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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  October 2, 2011 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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growing worries about revenge attacks that are possible, targeting americans. the state department issuing a new worldwide travel alert this morning. authorities taking no chances, ramping up security at airports, keeping up their guard for any possible suspicious activity. good morning, i'm eric sean, welcome to america's news headquarters. >> jamie: good to hear they are taking those steps for us, i'm jamie colby, this travel alert follows the killing of anwar al-awlaki. and other key al qaeda figures, by a drone strike in yemen on friday. as america's enemies suffered yet another set back the fear of retaliation is real and peter doocy is following it for us, live from washington, peter, do we know how long the travel alert will last? >> reporter: from now until november 30th, the hole time until then, u.s. citizens, worldwide need to watch their backs and the state department issued a travel alert and here's why. there were, quote, the death of anwar al-awlaki in the near term could provide motivation for
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anti-american attacks, worldwide from individuals or groups seeking to retaliate against u.s. citizens or interest because of the action in the past, he and other members of aqpa called for attacks against the united states, and u.s. citizens and u.s. interests, his standing as a preeminent english language advocate of violence could trigger anti-american attacks, worldwide, to avenge his death and the state department says it is really important, right now for u.s. citizens to enroll in the smart traveller enrollment program because, if anything ends up happening, anywhere in the world, it will make it easier for embassies and consulates to get ahold of them. >> jamie: they are taking it seriously and what is the difference between a state department travel warning and one from t homeland security and the fbi? didn't they send out warnings as well? >> reporter: they did send out a bulletin, late on friday night. the department of homeland security and fbi, joint bulletin, sent to law enforcement and said there is no specific threat but that anwar al-awlaki's followers here in
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america might be motivated by the cleric's death and might try to respond or retaliate with attacks of their own and the thought this is followers want to make him a martyr, no specific threat and it is similar to the bulletin the agencies put out in may after bin laden was killed. >> jamie: security experts, some say he was more of a divinity figure than bin laden was. stay on it, thank you. >> reporter: thanks. >> eric: his killing is the latest in a list of recent victories in the fight against terrorism, you remember, commandos killed usama bin laden during the daring raid in his hideout this past may and, faisal abdullah mohammed was killed at a check i know and he planned bombings in kenya and tanzania and june a u.s. drone
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attack silenced kasmiri, who was head of operations in pakistan and behind the deadliest attacks and august, another drone, wiped out al qaeda's top operational planner, a libyan, and this friday, the al qaeda terror leader, anwar al-awlaki, killed by two predator drones in yemen along with an american jihad supporter from north carolina, a 25-year-old who helped them spread the word on the internet. does it mean we're finally getting the upper hand in the fight against terror, joining us from the persian gulf is fox news contributor and former u.s. ambassador to the united nations, john bolton. who is with us every morning about this time. good morning, ambassador. >> good morning. glad to be with you. >> eric: does it mean we're getting the upper hand with these killings on friday? >> no, i don't think so. i don't underestimate the importance of killing anwar al-awlaki. i think it is a victory and well deserved by our intelligence and military. but, you know, the travel
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notice, travel advisory, state department has sent out, is evidence that this is a long and continuing war and, it has been since 9/11 and will go on for some time. even the list of victories you have read which is quite impressive, is over a wide geographic territory which shows how dispersed the threat of al qaeda is and how it has been able to grow even since the overthrow of taliban and al qaeda in afghanistan. ten years ga. >> eric: as you say it is so dispers dispersed. does it mean they become more dangerous as they fan out and harder for us to knock them off and pick 'em off, one by one? >> i think it is a mistake to believe that drone attacks alone are going to solve the problem. as important an element of the campaign as they could be, back in the late 1990s, we used cruise missiles against suspected terror sites in afghanistan, in sudan and
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elsewhere. and that was obviously insufficient to deal with the much more limited network al qaeda had back then. 9/11, sadly demonstrates. so, picking off key al qaeda leaders, is important, but, certainly, not the drawing near the end of the long struggle. >> eric: how do we stop the worldwide jihad, admiral michael mullen before he retire, harsh words about pakistan, where do you see that going? >> the conflict in pakistan remains one of our central focus areas, because of their possession of nuclear weapons. but, i think we just have to acknowledge that this is going to be a long struggle. let's take yemen,they are in a r there now and it is possible al qaeda and the tribal allies could take control of all or part of the country or even turn it into a state of anarchy like nearby somalia.
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either one of those eventualities, giving them a base of operation that could threats then persian gulf and american and other interests worldwide and doesn't turn on the fate of one or a couple of individuals as important as it may be to eliminate them it is a longer, broader struggle. >> eric: you mention ed this upheaval in the middle east, persian gulf, what happens if islamists take over yemen? >> i think we're in the midst of a struggle in many of the countries where we saw the arab spring, potentially in egypt, and potentially in libya. between those who are committed to representative government and those who are committed to terrorism or radical jihadist states and i think that is a part of the struggle. this is not simply against al qaeda i it is against terrorism and i think broader threats to the west than what al qaeda
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itself represents. >> eric: there were victories in the battlefield and the war as you say, not yet won. ambassador john bolton, thank you and thank you for calling in this morning, from the persian gulf. >> thank you. ♪ >> jamie: there is a possible humanitarian crisis now that is unfolding in libya. the international red cross is warning it is going to be a medical emergency delivering desperately needed supplies to the qaddafi loyalist strong hold city of sirte. one of the last fronts in the former rebels' battle to liberate the country and now the race is on to get help to those in sirte who need it the most. david piper is streaming live from tripoli with the latest. >> reporter: yes, it seems a humanitarian crisis is unfolding, in qaddafi's home town of sirte at the moment, a team from international red cross managed to get into the
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town, and are -- after getting agreement from both sides, they went to the hospital to deliver medical supplies, but, they found there a hospital full of victims of the fighting and the red cross says medical supplies are running out there, and, there is also lack of oxygen and fuel for the generator. and, the water supply there has also been damaged. people there, they say are dying because they just can't get any treatment. and the red cross team says they couldn't visit the wounded in the wards because the hospital was being fired on. now, several rockets actually hit the hospital, while they were visiting and the fighting has been going on, though revolutionary forces called a truce overnight to allow civilians to get out of the town and have been funneling out avenue a special route the revolutionary fighters gave them while pressing in on the east and west and south of the town. but, revolutionary command has told us that after this 48-hour
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truce finishes, and if qaddafi followers don't give up, they intend to flatten the town. back to you. >> jamie: david piper streaming live from tripoli. thanks so much. eric? >> eric: jamie, president obama laughing at republican candidates over a question about don't ask don't tell, asked of a u.s. soldier during the google debate and first listen to the question that was asked: >> in 2010, when i was deployed in iraq i had to lie about who i was because i'm a gay soldier and i didn't want to lose my job and my question is, under one of your presidencies do you intend to circumvent the progress made for gay and lesbian soldiers in the military. >> eric: the question drew boost
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is how the republican candidates responded that prompted president obama to make these comments during a gay rights dinner last night. >> president barack obama: we don't believe in the smallness that says it is okay for a stage full of political leaders, one of whom could end up being the president of the united states, being silent when an american soldier is booed. [cheers and applause]. >> president barack obama: you want to be commander-in-chief, start by standing up for the men and women who wear the uniform of the united states. even when it is not politically convenient. >> eric: the president is also drawing criticism over his own stance on gay marriage, some activists saying his passion on the issue has not, quoted, been evolving fast enough. jamie? >> jamie: g.o.p. presidential candidate rick perry is suggesting that america may need to send our troops into mexico to fight the drug cartels. here's exactly what perry said: >> the way that we were able to
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stop the drug cartels in columbia was with a coordinated effort. it may require our military in mexico, working in concert with them, to kill these drug cartels, and to keep them off of our border into -- and to destroy their network. >> jamie: editor of campaign and elections magazine joins us now. shane, good morning. >> good morning, jamie. >> jamie: the headline is a stunner, isn't it? it is certainly an attention-grabber, the governor said he'd send our troops into mexico likening it to columbia. >> and i think the exchange shows the extent to which governor perry has been damaged in his -- and his campaign damaged by this whole issue over instate tuition breaks for sons and daughters of illegal immigrants in his home state of texas. i think what you are seeing with this and other statements the governor has made in the past couple of weeks is he is trying
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hard to shore up the conservative base, reassure these folks that in fact he is tough on illegal immigration, and this is the latest example of it, i think, we'll see where it goes. it will be interesting to see how the rest of the republicans feel, react to -- field reacts to this, but governor perry, no doubted, on and all-out offensive when it comes to his position on immigration and realizes how damaging it potentially could be to his campaign. >> jamie: as for in-state tuition it seems a good part of the conservative base is against it and you will not change their mind but the governor's campaign is stressing his record on illegal immigration in his home state of texas, about the veto to allow them -- illegals not to get drivers license and vetoed that, his opposition to amnesty and $500 million, they claim, that he directed to secure texas's southern border. now, immigration an border
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issues have not come up much in the campaign except for now and seems like a conversation worth having. how is his record on that? >> on a number of other points, that would be important to conservatives, his record is quite good. on illegal immigration. the issue is, that a lot of conservative voters have been unable to get over his stance on the in-state tuition rate and he is not changing the stance and is not backtracking at all and he's more than doubled down on that and certainly moved past the point where he could soften his position as it relates to that. so what he is trying to do is emphasize all of these other things but i don't necessarily think that this is something that a... a number of republican primary voters, particularly conservatives, are going to be able to easily get over and it also opens up the ability for someone like mitt romney, to sort of come in, to rick perry's right on this issue and that is valuable for someone like mitt
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romney, who conservative credentials are questioned by a lot of folks, republican primary voters, too. >> jamie: i have to leave it there. but it would be interesting to look at the cost/benefit of the in-state tuition and see if there is financial plus for texas to doing it. i don't know offhand, but it is an issue that is not going away for him, thank you so much. >> thanks, jamie. >> jamie: eric? >> eric: another win for presidential republican candidate and no, it's not mitt romney. not perry, or even paul. but, herman cain, again. we'll tell you where he won this time and, coming up, we will hear from the republican candidate op where his campaign heads next. and police evacuate the home of vice president joe biden's brother. a suspicious package there. coming up, we'll tell you what was inside. so who ordered the cereal that can help lower olesterol
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7:19 am
garnered him new attention and told the audience the current administration in his view is hurting the country: >> this patriot movement is what is going to save this nation. no, not hope, darling, we will save this nation. i kind of like clinging to my guns and bible. [applause]. >> and i'm not gonna let 'em go. >> eric: governors perry and romney trail the pack and 700 people showed up and he has been traveling around the country by bus and says, he doesn't have the money of other people, if they are making a lot of personal appearances and relying on that for his campaign and in this instance, the event, he was the only g.o.p. candidate to attend the conference in person, which, potentially, could have really helped his first-place finish. >> jamie: and a lot of political observers say in florida, because he got out there and met many of the people in the state
7:20 am
it may have played a role in the straw poll as well. >> eric: an he had the straw poll last week and he's getting media attention, because of this campaign, because of his recent wins and, we'll have to see how it goes as the campaign unfolds. >> jamie: always interesting and he was doing herman cain, the poll surge on fox news sunday and here's his take. >> it shows that the voice of the people is much more powerful than the voice of the media, as you know, some of the media outlets have been trying to make the republicans a contest between two people, two governors and people said something differently and the second main thing that came from that, message is more powerful than money. >> jamie: and the people sure have a lot of power, joining me, chris wallace, good morning. the anchor of fox news sunday. >> good morning. >> jamie: he's always interesting to talk to. how confident he is, now he has the two straw polls behind him,
7:21 am
does he feel it is helping out. >> absolutely. it is a self-fulfilling thing, he does well, did well in the debates, won the florida straw poll and is doing better in the fox poll and real polls and, we want him back on the show, because he's more of a player and people are paying more attention and start donating money and so it is a cycle up and he's riding it and because of the fact that he has a specific plan and we know, as i'm about to say it, "9-9-9", argue with the specifics of it, but you say, what is his plan? you know something about what it is, and, if you said that about perry or romney you wouldn't and that helped a lot as well. >> jamie: and is a plan people say they have an easier time understanding, and, he also is taking the time to go and meet people face-to-face as he did in florida and now again the only one to attend the conference with the latest poll?
7:22 am
>> yes. first he understands the value of marketing and, one thing i talk to him, when you came up with 9-9-9, your experience with pizza and godfather's pizza and burger king, if you sell something you have to sell it in a way people remember and they remember 9-9-9 and he said it was important, because some people like a fair tax and some the flat tax and he thought it would work and nobody on stage or in debates, who is a more attractive, personable candidate than he is. you know, you cannot, if you spend any time with him you have to like him, he's a very likable guy and i have asked him tough questions and that is one of the elements i really respect about him as opposed to other candidates, he understands you are doing your job and will answer the question and in a
7:23 am
graceful way, had good humor. >> jamie: and eric interviewed him on our program and, we enjoy what he has to say as with all the candidates. it will be an interesting season, thank for bringing that to us. >> thanks. >> jamie: herman cain and much more, and he'll talk to two economic policy -- with fedex ceo fred smith and bet founder robert johnson and specifically how the administration's approach to u.s. companies could impact the upcoming 2012 race, check your local listing for show times. >> jamie: a month long manhunt for a fugitive over in california. we'll show you the dramatic end to that search. and, you or someone you love, are you trying to quit smoking? coming up, we'll tell you about and knicks expensive pill that will purportedly triple smokers' chances of kicking the habit. you know who has the details on
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>> eric: time for "sunday house call," with us as always, house call host, dr. isadore rosenfeld, who is the rossi distinguished professor of clinical medicine at the wild cornell medical center, doctor, welcome back, great to see you. glad you are here. >> nice to be here. >> jamie: the doc took a vacation, you look great, we missed you. we have to get right to it. >> eric: we have an alarming new health warning they issued this week. new evidence they say confirms people with diabetes have a higher risk of developing colon cancer, doctor, what is the connection, diabetes and colon cancer? >> you know, it is a complicated disease, with... we know it as simply a high sugar and you may need insulin but has other
7:29 am
ramifications, for example, people with diabetes are more prone to having heart disease, and vascular problems, and so on. now, it turns out, that people with diabetes are also more vulnerable to colon and rectal cancer. what the association is, and what the mechanism is, i don't know. but, if you are a diabetic you should get routine checks of your bowel, whether it is with a colonoscopy or stool specimens, bear in mind you are more vulnerable. i don't want you to go through life, worrying that you will have cancer but every once in a while get checked out, because your risk of those cancers is higher if you have diabetes. >> eric: and it is really important to get colonoscopies, especially after the age of 50, you should certain be checked.
7:30 am
>> absolutely. >> jamie: that is a good tip, at least better to know and get checked, all right. a potential way to kick the habit. if you have been watching house call and you are still smoking, you have to pay attention now, you have to quit and there's a way, and it's not that expensive. there is research on a new tablet sold in eastern europe, has been going on more than four decades and shows a plant-based medicine can triple smokers' chances of quitting. doc we've got everybody's attention now. what is it. >> the name of the drug is cytisine. and, it costs between 6 and $15. you know, the other treatments for stopping smoking, i won't mention the drug, but, that is apt to be close to 100. and, you know, that is a lot of money for people who want to
7:31 am
stop smoking. if you have the smoking habit, and are motivated to quit, speak to your doctor and ask for a prescription for the cytisine. >> jamie: and it is a plant based natural something... health food store to get that? pharmacy. >> i think -- possibly but i would go to the pharmacy sister. >> eric: you have many ways to quit smoking... >> all of those are fairly expensive and this is $6 to $10. >> jamie: how long do you take it and why does it work differently. >> they all have different mechanisms, smoking is, first of all, a dependency on the tobacco, on the nicotine which
7:32 am
is a habituating drug and each of these work differently and it is nice to know there is a new one, affordable and according to recent research is effective. >> jamie: great. i know how much you want people to give up the habit. >> eric: all right, doctor, vitamin b 12, it has taken on surprising roles, a study says it helps prevent memory loss and research shows a deficiency in the vitamin b 12 among older people is a link to memory problems. and, doctor you have to get your vitamin b 12, i imagine? >> yes. vitamin b 12, you know, is generally a pick me up vitamin. and, it has many potential uses and the most recent one is that it does help prevent memory loss, for example, when i was here last week, you remember, i couldn't remember your name.
7:33 am
and, then... >> jamie: that would be me, doc, nobody believes you! >> and all this week i have been taking b 12, so, listen, eric -- no, i beg your pardon. >> jamie: mary, whatever it is. the thing about b 12 that i think is interesting, there was another line of research we had that said if you have a low level of b 12 you can have -- ready for this, folks, brain shrinkage. your brain can shrink. who wants that, doc? really? >> i don't. i don't know, there may be who would like to have a smaller brain. >> jamie: you could get smaller hats but, b 12 could prevent that. >> you can get lots of b-12 in fish, poultry and eggs. in addition to the sup meant your doctor can prescribe for you. >> jamie: i know you told us, too, the standard blood work doesn't check b-12 level and you have to ask your doctor for it. thanks so much. >> and also if you have a memory
7:34 am
problem, i don't know if i have told you before, but, quit smoking. >> jamie: okay, do that, too, thank you. all right, we'll we have heard it before, an apple a day keeps the doctor away and turns out the adage may do more. a study found eating apples also white-flesh fruits and vegetables could help prevent stroke. which ones, doc? >> apples and pears are the ones i know most about. the white vegetables. and the others do not prevent stroke. that are healthy but if you have a problem, worried about a stroke, because there is a family history, or because you have a tendency to high blood pressure which increases the risk and that is what you should do. plenty of these white fruits and vegetables. >> jamie: research shows they are more potent and however in the prevention...
7:35 am
>> absolutely than orange, red and purple fruits. >> eric: you never think of the color of fruit usually when you go and... see what you like. we'll keep an apple a day. coming up, bed bugs? have you had them? you know they cause major concern but there is something that may be even worse and now they say the chemicals to get rid of them could be an issue. dr. rosenfeld will explain. bed bugs and the chemicals to knock them off when we come back and we'll tell you about the suspicious package that forced people to evacuate from the street where vice president joe biden's brother lives and who sent the package and what was in it and how they responded, next. [ male announcer ] to the 5:00 a.m. scholar. the two trains and a bus rider.
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with new extra-strength bayer advanc aspirin. it has microparticles, enters the bloodstream faster and rushes relief to the site of pain. it's clinically proven to relieve pain ice as fast. new bayer advanced aspirin. >> eric: the fbi is investigating a suspicious package delivered to the home of vice president joe biden's brother. who lives in florida. the package contains some type
7:40 am
of powdery substance and two residents of the street were taken to the hospital as a precaution. it is unclear what the vice president's brother, was home at the time, the palm beach county's sheriffs office determined the package was not explosive, it has been taken to the miami fbi lab for testing. ♪ >> jamie: everybody is at risk for bed bugs, a new study shows you should be more concerned about the insecticides they use to get rid of them. a lose-lose situation, doc, what is the deal? >> bed bugs are obviously is not pleasant companions. they are -- their bites are not dangerous. but, i think the insecticides that some people use can be harmful and the best way to get rid of these bed bugs is to steam-clean. run a steam cleaner and that
7:41 am
usually is effective. but i would be very careful about applying insecticides where you have your head and where you are sleeping and so on. and, bed bug bites are -- i'm not recommending them for fun, are not dangerous. >> eric: a lot of people have been really concerned about them. >> every time i meet you, you ask me what to do with them. but, they -- their bites are not harmful but the insecticides can be and the best way, as i said, is to steam-clean the area. >> jamie: thank you. >> eric: holidays coming up in a couple of months and now... it has to do with eating turke hear about this? when you eat turkey it makes you sleepy? doctor, i don't know, maybe you eat a lot if you feel sleepy?
7:42 am
>> turkey contains tryptophan but so does virtually every other poultry thing and the reason the turkey got the label, through making you sleepy is that it is usually more commonly eaten in a holiday setting, and there is alcohol and other things, so, the fatigue that is attributed to turkey, is not fair. >> jamie: i think turkey took a bad wrap, it is the stuffing, isn't it? eating all the extra stuff. >> and it is like a holiday food and there is alcohol and other things and the point i want to make is that turkey does not contain more tryptophan, the sedating thing than does other poultry and if you like it, you can eat it, and you are worried about becoming drowsy, cut down on the alcohol you have with it. >> jamie: a new break through in the fight against high blood
7:43 am
pressure. and coming up we'll reveal the hidden benefits behind purple. potatoes! thanks, doc for that, too, and a warm welcome for hundreds of marines, returning home from afghanistan. oh, no greater site, we'll show you the emotional reunion between the soldiers, and marines, and their loved ones. do you have an irregular heartbeat called atrial fibrillation, or afib, that's not caused by a heart valve problem? are you taking warfarin to reduce your risk of stroke caused by a clot? you should know about pradaxa. an important study showed that pradaxa 150mg reduced stroke risk 35% more than warfarin. and with pradaxa, there's no need for those regular blood tests. pradaxa is progress. pradaxa can cause serious, sometimes fatal, bleeding. don't take pradaxa if you have abnormal bleeding, and seek immediate medical care
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for unexpected signs of bleeding like unusual bruising. pradaxa may increase your bleeding risk if you're 75 or older, have kidney problems or a bleeding condition, like stomach ulcers. or if you take aspirin products, nsaids, or blood thinners. tell your doctor about l medicines you take, any planned medical or dental procedures, and don't stop taking pradaxa without your doctors approval, as stopping may increase your stroke risk. other side effects include indigestion,stomach pain, upset, or burning. if you have afib not caused by a heart valve problem, ask your doctor if pradaxa can reduce your risk of a stroke. for more information or help paying for pradaxa, visit
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>> jamie: bottom of the hour, time for the top of the news, a month long manhunt ending in northern california. officers shooting and killing fugitive near fort bragg, suspected of killing a councilman and land trust official and powerful typhoons ripping through the philippines and rescuers scrambling to get food and water into the areas flooded by the storms and, a bus falls into a ravine, killing 16 people and injuring 19 others and rescuers use ropes to help survivors climb out of the gorge. ♪ >> eric: back now sith "sunday house call" and your host, dr. isadore rosenfeld. we've heard of oatmeal in the
7:48 am
fight against high blood pressure and a study promotes the benefits of potatoes, particularly, purple potatoes. doctor, you know, they say have oatmeal in the morning and it is great and now, potatoes, too. >> a couple of servings a day, of these potatoes, will lower your blood pressure without medication, and, will generally not increase your weight. so, if you have a borderline elevated blood pressure, and it is desirable to bring it down, that is a good way to do it. you don't need medication, you don't need the side effects of medication and you get these two servings of potatoes a day, and they will not gain -- you will not gain weight and your pressure will come down and i'm not talking about... go to your doctor and he or she finds the blood pressure, of 250/150, wow. don't take the potatoes for that.
7:49 am
but, if you have a borderline elevated blood pressure, and you would rather not start a medication, that is the way... what the -- to try first. >> eric: and i imagine they should be steamed or baked, not talking about tons of french fries or salt. >> have i ever talked about french fries? why do you even bring it up. >> eric: no, sir, you are right. >> jamie: a good question to ask your doctor, about potatoes, don't abandon your medication, if you are on it, talk to your doctor. >> a couple servings a day. >> jamie: doc, right after the show and mean while the u.s. centers for disease control issuing a new study and they are urging children and teens and their parents to drink low fat milk to prevent obesity, and, the risk of type two diabetes and, doc, you say that this is really important for teenage girls, especially? why? >> that is what the studies have shown. and taking id every day lowers your blood pressure. >> jamie: for obesity in young girls, are they at higher risk
7:50 am
of diseases? is that why want them to switch to low-fat varieties of let's say milk or cheese? >> well the study was done on these girls, and, you know, people who are obese, who... females or males are candidates for diabetes. and, if you are a young woman, and you like milk, taking low-fat milk is healthier for you, and will reduce your risk of diabetes. >> jamie: great. thank you, doc. many other diseases, too, i imagine. >> eric: there's a new study out about cancer, and diet, and according to dutch researchers they say the cancer patient can be harmed by using fish oil. and, dr. rosenfeld has been a big proponent of fish oil. what does the study show? >> well, the study doesn't reflect poorly on fish oil, which is a good thing.
7:51 am
but, if you have a malignancy and it is being treated with chemotherapy the fish oil can interfere with the effectiveness of the medication. so, if you have cancer getting... don't take fish oil. >> eric: other than that, you... >> a big proponent of it. >> jamie: the doc takes it, even. good to know, doc. meanwhile, this is interesting news, more many years there has been a debate about silicone breast implants and the fda is declaring they are safe to use. and, they are going to remain available. but, the same agency is encouraging the manufacturers to conduct some post-approval studies. why do they want more study on it, doc, if they are declaring it safe? >> to make sure, because there are several health advocacy groups who are not convinced about the safety of these
7:52 am
implants and although the fda says they are okay, these people have their doubts, and, as long as there is a doubt, there is something like... it can introduce cancer, it should be continued to be studied. >> jamie: very good, doc. >> eric: in a moment the doctor will be back with his healthy monday tip. and this: new reaction on this sunday morning about the take down of a terrorist, the american-born cleric, anwar al-awlaki killed by the predator drone missile and this morning lawmakers and counterterrorism officials are weighing in on the latest thing on the war on teaerroterror. the latest and if we can kill more. [ male announcer ] this is lara. her morng begins with arthritis pain. that's a coffee and two pills. the afternoon to begins with more pain and more pills. thevening guests arrive.
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>> it could be one ever my favorite pictures of the week. a warm welcome for hundreds of u.s. march arriving in texas. they landed in ellington field in houston. one family celebrating the return of lance cpl. matthew aguilar. >> very long, nervous points at time but very rewarding. >> i'm excited to see him and excited to see his smiling face and know he's safe. >> the worst part about it was being away from him. >> more than 300 members returning home from afghanistan,
7:57 am
and some have not seen each other for nearly a year. we cannot thank them enough or their families. >> and back now to sunday house call. your host, dr. isadore rosenfeld. he gives you a healthy tip to start your week off right. what is it this week? >> very simple straight-forward tip. this is sunday. call your doctor tomorrow and get your flu shot. this is the time to get it. between now and january, february, you will be exposed to the flu. you and your children should be vaccinated against the flu. it's easy to prevent, it's easy to get, it's not expensive, and all it takes is a phone call to your doctor. >> great advice. you don't think about it until winter comes and everyone starts to get the flu and you didn't
7:58 am
get the shot. >> we will. absolutely. doctor, thank you so much. if you are interested in any more information about today's house call and you want to look at previous shows, log on to we love it when you are here, doc, thanks so much. >> see you next week. >> yep. >> targeting the terrorists before they can strike at us. there's new reaction coming sunday morning to the shifting tactics in the u.s. strategy to take out terrorists worldwide. good morning again. welcome to a brand new hour of "america's news hq." i'm eric shawn. >> good morning, i'm jamie colby. this is a brand new hour. good to have you here. u.s. gains against terror on the battlefield backed by a deadly tool in the american arsenal. taking out a coal-qaeda leader
7:59 am
by drone, anwar al-awlaki. they are puttering enemies on the run. live in washington. steve, they do scramble and we are getting them and there aren't too many left. how about this technology? how does the administration feel about it as a choice? >> they are certainly moving more toward drone technology, at least right now in this part of the world. in the mountainous regions of pakistan and afghanistan and in yemen. now the drone strike that killed al-qaeda leader anwar al-awlaki, it is certainly a case in point. intelligence networks teamed up with the unmanned aircraft and made it 'til take him out. it's cost-effective and it puts no u.s. military people in harm's way. the u.s. president had this to say about the strike this morning. >> i think it was a very good strike. i think it was justified. i think it's very effective use of our drone technology. the thing i'm waiting for is for
8:00 am
the administration to go back and correct something they said two years ago when they criticized us for, quote, overreacting to the events of 9/11. they , in effect, said that we had walked away from our ideals or taken policy contrary to our ideals when we had enhanced interrogation techniques. >> cheney sailed he thinks the president should have the authority to order strike even if it isn't an american citizen, like anwar al-awlaki. >> interesting when you look at the drone attacks versus military forces. are we going to see a shift, steve? >> we are for the time being and definitely we will be seeing more drone attacks in this region. the cost of the program is much less than operating ships and planes and large movements of shoulders. but the pentagon stresses drones are just one weapon in their arsenal and they aren't suited to every situation. for instance, any confrontation with north korea, iran, china, probably would not rely as
8:01 am
heavily on drones. but for now the obama administration seems to be moving away from large-scale warfare and embracing she's targeted drone attacks to take out our enemies, jamie. >> thank you so much. >> you bet. >> and timing is everythg they say. the successes could have probably benefited president bush back in 2001. that's when americans rated terrorism as the nation's most pressing problem. but now the polls show americans are of more concerned about the economy. will the killings andanti terror have an impact on president obama's campaign or will it be all about the economy? let's bring in our political panel, gretchen and sally. let me start with you, sally. it's been quite a recent of recent successes. do you think the president can -- that can resonate with voters come the election in
8:02 am
2012? >> yes. this isn't about one particular incident, whether it's the war on terror or the economy. this is about leaders who are doing something versus leaders who are getting in the way. i think the american people know that the president inherited a bad situation with our economy that was going to get worse no matter what he did. but they have seen him take action to make the situation better, just like they have seen him take action to deal with our enemies abroad. whereas the republicans who can't beat somebody with nobody have repeated stood in the way of any positive action. >> gretchen, don't you think that it would help americans if the president took more action that really actually had more results like he apparently is having on the war in terror when it comes to the war on the economy. >> exactly. the results aren't there. the president may have inherited a bad economy but he hasn't really done anything to make it better. some would say it's gotten
8:03 am
worse. if you look at the stimulus from 2009, it failed by the white house's own measures. it produced some jobs but it didn't get employment down to 8% like sea said it would and it didn't produce the millions of jobs like they said it would. it fell by their own measures and it sure fell by the american public's measures. >> there's no doubt he's having success in the war on terror in terms of taking out the top leaders. >> you can say he's having success but does the american public know he's having success? when you look at the numbers in the policy, the american public isn't very much concerned about what is happening overseas right now or outside its own borders. they are concerned about domestic issues here, which normally political scientists would tell you would favor a democrat. >> let's look at two polls. for example, a recent a. p. poll shows 98% economy is important and 92% terrorism and this one about obama approval rating.
8:04 am
let's take a look. 60% approve of the way he's handling terrorism, yet only 36% approve of the way he is dealing with the economy. look at those numbers. can you win again if the numbers don't flip? >> again, you have to compare it to something. last i checked the approval ratings for how the republicans in congress is handling the economy is around 8%. first of all, you can't beat something with nothing, and second, i challenge gretchen's point. independent economists on both sides of the isle they agree yes, the stimulus didn't fix everything , but we have long structural problems in our economy. the american people know that. it didn't fix everything magically but it stopped it from getting much, much worse. >> did it stop oregon take it down the road? >> excuse me. but republicans don't want this economy to get better as long as it means the president will face a tough time in the election. the president is trying to do things, is trying to reach across the isle, propose things that will matter and that's what
8:05 am
americans will care about. >> gretchen, what the argument it's not doing as best as anybody think it can be but it would be a lot worse if he hadn't done this? >> well, it would be a lot worse but is it kicking the can down the road? are we waiting for the economy really to drop bottom down the road? by just spending more and more money? should we drop the economy and let it hit bottom and let us build back up? that's something a lot of economists have said as well. there are two different schools of thoughts on that. on the point about republicans, no one, and it is unfair to say that anybody that is here in washington wants this economy to be bad. we want this nation to be number one. but to go back to her other point, and actually your original question about the foreign policies and the excess there versus the economy, we have to look no further back in history than gorge h.w. bush. look at the success he had in iraq. look at the success he had overseas but at the end of the day he was defeated because of the economy. remember, it was the economy,
8:06 am
stupid? >> that was james in the war room with bill clinton. sally, do you think that could happen with president obama in 2012? >> look, there's no question. the american people are nervous and anxious and upset and angry at the economic situation we are all facing and there's no question we are look for political leadership. the election in 2012 is going to be a choice between two things, between a candidate who is willing to do something, who is willing to take action, or candidates who are constantly going to obstruct, or alternatively it will be between a candidate that says, look, we will put aside the petty partisan differences of the past and we will do what it takes to fix this economy, or candidates who say actually we are going to do more of what got us into this mess by cutting taxes for the riches to the richer to the rich. >> you gave us a long list. >> she sure did. >> gretchen. you have a big, long list there sally just provided you. >> oh, yeah. she talks about doing more of the same. well that's exactly what president obama's recent policies were. they were more of the same.
8:07 am
they were things we tried before that haven't worked so we need something. we need bold solutions, we need original solutions, we need something new. i wouldn't say reaching across the isle is proposing new taxes. if he was really want to go increase -- if he was really want to go reach across the isle, he should bring both sides to the table and have a discussion about this instead of just marching up to the hill and proposing some solutions that he knows aren't even going to pass. they aren't going to pass with the democrats and they aren't going to pass with the republicans. >> all right, sally and gretchen. thank you. there have been successes on the war on terror but there's a long way to go, especially with the economy. thanks for joining us this sunday morning. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> jamie. >> all right. we are going to go to italy now where in less than 24 hours we could learn the fate of amanda knox. the 24-year-old american coed that's already been convicted of killing her british roommate back in 2009. her appeals case is expected to end tomorrow. we've within told we will get a
8:08 am
verdict. greg burkes is streaming live from italy with more. greg, what do people think there? >> well, jamie, you know lots of anxiety here certainly on behalf of amanda and rafael. they have been waiting long for this. they have been a jail four years. the appeal has gone on now become a year. you can tell, this is really crunch time. they have had the weekend off. amanda apparently went to mass saturday afternoon. also spoke with her grandmother in seattle before this big moment. what people here are calling the moment of truth. although the fact is we don't know if we are ever going to really know all the truth in this case. jamie. >> so much speculation on what will happen if that verdict comes. will she fly private, will she fly commercial. who cares? don't people there just want justice, good or bad or amanda? >> i think their feelings are all over. there's so many intense emotion necessary this case. obviously it's an interesting
8:09 am
case, sort of tabloid. you have sex and drugs and a fresh-faced college student accused of murder. then you have people on both sides with just very strong feelings. a lot of people who think amanda and her former boyoyfriend, rafael, have been framed, and others who think there has to be justice for meredith. meredith was not killed alone and that these guys could be getting away with murder. jamie. >> tell us about the verdict that could come, the process to get there, and are the kirchers in court? have they been coming, as well? >> well, the kirchers have not been coming so far to answer that first. although they were expected, some members of the family, to come tomorrow for the verdict. what happens, amanda's defense attorney speaks in the morning. he will be the last person to speak in court before the defends themselves, both rafael and amanda are allowed to say a few words and they are expected to do so. then the jury retires and after that it will probably be a matter of hours before they come down with the verdict.
8:10 am
we don't expect anything simple. thumbs up, thumbs down." there could be a split decision, a reduced sentence which will be very complicated. we will have to translate first from the italian and then the legal he's. >> which is why we are glad you are there. thank you very much. we wanted to give you a look back at the events that were leading up to this point in the knox case since her conviction in april of last year prosecutors filed for a harsher sentence for knox. then days later they filed an appeal of the murder conviction. the judge ordered an independent review of crucial dna evidence and this past june dna witness testified that the dna evidence used to convict her may have been contaminated. knox and her boyfriend are expected to address the court tomorrow. it should be very compelling who that will reverse this conviction or have her on her
8:11 am
way back home back to seattle. we will not know until as early as tomorrow. eric. >> to washington now with the nine supreme court justices are attending the so-called red mass this morning in washington. that's the mass that marks the unofficial kick off of the new supreme court term. the justices have some big cases on the docket this fall. we are there to detail their work. >> and the whole point is to pray the supreme court justices find guidance in their new term. it's one focused on the sides and scope of the federal government. basically deciding how much the federal government can or should reach into your life. and the court is likely to hear a case about the affordable care act. it's been challenged in the lower courts in the obama administration. they have actually asked the high court for a ruling about its constitutionality. they are also expected to look at whether or not states like arizona and alabama can enforce their own immigration laws or if that should be done only
8:12 am
federally. and an interesting case, whether federal agents need a search warrant to police a gps on your car. lots of activism everywhere. conservatives are already calling for a justice to accuse herself from healthcare deliberations because they say she was too involved in the affordable care act while she was president obama solicitor general. and the other side wants thomas to recuse himself because they say his wife worked for groups that fought healthcare and they don't think that would allow him to be objective. >> a lot of interesting cases and it is the first week in october as they start. thanks, peter. jamie. >> eric, as peter just mentioned, one of the biggest issues that will be up for review by the supreme court is president obama's healthcare law. now some 26 states, including florida, are raising a major challenge to a key part of that law. it's a man date that will require each and every american to buy insurance or else they will face a penalty.
8:13 am
joining us now, pam, who is florida's state attorney general. pam, good morning. great to have you here. >> thanks, jamie. great to be here. good morning. >> good morning. you and i, we've been following this process from the very beginning. now the states are asking the supreme court, take it on, take it on now. tomorrow is the first monday in october. will they take it, and why is it significant that they hear it so quickly? >> well, it's significant for all americans, for taxpayers, for consumers, for businesses. we know that this is costing, it will cost our state billions of dollars, this healthcare man date. we have to have finality and that's what we've stressed from day one. we've asked the supreme court. we've filed our writ and petitioned the supreme court to hear the case. we are hopeful that they will hear it this term. the criteria, jamie, that the supreme court looks at is whether it's a case of national importance. and i would argue to anyone in the world this is a case of
8:14 am
overriding national importance. >> you met that qualification for sure. >> right. we met that prong. >> go ahead. >> is it such a hot button issue with such political implication that is the court would not immediately accept it as maybe one of the first cases it agrees to hear? >> you know, jamie, the supreme court justices, i feel, are not at that level. i mean, they are top justices in our country. this isn't about politics. it's about whether this man date is constitutional. we fmly believe its unconstitutional. there are 28 lawsuits right now around the country. there's a split among circuits. we know the fourth circuit has an opinion, the sixth circuit has an opinion, we have our opinion. so we need finality, and we need to get it to the supreme court as soon as possible, and i think the justices are going to realize that. >> pam, you are close now. you will get them to hear it
8:15 am
likely, and you will get a decision. all the states attorneys general have worked really closely with you on this. but you are asking the supreme court to decide other things other than the constitutionality. what else do you want them to express their been on so once and for all we know whether or not we are going to be subject to this? >> that's right. we won on the man date issue, that the man date, they cannot force us to purchase this product. the issues that we did not prevail on, one was the medicaid coercion issue. we've always felt that that needed to be resolved by the supreme court because there's so little precedent on that issue. even in the 11th circuit's opinion, they wrote that they denied it with much hesitation and with serious thought. so we've always known that the u.s. supreme court would have to decide the coercive part of the medicaid expansion, as well as the severe ability issue.
8:16 am
meaning does this rise and fall. if the mandate is unconstitutional. does the entire healthcare act fall? and that is very important. but i'll tell you, even the federal government, they have acknowledged that without that mandate, they are going to have to go back to the drawing board. >> florida state attorney general pam bondi. pam, thanks for joining us here live today. we appreciate it. >> thank you, jamie. >> good to see you. >> well, it's a sky-high emergency of monumental proportions. we will tell you how the worker at the national monument who was nearly blown off the top by gusty winds, and why hundreds of so-called protesters occupy wall street. a lot of them were arrested in new york city. who are they and what do they want? we will have that coming up. st:s to do dumb things?
8:17 am
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8:20 am
inspect versus been suspended at the washington monument after high winds left a worker dangling. crews were check out the monument for damage caused by that earthquake this summer. you know it's dangerous work. a gust of wind suddenly blew one of the climbers about 30 feet off the monument's face and left him dangling about 50 feet off the ground. the team is prepared for such
8:21 am
emergencies while they examine the facade for cracks. they say the worker even enjoyed the death-defying ride. >> really? looks pretty scary, eric. how about good news for all of you hunting for a job. uncle sam can pay part of your search, that is if you know what is deductible. in today's take charge consumer protection segment we wanted to take a look how the tax code can help you when you need it. joining us now, tax expert who is managing director of the university tax center. thanks for joining us. >> thanks, jamie. it's nice to be here. >> help us out. one of the things i read in the research is that it really helps if you lose your job and you set up a little consulting business. why is that helpful? >> well, if you set up your own consulting business, you are allowed to deduct expenses that you would otherwise be limited in deducting were you not
8:22 am
self-employed. there are certain job hunting expenses that are deductible under the internal revenue code. the cost of drafting and printing a resume, the cost of printing business cards, career coaches, travel and transportation while you are looking for a job. for example, if you drive from your home to an interview, you are allowed to deduct 55 cents for every mile you drive as a job hunting expense. if you are an employee or former employee and have not become an independent contractor, your ability to deduct those job hunting expenses is limited to the extent they exceed 2% of your adjusted gross income. >> that's a higher threshold. >> it is. so if someone had, let's say, adjusted gross income of $40,000, they can only deduct their job hunting expenses to the extent they exceeded 2% of that or $800. if you become self-employed, you become a consultant, you can deduct all those expenses without any limitation whatsoever. >> okay.
8:23 am
so self-employed is better than unemployed for tax purposes. set up a little business. is that schedule c income? and if you do set it up on a schedule c, do you have to have some income coming in or will the internal revenue let you write off spin was no money coming in? >> well, the first point to make is that you do need some income in order to be considered self-employed. the second point i would make is that after you deduct all your expenses, unless you show a profit in three years out of five, the irs will usually challenge your expenses and claim that you have got a hobby, not a consulting business. >> okay. let me ask you one other question before i let you go. first of all, does it matter if you are looking for a job in your current field if you are unemployed versus if you are trying to obtain new skills for maybe a new career? >> a terrific question. if you are not a consultant, you have not become self-employe and you are only a former
8:24 am
employee, then you can only deduct expenses related to your former occupation. so if you were a salesperson who had an interest in computer science, if you tried to look for a job in the computer science area, those expenses would not be deductible. however, if you set up a consulting business related to computers, you could then deduct all those job hunting expenses in total. >> i think this is great advice at a time that people need it most. thank you so much. we are going to post this at "america's news hq." certainly consult a tax professional during your unemployed time. it could be worth the v. thanks for being with us. great advice today. so i would advise you go to you can see this segment, as well as many. our other take-charge segments because we want you to be in charge and protect yourself and get the most bang for the fewer bucks you might have right now. >> and, boy, do we all need that. that's right, jamie.
8:25 am
>> thanks, eric. >> there was a deadly bus accident in china. that vehicle plunged into a ravine. more than a dozen people were killed. wait until you see how the survivors were rescued. a new poll over the economic leadership in washington, and who is to blame. up next, americaest newest congressman, bob turner. he won the overwhelming democratic seat in new york city. he will be here to tell us what he thinks must be done to fix the economy. [ junior ] i played professional basketball for 12 years.
8:26 am
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>> well, as millions are struggling in today's economy a new fox poll shows that 75% of voters, 75%, think the current economic situation is the result of bad leadership in washington. what does our country's newest
8:30 am
congressman think about that and what can be done to turn it around? joining us now is congressman bob turner of new york city. he won anthony weiner's seat in a special election less than three weeks ago. thanks for coming in. >> nice to be here. >> you stun the political world. you won in a district 3-1 democratic. hadn't sent a republican to washington since 1923. and it was seen, as many said, as a message to washing on. do you think that message has resonated now you have been on capitol hill a couple of weeks? >> well, that message may have had two parts. certainly the israeli message was a big part of this. and judging from the president's speech at the u. n., maybe part of that message was accomplished. >> do you think he heard you? >> i think ed cox seemed to think so, as well. we can be thankful for that.
8:31 am
if there's another part of the message, it's the economy. there's great dissatisfaction with the current leadership? you ran on a strong economic platform, cutting taxes and this sort of thing. what can be done? what do you think should be done that now your fellow members of congress, and the president, isn't doing? >> well, i think the difference is fundamental. if this administration thinks the answer is in government spending, taxes, that's not going to work. our approach and my approach is business. stimulate, fix business. >> and do you think they will be able to do that? we've got some polls that are pretty shocking. the obama jobs plan he announced recently, according to the new fox poll, 38% of americans think that the obama jobs plan will create jobs. 39% think there will be no
8:32 am
difference, and 18% think it will actually cost jobs. according to our poll, 47% of americans think unemployment is going to be higher in the year from now, 37% lower. it seems most americans are not optimistic about the way the economy is going. how do we change that? >> i think there is a crisis of leadership and confidence. so that's a good starting point. and as i said, i think the direction is what the problem is. is it business that's going to solve the problem or is it the government? and it's business. it's innocent -- innocent. [incentivizing them. and the energy programs, getting
8:33 am
that moving. >> how do you get that through? how do you get it through the house and how do you get it through a democratic senate, especially when you are dealing with issues that are so contentious right now on capitol hill? >> think even here in new york we have the hydrofracing. >> our friends across the border, 70,000 people are employed in an area that was economically defense late. we have upstate new york. there are ways to do this that are economically sound, scientifically proven. gets get to work. there is shale oil, there is many things, the pipelines in canada. all this is held up by poor regulation, poor thinking. let's get this out of the way and start to move the economy. >> you have been down there for two weeks. do you think the political gridlock can actually be broken? we are all disappointed. americans are severely disappointed.
8:34 am
they don't see a lot happening in washington, and they want that to change. you are been there for two weeks. can it change? what has surprised you from what you have seen? is it worst than you thought? >> that is a little tough to say with two weeks experience. i might not be a good person to ask that. but there are things that can be done. i think the president put forth a jobs bill. there are problems with it, but let's use that as a starting point and start the negotiations. there are things in there we can all live with. there are a lot of things we can't, but let's begin the process. >> and finally, are you optimistic at the end of the day about this country and about what you have found now that you actually are a member of congress? >> i have been and continue to be optimistic about this country. there are young bill gates out there and steve jobs and a lot of others. there are ideas, there is an energy in this country. let's just let it -- free it up.
8:35 am
it will work. and it's worked in the past. it will work again. >> all right. congressman bob turner. we thank you for coming in. welcome to washington, i guess we can say. thank you, congressman. >> nice to meet you, sir. wall street protests lead to go hundreds ever arrests on the brooklyn bridge. you had to see the scene. new york city police handcuffing more than 700 of these occupy wall street demonstrators. they took over the bridge yesterday. judy is live in our new york newsroom with more on that. julie, are they going to come back? >> well, jamie, they have been demonstrating for two weeks holding science and protesting everything from corporate agreed and social inequality to global warming. it had been peaceful until clashes with police began yesterday. they swarmed the brooklyn bridge and shut down a lane of traffic for several hours. the group occupy wall street has been camped out in a plaza in the financial district and had orchestrated an impromptu trek
8:36 am
to brooklyn. but as they walk on the sidewalk up to the bridge in thick rows, some spilled on to the roadway after being told to stay on the pedestrian pathway by police. the majority arrested were given citations for disorderly conduct and then released. some say they were lured on the row way by police. some chanted "let us go" while others yelled at police from a walkway above. police say no one was tricked into being arrested and those in the back of the group that couldn't hear were allowed to leave. meanwhile in other parts ever the country protesters also gathering in albuquerque, new mexico, boston and denver to express their solidarity with the movement in new york. though their demands remain unclear. turnout has reached as high as a few thousands in some places. back here in new york city a core group of about 200 people have remained camped out throughout the week sleeping on air mattresses, using mac
8:37 am
laptops and playing drums. a few times they march down to wall street saying this is what democracy looks like. jamie. >> thanks, julie. >> abandon hope on the taliban. afghan president karzai threw up his hands and saying talks with the taliban are useless. he's placing his bets on pakistan to help end the conflict. do you think that will work?
8:38 am
8:39 am
8:40 am
8:41 am
>> good sunday morning and welcome back, everybody. >> we are seeing a shift in tactics now in afghanistan. president har karzai is saying he will know longer hold peace talks with the taliban but instead he will focus on relations with pakistan as a way
8:42 am
to end the war. does he have it right? fox news military analyst for the army, great to see you. >> great to see you. tell me about his approach. is he right? >> he's partially right. he's really frustrated with us because we've been doing unilateral direct talks with the taliban, and that in and of itself is not going to get a negotiated peace. the steak holders have to be involved and karzai noise there won't be a negotiated settlement with the taliban without pakistan's involvement. >> why is pakistan important? >> because number one they have huge strategic interests. they are supporting the taliban, quite frankly, aiding and abetting them. they harbor them in their country. and this i an established fact,
8:43 am
they support their network. he knows if they are to have a negotiate the settlement, pakistan needs to be involved. >> and they have their own interests. good luck getting them to the table. harmi karzai, how can he help? >> he's a huge player here. make no mistake about that. and i think the other player that's going to make a big difference is ryan crocker, who is our ambassador. he was the ambassador with general petreas in iraq. he will be a huge player behind the scenes in working with president karzai. i know for a fact he right now has a very, very good relationship, probably the best relationship we've had with karzai in years. >> that's very encouraging. what does that mean for our troops that are in afghanistan fighting the taliban? they are still active. we know al-qaeda, they have really taken a hit, haven't
8:44 am
they? >> look it, the troops are doing incredible job. we've turned the stakes around in the south. the momentum is on our side. the problem that is facing us, the president's decision to reduce our forces, take all the surge forces out by next year before the fighting season is completed, really puts the overall mission. >> frankly, at risk. that's the problem i have with this decision. because it's asking more of our troops. they are being asked to do more with less, and frankly, for your viewing audience, it's going to drive the casualties up. >> we're not prepared for that. >> no. >> no. so if karzai changes the approach, doesn't have the direct talks, we won't have the direct talks, and we look to pakistan. realistically what can we expect pakistan to do? how can we get them in to help us find peace in the region and defeat the taliban once and for all? >> we have to change our policy with pakistan. the soft diplomatic support with pakistan because of the concern
8:45 am
over nuclear weapons they have and their support for us and the radical islam inside pakistan, we have to get tough with them. the soft approach has failed. right here today they have continued to aid the hikani network. it's pro tracting the war and causing casualties to our troops every week. >> how? >> pressure. a huge amount of pressure. we have been taking the soft approach. we have to get tough with them. it deals with military and civilian aid. we can put pressure on them from the world bank and imf and other countries, as well. we have to realize the pakistanis have been lying to us about their support, and we've got the change the music they are hearing. >> got to figure this one out with so many lives at risk with american soldiers and others. thanks a lot, jack ke. ne, always a pleasure. >> thank you, jamie. >> coming up, which came first, the electric car or the charging station? we will tell you why a plan to bring both to oregon is on the
8:46 am
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>> it's the chicken over the egg when it comes to electric cars.
8:50 am
the federal government has money to build car charging stations but they haven't because they say there's not much demand. >> this was sold with the stimulus program that would light a fire under the electric car industry but so far it's been stuck in neutral and taxpayers have very little to show for it. the federal government gave an california company to pulled and install electric car charging stations throughout 18 metropolitan areas. among them, portland. but two years later they haven't come close to meeting their goals. they have put up just 95 public stations. they were supposed to have 1200 by now. green groups are seeing red over the slow pace. >> we should be erring on the side of keeping the access out there, building out a network that people can see and use to give them confidence it buy those cars. >> but the company said the program is not about getting people to buy electric cars,
8:51 am
instead it's a research project to see how people use the public charging stations. public officials say it makes no sense to saturate an area with charging areas when there are so few electric cars on the road. sales have been disappointing. some say it's because the tsunami in japan slowed production. they say they don't want the charging station to gather gust and graffiti, waiting for people to buy cars. the company is hopeful sales will pick up when the leaf is made in the u.s. next year but it's expensive. well over $30,000 even after a $7,500 federal tax rebate. >> that's steep. thanks so much. >> okay. >> jamie. >> tomorrow the supreme court begins its new term and the justices have a full plate on their hands. the president's healthcare law and immigration, just two of the controversial topics they are expected to take on. more on that straight ahead.
8:52 am
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>> it's a book about sarah palin you probably have not heard a lot about. it's called "the rogue-searching for the real sarah palin." list is an author and contributor who has joined us with her media commentary. good morning, liz. >> good morning. >> joe became renown in 1968 about the selling of the
8:56 am
president about the richard nixon campaign? >> he did, indeed. >> now he's back. >> and he wrote another wonderful book, one of my favorites, "fatal vision" in 1993 and it was about the murder trial of a man who stabbed his wife and kids to death at fort bragg, california. a successful, commercial writer. what is amazing that how the press of all stripes, media, liberal, both television and print, have just turned on this guy on the sarah palin book. this is a woman they love to hate. now joe mcginn he is is thea for they love to hate. let me give you an example from the alaska dispatch, her home country newspaper. donald craig mitchell, who is a lawyer and writes about alaska says "so what if during the 1980s air and todd pail snorted a line or two of cocaine off the top of an oil drum.
8:57 am
as anyone, starting but hardly ending with me, who was there will tell you in alaska during the 1980s almost everyone say and todd palin's ages who had the money to do so did coke, including quite a few members of the alaska legislature. the book reviews, and one took office off joe mcginnes skin. he said the book was dated, petty and available to anyone with internet access. the big criticism they have is that he uses unnamed sources. a friend said, a person who knew her said, that kind of thing, a resident of wasilla said. since they think this is just unsubstantiated bad journalism. but it's amazing how they pick and choose. these are exactly the same kind
8:58 am
of techniques that woodward and bernstein, the inevitable duo, the terrors of journalism used many years ago and are still using. so i don't find much of this criticism that legitimate, quite frankly. >> he did, the controversy, he rented a house 15 feet next door to the palins and some people thought that was pretty creepy. >> that's true. >> and the palin's lawyer is saying the book is full of lies and rumors, based on anonymous sources and she's even threatening a lawsuit over it. >> and joe mcginnes said palin's family marred right up to the border of inciting violence to protect their image. the book as say -- sara snorting cocaine, has her sleeping with glen rice, the nba basketball star many years ago, and mcginnes calls him up and it's unclear whether that is confirmed or not. it's all this really juicy stuff, including the treatment
8:59 am
that he got from the palin family while he was a neighbor. the funniest thing that happened, however, eric, is is that the dunesbarry made a deal with mcginnes and they started writing about a fox news reporter, mythical, of course, who moves next to joe's house who lives next to sarah palin. and excerpts of the books were released through that method. it was pretty hilarious. >> i'm glad you said fictional fox news reporter. you didn't move next to joe? >> no, i didn't. >> good to see you, as always. >> thank you. >> that does it for us this sunday mrning. i'm eric sean. >> and i'm jamie colby. we will send you to washington now with the news continues. have a great day, everybody. thanks again for being here. >> take care. >> courting controversy. the supreme court starts its new term monday. likely on the docket, hot


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