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tv   The Five  FOX News  December 5, 2011 11:00pm-12:00am PST

11:00 pm just post your thoughts about it and keep it here on fox news channel. and only there. see you then. captioned by closed captioning services, inc >> eric: hello, i'm eric bolling with kimberly guilfoyle, bob beckel, dana perino, greg gutfeld. it's 5:00 in our old studio in new york city. "the five." a lot going on today. first, we're less than a month away from iowa. candidates look to pick up major endorsements. trump, palin, mccain. what are the biggest and why? we analyze. trump making headlines again. see what some g.o.p. candidates and karl rove had to say about the donald. tiger woods gets his first win in over two years. conservative christians, tim tebow makes it 6-1. take that bill maher. "the five" starts right now.
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♪ ♪ >> eric: our top story today, the big endorsement each candidate looking to score one or more. there are many still out there to be had. herman cain, sarah palin and donnel trump amongst many others virgin islands my own idea of the most coveted endorsement. i'll save it for last. who is the big kahuna as far as endorsements go? who will land them? >> bob: the biggest one is cain for this reason in iowa. he does have tea party suppor support. that does matter. there are tea party people undecided that would like to move. they probably won't move to romney. will they go to the caucuses? if cain makes a big push it will help marginally. the biggest endorsement is the "des moines register." the biggest newspaper in the state. it hasn't always picked the winner but a big endorsement. >> eric: kimrly? >> kimberly: i like people for the primary. i agree that cain is big for iowa.
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michele bachmann is already claiming it, staking it out for her own. good move on her part. debatable about touch's endorsement. i think it wouldn't hurt per se but i don't know how much traction it gets out of it. i think endorsement from sarah palin is good. >> eric: gregory? earthquake i look at the anti-endorsement. when i see something i don't like enforcing something you go the a is it way. it want to know who alec baldwin is endorsing so i don't go with that person. but this endorsement here is they're from people who didn't run or tried and failed. like the quarterback cut from the team trying to call the play. i don't think it has that much impact. >> eric: you agree? >> dana: overall endorsements rarely help, they rarely hurt. but somebody like palin if you get her endorsement and it comes with her doing events for you like she did for nikki haley in south carolina during that snarl race, that helped. it mattered. something i was thinking about
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today, though. endorsement in recent history in 2008 when oprah endorsed barack obama over hillary clinton, choosing the first black man running for president over the first woman running for president. opened the cam feign her him. some people say she took a hit on the show for that. but that endorsement really matters. >> let me throw mine at there. mine is or are conservative media. conservative raidia. rush limbaugh, sean hannity and the group have such sway. what they haven't done, if they haven't gotten behind anybody for obvious reasons, maybe not. if they unite around one, the mitt romney, since he has 25% of the vote, everybody else would probably rally around whoever they would get together and endorse. >> bob: the reason they won't do that, more than
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anything else they want to beat obama. even if it meets with romney. they don't want to antagonize romney early on. i don't think they like him. they would prefer to endorse nute. all three are going to stay neutral. one of them will. going through the other names, sarah palin is not going to get you -- may get you a few crowds in iowa. her negatives among the republican caucus-goers are higher than the positive one. donnel trump, nice guy, but you might as well get salary the cow's endorsement. >> eric: i have to disagree with you. >> bob: did you see the media? >> eric: the media frenzy around newt when he visited donald trump? lines of media there. if nothing else, he may or may not bring money but he brings attention. >> it's a nice to have, not a must have. but the me lay is not any different from the one that peyton got with newt or bachmann. a little news today.
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people put it in the it doesn't matter category but i disagree. dan quayle set tomorrow in arizona to endorse mitt romne romney. most people like bob says who is dan quayle? younger voters are like what are you talking about? but the reason it matters is what you mentioned, the money and organization. if you call up and say i've got so-and-so, it matters. maybe in the primary but in big race is to get jeb bush. >> eric: good one. >> greg: dan quayle to endorse mitt romney not one of the most inspiring headlines of the day. although we are talking about it. we are changing the outline of the show. two quick things. you are right about the radio. every other even dorsement feels like a high school election, people make the deals behind the scenes. i'll back you because you back me, conservative radio you don't have that. the other thing with trump
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didn't fox news do a poll that showed the endorsement hurts? if you want to do something good for america endorse the candidate he doesn't like? >> bob: you maker rick cry with that. 2 to 1 -- >> eric: it was more than that. 5 to 1 in the poll. >> bob: what i would be doing now is michele bachmann has a big debt. she has to go run for re-election in her congressional district. i would go to her. she has an organization. i'd go to offer to pay off her debt and get out of the race and endorse my candidate. from her standpoint she will come in near the bottom. doesn't want to embarrass herself. she'll endorse somebody. >> greg: but cain has a bus that looks like giant pez dispenser. sell it and pay off the debt. >> kimberly: i want to take it to work every day.
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>> eric: expand on the big kahuna. sarah palin. and my big kahuna. >> kimberly: what? >> eric: the big one, the mac daddy, the one you want. doesn't she unite the conservative -- >> kimberly: bob is making faces. sarah palin has support out there and powerful pacs down and dirty for her. they are doing commercials for her in iowa as if she's almost running. that will matter to conservatives. i don't think you discount. that i love the idea of getting bachmann out and paying off her debt. >> eric: karl rove has been all over the media today on fox news this morning. >> dana: he did follow me. >> eric: is he a big kahuna? >> dana: karl? yeah but he won't endorse anybody.
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in his current role he won't. the one point to make here, tim pawlenty dropped out and romney went to him and paid off the campaign debt. that does matter. >> bob: that is regularly done in campaigns. when i ran a campaign we paid off three debts of people. we didn't get a lot out of it but got good will and got them out of the field. >> greg: this is bribery. >> bob: the important debate in iowa next month. you want the stage as empty as you can to highlight your candidate. you have ron paul up there who is always a distraction. but the bump people off, you are better off. >> eric: but they have done a brilliant job on the left. the liberals have done a brilliant job dividing the right. you pick through herman cain, through his garbage to find out what is going on there.
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>> dana: that wasn't difficult to find out. >> eric: but shouldn't we focus on obama instead? the presidency is a complete disaster worse than if possible jimmy carter. >> greg: the media is enjoying this. conservatives hold the candidates to a higher standard. nobody knew anything about obama so you couldn't go after him. >> dana: in 2004, president bush didn't have an opponent. remember how divisive the primary was in 2008 between clinton and obama at the end. it was brutal. there are a lot of people in the conservative movement that don't like the tea party. you cannot -- >> eric: honestly, robert, i love you, you are my brother. we hang out. you're wrong about that.
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>> bob: then why do tea party have negative number information the polls? >> eric: i don't think they are. >> greg: the numbers aren't great they have done their job. they moved on. they are not occupying people's minds. >> bob: what have they done? >> greg: they got candidates elected. >> bob: they didn't take those. they have a brilliant candidate in nevada. deans president obama had historic losses in 2010 as midterm election. >> bob: 2010. >> eric: we'll leave it there. that is it. leave it there. can newt gingrich withstand the onslaught of criticism coming his way? we will see. also, don't forget to e-mail us at we'll be right back.
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♪ >> bob: who's up here? >> dana: me! welcome back to "the five" now. that newt gingrich is the republican front runner his opponents are after him. >> he would be a very weak
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candidate. he would lose heavily. and a lot of democrats would win races in which races and i think newt gingrich is the anti-candidate. >> i'm not inclined to be a supporter of newt gingrich's, having served under him for four years and experienced personally his leadership. >> he is as establishment as he gets. his attitude is located on the rodeo drive of washington, k. street. his organizations taken in over $100 million just this year alone to peddle influence. >> dana: so will the former speaker survive the attacks? if you look at the "iowa des moines register" poll if the election were held today yes. he is at 25%. ron presidenron paul at 18%. romney at 16%. the rest divvying up the poll numbers there. this is interesting. i want your take on it. the iowa "des moines register" saying when it comes to iowa primary voters if you ask who
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is the best debater, gingrich wins hands down with 50% to romney's 14%. if you ask the next question, which is who do you think is the most electable? romney gets 41%. gingrich gets 22%. they're almost flipped. >> bob: that is fundamentally newt's problem, isn't it? people do not believe he can win a general election. they believe romney. can i'm not sure where it comes from. romney is a much weaker candidate than newt is. newt went through a series of scandals in the '90s. but they're published. nothing new about this. i made a lot of mistakes and i cast votes. if he stays discipline and not lose his temper, which is a big if, he can whether this. but one thing is a problem, the freddie mac money. that could hurt him. >> dana: senator tom coburn knows him well see he wouldn't
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be inclined to endorse him. >> greg: i don't take anybody seriously who can't grow a beard. >> dana: how do you know he can't? >> greg: that was terrible. this poll is the inevitable choice. i can't grow a beard, okay. do you want to win a debate or do you want to win an election? i get the feeling that is what is coming down to. this versus thinking versus feeling. the after-school special versus the history channel. everybody wants to see this happening because obama has had a free ride for four years from the press. they want somebody to come and confront him about the baloney. they think newt gingrich is the guy. they are right. there is nobody above candidate as newt pin pointing -- >> bob: that is a ride to death row at prison. free ride. >> eric: please! complete free ride. i think the numbers are wrong. i think both of them are 100%
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electable. if you put a conservative as a vice presidential candidate on the ticket and obama's policies continue forward going this way, it won't matter who the first name is. they will beat obama. >> kimberly: you think that anybody can beat him. >> eric: keep it in mind. >> kimberly: i hear you. but here is the deal. >> bob: you need someone generic. i think the presidents will rise or fall in the debate. they matter in the presidential races. newt gingrich is in a better position than mitt romney to debate president obama. there is a general view that mitt romney would be more electable. why? why? because it became the coin of the realm for the last year. he was a businessman and okay governor. the fact of the matter is newt understands more about the process of government than this guy ever will.
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it's a strong debate. >> dana: i don't think that is fair. >> bob: who is not fair? >> dana: the newt versus romney thing, newt understandsgoning more than romney. governor of a state and speaker of the house. it's not -- coming up next one doesn't crash the other one in that. newt has to deal with the negatives coming his way. that is a sure. romney seems cleaner, squeakier cleaner guy. and another point is barack obama, his favorable, people like him. they talk about this all the time. they may not like his policy but there is a distinction whether people like him or a good family man. how he is with kids. he is turning up at 65% of what people think about him. >> bob: job aproven numbers going up and up. >> eric: whose? >> bob: obama.
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>> eric: carter was at 51% -- >> bob: i worked for him. >> eric: it was 51%. >> dana: stick to this race. >> eric: mitt romney, marco rubio or newt gingrich-paul ryan type of ticket, either one of those would beat obama. >> eric: that is a 40-state loss. >> dana: we talked about iowa. >> eric: you would know about that. >> dana: ohhh! >> kimberly: below the belt. >> dana: hold on. i'll let you fight it out in the break. another poll, iowa is in less than a month the voting starts. on the heal of that is new hampshire voting. marist poll, romney leads in new hampshireed 9-23%. could it be, greg, because gingrich is just now becoming a front runner? >> greg: i don't know. in a way it's triumph of the american system. the more photogenic candidates were on top. now we have a situation where the pudgy guy with funny hair
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who happens to sound the senatorrest on top. that is reassuring to funny looking people like me. >> bob: if gingrich wins he could knock off romney in new hampshire. that race would be over. i don't think it will happen. romney will probably come in third in iowa. last person to come in third in iowa was who? george herbert walker bush to get the nomination. >> dana: ron paul, good win iowa. >> bob: a stretch. >> dana: we want to let them fight in break. but we'll come back to you and talk to donald trump and what he is up to. he is hosting a debate. meeting candidates today. or is he promoting the donald? we bring you up to speed. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> bob: that is definitely queen. [ laughter ] we talked about newt, but some people say newt is his own worst enemy. here is what i'm talking about. >> really poor children in really poor neighborhoods have no habits of working. have nobody around them who works so they literally have no habit of showing up on monday. no habit of staying all day. no habit of i do this and you give me cash, unless it's illegal. >> bob: this is the kind of thing in a general election would be devastating for newt. in the republican primary caucus system, that is not far off from what both republicans think? so, my guess is it's not going to hurt him much. it's not very well advised.
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particularly about the comment unless they do it illegally. a very smart amount of the kids are making money selling drugs. spend time in the inner city. i know you haven't been there often. >> greg: he is looking at what a lot of liberals know looking at the education system, the kids are screwed. they don't want to go to the classrooms because they aren't learning anything, but they can't go get a job because they're too young. anybody who saw season three of "the wire" knows what i'm talking about. >> bob: there aren't jobs because wall street ships them out of the city. >> greg: i had a paper route. look how well i turned out. >> dana: the problem for newt, the problem is that the edges are too sharp. if she could round out the language a little bit. make qualifying statements. i know in his mind he think he is is compassionate. he wants to help the kids.
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change the language a little bit. >> kimberly: i think he is trying to take the rough edges off of it. to get to what the true intention. not to demean in any way poor children or say they have no idea or example how to work. look out so they have a bridge to learning to work. having jobs. >> bob: go ahead. >> eric: my point is why are we doing a third segment on beating up newt gingrich or trashing donald trump? where is the segment on obama's -- >> bob: every other segment we do on every other show. >> bob: eric, you call the republican primary for the nomination and there isn't one on the democratic side. >> eric: i get it. we are 30 minutes in the show and i haven't heard a word on
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how 48 million americans are -- >> bob: you are like a heroin addict. there is a certain grandiosity about newt. he speaks as if he is a world leader in mold of margaret thatcher or ronald reagan. okay to talk about the people but not okay to put yourself in a situation to declare yourself their equal when you haven't run a country yet. one advantage someone with smoother edges is obama does appear to be aloof and grandiose. if gingrich keeps this up, we will have aloof versus aloof. >> kimberly: i think he will listen to newt gingrich. think think it is refreshing. >> greg: yeah. >> dana: he doesn't sound like the typical washington person. he sounds like somebody who will say look we have a serious problem.
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pull your pants up and get to work. whatever it might be. selling -- candy bars. i used to do that. world's finest. do you remember those? >> greg: of course! i would eat them and never make money. i don't see the big problem is with what he said. he was saying out of concern over a group of kids that have no opportunity. b. newt presents these things as if he is the only answer to what is going on. she not a good listener to other people. >> eric: he is not romney. romney doesn't have an edge on him. newt is saying we have an alternative. like i said, 80% of the voting g.o.p.ars are -- >> bob: i tell you, if he was a bowling ball he'd go down the alley straight. >> dana: that is how you get a strike. >> greg: they are starting
11:31 pm
to work because it makes them less independent. rather have him on the government -- >> kimberly: now he is happy. >> bob: you two guy goes to crazy land. the department of labor wants to do with children under 16. >> greg: my point! >> dana: my point is what great said. agriculture coming up with rules to prevent children under 16 having to get toork on other farms. intentions were good. but the reality is the west is up in arms. not a good policy. >> greg: if you see a cow give birth you can change a kid's diapers. >> kimberly: this is overbroad. >> bob: can i make a point. children die six times more on a farm under 16 than any other occupation except for mining.
11:32 pm
that is something to take in account. 16-year-old kid driving a backhoe ain't a good idea. >> dana: we should send occupy wall street people to farm. >> bob: send eric and greg. now you're pushing me. >> eric: i have a hunch more kids die using drugs in inner city not working on farms than ones working on farms. >> bob: coming up, we do a little secret santa. the five of us next. i want bolling so bad. i got a present for him. ♪ ♪
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and my colleagues with "the five." ♪ ♪
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>> kimberly: welcome back to "the five." down o capitol hill, senators want to have the first ever secret santa gift exchange. it's precious, very cute. "saturday night live" had some fun with the idea. >> the number of senators will participate in a secret santa gift exchange to involve members from both parties. the way it works the democrats will give the republicans a gift. and that's it. >> kimberly: i like that. do you think this is a good idea try to foster bipartisanship? >> dana: yeah, it's good. secret santa is a nice tradition. it always enjoyed it. it's fun especially when it lasts five days and only $1 a day or something, candy bar. that's showing my age because inflation would not allow for that anymore. but i like it. it's good. >> kimberly: that is good. what about the person that gets you like the bad gift? greg, you know, you're like wow, what a cheapskate.
11:39 pm
>> greg: how shocking it was to see saturday night live poke fun of the republicans. breaking new ground. the secret santa thing is disgusting. we were told when obama was election it would be a transparent administration. and now they are doing a secret santa. hypocrisy. i want impeachment. >> bob: people from iowa will give corn dogs. the people from alabama give something with crimson tide on it. the people from wyoming are going to give oil rigs. >> kimberly: beef jerky. >> bob: right. >> greg: hawaiian currency. >> bob: or obama's berth is birh certificate. this is terrible. it should lighten the mood up there. prozac sales gone through the
11:40 pm
roof. what would you like to give to say president obama? >> eric: what is the limit? >> kimberly: $10. >> dana: a $10 limit. >> kimberly: a calculator for the jobs he lost. >> i'd like to give him a clue. >> dana: how much does that cost? >> greg: there is a $10 limit. if it was our money they would be buying each other lamborghinis, but it's their money so it's $10. >> kimberly: you realize this is al franken's idea. >> greg: of course. if it was a republican, the aclu would have stopped it. >> eric: this was a bipartisan effort. >> dana: franken's original idea. >> kimberly: some of them are paperweight. new mexico chili. new hampshire coffee cup. recycled pair of socks. disgusting. gift certificate to a discount
11:41 pm
store. how about a gift certificate to the dollar store? >> bob: department store of muskogee. one thing we don't burn our bras in muskogee and we fire glory proudly at the courthouse. making fun of our producer. have you heard that song? i want to be okie from muskogee? >> dana: home state products can be good. when i worked on chail in the day when -- capitol hill when speaker gingrich was the speaker. if we finished it we could have beers at 6:00 on friday. coors company supplied the delegation for the product. we felt bad for iowa people. who do they have in potato chips? >> kimberly: i love poe stay toes. >> eric: or mormons? >> bob: new jersey you give dirty water. >> kimberly: you and jersey. >> bob: i loved jersey. i lived in elizabeth, new
11:42 pm
jersey. >> kimberly: i sense your enthusiasm about the secret santa thing. we'll do it here on "the five." right now, we coincidently has a santa hat. it makes the set almost every other day. >> eric: ladies first. >> kimberly: we know who bob wants to get. it's secret. >> eric: robert? >> kimberly: we will reveal it on the christmas show. secret, secret, secret. >> eric: two left. >> greg: what is this? ooh. >> bob: don't look at me. >> kimberly: is everybody happy. >> bob: whoever has bolling i'll pay you $50. >> eric: that is voter fraud. >> bob: i don't care. $57 for bolling. >> kimberly: bob, we want you to play within the rules, the guidelines. so our secret santa is $20. in the senate they are only doing $10. >> bob: we are not supposed to release this stuff. but can i say something? it's difficult for me to give
11:43 pm
a present to myself. >> kimberly: you didn't. you ruined the surprise! >> dana: do it over in the break. >> dana: mulligan. >> bob: who has bolling? >> kimberly: this is a total disaster. they'll figure it out. they should trade. directly ahead, geg geg, do you remember him? oh, yeah. monologue is coming up next on the donald. amazing. ♪ ♪ ( phone ringing )
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♪ ♪ >> greg: story of my life. welcome back to "the five." some are calling the donald trump debate a side show. others call it a circus. why can't et be both? in a fantasy world that is a preteen bedroom, donald is on the floor playing with his toys and we, the media, cover it all. one day trump has obama ruling the world. another day obama is evil and
11:48 pm
donald rides in to save the day. whatever the game, it's always about him. we cover it because donald is interesting the way a two-headed cat is. some say this is trump selling trump. but i say garbage. how could it help publicize his new book "time to get tough: making america number one again" out this week? it might be great for questions like newt, is it time to get tough and make america number one again? it's got nothing to do with the "apprentice" premier, i'll watch at a trump hotel that i will be bathed in trump control lone. there is no "i" in trump. only rump. but no matter who becomes president, trump has always won. because we're talking about him. i can't help but like the guy. he is putting it all on and gets away with it. i never had so much fun being had. well, once in new orleans a few years ago but i can't talk
11:49 pm
about that. [ laughter ] so dana, you sent me -- over here. [ laughter ] dana, you sent me a scathing article from "national review" about this debate. that just pointed out all of trump's flaws. why is he euro of the republican party, missile defense, healthcare, tax hikes, you name it. >> eric: i don't think he is a hero -- >> dana: i don't think he is the hero of the republican party. bob and i agree. we'll mark it down. one thing that the editors were saying is candidates invited to come to the debate should not go. i think the candidates made a big mistake a little while ago. what they should have done is said we are going to run all debate request through the republican national committee as a group and let rnc be a bad guy, if they say yes or no. now the sideshow story is who is going to participate or not. even if you are a good debater, be careful what you wish for at a circus.
11:50 pm
you get peanuts. >> bob: i want to reiterate my offer to make peace with donald trump. i think is a nice guy. i'd like to moderate the debate with you to get substantive questions out. >> kimberly: that seemed sincere, bob. >> bob: it was. why are we doing this again and again. i think it's about ratings. hope it works. find out tomorrow. i don't know why we cover this guy. we pick him up at the bathroom in the morning to put him to bed at night. you can say he is unbelievable success. marketeer, extraordinaire. but politician? what is his endorsement in new hampshire? 61% said i would vote against somebody endorsed by trump. >> kimberly: 60% said it ma -- >> bob: where does this happen?
11:51 pm
nobody should take it seriously. >> eric: he commands respect. >> bob: from who? >> eric: do nothing. i am not going to participate in this. go to google trump dismantles chuck todd and watch seven minutes of the best the you will see. kilreally good. >> eric: he takes apart chuck and the b.s. that goes on across the rockefeller center whenever they are. he takes a part, who spent time in the white house press room. it shows you who donald trump is. by the way, conservative, rush limbaugh, looks at trump and says here is a guy that says it like he means it. sean hannity does. >> greg: he has a lot of media access. >> kimberly: he is worth $7 billion. a ton of air time. let me tell you something. >> bob: what do you think his base is of voters in the republican party? that is my question.
11:52 pm
not far right conservative. not mainstream establish republicans. >> greg: i think his base is the media. >> dana: they're not republicans. he is popular in new york. >> bob: in new york city, you have television and they cover a sewer -- >> eric: why is sarah palin, michele bachmann, rick perry, newt -- >> greg: good questions. i don't know why. >> bob: i assume a bag of money. >> dana: except for ron paul and huntsman. >> greg: you have had two candidates saying they are not going. ron paul and jon huntsman. do you think everybody else will go? they only had newt -- michelle said he'd go. right? >> kimberly: this is a numbers thing. if three or more agree, they all got to go.
11:53 pm
>> bob: if there is one debate to skip, newt, it's this one. he has potential to make a mistake. with trump moderating, god knows it's going to alice in wonderland and hope you will get something reasonable out of it, besides drugs. >> greg: i think it's fun. >> dana: news max is a great organization. i don't think they needed trump. >> kimberly: remember anderson cooper. >> greg: trump did the first reality to host a debate. anderson cooper was. terrific show. you weren't watching tv then. >> bob: i don't watch trump on the "apprentice thing." >> greg: i'm excited. >> bob: are you going to watch this? >> greg: of course i am. tiger woods is back. tim tebow isn't going anywhere. gosh, i love hockey! we'll explain everything. next on "the five."
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if you leave now, i will tepee your house. ♪ ♪
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>> eric: welcome back to "the five." this weekend, tiger woods won his first tournament since his scandal broke two years ago. can he make a full recovery. through the support of the american people. bob, your son is a fantastic golfer. what about this guy? what about woods? >> bob: forget the obvious domestic problems. he had terrible leg problems, knees. keep in mind he is 35, 36 now. >> eric: over the hill! >> bob: in golf. he is chasing jack nicklaus record. i don't think he will make it. but he is a good golfer and the way he looked in the last two hole, he birdieed birdie. tiger could -- >> dana: this is a zoo? birdie, birdie, tiger -- >> bob: sorry. one under par. >> dana: is this espn? >> eric: no. but this should be. take this story. tim tebow another last minute someone called a hail mary wing yesterday for the denver quarterback.
11:59 pm
the conservative christian. the win puts denver in first place and tebow 6-1 and makes bill maher a bigger zero. >> dana: what i love about this, after the win, tebow did his interview, it was so sincere and authentic. part of his appeal. forget the conservative christian piece. if you have a son that is 13 and you want him to have a role model, you could not do better. >> kimberly: i love this kid. i love him. he is fantastic. i am glad he is a man. sticks up for his beliefs and led by faith. a great example for young people. >> greg: i didn't watch. i was watching "top chef." >> eric: of course. bob, did you know there is a new verb? it's called tebowing. i'll do it. >> kimberly: what are you doing? >> eric: you know what is, right? >> kimberly: this is about your athletic prowess? >> eric: teebing. i'm tebowing. >> bob: i know g


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