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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  January 19, 2012 1:00am-2:00am PST

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deoderant. i will be smelling great. >> anna, bill, dana, rick, always a pleasure. remember, it is my show. it is not your show, anna. it is my show. it has my name on it. >> bret: the obama administration says no to the keystone xl pipeline. this is "special report." ♪ ♪ >> bret: good evening. i'm bret baier. president obama said he would not approve pipeline to bring canadian oil and thousands of jobs, according to some, to the u.s. chief washington correspondent james rosen has the president's reasons and the reaction. >> reporter: in rejecting keystone xl, obama accepted
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the recommendation of hillary clinton who 16 months ago spoke in support of the pipeline. considering relevant environmental issues and the consequences of the project on energy security, economy and foreign policy, the president wrote in a memo to clinton -- i have determined the keystone xl pipeline project has presented and analyzed at this time would not serve the national interest. >> state department reviews the process made clear that setting arbitrary deadline for this purely political effort would put the state department in a corner, severely hamper their ability to review an alternate route and pipeline route. >> keystone pipeline pumps half a billion in crude oil a day from alberta, to illinois. keystone xl would have run to texas and brought online additional 830,000 barrels a day.
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they also argue it created 300,000 jobs. visibly angry house speaker accused the president of selling out jobs for politics and surrendering u.s. energy security to china. >> the council said the pipeline projects like this one can create hundreds of thousands of american jobs. the union support it, the state along the proposed route support it. bipartisan support here in the congress of the united states. >> wary of offending the labor units, the democrats offered a mostly muted reaction. >> the study, you to look at the new roof and be sure there are not problems with it. that is doable. it find it unfortunate. >> reporter: environmental groups waged a three-year war against the project. >> the real fear is that pipeline is unsafe and could
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create billions of dollars of damage. >> the president has fallen victim to extreme group of individuals who do not want oil and gas production or importation in the united states. >> the republican candidates were seizing on today's decision as a campaign issue, the transcanada corporation builder of both keystone pipelines indicateed late today it will seek a new presidential permit. >> bret: james rosen live at the state department. more on this with the panel. the south carolina primary is getting closer and the exchanges between republican presidential candidates are getting nastier. chief political correspondent carl cameron on campaign trail. >> with newt gingrich gaining south carolina steam, mitt romney mocked the former speaker's claim to help create jobs as member of the house. >> government doesn't create jobs. it's the private job that creates jobs -- private sector that creates jobs. congressmen taking responsibility or taking credit for helping create jobs is like al gore taking credit
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for the internet. >> romney blasted gingrich for attacking capitalism with the criticism of romney's days at bain capital. >> i was disappointed to see one of my appoints attacking free enterprise just like the president was. that is not the role of the republican party. >> gingrich depends the critique of the business record and recaps it as issue of character. >> i fully expect the campaign to be dirty and dishonest for the next four days because they're desperate. they thought they could buy this. >> gingrich declares with a south carolina victory, he will win the nomination and the presidency. neither santorum nor romney can. >> there is enough energy in this room, you can help make sure we carry the state. if we carry saturday, i will become the nominee this fall. >> gingrich argues that rick santorum can't win the nomination because he lost senate re-election in pennsylvania. santorum calls gingrich, "completely disconnected from reality." >> the hubris and i might go so far to say arrogance of
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speaker gingrich to suggest that i don't have the experience to run a campaign. to win a national campaign. >> insisting judgment matters, santorum ripped gingrich for sometimes off-the-wall policy proposals and collaborating with nancy pelosi. >> the only person i sat on a couch with is my wife. i don't have to be smartest person in the room to come up with a hair-brained idea every 20 minutes. >> he also criticized romney compared to capital investments the speaking fees for small. they were over $300,000. >> $300,000 isn't a few extra bucks to me. >> the romney campaign tonight is disputing report from abc news he parked for tax benefit he parked millions in cayman island account. romney says all the money there was taxed at the same equivalent of the domestic tax rate. abc news assertion it was taxed differently and romney
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got breaks is false. romney camp is demanding a correction tonight. >> bret: live in south carolina. thank you. official with president obama's re-election campaign tells fox it purchased tv ad time in swing states and the messages are expected to begin airing the end of this week in michigan, virginia, ohio, north carolina and wisconsin. white house is sending mixed messages tonight about a report that president obama is calling for direct talks with iran. ed henry tells us what he is hearing. the officials in iran claim that president obama sent a letter to the supreme leader warning against closure in the strait of hormuz and asking for direct talks to ease tensions. that appear to have the nation on brink of war. >> it is being examined. if it's deemed it should be replied so there will be a reply. >> after a question from fox, jay carney seemed to confirm
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the letter. >> if the iranians are serious about restarting talks they need to respond to the letter. >> senior official clarified that no such letter was written by the president or other official. the administration sent tough message that closing the strait that controls a big chunk of the world's oil flow would be a red line. the message concluded they continue to be open to talk. a former administration official tells fox the white house did send two letters in 2009. to the iranian government offering talks. one was publicized and one was not. top republicans charge the latest folly makes the u.s. look weak. >> it's very difficult to have talks with a country around the world who has vowed to do everything but wipe us off the face of the earth. >> carney says it has a strong hand. talks would come why iran is on the offensive. >> iran's economy is suffering
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from the effects of the international sanctions regime. as well as the unliteral sanctions that the various nations placed on iran. >> neither of the free world is not taking the necessary steps to stop it. now we hear that they are asking for talks. talking with iranians is playing in their hands. the iranians are masters of fooling the world. >> netanyahu deputy charged that the u.s. is holding back on tougher sanctions because the white house is worried a spike in gas prices will impact the election. a top u.s. official said it's silly. the president is holding back because he worries that the high gas prices will hurt global economy. >> bret: we will follow it. thank you. manufacturerring was up% 9 of a percentage point in -- .9 of
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a percentage point. the dow gained 97 today. s&p 500 was up 14. the nasdaq finished ahead 42. the international monitor fund says it is aiming to increase reserves by $500 million to give more loans to struggling nations. the imf estimates the countrys need $1 trillion in new loans in the coming years. chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel reports on the first significant action of the year by the lawmakers. >> the house passed a resolution to disapprove the president raising the debt ceiling by $1.2 trillion. the house republicans argue it's time to change. >> stop insanity of trillion dollar a year deficit spending. this must stop. now is not the time to get another increase in the limit. now is the time to cut up
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credit card and buckle down. >> the vote to disapprove was part of the debt deal last summer. democrats, the majority in the senate, the measure is not a threat to president obama's ability to borrow. still the republicans are pushing president obama to address the drivers of the debt. >> where is the president entitlement reform plan? where is his tax reform plan? where is his regulatory reform plan? where is his litigation reform plan? mr. speaker, i have seen his re-election plan. >> the house democrats said the resolution was a charade and not serious. >> this is all fun and games but the country is burning. >> other democrats agree that the debt is a problem but this vote was more about the 2012 election. >> this is a political game. a game that says see, i voted against the debt. >> the next is extending payroll tax holiday, unemployment benefit and medicare doc fix for the rest of the year. 2011 ended on agreement of two-month extension that the president signed before
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christmas. >> we didn't think the senate should leave. it was clear that the senate wasn't coming back. but it was, we were picking the right fight. but i would argue that we picked it at the wrong time. >> that fight should get going shortly as they struggle how to pay for the payroll holiday and the other extensions. after all there is not much of an appetite for adding to the national debt. bret? >> mike emanuel live on the hill. thank you. later, a closer look at mitt romney's taxes. which brings us to tonight's infinity sponsored text to vote question. should mitt romney release his tax records now? text sr1 to 36288 for yes, he should. text sr2 for no, he should not. we'll bring you the results at the end of tonight's show. up next, why the internet looked different today.
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>> bret: in overseas news, hungarian musician who worked aboard the italian cruise ship is the first victim officially identified from friday's accident. the death toll stands at 11, with 24 passengers and crew members still missing. leading politician says iraq needs new leaders to keep country from disintegrading. it comes after nouri al-maliki's call for arrest warranting against sunni vice president. the state department says pakistan rejected visit by the american envoy to the region. pakistan wants to complete review of relations with the u.s. before the trip. it comes in response to american airstrikes that accidently killed 24 pakistani soldiers in november. if you have been on the
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internet today you probably noticed changes. correspondent claudia cowen reports on an industry protest against new proposed restrictions. >> supports say it's the biggest internet site ever. scores of website going dark, blacking out the names or posting banners to draw attention to sopa, the stop online piracy act. its partner in the senate hi hippa , protext intellectual property act. they are designed to crack down on sites stealing content, be it music or movies made in the u.s. >> we have sites located outside the united states stealing intellectual property, not only from the entertainment business but from millions of others that work in the copyright property of our country. >> bills would require the web company to block sites that share stolen content. mostly offshore operations beyond the easy reach of america's copywrite laws. critics argue crackdown on internet pirates will not be the bill's only effect. >> sopa places tremendous incentives toward anyone who does business with an american
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company. to pull the plug on them. without warning. f anyone complains about something they didn't like, they could get it pulled off the internet. >> those in favor, include manage hollywood movie and recording studios maintain safeguard are in place to prevent shutdown and the protest by sites like wikipedia is misguided. >> it's ironic that a website, dedicated to providing information is in fact spreading misinformation. they simply haven't read the bill. websites have nothing to worry about. we target foreign websites. >> today, strike offered other online encyclopedia to reach out to new versions. >> it's too soon to know how many people were inconvenienceed but no question that the protest was effective. calls flooded congressional offices and dozens of members
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from both parties withdrew or dialed back their initial support. we may see tweaks to the controversial legislation before it comes if you were a vote. >> obama administration is for the first time providing many federal, state and local law enforcement agencies with analysis of homegrown terrorism incidents. officials say basic similarities of the perpetrators include speaking out against and blaming the government. along with using the internet to express views and connect with others. still ahead -- the negativity in the air in south carolina. first, how many do you care? or do you care at all? how much mitt romney pays in taxes. [♪...] >> announcer: bank robbery certainly is a frightening crime. after all, bank robbers stole $43 million in one year. but identity thieves? try 37 billion!
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>> bret: we are taking a closer look at the attacks on mitt romney corn accepting what he pays in taxes. chief washington correspondent jim angle looks behind the numbers. >> how are you doing? >> the white house and the democratic activists are going after mitt romney over the statement he pays tax rate of 15%. the rate on investment income. the obama administration clearly hopes to make this an election year issue. >> it simply is a matter of fairness does not make a lot of cents for millio sense for md billionaires tax at lower rate than someone making $100,000 or less a year. >> democrats piled on. >> secretaries rank and file citizens, across the country pay more. >> that is not true because after reductions most people have lower effective rate. >> for more americans and that goes up to $so,000 in income is around 12%.
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12 to 13 president. >> the white house tries to use the 15% capital gains rate to tar romney but many believe lower rates are critical. tab president seems to recognize the value of lower capital gains because he wants to lower them for small business. >> the last thing the president wants to do now is propose something that would cut jobs. >> recent debate. candidates asked what they think the ideal texas tax rate should be? >> 20% floatages. >> my plan has two rates. 10 and 28%. >> get it down to 25%. >> up to 1913 it was 0%. >> romney pays 15% rate so we're going name our flat tax the mitt romney 15% flax tax. >> what would president obama do? repeal tax cut and add increase for individuals making $200,000, couples more than $250,000. the new rate would to out at
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15%. couples making 250 paying 36% tax rate. ten changes would have romney paying 5% more. the bill clinton rates of 20% in washington, jim angle, fox news. >> get thoughts now on the romney tax issue from the senior political analyst, brit hume. >> hello. >> the world often looks different from inside of a campaign than from the outside. it could explain the slow and insent response to question his role at bain capital and his tax return. it's clear for outside observers that both issues were troublesome as they feed the notion that romney is a rich guy unconcerned with people. romney failed to make case on any detail.
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romney indicated he would release the tax return some point this year. he took educated guess in public about the tax rate and made headline and kept the story alive but without releasing returns and getting it over with. the major political campaign is coordinating effort through the candidate, surrogate and tv and radio ads. each day event and the message are planned. it's unwise to allow every question that comes along to throw you offstride and offmessage. sometimes things need to be answered. a trick that most come pain have yet to answer. >> we talk about the attack on mitt romney. we talked about ron paul's steady loyal support. part of the story is the santorum/gingrich battle. especially in south carolina. >> gingrich looks like he is rising there and doing well.
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what does he do? he tells santorum who has beaten him in iowa and new hampshire that santorum ought to get out of the race. if you are trying to keep santorum in the race, you could not have done better. that's what he did. >> president obama's choice to serve as interim budget director is a former employee of bain and company. the same consulting firm that the republican presidential candidate mitt romney worked and was eventually ceo. romney left and helped found private equity firm called bain capital the focus of recent attacks from some of romney republican opponents and the obama campaign. next in grapevine, closing a tourism event to tourists. don't forget, tonight's infinity sponsor text to vote question should mitt romney le lease the tax records now? text sr1 to 36288 for yes. sr2 if you would like to respond no. we will bring you the results
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at the end of tonight's show.
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>> bret: fresh pickings from the political grapevine. new study from the nonpartisan media and public affairs looks at coverage of the presidential race on big three broadcast evening news programs and the first half hour of this program. it found mitt romney was the only major candidate to receive majority of negative evaluations, as the entire
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republican field, cbs has the positive portrayal of candidates with the stories about ron paul. it found our program had the most overall balanced coverage of the candidates with 52% positive versus 48% negative comments. president obama is headed to walt disney world thursday to give economic speech to hit home for main street. literally. his bid to boost tourism will be closed to tourists. disney will shut down main street usa and other areas of the magic kingdom park until after the president leaves in the afternoon. disney cement memo to cast members the president's remarks are not open to guests and iviations are handled solely by the white house. no word if mickey made the guest list. finally greece's culture ministry is slashing rental prices on some of the famous landmarks to generate cash. french press agency reports the acropolis can now be
1:32 am
respected by a commercial firm for as low as $2,000 a day. other potential rentals include delphi. archaeologists are less than thrilled. saying the initiative is sacrilegious. with three days to go before the south carolina primary, there is negativity in the air. it comes in the form of attack ads from g.o.p. candidates and their supporters. senior national correspondent john roberts looks at whether the messages are getting through to the voters. >> more baggagage that the airline. >> a powerful political tool. >> i thought it was funny but i don't vote for funny. >> al gore texas cheerleader -- >> that voters love to hate. >> it's childish. >> in my book, i said no such thing. >> south carolina has been buried in them. >> i thought it was hooey.
1:33 am
>> $7 million in the negative campaign war. what do voters think? >> i showed some ads to folks in the local coffee shop. >> it's a necessary technique. it's a necessary evil just like anything else. you can't say that you are going to stop using any sort of negativity in your campaign because it's actually not human nature. you are not going to sell anything like that way. >> negative tv ads go all the way back to 1964 when lyndon johnson torpedoed barry goldwater with the infamous ad that aired just once. that's all it needed. these days voters are inundated with new attacks almost by the hour. >> negative ads made me nauseous to be honest. >> to me, it says someone doesn't have enough to talk about with their own record. >> i'm angry with them. >> we are acting like children. they are bigger adult issues we need to deal with. >> unfortunately, it's effective.
1:34 am
>> they are effective to be sure. >> sometimes though, it's an opposite effect. tea party member sue burback was leaning toward ron paul but after seeing this paul ad against rick perry -- >> rick perry helped lead al gore's campaign. >> back to undecided. >> i was really surprised at ron paul, saying, putting that ad up. i thought he was better than that. my decision is waffling again. not sure which one i should trust. >> many republicans complain the negative attacks are so intense they could send nominee to general election campaign severely wounded. others argue the obama side is just going to raise all of this anyway so better to get it out there, and dealt with now. >> john roberts live in charleston. thank you. former executive with union support has become the first democrat to officially challenge wisconsin governor scott walker.
1:35 am
kathleen falk made her announcement today. advocates of recall election submitted betitions on tuesday. we'll talk the obama administration decision to say no to keystone xl pipeline project when the fox all-starspó
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president obama is destroys jobbing shipping energy to the chinese. there is no other way to put it. the president selling out american jobs for politics. >> they made clear that the state department in a statement prior to the legislation imposing arbitrary 60-day deadline would make it impossible for adequate review to take place of a route, alternate route that to the day does not exist. >> bret: the president accepting secretary of state hillary clinton recommendation to say no to the keystone xl pipeline today saying it would
1:39 am
not serve the national interest. adding in a memo, the rush and arbitrary deadline insisted on by congressional republicans prevented a full assessment of the pipeline impact. the secretary of state recommended that the application be denied. after reviewing the state department report, i agree. >> this is what he said in march in 2007. >> when it comes to the oil we import from other nations, obviously we have to look at neighbors like canada and mexico that are stable and steady. stable andp steady reliable sources. >> bret: bring in our panel. mary kathryn hamm. and charles lane an syndicated columnist charles krauthammer. >> what i think the president is saying this is not in the national interest is being extremely sin can. that statement he made about canada and mexico is the real
1:40 am
key here. not just that it creates tens of thousands of jobs but where the sources of oil are unstable and unfriendly, from the middle east or other part of the world like russia, this would be source from the nearest neighbor and reliable ally. it would go to china and the canadian prime minister made it clear when he was here a few months ago, if he hasn't had south it will head west to alberta. the chinese will have access to really important strategic asset. the idea from carney about the arbitrary deadline, the president imposed arbitrary deadline or timeline. he had to make a decision at the end of last year and he decided arbitrarily it needed 12 months of study. against that number gets past the election. it's all about the election. not angering his base on the left. it has nothing to do with studies. this is the most studied
1:41 am
pipeline in the history of the united states. three years of study. it concluded that it would be ecologically safe. this is all about re-election. it's nothing else. >> bret: environmental groups praised this decision, they're waging a three-year war against the project. they question the number of jobs that the project is said to create. proponents say 20,000. it would don't that much. what about this politically for the president. why not? does it hurt the obama campaign? >> well, you know, i have a feeling. that maybe they thought it was a good week to put this out there while everyone else is talking about mitt romney and his taxes. and the south carolina primary and maybe get this swallowed up in the hub pub. it cuts both ways for him politically. don't forget on one hand yes, a lot of environmentalists people concerned about the global warning. over here, you have labor
1:42 am
unions part of the -- >> bret: who favor this. >> who favor this. notwithstanding about what the congress or democratic members of the senate and house who favor this. it will probably i think, though, on the net, a muss for him to get this over with early and chewed up. earlier on as opposed to dropping it in the middle of the campaign. >> in the short-term, a political decision on his part, not necessarily in the national interest. it gave a clear illustration of the priority. clear message to the republicans. pretty clear coming back on the message. they can say these are his priorities and say something that wouldn't cost money and require permit for private industry to create jobs. he says no. he spends millions on
1:43 am
speculative green energy that doesn't bring jobs and goes bankrupt and we're still paying off the friends and cronies that benefited from it. great message for election year. theme they can carry out for the year. you still are talking 4,000 to 6,000 jobs for several years, nothing to sneeze at. suddenly the guy who saved or created a stickler for job numbers. >> bret: what about the line from republicans that essentially this is going to go to the chinese? the company can reapply and start the process again. there is the risk. >> who thinks it's greener to shift it and have it move overseas? it's not great for jobs here. you can tell that it's damaging to nebraska or montana or what have you. that is not the main concern.
1:44 am
main concern is they want money from the speculative green energies and not to oil. >> there are two arguments against this. on ecological side. number one in the global and the other is local. global is ridiculous. canadians are not going to stop pumping alberta oil. a bunch of people on the united states on the left don't want to receive it. they will go, pump it, use it and ship it to china. it's not going to have any effect on global warming if you assume a connection. >> bret: second on the local stuff -- >> second on the local stuff the idea that the nebraska sand hills are the dead kale ecological spot you can't have a pipeline, today, nebraska sand hills are crisscrossed by 25,000 miles of pipeline. you could circle the globe with the equator at that pipeline. the idea that it's pristine area, you can't have a pipeline is equally preposterous.
1:45 am
>> the bottom line is canada would rather ship the oil to us. they weren't going to do it tomorrow anyway. my bet the election is over and the pipeline will get approved one way or the other. in the end, we will build this pipeline. >> if in the end we don't accept it, canada will ship it to china. >> i think they will ship part of it to china anyway. oil was spongeable and this increase supply will enable other oil fields in china. >> this is not something that canada can do overnight. it has to conduct a western pipeline, it doesn't have now. if the administration is re-elected it will if it shuts down for half a decade. >> i doubt that's how it ends up. >> bret: next up, mitt romney's taxes and the rest of the day on the campaign trail.
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♪ ♪ got a little bit of income from my book but i gave it all away. and then i get speaker's fee from time to time, but not very much. >> a couple extra bucks is over $300,000. that to me says a little more about governor romney and his connection with the american people than his tax rate which is driven by the tax code. >> it's simply as a matter of fairness does not make a lot of sense for millionaires and billionaires to be able to pay with taxes of lower rate making $100,000 or less. >> it's better to have complete disclosure especially when you are the front runner.
1:50 am
>> bret: talk of romney's taxes. the capital gains that he pays on investments and also about how much money he made for speeches. you heard senator santorum attack him on that. we're back with the panel. mary kathryn, first, let's deal with the fact that one of his high profile endorsers, chris christie is saying listen, get it out there. just do it. >> set off alarm bells at the campaign h.q. i would guess. i think we wouldn't talking about this a lot if the first time that romney was asked a little bit before new hampshire. that is the most recent time before the debate. if he said listen, april is the time we do it. april, check back with me then. forceful, just get it done and make it simple. he sort of bumbled around and bumbled around in the debate, hemming and hawing, that gives people an opening to talk about this. he built a situation maybe it's better to get them out sooner than later. they will be targeted and stories despite the obama administration has a fair
1:51 am
share of tax issues. with various people they nominated in the past. but he has to learn to talk about it and talk about it smartly. >> bret: the republican primary, is at it problem that he pays a tax rate essentially because he has investments and he gets income from the investments, chuck? aren't the republicans overall supportive of capital gains being at 15%? that is okay? >> well, i bet you $10,000, bret, that will not hurt him in the republican primary. really won't hurt him that much generally. the fact that wow, he is a rich guy. and he only pays 15% on capital gains. what will hurt him is he has seen somebody to make a decision whether a simple question like should i release the tax returns or not. that guess to what you are saying which is that this is something, this is morphing from a question like how rich is mitt romney. we all know the answer, very, to a question of how he is running a campaign. and what kind of leadership he is showing.
1:52 am
>> bret: what about the $300,000 plus in speeches that he ends the sound bite saying not very much? >> well, you know, took that as well, i don't want to brag -- read it either way. i thought santorum was going overboard there. >> i think santorum read it the way that it will be read. which this is a guy out of touch. that is how it will be understood. somebody running in a state like south carolina, 10% unemployment with medium per capita income in the mid-30 mid-30s. to say what he got from the speech was $370,000. is not a lot is like george w. bush at the check-out counter. a guy who is reach and not in touch. that is a lot more serious than he pays the rate that is required by law for cap gains. i'm a little bit concerned about that. i'm not sure, look, it's not a
1:53 am
major issue in the campaign. but anything, any anecdote that supports anaritive of the preexisting stereotype or narrative of a guy rich is out of touch and looks a little stiff. everybody agrees doesn't have the common touch. hurts im. >> bret: congressman paul not on the campaign trail today. he was on capitol hill. there was back and forth mary kathryn, take a listen to thi this. >> if i had to vote in south carolina, in order to keep this thing going, i'd vote for newt. and i would want this to continue more debate, more vetting of candidates because we know the mistake made in our country four years ago was having a candidate that was not vetted. >> bret: that was the wrong sound bite but there you see governor palin actually saying that she would vote for newt gingrich if she were in south carolina. what about that?
1:54 am
>> she sounds like she wants to keep the process going and thinks it's a healthy process. i'm not anti-keeping the process going. i'm not sure how -- newt could perform well in two debates and climb back and gain points on romney. do i think he will overtake him? it's a large margin. one poll shows 11%. he could make a lot of that up and make money, hang on for a few states but it does become harder and harder to see how someone overtakes romney. >> bret: all right. let me try it again. romney-gingrich exchange. see if we have it. >> government doesn't create jobs. it's the private sector that creates jobs. >> congressmen taking responsibility for credit for helping create jobs like al gore taking credit for the internet. >> i fully expect the romney campaign to be unendingly dirty and dishonest for next four days because they are desperate and they thought they could buy this. they are discovering they can't buy this. they are now going to -- they have internal polls that show them losing.
1:55 am
>> bret: is there this momentum for newt gingrich do you think? south carolina? >> well, a little bit. there was poll today that shows he narrowed the gap to ten points behind romney, but my goodness, newt gingrich is really going over the top. unendingly dirty and dishonest, trying to buy the election. that relate rick is s rhetoric t rhetoric is still over the top. there is still time, 76 hours left for newt to shoot himself in the foot again before the people start voting. >> it makes no sense. he did so well at the debate on presenting vision. making arguments and not attacking romney or even obama. but making conservative case. he does that in a way that nobody in the field can match. yet, here he is, again lack of discipline. he gets off on this tirade against romney that can only hurt him. that is the new negative newt. they were two newts. he knows which one works. i'm surprised he can't control
1:56 am
himself for a week. so at least he gets until saturday has newt of monday night who is the star of the show. >> bret: that is it for panel. stave tuned for some last-minute adjustments to some political ads. we have also have the text to vote results on the other s
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>> bret: it's time to reveal tonight's infinity sponsored text vote results. we asked you, should mitt romney release his tax records now? 56% said yes, he should, 44% said no. pretty close. thanks for inviting us -- for voting tonight. we had more than 15,000 votes. since the show started. thank you. finally tonight, jon huntsman has dropped out of the presidential race and has endorsed mitt romney has raised a few questions in ads. >> i don't want to transform america. i want to restore the principles that made america. >> mitt romney says he's for conservative values. but is he telling us the


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