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tv   The FOX Report With Shepard Smith  FOX News  October 19, 2011 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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don't forget the "special report" online with center seat continues right after this moment. but we'll continue fair and balanced and unafraid. captions by closed captioning services >> shepard: the first pitch here at busch stadium moments away will the rain and crazy wind hold out for the world series? we are live in st. louis throughout the hour. plus, one of the weirdest days in news ever. escaped wild animals roaming the land and cops shooting to kill. police say their owner opened their cages and let the animals loose. >> 911, what is your emergency? >> yeah, there is a lion on mount perry road in gratiot. >> there were leopards, lions, and tigers, mountain lions, wolves, as well as black bears and grizzly bears. >> shepard: and officers grabbed their guns. >> it may be hard for some people to understand, human life is at the forefront here.
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>> shepard: tonight, schools cancelled, families forced to stay indoors and man vs. beast in the ohio farmland. a new search at the home of the missouri mom who got drunk and lost her baby. but this time investigators came with a warrant. tonight, what police and the fbi are saying about this search. plus, practice is ending and it's just about time for the big game. tonight, getting ready for the first pitch of the world series right here in st. louis. and good evening from busch stadium just about one hour away now from game one. the home team cardinals taking on the rangers from texas on what's been a dreary and drizzly and cold and windy day in st. louis and the weather is not going to get any better. the forecasters calling for temperatures in the upper 40s. dropping into the 30's during
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the game. 30 mile-per-hour winds. 45 mile-per-hour gusts. that won't make things any easier for the pitchers. on the mound t.j. wilson for the rangers against the cards' ace chris carpenter. wilson lost game two of the world series last year against the giants from san francisco and tonight he is going what's going to happen. tigers baboon for measure. homeowner released on purpose last night and sheriff's deputies spent hours through the night and through the morning trying to track down this very dangerous wildlife. we have cell phone video that shows what appears to be a bear
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wandering right up to a road and not far from a police car. and some new photos just coming in now showing some of the animals dead on the ground. you can see bears and lions and tigers there. all sprawled out in the grass and the mud after police had to shoot them with handguns and even high powered rifles. this all happened in the town of zanesville, ohio. it's about 50 miles east of columbus. where investigators say the guy who ran this animal preserve unlocked the cages, opened their pens, freed them all, then killed himself. more than 50 animals escaped. and by the time police got there, it was quite a scene. >> as officers got out of their cruisers, there were animals running loose outside of the fenced area. i had deputies that had to shoot animals with their side arms at close range. that's how volatile this situation was. we are not talking about your normal, every day house cat or dog. these are 300-pound bengal
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tigers that we have had to put down. >> shepard: animal expert jack hanna says tranquilizing the animals was simply not an option. >> the sheriff knew he had to do what he had to do. we can't tranquilize animals in the dark. it upsets them and take it out on the deputies. >> shepard: jack hanna described the situation what it would like if noah's ark would have crashed in that small town. 50 animals escaped including 18 bengal tigers. 17 lions. six black bears. three criticizely bears. three mountain lions. two wolves, three leopards, three monkeys and that baboon. all of those wandering animals led to some pretty unusual 911 calls. >> 911, where is your emergency? >> yeah, there is a lion on mount perry road in gratiot. >> okay. where at on mount perry road? >> it's about probably a half a mile off 40. there is a big horse barn on the
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right. i just drove by and it walked out in front of me and it was standing there under the streetlight. >> shepard: a lion next to the horse barn. we don't know if this is the body of the lion that guy saw but investigators say it's now possible that they finally accounted for all of the animals. and wait until you hear what they think happened to one of them. team fox coverage now. jonathan hunt with some very interesting details about the man who owned this farm. first right to the scene our mike tobin in zanesville, ohio. they still searching or what's the word now? >> still searching a little bit. that wolf that was missing going into this evening has now been found. it was shot and killed. the only other animal that is unaccounted for is a monkey. for more reasons than you would think the experts say people shouldn't go anywhere near it. >> the director of the columbus zoo as well as the wilds has recommended that the monkey be shot and killed. it is very possible that this morningy is carrying per herpes
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b. it is very likely that it is carrying her pay's v. >> however, jack hanna from te columbus zoo says he now believes that missing monkey s eaten by one of the larger predators, shepard. >> shepard: wow, it had to have been the absolute unbelievable surreal scene of a lifetime for these people who come out of their houses and there is a lion in the yard and baboon on the pole. was anybody hurt during all of this? >> we don't know of any injurs but we do know there was a veterinarian who came within 10 or 15 yards of 300-pound pen l tiger. she shot that tiger with a tranquilizer dart and the drugs had no effect. the tiger became aggressive and like so many of the other animals had had to be shot and killed. the shooting of these animals the experts agree it's tragic but unavoidable given the circumstances. >> i'm sorry this had to be done, sheriff. but if you had 18 binning tigers, everyone running around these neighborhoods, you folks
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wouldn't have wanted to seen what would have happened. >> governor john kasich of ohio told fox that he now wants to propose legislation limiting the sale of exotic animals in the buckeye state. >> shepard: sheriff says his office has been receiving complaints about this particular farm now for at least seven years. court records show the cops had previously arrested that owner on charges including cruelty to animals. team fox coverage continues jonathan hunt chief fox report correspondent with that part of the story. this owner, what a list. >> yeah, shep, he was well-known to his neighbors and animal rights activists who frequently accused him of cruelty towards the animals he kept. also, very well known to the authorities who charged him once as you said back in 2005 with animal cruelty and also raided his property back in 2008 and found 133 guns on the property. in fact, he had just left prison
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after serving a year on those weapons charges. he leaves behind his wife marian who is apparently distraught of everything that has happened and she has asked that the animals be buried on the property, shep. >> shepard: as we're hearing about this early this morning in st. louis, jonathan, everybody is like who keeps to keep lions and baboons and tigers in the backyard? ohio has liberal laws about such things. >> ohio has the most liberal laws in the country. according to the humane society therefore has more incidents than any otherce 2003, there hae been 22 incidents, three bear attacks, two wild cat attacks, three snake attacks. animal rights activists say they frequently get calls to help people in these situations. listen. >> all kinds of crazy animals, lots of venomous snakes. it seems to be like everybody wants to get one. monkey see, monkey do situation. you can buy a cobra but you can't buy common sense.
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>> there may be common sense in ohio. officials indicating tonight they will move pretty quickly to change those exotic animal laws, shep. >> shepard: jonathan hunt on a day for the ages in ohio. fox news is america's election headquarters in just hours after the republic's fight night in vegas, democrats are pouncing on one of mitt romney's comments last night. it happened when the former governor of massachusetts and the texas governor rick perry were going at it over immigration. the democratic national committee is already using brand new web video. here, look at it? >> we hired a lawn company to mow our lawn. and they had illegal immigrants that were working there. ♪ we said, look, you can't have any illegals working on our property. i'm running for office for pete's sake. i can't have any illegals. >> for pete sake's, i can't have any illegals i'm running for office. not it was wrong. not it was illegal. i'm running for office. i thought tawas the one of the most unintentional part of the
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debate. >> shepard: today on fox news channel one of governor romney's advisors tried to explain all of this. >> he doesn't believe in hiring illegal immigrants, period. and, of course, of anyone, if you are run for office of any kind, you are certainly not going to hire illegal immigrants, period. i think that's just governor romney expressing some frustration at the absolute ridiculousness of the charge. >> shepard: all right. let's get to campaign carl cameron live in las vegas today. that's where the debate was last night. we went through this whole lawn company thing in this last campaign. what's governor perry's angle here, karl? >> well, the governor perry did get in trouble for his own positions on illegal immigration because he supports instate college tuition for illegal immigrants in texas. that had a lot of conservatives concerned about his position. he at one point said if you don't agree with him you have no heart. he is himself on defense on illegal immigration policy. so, by going after mitt romney, he tries to turn the tables. and not so much on immigration
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policy itself, but on mr. romney's credibility and integrity and his past problems with the issue. shep? >> shepard: well, carl, herman cain took a lot of heat last night for his 9-9-9 tax plan. even governor perry dumped on the thing. >> he did. governor perry, in fact, all the republic candidates said that mr. cain's 9-9-9 plan won't work. mr. cain is now taking steps. he argues that they have got their analysis wrong. on friday of this week mr. cain will make the next installment of his plan. he will go to detroit and unveil his plan for so-called opportunity zones which would essentially provide for even lower tax rates than his 9-9-9 plan for depressed areas around the country. and rick perry, not to be out done, on tuesday of next week will begin to unveil his tax plan which will also be simple. is he going to unveil a flat tax proposal to do away with the existing tax system, one that steve forbes has helped him with and steve forbes says will be a 17% flat tax though the romney
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campaign won't talk numbers until next week, shep. perry campaign, sorry. >> shepard: yeah, i hear you. we understand. carl cammeron good to see you. as the republic candidates took aim at each other last night, the president was back on his bus today trying to sell his jobs plan yet again to america. but it was somebody else from the administration who made the most pointed push today to pass that bill. details and the republic response coming up. and game one of the fall classic just minutes away now. more from here at busch stadium. the hometown cards trying to knock off the a.l. champion texas rangers on a frigid night in st. louis. from the journalists of fox news, this is a wednesday fox report live on the shadow of the arch. vegetables? yeah, maybe not. v8 v-fusion juice gives them a full serving of vegetables plus a full serving of fruit.
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bill. the first lady joined him in virginia today. the president admitting she is more popular than he is. they announced a new plan to help find work for thousands of veterans and their spouses and the president calling again for congress to pass the first piece of his jobs bill. that $35 billion to help states keep their cops and firefighters and teachers on the job. >> you have got cities and states like michigan and new jersey that have had to lay off big chunks of their forces. that means the firefighters can't always get to fires before they become major fires. and that makes their job more dangerous. it means police officers can't respond to every crime. >> shepard: but it's vice president joe biden who is making the most dramatic push now for that parts of jobs bill. ed henry traveling with the president he is in chesterfield, virginia tonight. the vice president warning of very dangerous consequences.
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>> that's right. good evening, shep. the vice president warning if his jobs bill is not pass and cops do not get their money, there could be more women raped in this country. the context of the vice president was saying that republic critics say the jobs bill, the funding is temporary, this won't really help police officers in the long term. the vice president pushed back on that. take a listen. >> it's not temporary when that 911 call comes in and the woman is being raped. the cop shows up in time to prevent the rape. i wish these guys temporary i wish they had some notion what it was like to be on the other side of the gun 200 man standing over you telling to you submit. >> it's important to note the vice president has long been hailed for writing the violence against women's act when he was a senator. tonight the republic national committee is saying his comments were mean-spirited, shep. >> shepard: all right, ed. the senate majority leader harry reid taking heat for his sales pitch on this same jobs bill. >> that's right. senator reid today was saying
4:18 pm
that private sector job growth has been pretty good but the problem is that government jobs haven't been growing. and that's why you need to pass the jobs bill. if you look at the stats, it's actually the opposite. far more losses of private sector jobs. that's why republic senator mitch mcconnell teed off, listen. >> they haven't solved this jobs crisis. the president got everything he wanted the first two years he was in office. so i think it's time democrats realize they were elected to lead not to choreograph political theater. >> senator reid's office says that what he meant was that in recent months private sector job growth has gotten better and that's true and that's what he meant, shep. >> shepard: ed henry live chesterfield, virginia tonight. ed, thanks. down the road from here in kansas city, missouri. today police were out searching for new clues in the disappearance of baby lisa who has had the eyes of the world on her case. now they are digging up the
4:19 pm
family's backyard. but are they really any closer to cracking the case? we'll get a live report from casey coming up. a live look now at the field here at busch stadium ahead of tonight's game. wow, what a night. did you know the cardinals are reportedly the first team to be at least 10 games out of contention as of august the 27th or later in either league division or wild card race that still reached the world series and here they are. and from st. louis to al the fine folks in atlanta, they say thank you for your epic collapse and we owe you barbecue.
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>> shepard: you are looking live busch stadium in the heart of the midwest albert pulholz and
4:23 pm
the local cardinals team looking to take on texas game one on the fox broadcast network from st. louis just minutes away. on the other side of missouri and kansas city, a very difficult day and new developments in the case of baby lisa. she is a 10 month old girl who has been missing for more than two weeks now. cops and the fbi today executing a search at the family home. got a search warrant for it this time. they also dug up the backyard around a shed, even reportedly brought in an x-ray equipment which we're told can detect objects hidden under ground or behind walls. as you probably heard lisa's parents claimed somebody sneaked into their home and kidnapped their daughter right out of her crib. lisa's mother says she was drunk and possibly blacked out all of a sudden on the night the baby vanished. her husband says he wasn't home because he was working a night shift. trace gallagher live in our west coast newsroom this afternoon. trace, they have searched this house before they had permission
4:24 pm
to do so. why did this suddenly they need a search warrant? >> well, the police say, shep, they got a search warrant because the parents got a lawyer and they wanted to make sure all their legal ducks were in a row. that lawyer is joe tacopina. he says they did not need a search warrant because they had full access to the house. today tacopina was on fox news criticizing police. listen. >> i'm saying that they should be focused on a press officer coming out with these ridiculous statements. to say that they have not been cooperating. they have complied with every request. they have consented to every request. >> but police say the parents are so far not answering questions that only they can answer and they are refusing to sit down with police for a lengthy interview so now you look at the clock, it's been 11 days since the cops interviewed the parents. the baby has been missing for 15, shep. >> shepard: all of that is very big news there in kansas city and certainly here in st. louis as well. i guess after they have wrapped up this search do we have a way to know if they found anything
4:25 pm
worth talking about? >> no. the police won't tell us if they found anything but they certainly had enough investigators out to look. by some counts there were 20 of them out there all wearing those white suits those, of course, to keep from contaminating the area. they went from great lengths to try and keep this under wraps. they closed off the streets. they pushed out the media. they will though clearly one photographer did get some shots. they set up no fly zone to keep television helicopters from being close to the scene. we asked police if they plan to go back out and search again tomorrow they said they just aren't sure. shep? >> shepard: trace gallagher live in our l.a. newsroom this afternoon. trace, thanks. politics now. and one republic calls it funny biz. g.o.p. lawmakers accusing the white house of doing an end run around congress to give amnesty to thousands of illegal immigrants. but the homeland security secretary claims the congress is part of the problem. we're live in d.c. on that story. and it just keeps giving. lindsay lohan in handcuffs again
4:26 pm
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it's still kind of warm. where is winter? i found it in st. louis. >> keep it there, all right? don't bring it to new york. you are going to. it's going to happen. i will tell you take a look at this storm. st. louis in this game and not places like ohio where we have much heavier rain going on. right there, st. louis, just on the edge of where the rain has been falling. and let me tell you around 48, 49 degrees which feels a lot colder in october than it does in say march or april when you are not used to it. that's what we are getting. add the temperature on to here 48 degrees right now. winds are around 20 miles per hour sustained out of the northwest. so it feels right around 42 to 43 degrees. take a look at some of the people going into the stadium. and how you are having to dress and prepare for this game. if you are going to be sitting outside in this kind of weather
4:31 pm
for very long you better be bundling up and bringing sweat shirts and hats. if you are sitting still, shepard as you know as you have been doing out there for so long today it gets mighty cold and that's how it's going to be. one piece of bright news, this storm will be out of here by tonight and by tomorrow sun comes back. cold one for tomorrow night's game. temps likely getting down into the upper 30's. after that one the games goes back to texas. looking good back into the 70s. shep? >> shepard: back in new york for that what a night in st. louis. don't miss it. i'm shepard smith. this is the fox report. it's the bottom of the hour. time for the top of the news. live from saint louie. the united states does not have the resources to deport every immigrant or illegal immigrant who is here. that's the message today from the homeland security secretary janet napolitano who today told lawmakers that over the next few weeks her department will begin dropping some deportation cases. secretary napolitano claims the focus should be on illegal
4:32 pm
immigrants who pose a threat. like convicted criminals and repeat violaters of immigration law and not on those who are of low priority. but today on capitol hill, the iowa republic senator chuck grassley questioned certain aspects of that plan. >> some individuals who are given relief will obtain work authorizations so people with no right to be in the country will be allowed to work here. is that correct? >> well, senator, since around 1986, there has been a process for those who are technically unlawfully in the country may apply for work authorization. >> shepard: secretary knap went on to say that her department is really just trying to unclog the system. let's get to shannon bream on the top story at the bottom of the hour live from d.c. shannon, what specific allegation did secretary napolitano have to answer today? >> well, shep, g.o.p. senators were concerned first about a memo from the director of
4:33 pm
immigration and customs enforcement or ice, giving immigration officials wide discretion in deciding who they are going to deport and also a letter from napolitano outlining a certain strategy. she says she has no choice. here is her explanation. >> there are 10 million are so illegal ill grants probably in the country. congress gives us the resources to remove approximately 400,000 per year. the question is who are we going to prioritize. >> the secretary said if want that to change congress is going to have to cough up more money, shep. >> shepard: one senator says this plan is back firing, how so. >> g.o.p. senator jeff sessions introduced a number of emails from ice officers expressing frustration and confusion about the new policies and told napolitano there is a growing morale problem because of them. here is a bit of what he had to say. >> i think ice feels like you spend more time talking with
4:34 pm
activist groups than the offices themselves in drafting guidelines that help them do their job. >> sessions also accused napolitano of rolling her eyes today when he was talking about the complaints. she assured him she did not. shep? >> shepard: shannon, thanks. the secretaries also asking napolitano about operation fast and furious. the government program was supposed to track guns from u.s. dealers but it lost track and hundreds of them made it to mexico. officials say two of those weapons ended up at the scene of the murder of u.s. border patrol agent brian terry last year. former u.s. attorney dennis burke resigned over that scandal. he was secretary napolitano's chief of staff when she was governor of arizona. secretary napolitano says she spoke to him about agent terry's murder but not about fast and furious. >> i went to arizona a few days thereafter to meet with the fbi agents and the assistant u.s.
4:35 pm
attorneys who were actually going to look for the shooters. at that time nobody had done the forensics on the guns and fast and furious was not mentioned. >> shepard: secretary napolitano says she has not taken any action on fast and furious since then because she is waiting for results from a justice department investigation. >> shepard: the secretary of state hillary clinton making unannounced trip to afghanistan today. she is set to meet with their president harmid karzai and other leaders tomorrow. u.s. officials say secretary clinton will push them to keep working on reconciliation plan with the taliban fighters but only those who reject violence and al qaeda and accept the new afghan constitution. those officials say an agreement is crucial to ending the war and bringing our troops home by 2015. in europe, man, they have a mess. more violent clashes in greece as the government there struggles to control the debt problem. [explosion]
4:36 pm
protesters in athens tossing monthly to have cocktails at riot police. one man accidently set another man on fire. this came at the start of a two-day strike ahead of a government vote on another round of budget cutbacks. the plan is for those so-called austerity measures to keep greece out of bankruptcy, something which could effect the entire global economy. police say there were about 70,000 protesters out today. organizers say it was more like twice that our greg palkot in the middle of it all. he reports from athens. >> shep, fighting in the streets of athens has come to our position at the hotel not far from parliament where the deciding on that austerity package that the folks here are so angry at. we have been watching them throw rocks and brick baths just about 50 yards where i am and look down, pierre, you can see the police searching past our hotel throwing tear gas at the militants. militants are running back. this is action in the streets right in the heart of athens,
4:37 pm
maybe about 100 yards from the seat of their government, the parliament. you can see the police coming down from the parliament area. this is the absolute center now of the action that has seen this peaceful, general strike and protest turn into fighting, shep. >> shepard: greg palkot reporting earlier from athens. many of those occupy wall street protesters toughed it out on a rainy day in lower manhattan though we're told the crowd has thinned somewhat. the demonstrators who stuck around used tarps and umbrellas to try to keep themselves and their things dry. a few dozen people started the proceed tests more than a month ago and since then it's spread to cities across the country and even some overseas. many protesters say they are angry over the bailout that helped the banks earn huge profits while average americans some of them struggling. the critics say the movement has no clear message and no real plan for action. jurors at the trial of michael jackson's personal physician today heard from a man who knows
4:38 pm
more than almost anyone anywhere about one of the drugs that the prosecutors say killed the king of pop. in fact, that witness wrote the guidelines you'll find on every single bottle of that medication anywhere. next why lawyers say michael jackson's doctor did not follow those rules. plus, security cameras that can read thousands of license plates per hour. should help the cops, right? we'll hear from the police and the critics who say it's way too much big brother all over again. fox reporting live tonight from st. louis. the very first fall classic was back in 1903. the boston american beat the pittsburgh pirates in the best of 9 series. tonight, we will begin the best of 7. a live look in a luxury box just around the corner from where we are and what a night in the shadow of the arch. from capital one. spark miles gives me the most rewards
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>> shepard: michael jackson's doctor made a series of egregious errors that led to michael jackson's death manslaughter trial. a witness who literally wrote the directions for how to administer one of the drugs that investigators say killed michael jackson. it's a powerful surgical anesthetic by now you have probably heard of called propofol. as you may know dr. conrad murray is charged with giving the king of pop lethal cocktail of that drug and other sedative. but today dr. steven schaffer testified it was not only that overdose that could have proven deadly but also dr. conrad murray's incompetence. he went through a laundry list of mistakes that he claims that doctor made. >> the lack of suction apparatus is absolutely egregious in this case. it's an egregious violation. no comp at the test physician would give these drugs without
4:43 pm
having emergency airway equipment present. the lack of an infusion pump is an egregious violation that, in my view, likely tributed to the death of michael jackson. >> shepard: the defense claims michael jackson gave himself at least some of those drugs. they are expected to begin calling witnesses on friday. well, lindsay lohan's legal saga continues. and it looks like her next stop could be jail. but in the meantime, she'll reportedly be on morgue duty as a janitor. troubled actress making a court appearance in los angeles today to give the judge a bit of a progress report on her probation. as you will recall this all started earlier this year when lindsay lohan was convicted on theft charge for stealing some necklace. a judge sentenced her to do community service at a women's center. she hasn't completely done the required hours. according to court papers, called her time there unfulfilling. the judge clearly fed up with the whole mess. >> so you are praising her for completing 12 hours in six
4:44 pm
months when most people could do that in one or two weeks. i mean she is supposed to be an actress from what i hear. i don't know how much acting work she has done or is doing, but there were no notices in the newspaper. she was due to appear in some film. based on john gody or something. so what i said was if, in fact, she has got a film coming up, she better do this community service now because i will not hear later that oh, i was on a film and i couldn't get it done. >> shepard: the judge revoked lindsay lohan's probation. the actress leaving the courtroom in handcuffs. but hours later managed to post a $100,000 bail. she could face up to a year and a half in jail if the prosecutors in this case get their way. a growing debate now over what some police are calling a vital crime fighting tool. many civil libertarians say it's flat out dangerous threat to your privacy. security cameras built to read driver's license or i should say read license plates and help cops track down criminals on the
4:45 pm
road. cops in new york and los angeles and some other major metropolitan areas are already taking advantage of the technology and now officials from massachusetts are using federal grant money to install more of the cameras and to keep the info in data base, perhaps indefinitely. and that is where the critics argue this comes very close to big brother style surveillance. molly lion with the news. our new england correspondent in boston to be the. hey, molly. >> hi, shep. well, when you hit the road, there is a good chance that your ride will actually be caught on camera, thanks to these automatic license plate readers or alpr's. they were brought into existence because of 9/11 counter terrorism tool. law enforcement agencies are now praising their crime solving value as well. privacy advocates feared the big brother surveillance of law abiding citizens. they are in multiple major cities. helping to reduce the number of stolen cars, track murder suspects, solve gang shootings and rapidly expanding into suburban communities like quincy, massachusetts. >> you could have a bank robbery
4:46 pm
if you get a plate it's going to read it and we can get the areas, the cars into the area where that car may be. it could solve a kidnapping. it could solve a whole host of crimes, major crimes. >> it's the database aspect of this technology, however, that concerns civil libertarians the most. how the information that's gathered is used and stored. >> the problem that we have with these machines is that without very narrow limits imposed on their use, they become yet another tracking tool. in fact, very powerful tracking tool that enables the police to find out potentially where have you been for the past five years, where you were this morning. you know, where you were 20 minutes ago. >> in massachusetts, the database is still a work in progress. state officials work to come up with a policy to governor the submission and the retention of all of their information. shep? >> shepard: molly line live tonight in our boston newsroom. molly, thanks. a brutal battle for power escalates between a government
4:47 pm
and its own people with reports of brand new blood shed in a seven month uprising. that tops our news as we go around the world in 80 seconds. syria. state tv showing thousands of people in a northern city waving national flags and chanting an apparent show of support for the president bashar assad. members of the opposition say the government is self-organizing these rallies. this one coming as a human rights group claims pro-regime forces killed at least six antigovernment demonstrators in another city. united kingdom. a violent showdown between right police and members of a gypsy like group known as irish travelers. sphfs officers moving in to evict the travelers as they lost the battle to keep their pitched homes in a one time scrap yard. cops facing off with hundreds of angry people. some reportedly throwing rocks
4:48 pm
and urine. india. a border patrol helicopter crashing in an eastern state killing all three people on board. witnesses say they saw the chopper swerving moments before it went down. investigators now trying to figure out what went wrong. thailand. heavy flooding near the capital city of bangkok leaving hundreds of animals stranded without food or water for nearly two weeks now. teams of activists arriving in boats to rescue them saying they will rehabilitate the animals before turning them over to livestock authorities and that's a wrap on this fox trip around the world in 80 seconds. well, the more friends you have on facebook, the bigger your brain. researchers say that they have made that bizarre connection in a newly published study and they have linked your popularity on the social networking site to the size of certain regions of your brain all of which involve your memory. your emotional responses, and
4:49 pm
social interactions. but it is unclear from this whether the number of friends a person has accounts for the larger brain size or whether brain size accounts for the number of friends a person has but it doesn't really matter because you can't control it. minutes away now from the big game. two teams set to take baseball's biggest stage here in st. louis. it will all go down in history as will this year's 300 page world series program. you been to a ballgame lately? what do you think of series program cost? you will need $15 for that. but the beer is cheap. at least compared to yankee stadium. there has been one of these at every series since 1903 and many of these are now collector's items. it might be worth that continuing coverage as we counted down to the fall classic live from busch stadium. there's only one bottle left !
4:50 pm
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>> shepard: back at busch stadium in st. louis where rangers and cardinals are set to take. the two heavy teams set to put on offensive clinic which means it will finish 1-0. texas is the favorite. in fact, just a few weeks back the cardinals were a playoff long shot 10 and a half games back at the end of august. not only did they make it to the series, they have home field advantage. >> i have never seen this city as excited about a baseball game and a baseball series as the cardinal fans are. the line up for the cardinals is red hot. the lineup for the rangers let the tigers know how good they were. >> shepard: that was earlier today on "studio b" joe buck and tim carver from fox sports world series broadcast team. minutes from now they will be giving the play-by-play down the dial on the big fox broadcast network. before we go our team's top five things of the day. number five the delorean car
4:54 pm
company back to the future fame building completely electric car. no word on a flux can compass tore. they found the first viking ship discovered on mainland. reportedly a thousand years old. number three apple stores across the nation closed for a time today for private memorial services for the company's co-founder steve jobs who died just last week. number two, police in nearby kansas city and the fbi executing a search warrant at the home of the missing 10 month old girl baby lisa. cops also reportedly dug up the backyard for clues and number one an ohio sheriff says it appears the owner of an exotic animal farm let dozens of dangerous animals free and then killed himself. that's "the fox reports" top five. and on this day in 1985, the very first blockbuster video opened in dallas. in those days, most video rental stores were of course mom and
4:55 pm
pop operations but somewhat limited selection except for the dirty movies behind the curtain in the back. we won't get into that then blockbuster hit the scene and completely revolutionized the game. the first store had 8,000 movies from which to choose. unheard of. even featured a computerized checkout. needless to say blockbuster quickly exploded and at its peek in 2004, there were more than 9,000 outlets around the world. more recently, of course, companies such as netflix have stolen their thunder and last year blockbuster actually filed for protection under the bankruptcy code. but movies really started moving 26 years ago today. and now you know the news for this wednesday, october the 19th, 2011. first day of the fall classic. maybe winter classic. thanks for having us into your home tonight. we'll be back right after a quick commercial break neil cavuto matchup between the cards and rangers. world series game one on the big fox broadcast network. bill o'reilly here on fox news
4:56 pm
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ask your doctor if incling advair get your first fl prescription free and save on refills at >> shepard: minutes away from the fall classic across the fox property across america and around the world. welcome, a cold breezy night, maybe a little rain. but they will play baseball tonight on fox. now, neil cavuto at fox business world headquarters in new york. >> thank you very much. that hot dog and is going to cost you more. consumer prices rising. getting to the game is also costlier. energy prices up 19% over the same period. and if you are flying to texas for game three, better lock in those tickets now because air fare is about to take off. delta and united and continental


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