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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  December 23, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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i'm jamie colby thanks for havi us in your home tonight. see you back here at 1:00 and right back here for "the fox report" tomorrow. the factor is next. good night. captions by closed captioning services >> bill: the o'reilly tack tore is on tonight. >> it's a factor double feature. >> when you can stay on your parent's medical coverage until 26, this entire country, bill and ted's excellent adventure 3. >> bill: bernie goldberg. >> get your email address the way kids used to report to the junior high school hall monitor. >> bill: dennis miller. >> welcome to the montel california. >> bill: please join me your humble correspondent to a special presentation you don't want to miss. >> he is not different. he is not better. he made a great first impression but you can only make a first impression once and his act is getting a little old goldberg and miller right now. caution, you are about to
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enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. captions by closed captioning services >> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. for the best of our duo bernie goldberg and dennis miller. we begin with bernie on his thoughts new obama web site known as attack roll the tape. attack what is it? >> let me tell you what it is as if you came up with this web site. let's say you told the people watching you, you know, people call me a lot of bad names and a lot of these things aren't true so i'm going to set up a would he web site where you people at home can report all this nasty stuff that people say about me isn't true. if you ever tried that they would have to change the name
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of the show from the o'reilly factor to the owe wienie factor. >> bill: or the whining factor. to be honest though i would like to do it i would. >> bill: i wouldn't do it but i would like to do it? >> no. you would be a wienie if you did it here is why. because a president launching a re-election campaign who does something like this this doesn't exist confidence. this exudes weakness. >> bill: what about correcting the record slams and smears that aren't true? >> bill, checking -- correcting the record is fine. to get people to go to a web sight. and by the way here is what is wrong with it exactly how they phrase it they say the web site this is hilarious. they will stop these attacks before they start. before they start. >> bill: then you wouldn't
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have a web site. there would be nothing on it. >> let me tell what you this is really about. this is a charade. you can punch a button, click on something that says make a donation this is about money. they get your email address. everybody that reports to this web site the way kids used to report to the high school hall monitor bill just said something bad about me. everybody who reports can bet they are going to get an email down the road saying would you like to contribute to barack obama's re-election campaign? >> bill: i got it we are not taking it really seriously. i have never even gone there. i'm glad you did. that's why we have you so you can do these things and we don't have to. >> are you going to set up a web site like this. >> bill: i may. o winier. president obama is really a very tough political guy.
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>> yeah, that's right i think it's easy to to forget because of barack obama's great smile and easy going personality. it's easy for a lot of people not to notice. especially a lot of independent folks not to notice who barack obama really is and who he really is an old fashions at times down right nasty chicago politician who gives hypocrisy and cynicism a bad name and, bill, i don't come on this show and routinely bash the president of the united states. paul ryan sit on the front row as he delivers his budget speech and practically called ryan and by extension other republicans unamerican he implies thinly veiled that ryan and other republicans care more about millionaires and billionaires who don't
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want to pay their fair share as they like to put it than old people or children with cancer. this is the same barack obama who said the partisanship and pettiness and immaturity has got to stop because it was poisoned politics for too long. this is the same barack obama who said we can disagree without challenging each other's prism. this is the same barack obama who said i will listen to you especially when we disagree. i'm not saying barack obama has a monopoly on hypocrisy there are plenty of politicians on the left and right to speak out of both sides of their mouth. he sold us as somebody who is different and better. is he not different. he is not better. he made a great first impression. you can only make a first impression once and that is getting a little old. >> bill: this issue of cutting government spending as opposed
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to keeping the entitlement in place don't you have to if you want to make the argument demonize, as throwing in with the corrupt organizations and rich people and not carrying about the old lady down the street or kids in school going to get heir lunches cut. you almost have to make that argument in the face of a $14 trillion debt. >> if you are going to do that and make it personal. don't tell me we poisoned the well of politics too long. it's old time chicago politician. don't tell me this other stuff. barack obama is running on the george bernard shaw school of philosophy if you rob peter, any government who robs peter to pay paul can always support on the support of paul. since there are more pauls in this country than there are peters, barack obama may be on
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to something even paul is getting tired of this act. >> bill: coming up, bernie's prediction on katie couric comes through and bizarre interview with mahmoud ahmadinejad. ♪ the newest droid armed with motocast. granting you wireless access to files on your home computer
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diabetes can often be prevented and complications avoided. you're not alone. understand the realities of diabetes and know that you can manage it and lead a full, active life. >> bill: wick back to -- welcome back to the special edition of the factor. when katie couric took over the anchor desk it was big news in the country. never before female solo anchor heading up a nightly newscast. tenure didn't last too long. turns out bernie goldberg saw her departure coming a mile away. katie couric out as you predicted. i have theory about why ms. couric, i feel she is a talented broadcaster, i think you feel the same way. did not bring the audience to cbs evening news. cbs was in third place 13
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years before she got there but she lost audience as well. dan rather lost it, she lost it why couldn't she bring people in. >> honest answer, bill, i'm in good company with i think i mexicoed this last week to you william goldman the fellow who wrote butch cassidy and sundance kid and a bunch of other movies. he says when it comes it predicting success in the world of entertainment, quote, nobody knows anything. the honest answer is i don't know for sure what i have suggested in the past some people are poplar in the morning they are breakfast serial like corn flakes. katie couric was corn flakes. you don't eat that for dinner. >> bill: got to be a reason why it didn't translate. my assessment is katie couric came in with a deficit because of the rather situation and cbs local lead-ins were weak. they didn't have oprah and in many markets weak. the factor stands on its own.
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when we come on the audience goes up. we are called appointment viewing. people come in to see us thank god they do. katie couric was simply not strong enough on the desk i will give you three examples, walter cronkite, peter jennings and walter r. murrow. all extremely strong personalities. for some reason middle america, which is mostly what watches the evening news wants a strong authoritative presence on that desk. and i don't think ms. couric was perceived to be that, that's my theory. >> this is the gravitas argue and the argument that she didn't have the weight to bring in the ought yens,s that what you saying. >> i will tell you walter chron cite was voted the most trusted man in america. nobody thinks that brian williams or diane sawyer or katie couric is the most
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trusted person in america today. i don't think anybody going forward. i shouldn't say anybody, anything is possible but i don't think anybody that we know of going forward has the kind of gravitas that cronkite or rather or jennings or brokaw had i think those days are over. >> after 5 a.m. prayers president ahmadinejad. >> good morning, mr. president. >> walks from his private residence in the presidential compound to his daily workout jogging with his security team at times seemingly rocky style. before sunrise to the goim often lifting weights or cycling. concerned about staying healthy president ahmadinejad exercises more than 30 minutes every morning. he reaches his spacious office before 7:00 a.m. >> bill: i hope he showered up. you can figure this out, bernie. >> two possibilities with the
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proviso these are just theories. one is that she gave him a valentine story hoping to win over the regime and get a real interview for foam's today show. if that's the case, fine. >> bill: don't you lead with your strength. >> she may not have it yet. she may have done that to show the propaganda ministry or whatever they call it over there see, look, we did a nice story. can we get an interview. >> bill: i got it. >> the second possibility is it is crummy journalism. that's possible, too. i know you like history, bill. let me put this into some kind of historical context. hitler often portrayed as playing with his dog frolicking with school children and looking out at the beautiful bra varn mountains and they did this to make him look like mr. nice guy. it was the german propaganda ministry not edward r. murrow
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and american journalists. here you have an american journalist, ann curry talking about mr.. she is portraying another mr. nice guy. goes out running in the morning, goes to the gym. meets with local artists. flies over to the poorest part of the country troy meet with poor old people who love him and all of that. this something something that propaganda put out. you would expect. american journalist better be come back with something good tomorrow morning. >> bill: have you got to understand that ahmadinejad and the iranians have killed thousands of americans and they have fostered terrorism in iraq, afghanistan hezbollah, and lebanon. this is a guy who will go down in history as one of the world's greatest villains. ahmadinejad and the mullahs well, is he up at 5:00 and
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runs like rockie. oh my god. >> neither you nor i would want our names on a piece like that who has done all the the things you have outlined. >> bill: i will go to the gym with him. only run -- one of us will come out of the gym, while is he no hitler at least at this point is he no hitler. >> bill: he has hitler like opinions the jews should be exterminated there no difference. >> i wouldn't want my name on that story physicals in it was for 24 hours until tomorrow when i grill him and try to nail him. at least made an attempt at it. as i say, if she does that i'm willing to say the jury is out. if she does that tomorrow, no harm, no foul. if tomorrow is no interview or kissy facie piece like this. then that's pretty embarrassing. >> bill: next up a shootout at the cbs debate between newt gingrich and scott pelly. you don't want to miss that
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>> bill: thanks for staying with us. i'm bill o'reilly. in weekdays with bernie segment tonight, cbs news anchor scott pelly challenged newt gingrich about killing terrorists. >> speaker gingrich, if i could just ask you the same question. as president of the united states, would you sign that death warrant for an american citizen overseas who you believe is a terrorist suspect. >> is he not a terrorist suspect. is he person found guilty under review of actively seeking the death of americans. >> not found guilty by a court, sir. >> found guilty by panel that looked at it and reported to the president. it's. >> it's judicial it's not the rule of law. >> it is a rule of law. >> no. >> if you engage in war against the united states you are enemy combatant.
5:20 pm
you have none of the civil liberties of the united states. you cannot go to court. civil defense, criminal defense is a function of being within the american law waymaning war on the united states is outside the criminal law and is an acts of war and should be dealt with as an act of war and correct thing in an act of war to kill people who are trying to kill you. >> bill: a lot of people thought, including brit hume that cot pelley betrayed his bias there that he thought criminal court should take care of this and washington shouldn't have the power to eblitz rate people on secret panels on recommendations that they are dangerous people i pell will did portray a little of his belief what say you? >> i have been following this dewait all day today. there interest a whole bunch of people who i respect tremendouslily. political and intellect i
5:21 pm
respect i'm on the other side of this one. what did scott pelly do that whereas wrong? he asked a question: if you were president, mr. gingrich, would you sign off on killing a suspected terrorist who is an american who is overseas? and who hasn't had a trial, has not had a trial? gingrich said yeah, you don't need a trial. if a panel has found you to be an enemy combatant, you don't have any civil rights. you have no right to a trial. we can kill you pelley set what? you haven't been found guilty in a court of law. where did scott pelly cross the line. >> because he said the rule of law. not a court of law. basically implying that if you agree with speaker gring given you don't have any respect for the rule of law. the president has the power to
5:22 pm
order assassinations whatever you want to call it he can do it. that's been adjudicated in the legal system that's what gingrich is grasping at. it's been defined by the courts. i think it should be defined by congress so there is no doubt about it pelley thinks it is a violation of rule of law because that's what he says. >> he may be right. i got off the phone just minutes ago with judge napolitano, somebody who is pretty knowledgeable about things like this. he says absolute best it's unsettled law frankly to judge napolitano you are allowed to go in and kidnap a suspected terrorist. if he tries to kill you you are allowed to kill him in self-defense. allowed to brim him back to a federal court. you can't just go out and kill him. i'm willing to accept that it's unsettled. i'm still trying to figure out why all my conservative friends who i have tremendous
5:23 pm
respect for and by the way i have tremendous respect for newt gingrich. i'm trying to figure out what rule did he break here? a moderator is supposed to ask questions he scad legitimate question. he asked follow-ups. gingrich brought up the term guilty. gingrich said guilty and scott pelley said and i think you would have said, bill. well not guilty in any court of law i don't know whether i would have said that based on the aclu and other suit. i would have gone by the unsettled deal act. courts have not said you can't do that that's what happened. we have got another run. this is a cnn correspondent dan lothian he is interviewing president obama in hawaii. go. >> last night of the republic debate some of the hopefuls, they hope to get your job, they defended the practice of
5:24 pm
waterboarding which is a practice that you banned in 2009 her map cain said i don't see that as torture and michele bachmann said i think it's effective. i wonder if you think they are uninformed, out of touch or irresponsible. >> that's a multichoice question, isn't it? [ laughter ] let me just say, this they are wrong. >> bill: all right. a lot of people say look, the cnn reporter sympathetic to president obama's point of view by baiting him that way, and you say? >> when i first saw this i thought it was a "saturday night live" comedy routine. are you kidding me? a reporter from a major news organization asking if republicans are uninformed, out of touch, or irresponsible. president obama even looked embarrassed by the question. >> bill: he looked a little
5:25 pm
perplexed. >> during that pause i thought he was going to say hey listen i know you guys love me and for good reason you love me but this is embarrassing. i have followed this for decades. and i don't think i have ever seen a case as so unvarnished in terms of bias as this i have said on this program more than once that' blatant. >> bill: he was going for big reaction hemented to provoke barack obama to say hey these people are pinheads. >> no escape hatch. most ridiculous question i have ever heard by a regular reporter from a so-called mainstream news outfit, ever. >> bill: thank god. i think some of mine from broached that territory. i'm glad he topped me. bernie goldberg, everybody. >> bill: coming up. dennis miller has things to
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5:29 pm
not really classy. billy, i'm with you. i like it when you press people and just say name a figure. they never want to leave fingerprints on it the fact is i go 35 federal. 11 california. i got a score of other taxes including big tickets like property tax, social security, which i, as the rich pig am never going to see and then a myriad of other taxes during my day. sales, everything. i probably make around, i don't know, 40 cents on every buck when i croak they weighed in and take a 5% of that before they do my death rattle. that means over the course of my life i get to either spent or pass on to my kids 20 cents on a buck. i feel like i'm doing my part. they are not even nice about it they act like we are jerks or something. we tried. we did all right. what's the problem. >> bill: then they spend it on $16 muffins that's what gets me. if they were curing cancer,
5:30 pm
miller. if they were spreading democracy throughout the whole world and everybody was getting on board with the u.s.a. i would say all right. but you know what they are doing. they are just so len draft solyndra. >> let me say, this billy. they are so full of it that at least the 16 buck muffin will clean them out. >> bill: if it were a bran muffin it might. but not the other kind of if you have fin. all right. i want everybody to know i made the muffin as metaphor for the larger picture which i'm sure miller understood is not really about the muffin itself it's the cause, the if you muffin represents. >> it's the whole enwhich i lad davment. >> bill: which was $22 by the way. you want enwhich i la da, 22 bucks. okay. barbie frank. you send him a lovely parting gift or a card what do you do? >> time a kid of any certain age in this country interest
5:31 pm
will tell you when a decrepit old dinosaur named barney has his extinction card flipped on him he has got to go. it doesn't hurt me. i don't think is he is a good man. i don't think is he a good human being. i think is he nancy pelosi with a spittle problem. he is a karma compromiser. if you don't decry guys like that consistency you put yourself in harm's way. is he empathy here to tuition. he thinks about how he can save the unwashed masses from themselves. if he accidently has one of them cross his appreciable path, he will probably light them up. forget being a savior and parting the red sea, how about being nice and say how are you today? yes we disagree but i still think you are a valid human being. what should he do as he amables off into the night, i think he should shape up a little. join a gym for god's sake. eventually that freddie mack and cheese makes your fannie mae drop. i think he has got some
5:32 pm
problems here. he and rangel ought to go down to the caribbean two old war horses they are and check the we've diewcialt on low grade composition fabrics they use to make chase lounges. adios,. >> there is a lot there i'm just processing it all right now. it sounds to me you are not sad he is leaving. >> no. he is a great guy. billy. i'm missing him just because i loved you two locking antlers twice a year. >> bill: g.o.p. field obviously narrowing five weeks until iowa. and in those weeks you have got christmas, hanukkah, you have got new year's eve. going to be a lot of people diverted. it looks like it's gingrich against romney right now. >> yeah. i think you got a good call. if i had to say anybody who could come from weirdness because everybody seems to be coming way far from left field. i don't think santorum has done anything to hurt himself at thisuple phows in richmond atlantic city.
5:33 pm
we both do politics on stage, it wasn't so much this other extracurricular stuff that sunk mr. cain. it was his inarticulation on libya and china and other things combined with that. that's why newt gingrich, despite the baggage that he has, is over -- seems to be overcoming all of that is because newt seems to be right on the policy area when asked about it. >> listen. like i said, you can't take an 11 second pause on libya. have you got to say something even if it says libya, libya, libya on the label label label. something. have you got to come up with something. >> anything. i think people are longing for that gingrich barack obama debate like they're longing for floyd may weather, manny packwell. they want to see that and put that on pay per view. we could stop the deficit right there. >> bill: do you think though as we were talking about that independent voters are more likely to support gingrich over romney? i think romney might have an
5:34 pm
advantage in those precincts. >> as barack obama continues to ostracize himself and estrange himself from other otherwise moderate people he has a chance. maybe i can't go to gingrich. they are actively getting angry at him. guess what? the president's approach to these first three years has -- its horrible, bill. it couldn't be much worse. we were just out. is the country not depressed. >> bill: absolutely. people are utter hadding and they are scared. they are toughing it out but nobody is confident. that's for sure. >> yeah. listen, he has forced a lot of mod der rats who might be predisposed to stick with him. they want to she this cat pancake. they think he is not dealing square with them. >> chris christie kind of moderate. a little bit conservative. socially a little progressive. i would call him a moderate. is he very angry with barack
5:35 pm
obama as well. roll the tape. >> i was angry this weekend. listening to the spin coming out of the administration about the failure of the super committee, and if the president knew it was due for failure so he didn't get involved, then what the hell are we paying you for? it's doomed for failure so i'm not getting involved? what have you been doing exactly? >> bill: he is coming here to new york to raise money and thanksgiving this year had the turkey inside the duck inside chris christie, delicious, you put a couple yams on the side you will absolutely love it hire is my problem with barack. i think it's christie's problem with barack. they always drop the race time on us when we disagree. it has nothing to do with him being a minority. it has everything to do with
5:36 pm
him being a minor character. he is not doing enough. he is not leading. a guy like christie gets that moderates that you are talking about. moderates that might be emblematic in christie are so disaffected from this guy right now. yeah. they might slide over to newt town. believe it or not who might have thought that comeback. it could still happen. because a guy named newton knows what comes up could come down. pay per fight between the two. put that in vegas. i'm flying in. dill. >> bill: d man sign off or great americans job act and oprah's last show. spiriva helps control my copd symptoms... keepinmy airways open... ...a full 24 hours. plus, it reduces copd flare-ups. spiriva is the only once-daily inhaled copd maintence treatment that does both.
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and give something that means something, before the new year. visit today. >> thanks for staying with us. i'm bill row lily last program today. >> every day every stai day i
5:39 pm
stood here. i knew this was exactly where i was supposed to be. >> are you an oprah fan, did you watch the program on a regular basis and what do you think about her not being on anymore. >> listen, i didn't watch the program a lot. but i obviously saw it i have lived in america over the last year. let me say this about oprah winfrey's legacy. a kind hearted woman who put a smiled campsite tidier than arrived and made a few bucks along the way. if you are signs things up i admire her. i think she had a on the air. so tell genic and sweet and empathetic and i wish her well. she has acquitted herself admirablably in her life and i admire her. >> bill: did you see. >> steadman these people live up near me. i don't see a lot of them. i bump into steadman once in a while. he is a lovely cat. very sweet guy. >> do you tell him he likes
5:40 pm
like holder. do you mock him when you see him? >> you always act like -- let's face facts. both of those cats are handsomer than you and i. always nice and sweet. book under his arms see him at book stores a lot. good people. >> bill: derek jeter hits the home run for 3,000 hit. catches the ball in the stands. gives it back to jeter and you say this was not a wise thing to do miller, how could you? >> taxing the kid. if you look closely, you cut out a little early there. you can see geithner fighting him for the ball. sweep in on anything. alice shrug. cats in florida trying to tax this kid's you are better off trying to let that ball hit
5:41 pm
you in the head. tax lopez and found out he was here illegally so they waived that and worked out in the end. >> miller high life. the beer people say they're going to pay mr. lopez tax bill because the yankees are giving him front row seats for the rest of the season. >> good for them. >> jeter gave him a whole bunch of stuff and this and that. another person could have sold that jeter ball for maybe 100 k. this lopez kid is a good guy. is he a patriot, right? >> i like lopez. i'm kidding. he did the right thing. you can see how we are catch a ball and give it back to a guy without putting yourself into some weird system where geithner afternoon the fed come in like fire. just try to burn it to the ground. it's crazy. >> tax everything take it from buffet and gates. how do they sleep at night? >> i don't know how they sleep slope at night. so things you
5:42 pm
say in this segment? >> i don't. they put a counting sheep tax on me. >> president obama out on a road for the great american. >> great american jobs act and you say? >> we can all play this game and i don't want to have the racist dime dropped on me. this guy's first three years has been a mess. even some democrats must know that. i was on vacation last week. i don't pay amuch as tension as i usually do when i'm on vacation. first off three vehicles. when he said he would public funding off the bat most politicians do. >> card check thing to vote out loud. he said that's so anti-american to me when anybody has to vote out loud. i was against that i was willing to give him the third shot when he is the president. i'm on reaction last week and i see this stiff hoffa and he is up there talking about, you know, essentially threatening
5:43 pm
people. calling him s.o.b.'s. obama can't track everybody down who uses his. that's actual introduction to obama. obama came up right after that he didn't have a sister soldier moment where he he looked at him and said i told you after gabriel giffords shut up with that crack. i don't like barack obama anymore. you know why? he doesn't like me and around auto% of america. is he not sticking up for us. it's time for this guy to go next year. he is inept and officially not creepy after not chiding hoffa jr. for saying that for god's sake. >> did you ever like barack obama? >> sure i did. how many months when i said when i saw him in grant park that night and i thought about black kids in this country and have they had to look up to guys sticking syringes up their asses for home unruns. this is a great moment for this country to right a lot of wrong. i came out of the box.
5:44 pm
i didn't vote for him i i thought this would be a good thing. around six months in i began to get it he sin he want. not that good at it more chicago thug than i thought he did. the other day when he didn't defend me against an idiot like hoffa he just lost me. i'm voting him out next year to the best can i which is one vote. >> bill: coming up, barack obama says americans need to be tougher. is that fair? right back with that report. that's why every day we help people across the country get into their first homes. prepare for a comfortable retirement and protect the people and things that matter most. at genworth we believe every day is the right day to take a step toward tomorrow. let's do it, let's go to vegas. vegas baby!
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>> bill: thanks for staying with us. last week president obama made an appeal to americans, get tougher. >> this is, you know, a great, great country that had gotten a little soft and, you know, we didn't have that same competitive edge that we needed over the last couple of decades. >> so, miller, what about
5:48 pm
this? we're getting soft here. viagra commercials what's going on you can get two years of unemployment obama care pay for medical marijuana -- it's on him. >> bill: now, he says that we have lost our competitive edge, which means that we're not willing, i guess, to work hard enough and i hate to say this because i know it's going to interrupt your lines in your monologue. i think he is right in some circles. i think there are a lot of people with their hands out give me give me give me. don't want to work hard for it. now, the obama administration no problem with that.
5:49 pm
he gives them he doesn't like giving it to him. >> what do you care what he likes and dislikes. even more only guy come down to jews, israel and tea party. >> why doesn't he flatten these kids with a sister soldier moment down in wall street this week this island of misfit toys and hemp hoodies. >> do you think this nation has gone soft? are we as tough as we were after world world war ii. >> i say we are just this side of el dente. >> we are not the greatest. gratest generation. latte. >> bottled water, sapping our strength. got to get back to the real stuff. >> well, i don't know but, billy, i get most motivated in my life when my cat's paws are dangling over the abyss. if you don't think you can
5:50 pm
crash it anymore we'ring go to get softer and softer. >> i think the senate deserves to be able to go home as soon as we can for me personally i have been here for a long time. i have a home in nevada. i haven't seen in months. my pomegranate trees i'm told are -- palm gram nits on them. i have some fig trees and roses and stuff that i just haven't seen. >> bill: here now to react is the sage of southern california dennis miller who joins us from l.a. the rumor is you wrote that for reid so that he would say it and then you could mock him afterward. is that true? >> harry is so choked up about the pomegranate trees is that at this point at least intellectually speaking i is considered to be existing in gentlemen of the jurytative state. those aren't plants in his garden. those are his friends, that's his piers. he acts like he is maximus coming back to his vineyard after roman wars or something. he is adult who presided over
5:51 pm
wiley coty bill. that's exactly where we stand. weighs a boxer when he was young. i swear to god he was dropping his left because he sounds absolutely adult. he makes mr. poet at a time toe head come off like steven hocking at this point. >> bill: i have to agree with you, miller, why anybody in the middle of this intense debate would talk about pomegranate plants in his home and he has got to get back there when a country has a 14.5 trillion-dollar debt. i think we should go to his house and rip up the palm began nits. that wouldn't be fun. >> listen, at this point, half the pomegranates think he is an idiot. okay? they asked for a balanced thing and the republicans say okay we want a balanced budget amendment and they say anything balanced except that anything but that we want balance, not that balance. >> bill: i don't know. the stuff looks, you know, if
5:52 pm
somebody were coming here from mars, they would say oh o'reilly you and miller made that up. he he didn't really say that. >> president obama turning 50 tomorrow and is he going to up to chicago over big fundraiser. top ticket 25800 bucks to hang with the president in a little birthday celebration. and you say, miller? >> i say that's the very definition of the innate hollowness of leading a political life when you end up on nearest and dearest moment personal evenings with don't anothers. that -- donors. you take your 50th birthday and you start hanging out with donors. i'm hoping somebody gives him a tea cake for his birthday. do you think he would appreciate that? probably not after this weekend. i would remind the president he is in illinois. it's a democratic state. they have candle extinguishment surcharge tax.
5:53 pm
300 bucks a candle. something like 15 domplet blow that cake out, mr. president. the good thing about turning 50, barack obama, is that now the money that you donate to aarp will go right back into your pocket. you will be greased by yourself. okay? >> so you pay your dues, kick it back into campaign donations. >> there you go. it all comes back. >> i don't know how that feels that 50 thing. that's a few years away for me. >> yeah. >> but you have -- you have experienced that a number of times. >> you can't set there and tell me, miller i know you. that if on your birthday somebody wants to pay you 35,800 bucks you ain't going to let them hang around with you because you are. >> you are probably right, billy. on your 50th birthday what they don't tell is you that procedure prostate turns into the underdog balloon from the macy's parade. [ laughter ] >> bill: is that so? >> i think. [ laughter ] >> bill: don't worry, obama
5:54 pm
care will take care of it? >> that's actually written up in there. that's how specific that bill is. >> bill: now ahmadinejad come to the u.n. and is he going to have lunch with some students at columbia university. you know, i'm thinking about this. if i were a college student and this thug came in i had would have lunch with him but i would give him a hard time. >> forget giving him a hard time. put a dusted off gun in the water closet. go into whiz at the student union come out and blow his head off and get extra credit work. i would tell these colombia kids if either one of you have been married recently in new york under the new law don't bring it up at lunch with ahmadinejad. they know he is a world leader and this is go going to be impressive and touch base with another guy. don't tell him that you and jimmy are married. he is not going to dig that find your way on the business end of a semitar.
5:55 pm
>> bill: if you were a student would you have lunch with this guy. >> i -- no. >> i would. just as you said, you are treating women terribly. minorities awful. you are threatening everybody. you are funding hezbollah why do i want to eat with him again? >> bill: i wouldn't eat anything. >> all right. you would feed him a bunch of stuff. >> bill: i think that would be worthy. >> jam it down his throat, officer. >> bill: miller goes to town on montel williams and pot shops. >> montel is going to have the boutique store, the mom and pop shop and willie will have the huge 1,550,000 square foot department store called willmart.
5:56 pm
. ( phone ringing )
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thank you for staying with us. i'm bill o'reilly and we continue with the special edition of the factor highlighting dennis miller with perceptive insight. get ready for mon telewilliams' crusade to legalize marijuana. >> mon telewilliams, our -- montel williams, our pal, he likes marijuana and getting in the pot business, medical marijuana. i see franchises here. don't you? >> montel franchising the pot shops. >> i got a name for them. >> i knew you would. >> welcome to the montel, california! you know what, montel smokes dope because he has multiple sclerosis. that's one thing. that is fine. if a kid comes in and i say
5:59 pm
what is your diagnosis, pal? he says i'm fat and bored. if they write scripts for that kid, that bothers me. ifmontel is getting into it, he has done nice work with the dug programs for people who don't have money. i like him. i'm sure there is history there i don't know about. all in all, he seems like a decent guy. willie nelson should get off the cannabis and get on a big. >> this is how i envision it. burger king versus mcdonald's, nelson versus williams. and franchises all it over the place. have it your way, we are open 24 hours! [ laughter ] >> montel has the mom and pop shop and willie has a huge 50,000 square foot garden store called will-mart. he walks around and it's one big low right. >> i can see it. five years, think outside the bun.


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