falling fast. she will be here as well to
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>> bill: human segment -- hume swon segment. on the hole would you say you are satisfied or dissatisfied with the way the nation is being governed? 81% say they are not satisfied. 19% like what the federal government is doing that speaks directly to leadership. joining us from washington fox news senior political analyst brit hume. we pay you an enormous amount of money to watch these pinheads in washington. all of them. not just the president but the house and the senate and the governors and all of that. is there a dearth of leadership in this country? a lack of leadership in this your opinion? >> well, no. i think there is a tremendous amount of political division in the country which is making it hard for anybody to get an agenda passed. but i don't think there is -- i think president obama has proven
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to be a far less effective leader than anyone imagined. >> bill: why? what's his leadership problem? >> grandiose promises he spoke in lear liquor -- lear call lehr call terms. he was such an attractive figure. he has been remarkably disengaged in the president for instance, for example, on the stimulus bill the centerpiece. only major thing he has done about the economy except unleash a lot of regulations is that he let congress write the bill. that's disengagement. then did he pretty much the same thing on the health care reform package. he wanted it done but he wasn't deeply involved in it when you listen to the stories about what went on in the meetings on the fight over the debt ceiling and the spending cuts and all of that. the president was a player but the white house is very hard to
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pin. i just think he has been a weak leader on all these issues. >> bill: president obama is a weak leadnerour opinion and i think most americans agree with you at this point. now if the economy miraculously turns around, stocket up today. we get 10,000 point on the market, maybe that will change. but president bush a strong leader? was he a strong leader? >> well, he was certainly -- certainly a cons sequential presidency in the sense that on his watch we were hit with this -- with this massive terror attack which was a very big deal. and he did respond to it and devoted the rest of his presidency to addressing it on that sense he was a strong leader. dominant issue on his presidency as far as he was concerned. >> bill: bill clinton had good economic times throughout most of his administration. was he a strong leader? >> well, bill clinton was an effective politician. that's not to condemn him. he was smart enough to move to the right when moving to the left didn't work. he adapted to the circumstances and he had what i would consider
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political terms apart from impeachment which is no small thing a very successful presidency politically. >> bill: all right. now, the republican field, you were pretty tough on rick perry. didn't you say he bipartisanned on barfed on himself? >> my popcorn went like, this whoa, hume. >> he had exceedingly weak performance in light particularly bill this was on a night when he needed to raise his game, having needed to the week before the previous debate and not done. so he really needed to in this and he didn't. he was -- >> bill: does that mean you question his leadership or maybe he was just nervous? >> it's hard to tell too much about his leadership. i think he has shown either an unwillingness or inability to sharpen his performance on the national stage. it's a big step up from the governorship of any state to auditioning for president of the united states, which is what he is doing now. so far his performances have been weak. he has real assets.
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is he a great looking guy. he has kind of a comfortable genial matter about him. he has a lot going for him and strong record in home state on big issue of the day. he hasn't made much of it i think his decline in the polls has been inevitable given his performance. if he going to survive as a candidate. he needs to step it up and soon. >> bill: okay, now, all of the republican candidates, is there anybody -- not talking policy now. i'm not talking policy. i'm talking leadership ability, when you hear them speak, when you see them conduct themselves, does anybody stand out to you? >> well, the one candidate who has stood out in the recent debates to me has been mitt romney who is somebody that republicans have regarded with great reluctance so far. but he has stepped up his game since rick perry got in the race. he has shown he can do that he has done it in an interesting way, bill. not only has he been able a tack perry. he has done it in a reasonably genial way. it's a very difficult thing in politics to pull off. that is to attack another
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candidate and look good doing it. i think perry has done that. and i think he. >> bill: you think romney has done that you said perry. >> you are right. i think romney has done that and i think his chances have improved noticeably as a result. >> bill: you always say to mio reilly you never listen to me when i talk. you just proved may did. >> i appreciate you correcting me. thank you. i will buy you're book now. >> bill: i hope so. one of the things that you learn and you probably already know this that one of abraham lincoln's strengths in leadership was his humility. that was one of his strengths that he didn't go after the people that hated him. that he didn't use vitriol at all. never. even when he knew he was going to be killed. interesting. brit, as always, thanks very much. directly ahead, michele bachmann from iowa. can she make a come back as her poll numbers are cratering. megyn kelly ache -- accusations
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we are being spied upon in our own cars. wow, up ahead.
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>> bill: personal story segment tonight. new cnn poll taken after the republican debate last thursday says. this rick perry maintains a lead at 30%. mitt romney 22%. newt gingrich 11%. herman cain 9%. ron paul 7%. michelle bachmann 6%. the question is can com woman bachmann turn things around? she joins from us des moines, iowa. what say you? >> sure we can turn things around. that's why i'm here in iowa today. we did a buffalo rally in des moines. i won the iowa straw poll. we had a wonderful response with that then, of course governor perry came into the race and there was an assumption that he
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was going to walk away with the nomination. now there is a relook at that people are looking after the debate and they are saying that they think now they need to look for their champion and i am the constitutional conservative in this race. and i'm running to be the people's champion and their voice in the white house. >> bill: perry took some of your support. but you are indicating here and correct me if i am wrong, you say you are going to get it back. why, is perry not performing well? is he a charlton? why? >> i think that, again, i think people are looking at the candidates on stage in the debates. they are taking the full measure of the candidates. people are giving a sond look and seeing who we are, what we stand for. what we're about to do to turn this economy around and people are saying now that they don't want to settle. because every four years people are told that we need to go with the moderate in the race because that's the only one that will win. and now we're seeing that that's
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not true. that we can really have a true constitutional conservative for our nominee. so i'm putting forth -- >> bill: how are you seeing that if the cnn poll number has you at 6%. see, look, i know what you are saying that you present a viable alternative to perry or romney or some of the others. but, the numbers that you have and, you know, polls inexact. we understand that these are among republicans. these are taken among republicans. the pollings that you have show your campaign didn't get traction after the last debate. >> well, and again, i think that it takes time sometimes for these numbers to catch up. but we're doing exactly what we need to be doing. we're here in iowa. we're meeting with people. and, of course, this is where it will all begin after christmas. >> bill: okay. >> it will start in iowa and then new hampshire and south carolina. >> bill: your strategy is you win iowa. then you get some more donations. you get reinfused and this, and that. i assume you are going to be
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spending most of your time in iowa because it costs a lot of money to whip around a country into a lot of these other states. is that what you are going to do make iowa centric, hope you pull off the win there and take it out fast to the other states? >> well, we have been in all the other states, too. we have been in arizona and south carolina, new hampshire, florida. we have been in all of them. we spent a significant amount of time in south carolina as well. but we are focusing on iowa as number one. and then after that it's new hampshire and south carolina. so, we are looking at how this is going to play out. and iowa is where we are putting our time. >> bill: so that's it. in this day and age, that's a strategy that, you know, absolutely could bear some fruition. now, do you think you are being treated differently because you are the only woman in the race? you got eight sweaty guys. all sweating and then you are there. are you being treated differently because you are the only woman in the race, do you think? >> you know, i don't think so. i have never felt that way.
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>> bill: there is no gender bice. >> general bias. >> i grew up with brothers and sisters. i don't feel in any way i'm discriminated against. i'm grateful to be in the race. >> bill: that's refreshing to hear. we hear all this stuff. remember hillary clinton when she ran last time you know i'm getting hammered because i'm a woman. you don't see that way? >> i don't think so. >> bill: do you and governor perry have this little because obviously you embarrassed him with the vaccine thing. do you think there is a little animosity there now? are you feeling vibe you guys aren't going to go vacationing together? >> no. i'm not feeling a vibe like that at all. >> bill: do you think he means business? >> well, i think when we are on the stage, you know, we are trying to put our best foot forward. we are trying to let the people know who we are and what the difference is we are seeing those distinctions now. and the voters will be making their choices. >> bill: you don't think he is a
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little teed off for giving a little of this and little of that? you figure that romney and these -- perry going to go back and forth. that vaccine thing that got a little personal with you saying shouldn't be imposing this on these little girls. they don't need this. it was different than most of the policy. you know that. it got a little personal. >> well, you know, that was a question that was asked of me, so i responded. and, again, it's a distinction. all of us have to go through this. that's why this is so important. we have to go through this vetting process so that the voters can take a good look at us and who they want to be their voice in the white house in 2012. this is the key election. and the people need to know who will repeal obama care? who will repeal dodd frank? who is going to turn the country around. >> bill: everybody up there. they all would. >> no. with all due respect you couldn't be more wrong. the two governors. >> bill: you don't think those guys would all repeal it?
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ey all would except for maybe huntsman, i think he would too. >> there is such a difference in this race because the two governors have said they would issue an executive order. i have been in the midst of this fight with obama care from the beginning. the one thing i know, bill, the only way you can get rid of it is by a full scale repeal. i am absolutely committed to that full scale repeal. and that's why this is the signature issue for 2012. who will get rid of it? i will. >> bill: all right. thank you very much, congresswoman. good luck. we appreciate you coming on the program. we have an interesting poll going on bill o' based upon the republican debates. so far who are you supporting? here is a list. all the candidates are there. we will give you the results later this week. please just select one. plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this evening. president obama and maxine waters going head to head so to speak. megyn kelly and whether we are being spied upon by high tech gizmos in our own cars. what happened behind the scenes
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at the debate.
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>> bill: on saturday night president obama spoke to the congressional black caucus. he was there to rally the folks but he may have bruised some feelings. >> march with me and press on. take off your bedroom slippers. put on your marching shoes. shake it off. stop complaining. stop glum grom bling, stop crying. we are going to press on. we have got work to do. cbc. >> i found that language a bit curious because the president spoke to the hispanic caucus and certainly they are pushing him on immigration and despite the fact that he has appointed sotomayor to the supreme court, he has an office for excellence in hispanic education right in the white house. they are still pushing him and
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certainly didn't tell them to stop complaining. he would never say that to the gay and lesbian community who really pushed him on don't ask, don't tell. or even in a speech to apec he would never say to the jewish community stop complaining about israel. >> bill: joining us now from los angeles dr. mark sawyer who teaches political science. doctor, does ms. waters have a point. >> absolutely not she doesn't have a point. the president is talking to his friends. he used to be a member of the cbc. is he telling them to get off their butts and work for this jobs bill because that's what the community needs. >> bill: the no whining, stop the whining, stop the complaining, it offended congressman woman waters because she says it's a selective request to a targeted audience where he doesn't make the same requests of the minorities in the country. you don't think that has any validity. >> his people have gone off the professional left of the liberal wing of the party.
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he has a history of challenging the african-american community because he he is a part of it he comes from the african-american community. he used to be a member of the cbc. look, get off your butts and really get out there and fight for this bill. that's what the people that you represent need. they need to pass this jobs bill. >> bill: but, but, but, he isn't doing it though in a positive way started off that way. come on, get with me, like a revival then he skewed negative, scolding them because as you know there is a lot of discontent in some african-american precincts hasn't done enough for us. he hasn't targeted jobs to the inner city community. black unemployment is much higher than white unemployment. is he scolding them for complaining. >> yeah, i mean black unemployment was higher than white unemployment since this president and probably after. unfortunately. yes. he certainly is the president of all the united states. but this jobs bill will help african-american communities. and people have been, look, we can't get outworked by the tea party. those people are going to get
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out there and knock on doors and organize and the cbc can't be sitting around in their house slippers. they need to be out there getting their people to go. it's going to be a tough fight on our hands. >> bill: you didn't see anything objectionable about it you think the president was just trying to rally the troops. this jobs bill. you must know because you teach poly cy university. had has no chance in hell of passing. never get through the house unless it is totally revamped with much, much less government money in it it's a waste of time. the people like me are saying the president knows it's not going to get passed. he is use this as a campaign wedge to try to create some kind of rallying cry to him. i really think that's what's going on. am i wrong? >> well, you know, the president could be looking for a pro-jobs, pro-growth coalition in the house. >> bill: there is no way. >> should include some republicans who take a look and
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say. >> bill: who? >> plenty of things we supported in the past and this will generate jobs. >> bill: you have got to know, doctor, any republican voting for the president's job bill never going to get rereelected ever in any precinct in the country. it's death. >> i'm glad you say that. >> bill: if you want to retire. >> i'm glad you say that bill, that's the whole point. is that you can't get a few republicans to get on a pro-growth pro-jobs. >> bill: you can't not with a debt of $14.5 trillion you can't. and i'm just telling -- i'm just speaking the truth. i'm not supporting one way or the other. i'm just telling you the republican party is saying we're not going to support any more spending. it didn't work. we're going to go private sector now. and if you want to continue to spend, we're not going to vote for it. it's simple. >> well, a lot of it is private sector. it's tax cuts, things that they supported in the past. look, if they don't want to try to create another 2 to 3 million jobs. that's on them.
2:36 am
they don't want to move the needle on unemployment. >> they tried. the republicans did try in the beginning. i think most of them gave the president the benefit. since it hasn't worked in almost three years they're not going to do in anymore. doctor, we appreciate your point of view. thank you very much. when we come right back, megyn kelly on a troubling question are we being spied upon in our cars? then, "saturday night live" going to town on the republican candidates. >> i believe we need to build a fence to keep the illegals out. however, should any illegals get through and have children here, i think we should open our hearts and pay for their education. do over, do over. >>
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>> bill: thanks for staying with us. i'm bill o'reilly. in the kelly file segment tonight. new controversy over on star plugged into automobiles. give directions help out if there is an accident and stuff
2:40 am
like that. on star compiling a lot of information about americans who drive. here to sort it out fox news anchor megyn kelly. you see her 1:00 p.m. every weekday. i understand some liberal senators, al franken, anything he doesn't like i usually like. in this case i might be -- i can't say the words i might be on his side. i can't do that. but i don't want on star or any other high tech gizmo tracking me in my car. is that what's happening? >> you want them tracking you if you pay out for the say please track me. what happens here is you then call on star, your soon-to-be ex-boyfriend and say on star it's me kelly, i don't want to see you any longer. i'm ending the relationship and on star says okay, fine, but secretly saying oh it's not so fine, ms. kelly, i'm going to follow you and know how fast you are going. i'm going to know whether you are wearing seat belt and know where you are all hours of the day. sell to to marketers and police if they ask. >> bill: is that what they are doing. >> that's what they reserve the
2:41 am
right to do. >> bill: they have the right when you pull the plug on the service and pay their little fee to continue and the technology in the car does send this information to them? >> yes. they have the information on how fast you drive. where your car slocketted. they even continue to have and presumably could release your emergency contact information. they say it's all for my own good. i don't care if you don't want our protection if you have an accident you may have then and we will let 911 know where you are. it could be used for anonymous gathering. >> bill: what do the pinheads want politicians want to happen. >> how this information is to be used and how they think they have a right to do this. >> on star says we do disclose this. that's why people know about it we give people the option to opt out. but i think there should be the option to opt in. when i call to cancel on star. they should say miskelly do you want to keep the connection going amass data that could prove useful if you have an accident and i get to say yes or
2:42 am
no. >> bill: all right. but then they might not do it anyway. how are you going to know? >> at least i'm not just in. let's say i sell my car. and a cut off on star and sell my car. so unknowing buyer whoner had any relationship with on star now they are getting tracked. all their information being monitored by on star too. they wind up in divorce proceeding and spouse wants to know all the information. criminal proceeding against them and the cops want all the information. they don't know that they have been being tracked now they have been. >> bill: big brother. no doubt about it? >> very stretchy. >> bill: it is big brother. ms. megyn was in the debate obviously with baier and wallace, correct? >> um-huh. >> bill: i heard you guys are fighting for questions and is that true? >> you have heard about chris wallace, haven't you? his reputation proceeds him. no. >> bill: you all get along, right? >> very much so. >> bill: i love those guys. they are great. now, behind the scenes is something like that is pretty chaotic, is it not? >> if you could have seen my day
2:43 am
on thursday. i mean, from -- i brought my baby out there. my daughter yardley who is a months old. there she is. look at her. >> bill: she was on the stage next to herman cain. >> that is her behind michele bachmann's podium. she was in favor of the mickey mouse questions. she went to grab these microphones and i hear in my ear those microphones have been preset for the height of the candidates. don't et let the baby touch them. i had her with me. i'm taking care of yardley going to predebate meetings. going to my show. publicity for the debate. all these predebate meetings and then predebate rehearsals we have to do to make sure sound bites rolls. the makeup and put back on the makeup. and then they try to fix the hair. before you know it, it's time -- it's show time and got to go out and there do your thing. >> bill: i heard wallace got botox right before it. >> i wondered why he looked better than i do. we have monitor to see ourselves.
2:44 am
>> bill: did they tell what you to wear? like 15 outfits? >> the fox stylist comes by before you even leave. ginn. says this is what i recommend. i get to make the final call. >> bill: did you have any interaction with the candidates before the debate? >> just, no. just a little sort of glad handing. >> bill: just hi, how are you? >> exactly. >> bill: wasn't like i'm going to ask you this. be prepared. >> if they were smart they would have watched "america live" that day. >> bill: picked up a little. >> i don't know if the candidates watch or not. >> bill: after the debate did you guys go out drinking. >> after the debate i had a heart to heart with newt gingrich i said no more yelling at the media. that's a complete lie. it didn't happen. in my dream it did. >> bill: i would like to go have a drink with ron paul. >> is he starting to make sense to you? no that's why it would be fun. that's why it would be great. >> his supporters came over very gracious. a lot of fox fans and said ron paul people saying stop ignoring ron paul. get ron paul on the air. i said he has been on my show
2:45 am
many times. it's not me. >> bill: he wouldn't come on the factor. tell those pin medicines to button it. reality check in a moment starting "saturday night live" mocking the republican contenders. actor morgan freidman opining the tea party is racist.
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>> bill: back ever the book segment tonight. reality check. let's get right to it because we have a number of interesting situations. neck one, nice to see new york city mayor mike bloomberg agree with me that warren buffet's tax complaint is bogus. >> the buffet thing is just theatrics. if he made his money from ordinary income rather than capital gains, his tax rate would be a lot higher than his secretary's and in fact a very small percentage of this country pay a big chunk of the taxes. if you are going to raise taxes, you have to raise taxes on everybody. i would suggest 2% or 3% on
2:49 am
everybody. for the average person that's 150 bucks. for the wealth qua, it's a lot of money. that's the only way you are going to get something through congress. >> i personally could live with that but with the nation on the verge of recession, again, i don't think it's going to happen. and it shouldn't happen until we see big spending cuts. don't raise taxes until they start cutting. check 2. we like morgan freidman as an actor. as a pundit. not so much. >> tea partiers who are controlling the republican party. their stated policy. publicly stateside to do whatever it takes to see to it that obama only sves one term. what's what underlibraries that. screw the country. we are going to do whatever we can to get this black man out of there. >> it is not necessarily a racist. >> it is a racist thing.
2:50 am
>> bill: all right. then why, mr. freidman, do many tea party folks want herman cain? if morgan would like to come on and answer that question. we have a slot for him any time on the factor. check three, "saturday night live" now in its 37th season. open season on the presidential candidates. >> i believe social security is a ponzi scheme. i believe we need to build a fence to keep the illegals act. however, should any illegals get through and have children here, i think we should open our hearts and pay for their education. [boos] >> do over, do over. >> mitt romney might not be the perfect candidate. is he a perfect candidates in comparison to the other candidates. next to rick perry i'm a centrist. next to michele bachmann i'm a private sector businessman. next to newt gingrich i have a normal human sized head. [ laughter ] next to ron paul, well, i'm the fonz. and next to herman cain,. [ laughter ]
2:51 am
>> bill: more race stuff? no. those guys over better than that doing things they may not be qualified to do. enter, rick perry. ♪ ♪ >> bill: that's not "saturday night live." that really happened. and there is no truth to the rumor that governor perry is the new host of a program called dancing with the rabbis. no truth. not going to happen. check five. our pal jeff did you know am in has controlled chaos. see it on jeff did you know am dead terrorist discusses the demise of bin laden. >> where exactly is he? he won't say it but i'm pretty sure it's hell. >> why do you say that?
2:52 am
>> they get cable but they only get one channel. >> what? >> the opri winfrey network. i know why they would not show the photo of dead osama. >> why is that? >> it's a little hard to explain but when he was killed he was dressed up like cher. [ laughter ] >> bill: that would be hard to explain. finally, check six, as we mentioned my book killing lincoln comes out tomorrow so i will be busy. i will be on good morning america twice shortly 7 a.m. and 8:30. "fox & friends" i will be on there. the imus program. fox business network. martha maccallum and laura ingraham all of that before 11:00 a.m. then i will go to the hospital. on wednesday, i'm on "the view." and on jon stewart. so please pray for me. i hope old abe appreciates all this. that is reality check. pinheads and patriots on deck. how much did this incredible signed document fetch for the wounded warrior project? we will tell you in p and p moments away.
2:53 am
2:54 am
. how great a deal is this? short of coming to your house and cutting your lawn, what else cdo we have to do to get you to be a premium member.
2:55 am
the upcoming election comes down to restoring america or transforming america. i can't believe you had to ask if rick perry had a bad debate. he stumbled and gave some incoherent answers. >> so, rick perry stumbled. didn't we elect a smooth talker last time? >> i'm with holding your name. bill, i will donate $25 to the wounded warriors for facsimile of the poster if you white out president obama's signature. not nice, lori. the president and the four other living presidents, former presidents, all graciously signed three posters to raise money for the warriors. on some things, politics should be set aside. luanne, bill, you and miller were caterwauling over having to pay high taxes. sob, sob. millions of ought would be happy to pay taxes if we only had a
2:56 am
job. not caterwauling, just the facts. marcia timmons, plano texas. my husband insists watching you on vacation. i'll ad military i like the miller -- a admit i like the miller segments. leaves will be changing, books will be signed, miller will be out of control. check it out on bill o'reilly o' we're watching the factor in greece. lucky you guys. great time to be on that island. mr. o'reilly, i'm in tenth grade and i have to read a biography. does killing lincoln qualify? not exactly. it's about the last two weeks of his life and.incredible things that happened. i'll send you a copy and show your teacher and maybe you can get the okay. mr. 0 ry o'reilly, you're doinga
2:57 am
great thing for the warriors. i'm just trying to draw attention to them and he help tm out a bit. our fundraiser for the wounded warrior project was a smashing success thanks to you. this historical poster went for $60,000, 6-0. mark from rhode island, the high bidder, and he's patriot as well as a very lucky guy. poster is a fabulous piece of history. way to go, mark. in addition, if you donate $25 or more to the wounded warrior project, you get facsimile of the document mark now owns. so far we've raised $135,000 in that program for a grand total of $195,000. i'm sure it will go other 200,000 this evening. eefer 1 that helps theveryone ts is a patriot. check out the fox news factor website which is different from bill o' talking points memo.
2:58 am
if you came in late, it's a good one. it's on presidential leadersship? do we have any leaders in america? do we? we'd like to spout off about the factor. o' if you wish to opine. word of the day, do not be a coxcomb. interesting word. not something cha com that thatp every day. you slowly look over and point your finger if someone misbehaves and point your finger and tell them not to be a coxcomb. thanks for watching us tonight. please always remember that the spin stops right here. we're definitely looking out for you. >> top of the morning to you. it's tuesday, september 27th already, can you believe it? i'm gretchen carlson. thanks for sharing your time with us today. the senate averts a government
2:59 am
shutdown short term after blaming republicans for refusing to help storm victims. democrats realize our numbers were off. maybe fema didn't need all that extra cash. we'll tell you about it. >> meanwhile, he hoped to fire up the room and get black voters back in his corner. >> stop complaining! stop grumbling! stop crying! we are going to press on. >> oh, that stop complaining part really got the black community fired up all right but not the way the president had hoped. this call to action may go the other way. >> bieber fever to the rescue, the united states postal service now banking on hollywood's heartthrobs to solve their money woes. maybe even rex ryan to pitch in a few. "fox & friends" starts right now. >> hello, folks. you're watching -- and you're watching --


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