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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  January 7, 2012 11:00pm-12:00am PST

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welcome to "red eye." i'm andy levy filling in for greg gutfeld who thinks it is okay taking vacation days. let's go to jesse joyce for a pre game report. what is coming up on tonight's show? >> hi, andy. i have a greg update for you. they had a minor setback as greg and the other hobbits have been captured by a giant spider trying to return the ring. and by giant spider i mean a regular sized spider. but someone as unnaturally child sized as greg. anyway, shear what is coming up on -- here is what is coming up. rick santorum received 21% of the vote. typically he was polled 6%. his polling is up 11% from 8%,
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and what is interesting about that is that 20% of that was polled before iowa. these figures clearly indicate there is a 286% no one will be able to understand any of thisment -- this. and herman cain is hitting the road by bus with his 9-9-9 plan. he joints the ranks of thousands of schizophrenic and goth kids. and it is an anti-childhood obesity ad campaign with miserable, overweight kids. critics are slamming the ad and claiming it offers no solution. but research shows a group says a comparable solution does exist, diet and exercise. that group, everyone with a human body since time began. andy? >> thanks a lot. see you at half time. let's welcome our guest. i am here with meet the boss .tv reporter anna gill -- gilligan.
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i would like to welcome a first time guest. you are probably following one of his 400 parity twitter accounts. bill schulz thinks he is on a date with michelle beatle right now. and sitting next to me is the co anchor of fox and friends. it is brian kilmead. i am violating a court order by being this close to him. and his readers are leaving because his words are deceiving. it is our "new york times" correspondent. good to see you, pinch. >> ahoy first time viewers. i am the cory spawn department who also -- correspondent who happens to be at "new york times." i talk about distributing the wealth and the cultural race as the american self and the organic neatness of brooklyn. i am commentary on what the gray lady actually is, or a parity of how the right view t.z and also, i am drunk. one too many after work jim fizzies for me i'm afraid. all the news that's fit to news, burp. >> never not, not funny.
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>> what are you talking about puppets? i am a living creature. >> make him go away. >> jim henson was wonderful. >> do i have a new respect for him. does an up tick for rick mean nit for mitt? santorum is soring with a poll showing him at 21%. but romney still holds a substantial lead, 498 points in some polls, i believe. in new hampshire where there is an actual vote on tuesday. the socially conservative former senator and other candidates are looking to south carolina on january 21st as their best and perhaps only opportunity to mess up mitt's hair. says one republican strategist, quote, south carolina will become the ground on which an abm movement starts. the anybody but mitt crowd. meanwhile, newt has gone negative and releasing this earth scorching attack ad.
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>> i am newt gingrich. i approve this message. >> that ad was over the line. >> too angry. >> brian, i am now being told that was not the right ad. let's try that again. >> romney's economic plan, timid. parts are virtually identical to obama's failed policy. tim mitt won't create jobs and won't defeat barack obama. newt gingrich's bold leadership balanced the budget. >> i am newt gingrich and i approve this message. >> that doesn't seem bad at all. >> finally, if the gop nominee was decided by merchandise sales it would be ron paul by a landslide. the doctor leads all candidates and followed by president obama, rick perry and romney. brian? >> yes. >> my bold prediction, and you heard it here, nobody will beat romney in new hampshire. >> i will back you up.
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that's why it is the race for second. when it comes to merchandise sales, why would you get a ron paul for president anything? he doesn't even think he will be president. he came out and told everyone, i can't win rock. >> his fans don't care about things like that. >> what do you mean? they have given up their lives. >> of course they will buy a shirt. >> they will buy a shirt. it will be the guy who can never be president. andy levy will be president over ron paul. >> you have no idea what my past is like. does santorum have a legitimate shot of winning the nomination? >> he has a legitimate shot at number two. here is the thing about rick santorum. he can talk and canada bait and he knows the issue. rick perry struggled and he is thinking texas. he has no idea there is a who le country out there surrounding him. >> anna, everybody is looking to south carolina. how does that make new hampshire feel? >> very bad, i imagine.
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it will be interesting to see what happens. i'm curious to see if because perry is not dropping out if all of the votes will be divided of the anti-romney people and he will still come out ahead. >> that's a good point. does perry staying in help romney? >> probably. that's my guess. that's what i think. >> why are you here, brian? >> i would like to argue with you on the fact that it is very interesting going ahead. >> i disagree with you. >> as far as the ron paul merchandise, it makes sense. it is always the nonmainstream ideas that sell t-shirts. no one has middle of the road politics on their t-shirt. or thinking inside the box. >> what if you wake up christmas morning and you get a ron paul mouse pad? >> by the way, when it comes to ron paul, it is very, very interesting to see a guy come out in front and talk to everybody in a way in which
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kids can relate to. i cannot. bill, you are good because most of your friends are children. why is it that college kids love a 76-year-old man with bad suits? >> he looks a little like mr. burns and i am told the college kids like the simpsons. and the other factor, speaking of kids, i am told that when he eventually does lose the nomination, all of the t-shirts will be shiped to poor countries in africa. >> ron paul loves dub step. >> so ron paul loves dub step, but mitt is a moderate -- kind of a moderate conservative morman from massachusetts. you have to think south carolina will go nuts for him. >> i just like that he is a timid man. i think that south carolina is a good place to get into a fist fight. he should engage in some fist a cuffs with everybody and riel things up.
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>> newt's ad accused romney of being timid. brian, did newt wait too long to start going after romney and the other candidates? >> absolutely. i don't understand why everybody is saying he is a republican and go after him. have you watched any races? do you remember the barack obama 3:00 a.m. call? they still haven't forgotten about it. if someone insults you and says that he says the stuff in these ads is not true, why would he not come forward and say let me tell about you fan knee and freddy. and let me tell about you the problem with nancy pelosi. instead he said i can't believe they are being mean to me. that doesn't sound like the savy politician. >> and republicans keep saying we can't beat up on each other. >> you have to beat up on each other. >> but obama and hillary clinton beat up on each other until election day, it seems like. >> and john mccain and mitt romney were beating up on each other and now they are best buddies. they have never been closey. -- closer. did you see them on the stage? they almost had cynergy.
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>> i think we may have to bleep cynergy because we don't know what that is. >> just to play it safe we will bleep that. bill, herman cain announced on "hannity" he is launching something called the cain solutions. is it sad that the cain train has been demoded to the cain bus? >> i am sad that the cain train has been demoded to the cain bus, and we haven't brought the pho dora back. he is not on it anymore. bring that gigantic pimpish looking thing back and put it on your head. i love that thing. >> anna, you said 9-9-9 is too important to die. >> i said no such thing. >> you have the worst interviews i have ever heard. >> i am handed these questions before the show. >> it is a perfect example of what is wrong with people going into politics. i don't think he would -- he
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ever thought he would get the nomination. he has zero intention of affected poll see. he can't do anything with his bus. don't fall for it, american people. >> are you backing her up on that? >> i will back up anything she says. she has to contradict every question you offer. >> i think the exciting thing is the cane solution revolution, the best 70s soul band is back together and going on tour. >> if you can hear us, it is on. >> do we leave 9-9-9 in the dust, because no one liked it when they left. they said this is impossible to work out. there is too many provisions and it would cost triple the amount of money. and it is like, all right, i'll quit. >> but i remember michele bachmann making fun of it and referring to it as like 6-6-6. but as soon as herman cain dropped out she was praising the 9-9-9 plan. there is no question there. >> and really there is no question and the observation for michele bachmann who recently dropped out of the race to know that in her few
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comments she was able to give to a debate, you wrote it down. you committed it to memory. that is staggering considering you are in another studio. who told you you could use our studio? you dim the lights -- >> your studio is in a whole different section of this big room. >> it is right over there. >> you say right over there. i say in a whole different section. >> you can see the famous fox and friends. >> do not pan over. do not pan over. >> we have been doing this show for almost five years now, and we cannot sit on that thing. >> it is unbelievable. >> jake, we talked about ron paul selling the merchandise. should that be the way we will elect a president? it makes more sense than the caucuses. >> there is a bunch of different polls. i think perez hilton has a poll that is very important. it is like who has the best t-shirt? >> well, my favorite product as far as they are concerned
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is when they are doing autographed copies of the protocols, and they write in that they are not to be trusted. it is selling like hotcakes. >> exactly. it is funding in the campaign. >> we will leave it there. from the granite state to the overweight. should they target kids for eating too many ribs? a series of stark anti-obesity ads featuring the heavy and unhappy children has sparked controversy in georgia with critics slamming the campaign. i order you to watch this. >> mom, why am i fat? my doctor says i have something called hyper tension. i am really scared. >> children's healthcare of atlanta that founded the campaign wanted them to be bleak with an executive saying
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we felt we needed an arresting and abrupt campaign saying, georgia, wake up. this is a problem. if we don't wake up, this will be disasterous for our state. and in france a guru thinks schools should reward skinny kids with better grades. under the proposal, high school students could earn extra points on exams if they keep their body mass index at a certain level. you wonder how i stay so thin, well, it is my special diet.
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>> it is the hallucinations. >> and it licks your back. >> and i want to start with the ads. we established other times in the show when it comes to things like obesity you are fashist. i am guessing you think the ads are great. >> exactly as you thought. childhood obesity is a problem. and i think a lot of people believe they will grow out of it when you are fat. you form your fat cells when you are young. it is important what you eat early on because those are the fat cells you will have the rest of your life. and they will get bigger or smaller depending on how you handle it. >> i will change your name to ernest which is an ernest answer. which i like. >> are the ads too harsh or is that the point? >> it is the point, but what i like is the phone number on the back that says, all right, if you are heavy, this is where to act. if you are having credit problems there is a service that is free that you can make a phone call. you are fat, gotta go.
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you have to help them people and tell them how to do it. i just want to know what is going on with those kids. i want to talk to those kids and say, were you manipulated into doing those ads. >> now you are the fad kid in the fat kid commercial? those ads are insane. >> look, overweight kids already know they are overweight. >> i am a fat kid so i know. >> are they more for the parents of fat kids and maybe for kids who aren't fat but will stop them from getting fat? >> i don't know who the ads are for. >> i think there is another
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way. maybe it is a giant sub sandwich. don't do it. don't eat this. >> i think people are a little smarter. obviously the point is don't feed your kids horrible food and maybe give them some activity. 1k3* you don't necessarily need to have a get fit website. it is common sense that people know diet and exercise is the way. people should stop criticizing it. >> why do you need the ads if it is common sense? >> people need to be reminded. >> the phone number. >> fine. >> what a voice. >> you will keep probing her. >> probe? >> it is like we should just get up and leave. it doesn't even matter. >> before you get up and leave, bill, i want to talk about this french diet guru. >> don't you ever take commercials?
11:17 pm
>> eventually. should kids be rewarded with better grades because they are not overweight? it would have been your one chance of getting good grades. >> thank you very much. i would say that is the first capitalist idea ever coming from france. you are earning something for doing something right. obviously it should be done at home as well, but can i stick up are to the two kids in the whicher shall here? yes, there is a fat kid on the commercial. but there are millions of fat kids in america who are not earning any money right now for being fat. they are making money. >> i am a jerk. >> reporter: they are not only fat, but they are rejected. >> you are too immersed in show business. you can really understand what children are going through. >> reporter: show business and i'm masculine currently. i will make brian happy and go to a break. >> okay, fine. >> coming up, guess who is now bashing kim kardashian -- okay, no more rhymes.
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you are watching fnc so stick around.
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should the chick with the big butt pay a bigger cut? it is called curling campaign and they released an ad asking the golden state rich pay more taxes, and they focus their plan on the kardashian with the can. take a look, 99%ers. >> it has changed my life.
11:22 pm
>> well that was stirring. speaking of talented talents, let's go live to dog balancing things on his head. >> stay. >> good boy, stay.
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>> good boy. >> that dog has more purpose in life than any kardashian. here is the thing, this will be a long question. the group campaign acts as if cardashian makes $40,000 a year. i barrowed brett bear's calculater and i crunched the numbers. if kim made $10 million and paid 10% taxes that's $1.2 million. if somebody made $47% pays 9% it is $4,200. so it is not the same thing. >> for example, let's say if you make that type of money, do you think she needs an uh sis stebts? absolutely. do you think that person needs insurance? yes -- yes. they need a tv person and a hair person. she grows an industry. in california's mind we are better off taking that money from kim kardashian and giving it to the legislators who can't balance a budget and haven't in seven years. they are better off getting
11:24 pm
that than her. say what you want about kim kardashian, and yes, she has a big butt, but she is one of the best business people around. we need more people like kim kardashian, wonderful actresses with great personalities and great bodies. >> did you say great actresses? >> i did see her fake orgasm way back. >> i i want to go to the expert on all things kardashians. she has united people in their hatred for her. >> it is about making life as unpress sent for kim kardashian. i'm sorry. tax her. put her in a basement for a little while. not in a creepy way. just in a way that you say, here, you watch "wheel of fortune" for awhile and we will go and forget about you. anything that candy crease the
11:25 pm
amount of kardashian in my life i am all for. fine, tax her. >> you sound like chris humphreys. >> on that issue i am incredibly conservative. >> and as a hippie socialist you think kim kardashian should be taxed at a 90% rate, right? >> exactly. >> i think she should have more than a 1 point something higher tax rate than middle class americans. so she paid $1.2 million or whatever your number said, well, the person who makes 40,000 is more significant in their lives, the 4,000. that's a big difference of what they can afford for the year. she can pay a few million and not miss it. she can have a 19karat diamond ring. >> but the lifestyle she is used to demands a 20karat diamond ring, well who are you to say? >> she keeps getting richer and richer and richer. she can afford to give a
11:26 pm
little back. >> but do you understand that these are the business people. i know it sounds weird, but kim kardashian is a business person we need to hire us and billionaires to hire us to give people opportunities. >> she hires her friend to do her hair. >> he hires tons of people. >> she goes out and buys cars. >> somebody is going to have to pay for -- after being kim kardashian's assistant, it is not worth it. >> what about the botox industry? that woman has more botulism injected in her face than most dead animals. >> i thought it was all natural. >> are you kidding me? the only thing that is not fake on her face are her eyes. >> how will kim respond to this ad? will she respond of what they are saying? >> she is not even aware of this campaign. >> once she watches "red eye"
11:27 pm
tonight she will work. >> for sure. >> they are i can making a deal for her to pose alongside the commercial for $5 million. that's her next move. >> actually yes. >> the ad makes a good point in they talk about how much celebrities get free stuff that is untaxed. what ind could of scam is that? >> i never understood that. here is a free ipad just for being awesome. i would like an ipad just for being awesome. >> true, but listen to this. if we watch a -- someone like andy levy and walk across the lawn at a place and we took a shot at you and you are holding an ipad or a book, that piece of merchandise is much more available. >> because i haven't bought the nicotine lozenges that lyndsay lohan holds. those are the nicotine lozenges that i need. >> he has a . ipad sales were not that good, and then when i got one within
11:28 pm
two weeks everybody had one. >> it is a really big deal. >> that's the point. >> many americans are now on cocaine because of me and lyndsay. they watch and they copy. >> i think we have exhausted this topic. >> i don't think we have. >> we can keep going. bill, what else do you have to say? >> i do believe people need commercials in their life, and when we come back i will continue on my kardashian rant. do you have a comment on the show? e-mail us at fox news .com. or call 212-462-5050. still to come, the half time report. >> tonight's half time report is sponsored by caw lig grough fee, the art or skill of producing fine hand writing with fine brushes and parchment.
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let's find out if we have gotten anything wrong. let's go to jesse joyce. >> what's up, you guys? i'm doing all right. i thought i would give you the opportunity to plug the upcoming role as detective martin rigs in the community theater production of "lethal weapon 2" the musical. >> i noticed some of the comments about my hair last night and i thought about
11:33 pm
getting a haircut, but i don't have any money. >> it is stupidly 80s. >> i have to get a haircut. you are right. >> whatever, moving on. >> pinch is never not, not funny. that might beacon fusing, but that is a triple negative. so to clarify, pinch is not funny. that wasn't for you. i was letting the viewers know. >> you were correct. >> from my hair to my prop. >> awesome, guys. >> i am not just nailg you for no good reason. you look like a tool. did i say that out loud? >> i like bill's look. flaunt your hair while you've got it. >> the hot blonde says she likes it. >> what was the connection with oj? >> i mean the 80s was definitely the time chicks
11:34 pm
were into mel gibson. >> says the guy with the collar up like every bad guy in a john hughes movie. you have to be kidding me. >> and the one earring. >> keep talking vanilla ice. >> enough of this. brian -- no, not that you can't go back to it. >> go ahead and take bill. >> take bill while talking about me. >> you know what though, take a shot at -- he did take a shot at andy earlier. you just stuck it to him there. what are you doing using my studio? >> it was hurtful. i'm upset. i watch the show. i couldn't even recognize the studio because they dimed the lights which is a dastardly dishonest move. >> i have to entrust my anger. this show is basically a reality show. >> we dim the lights to try to make you look better than you look on fox and friends. >> i look better in a dimer.
11:35 pm
>> the combination of the lights and the anger make you look like young chaz. >> and i am a made man. >> seriously, you said why would you get a ron paul for president t-shirt? first of all, can you imagine what that newspaper is worth today? that is probably a lot, don't you think? >> i would think so. so it would be interesting, and secondly to kind of second what bill said, who does want it is small go tau mall 11 children to go with the super bowl. >> they are running around ecuador right now. >> in the same thing you mentioned the 3:00 a.m. call attack ad. you reminded us of that. and speaking of that, it made me think, i think that speaks the most favorably to ron paul because as you mentioned he is in the 70s.
11:36 pm
he would be the most likely to be up at 3:00 a.m. urinating. >> that's a good . -- that's a good point. this is the only half time show that is longer than the show. it lapsed the show. >> and i think jesse made a similar joke last night, but that's okay. >> what? i don't often do it two days in a row. >> we know. we talked to your wife. >> i just defended you a minute ago. >> he did. >> you said it bothers you that cain is on the bus tour. and he is only doing it to make money, and the whole thing is not seriously to help anyone. that is what bus travel is all about. it is op pour few nis -- op pour few nistic, maybe i can kidnap that baby or maybe i can shoot up here. >> it is true. i did that a lot in college. >> and you said mainstream
11:37 pm
ideas don't sell on t-shirts. i beg to differ. how is not being a federalboob inspector not mainstream? >> good point. i stand corrected. >> regarding the -- regarding jake, sorry, jake. you mentioned it is hard enough without being the fat kid in middle school who is in the commercial without being a fat kid. look how well being a wine knee fat kid is for being snookie. >> exactly. >> she goes, wa! >> you show that video and i always suspected it your diet con consisted of diet japanese magic cocaine. >> three times a day. >> okay. you know what, here is the
11:38 pm
last thing i wanted to mention. i want to take a minute with this. brian, you were applauding kim kardashian and her business savy and acting skills. she has only been on five things total as an actress. that's a hard way to gauge. >> as a business person she money gnaw tiesed twitter. >> and what you also pointed out is she hires other people. you know who she hires? >> who? >> persons in the guang-dong province for $1 an hour. they did an expose and uncovered with the help of the china labor watch that her companyies were both employing impoverished workers earning $1 a day, and the conditions are like minimum security prisons. >> not many people know it, but $1 will get you a nice condo there. so it is out of proportion. >> there you go. maybe she could hire a short round from the indiana jones
11:39 pm
trillion gee to help her with her blackberry. >> was there three of them? >> there were four, actually. >> the fourth doesn't count. >> the point is bill has stupid hair, and thank you. >> listen, tony hawk. everybody knows your collar is up because you are hiding your rat tail. >> gentlemen, you are both terrible. >> i was just going to say, i road a greyhound bus in college, and not the other things jesse said in case there is any confusion. >> i don't think anybody was expecting you were the one defecating in the back of the bus. back to you, andy. >> thank you, jesse. >> no problem. coming up, why is everyone hating on easy? stick around and you might find out what that means.
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well, he is quite fonda of
11:43 pm
something called donda. i am speaking of kanye west who was discussing everything from shopping habits to education and becoming the next steve jobs. and he started a new design company called donda that is comprised of 22 different divisions. is that considered a company? and here is con yea -- kanye describing his goals? >> i want to put it together with like minds way doper than me. we want to help simplify and aesthetically improve everything we see, hear, touch, taste and feel. it sounds like black water, if i remember correctly. and kanye mentioned another project. "i was discussing becoming a creator for the jetson movie and somebody called out, you should do a jetsons tour." and finally, i know this is not a rapper thing to say, but i haven't bought a new car or piece of jewelry in two years. all i can say is i can feel you. let's discuss this in the --
11:44 pm
>> lightning roooooouuuuunnnnnd. lightning round. >> jake, how excited are you? >> i was up all night. i was desperately trying to go to sleep. when kanye west announced donda, everything has changed. we became serious. the doobie brothers are now the donda brothers? >> is it safe to say there are booze behind these tweets? >> i don't know. i kind of hand it to him because he writes lots of explough nation -- explough nation points. i think that is the name of his late mother. >> absolutely. >> but the thing that i thought he said was terrible was instead of keeping kids out of school and from using their iphone, why not promote it? allow search engines to do
11:45 pm
tests. i think i could hear teachers around the u.s. being upset about that. kids will come in on monday and say kanye says i don't have to remember anything in life because i can google it. >> on that same topic, another tweet read, kids, you should be able to take majors starting in greater school like how it is at performing arts schools. >> that's a great idea. and a lot of the great things we can learn from america would be from the 1970s series "fame." we still had to hold down the schoolwork. and that's a great template. i find it interesting kanye west would be doing this in school. i always thought the teachers should hand out the tests with the answers on them. and ask kids, would you have written that? i think that would up the grades and it would catch up to the chinese and the south koreans. >> but we wouldn't know anything, brian.
11:46 pm
>> you don't know you don't know. >> bill, how great would a jetsons movie be with kanye 1234*. >> absolutely. a lot of the stuff that was really cool with the jetsons already exists now. >> don't wait. that part would be cool. >> also going back to what you were saying, i believe the chemical thing is probably correct. don't think it was ambien. i don't think it was booze. i think kanye could be snorting the a. >> let's do cocaine and start a company. >> but jake, it is easy to make fun, and we are. but is it also -- as i was reading last night, part of me was like, he is trying to give back. he is just such an ego tis staw cal main yak that he
11:47 pm
doesn't know how to do it without making it like him. >> his heart is in the right place. it is an amazing album. he is insanely talented. i am all forgetting creative people together and making great stuff. that's the spirit and it is terrific. >> have you submitted your resume? >> yes, i have sent it. >> it is contact donda. >> i don't know what you mean when you say egotistical. i think you are way out of bounds. >> you might be right. i take it back. >> you know the mercedes line was penance for otis. the entire rap is about the other benz and the other benz in this economy. they are talking about every single thing they own. he got bad reaction. >> you know the lyrics to kanye. >> i flow. time to take a break. we will be back. fine, don't believe me. i will show you. i will show all of you. type 2 diabetes.
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basketball game, a dude proposed to his girlfriend on the arena's jumbo tron.
11:52 pm
check it out. >> wait a minute. >> i knew i was going to do this from the first day i met you. >> wow. >> anna, even if you say no later, can't you just say yes so the kid doesn't feel humiliated? >> that was fake. >> that is not fake. the school has come out and said it was real. >> really? >> well, that's a cold, cold hearted woman. i don't understand why men propose in places where you are trapped. i was on a jetblue flight from here to california and a guy proposed to his girl friend on
11:53 pm
the intercom, and it was a happy ending and she said yes, but everybody is watching you for the next several hours, and you have no privacy and it is very awkward. especially if she says no. >> haven't you ever dreamed though of being proposed to on a commercial airline? >> no. that is so embarassing. >> especially not in coach. that's a good point -- >> let's recline. >> isn't this the guy's fault for doing this in public some. >> i think again it is men. of course not. i think it is a woman's obligation to say yes anytime a guy proposes. they can always -- when they get divorced why not have the moment of glee where you get presents and get gifts and then put a deposit down on a hall and then everything breaks up and you lose your deposit and then they forget about the moment. >> you are pro divorce? >> yes. how drunk do you think that guy got? >> i hope really drunk. it is a bad idea to do that. it is not appropriate. you want to propose in a
11:54 pm
romantic way and not at a ballgame. i don't blame the girl for freaking out and running away. if he wanted to be a mess that night, that's fine. -- if he wanted to do meth that night, that's fine. do really bad blue stuff. >> bill, this happened to you multiple times. why do you always say no? >> well, for legal reasons i couldn't say yes until earlier this year in the state of new york. >> really? >> yes. >> but i'm glad things have changed. >> and the real loser here is all of the real romantics. they have considered proposing on a jumbotron and now they might not do it. >> how would you feel if that woman was one of your -- is it three or four i will legitimate daughters? >> that was one of them. that was david. i was very upset with her. and very strange to see david that sober. she is usually out of it by half time. >> so are you back in touch with her? >> i tried to call her, and
11:55 pm
then i realized it is a different phone. i haven't spoke with her in a couple years. >> is this improve? >> it is hard to believe. >> i looked at all of my notes and there was nothing about your i will legitimate children. >> he has a weird, sad, life. >> you knew that. we will close things out with the post game wrap up from jesse joyce. and to see clips of recent shows go to fox news .com/red eye.
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coming up tomorrow on the next "red eye" arizona congressman david schwicker will be here. and return appearances from diane macedo and comedian paul mccurio. boo. and time to go back to jesse joyce for the post game wrap up. >> what am i doing this weekend? saturday night got them
11:59 pm
comedy -- gothem comedy club, three shows. and what is that at shuts up levey. >> that is a twitter account i created just designed to tell andy levy to shut up. whatever he says, just shut up, levey. >> brian, when can we see you on "the 5" again and is this your favorite show in the world next to repeats of" gentle ben." >> yes, but it is amazing the kid never gets attacked by the big bear. on fox and friends in three hours. >> were you talking about "red eye" or" gentle ben." >> he grew out of it. there was a "laverne and shirley" spinoff. >> what is your stir up to? >> she will be on "csi: new york" playing a reporter. follow my facebook page or like and i will tell you when you can watch it. >> thank you, back to you. >> thank you, jesse. thank you to anna, b


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