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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  December 6, 2011 3:00am-6:00am PST

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one woman's explosive luggage almost boards a flight at one of the busiest airports in the country. we'll explain. "fox & friends" starts right now. >> you're watching "fox & friends"! that's a great way to begin your day. >> good morning, everyone. hope you're going to have a great tuesday. brian is back and i'm going to start the show with an admission and a confession that our best that we had -- >> can she have a single for this? >> the best that brian and i had with chris wallace, chris wallace and i bet brian that the packers would beat the giants. yesterday, chris wallace and i were revelling in it. i read sports. i was revelling in it. now i see the giants may have been ripped off from a touchdown! >> look at this. we didn't even discuss this before. it turns out with the game tied at seven, the giants go in for a 14-7, score was called back, said it was out of bounds. upon review, they said it was out of bounds. giants are forced to kick a
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field goal. upon further review, he was inbounds so i'm calling on the nfl to replay the game. tomorrow! at noon. >> fantastic. >> here in studio e! >> no, we need a field because they need to play on a surface. but again, back and forth to the wire, the world champion undefeated packers against the giants, losers of three in a row had giant taunting me in the fourth quarter and then towards the end, the giants marched down with a two point conversion as well as a touchdown to tie the game. i taunted back. and i did something foolish, steve. >> what's that? >> i used twitter. with the game tied, i tweeted to the thousands of people that followed me. >> you would think mr. former congressman weiner would have taught you about responding on twitter. >> i don't think he included pictures. >> no photos. >> no photos. anyway, we'll see what chris wallace thinks about it on friday when he joins us. fox news alert, homicide bomber blew himself up outside of a mosque in kabul, afghanistan leaving 48 people dead. men, women and children were
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celebrating their shiite holiday when the attack happened. afghan officials say that about another 100 people were injured. and in the city, seven other people killed when a bomb strapped to a bicycle exploded and another bombing in kandahar reportedly killing five people including two police officers. the high-tech drone that went off course and crashed in iran is assumed to be intact and could give away now u.s. technology secrets? this according to a senior u.s. military official. the sentinel is designed to fly level and land safely even when it gets lost. has cutting-edge stealth technology. iran and its allies could exploit. yesterday we reported some of that is encrypted. maybe that's now changed. thousands of occupiers from all over the country now uniting in washington, d.c. the new week-long protest known
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as "take back the capitol" plans to push members of congress of doing something about unemployment. it comes as lawmakers decide whether to extend the payroll tax cut and unemployment benefits. they expire at the end of the month, the payroll tax cut because the super committee couldn't come up with any decisions. shocking discovery for tsa agents. this happened at newark airport at new jersey. they found five grenades in the luggage of a woman trying to board a flight to belgium. she was allowed to board her flight only after turning it over to tsa officials. they did not say why she was carrying the grenades. >> maybe she was going fishing. >> yeah. you're tired of baiting the hook. why not just blow up the lake? let's talk about a brand new poll that's out. find out how we're doing in iowa according to the polls with herman cain in, correct, before he officially dropped out. here's how it looks. >> according to "the washington
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post"/abc poll of likely caucus voters, newt gingrich leads mitt romney and ron paul tied at 18% apiece at 33. interestingly enough, rick perry back in double digits. when you look at the details of this particular poll, there are a couple of interesting things. when asked why you support newt, 70% of the people in iowa say because of his political experience. 38% say because of his stand on illegal immigration. as for mitt romney, why do you like him? 61% say because he's a smart business guy. >> interesting. then we go to new hampshire. that's been the long stalwart strong hold for mitt romney. he has a home there. he was the governor of massachusetts. i find it fascinating while we've seen gingrich skyrocket up in iowa with basically no ground game there, for much of the time leading up to now, he's risen in new hampshire but hasn't come close to mitt romney. so here you have mitt romney at
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39%. newt gingrich at 23% and ron paul at 15%. ron paul is third place in both of those states, folks. so people who are writing him off, i don't know, maybe not so much. >> yeah. and those two polls are out. really no surprising -- there's one national poll out that shows herman cain, a lot of his supporters went over to newt by a few percentage points. what happens when you're on top? gun slingers come out and start taking shots at you. i was expecting democrats to come after him. newt gingrich is getting shots from republicans. peter king said i think he has the temperament, discipline or ego control, i don't think he has, to be a successful nominee or president, a few others weighed in. but this i was expecting. just not this specific. former speaker nancy pelosi on newt gingrich. she happened to be on the committee that was investigating her so-called ethics violations. she said we looked through thousands of pages for about a
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year. >> sure, and she's ready to dump a truckload full of dirt on newt, she says. she says i served on the investigative committee that investigated him. four of us locked in a room in an undisclosed location for a year. 1,000 pages of stuff. she also went on to say one of these days we'll have a conversation about newt gingrich when the time is right. i know a lot about him. you got to figure, isn't the stuff that goes on in those -- in those private, secret rooms private and secret? newt gingrich says it is. and he's got the law on his side. here he is. >> first of all, i want to thank speaker pelosi for what i regard as an early christmas gift. >> why's that? >> she's suggesting she's going to use material that she developed while she was on the ethics committee. that is a fundamental violation of the rules of the house and i would hope that members would immediately file charges against her the second she does it. >> that's accurate. let's remind folks what newt
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gingrich was reprimanded had for in the 90's. he was fined $300,000. the allegation was that he used tax-exempt funds for political purposes while teaching a college course. now, he went on to say that of the 80 some alleged violations, that he was only guilty of one and it was because he didn't really read clearly through a letter from a lawyer. but be that as it may, it was interesting. leader pelosi did come back out and clarify her remarks and said that she would only release information that was already on public record so apparently one of her aides got to her quick to say you know what? you would be in violation of house rules if you did come out with anything that was classified. >> oh, yeah. >> you know what newt has, newt has what the president has. the president can look at bad data, come out and look so composed and clear and things don't seem that bad. when you look at newt gingrich, every time you fire him, he's never rattled. he seems to know exactly where he's going with it. he's got a myriad of facts to back it up and he moves on so you read -- you read nancy pelosi's quote which i did on my
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blackberry yesterday thinking what is newt going to say? look how he handled that. >> absolutely. meanwhile, newt yesterday was at trump towers, a mile within where we're sitting right now, and he sat down with donald trump and i heard newt say on the radio, rather sean hannity say apparently there was some talk about newt gingrich winding up with donald trump's endorsement. no endorsement has been offered or tendered. nonetheless, newt is the first person who has accepted donald trump's invitation to be at his news max debate which comes up the 27th day of december. now, somebody who donald specifically said was not invited is john huntsman. john huntsman was on this channel yesterday and said wait a second, i don't even want to go. after he said that, donald trump had to respond. listen to this. >> i'm not gonna kiss his ring and i'm not gonna kiss any other part of his anatomy. this is what's wrong with
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politics. it's show business over substance. if he had any courage at all. he would be running for president of the united states of america as opposed to manipulating the process from the outside. this is about real issues, not about your business. >> he called my office, wanted a meeting. i didn't give it to him. maybe i should have. i didn't give it to him but he wanted to come up and see me and i see him in a debate saying unlike you people, i didn't go and see donald trump. >> sour grapes, maybe? >> to a certain point, i believe that this doesn't matter in the voters' minds. i think what they like about trump, what they liked about him initially is that he told it like it was and they were just clamoring for somebody in society to do that. so is the trump endorsement a really important thing? i mean, i think imagery is so important in presidential politics right now and i think it's important to see that certain candidates come and meet with him and yes, i'm sure they all want his endorsement but does it really matter to you when you were asked that in the polls who would you like, was it
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the lunching question, who would you most likely to lunch with -- >> would it make it more or less likely to vote for the candidate or not make a difference to your vote? >> most likely only 6%, less likely, 31%. i mean, that's a huge significant difference there. >> you know who this helps? john huntsman. if you can get in a sparring session with the world's most famous millionaire who has a best selling book out and joining us in an hour, then people will respond. >> they're both billionaires. >> more is his dad who is helping in his campaign because he's a little short of money. we're talking about john huntsman because he's taking on donald trump. i think it helps huntsman. >> coming up, a democratic strategist who says whether or not it's a good idea to participate in the trump debate and mr. trump will joi us live. as for you out there in tv land right now, what do you think? do you -- you know, so far, only newt according to our calculations has accepted the
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donald's invitation to be on the news max debate and a lot of the establishment are saying it's a laughingstock. people can't go on that because it's beneath people that want to be president of the united states. do you feel like that? >> once upon a time, the race was on a pedestal. now we have all these different sources and venues. why not? >> it's more complicated than that. it's too prime. that argument and also that donald trump may still run for president! so should somebody who is still going to run for president be moderating a debate? to me, that's more of a critical issue that you guys will decide. let us know. >> coming up on the show, first christmas tree is a classic christmas plant under attack. a school banning poinsettias because their red leaves might be considered offensive. is that true? >> the head of the f.a.a., what got him grounded this morning? may also end his career. right back live from new york city.
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>> well, it is the debate that everybody was talking about, real estate mogul donald trump's tv debate but as we told you, ron paul and john huntsman are refusing to attend it. >> wow, paul releasing a statement saying "this election of a reality television personality to host the presidential debate that voters nationwide will be watching is beneath the office of the presidency." so should other candidates decline the invite? >> republican strategist brad todd joins us from our nation's capital. good morning to you, brad. >> good morning, steve, brian. >> all right. we'll put up a graphic that shows who's in and who's out. we mentioned earlier that newt was in. apparently, michelle bachmann has accepted as well and rick santorum, you can see huntsman and also ron paul are out. still up in the air, rick perry
3:16 am
and mitt romney. should they attend? >> absolutely not. you know, well, i mean, the donald says he's a ratings machine but so is snooki but we're not asking her to run a presidential debate. it's a side show, you know, i've waited for a year to agree with ron paul on something and now he got it, something i agree with him on. >> i think you're putting snooki and donald trump in the same category for no apparent reason because you have donald trump who just put a book out on economic foreign policy. a guy that's been talking about national issues for at least 18 months in a public forum and he feels as though his questions are relevant because they were resonating with america. >> donald trump alternating between being serious and a cartoon within the same 15 minutes. there are a lot of candidates who need air time for sure because they can't afford to pay for it. let's be real. the debates are on more often than csi. we don't have a shortage of debates in this race for
3:17 am
president. >> well, remember, donald trump was number one among potential republicans running for president of the united states. number one in the polls for a while. he is the host of one of tv's most popular shows, "the apprentice" and he's also one of the -- america's most successful businessmen. you put that all together. >> that's not snooki. >> you have a show that would be interesting. auto -- >> you have a show that will draw ratings. ron paul is right. i've waited a year to say that. it's beneath the dignity of the presidency. if barack obama wanted to go on his show and he could tell his he's fired, that might be good for the country. i don't think a debate with donald trump is going to further this. >> i think the other important point that you're missing is that donald trump will be of asking the questions much like people on facebook or you tube are asking questions. should we not have facebook and you tube questions because they're common people?
3:18 am
why have somebody who is extraordinarily successful because you don't like the phrasing of his questions or the way they're delivered and we have to say you're too rich to ask questions? >> no, i think he needs to get a serious hair do first off. >> that has nothing to do with it. come on! >> no, look, we have plenty of opportunities to see these candidates in a debate. if i was advising a presidential candidate, i would tell them to spend that night in a town hall meeting in des moines, iowa or teletown hall with 50,000 americans who could join in. this is all about donald trump and not about any of the candidates, not about any of the solutions. even donald trump's attempts to be serious is about donald trump. i don't think he's quite yet earned a stature of hosting a republican debate. >> all right. brad todd, thank you very much for joining us from our nation's capital. keep in mind, however, newt gingrich who is the frontrunner is going to donald trump's debate. thank you, sir. >> ok. 18 minutes after the hour. breaking news coming in from the middle east. what's about to happen to usama
3:19 am
bin laden's widow and children inside that compound during the raid to kill him? we'll tell you. >> and take a trip back to the days of margaret thatcher. there's a lot of lessons d.c. can learn from the iron lady. details straight ahead. my name is robin. i'm a wife, i'm a mom... and chantix worked for me. it's a medication i could take and still smoke, while it built up in my system. [ male announcer ] along with support, chantiis proven to help people quit smoking.
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>> all right. quick headlines now beginning with the fox news alert. fox news sources confirming pakistan will soon release two of usama bin laden's widows and two of his children. they'll be flown to saudi arabia and they've been held by pakistani forces for interrogation since the raid that killed usama bin laden months ago and blago is back in court for sentencing hearing. that will be today. prosecutors want the former illinois governor to get 15 to
3:23 am
20 years behind bars for trying to sell president obama's senate seat. he learns his fate tomorrow. i turn you to gretch right now. >> thank you, brian. she was the first and britain's only female prime minister thus far. and over the years, margaret thatcher proved to be tough as nails, a characteristic highlighted by meryl streep in the upcoming film "the iron lady." >> the falkland islands belong to britain and i want those back! >> if we are going, we have to go now! >> we will stand on principle. or we will not stand at all! >> so what can we learn? the lessons from the iron lady? i'm joined now by historian and author of "why margaret thatcher matters" claire bralinski. great to see you. >> and you. >> i'm looking forward to seeing this film and your book is spectacular. you lived in great britain during the time that margaret thatcher was in power. what was so fascinating about her to you? auto >> she was a complex,
3:24 am
extraordinary, multifacetted personality and she loomed large over britain. while i was there, i was studying at the university, very left wing, extremely controversial. i would say she was loathed, in fact, by many of my fellow students and i found myself admiring her tremendously. i was there when she resigned. there were celebration when's she resigned. i became more interested in her after her time in power looking back on her retrospectively. because i saw that she had changed the world. she had changed the world permanently. she had changed what everyone believed was possible about the repeal of socialism before thatcher, before reagan, it was not -- many people believed that once you went that direction, you couldn't go back. >> that's very interesting because now we're looking at present day but let's go back first to when she took over, the economy in great britain was chaotic to say the least. what did she do?
3:25 am
>> what's really important to understand is that she didn't do it right away, that the first two years in power were a disaster, cities went up in flames. it was very harsh medicine. she rolled back the state. she sold off council houses which are the equivalent, i suppose, of housing projects. she opened the stock market to traders foreign and domestic. she reformed the banking sector. she privatized -- she privatized, she privatized, she privatized. >> she also lowered taxes for the rich. >> uh-huh. >> and capital gains. and then what happened to the economy? >> even the talk about lowering taxes, the most important thing to remember is that industries, many industries in britain were owned by the state and had been since the second world war and she privatized them and this was dramatic. dramatic inity -- its effect. >> it takes a while before it improves.
3:26 am
there's a terrible period before it does. this point should be stressed. anybody that thinks we get a conservative in office and the next day it will be better shouldn't have that expectation. we don't roll these things back easily or without pain. >> what would she say, then? would she apply the same medicine to the united states right now and for that matter, to europe in crisis? >> yes. yes, she would. she would be appalled by the degree to which the economy of the united states has come under state control. she would certainly advise, sound money thrift. now, another point that i think is very important to stress is that in recent years, people have blamed thatcherite deregulation for the present economic crisis and that's a complete misconception. the kind of deregulation she proposed had nothing to do with the kind of regulations or deregulation that we're looking at now as the cause or one of the causes of the recession. the kinds of complex financial instruments that we're looking
3:27 am
at right now didn't exist when she came to power. and the idea that she would have proposed leverage in the economy, hyperleveraging the economy in the way it was is ridiculous. she was completely against that. >> well, it's an amazing look at who margaret thatcher was and now we have the movie to go to as well. check out your book, the author of "why margaret thatcher matters" thanks so much for your perspective. coming up on our show, this isn't a extraordinary mug shot. it's the head of the f.a.a. and he's grounded now. will it actually end his career? first, it was christmas trees and now a classic christmas plant under attack. are poinsettias too religious for the classroom? oh accident -- oh, my goodness. we report, you decide. happy birthday to hollywood director behind hits like "knocked up" and "40-year-old virgin" happy birthday. people love the surf & turf. you can't go wrong.
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3:32 am
you got to get that out of here. they made them move. >> that's so on point. >> right in -- >> and from on point to poinsettias, there apparently is an elementary school in stockton, california, where the teachers were told, apparently they had a conversation with their bosses, they can't have things that remind people of the christmas season like poinsettias or santa in their classes because it might offend people who are not christians. >> because it says they might have -- it says the district office wants to remind everyone when displaying holiday decorations in and around the school to be mindful of no religious affiliation anyone, i.e. santa. who doesn't pray to santa? poinsettias and christmas trees. >> look, snow flakes and snowmen. it's ok. >> to think i thought the alert was going to be that dogs shouldn't eat poinsettias
3:33 am
because they're poisonous to a dog. >> it takes a lot to kill my mountain dog. >> this gets me so upset. i might have to leave for these future discussions. >> really? this happened at claudia ledine elementary school in stockton, california. if you see gretchen coming your way -- >> aren't we more concerned in schools about our kids actually getting an education? hello! now we're wasting time drying up publicity and documents and having arguments and discussing stories and having tv stations come out to do interviews with school administrators, shouldn't they be in the schools actually teaching our kids and who gives a rip about whether or not a white or red poinsettia for that matter is in the school. it doesn't have jesus on it. get over it. >> what do you think about snow flakes in stockton, california? >> they're dreaming of something, a white christmas, perhaps. you're making your argument that says look, we're in the business of teaching the kids stuff. just filling their heads full of facts, we don't need to have them distracted by things that are of a holiday nature.
3:34 am
>> go in and interview every kid in that school and ask them what the plant is called. i bet you only 1% can tell you the name it was and then ask them does that signify christmas to you? i bet they say no. >> ask them if they have gym today and do they have their suits? >> exactly. >> here the response to fox news radio, he had the story, we don't want the public office to represent a specific religious affiliation unless we are formally teaching topics regarding those affiliations so i guess it would be ok, then, if they were teaching the christmas story, then, to have stuff in there just if they're not gonna, you can't do it. >> one of the other rationals was that the school administrator specifically mentioned that the first sikh temple is located in their city. they don't want to offend those people. >> they seek not to offend. who knows? i think i just offended some sikhs. 26 minutes before the top of the hour. read me some. >> all right, brian. four people including a baby boy
3:35 am
killed last night in a rampage inside a home in bayonne, new jersey. gunman eventually turned the gun on himself. they heard people fighting in the house before 20 shots were fired. one person did survive that shooting in bayonne. >> the head of the federal aviaon administration taking a leave of absence now after being busted for driving drunk. here's randy babbitt's mug shot taken after police allegedly caught him driving on the wrong side of the road in northern virginia. a deputy is filling in while babbitt's bosses decide whether they have a future with the f.a.a. >> new information about the couple living in the welfare mansion in seattle. they reportedly received $135,000 in federal assistance at taxpayers' expense. while living in the $1.2 million lakefront home. >> that's great! >> yeah. prosecutors say the woman was getting $1,200 a month for the government to pay her rent. her landlord is allegedly her husband, a chiropractor who drives a jaguar and allegedly
3:36 am
scammed the system using his office as his home address. >> all right. would you rather pay an a.t.m. fee or watch a commercial? a new york company called free a.t.m.'s nyc has come up with a brilliant idea to replace a.t.m. fees with a paid advertise. -- advertisement. this type of a.t.m. being used at a bar in brooklyn. they hope to expand to banks and other businesses. how long do you have to watch the ad, i wonder? 30 seconds. >> i don't know. i'd rather watch the ad than pay the $3. that will buy you a beer at that bar. >> not that i'm taking a beer at 6:36 in the morning. 6:37, a different story. >> i'd wait until noon. widely scattered showers from new england down through portions of the deep south along the gulf coast. we got some snow around the porp portions of the great lake states. cloud cover in the central plain states and it's cold out west.
3:37 am
you got 1 in rapid city and 1 in boulder. you got a dozen in albuquerque. 40's in new england. 60's in the mid atlantic down through florida and 40's currently in portions of texas. today's daytime highs are only 41. another chilly day in the big d of dallas. 31 in kansas city, missouri. kansas city, kansas, probably about the same. 38 today in chicago and it looks like 61 should be the daytime high in new york city. if you're lucky enough to live in florida, today a beautiful day in tampa and 81 degrees. all right. tuesday morning, monday night football. >> yeah, are you ready for some last place football? it was monday night football the way it ought to be. two teams with nowhere to go and nowhere to play. let's play some football. chargers were evidence to be good. they have phillip rivers taking on the jacksonville jaguars. two minutes until half to him, rivers, vincent brown makes the catch. 17-14. after the chargers interception,
3:38 am
rivers, another chance before halftime. two touchdowns in 70 seconds. chargers roll to a victory. they just changed owners and coaches. all star shortstop jose raez may be the newest resident but marlins could catch another big fish. agents for albert pujols met and talks were very positive. i don't know where they get this money from. maybe they borrowed it from stuart varney. raez just signed a contract with the marlins. coming up on radio, governor bob earl will be joining us, robert costa from national review and andrea tantaros who i've never met and you'll be there, too. and gretchen carlson will be there in the first hour. right? >> yeah. >> all right. meanwhile, the majority leader, harry reid offering what he describes as a compromise on the payroll tax extension. here's harry yesterday. >> we know congress can't afford to play chicken with the
3:39 am
economy. that's why democrats are committed to passing this tax cut. republicans need to be prepared to meet us part way. we're offering a serious proposal with meaningful concessions including spending cuts to what republicans have already agreed. >> but some g.o.p.ers say that proposal would still do little to boost the economy. stu varney is here now. stu, i'm going to propose this to you. i think this payroll tax holiday is the new norm just like high gas prices. people are now used to not paying the payroll tax. >> you might be right. i mean, this -- after one year, we've had this payroll tax cut. eliminated. >> wasn't it a republican idea originally? >> i believe it was. the proposal is to extend it for another year and you're saying, well, maybe we'll ex tend is forever because we've gotten used to it. which politician could bring it back? that's a fair point. but right now it's a case of same old, same old, same old and the public is really angry about this because we're going to get right down to the end of the
3:40 am
year, we do not know whether we're going on have higher payroll taxes next year or keep them where they are now. we do not know. it's going to go right down to the wire all over again. >> here's the thing that, unfortunately, a lot of people don't realize. that social security, where is that funded? from the payroll tax, if we're going to reduce that, that means we're taking money out of the social security kitty and we have to take it out of the general fund. >> yes. president obama is just playing politics here. and so are all the politicians, they're just playing politics. a lot of posturing. >> they're going to extend it. it's how to pay for it. >> it's going to go to the wire over again. nothing is going to g done until the last second in some hopeless compromise. who is telling me? i've asked every democrat i know, how many jobs will this payroll tax holiday extension take. how many? >> stuart, but in the big picture, the -- in the specifics, i should say, the democrats came out and said, look, we'll put a millionaire's tax on and make it less and make it only a year, isn't that
3:41 am
showing compromise? >> it's for 10 years, the surcharge goes in for 10 years and they've wiped out the possible tax break they were going to give to small businesses. it isn't much of a compromise, isn't it? >> 10 years, that proves the first point this will become the new norm now. now, this is -- now, we're -- we already can't pay social security. and now we're going to never fund it by workers who go to work every day. we're going to have millionaires pay for that, too? >> that's a possibility. meanwhile, president obama is about to leave for a 17-day trip for hawaii. >> do you blame him? >> this is occupy ohawu and in 17 days, our national debt goes up $70 billion. and we're fooling around, tinkering with some payroll tax holiday extension. we don't know whether we're going to get it or not. i mean, what a mess! >> that's funny, occupy owahu. o.o. stuart, we're going to be watching you today at 9:20 eastern time on fox business.
3:42 am
>> got it. thank you. >> thank you, sir. >> do you want your skinny caramel macchiato with a shot of whiskey? sign me up! starbucks about to expand their menu. they have whiskey shots now? >> liquor license for every starbucks and so much for the constitution. judge napolitano says the white house happens to be breaking not just one but several of our founding fathers' rules. he breaks it down. we're talking unconstitutional and judge napolitano, he's out of his depth. ♪ i'm burning out this useless telephone ♪
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>> forget lattes, starbucks
3:46 am
will be brewing up beer at some chicago locations after selling beer and wine in a handful of stores in the pacific northwest, the chain announcing it is taking the concept to chicago next year and it could go nationwide. i thought it was whiskey in my coffee! i'm so upset now. brian, judge, can you do something about that? >> we'll see what we can do, see if that's constitutional. >> beer and coffee? >> not what jefferson had in mind! the judge is here. just a second, judge. everybody acts surprised at home. the health care law is president obama's landmark piece of legislation but also headed to the supreme court where it could be overturned because of the individual mandate. that's not the administration's only decision that has some questioning if the president is in fact violating the constitution. fox news senior judicial analyst and host of "freedom watch" on the couch from the fox busine network, judge andrew napolitano. some examples of unconstitutional behavior. you'd like me to start with the chrysler bailout. what's unconstitutional about that? >> people loaned money to chrysler and chrysler had an obligation to pay it back. when chrysler went bankrupt, the
3:47 am
white house came in and persuaded judges to dishonor those loans and the money that chrysler had remaining in the bank account, give it to the labor unions who voted for president obama who supported him financially instead of to the bondholders and the people who had loaned money to chrysler. that violated 600, if you go back to the beginning of bankruptcy in england, 600 years of bankruptcy law in which people who loaned money to the bankrupt get paid back first. >> dodd-frank, a lot of people don't like it, i didn't know it was constitutional. >> if you and i want to put our money together and give it to gretchen to invest because we like her and we trust her, should we need the government's permission? dodd-frank says yes. and dodd-frank says if you're going to do that, we will decide whether or not it's a prudent investment. the constitution says you can dispose of your property however you want. >> let's end the way we started, the health care waivers, health care, wait a second, i love it, but i just don't want it for me. i want a waiver and the federal government gave waivers. >> the constitution requires
3:48 am
that the government treats similarly situated people in a similar way so how could the president say to new york, you have to establish a health care exchange but florida, you don't have to. the president should not have that type of discretion to enforce a law or not enforce a law he has to enforce all the laws. that's what the constitution says. >> judge, overarching. you have so many more examples of our constitutional action. why hasn't there been in action on this in the courts? >> because some judges think that the congress should be able to do virtually whatever it wants when it regulates the economy and other judges enforce the constitution. and it just depends on which judge these cases get to. ultimately, these cases will all get to the supreme court. >> i'm sure, judge, you'll be talking about that on "freedom watch" tonight. amongst your guests, senator lee will be joining you. >> yes, he will. whether or not the president can arrest americans and send them to gitmo. >> only man with a torso shot on his promo. the smooth talking 9-year-old in big trouble, listen.
3:49 am
>> i think i did wrong because it was all i did was call him cute. >> the kid is suspended for sexual harassment. hear from the boy in his own words and her son died fighting for the country he loved. the only way this mother could find closure is retracing his every step. you'll meet her next. with no? ♪ [ gong ] strawberry banana! [ male announcer ] for a smoothie with real fruit plus veggie nutrition new v8 v-fusion smoothie. could've had a v8. newmy dis best absorbedlcium in small continuous amounts. only one calcium supplement does that in one daily dose. citracal slow release... continuously releases calcium plus d for the efficient absorption my body needs. citracal. so i'm glad it's with fidelity. they offer me one-on-one guidance to help me choose my investments. not just with my savings plan here at work.
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>> welcome back. on memorial day in 2007, memorial day itself, lieutenant kyle west was killed by an i.e.d. in iraq while trying to save another group of american soldiers. well, to deal with her loss, kyle's mother did an extraordinary thing. she decided she wanted to go to iraq for herself to retrace her son's footsteps. nanette west, the mother joins
3:53 am
us live right now from austin, texas. thank you very much for joining us live. >> thank you. >> why did you decide you wanted to go to iraq after your son kyle was killed? >> i just felt the need to find out what he was doing and how he died and what all of the soldiers were doing over there to get in perective of why he lost his life and how he lost his life and i needed to touch it and to feel it and to be a part of who he was and what he was when he had -- when he died. >> i think that's a natural inclination of a parent. what happened to my son? i've got to see it with my own two eyes. so initially, you tried to enlist in the army. but they said sorry, nanette, you're a little older than people were looking for right now. you instead wound up working for a defense contractor doing all sorts of logistics and you were there for two years and you found that to be very satisfying because you were able to do what? >> well, it was extremely
3:54 am
satisfying. i was able to see what he was doing. see the type of lifestyle that he was living the last eight months of his life. and i was able to be a part of what he was a part of. and help the soldiers from my -- from what i could do for them and support them and give them what they need to carry on their jobs. and it was just an extremely overwhelming amazing experience to be there with the military. >> sure. and i understand you were able to ride in a bradley. you were also able to see the memorial that your son's unit had erected as to honor your son. and you spent time with kyle's unit and they told you more about your son than you knew, didn't they? >> oh, yes. oh, yeah. things your child is not going to tell you but he did an amazing job and the soldiers trusted him and believed in him
3:55 am
and it's -- it's just amazing to hear these stories and it's very honorable. it puts me at peace with his death and his passing and makes me realize that he was the best he could be and we all need to learn from that. and we need to do the same. >> what a story. i understand, nanette, you want to help other military families who are going through the loss of a loved one in iraq or afghanistan by sharing your story. what's the reaction been so far? >> there are several that have a hard time. i mean, it's your child and it's a piece of your soul that you lose and if i can help them understand what a great job that they were doing and that they were doing something they were passionate about, and lost their life doing that, it's honorable. it' was in life.
3:56 am
and we need to take note that we still have a life here and we still need to do what we can do, you know, for our own passions and our own life while we are here. do like they did. they gave up the ultimate sacrifice and they moved on. and we're still here. so we need to pick it up. we need to pick up the pace and get out there and do what we can do. >> there you go. all right. well, i know it is a very personal story and we thank you so much for sharing it with us. nanette west, the mother of first lieutenant kyle west joining us from austin. thank you. >> thank you. >> great. all right. straight ahead on "fox & friends" for this tuesday, mitt romney not ready to attack his opponents but he is taking a swing at the president. but were his comments over the line? we're going to report and you're gonna decide. and then bibles banned from walter reed? what in the world is going on?
3:57 am
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test strips make testing... easy? easy. great. call or click-- we'll send you strips and a meter, free. free is good. freestyle lite test strips. call or click today. >> top of the morning to you. it's tuesday, december 6th. i'm gretchen carlson. thank you for spending your morning with us. these two fighting to be america's top dog. neither wants to be an officer insider. who is the real career politician? hear from both candidates and then you can decide. >> john huntsman talking tough declining donald's debate. >> i'm not gonna kiss his ring or kiss any other part of his anatomy. >> but trump says there's a lot more to that story. he'll be with us. >> stand by for some bean spilling. and a 9-year-old kicked out of school for calling his teacher cute? that kid is speaking out for the first time. you're gonna want to hear it. "fox & friends" hour two for a tuesday starts right now.
4:01 am
>> hey, this is snooki from "jersey shore" and you're watching "fox & friends." >> thank you very much, snooki. joining us today on "fox & friends", as you can see left of the screen, steve king, the esteemed congressman from the great state of iowa. who is going to wind up with his endorsement in that all important caucus state? we'll talk to him shortly. >> and the second gentleman there is a guy running ford motor company right now and doing a bang-up job at that. we'll ask him about the bailout situation. remember, ford was the only car company american made that did not accept bailout dough. >> we talk to laura ingraham and senator john mccain will be joining us talking about any payroll tax compromise coming down the pike and staggeringly bad situation in pakistan as we are in a stalemate and forced to evacuate a base along with iran getting our drone with top level technology and i was just reading donald trump's book and i love this excerpt and i wonder if this is -- is this all true?
4:02 am
>> i don't know. what's it say? >> he talks about "fox & friends." he mentions our name and says they're smart, quick, funny and really know what's going on. >> it's actually printed in each and every book, too. >> really? are you sure this isn't just for me? >> no, i saw it as well. so the donald will be joining us as well as senator john mccain so we got a busy couple of hours. about a half-hour ago, we told you about a story in stockton, california, where the teachers were told they can't have anything to remind kids of christmas including images of santa or even poinsettias. we asked you for comments and the e-mail machine is still red hot. >> yeah, last time -- unless it's jesus dressed up as santa, i don't get it. here's mike in maryland. how are the school officials teaching kids to be tolerant and respectful of other views and opinions by demonstrating intolerance to christians? yep. >> poinsettias -- this is from kentucky. poinsettias are seasonal plants, not religious. what's next? banning tulips and other spring flowers associated with easter?
4:03 am
suppress your tulips! they are a decoration used around christmas, much the same as snowmen, bells and santa. however, whether it will be p.c. not to offend christians? when will it be p.c.? >> when it's gone! >> snow flakes and snowmen are absolutely ok. that reminds the school board of the winter but it comes to anything red, it reminds people of santa which reminds people of christmas. >> that's how crazy it is. it takes us actually about 30 seconds to get through to the main point because now they've kicked it so far back as to what might remind people of christmas, it's just ridiculous. anyway, keep letting us know what you think about it. we got to do some headlines beginning with the fox news alert. any moment now, families in a cleveland, ohio, neighborhood will have closure at last. these are live pictures coming out of cleveland. you're about to see the destruction of a home once inhabited by one of our nation's worst serial killers. anthony sowell murdered 11 women inside that home and buried their bodies in his basement and backyard. he started killing in 2008 after
4:04 am
he was released from prison. no one seemed to notice until late 2010 when a woman he abducted managed to escape. just this past summer, well was charged with 85 counts of rape and murder and sentenced to death pending his execution. sources confirming that pakistan will soon release two of usama bin laden's widows and two of his children. they'll be flown to saudi arabia where they'll be free to live wherever they want. they've been held by pakistani forces for interrogation since the raid that killed bin laden. thousands of occupiers from all over the country now uniting in washington, d.c. >> the new week-long protest known as take back the capitol plan to push congress into doing something about unemployment. the rallies happening as lawmakers decide whether they're going to extend the payroll tax cut and unemployment benefits that expire at the end of the month.
4:05 am
he says he just called his teacher cute. but was it sexual harassment? his school says it was. and suspended him for two days. the 9-year-old boy speaking out for the first time saying it was just an innocent comment. >> i didn't think i did that wrong because all i did was call her cute. >> a spokesperson for the north carolina school district later said he was suspended for inappropriate behavior and those are your headlines. hard to imagine the kid would be suspended for calling a teacher cute. maybe there was something else there or i'm not sure. >> so second grade. >> right. >> my teacher always wanted tab and she would ask me to get her a tab. i got her a soda and she said i want to lose weight and i said to her, you don't need to lose weight. you just have big hips. >> what? >> and she was -- thought that was funny. i today in that situation, i could get sued. >> and that's why your education ended at second grade. >> right. they said why don't you go home
4:06 am
today? take this notebook and go home. >> i wasn't quite sure where that story was going when you started with attraction for teachers. >> goes to show you how times have changed. let's talk a little bit about what's going on in presidential politics. there's a brand new "washington post" poll out this morning and it's good news for the guy screen right. we're talking newt gingrich. in the state of iowa. amongst likely caucus voters, he pretty much trounces mitt romney. gingrich gets 33%. romney and paul are tied at 18% and rick perry suddenly back in double digits. he's at 11. >> that's interesting. i will add this, mitt romney has not really focused heavily in iowa on purpose because he did so last time and the ads he's rolling out are not negative like 2008. they are positive. talk about where he wants to lead america and they start rolling out this week. >> newt gingrich has had no organization in iowa either which i think is a fascinating point because many of the old establishment people in party politics say well, they're not doing it the way they're supposed to do it. and he said that about herman cain. and now they -- they're saying
4:07 am
that, i guess, about newt gingrich but look where he is in iowa so do you really need to establish yourself the old-fashioned way that used to work? i don't know. >> the new fashioned way is the debates. we've had 175 of them so far. 300 more to go. up in new hampshire, though, mitt romney, you know, that's really his firewall in the first four. he is leading in only one of the first four contents and as you can see right there, romney at 39%. gingrich at 23%. and 15%, this is from a brand new poll done a couple of days ago. >> the headline that's being hidden in that is that ron paul is in third place in both of those polls. i mean, people keep writing him off but according to these polls as well, he is the one candidate, his supporters will not leave. in other words, when you're asked who do you like and you're asked would you ever change your mind? there's a high percentage that would on the other candidates but for ron paul supporters, they won't and i just bring that up because i think it's interesting that he's third place in both of those states and pretty much been written off
4:08 am
by almost everyone. >> one thing about ron paul, he's consistent. he says the same thing over and over and over again. he's never been chairman of the committee and never been on the record except to be -- for forwarding his theories and one thing about ron paul, too, he could stay in for a long time. it's not winner take all. if you come in third, you get some delegates. you come in third, you get some delegates and then if you, you know, all of a sudden emerge in a state or issue turns your way, you could start getting some momentum but it also allows you to hang in for a while. >> when it comes to mitt romney, so far his approach has been to attack barack obama. let the other republicans attack whoever is coming up behind him and so far, it worked on perry and it worked on cain but now the feeling is, you know, newt gingrich, there are so many conservatives consolidating around him and he's the last guy standing. romney hit back at newt last week. he said look, he's a career politician. >> on our show! >> yesterday, newt returned fire. here's both sides.
4:09 am
>> i must admit that newt has had a very extensive long record of working in washington with various government and nongovernmental agencies and i don't think that's the background that is ideally suited, one to replace barack obama and number two to lead the country. this is not a matter of -- that america needs better lobbyists or better dealmakers. better insiders. i think america needs a leader. >> i don't know that you ought to count running for the senate in 1994, running for governor, then running for president for six years and i don't know if that makes him a career politician or not. i'll let you decide that, you know, it's fair to say i've been a successful candidate a number of times. >> the interesting difference here is that rick perry and herman cain pretty much rose and then fell at their own expense. in other words, actions that they did caused them to fall in the polls. will that happen to newt gingrich? a lot of pundits say he'll be the one to blow himself up.
4:10 am
will that actually happen? that's what happened with the other two and romney sort of stayed stable along the way. >> in terms of the insider premise, you look at mitt romney, up to 1994, he was all in private business and then you have newt gingrich in 1998, he goes into private business. he was in washington. you're writing books, putting out videos. you're doing movies. you are a consultant for various agencies. technically, he went into the private business world later. mitt romney was there first. >> given the whole economic climate right now, they were like who knows most about the economy? that's what it's about. >> a lot of people are saying things like he was disorganized and he was a micromanager. those are the characteristics of somebody that will not be -- go gingrich, that will not be a strong -- >> tom coburn and peter king have specifically come out and said they worked for him during the 1990's. >> now they're turning the big spotlight on newt. it should be white hot over the
4:11 am
next three weeks. >> in the meantime, mitt romney continues to go after barack obama as well, the president and the latest attack plans to do with the vacation plans over the kri mass holiday that the obamas plan to do. it's been reported that it's a 17-day vacation to hawaii. mr. romney had something to say about that. >> i think it's time to have a president whose idea of being hands on does not mean getting a better grip on the golf club. >> all right. so there you go. one other thing, abc says, though, that, you know, the 17 day vacation is not on the books so far. we've heard that number and yet the president himself has said, you know, unless congress does this business before the end of the year, before their christmas recess, the president and the congress should stay in town. even though we've heard 17 days. not officially. so in other words, we don't know exactly when he's going to be able to occupy owahu, o.o. >> steve king referred to as the kingmaker in iowa so who
4:12 am
does he plan to endorse for the republican presidential nomination? the congressman is here next! >> then you know about jon corzine's failed firm, m.f. global. did you know the former democratic governor has a connection to a former u.s. president? >> it's not grant! >> looks like him. [ male announcer ] cranberry juice? wake up! ♪ that's good morning, veggie style. hmmm [ male announcer ] for half the calories -- plus veggie nutrition. could've had a v8.
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trouble sleeping and unusual dreams. my inspiration for quitting were my sons. they were my little cheering squad. [ laughs ] [ male announcer ] ask your doctor if chantix is right for you. >> welcome back. with the iowa caucuses exactly three weeks away from today, this tuesday, the g.o.p. candidates are ramping up their efforts in the hawkeye state. here are a few of the latest campaign ads out this week. >> some people say the america we know and love is a thing of the past. i don't believe that. because working together, i know
4:16 am
we can rebuild america. >> washington elites are wrecking america, destroying our way of life. rick perry isn't from washington. >> want to drain the swamp? ron paul, do it! >> i'm ron paul and i approved this message. >> thank you, mr. paul. will any of those ads sway iowa voters? let's talk to congressman steve king. he represents iowa's fifth congressional district. and he joins us today from the d.c. bureau. good morning to you, sir. >> good morning. thanks for having me on this morning, steve. >> before i ask you about any potential endorsement, a moment ago, we were talking about newt gingrich's skyrocketing poll numbers in iowa, three weeks away. do you think they're going to hold? >> yeah, it's going to be tough for them to hold. it's a phenomenal movement that newt gingrich has had at this point and now i think that, as you said, the scrutiny is going to be white hot over the next few weeks and for him, if he can maintain his momentum over the next two to three weeks and not be pulled down by all that
4:17 am
scrutiny and criticism that's bound from come from all sides, this is the kind of game of king of the hill and they're going to try to pull him down now. if he can hang on to that, he has a great chance to win in iowa. of course, mitt romney is launching up his campaign and making a play for it. we've seen the polls you put on the screen before the break, that's really interesting, steve. >> who are you going to endorse? >> i haven't made up my mind. i want my head and heart to come together behind a single candidate. this is the most difficult decision i have seen. this time it's even harder. >> this time around, something new. donald trump will be hosting a debate with news max coming up two days after christmas. there are a lot of establishment g.o.p.-ers saying it's absolutely beneath anyone seeking the presidency to show up on a program with that guy. what do you think, mr. king? >> i wouldn't agree with that. all these presidential candidates or most of them at least have knocked on donald trump's door to talk to him in private. why wouldn't they want to talk
4:18 am
to him in public in a debate that i think will have the focus of america on it. the last shot of this before we go into the american caucuses, i hope i can be there. i think it's going to be very entertaining and i think donald trump will ask questions that no other moderator has and he'll press in a way that no one has pressed before. >> i think you're exactly right. we were just talking about how some schools out in california are banning poinsettias because they remind people of christmas. tell me about this bible ban at walter reed and what you're doing about it. >> well, i had a memo handed to me last thursday afternoon dated september 14th from walter reed hospital, signed by the chief of staff, and it states on there, it's a five page memo and you get down to the last page, it says that there will be no religious items, i.e. no bibles, no reading material, no artifacts that will be either delivered or used during visits to patients at walter reed and i will tell you when i read that provision in there, i -- it just sent me straight up in the air
4:19 am
to think people are -- they're losing a leg, an arm, they're wounded. some don't survive. even -- once they get to walter reed, they might be on their deathbed and this order says that, for example, a priest can't come in with a bible and use it in a service or a pastor? the eucharist, last rights are written off on this rule and it is crazy. our troops, our soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines fought for and took an oath to the constitution and that includes our religious liberty and they're denied that in a military hospital. >> the good news is, congressman, they say they have now ended the policy. "the instructions about the bibles and reading materials have been rescinded. it will be written into articulate our initial intention which was to respect religious and cultural practices of our patients" and it goes on and on. that's good news. >> well, it's good news. but i haven't seen the new rule yet and i want to scrutinize that one veryclosely. what was the purpose in writing this? it wasn't ambiguous.
4:20 am
it was very clear and no bibles. it doesn't say no qurans, by the way, that crossed my mind but i suppose it's covered in the general language. this administration, this has got from the white house. they have to look at that and think barack obama will approve of this at least. i'll meet with the admiral this afternoon. we'll talk about this. whoever implemented this policy, whoever allowed that to flow through underneath their eyes, there was a reason for it. this is not an accident. and i think the one who initiated it should be dismissed. they poorly served the admiral and if that doesn't happen, i think i'll have to talk to the admiral a little more seriously. >> thanks for taking this seriously and doing something about it. steve king, congressman from the state of my birth, iowa. congressman, thank you very much. >> thank you a lot, steve. >> all right. it's 20 minutes after the top of the hour. he led ford through the recession without a government bailout. then tried to use that in a commercial but the company pulled that ad. was it because the white house complained? we will talk to the ceo of ford. that guy next. then newt takes time to dine with donald trump but a new poll
4:21 am
just out says that might not be such a good idea. dining with the donald and newt coming in a minute. looking good! you lost some weight. you noticed! these clothes are too big, so i'm donating them. how'd you do it? eating right, whole grain. [ female announcer ] people who choose more whole grain tend to weigh less than those who don't. multigrain cheerios... five whole grains, 110 calories. lugging around a hot water extraction unit can be a rush! that's why i'm carpet for life. but if things get out hand, there's no shame in calling us. ♪call 1-800-steemer.
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4:24 am
>> 24 minutes after the top of the hour. a move that's been highly criticized in late 2008, the federal government rescued the u.s. auto industry. both general motors and chrysler received a multibillion dollar bailout from the treasury department. the car manufacturer that did not take the bailout, ford. at the time it was struggling to turn a profit, ford was able to stand on its own and now without a bailout, the company is seeing an era of success fortunately -- joining me now is the ceo of ford. before i get to that, there's a "wall street journal" report out this morning that says you're leaving as the head of ford in two years and you say --
4:25 am
>> it's not true. i love serving ford but i can understand people following ford really closely because it's so important and success is so important to the united states but absolutely not true. >> why would somebody say that? usually you might start hearing rumors if a company isn't doing well but you are doing well. >> ford is doing great and we're making the products that people really do want and value now and we're creating a very strong business and there's always going to be speculation about succession planning but absolutely not true and i absolutely look forward to continue serving ford. >> as you look back now, several years have passed since the whole big bailout story where ford did not take any government money. >> right. >> as you look back, what do you see? what's the big picture to you? >> well, i think the most important thing and we talked -- i remember the last time we talked about it is clearly in 2006, you know, we had some real issues. we were a house of brands. we were very regional company. so we went to work right away. we decided to focus on the ford
4:26 am
brand, laser focus on the ford brand. we decided to commit to a complete family of vehicles. each one would be investing class in terms of safety and smart design. we borrowed $23 1/2 billion and over the last two years, we've paid back over $20 billion of that, gretchen. so i think the fact that you deal with the current reality and move decisively but always with an eye on the long term plan to grow. >> many people said it was because you were in the leadership position. that you had the foresight to go out and borrow that capital before the crunch actually came. do you give yourself that credit? >> well, that was clearly a very important part of the plan. and we started that before the crisis. we knew that we wanted to transform ford based on great products, get back to profitability. actually accelerate the development of the new vehicles but to do that, we wanted to make sure we had sufficient cash and we also borrowed a cushion because we knew the economy was slowing down and fuel prices were going up so we're very pleased we were able to do this without precious taxpayer money. >> one of the most memorable ads
4:27 am
that i've seen in quite sometime was by ford and it had to do with the bailout. watch this. it's not loaded yet. all right, we'll get to that in a minute. it was very instrumental, i think, in reminding people that ford did not take the bailout cash. it was just an average citizen who was up at the podium and now we have it now. >> chris, was buying america important to you? >> i wasn't going to buy another car bailed outy our government. i was going to buy from a manufacturer who is standing on their own, win, lose or draw, that's what america is about. >> i don't know if that was your idea or marketing folks. it was memorable. it didn't run that long and there was a story out there that the white house had actually pressured to take that off the air? >> false. i might comment about this ad. this was a series of ads which were really very special because we interviewed, you know, real customers that had made a purchase with ford. they all had phenomenal stories
4:28 am
about why they chose ford. the quality of the vehicles, the connectivity, the sync, the my ford, the fuel mileage and this one was very interesting, that was very important to him in his purchase. and so we ran the ads, they ran their course. they're still available on line. but just tremendous to have real customers saying why they chose ford. >> that one is not going to come back because so many people said that really struck them and they might go out and buy a ford. there was no politics involved in that. >> not at all. not at all. >> speaking of politics, do you ever publicly endorse somebody who is running for president? >> we do not. i will not personally and will not as a company. it's so important that we -- that we are part of the solution going forward and i just am very gratified that everybody is working on the real issues especially associated with economic development in the united states right now. we will not endorse a specific candidate. >> all right. alan mulally, always great to see you. happy holidays. merry christmas. >> good to see you. drive a ford, feel the difference! >> always a salesman. good to see you.
4:29 am
>> good to see you. >> companies across the country are hiring for the holidays. which ones could be permanent jobs? those are the ones that we want! cheryl casone here to help you out with the top five companies that are hiring. newt agreed to attend donald trump's debate. what about john huntsman? >> i'm not gonna kiss his ring and i'm not gonna kiss any other part of his anatomy. >> whoa. trump says there's a story behind that story. he's kissing and telling next. trump style.
4:30 am
4:31 am
4:32 am
4:33 am
>> let's get to the news. everybody is talking about the presidential election and this is big. two days after stepping down, there are rumors that herman cain is endorsing his former rival newt gingrich. not to be president. to be his new wingman. >> but in fact, he never did announce his endorsement yesterday. it was highly speculated that he was going to announce and it that it would be newt gingrich. they're both from georgia. but that didn't happen. so we'll have to wait and see who herman cain decides. >> we don't have to wait too much longer to have donald trump on, he'll be on in an hour to talk about this controversy swirling around him along with his new book and senator mccain is coming our way. >> plus, the donald, we'll have to ask him later today whether or not his ears have been burning over the past couple of days. it seems like everybody is talking about this trump debate. it's going to be two days after christmas and just a little before the iowa caucuses and
4:34 am
already, three republicans have said they're going to do it, santorum, bachmann and newt gingrich, newt sat down with donald trump over on the top floor of trump towers. you can see him right there. sean hannity also in attendance yesterday. here is the former speaker on why he's going to be in the trump debate. >> donald trump is a great showman, he's also a great businessman. if we're trying to figure out how to create jobs, one of the differences between my party and the other party is we actually go to people who know how to create jobs to figure out how to create jobs and so when i was asked whether or not i'd be willing to be in that kind of debate, i automatically said yes. i think that we have to be open to new ways of doing things and new ways of approaching things. >> he's talking about the lincoln douglas debates and he did that with herman cain. when herman cain was beginning to dive and the huckabee forum, newt gingrich doesn't back off
4:35 am
of anything like that. i wonder if there will be anybody joining donald trump. >> richard hatch, the first survivor. >> naked richard hatch. >> no. i think there are other panelists that their names are escaping me right now. >> wait a second, it's gary busesy. >> this may be true inside baseball a little bit. one of the things that people like newt gingrich, even if you don't agree with him, he comes out with a decision. he comes out right away and says that's ridiculous. that's silly or i'm in and who have we not heard from on this trump debate is mitt romney and a lot of people if they were going to criticize mitt romney would say that he hems and haws and sometimes goes both sides of the fence. have no idea if that is why he hasn't responded yet. it might be one of the reasons why they like it. >> nor do we know rick perry will be at the debate. somebody not invited is john huntsman. we'll play you two soundbites. the first one is mr. huntsman
4:36 am
talking about how he thinks the trump debate is a bad idea but then you'll hear from donald trump himself saying not so fast, mr. huntsman! listen to this. >> i'm not going to kiss his ring. and i'm not going to kiss any other part of his anatomy. this is exactly what is wrong with politics. it's show business over substance. if he had any courage at all, he would be running for president of the united states of america. as opposed to manipulating the process from the outside. this is about real issues. it's not about show business. >> he called my office, i don't know if you know this, wanted a meeting. i didn't give it to him. maybe i should have. i didn't give it to him. he wanted to come up and see me. i see him at a debate and he says unlike you people, i didn't go and see donald trump. >> he was imitating himself. >> he was. >> i think this is brilliant for john huntsman. now he's rebuking donald trump and all his popularity and donald trump is taking him on and people are talking about john huntsman. >> i think it's brilliant for donald trump, he has injected himself into the whole dialogue
4:37 am
once again. for a while, he was number one in the polls on the republican side, he hosts one of the most popular tv shows on tv. clearly, a debate is a tv show. he's one of america's most successful businessmen. so it seems like a win-win situation. >> but the big question is if he's going to still run for president as an independent candidate, he might make that decision after his show is over in may, should he be hosting a debate against people -- >> why not? >> that's kind of a conflict of interest in some way. >> you look at msnbc. >> barack obama hosting a debt bait. >> when msnbc hosted the republican debate, it's part of their business model to effectively destroy the republican party so while those republicans went in, did that debate. besides, we got donald coming up an hour from now and we'll ask him about that and so much more so please stay tuned. >> now, to your headlines, beginning with the fox news alert, live pictures coming out of cleveland, ohio, where moments ago, construction crews started demolishing the home of one of our nation's worst serial
4:38 am
killers, so-called cleveland strangler. >> dozens of the victims' relatives watched screaming halleleujah as the house came tumbling to the ground. he buried their bodies in his basement and in his backyard. he was charged with 85 counts of rape and murder and this past august sentenced to death. brian? >> all right, another developing story. the death toll rising in a homicide bomb blast. outside a mosque in kabul. 54 people now dead. men, women and children celebrating a shiite holiday when the attack happened. afghan officials say at least 160 others hurt and in the city of sharif, four other people were killed when a bomb strapped to a bicycle exploded and
4:39 am
another bombing in kandahar reportedly killing five people including two police officers. >> meanwhile, there's a clinton connection to the m.f. global scandal. "the new york post" is reporting that the bankrupt brokage house run by jon corzine used a consulting firm and president bill clinton worked for that firm. his firm was reportedly paid $625,000 in the months before m.f. global went belly up. unable to account for over a billion dollars of its money -- its customers' money currently, still don't know where it is. >> two shoppers doing ok this morning after getting pepper sprayed by christmas crooks. the attack went down at this nordstrom department store walnut creek, california much the two shoppers tackled the two suspects who tried to steal more than $10,000 worth of designer bags. one of the suspects pepper sprayed the hero shoppers. it didn't work. they managed to hang on to the thieves until police got there.
4:40 am
that's daring. >> here's a great example of instant replay not always telling the whole story. the refs appearing to have blown a huge call in the packers-giants game that jeopardized $10 to me and chris wallace. the tight end for the new york giants appeared to catch a touchdown with his knee inbounds. the ref waved it off and said he was out of bounds. they lose by a field goal. the snapshot shows that he appears very much inbounds. the giants penalized 18 times and half of them were made up -- i made that up, too. it's true 18 times. tom coughlin says he's sick to his stomach having seen that as i give my $10 to chris wallace and interoffice it to washington, i feel the same way. >> i don't think you have to actually pay him off. as i said at the top of the 6:00 hour. >> you think that photographic evidence. >> and i got kind of in on the bet, too, you don't have to pay me. >> you were in. >> you don't have to pay me. i think this is -- >> this is unbelievable. how magnamous of you to tell
4:41 am
wallace he's not in. fantastic. >> take a look at what's going on weatherwise across country and look up, avenue of the americas. in the distance, you can see central park and in the foreground, you can see the taxis and the buses headed up sixth avenue. a little rainy here in new york city but as you can see, the christmas decorations are already up. screen left and, you can also see a christmas tree on radio city music hall across the way. off to the maps we go and you can see a storm system moving into the northeast down through the mid atlantic and portions of dixie land as well. also, a little bit of snow moving through portions of the central mississippi valley at this hour. the current temperatures, as you head out the door at zero in rapid city. they lost 1 degree, as you can see right there, 21 in kansas city. it's freezing in dallas. 63 in tampa. beautiful temperatures today. for the most part, 70's and 80's across much of florida, 40's and 50's across much of the gulf coast. and portions of the northeast.
4:42 am
bitterly cold in the northern plains. and snow, by the way, could fall from the appalachians to new england tomorrow with the heaviest falling through parts of the virginias. so get out your shovel! >> all right. next on the rundown, you will only see it here on "fox & friends." we have the very first polls out of the very important state of south carolina. so which republican candidate is ahead right now? stick around for the exclusive results. >> it was newt for a while. then would you like a job for christmas? even better, how about one that's permanent? cheryl casone tells us what companies are hiring. >> get out your pencil. first, the pfizer trivia question of the day. born on this date in 1962, this former "northern exposure" star now hosts her own radio talk show. >> really? >> who is she? e-mail us, friends at we'll send you something nice. i take an omega for my heart.
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it's scary sometimes what he accomplishes in a day. well i'd rather not have time for pain but unfortunately it does comes your way every now and then. and that's when i take my advil®. [ male announcer ] take action. take advil®. >> the path to the republican presidential nomination has to go through the south and right now, we have new poll results you will only see here on "fox & friends." it's the first poll out of the very important state of south carolina. it shows newt gingrich opening up a commanding lead with 38.4%. mitt comes in second with 21.5% and texas governor rick perry is a distant third with 9%. >> let's do some analyzization now. we have the story of political science and the director of the winthrop poll initiative, firm that conducted the poll. good morning to you, sir. >> good morning. how are y'all? >> i'm doing fine.
4:47 am
newt gingrich is doing better. why is he on fire right now in south carolina? >> newt gingrich is sort of taking advantage of the folks falling away from cain. cain even before he dropped out had sunk to the single digits as the accusations against him just added up. cain who had been riding the same numbers that newt has now back in october had been falling off. and we've had this succession in south carolina of the not mitt romney candidates. mitt romney has been pretty steady south carolina but there's been a rise and fall of the not mitt candidates. first it was michelle bachmann. then you had rick perry and then herman cain and it appears to be newt gingrich. the question is can newt grab these folks has supporters and hang on to them and he's riding high right now. >> that's the age old question. we've seen so many not mitt candidates go up really high and then precipitousl fall. we had a really interesting graphic on the screen that showed this. from september until now, look at newt gingrich.
4:48 am
in south carolina, he was 5.3% in september and now he's 38.4%. i know one of the other important points you want to get across is how important the south could be in 2012. why? >> well, you know, if you look at the -- at the traditional 111 state south, there are 160 electoral college votes. you only need 270 to win. so that means the south has 59% of all the electoral college votes you need to win. if a candidate sweeps the south, they need less than 30% of the electoral college votes from the entire rest of the country. so you are looking for a candidate who appeals to southern conservatives and that's why it's important for -- to win the south carolina primary to be that candidate. >> right. exactly. and newt gingrich is from georgia and he is a conservative. the big question is can those numbers hold? we know right now they're really high. a lot of people don't know about newt, other than he was great at the debates and once upon a time
4:49 am
he was speaker. >> that's right much the folks like you who are journalists and the folks who are watching your show who clearly regularly watch the news are going to be more familiar with newt gingrich but rk and file voters not necessarily. even though he has a long history. and as people start digging into that history, the question is will some of the things they find out about newt who has also switched positions sometimes, will that lead them to say, well, these are the same problems i have with mitt romney, i can't support newt or can newt finally pin these folks down? >> it will be interesting. time is running out. we're 27 days from iowa and january 21st, south carolina. time might be on newt gingrich's side. scott, thank you so much for exclusively revealing those south carolina poll numbers with us this morning. >> my pleasure. >> great. >> all right. straight ahead on "fox & friends", 'tis the holiday season but which companies are offering permanent jobs this christmas season? cheryl casone here next. >> first, on this day in history in 1989, "we didn't
4:50 am
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4:53 am
>> the answer to the pfizer question of the day, by the way, the p in pfizer is silent. jeanine turner never silent. she was the right answer and the winner susan wright in north carolina. good luck to everybody. last month, hiring in the retail sector was the strongest since 2007, i should say. so where are the best places to look if you want a holiday job and could they actually turn into a permanent job? cheryl casone from the fox business network joins me now.
4:54 am
cheryl, you did your research and you'd like to start in brookstone. >> i want to start in brookstone. all five companies holiday jobs that could be full time. i had the ceo on my fox business show last week, he brought in some of the products they'll be selling. i asked him are you going to be hiring? here's what he said. >> i think we're hiring smarter this year. our growth last year was a lot of pop-up stores. this year, we take the best of those stores, about 125 and opened 125 seasonal stores and spent a lot more time on training. we spent a lot more time on hiring associates up front so they can spend time and understand all of our great products and how to present those products to customers. >> and the top position sales associate. >> sales associates and the pop-up stores, again, a lot of these have been very successful. brookstone is actually very smart about real estate. they go into really high end malls, for instance, and they -- they've been going more and more into airports. there's going to be growth at the company. but don't have specific numbers yet for them. i'll get them. you know me. >> i know you. you're relentless. i like walking through those
4:55 am
shows. footlocker, sometimes i want to grab a uniform and start helping people on my own. footlocker is telling you they're hiring. >> they are hiring. they have 1,171 stores across the country. sales associate managers, these are holiday jobs. they're also global. canada, europe, australia, new zealand, potential full-time jobs after the new year. >> david's bridal has 300 locations and they need some people. >> here's the thing about david's bridal, they'll be hiring for the first quarter. they're looking to hire january through march. that's bridal season. 25% of engagements happen between thanksgiving and christmas. all the brides start hitting david's bridal in the first quarter and they'll be expanding again. >> big lots, big holiday hiring. >> this is another, i think, really interesting one because they're a publicly traded company and they have 1400 retail stores. 48 states. they have 5,000 part-time jobs they're trying to fill. we're getting down to the wire here but you can still potentially get these jobs. i don't want to tell you not to
4:56 am
go and apply. we've seen stores busier. cyber monday was breaking records. they need more help. >> let's talk boston market and talk food. we have 2,000 left, these boston markets. >> let's talked mashed potatoes. that's the most important thing of the day. they have a big catering business and they're actually they need people that can deliver. catering, in home office parties and they're still looking for people. 2,000 overall but again, boston market has a lot of turnover. if you get into one of the stores, you can stay. that's the possibility here. >> you could get a lot of gravy in your stationwagon. make sure the lids are on tight. listen, these are five jobs, it's going to be on our web site. write us if you hook up with these jobs so we can mention you on the air. we're getting a lot of people e-mailing. cheryl casone, always great. >> thanks, brian. >> meanwhile, straight ahead, the donald trump debate coming under fire. what does senator john mccain think? he ran for president. he's taken part in his share of debates. this picture says it all. people using food stamps to buy
4:57 am
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get 200 free trades today and explore your next investing idea. >> gretchen: good morning, everyone. today is tuesday, december 6. i'm gretchen carlson. thanks for sharing your time with us today. nancy pelosi promised to drain the swamp. remember that? she wanted to clean up congress, but now it seems she's diving right in? could she be breaking the rules to attack newt gingrich? >> steve: she would never do that, would she? meanwhile, this is not your ordinary mug shot. this is the head of the faa. what got him grounded this morning could also end that man's career. details ahead. >> steve: first, it was christmas trees. now it's the christmas plant. that's under attack. you heard me. are poinsettias too religious for the classroom? "fox & friends" starts right now.
5:01 am
>> it's "fox & fends". >> gretchen: good morning, everyone. hope you're gonna have a great tuesday and let's start off with some headlines before we talk a little politics with laura ingraham. these are live pictures out of athens, greece. listen to angry greek protesters clashing once again with police. >> gretchen: that violent con frontation going down in athens, hundreds of demonstrators fired gasoline bombs and threw rocks at police who responded with tear gas. greeks continue to protest unpopular austerity measures by the government. greece's economy continues to spiral downward. within the next 48 hours, pakistan will release two of osama bin laden's widows and two of his children, held by pakinstani forces for interrogation since the raid that killed bin laden in may. fox news sources confirm they will be flown to saudi arabia
5:02 am
where they'll be free to live wherever they want. ahead of the federal aviation administration taking a leave of absence after being busted for driving drunk. here is his mug shot after police allegedly caught him driving on the wrong side of the road in northern virginia. a deputy administrator is filling in while his bosses decide whether he still has a job. thousands of occupiers from all over the country decided to unite in washington, d.c the new week long protest, known as take back the capitol, influence take members of congress into doing something bun employment. the rallies happening when lawmakers decide whether to extend the payroll tax cut that expire at the end of the month. those are your headlines. >> let's bring in laura ingraham who joins us now. i got to bring you right to the
5:03 am
big wide. who is -- divide. who is the insider and who is the outside when it comes to politics and washington? >> first of all, brian, i want to say i thought you looked great in the alpaca pullover. that dirty gray is your cover. it looks good. >> it killed me when they had to hose me down. >> no, you look well scrubbed today. now, look, it's kind of weird because when the outsiders embraced gingrich as they are, obviously across the country, the iowans, floridians, independents seem to be look again at newt gingrich. many flocking to him, you kind of wonder why because he's been in washington. he's been part of the washington apparatus, whether in government or operating outside government as a consultant oregonian or what have you. so how he's considered an outsider to some is interesting. and the outsiders like the fact that newt gingrich is kind of a fighter.
5:04 am
the insider apparatus in washington avoid beginning -- a lot of folks don't like him. he made a lot of enemies over the last 30 years. some friends, but a lot of enemies. his style, his pugnacious spirit and the fact that he was pushed out by some members of his own party, a speak. they have long memories. and i think the long knives are out for him. there is no doubt about it. but nevertheless, something about the way gingrich is campaigning is resonating with the rest of the country. that, to me, is a fascinating dynamic. >> gretchen: it is, because one of the things, and it's just a theory, do you think that people care about anyone's past anymore? do you think that this is all about who can fix the country that we now live in? and that's all that matters? >> excellent point. i think that's exactly right. i think people think, look, what happened in the '90s and '93 to '98 is really not all that relevant right now. the fact is, a lot of the people
5:05 am
who tonight like gingrich today were part of the republican party that sat by while god bless him, george bush spent a lot of money and did a lot of things that were not very conservative. so i don't know how much credibility a lot of those folks have right now about fixing the country. and gingrich seems to be brimming with enthusiasm and solutions. i think, gretchen, you're exactly right. it's about saving the country for tomorrow, for our children and our grandchildren and they like the fight that gingrich has demonstrated so far. >> steve: you look at the poll, his national army, he's 7.5 points above the rest of the pack, which suggests that people all across the country like him. they like him on the debates, they know he was speaker. they don't know a lot about his past. they're starting to hear about that ethics violation he was -- got him this trouble. now, former speaker, nancy pelosi, is saying, you know, when the time comes, i'm going to unload 'cause i've got a dumpster full of dirt on newt. she said this about him: i
5:06 am
served on the investigative committee that investigated him. four of us locked in a room in an undisclosed location for a year. sounds so lonely. 1,000 pages of dirt on him. now, there could be 1,000 pages of dirt on him, but if it's secret, it's secret. and if she reveals it, she's toast. >> this is typical pelosi. and this is typical of many politicians. they'll blow their mouths off and then they have to play clean up the next day. she obviously cannot reveal any of this. and newt gingrich, with his experience, guy, he's so smart that he says, that's an early christmas gift for me. i hope everybody the second she does that reports her on an ethics vials. so which ethics vial is worse? some letter from a lawyer or what nancy pelosi clearly, maliciously is threatening to do? this is where washington looks like a complete circus and folks listening to this show, watching you today in denver and phoenix, in places that have been heart
5:07 am
hit by this economy, they think, who are these people in washington? do they get what's happening to our country? >> gretchen: so let's talk about another thing that i know has irritated you, the food stamp epidemic. i think facts show that more people are on food stamps now in the obama administration than ever before. so the number of americans now on food stamp, 45.8 million. what have you found out about where some of that money is going? >> my producer, matt walking, was strolling around the waterfront in southwest washington over the weekend and as a great minded reporter, he sees above the crab pile where you can buy fresh crab, a sign that says basically food stamps are accepted here. and i'm like, what next? crabs are like -- food stamps accepted at beluga caviar stand? there is something about this that is just very interesting in the washington, d.c. area which is kind of insulated from the rest of the economic down turn because of the size of government and so forth. but it just encapsulates much of
5:08 am
what we've been discussing on this show for years. what's happening to america? is it now considered acceptable for many people to be on food stamps? is it so acceptable that fresh seafood, whatever it is you want to get, no problem? and tom vile sac said this is the sign of a robust economy because more people can spend money at places like that. >> steve: fantastic. give the people what they want. fresh seafood. >> why not? >> steve: let's talk about this our e-mail machine is really near melted down today. we were talk being how an elementary school in stockton, california, apparently the bosses out there said that they don't want to offend anybody, so they told the teachers, tonight put up any poinsettias or have any santas because it will remind people about christmas and we don't want to do that. but it would be okay to have snowmen and snowflakes, just no
5:09 am
santa, poinsettias or christmas trees. >> again, what's frightening about that is that apparently the school district know -- doesn't know that poinsettias and trees shape -- has nothing to do with a religious holiday. >> gretchen: wasn't that a pagan tradition originally? >> yes, it was a pagan tradition and it demonstrates again how far multi culturallism has taken our country, where a holiday that is celebrated by probably 87% of the country in some way, shape or form is not to be mentioned. what are our children really learning? >> gretchen: shouldn't schools be more concerned, instead of taking this time to write press releases, can you imagine them discussing, should we allow santas? why don't they sit around and worth about the math scores? >> worry about the fact that many of our children aren't even taught about the basic founding of our country, like why did these pilgrims brave incredibly difficult conditions to live here, die here and to try to
5:10 am
start a new way of life for themselves? >> steve: religious freedom, perhaps? >> yeah, now religious freedom is on the rocks. >> what about you and i, but both of us celebrate festivus? >> now, i mean, we do all the holidays at my house because it's a chance to eat a lot. we do kwanzaa. i'm trying to figure out the lighting on the kwanzaa branch. >> gretchen: i have the fest dirks vus branch at my house, i'll send it your way. >> as long as my favorite characters are involved, i'm feign fine for that holiday. >> steve: laura, always a pleasure. you never know what contemporary reference you'll bring up. >> you guys are not the island of misfit toys. come over to my studio. i'm the train with square wheels. >> steve: 15 minutes from now, she'll be on the radio. laura ingraham, we thank you very much and she's got the big
5:11 am
best seller "of thee i zing." perfect christmas gift. >> meanwhile, new evidence shows the doj lied to members of congress about fast and furious what will happen when eric holder gets grilled again on capitol hill this week? peter johnson, jr. is here to weigh in. >> gretchen: what does john mccain think about the donald trump debate? the arizona senator and former presidential candidate joins us live coming up. >> we'll weigh him in, too. are you receiving a payout from a legal settlement
5:12 am
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the pioneers. the aviators. building superhighways in an unknown sky. their safety systems built of brain and heart, transforming strange names from tall tales into pictures on postcards home. and the ones who followed them, who skimmed the edge of space, the edge of heaven, the edge of dreams.
5:14 am
and we follow them up there to live by an unbreakable promise, stitched into every uniform of every captain who takes their command: to fly. to serve. >> brian: attorney general eric holder heading to capitol hill again this week to testify about the botched fast and furious operation. his testimony will come just days after the doj released new e-mails showing officials may
5:15 am
have misled them about the operation. joining us with more from the legal point of view is peter johnson, jr. >> good morning. >> brian: where are we heading with this investigation? seems to be dragging on forever. >> what's going on is the attorney general's office is they must bring everybody to say, listen, it's not the attorney general's fault. we really screwed this up. so they dumped literally last friday, about 1400 pages of documents and e-mails and now they're pointing to dennis burke, the former u.s. attorney in arizona there appointed by the president in 2009 and saying, listen, he really gave us bad information. he screwed this up. he was forced to resign in august of this year and, in fact, he was forced to apologize to senator grassley's staff as a result of these e-mails. in one of these e-mails he said, by the way, what's so offensive is that grassley's staff acting as willing stooges from the gun lobby have attempted to distract
5:16 am
from the incredible success in dismantling this gun system. so now burke has become the focal point. attorney general holder will go in and say, listen, i didn't do anything wrong. i may have made -- >> brian: my guys prove it. >> so now we got this kind of inspector kluso chain of e-mails at the department of justice that may, in fact, say to him, yeah. he may not have been misleading the american public. >> brian: let's take a look at this full screen. this letter is from the assistant attorney general, ron wich. >> he said, who is a smart gay guy, the fact that they allowed the sale of assault weapons is false. the atf makes every effort to get weapons. now, we know they were involved. we knows that not true. we know that's inaccurate. that's false. so last friday the department of justice says you know what? that statement that was made in that letter based on 1,000 or 1400 pages of e-mail and back and forth, that was false.
5:17 am
that was wrong. we gave you wrong information. so now the department of justice is fessing up and basically saying the program was lousy to begin with. we didn't tell the truth about it, so the issue becomes, why wasn't the truth told about it? >> brian: he says we were in contact with the mexican government and -- >> there was a program, the operation was tracking the weapons. inadvertently, some weapons were lost. none resulted in the loss of a u.s. agent. this program clearly did not have those same safeguards in place and to say that it did, now the department of justice agrees that's fall. we're going to see what attorney general holder has to say. a lot of folks are calling for his resignation. this may be his way out based op what his folks were telling him and what the u.s. attorney said in arizona. >> brian: talking about fast and
5:18 am
furious, thanks. coming up straight ahead, the donald debate coming under fire. so what does senator john mccain think about it? the senator here next. and donald will get his chance to respond because he's here live in an action packed final hour of "fox & friends." [ male announcer ] drinking a smoothie with no vegetable nutrition? ♪ [ gong ] strawberry banana! [ male announcer ] for a smoothie with real fruit plus veggie nutrition new v8 v-fusion smoothie. could've had a v8.
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5:21 am
got quick headlines. beginning with the deadly plast in kabul, afghanistan. men, women, children taken away in ambulances following a
5:22 am
homicide bombing that left 54 people dead. it happened as shiites were celebrating a holiday at a mosque. 150 others hurt. and blaggo is back in court for a sentencing hearing. he could get 15 to 20 years in the gray bar hotel for trying to sell president obama's senate seat. he learns his fate tomorrow. gretch? >> gretchen: thanks, steve. harry reid offering a what he describes as a compromise on the payroll tax extension yesterday. >> how can you fight tooth and nail to protect high end tax breaks for the wealthiest americans and yet, barely lift a finger to prevent taxes going up for 160 million americans who really need the help? >> we all know congress can't afford to play chicken with the economy. that's why democrats are committed to passing this tax cut. republicans need to be prepared to meet us partway. >> gretchen: will the proposal boost the economy?
5:23 am
joining me to respond, arizona senator john mccain. good morning, senator. >> good morning how are you? >> gretchen: doing just fine. so the republicans are coming under attack here because really they're in a no win situation. if you don't go ahead with this payroll tax extension, then you will then look like you're not in favor of tax cuts. right? >> that's obviously from the clip you just played what they are trying to portray us as, the fact is if you do the payroll tax cut, which we all support, the money comes out of the social security trust fund to be replaced by general revenue, ie tax increases. or as it stands now, another increase in the debt and deficit. we'll come to an agreement. right now it's the kabooki theater. they have their proposal. that's voted down. we have ours, it's voted down. and again, the approval rating of congress will probably sink lower in single digits. >> gretchen: no kidding. because once again, as you called it, kabooki theater, i'll
5:24 am
use your word, quite perfect in your description. let's look at the democrat proposal. cuts it 2%. make the millionaires surtax temporary, drop the payroll tax cut for employers and expand it for workers. was that the democrat offer or is that the compromise? >> well, it will lay have in there and by the way, senator tom coburn and some of us have talked that -- we obviously don't think that's fair. we need to come to an agreement. but most of all, we need to come to an agreement on things like repatriation of the $1.5 trillion that's sitting overseas. we could give them a lower tax rate, much lower tax rate to bring that money home and create jobs. why don't we do that? all we're going to do is continue the fight that we are in and it's very unfortunate and
5:25 am
we republicans have to stand back and give an overall plan to get our economy going again and give business some confidence. >> gretchen: it seems like that's just not going to happen. it's one stalemate after the next and i think people look back to the super committee and throw their hands up in the air. let me move on to the debates because i know you've gone on record as saying you feel like there have been too many republican debates and a whole bunch more are coming ahead of us. why? >> well, gretchen, i might remind you there are three presidential debates. one vice presidential debate. there are a lot of other things associated with campaigning besides debates. you've got to prepare yourself. you've got to get rest. now it's kind of evolved into who makes the mistake. not what is your vision for the future of america, but who will make a mistake? who will stumble? that's not what we want. look, the people of new hampshire expect to see in their neighborhood the people in south carolina expect to see. iowa people expect to see it. there is a whole lot of things
5:26 am
associated with running besides debates and those are -- the people are being shorted from the town hall meetings, from the meet and greets, going to people's homes. the fundamentals of political campaigns that are important to the people of those states. >> gretchen: yeah. >> i'm just saying there is way too much. >> gretchen: it's interesting to debate debates, because if you're newt gingrich, you probably want all the debates you can get. look where he is in the polls. i want to bring you to the trump debate. it's gotten a lot of play and a lot of controversy. it will happen december 27. do you think that that is a good idea to have donald trump moderate a debate? >> i think that's a decision that the candidates need to make rather than me. i'm not ducking it, but it's their decision, but die believe that on december 27 on an obscure network, i wonder if that's the best use of candidates' time? i think they should be resting up over christmas and the next few days and be ready to go right after the 1st of
5:27 am
january. >> gretchen: but if you were running for president, would you say yes to it? >> i don't know. i think i would have to be in that position to make that decision. but i guarantee you, there are too many debates and we have lost the focus from what the candidates' vision for america is and who is going to make a mistake. let's a gotcha question to see if they'll stumble and i don't think that is helping the republican party or our candidates. >> gretchen: very interesting perspective. senator john mccain, always great to see you on the show. merry christmas if i don't see you before. >> thank you, same to you. >> gretchen: let's go down to the green room. who to you imagine that brian and steve could be hanging out with? >> steve: brian, introduce our special guest. >> brian: kelly osborne is here and so is donald trump. >> steve: you've got something for him? >> i do. and it was mom's idea. >> brian: kelly, i know exactly what he can get for you? an autographed book that was out yesterday.
5:28 am
>> i would love that. >> brian: you'll get it. >> steve: they're coming up next on "fox & friends," as we listen to kelly's dad sing it down. ♪ [ male announcer ] the inspiring story of how a shippingiant can befriend a forest may seem lie the stuff of fairy tales. but if you take aw the faces on the trees... take away the pixie dust. take away the singing animals, and the storybook narrator... [ man ] you're ft with more electric trucks. more recycled shipping materials... and a growing number of lower emissions planes... which still makes for a pretty enchanted tale. ♪ la la la [ man ] whoops, forgot one... [ male announcer ] sustainable solutions. fedex. solutions that matter.
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>> brian: we're back. let's get right to it. a huge final half hour. president obama taking a page from former president teddy roosevelt. he is set to deliver an economic speech in kansas today that echos a century old speech that roosevelt made in the same city. >> gretchen: wendell goler live at the white house with all the details, like the red tie, wendell. >> thanks. the president is at kansas, the push to extend the payroll tax cuts set to expire at thend of the year: it would be expanded by $500 and pay for it with a 2% tax on millionaires. the republicans don't like the tax increase. mr. obama says they need to prioritize. >> how can you fight tooth and nail to protect high end tax breaks for the wealthiest americans and yet barely lift a finger to prevent taxes going up for 160 million americans who really need the help?
5:33 am
it doesn't make sense. >> today the president will be channeling teddy roosevelt who gave his square deal speech 111 years ago. the white house says roosevelt felt his party, the republican party, had gone adrift, that things were out of balance, but his call for a new nationalism sounded like socialism to some people. john boehner says there is widespread support for extending the payroll tax cuts, republican, are not willing to pay for it by increasing the deficit and senate republican leader mitch mcconnell says if it include has tax hike, then the only thing bipartisan about it is the opposition. main republican senator susan collins seuss the president needs to reach across the aisle. >> he can not continue to resort to offset to pay for his proposals that have been repeatedly rejected. he needs a new approach and the best way to get a new approach is to sit down with the
5:34 am
republican leaders and ask them what would be acceptable to the majority of our caucus? >> jay carney says the republicans new insistence that tax cuts have to be paid for is in his words out of sink with what they've done in the past. guy, back to you. >> steve: thank you very much. >> brian: he's our own rough rider. >> gretchen: developing story out of arizona now. take a look. phoenix, as you can see, flames are tearing through an aps substation, the largest electric company in the state. the fire throwing out a lot of smoke and forcing a nearby roadway to shut down. fire crews saying the flames could burn for days now. there are no reports of any injuries. >> steve: meanwhile, we've got another fox news alert this morning. crews in ohio demolishing the home of a notorious serial killer, the so-called cleveland strangler. he murdered nearly a dozen innocent women before burying their bodies in his basement and backyard. before sunrise, the victims' relatives lined the streets
5:35 am
shouting their loved ones' names. moments later, the demolition started. the relatives of the victims screamed hallelujah as anthony souls' house came down. last summer he was convicted on 85 separate charges of rape and murder. he is now on death row. >> brian: there is a clinton connection to the mf global scandal. it was run by democratic governor jon corzine used a consulting firm and president bill clinton worked for that firm. his firm was reportedly paid $625,000 in the months before mf global went belly up. and still unable to account for more than a billion dollars of its customers' money. keep checking. >> gretchen: would you rather pay an atm fee or would you rather watch a commercial? new york company called free atmnyc has come up with an idea to replace atm fees with a paid
5:36 am
advertisement that runs about as long as a typical transaction. if you don't want to watch the ad, then you can skip it and then you have to pay the $3 fee. this type of atm being used at a bar in brooklyn when everyone is liquored up so they don't mind watching the ads. the company hopes to expand to banks and other businesses. what would you do? would you pay the three bucks or watch the ad? >> steve: meanwhile, what would you do if it was raining outside? that's the case all the way from new england down through the mid atlantic and portions of the gulf coast at this hour. also a little snow. it will be heading into virginia and west virginia later on tonight into tomorrow. so stand by. also we've got a bit of snow, as you can see, moving through portions of the central plains states n kansas city. only 20. they've got 3 out in boulder. 1 in rapid city. a quick scan of what the weather will be like today. 61 today in new york city. and down in florida, it looks like the high temperature in palm beach should be 83 degrees.
5:37 am
>> gretchen: picture perfect. call it a meeting of the mind. donald trump and newt gingrich sitting down to discuss the 2012 election. has the former house speaker won the real estate mogul's vote? >> brian: let's ask the author of this brand-new book and he's excited about it called "time to get tough, making america number one again" which we'll discuss in just a minute 'cause we got you for two bloc, mr. you trump. welcome back. >> thank you. he's like a rocket ship. what can you say? the way he's going up in the polls. >> brian: what did you need to know from him, what were you curious about from him? >> we talked generalities. we talked things that really occurred in the debates and also talked about china and what china and opec and many countries are doing to our country because i don't see that in the debates. i don't see that from obama. i don't see it from anybody. so we discussed that at length. just how had a good feeling. we were together for at least an hour and 15 minutes. the press was crazy downstairs.
5:38 am
>> brian: i heard. >> it's hard to believe. >> steve: was the speaker sniffing around for an endorsement? >> i think so. look, i represent a lot of people. i represent millions and millions of people that don't want to see this country ripped off. we can not be a great or strong country again if we're going to allow china to make $350 billion, take our jobs, manipulate the currency, their currency to make it impossible for our people to compete, if places like columbia can make $4 billion, a small trading part, everybody makes money. it used to be the other way around. years ago, when we were great, when we were the power, we made money on everybody. i liked it much better that way. >> gretchen: speaking of a trump endorsement, i don't know if you saw this latest poll, would a trump endorsement make you more or less like low to vote for a candidate? you're not going to like names. more likely to vote for somebody, 6% of people say yes. less likely, 31%, no difference at all, 62%. your response? >> i don't believe the numbers. i know a lot about polling and you can ask a poll a certain
5:39 am
way. you can put a poll a certain way and they'll respond. i will tell you this, mac miller, i never heard of him. he's a young m and m, nobody heard of him. he did a song called donald trump. as of this morning, he has 37 million hits. 37 million hits! he said he's become the hottest guy now -- what do i get out of it? probably nothing. but you look at it, in addition, every candidate virtually has come up to my office and they don't want my money. they wan my endorsement. i represent -- you can look at my whatever, i have millions of people on-line that want to know what i'm saying. i'm not saying it from a bragging statement. i'll saying that that people don't want to get ripped off and i don't want them to. >> brian: i want you to hear governor jon huntsman on your debate. he's not going. here is what he said yesterday. >> i'm not going to kiss his ring and i'm not going to kiss any other part of his anatomy. this is exactly what is wrong with politics.
5:40 am
it's show business over substance. if he had any courage at all, he would be running for president of the united states of america as opposed to manipulating the process from the outside. this is about real issues. it's not about show business. >> he couldn't even get on the debate on saturday night. he's not in the debate 'cause his ratings are so low. he's got such low polling numbers that as you know, he was canceled out of saturday night's debate. >> steve: didn't his camp contact you and ask you something special? >> 100%. and i think he'll admit it. he asked to come and see me and i said, you know, really, i just sort of turned him down in a very nice way and now all of a sudden, look what happens. >> steve: is that sound bite sour grapes? >> i guess it's sour grapes. i wouldn't feel good if i had 1%. i was leading in the polls. when i left, i was leading. >> brian: tell me about the format will look like. will you be by yourself at a table with just them on the podiums? >> we haven't set it up. i'm not going o take 15 minutes explaining the instructions. i watched some of them and they get tout there. all right. here is the way it's going to
5:41 am
work and go for 15 minutes. by that time, you want to turn it off. we're going to start the debate and have a real debate. they can question each other and let them go at it and it will be some good entertainment which i don't want to say, but you still need it. but more importantly, we're going to get some of the issues out that are important. >> gretchen: are you surprised at the controversy that you hosting and moderate ago debate has caused in the last few days? >> you know, gretchen, you read about a huntsman who is upset or ron paul who is never going to win anything but you don't read about the thousands of people that want it. >> gretchen: george will and karl rove. >> these are three people, i have to tell you, they're hacks. they don't speak for anybody. they have no power. a guy like karl rove, he's the one that gave us bush, which ultimately gave us obama. >> steve: karl rove was in the chair you're sitting in right now -- >> i watched him. >> steve: he saw him. did you? see him say this? watch. >> a guy who is going to endorse be the impartial moderator of a
5:42 am
debate? more importantly, what the heck are the republican candidates showing up at a debate with a guy who says, i may run for president next year as an independent? i mean, i think the republican national chairman ought to step in and say, we strongly discourage every candidate from appearing in a debate moderated by somebody who will run for chairman. >> steve: that's his problem. >> he's a political hack. frankly, as far as i'm concerned, he's -- all these guys are making the debate utter. we will probably get the highest rating of any debate because of all this controversy. >> brian: we like karl rove and we also like you. >> steve: you know what -- >> i like people that are straight. he's got his own agenda, 100%. but i've always viewed him as a hack. what i really object to karl rove, bush crashed and burned and because of that, and it was rove, bush and rove, they crashed and burned. and because of that, we have obama. nobody could have won on the republican side because of that, we have obama. >> gretchen: i got a beef that i want to settle with you after this break.
5:43 am
donald is going to answer some of these issues that you want to debate, things he writes about in his book. plus, the new "celebrity apprentice" cast. >> steve: plus, what do you get donald trump, good night who has got -- the guy who has got everything? kelly osborne is here with a surprise christmas gift, donald and she's coming up here. >> wow, sounds great. ugh, my sinus congestion,
5:44 am
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5:46 am
crescent city, california. we had a package go to kathmandu once. the web has been the reason this entire section of the warehouse exists today. we were becoming more than this little flour company in vermont. [ woman ] we're all going after one common goal, which is to spread the joy of baking throughout the whole world. ♪ i he >> gretchen: trump says he wants america to succeed like he did. he explains how in his new book. the beef i had with you, donald, was that the guys got books from you and i didn't get a book. >> yes, you did. i sent you. >> gretchen: somebody took it from me. >> steve: don't feel bad, he mentioned you first! how great is that.
5:47 am
>> i'll send it. obviously somebody in your staff stole it. >> brian: the premise of your book what, do you mean get tough? after reading it, it's all about deal making. in every single thing we do, we have to do deals like a business, like you do in business. >> if this country is going to be rich again, we have to be rich again in order to do the things, whether it's military protection or helping people with social security. we have to do proper deals. >> steve: for instance? take the oil? >> take the oil. die a whole chapter on take the oil. libya comes to us, they're being routed, the rebels. rebels probably from iran and iraq. so they come to us and they say, please help us, we're being routed. gadhafi was outing them. it was over. and we say we will help you. stupid. we will help you. that's it. so we spend billions and billions of dollars, lose lives and everything else, but we spend -- >> brian: tell me the deal. >> i would have said, we will help you. we want 50% of your oil. don't forget, we don't get oil from libya. china does. so why aren't they involved? we don't get oil from libya.
5:48 am
so i would say, we want 50% of your oil. they would have said 100%. go back to them now and say, right now you have the new dictator, i hear -- >> steve: we lost our leverage. >> they say, we're a great independent country. we fought for our freedom. look, iran will take over iraq as sure as you're sit o'clock there and take over the second largest oil fields in the world. we spent $1.5 trillion. my idea is take the oil and pay our soldiers. 4, $5 million a family or every soldier killed. millions of dollars for every soldier that was wound, walking around without an arm, without a leg and worse. i mean, it's incredible. it used to be to the victor belong the spoils. not anymore 'cause we're stupid. >> gretchen: that and so much more in your book. the "celebrity apprentice" cast, some of the names were released yesterday. clay aiken, adam corolla, dee snyders among others. one of the names was not kelly osborne.
5:49 am
>> no oop although she's here did she. >> and her mother was on the show two seasons ago. >> gretchen: and she has a christmas gift for you. come on over, kelly. >> what would be christmas without the perfect gift. >> steve: that is handsome. >> that is from my mother to you , donald. >> sharon was on "celebrity apprentice." she was fantastic. >> steve: wait a minute, you fired her. >> well, i had to fire her. everybody ultimately gets fired. >> gretchen: kelly is very much into fashion, so is this a sweater that you would recommend the donald wear or? >> i would we're it with jeans and doug martins. >> i don't know if i would wear that. >> steve: when was the last time you wear jeans? >> i don't wear them too often. i'm sort of a country club guy. jeans with great. what's happening, people are wearing jeans to golf clubs and country clubs. it's become part of the fashion. >> brian: is that allowed in a trump golf club?
5:50 am
>> not too much. >> steve: it's time to get tough! not only with jean, but with the whole world. his brand-new book about making america number one. we thank you very much. >> thank you. >> gretchen: kelly isn't going anywhere. she's still gift giving and has something for you as well, coming up next. >> brian: let's check in with martha and find out what she has for us. >> good morning, everybody. how about this? 70% of the voters in iowa say they could still change their minds. so which way is this thing going? newt in the lead, but some are still not satisfied. larry sabato on that. donald trump and the possibility of a brokered convention? and a fashion editor walks into a propeller on a small plane. we'll have her story coming up. bill and i join you at the top of the hour. we'll see you then. get technology they love,
5:51 am
on the network they deserve. like the powful droid char by samsung, or get the samsung stratosphere, and for a limited time, get twice the data for the same low price. verizon.
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>> steve: will ozzie osborne be on santa's naughty or nice list? nice, we're sure. but imagine having to come up with a christmas gift for ozzie, particularly if he's your father. but then you got jared and all those other osbornes that we met on television. >> gretchen: our next guest has shopping tips for everyone, including donald trump, who we just saw, the man who has everything and she gave him that beautiful reindeer sweater. it was very hip. so you are rock royalty. you've got ozzie osborne as your father and now you're so into fashion, right? >> i always have been and i think it took me a little while to kind of find my way in life before i could start focusing properly on the things i want to. >> brian: did the show help or hurt you find your way in life? >> you mean the osbornes? >> brian: yep. >> you know, that was my family regardless of whether it was on tv or not and it's something that i do not regret because it
5:55 am
made me the person i am. and i've learned so much from it. but you know, it's cool growing up, you know? >> steve: it is. for decades, people liened to bing crosby sing "i'm dreaming of a white christmas," christmas classics. we go from bing crosby to bing, the search engine and you teamed up with them to help people figure out what to give for christmas and the holidays. >> i have. go to and there is like a calendar and it's a holiday calendar. every day you can go and click on the date and you have the chance to win anything, from like a new car, a free plane ticket for your family, but also great about it is that it gives you really good ideas and also shows you the best prices for flights to go home for your family and if you don't have a lot of money to spend, which -- >> gretchen: or you need ideas. >> and you need ideas and it is all there. >> gretchen: it becomes more difficult to buy for your family as years go by.
5:56 am
>> i stick to making when it comes to my mom and dad. >> gretchen: what will you make them? >> well, i made my mom a video for her last birthday. for my dad's birthday, this weekend, it's not finished yet, but the older i get and the longer my hair grow, i'm looking more and more like my father every day. so my friend is a photographer and we did a foe show shoot and because he turned 63, i hand wrote 63 reasons why i wrote him and it's being framed now and he'll get it. >> steve: those are things that last forever. >> brian: here is hoping he's not watching. >> he knows about it. >> steve: kelly, stick around. we're going o have a little more with her and more with you in two minutes. [ male announcer ] cranberry juice? wake up! ♪ that's good morning, veggie style. hmmm
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