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tv   The Five  FOX News  December 20, 2011 2:00pm-3:00pm PST

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>> are you scared because you are in front of a green screen talking about this? >> it's freezing out here. i thought i was going to start doing weather. >> eric: thank you for helping. good night. captioned by closed captioning services, inc >> eric: hello. i'm eric bolling, andrea tantaros, bob beckel, dana perino, greg gutfeld. it's 5:00 in the big city and this is "the five." first night of hanukkah. happy hanukkah. five days from christmas, merry christmas. big show tonight. first, bill clinton sits down with bill o'reilly. the first time ever. the worlds collide. we have the tape. plus, vice president joe biden says that the taliban is not our enemy. you have to love the obama administration foreign policy. and never before seen color
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photos from battle of the bulge. "the five" starts right now. ♪ ♪ the top story tonight, the interview everyone has been waiting for. bill versus bill. bill clinton and bill o'reilly. two giants amongst us mere mortals. see it tonight on the factor. stop it, greg. the first topic of presidential republican race. go ahead. all right. maybe not on that one. >> bob: now you can explain the suck up. >> eric: how do i have to explain the suck up without this comment. we're going to get it. bill o'reilly interviewing bill clinton. >> andrea: you play o'reilly. >> eric: this is fantastic. they spent 30 minutes
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together. >> greg: i was going down to get a diet coke because i do that. i don't like paying for it so i think it's free from the green room. it's only $1. >> dana: ruin it for the rest of us. >> greg: i look at the people glaring at me. when they are glaring at you, somebody important is in the bathroom. sure enough, all the secret service agents. some of them women, god bless them, staring at me. bill clinton walking around. kind of frail. i was surprised. >> eric: in the interview he is low key. >> dana: but he is stronger. his heart was frail and he had to do something about it. he became a vegan. when he had bush with president bush 41, he -- >> eric: the sound bite, the first is to show the immigration. they touch on a lot of topics. >> i have to give you a hard time on the border? you took office in '93.
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about 4.5 million people come across the border. you have left office, 7 million people across the border. why couldn't you secure it? >> the economy got better. it's a long better. we had a fence, you know, in san diego. it worked. >> why didn't you put it all the way through? >> for one thing, back then, even the texas republicans didn't want it. >> you could have done it by executive order. >> i don't know if i could have or not. >> eric: dana is going mm-hmm. i'll get to you in a second. bob, bill clinton sounds like he was tough on immigration, but everything i heard since, including when hillary was running for president he is offering amnesty. way to offer am necessary toy to illegal -- >> bob: in fairness, there was an immigration bill put before the senate and house as well. bogged down. it was bipartisan.
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bogged down in debate for republicans. they were trying to figure out a way to do a ronald reagan bill of '86 to get in line, pay back taxes and pay a fine and get in line to get to be a citizen. >> dana: the point he said the economy got better so immigration numbers went down. that is what president obama will claim now. between now and next year, if immigration numbers continue to go down, sorry, he will say the economy is not good enough. that is what i think bill clinton meant. i would love to see a body language expert analyze the interview. bill clinton was like hit me with your best shot. what do you got? immigration i don't think is the achilles heel of the clinton administration. no, but since then, he has been saying the way we combat aging population, japan has a
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big problem is to allow some amnesty for illegals here. in some staggered meth but amnesty. >> andrea: that has always been the trick of democrats. the amnesty is the carrot to get republicans to go along with it. this is what the democrats try to do recently. offer amnesty and put it together. why don't they just close the border? you couldn't get republicans to come along in an amnesty unless you have both together. >> eric: sorry, they want to pull another sound bite. this is great for greg. listen to bill asking bill clinton about the candidates. watch how it ends. watch. >> if you had a vote between romney and gingrich, snuck up to new hampshire because anybody can vote in primary, you go for? >> i am not getting in the republican primary.
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i like huntsman. he arguably has the consisten consistently conservative economic record. >> he did well in utah. no doubt about it. when your wife is running against barack obama in new hampshire, the press favored obama. >> yes. >> no doubt about it. is american press going to favor obama over the republican candidate? >> we have to wait and see. >> you know the answer is yes. >> not to suck up but that was one of greatest questions i heard someone ask a president. >> bob: that was sucking up. >> greg: that was a great question. we know the truth. huntsman thing, i love the democrats endorsing huntsman. that is the equivalent of ordering chilean sea bass like it makes me special because i know who jon huntsman is. but chilean sea bass is still just sea bass.
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>> bob: it was not hard for clinton to say they favored obama over his wife, which they did. are the big media outlet going to favor obama over whoever? yes, they are. but now there are more sources of information out there. fox news channel here and endless blogs. middle america newspapers consistently go republican. it's not as bad as you -- >> andrea: middle american newspapers go republican? >> eric: 85% -- wait. 85% of the newspapers in the pennsylvania border and the west, endorsed john mccain. >> andrea: as someone who worked on campaign if pennsylvania and upstate new york, they are the most liberal local papers. they might as well be offshoot of "new york times" >> greg: the local papers were midwestern were extra liberal because they want to impress the coast.
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they weren't hokey. >> bob: you're wrong. >> greg: i lived in pennsylvania. ten years. >> bob: too bad. >> dana: i thought president clinton was restrained in the answer to the question whether or not the media was more favor to believe president obama than secretary clinton. behind the scene it was a raging battle. i know reporters that were called every day and got screamed at. when the press tried to paint clinton as racist. >> bob: it has taken obama and clinton to get in the saddle together. he doesn't want to open up the scab. the racist thing hurt, and hurt badly. it was unfair. clinton decided to bury the
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hatchet. >> dana: why hasn't president obama help pay off the hillary clinton campaign debt? >> a good question. the tension is still alive and well. they are nice in public. bill clinton doesn't want obama to get the good press. when he said do you think they will favor him? yeah, but hopefully not more than me. the tension is there. talking to democrats off the record who don't want their names out there say the only reason that clinton is campaigning to obama is to help his wife. >> greg: i don't know if the tension is between obama and hillary still there. obama was the other woman. it was dnc that tossed hillary aside. >> andrea: that is deep. >> greg: thank you. >> eric: there are robo calls for hillary 2012. dana, weigh in on this. listen to david axelrod blaming republicans, saying they want the economy to falter. blame anybody. but take a listen.
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>> you have to wonder whether they think screwing up the economy and throwing the wrench in the works is a good political strategy for them. if they slow recovery down, if they can cost half a million or delay half a million or a million jobs. that will hurt the president. >> this is a tactic you take when you don't want to run on your own record. axelrod plus others, including from the white house are on a political attack because you have to distort the other camp record, rather than run on your own. if it were true that the republicans don't care about the good of the country, why did they deliver the votes on the free trade agreement? >> bob: axelrod is right. you need another visit on this thing. take a look at what is happening with the payroll tax cut. tea party people in the house -- wait a second. before you cut me off when i jump on your favorite tea
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party, they are stopping the payroll tax cut. boehner cannot control them. they're out of control. a lot of them will lose. >> greg: who wants the economy to fail? >> bob: republicans. >> greg: the tea party isn't occupying zuccotti park. progressive left wants them to fail. it learn this in psychoclass. it's called transference when you accuse somebody of doing something that you are guilty of. left did it with iraq. they wanted us to lose in iraq for eight years. they feel guilty over it. the guilt is causing them -- >> bob: the fact of the matter is did you think there are not people on capitol hill who could not leave it unequivocally -- >> andrea: the fact that republicans -- >> bob: wait a second. >> greg: some people are happy when obama fails. >> bob: right. i got you on that.
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>> greg: but the majority of the left wanted to lose the war. >> bob: we are talking about this. >> eric: the unemployment went from 8 to 9% creating jobs. it never should have gone there. >> eric: we have to go. they are yelling tease, tease, tease. $10 million of your tax dollars spent on a version of "sesame street." really? a new report to make your blood boil. up next. don't forget to e-mail us at make bob smile. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> andrea: welcome back to "the five." we typically don't like to get your blood pressure up too much here, but this report out by tom coburn called "wastebook 2011" dictates more government waste with your tax dollars. listen to this. this will make you furious. $50,000 of your money spent for a cowboy poetry reading.
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yes, a cowboy poetry gathering. $198,000 for study on tweeting. $600,000 for online dating study. bob, i'm sure you sponsored that. $765,000 to subsidize pancakes foruppies in d.c. -- for yuppies in d.c. and $10 million for remake of "sesame street" in pakistan. greg, can you tell me what a cowboy poetry gathering is? >> greg: i put those on in my apartment and they're free. i don't think this wasteful. oklahoma does need a coast guard. that is important. $10 million for "sesame street" remake in pakistan, the original looks like $100. one thing to learn about this for the mobile devices on college campuses. a scam by the academic researchers to meet young coeds. they want to ask women out for
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dates so they go on campus and say i'm doing a study. >> andrea: it sounds like you have experience in that area. >> bob: one thing of the implication is this is obama wasting your taxes. this comes from congress. cowboy poetry reading was sponsored by one orrin hatch who is a republican from utah. >> dana: this report, senator coburn is not going after obama. he is going after congress. >> bob: you're talking about it -- >> andrea: $6.9 billion, waste. on the right and left. why doesn't one of the people stand up and root it out? >> dana: senator coburn is trying to shine a light on it. when you have legislation that is moving, not a lot moving now. because so few bills move. if you want a pet project, you get it in at the last minute. there is not scrutiny that is deserving of some of these things. i like the $550,000 for documentary about how rock music contributed to the collapse of the soviet union.
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this is preposterous. >> bob: it actually did. everybody said there would be no more earmarks. the republican took over the house and democrats said no more earmarks. they just figured out a new way to do it. >> andrea: we get this report every year. nothing changes. >> dana: remember when president obama threatened to release the list of pet project money? >> bob: yes. john boehner and company said there will be no more earmarks in the house. >> greg: this is why you don't have big got. the bigger government, the more stuff you get. you slink government. >> andrea: eric, do you have the report handy? >> eric: can i get in here? 92 pages. this report. every single page is something ridiculous. second annual white chocolate festival. taxpayer money to support the international art exhibition in venice, italy, for $300,00
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$300,000. 92 pages. $6.5 million. the reason this happens is we don't have a balanced budget amendment. this has to stop. >> andrea: this is what the tea party wanted to do, but the democrats stopped it. >> let's not get into that. >> this is a terrible waste. i agree with you. we don't raise this if we give noncompete contract to halliburton. >> greg: because that worked. >> bob: did it work? >> dana: providing resources to troops. >> bob: it was a total ri ripoff. >> greg: you brought up the chocolate festival. it's about hawaii. why are we sending money to island country that hates us. >> bob: why are ro we sending money to iraq that you like so much. >> dana: what is going on? this is equal opportunity
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bashing session. >> andrea: another good one. $75,000 to promote awareness about the role that michigan plays producing christmas trees and poinsettias. thank god we have that. we have poinsettias by the way, that bob said they look wilted. they're fake. >> bob: are they really? >> andrea: they are. they don't need water. >> bob: the "wall street journal" reports that obama's rating is above negative and he is on his way. >> andrea: on his way. >> bob: i know you don't want to talk about that. >> andrea: did you know the taliban wasn't our enemy? that is according to vice president biden. he steps in it again. that's next. hello, how can i deliver world-class service
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♪ ♪ >> dana: welcome back to "the five." i guess this is what president obama would say is joe being joe. interview with "newsweek" joe biden said, "look, the taliban per se is not our enemy. that is critical. there is not a single statement that the president ever made in any of our policy assertionassertions that the tas our enemy because it threatens u.s. interest." the white house press corp
2:26 pm
thought that jay carney, the white house spokesperson, had explaining to do. >> i wonder if the language was regrettable at all. >> it's only regrettable when taken out of context i just exa plained. regrettable to present it out of context. because is it a simple fact. we went in afghanistan because of the attack on the united states in september 11, 2001. we are there now to ultimately defeat al-qaeda and stabilize afghanistan. >> dana: our old friend context. what do you think? >> greg: it's impossible to take joe biden out of context. when joe biden himself is out of context. we don't know what context he is in. the left loves redefining things with the modern euphemism, terrorist activities and terrorist violence and they don't like
2:27 pm
to call the enemies, enemies. >> dana: this occurred to me possibly that what maybe the president and the vice president biden are working on some sort of reconciliation agreement. i can understand that part of it if that were true. i don't think extremists can be reconciled. what is your take? >> andrea: i agree. if you are the taliban and you invite al-qaeda back, i don't see the threat to them of the united states poses by president obama to get them out. just say we frown on you harboring terrorists? i don't think it will work. to negotiate with them. i think what they were trying to say if taliban isn't with them, soldiers are gone then they won't be a threat to the country in that way. harboring the terrorists they
2:28 pm
did. they are actively plotting. >> dana: not to mention how they treat women. eric? >> eric: since 9/11 taliban facilitated al-qaeda from 9/11 through the wars and for us to say -- think about what biden did say. he said this is joe and he did mean to say it's not our enemy. here in lies the problem. we are there enemy. they all know that america is their enemy. i lost 16 very close friends in 9/11. i don't give a crap what the taliban thinks. if they work together, sorry, guys. it doesn't matter. you are the enemy. >> dana: pay attention. >> bob: i am paying attention.
2:29 pm
>> dana: from state department perspective. is there a way to explain this type of -- >> bob: there is. the producer said before the segment you are going to blow up. i'm not going to blow up. greg blows up from the jingle belle song but outside of that. let me try to put this in context for you. right now, as we speak, the karzai government is in negotiation with the taliban and they are trying to separate the taliban out from the radical leadership to the taliban local area. they will be there when we leave. this was a straightforward message. leaving that aside, the taliban will always be in afghanistan. can you separate them from the radical lead everyship? you are too quick to jump on it and not understand context
2:30 pm
of what is going on. >> dana: if you don't have troops there, you better hope they are not the enemy. how many taliban are there? do we know? there is such an impact on our world in afghanistan. where none of us are planning vacation. >> bob: sympathetic to the taliban or members of the taliban? there is a difference between fighter and supports but probably half a million. >> eric: are you trying to say, not only can you separate the taliban from the radical fundamentalists and those who are not sympathetic to al-qaeda who we know want to kill us? >> there is a taliban presence in afghanistan well after we leave. is it radicalized or isolated in the southern part of the country? and part of the country karzai trying to put together. to keep it out of the -- what
2:31 pm
i'm saying is this is more complicated. it's not as easy. >> dana: one factor is withdrawal from afghanistan if the generals are right on that. history will have to say. president obama had coffee with progressive media types. greg is going to tell us about it. he wasn't there, by the way. ♪ ♪ [ woman ] my boyfriend and i were going on vacation,
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i'm bret baier this washington. the big story here today, the next shoe drops in the payroll tax cut extension battle. dueling news conferences did not straighten things out. tonight on "special report," mike emanuel and ed henry look at the political maneuvers on capitol hill. and by the obama administration. jim angle show us how the keystone xl pipeline fits in to ongoing talk and how the issue is splitting the president's base. we are two weeks from the first in the nation caucuses and james rosen show us how some of the candidates called the second tier have new cause for optimism. shannon bream has more on letting illegal aliens vote. and in the grapevine how half a million dollars of your money used to show the relationship between rock 'n' roll and the collapse of the
2:36 pm
soviet union. "special report" from washington starts at 6:00 eastern. now back to new york and my colleagues with "the five." ♪ ♪ ♪ >> greg: yellow river? i don't know what that means. progressives went to hobnob with obama. this lump of lefties included schultz, rachel maddow, bloggers too boring to mention and the lady from the nation. the crowd in the room was bigger than the collective audience. the only group more progressive than this wore mouse suits to work. they tackled the strategy to fight the candidates and fighting corporate influence. it was occupy the white house
2:37 pm
without evangelized port-o-portie. if you need to know where the president is coming from, you coulded find better stable. these people are left of the left. obama is comfortable around them because he is them. i don't know what they said to each other. but things that weren't said mr . president, we will hit you with tough questions. and wow, the five is kicking our butts. bob, i don't know what you are doing on your phone there. >> bob: sorry. >> dana: taking a call from the white house. >> greg: were you complaining they had lightweights at the white house and you weren't there? you should have been there, bob. were you listening? you didn't even listen. >> bob: i always listen. i can multitask and trying to get the horse in before the race went off. i'm only kidding.
2:38 pm
why do you think i wasn't invited? >> dana: do you think they complain to him about him not from the left enough? >> bob: sure, part of it. this is something you go through. on the white house, george bush was there and you had conservative radio people there. >> radio row. >> eric: i feel like the only fire hydrant at the westminster dog show. >> andrea: why wouldn't they invite you, bob? you reach more people than any of those people on the list every day. on our show. with our viewership. why wouldn't they call you? >> greg: the most famous liberal in america. >> bob: that is not the case. never mind. i don't want to go. >> eric: can i point something out, the group chatted about the economic messaging. but the one that gets me, the
2:39 pm
various campaign arguments against different g.o.p. candidates. imagine if the shoe was on the other foot. >> dana: it wasn't an interview. it was a strategy. >> eric: how will we attack the g.o.p. candidates? >> greg: bob brought this up. bush used to have get-together. is there a difference between that and this? >> dana: not really. i have not been in the room. but i know on the right, some people are not happy with president bush on certain things. they ask questions in a respectful way, on immigration or the war. i remember one of my favorite people was charles krauthammer. you know i love. kim strassell of the "wall street journal." we would not just do conservative. president obama before he took office, he sat with the conservatives and they were impressed.
2:40 pm
>> greg: but what is next? occupy wall street invited there? >> andrea: if they can't get more than 25 people to watch television show, how do they get people to vote for obama? if you look at the names on the left, they are so far left, as you mentioned in the monologue. he already has this base locked up. why would you go to them -- >> i think it's good. now i understand what the president is thinking. how he is, you know, in context. >> bob: listen, this is basically politics, white house 101. when you got people upset with you, a lot of the liberal media is upset. or donor or other people, you bring them in and you have a strategy session. we want to hear your point of view. all that is to bring people. >> air it out.
2:41 pm
>> eric: that is not airing it out -- how is that airing things out? how will we attack mitt romne romney? >> andrea: obama goes here is the opposition research book on all of this. >> dana: gingrich and romney and other presidential candidates on the right have been asked if you become the nominee, how would you attack president obama? that is a legit question. what is fun to be the fly. that ended up in the morning meeting with president obama and he came to the oval office and looked at his schedule. he's like oh, no, today! why edid we do this? he didn't want to do it. >> bob: what do you think the republican leadership does? how they can beat up on obama? >> eric: i don't see hannity's name on here. >> bob: you won't. >> i went to dell frisco and i
2:42 pm
met schultz by accident. i bought him a scotch. you think being successful tv guy, you would think he would buy a drink back. never once offered to buy a drink. >> greg: i once saw him walking down 49 street wearing baggy khaki shorts with knee-high white socks. >> eric: one-way street. >> greg: i thought you are dressed like a german boy in fat camp. >> dana: is that true? >> greg: yes. 55, 60 years old. >> bob: obama has had trouble and it's a why to bring people in. with the other problems how to get picked up by the left. you bring it in and say how should we attack romney? are you kidding me? they are asked every day at the white house. >> with the media people, sure. >> i bet they ask questions that were uncomfortable. >> this white house has had a cozy relationship with reporters.
2:43 pm
question how much access they give them to write books. >> greg: unlike bush and reagan and clinton, obama to the media is a rockstar. he knows that. so he knows the moment -- if the left is upset with them, bring him in and he smiles. all happy again. >> eric: there are names on the list, media outlets aren't on the list. they must be freaking out. >> greg: coming up, the first lady seeing another guy? we will discuss this completely made up question when we return. if you leave now, i will hide all of your car keys. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> bob: the music sound track from "the five" this week is dedicated to greg gutfeld. we'd all like to make a donation so greg can get a copy of it, we'd do that.
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fascinating story. lance corporal aaron leaks toys for tots to get toys for poor kids, the first lady barack obammichelle obama came d leaks walked up to her and said would you like to come to the marine ball with me? she looked a little shocked and got the information. well, it turns out that leaks is going to afghanistan in 45 days. he asked her the last time -- the last time he asked people to the marine corps ball the two ladies turn him down. which is something greg and i can understand. in this case, mrs. obama was take ain back and said let me get the information. mr. obama was not consulted on this. but i give leaks a lot of credit. don't you? >> dana: good for him. it's great. >> andrea: she did say i have to talk to her husband. >> dana: i have to talk to your boss. >> bob: that takes courage for a guy. >> greg: does it tell you something about this started with meel and justin tem
2:49 pm
berlake. now celebrities are doing this. no one can say no. if you say no, you are a jerk. this is the best outroom program ever. it is matching the patchers celebrities, not michelle obama but celebritys in general with people who defend the country. if you red justin timberlake's blog after this, he was a changed person about the military. yes, i read timberlake's blog. i do. it's great thing to get people normally not involved with the military to get to know them. they will never ask me. i will embarrass them and do something horrible in the fountain to guarantee. i'm never asked. >> bob: i was invited to the marine corps ball. i could not go. a marine asked me nicely. i couldn't go. i would have liked to have gone. she and i had different views on things but anyway. i hope that michelle obama entertains the idea. >> dana: i bet she goes.
2:50 pm
>> bob: turn this to another subject. >> eric: unless they're on vacation. >> andrea: celebrities should go. someone from the food network, a dying child, their last wish to visit one of the barefoot contessa or something. but remember the blow-back saying that her schedule was booked. what did justin timberlake have for lunch today? >> greg: chilean sea bass. >> bob: there you go. he is a vegan. we are talking about -- >> andrea: it's "vegan" bob. >> greg: from now on it's v veg-an. >> bob: i don't understand it. if you eat stuff out of the ground, i don't understand it. >> andrea: you ate things from the ground before but for different reasons. >> bob: we talk about the holiday season. most of us are in good christmas spirits except for greg. when you think back, there was
2:51 pm
a battle in the second world war, decisive battle called the battle of the bulge. as the united states military and the allies were marching toward germany. the germans counterattacked. terrible battle. and it was cold and the americans were literally encircled. there is now new photographs out showing what it was like during the period. for to us have a chance to stay home and enjoy christmas, look at what the people went through at christmas so many years ago. you will appreciate everything you have. at least i do. >> greg: what is weird and i suppose it's shallow to point o pictures how much different it is for you, how much more -- how immediate the sense is. when you saw it in black-and-white, like you were looking at movie stills. now they're in color -- >> andrea: something that happened so long ago. >> dana: for people like my grandfather on my mom's side who over 20 years ago.
2:52 pm
he fought in world war ii. you know, he never talked about it. a lot of these don't talk about it. for some of us who did not experience war ourselves can look back and say wow, that must have been what it was like then. >> bob: i think it was the 101st airborne up there encircled. patton among others came to their aid. they literally were encircled. >> eric: for some reason, i don't like them colorized. i like them original. the black and white. >> greg: you felt that way about the wizard of oz. >> eric: that as well. but the great depression pictures, honestly. >> greg: it's weird to me. it makes it seem like it could be yesterday. that is why i'm saying -- >> bob: what is yesterday if we don't get to the break here. coming up, mitt romney. stops by david letterman and rick perry and tells him all type of personal stuff. does it help or hurt the candidate? we'll play the tape and let you decide. i don't read these things as
2:53 pm
well. ♪ ♪
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>> eric: welcome back to "the five." last night, romney stopped by david letterman to give the top ten things that he would like to say to the american people. take a listen. >> what's up gangasta? the m.i. double fizzle. i'm actually only here to meet tom cruise. my new control lone is now available at mace -- my new cologne is available at macy's. it's mitrovicastifyied. it's a hairpiece. >> there you go! >> eric: what do you think? for me i'm not sure i would have done that. >> greg: if you are good at it, it helps. if you're bad, it helps letterman. he needs personality uplift. romney is nice guy but not as invigorating. >> dana: the key is to be yourself. if you try to fake it or you try to be funny, you will
2:58 pm
bomb. be yourself. that is a wrap against romney that people can't relate to him. i thought it was funny. >> andrea: i think it helped him. to see him in the light and poke fun of himself. he. can why would bachmann go on jimmy fallen? but i think this one worked. he did great. >> bob: dana said you have to be yourself. i'm not sure -- i think it did help him. he is such a stiff. that is his personality. is that mitt romney? i raise serious questions about that. we know he didn't write it. >> andrea: they never write their own. >> is that the mitt romney that they want to get to know and love? >> this is not a debate to play off somebody else, just you and the camera. >> eric: who did it help him
2:59 pm
with? democrats even? >> dana: maybe just overall. even people who might vote democrat could be like well -- >> bob: when bill clinton blew it in the convention when we gave the speech of '88. he went on leno and played his saxophone with the sunglasses on. changed the view of the guy. >> greg: was that arsenio hall? >> bob: was it? >> eric: very good. >> bob: what happened to arsenio? he became a vegan. >> andrea: the elder bush went to supermarket to humanize himself. the scanner incident took place. >> dana: there is a back story about that. perry sat down with politico. >> andrea: he talks about the stuff he likes to do. beer and guns and stuff. why would he do that if. >> this is insider audience.


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