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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  January 11, 2012 6:00am-8:00am PST

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>> brian: absolutely. if you have to run from the tv, run to the radio. jim demint will be on live in the studio with us. general jack keane and dr. larry sabato, as well as rick lowery. >> gretchen: if you want to catch the miss america pageant, i'll be on it, abc, have a fabulous rest of the week. >> steve: see you tomorrow, everybody. and good morning, everybody. after a late night last night the battle heads south this morning. at the moment we're awaiting a major speech from newt gingrich. gingrich is wasting no time leaving new hampshire, heading to south carolina where round three for the nomination takes place in only 10 days. gingrich touching down about 2:00 a.m. we'll see him in a matter of moments in the palmetto state. good morning. i'm bill hemmer. lots to talk about from last night. how are you doing. martha: fresh as a daisy. good morning, everybody. we actually got brand new poll numbers in that really look ahead in the whole
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picture. this is florida poll out of quinnipiac. this is along the line what folks are starting to think may look the head-on race. president obama would lose according to this poll in the very important state of florida to mitt romney, 46 to 43% in that poll. that is interesting. bill: meantime romney clinching the top spot in new hampshire, 39%, with 95%. that vote counted. here is the immediate reaction starting with romney who was first on stage. >> thank you, new hampshire. [cheers and applause] tonight we made history!. >> i called governor romney a short while ago before we gave his talk and congratulated him because he certainly had a clear-cut victory but we're nibbling at his heels. [cheers and applause] >> here we sit tonight, ladies and gentlemen, with a ticket to ride and to move on. here we go to south carolina!. >> what we did when i was
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speaker in the 1990s in creating millions of new jobs can be done again. this campaign is going to go on to south carolina. [applause] >> we have an opportunity to be the true conservative, the true conservative who can go out and do what's necessary, not just to win this race and we can win this race. okay? [applause] bill: so now the entire field moves south. steve brown is back in manchester this morning. good morning, to you, steve. in politics you're only as good as your last election. romney has won his last two. huy significant was this? >> reporter: i don't know if there was a poll done in new hampshire where he was anything other than the leader. so this was a state that slanted heavily in his favor as governor of a neighboring state and southern portion and most populous sections of the state were influenced by boston media market and
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he was on every day in the state. he has a home here. the thing romney appears to be doing he wants to look like he is already the nominee. last night in his speech he started sounding like he was already the nominee. have a listen. >> americans know that our future is brighter and better than these troubled times. [cheers and applause] we still believe, we still believe in the hope, the promise, and the dream of america. we still believe in that shining city on a hill. that is a --. >> reporter: that is ronald reagan line, the shining city on a hill. he will continue in likelihood to sound like the general election nominee and continue to go after incumbent barack obama and try not to engage his other
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republican rivals as long as he can. bill: one thing we watched very closely in iowa, turnout. what about new hampshire? what can we report about that, steve? >> reporter: the indication it would be down in the republican field. it is up from 2008. to put that in context 2008 was a jump ball election where you had democrats and republicans going to the primaries. they had 4,000 votes cast that is 95% of precincts in. that number will go higher. those inclined to vote republican aren't as energized as they were four years ago, not true. just as or maybe a little bit more. bill: steve, interesting results. thank you. we'll go through them throughout the morning. steve brown in manchester. martha in new york. martha: congressman ron paul says he is nibbling at romney's heels coming in second. he says he is ready for south carolina. the texas congressman telling supporters those reports of attacking his character will not stop his campaign. now we're hear from him. >> we don't always get the coverage or the interest
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shown on what is going on because they did, they wouldn't, they wouldn't be ignoring so much of what we're doing but you know i find it, sort of fascinating when they finally get around, this is different people. it could be in the media. could be our opponents or whatever but i sort of have to chuckle when they describe you and me as being dangerous! [cheers and applause] martha: really fun moments in that speech last night from ron paul. he seemed to be having a very good time as he was up there last night. so we'll talk to somebody who is very close to the paul campaign. senior paul advisor doug wead will join us live couple minutes from now. bill: if nothing else it was definitely a speech to watch. martha: it really was. bill: third place goes to the candidate who spent the most time and really the best commitment, the most commitment we should say in the granite state. that was jon huntsman. have a look. [cheers and applause] despite the showinging units
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huntsman says he is staying in. he will be in south carolina. the campaign calling the finish solid and comfortable before he heads south. >> thank you, ladies and gentlemen. i'd say third place is a ticket to ride, ladies and gentlemen. [cheers and applause] hello, south carolina!. bill: so what do we expect from the former utah governor going forward now? we'll talk to chris stirewalt. he writing about it already later in our program. stay tuned for that. martha: rick santorum once again finds himself in the back of the pack after his big showing in iowa. that's where he landed last night. the surge that carried him to extremely strong second place finish in iowa simply did not materialize for him in the state of new hampshire. santorum is hoping his conservative message will resonate with the conservative voters in south carolina. >> we came where the
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campaign was and we delivered a message not just for new hampshire but we delivered a message for america that we have a campaign here. [cheers and applause] that we have a campaign that has a message and a messenger that can deliver what we need which is first and foremost to defeat barack obama, number one. martha: stephen hayes joins me, writer for "the weekly standard" and fox news contributor. this was the big issue whether or not he could carry the momentum from iowa into new hampshire and he did not. >> right. i think that was one. real difficult things for rick santorum. coming into new hampshire, everybody understood was not friendly territory in the first place. you also had this problem he didn't have a lot of money and couldn't buy ads on air.
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there just wasn't space for him to buy political advertising to promos his candidacy in a positive way t was really hard from the beginning for rick santorum to capitalize on the momentum he had coming out of iowa. martha: he went in there. he didn't make an attempt to modify his message to new hampshire voters. >> reporter: right. martha: he stuck to his conservative leanings. it got him in trouble with interaction with young republican college group where they talked about gay marriage. do you think that hurt him in new hampshire. >> reporter: one hand people drawn to rick santorum like the fact he doesn't change message depending on audience he is in front of. that is one thing he is usinging a selling point. consistent conservatives regardless of his audience. on the other hand in his speech in iowa he chose to emphasize social issues on night he tied for the win in iowa coming to a state where those issues don't matter as much, where voters don't seem to care about them or cast their votes on those issues, that was something
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always going to be a difficult hurdle for him. unlike south carolina where voters are mobilized and energized by discussions of those issues. martha: what do you think the mood will be with rick santorum as he heads into south caroline? is there enough to sort of keep hem going there because he will connect with some of those voters? >> reporter: yeah, i think there is. if you talk to south carolina republican officials they will tell you he is very strong. he has a strong organization. he has been there nearly 30 times. he has county chairs in virtually all of the counties in the state. he has been spending time trying to set the stage to come out of iowa, come out of new hampshire with some momentum. new hampshire looks in the rear view mirror like it was a bit of a bump in the road for him. but he's got the organization. he has a message that will resonate with the up state tea party coalition the group that went strongly for mike huckabee in 2008. he could possibly resurrect his candidacy there. martha: stephen hayes, always good to talk to you.
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thank you so much. we'll see you back here. bill: martha, always a story on the touch-screen billboard when we reflect on last night and examine where romney did well. on the results board out of new hampshire this is what we're seeing in 10 counties as it breaks down on color-coded map. we put romney in orange here with 95% of the vote in, romney at 39%. he has won nine of 10 counties so far. the only county he hasn't won. the county in the north here. 93% reporting. a few more votes coming in. ron paul has a two point edge over mitt romney, 30% to 28%. you see the map start to fill in. you compare it what happened four years ago. watch the colors change. this is mccain over romney by five points here. mccain is in the deep red. he took eight of 10. romney took most populated counties in south. represented again in orange. if you flip back you see how well romney did in vote
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totals in various counties when you compare to four years ago. on issues, something we'll look at in new hampshire, unemployment rate is respectable when you compare it to the national average. 5.2%. still about nine in 10 voters telling us last night that the economy is still number one in terms of priorities for republican voters in the independents who turned out last night in new hampshire. more from the board in a moment as we look towards south carolina. martha: very interesting stuff. keep it here on fox for the best election coverage of course if you didn't know that already, you should know it now. the next gop presidential debate will be right here month night, january 16th when all the focus and attention turns to south carolina. the candidates will fend for themselves on the stage live from myrtle beach. special coverage on primary day, saturday, january 21st in south carolina. that gets rolling 6:00 p.m. eastern time. we'll be live in south carolina with real time results and analysis. keep it here fon fox news for all your election news.
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bill: monday night will have fireworks. martha: that could be really good. bill: crunch time. eight days before the big vote. check that, six days before the big vote. we'll work on the math. don't worry about that. also coming up here as we go forward almost 30 years ago, natalie wood mysteriously drowned on a boating trip. only weeks ago her case was reopened. why investigators are now saying that this case may not be over. stay tuned on that. martha: some dramatic video of a twister touching down. we'll hear from some of the survivors of this. look at those pictures. they say this is the worst one they have ever seen. bill: independent voters, played a big role in the primary last night. we will find out how they could shake the future of the republican race. >> what defines us as americans is our unwaivering conviction that we know it must be better and it will be better. [cheers and applause] wake up!
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martha: there is no time for rest, folks. look at lexington, south carolina right now. that of course is rick perry. lexington is near columbia. in the middle of south carolina. he is on the ground. that is where he has been. he didn't go to new hampshire. he is basically taking a look at all the folks talking to in south carolina and figure out where he can make some ground. he spent the last week there. the texas governor finished sixth in new hampshire. we're listening in to this event. we'll let you know if any news is made there and bring that right to you. >> this president put his faith in government. we put our faith in the american people. [cheers and applause] this president is making the federal government bigger, burdensome and bloated. i will make the federal government, simpler, smaller
6:17 am
and smarter. [cheers and applause] bill: key group of those voters last night giving mitt romney the win in new hampshire. 32% of independents supporting romney in the granite state, not far behind john paul at 30% and jon huntsman 23%, among independents which are significant in that state. brad blakeman, former deputy assistant to george w. bush and chris hahn former aide to democratic senator charles schumer and fox news contributor. good morning to you the morning after. undeclared voters very high in that state. romney and paul kind of split that vote. how significant? >> i think it is very significant, bill. new hampshire was open primary which allowed independents to participate. the fact that they wanted to participate in numbers they did shows dissatisfaction with the obama administration that they would be motivated to vote in a republican primary. and let's face it, chris, you know this, president obama could go back and hang out in hawaii. still get 45, 46% of the vote. likely republican the same.
6:18 am
so you're citing over 8% in battleground electoral rich states made up of independents who are needed to win and i think they have been burned in 2008 and they're looking for alternatives. bill: wow, that will be where 2012 is decided in many ways. chris, what does last night tell you about that sector? >> well, you know, only about 45% of them came out. of that 45%, 2/3 did not vote for mitt romney who is the likely republican nominee at this point. i mean, barring some miracle in south carolina where conservatives coalesce around a true conservative, i see nothing to stop mitt romney right now. mitt romney has virtually no contingency on the issues. has more flip-flops than miami beach than spring break. the guy is all over the map. independents could subscribe any views they want to mitt romney because he has taken all positions on all issues. bill: when did you come up with that line, chris?
6:19 am
was that this morning or last night? >> improve, baby. bill: improv, well-done. late deciders, broke for mitt romney 32%, they broke for romney. what does that tell you? >> the good news, finally romney was able to break out of that 25% everybody was worried about. they want to win. republicans, conservatives are coalescing somebody not only electable by the party and electable by the people. the handwriting is on the wall, romney has message, he has financing and has got a good policy and more important he is able to get votes. when people see a winner they want to go with a winner. bill: chris? >> brad and i both worked up in new hampshire in campaigns in the past. we know people in new hampshire tend to go for somebody they know. whether they had run in that state prior for president or whether they're from a neighboring state. in mitt romney's case they got both. new hampshire voters were familiar with him and broke
6:20 am
to him because he was familiar. he is moderate like most of the voters in that state and i think that, listen, give him credit. the guy won back-to-back states or maybe a virtual tie in iowa, whatever. give him credit going forward. south carolina is where the game is right now. if any other --. bill: it is in south carolina for the moment. i know you don't consider a big win for romney last night. one more before we go, are you satisfied with the candidates? 66% say yes. brad, match that with the turnout. what does it tell you about enthusiasm about the field? >> it tells me enthusiasm is growing. if you looked at that poll a couple months ago there was dissatisfaction. now you're seeing the field wean down. there will be people that leave the race after south carolina. as they see more of the candidates and see more enthusiasm they're going to be more satisfied that the candidate they go with has absolute chance a real good chance of knocking off obama. that's what they want. bill: chris, i'll give you
6:21 am
the last word. >> i don't know how anybody can be satisfied with this republican field. has all the satisfaction of salad without any dressing. these guys are basically bland. i don't understand how anyone gets excited over mitt romney. think that will show more in november than it shows now because right now the party faithful are coming out. although want to do is beat obama. bill: you have salad at lunchtime with your flip-flops. thank you, brad. thank you, chris. martha: full of one-liners this morning. chris hahn. coming up here tragic death shocked the nation. more than 30 years later another stunning development. the natalie wood case reopened. what police have uncovered in this new investigation. bill: also romney's two for two. the next contest, newt gingrich's backyard, south carolina, just east of georgia. what can we expect in the palmetto state. that state's former governor is here live to break it down. do not miss that
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bill: new this morning. the uss ronald reagan pulling into its new home. that ship will be docked in washington state for about a year. 2500 naval families making move from san diego up the coast along with it. beautiful looking craft. the rage fan pulled into port carrying family cars rather than the usual fighter jets. commissioned in 2003. can carry a crew of 4500. martha: more than your average suv. there are some new developments in the case of natalie wood's death. l.a. investigators now say that after reinterviewing and look into this case they have found no new evidence
6:26 am
that would point to foul play in her death which is why all of this was reopened. the hollywood starlet drowned 30 years ago. there she is pictured in far better times in her wedding with robert wagner. she was on a boating trip. on a boat named the splendour with her husband robert wagner and christopher walk enwho she was making final movie. there was a argument on the ship or yacht. bill daly is former fbi investigator to talk about this. bill, one of the biggest questions, why they felt they needed to reopen it and what they may have found? >> well, martha quite interesting, there were couple reasons why i believed they opened it. first of all a couple books last three years. wristen by the captain as well as robert wagner. seemed to be differing accounts what happened that night and what they both saw and the timeline. in addition, also seems to be that there's a pending episode of "48 hours mystery" that was being
6:27 am
developed. in that there will be questions raised about the investigation. perhaps all those collectively taken together led the l.a. sheriff's office to say let's get behind this. i would also say in the writing that the captain put out a couple years ago he indicated there was possible cover-up. i'm sure that all added to why the l.a. sheriff's office wanted to investigate. martha: there were very suspicious things that came up in some of the stories i read as well, ones you're referring and pieces that you were working on. one woman through open window on her yacht she could hear somebody in the water crying out for help. there is the report from the coroner indicated she was alive for some time in the water and that when they found her body about 5:30 in the morning the following morning it appeared she had only been dead a short time. it does raise questions whether or not this was reported in a timely manner. does any of that matter now? >> i think they certainly have looked at all this. in fact by the accounts from the sheriff's office they have done a very thorough
6:28 am
reinvestigation. they're following up on what they call kind of minor leads but they have addressed some of the major questions. both the timeline and things you mentioned a minute ago. they have gone as far as sending detectives out to hawaii where the yacht, which was owned at the time by mr. wagner and his wife, is now, now on ownership by someone else and gone out to take a look at it. opening up both accounts, forensic accounts of the coroner's report and looking timeline. as far as they're concerned they see nothing new compelling enough to suggest other than an accidental death. martha: we'll never know. bill daley, good to talk to you this morning. bill: it's winter. martha: really? doesn't feel like winter around here. bill: i agree. want snow? try this town. 18 feet and it keeps coming down. now they put out an order for more shovels. they're digging out in a big way. we'll tell where. martha: not like the weather in south carolina, i'll tell you that. it might get a little chilly in the coming days.
6:29 am
conservative voters will watch all these folks going back and forth. will we see another surprise in south carolina, folks? this is not over yet. the former governor of south carolina is here with some unique insight on his state. >> we have to make tough decisions. this whole deal of kicking the can down the road and it is going to be up to make sure that congressmen and women do not go to washington, d.c. and play this old game. ♪
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bill: we were expecting this. want to show you a live look in lexington, south carolina. that is just west of the capitol city of columbia. that is rick perry speaking at the where the restaurant where country cooking makes you good-looking. this is rick perry a few minutes ago. >> president said if you elected him hope and change is come. we got the change. this country is worse off than it was three years ago, there is no doubt about that. the question is, who are we going to put forward? who south carolina going to put forward? because i was a fine state, new hampshire. it is interesting place but the fact of the matter is they winnowed the field down. south carolina is who picks presidents. martha: very interesting. from rick perry there at
6:34 am
lizard thickest in south carolina. mitt romney faces attack from his rivals in south carolina in a big way. we'll hear more about bain capital. a lot of question whether or not that line of thinking is working against mitt romney. an average of recent south carolina polls looks like this. this is the "real clear politics" average right now in south carolina. romney has 31%. santorum is second place at 20%. and newt gingrich is really neck-and-neck with him in south carolina right now. i'm joined by mark sanford, former governor of south carolina and fox news contributor. governor, good morning to you. >> good morning back. martha: talk to me a little bit, we just saw rick perry. he is on the ground there. he spent no time in new hampshire and wrote off iowa, new hampshire and said south carolina is one that matters. to some extent you may agree. what do you see happening down there in your state? >> everybody is here. they seem to be bunched around the midlands.
6:35 am
i guess pal isdpaul doing fairly significant event today. a variety of significant events throughout the state today. i think, rick perry was right in what he said about, you know, other places winnowing the field but south carolina deciding. if you look over the last 30 years, stout caroline has been decisive determining who the eventual republican nominee will be. martha: that's for sure. we're looking at a picture of newt gingrich. i want to play a bit of this 28 minute document tri, a very expensive piece produced by his super pac coming right after mitt romney. it is called, when mitt romney came to town. here is a little bit of that. >> his mission? to reap massive rewards for himself and his investors. >> mitt romney, them guys, they don't care who i am. >> he is for small businesses? no he isn't. >> romney took foreign seed money from latin america, began a pattern exploiting dozens of american businesses.
6:36 am
>> okay, let's look deeper. let's look deeper in his life. what did he do when he was the ceo? martha: what do you think about this line of attack that gingrich is employs against mitt romney? >> i think it is a mistake. at the end of the day if one believes in the free market system and capitalism you have winners and you have losers. and you know, i think if you look on winner side, staples side and other things that they invested in at bain capital did exceedingly well created lots of jobs. other ones lost. that is the nature of the free market system. i think this is real losing market. in fact it helps romney. instead of having a conversation about romney-care, romney is very vulnerable, south carolina is very conservative state on a number of moderate issues. for instance, state-run and mandated health care is not something that would sell in south carolina. martha: right. >> his view back and forth
6:37 am
on abortion with the evangelicals in greenville would not sell. instead of talking about those things, you're talking about money that was lost and jobs that were lost with bain capital. i think it is a real mistake. it puts you on ground that ultimately i think is winning ground for romney rather than on a whole host of other areas where he would be quite vulnerable to moderate or left-leaning positions that would make a lot of people in south carolina uncomfortable. martha: very interesting. i've got to go, very quickly if you can, the last question is, can mitt romney do better with these groups? he did well with evangelicals and those that call themselves very conserve any of new hampshire. can he do the same thing this time around in south carolina? >> i would just say south carolina is not good taking its cue from other places. you can look as far as back as the civil war where young cadets were firing cannons on for the sumter. south carolina, south carolinians will decide for themselves. i think he wrapped up much
6:38 am
of the institutional support. huckabee is doing an event here on saturday because about 50% of the folks out there in this state have not yet decided. i think it is still a very fluid race. it will be a lot of hard elbows between here and election come saturday. martha: governor sanford. thanks very much for being here. we'll talk to you soon. >> look forward to it. bill: sharp elbows in south carolina last time around. on our touch-screen billboard we can show you some results from 2008. we can break the map down between mccain and huckabee. mccain won the state by three points over huckabee, 33 to 30%. mccain is in red. huckabee is in blue. this is where mccain did very well, right along the counties that border atlantic ocean. moderate republicans. a lot of conservatives live here. military veterans that was strength for mccain. the strength for huckabee was up state, all right? in northern counties where you find many ehave been gel
6:39 am
call voters. over past four years, you find another group emerging here too. that is the tea party vote here. also the tea party vote down here in charleston, south carolina as well. we just saw rick perry a moment ago ago. he is here in the western part of the state in western columbia. you also saw newt gingrich moment ago. he is up here in york county just along the border with north carolina. you have seen a lot of population growth come out of charlotte over the past 10 years. a critical theme in south carolina will be this jobs picture. they have been at or near 10% unemployment for the past three years running which almost doubles the unemployment rate in new hampshire as well as iowa. look for that to be a theme as we move forward now. 21st of january, pushing ahead now with martha. martha: coming up, a man accused of killing natalie holloway. joran van der shoot -- van der shoot is in court again. he may be ready to take
6:40 am
responsibility for a murder in peru. what does it mean for the natalie holloway case? bill: does ron paul second place finish make him the top alternative to mitt romney. we'll look what his chances might be in south carolina. >> i think it intellectual revolution is going on now to restore liberty in this country is well on its way and there is no way they will stop the momentum that we have started. [cheers and applause]
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6:43 am
martha: oh, boy. this morning even more snow is falling on the poor beleaguered town of cordova, alaska which has been hit with 18 feet of snow already on the ground there seems like all the snow in the world is going to one place right now. people are facing a new problem. a shortage of shovels in alaska. the national guard in cordova is there helping to remove all the snow. too much for the hearty folks of alaska who are used to all of this maria molina
6:44 am
joins me live from the fox news extreme weather center. too extreme for alaska is pretty extreme. >> you know it is bad when it is too extreme for alaska. show you quickly why it is so bad. 176 inches of snow so far since december 1st. we're about to double the seasonal average, guys. once we hit 200 inches we double it and we're only in january. we still have a lot more winter to go in alaska. we want to roll video from alaska where we did have blizzard conditions in the overnight hours. fortunately the wind are starting to die down and so is the amount of snow we are expected to get out there. guys, for next five days we're expecting more snow out there. another problem is that not only expecting snow showers we could see rain mixing in there. when you get the rain on top of the snow already on the ground and roof, that makes snow even heavier. we could be talking about some roofs being compromised unfortunately. but then as we head into the next five days, there is going to be more significant storm system impacting area
6:45 am
as we head into thursday night. wednesday and thursday no real significant snow accumulation. there will be a big storm system that brings in very cold temperatures. highs only in the teens, martha. martha: we could spread a little bit of it across the united states. a little bit in ski places for good measure. boy, those folks are in a tough spot. maria, thanks so much. bill: see in august. wait for it. >> you have to think about the cutting and stopping the inflation but overall you have to ask once again, as our founders did, what should the role of government be in a free society? the role should be very simple. the protection of liberty. [cheers and applause] bill: ron paul had perhaps the most enthusiastic pep rally of ones we watched. he says only candidate that can challenge mitt romney. the only true conservative
6:46 am
in the case. came in second to mitt romney. doug wead, senior advisor to ron paul. >> good morning, to you, bill. bill: you were ecstatic. percentage of vote is up 15% from 2008. what did you think? >> we're very excited. there are just a lot of people that love ron paul and see him as almost impossible figure. people after watergate wanted honesty and now they want someone who is incorruptable. there is corruption with wall street. there is corruption with k street and lobbyists. here comes from the country doctor from texas. won't take a bribe. won't touch lobbyist money. votes against any pay raises. won't take congressional pension. gives back much of his money allocated as a congressman. you can't believe a figure like this. he is incorruptable. that is what people are looking for right now. someone not gaming the system. bill: he said he is nibbling at mitt romney's heels. that was his opening line last night but, i mean,
6:47 am
really? 39% to 23%? that is still a 16-point spread. >> this is a secret that is hidden in plain view. you can go back over the polls for the last six months and what you will find, whether it is rasmussen or nbc marist or "washington post" abc. what you will find that the perception is he unelectable, nine, 8% of registered republican voters think he will win. in the same polls they pit him against obama he does better against all the gop candidates except romney and in statistical margin error with romney. the "cbs poll" came out on monday shows he beats everybody with independents including obama and romney. bill: you know there's a big challenge coming up on 21st in south carolina. youth vote, 50% of the between 18 and 30 in new hampshire. in 2008, ron paul is fifth place finisher in
6:48 am
south carolina. why is that state such a challenge to him? >> this will be a challenge simply because of the fact that some of these candidates are practically committing suicide there. they're going to dump every dime they have into south carolina. but the reason we see it as just a race with mitt romney and ron paul, is because many of these other republican candidates that we talk so much about, aren't even on the ballot in virginia. some of them aren't on the ballot in illinois, the fifth largest state in the union. jon huntsman is not even on the ballot in arizona. there are 24 presidential candidates on the ballot in arizona. some of these gentlemen are not really running for president. bill: what you're arguing no matter what happens with the finish in south carolina, ron paul will continue to the state of florida to the end of january? >> and he will continue beyond that we think we'll do very well in south carolina because as you know among military families, the military they give more money to ron paul, active military than all
6:49 am
other gop candidates combined there is reason for that. they know that ron paul is not going to send them into a war to die for some pentagon contractor. send them to war when has to defend america. bill: doug, we thank you. we'll check in. see how you feel in about a week. >> thank you, bill. bill: martha. martha: the prime suspect in the disappearance of natalie holloway expected in courtney minute now. where this is happening and why. bill: also jon huntsman puts all his focus in new hampshire, third place finish. can he keep the campaign going? he says he will. south carolina next. listen. >> you know what i saw from 10,000 miles away living over in china? i saw a nation with the greatest people on earth. a nation that is down for the moment, down temporarily but a nation that is about to rise up again.
6:50 am
6:51 am
6:52 am
6:53 am
bill: got some new video this morning here in "america's newsroom" after a pair of tornados touching down in the houston area that is harris county. look at damage caused in this neighborhood. debris is everywhere. roofs missing. one survive said he and his mother and sister huddled in the closet while the twister slammed into their home. >> this house has been through a hurricane when ike came through. it didn't cause this much damage. >> the longest, 30, 45 seconds of my life. felt like it went on 10 minutes. >> would be a good tie between airplane and train. it was really loud. >> i'm happy we made it through. that is all that really matters. >> i guess it does right, in the end? fortunately no reports of injuries after all that. martha: the prime suspect in the disappearance of american natalie holloway has just arrived in a lima, peru, courtroom.
6:54 am
joran van der sloot is accused of killing a 21-year-old woman in that country. that woman's murder came five years to the day after natalie holloway vanished in aruba. steve harrigan is tracking the proceedings from miami this morning for us. steve, what are we likely to see play out in that courtroom today in lima? >> reporter: martha, we're monitoring the live pictures of joran van der sloot, 24-year-old dutchman on charge for murder. in peru we're waiting for entrance of three female judges. we spoke to van der sloot's attorney last night. we're likely to see several things in addition to guilty plea. we're likely to see several apologies to van der sloot. apology to the court for his own behavior. visibly yawning and closing his eyes and sprawled out in his chair last time he was in court last week. he was at one point rebuked by one of the judges for his behavior. this time around we expect him to be behave differently. according to his attorney also likely to make a zinser confession. this will be an attempt to
6:55 am
get his confession reduced. he could face up to 30 years for the murder of 20-year-old stephany flores last year. also van der sloot asked to speak to the family of flores. he is likely to address the father of that 21-year-old to try to make some sort of apology for breaking his daughter's neck this in an attempt to reduce that possible 30-year sentence we could see handed down just a few hours from now, martha. martha: just a brutal story that is emerging what happened in this case with this poor young woman. no doubt the holloway family listens and watches all of this and thinks if he is admitting he is capable of doing this to a young woman, what does it mean for what may have happened to natalie? is there any connection that is being drawn between the two cases? >> reporter: certainly there is a connection that even goes beyond what you mentioned. the fact that this second murder was connected exactly five years to the same day after holloway's disappearance. this case in peru is much stronger. first of all unlike in natalie holloway there is a body.
6:56 am
flores's body was found bludgeoned to death inside the hotel room. there is confession. van der sloot confessed to police in peru. there is video surveillance evidence. two of them entering the hotel room. only van der sloot coming out. martha: thanks very much. we'll get more later. steve harrigan. bill: it happened again. nuclear scientist is killed in tehran. they are lashing out at the u.s., and a close ally. breaking story in a moment. martha: there is newt gingrich in south carolina. he has a fourth place finish out of new hampshire. what is next for him. big speech we're told underway. we'll let you know what is going on with that right now. >> i don't actually expect obama to agree that two plus two equals four. i expect the american people to watch the debate to figure out two plus two equals four. more we debate, clearer it gets the bigger our margin will be so we quain win house, senate and
6:57 am
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6:58 am
we asked total strangers to watch it for us. thank you so much, i appreciate it, i'll be right back. they didn't take a dime. how much in fees does your bank take to watch your money ? if your bank takes more money than a stranger, you need an ally. ally bank. no nonsense. just people sense. [ male announcer ] take the fixodent 12 hour hold challenge. fixodent denture adhesive challenges you to a 12 hour hold test. ♪ thanks to its time released formula, you apply fixodent once, and it holds all day. ♪ take the fixodent 12 hour hold challenge. guaranteed, or your money back. ♪ and for guaranteed freshness try fixodent cleanser, plus scope ingredients.
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7:00 am
martha: they are turning rubber down on i-95 right now. that's the way you get from new hampshire all the way to south carolina. that is the way the battle for the republican presidential nam nation i nomination is headed right now to the palmetto state from the granite state. and we keep rolling, and rolling along here. brand-new hour of "america's newsroom." good to have you here on this post new hampshire morning. i'm. >> caller: gregmartha maccallum. greg: i'm bill hemmer. every one of the candidates insist that they are in it to win it. >> i stand ready to lead us down a different path where weir lifted up by your desire to succeed, not dragged down by resentment of success.
7:01 am
>> i believe if we had a republican house, a remember senate, and a gingrich presidency, it would be amazing how much we could get done, and how rapidly we could get it done. [applause] >> we have a campaign that has a message, and a messenger that can deliver what we need, which is first and foremost, to defeat barack obama, number one. >> we have stability. we have rule of law. we have the longest surviving constitution in the world. we even have private property rights right here in new hampshire. >> i think the intellectual revolution is going on now to restore liberty in this count tree, it's well on its way and there is no way they are going to stop the momentum that we have started. [applause] martha: that's what it looked like last night when they all came out. they have a lot of ground to
7:02 am
cover in the week ahead as they keep rolling and they are trying to catch mitt romney in south carolina. chief political correspondent carl cameron is standing by in the capitol of ne new hampshire. big win last night, now he's 2-0 as he heeds to south carolina. >> reporter: he knows full well south carolina is going to be a very different race, a lot teufr an teufr, tougher and much bigger race. he is very aware. in his speech there was one passage that made it clear that he knows there is a real pounding ahead from his rivals. he talks about the attack on hispanic tree and free enterprise. >> we've seen desperate republicans join forces. [booing ] >> this is such a mistake for our party, and for our nation. the country already has a leader
7:03 am
to divides us with the bitter politics of envy. we have to offer an alternative vision. i stand ready to lead us down a different path where we are lifted up by our desire to succeed not dragged down by resentment of success. >> reporter: today in south carolina the super pack that backs beginning requires unveil a full 30-minute long documentary they call it trashing mr. romney for his time as bain capital. gingrich is in the process of giving a big see much doing just that. rare r-rick perry is making it clear he's not going to back away from the attacks on romney's business record, listen. >> listen, i'm as much of a
7:04 am
capitalist and have a record to prove it by creating and helping create over a million jobs in the state of texas, but there is a real different between venture capitalism and vulture capitalism and that's what we're talking about here. >> reporter: every single time there is a presidential campaign there are a few phrases that have the capacity to become buzz phrases. vulture capitalism may be the one that dogs mitt romney. martha: very interesting. we just talked to mark sanford, former governor down there. he said they don't like to take their cues from new hampshire. we'll see what happens. >> reporter: thanks very much, martha. martha: concord is the capitol of new hampshire as we all learned in fifth grade, and we said man man on the way in. greg: you know who would know that, cameron. martha: maybe that's what he was trying to say at the very end there. message received, carl. greg: the democra bind joe
7:05 am
biden quick to come out and defend the president's record. >> we inherited a mess. the country is in trouble. so we went to work with the help of a lot of people we did what we had to do and we finished in the process, an absolutely unified opposition dead set against every single thing we tried to do. greg: president obama's team has opened seven campaign officers in new hampshire. that is more than all the republican candidates combined at the moment, just a handful of electoral votes. in a close national election that could mona big deal in new hampshire. martha: the candidates headed to the palmetto state, rick perry is hr*r there. already there. he's softening up the ground as everyone was in new hampshire. the texas governor was not
7:06 am
there. he's banking on a big finish in south carolina. he believes the state is suited to is social conservative agenda. he was on fox & friends. >> our message of a limited government of a proven fiscal conservative and social conservative would play very well in south carolina. we new new hampshire would be a long shot at best. that's won the reasons we side stepped it. martha: the latest "real clear politics" in south carolina has him in single digits in fifth place. we've seen a lot of movement in all of these things. ten days to go until the south carolina primary. greg: we saw huntsman go up in the polls. it wasn't the finish he hoped for.
7:07 am
huntsman said third place was the ticket. >> i'd say third place was the ticket to ride, ladies and gentlemen. hello, south carolina. >> i think it's going to be an uphill battle in south carolina because of the different nature of the state and what has gone on there. we've seen what george bush was able to do against mccain even though he did very well here. i think it will be a big challenge, but i think he's up to it. greg: chris stirewalt, up early, good morning in new hampshire. 23% for ron paul in second-place, 17 for huntsman, how good or mediocre is this evaluation of his candidacy now? >> look, the problem for governor huntsman is this is problem below about as good as it will ever be for him. it's a state of lot of independents, a state with a lot of democrats, who are -- people who are democratic voters who are independent, who came out for him. the fact that he could not sur mount ro surrmo u.n. t ron
7:08 am
paul's number casts shadows on the west of what he's doing. his message is that the republican party needs to return to sanity. he is talking about social conservative is eupl and a hard-line conservative attitude. authors the attitudes that hold sway inside the south carolina electorate. >> his team would argue that a few weeks ago his team had him in 7%. the exit polling we found in new hampshire showed that moderates, democrats, those that are satisfied with how barack obama is doing in the white house, they voted for huntsman. why is that? >> reporter: they did because jon huntsman worked inside the obama administration. he was the president's ambassador to china he's made an appeal that there is something
7:09 am
wrong with the republican party as constituted in sorts of it's tea party, libertarian faith and freedom party. he doesn't like what it's doing. he's running as a reformer of the party. ron paul says it should be more conservative, more libertarian. huntsman wants to take it in another direction. you guys did fantastic work in breaking down the exit polling. when you see how south carolina is constituted and really the rest of the count throw in a party that is dominated by the south and the west and religious conservatives it's hard to make that huntsman makes that into something beyond new hampshire. greg: they were speculating if he wasn't first or second he's dropping out. that is not the case, hunts hunts is going to south carolina, all six intact. thank you. martha: keep it right here on fox of course for the best election coverage of all. the next gop presidential debate right here next monday night. this one will get interesting,
7:10 am
folks, january the 16th. you can watch the remaining g.o.p. candidates as they face off on the stage there, that will be live from beautiful myrtle beach. our special coverage on the primary day, they held theirs on a saturday. you'll come into work on saturday bill hemmer, as will i. 6:00pm eastern time. we'll be here in realtime results and analysis. keep it right here. greg: frankly we wouldn't miss it. martha: of course not, we love it. greg: you may not be happy that we haven't seen snow so far this winter, but there are millions who depend on the powder to make a living, the no drought is killing north america's ski industry and bumping out the powder hounds from coast to coast. >> yeah i'm running of them. commercial jets being forced to make refueling pit stops. that is comfortable right when you're crossing the atlantic. it could be due to wind.
7:11 am
greg: note a whol not a whole hrat olot of places to win. wait until you see a new poll on how mitt romney stacks up head-to-head with president obama. >> i thought it was the best speech he has given so far. he's definitely i think the person to lead. [ male announcer ] drinking a smoothie with no vegetable nutrition? ♪ [ gong ] strawberry banana! [ male announcer ] for a smoothie with real fruit plus veggie nutrition new v8 v-fusion smoothie. could've had a v8. or annuity over 10 or even 20 years? call imperial structured settlements. the experts at imperial can convert your long-term payout into a lump sum of cash today.
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7:14 am
bill: they are back. some occupy wall street protestors spending the night in new york city's zuccotti park, police arresting three demonstrators. the tents and the sleeping bags banned from the park since a november police raid evicted protestors. in fact you can't sleep anywhere legally in a public place in new york. now we know. martha: presidential candidate mitt romney with back-to-back wins in iowa and new hampshire. now there is a new poll that shows that he would beat president obama in the
7:15 am
all-important p sunshin sunshine state. this is from the quinnipiac people up there. here is mitt romney last night. >> we still believe in the america that is a land of opportunity, and a beacon of freedom. we believe in the america that challenges each of us to be better and bigger than ourselves. this election let's go on the fight for the america we love, because we believe in america. thank you so much. god bless america. thank you, guys, you're the best. [applause] martha: brit hume joins me now. clearly mitt romney when he got to the podium was speaking as a frontrunner and talking as a first place winner.
7:16 am
what did you think about the speech. >> reporter: it was more like a convention speech than it was a primary night victory speech. i think romney is trying to move beyond the contest with his rivals and portray himself as somebody who is the one candidate in the field who is basically running against obama, contributing, i'm sure they hope to the sense of inevitability that has begun to surround his campaign. on the florida result, that's interesting, a big and important state, one that republicans on paper at least have a good chance of carrying. his being ahead there although within the margin of error indicates he'll be strang against the presidenstrong against the president there and perhaps in a number of other states as well. martha: let's take a look at one other thing that mitt romney said last night that hits on a big debate going on within the g.o.p. right now. listen to this. >> president obama wants to put free enterprise on trial and we've seen desperate republicans
7:17 am
join forces with him in the last few days. [booing ] >> this is such a mistake for our party and for our nation. martha: is this bain battle a mistake for the party east says? >> reporter: this is one of the most intriguing developments of the campaign so far. we have now three romney rivals, perry, huntsman, and gingrich, attacking him and his record as a businessman basically from the left. they are mounting the very same kind of attacks on romney's role at bain capital as senator kennedy did in the campaign when romney challenged him for the senate all those years ago. it's the same type of attack that is being used by president obama. i don't think it's endearing the three candidates to the conservative republicans. rush limbaugh, for example was pounding away at gingrich yesterday on this. romney, however, this is the kind of thing in a general election will certainly be used by the obama campaign. and it could hurt mr. romney,
7:18 am
and i -- my sense of it is he needs to mount an effective, perhaps with advertising, defense of the role he played at bain capital. martha: you know, in fact newt gingrich has said that he has to come out and have a press conference to answer all the questions, newt gingrich says that need to be answered about bain capital. and the super pack that supports him has spent a tremendous amount of money on a 28-minute documentary that kind of looks like a michael moore-style attack on american capitalism. they've already spent a lot of money in this effort. do you think it's too late for hem to pivot off of this? it might be not working for them. >> reporter: my sense about this is is that decision to do that was motivated among the gingrich supporters who did this by a desire for revenge on romney for what he did, taking gingrich down in iowa. now of course he had a lot of help in doing that from ron paul
7:19 am
whose ad if anything were even sharper and harder than were the romney ads. gingrich is furious at romney. he holds grudges, does newt gingrich. if he wanted to pivot and spend that money that he got from the las vegas phult tee billionaire shellebillionaire, on ads touting gingrich as a conservative leader and thinker and all he's done he would have a chance of gaining ground than he would in attacking romney in a way that offend a lot of conservatives. martha: a lot of dynamics going on there. thank you. bill: how about a ski-season bummer. from coast to coast resorts are sitting empty. what is causing the dry spell? martha: lack of snow, perhaps? plus hoping for a south carolina rebound, we were just talking with brit hume about gingrich. i has finished up what was billed as a major speech this morning. we'll tell you what was major about it when we come back.
7:20 am
>> i believe the next ten days are as important as any ten days we have seen in modern person politics. i believe that south carolina citizens are either going to center in and pick one conservatives, or by default we are going to send a moderate onto the nomination. when i grow up, i want to fix up old houses. ♪ [ woman ] when i grow up, i want to take him on his first flight. i want to run a marathon. i'm going to own my own restaurant. when i grow up, i'm going to start a band. [ female announcer ] at aarp we believe you're ner done growing. thanks, mom. i just want to get my car back. [ female announcer ] discover what's next in your life. get this free travel bag when you join at
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martha: it's 23 points past the hour on this wednesday morning. this to report to you deadly drone strike. pakistan is saying the u.s. is responsible, at least four militants killed in those strikes. the ceo of troubled mortgage lender fanny mae says he is
7:24 am
stepping down. mike williams saysess step down as soon as they name a successor. binge drinking in america seems to be a bigger problem than previously thought. one in six americans, or 38 million people went on at least one drinking binge a month over the course of last year. bill: 24 minutes past the hour now, ski season not much fun if you don't have that key ingredient called snow. key resorts from lake tahoe in the west to vermont in the east struggling for a lack of snow. that has an impact. alicia acuna in denver on this. >> reporter: forecasters are saying this is simply just a layer, enough to make the morning commute a mess but not enough to make a difference in this low-snow winter. along the chicago lake front it might as well be spring. >> crazy, there should be snow on the ground. there should be like 12 feet of snow. it's very weird. it's january.
7:25 am
>> reporter: in minnesota the snowplows are ready but there is nothing to plow. in utah instead of no mobiles it's bicycles. the mild winter is not good news for everyone, ski resorts nationwide are taking a hit and much of the snow is man made. >> you've got to watch where you're going, definitely. >> reporter: states like colorado depend on the tourism dollars, but this year -- >> we've seen a lot of brown, a lot of rocks. >> reporter: colorado's snow surveyors say the snow pack here is down nearly 30% and even lower in some ski areas. >> what we're measuring here is similar to what they are getting. >> reporter: in colorado's farm country snow pack is crucial, less snow in the mountains means less water flows downhill for crops. >> we may have to begin anything about what alternatives we would have to what otherwise would be a very normal crop plan. >> reporter: so far it's not looking good. >> typically when this reservoir is full it can hold between 2500 and 3200-acre feet, and as you
7:26 am
can see it's tkraoeufrpblgts while many arit's dry. >> reporter: while many are enjoying the spring i've like weather. >> 50 degrees? can't beat that in january. >> reporter: many others are praying for snow. >> it can never snow too much, so, that's why we are snowplow drivers. >> reporter: and resorts and farmers now saying that they still have a lot of winter left, so they are hopeful things will get better. bill: it is ironic to watch you right now in all the white stuff in den srefrplt denver. i know it's snowing up in the mountains. we know you need more too. thanks. alicia a kuhn toda acuna reporting. martha: there shall reports that a nuclear scientist was targeted and killed on the streets of teheran. bill: newt gingrich wrapping up a speech on the streets in north
7:27 am
carolina. what was his message today. the fiery remarks from the former speaker. did you hear this? >> i believe we can reach out and create a majority that will shock the country and a majority that will begin to put us back on the right track.
7:28 am
7:29 am
7:30 am
martha: well, there are reports this morning that one of iran's leading nuclear scientists is dead, killed by a car bomb. iran is blaming the united states, and israel.
7:31 am
reena ninan is following this live from jerusalem. reena, what do we know about the attack and how it was carried out and perhaps any leads and by whom. >> we're hearing two people on the back of a motorcycle attached a magnetic bomb on the car of a university professor, hazmatie roshan, a chemistry expert working on a leading nuclear facility. the expert and his driver were killed in the attack. what's creating a lot of buzz is the fact that this attack is so similar to the kiltings of other iranian scientists over the past year, martha. martha: there seems to be sort of a secret war against iran and israel has been blamed for it. do we know that israel has any role in this? >> reporter: no, in fact, there's been silence from israeli officials, as is the case every time when one of these mystery murders pops up, and we have no concrete proof that israel was in fact behind this. iran, of course, in the past
7:32 am
has blamed the cia, mi-6, also the israeli moussad, for being behind these attacks, the french newspaper, les figaro, what's said that the dissents are working against the ayatollah in iran. what is really the truth, martha, over the next year, the international community is going to have to decide how they plan on dealing with the iran nuclear program and for now it seems to try and delay it. martha. martha: reena, thank you very much. mysterious story. at least four other scientists have been killed in similar circumstances since 2007. in fact, last july, an academic who was involved in the country's nuclear program was reportedly shot dead an iran denies this. in november 2010, 1 nuclear scientist was killed and another was injured in separate car blasts, and back in january of 2010, a nuclear siz sist was killed outside his home in a motorcycle bomb explosion,
7:33 am
onof -- january '07, one of iran's reading -- leading scientists died from radiation exposure. >> bill i want to take to you south carolina right now, show you a live look. newt gingrich, his wife. calista, speaking with voters. that was rock hill, south carolina, york county, south of charlotte, palmetto state, next door to newt's home state of georgia and after his fourth place finish in new hampshire, he is looking for something big, something big in a significant way in south carolina. >> this is a campaign to take on the establishment in both parties. this is a campaign to say we are ready to truly fundamentally change washington and it's going to require the courage and the discipline and the commitment of the american people. not just the president. the american people. but if you will help, i will insist on the truth, i want a free enterprise system that is honest, i want a
7:34 am
free enterprise system that's accountable, i want a free enterprise system that is fair to everyone and gives everyone an equal opportunity to pursue happiness, and i think it's central to our future. bill: okay, now that was from his speech moments ago. khel yeah ann conway, senior adviser of the newt tkpw-pbg rich campaign, just back from new hampshire, good morning to you. >> good morning. bill: he flew into charlotte at 1:33 in the morning and now he's here in south carolina. we were told this was a big speech this morning. >> it was. bill: what was the message? >> the message was one of economic populism and optimism. there's been so much coverage on the conflict, and newt is less likely to talk about another person than he is about big ideas and what he's trying to put forth, in the economic contract, between him and president obama and mitt romney, the capital gains, newt eliminates them for everyone because 894,000 business owners are get stuck in mitt romney's plan
7:35 am
where he has a artificial threshold of 200,000. a lot of business owners have received more than that. it seems boring you, but -- >> bill: but vote verse to go into the weeds and figure out the policy they support. i want to know if there's anything new in this speech. >> there is. newt is taking on the establishment. what newt is convey to go people is let's think about what it means to be, quote, electable. just saying mitt romney is ehr-bgtable, that he can beat obama doesn't make it true. electibility is somebody that's fearless and on the debate stage, somebody who you know is going to take it to obama. it also has to be somebody who's distinctly different from obama on the record. bill: i see the contest. >> on abortion positions he's all over the map, he's very similar to obama in his support of planned parenthood over the years. bill: you say he's not a divider to paraphrase your first answer. mitt romney last night talked about despite
7:36 am
republicans trying to divide us. he's talking about gingrich. he's talking about his attacks on bain capital. >> actually, it's really -- >> bill: why is he going there. >> where is romney going there 1234. >> bill: why is gingrich going there. >> gingrich said he thought mitt romney was taken totally out of context, i will fire people. and he gets no credit for it. but it's governor perry who's running as the outsider from the establishment of washington and wall street. it's governor perry who referred to vulture capitalism, we didn't. it's also governor hunts man. what newt is doing, he didn't mention mitt romney. what he is telling voters, just like in 2010, ladies and gentlemen, you need not listen to the establishment and mainstream media, pick your nom know. 2010 was about people who didn't have deep pockets sunking to the top. the governor, they were told you can't win. you want somebody who's bold and solution centric and somebody who i think is not bold and scripted and
7:37 am
somebody who is not the blueprint for omabacare. bill he has a big no, south carolina. perhaps that portends for a good finish on the 21st. late saturday he called south carolina a must win. >> he was very frank about that. i was there for two days this week talking to voters and doing research there. it's very clear that people there are very undecided, many of them look at it as a two person race in their minds. they may want to support the other candidates but they look at it as a wasted vote. they don't wanto they want to send obama packing. it's between newt and mitt and the question is who can beat obama. that's why the eletibility is so important. bill: late stkeurs in new hampshire went for san tore u. make sure fox news is your place. this is a big deal, south carolina republican debate, only here on the fox news channel, the sixth of january, 9:00 eastern time. be there!
7:38 am
martha. martha: how about this? a nonstop flight to the united states forced to make pit stops? what is happening over the atlantic that is making these planes touch down early? bill: also turns out -- or turnout, rather, seen as key in an election. did voters come out in new hampshire? the voters committee and what that means for the election next november. >> thank you guys! what a job you've done! thank you! thanks so very much! we love you, we'll see you on the trail, and i'll be back! i'll be back to make sure that new hampshire votes for me for president when i become the nominee. thank you guys! this new at&t 4g lte is fast. hey, two tickets just opened up on the 50. ...yup, about to go pick them up from will call. so 46 seconds ago. did you guys hear that chapman rolled his ankle? done. get out there. so 12 seconds ago. you guys know how to post videos to facebook? you guys know how to post videos to facebook? you guys hear, someone stole...
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7:42 am
feels very bad, quote, yes, i am guilty. he was attached to the natalee holloway disappearance in aruba several years before that. van der sloot pleading guilty to murdering a 21-year-old woman in peru. only moments ago. this is not much of a surprise. van der sloot said that the murder did take place, but there were reasons because of that. and at the time, he had said that this girl, a 21-year-old woman, was on a computer, looking up information on him that tied him or had a connection for van der sloot to natalee holloway and that's what set him off. so van der sloot in court a momenting ago. we'rewe're going to watch this thing and see what the fall out is from there and where the trial goes from here. breaking news here in "america's newsroom". martha: a new analysis this morning shows that more voters made it to the poll necessary new hampshire this year than four years ago. hire turnout, 208, just over 239,000 voter came out for the republican side of the
7:43 am
primary, they were both primaries of course that time around, and this year the number was up by about 10,000 people. here's some of the reaction to the vote in new hampshire >> i voted for someone that i thought could bring the economy back a little bit. i found it to be a really difficult decision. i don't feel strongly toward one candidate or another to be honest. it was a tough decision for me to year. >> i'm worried about the real leadership on the republican side. so i hope somebody steps up. don't you? >> martha: interesting comments from the voters in new hampshire there. reince pri bus joins me -- priebus joins me. they don't seem fired up. >> you got two people! martha: just saying! >> what i can tell you is votership was up compared to
7:44 am
four years ago. more importantly, once you look at where george bush was in '04 and compare that to obama in new hampshire last night, george bush, he received 69,000 votes in '04, and for all the bragging that the democrats and team obama is doing about how many offices they have and all these people on the ground, they only got 50,000 votes last night, and worse than that for obama, if you look at his polling, he's upside down in new hampshire, only 40 percent of the people approve of the job he's doing and as far as the ground game goes, martha, really the work we need to do, we're all pacing the democrats in border registration. we have an 8500 vote surplus, or at least advantage against the democrats, and they were completely -- they had an advantage against us four years ago, and all of that has evaporated. so looking at the numbers -- >> martha: i get it, interesting.
7:45 am
let's swing back for a moment though and take a look at gop nomination, and you know, we have heard a fair amount of that sentiment as we look through the whole process, that people weren't really thrilled that there wasn't a standout sort of person who was running away with it. do you think now that it's time for republicans to, you know, gather behind mitt romney? >> well, south carolina is going to be a big test, and of course, we've got the florida and nevada caucuses. nevada is the full slate of delegates. it's really the first full slate of delegate social security happening in nevada. so i think you've got a couple more contests here. it's not my role to play traffic cop, as far as who runs and doesn't, and quite frankly, i think the voters are sick and tired of party bosses and people in washington telling them how they should operate. so i think that what's happening here is great for our base, and great for our opportunity to save this country and really defeat a
7:46 am
president that just doesn't get it, doesn't fulfill his promise, march that. that's what we're talking about. march when i was covering the exit polls last night i found it very interesting, when we saw that increase in the turnout, and we determined that a fair amount of that may have been driven by independent voters who were coming out to vote in the gop primary necessary new hampshire last night. you know, clearly, as head of the republican party, you want to bring in folks who may have been independent and voted for the president last time around, but who may want to be going the other way this time around. what's your indication of what those numbers are and whether or not you're able to bring in some of those folks? >> clearly, when someone who wasn't independent -- the way new hampshire works, you actually have to register as a republican to vote, even in the republican primary, but you can do it on the same way. it's -- same day. it's a technicality. martha: a lot of people consider themselves to be independent. >> i'm not coying with you on that, and i think it's a good indicator that once
7:47 am
someone invests in you or once someone comes over to your side of the aisle, so to speak, and they say i'm with you now and i'm not with this president, that has an enormous impact on our ability to make sure they stay with us in november 2012 which of course in new hampshire, being a battle ground state, is really where the prize is. i mean, last night is an important night for our party but we need to make sure that new hampshire is red in november. that's really where this battle lies. that's what we're focused on. martha: reince, thank you very much, always good to see you. >> have a good day. bill: going to check in with jon scott and see what's coming our way on "happening now" 12 short minutes away. how you doing? >> jon: doing well, bill. we are continuing to digest the results from the new hampshire primary today. mitt romney gets the momentum and quashes any doubt about whether he's a frontrunner or not. we'll talk about what new hampshire taught us and look ahead to south carolina, just a week away, a little bit more than that. plus, just who is the middle class these days? they are the voters that
7:48 am
everyone is courting. who gets their vote? >> and have you heard the latest out of the tour of tyrants? the president of nicaragua suggests israel give up its nukes. plus another iranian scientist killed today in a brazen assassination. who's behind it, and are we waging a covert secret war against iran? more on that in a minute. bill: that is an intriguing story that we all woke up to today. okay jon, see new ten minutes, all right? >> listen to this, nonstop flights over the atlantic, heading to the u.s., forced to make stops. what's causing the so called direct flights to take a detour? and where do you go over that big ocean? martha: plus, the homage to denver broncos quarter back star tim tebow with a rival team fan. [ gong ] strawberry banana! [ male announcer ] for a smoothie with real fruit plus veggie nutrition
7:49 am
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martha: rubbing salt into a big wound at the mayor's office in the steel city, luke ravenstahl, look at this, tebowing, for his whole city to see! he had to do it in a broncos jersey, the mayor of pittsburgh, folks n. a broncos jersey, this after he lost a bet that he made with the mayor of denver on sunday's bronxoes-playplayoff game. he's down on the ground, and kids are doing it across the country and the -- boy, that poor mayor of pittsburgh. bill: i feel sorry for steelers fans. that was tough to take, right? after a great season, too. there is growing concern an increasing number of unexpected stops over transatlantic flights, reportsna a flight from europe was force to make a stop in hal fax, canada before landing at its
7:53 am
destination in washington, d.c. that is just one example of stkeps of flights, nonstop flights, rerouted enroute to the u.s. continental airlines saying that's because he's fierce head winds are forcing more of the planes to stop and refuel. now, the critics argue the airline is playing a dangerous game of risk. is it? peter goales, aviation consultant, former managing director of the ntsb. good morning, peter, what's going on here? >> this is called la nina versus airline economics. the transatlantic market was developed in the 1970s with the 747. they found out too much aircraft for much of those routes. so they, with the downturn of the economy, have been moving to smaller planes. a 757, on costs a couple hundred dollars per flight over 5767, on fuel costs, about $1000. so they are playing the economics game.
7:54 am
and frankly, the head winds are running 75, 85 miles an hour. it just eats up the fuel. bill: is this dangerous? you're flying over water. it's not like you can just spot any airport down there. >> well, the airlines and the faa are very serious about safety on this matter. and they have rules on how much extra fuel you can fly, they have specific rules for two engine planes where even if you lose an engine, that the plane still has the capability at all times of reaching a safe alternate airport. so i don't think it's a safety issue. but it is certainly with high-low -- high load capacity, it is a convenience issue, and the airlines ought to look at it. bill: i see. planes are required to have about 45 minutes of extra fuel in case they need to go to an alternate tiff, but you're saying this is just head winds? how long does that upper jetstream last like this? >> who knows, but they switched from 767s, which
7:55 am
are wide bodied aircraft to 757s during the '90s, early 2000. the 757s' maximum range is about 4000 miles. seven hundred sixty-seven, considerably more than that. as i say, it's cheaptory fly the 757s. you pay your pilots less, you have less be a cab -- less of a cabin crew. it's being driven by economics. bill: i see. what would the passenger think about this if they're onboard one of these? >> if you miss your connections, in this day, with 90 percent plus load factor, you may not be able to reconnect to your flight, particularly during holiday periods, for a couple of days. it is a real inconvenience. bill: we're going to watch and see where it goes. "wall street journal" reported on it earlier today and we jumped on it. peter goelz, thank you, may the winds be at your back, okay? okay? in this case, significant ones. martha: they thought they were boxing up care packages
7:56 am
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and it holds all day. ♪ take the fixodent 12 hour hold challenge. guaranteed, or your money back. ♪ martha: teen twins, say at that three times fast, boxing up care packages for their air force mom's unit. they got the care package they cared most about. watch. >> [crying] you guys are mean. you tricked us. martha: just love that. so nice, right. her mom is an air force captain serving in afghanistan. they last saw her back in june. bill: wow! seven months waiting right. that is good kind of trick. if you're going to trick somebody you want to do that. hey, i'm home from the war. martha: would have a heart


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