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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  October 30, 2011 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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>> dave: i want out of my box, if only you could see my hand, right now! more on the "after the show" show. >> clayton: where we attempt to get out of the costumes. >> alisyn: that would be the best part. >> jamie: it is looking right now like it will be a long few days ahead for millions of folks in the northeast, an unseasonably early snowstorm, it is packing a dangerous and deadly punch, no joke, from maryland to maine. so far, at least two million people are without power. governors in at least four states, declaring a state of emergency, new jersey, for example, seeing up to 14 inches of snow in some parts, at least three deaths are now blamed on the storm, it is very serious this morning. good morning, to you, welcome to america's news headquarters, i'm jamie colby. >> eric: i'm eric sean, good morning on this sunday morning and despite the mess and troubles and snow, there are some people who are taking it all in stride this morning. take a listen:
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>> we're used to the snow, just a little earlier than most years, not that big of an adjustment, wearing a heavier cloak. >> it is awesome. >> snow in october is a good thing? >> absolutely, absolutely. don't have to me the grass anymore, get to go play outside, good stuff! >> eric: and there's a live look. the sun is out in manhattan, outside of our studios here at the fox news channel. quite a change from last night. millions digging out this morning, and, dan bowen from wmiw, channel 5, fox 5 is here, in new jersey. what does it looks like over there? >> reporter: good morning, west milford is 45 miles northwest of new york city, and, if there is an area that typically gets bragging rights when there is a snowstorm it is this area known that's heart of the holidayighl because of the mountainous terrain and recorded 19 inches
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overnight, 19 inches would be about this much, right here, and, if it was next to me on the ground it would be halfway up to my knee and where we are, close to the center of west milford and didn't get quite 19 inches, but look, this is a car here that clearly nobody wiped the snow off of here and if you look where we are, right here, that is about a foot of snow, on this car, right here. all throughout new jersey. there are people without power, this evening, and we -- this morning and we are in an area where they actually have power, but we know that a lot of people, including governor chris christie lost power last night and there are 300,000 customers who are without power and we are told it could be until the middle of the week, until all of the homes, all the customers, all are restored with the power throughout the new jersey area, one of the big things that people are concerned about, the snow and ice, that are on the trees, some of those are falling, onto the power lines,
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and, that is causing major concerns and we have driven up from seacaucus and have seen several accidents, a lot of it because people are driving too fast and one car collided into another car because the first car was going too fast and emergency officials are asking people to stay off the roads this morning and i talked to a guy this morning who said it looks less like halloween out here and more like christmas. back to you. >> eric: and may be fun for the kids but is no laughing matter when you have millions without electricity, and they may not get it back, as you say, for 72 hours, or more. thanks, dan reporting from new jersey. jamie. >> jamie: nevertheless, a lot of kids, that won't be trick-or-treating tonight. sorry for that, for sure. but, the wicked weather did, as eric said, leave nearly half a million people without power, in pennsylvania, alone. and the lights are coming back on in some places but recovering from this storm is proving to be quite a challenge in allentown, and our affiliate wtxf has the
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story... >> snower for people like him. >> reporter: snow in october is like early christmas for kids, but, for others... >> not even thanksgiving! it's not even november! and we're having snow. >> reporter: the first snow of the season is causing major problems here in allentown. >> i came out to see my car and it is in the tree, beneath the tree. >> reporter: on top of that, mayor bell doesn-- she doesn't or heat. >> we'll have to go somewhere. >> reporter: police and fire say they have been inundated for calls, transformers on fire and downed power lines and they aren't the only ones on the job, though. >> yeah, i'll have to watch this all day and keep clearing it out. >> reporter: mark is putting in work shoveling. >> just keeping the sidewalks clean. >> reporter: he's prepared, boots, gloves and a face mask. and others weren't so ready, though.
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>> can't find my snow brush, i have to buy new one. >> reporter: roads are getting bad and fast, but, john was able to make a quick store run. >> i'm going to bake, make a stew, and, watch football! >> reporter: she and her grandson love the snow but, say tonight is a stay-at-home night. >> watching tv and making soup. a good soup. >> jamie: sounds like the best idea, and thanks to her from our affiliate wtxf. >> eric: the snow from the storm may be melting but for hundreds of airline passengers, the damage is already done, nearly two dozen flights had to be diverted yesterday, to bradley international airport, in windsor loft, connecticut and included a jetblue flight that sat on the passengers say the plane ran out of water and bathrooms had to be shut off, and, inside the airport, other travellers say they didn't fare any better, either.
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>> power is going in and out and bathrooms are locked and people are upset. >> we sat on the tarmac four half hours and got here a few minutes ago and may be sleeping here at the airport. >> didn't get any food... couldn't use the facilities. >> jamie: we'd love to see how you are dealing with the storm and i looked at the pictures on-line that you sit in us so far and if you can get us great pictures or video, that you want to share, just e-mail them to us at the address on your screen, here's some, the combination of the snow and halloween. it is and we'll try and get as many as we can on the air and give us your name and location and a brief description what we are seeing and so far well, got this, a picture of snow-covered jack-o-lanterns from a viewer in connecticut. definitely a scene no one thought i would see this halloween, and, who would think
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that folks in new jersey would battle this kind of weather, a day before halloween? >> eric: now events around the world. anti-government protesters in syria, now calling for the creation of the no-fly zone there over their country, and syria's president says western intervention would cause, quote, an earthquake that he says would, quote, burn the whole region, joining us is former u.s. ambassador to the united nations, john bolton, who is a fox news contributor and joins us about this time every sunday morning and this morning finds him in omaha, good morning, ambassador. >> good morning, glad to be here. >> eric: so far, 3,000 protesters have been killed, what will it take for assad to go and what are we doing wrong? >> well, the biggest difference between syria on the one hand and egypt, libya, tunisia on the other is the outside intervention of iran, to protect bashar al-assad's regime.
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the revolutionary guards from iran have been assisting the syrian military in putting down demonstrations and killing many of the syrian civilians. and that's why a contemplation of a no-fly zone, as was the case in libya, is very different for syria. because it does mean potentially taking on iran, itself. that is why assad feels comfortable in threatening the response that he does, because, he knows it is more than the syrian military, that he has behind him. >> eric: you are saying it could potentially be a proxy war, let's say, of iran versus the west? if there was a no-fly zone imposed? >> i think that is a very real risk and one reason why... although i have no doubts the syrian regime should be overthrown, i doubt whether president obama is willing to undertake what may be the necessary implication of that, which is, overthrowing the regime in tehran as well and
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again that wouldn't bother me but i'm not sure if president obama is prepared to do that. >> eric: the president certainly had no hesitation when it came to the american... hosni mubarak in egypt. >> and that, i think, is something that troubles friendly arab governments around the region, that our policies are so erratic we throw a long time ally like hosni mubarak, clearly no jeffersonian democrat, but throw him under the bus at the same time we are not willing to take on tehran and people remember the president would not condemn the regime in tehran for killing its civilians, after the fraudulent june '09 elections. >> eric: what do we do about assad and can we do anything? if there is not a no-fly zone in terms of any other issues we can do on the ground there or does the world sit back while the regime slaughters protesters who are demanding democracy. >> i think we should be giving the opposition whatever
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assistance we can, in terms of covert or overt assistance but i think we have to recognize syria is functionally a satellite of the regime in tehran, critical for their purposes and helps them communicate and ship arms and finance the terrorist group, hezbollah and lebanon, and, if we really want to be serious, about getting rid of the assad regime in syria, we have to be serious about overturning the regime in tehran and i think, anything less going into syria with anything less than the grasp on reality, would lead us into trouble. i don't think obama's ready for that, paraphrase donald rumsfeld, you know, you go to war with the president you have and i don't think this one is ready for it. >> eric: we sit on the sidelines, so to speak and what is the message to tehran? >> i think the message to tehran is, that we have a weak administration, and i think it is a message they have unfortunately already received, and that is why they are brazen enough to plot an assassination
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attempt against the saudi arabian ambassador on american a territory and think they can get away with that and helping the assad regime repress the people of syria, and, so far they are right. we are not prepared, have not been prepared, although we should be prepared, to take down the regime in tehran. >> eric: the brave people of syria continue to take to the streets and continue to be slaughtered and we'll be on top of this, ambassador, always good to see you and thank you for joining us this morning, all the way from omaha and, by the way, in 20 minutes from now we'll have an exclusive with the former director of the fbi, louie freeh, and he will discuss iran and much more, on that case we talked about, ambassador, thank you. jamie? >> jamie: a homicide bomber killing 17 people in afghanistan, and among them, five american troops and seven nato civilian contractors from the u.s. the bomber ramming an explosive-laden truck into a convoy that was traveling through kabul on saturday. and the taliban claims
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responsibility. this is the deadliest attack on international troops in the afghan capital in ten years of war. >> dave: back here at home, police in los angeles are resting five men in connection with the gun heist and involve the department's swat unit and the heist happened early this month at an unguarded building they use for training exercises by the l.a.p.d. and police believe these were low level burglars who were not expecting to find such a large stash of guns and 3 of the 30 weapons, so far, have been recovered. ♪ >> jamie: fox is america's election headquarters and on the campaign trail, rick perry apparently having a change of heart, saying he will appear in at least five more debates, after all, and he had previously said through his campaign that he might do less, and his performance in previous debates have been widely panned and led to a significant dip now in the
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polls. his camp says, they are hoping to turn it around, and peter doocy is live in washington and, peter, good morning to you. what specifically did the governor say about the debates? >> reporter: he admitted, jamie, that he is not the best debater but, joked that when it is all said and done he might end up being a better debater because there are so many on the schedule, too many, he says in fact and submitted to five more but thinks there are better ways to convince voters to support you. >> i really like getting out and being able to talk to people, like i am talking with you today where you have time to lay outer ideas. we have a great debater, a smooth politician in the white house, right now, and that is not working out very good for america. and if you want to know how somebody is going to perform in the future, look at their past. >> reporter: and the governor added in spite of the problems he has had with the debates the last few months, he thinks if he was on stage with president obama, one-on-one, he'd have no problem exposing what he calls the president's experiment with the american economy.
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>> jamie: interesting, the answer from an exclusive sit down he had, with our chris wallace, and we'll have chris coming up shortly to tell us more. what specifically is he saying about the flat tax plan? >> reporter: he said, jamie, it's all about choice and people can choose to pay 20% flat tax or their current tax rate and, can do it all on a post card. >> it is that simple. to put it on, that post card, right there and that's it. and, then, people have the confidence, the confidence, the job creators, this plan is about getting people back to work. putting the confidence back in the american entrepreneur, that knows the regulations are not going to be there... >> reporter: so, it comes down to investing, basically, though the willy get the biggest tax cuts, in the perry plan, he says everybody gets a tax cut in his plan, and, the hope is, his hope, is that the richest americans will take the money they won't be paying uncle sam, and, pump it into the economy by
7:15 am
investing and hiring, jamie. >> jamie: peter doocy, thanks. and, the question is whether or not the govern's decision to appear in more debates will help turn his campaign around, for more on this, bob cusack, manage, editor for "the hill." good morning. >> good morning, how are you. >> jamie: thanks for joining us, this sunday morning. how positioned is perry if he participates in these debates to turn the campaign around, do you believe? >> well, perry will have to get better at the debates, really quickly. he's -- really at a crucial point, 7% in iowa. that is not going to do it. he's got the money to do it. but he has been off message, and released his flat tax plan and then he wasn't on message and talked about the birther issue and that got all the attention and has a strong track record on jobs, but really, haven't and re opposes the border fence barney
7:16 am
frank support in congress and this is a crucial few weeks for him and he'll have to be better in the debates, as simple as it gets. >> jamie: let's look, you mentioned the iowa poll, look at two that are the most recent, west alabama, maybe not a deciding state, but, you see, he's in the single digits, cain and mitt romney leading the pack and iowa, the iowa one mentioned, also, in the single digits and the question is, you can get, programs, coaching on actual debating, but, why did he get off message? does he not have the right infrastructure, the right team together, to make him at least the top two? >> well, jamie, he's never run this type of campaign and, has never been beaten in texas, but when you run a national campaign you have to say things over and over and over again before they basically get to the voters, so, i think there is a discipline issue with rick perry, and honestly i think there will be a
7:17 am
question about this media, how much time the media is devoting to a guy who is in the single dings, he needs to get above 10%, or the question will, i think dominate headlines, in the next couple of weeks. >> jamie: the iowa poll is probably the most influential at least of the two and iowa is a very important place he wants to meet the people and will debate and i have to ask you about the cain train, put the poll up and look at that together and how is he doing? >> he's doing well, a lot of the media establishment is predicting his fall and it has not happened and he had flubs and the abortion issue, pro-life, pro-choice and, he's, i think he is pro-life and this is where he had hope, and if cain falls that is probably where we can move up, because that is where the vote is going to be, the conservative vote, anti-mitt romney vote and now, the race is shaping up nicely, for mitt romney, because, most
7:18 am
republicans say there is no way that he can win the nomination and others say, he's up there and had a couple of flubs and is almost a teflon candidate, as you he's with mitt romney and now he is riding a good wave. >> jamie: why it's so much fun to follow it. good to see you. >> eric: we have talked of rick perry, will his campaign bounce back? coming up, you will hear more from him, about his plan, to try and retake the lead. we'll have more in our exclusive fox news one-on-one interview, he sat down with chris wallace who will be here in a moment to give us his in sight next and new details on a brand new police raid following a shootout at the u.s. embassy in bosnia, we'll tell you who and what they found. exclusive to the military. and commitment is not limited to one's military oath.
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>> eric: presidential candidate rick perry says he's heading for a return to the head of the republican pack and, sat down with chris wallace on fox news sunday and we have reported that this morning and he says he's ready to show voters why he deserves the nomination, despite
7:23 am
weeks of highly criticized performances, and debates, and a steep drop in the polls. >> we've got a great debater, a smooth politician in the white house right now and that is not working out good for america and if you want to know how someone will perform in the future, look at their past and as the governor of the state of texas we created more jobs in the state than any other state in the country, and i think that is what americans are really interested in. people sitting around the coffee table today, the kitchen table and are going, how will we get the country back working again? i have laid out a plan and i have the courage and the record to put that in place. >> eric: joining us now is the angry chof chor of fox news sun morning, chris. >> i'm at the texas state history museum in austin where a half-hour ago we did a live interview with governor perry. >> eric: and in the interview, in the plan, he has been up against the wall. what does he have up his sleeve and do you think it will work?
7:24 am
>> i think a few things, first of all, he is, i think, and, i really would advise people if you are interested to watch the interview, either on your fox broadcast network or 2:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. eastern on the news channel, and quite frankly, i think is a better rick perry than we have seen in a long time and i thought it was an impressive performance on the politics and the substance of the flat tax plan, and, i think there are a couple of things he thinks, one is that people are really now, except for the political junkies, just beginning to focus, two months until the voting starts in new hampshire and he has plenty of time on the ground in those states, face-to-face, as a retail politician, to persuade them that he is the authentic conservative in the race, and, as i heard some of the commentary in the last segment, though, he's going to be in a lot of these debates and may not be in all of them but will be the next five through the month of november into early december, and he has to do better,
7:25 am
because, you know, quite frankly, there have been times in those debates when you just... please let him finish the sentence. he does fine today, but the debates are a different deal and that is where most people are getting their news, about politics, right now. >> eric: what did he tell you about his debate performance? >> well, he said a couple of things, one, he's not this favorite debater, not his favorite occupation, although he said, if i do more of these maybe i'll get to be better and he said i got into the race late and i didn't understand quite the dimension of it, and it is a problem and that is one of the things that you have to do and he said i thought it was a sprint and i have come to realize it is a marathon and i was overscheduled and tired and i can tell you, that was certainly the case for the orlando debate, that fox did, in late september, and, you know, look, it's an excuse an explanation and he says i'll be better at it and one of the
7:26 am
question i raised with him, a lot of republicans, ones who are e-mailing me, say we need somebody who can get into the big debates a year from now, when there are 100 million people watching and beat barack obama, make the case against him and he says i'd love the opportunity. and, you'll see in the interview, he takes some pretty good shots and makes pretty good arguments, against president obama. >> eric: a chance for the governor to lay out his case and chris, while at the museum, have you had a chance to poke around at the artifacts there? >> absolutely and, i have -- all i can say is i'm not in favor of it but they have a movie "the star of destiny" the lonestar of texas, about its history, and best thing i ever saw of its kind in a museum, sensational. come on down to austin, there's a lot of good food and come to the state history museum. >> eric: chris, always good to see you, thanks for filling us in and looking forward to the interview and you can tune in for the interview, watch his full parrying with governor
7:27 am
perry, fox news sunday on the fox news channel, 2:00 and 6:00 p.m., eastern time, of course, only on us. jamie. >> jamie: back to the other big story, saturday's snowstorm packed quite a punch to the northeast and a lot of downed trees and left its park on new jersey, are they in the clear? we'll have a live report, coming up next and plus an incredible story, taking afghanistan by storm, will hear from woman who put up a million dollars of her own money, you know what she built that in country? the nation's first bowling alley. we'll be right back. sweetie i think you need a little extra fiber in your diet. carol. fiber makes me sad. oh common. and how can you talk to me about fiber while you are eating a candy bar? you enjoy that. i am. [ male announcer ] fiber beyond recognition. fiber one. [ male announcer ] fiber beyond recognition. [ woman announcing ]bsite there's an easier way.
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>> jamie: welcome back, time now for a quick check of your headlines, saturday's snowstorm creating a nightmare for folks flying out of newark airport. hundreds of passengers left stranded after several flights were cancelled or delayed. at least 30 people are under
7:32 am
arrest following a anti-wall street rally, they were marching towards an affluent district and were placed into police custody and, a russian cargo ship successfully launched to the international space station and the mission easing concerns about the station's future following a previously failed launch and russian spacecraft are the only link to the station after nasa of course retired the space shuttle program, back in july. and you have to look, the weather all over, so bad, almost a foot or more of snow, in so many places, in the northeast, and look at new york. and sometimtimes square and fir all the sun is shining and eric, did you have trouble getting in today. >> eric: yesterday was unbelievable, down i-95, the northeast, it was sloppy, it was a mess, and we made it. >> jamie: and i thought it would be so dangerous and we wouldn't
7:33 am
be able to get in with ease but, actually times square, folks are out and it is business as usual, but, new jersey, definitely, was hit, especially hard, from storm that walloped the northeast and streets have downed utility lines and trees and 650,000 people are without power and more of those affected by the storm... >> there is no power right now, and we're using candles and flashlights and off to work we go. cold, that's it. >> it is getting cold. you know? but, only the beginning, a good test, test the equipment. >> the biggest concern, right now, is downed trees and it is heavy, wet snow, leaves haven't fallen from the treegs and it will cause branches and trees to come down and that will complicate overhead wires.
7:34 am
>> not good driving at all, i went down to the farmer's market, earlier, and, i don't think there's a single block that i went through, that i either didn't have to go in another lane of traffic or around broken-down trees. >> i can't stand it. i hate. hate it, hate it, hate it! i can't even express how much i hate it! it is awful! >> jamie: we had it easy and times square the sun is shining and other places, not so much and heard clayton morris say a tree fell on his car and so many people were affected and you probably need to be careful up in the northeast regions, where they haven't plowed yet. >> eric: and, 207,000 people, remain without electricity and may not come on until later this week, but, thank goodness, the sun as you can see is now shining.
7:35 am
>> eric: u.s. troops may be leaving iraq but the administration is planning to build up in the gulf to compensate and the "new york times" says the pentagon will reposition forces in the gulf states such as kuwait with an eye on iran. this comes as the iranian foreign minister reacted to secretary of state hillary clinton saying the u.s. supports the iranian people, not the regime. the foreign minister said his nation would like normal relations with america but not now. what does that mean and how does the administration further isolate iran? as it apparently pursues possible nuclear weapons? with us this morning, an exclusive, the former director of the federal bureau of investigation, louie freeh. who has been active in the iranian issue the past two weeks, mr. director, welcome and thanks for joining us this morning. it seems brazen, you have the terrorist assassination case and defy u.n. sanctions. >> the regime does not want normal relations, we have heard
7:36 am
30 years, if we'd just pull punches and give them running room things would be fine. the nuclear programs, their irgc, exporter of terrorism and as you saw, a brazen plan to attack the ambassador from saudi arabia, right here in washington, d.c. which, by the way, is similar to the irgc operation en 1992 in germany, remember the mikenos restaurant and four kurdish leaders were assassinated and it went back to the irgc and to the supreme leader. so, our policy has not worked i think we ought to take advantage of opportunity not just to isolate iran diplomatically, i don't know what that means well, have heard that from the state department, but, to really promote active resistance to the regime and we have opportunities to do that, as we have said, publicly, now for some time and
7:37 am
the mek group, an organized peaceful resistance to the regime in iraq, the people at risk have been attacked now, twice, by iraqi forces, at the behest of the iranian regime, very serious risk to their lives, but, more importantly, great opportunity for the u.s. to really declare and support a resistance mutual to the regime. >> eric: wouldn't that be symbolic? or more than that? and why wouldn't the administration do that? >> it is more than symbolic and would give the group the ability to raise funds in the us and relocate to other countries and the reason for not doing it is the state department persists in keeping the group on what we call the foreign terrorist organization list, and this was done in 1997, and, by a
7:38 am
democratic administration, on the promise that hatami, who was then billed as a moderate would assist the u.s. and try and resume normal relations. that didn't happen, they came back, to the bush administration, in 2004, and, said keep that group on the list. and, we will diminish or we will limit the amount of ieds, that were being used to kill american soldiers, in iraq and that never happened. the regime is terrified of the group, because this is the organized resistance to its power. so... >> eric: i'm sorry. go ahead. >> a lot of us, former government officials an cia directors and nato commanders and former national security advisors to the president an ambassadors to the u.n. and joint chiefs of staff have been pushing and urging the administration and secretary of state to delist the group as the
7:39 am
european and the u.k. has done and again, the notion that we can have normalization or ability to communicate with this regime which is absolutely out of the question serving and besides that issue you talk about germany and they have dealt with this in the aires, jewish center and attack, as there, as a former director of the fbi, skeptics are skeptical of owe plot, mansur dbasia, the texas-iranian accused of this, is a used car salesman and couldn't have carried it out, though the u.s. attorney said they have him... >> those are fair questions and you talked about germany, in the
7:40 am
mykonos cafe, the irgc, later found by the german courts to be responsible for the assassination of four individuals, and, actually, there was a swedish group of diplomats, which were supposed to be dining with them who also would have been killed but if you look at the logistics of that operation, they were using a local grocer, they were using lebanese nationals who were recruited and workers in germany, so, this is not by any means in our experience, something a typical of the irgc and, particularly, the force which reports directly to the spiritual leader. the other notion that, you know, these are rogue elements in the irgc is completely contradicted and belied by the history of the force and when i was director in 199 6 if you recall the irgc, using local saudis, members of the hezbollah, blew up our u.s. air force barracks and murdered
7:41 am
19 airmen and were trained in the ba ... this is how the group operates, it's not a rogue element and unless we can embolden and empower organized resistance, like the mek, we are just kidding ourselves about watching any kind of reform or mitigation on their part. serving and, finally, briefly, as you said, the former director of the fbi, you were a judge, a u.s. attorney, helped attack the mafia in new york city, do you believe iranian agents are here now and they could possibly be planning potentially terrorist attacks, based on your experience? >> absolutely. they are here, they have infiltrated us, and when i was director, at the same time the state department put the group on the list, we didn't think it was a good idea. by the way, on that list, is not
7:42 am
the qani network who were killing americans on ten years and when they put them on the list they said stop fingerprinting the iranian wrestlers, newly invited to the u.s. and we said, well, in those wrestling teams, the guy that doesn't look quite like a wrestler is the moas agent, the iranian intelligence agent in the u.s., so, yeah, they have been here and they are active here and this is just the latest example of the brazenness and the terrorism of the message je -- of the regime. >> eric: and they kicked people out, before, taking pictures of bridges and subways and so they are here. louie freeh, thanks for taking the time to join us here this morning, here on the fox news channel. >> thank you very much. >> jamie: sad story to report. a homicide bomb attack takes the life of 12 americans, in the heavily defended capital of
7:43 am
afghanistan. so, if the taliban can infiltrate there, with deadly violence, how safe are our troops in more remote regions, as the announced withdrawal left us more vulnerable to deadly violence in afghanistan, inside analysis from four star army general, jack keane, next. you could save a bundle with geico's multi-policy discount. geico, saving people money on more than just car insurance. ♪ geico, saving people money on more than just car insurance.
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i was told to begin my aspirin regimen. i just didn't listen until i almost lost my life. my doctor's again ordered me to take aspirin. and i do. [ male announcer ] be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. [ mike ] listen to the doctor. take it seriously. >> jamie: welcome back, everybody, a taliban homicide bomber killed 12 americans yesterday, during an attack in kabul. this is the deadliest assault on americans in the capital city, since the war began. and, it underscores the potential dangers facing our troops as the obama administration looks to bring most of them home, by 2014. are we really ready to leave afghanistan? joining us now, retired four star army general, jack keane, a fox news military analyst, general, good morning. thanks for coming in, i was so touched and hurt by this story.
7:48 am
because, when you think about kabul you think that is one of the secure areas and ten americans total four afghans and four gis and the contract workers that go at their own peril. what happened? >> it is a horrific attack, to be sure, and, what they want to do is undermine the people's confidence in the karzai government and break our will, and they'll achieve some of this. certainly, the people that are living in kabul, will feel let down, when there is ever a spectacular attack like this and comes to breaking our soldiers' will, that will not happen and the exact opposite happens and it strengthens our resolution to get on with the war and finish it favorable to our terms and in terms of the human dimension of this, i mean, it is immeasurable what is does to our families and the soldiers' teammates and what it does to americans in general. >> jamie: talk about resilience, i know you spent yesterday at west point and the resilience of
7:49 am
these young many and women, who know where they are going and what they are facing, they will serve brilliantly, this, we know, but what about the resilience of the taliban? what does it tell us, if they are able to achieve it at this time? >> far too many make too much of the taliban's resilience. the fact of the matter is we have issued to taliban a stunning defeat in the south, this is in helmand province and kandahar province, comparable to what we did to the taliban in 2001. they spent the last spring, and summer, of this year, trying to take back some of the territory we took from them, and they failed miserably and don't own a single thing we took away from them and they are not ten foot tall, we can break their will and have proven that. in the south and we ned to do that, in the east, in the coming year. >> jamie: talk about though karzai government and the confidence that the afghan people may have or we may have for that matter an you have been optimistic about what ambassador ryan crocker can accomplish, what is the mission he set out to accomplish and what do you
7:50 am
think he can get done? >> well, ambassador crocker is the very best we have, and he was the ambassador during the surge period working with dave petraeus and they turned iraq around in 2007 and 2008 and it was a remarkable achievement and he's back here, out of retirement, asked by the president of the u.s. to take on the mission and i think what he is doing is providing truly adult leadership, with karzai. that is why you hear less of him and he shows up every once in a while with a mercurial statement that doesn't make sense to anybody but the fact of the matter is he will not be there beyond 2014, one of the things crocker will ensure is that karzai does not manipulate the constitution or the government so he can stay beyond 2014. as there really will be a political strategy and there is also an economic strategy, for that economy. >> jamie: encouraging, and i have 15 second left but have to ask, is the president making a mistake with the withdrawal. >> it is a reckless decision that endangers the entire mission's success.
7:51 am
we don't know now, whether we'll accomplish when we were confident about last year. >> jamie: general jack keane, four star general with all of your years of experience, hopefully we'll make changes to keep folks safe. thank you. we'll be right back. do you have an irregular heartbeat called atrial fibrillation, or afib, that's not caused by a heart valve problem? are you taking warfarin to reduce your risk of stroke caused by a clot? you should know about pradaxa. an important study showed that pradaxa 150mg reduced stroke risk 35% more than warfarin. and with pradaxa, there's no need for those regular blood tests. pradaxa is progress. pradaxa can cause serious, sometimes fatal, bleeding. don't take pradaxa if you have abnormal bleeding, and seek immediate medical care for unexpected signs of bleeding like unusual bruising. pradaxa may increase your bleeding risk if you're 75 or older, have kidney problems or a bleeding condition, like stomach ulcers. or if you take aspirin products,
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7:55 am
young businesswoman decíaring war73m% on boredom in afghanistan. her weapon of choice? bowling balls. she paid aid million dollars to build the country's first bowling ali. she says she is sure interest will continue to grow. >> lots are giving interest into this. i'm sure that in the future, we will be having our own afghans, they will be like taking part in the worldwide competition of bowling. >> she contributed a million dollars for i)j alley. due to the expenses, only a few select afghans right now can afford to bowl. cleanup efforts continue to be underway in the
7:56 am
northeast states of emergency out there also. such a rare snow storm hit for this time of year. there are many dingers lurking in the mess it left. -- we'll have a live report and the latest forecast, next. biggest concern now is downed trees. this is heavy snow, that is going to cause branches and trees to come down that will complicate overhead wires. [ male announcer ] tom's discovering that living healthy can be fun. see? he's taking his vitamins. new one a day vitacraves plus omega-3 dha is a complete multivitamin for adults. plus an excellent source of omega-3 dha in a great tasting gummy. one a day, gummies for grown-ups. and who ordered the yummy cereal? yummy. [ woman ] lower cholesterol. [ man 2 ] yummy.
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the sun is out but there is know all over. damage estimates across the northeast. rare but powerful october snow storm pounded the region. almost three million left without power. freezing temperatures set in, untold falling branches took down powerlines. the juice may not be back for everyone until later this week. good morning i'm eric shawn. >> looks like january out there. welcome to a new hour. glad you could be with us. the storm quickly turning roads into deadly obstacle courses. drivers being warnedç, stay off the roads. >> we've been driving in nothing but slush and snow and seeing cars pulled over, banged into signs, ditches. >> it was scary the roads are bad.
8:01 am
everyone is sliding all over the place. really scary. 10 times worse than -- >> this is it we're done. i have a few more things to do but not in this weather. >> rick reichmuth, florida sounding good now. >> a lot of people go there. maybe you need to go earlier. normally you go after christmas people are going to rethink that strategy possibly7 starting now. this is the last bit of the storm pulling out of maine, everybody seeing the sun come out that will aid in melting some of the snow. look at snowfall totals across the southern side of the storm mid appalachians here. virginia 9, 11 1/2 in maryland. the worst as you went farther north that's when the nor'easter part of the storm got going. pennsylvania, 16 inches, 19
8:02 am
west milford, new jersey. harriman, new york 16. breaks a record by over two inches. theseç are the latest numbers that are coming in out of new hampshire, 31.4 inches. plain field, massachusetts 30.4. significant snowfall. as we've been saying all falling on trees that have not lost leaves. a little wind today will pull off. tomorrow morning, 9:00, winds not an issue. plenty of sun. a lot of people stuck from the airports because of yesterday and today, still dealing with the wind will clear out tomorrow. it will be a good day. tonight below freezing for so many, still dealing with a million or two million without power tonight. it i&o going to be a dangerous night ahead. >> is there another snow storm in sight? >> not for the northeast but
8:03 am
more for denver this week and next weekend the possibility of a big storm for the central plains. >> thanks rick. not the weather, but a labor disturbance that has grounded qantas air ways. strike stranding tens of thousands of passengers around the globe. 10th largest airline has grounded its global fleet locking out workers after weeks. calling for an emergency arbitration hearing today to argue that the airline should be ordered to fly in australia's economic interests.ç qantas says it has cancelled 447 flights. major drug bust off the coast of florida. u.s. coast guard ceasing seven tons of cocaine, intercepting the stash from a semisubmerseable patrol aircraft spotted the vessel last month boarded and's ared the crew.
8:04 am
the coast guard says the use of these vessels -- is a growing trend in the caribbean. street value of that cocaine is worth 180 million dollars. on theç campaign trail, republican candidates offering diverse plans for the opportunity to face off against president obama in 2012. this morning some are laying out their plans. steve centanni live with the details. steve who is out there and what are they saying? >> reporter: eric of course this iowa poll is topping the headlines today. showing herman cain is on top with mitt romney running a close second by one percentage point. cain saying just this morning that he among all the other candidates is the one who is connecting with voters. romney close second the other candidates not giving up hope. they point out it is still
8:05 am
early and anythingç could happen between now and the voting it >> as we all recall in the last cycle of the presidential race it was fred thompson and rudy giuliani at the top of the charts, not john mccain. yet, he became the neat. it is hard work to campaign. -- >> reporter: ron paul is number three in that new iowa poll. saying he won't run as a third party candidate. and saying mitt romney has switched positions on a number of issues and he has to answer for thatch. >> the democrats reacting. what are they saying? >> reporter: they say the candidates are offering more of the same, the same policies they say got us into this crisis in the first p&sce. they say president obama took on a difficult challenge when he came to the white house. >> we were teetering on a great depression. he made tough calls to make sure we didn't go in that direction and began to climb. this country cannot afford to go back to the same policies
8:06 am
that mitt romney and perry and all these candidates are offering. >> reporter: saying republicans appear ready to tear down the economy in order to tear down the president. he called for gop cooperation on-the-jobs bill. >> more on herman cain throughout the morning. his performance has lead to major criticism and a sharp decline in the polls. now rick perzy is hoping he can turn it all around, agree to appear in at least five more presidential debates. peter doocy live in washington. what have we learned from him today? >> reporter: it is interesting. steve just mentioned that new poll by the des moines register it has cain and romney in a class by themselves in the low 20s, everybody else 10 or more points back. perry is tied for fifth with 7%. he said he's not worried. >> thing that i've learned is you pace yourself. it is not a spring. it is a6?ó marathon. we go in late.
8:07 am
and we worked hard for those first eight plus weeks to go raise the money and we hadç a 17 plus million dollar, 47 day fundraising push. so, it is always good to come off the battle line for a few days and catch your bet. >> reporter: the texas governor declined to say anything mean about mitt romney. but he did say the two are different perry says he has always leaned to the right and says romney has gone back and forth. >> i've been a consistent conservative. i've always been in favor of the second amendment protecting second amendment, i've always been pro-life, i've always been a fiscal conservative. mitt has been on october sighs of those issues. a ban on guns in massachusetts, for pro abortion he'sç been for supporting gay rights. now he's on the other side of those issues from the standpoint of having different positions, we certainly do.
8:08 am
we are very, very, very different from the standpoint of consistency on those issues that i've just mentioned. >> reporter: talking about his poor performance in debates, perry says president obama is a get debater but that doesn't make him a great president. perry says even though he signed on to do another five debates, he thinks going to explain ideas in detail is a better way to win votes. >> peter, thanks. of course only foxç news has an exclusive one-on-one interview with governor perry. tune into fox news sunday with our own chris wallace later today. he sits down with the governor on at 2:00 and 6:00 eastern on fox news channel. a lot of attention has swung to one of perry's rifles. a new poll shows herman cain in the lead to win the iowa
8:09 am
caucuses. he finished with 23%, beating out mitt romney by just a point. still, the former pizza boss leading the politicians. cain, blasting his critics who are wrapping up a busç tour in alabama. >> of the eight rallies and meetings we've had here in alabama in the last two days on this bus tour, the voters and the citizens were saying they like the fact that i have not held high public office. and i have gotten the same response all over this country. >> is he the real deal or a flash in the pan? joining us republican political analyst and campaign consultant and national political correspondent for talk radio news service and democratic campaign consultant. tony and ryan, welcome.
8:10 am
>> thanks for having us. >> tony, let me start with you. mr. cain says he's in it to win it, can he? >> conventional wisdom says no. it is hard to imagine that herman cain throw doing well in the polls is going to become the nominee. but -- but he's he's connecting in such a real way with an emotional charged republican electorate that comes out in these primaries. it is unconventional the way he's doing it. there is no model to say yes he can win. so it is can i have to give him credit for that but the fact that he is an outsider antrumç petting his business credentials does -- and he is trumpeting his business credentials, is he going to win in the ballot box? >> polls have been like the stock market, under one day, down the next. look at governor perry. in the long run what happens when you get to next year? >> the republican primary
8:11 am
voters were excited about rick perry like they were really excited about michelle bachmann. just like they were really excited about sarah palin. now they are excited about herman cain who may be more than a flash in the pan. the fact is, republican primary voters can't get excited about who we all know is going to be the inevitable republican nominee,ç that's mitt romney. >> ryan go ahead. >> that's the point. it is staying power. does herman cain have the staying power? he has lasted as the front-runner, this is so interesting, rick perry who by all accounts was supposed to be the person who grabbed the field when he jumped in had a short tenure at the top of the field. cain has been hess to the top with romney a month doing a -- good job. sustaining an -- sustaining attacks to his 99 proposal. so we can't dismiss. you have romney candidates and
8:12 am
anti-romneyç candidates. people right now are backing cain that can shift but the reality is, these cain voters are going to select the nominee of the republican party without a doubt. >> he's come under attack that he hadn't focused on iowa, new hampshire some members of his campaign staff has left doesn't have that big broad campaign organization on the ground out there that a winner would need. >> he just recently went to bahama, nowhere near the top of the list for most republican primary candidates. part of his platform is electrocute immigrants coming across the desert into this country. the sad thing about that -- >> he said he would put electric fence then he backed up. >> he did walk it back. that's also where he took off and where perry lost his support because he call people
8:13 am
heartless for saying immigrant children shouldn't be able to go to school in texas. sad where the candidates rise or fall based on howmhzñ much ty hate immigrants.ñnñ >> come on ryan that is preposterous. perry's immigration position did begin the beginning of the decline without a doubt he did not have a cogent response to what many republicans believe is a fair immigration policy the conservative base not necessarily. cain is not somebody you d dismiss as not serious because he doesn't have this organization. tapping into a real feeling, pap payable feeling among the prime -- palpable feeling the primary voters he speaks to them on the level they understand. romney, perry, even bachmann are too political, too establishment this is going to have implications for obama and the nominee in gaining support in the general election. >> surprising development mr. cain the lead we'll see if that stays when the caucus
8:14 am
occurs in january. thanks. an american surfer in the hospital after getting bit by a great white shark. what an attack. out of the water. you know it is not in the northeast. we'll tell you where that is. and why experts believe this was one big fish. new plan to tackle america's student loan debt. are you one of those folks that are buried under it? millions could qualify. in today's consumer protection segmentment we'll tell you how you can pay as you learn. the new plan and what it means for you. my mother froze everyth. i was 18 years old before i had my first fresh bun. the invention at i came up with is the hot dog ez bun steamer.
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8:18 am
a california beach is on high alert after a great white took a tkwt bite out of a local surfer. experts say a 19 inch bite of the board suggests that shark was about 20 feet long. his friend says it was ordinary day of surfing. until he heard his friend yell
8:19 am
out, words, no surfer ever wants to hear. >> wave came and i went over-the-topç he started yelling shark, shark, call 911. i looked over and he was a couple feet away his arm was bleeding badly. >> it is likely possible he isn't in the area any more they travel fast and it is a big ocean. for safety sake we will be posting and recommending people don't go in the water. >> tarantino was bit 10 on the neck and arm expected to make a full recovery. >> incredible. president obama unveiling a new plan this week to help tackle the nation's soaring student loan debt. americans currently owe one trillion dollars most going to theç government for those government loans. the pay as you learn plan could qualify seven million to
8:20 am
lower rates and consolidate loans. in today's consumer protection segment we wanted to look at what it takes to qualify and what it means if you do and what if you don't. joining us president and founder of i am peer ran -- imperian wealth management. kimberly good to see you. what about the those that don't qualify, who is that? >> those folks are people who have the private loans. private loan sector is the ones where you go to the banks and usedç to be sally mae, those are folks that are not going to get qualified. and this government program only starts in 2012. if you have debt prior and you are a graduate, that's bad luck. >> if you do qualify what some of the benefits that the president laid out? >> if you do qualify, basically, your income based
8:21 am
loan will reduce from right now 15% of your discretionary income, that will reduce to 10%. that will help ease up what you owe on your loan. also, it used to be it was 25 years that you could have the whole debt forgiven now it is 20 years. that helpsç as well. again, these are only direct and guaranteed loans by the government. you have to make sure what you have that you can consolidate for next year. it stars in 2012. >> one of the things we talked about, if you have one of those -- one of those loans that don't qualify, if you own a home lucky enough to get a home equity loan and merge and pay it off is that interest deductible? >> it is. lots of folks do that that is a viable way to help finance through college. the problem is, a lot of us don't have equity in our hopes so that is not something that is an option for a lot of
8:22 am
folks. >>$z you think the plan is a benefit? a trillion dollars! a lot of that money won't be paid back. is some of it forgiven at some point under the plan? >> a trillion dollars is a lot of money that's what is going to sink or can sink italy at this point in time to give you comparison. those loans by the way, do not and are not subject to bankruptcy. this is one of the debt that cannot be discharged by bankrupt. >> default is not an option. they will come after you. you need to be prepared for that. that's that private sector. some of these loans will be consolidated, 7.4 millionç students might qualify for this. as of today, there's only 450,000 who signed up. i would encourage folks to find out what the -- what you have and then go ahead and sign up for the program even if you think you may not
8:23 am
qualify. >> where can you sign up? >> it hasn't been set up yet on a public level. they will, i think this next week they are going to be able give you what that website is. you can go to to find out what loan you have. if your loan is listed that's a government loan.ç if it is not listed there that's a private loan that way you will understand which loan you have. >> good time to ask questions and see if you can benefit. >> absolutely. >> kimberly, thank you. >> thank you. >> if you want to check out more of this segment or any of the ones that we've done go to click on the america's news headquarters page and look for the link that has many of the segments on issues that could save you money, time, maybe aggrevation. >> great advice, jamie. the fox news voter fraud
8:24 am
unit on a bizarre new case. did a democratic elections official fake absentee ballots toç pin voter fraud on republicans? that's the accusation in buffalo. the candidate speaks out, next. when you have diabetes...
8:25 am
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8:28 am
time for top of the news. that early winter storm knocking out lots of power in the northeast. 2.7 million people are left in the dark. there are states of emergencies in new jersey, connecticut, massachusetts and parts of new york state. >> be careful out there. meanwhile, victims of last week powerful quake in turkey taking another beating. bitter winter weather battering makeshift homes where thousands took refuge. death toll stands at 596. man is he fast on his feet? running the second fastest marathon. he won the frankfurt race
8:29 am
today only three seconds outside of the world record.ç talks of a cease-fire between israel and gaza militants could be at risk. at least 10 dead, including nine militants and one israeli following a rocket attack from gaza yesterday. stemming from an attack earlier in the week devastating a southern city. leland vittert is streaming live. what is the latest? >> reporter: it looks like any chance of a cease-fire is dwindling. in the past 30 minutes we had another rocket out of go gaza in response to an israeli strikecouple hours ago. as we speak, they are still cleaning up damage from last night's that being. this -- night's attack. this began as an internal
8:30 am
power struggle between hamas. they launched these rockets that now have the possibility of spinning out of control. the rockets started falling in southern israel as people were beginning to break the sabbath. the worst damage was in an apartment complex where an intense inferno consumed a number of cars and the rocket fell in the parking lot. one person killed was doing what he was supposed to be doing, taking cover.ç that's when the shrapnel cut him down this morning residents are beginning to take stock of the damage. look at the burned out cars here. you get a sense of the intensity of the fire. you see what the shrapnel does. these are all shrapnel holes this was red hot metal that cut through. if you it does this to a car you can imagine what it would do to a person when it hit. we are getting a new look at some of the weapons islamic jihad is using inside the gaza
8:31 am
strip to launch rockets into southern israel this is a truck mounted rocket that was used for the first time in this attack. the israeli air force pounded away atç targets inside the gaza strip overnight killing at least nine. witnesses on the ground reported a number of explosions at the places they hit which would indicate those were weapon storage facilities. right now we are at a death toll of 11 inside the gaza strip. what we are seeing is this power struggle between hamas who controls the gaza strip, islamic jihad more hard-line and this latest rocket launched by a group call the democratic liberation front of palestine. it is going to be difficult over to get these groups in line to actually stop the firing of the rockets. theç egyptians have been working on that. prime minister netanyahu took to the radio today and said they will do whatever they need to, to protect southern
8:32 am
israel. they to cancel school on a sunday, because they didn't want kids out in the event there were more rocket fires. >> be careful leland, thanks. now that the -- to the fox news voter fraud you any ndamukong suh if the d.a. does dag dark in san francisco, investigating group supporting mayor ed lee. accused of voting for the voters hiding names of all theç other candidates except the mayor. he has denied any involvement. all seven rivals demanding federal voter fraud investigation in the end no federal probe into the allegations that 150 signatures on president obama and hillary clinton's 2008 petitions were faked. the district attorney in south ben beginning his investigation that touches on
8:33 am
a presidential election. some claim president obama could have been bounced from the in-- indian -- indiana primary ballot if it was -- did a democratic election official try to pin the blame for voter fraud on a republican?ç that absentee ballots mailed already filled you for the republican candidate in the county executive race. the media says the arrest of a clerk is imminent. the candidate joins us from buffalo. erie county executive chris collins: mr. collins, good morning, thanks for joining us. what do you think happened? >> it is nice to be here. what we've seen in the last week leading up to the elects disturbing trend of dirty tricks and election fraud in
8:34 am
buffalo andç erie county that involves my opponent and his supporters, democratic operative in the board of elections and the executive director of the new york state democrat party. it is a disturbing move of the other side in desperation mode trying to detract from our message of jobs and spending -- >> those are heavy charges. on the facebook page your opponent initially, i imagine blamed you, saying your campaign will do anything, including rigging ballots to win this election. >> exactly. what they tried to do was distract voters. this was a frame. they were trying to frame my campaign. it has backfiredç on them. the arrest is imminent this was a supporter of my opponent trying to with dirty tricks throw that on to me. it has now backfired on them. it is a shame that desperation will lead to acts like this. >> what if they say it is a
8:35 am
mistake and they were testing the ballots. you know how they test things sometimes. >> they've concluded that was not the case. you are right, they use test ballots to validate the machines. no, this was clearly an overt attempt to fill in my name. they mailed them to particular an doctors -- addresses in lackawanna, my opponentç's hometown. one came back unopened knowing this had been reported my opponent was as us coog trying to rig the ballot they were able to use a friend s team to open this unopened ballot it was marked in my name and they were able to take friends sick samples that will lead to arrest to an operative in the board of elections that has close ties to the democratic chairman and mayo point -- and mayo poe tphepbts. >> here's a full screen statement from your opponent:
8:36 am
>> mr. collins if this did happen and we've heard about absentee ballot fraud across the country. how easy is it to commit voter fraud with absentee ballots? >> well, unfortunately, that can occur. these are ballots that are sent out and we are a country that elections are certain level of trust. people go to the balloting poll places and they are not asked for id. there is a certain level of trust. we have a concern on my
8:37 am
website, collins for our we have a link where voters can report supposed election fraud leading up to election day. we have concerns based on these dirty tricks that the desperation politics of my opponent, including the state democrat chairman is something that we're taking seriously. we are going to be vigilant as we move into election day. >> we are waiting for the answers from the statements from those who you have a1%q this morning. we'll see how this case developments. if folks around the country want to e-mail us, voter fill we have sad news. al stein has died the father of jim stein the brain damaged man in minnesota. al spearheaded his son's cause
8:38 am
claiming jim was a victim of voter fraud when he voted last year. the grand jury just a week before last did not issue charges in the case. a decision that deeply disappointed al. a report friday from the group's minnesota majorityç and minnesota freedom council cited al's advocacy, protecting vulnerable adults when it comes to voting. his family says he was stricken by a heart attack while hunting in montana. our thoughts and prayers are with the stene family at this time. in america, we believe in a future that is better than today. since 1894, ameriprise financial has been working hard for their clients' futures. never taking a bailout. helping generations achieve dreams. buy homes. put their kids through college. retire how they want to. ameriprise. the strength of america's largest financial planning company. the heart of 10,000 advisors working with you, one-to-one.
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our next story is important not an1;=bz easy one o tell. the spread of dangerous pain killers in florida especially has turned the sunshine state into america's pill-mill capital this is difficult video to watch. it is what is being called an
8:43 am
oxy to the babies subjected during pregnancy to oxycodone. experts say the epidemic spread of drugs likeç oxycodone kills up to seven floridians daily. the reason they say is local pain management clinics are giving prescriptions too easily. there is a law in florida cracking down on these so-called pill-mills hoping to change the state's reputation. behind it florida attorney general pam done buy. good to have you here -- pam bondi, good to have you here attorney general bondi. >> thank you that video is heartbreaking. >> it is sometimes we have to show things to make a change this is life or death for these babies. what have you been able to do and what cooperation are you our state but from the justice department and eric holder? >> we met with general holder friday. we had a great meeting.
8:44 am
you can't do this on a state level. it has to be state, local and federal agencies coming together and working to the. we all have a tremendous working relationship on this issue. you're right you have to see those babies. i became obsessed when i went in a hospital and saw one of these babies. instead of getting milk, these babies are getting methadone or morphine. that's how the first days of their lives are taking place they suffer tremendous abdominal pain. they have vomiting. incubators have to be covered inç towels. they are going through the same withdrawals as an addict. that's now how they deserve to come into this world. >> if they are living through the situation, which is tragic. what must be done? i've always felt there should be a national program of monitoring when a doctor writes one of these prescripts for a painkiller that a patient, a fake patient even, can go from one clinic to another or one pharmacy to
8:45 am
another. why is this flaw in the system? >> well, several stays didn't have a prescription drug monitoring program up and running. in florida we were one of those states. now we do it just went into effect. we are proud here to haveç one. it is being funded by forfeiture funds that our local law enforcement are getting and we thank them for that and what that does, as you said, prevents people from going to doctor to doctor to doctor. now we are shutting these pill mills down, that is going to be the next step as well as we are going to see farm -- pharmacy robberies on the rise. >> we congratulate you, glad you are getting the cooperation you need. lives are on the line. attorney general pam bondi, thank you. >> we'll be right back. [ sniffs ] i have a cold. [ sniffs ] i took dayquil but my nose is still runny.
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8:49 am
the average cost of interstate four year college tuition is rising again. if some schools have their way the fee could double by 2015. casey stegall in our west coast newsroom. why have they again up so
8:50 am
high? >> reporter: there's no simple answer. experts blame everything from overpaid professors to funding of athletics to decreased funding from the states. take universityç of california's system. it has 10 campuses around the state and is one of the largest higher education outfits in the country. uc says it is receiving nearly a billion dollars less from the state than it used to. therefore, must find other ways to bring in cash. >> we're applying all the things we are doing on administrative efficiencies and new revenue sources, things like taking more nonresident students, looking for more in your private philanthropy, more recovery out of our federal considers and grants. >> reporter: take a look at these numbers.ç you may not believe your eyes. average cost for a state university tuition in this
8:51 am
country running more than $8200 a year. there you can see that graph. add additional $8800 or so on for room and board that puts the total at more than $17,000 a year. the average for a private school in this country is more than $38,000 annually. >> we've done public opinion research. a majority of americans now believe that a significant numbers of people who are qualified to go to college don't go because of the price. other&o just go to the cheapest place instead of place they might be best qualified for. others go part-time instead of fulltime so they can work. >> reporter: student loan debt in this country exceeded more than one trillion dollars. of course last week president obama talked a lot about that trying to provide some relief to students. it is really you rage just when you take a look at those
8:52 am
numbers and what it is costing people just to get a higher education these days. >> thanks. new chief in charge at "the new york times." what will this mean? liz trotta, next. [ junior ] i played professional basketball for 12 years. today i own 165 wendy's restaurants. and i get my financing from ge capital. but i also get stuff that goes way beyond banking. we not only lend people money, we help them save it. [ junior ] ge engineers found ways to cut my energy use. [ cheryl ] more efficient lighting helps junior stay open later... [ junior ] and serve more customers. so you're not just getting financial capital... [ cheryl ] you're also getting human capital. not just money. knowledge. [ junior ] ge capital. they're not just bankers...
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"the new york times" has a new executive editor. she has been in the news lately. what does that mean for the so-called paper of record?
8:56 am
liz trotta joins us with her commentary. good morning liz. >> good morning eric. >> who is she and what does she want? >> the she is the big news. i don't know why many of -- any of us would be surprised. the times has embraced multi-culturalism, full force in their news columns, in their opinion columns, rancid throughout the paper. they of course reject the charge they've rejected their coreç curriculum in favor of multi-culturalism. the fact of the matter is, the paper is too liberal. i grew up reading "the new york times", i'm sure you did eric. it is a different newspaper. it is a more comfortable paper for people of very leftist leanings, culturally and politically. now, there's been such advance there, she has been interviewed everywhere on every television show.
8:57 am
the spotlight fell on the great writer of television situations, people, et cetera, wrote a long think profile in the "new yorker magazine". it is instructive.ç let me give you an example from the new yorker from the piece. he says, more than a few editors worry that there is too much attitude or opinion in the times: >> of course that's what they are doing is mingling news and opinion. she is the first femaleç edito. her aide camp is a black man.
8:58 am
signals are unmistakeableable, we shouldn't be surprised. i take exception, one thing i take exception to is miss abrahams is running around saying she is going to redefine journalism. would you like to hear what she has to say about that rick? >> it is amazing. that has all changed. i didn't:uu$e memo, did you eric? >> just because an editor may be african-american doesn't implicate anything. on the little box in the corner all the news that's fit to print. they've had terrific investigation on a local politician in new york and fundraising. then they have articles everyday about high schools. about private schools, their
8:59 am
food, the space, there was one about college applications yesterday. stuff that i don't think would you normally have seen in the past. >> i forgot to mention one salient fact less you doubt the multi-culturalism. we see in this profile, , miserable abramson has taken jobs as day democratic operative, heading, consulting writing for democratic party candidates. i don't think that's a great signal. >> she also has a book out >> that's another thing. let's make it fuzzy says the times we will public a book on her puppy and call it the puppy diaries. can you imagine clifton daniels or max frankel doing this? >> no, mark levin had a great book. but i understand what you are saying.


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