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tv   The Five  FOX News  December 28, 2011 11:00pm-12:00am PST

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>> you've got to love it. that is your haft call tonight. thank you for being with us tonight. let greta know 't get it. >> demand it! >> yeah, baby! captioned by closed captioning services, inc >> greg: hello, i teem puny pontificator greg gutfeld with the rocket from the docket, kimberly guilfoyle, the splendor in suspenders, bob beckel, mighty righty eric bolling. unleashed from greece, andrea tantaros. it's 5:00 in new york city. 4:00 a.m. in venus. this is "the five." the show is packed tighter than a jail cell for new year's eve. let's do this, america. five starts as soon as i slip in to something more comfortable. ♪ ♪ >> greg: so lost in the tussle among republican
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candidates is the question: which one can beat obama? the campaign is middle school. jocks, nerd, outsider from another school versus the teacher's pet obama. these are the teacher's pet because he is the favorite among the media. protected because she the perfect progressive among academics and herbal tea. who is the best challenger? the outsider is cool. loner pointing out how this school sucks. that is what paul does. just like outsiders, what he offers is probably weird. the need is good. he would make a great lab partner but you have to avoid him after class. one thing you count on with nerds, they study because they know they aren't the jock. speaking of, mitt with good looks and easy way. you get the sense he hasn't had to study at all. what you are left with is the notion to beat the teacher's pet is to expose him for the coddle coaster he is. or maybe the best person to beat obama and someone who does what he does. nothing. mount platitudes, keep the
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rhetoric soaring. it's a battle of hot air versus hot air. collision of two hot air balloons. romney is the best hot air balloon captain of republicans that i see. who gets my vote? i will probably put all of their names in a hat and have a beer and put on the hat and forget i put the names in there. that happened four years ago and look what happened. andrea, you first. want to analyze the strength and weaknesses, of the g.o.p. front runners. pick one and tell me the strength and weaknesses. >> andrea: okay, newt gingrich. he has a record in d.c. of actually getting something done. he knows how to navigate the system, which barack obama does not know. he hasn't utilized that. i think newt is the toughest. i don't think he gets thrown off his game easily. he is very shrewd and he would obliterate the president in a debate. i do think romney has strengths, too. he has tremendous organization. and i do think he would be good in a debate as well. as you pointed out, he is
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going to play it safe. i think he could, he could not let the left get at him for personal things which gingrich could. >> greg: right. >> andrea: i also think he probably just that family life. he and barack obama have a good clean slate behind him. it would be tough i think for democrats to hit romney hard. particularly on his liberal flip-flop. they agree on some things. >> greg: not many skeletons. but you have skeletons in your college. because you work at a medical college. pick one. what do you think? strengths and weaknesses for i'll give you ron paul. >> eric: of course you are going to give me ron paul. you have don't want to do ron paul. every time one of us does it, paulites go ballistic on the internet. small government guy. hates the fed. right on all fiscal, everything to do with money, spot on and perfect. i love him for that. weakness, once again, blaring hole in the side.
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you can't survive, can't be the nomine with the way you treat israel. your opinion on israel, frankly, i think he has even said israel shouldn't exist. that and you will never become the nominee being pro drug legalization. it won't happen. >> greg: i hope it happens when i'm still alive. about five years. bob, speaking of which -- >> bob: yes. >> greg: you are going to live forever. you are literally in formaldehyde. let's ask you about mitt romney. he is the front runner basically. >> bob: first, andrea said something right about romney, he plays it safe. you don't beat the sitting incumbent president playing it safe. rarely, if you look back in history. if you beat sitting president with enormous advantages. he will have an enormous advantage because he is the nominee. if the republicans had a fight for any length of time, it helps obama. romney advantage is he has
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done it. second run. generally a second time around if you stay, you know how to do it. you can survive. probably an okay debater. he does look like a presidential candidate. here is the fundamental problem, it's not barack obama. the base of the republican party, yes, andrea well put it. they have been spoonfed, romney now. but the fervor that would have been around newt gingrich at the base of the republican party won't be there. this is why that matters. in ohio, southern ohio for example, the key swing precincts are conservative based republican voters. >> eric: you keep saying, "base." i disagree that the base, the republican base is splintered. there are two factions. >> bob: in the republican base -- >> eric: establishment and conservative. romney clearly goes to the establishment. >> bob: what i mean by the base is conservative activist people two get up and go to the caucus. >> eric: he doesn't have them, though. >> bob: he is going to get
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them -- look, one thing he has going for him for a guy that is not exciting. such a fervor to beat barack obama they might get up and go to polls. >> andrea: republicans will fall in line. some of the supporters will fall in line. cain had the same thing. >> bob: not sure as a debater he will stand up -- >> greg: i want to get to you -- >> kimberly: before the comerrable. >> greg: yeah. look at the front runner who is the strongest candidate? >> kimberly: right now the strongest candidate out there is romney. anything can happen. we'll see what will turn around in iowa and see how the numbers reflect there. then we have to go south. that will be significant. see how they do in south carolina. if you look at somebody like romney, of course, he has tremendous business acumen and strong on the economy. he has an unbelievable campaign structure comprised of a lot of people from bush's former campaign. i think that will help them a lot. he knows how to raise money. perry has a war chest as well.
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likable and personable. he will soar in the number after the interview "on the record." >> bob: keep him out here and days of accepting federal money for campaigns is $50 million or $60 million, it will be self-financed. obama will raise $700 million to $1 billion. i guess the advantage that romney has he is willing to go in his own pocket to do it and he probably will have to. if not, if you don't have that kind of money to compete against the obama camp, you are going to have to put it together. thing about the obama people they know how to play this game. >> greg: okay, that is the obama strength. we know the obama strength, he is an amazing campaign with a lot of money. what is the weakness? what do you go for? >> kimberly: hello. look at the economy. no matter day in the '80s, every family gets two vcrs. people don't feel as prosperous. unless he is able to see job numbers in his favor and the economy improve, i think he has considerable problems and
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weaknesses coming from the majority of americans. >> andrea: economy definitely number one. deficit, number two. it matters a lot to independents. but remember, he promised to bring the country together to get things done. people want to get things done. they are sick and tired of both parties arguing. the candidate that has the best record is newt gingrich. welfare reform, balancing the budget. he has done all of that stuff. he can say i have been there, and did it as speaker. what have you done, mr. president, when you had democratic congress? >> eric: obama economics fail. that is a huge issue for him. a caveat that could happen late next year, the supreme court will hear obamacare. if they break it up and say it's unconstitutional going in the election, if i'm on the right, couldn't get this done. >> bob: that will be one of the great hack decisions of the court. >> andrea: if it happens the whole thing falls apart.
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>> bob: no some way it's not bad to happen to him. i think he wins either way. the republicans would say what is your answer. we have a problem here. the economy, look how much better it's gotten than before. the expectations are so low -- >> eric: isn't that pathetic? >> kimberly: he has to peak at the right time. >> eric: that is what we have to look forward to? >> bob: reagan in '84, the expectations were so low off of a 10% unemployment he cleaned us. >> andrea: if obamacare is repealed the republicans will step up like they have done and say rather than reform the system, let's do the small ball and take it on piece by piece instead of a massive takeover. >> eric: he turned things
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around. bringing unemployment and inflation down faster than any other president. >> bob: this is singularly and entirely the responsibility of the government of the house republicans that over and over again they refuse to go along. the senate counterpart had to force feed them to give people tax cut. >> greg: what was going on before that? before the republicans were in control? they are not having anything done was an achievement. >> bob: whether you like it or not, getting universal healthcare is a big deal. >> kimberly: a big f'ing deal as biden says but people don't like it. >> bob: people don't know enough about it. >> kimberly: run-away segment. pull us up. >> greg: coming up -- thank you. newt gingrich and his allies go on the offensive. will it work?
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>> welcome back to "the five." so much for mr. nice guy. newt gingrich said he would run a positive campaign and the nice campaign decided i'm not doing that anymore. here is what he had to say. fighting words from mitt romney. >> is there anything you want to say to him? give him a camera flou and he might be watching. you're in iowa. >> he will see the video. all i say, mitt, if you want to run a negative campaign and you want to attack people, at least be man enough to own it. that is your staff and your organization, those are your millionaire friends. >> andrea: all right. i think he had to do this and couldn't continue to be mr. nice guy. this is who he is. >> eric: yes, why not? that was important. i think telling us what he said about ron paul, where he said he was asked whether you should vote for ron paul if ron paul is the nominee and he literally said i don't think i can do that. the saying he
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doesn't think he could vote for another against barack obama. stepping it up late six days left. doing what he has to do. >> andrea: it seems like newt gingrich went from being nice to everybody now. he can't just fight romney. he has had to fight aser ring pointed out ron paul gaining in the polls. we have a poll to pull up, cnn time, i want you to react to this. this shows romney on top in iowa. so newt gingrich is actually having to spend money not just on fighting romney, but on fighting ron paul something he didn't want to have to do. >> kimberly: incoming, newt taking hits from all side. he is still crawling. what the republican base is, not fighting. they want someone to get their hair messed up and do the dirty work. fight back. i like his approach. i like the attitude. now he has to turn around and get super pac to help him get ground support, campaign money together. otherwise, can't be bothered.
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>> greg: protected by the shiny helmet. >> andrea: i love the gloss and shine in his hair. hot oil treatment. >> bob: gingrich, there is probably a pac out there. he is doing hard work and the heavy lifting. this reminds me of when they asked bob dole when he ran against george herbert walker bush. he said, "yeah, stop whining about my record." it brought back that dole could be mean and angry. but in this case, gingrich handled it well and got away with it in two sentences saying mitt, you are a wimp, not stepping up to it. face me man-to-man or get off the stage. but the damage done to gingrich in the last two weeks is incalculable. i talk to people in iowa and they tell me you can't turn on a television show and not see a blast at gingrich. by the way, a piece of mail that is going to hit in iowa monday morning that is devastating on gingrich.
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>> greg: the new phone book? >> bob: no. it's your love letter to him. >> andrea: gingrich doesn't place well in iowa, that is tough for him. >> bob: money will dry up for people. santorum is moving on. we talk politics, santorum is -- >> andrea: third in the poll. >> bob: in this poll. >> kimberly: iowa surprise. >> bob: every time you have someone sneaking in, he may come in third and live again to go to new hampshire and south carolina. but the person who can't is newt gingrich. if he is beat in iowa, his strength in the south can't live. >> andrea: could santorum go to south carolina and new hampshire -- >> bob: couldn't be a better state. >> greg: talking about a santorum special sounds like something special at a green diner. >> kimberly: is that on the menu? >> andrea: i don't know if that is to compliment or not. >> eric: shows well in iowa,
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and new hampshire knows that romney runs away with it. south carolina, very conservative -- >> kimberly: that is true. >> eric: iowa as well as south carolina. >> bob: i'll make a prediction. there is always surprises in the first two races, either santorum or perry. >> kimberly: yes. >> bob: i think perry in the end finally got his act together. iowa still, even in the bad economy, there are social value oriented voters. he has touched them. >> andrea: but we also have the footage of gingrich saying he wouldn't vote for someone like ron paul. >> bob: you jumped the story. >> eric: i didn't realize. >> bob: tease, eric. >> looking at ron paul's total effort of systemic avoidance and reality, look at his newsletters and his ads, the ads are as accurate of the newsletter. >> if he were to get the republican nomination. >> he won't. >> let's say he does and would you vote for him? >> no. >> andrea: i don't think he should have said this. why?
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i think a lot of ron paul supporters, if newt makes it on, right and paul doesn't, they would naturally go to someone like gingrich over ron paul. but i think he is angry at ron paul, because paul proved to be romney -- hold on. paul proved to be romney secret weapon. think about this. ron paul is rising up and taking out negative ads. he hurt gingrich. >> eric: what else will he say? he should have said i'll take anybody over barack obama but at the time, ron paul leading the polls and michele bachmann asked the same question and could not come up with the answer. i'm not answering that question. but basically couldn't say i wouldn't vote for ron paul instead of obama. but that is a leader. they're taking shots at him. >> bob: can i make another point. mitt romney stayed at 25 points in iowa the whole time long. romney has 25 points in iowa right now. now it's all splitting up. it will coalesce over the weekend coming.
11:21 pm
some two people will get away with paul. got the votes that gingrich needs. that is why gingrich is going after them. joom ar laffer -- >> andrea: art laffer endorsed newt gingrich. what do you think of that? >> greg: this is a big deal. he invented the laffer curve which i thought was a dangerous stretch of highway. don't go down the laffer curve! >> bob: bad economy. >> greg: liberals that it laffer curve. you know it works. >> kimberly: significant huge endorsement. game-changer. >> greg: don't go to the laffer curve. >> andrea: all right. we have won't go to the laffer curve. but we have to go to commercial. gallop released their poll on most admired for 2011. who made the cut and who are our favorites? maybe bob is on the list. we'll tell you. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> kimberly: welcome back to "the five." "usa today" and gallup released the 2011 list for most interesting. hillary clinton, followed by oprah winfrey. michelle obama and sarah pali palin. and condoleezza rice coming in fifth. all right. greg? >> greg: who did they poll? you? did they go to the view? >> kimberly: joy behar. >> greg: i will take a page from obama noltebook and say i'm the most admired woman in america. no. i transcend gender. [ laughter ] [ over talk ]
11:26 pm
>> bob: you would be a democrat. gay, lesbian and transgender. >> greg: he said he supports the greatest president. i am the fourth best person here on "the five." >> kimberly: that is char charming. >> bob: no, no, no. >> kimberly: now the numbers are getting weird. we need a life force. >> bob: let me say this about hillary clinton. she has had the longest run of most admired woman, 16 years. she has done remarkable job as secretary of state. whether you like the foreign policy of barack obama, i have never seen anybody travel more places, do more things, get more accomplished and have the respect of world leaders. >> kimberly: how hard-working. no lazy in her. >> greg: she doesn't want to go home! kilnow you've done it. >> greg: he doesn't want to go home. >> bob: that answers everybody's question. >> andrea: is that video of her doing the running man and
11:27 pm
n the congo. >> bob: she has been to more countries and been strong on women's rights around the world. very strong. it's important. condoleezza rice. >> kimberly: people feel that hillary could be running -- >> bob: she went to china in her husband's last term and spoke out about women's rights in china. >> eric: can i make a point? >> kimberly: you can. >> eric: my very good friend beat out pope benedict what i love you donald but the pope. c'mon. >> bob: we're on women. >> eric: oh. >> kimberly: compare like pope john paul ii with -- i'm going on. i'm going on. >> greg: i jumped the fence. >> kimberly: that is why -- >> bob: i thought we were on women. >> kimberly: this is a free for all. andrea, go with it. >> andrea: margaret thatcher should be number one. >> kimberly: i said guys and you said margaret thatcher. >> andrea: sorry. abilit.billy graham.
11:28 pm
bill clinton. there is margaret thatcher. we are all over the place. >> kimberly: okay. we're going over the men. what do we got -- a full screen for the guys? president barack obama is on top. then president george w. bush coming in second. third, president clinton followed by as andrea referenced reverend billy graham and the warren buffett in that order. i can't believe buffett is that high. >> greg: no carrot top. >> kimberly: who cares about that? >> bob: eric said while you talk about that, this is what we're doing. when the men are up, we do men. when the women are up, we do -- >> eric: i'm confused. >> bob: you are on top of this game. >> eric: there are some women that may be -- i don't want to go there. >> greg: are they allowed to offer generic, it doesn't have to be a famous person. it could be like somebody that you know has a parent or -- they never do. who gives them the list. >> kimberly: medal of honor -- >> bob: when people, all the
11:29 pm
people who vote for you didn't add up to 1%. >> kimberly: can i say something significant about this. somebody in the top list is running for president of the united states. pretty cool -- newt! >> greg: amazing. >> kimberly: tied for donald. >> bob: who is number one? >> kimberly: barack obama. >> greg: every president is. right? >> bob: richard nixon wasn't. >> kimberly: bush is number two. beat out clinton. what do you say about that? bush beat clinton. >> bob: i think -- bush is -- they love him in retirement. >> eric: i don't see walter mondale on there. >> bob: this is getting near the end of the year. we've had a wonderful year so far. waiting for someone to bring the shot at. 100 shows and nobody braised that. now you did. >> greg: we are close in age somewhat. in the '70s it was actors, john wayne. remember john wayne was up there. >> eric: ronald reagan. >> bob: the marlboro man until he died of lung cancer.
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>> kimberly: i love michele bachmann is tied in ninth place. isn't that nice? with queen elizabeth. >> eric: how did queen elizabeth get a tied ranking? but queen elizabeth is above bachmann. >> kimberly: we can debate it during the break. it doesn't look like the obama administration has any plans to have a welcome home parade for the troops coming back from iraq. now as s the commander-in-chief snubbing an important issue? we'll discuss it. ♪ ♪ new
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york and "the five." ♪ ♪
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>> eric: welcome back to "the five." for over eight years brave men and women risked their lives every day for freedom in iraq. more than a week ago, the last troops were pulled out of the country. and the war technically ended. the obama administration isn't planning a parade for troops to celebrate their homecoming. officials in new york and washington have said they have not been asked to plant anything in honor to sacrifice the great service, military personnel have provided. greg, you love parades. >> greg: you know it. >> eric: can't we find one more parade? >> greg: this bothers me. we have parades for people who are born that way. irish parade. you were born irish. gay parade. you were born gay. puerto rican parade. sorry, kimberly. but have a parade for people
11:36 pm
who did something and achieved something and put their life on the line. these people deserve parades. having said that, the problem with the parade is you have a parade. something bad happens in violence. more violence. little parades in your apartment. >> eric: very good. >> greg: wear a tutu and have a baton. buy military a drink when you see them. when you see them, buy them a shot. >> eric: anybody see military -- >> bob: everybody knows that -- >> eric: in a bar, buy them a drink. >> kimberly: greg is fired up. i like it. i don't think this is a debatable question. you do the right thing and celebrate, honor the sacrifice, which is tremendous. in this case, i know you don't like praise this is one you have to have it -- i know you don't like parades but this is one you have to have it. >> greg: celebrate something when you do something. >> kimberly: if you don't think it's significant look at the vietnam veterans and
11:37 pm
animosity they faced coming home. >> andrea: i have to disagree. i think we should honor the troops 100% for what they did. i am not going to blast the administration for not having one of the big parades like they do for the yankees? why, violence as you pointed out has started to escalate. i can understand their fear. like having a huge parade. what about a ceremony, something nice at yankee stadium. but a parade when more troops could be killed on their way out, more civilians. the violence is escalating. i understand that. a nice ceremony would be the way to go. >> bob: there is more important reason for not having the parade. we're still at war in afghanistan. you don't have a war parade, victory parade while at the same time you is the military -- >> kimberly: it's a homecoming. >> bob: but it's different. you don't want to do that.
11:38 pm
after world war ii and gulf war. vietnam and i don't believe so after korea. >> kimberly: is there a respectful way to do it? you talk about baghdad and talk about a perfect target for terrorists here. >> eric: has anyone thought what the military would want? don't you think they want to weigh in on it? >> bob: they have. their reaction is afghanistan. >> andrea: the thought is if we look like we are celebrating here there would be uprising there. we will be fighting all over. if we swift troops to afghanistan. see the sensitivity. >> bob: i was never in favor of the war.
11:39 pm
i think perform brilliantly and i do think there is some way to commemorate it. >> greg: are you you in the going to give them a parade then what do you do. in new york, troops are around. see them, make sure york buy them -- got to buy them a drink. >> kimberly: hug them. >> andrea: i always hug them. >> kimberly: you know what they need? they need jobs. a lot of them are good organizations. boston news corp foster it and do a great job getting people internship and mentorship and back in the workforce to make income. >> greg: i could use help around the place. >> eric: cue up the rick perry sound from earlier today. >> it really disturbing me after nine years of war in iraq that this president wouldn't welcome home our heros with a simple parade in their honor.
11:40 pm
maybe because the war is unpopular with democrats, i don't know. but mr. president, our soldiers come first. >> bob: first, get advancement to get camera shot together. ricky, boy, i don't notice you volunteered to be in military, you big tough texas boy. >> eric: no, no. i think he was in the military. >> kimberly: he was. >> greg: air force. pilot. >> kimberly: that's right. air force doesn't count. >> bob: that is great. congratulations. you still need a better camera shot. secondly -- >> andrea: a hero. >> bob: a cheap political shot. >> eric: what service was barack obama part of? refresh my memory. >> kimberly: the organizer. paper cuts are dangerous. >> bob: i don't think there is a male or female at this table can be talking about --
11:41 pm
unless i missed something. >> kimberly: i do my outreach. c'mon! >> bob: i bet you do. >> andrea: the president can have troops at the white house. he has had them there before. a lot of troops will welcome home in their own community. >> bob: michelle obama does a lot of work. >> andrea: she does. >> bob: what? >> kimberly: she is number three in our poll. >> bob: you like dogs. say something -- >> eric: good boy. barack obama named the dog bo. wow. save us. >> greg: the guys did a great thing for the world, and for america. do what you can. >> bob: women as well. >> andrea: give them a hug and a job. >> bob: give them a hug and a job. >> andrea: they don't want a hug from you. >> eric: coming up, north korean mourning death of the
11:42 pm
leader kim jong il. was it sincere? we'll show you. we report, you decide. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> bob: i was doing air guitar. >> kimberly: weird looking. >> bob: get out of here. first after all, we'll talk about this year but i'm back in "d" block. so there are things going on here. it's okay. they haven't buried me yet. close. but they did bury kim jong il. the leader of north korea.
11:46 pm
if you will notice, look at the people there. sad and crying and i tell you, i don't know where they got them out of the acting school. some of this stuff is unbelievable. i'll say this. yes, they are indoctrinated from the time they are kids. but really, this is going a little far. this would happen if i died. i'm sure. but this is overstated. north korean government tv which is the only tv. >> greg: i not cried like that since menudo broke up. >> bob: koreans are fairly short. north korean particularly. you could stand there there and be head and shoulders above these people. >> greg: when you dream of your own funeral, i have done, you imagine what it will be like. will you have crowds there. this is exactly what every kind of guy wants. like thousands of women weeping as he is under glass.
11:47 pm
at least me. >> bob: are they going to wax him like they do -- >> eric: wax them? >> bob: didn't they? >> kimberly: he looks remarkably preserved. he looked better in death than in life. i think they are crying because the son is taking over. they thought they had it bad with kim jong il. now they got kim jong ii and he is the worst. >> bob: except for the great leader before him. >> andrea: think about it. they have cameras on him and they are reacting that way because they have been beaten down by a dictator. i don't think it's funny. there is a goulag survivor, we have footage. listen to this. he talks about life in the political camps in north korea. listen to what life is like there. >> it was like hitler's concentration camp. not as large. there is a difference in the way people are killed.
11:48 pm
hitler gassed people. kim jong il killed people through starvation and some ways people died in more misery. >> andrea: i don't think it's funny. >> eric: not funny at all. in some estimates a million people died of starvation, forced labor, et cetera. this came out today. secretary general of the u.n. ban ki-moon decided to fly the u.n. flag at half mass in honor of the fallen war leader kim jong il which is a slap in the face to the million of people who died and the south koreans who are petrified of what happens next and the military trying to protect that, we have 40,000 or 50,000 u.s. military on the border. >> bob: but that is the protocol of the u.n. whether you like it or not he was head of state of the country. and if castro dies -- when he dies, they will have it at half staff. you know? that doesn't bother me all that much. >> eric: leftist dictator that killed and slaughtered --
11:49 pm
>> bob: a lot of people you can say that about. if that is the case -- >> andrea: give money to u.n. why do we keep from hearing -- >> kimberly: exactly. >> bob: if they don't lower the flag at half staff with countries we don't agree with? >> kimberly: murderous dictator. why should he be honored? >> bob: it's the united nations. not the united states. >> eric: united states funds the u.n. in their budget. >> bob: if someone dies -- >> andrea: they need our money. >> bob: yes, they do. we need the u.n., believe it or not. >> eric: for what? >> kimberly: they're not helpful these days, bob. >> bob: unicef is one thing. >> andrea: wait. oil for food. that was successful. >> bob: also during the republican administration to allow that to happen, i might add. if you want to dump on the u.n. this is not the segment to do it. talk about north korea. i want to know now, you have a
11:50 pm
councilmember with nuclear weapons, correct? now in the hands of a completely unknown enentity. the people of the entire pacific rim are scared to death. japanese, taiwan ease, and who has the biggest hand here? chinese. does anyone think they will move this as an opportunity to move in and say cool it, you are giving us trouble? >> eric: they should. >> bob: i think it's an opportunity for them. >> eric: again, that would be -- donald trump says this is the opportunity, chinese could go in there and start making the korean peninsula a safer place. no one would -- look what goes on. >> kimberly: you don't see indication that is happening. >> eric: auto industry, electricity. you know, standard of living. then north korea has nothing. if you look at a map at night, satellite map. south carolina has lights. north korea has nothing. >> andrea: we don't have the same leverage with them. despite we buy their stuff. if you talk to foreign affairs
11:51 pm
experts we have a small leg to stand on if any when it comes to north korea. it's very -- >> kimberly: they rely on chinese and south korea to figure it out. the chinese like the father, il better than un. they are worried about the young man. >> bob: people who want most to get this resolved is the south koreans. they have relatives there. the chinese have a real problem. exporter country. they need market in asia. >> eric: japanese. >> bob: of course. the missiles can reach japan. >> kimberly: working with the military in north carolina. >> andrea: they cut the defense budget thanks to the super committee. >> bob: isn't it 40,000 troops? all right. eric and greg are big-time
11:52 pm
now. they are filling in for o'reilly. they will tell us about it next. i think kim is also sitting in for -- gripples greta. >> bob: nobody asked me to sit in for anything. i would have done it. what are you -- you sit in for everybody! ♪ ♪ i wouldn't do that. pay the check?
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> greg: before eric and i get to talk about ourselves take a look at what happened when a robber went in a gold store in north carolina. >> you know, had to come down here and he kind of -- he just crept through here. he was telling me, get the money. get the money. give me the money. give me the money. i came in and hit him. >> greg: boom! >> if he wants money, get a job. work. like everybody else in this world. >> greg: you know, advice to muggers. you should be tougher than your victim. >> kimberly: right. >> eric: other advice, don't try this at home. >> kimberly: i like get a job. 99%er. >> greg: love to see someone get it. >> bob: what would you have
11:57 pm
done in a situation like that? >> greg: i probably would have a gun. >> bob: most would. maybe that is the thing to do. way to say, bully in school. >> andrea: that robber would have thought twice if he knew he had a gun behind there. >> eric: new york, d.c., chicago or l.a. -- >> kimberly: you know why that happened? because that store clerk was a lefty, southpaw. so that guy didn't see it coming and knocked him out. >> bob: can we get back to what we started the segment on. you are going to host what? >> greg: no, i hosted o'reilly last night. >> bob: you hosted o'really, right? >> eric: yes, i host it tonight. >> bob: you also host fox and friends on occasion. cavuto. and andrea you host every show there is, right? pretty much? yeah, you -- >> andrea: i fill in for the one and only brian kilmede on radio. >> kimberly: i fill in for
11:58 pm
greta van susteren. >> bob: would somebody please ask me to host? just once. >> andrea: sadness. >> bob: maybe i could do it -- >> greg: there is an applebee's and they're looking for a host to greet people coming in. all you have to do is say how many is in your party? >> kimberly: applebee's? >> greg: awesome. >> andrea: i buttons for your suspenders. >> kimberly: i love applebee's. >> eric: greg did fantastic job on o'reilly. >> andrea: so did you. you were on monday night. >> eric: did you do this? >> greg: i practiced. >> eric: what is the line? >> greg: caution! i practiced. >> bob: understand this is near the end of 2011 and this segment of the show. we didn't know what we'll do so we talk about this. back to the original point. can i please get a show to host? >> kimberly: i know, you were on hannity.
11:59 pm
remember? >> bob: that was on the -- >> andrea: you're not exactly is a pathetic soul. >> bob: the spin stops here. looking out for you. >> greg: you host this show. >> bob: i don't host this show. i talk a lot. >> greg: better than anybody here. >> kimberly: you know -- >> eric: bachmann on o'reilly. kimberly -- >> kimberly: governor rick perry is coming to us. everything you said about him, i'll tell him. >> andrea: welcome to applebee's. how many in your party? smoking or non? >> bob: happy new year, applebee's. >> greg: there is no smoking at all. >> bob: that has to stop. that is ridiculous. >> greg: yeah. >> kimberly: all righty. >> bob: if they don't stop us from being able to smoke cigars. everybody should go. now they come


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