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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  October 22, 2011 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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rick perry has the best plan, very reagan-like. thank you for sharing, america's news headquarters rolls on with rick fulbaum and jamie colby. make it a great day, everybody. >> jamie: hi, everyone, great to have you here, i'm jamie colby. >> that's to be with you, jamie. >> jamie: welcome back, rick. >> topping the news this hour on a busy saturday. a dictator toppled and potential democracy in the works. what libya's new government is now saying about the future of that country. >> and soldiers, sailor, marine, out in time for the holidays. what is america's commitment to the region be and can iran stand alone? >> a potential clue on the
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missing baby, lisa irwin. where the cadaver dog has picked up a clue and where authorities start next. new security issues raised with the announcement that all troops will be leaving by the end of this year, from iraq. one says it's time for iraqis to stand on their own. >> it's a very good time for them. their security forces are dramatically improve even though the last year psychologically they have been moving this way and we have been moving this way in a very deliberate manner and we have started closing our bases down and drawing down our forces months ago. so this was not an evacuation, this was a very deliberate transition. >> but that's not a feeling shared by all. some g.o.p. presidential candidates are asking whether iraq is ready to defend itself. molly henneberg, live back on the screen from washington. how is the president defending his move today? >> nice to see you, too.
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iraqi forces have taken full responsibility for security in their nation and now it's time to bring all u.s. troops home as the president promised during the 2008 campaign, president obama says as the troops come home from iraq, in times for the holiday and as the u.s. draws down troops in afghanistan, it will allow our country to look inward. >> over the past decade we've spent a trillion dollars on war. borrowed heavily from overseas and invested too little in the greatest source of our national strength, our own people. now the nation we need to build is our own. >> the u.s. and iraq could not come to a deal on legal immunity protection for u.s. forces in iraq which is why the troops are coming home the end of this year, rick. >> we mentioned not everybody agrees with this, some republicans are saying that this is a risky decision, right? >> yes, some of the republican presidential candidates contend that the obama administration should have pushed harder to come to a
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diplomatic agreement to keep the troops there. texas governor rick perry put out a statement, quote, the president was slow to engage the iraqis and there's little evidence that this decision is based on advice from military commanders. former utah governor don huntsman says the president's inability to reach a security agreement leaves iraq vulnerable to back sliding, thus putting our interests in the region at risk. hunts n ma -- huntsman, was part of the diplomatic core and says a small amount of security forces and help with vital counter terrorism efforts. >> molly henneberg in washington, thanks. >> in his weekly radio address, the president celebrating those successes overseas and turning focus now to the u.s. economy. but there are brand new polls that show 60% of the american people disapprove of the job he's doing on that front. can the president use the
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victories he's had from the foreign policy perspective to inspire americans to vote his way at home? jay townsend is a republican communication consultant and chris hahn a former aide and gentlemen, nice to see you. >> great to be here. >> jamie: let me ask you, jay, how much political capital is there in the fact that we have taken out some really bad guys and that the president is being given credit for it, even by republicans? >> i am perfectly willing to say congratulations to the president on ending a war he promised to end. now, i'll congratulate him on getting rid of a despot in libya. i hope for the president's sake and our sake we're not called to mitigate civil wars that may ensue in libya and iraq. time will tell if that's going to happen, but i don't think this changes any of the dynamics going into the 2012 elections. it is still going to be a referendum on the economy. >> jamie: so, chris, as we turn our attention, let's
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think about the veterans that are going to come back and need jobs. jobs numbers are facing tremendous challenges. do you feel that the president will get the credit that he deserves for the foreign policy side of it, which was a question people had when he came into office and be able to boost the economy in time? >> well, i think he should be getting a lot of credit. look what happened in libya. we overthrough, helped to overthrow a dictator 40 years and did it with no u.s. blood stilt and small percentage of dollars, compared to iraq and afghanistan. he should be given credit for this and takes a quiver out of the arrows of the republican candidates and those who call him weak. what it shows more importantly, is that when this president is untethered from congress, he leads in a way that's been very successful. if only congress would get on board here domestically and help to move the country forward the way that the president connected all of the
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previous administration's mistakes on the world stage, he could correct their mistakes here at home. their domestic policy is just as bad as their foreign policy and now we have a leader who shows he can do it. >> jamie: let me mention this and have jay weigh in. a gallup poll, 47% of americans say the economic outlook is getting worse. it takes leadership to turn around, but is leadership not part of getting both sides of the aisle together and getting measures in place that do turn the economy around? >> you know, jamie, when you have one side who's sole goal is to get you out of office, it's almost impossible to get him into office and they'll do whatever they can including destroy the united states economy to get him out. they do not want to lift a finger to create opportunities for americans, because if more americans are working and they're feeling that the economy is going in a better direction, they won't support this, they won't support the republican candidates next year. and they want to see this
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economy weakened so that this president and democrats lose, and only care about the next election. >> both sides are going like this. how do we get past the blame game. >> that illustrates the point, that kind of demagoguic spin, my colleague sounds like partisan democrats. let' back up a second. stimulus 1 did not work. a trillion dollars down the drain that did not put anybody back to work, we have 27 million americans unemployed. so, now we're coming with stimulus 2, can't get the senate democrats to go along with this thing. he didn't get them to agree on a bill that they could vote for. so-- before that bill. >> that's partisan hackery. >> and he's serious about bringing both sides of the congress together, then call speaker brainer in, call harry reid in and say let's agree on what you guys can pass that
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will help the economy. this guy is now off on a partisan rant, running around the count. >> final thoughts. >> and what he's trying to do is turn this into a-- >> thank you, jake, chris, final thoughts? >> 51 democrats voted for the president's job bill. the first stimulus was too small and we didn't know the size of the problem at the time we passed stimulus one, should have been double or triple. >> thank you for that commentary. >> it should have been all infrastructure spending, but this president has shown when he's given the opportunity to lead he gets things done and done it by getting usama gladden and done it in iraq. got to leave it there, guys, the president says in his weekly address he's turning to the economy right now. thank you, fair and balanced, appreciate your thoughts today. >> thanks for having us, jamie. jamie. >> on to those who wants to run against the president in 2012. many top g.o.p. contenders are
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in iowa ahead of tonight's candidate forum in des moines, among them is congresswoman michele bachmann facing uphill battles in the first two states on the primary calendar. peter doocy, good to see you, what's going on with the bachmann camp. >> university of iowa says congresswoman bachmann has 4% support. but she's trying to convince they're not over and the entire new hampshire staff quit yesterday. she's saying now that two staffers in new hampshire did quit without telling the campaign. advisors say they do have some staff in new hampshire and plan on spending most of the time and resources and energy in iowa anyway and it's not a big deal they say. national front runner, mitt romney, the only inge ma playing know the in iowa and making news with the reaction to the president's drawdown announcement. saying, quote, president obama's astonishing failure
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has unnecessary put at risk, victories that were won through the blood and sacrifice of thousands and men and women and obama campaign, saying that mitt romney foreign policy experience is limited to work as a finance executive shipping americans jobs overseas and romney according to the university of iowa is second behind cain with 27%, rick. >> and speaking of wayne, who is rising, as you said, in the polls and he's taken heat and has been the last several days for controversial comments he's made. what's the latest on that? >> well, you look at the numbers and same university of iowa poll that came out said that cain is the leader with 37% support and working overtime to make sure they know he's pro-life. he really meant that if he is president and someone chooses to have an abortion, they'll be choosing something that's against the law. >> abortion should not be legal. that is clear. but if it's the to break the
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law, that's the family's decision, that's all i'm trying to say. >> cain's 999 plan was drawn criticism and including rick perry in iowa and he'll explore to showing voters why his flat tax is better than 999 rick, a lot going on. >> a lot going on, thanks very much, peter. >> yeah. >> jamie: the big story we're following, growing controversy over the final moments of libya's long time immediater muammar qaddafi, his death on thursday sparking widespread celebrations on the streets of tripoli. several are calling into an investigation into his death. saying the killing of the former dictator could be considered a war crime. greg palkot is live from misrata, thousands are lining up to see his body, including greg. >> you've got it.
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we're on an industrial park on the outskirts. it's nighttime and people are calling to view the body and others laid out in a warehouse about a hundred yards behind me. you're right. there are questions exactly how he was killed a-and in fact, also about the current fate of the body, but the folks here don't seem to mind. qaddafi is on full public display right now and take a look at a little bit of what we saw and let's hear from a few people we're talking to as well. take a listen. >> a very, very bizarre scene, these men and children lining up to go inside this meat locker, this cold storage room to see the man, the dictator, who has ruled them for decades. muammar qaddafi and his son, laid out on a dirty mattress on the floor, inside this storage room after being killed on thursday. these people are saying, allah akbar, god is great.
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they've been fighting for the past months and they are pleased with what they see and they are satisfied that their country is now liberated. they have the proof. >> and this is the end of tyrants like this and he ruled for 42 years and now, he's laying here like a mad dog. >> and i want to see qaddafi is dead. this is the feeling of the people. >> amazing reactions. and as for any kind of a further autopsy, authorities here tell us, no, four different doctors have looked at the body and they're satisfied with the cause of death. a bullet wound, both to the head and to the mid section of moammar qaddafi. as for any further cooperation with the u.n. again, what i'm hearing from the military officers here is that it was a battle scene and that's how he died and as for a funeral, it will be decided when he will be buried and where he will be buried shortly. understand this could be the last day of this public display and we understand the location where he will be put
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under the ground will be secret. they don't want it to be turned into a shrine and jamie, we also had a chance to speak briefly with a man who claimed to be one of those who pulled moammar qaddafi out of that drainage pipe. according to him, he seemed weak, afraid. asking the man, why are you doing this to me. ap the man replied. 42 years of dictatorship. back to you, jamie. >> compelling response, greg, thank you. >> well, the future of one of america's most oil rich allies up in the air after the death of the saudi prince, crown prince aziz died from an unspecified illness today in new york city. the tulle tan was heir to the thrown in saudi arabia and his death leaves a big question mark, who is next in line. according to leaked cable he had been receiving treatment from colon cancer since 2009. >> jamie: after years of butting heads, u.s. relations with north korea showing some signs of a thaw.
10:15 am
the u.s. now being allowed to resume recovering the remains of troops killed in the korean war. some 8,000 service members from that war are still missing. 5500 of them are brought to be buried in north korea. the move comes days before leaders are to hold bilateral talks on nuclear issues and the recovery efforts due to begin next year. >> when we come back there's new information on the search for a little girl who's been missing in missouri and we'll tell you why investigators say a possible clue from a cadaver dog still does not mean that their search is over. and also, a big battle brewing on the hill right now. capitol hill over a new bill to clean up america's work force. why some are calling it a job killer and whether it will help kick start the struggling economy when we come right back. :00 a.m. scholar. the two trains and a bus rider. the "i'll sleep when it's done" academic. for 80 years, we've been inspired by you.
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: there's new information on major developments in the search for a missing missouri baby. police say a fbi cadaver dog showed signs of a hit inside the kansas city home of 11 month old lisa irwin. missing nearly three weeks and her parents claim she was snatched from her homes. and investigators say the dog
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noticed the smell near the foot of the her mother's bed. but the investigator says the dog could have spelled ten different things other than human remains. the investigation continues. >> rick: there's a major fight brewing on capitol hill over a controversial new bill that requires employers to run background checks on immigration status of employees and even though some are using the system and others say it could leave a huge hole in america's work force. casey stegall is live with more on this. what's the drive behind the legislation, first of all? >> well, rick, this is called the legal work force act and the idea is really two fold, supporters say it would not only help curtail what some characterize as the illegal immigration problem in this country, but it would also help lower the nation's soaring unemployment rate of 9.1%, if this bill is passed, it would require all employers to use a special computer system known as e verify to make sure that a potential
10:21 am
employee is legally cleared to work in the united states. some lawmakers say that would weed out those who are taking jobs away from unemployed americans and also, get the ball rolling on immigration reform. >> we clearly do need a better guest worker system. the current system is dysfunctional. doesn't work, doesn't supply enough guest workers and takes too long to get those guest workers to the areas where they're needed. >> now, it's estimated that 8 million he will legal immigrants are employed in america, that represents about 5% of the nation's total work force, rick. >> rick: casey, what impact would this have? i mean, there are industries out there that rely on foreign workers, what might this do to them? >> well, you know, you mentioned some of the industries like the agriculture industry in particular and some in that field say that this really could have devastating consequences, experts argue that most americans do not
10:22 am
want anything to do with the back breaking work involved on a farm and even pointing to a 2010 employment campaign sponsored by the united farm workers. in that case, 10,000 people expressed interest during the hiring blitz, but nine took jobs in the field. some farmers say if you narrow it more with the passage of this bill-- >> it would be catastrophic damage to our industry. farmers could not hire people because they'd go to prison, because of the new law and the penalties are astronomical. so what the farmer will do is just shut down. >> reporter: and some of those experts imply that even food prices across this country could rise as a result of this, if it's passed. it has already, by the way, passed a congressional committee. next, it will be on to the republican controlled house,
10:23 am
rick. >> rick: casey stegall in l.a. today. casey, thanks. >> jamie: libya is at a crossroads. celebrations are underway there in tripoli as the company's new leaders try for a peaceful pass towards democracy. a live report on some of the new challenges that do lie ahead. >> today, we don't actually celebrate the death of qaddafi. actually, we are celebrating the starting of our new year in libya and hopefully, the starting of a new era in the whole middle east. [ junior ] i played professional basketball for 12 years. today i own 165 wendy's restaurants. and i get my financing from ge capital. but i also get stuff that goes way beyond banking. we not only lend people money, we help them save it. [ junior ] ge engineers found ways to cut my energy use. [ cheryl ] more efficient lighting helps junior stay open later... [ junior ] and serve more customers. so you're not just getting financial capital... [ cheryl ] you're also getting human capital.
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. he. >> rick: thanks for spending part of your saturday with us, we're coming up on the bottom of the hour, a $11,000 reward
10:28 am
offered in the search for a missing girl in arizona. and cops say that jassey was kidnapped from her home. >> we hope they find her soon. and police were forced to kill some 48 exotic animals, and after their owner apparently opened their cages and then committed suicide. >> rick: and protests springing up in the capital of russia, protesters calling upcoming parliamentary elections, quote, deception and manipulation and say they will be neither free nor fair. >> back to the big story, libya countdown to victory. libya's new prime minister just hours away from declaring total liberation, officially putting an end to an eight month long rebellion against the country's long time ruler, now deceased muammar qaddafi. and the challenges facing
10:29 am
lib's transition to democracy. david piper from tripoli, hi, david. >> yes, celebrations have been going on for a couple of days now since qaddafi's death on thursday and we've been hearing celebratory gunfire and honking of horns. the libyan people are coming to grips with this and feared that qaddafi would stay free and maybe try to attempt some kind of iraq style insurgency and really cripple this country over the past few years. but of course, that hasn't happened. now, there is still one major concern though, at this time. and islam, the western educated son of qaddafi, he seems to perhaps still be free at the moment and there have been reports that he was captured or even injured in a fight out in sirte, but nothing on the record what has
10:30 am
happened to him and of course, qaddafi's followers still his banner. and there are reports he may be trying to escape to tunisia or algeria at this time. now, at the same time, there's of course many competing factions here and we understand that the prime minister, interim prime minister has said today, his major concern is these fighters and all of these guns and wants the represents collected as soon as possible and those militias disbanded and of course in this country, the rise of the islamists and that's coming as the government here is now pushing towards elections and they will announce on sunday that libya is completely free and then push towards elections in eight month's time. back to you, jamie. >> jamie: david piper, we'll check back with you for sure. thank you. >> rick: for more now on libya's new transition and challenges that lie ahead. let's bring in mike baker, a former ceo covert operatings
10:31 am
officers, president of a global intelligence and security firm, always good to see you, thanks for being here, mike. >> thank you very much, appreciate it. >> we just saw the pictures of those weapons and we heard from david piper that the transitional government wants to get them back from the rebels who helped to topple the government. and there are weapons in the hands of people that qaddafi gave out in his final weeks and months as he tried to get some support for his cause. that of course didn't work out and how are they going to get these weapons back? >> that's a very good question. and it's not going to be as simple as going door-to-door and asking for them or setting up depots and saying that sunday is drop off the weapon day. they've got a serious problem here, it's not just the weapons, you've got a large mob, essentially, of of, you know, primarily young, unemployed males who rallied to this cause and they were all unified rnd a the one cause, get qaddafi and they're
10:32 am
armed to the teeth and now, they don't have anything to do. so, the national transitional council, among many of its other issues that it has to address immediately is what to do with this rag tag rebel army that was created. and then, as you pointed out, how do you inventory and recover and then secure all of those weapons that have been in their hands and in other hands as well? >> sounds like a real, real problem there, as they're just trying to get on their feet. and i think back to the days after the fall of saddam hussein, and i wonder if there are any lessons that were learned after that that maybe could be applied to libya, what do you think? >> well, i think the primary lesson that they need to adopt, and it sounds like the ntc may be at least aware of it, whether they follow through or not is another thing, is that after hussein fell, there was a debaathification effort and
10:33 am
disband the military and police and most of the government institution, they had been associated with hussein. they can't afford to do that in libya. and they've made noise that they want to include everyone in the new libya. they have to try as best they can to avoid that revenge or retribution effort that takes place, they've got, again, a variety of problems in the sense they have about 140 tribes and clans in libya and they have a history of, you know, infighting and animosity and the national transitional council has to somehow try to exert its authority and credibility throughout the country. and throughout all those disparity tribes that have their own agendas and are certainly looking for their homes, terrorist territory, control and slice of the pie now. >> we saw hillary clinton in libya just a couple of days before qaddafi was killed. promising more aid, more money. is that the best way for the u.s. to have some influence in this transition in libya, make
10:34 am
sure that our interests are front and center? >> it's a really important point that you raise. the calculus of exactly what we do now, what is the u.s. role is going to be very important. i would argue that we, we don't have the ability, nor do we have the national interest in libya at this point to get involved in significant training of the military, and trying to build up government institutions and the police force, but we do have to play some role, again, we had no national interest in libya, prior to qaddafi falling and now perversely, because he's gone. we do have a national interest and that is to ensure that the country doesn't fall into chaos, and then provide an opportunity for you know, an iranian style sharreya law takeover. >> former cia op, mike baker and always good to hear your thoughts on these things, thank you very much. >> thanks, rick. >> rick: take care. >> jamie: you know the wall street, occupy wall street protests have been going on
10:35 am
and building and still stock on wall street surged and encouraging jobs news as well, unemployment calling in september in half of all the states. so, could our economy finally be on the rebound? say it is so. joining us now fox news contributor and president of walledwell, gary, you won't tell me it is unless it's true. are we really seeing a turn around? >> i'll give you the good news, i think it's stabilized and i think we've had an up tick, for me the bigger issues have been the last few years and housing remains in a depression, know the a recession and employment is just not getting anywhere. and until employment pecs up and housing stabilizes i don't think we'll have a real strong economy, but i think we'll have an okay economy, you know, one, two, maybe on good quarters, 3% to the upside on gdp. >> why this recent boost on wall street? >> i think it's all about europe. you know, i watched the market very closely and managed a lot
10:36 am
of money for a living and when i watch the markets during the day, if there's news out of europe that they're postponing a meeting, the market gets hit. if there's news out of europe a meeting, looks like they'll save greece and the rest of the countries there, the market takes a big rally. on october 4th is when the markets hit a low. that was the day they announced that european tarp and somewhat of a quantitative easing, where they're basically printing money to buy it back and put liquidity in the markets so there's definitely that part of it and that is what is to be watched closely. >> a big week for europe going forward. >> we'll keep an eye on it, i know you will, too. at what point does the boost on wall street, when we see a month of positive numbers, actually translate into jobs? are small business owners the biggest employers in this country watching this and are they feeling differently yet? >> i don't think you can equate markets with jobs. there's no doubt that everybody watches the market and people do feel more positive if the market's going
10:37 am
higher, but keep in mind, i think the dow is up maybe 1 or 2% and indices, so i wouldn't go there. for me, there's a lot of noise out of washington on a daily basis, you know, fox reports on every day, and i think it's holding everybody back and there's just one gigantic word where the country is going as far as policy and why so many corporations have so much cash on their balance sheets and why they're sitting on their hands instead of hiring at this point in time. i think we'll get another boom, and never bet this country too long. >> quickly, before you go. i know you said you managed a lot of money, are you getting in or getting out? >> we've been getting in again, but i have to tell you, i have my finger on the trigger, just in case, because, if europe announces this week that they can't get their act together, i think the market takes a big hit. so, that's what every one of your viewers needs to watch very, very closely, news out of europe this week. >> yeah, some of us are afraid to open up the envelope when
10:38 am
the statement comes, you're right. we'll take a peek and stay on top of it. gary come back and keep us posted, okay? >> it's my pleasure, thank you. >> rick. >> rick: let's talk about beer, okay. >> jamie: what's happening. >> rick: budweiser -- i'm going to tell you, budweiser going green, installing a colassel new wind turbine, new generator weighing 127,000 pounds, but the attraction is the massive blade assembly. each blade weighing over ten tons and swar offing the men looking to mount the thing. and estimates it could provide 20% of the electricity needed to make the beer. >> jamie: and can i ask you a question, does it make the beer taste better if it's involved with wind turbines? >> we're going to do a-- >> or less expensive. >> rick: a taste, now i see where you're going, tastes great, less filling, taste great. is that where you were. >> jamie: no, i'll let you say that i was it makes me sound
10:39 am
funny. interesting story, going green. when you're in business, sometimes nothing more important than defending your name. one company is offering to do that. they have a lot of experience, too, we'll explain that one. plus, one town has a very big scaly problem on its hands and they have no idea how it got there. how will they get rid of it? hmm. . >> we normally don't deal with large reptiles. we have sort of trapped, if so, we might be able to catch it. definitely stay away, don't try and catch it yourself. the employee of the month isss...
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it's a brand new day. a day when we can eat what weant, drink what we want, and sleep soundly through the night. prevacid®24hr prevents the acid that causes frequent heartburn all day, all night. take the prevacid®24hr challenge and see why 9 out of 10 users say they're satisfied. try a 28 count prevacid®24hr free. see prevacid® for offer details. >> they never expected it, but it's what they got. an uncommon predator popping up in a pond in oregon. a four to five foot alligator lurking near local businesses and gave them a scare. they suspect someone kept it as a pet and grew too big, yes, it did, they released it.
10:44 am
i guess they don't have a lot of experience in doing this, didn't look all that big, but warning for if you're a curious onlooker, keep your distance. good advice. >> and the insurance company creating a new way to protect your company's name. it's called reputation guard. and the insurer behind the idea has a lot of firsthand experience, repairing reputations, own. david lee miller is live in the new york city news room with more. >> hi, rick, remember aig. that's the insurance giant blamed for contributing to the financial crisis and received billions in corporate bailouts and since they've tried to stem the tide. a subdivision is selling insurance to help other companies overcome bad pr. now, the insurance is called, as you mentioned, reputation guard. it will pay for advice from two pr firms specializing in crisis communications and help could be provided in the event of a scandal, injuries resulting from the use of a
10:45 am
product. and one of the pr firms partnering with the insurance company, advice not only after, but before a disaster becomes front page news. >> there's nothing better than a crisis plan to make sure that a company is ahead of the curve. crisis moved so fast today, that if you don't get ahead of the curve by having plans in place, you're bound to play catch up and you may never get there. >> not all types of corporate disasters are eligible for help under the retation guard policy. includes financial rating and some product glitches. >> under manufacturing, when a product is put out that is not working as it was designed, aen perhaps the company didn't realize it, but this causes a real operational crisis. >> a representative was not available to speak on camera about reputation guard insurance, but the firm recently told the wall street journal that premiums start at about $10,000 for a small
10:46 am
business that has some type of crisis communication plan that's in place. so, rick, it looks like it's not really true there's no such thing as bad publicity. >> rick: absolutely. david lee miller in the news room many, thanks. >> jamie: that's an interesting one. we've talked about prostate cancer and just released guidelines on screening. originally doctors said early detection is key, go get checked. but a task force set up by the government, telling men, wait. so we're going to have our fox news medical a-team weigh in. dr. david samati joins us next. fiber one. h, forgot jack cereal. [ jack ] what's for breakfast? um... try the number one! [ jack ] yeah, ts is pretty good. [ male announcer ]alf a day's worth of fiber. fiber one. that stays even after i treat... [ male announcer ] truth is, most sinus formulas don't treat a cough. really? [ male announcer ] alka-seltzer plus sinus liquid gels fights sinus symptoms plus cough.
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>> welcome back. time for top of the news. an issue over immunity scuttles a deal to keep troops in iraq beyond this year. and the prime minister still wants america's help in training iraqi forces. there is is desperate search underway for a team of divers trapped underwater off the coast of iran. those divers were part of a team installing an underwater oil pipeline in the persian gulf. rescue teams believe they may still have enough oxygen if their tanks to keep them alive. a dead german satellite is expected to hit earth sometime this weekend. where and when though still a mystery. scientists say they're tracking the satellite's core,
10:51 am
but add they won't be able to know exactly where it will land until a few hours before it makes impact. you'll either see it or we'll keep you posted. >> rick: a leading health organization saying healthy men 50 and older no longer need to get a psa blood test as part of routine cancer screenings and the new recommendation sparking a backlash from some medical professionals who say early screening is critical to catching the disease early. so, what type of screening should you get and when is this the doctor is a member of our fox news medical a-team, vice-chairman of urology department of mount sinai's school of medicine. >> good to be here. >> rick: the new recommendations, how were they different? >> major announcement about two weeks ago and it's the u.s. task force basically put their emphasis on the fact there were two studies, one from europe and one from the u.s. and nine year follow-up. they found the group versus screened versus not screened,
10:52 am
there was no advantage as far as survival or longevity goes and so, this created a lot of dilemma and confusion among men and basically, what it comes down to, there is a lot of flaws in these studies. there are longer follow-up studies coming from sweden. 14 years as opposed to nine, shows 50% reduction in mortality. the bottom line, from the task force, a lot of good things came out. it's not a prostate cancer sensitive just a prostate specific test. so a lot of things, such as enlarged prostitute information or cancer can cause an elevation and a lot don't believe in this particular test because they think it can do more harm than help. >> rick: why is that? >> they assume that every elevated psa means biopsy and every biopsy means surgery and every surgery means
10:53 am
intercouldn intercouldn't-- incontinence and impotence. and that's not necessarily true. doctors know how the psa kin n nettics work and most of the psa screening are beaased on population. et cetera it's for the group, if you have risk, family history, african-americans, if your psa has been going up over time and those are red flags and someone who is comfortable, a doctor who does deal with psa or prostate cancer every day, get in their hands and multiple opinions before you say no more testing, that's quite dangerous. >> rick: there are a lot of people around the country, doctor, who don't live near a metropolitan area who are near teaching hospitals like new york and other places in the country and mayor live in a
10:54 am
rural area and smalltown, the doctors might not have that level of experience dealing with this particular thing. >> you know, i see your point is well taken so we really need to educate our doctors and surgeons to have better outcome. not necessarily put our heads in the sand and say we don't want to know about formation and no more testing. another thing happened with mammogram and same thing i assume with colonoscopy. with the financial resources that are going to be limited there is going to be more discussions about this kind of screening. nobody's going to be a better doctor for you than yourself. so, you need to go that extra step to really find out what works for you, get the test, make sure you document everything and keep the records and follow that over time and then the question is, who you should go to and that takes effort, effort and time. >> rick: you are a pioneer in the field of robotic surgery and you do a lot of robotics work on prostate cancer patients. as a surgeon when you hear about psa's and the tests that
10:55 am
take place before people need to come and see you. do you feel like it would help your patience, the people you deal with if they had had these tests? >> i've got hundreds and hundreds of e-mails from the men and especially spouses, if you didn't do this test my husband would not have been around. we want to know that study. what you do with it is really the, the experience of your surgeon and that's what they need to know. get tested. we have a lot of young guys in 40's and 50's that are coming up with horrible prostate cancers that can met task -- m metscize and spread. and how to go about it a the big message from the task force. >> rick: the new recommendation, doc. 30 seconds left. if you're in your 40's and
10:56 am
50's now, what is the recommendati recommendation. >> i would say get a baseline at age 40, no risk factors through 45 and get that test every year and make sure to follow your psa closely. if there's any question, get a second and third opinion. >> rick: dr. david samadi mount sinai hospital here in new york city. important news. >> thank you so much. >> jamie: the medical a-team saves lives every day here. thank you, doc. i'm jamie colby have a wonderful day. >> rick: i'm rick fulbaum, i'll see you six o'clock tonight. the editorial journal report have a great day. >> jamie: doubleheader today? we'll be there, take care. i'd race down that hill without a helmet.
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