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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  January 10, 2012 6:00am-8:00am PST

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>> gretchen: we're up early again tomorrow morning. 5:00 a.m eastern time. we'll have the results of the new hampshire primary for you. >> brian: brandy and tia have agreed to stay tomorrow at 5:00 a.m. >> yeah, right. >> gretchen: mitt romney will be here, rick perry and dana perino. have a great day. bill: how long have been talking about this day? a really long time. it is primary day in new hampshire. it finally arrived, folks. voters heading to the polls. first real test for the republican field that is what new hampshire would argue. iowa would beg to differ. there is no rest for the candidates. they're out talking to voters throughout the state mining for the last votes. the first vote already been cast. one opening its polls at midnight which is tradition. all nine people who are eligible voters came out to vote. martha: love that tradition. bill: me too. good morning. i'm bill hemmer. it is on the calendar.
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martha: good morning, everybody in new hampshire and across the country. i'm martha maccallum. today the results will basically hinge on two things. you have the turnout issue in new hampshire. also independent voters are a huge element here. unlike other states registered independents can walk in and vote in the gop primary. that will be a huge indication which way things are going here. most of the polling is showing a lot of them don't know who they will vote for yet. >> if i'm president of the united states i will use all of my energy not to protect my job but to create jobs for the american people and to make things better for americans. >> we're at the extreme ends of the political spectrum engaging in this hyper charged political rhetoric. all the while the work of the people isn't getting done. >> if something happens much greater than we are anticipating and do very, very well here tomorrow as well as doing well in south carolina, you can always reconsider. you sort of take one week at a time. >> selection is wide open. it is a classic new
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hampshire, last-minute, you pollsters thought you understood us and boy were you wrong. >> second place would be a dream come true. bill: all right. dream come true. live to steve brown who is on the ground in manchester. on the independents, steve, who is winning that battle? good morning. >> reporter: polls suggest that they are starting to break. latest suffolk university poll show maybe 20% or less are still undecided coming into today. it is mitt romney at the top according to the suffolk university polling. he picked off almost a third of the independents. that is substantial according to the polling. also in that mix is ron paul and jon huntsman, all of them appealing slightly different ways with romney. it is his business background. jobs very important for independents. paul his strict constitutionalism. that lines up very well with the libertarian bent for independents in this state. huntsman, general satisfaction of independents
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what is going on in washington. huntsman has been playing to that, consistently and strongly and consistently. that appeals to them. in that order, romney, paul and huntsman seem to have the biggest slices of that very key vote. bill: what about rick santorum? he went straight to new hampshire instead of going to south carolina. there has been a lot of debate over that strategy. what is the news on santorum this morning, steve? >> reporter: he got a bump up thanks to his performance in iowa. he hasn't been able to move that bump higher if you will. he is in double digits in the polls. he essentially this morning spoke what everybody else is saying or thinking on wbz radio in boston, call-in station this morning, station reports he essentially said there is no way to beat mitt romney here tonight even with the history of surprises in the state of new hampshire, even with independent vote which sometimes can slide in different ways in the last second, he said this was mitt romney's race. he essentially won it. it is now down to the
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margin. often candidates bump up or dumb down their own expectations. this may be a exercise trying to bump up romney's expectations but it does appear he is a lock. bill: here we go, off and voting. steve brown leading our coverage in new hampshire. martha: the expectations game is full on. the results are in with a town in new hampshire. mitt romney tied with jon huntsman, in tiny village of dixville notch. they have a great tradition of casting ballots when the polls open there. listen to this. >> you really feel like your vote counts. you feel like this is america. this is very special to be able to do this and get our votes tallied so quickly and get the message out. >> i don't think there is a clear path yet for the republican party. martha: very interesting hearing those folks in dixville notch. a total of nine votes cast. romney and huntsman got two each. bill: how about that, 2-2.
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i demand a recount in dixville notch. it is like a hanging chad. martha: should be easy to do. >> newt gingrich predicting romney will win new hampshire but with a caveat. the former house speaker saying romney victory will fall short of any, quote, reasonable expectations just like some prior winners he claims in the granite state. here is gingrich. >> may be a very, very weak, maybe like tsongas who got 37% in '92 and who lost to clinton who got 24 because he couldn't meet expectations. bill: he knows his history, right? each and every time. gingrich says he has a good chance finishing in the top three of four tonight, setting the stage for what will be south carolina, excuse me on the 21st of this month. speaking of mr. gingrich's expectations, we're joined by one of his biggest advocates, his daughter kathy. later here in "america's
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newsroom" we'll talk to her about last minute strategy, coming up. martha: in a rare moment last night, mitt romney invited "occupy wall street" protesters to participate in the event they came to interrupt. he directly addressed the shouting demonstrators. watch some of this. >> how about you talk, instead of shouting, why don't you say what you believe? primary tomorrow night. i hope you give me a bigger margin of victory than eight votes i got in iowa. [cheers and applause] i want to thank you for being here tonight. i have family up here. you wonder who are all these people. on the far right-hand side. that is not my son. that is my brother. that is my brother scott and his wife sherry. scott is older than me by the way. he is older. so don't ask --. martha: that is some of the back and forth at the romney event. normally allows protesters to carry on few seconds. praises our right to free speech as the police escort them out as we see people
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happen in lots of campaigns. >> we'll see it again when we go to south carolina as well. on the map behind us here on the touch-screen board we're showing what we're looking forward to later tonight in new hampshire because it is very different from iowa, the results, the economy, the look ahead. south carolina and florida coming up later this month. here in new hampshire, it is a small state. it is a much different from iowa. iowa had 99 counties. new hampshire has 10. what is key to victory tonight and what do you need to look for at home? take this county here. there is a.called halfover. this is grafton county. home of dartmouth, the ivy league school. if ron paul expects to cut into romney's lead tonight look for him to do well. someone like jon huntsman in grafton county. mid-range in terms of population when it comes to new hampshire. on the eastern side of the state, a bit of a similar story. this is stratford county. university of new hampshire is in that county as well.
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we'll see whether or not those two men can make inroads there. by far and away the population center in new hampshire is right down here in the south along the border with massachusetts. hillsborough county, population, 400,000. that is number one in population rank. to the east of there this is rockingham county. this is 295,000 population rank. this is number two. this is merrimac. this is number three. the state capitol of concord is in merrimac county. i think this is interesting. this is bellnap county. mitt romney has a summer home in bellnap county. the people in that town are used to and quite familiar with mitt romney. in 2008, this is mccain beating romney by five points. mccain did well in the counties in the deep red. look for romney strong in
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the populated areas that border the state where he used to be the governor in massachusetts. just a couple things we're keying on this morning. martha? martha: we're watching people voting across all of new hampshire this morning as things get rolling there. the best reporting on the new hampshire primary is right here in america's election headquarters. if you had any doubt, find the go-to guide for gop candidates. you can find out where they stand at your front row seat for politics, get news, analysis, commentary and the results. you saw the count in dixville notch. get all of that in realtime down to the individual counties. it is fascinating to look how all of this stacks up. go to hampshire for specifics. our prime time coverage starting 6:00 eastern tonight live from new hampshire. bret baier and megyn kelly will be take us through the evening. i'm doing exit polls. bill will be on the board
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showing all the cool stuff that is happening as we get rolling tonight. give your take on the economy this morning. more americans using plastic. consumer credit rose 10% in november as people started to do all their holiday shopping. that is the biggest jump in the use of the old plastic in a decade. what does this tell us about how folks are feeling out there? stuart varney, anchor of "varney & company" on the fox business network. stu, what do you think about that? >> seems like we wanted to break out of the shopping doldrums late last year. we certainly did. we said charge it. we plunged down the plastic. use of credit cards went straight up. as you said, martha, in the month of november credit card use went up 8.5% and overall for november, we charged, took out an extra debt to the tune of $20 billion. that was the biggest jump in 10 years. so yeah, we broke out of the doldrums. we charged it. we got the shopping movement going on borrowed money.
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now comes the problem. we've got to pay the bills. you charge it on credit, the bills come due in january and february, you've got to pay. that means that the economy, good could take something of a hit as bills have to be paid. secondly we've got a sharp rise in the price of gas, just in the past week, up over 10 cents a gallon. that will hit the economy. and as our spending went up late last year, now we pay the bills. our savings rate has gone down. so six to one, half a dozen of the other. but there's no question we really broke out of the doldrums late last year, we did. martha: charge it. will ma flintstone used to say it, charge it! on the old credit card. i love wilma. thank you very much. >> more of "the flintstones" in a moment. also more coming up right here. check this out. have a listen. >> [speaking in native tongue] >> hey, hey.
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bill: the old water trick. you turn, dash and get the heck out of there. that fight breaking out at government meeting where this all went down. we'll show you. martha: they are independent and they are undecided. those voters decide they are ones to make a difference. boy do these folks look at the want to get piece of action with the independent vote. larry sabato is here to talk about the late deciders coming up. bill: republican field hitting mitt romney very hard. can he overcome that image? >> i want to make america more like america. i want to keep the principles in place to make us the hope of the earth. [applause] ♪
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martha: parliament meeting getting a little bit out of control. watch this. [speaking in native tongue] >> hey. hey. martha: whoa with the water. bye-bye. that was member of israeli
6:16 am
parliament tossing a glass of water at a rival before storming off. don't know what provoked the outburst. we like looking at it. the lawmaker is suspending for a month. she follow buysed -- apologized. this is not her first incident. she did something like that last summer. bill: keep her away from the water. pat obama on the eve of new hampshire primary this election for 2012 underway. criticizing presidential challengers but also republicans in congress. >> when you have the top republican in the senate number one frirt is not create jobs, not to fix the economy but to beat me, that gives you a sense of the mentality here. bill: or thes would argue that is the name of the game. andrea tanteros i know she has something to say about this. bob beckel, former campaign manager. co-host of the "the five" on fox news channel. >> by the way, bill, you
6:17 am
know how many times i wanted to do what that israeli woman did to bob with the water? >> you know how many times that has happened to me? you have to stand in line. bill: you have only have 7 hours 45 minutes to wait, andrea that will be must-see tv today if it happens. >> i will bring my water. bill: you can put confetti in a cup. >> that's right. i never toss water. bill: bob, you've been warned. >> i got it. i'm prepared. bill: andrea, what do you think about the president is doing right now. >> pretty ironic he is out on the campaign trail trying to keep his own job. everything the president is doing up until now is designed to paint this narrative that it is a do nothing congress. you see him pushing a millionaires tax through that he knows he doesn't have support for. you see him appointing nominees, circumventing congressional process using executive fiat. you see him passing a simple two-month payroll extension. all of this is done not to create jobs, not to grow the economy, but to demonize
6:18 am
republicans. so he can be harry truman. so disingenuous to say that he is actually the one focused on creating jobs. bill: if you keep on those themes, andrea, and you're a sitting president, democrat in the white house, you know what you can do, bob? you can stir very clear of $15 trillion debt. one. issues popped up in iowa and one of the issues in new hampshire. what do you think about what is andrea saying there? >> first of of all what mitch mcconnell said his first job is to keep obama being reelected that is one of those comments they wish they had back. it fits exactly into his campaign message. the fact of the matter he has been obstructed one thing after another, after another. you can argue about the two-month extension. remember, virtually all the republican senators were behind that. the disruption is coming from here in the house and particularly out of the tea party caucus. i think obama can run against that over and over and over again and do very
6:19 am
well. bill: andrea's point the bub stops somewhere. >> remember the spending begins in the house and, what obama's done here he tried to negotiate. he had a deal last summer and it was blown up in the house. what are you going to do? you can't rule by, by fiat alone. wish you could. >> he is going to. if he gets a second term he will. i will say this, bill, he needs something to run on. he can't run on two-month payroll cut extension. bill: he will run on do nothing congress. taxes for the rich. >> still at top of the ticket. >> will run on the fact that economy is getting better. the expectations on the economy were so slow, now that we're seeing movement upward, that will be magnified in this election year. and i think obama will be able to say look, i took this thing. it was terrible situation i inherited. we're not finished yet. we're getting better. takes time to do it. take as second term and i can finish it out. bill: bob, do you think that flies?
6:20 am
>> sure. bill: it is not unemployment numbers we're hearing from voters. in iowa, new hampshire it wasn't jobs. it is government spending. taxation. >> spending is number one against independents. >> bill, you're polling republicans out of iowa and new hampshire. of course you're going to hear that. >> no, independents, bob, the null per one issue independents brought up it is spending. >> no it is not. i don't know where those numbers came from. it is jobs. it is economy. the deficit does not bother people on day by day basis. >> doesn't bother you. bill: when people say the economy is the big concern there is subset of answers for that that i just ticked off. whether it is taxation. whether it is fiscal spending. whether it is the $15 dal until debt. >> the question, what that the subset. who is concerned about that in the subset? this race will be won by 10 or 12% of the people end in the middle. republicans got to far off to the right, they forced candidates off to the right. the question can they get
6:21 am
back to depete obama. i don't think they can. real issue who votes on what. hardcore, right, conservatives, yes, the deficit bothers them. >> but bob, he is going to have to defend his record. he has come in. i need more time to do the things i promised. bill, he promised a lot. promised to cut the deficit. he has done none of that. >> water this afternoon, i'm not going to forget that. >> bring your raincoat. bill: that is what the next ten months are about. i will watch at 5:00 to see this. roll it up tomorrow morning here. thank you. bob and andrea. martha: that is what we call a tease. that is good tease for the show. coming up the gop fight is starting to look a whole let like the general election. so what is going on here? since when do republicans not want to pick their own health insurance company? that is what mitt romney folks are asking. he is the target. is it fair game? a new hampshire romney supporter joins us live next. bill: it has been beautiful here in the northeast.
6:22 am
in other parts of the country, forget about it. a terrible winter storm. the people here say they have never seen anything like this before. >> because i don't like ladders i'm shoveling out the window and we're trying to get some heavy load off before the rain and next sew. -- snow wake up! that's good morning, veggie style. hmmm.
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bill: all right. 25 minutes past the hour now. syria's leader saying he will not leave power. president assad saying he will respond to threats against him, with quote, an iron hand. thousands are dead. the top republican leader in new jersey passing away at the statehouse late last night it was the final day of the legislation session. the 75-year-old colapsed in a men's room. a new study linking statins to slightly higher risk of type-2 diabetes. doctors say high-risk people who most need the statins
6:26 am
should stick with them. 25 minutes past. here's martha. martha: this might be the biggest story of the day on the republican side. republican rivals are hitting mitt romney in force today. but are they starting to sound like democrats in doing so? here is the mitt romney comment that got all of this started and got democrats, i mean republicans on his side, jumping all over him. listen to this. >> i want individuals to have their own insurance. that means the insurance company will have an incentive to keep you healthy. it also means if you don't like what they do you can fire them. i like being able to fire people. it provide services to me. if, you know if someone doesn't give me good service i need, i want to say i'm going to get somebody else to provide that service to me. that is one thing i would change. martha: talking about choice in your health care provider and your insurance company which is typically something that most republicans seem to rally around but that is not the case. gingrich and perry coming out swinging against him on this. new hampshire congressman
6:27 am
charles bass is a supporter of mitt romney. mr. bass, welcome. good to have you here today. >> good to be with you. martha: what do you think about the fact that newt gingrich is jumping all over this comment saying mitt romney likes to fire people. rick perry says the same thing. we have a sound bite. what do you make all of this? >> the reaction to this comb meant doesn't even pass the nonsense test. i'm an employer. nobody likes to fire anybody. it is worst thing you can possibly do, mitt romney in a town meeting, i've been with him, 5th or 6th of event of the day trying to make a comment basically everybody ought to be able to pick the health insurance coverage they want and buy it directly, which is a great idea and so they take this little comment about firing people which is obviously nobody, i don't know of anybody is saying that would actually enjoy firing anybody. the reality is that mitt romney is working hard in new hampshire. you make a little comment like this. and it is picked up by your
6:28 am
opponents. all you're doing when you do this is help the democrats. martha: the irony is, this is making no judgement is, the irony is, republicans are very much in favor of people being able to choose their health care and pick a company, if they don't like that company to pick a different company which is what he was talking about here. call it exactly what it nice including me. martha: i want you to hear what mitt romney's response was. i want to play that for the folks at home. we'll get right back and get your thoughts. >> things can always be taken out of contention. i understand that is what the obama people do. as you know i was speaking about insurance companies and the need to be able to make a choice and my comments entirely reflected that discussion. martha: now let's play rick perry talking about this because he is one of the folks who jumped on this. this is rick perry. >> i have no doubt that mitt romney was worried about pink slips. whether he would have enough of them to hand out because his company, bain capital, all the jobs that they killed. martha: what's the reaction
6:29 am
to this in republican circles, mr. bass? >> the next time you run, you go into staples to buy something thank mitt romney for making it a viable and strong business that it is. the next time that you think about the winter olympics or summer olympics thank mitt romney for getting them out of trouble. when you think about governorship of massachusetts and the fact that he was a republican governor in a democrat environment and he was successful in doing all sorts of different things, thank mitt romney. the reality these other candidates, especially governor perry who may not even be qualified for the debates in south carolina because he isn't going to come in fourth here in new hampshire or in iowa has to say anything in order to get on television now. the reality is that mitt romney is has his eye on the horizon and if he is nominated in this state and if he is nominated by the republicans, we will continue to be in power in the congress, possibly in the senate and mitt romney
6:30 am
will be a generational president. he is a remarkable individual with great experience and the ability to end gridlock in washington more than any of these candidates can. martha: mr. bass, thank you very much. >> you're very welcome. martha: we'll talk more about this. this is interesting. corporate growth, newt gingrich about this particular issue. rush limbaugh said they are out of bound that support the free market. he has not been a big romney supporter looking at all these folks out there. this is getting a lot of attention today. we'll take a look at it. bill: that we shall. this is strange story developing. a massive manhunt underway. a grandmother saying she was forced to strap a bomb to her leg. more on the developing story. martha: the tea party and the new hampshire primary. interesting situation between these folks here. two leaders saying they now know who they will endorse but is the tea party playing second fiddle to the action
6:31 am
in new hampshire. we're going to talk about that. >> we believe in bottom up solutions to problems, not like mitt romney in health care and wall street bailout top down. that is the fundamental difference in this race. not what he did as ceo of a company. one chance to hunt down the right insurance at the right price. the "name your price" tool, only from progressive. ready, aim, save! grrr!
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bill: you know, alaska, alaska knows its snow but folks say they have never seen anything like this. how about 20 feet in the town of cordoba? 20 feet of snow? national guards pitching in
6:35 am
to help dig out and deliver supplies. no roads leading into that town. the only way in or out is by boat or if you have a airplane. talk about some isolation? >> no apocalypse. >> this roof is leaking inside right now. if we wait too much longer, you know, a lot of businesses have already, you know, started to cave in. shoveling is not much funny more. >> i'm actually real excited. i'm excited to be doing what we're supposed to be doing and be helping people. bill: thank goodness for the national guard there. i think there is a stephen king novel in there. maria molina is in our fox extreme weather center. good morning. >> good morning, bill. good to see you. incredible how much snow they have out there in alaska. we're already well above the seasonal average. 138 inches recorded in that town of cordova. we're expecting more snow the next five days. today's snow is prompting
6:36 am
blizzard warnings across southern parts of the state of alaska. we do have blizzard warnings in effect for specifically the town of cordova. we'll look at that warning in effect until 4:00 p.m. today. and we're expecting up to another 14 inches of snow, snowdrifts between one to two feet because of wind gusts up to 55 miles per hour. unfortunately that is bringing in a avalanche danger. more snow out there, bill. bad news for alaska. midland, texas, broke a record. 10.6 inches of snow one day. that is more snow than we've gotten in chicago, new york city and buffalo, new york. bill: holy cow, midland, texas, you say? >> weird. bill: sure is. could use a little. start feeling like winter. >> take snow from alaska over here. that would be great. bill: maria, thanks. we'll talk to you later. martha: that is a good idea. spread it out okay? bill: real fundamental difference in our plan. revitalizes that very
6:37 am
critical manufacturing sector of the economy. blue-collar workers have the opportunity to get better jobs. provide for their families. that will be the difference in this race. our issues. martha: trying to keep the iowa magic going. that was rick santorum one of several republicans vying for the tea party vote. they are playing a huge role in the 2010 midterms. there appears no consensus who the tea party is supporting this time around that diminished their role to some extent. we're joined by tea party leader of the granite state liberty patriots pac. his wife susan are new hampshire. they both decided to support rick santorum. >> good morning. martha: start with you, sir. talk to me about the statement we just said. the tea party has sort of taken a back seat in this process in new hampshire. is it true and why do you think it may have happened? >> well, i think romney is hoping we take a back seat but the truth is, if you
6:38 am
take the nonromney votes and combine them you will see that the tea party is still pretty active and quite influential within the state of new hampshire. i think nationwide as well. we're coalescing but not around a particular candidate because the tea party is made up of libertarians, conservative, social and fiscal conservatives. so it is a bit difficult to combine that into one candidate at this point. but i will assure you it not combining behind romney. i think numbers on romney will prove to be a little bit inaccurate according to polling coming out. >> really? based on what? >> based on that the amount of people that have actually committed to a candidate is only about 35% as of this morning. and romney, the polling out for him is setting in the 35, 33% range. that only gives him about between 13 and 17% of the committed vote. martha: let me get a quick thought from susan on all of
6:39 am
this you are backing rick santorum. it took you a while to come to that decision? >> yes. martha: is there anybody out there you wish had run and might have been able to coalesce the tea party vote a little bit better? >> you know, i was backing michele bachmann and i know she really was my choice. she was the chairman for, or is the chairman for the tea party caucus in congress, and i really appreciate her values and her principles. you know when she stepped down, as i said she has done it so grace fully, i was immediately was able to step to santorum. there are a lot of different personalities and different people that comprise the tea party. i mean the tea party is not necessarily a party. it's just, i think the grassroots of america. when we went down to d.c. back, way back in 2009, way back, there were, there were millions of us. there were so many people
6:40 am
out there. martha: right. >> and really, what those people want is a decent, trustworthy person in the office who is going to bring this country back. martha: a few of the people that have sort of taken that man tell for the tea party. we'll see if they're able to get behind any one person. jerry, susan thank you very much. bill: watch the story especially when we hit south carolina. supreme court case that pits unions against people they represent. shannon bream is at the high court live in d.c. what is this issue all about, shannon? >> reporter: bill, hear is the case, in california here you have two options. if you are a state employee you either have to join the union and pay fees or you opt not to join the union and you still got to pay the fee. but under the law if that union wants to use any of your money as a nonmember for political activities they have to give you a very specific accounting and notice. the plaintiffs in this case say that didn't happen. they say it is all about the first amendment. they don't want their money to support political ideas they don't agree with. here is quote from the
6:41 am
brief. i have to warn you it uses archaic language from old supreme court cases. unrelated to collective bargaining that is so because to compel a man to furnish crush shuns of money for propagation of opinions which he disbelieves, is sinful and tyrannical. seiu practices what those authorities forbid. seiu that money doesn't mean the people have lost their first amendment rights. they say this a requirement nonmembers provide financial support to the collective bargaining representative has no effect on nonmembers ability to express messages of their own choosing or protect their own message if they prefer. the court is protective of first amendment rights. we'll see how they decide the case. bill: thank you, shannon bream. we'll watch that from the steps of the supreme court. martha, what's next? martha: how about this morning? a major heist, priceless paintings from some of the masters stole renn. how authorities believe the thieves pulled it off. bill: decision day in new
6:42 am
hampshire. candidates are out in force. included newt gingrich and his daughter will join us to make the case for her dad. >> can we drop the pious bologna. the fact is you ran in '94 and lost. that is why you were not serving in the senate with rick santorum [ male announcer ] drinking a smoothie with no vegetable nutrition? ♪ [ gong ] strawberry banana! [ male announcer ] for a smoothie with real fruit
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bill: snut newt canvasing -- newt gingrich, canvasing new hampshire at this moment trying to win voters. earlier today he stopped on "fox and friends" and made this prediction. >> the biggest story today will be how much governor romney falls short of any kind of reasonable expectation because he has been living here, literally bought a house. was the governor next door for years. and people expected this to be his fortress. i think it will not be much of a fortress. i would like to be in the top three or four. i think we have a good chance to be in the top three or four. bill: expectations are a big part of this. cathy lubers is newt
6:46 am
gingrich's daughter. she is in new hampshire. cathy, good morning to you. thank you for your time. >> good morning, bill. pleasure being here. thank you. bill: how is he going to do? >> i think he will do very well. as you heard him say himself. people of new hampshire are learning more and more about all of the competitors in this race. and i think newt is going to do fine. bill: what would you say to those who are writing these articles, who are not quite sure which newt is going to show up? they don't know if he will be the nice newt or in their words he will be the nasty newt? >> the truth of the matter is newt is extremely thoughtful individual. what you have with newt is someone who can actually think. as a leader, as a thought leader, as one who has governed successfully you get someone who has a wide range of emotions. i'm not too sure boxing him into those two particular descriptives is useful for most people. you have a leader that you're working with. that is what you see someone processing in real-time.
6:47 am
bill: he is ticking a few people off on the republican side. club for growth came out with a statement earlier. newt gingrich sounds like barack obama and his liberal allies? when he talks about governor romney and bain capital. i would imagine that is probably the biggest insult newt gingrich could hear. well, has he been fair on this? >> has newt been fair? he has been overly fair. you know, one of the things that people are beginning to look at in romney, and one of the reasons his numbers may not be as strong as anticipated, is the fact that he has been laying his claim on his experience and the you know, capitalistic world. they're actually looking at that you should look at his background. that is what he is touting. you also should look at his background as governor. it is interesting he isn't speaking much about that. in large part, because you know what? he promised he wouldn't raise taxes. he raised taxes by the hundreds of thousands. if you go to will show
6:48 am
you more what he did as governor. there are a lot of things that the people of new hampshire are learning about him. bill: despite that so-called documentary, you don't think that is below the belt? >> the documentary actual that you're speaking of was originally created by one of mitt romney's own staffers. bill: on bain capital? okay. >> i don't think that is below the belt. his own team originally put that together. bill: it is pretty strong. we'll hear a lot more about it over next left send -- 11 days in south carolina. speaking of south carolina we'll go there now. fourth place in iowa, does newt gingrich need to do better than fourth place or the minimum fourth place. >> reality we'll go to south carolina and do extremely well there. newt is the one person including barack obama who is has actually governed successfully. he knows about creating jobs. he knows about, you know, exploding the economic environment in a positive way where we have great things going for america. he has cut taxes. he helped cut spending. he balanced the budget four
6:49 am
years in a row. of. he tackles welfare reform successfully. he made promises with american people with contract in america and they actually did vote on it. so they will do well. bill: to be sure, despite the finish today the campaign continues to south carolina? >> absolutely. it will be a great, great opportunity. bill: we'll see you in the palmetto state. kathy lubbers thank you for your time. one of the daughters of newt gingrich. >> thank you, bill. martha: check out "your world" on fox news channel. newt gingrich will be neil cavuto's guest at 4:00 p.m.. bill: stop the presses. what? a key battleground state is told to stop printing ballots. we'll explain that in a moment. martha: before you head out today be sure to take us with you everywhere you want to go. for latest headlines and breaking news go to our website, to download our app. we are everywhere. bill: yes we are. don't leave home without us.
6:50 am
martha: he will we'll be right back. okay, team! after age 40, we can start losing muscle -- 8% every 10 years. wow. wow. but you can help fight muscle loss with exercise and ensure muscle health. i've got revigor. what's revigor? it's the amino acid metabolite, hmb to help rebuild muscle and strength naturally lost over time. [ female announcer ] ensure muscle health has revigor and protein to help protect, preserve, and promote muscle health.
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6:53 am
bill: new this morning, police are hunting for a pack of brazen thieves. check out what they did. they robbed the biggest state art museum in greece. the suspect accused taking two oil paintings, one by picasso. they entered through a balcony door. happened seven minutes before the museum was to open for the day. the museum is expected to announce soon how much the stolen works of art are work. martha: tough to hide those in your apartment. bill: inside jobs, mccallum. that's right. >> we've got new developments in the fight over virginia's republican primary. a federal judge has blocked virginia saying you can not print the absentee ballots because they may not have
6:54 am
everybody's names yet until he gets around to issuing a ruling on four candidates bid to be included in that the state requires they get 10,000 signatures. only people that got them in virginia were romney and ron paul who were organized in advance and got them. at least 400 of those signatures have to come from each of virginia's 11 congressional districts. other states with difficult requirements include indiana, illinois, pennsylvania. the two people already did this might say they're not that difficult because they got it done. fox news senior judicial analyst, judge andrew napolitano joins me now. this is argument for being organized on the ground? >> it is argument for being organized on the ground. it is an argument we haven't seen addressed before. this is first year people with national name recognition, jon huntsman fails to get on the ballot in virginia and fails to get on the ballot in arizona. rick perry fails to get on the ballot in virginia. governor perry requires you're requiring too much signatures. you're forcing me to contact too many people.
6:55 am
that violates my rights under the federal constitution not to associate. the federal judge says i'm not going to enjoin the ballots. all of sudden the federal judge realizes absentee ballots are about to be printed. then the federal judge says i'm need more sometime to decide. i will stop the state from print ballots. federal judges are not allowed to interfear with state to give them more time to make decision. the federal judge will be enjoined from stopping virginia from printing ballots. martha: it feels as if candidates think we're in a new world. you know the internet and social media and all the ways to spread the word. however it doesn't undercut the need to have organization on the ground. you have to get these signatures in. it is part of the process. >> gingrich as wells is not on the ballot in virginia. martha: yeah. >> the state of virginia, all the states, are entitled to have reasonable
6:56 am
requirements for access to the ballot. as long as those requirements are known in advance and apply to everyone equally. ron paul and mitt romney were able to comply with those requirements. they are not impossible to comply with. they are no more difficult than any other state. the argument that you made us ring too many door bells is not going to wash. martha: judge, thank you very much. >> pleasure. martha: judge andrew napolitano. >> will be you up late counting these returns? schroo we'll be up late tonight. we'll see how it goes. bill: martha and i will be at the bar. martha: exactly. >> i still will be watching. martha: in between our appearances. bill: how about a map to your medical future? the new medical development that could lead to personalized medicine for your entire body starting when you are born? it is happening soon. martha: the new hampshire voter turnout is expected to be high. wasn't as high in iowa as they thought it would be. will the folks come out in new hampshire? we'll talk about that when we come back and bill and i join us right after this
6:57 am
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7:00 am
martha: here we go, folks, it's g.o.p. in new hampshire. folks are heading to the londondary polls. glad to have you all with us. i'm martha maccallum. bill: i'm bill hemmer. good morning, good morning again to you. how long have we been talking about this. martha: a longtime. we'll be talking about it for a longtime to come. bill: 8 votes separated romney from santorum last tuesday. there are plenty at stake for the republican candidates in ham happen. all of them making last-minute stops during the day except for rick perry, he's in south carolina. >> we are going to tell
7:01 am
congress, we are going to dock your pay until you balance the dam budget for heaven's sake. >> i love coming to new hampshire. i love the slogan, live free or die. i love -- i do. >> i don't mind saying if somebody has a good idea. that doesn't mean i think you should vote for him, he's a good guy, but not as good as me. >> and i'm not willing to make america more like europe, i don't think europe is working in europe. i want to make america more like the place to make us the hope of the earth. >> the best way i can influence the party is win, or do exceptionaly well in the contest. martha: there is a huge precedent for winning. bill clinton, george w bush, and
7:02 am
barack obama lost in new hampshire. what will we see in terms of this race tonight? how about turn out? how is that going so far this morning. chief political correspondent carl cameron has turned out, he's in new hampshire. huntsman and romney were tied as two votes a piece in dixville notch. >> reporter: there's been a feel that huntsman has something going. on some level when we've been asking voters and asking people at rallies, what do you think about so-and-so, so many people say, i haven't made up my mind, but my wife is looking at huntsman, or my friend down the road is looking at huntsman. that suggests some growth there. if he has a second-place or strong third there is a reason for expectation there. we are inward one. this is the ward that historically has the biggest turn out. as greg pans over, you'll see
7:03 am
there are no lines here. they'd rigged it up this time so there would be a big huge trough to keep the lines orderly. it's been very orderly, a slow and moderate turn out. officials tell us that there is somewhere between 7 and 800 votes cast before the polls opened. this is award with about 5800 registered voters. they'll be happy with 3500 in a turn out and bill gardener the secretary of state has said we can expect about a quarter of a million votes cast in ham happen. there is just information the republican primary. there are 75,000 or so votes that will be cast in the democratic primary. martha: it will be all about the expectations, whether or not they were met or exceeded for the top-tier candidates in ham haplt. new hampshire. you talked about huntsman who has really put it all in new hampshire. >> reporter: huntsman has to
7:04 am
come in a strong third after ron paul if paul is second. some in the phupbt in the huntsman campaign things that's going to happen. what about someone cast as the presumptive winner even before the polls do close, and that's mitt romney. he has to get well over 30% of the vote. he's been polling in the high 20s and just crested 30s in the national polls. most of the new hampshire pundits, the local analysts say if romney gets north of 35% he'll be okay. if any rival is within ten percentage points it will not look like he's holding the lead he had all year, even though he wins here if the win isn't big enough for mitt romney. martha: he got 32% i pwhraoeft last timbelieve the last time around. thank you so much. we'll see you throughout the day. bill: jon huntsman putting all his focus on new hampshire. he has campaigned there far and away more than any other canned
7:05 am
day it looks like he faces a campaign road block. the utah governor failing to qualify for the primary in arizona that takes place in february. in arizona the secretary of state says the paperwork was filed too late. huntsman's campaign says it plans to aggressively challenge the rule. we'll watch that story. martha: democratic leaders are working to get the message out and they are focused on new hampshire too as well. debbie wasserman schultz was asked about mitt romney beating president obama in the polls and here is what she has to say. >> we're not too focused on polls right now. we are eleven months from the election. what we're doing in the owe bam campaign and democratic party is getting organized and stand up the largest grass roots campaign in presidential history. as mitt romney is pack up and putting his new hampshire office in new hampshire up for lease we have seven offices open today statewide. martha: they are looking at the general to be sure. wasserman schultz has been very local about mitt romney in the
7:06 am
past couple of days. she questioned his credentials. clearly the democrats have decided he i the guy they need to go after in this. we'll see if that is true. bill: as for rick santorum he did so well in iowa he spent heavy focus in new hampshire. that is the course of debate right now whether or not he can keep the surge from iowa going today. david drucker, staff writer is with me right now. huckabee made the call to go to new hampshire instead of south carolina and he narrowly lost in south carolina by three points to john mccain. even fred thompson was down there in south carolina four years ago, he skipped new hampshire and you can argue that thompson stole votes away from huckabee to deny him a victory in that state. how does santorum now which has developed a strategy where he went from iowa, straight to new hampshire, it's on the line for him today. how do you think he does?
7:07 am
>> it may sound counter intuitive, i think he did the right thing but not skipping new hampshire. they want to nominate somebody that they feel is viable. by skipping a swing state like new hampshire, a state that matters i think you do yourself a disservice. for stapb rick santorum it's showing well to not make iowa look like a fluke. the energy has been descent. it's not to the level of mitt romney or ron paul. considering he spent no time here virtually, it could have been a lot worse, and the thing about rick santorum, and i question the political strategy of this, but he is who he is. he's been campaigning as a social conservative all across new hampshire and that really doesn't sell here. i think the fact that he came here first might actually help him in south carolina. bill: that is interesting. santorum would make the argument that he won as a senator in a
7:08 am
heavily regarded swing state of pennsylvania, and so his message can play in new hampshire. >> well he did but pennsylvania especially western pennsylvania is more culturally conservative than is new hampshire which has a strong libertarian streak, is not overly socially conservative, even among republicans. and there is a heavy independent vote here that isn't big on social conservatism at least in their politics. that's why new hampshire is very problematic for rick santorum. he has a case to make on fiscal issues and i think it would be well received here over time if he were to end up win inning winning the nomination. he would be better to taylor his comments, not change but
7:09 am
taylor. bill: huckabee got 11% four years ago, does santorum beat that? >> not sure, i think maybe his ceiling is around 10%. bill: david -rpbg thank you. , thank you, good to have you on. martha: the voting is underway. people are beginning to place their votes in this race. the best reporting on the new hampshire primary is right here, america's election headquarters. find the go to guy and where they stand at get additional analysis and primary and track the primary results as they come in this realtime right down to each individual county, that's what bill and i like to do, looking at all of these as they come in. we'll have more on that. you go to hampshire for that part of the package. our live prime-time coverage starts at 6:00 eastern. bret baier and megyn kelly will take us throughou throughout
7:10 am
the evening. i will be covering the exit polls. we are going to learn a lot of interesting things about, if you decided late, which way did you go? what kind of issues are the most important to you? the economy, the budget deficit, social issues, where they are staking up tonight. we'll get the first look at how these votress, g.o.p. and independent voters ha they think about the successor failure of the obama administration. the intensity of people's feelings on that is going to be particularly interesting. i'll be bringing you all the numbers. we'll take a look at them before the special. bill: we're going to occupy studio g. tonight. that's our operation. federal prosecutors say he was planning a terror attack in tampa, florida. the family of an accused extremist speaking out. martha: she was last seen going
7:11 am
out for a jog, which she does all the time. the f.b.i. is joining the investigation to try to figure out what happened to this 43-year-old teacher. bill: it might be voting day in new hampshire but some of them don't make up your mind until the yes last minute, like 40%. >> ultimately i felt that the republican candidates policies were not realistic and were not going to get us out of this mess. wake up!
7:12 am
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special perks on united, like a free checked bag, united club passes, and priority boarding. thanks. ♪ okay. what's your secret? ♪ [ male announcer ] the new united mileageplus explorer card. get it and you're in. bill: the f.b.i. has joined a search for a missing math teacher in montana. 43 years old, last seen saturday, leaving her home for a early morning jog, which they say is typical for her. the police have recovered only one piece of evidence, that being a shoe apparently worn by her the day she vanished. martha: up to new hampshire once again, it is all about the i's
7:15 am
today, the independent voters who are seen as key to whoever wins new hampshire tonight. what can we expect from all of these last-minute deciders many of whom tend to be independent voters. let's bring in our good friend larry sabato from the center of politics in virginia. 40% is the estimate. really they are coming into this with a couple of people in mind and they are going to make their decision when they pull the lever. >> absolutely, martha. you're very right to focus on independents in new hampshire. this is the difference between new hampshire and many other states in voting in republican primaries. the independents come in and they have very different views than the republicans. four years ago mitt romney actually defeated john mccain among republicans in new hampshire. it was the independents, which mccain carried 40% to 27%. that's what gave mccain his 5-point victory over romney.
7:16 am
romney is worried about those independents because they are disproportionately likely to support ron paul and jon huntsman. martha: we were talking to a couple of tea party leaders for new hampshire. these two people are only indicative of themselves, obviously, they were going to go for rick santorum. you have a break up of the tea party vote, then you have the independents who jon huntsman has been actively court nothing all of this. how do you think it breaks down past mitt romney? >> okay. i think that the consensus is that romney will within, so we're argue aougt expectations game about how much. number two and number three it's a battle between jon huntsman and ron paul and clearly huntsman i think aided by the media a bit has a late momentum, and that helps candidates, it helped santorum in iowa. battling for the fourth and fifth position, gingrich and santorum. one of them will get a little boost by finishing fourth and one of them won't by finishing
7:17 am
fifth. that is probably the way the thing will go tonight. i have to tell you, martha, if there is one job in politics, the field i love, which i would never want to have, it's a pollster in new hampshire, because new hampshire voters are notorious for confounding pollster's projections and for deciding on election day to switch their votes. martha: which makes it awfully fun to be in your shoes or our shoes watching. we all remember barack obama came out with a head of steam out of iowa to new hampshire and lo and behold hillary rodham clinton took new hampshire. i'm looking at londonary new hampshire right now where the voters are trickling in. is there a level of enthusiasm a for these candidates we are seeing in new hampshire. >> the overall turn out may be down compared to 2008 because
7:18 am
you don't have a contest and the democratic side. yes you have 14 people on the ballot but president obama doesn't have real opposition. you have 30 republican candidates on the ballot. i think republican turn out will hold up well. the weather is pretty good, however bad weather doesn't seem to detour new hampshire citizens. martha: thank you so much. we'll see you later tonight. >> thanks, martha. bill: this will be a major breakthrough in medicine, a match your own dna. there is an american company about to launch it. we'll talk to dr. mark seeing marc siegl about what this can mean for you and your healthcare. martha: the bizarre story of the day. a 73-year-old grandmother walks into a bank with a gun and a bomb strapped to her leg. what she says led her to this moment, next. >> when it hits this close to home, right across the street from me, and my mom living right there, pretty much next tkaorbgs across the street from her it could have been my mom in that
7:19 am
paogs. position.
7:20 am
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7:22 am
terrorist is coming to his defense now. a florida man accuse evidence trying to use car bombs and assault weapons on multiple targets in the tampa, florida area, his brother says he is innocent. >> the f.b.i. said he was trying to buy grenades. >> he was trying to buy a bottle of water. he doesn't have money. martha: he doesn't have money his brother said. the 25-year-old was arrested saturday, charged with attempted use of a weapon of mass destruction. investigators say that he is an extremist jihaddist. >> the idea that we have canadians that want to sell us oil that we can use from an
7:23 am
ally, and this president is saying, no, we've got great environmental concerns. no, you don't, mr. president, your concern is about the next election, because the environmental radicals on the left don't want you to build that pipeline. build the pipeline, mr. president, create the jobs, allow the $5 billion to come back into this country that that will create. bill: that was just from moments ago. rick perry who is not in new hampshire, he's in south carolina. in a few moments we'll talk to one of the lead members of his team to talk about the perry strategy. remember there was that time after iowa where we weren't quite sure what perry was going to do. he's competing heavily in south carolina. in new hampshire, though, some voters are taking their old sweet time in deciding who to vote for today. one poll yesterday said 44% were undecided. congressman frank ginta is a new hampshire remember with me now out of manchester. sir, good morning to you. >> thanks for having me on, bill. bill: you're kind of undecided,
7:24 am
i guess at least publicly. why are you choosing not to endorse one of these six candidates in your state? >> sure, a couple reasons, bill. first of all i've enjoyed being an ambassador for the first in the nation primary, something castaic very seriously and it's very important to the process. secondly, the process has been different this year. a lot of these national debates made this more of a national campaign, and we like to see the candidates here in new hampshire. i was waiting until the final week to see the debates, and while i think we've got great candidates, people on that stage who could be president of the united states and defeat barack obama. bill: you say you do like your choices, you're in the just going public with it. >> i think our choices are good, i think the primary process is going to allow this pros to work anprocess will work and we'll find the best nominee to beat obama and i'll get hepbd tha get behind that person at the time. bill: you're a tea party
7:25 am
person. >> first and foremost i'm a conservative republican who wants to bring pragmatic views to the congress. that's what i want to see for this country. i don't agree with what president obama has been doing. i think he has been terrible on the economy, on jobs, on deficit, things that all americans are concerned about. bill: how do you rate the enthusiasm level in new hampshire? do you see it as strong, do you site as stronger than 2008, about the same or less? >> it's a different campaign. i would see it less on the republican side, but more -- it's stronger about beating president barack obama. but it's less about individual candidates. bill: frank guinta thank you for your time today. i tried to get you to go over the line, i knew you weren't going to go there. thank you. >> thank you. martha: an elderly couple was taken hostage, and the 73-year-old where, she is a grandmother, says she was forced to strap a bomb to her leg. the lateness this manhunt and this developing story coming up. bill: also we just heard from
7:26 am
rick perry doing his own thing in south carolina. will bypassing new hampshire hurt or help him? one of his lead advisers live next on that. >> i hope that you and your future some day, when you have the opportunity to serve your country, to serve your community, to serve your state, that you hold your head up and say here aim, send me. here am i, send me.
7:27 am
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7:30 am
martha: let's take a look at some of this sound. we are trying to watch all the candidates as they go across new hampshire this morning. here is newt gingrich and his wife in manchester moments ago, watch this. [inaudible talking ] martha: that is with his wife. the folks are basically crisscrossing mostly in the southern part of new hampshire today in the most populous areas of the state. we are going to watch all these folks as they try to make contact one last second with anybody they can shake hands with and look into their eyes and try to get their votes as they head into the polls. bill: they are hopping and
7:31 am
bopping up there. every time will be talking this time tomorrow morning not so much about new hampshire but the next contest which is eleven days away and that is the state of south carolina. there are so many different dynamics that come into play down in south carolina. wanted to give you a quick glimpse from four years ago, what happened there in the palmetto state, when mike huckabee was a second-place finisher to john mccain. mccain beat him by 3 points, 33% to 30%. rick perry has staked his claim in south carolina. he's not even in new hampshire. we saw rick perry in york county, a county that went to huckabee four years ago. he's going to pop down here west of the capitol city of columbia into lexington county. perry is putting all his marbles on the line for the state of south carolina. with me is ray sullivan out of austin, texas.
7:32 am
good morning to you, welcome back to your program here. >> good morning, good to be here. bill: what do you like about his chances in south carolina, which would compel him to pretty much just chuck it to the side of new hampshire and put it all in the palmetto state? >> south carolina is a lace that has been particularly hard hit by the obama economy. so the governor's record, job creation, his fist alconservatism plays there, his faith, his status in the race as the only person who has volunteered for military service. we have a lot of great veterans with us in south carolina. all of that adds up to a strong showing there. we think obviously it makes sense to bypass new hampshire where mitt romney has one of his homes and it's his backyard, and we're going to put our eggs in the south carolina basket, getting good crowds, and we're optimistic about the palmetto state. bill: it seems like his strategy is like huckabee from four years ago, he has a strong appeal to family valleys. you put out a spot that went
7:33 am
right through it, that was the title, family values. unemployment in south carolina is right around 10%. it's been that way for three years now. so, tell me about perry's appeal. >> rick perry has a record in the state of texas because of signing six ballot bulge et. cetera and passing sweeping tort reforms and putting common-sense regulatory programs in place we've created a million new jobs since rick perry has been governor when the rest of the country lost 2 million. that is an issue that is going to resonate across the country, especially in south carolina. the governor has been loud and clear about the over reach of the obama administration, and the offensive actions of the national labor relations board targeting south carolina. so that jobs record, that fiscal conservatism, combined with the social conservatism, the family values you discussed is a winning combination? you've spent a million dollars
7:34 am
already in south carolina. what convinced the texas governor to keep going after iowa, knowing how much of a disappointment that was? >> bill, he's never lost an election. we have the resources, the grassroots organization nationally, and mostly the fire in the belly to take this to the next step and to run hard in south carolina. bill: but was it you -- i'm sorry by the interruption. was it you, his wife anita, or was it him? >> it was him, surrounded by friends and family and advisers. the bottom line was, he has a lot to say about the direction of this country, has the right ideas about cutting taxes, getting the irs out of our lives as much as possible, making congress part time, pushing back against washington over reach. he's got a lot to say, he's got that fire in the belly, and like i said, of the conservative candidates, rick perry is the only one with a national grassroots organization, with a
7:35 am
national fundraising base that can go the distance and be the conservative alternative in this election. bill: we have seen different issues pop up in these different states, and south carolina has their own issues. we'll see you on down the road. ray sullivan with me out of austin, texas. a week from tonight here on the fox news channel live out of myrtle beach, 9:00 eastern time, a debate down there in the palmetto state. martha: that's what we'll be doing a week from today. fox news alert, an intense manhunt is underway for a man in arkansas who police say forced a woman to rob a bank. she is a 73-year-old grandmother. shy says that the armed suspect held her husband hostage and then strapped a bomb to her leg in this very frightening situation. look at this picture as she i cais being led out of there. rick leventhal is on this for us.
7:36 am
a frightening set of events. >> reporter: there was no explosion, the woman and her husband are safe. the suspect is still on the loose. the drama began yesterday morning when the woman, named bette davis told police a man in a miss being entered her home, tied her up, waited for her husband to come home, tied him up. stole a gun from the couple then forced betty to leave. the man strapped what he said with us a bomb to her ankle followed her to the harvest bank in fayetteville. said if she didn't rob the bank the device would detonate. she told the people in the bank. the bank was evacuated. the device was removed from betty's leg. it's being checked to see if it was in fact explosive. the neighbors are stunned. >> when it hits this close to home, right across the street from me and my mom living right there, pretty much across the street from her it could have been my mom in that situation. >> reporter: they have a vague description of a suspect a white male in blue jeans, considered
7:37 am
armed and dangerous. martha: the pictures thing that popped into my mind is that it sound earl eerily similar to the pizza delivery. >> reporter: he said he was tkhraoeufrg pies tkaoeufrg delivering pizzas, they put a bomb around his neck. fortunately in the case in arkansas the elderly couples fine. the police have no reason to doubt their story, and they are still looking for the suspect. martha: thank you very much. bill: strange story. he was asked to be the third republican member of president obama's cabinet. judd greg withdrew from consideration back in 2008. jon huntsman is criticized for
7:38 am
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lifelock service guarantee cannot be offered to residents of new york. bill: 40 minutes past the hour now. hundreds of firefighters battling a brush fire in khrafrbgs it' california. it's scorching more than 500 acres in that state. no word on homes being even danger he there. iran has started work that could put it on a fast track to creating a nuclear weapon. the country has started enriching uranium as a secure underground site according to the u.n. money troubles for the company ta that makes your twinkies. they file for bankruptcy. rising sugar prices contributing they say, they are nearly $900 million in debt. martha: that is a sad story. i'll miss my twinkies in the lunch box. back to new hampshire. new hampshire is hoping for a win tonight there. >> i'm going to tell you about
7:42 am
myself, and if people like that, great, if they want president obama and a loss of 2 million jobs, a decline of medium income in america by 10% and people looking at very difficult prospects going forward, they can choose president obama. but if they want someone who understands how the economy works at the level of job creation, of businesses failing and succeeding, that's what i can bring to the table. martha: there he is, out campaigning. and there he is our former senator judd greg, new hampshire republican, also former governor of the granite state. governor, good to see you today. >> thanks for having me on. martha: one of the biggest controversies going on right now is this discussion about bain capital and also the quote from the man you support mitt romney where he said he liked firing people an was talking about health insurance companies if they don't give you the service that you like. but all of the fire is coming from his own party, from his ohno poepown ohno poepb ohno
7:43 am
poepb events, newt gingrich is talking about. rick perry is talking b. >> i find it strange republicans are attacking other republicans. what makes our country great is our market economy, there are some failures but there's also been a lot of successes in the mitt romney story he's added tens of thousands of jobs to the american economy and people have jobs today because of what he did of investing and taking risks. that is what -- that is how you create america's prosperity. and for republicans to basically take on this -- basically obama philosophy of the community organizer, or maybe you should have a job for life, which is what you have in european abandon what is the free market and capitalism and the capacity of individuals to go out and take risks i think is very strange and unusual. martha: there is a lot out there this morning about this huge contribution that newt gingrich got. he, of course, was very unsettled by the money that came at him from mitt romney's super pack out in iowa.
7:44 am
now he's going to throw it right back at him. newt gingrich may not come in first tonight it doesn't look like, who knows how the outcome is going to be. in south carolina he has a 28-minute long documentary that is very unflat terg to mitt romney. unflattering. what do you think about this whole super pack and the money and all the mud that is being thrown by it. >> you i don't think super packs are healthy. you don't know who is behind them. the candidate may tacitly nothing what they are doing but can't control what they are doing. you have the independent super packs like and you have the labor union super packs. i don't think it's healthy. we should go back to a system where you can donate anything you want to a candidate but you have to disclose within 24 hours who the candidate is. martha: i want to get your thoughts on the documentary coming out from the super pack.
7:45 am
it shows like mitt romney getting on rich corporate jets getting his shoes shined. this is potentially damaging stuff especially if he goes up against president obama in the general election it will feed right into the argument of class war wear this we've been hearing all along. >> you're right, i think it's unfortunate that one republican would take that view of another republican, because basically what mitt did was create jobs in the private sector. you know it's going to come at romney, if romney the nominee it's going to come at him from the president any way. maybe it's good to get it out of the way and have a discussion of it, and talk about how markets work and how you create jobs in this country versus say europe. and so maybe it will end up being healthy because it will clear the air of the issue, and it will give mitt romney the change to basically make his case, which is pretty strong, that he was out there taking risks in the private sector, and actually creating jobs in the private sector when a lot of other people were not. martha: that way be. it's interesting one of the things that mitt romney and jon
7:46 am
huntsman went at each other for over the weekend in the debates was this whole issue of jon huntsman taking a job, working for president obama as the ambassador to china. you were in a very similar position at one point in your career, you were asked to come on and be a cabinet secretary in commerce and you initially agreed to it and then you said you know what i can't in good conscience do that. why did you decide that, and what do you think of jon huntsman decision to do the opposite thing, to take the job? >> well, i decided that the primary job of a member of the cabinet is to be a hundred percent of the president a hundred percent of the time. it's pretty obvious to me that my fiscal views which are quite conservative are not going to jive with the policies he's putting forward. its become very apparent during the stimulus fight and it's even more aeu pafrpbl. it would not be fair for me to be in his santa barbar cabinet because i would not support his
7:47 am
fiscal policies. as far as jon huntsman taking the job as ambassador i think he was a good am abouts tkoer, a good choice. the fact that he spokesman today rain and went to china and represented us is a very respectable thing to have done. martha: always great to see you. thank you for being here. the best reporting on the new hampshire primary isn't there, it's right here. go to hampshire. the letters nh will unlock the key. you'll find complete coverage of today's contests, realtime results as they come in after the last polls close at 8:00pm eastern tonight. bill and i will be here in new york, we have live prime-time coverage starting at 6:00pm eastern live from manchester with bret baier and megyn kelly. and at 11 eastern you can tune in for hannity, complete coverage from new hampshire and a look anothe at what is going on. and when we really get some results we'll come on after
7:48 am
that. bill: that's tonight. at 11:00am eastern time is jenna lee. 12 minutes away. how you doing, jenna, good morning. jenna: doing well, bill. thank you so much. voting is underway right now in new hampshire. we'll talk with senator rick santorum. former new hampshire governor john senunu. the gang is all here. we'll follow the voting minute by minute. we want to hear from you as well. send us your questions on new hampshire and beyond. go to, click on america's asking. ambassador bolton is here to talk about the tour of the tyrants, not your normal cruise, we'll tell you more about it. i don't think you could book a ticket, bill. bill: probably not. probably don't want to. all right, jenna see you in ten minutes okay? researchers are this close to givings you a complete map of your genetic dna in only 24 hours. how they are doing it and what it means for the future of
7:49 am
healthcare. martha: plus tim tebow talking about the throw on sunday night that's got everybody still talking about it. whee wheeeeeeeeeeeee! wheeeeeeeeeeee! whee whee wheeeeeeeeeeee-he-he-heeeeee! whee whee wheeeeeeeeeeee! pure adrenaline. whee whee wheeeeeeeeeeee!
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martha: a disturbing story. there are reports that some engineers are calling for the largest commercial jets in the world to be grounded immediately. cracks have been found in the wings of several of these huge airbus a-3 80 super skwrupl poe planes owned by singapore airlines and quantas. nearly 240 superjumbos have already been ordered by the airlines around the globe to be checked out. and that is some of the video out the window of one of those. bill: you could soon have your entire genetic make up, a map of your entire body, all your dna,
7:53 am
you'll know what it is. what does that men for your healthcare. dr. marc siegl is a professor of medicine at nyu lango medical center and a member of the fox news a team. 2003, eight years ago what happened? >> reporter: we've sequenced the human gnome. it's a different road map for me than for you, bill. once we have that information, in 2007 we had the first commercially available reading of it for $350,000. now a company has made a dna genetic machine that only cost a thousand dollars to sequence, and it's the size of an office copy machine. bill: that is incredible. this is carlsbad, california, life technologies, what are they doing with this. >> reporter: by the end of the year it will become available, and hopefully there he ar they are going to use it for more
7:54 am
research, what desistess there are, what risk are you to get that disease. and how you can reduce the disease. especially ones with single hi jean abnormalities. we are also studying breast cancer, diabetes, asthma and blood pressure. i'll be able to tell you, mr. hemmer your risk of getting high blood pressure is 10%, or your risk of diabetes is 5%. i'll have that information available tow me as a physician, but i don't want it available to patients. i want it available to doctors and genetic counselors. bill: why would that be? because if i'm age five and you can say hey, you're at risk for high blood pressure, perhaps you need to go on said medication at age 18, would that not be useful for me as a patient? >> reporter: there's all kinds of problems with commercial liization of this and people becoming available with, you know, scams and saying i'm going to tell you what your risk is, i'm going to tell you what your risk is. who is going to interpret this information? it's got to be by people that really who what they are doing. you know what, having the
7:55 am
genetic information doesn't mean you know what the disease is going to be. we are so far behind that it will take decades before we can read the crystal ball. bill: you as a doctor, if you had all my dna and i came to your office and i had an issue you could go to the map and tell me perhaps what the potential problem is. why wouldn't that help you in treating me. >> reporter: that's terrific if it's in the right hands and if i have solutions to oufr. it's something called personalized medicine where i figure out a treatment that is going to work for you or i tell you what your risks are, that is the medicine of the future. another problem it doesn't fit insurance bill. hour we going to get insurance companies to cover this? we already have certain treatments already like treatments for breast cancer, called herceptan that works for 25% of people. how do you get insurance companies to cover it when it only works for 25% of people. bill: doctor, thank you. >> reporter: it's very exciting stuff that it's now becoming this readily available.
7:56 am
bill: interesting, marc siegl. great to see you. martha: let's go to new hampshire where we are watching mitt romney as he is arriving in manchester this morning. we've been watching all the candidates. we are trying to get you the feel for all these folks in the final moments. >> great weather. i hope the people of new hampshire turn out, the entire nation is watching. >> is this what you wanted? >> this is exciting, this is great. >> are you where you wanted to be? >> i believe so at this point. we're doing very well. we have great support here, you see great enthusiasm. people know that the new hampshire people have the great responsibility for the entire nation to get to know the candidates and support the person they think they want. >> ballot access, how are you positioned going forward compared to others. >> i think well. we worked very hard, we started off this campaign, organized a real effective effort, and i think we show that we are going to be on the ballots around the country, and i think get good support around the country. i've got to get 1150 delegates.
7:57 am
this is a big statement in new hampshire, you see excited people behind me talking about winning ...
7:58 am
7:59 am
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