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tv   FOX Report  FOX News  October 30, 2011 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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>> 24 hours and no sign after ten-year-old girl gone in the middle of the night. the search for here and moments ago a breaking development. police in texas saying a body found. we don't know if it is her. i'm harris falkner, this is the fox report. millions of americans in the dark and cold. after a rare deadly fall snowstorm pummels the northeast, electricity could stay out until halloween, a travel nightmare up and down the east coast and some stranded on a plane for hours. >> we sat on the tore mack for four and a half hours. >> and lights went out and nothing really to do. >> tonight, fox reports on the hardships that linger. >> also, surviving a
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face-to-face encounter with a great white shark, but just barely. >> when it came and i held up on top of the waves and i came over the top and started yelling shark, shark, shark. >> tonight the rest of the story about the surfer who looked into the jaws of death. and a crime victim looking for a thief makes a startling discovery, the ultimate betrayal of trust caught on tape. we begin with the day and night after, that pre-winter storm dumped in the northeast and 3 million customers out would yo without power and no heat, and this is uncomfortable, passengers stopped on an amtrak in massachusetts finally on the move and sources for amtrak saying the
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boston to chicago train got stuck in palmer, the tracks were blocked by a rock slide. we reported route suspended as the storm was hitting. it's over now, the aftermath of two feet in some areas, it's like the middle of winter. because it is no early in the season for this, trees heavy with leaves that had not fallen, and missing was the weight of that snow causing havoc. some home owners taking no chances. >> i have no power and i'm going to trim the trees next to the wires so they don't come down. >> and the storm, a deadly one, too, among those killed, an 84-year-old man asleep in his pennsylvania home, when a tree fell on it, killing him instantly. other victims, a 20-year-old man electrocuted, when he stepped on a downed power line in massachusetts and in connecticut a person killed in a storm related car accident. new jersey feeling the brunt of the power outages and the governor declaring a state of emergency early on last night
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and julie banderas is live more us in west milford, new jersey. >> this town received up to 19 inches of snow and knocked out power for so many people including the home behind us here. two babies indoors and keeping them bundled up and warm as are about 650,000 other people without power currently in the state of new jersey alone, in all, along up and down the east coast, up to more than 3 million people without power tonight. and it is a cold night. temps where i am dipping into the 20's overnight and electricity not restored and we're told in new jersey until wednesday and in massachusetts, wet and heavy snow, leaf covered branches are to blame and downing trees and power lines and causing massive power outages and massachusetts has got more than 6,000 outages and hundreds are without power in pennsylvania, new hampshire, new york, maine, maryland and vermont. states of emergency were also declared in four states, in new jersey, connecticut,
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massachusetts, and parts of new york. in connecticut, a record breaker, more than 800,000 power customers without electricity, shattering the record that just two months ago by hurricane irene and could take up to a week or more before power is restored so dozens of shelters, around the state and governor asked volunteer fire departments to ask people in for warmth and showers, at least four hospitals relying on generators for power tonight. and more of the same mess in pennsylvania where many roads remain closed because of accidents, and downed trees and power lines forcing amtrak service to be suspended throughout the northeast and emergency officials, urge residents to avoid travel altogether. now, remember, tomorrow, af got the monday morning commute which is also a mess and happens to be halloween. and so it's going to be putting quite a damper on millions of trick-or-treaters and we'll be headed into the night without the street lights and temperatures dipping into the low 30's, so, certainly, i guess, fall is
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dressing up as winter this halloween. harris. >> harris: very well-put, julie banderas, thank you very much. moments ago i mentioned people stuck on that amtrak train and then there's this. a jet blue flight loaded with passengers on a tarmac for more than seven hours and the plane leaving florida for the airport in newark, new jersey when the storm forced a detour, so it landed at connecticut's bradley international. passengers saying, they had no food, no water, no working bathroom for hours. one woman calling a local fox affiliate from the plane. >> no, they're totally filled and nobody can go in them. you have to hold it, it's ridiculous, this airport, this airport is just leaving us here and not doing anything about it. >> and power is in and out. bathrooms are locked and someone else called the state police. jet blue confirming six planes flying to new jersey were diverted to bradley airport and would not say exactly how
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long they sat on the tarmac. sound familiar? jet blue making headlines on valentine's day in 2007, snow p and ice storms strappeded planes at nearly 11 hours and the company issued an apology then. a week later offered a customer bill of rights intend today prevent these kinds of problems and just into the news room, a couple of moments ago, we're learning another plane was held on that same tarmac at the same airport for more than seven hours. it was an american airlines flight from paris to jfk. diverted to bradley international and it trade several times to get the passengers off the plane, but customs would not allow that to happen. fox news is america's election headquarters and herman cain leading the republican pack in another presidential poll, winning over key iowa voters from a survey from the des moines register. 23% saying that cain is their
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man. it's close, mitt romney came in second, one percentage point behind cain and with nearly a 5% margin of error that's actually a statistical tie. in third place, texas congressman ron paul with 12% of the vote and everybody else much more behind. michele bachmann 8% and rick perry and newt gingrich, 7%. followed by huntsman and santorum. a lot to say about that poll. >> reporter: absolutely, harris. herman cain as asked today about the poll showing him leading by a slim margin in iowa one point ahead of mitt romney. >> i believe that i'm doing so well because i'm connecting with the people. one of the other misperceptions about my campaign is that we just started a few months ago, right after announced in may. i've actually been connecting with people in iowa, new hampshire, south carolina,
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florida for over a year, even before i made the decision to run. >> reporter: and point out that the iowa poll showing congressman ron paul in the number three position and he was asked today whether mitt romney's alleged flip-flops will cause him any serious problem? >> well, time will tell. there's obviously times when mitt has changed his position, you know, and he's had to answer to it, but he's pretty smooth in answering it and i've seen ads where he's changed his position on a lot of things. >> does that make him unelectable-- >> and no, i don't think that-- not in this-- but one of the presidential advisors disagrees. he says romney changing position on gay rights and abortion show he lacks the resolve it takes to be president. >> issue after issue after issue all over the place, let me tell you one thing, a few steps out from the president, what you need in that office, conviction and you need to have a true campus and you've
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got to be willing to make tough calls. >> and finally, michele bachmann, the one time front runner in this race, she is he' not worried about her fourth place finish in the iowa poll and says her campaign is doing exactly what needs to do, harris? >> steve, thank you very much. and this making headlines in the middle east, trouble could be brewing for iran's president ahmadnejad. the parliament there getting set to question him over a financial fraud scandal. this follows the petition signed by lawmakers forcing him to appear before them. parliament already finding the economics minister guilty in the 2.6 million dollar scam, the largest in iran's history. today's development, the latest dust up in a growing power struggle between ahmadnejad and his political rival. and a big apology to the united states from afghan president hamid karzai. this after he failed to offer his condolences to the families of 12 americans who tied in yesterday's taliban attack on an n.a.t.o. convoy. today, president karzai
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extending his sympathy to everyone, affected by the deadly explosion in kabul, not just the afghans as he had previously done. we're now learning two british contractors are among the dead. a terrorist drove the vehicle packed with explosives into an n.a.t.o. bus yesterday travelling through the capital city, killing at least 17 people. breaking news is where we started moments ago, in a search for little girl who vanished from herrell tiff's home in the middle of the night. a body has been found, but no identity on the remains. and we'll have the latest, plus, disaster in the heartland. a deadly explosion at a grain elevator so strong, people living three miles away felt the jolt. and now, three people missing inside that silo. and this is not just any demolition, you're seeing here. why dismantling this building signifies so much for the people of an entire country. that's next on the fox report. endless shrimp is ourn
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>> a fox urgent. police in texas say they've found the body after young hispanic female during the search for a missing girl. we do not know the identity of those remains and we're also learning ten-year-old jasmine gonzalez may have been sleepwalking when she vanished in an apartment last night and jasmine and parents were from oklahoma city in the area visiting family and police believe she wandered out of her bed in her pajamas, into an unfamiliar neighborhood. and last night, a chilly one, 39 degrees, officers say they don't think the girl was wearing socks or shoes, more details as we get them. and now to libya, and the symbol of a dictator smashed to pieces, bulldozers
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demolishing the compound of muammar qaddafi. his home in the center of tripoli used to be a way for him to show his control of the country. and earlier today, that fortress reduced to rubble. city officials reportedly want to turn the area into a public park now. and it's been a particularly violent weekend in israel and that's jeopardizing talks about a cease-fire between israel and militants. both sides in a deadly exchange of cross border attacks, rockets and air strikes this weekend killing at least 11 people. one palestinian group reportedly had accepted group earlier today, but then again, fighting flared up. that's where we find leyland vittert with the latest. >> the rockets started falling in southern israel as people we were-- the worse in the apartment complex, the inferno consumed a number of cars and the rocket fell right in the parking lot.
4:16 pm
one person who was killed was doing what he was supposed to be doing, which is taking cover and that's when the schrapnel cut him down this morning, residents are taking notice of the damage. the car here. you can see what the stlchrapnel does. this is red-hot metal that cuts through. if it does this to a hardened car, you can imagine what it would do to a person when it hits. and you look at some of the weapons islamicist jihad is using inside the gaza strip to launch rockets into southern israel, this is a truck mounted rocket system they've released video of that was used for the first time and then the attack. the israeli air force pounding away at targets inside the gaza strip overnight, killing at these nine people and report add number of explosions the places they hit and indicated those were indeed weapons storage facilities.
4:17 pm
and harris, sunday evening, the rockets continued to fly and there was also an israeli air strike inside the gaza strip. the cycle of violence is continuing, it began on wednesday night with a power struggle between islamic jee mad and hamas inside the gaza strip and still had the possibility of spiraling out of control. >> harris: leyland, thank you. a mission to space. a russian cargo ship successfully launches at the international space station. >> and lift-off. . >> harris: it's expected to dock there on wednesday, easing concerns about the station's future previously a failed launch. two months ago a russian spacecraft plunged back to earth after a glitch. the russian craft now the only link to the space station after nasa retired the shuttle program back in july. you're about to see what a great white shark can do. here is the surfboard.
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>> three people missing after an explosion in central kansas. it happened inside a grain elevator. and it was deadly. three people died and we're learning two others hospitalized in critical condition and crews calling off the search for the missing workers a couple of times now for safety reasons. that explosion blew up a chunk of a building that sits above
4:22 pm
the elevator when it happened and officials are saying they're worried it could collapse on top of the surgery. among the missing, a war veteran and working as a state grain inspector for 16 years. and his family staying at that site awaiting news and sate saying we have our prayers, and the cues considering the effort now a recovery mission, presuming those missing workers are likely dead. a california surfer attacked by a great white shark at a beach south of san jose and his friends sat a few feet away unable to do anything except to paddle for safety. >> yes, i called 911 and at that point i looked over and he was a couple of feet away from me and his arm was bleeding pretty badly. >> can you imagine? sitting on the board seeing that. he's 27 years old and now recovering in a hospital after evading the shark and swimming to shore. he had bite marks on neck, shoulders, wrist and leaving a
4:23 pm
19 inch bite mark on the side of the surfboard. the surfer is expected to be okay and warning signs at the beach. and you know, sharks don't read signs. wow. the cost of going to college now at an all time high and we're learning, it could get much more expensive. right now, state schools nationwide charging nearly triple what students paid for a full credit load a few decades ago. and casey stegall live with the story. casey? >> yeah, the harrison the number is pretty astounding. the group you mentioned, the college board is a nonprofit student rights group and according to that agency, get this, college tuition rates have gone up 130% in the last 20 years and that's about four times higher than the adjusted inflation rate and the numbers really tell the story here. take a look at this brand new data out that showed the average cost for a state university in this country, runs more than 17,000 dollars
4:24 pm
a year, when you factor in the room and board. and that's for an in-state residents. the average for a four year private school, more like $38,000 a year. and look at that. students in california saw the biggest hikes in the nation and tuition shot up this year alone and the estimated cost smashed a growing debate between universities and lawmakers and many state leaders say it's up to the individual universities to control their own costs while many colleges say, they would rather, they wouldn't have to raise tuition as much if higher education funding had not been slashed, due to soaring up massive budget shortfalls. >> there's a lot that we can do to, you know, really put our own shop in order, we've set, you know, an ambitious goal of trying to get a half billion dollars out of the administrative efficiencies and redirecting those to the academic enterprise. at the same time, you know,
4:25 pm
the state, while af great deal of sympathy, you know, given the volatility they're going through. they have cut it. >> the greatest extent possible, the reductions that we have he been able to make or that have been made, we try to keep out of the classroom and get greater efficiencies in the way that uc runs its operations. aside from california, arizona and washington were among the states with the highest tuition hikes this year and among the lowest reported, south carolina and connecticut, but no matter where you are, harris, it's still costing a pretty penny when you look at what it was about ten years ago. >> harris: all right. casey stegall, thank you very much, we appreciate it. a woman had a nagging suspicion, somebody was breaking into her home and stealing her stuff. her friends get in the closet and capture this, the camera rolling. you can see a person running through the bedroom and when you hear who the suspected thief is you'll know why it's
4:26 pm
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>> i'm harris falkner, this is the fox report. it's the bottom of the hour and now it's time for the top of the news. recovering from the the rare october snowstorm. hundreds without electricity and officials telling them it could be days before the lights and heat come back on and at one point, more than 3 million people had he no power. in massachusetts, 20-year-old man was killed when he steps on one of the downed power lines in the storm and the fire department there saying he was out driving yesterday evening got out of the jeep. it was too close to the lines and he was electrocuted and the storm was blamed for other deaths and this wreaking havoc or travelers and they ended up stranded on the tarmac in connecticut stuck on the plane more than seven hours, no food, no water, no working bathrooms and six of the plains were diverted because of the weather. a statement coming into fox news. the airport was dealing with power outages making refueling
4:31 pm
and deplaning difficult. the company apologizing to the customers. and now, people across the northeast are shovelling. some having to use snow blowers to clean it up as crews work to have fallen trees and electricity back on, and protesters now occupying portland, oregon. and things are getting dense there as the anti-wall street movement catches on the northwest apparently. police arresting about 30 demonstrators after they tried to branch out from the original location, and occupy a portland neighborhood. the protesters refusing to lead and evacuate from the area. it's an affluent neighborhood, saying the expensive homes and businesses, say protesters, make it perfect to push against what they call corporate agreed. and the economy in mind now, apparently some of you are spending more on halloween this year, a the lot more. on the costumes, the decorations and of course the candy. well, how does that figure into our financial situation? brenda buttner, senior
4:32 pm
business correspondent and anchor of bulls and bears breaks it down. >> harris, halloween will scare open more wallets than ever before this year. and yes, the most americans ever expected to have a frightfully good time this all hallow's eve and they're ready to spend to make it a good one. the national retail federation's annual survey say that seven in ten plan to trick-or-treat or celebrate in some way, and they're spending a bit more than ever. on average, each witch or warlock shelling out more than 72 bucks on decorations, costumes and candy compared to about 56 last year, in total, halloween spending expected to be some 6.8 billion dollars. and part of the reason, people want to forget about pt scary economy for a day or two, according to the nrs. decorations, well, they are big. halloween decor second only to christmas. and we love dressing up.
4:33 pm
the average consumer spending about $26 on costumes, and in total, americans will go out a billion on children's costumes, well above last year, but the economy does frighten some of us enough to darken this holiday. according to the survey, more than a third say the state of the holiday will impact halloween plans and one out of five questioned say they will make a costume instead of buying one, but still, most of us want to become someone else and cast a spell on all of those economy troubles, at least for a night. harris, back to you. >> harris: brenda, thank you, always good to see you. and now the second story in this newscast alone of a missing child. a new push to find five-year-old girl who was last seen at her home in phoenix. more than two weeks ago, it is our top story on a fox trip across america. arizona, family members of a
4:34 pm
missing girl releasing hundreds of balloons at their phoenix reunion. jahessye shockley's picture and mental aarchdiocese to every balloon string and hoping someone who sees the balloons will have a tip to bring the child home. >> we're being optimistic and like we said, trying to keep the message and hope and play these' going to come home safely, way too many days. >> police say they have no solid leads. >> missouri, habitat for humanity, a wall raising ceremony. the goal, to build ten homes in 16 days, tornados ravaged the town and leaving thousands homeless and now volunteers hard at work giving survivors a fresh start. >> we're going to have a home. and i can't wait. >> organizers also raising money to fund the project with
4:35 pm
789,000 dollars coming in so far. washington, the dancing dead. performing in the the streets of seattle, part of the global effort to make it into the record books, it's the thrill of the world event where thousands dress up in zombie gear and rock out to michael jackson's thriller, someone's got to. it's not all about records, but they're setting up a donation fund for charity. that's a fox watch across america. a utah woman watching an undercover orangperation of her own and hopping to catch a thief. she says it went on for months so she staged a fakeout. her friend rolling on the thing with the camera. a person rummaging through the dresser drawers and fox affiliate with more. >> in the last year i've, you know, split up from my husband, i've lost my home, my
4:36 pm
dog, and to put us through more hell? excuse me. why would she do that? and there is tea no excuse. >> laurie burke tears up talking about the months she endured knowing someone was getting into her apartment and stealing from her. >> medicine's missing, my daughter's ring is missing, my son's ex-girlfriend's engagement ring. yeah, a lot. >> laurie says there was never a sign of forced entry. >> it's very emotional. five months somebody has been coming in my home and nothing i can do about it. at her breaking point laurie did decide to do something, we called our friend and he came over and hid in the closet and videotaped as soon as we left. >> in a matter of minutes after laurie left. she caught this. you can see the apartment manager in laurie's bedroom rummaging through the doors and picked up pills and laurie says pocketed some. >> we caught her in the act.
4:37 pm
>> laurie's friend came out of the closet and kept the suspect, 34-year-old tanya lovely until the police arrived and she was arrested and she was charged misdemeanor. lovely had a key to every unit in the complex. >> and they have to, they have to fix things or do this or that, but she violated 100% and even when they do need to come in and fix stuff, they're supposed to get permission, you know? and am i ever going to be able to trust anybody to come in my home ever? >> and that was sandy, fix affiliate kftu reporting. we thank her for that. a one-on-one and fox news sunday exclusive. texas governor rick perry and our anchor chris wallace talking taxes, jobs and the republican presidential candidate's plans for future debates. plus, a bowling alley right in the middle of a war zone. the story from afghanistan.
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>> texas governor rick perry, today saying it's not all about the debate when it comes to convincing voters he's the right man. it's one of the topics that the republican contender talked about today on fox news sunday. our peter doocy with details now. and texas fworn perry says he'll participate in five more debates even though he admitted he's not the best debater and he doesn't seem to mind because someone does well up on stage doesn't mean they'll do well in the white house. >> i really like getting out and being able to talk to people just like i'm talking with you today. where you have time to layout your ideas. and we've got a great debater, and smooth politician in the
4:42 pm
white house right now. that's not working out very good for america. if you want to know how somebody is going to perform in the future take a look at their past. >> governor perry thinks there are better ways to spread the word about his ideas, including the flat tax and might take longer to explain than herman cain's 9-9-9 plan and pretty simple because people need to choose between a 20% tax rate and write it on a post card and it's simple to put it on the post card right there, that's it and then, people have the confidence, people have the confidence, job creators and this plan is about getting people back to work and putting the confidence back in the american entrepreneur, the regulations are not going to be there. >> his rivalry with former massachusetts governor mitt romney seemed to intensify by the day and when chris wallace asked him how negative he's willing to go against his
4:43 pm
record. >> i don't get confused with his telling the truth, and some would say that's not negative. if we're telling the truth about something, the truth is the truth. whether it hurts your feelings or not. >> governor perry had 7% support in a new des moines register poll, but is not sweating it because the race is not a sprint, it's a marathon. >> peter, thank you. you can watch the entire interview with governor perry tonight at 9 eastern, right here on fox news channel. a shootout in a mexican resort town and a deadly gas explosion inside a coal mine in china as we go around the world in 80 seconds. . >> mexico, a shootout trapping hundreds of people for hours in a shopping center in cabo san lucas. and trading fire with a group of gunman outside and going inside looking for a suspect. no one hurt. police arresting two men suspected in another attack nearby that killed a marine.
4:44 pm
>> china, a gas explosion, and a coal mine in the province, killing 29 workers, it happened 820 feet underground. pan the mine's operating license reportedly revoked earlier this year, for safety reasons and the local media says it kept up production anyway. >> turkey, thousands of earthquake survivors living in sin city now facing bitter cold, rain and cold. and the 7.2 magnitude quake hit last week and more than 590 died in that and some survivors still searching for missing loved ones. afghanistan, taking a break from war to bowl. here is the country's first ever bowling alley with 12 lanes, built from the ground up with equipment imported from the u.s. a young afghan woman prompted
4:45 pm
the million dollar project and that's a wrap on this fox trip around the world in 80 seconds. standing up to somali pirates. a new step taken by one country to protect its ships and spite the growing men nays. plus, robsters a big business, when they start dying, pointing the blame to something that's killing their livelihood. stay close.
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>> the british are getting ready to take on somali pirates. prime minister david cameron saying that british commercial ships will soon be able to carry armed guards. that's a reversal from the
4:49 pm
previous opposition. and concern growing for the risks, vessels and crews now face particularly off the somalia coast and earlier this month. the naval force reported that pirates hold nine ships and estimated 246 hostages and ruled armed protection aboard commercial ships expected to be in place. and a fight stretching now across two states over a failing industry. and huge job losses. connecticut lobstermen blaming a neighboring use of pesticides for destroying their livelihood. douglas kennedy reports. >> it's not good for the environment. it's just not. >> mike has been hauling lobster pots in long island sound more than 30 years. >> this is what's left of them. this is not normal. >> lately the connecticut lobstermen say his pots have been empty are or filled with
4:50 pm
sick lobsters and he's blaming neighboring new york for what he calls a decade long lobster die off. they're convinced the lobsters are disappearing because of a pesticide being used by the state of new york? >> yes, that's correct. every summer when he we get the first heavy rainfall, these pesticides leech into the sound like a bog bank. >> in 1999, new york began adding the pesticide to its storm drains, to combat west nile virus and connecticut lobstermen says storm runoff brings lethal doses into the long island sound. there were over a thousand people working in the connecticut industry and today there are less than 80. connecticut lobstermen are now asking their new york labors to stop using the lethal pesticides and there are better chemicals out there that would not harm the lobsters? >> absolutely, yes, and they're less expensive than the current substance that
4:51 pm
they're using now. >> still, not everyone in the many pyre state associates the crustacean kill to methopreen. >> it's environmental conditions in the sound that have been contributing to the death. >> the doctor is a toxicologist and researchers at stony brook university. on the new york side of the sound. >> there has been very limited data linking the use of this to any kind of lobster die off. >> the new york researchers say it's environmental reasons, rise in water temperatures that cause the lobster die off. what do you say to that? >> we disagree, because within a week of the first rainfall it's like that, they just start dying and that's not normal. >> he feels unless something is done now, there will be no lobsters left. on long island sound, did you go glass kennedy, fox news. >> harris: a parade fit for a
4:52 pm
champion. st. louis honoring the cardinals for the victory. all the hoopla and excitement next. plus, halloween isn't supposed to look like this. an early blast of winter leaving a scare in the northeast. our fox story updated. ♪ hey guys, i know i told you that head & shoulders is for more than dandruff. how it gives ma healthy scalp and great looking hair. but who used mine up? it was hines. seriously? you lying fool. [ male announcer ] head & shoulders: seven benefits, every bottle.
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congratulations. congralations. today, the city of charlotte can use verizon technology to inspire binesses to conserve energy and monitor costs. making communities greener... congratulations. ... and buildings as valuable to the bottom line... whoa ! ... as the people inside them. congratulations. because when you add verizon to your company, you don't just add, you multiply. ♪ discover something new... verizon. >> time for the victory parade for the cards. and rolled out the carpet as they hit the home run, and fox broadcast the most watched world series since the red sox won. i did the not wear red for the cards, but maybe think i did. >> yeah, the victory parade
4:56 pm
said overcast skies in st. louis, thousands showed up. it was the most watched game, obviously, since 2004, we said that, but 25.4 million americans watched game seven and it was the most watched friday night event since the olympics and vancouver. and the most watched fox broadcast friday night ever. >> harris: i got an e-mail and apparently my suit is the right shade of red. >> cardinal red. >> harris: all righty, i'll go with it. the st. louis rams to keep it in st. louis. football, i guess they're calling it a shocker. >> shocker, the winning figure in st. louis and the rams in the game against the saints. zero wins, six losses and saints one of best in the nfl beat the colts and of course the rams come in and beat the saints the shockers here, st. louis ram 1-6 and they've got the beginning spirit. tim tebow, we know a lot about him, did the commercials with his mom and now the talk of the nfl. >> the first start of the
4:57 pm
season and they came back and down 16-0 and three minutes left they won 18-15 in miami. today, they lose 45-10. >> harris: ooh. >> tebow had an interception and wasn't a good showing. but the broncos fans are still behind him and see what happens. >> harris: wait a minute, he's so young and so much anticipation for him, he's got a lot of time to grow. >> just the second year in the league and doesn't have a lot of help with the denver broncos team and 45 points. >> harris: you know what i love about you pete, you call it how it is. and the rest of the team, stand up, stand up. good to see you. actually stick around for this, because you've met my kids. on this day before halloween, a sunday morning on "fox & friends," they invited tykes decked out and some may look familiar to pete and those who know us on my danica, green
4:58 pm
dinosaur with sunglasses, we don't know why. she's two and my bella, four, a princess. and clayton, alisyn, dave and rick, patience, the gorgeous group of trick-or-treaters worked them over during the the commercials for some canada, very fun and we appreciated the indoor event because it was nasty out on the east coast. as you know, we're capping our top stories, a body found in texas where authorities are searching for missing ten-year-old child. we do not know if this is jasmine gonzalez. we're following this in the news room. the girl you see here was likely sleepwalking and wandered away from home from a relatives in the dallas metro. she's from oklahoma city and visiting and concern she got lost or injured in unfamiliar territory not wearing any socks and shoes and not glasses that you see in the picture here, she needs to correct her vision. and the northeast recovering from that rare october snowstorm, just 44 hours a day, more than 3 million peel losing power at one point and
4:59 pm
many customers in the dark without heat and the storm blamed for at least three deaths. and travel along the eastern seaboard badly disrupted. look for details to develop into tomorrow. >> on this day in 1938. orson wells caused a mass panic and the broadcast he put on the war of the world and the only problem, it was presented as assimilated news bulletin and millions of listeners thought an actual martian invasion of earth was taking place, on top of that, the show ran without any commercials, making it feel real. but a hoax has millions of listeners with their ears to the radio and their eyes to the skies, 73 years ago today. and that is how fox reports on this sunday, october 30th, 2011. i'm harris falkner, thanks for joining us. i hope you have a great week. a safe


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