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tv   America Live  FOX News  January 4, 2012 10:00am-12:00pm PST

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w we learned they are changing their minds saying they will use the ads after all. maybe those "30 rock" fans bombarded them. megyn them. jenna: what a relieve. stpho: thank you for joining us today. jenna: "america live" starts right now. >> reporter: goodbye iowa, hello new hampshire, this campaign is rolling on, folks and we are right there with the candidates this afternoon. already they are making their first campaign stops in the granite state. welcome to "america live" i'm martha maccallum in for megyn kelly. rick perry last night said he would go back to texas and reassess his chances for the white house. he has tweeted, that is how all information seems to float around these days. he is still in this thing, folks and making plans for new hampshire and south carolina. the remaining candidates, you have jon huntsman, mitt romney, newt gingrich and rick santorum
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all busy bees trying to drum up support before saturday's debate. we are in fast forward in this campaign. we are awaiting mitt romney at a town hall meeting. we saw him land in the granite state a little while ago. he is in manchester new hampshire. he is in there speaking to the folks. as soon as that gets underway we'll listen to a little of what he has to say fresh off of his slim victory in iowa. i have thed do tore of the man chest they are union leader which quite prominently decided to back newt gingrich instead of their somewhat native son mitt romney. nice to have you here today. >> thank you. martha: new hampshire likes to be tear reato be contrary. what do you think lies ahead. >> there is really nothing
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pointing to a loss by romney at this point except that history you're referring to, something could happen. martha: that points to things like mondale losing to gary hart back this 1994, doyle to mccann and in 1996. is rom no's gulf of success at the moment too wide? >> the similarities would be that the candidates who tripped in the last week in new hampshire were all establishment favorites, and in every case there was w really a ground swell of popular opinion saying no, we want someone on the outside. if that could happen, be it with newt gingrich, or rick santorum mitt romney will be in trouble. martha: you did not mention jon huntsman. >> i don't think he's seen as an outsider. martha: carl cameron said look for a court of mano-y-mano, you
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don't think that is the case. >> jon huntsman has done a good job on the groundworking town by town, good point for effort but a bad job in terms of message. he positioned himself as the moderate alternative, sort of a new mccain. his super pack came out and pushed him as a conservative. at this point everybody knows who he is but they don't know what he stands for. martha: let's talk about kweupbg r-r's chancenewt gingrich's chances in new hampshire. >> usually you don't get a second chance. newt gingrich's strongers card can be played twice this weekend. there are two debates coming up, a prelim on saturday night and a finale on sunday morning. newt is at his very best when he can show his stuff in a debate setting. saturday and sunday give him two more times at bat. martha: it's going to be fascinated. there were a couple of elements that we watched, i was doing the entrance polls last night, elect
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built seems to have been a major factor. it's almost as if there were two competing sides. electability, many people who walked in ho in thought that was very important to them. and many were wondering who the very conservative people were, and rick santorum and romney were split on that. how do you feehow do people feel about that. >> they want both. romney has built his base on people who think he is the most electable. that has been his strongest suit in the campaign. the unusual and unexpeblged part ounexpected is that no one has emerged as a challenger to mitt romney. could it happen this week? maybe one of the two men i mentioned has a chance. martha: ron paul is not headed there until friday.
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do you think that will hurt him? >> i don't think it will hurt him. he may have hit ace peak right now. he's built a very good organization with his libertarian true believers. he's managed through very sharp tv advertising to add a second tier of followers, those who are angry, but i think he may have maxed out now. martha: you know what is going on on the ground in new hampshire, we are glad to have you. thank you very much. we are about to hear from mitt romney flesh off his slim victory as i said energized, to be back in new hampshire where he holds a very hefty lead right now. will we see the dynamic change dramatically as we did in iowa with a week ahead with a lot of ground to cover with all of these candidates. we'll check in with him, let you listen to some of that, see what his big message is for that when we hear from him. newt gingrich is not showing any signs of slowing down, folks. he is holding a town meeting
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today in concord, new hampshire. earlier today his campaign is now ramping up attacks as we heard. he planned to do this. he said right afterwards he was going to go right after mitt romney. in an interview with laura ingraham on fox news radio he said he would not rule out an alliance with rick santorum to take down romney. listen to what he said. >> can you see a scenario under which the two of you would align together to try to defeat the establishment candidate mitt romney. >> absolutely, of course. rick and i, we have a 20-year friendship. we are both rebels, we both came into this business as reformers. we both dislike deeply the degree to which the establishment sells out the american people. martha: fascinating. he's using that rebel language which definitely resonates in new hampshire in getting that message out today. he also says it's in the negative to go after someone's record to describe what they have been doing. that is in reference to the sort of attacks that he's expected to
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make on mitt romney, which of course he was the subject of in iowa. as i mentioned a moment ago, congresswoman michelle bachmann as also announced a big thing today, she is suspending her presidential campaign in an emotional announcement that was made a little while ago. 6th place finish for her in the iowa caucuses. she talked about how that was her birthplace, she had to do well there. she told supporters she had no regrets about the whole thing, she ran her campaign with integrity. thee took final shots at president obama, specifically his healthcare overhaul law. here is what she had to say. >> i ran because i believed that since day one barack obama's policies, based on socialism are destructive to the very foundation of the republic. i will continue fighting to defeat the president's agenda of socialism, and i'll continue to fight for you, for more liberty and less government. >> reporter: she has to fight to hold onto her congressional seat back at home as well.
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that may have been on her mind somewhat in this decision. it has been a long slide for bachmann's campaign. she won the iowa straw poll and finished last last night and that led to this decision that we saw this mourn. so what does bachmann's decision to drop out mean to the rest of the gop field? one candidate who could stand to benefit from that a bit was somewhat in her corner in terms of this true conservative mission that a lot of these candidates have been trying to fill. rick santorum came down narrowly last night, what a nailbiter this was, eight votes apart between rick santorum and romney. bachmann and rick perry have been heavily courting evangelical christians. rick santorum is tied for fifth place in new hampshire with michelle bachmann. he has his work cut out for him if he wants to carry that momentum from iowa to new hampshire.
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jon huntsman is drawing a line in the sand after skipping the iowa caucuses all together. can he, here is the big question for him, pull off a rick santorum upset? he believes he can. governor huntsman will be talking with me in the next hour. we look forward to that. that is coming up. right now we've got this fox news alert for you, because we are awaiting live remarks from president obama just a short time from now he is expected to speak about the economy from a suburb near cleveland, ohio as his re-election bid kicks in to high gear east is back from holiday and back in action in the granite state. and his controversial appointment of richard cordray as the head of the new financial consumer protection pwraour oefplbureau. this is controversial because it bypasses the senate at a time
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when they are in recess. it's a recess appointment. there has been some expectation he would do this. coming up at 1:30, does president obama have the right plan to get the economy moving, and what about that cordray appointment, what is the meaning of that. we have a fair & balanced debate on that coming your way. iran is stepping up its threats against the united states issuing several warnings to america over one of our aircraft carriers, and that has experts now saying that that could amount to an act of war. national security correspondent jennifer given is live at the pentagon with the gentlemen latest on this brewing, tense situation. hey, jennifer. >> reporter: hi, mart that. well iran is getting a lot of attention on the campaign trail. republican candidate jon huntsman just said in new hampshire if iran closes the strait of hormuz it should be viewed as an act of war, the nation should react as fit is an
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act of war. in the wake of the threat by iran's army chief to not allow a u.s. aircraft carrier to return through the strait of hormuz, that the u.s. is in fact planning in the coming days to -- you can expect we're told to see naval warships passing through the strait of hormuz. again we're told it will not be an aircraft carrier, necessarily. the u.s.s. john c. stinus passed through before the iranian war games. it is operating in support of the afghan war efforts. at least one aircraft carrier group will be in the region and there are already numerous u.s. destroyers near the strait. it released the video of an aircraft carrier that it said its forces were trailing. new sanctions were signed by president obama on saturday. the head of iran's central bank tried to reassure frightened
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iranian investors, quote, i say this with great certainty that sanctions don't create problems for the country's economy, by knowing this the enemy is planning on creating psychological tensions. if we are intimidated we will be playing into the enemy's hands. psychological warfare seems to be the name of the game. the eu has announced it will be banning iranian oil imports. that will be a big hit to iran's economy. martha: thank you very much. we are awaiting some comments from president obama, and a new hampshire town hall speech from mitt romney. we will bring you those as they unfold this afternoon. two planes seconds away from colliding head-to-head in a new york city airport. it would have been one of the worst commercial disasters in decades. now we are looking at who is to blame in this one. we'll show you exactly what happened. boy, it's a tough one. and students at a school in virginia causing a controversy with a song praising the occupy
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wall street movement. teachers say it was just written by the eight years old. we'll investigate when we come back. >> my question would be does this also include, you know, religious content of lyrics? would it include profanity? cheesy chicken & rice, and other chicken dishes that are campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do. the calcium they take because they don't take it with food. switch to citracal maximum plus d. it's the only calcium supplement that can be taken with or without food. that's why my doctor recommends citracal maximum. it's all about absorption.
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because for every two pounds you lose through diet and exercise, alli can help you lose one more by blocking some of the fat you eat. let's fight fat with alli. ♪ martha: fox news alert president obama is set to make remarks about the economy from ohio today. a state that the president has visited 17 times since he took office and could be of course
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key to his re-election efforts. speaking about his plan for the economy is not the only thing on the president's agenda. he is expected to use this occasion to name an ohioans the head of the head of the new consumer protection bureau. ed henry joins me. talk to me about this appointment, why now and why is it controversial. >> reporter: it's richard cordray the former attorney general of ohio, the president putting him in charge of this new consumer protection agency. why is it so controversial? there are a number of reasons. the president is saying because republicans have been blocking his tphopl tphaeurbgs obstructth inominations, obstructing it in his words he needs to do this as a recess appointment and use his executive power. they say the senate is not in recess, so it's not a recess appointment. they have been in this so-called pro form a session to make sure
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that it does not shut down to pre convenient the president from doing this very thing. they are having a become and forth about the constitutionality about it. the reason it's a flash point is not about that back and forth it's about the fact that this whole consumer protection office is an outgrowth of the frank dodd law. you put richard cordray or anyone else in there with unchecked power they are going to issue all kinds of counsel zoomer regulation has will crush businesses, hurt job growth, et cetera. the white house view is just the opposite that it's time for new rules of the road for wall street and it fits into the president's narrative when he says he's standing up for the middle class, martha. martha: thank you very much,ed henry reporting. joining is now stewart varney, actor of varney and company. everyone said all along it's not about mr. cordray it's about establishing this institution, this agency that will have a tremendous amount of power over businesses. talk to us about why it's
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dangerous. >> reporter: the consumer protection bureau is a massive and expensive bureaucracy. $500million a year to run this thing. very little accountability there. it will be in charge, regulating all personal transactions. it will regulate the entire financial services industry. when anybody has a credit card deal, a debit card deal, a home loan, a college loan there will be a regulator looking over the shoulder of the banker at exactly what they are up to. martha: the administration is going to say this is because these credit card companies took advantage, they started raising rates without telling people, putting things in fine print at the bottom of your bill and putting people in a very tough financial position. they believe something needs to be done to stop that. >> reporter: politically what the president is doing is he's beating up on unpopular bankers, he's beating up on wall street, and also politically he's declaring war on congress. he is saying, hey, look, you
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guys can't do anything, i am going to execute a plan. i am going to install this new director at the consumer financial protection bureau. i am doing something. whether this will in fact open up the financial services industry, decrease fraud, that is another story entirely. basically what is going to happen is, bankers and people in the industry are going to take a lot less risk, so when it comes to a new mortgage, or a new type of mortgage or a credit card they are going to pull back and say, no we can't do that. the cfvp is over our shoulder saying don't do it, pull back. martha: one of the things that pops into my mind is we have agencies like the fcc, we have agencies that have failed dramatically to protect us from the kind of financial disaster that we fell into 2008 and they didn't work. why should anybody think that another one is going to be the ticket? >> it also usurps the position of lawyers. if something goes wrong between
10:20 am
you and a bank you have the law to step in and say, hey you broke the law, pay me i'm suing. that ab bro greats the lawyer's rights and brings in a government bureaucracy in its place which could be politicized. martha: faulk to me about ohio. 17 trips to ohio for the president. ohio has a very complicated economic picture. he's going to arrive there today and try to sell the idea that things are getting better. >> reporter: two points ohio is a pretty good mirror of the nation's economy not doing that well. 8.5% unemployment. poverty rate 15%. the ninth worst state for foreclosures, should be a lot better than that. the president is actually going to shaker heights which shows a very different stories. shaker heights, i've been there, maybe you have lovely suburb, thins are probably pretty okay in shaker heights i'm imagining, right? >> reporter: it is an island of prosperity. the median price of a home is
10:21 am
$235,000. the median income $80,000 a year. the median income nationally is $50,000 a year. he's going to an island of prosperity to appeal and talk directly to middle class professionals with whom he polls a little better. martha: security, very interesting. always good to talk to you. thank you very much, stewart varney from the business channel, varney & company. when the president comes out we will bring that to you. we are waiting for the president in ohio as we were just talking about. also ahead a closer look at a controversial weapon against childhood obesity. a powerful ad that features this line, it's hard to be a little girl if you are not. so is this a fair response to a nation-wide epidemic or a shameful attack on young kids' self-esteem? >> mom, why am i fat? the doctor says i have something
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martha: fox news alert we are waiting for the president of the united states making remarks moments from now on the economy. he will talk about his controversial appointment of richard core tkraeufplt he is thcordray, the gentleman who will be the head of the consumer protection pwraour oefplt it i bureau. it has a lot of people upset. it bypasses the senate at a time when the senate is not officially in recess. moments ago the chamber of commerce released a statement saying quote, this controversial appointment is unprecedented, constitutionally questionable
10:26 am
and it puts the authority of the director and the validity of the bureau's work in legal jeopardy. when the president makes this news we'll bring that to you moments away, waiting for him to come into the room. got a little guy *e quiet in there. a virginia school district is defending a song allegedly composed and performed by a group of third-grade children and the song is called, quote, part of the 99%. it heaps praise on the occupy wall street movement. some are questioning exactly whether these little eight years old decided to get together and make this song about being part of the 99%. trace gallagher joins me live from the west coast newsroom,. >> reporter: a private company called kid pan alley comes into the charlotteville, virginia schools and teaches kids how to write and perform their own songs. the deal here is they cannot do anything that is political or personal to fulfill their own agenda but the students apparently did this on their own, eight years old, third graders in this case and the lyrics they came up with with no
10:27 am
parental help or teacher help were as follows, some people have it all but they still don't think they have enough. they want more money, a faster ride they are not content never satisfied, yes they are the 1%. i used to be one of the 1%, i worked all the time, never saw my family couldn't make live rhyme then the bubble burst it really hurt, hurt, i lost my money, lost my pride, lost my home i'm part of the 99. again the school says the kids came up with their lyrics all on their own. here ace member of the school board, listen. >> the kids choose the topic. this class chose this topic and those are their words. they don't sensor what the kids write or shape it. it all comes out of kids' own mouths and their own words. >> reporter: they said you'd be surprised how talented and smart these kids are and the creative stuff they come up w. conservative critics aren't really buying that these kids came up with their own class warfare theme on their own.
10:28 am
listen here. >> my question would be, does this also include, you know, religious content of lyrics? would it include profanity? does the school at any point say this content is inappropriate for an eight-year-old. >> reporter: by the way kid pan alley the company that came in now says, yeah, maybe the song wasn't exactly the best choice. i had eight years old at my house this weekend and it wasn't topic number one. martha: very interesting language in that song for eight years old. we'll see. trace, thank you very much. >> reporter: okay. martha: trace gallagher with that one from the west coast. let's take you back as promised to cleveland, ohio where the president of the united states is talking to people about the cordray appointment, also the economy in ohio, let's listen for a minute. >> at this school have a pretty good basketball team. [cheering] >> boys and girls.
10:29 am
[cheering] >> unfortunately i have no eligibility left. [laughter] >> so i can't play with you. i want to wish everybody a happy new year. [cheering] >> 2012 is going to be a good year. [cheering] >> it's going to be a good year. [applause] >> and one of my new year's resolutions is to make sure that i get out of washington and spend time with folks like you. [cheering] [applause] ] >> because folks mere in ohio and all across the country, i want you to know, you're the reason why i ran for this office in the first place. you remind me what we are still fighting for.
10:30 am
you inspire me. [laughter] >> okay. you do. now, you remind me that this country is all about folks who work hard and where responsibility pays off. and america where anybody who puts in the effort and plays by the rules can get ahead. that's the america you deserve. [applause] >> that's the america we are working to build. [applause] that's why i told congress before the new year, they couldn't leave for vacation until we made sure 160 million working americans wouldn't get hit with a tax hike on
10:31 am
january 1st. [applause] >> now this wasn't easy. it should have been easy, but it wasn't. but in the end we got members of both parties to come together and make sure that you could keep more money in your paychecks each month, and you're keeping that extra $40 in every paycheck because we made sure that we didn't stunt the recovery, we made sure that families got the breaks that they need. that means more security for your families, it also means a boost for the economy at a time when we have to do everything we can to keep it growing. because more money spent by more americans means more businesses, hiring more workers. and so when congress returns i'm going to urge them to extend this tax cut all the way through 2012 with no drama, no delay, do the right thing, it is a no-brainer, let's get it done,
10:32 am
let's pass these tax cuts. [applause] >> now, we still have more to do. so today we are taking another important step, one that will bring us closer to the economy that we need, an economy where everybody plays by the same rules, and to help us do that i'm joined by somebody you might recognize, richard cordray. [cheering] >> a friend of ohio. a good, good, man. [applause] >> today i'm appointing richard as america's consumer watchdog. [cheering]
10:33 am
and that means he is going to be in charge of one thing, looking out for the best interests of american consumers, looking out for you. his job will be to protect families like yours from the abuses of the financial industry. his job will be to make sure that you've got all the information you need to make important financial decisions. right away he'll start working to make sure millions of americans are treated fairly by mortgage brokers, and bay-day lenders, and debt collectors, in fact just this week his agency is opening up a simple 1-800 number that you can call to make sure you're getting a fair deal on your mortgage, and hold banks and brokers accountable if you're not. [applause] i nominated richard for this job last summer, so you may be
10:34 am
wondering why am i appointing him today? it would be a good question. for almost half a year republicans in the senate have blocked richard's confirmation. [booing ] >> they refused to even give richard an up or down vote. now, this is not because richard is not qualified. there is no question that richard is the right person for the job. he's got the support of democrats, and republicans around the country. a majority of attorney generals, richard is a former attorney general, a majority of attorney generals from both parties across the country have called for richard to be confirmed. your local members of congress who are here today, they support him. he has the support of a majority in the senate.
10:35 am
everyone agrees richard is more than qualified, so what is the problem you might ask? the only reason republicans in the senate have blocked richard is because they don't agree with the law that i set up a consumer watchdog in the first place. they want to weaken the law, they want to water it down. and by the way, a lot of folks in the financial industry have poured millions of dollars to try to water it down. that makes no sense. does anybody think that the reason that we got in such a financial mess, the worst financial crisis since the great depression, the worst economic crisis in a generation, that the reason was because of too much oversight of the financial industry? of course not. we shouldn't be wea weakening
10:36 am
oversight and accountability we should be strengthening it especially when it comes to looking out for families like yours. [applause] >> you know the financial firms have armys of lobbyists in washington looking out for their interests. you need somebody looking out for your interests and fighting for you, and that is richard cordray. [cheering] martha: we will continue streaming this on so you can keep an eye on the rest of the president's comments throughout the rest of that speech, but let's talk now with monica crowley who is joining me radio talk show host and fox news contributor and political commentator sally cohen joining me as well. good to have you here. what is your reaction to what you just heard? >> i think they are unprecedented power grabs by this president. there is a long-standing precedent that says and it's indicated for presidents over many, many decades that if the senate is out of session for more than ten days then the president is allowed to make a
10:37 am
recess appointment. what we have here is the president actually not only violating that precedent, martha but violating what his own administration argued just about two years ago when their own deputy solicitor general argued to the supreme court that the president can't make this kind of recess appointment if the senate is out of session for less than three days. martha: this is sort of the detail issue of this in terms of the big picture. do you think anything is going to change? do you think everybody is going to say okay, this is what happened or are they going to fight it? >> i think john boehner is furious about this. it raises constitutional issues. president obama has never hidden what he wants to do, what haste philosophy is. he has told us over many months that he's going to end run the congress, democrats and republicans alike. recess appointments, this is one of the many paces to th pieces
10:38 am
to the pudz h the puzzle. martha: let's bring in sally. >> you have republicans who are not going to confirm the man to the position because they object to the existence of the agency that their own congress passed. the president, though it sounds wants to protect american consumers from the excesses and dangers of a financial sector that has got even out of control, and without question has created record foreclosures, has hurt our economy, has hurt the cause of jobs. he wants to create some accountability. martha: as the president said no one is objecting to richard cordray as a person, a capable man, someone who can handle this job. the problem is the agency itself, that it will be a huge bureaucrat i can power grab, that it will make it tougher for businesses to do business. sally, we had so many agencies and institutions in place, nobody at the fcc has ever paid the price for not overseeing,
10:39 am
not doing their job of protecting the american public. so why should anybody believe that another agency will do the trick, sally. >> look, this agency was designed specifically for this purpose as opposed to protecting investors number one, and number two, first of all we have to give credit to congress for passing this and believing this is a sane thing to do. let's be clear as to why the republicans are opposing this. it's not because they don't think it will do an effective job of protecting consumers, they are owe proceedings it because wall street and the financing alindustry has poured millions upon millions of dollars in making sure that they can continue to take advantage of consumers. martha: is that why they are opposing it? >> no, look, we have had so many pwraour rock kraeus sees, layers after layers of agencies, bureaucracies, watch dogs, congressional oversight. none of those things were able to prevent the financial meltdown of 2008. why we think one more layer of government is going to do that is insane. martha: she's got a point. that is a question you are not
10:40 am
able to answer. >> it is one i can answer. martha: please do. >> we had the financial meltdown precisely because of deregulation because we took away the rules that plea vented walprevented wall street from creating the twisted little investment packages, bundling subprime mortgages. we deregulated and that's what created the crisis. martha: banks are smart, right. no matter what kind of regulation or other layer you put on top of them they will figure out ways to make money because that's what they are supposed to do. that is their job to figure it up. until you have responsibility on all sides, monica weigh in on this one more time if you'd like to, you have to scratch your head and wonder why we need another layer. >> this comes out of the dodd-frank bill. it institution in insurance ta taougs in a liesess too big to fail, it takes the ability of the financial sector to make money.
10:41 am
this is an oppressive tool that the democrats have layered on this economy. it's bad for jobs and the economy. the republican candidate should be talking about this. >> american voters aren't worried about wall street making money, they are worried about jobs and keeping their homes and that's what this agency will do. martha: good to see you both. thank you. while the president was speaking we got a little surprise at the mitt romney town hall in new hampshire we'll show you that in a minute, stick around for that. plus an intruder armed with a knife picked the wrong home to rob. up next a young mother makes a life or death decision to keep her child safe. >> are your doors locked? >> yes, i've got two guns in my hand. is it okay to shoot him if he comes in this door? >> i can't tell you that you can do that, but you do what you have to do to protect your baby. when you have diabetes... your doctor will say get smart about your weight. that's why there's new glucerna hunger smart shakes.
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martha: let's go back to new hampshire to the mitt romney town hall and look who is speaking, the man who has endorsed him today, this is a huge inch tkoerplts, also a winner in new hampshire back in 2000 against george w. bush. let's listen for a minute. >> joe lewis said, well how you going to beat this guy? he's very illusive and he's very good. joe lewis said, well he can run, but he can't hide. now my friends, our message, our message to barack obama is you can run but you can't hide of your record of making this country bankrupt, from destroying our national security, and to making this nation one that we have to restore with mitt romney as president of the united states of america. [applause] >> all the media reports, all the media reports is that the president is going to attack congress, and maybe that is not
10:46 am
a bad idea, our approval rating is 9%, you get down that low, you're down to paid staffers and blood relatives, but the fact is, the fact is that democrats and president obama had both houses of congress, both majorities in both houses of congress when we passed the bail out, when we passed obamacare, when we passed a trillion dollar stimulus package, remember? that was one that was going to bring unemployment down below 8%, remember that? well, my friends, he can run, but he can't hide. and that's what this campaign is really going to be all about. and i would remind you again, we just finished up, the taxpayers are somewhat relieved i'm sure a couple weeks ago, we passed a $991 billion money bill, appropriations to make the government run. you know how long we debated that bill?
10:47 am
15 minutes. 15 minutes, we debated that bill. i identified $3.5 billion in pork barrel and earmark spending just in the defense part. my friends, it can't -- martha: well, you know, john mccain loves new hampshire. whom whom has been good to him over the years, so he's clearly enjoying being back on the campaign trail and endorsing mitt romney, a big endorsement for mitt romney today from senator john mccain. we'll ask jon huntsman about this. ask him if that is an endorsement he would have liked to have had as he tries to do a rick santorum in new hampshire. he is all fired up about that. we'll talk to him in 30 minutes, with jon huntsman that is coming up. also ahead it was the near miss that you never heard about, two international flights, packed flights at a new york airport, 37 feet apart and seconds from impact. now we know who is to blame. >> cancel take off -- cancel
10:48 am
take off plans. >> all traffic is stopped right now. are you receiving a payout from a legal settlement or annuity over 10 or even 20 years? call imperial structured settlements. the experts at imperial can convert your long-term payout into a lump sum of cash today. whose non-stop day starts with back pain... and a choice.
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take advil no and maybe up to four in a day.
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10:51 am
martha: we've seen the shocking in your face public service announcements when it comes to things like smoking and drug use, remember the brain frying an egg, all of those kind of things much the critics are crying foul over a new psa that is targeting childhood obesity saying they are not short of fat shaming. take a look. >> my doctor says i have something called hypertension. i'm really scared. >> i don't like going to school, because all the other kids pick on me. it hurts my feelings.
10:52 am
>> mom, why am i fat? martha: they are very powerful. joined now my mimiroth who is the national action against obesity and melissa who is a mom blogger. >> i think these children feel ostracized. you're left with saying, where is the information, where are the tools, the resources. i think as a parent it has to start at home. you know when your child has a problem, you have to start feeding and treating and getting a better lifestyle for your family. the smoking ads were so grotesque that i found myself turning the channel, how protective is that? martha: people don't smoke in restaurants. people barely smoke any more at least, you know, that i can tell. >> a couple of things here. one thing that you've got backwards, people don't know that their children are
10:53 am
overweight. we don't even recognize our ohno bees satisfactory tee much less that in our children, study after study says that. these commercials don't ostracize the child. these commercials give these children a platform to speak out and say, hey, america, hey mommy, may daddy you are killing me, you are making me sick. and guess what, people this is a form of child abuse. it is hard to make a child fat. you've got to really botch the job, their metabolism is faster than it will ever be and yet we are making them fat because why? because they are drinking water? no. because they are exercising enough? no, because they are eating properly? no. we've got to take it seriously i applaud georgia, my ohm town to do the right thin. we shouldn't turn the channel, if we don't like the truth we've got to fix the truth. martha: you've been through this experience. >> i personally have not been overweight but my entire family is morbidly obese. i've grown up watching the suffering that obesity is.
10:54 am
the kids in the videos have a lifetime of health problems ahead of them. that was on your watch and my watch. martha: i actually think they are very effective because they are shocking. sometimes i think it takes that -- it's heartbreaking to watch these ads, but if you are in this situation, and this comes across your television and you're at home you think, are they talking about me? it's very uncomfortable. >> that's why people want to turn the channel, because you know who it's really targeting mommy and tk-d de. guess what there is only one advocate for the child and that's that child's parent. if you don't like what it's saying, it's making you feel bad you have to look inside yours and ask yourself. you can push back on industry and say be transparent, be honest with what is in the product so i know what i'm feeding my children but ultimately you are the one responsible. martha: i feel like there are a lot of programs in schools, michelle obama has been leading an effort to bring more awareness to this. but it almost feels like it's
10:55 am
not enough. >> i feel then you're an ignorant parent if you don't realize that your child is suffering. >> you are, if you look at the word ignorant and takeout the connotation -- >> you can go to dieticians and doctors where you can make the step as a parent. martha: you have to hit the rock bottom moment. if you don't hit the rock bottom moment then you don't stop drinking. >> they've had little to no nutrition training. our talking about it, martha. we know basically the kids need at least an hour if not more of exercise a day. if they are healthy and over the age of two they are supposed to drink water, not juice, not sowed today, not flavored milk, but water. it's free and available to everyone. it's not about not being able to afford it. we are simply not doing right by these children and we do have the basic information. i'm so tired of hearing excuses because it's bs. martha: it will be interesting to see if it's effective. because that is the ultimate goal. nobody wants to see people coming into your home and telling you how to run your life, but i will be interested
10:56 am
to see if this -- >> who is going to get the bills for all those kids. we are going to pay the price. diabetes and obesity is where the kids are heading and we're weighing the bill. martha: you're right, you're right. maybe this will be a trigger. thank you very much ladies. good to talk to you as always. thank you. the pentagon is brushing off new threats from iran about shutting down a major oil transport route. this is a huge story. the oil markets paying very close attention you can bet to this. soon we all may be paying the price for this situation. a look at what our options might be with iran ten minutes away. a murder mystery that is baffling police, two navy pilots, among the tour dead in a condo shooting. two of the victims, a brother and sister. see what police are now saying about what they believe might have happened here. >> i didn't know how close we were going to become. i was just drawn to her, then we became best friends and have been sisters ever since.
10:57 am
my heart just dropped, and i didn't believe it. there are sometimes when i just feel like i'm going to get a call from her.
10:58 am
10:59 am
11:00 am
martha: the newest twist to pick a republican candidate for president. listen. >> thank you for the kind introduction. i want to say with some nostalgia that i return to this place i love so well. but i'm really here for one reason only. and that is to make sure we make mitt romney the next president of the united states of america, and new hampshire is a state that will catapult him onto victory in a short period of time. that's why i'm here.
11:01 am
martha: john mccain endorsing mitt romney for president. welcome to this hour of "america live." that endorsement came at a mitt romney town hall. and it comes just hours after newt gingrich also landed in new hampshire, holding a town hall of his own and challenging the conservative credentials of the governor of massachusetts. bob smith, a supporter of newt gingrich. how big -- how important was that endorsement from john mccain today? >> well, you know, i don't know, i think we are focused on moving ahead, and i think the issue really is if i were romney my concern would be 75% of the people in iowa voted against him. the republican party wants to
11:02 am
nominate a conservative. mitt romney is not a conservative. a long time ago a friend of mine said when people go into the voting booth they vote for themselves. if you have to ask yourselves, is a multi millionaire like me, someone who runs negative ads against another person in his own party, would i like to be the victim of that? i don't think so. i have been on the ground a couple months in new hampshire it's moving very, very well and it looks like bachmann is out and maybe perry. not sure at this point. so republican conservatives are going to look at the field. it's narrowed. they will say who do i want to be the conservative standard bearer to take on mitt romney and eventually win. martha: you have a few people who want to be the person that you are when they walk into the
11:03 am
voting booths. you have got newt gingrich. rick santorum and jon huntsman who has been quietly plotting away shaking hands doing the hard work we saw rick santorum do in iowa. how do those folks stack up against your guy newt gingrich. >> it's a long race. that's what people forget. we had a contest in iowa. we'll now have one in new hampshire. there are 48 states after that. this is an endurance run. but the point is that when you come out of iowa, you are now in new hampshire, you have got to be repaired to go the distance. newt is. he has the credentials to run. the conservative credentials to be our nominee and do the right thing to turn this country around, it won't be easy.
11:04 am
martha: you have got to be happy there are a couple of debates between now and tuesday because that's newt gingrich's strengths to be sure. >> the key is all the republicans in this race, we try hard not to be negative on our side. but the truth is, they have been negative on us and i'm proud of newt because he took some real shots. especially one i thought went over the top when he got emotional talking about his deceased mom who had depression, then to make fun of that like romney did, then he pulled back. there is no place morer for that in politics. issue after issue and debate after debate. that's when i picked up and felt i wanted to be involved because he was talking about the issues and what we need to do to turn this country around. martha: he said that he's going to turn this thing starting wednesday today, he said i'm
11:05 am
going to come after mitt romney with everything i have got, basically and i'll do it day after day and discount everything he says and i'm going to go after him. as mitt romney says, basically it's all fair. >> go after somebody on the issues. and going after somebody on personal attacks like saying he's unfit to be president, or, you know, making fun of him getting emotional talking about his mother, that's over the top. i just spoke to him a few minutes ago. he's asking us not to go negative and we are not going to. the bottom line is you have got a massachusetts moderate running against a reagan conservative. that's the choice. when you go into the booth and you are voting for yourself, who are you? are you a massachusetts moderate or a reagan conservative.
11:06 am
you have to decide which one you want to be and i think it's newt gingrich. martha: senator smith, thank you very much. this will be very interesting six days coming up. thank you, sir, in new hampshire. we'll talk in a moment to jon huntsman who says he is the rick santorum of new hampshire. how is he planning to do that? i'll ask him next on "america live." we want to put your attention to this fox news alert. there is furious reaction from republican leaders after president obama's announcement. the recess appointment of this man, the former attorney general richard cordray and the consumer protection bureau. here is the president explaining why he did this. listen. >> the only reason republic chance in the senate have blocked richard is because they don't agree with the law that
11:07 am
set up the consumer watchdog in the first place. they want to weaken the law. they want to water it down. martha: mike emanuel is live in washington with the latest on this. >> reporter: leading republicans are outraged over his appointment. some suggesting it will have a devastating effect on the checks and balances in the constitution. house speaker john boehner says quote this is an extraordinary and unnecessary power grab by president obama that defies centuries of practice and the legal advice of his own justice department. the republicans note they are not in recess while holding pro forma sessions and accused the president of circumventing the american people.
11:08 am
republican senator orrin hatch should be deeply troubled by the president's actions. this is a grave decision by this heavy handed autocratic white house to appoint an unaccountable czar to appease his base is beneath the office of the president. oncore anyone had this take -- senator obama has previously called such a recess appointee damaged goods. senior officials points out during the ends of the bush administration senate democrats held these pro forma sessions every three days during the holidays to prevents the path from make recess appointments. martha: catastrophy on a massive scale that was averted by just
11:09 am
seconds. a packed airliner wandered into the path of another plane during takeoff at new york's jfk airport. the accident happened last june. trace gallagher is back with us now with the details. we are just learn being there is unbelievable event. >> reporter: we knew in june this was a close call but we had no idea how close until the faa came out with this report. this was near seconds away from being the worst commercial airline disaster in u.s. history. the plane was barreling count runway. an egypt air boeing 777 with 346 people onboard, instead of turning left on the exaksy way, it kept going straight towards that luftansa plane.
11:10 am
hidden to the audio. >> cancel takeoff plans. cancel takeoff plans. >> all traffic is stopped right now. hold your position as you see what's going on. no need to speak about it on frequency. >> that was quite a show. show it was going to be a short career. >> reporter: you heard the nervous laughter by the air traffic controller. that plane as it came toward the runway. 37 feet away from actually making it onto the runway. when you are talking about airplanes that's a razor thin margin. the worst disaster in history, two planes collide on the runway. on these two planes, 632 people
11:11 am
onboard, 37 feet away from colliding. martha: trace, thank you very much. a posh neighborhood is the scene of a new year's murder mystery. a murder that involves some top gun navy pilots and has family and friends desperately trying to figure out what could have happened here. we are learning information about the fast and furious investigation and why attorney general eric holder will face congress once again. tensions intensifying in iran. new warnings coming that could have a huge effect on global oil prices. we'll be right back. [ male annouer ] juice drink too watery?
11:12 am
♪ feel the power my young friend. mmm! [ male announcer ] for unsurpassed fru and veggie nutrition... v8 v-fusion. could've had a v8.
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11:14 am
martha: a fox news alert regarding operation fast and furious. we are learning attorney general eric holder who is under fire for the way the justice department handle the botched government sting will once again testify before a congressional hearing next month. the house committee said holder will be asked to address management deficiencies during that operation. who knew what and when did they know it. operation fast and furious is the controversial gun program that was meant to track weapons in mexico, but some of those guns ended up in the hands of the drug cartel where agent
11:15 am
brian terry was killed. we brought you a report on how the pentagon is down playing the latest threats coming from iran. iran is warning not to have the aircraft carrier the stennis return to the region. it could be a huge international catastrophy -- but the military says it's not too worried. the oil market is paying quite a lot of attention to it. prices are ticking steadily upwards. chuck nash and matt mccall, the author of "the next great bult market." and the swing traders 501 club. good to have both of you with us. captain nash, how serious -- they are telling our aircraft
11:16 am
carrier in the persian gulf, you better not bring that back here or what will they do? >> well, they are threatening a lot of things, they are implying a lot of things. the big thing is the forces over there, our guys are paying very close attention to this. what's being said on a national level i think is meant to diffuse the situation, try to diffuse the situation in people's minds. the speculation on the oil market, there is probably a premium priced in to oil that will start affecting people at the pumps and we don't need that. martha: you have missile tests. you have nuclear power development, they say, weapons development, most folks say, and you have a similar incident back in 2011 where 15 british soldiers were held captive in the strait of hormuz. >> the on thing that would cause
11:17 am
danger is if we were to accede to their demand and not show a forceful presence under international law which is freedom of transit of the seas and these straits that we are supposed to do. if we don't do that and we allow them to bluster us into a position of weakness, that would fit a pattern where -- he can't have that. that would make it all a lot worse. martha: let's talk oil prices for a while. what's the impact now and what's in the near future? >> we saw oil prices close yesterday eight months high at over $100 a barrel. libya is on coming out 1.3 million barrels a day. iran has 2.5 million. going through the straits of more mus we have 16 billion barrels a day.
11:18 am
we see oil jump $20-$40 in the matter of one day. that will be $1, $1.50 per gallon going into your gas tank. martha: it brings home this whole idea of energy independence. it really puts us in a difficult security position, do it not, captain nash? >> it does. especially the countries in the far east. japan, china, south korea and india in southwest asia, but china is the biggest customer. if the iranians were dumb enough to do something, the united states would not simply respond in kind just sweep the gulf and leave it alone. what the iranians would hand western world is the perfect excuse to destroy their navy,
11:19 am
flatten their command and control facilities and start work on the nuclear facilities. the persians are the ones who invented the game of chess. they are not going to hand us absolutely an excuse we have been looking for. martha: all of these things, the missile tests they have been ratcheting up the tengss and the stakes on all of this. is it all to push the price of oil higher? >> this may be their chess game of pushing the price higher. but i don't know. the e.u. is suffering. that accounts for 16% of their output. they will have to send it to china most likely at a lower price. we have seen the currency of iran drop in one month. the iranian people are concerned bombs may start flowing. if that happens that affects our economy, you and i, greatly.
11:20 am
martha: always good to see you both. many thanks. can jon huntsman pull a rick santorum in new hampshire? that is a big question the next six days. he hopes so. he has been working hard to make that happen. he's at 10% in the polling. that's where rick santorum was at this point. jon huntsman joins me to talk about how he might stack up in a one-on-one with mitt romney. four people found shot to death in a luxury condominium. a suspect is finally named as a community comes to terms with the loss. >> my heart just dropped. i didn't believe it. he was her rock. she adored him an was a great big brother. i have no idea.
11:21 am
and that's what kind of tears you up.
11:22 am
newt gingrich.
11:23 am
11:24 am
martha: a terrifying ordeal for a long woman who was forced to shoot and kill an intruder who broke into her home. she says two men were beating on her door. so she armed herself and called 911, and here is what happened. >> i'm with my infant baby. >> are your doors locked? >> yes, i have got two guns in my hand. >> you do what you have to do to protect your baby. martha: she had no time to wait
11:25 am
for the police, she pulled the trigger. >> i waited nell come in the door, and when he did, i shot him. what else can you do. martha: under oklahoma law you are allowed to shoot an unauthorized person who entered your home and that's what sarah did, protecting the baby in the process. we are getting brand-new details in this new year's murder mystery in california. two navy pilots are among the four people killed in a swanky california condominium, including pilot david rice and his younger sister karen. police think they know the person responsible but a motive could be a long way off. trace gallagher is look at this for us in los angeles. >> reporter: the san diego county sheriff's department notified us they do believe this was a murder-suicide. but they also believe one of the
11:26 am
navy pilots, john reeves is the one who opened fire on the other three, then shot and killed himself. we don't know anything about a possible motive. david reyes just flew his first time in an f-18. he was with his sister, a local volleyball coach and the other pilot. they were in downtown san diego celebrating new year's eve. they went to their condo in coronado. and a few minutes later the shooting began. listen to a neighbor who was awakened by the shots. >> it went bang, bang, bang, bang. there was a five-second pause between the first two. >> reporter: we are on our way to interview the san diego sheriff's departments. we don't know if alcohol was a
11:27 am
factor. whether the second pilot was involved with his sister. this is the second mystery in coronado. remember the pharmaceutical executive whose girlfriend was found hanging two days after his son was killed in an accident inside the home? that was ruled a suicide as well. but her family still believes that she was murdered and thrown off that gal connie. -- thrown off that balcony. martha: we have flue details on the us -- we have new details on a string of arson attacks in los angeles. what may have triggered his bizarre rampage. we are learning he's being investigated for a devastating fire halfway around the world. also, utah governor jon huntsman
11:28 am
looking to pull a come from behind victory in new hampshire. are we look for a rick santorum-style surge for him? >> let me square with you all folks. i'm what you call the underdog. you know what? new hampshire loves an underdog. okay, team! after age 40, we can start losing muscle --
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your personal selectquote agent will answer all your questions ... and impartially shop the highly rated term life companies selectquote represents for your best rates. give your family the security it needs at a price you can afford. call this number or go to selectquote dot com. selectquote. we shop. you save. martha: what a night it was last night. rick santorum pulled off an impossible feat. capturing 25% of the vote in the caucuses. a virtual tie with mitt romney. now another dark horse candidate
11:32 am
tells us -- similar sort of roots, take a look at the real clear politics average for the polls in new hampshire. currently he ranks fourth. just over 10%. can he make up that grounds and knock out the folks between him and the top in new hampshire? joining me is the former u.s. ambassador to china and form or governor utah, jon huntsman. tell me, what did you think? you were probably watching iowa on tv like the rest of us, what did you think of what happened there? >> i was struck by the fact that 75% of those who voted basically rejected the establishment's favorite, mitt romney which suggests to me there is a lot of open space in this election in
11:33 am
iowa, new hampshire and throughout the united states. that means people are still looking for a new generation of leader who will be able to problem solve around our economic deficit which is killing this nation and will threaten the next generation. and somebody who can tackle the trust deficit. people in this country no longer trust their institutions of power for those who were elected to lead them. for the greatest nation that ever was. being in this position is untenable in the longer term. we have to have somebody who isn't being keyed up by the establishment. martha: let's talk the politics here. mitt romney landed in new hampshire a little while ago. the first thing hat happened is john mccain endorsed him. is that an endorsement you had sought? had you asked john mccain to endorse you in new hampshire?
11:34 am
>> john mccain is a war hero. martha, nobody cares. it will mean zero in terms of any poll improvement for mitt romney because this nation is tired of the past. it wants something new. it wants a new approach to problem solving, not the same old thing. the last thing i want are 47 members of congress supporting me. not when i want to go out and fight for term limits for congress and fight to close the revolving door. i don't want to be seen as doing the same old thing. martha: i did the entrance poll coverage. we got an interesting look at what was on people's minds. it basically broke down to two things among the front runners which were rick santorum and mitt romney. eligibility. do you think this person could beat president obama? they felt that mitt romney was the only person in that group -- he won that entire category
11:35 am
handily. the other big winner, rick santorum got the conservative vote. they said who do you think is the true conservative out there and why would you vote for him. rick santorum got all of that. so far in the polls you have not registered perhaps on either one of those things, on somebody who can beat president obama or somebody who is seen as a true conservative. so how are you going to make up that ground? >> i have to correct you on both counts. the rap on me is he can go on to win the general election as proven by a lengthy an political piece done by the "new york times." i was the only candidate in the race who beat barack obama. so the electability thing is very real. number two, why is it that george will and eric erickson and others are saying we didn't pay close enough attention to huntsman when we first looked at him because on closer inspection
11:36 am
he has the most consistent conservative record of anybody in the race, pro life, pro second amendment, the largest tax cut ever delivered in the history of this state, healthcare reform without a mandate, voucher -- the second voucher bill for education reform in the entire country. i support the ryan plan. martha: all of those people have written favorable stories about you. and i guess the question is, if those folks are supporting you, the "wall street journal" has said great things about your record as governor. why is it you aren't doing better in the polls and why did you decide not to compete in iowa? why didn't you press all those things in iowa? >> it was our decision from the beginning. we got into this race late, to put our chips down in new hampshire. it's a primary year, it isn't a caucus. you have a broad based turnout.
11:37 am
and because of that you are able to prove the issue of electability. when we beat market expectations we'll prove the points of electability as we are doing with each passing day. we have gone from last place to the polls have us overtaking newt gingrich for third place. and i would say i never would have imagined that and we keep rising and rise. of the 150 public events we have done in the state, it proves ... martha: karl rove says he thinks this will be a man hon man race between you and mitt romney in new hampshire. are you going to do what mitt is amused of doing to newt gingrich in terms of going after his record the next six days? >> we are going after my record most importantly which is to say, number one state for job
11:38 am
creation when i was governor. the best place in which to do business. lived overseas four times, three times as a united states ambassador. people wants to know what i can do going forward and my vision for the country. mitt romney was number 47 in massachusetts, raised taxes $750 million as opposed to cut them as i did, healthcare reform with a government-season -- government-centric and costly mandate. martha: we thank you very much. it's going to be a fascinating six days to watch and see if you can pull off the kind of thing we saw rick santorum do. he will be in lamb * as well so you will have to contend with him. nice to see you again. thank you for joining us from new hampshire. there are some new details
11:39 am
coming out that we want to bring to your attention about that string of bizarre arson attacks in los angeles as we await the suspect's first court appearance. we are learning that german prosecutors are investigating this same man for burning down a house in his native country of germany and his mother is accused of a serious crime. so what's going on? william lajeunesse joins me with more on that live. >> reporter: a bizarre pair. harry berk hart is also wanted in germany for burning down a house? frankfurt and basically claiming insurance. that house was a house prostitution. you have he and his mother living in a country they claim to hate. his mother is an illegal immigrants who appeared in court
11:40 am
on a german arrest warrant. and failing to pay a doctor $10,000 for breast implants. she ran a sex parlor in hollywood with her son harry, the man who allegedly seth fires in los angeles. >> i have seen the mother a few times. she seemed like a loverly woman. would you never suspect. >> reporter: he went into a profanity-laced tirade against the u.s. two days before christmas when his mother was in an extradition hearing. yesterday dorothy was again in federal court on extradition charges where she, too, went a little crazy, calling her son insane and suggesting that the nazis had taken him. >> miss berkhart posed the
11:41 am
question, where is my son. i haven't heard from my son since yesterday, indicating she is not aware that her son has been taken into custody in relation to the arson incident. >> reporter: dorothy last legally entered the united states in 2007. we don't know how long she has been here illegally running her massage parlor. her son will be arranged this afternoon on arson charges. martha: there are new national security concerns after a report claims the obama administration is giving away visas without a security check. steve jobs being remembered in a much different way, but you may never get to see it. plus a python on a weight loss plan? on four goats a year instead of
11:42 am
10. maybe we should all try that. do we have to hear that? yes, we do. we'll be right back. [ male announcer ] to the 5:00 a.m. scholar.
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tell your doctor right away if you have severe abdominal pain, or become constipated for three or more days. vesicare may cause blurred vision, so use caution while driving or doing unsafe tasks. common side effects are dry mouth, constipation, and indigestion. so why wait ? ask your doctor today... ... about taking care with vesicare. martha: new security questions in washington over how the feds are screening people for visas. the house is planning to hold hearings on the visa policy. there is an inspector general report that found that officers are being pressured to aproper applications for visas that others thought were questionable. why would they do that. congressman lamar smith joins me to tell me more about this. good to have you here today.
11:46 am
so tell me about the concern and especially about the story that was unveiled in the inspector general's report that some of these folks are being pressured to sign off on applications they were worried about. >> no surprise given the administration's track record. this is a rough draft of the report. we expect a final report by the inspector general. but the inspector general talked of 250 immigration officials. one quarter of them said they felt pressured to approve applications for visas and season seasonship that they thought were fraudulenter. >> contained false information. i have never seen anything like this. you have lots of individuals who might be hurt as a result. you have the national security threat. you have all these individuals who are maybe having their applications approved who will get jobs and compete with
11:47 am
unemployed americans. the administration is overseeing two million jobs being lost, why do we want to give jobs to people who shouldn't be in this country and should haven't their applications approved. this is part of a pattern. the administration has engaged in back door amnesty. they have sent word to their officials not to deport individuals in this country illegally. workplace enforcement is down 70%. martha: this is the inspector general report. i know you said sit was just a draft. who was it putting the pressure on these people. they get an application, they feel there might be something fraudulent about it. who is pressuring them to sign off on that? >> obviously officials in the immigration and citizenship department. and i don't want to go into specific names, we don't know
11:48 am
that for a fact. but this administration, i don't know if it goes all the way to the secretary of homeland security or not has been putting pressure on individuals. >> how are you making that fling this instance? >> what we intend to do on our hearing. we are going to have a hearing on february 15 on visa fraud. we hope to have some of these individuals tell us who was it that told you to ignore the false information, who told you to take the chance with homeland security. who told you to admit individuals or allow individuals to become citizens acting on false information. those are the times of answers we hope to come out of this hearing. martha: have you made requests to the department of homeland security or the obama administration to find out if they were awear it' happening? >> they had to be aware it was happening because immigration
11:49 am
officials were telling the immigration officers they had to approve these applications. the individuals i think who is responsible for a lot of this is an individual whose philosophy is you have to get to yes on these applications. that is not the right philosophy. we don't want to endanger homeland security and give people jobs who shouldn't be in this country. the administration hates backwards on almost all these issues. we'll find out who is responsible and try to hold them accountable. the administration i hope won't wait to hold someone accountable. they should find out who is responsible and impose sanctions on that individual. this is the worst possible way you can run a government or try to implement immigration policy. they are ignoring the rules, they are ignoring the laws and someone needs to be held accountable. >> we have seen in fast and furious that the people you would have assumed would know said they didn't know what was
11:50 am
going on. >> we are waiting for the final report next week. when we get that report we'll be making calls to the administration. who is telling the immigration officials to approve the applications. we'll get to the bottom of this, i promise you. martha: lamar smith, good to see you, thanks for being here. he was the brains behind so many of our high-tech but now three months after the loss of apple cofounder steve jobs, new plans to turn his image into a toy. why this action figure may not see much action here. next. [ male announcer ] cranberry juice? wake up! ♪ that's good morning, veggie style. hmmm [ male announcer ] for half the calories -- plus veggie nutrition. could've had a v8. and during the four course feast,
11:51 am
there's so much to choose from. [ male announcer ] the four course seafood feast is backt red lobster. still just $15. get soup, salad, unlimited cheddar bay biscuits, dessert, and your choice of 7 entrées, like new honey bbq shrimp skewers or shrimp and scaops alfredo. all four courses, just $15. [ jody ] it's really good value. all my guests love it. i'm jody gonzalez, red lobster general manager. and i sea food differently.
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martha: a quick reversal from a
11:54 am
supermarket chain after a huge customer response. wegman's announced they were pulling commercials featuring alec baldwin. they said customers complained after baldwin was pulled off a plane for refusing to turn off his ipad. after a strong customer response they said fine we'll bring baldwin back. a steve jobs action figure. a chinese action company is promoting one. will it see much action in the united states or will apple shut down attempts to miniaturize their founder months after his death. >> reporter: this is one of many attempts to cash in on steve jobs' legacy. will apple try to stop this? if history is any indication they will try to stop this thing in its tracks because they have
11:55 am
been protective of steve jobs over the years. it's 12 inches high. made by a chinese company. it's supposed to look like steve jobs. look at the hands. you can pop those off. it comes with three separate pairs of hands. look at the real steve jobs. keep in mind apple stopped the company earlier. go back to the side by side. most dolls aren't usually put together that well. $99.99. some of these things are available on e-bay but they are going for a lot more than $99.99. the company apple already put the brakes on another doll maker that tried to make a steve jobs doll. >> very good likeness. >> it's cool.
11:56 am
but the company is not commenting and the website has been overrun and me thinks apple gave them the ixnay on the doll thing. >> i wouldn't be surprised. maybe it feels like it's too soon for that, three months after. everybody's reading the biography about steve jobs. that may not be the way they want him remembered. trace, thank you very much. >> all right. >> now that the iowa caucuses are over, candidates are moving on to the primary in new hampshire. the candidates are starting to move on. we'll look at upcoming battle between mitt romney and rick santorum. this is an rc robotic claw.
11:57 am
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[ female announcer ] ensure muscle health has revigor and protein to help protect, preserve, and promote muscle health. keeps you from getting soft. [ major nutrition ] ensure. nutrition in charge! >> it seems the animal kingdom is getting in on the new year's resolution. australian zookeeper putting their python on a diet cutting meals down from ten gts


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