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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  December 4, 2011 7:00am-9:00am PST

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>> clayton: tomorrow, donald trump, karl rove and actor daniel baldwin will join us. >> alisyn: join us for the after the show now, see you later. >> eric: we start with a "fox news alert." reports of changes to our mail. we're getting word of a big news conference in washington, tomorrow as the united states postal service looks for ways to deal with billions of dollars in debt. good morning, everyone, i'm eric sean and welcome to america's news headquarters, for this sunday morning. >> jamie: i'm jamie colby, great to be back, eric, good to see you, can you believe people still use the mail service with e-mail and details are already leaking out, about how your mail service could change? first the guaranteed overnight delivery could go away and we're also hearing the post office may say it is ending saturday delivery, shuttering more than 250 facilities, cutting 35,000
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jobs, aimed at saving around $3 billion. peter doocy live in washington with more on the story. hi, peter. >> reporter: hi, jamie. yeah, the post office gets its way you will have to call ups or fedex or dhl if you want something delivered next day, guaranteed and the spokeswoman told us on monday, tomorrow, we will file with the postal regulatory commission and with the federal register the next day to solicit comments, we are proposing eliminating overnight standards for mail and what does it mean for your average viewer? it means they will not receive mail the day after it was sent, in an overnight standard area, for example d.c. mail to northern virginia to take an additional day and that is an example and you can see there is not a lot of ground between the two and not a lot of ground and will take an extra day and the reason the post office wants to get rid of the overnight guarantees is because it is step one of their plan to try to save money and plan on closing
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hundreds of processing facilities and will cut back on processing equipment and will dramatically decrease their fleet of vehicles and will shutter thousands of jobs, as many as 35,000 workers might get fired and the post office doesn't get tax money for operating expenses, that is all paid for by revenue from postage and other things the post office sells and clearly, business has not been good the last few years and the cuts they are pushing for might mark the first time in 40 years the post office will not guarantee next-day delivery and say some mail might make it there the next day but will not be able to guarantee it any longer. >> jamie: of all the times of year, the holiday time, peter, thanks. context on this, a little more, the postal service already closed nearly 190 locations the past five years. and locations in every state except delaware up for closure now and texas has the most, 222 locations, at risk. for closing, and, lots of jobs, at stake.
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>> eric: another "fox news alert," new unconfirmed reports from iranian state controlled media a u.s. drone may have been shot down in iran. an iranian military source saying that that drone was down they say with minimal damage and there is no confirmation about it from the u.s. military, of course, we'll be following the developing story, amid the back drop of the iranian nuclear facilities, and the continued defines d defiance of iran. and, there are new concerns about election results in egypt. it looks like the muslim brotherhood has won a majority of seats in parliament. setting off alarm bells, is the success of another islamic party, which reportedly, is even more radical than the brotherhood. what does it mean for the u.s. policy in the middle east and what does it mean for the future of egypt?
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john bolton, former ambassador to the u.n. and a fox news contributor joins us as he does, every sunday, at this time. good morning, ambassador. >> good morning. glad to be with you. >> eric: they won 25% of the vote, a quarter. what is is the strict islamic -- does the strict islamic political party mean and what do they want? >> there are a number of them and their representation in the parliament may actually be higher, since we are still in the early stages of vote but it looks likes between 60 and 65% of the parliament could be a combination of muslim brotherhood and these others who are more extreme. let's be clear, the muslim brotherhood was founded by a person from that party and it may be variations on a theme and for those who hope that democracy in egypt would mean a western-style, free, open society, one that would uphold its peace treaty with israel, i think this is very, very bad news. not final, to be sure.
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but certainly a bad sign for the direction of the next egyptian government. >> eric: they want to impose sharia law, no loans, no alcohol, no shaking hand with women and want women to wear veils and had women candidates but put photos of flowers over their faces and don't want to show the faces of their women. you are talking about me potentially the most radical conservative islamic state there could be? >> these are the extremists who are content to show their extremism in public. the unknown at this point is how extreme the muslim brotherhood is going to be. now, their face to the world is they are actually moderate islam cy ists and will respect democratic elections and the like and let's understand, they have been repressed 30 years or more, at least since agents of the muslim brotherhood assassinated anwar sadat. hardly a moderate political tactic and though they have had
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a moderate face to avoid even further repression, now that they are free of the mubarak government, if they gain power will they revert to their salafis roots and will we see 60%, maybe 2/3 or more of the constitution-writing egyptian parliament under the control of the extremisextremists. >> eric: and what does it mean for israel, for example? >> it can only mean bad news, even some of the pro democratic candidates for president have already said that the camp david accords between egypt and israel will have to be modified substantially. and, that has been a rocky foundation of american efforts at peace and stability in the middle east since 1979. if camp david is in jeopardy, because of egypt's unwillingness to adhere to their commitments, the strategic situation around the middle east changes dramatically and it's not good now, given iran's progress toward a nuclear weapon and continued support for terrorism
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and a variety of other things going on. >> eric: the bush administration supported democracy in the middle east and we got hamas in one area and the obama administration, without hosni mubarak, what can the administration do, if anything to provide an islamic takeover of egypt? >> i think there is not much. we should have pushed earlier for postponement of these elections, frankly going back to the time of the the original demonstrations in tahrir square, we shouldn't have thrown hosni mubarak under the bus and we can't roll the clock back. i'm not sure there is much to do but i would pressure, the military, the recipient of enormous amounts of american assistance to do what they can to prevent the islamic extremists from coming to power or exercising it once they get there. the real risk here is that a deal between the muslim brotherhood and the military, which is possible, it will
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freeze the pro western, pro democratic forces out entirely, threaten the 8 or 9 million coptic christians in egypt and bring us to a radical islamic state, even faster than we might otherwise. >> eric: a radical islamic state in egypt, the potential prediction from u.s. ambassador john bolton. we'll know more in january. good to see you, thank you. >> jamie: how about this, a world war ii-era bomb is sparking a scare in the germantown. and, the two ton british bomb discovered in the rhein river and authorities are evacuating homes within a one-mile radius as experts prepare to defuse the bomb and it affects 45,000 people and it was discovered two weeks ago, due to low water levels in the river. caused by an unseasonably dry november. nobody knows, really how long it has been there. ♪
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>> eric: republican presidential candidate newt gingrich surged to a wide lead in the new iowa poll this morning. he netted 25% of the "des moines register" survey of republican voters an ron paul came in second with 18%. mitt romney, he's third, with 16%, and michelle bachmann taking 8% and herman cain who suspended the campaign yesterday, also, stands at 8%, rick santorum and rick perry seeing 6% and finally, jon huntsman, in there, he has 2% and it is important to note, 11% were undecided with within month to go with the caucuses in january and there is still room for more big shifts in this amazing race. >> jamie: we have seen that happen before, and one of the big questions, which republican benefits most from herman cain's decision to drop his presidential bid? last week rasmussen reports
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asked likely g.o.p. voters who they'd support if cain dropped out of the race when speculation began and newt gingrich easily leading the pack, 4 2% of the vote and mitt romney, 19% and the rest of the field, far, far behind. joining us, bob cusack, managing editor of "the hill". who benefits the most in do you agree it is newt? >> i do, herman cain supporters will like what newt gingrich says and, cain supporters want bold, aggressive tax reform, 9-9-9 plan and herman cain against president obama in the polls never showed even at the peak of his campaign he could go toe-to-toe with obama and they are looking for someone other than mitt romney and the next several weeks it will be interesting to see, mitt romney, at the floor or the ceiling? how strong is the "anybody but mitt romney" movement, and, they
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are trying to persuade supporters to get the support he needs in the early states and newt gingrich is doing pretty well now. >> jamie: when you say they are looking for a romney alternative, do you mean they are looking for someone not as moderate, more conservative and is the former speaker, newt gingrich, conservative enough? >> that is a big question, jamie. i mean, on immigration, certainly, mitt romney will be talking a lot about that, because he's to the right of gingrich on that issue and he has handled it deftly, a lot better than rick perry did in the debate where that was the beginning of the end for rick perry and newt gingrich said, listen i'm going to explain it and, he's a good debater and that is something that cain eventually will endorse, both newt gingrich and cain are from georgia, and that is worth noting and i don't think you want the cain endorsement now but in several weeks it could be helpful. >> jamie: maybe you want the fund-raising ability. we'll have to wait and see where that goes. when we talk about governor
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perry, the -- there's a lot of talk that he did very well, last night, right here with our own governor huckabee. in terms of the debate, which really gave each of the candidates equal time to address key issues to voters and if they were watching would they have walked away with a different perception of perry and cain out of the race at the moment, what does perry do to be a contender with the former speaker, newt gingrich and also with mitt romney? >> i mean, mike huckabee himself said it was perry's best performance and this is the last chance for rick perry, he has had a lot of chances, he stomach buddy, repeatedly, and he has to step up the game, especially in the debates, because the debates are the defining thing of the thing, and, and, romney is a good debater and he'll have to go toe-to-toe and will have to step up his attacks on newt gingrich to gain traction and it is late in the game and rick
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perry needs a major surge soon to have a chance in iowa and it comes down to iowa and iowa is up for grabs and if newt gingrich wins iowa, he looks good in south carolina, and, the pressure will be on mitt romney to win new hampshire and kind of big, it is in his backyard and if he doesn't do well there, the whole thing is really up for grabs, between, right now, what is deemed a two-person race between newt gingrich and mitt romney, but a month ago we talked about a two-man race between perry and romney. >> jamie: and we have time left, but it is a key and critical time in the race and i want to ask you, herman cain gave a lot of momentum because he was a business man and not washington as usual and there is no question newt gingrich knows how washington works. with him spending so much time in washington and understanding the needs of our country, newt gingrich, and governor romney having the experience he did with health care, how do they
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compare with voters who want more of the same, want something different, someone that understands the economy, they both have that in common. >> they both have business backgrounds, and newt gingrich after his congressional career and the fascinating thing with newt gingrich, he has been in washington for decades but doesn't have a lot of friends in washington. all the endorsements have been going, major endorsements have been going to mitt romney and in a way it could help him portray himself that's outsias the outs. and, mitt romney has run in many offices, to get to washington and newt gingrich has been in washington. >> jamie: that is an interesting distinction you made about the endorsements. i have to leave it there, bob, but i really appreciate your in sight this morning, the last point, very, very interesting. thank you. eric? >> eric: jamie, one of the first major snowfalls of the winter now covered the desert of arizona. the snowstorm hitting the eastern and northern part of the
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state. making it a perfect day, as you can see for kids. the storm out west dropping a few inches of snow in some places and other areas getting hit much harder. chief meteorologist and arizona native, rick reichmuth is in the extreme weather center. rick, the cacti will need some help. >> rick: they are fine, a lot of mountains up there, higher elevations, 5,000, 6,000, 7,000 feet and they get the snow, and get it regularly and they have the storm, the same storm, that brought all of the winds earlier this week to parts of southern california and now you see where it is. out across parts of the south. and when you see this kind of picture in texas, right now, it is great news, you love to get rain in texas and they've been dealing with the worst drought and will get nice rain on the eastern side of texas the next 2 days and unfortunately, heading north, places like arkansas, they are water-logged and this much rain here we'll be dealing
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with will bring the big threat for some flooding. look at how much rain we are talking about, you see the stripe here, across parts of arkansas. that is going to be maybe 3-6 inches in some cases and that is why people see pretty significant flooding, because of that, all the local and national service offices posted their flood advisories here, across this area, will be the case for the next two days and will take a while -- a slow-moving storm, will not be out to the east coast until we get to thursday. >> eric: we'll watch out for the cacti. >> jamie: worries about wireless connections and would-be moms, we'll ask the doctors in our "sunday house call" how big a deal it is, coming up. >> eric: and started with it exciting fans celebrating a big win an ended with 12 people injured, two in critical condition. we'll investigate how the game got so out of control. that, straight ahead. so who ordered the cereal that can help lower olesterol
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>> jamie: welcome back. there are lots of questions today about how a wild celebration went so badly out of control, at a college football game, yesterday. after the final whistle blew, thousands of fans stormed the field and literally tore down the goal posts at the game between oklahoma and oklahoma
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state. at least 13 people reported injured including two who are in critical condition and some of the victims were trampled by the crowd, one person said to have fallen 15 feet onto concrete, more on how the chaotic scene unfolded, coming up in the next hour. stay with us. >> eric: breaking news from the campaign trail now, this is happening the last hour or so. fox news sunday host chris wallace interviewed senator tom coburn, an important and influential conservative voice and, he asked the senator if he'd back newt gingrich for president. watch what happens. >> as speaker newt gingrich takes the lead in the republican race, do you still have those questions about his fitness to be president? >> chris, there's a lot of candidates out there. i'm not inclined to be a supporter of newt gingrich as
7:22 am
having served under him four years and experienced personally his leadership. >> why is that? >> because i found it lacking, oftentimes. >> eric: joining us is the anchor of fox news sunday. chris wallace, good morning. only one word on that -- ouch! >> yeah, it was interesting. what happened was, we were -- had booked him to talk about the payroll tax cut and what congress is or isn't going to do, and, over the course of the next month. but, i obviously am interested in any republican where they stand in the field and we have looked back and seen that in march, on c-span, that senator coburn, who as you say is as conservative as they come, particularly on spending issues, had some reservations, and as you can see, kind of had to drag it out of him, not like he's sitting there, campaigning on this. about speaker gingrich and it specifically referred to -- as he said, the four years when
7:23 am
they were both in congress and newt gingrich is the speaker, tom co current as a new member of congress and he said, because -- you know, kind of continued to say, what is the problem, that he feels that gingrich can be brusque and abrupt and is not the type of person who can bring the country together and is not someone who he thinks would make a good president. again, i say, he said it more in sorrow than anger and, reluctantly, but it's an interesting development and, obviously, struck your guys' notice. >> eric: a lot of times politicians say one thing on television and you know what they are like behind the scenes sometimes, especially when he said he experienced his leadership personally and will not back him. some of the bigwigs in washington are not supporting newt gingrich. >> well, and, he has very little support among republicans in congress and in the senate.
7:24 am
and in fairness to speaker gingrich, as they say, the old old cliche, to make an omelette you have to break some eggs and, it is not just that their feelings were hurt, but some people came away wondering whether he's a guy who could lead the country. >> eric: interesting development, part of the mix, as we prepare to go to the polls, for next year. good to see you, thanks so much. for more on his interview with senators tom coburn and kent conrad, tune into fox news sunday, of course, only here on the fox news channel and added bonus! michelle bachmann, also a guest on the program. fox news sunday, 2:00 p.m., and 6:00 p.m., eastern, only here, on the fox news channel. jamie? >> jamie: well, eric, coming up it is sunday house call, there are new reports about a possible danger in a favorite drink you may give your kids and the fda is looking at apple juice, we'll
7:25 am
talk with our doctors about what the government found and what you need to know, before you pour that last glass into a s sippy cup and a search for michelle parker. her family vows they will never give up. >> i used to cry, and now i'm mad, i'm fighting and i want to find michelle. paef
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>> eric: and it is time for "sunday house call," joining us this morning, dr. marc siegel, associates professor of medicine at nyu's medical center, and author of "the inner pulse," unlocking the secret code of sickness and health. >> jamie: a two-fer, eric, and we have dr. davfvid samadi, wit the mt. sinai medical center.
7:30 am
chief of robotics. we're healthier having you here. >> eric: we have important news, serious questions, millions of parents around the country talked about, about a drink that a lot of kids drink. apple juice, a new report found there are high levels of arsenic in apple juice. doctor, what does it mean? should we be afraid? we have talked about this, before we came on and feel we have to put it into context. people are getting scared and i wrote a book about fear, how we get afraid of the wrong things and let's put it into perspective. water is allowed to have ten parts per billion of arsenic because it seems in from the soil to water. especially in the state of ohio. so, people like dr. oz have come along and said, wait, how come you are allowing 23 parts per billion in apple juice? but, eric i want to point out a couple of things. it takes 66,000 parts per billion of arsenic to kill you. studies on arsenic, thinking maybe they could long term cause
7:31 am
cancer, look at over 300 parts per billion. i personally as a practicing doc are much more concerned about the amount of sugar in apple juice than the amount of arsenic, by a land slide, we have an obesity epidemic in the u.s. and i think we're scaring people unnecessarily, and may take the eye off the ball of other things in the environment we need to be concerned about. >> eric: it is overblown, you feel. >> i think it is worth looking into but i think it is overblown. >> jamie: will they, doctor, look into it. >> one of the positive things about the study is the fda will look into what are the upper limits of arsenic. and when talk about the toxin, absolutely, you don't want to panic and look at how much is a dose that you are getting. how often are you getting it and what is the duration and if you are having a glass of apple juice a day, once a week, there is nothing to worry about. we are talking about the children that may be consuming one or two glasses around the message to the parents, there is really nothing to panic. the best way to test arsenic is to get a simple urine test, the easiest way to do this, and you
7:32 am
can check that. we have arsenic in air and i'm worried about the second-hand smoking where we get this and water and its it's. as marc mention the amount of arsenic is so low and putting the medical drama aside and the entertainment and show business aside, really, i think the way it was presented, it was not right and caused a lot of panic and i will tell the parents, right now, this is very small if you are concerned, just call down to the -- >> eric: if the kid drinks a gallon a day... >> but, eric, i agree with the point and would add the fda has to get their standards straight. we all agree on that. but, if the kid is drinking a gallon a day... even if -- which they are not. it is the sugar that hurts you. >> jamie: are there symptoms of arsenic overdosing? >> vomiting, diarrhea and pins and needles, in your fingers and watch out for those and also, limit your children to six ounces of apple juice a day. that's it. end of -- i bet you it will continue a long time but, as of
7:33 am
today, nothing to panic about, the fda is looking at it... >> you will not get the consistency described with that amount of arsenic. >> jamie: all right, we don't want any. good they'll look into it. how about this. there's a study that finds the misuses of common drugs is to blame for a high number of emergency room visits by senior citizens. specifically, diabetes medications and blood thinners. tell us about this. we don't want the elderly the have to go to the emergency room. >> our age, population are getting older and the lists of medication their on are getting longer and longer and there are four medications, coumadin, a blood-think medication and aspirin is in the same family, insulin used for diabetes an oral medications for diabetics. >> why are you concerned about coumadin. >> the safety window of the medication, if you give too much it causes bleeding and don't give enough, you may cause blood
7:34 am
clots. now, the older population, it is difficult for them to really adjust it. so, we as physicians need to pay more attention to them and i have a medical assistant, physician's assistant to help me take care of these patients because you cannot possibly expect an 80-year-old man to -- or woman to really do this. now, an exciting technology that is coming in with diabetes, is this artificial pancreas, it is interesting, because now this pump can find out what the sugar level is in your blood and give you automatic computerized program, insulin and as time goes on we'll take care of this. and his job is difficult, because, as the medical doctor, you really have to deal with this day in and day out. >> he makes a great points the narrow therapeutic window and my patients come in and if they give them too much coumadin or oral agent for diabetes they can have a problem and the study in the "new england journal of medicine" was dramatic.
7:35 am
over 50% of the side effects are from these few drugs, diabetes and blood thinners and so, it is really important for practicing docs like me, that have taken care of the patients to stay on top of this and not let -- >> jamie: monitor. >> and not say good-bye, see you in a month. stay on the dose. that is when you get into trouble. >> eric: really important. all right, thank you. men, want to keep your laptops, put them on your lap, when you do a lot of work or kids doing homework? a new study suggests using wifi could damage sperm and decrease man's fertility. doctor, we have heard rumors, about this, is it a good idea to have the laptop on your lap. >> dr. samadi deals with fertility issues and, i use a laptop a lot and i have a lot of patients who do and it's a preliminary study. literally they took seem men outside the body and we aren't talking about a long term study with a large number of men and it is preliminary and, and before there was another study that looked at heat from the
7:36 am
laptops and anything that applies heat, dr. samadi and i talked about it before it came on, anything that applies heat can affect fertility but overall it is not convincing evidence and i would say if you are using your laptop too much you have another problem besides that. try talking to each other. >> jamie: doctor, the cell phones, also, the radiation and the heat? >> number one this is radiation and also the heat plays a big role and one reason why testicles or sperms are outside the body as opposed to ovaries, they need a lower temperatures by 4 degrees fahrenheit and this is important because the cell phone and the heat can affected and we're guilty of using it and we talked about the cell phone and brain cancer and now the laptop, but, look, you cannot wait for a long term study, we all look for these placebo, double controls and all the stuff but common sense goes far
7:37 am
in life and if you see that it is heating up, it is not a good thing for you, put that aside and the good thing is, they have mobile desks and you can put the laptop to prevent yourself from getting heat and your point is well taken. as of today, there is no scientific data to show that laptops cause infertility or testicular cancer or cell phone causes brain cancer but use common sense. >> and to add, one out of six couples have fertility trouble and a lot go to see dr. samadi or the urologist to figure it out and anything to do to maximize your odds. >> jamie: and, as you said, if you use the laptop, you do have children. brand new research on dangers of playing soccer? yeah, millions of kids love playing the game. parents love to go and watch. but the doctors will tell us about possible medical risks. >> eric: and the gun running sting, fast and furious, that was botched, well, a major hole
7:38 am
is being poked into the account of attorney general eric holder. what he knew about it and when, questions being raised this morning and we'll talk to congressman jason chaffetz of utah, ahead. it's all the same. nothing changes. then try this. freestyle lite® blood glucose test strip. sure, but it's not gonna-- [beep] wow. yep, that's the patented freestyle zipwik™ design. did it just-- [both] target the blood? yeah, drew it right in. the test starts fast. you need just a third the blood of one touch.® that is different. so freestyle lite test strips make testing... easy? easy. great. call or click-- we'll send you strips and a meter, free. free is good. freestyle lite test strips. call or click today.
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♪ ♪
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[ male announcer ] everyone deserves the gift of a pain free holiday. ♪ this season, discover aleve. all day pain relief with just two pills. >> jamie: there's always been a high demand for mental health care and now it is higher. thousands of american troops are returning home from overseas, and, a new study finds a rise in hospital visits, by our veterans, who have post-traumatic stress disorders. doctor, there is no question that this is always -- has always been an issue with the military. is it more now. >> ptsd is on the rise, 16%, and before we could get into the topic, it is our opportunity to really thank what they have done
7:43 am
for us. to make the country safe and, we really owe to it them and the problem is when they come back here, they are dealing with serious and disorders and emotional illness and the hardest part is to recognize that and that is the part that is -- if you are watching the segment, people around the soldiers need to recognize what the signs and symptoms are. usually, they avoid any kind of familial people and areas, easy irritability and get angry fast and want to avoid people, nightmares, insomnia, can't sleep and if you see these signs, depression, you make sure you bring them -- there's a lot of help available to them and, historically, you treat them with anti-depressants and, so zocor and zoloft and paxil and we did a study on a medication that is used for psychosis and,
7:44 am
the general studies didn't show much -- but if you have depression and psychosis, it may help, seek help and bring them in. >> jamie: i want to ask you about physical symptoms from ptsd, in addition to the nightmares, our troops are so brave they may not share the fact they are feeling these things, are there physical symptoms to look a person in the eye and know? >> well, sure, because of the symptoms david said. you are feeling like an out of body experience and having nightmares and insomnia and can easily have a rapid heart rate and high blood pressure from that. you can have a heart attack from that. 200,000 from our war theatre, of the 1.3 million people who served and the primary reason is because we have a heroic army that rein lists, goes back and back and back, and, to give you an idea, 47,000 physical injuries, 200,000 post-traumatic stress disorders, a huge problem.
7:45 am
and, as dr. samadi said, the way to treat it, psychotherapy and anti-depressants and trying the anti-psychotic and if it doesn't go away with a simple treatment, it is a long, long process to reintegrate into society and we saw it in vietnam and we will be seeing it here. >> the first step is to open the door and bring them into therapy. >> jamie: i'll sit down with the secretary of the army, there are question i want to address. >> eric: as much as possible. >> a lot of head injuries, too, equal amount of brain trauma going on. >> eric: well, lipitor, you take it and you know it is one of the world's largest selling drugs and now, it is going generic. big question is, what does it mean and will a generic brand work as well as the original? dr. siegel, better, the same, cheaper? >> i have done a lot of segments, i'm not always pro generic but it depends on the medication and i prescribe a lot of statin drugs which this lipitor or torvastat, is called
7:46 am
and i'm very impressed with how the generics worked. another one, zocor went generic years ago and it looks like the generic was as good. lipitor was a $7 billion drug and pfizer will try to keep the co-pay down to keep at least 40% of the people that are getting it, but i believe that a large number will go over to the generic and i think it is good news for my patients out there. because this is an incredible drug, at protecting the heart and treating people who already have heart disease and reversing the plaque that is forming on the coronary arteries, a great, great thing. >> eric: when do you think it will start? >> it has. >> the patent ended december 1st and this is the mother of medications, and, think of this as ferrari of medications, over 10 billion were sold in 2010 and the best news to happen to a lot of people who could not afford this kind of medication and if you don't have any insurance it will cost you $160 a month, if
7:47 am
you have insurance, the brand will be $50 and generic, $10 and now you can get the medication for $4 a month and some sites,, sign up and ask for it, and as marc mentioned they are trying to keep a lot of patients on the brand medications and that is the best thing to happen. >> and one thing to add. if you can get it on-line make sure your physician is in the loop. we talked about it last week and stay away from internet piracy. >> eric: a wonder drug as they call it. >> jamie: great news, if we don't have your attention, how about this: viagra may have more uses besides the one you know about. an incredible story about how the drug may have saved the life of a baby girl. do you have an irregular heartbeat called atrial fibrillation, or afib, that's not caused by a heart valve problem?
7:48 am
are you taking warfarin to reduce your risk of stroke caused by a clot? you should know about pradaxa. an important study showed that pradaxa 150mg reduced stroke risk 35% more than warfarin. and with pradaxa, there's no need for those regular blood tests. pradaxa is progress. pradaxa can cause serious, sometimes fatal, bleeding. don't take pradaxa if you have abnormal bleeding, and seek immediate medical care for unexpected signs of bleeding like unusual bruising. pradaxa may increase your bleeding risk if you're 75 or older, have kidney problems or a bleeding condition, like stomach ulcers. or if you take aspirin products, nsaids, or blood thinners. tell your doctor about l medicines you take, any planned medical or dental procedures, and don't stop taking pradaxa without your doctors approval, as stopping may increase your stroke risk. other side effects include indigestion,stomach pain, upset, or burning. if you have afib not caused by a heart valve problem, ask your doctor if pradaxa can reduce your risk of a stroke.
7:49 am
for more information or help paying for pradaxa, visit
7:50 am
7:51 am
>> eric: back now with "sunday house call," it sounds like a medical miracle. a baby girl born with a severe heart defect survived three open heart surgeries, because of, they say, this impotence drug, viagra. >> it is an amazing medication and the main use is for sexual
7:52 am
dysfunction, but shg, since 19 one of the first uses of it was for this cardiac treatment. it really increases the level of nitrous oxide and researchers and scientists spent their entire lives studying nitric oxide. what is it? it is the element that flows in the vessels and dilates and cause s vaso dilation and, it can open up the vessels and it can fix pulmonary hypertension, and the kid was cyanotic and blue-skinned and brings blood to the area of the e heart and that is helpful and it is a miracle medication and one of the wonders and the future of the pill is bright. not because it is blue, but because of the fact it can work maybe for myocardial infarction or fixing high blood pressure and, things such as reynaud
7:53 am
disease. >> and there was an amazing story, they tested viagra for heart disease to see if it lowered blood pressure and as the men sat there, the nurse said, hey, wait, what is going on here and that is how it ended up with the other marketing and the reality is what the doctor said, it actually relaxes the blood vessels in the lungs and in this particular baby, who had a hole in her heart and was building up -- cyanosis, and was building up all kinds of pressures in her lungs, the viagra literally reduced that and, they use it for altitude sickness as well. >> jamie: interesting, and cyanosis, i don't know what that is. we'll talk about that after the break. there is compelling evidence some soccer players are risking serious brain damage, doctor, you know how many kids play sockers. do parents have to worry about this, too. >> i don't know, my jury is out on this. i worry would you football, they charge ahead with the helmets and soccer balls are variable
7:54 am
speeds, up to 30 miles per hour an previous studies said, how about a helmet? but, as we talked about before, helmets altar the trajectory of the game. how do you play with one? the jar ury is out and part of study was a survey and that is not great science, i'm not sure. >> you will not put helmets on soccer players, i've a soccer player myself, a captain for 7 years and i love the sport and we have 18 million people in america who are playing soccer. come on. we're not going to put helmets on them. but let me tell you what is going on. kids have thinner skulls and we have to be worried about i the great thing that came out of the study, from einstein when i did my training, there is a threshold. if you get over a thousand or 1500 hits on your head, you need to be concerned. if there is any sign of concussion, see the doctor, but it is a fun sport and something i do every day in my operating room, the team factor and you have your forward and then, that is about it. and... >> jamie: don't take too many hits on the head.
7:55 am
we got it. >> eric: bouncing the ball. >> jamie: thanks. >> eric: protecting our skin doesn't end with the warm weather. the season to switch up your skin care regime, we'll tell you how and what, next. i couldn't concei this as a heart attack. the doctor leaned over and said to me, "you just beat the widow-maker." i was put on an aspirin, and it's part of my regimen now. [ male announcer ] be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. go see your doctor now. and who ordered the yummy cereal? yummy. [ woman ] lower cholesterol. [ man 2 ] yummy. i got that wrong didn't i? [ male announcer ] want great taste and whole gin oats
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back with sunday house call.
7:59 am
we end with a healthy monday tip. >> make sure your skin is moisturized. if the air is dry use a hugh mind fire. as a surgeon i wash my -- hands all the time. i use a hand cream good enough to go to work and keep it rised. >> you don't realize your skin gets dried out in the winter. >> how about drinking water? >> i think you get very dehydrated. my advice is the winter is a low humidity time. you have to watch it. don't wash hands too much. don't take long baths. use the cream that the doctor said use lip balm and gloves. i say wear gloves in the winter that pro -- protects from chapping. >> i'm going to continue to
8:00 am
askou to wash your hands. great to see you. >> see you next sunday. >> thank you. we start with this hour on the campaign trail. a leading conservative has just made news on the republican front-runner. the one woman defends her credentials. good morning i'm jamie colby. great to have you for a new hour. >> i'm eric shawn. some of the gop contenders today are jockeying to pick up voters who were supporting cain. before he decided to drop-out yesterday. steve centanni live in washington with the latest. steve, who are they saying would benefit more mitt romney or newt gingrich? >> reporter: that's what we will find out. with only a few weeks to go before voting starts gingrich is rapidly rising in the polls to gain front-runner status.
8:01 am
his campaign organization and fundraising are not as strong or well established as mitt romney. romney is facing stiff opposition from democrats who continue to criticize his shifting position on important issues. >> this is the reason i suppose why he and his aides absconded with the hard drives from their come putters when they left the governor's office they think they can erase the past what you said before doesn't matter now >> reporter: with cain out of the way and romney facing a real challenge, others see new opportunities. >> people recognize that i'm the real deal. i'm authentic, genuine. i think we are going to pick up a lot of support from across the country people who supported cain. >> reporter: as for polls newt gingrich is way out front in iowa, 25% of the republican voters followed byron paul second and mitt romney in third -- by ron paul second
8:02 am
and mitt romney in third place. >> absconding with hard drives? quite a charge from david axelrod. questions about newt gingrich's support or nonsupport among his republican colleagues. >> reporter: right. not all republicans are solidly behind najibullah -- behind newt gingrich even though republicans give him credit for winning and leading the house in the 90s, some republicans question his credentials to become president. >> there's all types of leaders. leaders that instill confidence. leaders that are somewhat abrupt and brisk. leaders that have one standard for the people that they are leading and a different standard for them says. i just found his leadership lacking. >> reporter: newt gingrich had kind words for herman cain last night saying he brought optimism and big ideas to the gop race. >> everyone will be waiting to see who herman cain endorses.
8:03 am
thanks steve. new controversy today surrounding donald trump and his role hosting an upcoming gop debate. it is put on by a conservative media outlet not by donald trump. at least two candidates have opted-out of the event. paul and huntsman saying no. later this hour, liz trotta will join us to talk about the debate, reaction from the candidates and why donald trump's role is producing such a backlash with the paul and huntsman campaigns. in washington, treasury secretary geithner heading to europe where the clock is ticking on a potential economic meltdown. if the worst does happen in europe, economists say it could badly hurt the u.s. economy. raising questions about whether the u.s. taxpayers, us will end up bailing out europe! joining us live steve moore senior economics writer for
8:04 am
the "wall street journal". they want us to pay more for europe's largesse? >> you put it well. what the people at the imf the institution that would be doing this bailing out of the european banks, will say is that this money will be repaid. i think the american taxpayers understand that by some estimates over a third of that money that will be le t to these european banks a bailout come from the united states taxpayer, from the united states government i'm not sure that plays well given we already have a 1.5 trillion dollar deficit our service. that is going to be a heavy lift for president obama and tim fat geithner to explain to the american people -- time geithner to explain the american people. >> heavy lift? what do you say to us if we have to shell out more? >> to give the president his
8:05 am
due. integrated world economy if europe falls and those banks collapse it could have a reverberation here in the united states and there's some truth to that, no the question is whether the right way to deal with this crisis is to have an institution like the imf bail them out? i've done a lot of work examining the past of the imf. it doesn't have a good track record. i'm not sure this is the best inches to be the firemen institution to be the firstmen rushing to the rescue. >> do you think we'll be paid back? >> reporter: the imf people say we will. they used to say that about tan any may and freddie mac. i call them the imf the fannie mae and freddie mac of lending. in this case, we don't know how much this is going to cost. it could be in the tents of
8:06 am
billions at a time when we are -- when we are running a deficient spit in washington of 1.3 trillion. >> we had that great week last week shot up, 4, 500 points they said we have some type of deal potentially. what do you think will happen this week? >> i think a lot of these international bankers and the people who are trying to bail out europe have the story wrong in europe. the biggest problem with europe is not their banking system, it is the fact that they have these obese welfare states. they have very high taxes. you have seen in the streets of athens and now some of the other countries like spain and italy europeans don't want to give up these enormous welfare state entitlements they have that is the root of the problem. more lending of money to europe isn't going to get around the problem that they can't pay their bills because they've made proms they cannot keep. >> they are never going to get rid of that --
8:07 am
>> you are right with >> they are used to what they have. they don't want give that up. almost like europeans believe these benefits are a god-given right. the problem is, who is going to pay these bills? it gets to the start of the conversation. it looks like unfortunately, the people who are going to pay these bills are the u.s. taxpayer. >> so we will be on the hook? >> let's hope not. these decisions have not been finalized yet. obama administration and geithner, they want to put the american taxpayer on the hook for these enormous bills when we have bills ourselves to pay. i think the administration understands that. >> they got to get their house in order and we gotta get our house in order too. >> the reason europe is so important, is it is where we are headed. they are three, four years ahead of us. if we don't get our entitlements under control that's why the failure of the super committee is disappointing if we don't
8:08 am
start making reforms we may be headed in that direction. and who is going to bail us out? [ laughing -- >> thank you steve moore, you heard steve talk about that warning let's look at what is happening now with the european debt crisis. here's a list showing the national debt compared to the domestic product, greece the worst offender. countries have a debt to gdp ratio, 100% or higher look at the bottom of the list, includes us. key economic indicator of the health of the economy. the higher a country's debt to gdp ratio the lower their ability to payoff their debts. lingering concerns about the weather system. hurricane strength winds, have you seen the damage in
8:09 am
california? unbelievable, they are still cleaning up, there were so many trees toppled and homes suffering major damage, a number of areas affected, some residents are stunned by the destruction. >> it has been like camping out with the candles. >> 2:00 in the morning we heard a loud roar. i looked out the upstairs window and the gazebo was airlifted. >> unbelievable. chief meteorologist rick reichmuth, unusual? >> one of the strongest storms in at least over a decade it wasn't just california i was a large system brought heavy winds throughout nevada, utah, car -- into utah, arizona. another santa ana wind event is going to set up not as big as the last. around the l.a. basin watch advisories for very heavy winds offshore flow typical
8:10 am
for this time of year when you start to get winds that are around 40, 50 file an hour range big threat for fire -- mile an hour range big threat for fire danger. tomorrow morning winds 30 to 40 mile an hour in some cases 50 to six -- 60, monday to tuesday morning offshore heading through the canyons. not nearly as strong of a system we still have winds, fire danger big concern as well as people who have to deal with the cleanup and now maybe seeing more stuff being blown around with that offshore flow the next system northern rockies across the rockies in january a lot of snow over the next 48 hours around the four corners. 20 occupy portland protesters under arrest last night.
8:11 am
19 people from 17 to 60-years-old were arrested trying to set up camp after the site was shutdown three weeks ago. portland's mayor says the protests can be inherently dangerous citing concerns about drug use and violence. we want to give you an update on the health of billy graham. resting in a north carolina hospital after he was diagnosed with pneumonia. 93-years-old admitted last week suffering from congestion and a slight fever. hospital officials are saying he had a good night. he was treated for pneumonia in may and made a full recovery. >> terrific. news about a cell phone software maker denying claims it products violate federal wiretap laws. iq makes software that records key strokes, texts and s on cell phones. the company claims the software was never intended to transmit any data back to their headquarters and it does
8:12 am
not do that carrier iq software operating on more than 140 million cell phones nationwide which means chances are you probably got one with that stuff it in. late friday the department of justice released 1400 new pages of documents. it has raised new questions about how the department handled operation fast and furious. you know it by now, a federal gun running sting that went terribly bad, the doj says it relied on bad information when it answered a controversial inquiry. attorney general holder will testify before lawmakers, not the first time, he's doing it again. here now one of the men who is on that panel. utah republican congressman jason chaffetz. thank you for joining us. you are familiar with the documents. they were released friday. what do they say? >> i need to read through all of them.
8:13 am
the reason we got this in january we got what is now perceived to be a deceptive letter sent to senator grassley with the department of justice telling congress there is nothing to look at, nothing wrong. that turns out to be a flat out lie. that is not acceptable to the terry family to the people of the country and not to the united states congress. >> you know of the prior testimony of the attorney general eric holder before congress. does the fact these documents came out and you have these new questions, put that testimony in a different light? >> i'm glad he's coming back. we will be asking him tough questions thursday. it is somewhere between deception and flat outlying and maybe a dash of incompetence that we've gotten to this point. he said he was going to take person al responsibility. the president said he would -- hold somebody accountable.
8:14 am
they haven't anybody, restructuring, some got promoted to other jobs that's not the kind of accountability the president promised not the openness and transparency the president promised. we have a dead agent guns given to the bad guys over 200 people dead in mexico according to the mexican government on the other end of these guns. and we still don't have the answers to the most basic questions. friday night they dump 1400 documents. why didn't they give that to us months ago? >> why did you think they didn't? >> they've been very slow. there was a dialogue within the department of justice as to what to give congress. they are supposed to give us everything that's what a subpoena is for. you have the top law enforcement officials in the country debating whether they should provide these information. the information they provided previously we now know is
8:15 am
ficticious. the reason we know that is because we've had brave whistle-blowers in the atf step up and provide these documents and god bless them and we will pursue it. >> 54 members of congress calling for eric holder's resignation? i'm aware of you asking for additional testimony and nothing more. do these documents change your mind? >> i want to make sure when i went into this questioning that i had not come to a conclusion. i know governor romney and other presidential candidates have called for his resignation. it is one of the questions for eric holder and for president obama in march in an interview he promised that he was going to hold somebody accountable that has not yet happened. i wanted to make sure i was there and asking questions and that will happen thursday. >> congressman, thank you. >> thank you.
8:16 am
president obama set to make a major economic speech tuesday that he says will call for new breaks for the middle class. his critics say it is more class warfare. new information on the search for a missing florida mom. her father is convinced she still alive, next. >> she is a tough girl. she ain't going down without a fight, michelle. i'm looking for you.
8:17 am
8:18 am
8:19 am
8:20 am
massive search underway for missing florida mom michelle parker. she disappeared two weeks ago after taped appears on the "people's court." dozens searching near her orlando home. >> i feel like helping as much as i can. >> it has been tiring but i'm going to keep going until we find something. >> it hit home us to. the day it was announced. >> a number of residents are tending a benefit with all that money going to parker and her kids. -- michelle's father says he's confident that his daughter is still alive. >> i work today to keep my
8:21 am
head straight. i used to cry, mad. now i'm mad, fighting. i want to find michelle. >> i know michelle is a survivor, just like me. she's a tough girl. she ain't going down with a fight. michelle, -- >> as of now her ex-fiance dale smith say police is the sole suspect expect. -- we know a lot of folks were shopping already for the holidays. are you finding yourself a little short on cash? it is possible the a.m. you are shelling out is not appropriate for what you earn, -- in today's consumer protection segment we wanted to look at your budget if you don't have one, you should. joining us gordon goodman author of master your debt or
8:22 am
maybe don't have any but if you do, welcome to you. thank you for being here the right time of year. first, cash or credit? >> there are pros and cons, cash no fees and temptation to spend less. credit the advantage is if you pay it off in full you are getting frequent flyer miles. building up your credit record. more people are using credit, particularly debit cards less. credit card more. >> in january we can talk about -- you say an individual when you go into some of these stores and they say we'll give you 10, 20% off if you open up a store credit card, why it is a savings? >> it is. if you pay it off in full, fine. the temptation is get the 10, 20% on the spot and that is going to hurt your credit record. if you have a lot of inquiries
8:23 am
on your credit report quickly you are going to end up paying high interest and hurt your score, 10, 20 points. can hurt if you go too wild and sign up for all these things. >> your credit reports comes into play, employers can look at it. you may want a home loan at some point. how do you advise people to say no to a purchase? >> you have to have an overall budget saying this is how much i'm if going to spend. as you spend it, take it off the list. you cannot go further. very tempting when you get into the malls and the music, sounds and smells to lose your financial sense. something like 40% of people last year took until july to payoff their christmas bills. it is high interest 29, 25% if you can't pay in january. >> the websites if you into trouble, let me give these quickly. first >> it is,
8:24 am
helps you get lower interest credit cards, there's loads of deals. you don't have to pay 29%. >> cambridge and consumer recovery how can people find information online or otherwise to develop a budget this season? >> lots of places to get a budget. have discipline which a lot of people don't have. the places you just mentioned they could help you consolidate debt into one payment at a lower rate. cambridge credit can get you 6 or % that you can't get trying to negotiate with a -- or 7% that you can't get trying to negotiate with a credit card. >> we want -- in terms of sitting down, are there things you recommend they cut out of their spending now? >> the frivolous stuff. so-called latte factor.
8:25 am
go to starbucks and have fancy things if you take money that is relatively frivolous and concentrate it on the places where you really want it to go for presents this is the time of year to do that. that's the best way to do that. >> i knew the smells in the stores were there for a reason. they outsmarted us, thanks. >> you can also go to the website on our homepage and see many of the segments. >> so important to save and spend for the holidays. see the video what happened in oklahoma? college football celebration taking a dangerous turn. we'll show you how a win over a long term rival went totally out of control and left some fans with serious injuries. egypt celebrating first round of elections since this year's uprising. who won who is on top and why everyone isn't happy with the results, straight ahead.
8:26 am
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new concerns over election results out of egypt. islamic parties capturing majority of votes in the first round. one big concern strong showing for a hard-line group that wants to impose strict islamic law. leland vittert is live with the latest. good to see you. 60% bloc of islamists that won, break it down for us. >> reporter: you have 60%, that the muslim brotherhood most concerning the 20%, the most hard-line of hard-line groups that wants to institute something called sharia law. inside of egypt this underscores what we've been saying all along which is the muslim brotherhood and islamic groups are by far the best
8:31 am
organized this. election came a few months after the revolution. they are the ones best able to take advantage and get their people out to the polls. same like in the united states. a challenge of who can get out the vote the best. obviously, the islamists have done that. the military junta is not very happy with the results but me may end up living with it. going forward the muslim brotherhood has to run the country and remember, it is different being the opposition group which they've been the past 60 years than being in charge and having to now feed 85 million people in a country that is poor. >> how much does this change things in the middle east? >> reporter: it is very difficult to have a crystal ball. this is a big change. even if egypt doesn't go hard-line islamist, it is now in play, no longer a solidly western-friendly ally they've
8:32 am
been having rallies inside of tahrir square have big time anti-american slogans, anti-israel slow again requests. even if they don't cancel the peace treaty with israel, not having them as a solid ally is big. the u.s. gives egypt 2.5 billion dollars a year in military aid, a big carrot for the u.s. to threat tone pull away. it could start a bidding war where iran orca tar can use this to buy an ally or friend -- or qatar can use this to buy an ally or friend in the mideast. >> gentleman president obama said to deliver an economic -- address. the white house says the president plans to discuss economic divisions that leave so many americans falling behind. he has chosen a site in kansas where knee door roosevelt gave a 19 -- theodore rose develop
8:33 am
gave a 1910 speech. roosevelt called it new nationalism. will that shame theme resonate a century later? let's bring in our panel. tony and ryan, welcome. tony what does it mean if a democratic president now a century later trying to take up tr's banner? >> republicans often cite john kennedy the first to espouse the economic principles. there's always going to be inconsistency because things have changed. democrats were the segregationists in the 60s. today you have majorities supporting democrats. i wouldn't read too much into the historical context that is about political theater all president obama has left. his record on the economy is abysmal, particularly with the
8:34 am
middle class-related issues. home val lieus -- values down 33%, gas prices up, inflation on food products up, his recorder is the middle class does not meet the standards all he can do is divide on cultural and class lines. >> ryan political theater? will he be dividing on cultural and class lines? >> he will say our economy is not working for most americans now. it is based on a balance of supply and demand. right now there is no commanda9 -- no demand. the social meant of trickle down economics, eliminating taxes on the rich, hasn't worked. we need americans with money in their pockets, with jobs, so they can go out and spend that's the only thing an is going to kick start our economy that's what president obama is going to say, look we need jobs now,
8:35 am
we've tried the wall street solution. we tried trickle down economics we got a wall street meltdown, bank bailouts, foreclosure epidemic and unemployment emergency. time to try something different and get our country back on track. >> that almost sounds like what roosevelt said he said corporations should be controlled and regular nated. no corp funds should -- corporate financeds should go for political purposes and the stprebg shot down that one offices should be held responsible if they break the law. no anti-trust laws unroosevelt no labor laws, no unionization which at its inception was a good idea. all taxes on the rich republicans want to eliminate. all regulations. that's ridiculous. if president obama is going to try to make that speech after
8:36 am
three years of being president, raising the debt by 40%, spending trillions of dollars we don't have on stimulus programs that do not work he's not going to get far with the american people, particularly with middle class voters so strongly aligning with the republican party as you saw in 2010 this is the fascinating stuff, voters today are more likely to support president obama middle class more likely to support the republican nominee. >> because there's less people in the middle class because of all of these bankrupt policies that republicans and their wall street sponsors have been pushing for decades. they are destroying the meddle class in america. out of the top five stocks retail, three were dollar store, general retail this is like the elimination of the middle class before our eyes. >> the clock is tick. one point i don't think the president will buy up from roosevelt's speech the -- bring up roosevelt's speech,
8:37 am
no man is worth his salt in public life who makes on the stump a pledge which he does not keep after election if he makes such a pledge and does not keep it, hunt him out of public life! lion what about the president's broken -- ryan what about the president's broken promises? >> i think the president has a lot to fix we know that he has passed historic health care reform. put financial -- what he's doing is creating a reversal of the course of our country putting us back on track recreating a middle class because republicans that are sponsored by wall street only want to give tax breaks to millionaires, billionaires and trust fund kids who live off family fortunes who want to keep paying less. >> let's mention this, i'm sure i don't have enough time to make the complete point no president has gotten more from wall street than president obama and events a lot of their interests in this
8:38 am
method that he's adopted. he believes in a system that does not believe in the traditional american middle class. they need people in their society to be takers with few makers that's what you have in europe. [ unintelligible ] >> ryan and tony, thanks. it is supposed to be a happy moment but didn't turn out that way oklahoma defeating their despised rival. the fan got crazy on the field, took down the goalpost, bad injuries. we'll tell you what happened, next. while some fiber ads use super models,
8:39 am
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three state attorneys general all being sued by the justice department because of tough new immigration laws. join us live and -- the debate
8:43 am
over extending the payroll tax holiday,. also, how you can be santa for kids in need this holiday season. we'll see you at the top of the hour. it was supposed to be a celebration at post-game turning ugly at oklahoma state. thousands rushed the field after the team's huge win over rival oklahoma. in the chaos 13 were hurt, two critically. joining us on the phone is dino costa what do you know about the condition of the folks that were injured? >> not much about the condition of the injured. it was a wild scene they call it the bedlam game, bedlam
8:44 am
victory by oklahoma state. it was very unfortunate. you see this happen with regularity. fans after big games like this will storm the field and the goal move wills come down. usually this happens without incident last night things got out of hand if you look at the video and see the field there's not a lot of room between the sideline to the walls where the stands are at that stadium. i just think people got caught up in the enthusiasm of the moment first time in eight meeting that oklahoma state thabeet end oklahoma. before you knew it -- had you a situation where there were too many people and not enough room on that field. >> overall, if this can happen, should steps not be taken to prevent these types of injuries to this extent? were steps taken? >> that i'm not aware of. it can -- can steps be taken? i guess they can.
8:45 am
they could ring the field with uniformed police officers on horseback if they wanted to. i've never seen that before in college football. you see that in potential fors. fans in pro sports used to rush -- rush the field routinely years ago. it is less and less over years because major league sportsu[t n the nfl, baseball take the necessary steps to keep fans off the field after events that are championship oriented. perhaps this going to be a precedent-setting thing where college football, ncaa and specifically s will put steps in place to keep in from -- specific universities will put steps in place to keep this from happening. >> what is the reaction there? >> i'm in new york. my reaction is the reaction i'm giving you over the phone. >> didn't know that thought you might have been at the game. thank you so much dino. >> thank you jamie.
8:46 am
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'tis the season for giving. one business hoping to make it a very merry christmas for our military families with trees for troops.ú4i julie banderas in new jersey to tell us how we can help.0b julie, can you hear me? i guess she -- i guess she can't hear me we'll try it again in a second. what a wonderful story this tree farm in new jersey helping out our troops with christmas trees seems like a wonderful benefit. >> i heard a lot of programs this time of year this is a unique one. >> do we have julie yet? we have to try to get back to her in a few moments. they can just say go! sorry. >> look it up at
8:51 am
>> meanwhile, donald trump is going to have a big tree, i bet. he went from possible presidential contender to now a debate moderator? he will be firing off questions. we don't know if anyone will get fired before the iowa caucuses. >> someone wants to get hired watch is the media reaction to mr. trump's latest gig? liz trotta will join us, next. >> can't wait. i've got nothing against these do-it-yourself steam cleaners. lugging around a hot water extraction unit can be a rush! that's why i'm carpet for life. but if things get out hand, there's no shame in calling us. ♪call 1-800-steemer.
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interesting story you won't want to miss campaign trail today. chris wallace interviewing senator tom coburn. important conservative voice actually asked the senator if he would back newt gingrich for president? watch what happens. >> as speaker gingrich takes the lead do you have those questions about his fitness to be president? >> chris, there's a lot of candidates out there, i'm not inclined to be a supporter of newt gingrich, having served under him for four years and experienced personally his leadership. >> why is that? >> because i found it lacking, often times. >> you can see the entire interview of our own chris wallace with senator coburn, 6 p.m. eastern on the fox news channel, check your local listings.
8:56 am
also michelle bachmann joins us chris. if the race for the white house were a reality show the title would not be the apprentice but maybe the apprentice the president. some wondering if the next debate echoes a reality series because the moderator of the next one, donald trump. what is the mainstream media's reaction? liz trotta joins us every sunday at this time with her commentary. from the howard k smith moderating the kennedy-nixon debate to the donald. >> as far as the media goes they are afraid, i think. they are afraid of donald trump or they are afraid that they will lose their access because he's such a character and makes good copy. [ unintelligible ] the beginning of who is going and who isn't, ron paul has
8:57 am
said decidedly no and issued a statement. he says the selection of a reality television personality to host a presidential debate that voters nationwide will be watching, is beneath the office of the presidency and flies in the face of that office's history and dignity. that was released through his national campaign chairman. as far as the other candidates go newt gingrich has accepted wholeheartedly. he says he loves entertainment. and that's what it will be. thank you newt that's what it going to be. certainly not going to have anything to do with journalism. donald trump as journalist or as celebrity journalist, so far, we don't know about michelle bachmann, rick perry and mitt romney. we can assume at least a couple of those will say yes. huntsman has also said no.
8:58 am
beginning litch, at the moment is alone. -- interesting, interview with bret baier of fox news, newt told -- excuse me donald trump told bret baier after the debate which will be december 27th, a week before the iowa caucus, he will endorse a candidate in the gop race. if he is not satisfied with who the candidate is, then he will run himself. as an independent. i guess what this is about, let's not forget that he also has a new book out and it is a funny thing, he seems to surface when he has a new book. >> seems to surface, i don't think he ever goes away. but he does say he will be talking about important issues. he says it will be a serious debate. and the donald says he gets high ratings. >> i don't know about the ratings. he keeps repeating the same
8:59 am
thing. i'm sure we are going to hear the same line about china and all his truck driver tough remarks about how -- here's this lounge lizard trying to sound like a working man it is laughable. he does all these things about the united states has to be more tough on people. we have to live through all of that. it will be entertainment, no question about that. it will be also interesting to see if gingrich will attack the moderator as he has in other debates. whoops, they were journalists. that's what he does. this one is not. >> newt gingrich is going to meet with trump tomorrow. >> they all come to new york to kiss his ring, i don't get it rick. >> lounge lizard, liz when you go home, stay away trump tower. thanks. >> thank you. that does it for us. >> great to have you. the news


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