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tv   America Live  FOX News  December 9, 2011 10:00am-12:00pm PST

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orchestra. she's are high school kids, the new york state school music association all state concert up in new york over the weekend. that is my son. jenna: he gets his musical talents from you. jon: i wish. it was a great concert. thank you for joining us. megyn: troubling new signs of a growing conflict with iran. welcome to "america live," i'm megyn kelly. we are getting word now that iran's revolutionary guard has stepped up military readiness over fears of an attack by the west. the move coming after the iranian capture of a u.s. drone and reports in recent weeks about mysterious explosions at nuclear sites, and the assassination of a scientist. some news outlets overseas also reporting now that nervous foreigners are now leaving the country and iranian residents are expressing concerns over what will happen next.
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jennifer griffin is live at the pentagon. jennifer. >> reporter: hi, megyn, it certainly looks like the covert war against iran has already begun and may have begun a year ago. multiple u.s. officials confirm that the drone being shown on iranian television, the sentinel, that it was the one that was lost last week. it was on a spying mission over iran, a secret spying mission that has been flown out of iran out of a western base in afghanistan for several years now. evidence of the covert war began appearing a little over a year ago. take for instance the cyber attack, 2010, one thousand centrifuges destroyed. explosions at the homes of iran's nuclear scientist. the head of iran's organization is wounded by a car bomb in 2010. an explosion at a secret missile base november 12th 2011. the head of a long range missile
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program killed in that attack. the blast two weeks later at a ooh rain yan enrichment plant on november 30th, 2011. the explosion on november 12th not only killed the head of iran's missile program, missiles that could strike israel but also killed 17 other members of iran's rev new revolutionary guard. the stux attack was the first clue that the covert war had been launched. a meeting took place in mid november to hone military plans in the event that this covert war requires overt action. megyn. megyn: thank you. this issue is also getting increasing attention on capitol hill as the house approves new sanctions on iran and some republicans start questioning president obama's position on this issue. mitt romney and other gop candidates were speaking to the republican jewish coalition on
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wednesday. they suggested that president obama appears more generous to our enemies in the middle east than he does to our friends. >> internationally president obama has adopted an appeasem ent strategy. megyn: the president has answered that charge. ahead we will debate where the administration stands when it comes to the big threat in the middle east. on the campaign trail mitt romney's campaign is now stepping up its attacks on the new frontrunner in the case, newt gingrich. releasing a web video called, with friends like newt. the ad blasts the former house speaker's very public dis of congressman paul ryan's medicare reform plan. >> he doesn't have the discipline that you want in a
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president. >> basically he is out in the left wing of the republican party. megyn: watch for mr. romney and ron paul to raise the stakes ahead of the fox news debate on thursday, folks. congressman paul joins us live in five minutes and you can watch the debate from soui kpw-rbgs city iowa next thursday evening. you can go to the page and enter questions you would like to see asked. you can watch the highlights from previous debates and read up on the candidates. we are preparing right now having these debate meetings. we are not going to do viewer questions exactly but we take suggestions and we've had some really good ones. i'll tell them right here at kelly & fox a new study showing a growing number of voters in key battleground states may be
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ditching the democratic party. president obama's re-election team has always taken pride in getting out the vote but research has been done and it found that a significant number of democrats are changing their party affiliations, and many of them are choosing to instead register as independents. chris stirewalt is our fox news digital politics editor. many people are going down deciding to change the registration from democrat to independent in critical swing states. what does it tell us? >> reporter: it tells us so much, megyn. when we were watching the 2008 surge for barack obama one of the best leading indicators in states like colorado, even states like indiana, red republican states bike north carolina, that obama was doing very well, was a surge in democratic registration. now you can only do that one time, basically. you can only ring those final votes out of that washcloth.
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now what you're seeing, though, is that they can't even hold that level, and that many democrats are retreating, our fleeing from the party, it's going the wrong way. that has to be a very disconcerting sign for a political machine that, as you point out, pride edit selfon beinedit selfon getting votes it wasn't able to reach in the past. megyn: there is a campaign strategist who commented on this. his take away was that people are very, very disallusioned, chris, and saying the danger for president obama is when people are disallusioned, and when they are hurting they tend to throw the guy in power out. that is what president obama is up against, and they cite in this study eight must within states in particular where we are seeing people leave the democratic party. colorado, florida, iowa, new hampshire, north carolina, pennsylvania. those states can be very close and the independents can really take the difference. how does president obama turn that around when he still needs to reach out more to his base
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and get them fired up at the same time trying to be more moderate. >> reporter: you do it with the same tool and that same tool is attacking republicans. the goal for the president, if you think about it this way megyn in 2008 you had a wave election that went to the left. both were decided by a huge swing in independent voters. all the president needs is to suppress that, to get those people not to vote, to get the independents so disgusted with the process, maybe they blame him but they need to make sure they feel like whoever the republicans nominate is unacceptable and beneath them and get them to stay home. he can shrink the map and find a way to get, using these core democratic constituencies to get wins in these narrow states. it's suppress the middle, drive the left and see if you can squeeze out a win. megyn: what does that? you're saying disgust. when we went into the 2010 midterms were they not disgusted? did they love congress back
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then? i'm not sure. how do you raise the level of disgust such that the republicans stay home and the democrats come out. >> reporter: in 2010 you had unified government and it was responsible for republicans to say we didn't have anything to do with this mess or the president's healthcare law or unpopular initiatives, give us a chance. now you have divided government. what the president is going to do, as soon as you see a nominee you're going to be see witness therg, constant relentless attacks on that person. the goal will be that by the time you get to november that independent voters say a pox on both their houses, i don't care enough and there is not enough difference between the two of them to vote, i'm staying home. megyn: the folks were ticked off enough to leave the democratic party and register as independents. the goal is to get them even more ticked off and disgusted that they are at the point where they can't go and pull the lever in the ballot box. >> reporter: it's not exactly an up lifting strategy, but that is
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about the size of it. megyn: it's a long way from hope and change. but we'll see what they do. chris stirewalt, thank you, sir. one of the republican candidates who could eventually challenge president obama is seeing a sudden surge in support in the critical first caucus state of iowa. >> they are tired of the war, they are tired of the federal reserve, they hear more, they are tired of this economy and fortunately the answer for this is not even complicated, it's just saying live within the law, protect liberty, protect private property, protect your right to your life, allow you to keep the rewards of your labor. megyn: in three minutes i'll ask ron paul why he is suddenly drawing the biggest crowds in the corn husban husker states and why he was the one republican not invited to a key political event this week. new surveillance video raising serious questions in the dominic
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strass khan case. high-fiving after reports after sexual assault on one of their maids. they have recovered michelle parker's cellphone. what this means to the investigation and what her mother is saying. >> it just breaks my heart my daughter's cellphone was found. that means there is something criminal. hey, the new guy is loaded with protein! really? 25 grams of protein. what do we have? all four of us, together? 24. he's low fat, too, and has 5 grams of sugars. i'll believe it when i--- [ both ] oooooh... what's shakin'? [ female announcer ] as you get older, protein is an important part of staying active and strong. new ensure high protein... fifty percent of your daily value of protein. low fat and five grams of sugars. see? he's a good egg. [ major nutrition ] new ensure hh protein. ensure! nutrition in charge!
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>> the main purpose much the constitution was to limit and restrict the federal government, and the purpose was to protect liberty. this is what the goal should always be in a free society, the protection of individual liberty. it is with those conditions where we as individuals then can strive for excellence and virtue which with is a personal matter. if you choose not to strive for excellence and virtue you can't have to but you can't expect the government to take care of you
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forever either. megyn: watch out newt gingrich and mitt romney, we are getting word out of iowa that ron paul is now drawing some of the biggest crowds of the primary season. young, energetic and enthusiastic voters reportedly finding something they like in his libertarian, smaller government, lower spending message. in the latest polls in the first elimination caucus states they show ron paul running a strong third. this is the fox news poll look at this. newt gingrich 36. romney 23. the presidential candidate joins us live from mason city, iowa. congressman, thanks so much for being back on the program. >> you're welcome, nice to be with you. megyn: here you are in the fox news poll, third in iowa. when we look at the "real clear politics" average, the national average for iowa, you are tied for second, sir. it shows newt gingrich at 29.8, you at 17.4. do you think you're going to win this state? >> we can, i can find some polls
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that show me doing a little bit better than that. we are doing very well, and like you mentioned the crowd are very good. you know last night at iowa state we had over 1300 young people came out. that was pretty exciting for me and for them. megyn: one ever the messages we talked about in the introduction. my apologies sir, you look cold, you look so cold. is it seven degrees in iowa, that's what i heard? >> it's a little bit chilly. i don't think we'll be playing any golf this afternoon. megyn: poor thing. i'll see you there next web. right here in the studio it's ao 75. i'm sleeveless. let's talk about your message. we talked about smaller government. and how people should pick themselves up and not rely on big government. it seems like president obama is out there with a very different message and has been hitting it hard this week talking about how the republican party just wants to leave the middle class to fend for themselves, and that may be resonating with some lower income, some middle income voters thinking, you the gop you don't want to do anything to help us. what say you?
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>> well, you know, i think what's happening is the american people are way ahead of the politicians in washington, including the president and the congress. i think the people have realized that the promises by big government have failed and they are not delivering. even those who have been receiving and those who have paid both of them realize that we're coming to an end. this planned economy, big spending, deficitting, printing money, endless wars it's all coming to an end and they are not dealing with that. even in washington when they talk about cutting they are not talking about cutting anything. they are talking about cutting proposed increases and the american people see through this. especially the crowds i'm talking to know very much that is the case. when i talk about cuts i talk about real cuts the first year like a trillion dollars, and i get a good applause from talking in this language because the american people are sick and tired of what they are getting right now. megyn: one of the areas in which you've been most controversial is foreign policy. this week there was an interesting forum that all the republican candidates were invited to, candidates for
10:17 am
president were invited you, except for you, the gop forum on israel. you would have been the loan descent voice on america's policy with israel. your thoughts on being excluded from offering your voice? >> it's pretty strange, only those people that excluded me can give you the real answer. i think it's rather strange that they don't want debate, they don't want a discussion becse i take a very strong position that is pro-israel. as a matter of fact i'm the one that defends the sovereignty of israel. i don't want israel to be beholding to us. i think when they depend on us they have to do what we tell them. as a matter of fact a jewish writer came to my defense just the other day and said ron paul really understands zionism, the two basic principles are independent and selfreliance. even benjamin netanyahu this year before the u.s. congress says we don't need american troops to defend us, we can take care of ourselves. so i'm just sort of talking a language that some people in this country don't want to hear, and yet there is a full
10:18 am
discussion of these views in israel itself. so the whole idea of not having full discussion, that is one issue that i think is, you know, sort of should be challenged. but i think my message is getting out, i think everybody knows that i want israel to be our best friends, i just don't want israel to be dependent on us, i want them to determine their borders and determine what they want to do and that they don't have to ask us permission to do what they think is best and in their best interest. megyn: i'll ask you about another comment you made out in iowa this week where you talked about what happened after 9/11. you are notoriously antiwar, you want the troops out of iraq and afghanistan. you don't want to get involved with iran. you said the minute before there was any assessment there was glee in the administration because now we can invade iraq after 9/11. do you rile i believe, congressman that there was glee
10:19 am
in the bush administration after 3,000 citizens died. >> they may not describe it that way. there was a lot of pleasure. bob woodward quotes the president in the book, he says this gives us an opportunity, because we don't have to go after the people responsible for this directly, we can go after others. and, you know, if you look at what paul o'neal said on the very first meeting, the cabinet meeting in 2001, months before 9/11, he was dumbfounded that the whole agenda was going into iraq. so, yes, the neo conservatives even years before this were looking for an opportunity. this doesn't mean they had glee about 9/11, that's a total misinterpretation. they had pleasure in knowing that they had an excuse now to do what they've been wanting to do for so long, and what did they do, they marched into iraq based on lies. there was no al-qaida, no weapons of mass destruction and look at the tragic outcomes from that effort, undeclared war, as a matter of fact that has
10:20 am
carried over into afghanistan, it looks like it won't ever ever end unless we change the administration. megyn: let me ask you, i know you're doing well in the polls in certain states. everyone wants to know if you would seriously consider if you don't get a gop nam nation a run as an independent. many say that would fracture the gop party and hand victories to president obama. >> with weeks to go in this primary and find out that we may come in first? it's not on my mind, believe me. megyn: i'll sneak in one more question before i let you go:ment nlrb has dropped its lawsuit against boeing. that was -- that got a lot of coverage and it was about boeing and whether it was trying to avoid certain union rules and so on. it's dropped that lawsuit after boeing struck a deal with one of the unions, your reaction? >> well, it's good. i hope they weren't forced to accept the deal that they shouldn't have, because i don't even believe in the nrlb. i think companies should go and come where they want. but anything that would
10:21 am
encourage or discourage a president from arbitrarily using the interstate commerce clause to stop commerce and people moving back and forth. the interstate commerce clause should have protected that, it should have been absolutely unconstitutional. i would like the decision to be made on constitutional grounds that the president or anybody else has no authority to prevent one company from going from one state to another, that was prohibited by the constitution. megyn: ron paul we'll see you next thursday night in iowa. >> thank you. megyn: stay warm. gosh it looks cold, doesn't it? congressman paul was one of the first candidates to declare that he would not take part in the donald trump debate that is moderated later this month, a news max debate. mitt romney this week also adding his name to the list saying he will not take part among others. i got a chance to interview trump, i asked him if he was disappointed that romney was not
10:22 am
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megyn: newly released surveillance video is raising new questions about a political plot against strauss-kahn the former head of the imf caught up in a sexual assault scandal. the video shows hotel workers doing sort of a victory dance or so it would a pier moments after callinwould appear moments after calling the police regarding a sexual assault involving a hotel made trace gallagher has more. >> reporter: lawyers for the hotel maid says it shows she was telling the truth. but others say this shows he may have been set up.
10:26 am
dominic strauss-kahn is checking out. he goes up to the desk, he checks out, authorities say he does not appear to be rushed or concerned. he walks out the front door into a cab to go and have lunch with his daughter. this is about 15 minutes after the alleged attack. 30 minutes later the maid is then seen at the security office. she appears to be describing exactly what happened, reenacting the alleged assault. her lawyer says you can see as she was going through this with the authorities that she was ry distraught. a short time later that's when the 911 call was made. listen. >> reporter: it was after the the 11 call that the chief engineer and security engineer
10:27 am
kind of start doing a dance. they have a big hug. he spins them around. he's doing this become and forth. this is after the 911 call. the men were interviewed. they say they don't remember why they were dancing. they were certainly happy the 911 call had been made. others say they believe this shows dsk was set up by his political enemies so that he would not run against nicholas sarkozy in the presidential election in france. dsk's lawyers say and i'm quoting here, we are extremely trouble that the two personnel were caught on tape embracing and danci immediately after a 911 call was made to the new york city police. the hotel denies all this and the french interior minister talks of this whole talk of a conspiracy is pure fantasy. megyn: has that been proven that immediately after they called the dancing took place. >> reporter: some time after 911. in the seconds or minutes after
10:28 am
911 was called. megyn: what does that mean, five minutes? did someone come in and say the knics won? >> reporter: that's what they were saying, it was baseball season and they could look at their mouths and someone said yankees. the hotel said tees guys are sports fanatics and they may have been clearing because the yankees beat the red sox on this day. they said they don't remember, but they were certainly happy the 911 call had been placed. megyn: is that going to be their excuse in we were so happy we called 911. i don't know, the whole thing is confusing to me. a fierce fight over foreign policy is shaping up in washington after they accuse the president of not being tough enough with america's enemies. >> president obama has adopted an appeasement policy. megyn: we'll have a fair &
10:29 am
balanced debate on where the president really stands on matters in the middle east. we've talked to the donald about a gop debate he's moderating, and why he thinks he's better and smarter than the candidates out there. what explains a cannonball blasting through a house by the mythbusters? we've got some answers. everyone in the nicu, all the nurses wanted to watch him when he was there 118 days. everything that you thought was important to you changes in light of having a child that needs you every moment.
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megyn: police in virginia are trying to learn about why a gunman at virginia tech with no apparent connection to the university murdered a police officer on campus yesterday. you saw the story breaking during this broadcast yesterday afternoon. on the campus of the same university that saw the deadliest shooting rampage by a loan gunman ever in u.s. history. we are learning a bit more about the shoot store apparently took his own life and about the murdered police officer. doug mcelway live from the virginia tech campus. doug. >> reporter: it's really highly unusual how tightlipped authorities are being here about releasing the identity of this presumed gunman. they will only say that he was not a student at virginia tech, and that he may be, may be connected at an armed carjacking at nearby radford university the
10:34 am
night before the shooting. they won't tell us his name, what kind of a gun he used, the caliber of the gun, nor how much ammunition he had. that said, they did recover the suspect's backpack last night, and even though they know what the contents of it are they are being purposely vague about some of the contents. listen up to the press conference this morning. >> we have recovered a variety of ballistic evidence during the course of the investigation. as i mentioned before we recovered the clothing, we also recovered an id in the backpack. anything further we are not going to comment at this point. >> reporter: now interestingly they recovered that backpack long after the all clear had been given late last night. tracking dogs picked up a scent which led to a series of greenhouses on the campus. tucked away in a remote part of that greenhouse complex is a little alcove, that's where they found the backpack. written above where they found the backpack on the glass wall of the house was this.
10:35 am
quote, sarah, i'm so glad i left you and you didn't give me herpes. good luck and good riddens, mac. it may be totally irrelevant to the investigation, but if this suspect's name is mac it may shed insight into what his state of mind was or what the motivation was for this shooting yesterday. we expect to find out what this is name is as soon as the medical examiner finishes his autopsy, in roanoke, virginia, a bit down the road from here. we are awaiting his names. that may allow authorities to reveal a lot more information about what his motivation may have been. megyn. megyn: thank you. new questions today about the president's position on iran as the house approves sweeping now sanctions. earlier this week mitt romney suggested the president appears more generous to our enemies in the middle east than he does to our friends.
10:36 am
>> internationally president obama has adopted an appeasement strategy, appeasement betrays a lack of faith in america, in america's stent and in america's future. megyn: president obama yesterday aeu pouring to answer that charge with this comment. >> ask osama bin laden, and the 22 out of 30 top al-qaida leaders who have been taken off-the-field whether i engage in appeasement. or whoever is left out there, ask them about that. megyn: mitt romney wasn't talking about terror specifically when he made that charge he was talking about iran and the house's relationship with israel. where does the administration really stand on this issue? joining me now alan colmes host of the copes combs show and mike gallagher syndicated radio host and a fox news contributor. well, well, well, you don't often see the president come out and say, oh, yeah? and he doesn't usually talk
10:37 am
about his accomplishments in taking out al-qaida operatives like that, alan. what do you think. >> why should he have to respond to these kind of ridiculous charges. this goes along with he's not from here, he's not one of us, he's a muslim, he doesn't love america, he doesn't care about the country, he wants to appease. he apologizes for the country. they take him out of context and it's not true. i thought his answer, straight to the point says it all. you can criticize him on a lot of things. i don't know how you go after him for having killed more al-qaida members than the previous administration. getting osama bin laden, something the previous administration continue do. i don't think it's an area where his opponents ought to be focusing his arguments if they want to go after him for the purposes of winning an election. megyn: that is an interesting point. what jumped out at me is they weren't going after him on al-qaida. he has a good retort on that. they seem to be focused more on iran. can or should they be making ground on that issue?
10:38 am
>> i think you could make the argument about iran, but i happen to agree with alan on two points, number one there is plenty other things you can go after him on, and number two, i think it's a smart answer. i frankly think he has a smart response, and i get a little bit -- i think it's cringe inducing when some of my colleagues on the right go after him and pound away over things like well, for example, the unemployment rate going down, whether it was 4/10 th-s of a point. i heard my friends and colleagues almost turn themselves inside out to try to complain about that decline and say he's not to be given credit for it. he does get credit for taking out osama bin laden. i think he should get credit as commande commander-in-chief for some of the victories gained al-qaida. the policies were started under president bush but obama has continued that campaign of drone attacks, and, again, give him credit for osama bin laden. i think it was a smart response, i think republicans look petty,
10:39 am
and almost childish when we try to -- fail to give credit where credit is due. >> you don't need me tonight. megyn: this is a first on "america live." these two guys agree. one of the reasons that they've keyed up this debate against president obama is because the white house opposed this round of sanctions that we just saw pass through the congress, pass through the senate 100-zero. when was the last time you saw anything happen like that. let me key it up for the viewers then you'll go, alan. the u.s. congress wanted to engage in an additional round of sanctions on iran and the white house didn't want it. they said they had reasons, triangulation, certain reasons that they didn't want to do it and both bodies of congress said, we're doing it. they are comparing and contrasting that message from the white house, no more sanctions on this particular issue, to this message from president obama back in october. watch. >> i continue to mobilize the international community to make
10:40 am
sure that iran is further and further isolated and pays apprisa price for this kind of behavior. >> the white house side is this is the international community. we will not be playing well with others in terms of what the international community wants to do. it will raise oil price. one thing is they haven't done before is declare their entire financial system as a money laundering operation and going after iran in that regard is something that has been not been done before. this is hopefully a successful way to isolate iran. >> there is a better case -- i think it is shocking to watch this president vacillate and fail to support israel as a key ally. >> that is not true. >> there has been an appearance
10:41 am
of appeasement for legit myselfing terrorists. >> how is that being an appeaser in any way, shape or form. >> i don't know how you talk to a side that is committed to the destruction of the state of israel. >> you want war? what is the alternative. >> do you talk to al-qaida terrorists? we are not talking to terrorists we are taking out. >> anybody you can talk to for the purpose of peace. dialogue is always what happens after war, let's skip the war part. >> that's like saying let's have conversations with islamist terrorists who want to kill them. >> give me an answer. >> we need moral clarity about who is right and wrong. i don't think anybody with an ounce of sense says palestinian terrorists who are committed to blowing up kids on school buses are rights. there are two sides to that argument. i think the israel lee palestinian conflict is a
10:42 am
perfect example of this president's appeasement. >> you can't ignore that they are an important part of the equation, i'm not going to talk to you. let's talk to the bad people. megyn: both then have had their say. it started off nice. >> you knew it was going to go off the rails. >> for a short time there. megyn: love having you both. you heard the arguments over fast and furious, the gun running sting gone very, very wrong. yesterday this fight got personal. the attorney general versus congressman darrell issa, what is next in this angry exchange? did you see it? you will today. brand-new information in the case of a missing florida mother, michelle parker. police now scouring her newly discovered cellphone. could it be the key to finding her? right after this break we will speak with former homicide detective mark fuhrman. meanwhile her mother's message. >> michelle, if you are in heaven, baby, i love you and i know you don't want me to be sad, but i just can't help it. you know, i just feel like it's not going to end well now.
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megyn: heartbreaking developments in the case of a missing florida woman. after learning that investigators found her daughter's iphone the mother of michelle parker breaks down. the news apparently more than she could take. >> and michelle, if you are in heaven, baby i lover you and i know you don't want me to be sad, but i just can't help it. you know, i just feel like it's not going to end well now. it just breaks my heart that my daughter's cellphone was found because that means there is something criminal, there is something criminal. i had such high hopes that, you know, maybe, you know, we'd find her and shedee be alive, an she'd be alive, and i just don't think that is going to happen. i hate whoever did this to her. and god help you when you get to
10:47 am
heaven. megyn: joining me by phone is former l.a.p.d. homicide detective and fox news contributor mark fuhrman. mark, your heart breaks for the family. as a former homicide detective do you agree with her? >> i agree wholeheartedly. i think, you know, she probably felt that there was more of a possibility that this would be criminal in nature than anything, but she was hoping for the best, and this is the one that kind of pushed her over the edge. it is very hard to listen to, and i think everybody can imagine the feelings that she is going through right now. megyn: the theories as a detective, if you looked at this case, the theory is that if she doesn't have the iphone with her, the odds of her being some sort of runaway bride-type situation are very slim. >> they are incredibly slim, notwithstanding the cellphone you need finances, and people in the upper middle class still have to access finances somewhere, whether it's credit cards, cash, withdrawals from a
10:48 am
bank, stock, 401k'. if they travel they are going to come up on customs. post 9/11 that is pretty difficult to get out of the united states undetected for the average person. it seems incredibly remote. megyn: as an investigative tool the phone could really be useful, could it not? what types of information could they gleam? >> before the information we need to see how it was disposed of and the route in which it was disposed of. in that timeframe she would not have been traveling to her exfiance's parents' homes. that means that that route of travel wouldn't have been hers. then the method of disposal, i think everybody in law enforcement would nod their head when i said that it was thrown out of a window as somebody went over the bridge, dissep taking possible evidence away from the possible location of her body. megyn: how much more evidence
10:49 am
can you get from the phone versus the phone records. >> the phone pin ged and it pinged within a mile of that direction. that is good because it tells you where it was at. the information is powerful because when were the last phone calls made that we can establish that was actually from the victim? you can start narrowing in the timeline, and then the suspect in this case, think i think is really powerful, if the police aren't playing the typical person of interest game that is so commonly used these days, they are saying he is a suspect, that means they have a lot of conflicting information, possibly forensic evidence, or electronic evidence that is focusing in on him and him alone.
10:50 am
megyn: do you think it's possible, mark, that finding this phone that they could find fingerprints still on it on the keys since there was a text message that was sent, many believe it was from whoever may have abducted her? >> unfortunately tv has educated all amateur criminals that water is one thing that destroys fluid fingerprints and other items unless they are protected in some kind of waterproof wrapping, so i doubthat, but if that phone was taken apart and the battery was taken out there is a possibility there. megyn: mark fuhrman, thank you. >> thank you. megyn: he went missing in iran three years ago. a powerful new plea from a former f.b.i. agent who says he is being held prisoner. my interview with the donald r reveals the answer to the question everyone is wondering about. what is the deal with his hair? you will find out when i get a firsthand look. what is the deal with the hair? >> tell me, is it that bad?
10:51 am
>> i didn't say bad, i said what is the deal witness. >> i get more -- i don't know i just get killed on the hair. it's been this way for years. it is mine. i want to keep that hairline as low as possible. megyn: i see. >> it's not that bad, is it? call imperial structured settlements. the experts at imperial can convert your long-term payout into a lump sum of cash today. really? 25 grams of protein. what do we have? all four of us, together? 24. he's low fat, too, and has 5 grams of sugars. i'll believe it when i--- [ both ] oooooh... what's shakin'? [ female announcer ] as you get older, protein is an important part
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10:53 am
10:54 am
megyn: two discovered channel hosts apologizing to a california family today for a stunt that went horribly wrong. take a look at what happened when a cannonball missed its target on the show mit mythbusters. >> reporter: the show calls this an unforeseen bounce and we have one question. unforeseen bounced? it was launched at the alameda
10:55 am
area it traveled 1,000 yards, ten football fields across an even tere state, into a neighborhood into the front of a house, up the stairs, out, through a bedroom where a mother and her infant daughter were sleeping. it blasted through the roof across another street landed on another house across the street, bounced off that house into a minivan where it finally ended. here is one of the hosts talking about that bad bounce, listen. >> we are deeply sorry for this happening. this is the worst thing we can imagine happening . i have kids of my own, a house of my own i can imagine how angry i would be. we still don't have all the details but right now there isn't anything that is sticking out as a smoking gun as the thing that went wrong. >> reporter: smoking gun, maybe smoking cannon in this case. mythbusters the show will pay for all the damage. they will try a few other ways to get this cannon to work.
10:56 am
what they were trying to do is prove or disprove the theory that cannon balls can actually breakthrough the walls of a castle like you see in medieval times. they were trying to do that. it didn't workout as well as they planned. megyn: not for the homeowners any way. trace, thank you. >> reporter: okay. megyn: fox news alert we are just getting reports right now of a shooting at a fedex office in los angeles. we are hearing that almost a dozen shots have been fired, two people are hurt. we're going to have a live report after this break. stay with us. man: my electric bill was breaking the bank. so to save some money, i trained this team of guinea pigs to row this tiny boat. guinea pig: row...row. they generate electricity, which lets me surf the web all day. guinea pig: row...row. took me 6 months to trn each one, 8 months to get the guinea pig: row...row. little chubby one to yell row! guinea pig: row...row. that's kind of strange. guinea pig: row...row. such a simple word... row. anncr: there's an easier way to save. get online. go to get a quote. 15 minutes could save you
10:57 am
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megyn: fox news alert. we are getting reports of a shooting at a fedex office in los angeles. we are being told almost a dozen shots have been fired. two people have been hurt and a gunman is believed to be on the loose. trace gallagher is working this in our l.a. bureau.
11:00 am
that's 12 miles from the scene. >> reporter: you can see there was a fatality involved in this. there is a sheet covering the body. this is a fedex center on the corner of sunset and vine in hollywood which is in the city of los angeles. apparently somebody walked into this fedex retail store which this time of year you know is jammed with people trying to send out gifts for the holidays and opened fire, firing at least 10 shots. we know at least one person was hit by the shots and we believe the l.a.p.d. is telling us one suspect has been shot. we do not know if the suspect is the fatality in the middle of the street. that is very much unclear because there were unconfirmed reports that police set up a perimeter and police were looking for a suspects. anybody who knows the los angeles area knows this is a
11:01 am
famous area of hollywood near a lot of cowerrist attraction. this fedex store is a retail store. it's not a fedex factory shipping center. this is a store where people go in to print things and sent out packages. there are reports and crews on the way to the scene. we'll bring it to you. but right now we have at least one hit and one suspect has been shot. the severity of the wounds is still unclear at this time. megyn: is there a manhunt underway? >> there is. because there were more than one suspect or it's unclear if police think this suspect is the only short. so what they are telling us is there is a perimeter set up to look for a gunman, and they are telling us one suspect has been shot. so right now it's unclear if there was more than one suspect.
11:02 am
or if the one suspect is the body that you see lying in the street. we are trying t clarify that right now with the los angeles police department. this just happened about 35 minutes ago. kttv, our fox affiliate just arrived on scene 2 1/2 minutes ago. you can see they are wandering the scene with us trying to gets an idea of what they are looking at there. first responders are on the scene. you have a number of police units from across los angeles that are on the scene as well trying to figure out what happened. what's unclear as well if people are still inside this fedex offers. standard operating procedure would be when you lock the place down you make sure people are safe and secure. that's if police entered the building which we don't see any signs. there is one police officer walking in front. that gives an indication they believe whatever happened inside the fedex store is now secure.
11:03 am
once they get inside it could tell a different story about what happened when those 10 shots went off. we don't know the number of people or what the size of this store is. but anybody who has been into a fedex retail store knows these are good-sized properties. they have counting machine and a number of counters people can bring packages up to and ship them out. there are all kinds of retail stores. a number of restaurant and tourist attractions in that area. >> we'll let you do some news gathering. i'm sure you will come back with more. thank you for that. trace gallagher. another fox news alert. the "operation fast & furious" and how attorney general eric holder handled the scandal. it got rather ugly on capitol hill yesterday. we watched some of it together
11:04 am
on this program when congressman darrell issa questioned i should say the attorney general. there was a tense exchange between the two men. issa a member of the house judiciary committee between he and mr. holder. he compared mr. holder to a polarizing figure from the nixon administration and mr. holder did not hold back either. >> reporter: i want to tell you in the short term no contempt hearings, no purgey -- perjury charges. they expanded the investigation to include the dea and immigrations and customs enforcement. that means possibly a focus on homeland security janet napolitano as well. what began as a simple inquiry now looks more personal. congressman issa threatening to
11:05 am
hold him in contempt and accuse him of obstruction of justice. >> john michell responded that way, too. >> was that called for? >> whether or not he understood it was an acts of contempt unless they recited a constitutional exception and still had a responsibility -- both of which they are refusing to do in testimony today. >> do you have a fine response mr. attorney general. >> he asked me about political points. the reference to john mitchell. think about that. at some point as i said in the mccarthy hearings, have you no shame in you know. >> reporter: so far only u.s. attorney dennis burke has resigned. he says he and others watched
11:06 am
suspects buy, sell and smuggle guns to mexico and they did not stop anyone. some of the weapons bought by these clowns in arizona have been directly traced to murders. >> will you be resigning over -- because of the fallout from "operation fast & furious"? >> i have no intention of resigning. i'm the attorney general who put an end to these misguided tactics. >> should anyone resign? >> again on the basis of the information i have at this point, no. >> we are told that some important interviews will be
11:07 am
held next week. holder's chief of staff and dennis burke will appear before investigators. it does not appear right now that anyone has flipped if you will, becoming a cooperating witness for congress. so statement and documents -- the fight, if you will, will continue. megyn: william, thank you. is attorney general eric holder becoming a liability for the obama administration? our panel will debate just ahead on "america live." we are getting new details on the gunman in that shooting at a fedex center in los angeles. reports he was running down the street randomly firing? >> reporter: that's exactly right. we are on the phone with the manager. as he gives us more information we'll give it to you. now we are learning from witnesses on the scene and employees inside the building. this shooter never got inside. he was walking up and down vine
11:08 am
in hollywood and shooting randomly at cars. just walking up and down the street shooting sat cars and apparently he person he shot was walking out of a bank of america getting into his car when the shooter apparently shot this guy, then police showed up and we are being told you see the sheet on the ground there in the middle of vine, that's the suspect who was walking up and down opening fire. we are told by someone who works in a wine store there that this guy was simply walking up and down the street looking around, walking around, and opening fire on the cars as they drove by. that's when the police showed up and opened fire on him. what we are being told is there was only one suspect who fired a number of shots. this apparently was on the opposite side of the street from that fedex office, very near a mcdonald's. there is a wine shop in the area where the witnesses say they heard a number of shots, and they walked out the door and saw
11:09 am
this guy walk up and down the street opening fire. one person hit. the suspect shot and killed. and there appears at this point in time not to be a second shooter. megyn: that is some good news in this story. trace gallagher, thank you. more from trace as he gets it out in los angeles this morning. he vanished in iran more than three years ago and no one has seen or heard from robert levinson until now. today a new hostage video with a desperate plea for help. he is prepared to host a gop presidential debate. but only two candidates have accepted the invitation. after the break i sit down with the donald for a one-on-one discussion about the debate, his future in the race for the gop nomination and more. megyn: how do we get to the point where your endorsement and opinion on the presidency and political matters matters so
11:10 am
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11:13 am
megyn: brand-new reaction from donald trump to who's in and who's out. at this point only two candidates, newt gingrich and rick santorum plan to attend. michele bachmann the latest to say she won't participate. how is this sitting with the donald any traveled to his office yesterday to find out. so far only newt gingrich and rick santorum have agreed. >> we are not seeing a lotf courage here. they are suppose to be brave. we'll have to see what happens. news max is a great organization and they do a fantastic job.
11:14 am
megyn: it looks like mitt romney is not going to participate. would it change your view of him as a candidate. >> i would like to say it doesn't but it probably does. he's a wonderful gay. he came to trump tower and we have had wonderful conversations. they have almost all come to trump tower which i'm honors by. but i think it's important the republicans pick the right person. i thought mitt would have courage. we'll be talking about things that other people haven't been talking about, obama hasn't been talking about, and that's what the outside world is doing to this country, they are destroying our country, take our money, take our wealth, destroying our jobs. megyn: you are not usually the one who makes the news, not cover the news. >> i was asked to do this by news max it's a company i have a
11:15 am
lot of respect for. i think it's a good idea and i think we would get good rates. a lot of people would watch. and i think again i would cover things that a lot of people wouldn't cover, and i think i know the issues better than most if not all moderators who ask questions when they don't even know what the question means. i think we'll do well. one of the problems we are having is they want me to give up the possibility of together independent run. thought it' not something i want to do, it's not something i'm going to give up. megyn: do you think you are a better moderator than i am? >> i could never beat you. you are doing a great job, by the way. megyn: how do we get to the point where your endorsement and your opinion on the presidency and political matters matters so
11:16 am
much? >> the candidates look at me and say he has a lot of people listening and respect what he says. that's why they want my endorsement. for years i have been contributing to candidate and they wanted my money. now necessity don't want my money, they want my endorsement. i like that better, it's cheaper. they want my endorsement. they have called and come up in some cases many times, and i have gotten to know them. it's very interesting. megyn: michele bachmann said she thinks you would make a good vice president to her. >> i'm disappointed she is unwilling to step up to the debate. she came up four times. she'll call and talk. i like her have much. i think she is terrific in many respects. then i do a tele conference call, she had hundreds of thousands of people, and because she said i was in -- i took a lot of heat because everyone
11:17 am
thought base was doing that it was endorsing her though i like her. then when it come to the debate i hear she is not going to do it. say what you want about newt, newt heard about the debate, i want to do it. there is a certain courage or confidence or something. rick perry i think is not doing it -- and i like him a lot. i think he's not a good debater. but i was very surprised -- i did a lot for michelle. i did a conference call where she raised a lot of money. i didn't say i want to check with my handlers -- i haven't figured out who my handlers are yet. and she doesn't either. she makes her own moves. i was a little bit disappointed. he happened to be sitting in the oval office antigens calm and
11:18 am
say we have him. here are his choices. leave him alone, take him out with a missile or go in and get him. if you are president or i'm president or anybody is president. the first thing you say leave him alines out. we are going to go get him i think unless we have a president that's really pathetic and that could happen. the first thing, you take him out with a missile or the way we did. why is he getting credit for that? who is not going to make a decision? but who is not going to make that decision? who is going to say -- you happen to be sitting and the ceos and the guys looking for him did a fantastic job. too bad they didn't do it sooner. that's not their fault, it was our leader's fault. why was he getting credit for usama bin laden.
11:19 am
honestly, why does obama get credit when he had to make a decision, okay, go get him. who is not going to make that decision. megyn: as a relatively new mother. i have two kid, 2 years old and 7 months old. i admire your children. you have raised some beautiful successful kid. i think a lot of the parents would like to know because you have obviously been a busy man and you have done a lot outside of family to show for your accomplishments. you seem to have loving kids. they seem to be close to you, they succeeded in life, they seem like upstanding people. how did you do that? >> i was very strict. i have don, ivanka and eric in the business with me. from the time they were literally old enough to understand, i would tell them, no drugs, no alcohol, no cigarettes. i added one thing to it, should i tell you? no tattoos. i hate the tattoos.
11:20 am
i hate them. but i say -- i add that for my kids. no drugs, no alcohol, no cigarettes. i have friends that have very smart kids, they go to harvard, they go to the best schools. their mind are gone, their minds are shot between the drugs and alcohol. i would say to ivanka or eric or don, or i say now to baron and tiffany. they are my children, they are smart. they did well aptitude-wise so that helps. they work hard and like what they do. i call it the outside influence of drugs and alcohol and cigarettes, too. and the tattoos. i think the tattoos are terrible. by know plenty of people who have tattoos. megyn: i heard ivanka has a secret tattoo you don't know
11:21 am
about. >> she may,. megyn: word association, mitt romney. >> disappointed. >> newt gingrich. >> like a rocket ship. >> rick perry. >> a much different person than he is in the debates. the debate absolutely killed him. amazing. and he's a good guy. megyn: ron paul. >> i don't know ron. megyn: michele bachmann. >> a disappoint. >> john huntsman. >> he seems like a nice guy, i don't like his stance on china. megyn: it may be the one question you want to know about the donald what is his hair really like. what is the deal with the hair. i asked him about it and what happened next you have never seen on television.
11:22 am
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11:25 am
megyn: new reaction to a chilling videotape of an ex-fbi agent who wen missing in iran. no one has seen what he looks like since he disappeared until now. levinson's family just released hostage video send the to them by his unidentified cap towards. the physical changes are contracts deck. you see how he used to look and look at him now. the most disturbing part of the video is his desperate plea for help. >> reporter: the video was sent to the family in 2010. the first evidence they had that he was alive. the 63-year-old if former fbi
11:26 am
agent says i'm not in very good health, i'm running out of do i betease medicine, i have been treated well, and i need the help of the united states government to answer the requests of the group that held me for 3 1/2 years. he disappeared in iran in 2007. he was there his family says as a private detective investigating cigarette smuggling. now the family is asking the captors to contact them and let the family know how to move forward. >> we don't know what else to do. please tell us what you want and help us bring my father home. >> reporter: some officials say there are clues suggesting he could be in afghanistan or pakistan, but those clues could be red herrings by iranian intelligence. megyn: an atheist group in
11:27 am
wisconsin telling local officials in texas to take down their nativity scene. you will want to hear the texas response as this case hits "kelly's court." ng quotes, any way you want. fully customize it for your trading process -- from thought to trade, on every screen. and all in real time. which makes it just like having your own trading floor, right at your fingertips. [ rodger ] at scottrade, seven dollar trades are just the start. try our easy-to-use scottrader streaming quotes. it's another reason more investors are saying... [ all ] i'm with scottrade. and who ordered the yummy cereal? yummy. [ woman ] lower cholesterol. [ man 2 ] yummy. i got that wrong didn't i? [ male announcer ] want great taste and whole gin oats that can help lower cholesterol? honey nut cheerios.
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11:30 am
megyn: a fox news alert. the national labor relations board dropped its complaint against boeing over the plane maker's decision to put a plant in south carolina.
11:31 am
the union complained about the project not being located in state, but in a right to work state in south carolina. but now there is a new contract that includes a promise to make a new jet in the seattle area while allowing boeing to build the dreamliner in south carolina. the president spoke about this deal moments ago. >> i think we are going to be working. a number of republican candidates have parades the news today including newt gingrich who said -- they paraded the news but criticized the nlrb. gingrich sit was an assault on the rule of law by president obama and his big labor allies. attorney general eric holder is quickly becoming the public face
11:32 am
of operation fast and furious. the botches gun running sting that went wrong in mexico. now many are asking if attorney general eric holder is becoming a liability for the obama administration. catherine herridge is live in washington with more. >> reporter: the attorney general seemed to make a critical error by publicly acknowledging the existence of an indictment in "operation fast & furious." >> somebody has been dated -- has been indicted in connection with that case. >> that's not information you can speak to today. >> there some rules -- this is a matter that's under seal. >> but there has been an indictment?
11:33 am
>> yes, there has been an indictment. megyn: holder continues to push for civilian trials for terror suspects and the department of justice warned local law enforcement in alabama they could risk federal funding as a result of that state's immigration law. the president has consistently backed his attorney general. >> with respect to solyndra and fast and furious. i have been clear that i have complete confidence in the attorney general holder in how he handles his office. he has been very aggressive in going after gun running and cash transactions that are going through these drug cartels in
11:34 am
mexico. >> reporter: some analysts believe the more republicans hammer holder the more it strengthens him in the eyes of the president's supporters. megyn: is the united states attorney general becoming a problem for the house. let's bring in our panel. jamu greene within hank shicroft. that's the question. at this point, you know, as political folks, does the president have to consider cutting his lopss and firing somebody, whether it many holder, does someone need to go in order to make this scandal go away? >> i don't think so. i think the president has been clear that he stand by attorney general eric holder. through the attorney general's actions he has shown clearly how seriously he takes the allegations as they relate to
11:35 am
"operation fast & furious." he has been the last line of defense west comes to protect can the undocumented people in the united states from an immigration standpoint. i think we'll see the president stand by his side. unfortunately what this is contributing to is the real political funk in this country when you have someone in the attorney general -- when he became aware of a problem he did his job. he started the investigation into it. megyn: why didn't he know about it beforehand. why did it have to be brought to his attention? then his critics say once it came out where was the full thoughting investigation. >> this is about accountability. what holder should do is either produce the document or step down. this is a total lack of him not doing his due diligence another. megyn: you have an inspector
11:36 am
general looking into it. what more should he be doing? >> this lay on his desk. this is his responsibility. he's the head of the department of justice. he should have known about this. he claims he did not. we keep going back and forth about this. four hearings for him. >> no new revelations. megyn: that's not true. there have been new revelations. >> this is called assault by proxy. they don't want to take on the president frontally so they take on the attorney general. no one wants to talk about that bored and those guns. the republicans aren't interested in guns. megyn: there is one theory that that's why they did "operation fast & furious" to get the guns down there to draw attention. >> i don't think anybody wants to see dead cops. those guns kill cops because of
11:37 am
those weapons coming from those drug dealers. >> would you put forward that theory about this being gun control? that shows their hand. megyn: there have been some democrats who made comments to the effect that this is going to be one of the side effects of this which they think is a good thing. i want to talk about holder. as i have seen the evidence, there is nothing tying him directly to it. but it's clear that there have been missteps by the doj. and since sit came out, where is the accountability? people don't feel like someone has been held accountable. >> there are concerns about document that have not been presented under holder's watch. that is a huge concern. why is he not being forthright
11:38 am
putting forth everything that has been requested. he should produce the documents or step down. >> in april 2010 darrell issa received a memo that outlined "operation fast & furious." he did nothing at that point. the same acue saitions you want to point at eric holder, the same thing could be said about darrell issa. >> all they have to do is produce the documents. megyn: but the distinction is eric holder's department w running the show. this was a doj operation. >> he immediately went to his inspector general. megyn: i want to have a debate about what's actually happened. he heard about it. grassley sent a letter saying did the atf let guns walk and the doj said no we don't do that. that letter was so replete with
11:39 am
inaccuracies they had to withdraw it. they never would have gotten the fact that this is inaccurate and full of inconsistencies if issa and others hadn't kept pressing. >> drip, drip, drip. the deal will be who gets indicted and for what and how quickly this wraps up. megyn: he probably wasn't supposed to say they indicted somebody. >> the attorney general is a standup guy. during the clinton years it was monitor the republicans to beat the devil out of any democrat. it doesn't help the cops whose lives are at risk. megyn: is the attorney general's office getting politicized by people on the outside? we saw this during the bush years. now with eric holder, it just feels like the nation's top law enforcement officer is taking more incoming from the politicians than he is from the
11:40 am
bad guys who are supposed to be putting him bars. >> we need a full time line. who knew what when. that's what the american people want to know. >> what's dangerous is holder is not doing his core responsibility. there are documents that have not been presented and obama said he wanted an administration that was ethical and transparent. that's not what's going none this situation. >> this should be the worst problem he faced that an attorney general is defending the president with his testimony and he makes a flub about an indictment that he shouldn't be discussing. >> we had weapons that went to a drug cartel. we have a border agent killed it's ridiculous. where is the accountability with this?
11:41 am
>> you can't just dismiss it. to megyn's question how this has been politicized -- this is more about going after holder and not policy on the southwest border. megyn: does someone need to be fired who ran this in who okayed this? does that person need to go, whoever that is? >> i don't know who that is and maybe we'll get to that point where holder will identify them. do you think that person, whoever okayed this operation? should that person go? >> we should go back to attorney general mukasey. there is a decision made in this memo that he received many years ago, 2007 and it recommended this was not a policy that should move forward, and it did. so i think we should put the finger on who that person is.
11:42 am
megyn: they feel like you are shifting responsibility. the question right now, mukasey is gone.
11:43 am
11:44 am
11:45 am
megyn: a christmas challenge fired up a cross-country fight between some snowbelt atheists
11:46 am
and some in texas who love their nativity scene. they complained to the freedom from religion foundation. it's an atheist group 1,000 miles away. they sent a letter asking for the display to be taken down because it violates the first amendment. the answer included the phrase "when hell freezes over." so texas said, i don't think so. >> right. megyn: wry friend up in wisconsin. the nativity is not unconstitutional even if it's on public property and you know what you can do with your letter mr. and mrs. atheist. >> they have sound reasoning. there are multiple u.s. supreme court cases. in 2010 that affirms the salazar case. there is no rule of law that
11:47 am
says that an entity like this would have to eradicate all forms of religious symbols. and they have little gnomes and reindeers that aren't necessarily religious in nature. they are saying it isn't purely a religious nativity scene but has multiple different themes of the christmas and winter solstice season. megyn: we may mock the gnome but it could make or break the defense in this case. >> the atheist organization is going to say the gnome makes their case. they aren't particularly religious were nor is santa claus. that means this christian symbol is the only religious ornament on that lawn and it is intruding on the first amendment. megyn: the courts have said that you put out santa, you put out
11:48 am
snowmen, you put out gnomes and it he cue larrizes the display. takes the religious message out of it as far as the public is concerned. >> like putting too much water in your lemonade. it waters it down and cleanses it so other people aren't offended. so the judge is right in this case to say we don't have to take it down. they sent a letter to a judge locally in addion to the county commissioner. i think they should fight this all the way. people, the law is on your side. embrace it. megyn: the message from them has been when hell freeze over and so on and so forth. the bottom line is when you put up that nativity scene you need the baby jesus and joseph and mary and the three wise men and the gnome. i want to ask about the atheist
11:49 am
message they say the nativity is sending which is one of intimidation and exclusion. hey, the new guy is loaded with protein! really? 25 grams of protein. what do we have? all four of us, together? 24. he's low fat, too, and has 5 grams of sugars. i'll believe it when i--- [ both ] oooooh... what's shakin'? [ female announcer ] as you get older, protein is an important part of staying active and strong. new ensure high protein... fifty percent of your daily value of protein. low fat and five grams of sugars. see? he's a good egg.
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megyn: the atheist group says they believe it send a message of intimidation and exclusion to non-christians on public property. they claim there are ample private and church ground where such displays may be placed. >> they are trying to make the point that this is in violation of the three prong test. one of the prongs is this religious display cannot be excessively entangled with the government. by making the argument that
11:53 am
people will be afraid to enter the county building if they are not christians, they are trying to fit into the prongs. megyn: we are at point where it' not okay if the nativity is there by itself. but stick the gnome. and if frosty the snowman would help your case. >> i love it. that's true. the law is clever and crafty. but they will lose because of it. we are joking about the gnome but that makes it more secular and not religious in nature. this particular nativity scene and christmas decoration comply with the lemon test and the donnelly case and are reinforced in a 2010 decision in sal door. solid legal ground, chalk one up for christmas here.
11:54 am
that's what's significant about this. megyn: it doesn't look like they are backing down in christmas. the county commissioner classified this as side. another guy watching this case said this is the hill to die on, it's a fight having. the atheist group is work to eliminate not just this but 12 other nativity scenes. coming up. going where no apprentice has gone before. i asked donald trump if i could touch his hair. you will see what happens in a moment you have never seen on television before. what's the deal with the hair. >> is it that bad? megyn: i didn't say bad. >> i get killed on the hair. it is mine. i want to keep that hairline. it's not that bad. it's not that bad, is it.
11:55 am
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♪ give me hair, hair, hair, hair, hair ♪ >>megyn: think donald trump isn't a good fort? what is the deal with the hair? >> it is that bad. >>megyn: i didn't say "bad." i get more, i get killed on the hair. it has been this way for years. it is mine. i want to keep the hair line as low as possible. it is not that bad. >>megyn: i see, not that bad? everyone thought it was a comb over. but it's not. >>guest: i comb it back. it is not a come over. i comb it back. it is tiny. i am getting older. not that bad. you are surprised, right? i'm getting killed on the hair.
11:59 am
you know what? the truth is i combed it this way all my life. my mother started. it is my hair, i have friends that have no hair. i have a high school friend, great looking guy, and he calls me, i will not use his name and he said donald, i want to come up and say hello and i said to the girls wait until you see this guy the best locking guy, always the women loved him and he comes up, he weighed 400 pounds and bald and glasses and ary gar and i said, my god, what happened. so, it's mine. do you a test it is mine. >>megyn: you do it pretty well. in a court of law i stand by you. >>guest: you in a court of law i could use. >>megyn: he really was a good sport and he was, you know quick to have a last and a have nice guy. and, you know, it was very silky, kind of smooth, and it was all his! got do hell you, it was r


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