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tv   Hannity  FOX News  October 1, 2011 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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. what is those e-mails between alaki and major nidal hassan? >> but you will see how the married imam with children led a
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twisted double life. >> do you know where he was picked up in for soliciting prostitution in san diego? >> the violence of the people and then they blame the west for you it. >> now we ask was anwar al-awlaki a key part of the 9/11 attacks but it's about how people who were helping him and how they analyze those people and handle them. >> the timing issue is too much of a coincidence to be a reballot. >> i don't know but it looked like. >> given new mexico's land of enchantment. the city of crosses, last cruces is on high plateau. i'm bill him of. april 21, 1971, anwar al-awlaki
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the first u.s. citizen on the capture or kill list was born here and so begin his american journey through radical ios lamb and the arabian peninsula. as you will see new information that alaki was a overlooked key player in the attacks of 9/11. his parents were from yemen were studying at new mexico state university. after graduating in 1972, his father conned their studies bringing his wife and young son first to the university of nebraska and then to minneapolis police before returning to yemen in 1978.
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and where the i district i have kosli is chewed by hours. one says it all. >> boar poor and try of corrupt failing state. long time veteran has said his job is like dance ought heads of snake. yemen is the home of al-qaeda founder osama bin laden. >> they fought against the mujahedin against soviet on union in 1980s. and it's welcome back to yemen. the bombing of u.s.s. cole killed 17 crew members and was a
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sign of the anti-u.s. threat of a yemen based al-qaeda. earlier last year, tlistsd joined up with the colleagues in next door saudi arabia to formula, of the arabian peninsula. then there are the tribes maybe more important than the government the tribe of anwar al-awlaki come niatsd the dominates here. >> he had several degrees returned to yemen. >> it's a big place. >> our producer there anwar al-awlaki was a teacher. >> he got minister of ago debris likely to your job as well as a figure in the ruling party and
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confidant to the president. >> was he well-respected in yemen? >> yes. he was very kind. >> author and terrorist expert. >> he has talks with the ministers. >> and the father groomed his son for the west. >> this high school he attended when he was back in yemen, among his classmates. children of top government officials and businessmen. >> after graduating high school alaki decided to return to the land of his birth. >> anwar al-awlaki returns to america to get a chronologic education but it will set in a path to treason. >> in 1990 anwar al-awlaki walked in the embassy to apply for a visitor. >> j-1 visa that is issued to a
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foreigner so they can come to the united states. >> from a state department agent they ever looked deeply into his past. >> why do you think if he is a an american says he would get a visitor's visa to come to this country. >> he did get benefits. >> that's right. alaki received full fuchxd for two scholarships totaling $20,000 to study in the u.s. >> he has the american pass peort. he has the yemeni passport and he uses it. and he would not have qualified for no scholarships if he were an american. >> he would be absolutely forbid accident. >> the entrance into chicago organization june 6th he goes out to the social security administration and applies a social security.
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>> it shows he is born in yemen anyone have instead of new mexico. >> and he applies visa and j-1 passport. >> they issue the social security to him on june 8th of that same year which is 1990. >> now joining the education paid for and new social security number he pursues his life as a preacher. >> there are reasons for this dilemma. >> coming up next, he begins his life as holy man and becomes a close spiritual advisor to two of his conspire yal hijackers.
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he gets an american pass parted around 1993, he puts down he was worn in new mexico and provides a birth certificate. the accurate valid one that he
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acquired in new mexico. but the social security number that he provides is a social security number that is secured by fraud three years earlier. so its continuation of the fraud. >> one of the big issues especially here in the middle eastern is concept.... >> he worked 24 years in the f.b.i. and served as supervisor of arabian lebanese squad. >> after graduating with his fellow colorado, anwar al-awlaki moves to deny krer ver. -- denver and joins the islamic society. >> he is preaching the word at that point. >> but the 25-year-old is ambitious and wants to be the imam of his own mosque. he picks up and moves to san diego. >> in southern california he
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becomes the imam of a mosque, small and unassuming building in a seed did i part of town. >> the mosque is about ten miles east of downtown san diego. >> he also continues his studies as a graduate student at san diego state university. one man who knows alaki asked us to conceal his identity. >> what did he look like? >> this guy was small -- >> and we see his neighborhood firsthand. >> in san diego, it's at ghetto. >> we go to the mosque and we learn more about his time there between 1996 and 2000. >> it was a residential neighborhood with non-muslim neighborhoods. >> did you like having the mosque on the block here? >> you know, i don't mind it. >> nick has lived on the block
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for 25 years. >> you don't remember this imam when he was here, do you, dark hair, glasses, kind of small? >> you know, that probably would describe half of the rest of the people there. >> where in your mind does he make a transition? >> he spent 47 years in the c.i.a.. he was the first to identify alaki as a threat to the u.s. >> i believee became radicalizing radicalize had and with a certain power of way of presenting his brand of extremism to young people n here in the united states. >> did he have a demanding personality. >> i would hate to use those words but, yeah, he was very charismatic. >> every person will have two wives. >> his specialty is painting very elaborate graphic picture
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of the carnal pleasures that await the martyrs in paradise. >> two wives in paradise but he preaches a different story. >> that is disgusting. whole thing is disgusting. >> so where are we right now. >> we have to hit oklahoma boulevard which apparently somebody found entertaining. >> what he found very entertaining a local hooker, but he was arrested twice in san diego, 1996 and in 1997 for soliciting prostitutes. and there is more. >> he was picked up for loitering around a school. >> so what was this like in 1996
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2000. >> do you remember where he was picked up for soliciting prostitution in san diego. >> this holy man, apparently he was getting lathered up by his own sermons. >> he has healthy beard and glasses on. >> traditional islam is significantly sex sexually repressive. they can't look at a woman. you are going to have aberrant behavior. >> a leading psychiatrist terrorist. >> then they blame the west for it. because the is what puts the temptation there. >> aside from that, his other friends are the 9/11 hijackers. and two saudi arabians arrive in southern california. >> that is where they really
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settle down. >> the executive director of the 9/11 commission. >> why would two hijackers that spoke to english unless there is someone there to help them. >> this got our attention, too. we noticed that the two men kind of get their footing and then very quickly, though, they make a bunch of calls including, by the way to alaki. >> they are getting help, establishing housing, things of this nature and anwar al-awlaki is right in the middle of it. >> they move into this apartment complex. it's just down from the largest mosque in san diego yet the two hijackers travel across town to alaki's mosque. >> they had a special relation with the imam where they meant frequently after prayers at mosque in a small ante room off of the main floor.
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>> it's regular contact with the two hijackers. >> right, it's frequent. >> it's the first step on the two hijackers' american journey to 9/11. >> that mosque at that time is having it in plain sight. zbloob. >> glenn: coming up 9/11 looms and when america is hit. anwar al-awlaki backs media sensation. i've got to tell susie ! the vending machine on elm is almost empty. i'm on it, boss. new pony sorry ! we are open for business. let's reroute greg to fresno. growing businesses use machine-to-machine technology from verizon wireless. susie ! the nding machine... already filled. cool bike. because the busine with the best technologyules.
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there is always this association between islam and terrorism. >> that is day time, a day in the life of an imam. after four years of preaching at
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a small mosque. he expands his reach and preaches to thousands. he moves to northern virginia to become an imam in islamic center. it's one of the largest on the east coast and thousands attend prayers and services each week. >> he is not a noted islamic scholar but it doesn't seem to matter because of his personality and aggressiveness and charisma. >> this is where i first saw anwar at the mosque. he was the person who resided over the proceedings. >> he is the director of the innings institute here in washington d.c.
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>> to see both capable of speaking perfect arabic and accent free american english. >> he lived close to the mosque and when he isn't preaching he is pursuing a ph.d. in human resource development at george washington university. he also attends classes at institute for arabic sciences where the iaa is stationed in virginia. >> it was tapped by saudi diplomats and part of the saudi embassy. >> it was originally set up in 1998 by prince bandar who was
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ambassador to the united states. >> it was to get young americans in college to teach them about islam and osama bin laden way of thinking. >> those that graduated received degrees in islamic jurisprence they taught 75 members of the military. >> reporter: so they were being taught at a school funded by the saudis within eyesight of the capital? >> absolutely. >> reporter: and radical brand of islam is being tied to the school. four years later with the help of f.b.i. agents including brian and homeland security and irs. the institute was shut down. in april 2001, two of the 9/11 attackers attend his mosque. hosni who knows him was joined by another saudi national,
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29-year-old. >> i tend to believe they were not. i believe the hijackers was more serious and purpleful meeting of individuals who purely wanted to wreak violence on society. >> reporter: so in some sense he was facilitating? >> believe that is true. >> reporter: months later, in a twist of fate. 31-year-old army officer nadal hassan attended. from time to time he go is to services bus it's unknown whether he ever met anwar al-awlaki in person. >> on the fateful day in september, pentagon, washington and field in thanksfield pennsylvania is hit. aboard flight 77 washington dulles, three of them, hosni and
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one other all know alaki from california or virginia. in dates following 9/11. alaki is the go to guy offering interviews. he sends confusing messages about the attacks. i am pretty sure he celebrated it. people would celebrated, when 3,000 people die --. >> reporter: do you think it emboldened him? >> 9/11 opened the horizon what is pr missible. >> reporter: recently declassified document shows the f.b.i. interviewed alakifour
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times up to september 19, 2001, he claimed to not have remembered any specifics of what they discussed. >> he denies the connection with him. >> the feds were investigating him. they found video surveillance, alaki with a prostitute from the district of columbia. he had taken the prostitute across into virginia and they were considering charging him under the mann act which applies to pimps who transfer prostitutes across state lines. >> he was key one priority to find a violation of the law that applied to him. >> the feds tighten their investigation on the american born cleric, but here, how he manages to mysteriously slip away. nal needs can go up when you're on the road to recovery. proper nutrition can help you get back on your feet.
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>> reporter: in the weeks after 9/11, anwar al-awlaki born in new mexico is interviewed four times by the f.b.i. but he soon leaves the country traveling first to london and then back to yemen on the arabian peninsula. >> now is the time to investigate and put together whatever violations of the law that applied to him. >> an agent stationed in san diego puts it's under the microscope. >> we were working very closely with the f.b.i.. >> reporter: in 2002 he is also on radar of a customs agent. >> everybody is concerned about a second raid. >> reporter: u.s. authorities are investigating him because of
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his connection with the hijackers. >> the belief that anwar al-awlaki was yemen national. >> did you go to to new mexico? >> i went through the bureau of vital statistics records and secured his birth certificate. it was clear that this person was born in new mexico and was actually a u.s. citizen. i looked through all the records. in 1990 he is issued an exchange visitor visa. u.s. citizens can't apply for those. >> reporter: that is one that netted him $20,000 for college. he files for another one in colorado. >> he gave the state department his true and valid birth certificate from new mexico. from a surface cursory look. there is nothing wrong with the
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application. >> reporter: but the agent keeps digging. remember the social that he obtained after one year arriving in colorado in 1990. to get it he claims he was born in yemen and not new mexico. >> the social number -- >> he committed fraud. >> reporter: so you are saying, i think i've got him. >> absolutely. there was no doubt we had him. >> and when you went to your supervisor, what was their reaction. >> they were eastbound stat eastbound. there was jubilation a felony charge would apply to anwar al-awlaki. >> that is in june of 2002 they issued the warrant for his arrest. >> issued by the u.s. attorneys office it states that alaki knowingly made a false statements in application for passport. with him still out of the country, they asked david cane
12:33 pm
for help. >> i was requested to assist their investigation by putting a record in the computer database for anwar al-awlaki. >> what can you tell us about the record system, think you are referring to the text system? >> it was the subject record that was put in for anwar al-awlaki. they asked us to put the record in because they had a warrant for his arrest and they wanted to make sure, they had been notified and h would be arrested. >> so the clock was ticking. >> right. >> but in early october, fornay is astonished that the attorney plans to pull the warrant. >> i flew in denver. >> they meet at the u.s. attorneys office which includes
12:34 pm
u.s. assistant attorney. >> you mentioned there was problems keeping this warrant active. he said it should be rescinded. >> reporter: u.s. attorney did not want to talk to us on xearnl but the justice department provided west a statement. the bottom line they thought there was not enough evidence to prosecute the case because the social administration that anwar al-awlaki corrected his place of birth. this eliminated the crucial piece of evidence that required for his on conviction. >> this warrant needed to be maintained until anwar al-awlaki returned to the united states. >> it was clear that he in the u.s. attorney's office in colorado were unwilling to listen to the arguments. >> reporter: so when you left that meeting, how did you feel? >> deflated. i arrested 300 felony arrests during my career. ie never had a case where the warrant was rescinded. >> reporter: in the entire 18
12:35 pm
years except this one? >> except this one. >> reporter: even stranger still is what he doesn't know. within days, the 9/11 commission report shows that the f.b.i. intelligence report known is as an electronic communication or an e.c. the paperwork to pull the warrant is submitted to colorado. that very same day, anwar al-awlaki safely out of the country for months boards a plane in saudi arabia bound for the united states. >> he comes back into the united states in october of 2002 at j.f.k. airport in new york. he was taken into custody by customs. >> reporter: these documents obtained show the log when he re-enters in the early morning hours of october 10th, 2002.
12:36 pm
>> not only is he on the terrorist watch list. >> he was picked up in a secondary location. agents attempted that the warrant was still good but they had trouble reaching the f.b.i. agent. >> i received a notification from customs and inspector there has. >> reporter: when the f.b.i. agent cannot be reached, border agents called cane. >> they called them to notify them that he was here and asked him for instructions to communicate to the inspectors. i was notified the warrants had been rescinded. >> but they knew they had been rescinded this morning. in this case the agent was in virginia and this attorney was in colorado. so can you conclude they were working together in terms of case. >> he was involved with discussions of the attorney.
12:37 pm
>> reporter: at 7:40 he called customs staff at j.f.k. rely information back and he was allowed out of the country at that point. >> he sent them on their way. >> so an e.c. is written by the f.b.i. and the paperwork goes to october. on october 10th, the judge gives a request. also on the 10th, anwar al-awlaki comes back to the u.s. and october 11th is filed by the clerk. >> are they coincidences or more than that. >> bill: does he turn and start cooperating with the f.b.i.? that is next. a full serving of vegetables plus a full serving of fruit. but it just tastes like fruit. [ male announcer ] get five dollars in money-saving coupons at yeah, i toog nyguil bud i'm stild stubbed up.
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>> reporter: on october 10th, 2002, anwar al-awlaki is back in the u.s. motions to dismiss the warrant for his arrest is filed one day
12:41 pm
before his return. >> because he told the f.b.i. he was now willing to cooperate with them? >> it's possible. >> reporter: is that a high likelihood? >> i couldn't speculated on the degree of possibility. its viable explanation. more in the community the better opportunity to have somebody report an individual. >> reporter: or or detail feds want to follow him. he had to be careful about being double-crossed? >> absolutely. >> reporter: he traveled to his home in virginia. >> he came to sell his automobile and to set up things. >> after he was released from custody, he went and met with another american by the name. timini. >> he was brought to the house who turned out to be a government witnessed. >> in october 2002, this man, this man an american medical
12:42 pm
talk, timimi, he now serving a life sentence in prison. his then defense lawyer says at the time timinimi had no time who his visitor was. >> written in the case, anwar al-awlaki tried to get timimi to join. >> reporter: the agent, what role did he play in the case? >> he was the number two, or the lead guy in timimi's case. >> reporter: the same ammermarn. >> once again, it seems the coincidence. >> whether there was an operational relationship with people like anwar al-awlaki, i think there are questions that others in the government need to answer. i just don't know.
12:43 pm
good question. >> how did this guy get to ali's house. who brought him there. the idea that anwar al-awlaki is going to be allowed into the united states and travel around and go shopping is preposterous. >> it's possible. >> reporter: we found freedom of information act requests to get the passport file and for the f.b.i. for the 2002 electronic communication. it is cited as footnote 33, on page 517. we wanted to see if it's connected. >> f.b.i. said they couldn't find it and then we pushed them on this particular document. they said sometimes the commission's report, footnotes are not always accurate. have you had a lot of problems on this report. >> we had something that pulled all the documents referenced in
12:44 pm
our footnotes and made sure they connected to the air certifications in the text. >> f.b.i. special agent declined to speak with us and series of conversations with fox news, f.b.i. attorneys over a four week period cited america clean efforts to get the documents. -- cited -- >> but they cited other agencies may be involved. >> reporter: but then anwar al-awlaki left the country again this time to england. >> anwar al-awlaki made his first public appearance here at heathrow london mosque in 2003. >> he was greeted in almost precedented way by a number of islamic organizations.
12:45 pm
>> then moved back to his own home in yemen. >> a neighbor showed me around a middle-class area where anwar al-awlaki lived. >> so his house is down here. >> his wife and children move in separate from his father's, they are close by. waver told this mosque is where he preached. this is part of his religious grounding. >> he lectured at the university. it claims to be a center of islamic and western study, critics brand eight breeding ground for extremists. among the alumni, john walker lindh. the founder is red bearded clinic on women's brainpower --
12:46 pm
and claims to have gotten aids. >> he was declared by washington especially designated global terrorist. and connection, he was vice president of the american chapter of charitable society for social welfare ashlgs charity they claim helped raise funds for terrorists. >> in 2006 he runs into trouble here. he is arrested and grown throne in into a high security prison? >> after his release, anwar al-awlaki apparently felt he left the capital and headed south to ancestral province. >> it's not impair yes, sir to spreading the word in a digital world. via website and teleconferences, his sermons are reaching a wide english speaking audience. one of the other way he gets his word out, this is this man. anwar al-awlaki mouthpiece
12:47 pm
abdullah shay. he is also brother-in-law. i sat down with him. he stuck hard to the line of and despite mounting evidence to the contrary, that anwar al-awlaki provides inspiration for terrorists but not direction. >> you deny that? >> yes, this is not true. it is not true. especially regarding the recent terror incidents he has been clearly associated with. failed airplane bombing attempt on christmas day and november 2009 fort hood killing spree that left 13 dead and dozens wounded. they reported to have found that he communicated with a al a.m. we asked an attorney about them. >> we've made requests for e-mails that i've read about in the respect that allegedly went on between anwar al-awlaki and
12:48 pm
the major hassan. >> they considered himself a devout muslim but enjoyed going to strip clubs for lap danlsz. this is the time, a rundown apartment. and expo "a"? >> soldier of allah. >> i was told by many sources within the e-mails he uses s.o. a. , soldier of allah. >> my understanding there is 121 e-mails. >> one of his e-mails contains this bizarre request. >> to have a fund-raising and wanted anwar al-awlaki to present the prizes. he said i'm not traveling to the u.s. >> if you found the e-mails, we didn't find anything that he was directly involved.
12:49 pm
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>> reporter: months after 9/11, anwar al-awlaki a met three of the hijackers that flew into the pentagon. this e-mail obtained exclusively by fox news confirms that he was invited to an attended a lunch at pentagon executive dining room on february 5th, 2002. more than 70 people whose names were redacted by the defense department are copied on the invitation of the office of general counsel.
12:53 pm
they wrote, he addressed and the average person perceives the united states. besides the known relationship with three hijackers, he had a rap sheet for arrest of prostitution and another for loitering around a school. >> is this man shocking in some way. >> and in a virtual world, the message is far from muzzled. >> the administration is refusing to release the e-mails exchanged between myself and the others. >> with the upcoming trial of khalid shaikh mohammed, questions remain about anwar al-awlaki. >> theory number one, all those contacts he had with 9/11 spotters back then in 2000 and 2001 why innocent but he gets radicalized later.
12:54 pm
theory number two, he is with al-qaeda all along and the coincidences are not coincidences. >> reporter: does it looks like kgs m tried to protect information about activities inside the u.s. >> he was asked many times whether there were contacts in the united states. he always, from the reports we could read of those interrogations, he always seemed to blow smoke in answering questions like that. >> reporter: after our reported first aired, they wrote f.b.i. director robert mueller asked for more information. >> timing issue just is too much of a coincidence to be a reality. >> why was it 2002, f.b.i. agents to allow anwar al-awlaki into the u.s. and there was still an active warrant for his arrest. >> i'm not familiar with the facts you are raising. i would have to get back to you on that.
12:55 pm
again, i'd have to look into it. we have to get back to you. >> reporter: a former senator investigator told fox he believed anwar al-awlaki's arrest warrant was never provided to them. he says it will take subpoena power to see everything from government agencies. >> i want to see everything in the time frame. >> and that is for congress to do? >> yes. >> reporter: ray has worked for 28 years in public service, he says he is proud of work that he and other agents did pursuing it. >> i had a, serve with great people and we did a lot of great cases. certainly anwar al-awlaki is a sour note on all of that. i want to be done with this person.
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memory. >> from washington, president obama talked about anwar al-awlaki's death. >> the death of anwar al-awlaki marks a smile stone to defeat al-qaeda. >> bill: the case raises questions unanswered. was he a key part of the 9/11 plot? did the f.b.i. manage to turn name an informant and what has been his role? one thing is clear he turned on the country of his birth and calls for jihad against his fellow americans. in the end it was the joint c.i.a. military operation that caught up with him. for fox news reporting, i'm bill hemmer.


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