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tv   The Five  FOX News  January 20, 2012 11:00pm-12:00am PST

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>> greta: etta james is in the rock and roll and grammy halls of fame. thank you for being with us tonight. make sure you go to gret gretawire.m. there is an open thread just for you. talking about the nfl or green bay packers. thanks for joining us fbn. captioned by closed captioning services, inc >> eric: hello. i'm eric bolling with andrea tantaros, mr. bob beckel, dana perino, greg gutfeld. it's 5:00 on friday. this is "the five." right to our top story tonight. in the opening moments of the cnn debates last night, newt gingrich gave moderators john king a piece of his mind after the liberal journalists tried to pin down newt about the controversial interview by his ex-wife. this is exactly what i predicted the speaker would do, take on the unfair and unbalanced reporters who are really just trying to trash
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republicans. watch the mediator john king get neutered. >> she says you asked her, sir, to enter into an open marriage. would you take to take time to respond to that? >> no. but i will. [ applause ] >> i think that the destructive, vicious, negative nature of much of the news media makes it harder to govern this country, harder to attract decent people to run for public office. and i am appalled that you would begin a presidential debate on a topic like this. [ applause ] every person in here, knows personal pain. every person in here has had someone close to them go through painful things. i am frankly astounded that cnn would take trash like that and use it to open a presidential debate. [ applause ]
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>> as you noted, mr. speaker, this story did not come from our network. it's the subject of conversation on the campaign. i get your point, i take your point. >> john, it was repeated by your network. you chose to start the debate with it. don't try to blame somebody else. you and your staff chose to start this debate with it. >> eric: well done. in that minute-and-a-half, newt gingrich bought himself south carolina and put the florida primary back in to play. bob? >> bob: first of all, congratulate you for predicting that. you were right. he did knock it out of a park. he came off a little angry but a reason to be angry. i'm not sure it absolutely bought him south carolina. if he wins it will be the reason he wins. if he loses, in a close race, it will be the reason it's a close race. whether it gets him revived as a candidate, as somebody to take on romney in florida, cost a fortune to run a race, i don't know about that. >> eric: dana, we were talking about it yesterday and
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wondering how newt could turn it around, if there was an opportunity for him to turn it around. think he can turn it around? >> dana: yeah. i'm going to get the sport thing wrong. the best defense is a good offense? is that right? that is what gingrich was able to do. did i say it other way around? >> eric: the saying is the best offense is a good defense. >> dana: what i mean is he turned it around to his advantage. i've really got to give up the sports metaphors. go back to tortureed metapho metaphors. john king so asked for that moment. i have been thinking today. imagine the preparation at cnn, they thought about what should we lead with? a lot of people watching, make sure we hit the right note. i'm not saying they shouldn't have brought it up at all. it was the news of day. why did they decide to lead with it is beyond me? it hurt them a lot. >> greg: it was on everybody's minds.
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i'm torn. have to do it first, it was great for me because i didn't have to watch the rest of the debate. what is it about the cnn anchors and white hair? what do they against just for men. it's out there. it's at walgreens. the reaction of the audience is interesting. they weren't cheering a guy over adultery but cheering a media slap-down. the media slap-down has become the water slide to victory. it trumps everything. he has to keep doing it. has to. >> eric: don't you think cnn and john king knew he'd do it? he's good at it. >> andrea: they knew it. they don't think they realized they handed him such a huge gift. he was able to look like a victim of the liberal media. he was able to look like -- to me it looked like they were getting revenge for what happened with bill clinton. but liberal media can't have it both ways. sexuality and politics is a personal matter like during clin top or it's not. i'm surprised since they didn't learn from the mistake
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of tim russert. in 2000, tim played a clip of hillary with bill clinton talking about the infidelitys and asked her in the debate with rick lazio if she regretted misleading the public because she said she believed her husband. that backfireed on tim rusert. so badly. it made hillary clinton look like a victim. like she was torn apart. it doesn't help them. >> bob: gingrich made territory up in every debate taking on the press. not one of the others have picked up that that is not way to go. >> eric: very important point. a guy who has been accused of adultery and he is getting standing ovation. and mitt romney, who is, you know, he is pretty clean. he's getting booed for his treatment of his taxes. >> dana: he admitted to the adultery and asked forgiveness for it. he is not accused of it. the story of the day -- >> eric: i want to play it, because here is him responding to the accusation.
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>> the story is false. every personal friend i had that knew us in that period knew it was false. we offered several to abc to prove it was false. they weren't interested because they'd like to attack any republican. they are attacking the governor and me, i'm sure they'll get around to senator santorum and congressman paul. i'm tired of the elite media protecting barack obama by attacking republicans. [ applause ] >> eric: you know -- >> dana: no, no, no, i'm not saying that. you said that he was -- had accused of having an affair. he's admitted to having the affair. the news of the day was about his ex-wife, marianne saying on abc news and previously in "esquire" magazine, two years old, so we why abc ran it when they did of whether or not he asked her to accept the affair and allow for an open marriage. that is the part he is saying is false. it wasn't a question of whether or not he had an affair. he admitted to that and asked forgiveness for it. >> eric: being too nitpicky
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about it? deans no. talk about the nitpickiness. remember when he was speaker and running impeachment proceedings against bill clinton? the distinction he used at that time to explain it is bill clinton lied under oath, as he said. he was having an affair with a younger political staffer and lied. that was gingrich's point. lied under oath. while he was having affair with young political staffer that he admitted to and asked forgiveness for. >> eric: i don't care what he admitted to. dana, you're right -- >> dana: i want to understand, eric. how can you as a conservative question the character of somebody like john edwards, and then turn around and say it's a liberal media fault? >> eric: we talked about this yesterday in the break. how can you compare john edwards who stole money from his campaign and -- >> dana: that wasn't the reason that "people" magazine and "national enquirer" went after him. not the reason. i'm not comparing the two, i'm just saying on a character level when you are trying to make a distinction, you either
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have to have -- you know we all decide, it doesn't matter to me or at all or it does matter and that is something you factor in your decision. >> bob: i side with dana on this. the story has been out there about newt's infidelity and came in great focus when he took on clinton and we found out after the fact he was having an affair at the same time. open marriage, people may not make a distinction. they say he handled the whole thing with the open marriage question. that's what it was. it's not a question about whether he had infidelity. he admitted to that, we know. on the record. the hypocrisy. >> eric: now you -- is the hypocrisy of what surrounding newt right now, is that the issue? not whether he had an affair but the fact he claimed to be for family values and whatnot? >> andrea: i don't think in a republican primary may look at the hypocrisy of newt gingrich. last night, based on the opening question about an abc interview, about the liberal
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media planning this, not just two days before the primary, but also the hypocrisy on their part. if you talk about hypocrisy, liberal media drilled in our head that it was a personal matter. now this is an opening of a debate, nuance question about opening marriage 48 hours before south carolina. primary voters see right through this. that is the issue. >> bob: every conservative newspaper i know, and every non-main -- whatever you call it. i don't understand what you mean by "main stream media." every one of them went the story yesterday. right? i mean, so what is -- i'm not sure -- why are we picking on the liberal media. drudge and everybody else ran this story. >> eric: greg, who is the happiest that cnn and king made it the first question? >> greg: newt gingrich. that turned out to be the newt, the movie. every other candidate had a cameo. grumpy grandfather, good-looking ceo and rick
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santorum is always the nosey neighbor. newt was the star. if he becomes president, msnbc, cnn have to buy reporters helmets. something that newt said bugged me. he looked to the obvious that everybody has had something going through painful things. you have can't conflate people who inflict pain and those who receive pain. you can't look to the audience and say you know my pain. there is a lot of women going no -- >> bob: good point. >> greg: a lot of good women going no, i didn't do that. you did that. >> bob: good point. >> andrea: but a lot of women inflicted pain and men who inflicted pain and going i want forgiveness. >> eric: we have to get out of here. my question is calista cool if newt wants to have another affair? i don't know. [ laughter ] president obama, how the media treats conservative. >> greg: terrible. >> eric: greg has thoughts.
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>> greg: batman. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> greg: welcome back to "the five." my assignment for this block was to discuss moodia's treatment of obama before and since his election. this is like asking me to recite the alphabet. something i could do while driving a monster truck down lombard street. i've done that on occasion. media loves obama because he is them. represents liberal assumptions shared by the media, arts and academia and shared value environment where any deviation is betrayal. look at jodie cantor, the liberal who wrote the recent book on obama. taking a beating by her peers. the media lays off roughing up their guy fearing the same treatment. more journalists choose their profession and becomes a community organizer to make a difference. make a difference. like hope or change is a
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non-value where results never matter as long as your intention is good. it's why bill clinton got away with so much. his heart was many right place, even if his hands weren't. my goal in life is to make a difference, by preventing others from making a difference. because their difference results in someone else's pain. consequence unseen from the confines of a "vanity fair" cocktail party. well, all right. i have a montage here of the media's greatest valentine to president obama. let's roll them, shall we? bob, don't choke. >> bob: sorry. >> i have truth. i have been observing. your dog looks like he is out of control. >> golf. what does it do for you? >> in the first 100 day what is surprised you the most about this office? about serving in this office humbled you the most? and troubled you the most? >> last night at the republican debate, some of the hopefuls, they hope to get
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your job, they defended the practice of waterboarding. i'm wondering if you think they are uninformed, out of touch or irresponsible? >> you gave up a lot. you said you wanted a balanced approach. you have didn't get it. set up the framework to set it up. >> i felt this thrill going up my leg. i don't have that often. >> steady. >> greg: the only thing they didn't ask is what kind of tree he would be. what do you make of this? >> dana: i had the assignment at the same time and to do the same montage of president bush with positive questions like that. i got nothing. nothing to offer. but i do think that when you -- it's not always that way. but so many examples you could have gone on for the next three blocks. >> greg: is this nitpicking? could you say you could find the same kind of media coverage for the right and be
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honest about it? >> bob: i don't know, because i don't care to go looking for it. is it nitpicking? it's butt picking. >> greg: what? >> bob: butt picking. i could have gone through any number of -- i just got said something in my ear. i didn't say anything bad there. i could have gone through any number of things about obama and found all of those cuts that you came up with there, major piece. i likeed it. for your sake, it may earn you an emmy. but the point is when reverend wright and the other problems he had, he got bludgeoned. he has been bludgeoned year in and year out. freddie took a while to do that. >> bob: media has been all over him. left, right, middle, main stream. alternative, i guess what that is what you call yourselves now. right wingers. >> andrea: left wing were not over reverend wright. b. they were. >> greg: bill ayers either. >> bob: they weren't like sean hannity, but all over it.
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i don't know what you are talking about. absurd topic. if you compare it to newt gingrich, he didn't have an affair outside of his marriage. >> good point. >> greg: i don't think there is a path in obama's life. there are no exes. >> andrea: where the ex-girlfriends. we don't hear about them. >> eric: you don't have the liberal media rummaging through obama's trash and past. >> dana: or offering up -- >> andrea: right. >> eric: obama's past that aren't answered yet, if you know what i mean, bob. but every time -- you asked the question. you are a racist. >> bob: what, if he had an affair? >> dana: how did we get here? >> greg: because it was fun. studies show the media is democrat nick the voting habits. is this any surprise? at a point should we accept it? >> andrea: no. we shouldn't accept it. then what we would talk about
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here? >> greg: true. >> andrea: it influences the public when the media drill the message down people's throats. eventually i say wait a minute, not getting the first story. that's what they believe. on my favorite question was when valerie jarret, one of obama's advisors was asked what is the president's biggest regret? she said that he had to spend every waking moment in washington, d.c. it's like in a job interview, what is your worst quality? just that i work too hard. >> dana: too conscientious. >> andrea: yeah, i got to stop this. >> dana: i notice liberal slant in a lot of coverage, not so much overt. it's in the headline. the photograph that they choose. it's in the way they lead the photograph. for example, i remember if the epa during the bush administration made a decision that would per ceive not good enough for the environmentalists, it was bush administration today announces. when it was something good for the environment, like green
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air regs that were passed. epa today announced. he didn't get credit for the good. i notice that the other way for obama. >> eric: liberal media has been so supportive of obama why is his negative as high as they are? >> greg: because of his job competence. >> bob: i see. so that -- >> greg: reporting on the blog, web, fox news. other networks follow. >> bob: you follow those things, most americans don't. >> eric: gallup polls real people, not liberal media. >> bob: then the liberal media is not having an effect. >> dana: we'll talk about it next. >> greg: are we? i thought we were talking about poodles. coming up, geraldo goes off on the cruise boat captain. that is our daring geraldo. you have won't want to miss it. don't forget to e-mail us at if you leave now, i'll put marbles in your hub caps. ♪ ♪
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lifelock service guarantee cannot be offered to residents of new york. ♪ ♪ >> dana: welcome back to "the five." it just had a sports lesson and i got asked a question by bob if i could name three of the last five bowles winners, and i surprised them all. but i could name three. i could not name five. we're not going to talk about sports. we are going to talk about one of our favorite topics. who on the republican side can beat obama? they made their cases last night. we'll take a listen. >> i can talk to president obama in a way no one else can that is in this race right now, how the free economy works, what it takes to put americans back to work. make sure understands this decisiveness of dividing americans between 899 and 1 is dangerous.
11:27 pm
we're one nation under god. >> i'm the only one in the race that defeated democratic incumbent. >> you can go to and you will see hundreds of idea. none of which resemble barack obama's program. it'd be happy to have a three-hour lincoln-douglas style debate with barack obama. i'd let him use a teleprompter. i'll just rely on knowledge. we'll do fine. >> dana: exactly what we're looking for is another three-hour debate. there has been a lot of debates. the candidates make closing arguments going to south carolina. out of those three sound bites which did you think was the most sper situationtive? >> andrea: gingrich. he has a way to communicate the message in the debate. the best candidate to beat obama is mitt gingrich. if you could take some of qualities of romney -- >> greg: i have the solution. we need romney to stand up there and you have, move his lips while gingrich is talking. >> andrea: there you go.
11:28 pm
>> dana: they accused president bush of doing and said he had the transmitter on and karl was telling him answers in the debate. >> andrea: look at the personal life. die meticly different. gingrich has worked with democrats and pulling clinton to the middle and getting stuff done. the two of them together would be the best combination. we can't get that. i think they're both good. >> eric: i said yesterday that is a dead man walking. he is a great guy, but not electable. but the debates matter, right? they're clearly changing the way the polling is going. who is the best to debate barack obama? it's clearly gingrich. romney doesn't stand up to -- >> dana: is that the question to ask? >> andrea: elections aren't just about the base. they're not. >> eric: absolutely. if they weren't, if it were not just about the debate, rick perry might still be in
11:29 pm
it. >> bob: gingrich never had an unspoken thought. he will make a mistake. he has a tendency to put his foot in his mouth in the debate. >> andrea: too many unspoken thoughts. >> bob: one thing we haven't talked about romney again his refusal to release taxes. last night his answer was as bad as newt's was good. maybe. i'll tell you why. he won't do it until april because there is bad stuff in there. >> dana: not bat stuff. >> bob: wait a second. >> andrea: scaring everybody. >> dana: halftiming my segment. >> andrea: speculative, ridiculous. >> bob: before you say that. if you were a political consultant giving him advice would you tell him to bring his candidates out? >> andrea: no. every candidate you work for, you know it's coming and have taxes ready. he didn't. that is a mistake.
11:30 pm
>> dana: listen to greg. >> greg: let me make a point about mitt. what bugs me most about the election is that good character is now a character flaw. we love newt's assertiveness. but he is an alpha male in a religious that rejects alpha behavior. he's not used to being boastful or assertive. he is used to being humble. because she humble he is not succeeding. that sun fair. >> bob: here is a perfect definition of a pirate. he goes in and ploppedderspiss, takes the booty and then he puts it out on cayman islands. that's where the pirates are. >> eric: he divided it -- >> bob: despite what andrea says it's politics 101 to release taxes. >> dana: i don't know how i lost total control of the segment. >> eric: bob is right. he is touching on something. if he has something to hide, he bet ver a better answer, talking about romney.
11:31 pm
may or may not have something to hide. he knows he'll be asked that. he doesn't have a -- >> bob: if he doesn't have something to hide, dumbest mistake in history. >> dana: history? >> bob: in history. you have don't being in the face of one of the wealthiest guys to run for president refuse to release taxes. freddie release them when obama releases the academic transcript. >> dana: that would be a great news day. >> andrea: he should release them of bob and the other liberals on tv. if you turn on the other network they are going there has to be bad stuff in there. bad stuff. all hypothesizing. >> bob: it doesn't hurt me. it hurts him. it's his problem. >> dana: we weren't even going to talk about that. we were going to get to something that debbie waserman schultz said but i'll save it for monday. come up between now then we talk about geraldo rivera. he thinks the cruise boat captain is a disgrace to the industry and country. we'll hear directly from him.
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stay with us. ♪ ♪
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"special report" starts at 6:00. now back to "the five." ♪ ♪ ♪ >> welcome back to "the five." newt gingrich is a guy who has never really been accused of lacking in self-confidence but rick santorum seems to think it's a liability. so last night, he decided to attack gingrich on his ego. >> the grandosty has never ban problem with newt gingrich. he handles it well. that is an issue, folks. a month ago he said it's inevitable i will win the election, i'm destined to do it. i don't want a nominee i have
11:38 pm
to worry about going out looking at the paper the next day and worries about what he is going to say next. >> you are right. i think grandiose thoughts. this is a grandiose councilmember of big people doing big things weapon need leadership prepared to take on big projects. >> andrea: i thought santorum did a decent job last night. tenacious. i wonder why he seems to take the debate in to different directions it doesn't need to go in. do you think it's smart? >> greg: i thought it was amusing but he was wrong. america is a grand yous country. it'd rather have a grand yous president than one that bows to a wallaby. i can't take this advice for a guy auditioning "happy days." >> eric: >> bob: "grand yous" isn't the right word. grand ideas or something. >> greg: newt looks like an angry captain kangaroo. that's it. >> andrea: don't you think most of the people running for president have to be pompous
11:39 pm
to think they can win? >> dana: certainly, you have to have a healthy ego to think you can do it. i have been worried about this going forward for the country's sake. not president obama except you count the speech in kansas, if that was the big idea and vision for america, look out! >> greg: anti-grandiose. >> dana: you haven't had anyone give a big vision speech. they just want to get through the debates so much if i were the candidates, i might consider banding together and deciding no more debates for now. i mean, every 72 hours we have another one. i don't think it advances the ball. plus i think that santorum was reacting to something that happened the other day. newt gingrich prefaces a lot of his comments about santorum with no disrespect meant. no offense. which always means -- then he says rick santorum doesn't know how to put together a national campaign. they have to criticize one another. i would be uncomfortable doing it on stage.
11:40 pm
sitting next to me. >> andrea: hold on. we have to have a play a video. i want you and eric to respond. romney campaign had fun with the message today. they put out an ad. we have no video. sorry. romney campaign puts out a presentation release and they compare or they mention all the comparisons that newt gingrich made to great leaders and some other interesting comparisons. all right, eric, he has been compared to abraham lincoln. compares himself to abraham lincoln. thomas edison. okay? newt gingrich has compared himself also to a viking. yes. little like newt. the wright brothers. and my personal favorite, moses. >> eric: you forgot periplies. >> andrea: sorry. it forgot my greek history. this doesn't hurt. do you think it hurts him? >> eric: are you kidding? the guy has a gift of words. he has mastery of the
11:41 pm
vocabulary of history, of everything. not unlike greg gutfeld. >> greg: true. >> eric: why not? he's great at it. so what if he calls himself moses, viking -- >> dana: we made fun of obama for saying he was going to calm the seas, or the seas would stop rising if he became president? >> andrea: obama compared himself to pretty high-ups. >> bob: imagine the two of them, they will be god by the time it's over. >> dana: there won't be room for a audience in that debate. >> bob: i think it's one thing to say you have grand ideas or grand yous ideas. but sometimes newt does reach far in comparing himself to people. abraham lincoln thing was a bit much. maybe what you could say like my hero abraham lincoln or something like that. >> dana: i aspire to be like -- >> eric: we don't know how he compared himself. he didn't say i'm better than abraham lincoln or the fourth best president in history. >> dana: going back to what you said, being hum seasonable
11:42 pm
not prized anymore. you have can't say well, as i aspire to be like my hero, you have to say i am my hero. >> greg: i'm a lot like mother teresa in that way. she could see the good in that people. but also like gand gand because i believe in nonviolence or more like suzanne summers because i like the exercise. >> bob: no, you are god. that was good on your part. >> andrea: i was going to say don't you think that republican party wants -- they know they need a guy with a supersized ego to take on obama. they look at newt gingrich with the grand yous ideas and say romney, you don't have the grandiose ideas and you don't have the ego. you'll deal with the biggest ego in the country. >> dana: i think what are the, what would be the grand yous -- i put this on myself or the debate, gotten down to such sound bite culture i don't know what the grand yous ideas are. >> bob: he will say that obama will say he will stop seas from rising by having a new energy policy.
11:43 pm
newt will say i'll put my hand out and stop it. >> andrea: light the highway, putting lights on the moon. that's grandiose. coming up, another grand yous fox news colleague, geraldo rivera unleashed, uncensored and unhappy with the captain that abandoned the cruise ship overseas. he has fighting words for the skipper next on "the five."
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> bob: it's obviously's bob's block, because it's a tragedy. it's been a week since the crews ship costa concordia went down off the coast of tuscany. 11 confirmed dead, 21 missing. captain francesco, fellow who had dinner after the ship began to roll, which will tell you something. but geraldo rivera who is himself a sailor, got a few choice words to say about the
11:48 pm
el captaino. >> he is driving that vessel like it's a ferrari to wave to people on the shore and put it on the rocks. the rocks were right there. this is recklessness, a disgrace to the whole tradition captain is the last man off the vessel. women and children first. passengers save them, get them to safety. then take care of the crew. i will be the last person to step off sinking vessel. if you are like captain smith in the itannic, you go down with the ship. he violated every maritime tradition and insulted all of us who sale the seven seas and slandered his nation. >> bob: i only sailed up with or two seas but i understand that. the captain's excuse for why he left the ship is he tripped and fell in a lifeboat. i could have thought 1,000 more than that. this is a tragedy. people are dead.
11:49 pm
this has happened before. >> eric: geraldo is great, fantastic. that interview on "fox and friends" he said i have been in the shipping lane. it saw that rock. is it a tragedy. people are dead. they're still finding bodies allegedly. this captain, he single handedly changing the cruise -- don't call me cold for this. but cruise industries the stocks dropped 20%. starting to make their way back. what a horrible turn of events from coming back after long time on the side. >> eric: you are a resident expert on this subject. what do you think? he is under arrest, right? >> dana: under house arrest and deciding what they are going to do with him. the italians will probably prosecute this to the fullest extent of the law. the problem is the law is kind of old. this has not happened. this is not usual.
11:50 pm
this is manslaughter. that's probably what they come up with. >> bob: didn't they say something the ships had done it before, getting close to shore to the island to wave to people on the shore? >> andrea: this was a bit of a unique case. if you look at details of it, he was so close. he had the muldovan woman by his side, speculating trying to impress her. came so close, you would never bring a ship that size, that close to rocks. then he went and wiped her and dined her a drank a bottle of wine after he was starting to hit the rocks. the length that a man will go to be with a woman and to impress her is -- it's a shame. there is a lot of -- >> bob: mediterranean men are likely to do that. >> andrea: i am not going to take a sot at mediterranean men. my father was one and my family is one. but it's disgusting what he said because he put safety of the passengers in jeopardy to be with this moldovan dancer, young blonde woman.
11:51 pm
the question is -- >> greg: she was hot. deans what? >> andrea: this seems deliberate. >> eric: someone had to go -- i expected it to come from the right side. g that was a floor guy back here. >> bob: i'm glad you did. >> greg: make a point. the real story here is how clumsiness can save your life. if he had not tripped and fell in the lifeboat he might not be here. the other thing, too, we like our villains as much as we like our heroes so we like the fact that this guy is, you know, the square evil is going to fit in the square peg hole or whatever you want to say. i'm not so sure it is all going to come out that way at the end. right now people are looking for a villain. this guy fits it. but we may find out later a lot of this stuff isn't true. >> bob: found a hero, too. hero was on shore. >> dana: coast guard. >> bob: captain said get back on that boat. >> dana: he said this is an order. unfortunately's easy to paint stereotypes. this one captain is an
11:52 pm
unusual, unique, possibly misguided horrible person who did this but the italians in general terms of the rescue efforts are second to none. >> eric: very quickly. may change the cruise industry one way also. they didn't do their emergency procedure. they hadn't done it yet, because they have some sort of 24-hour window. they will probably push that up to the emergency procedure before you leave. >> andrea: they drug and alcohol tested him, too. >> bob: one more thing, our favorite segment is up next. we all bring up something we want to talk about. i have a few. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> eric: time for one more thing. greg? >> greg: in utah, a bunch of high school students vote on the school mass. how do voted to cougar and it was rejected by thianion school district because they expressed concerns it would be derogatory to older women since the term "cougar" means middle age woman seeking a romantic relationship with a younger man. >> bob: i knew that.
11:57 pm
>> dana: it's not like they want a picture of demi moore. >> greg: this is crazy. cougar has been known for a cougar for thousands of years. how angry must they be now we're not cougars anymore. middle age lonely woman is a cougar. by the way, they're a myth. you only think of one. demi moore. one. >> dana: courtney cox. she was in the show. star of the show. >> dana: that's not real, dana. they're thinking about the movie. >> bob: cougars. >> eric: stop it, robert. don't go there. >> dana: i am thinking about all of you today. greg called this morning, in a very bad mood. i got him some crabby pants mr . crabby patty. i got bob whoppers. he told a couple this week. andrea great cat because she
11:58 pm
is a sexy cat. and eric a payday but i got milk duds. i'm a boring person. >> andrea: that is nice. >> dana: on the train home, you can have those. >> eric: what do you got? >> andrea: i was going to talk about how the obama administration is requiring now health plans to cover birth control, which is ridiculous. but instead i'm going to talk about the bills that are in congress, a lot of people heard about them. the kids are coming home from school. the pipa and the sopa bill. how look, this is a big serious deal. this is theft. so if you are a songwriter, musician, you have your music on the internet. people who legally download it are stealing it. i think it's costing jobs and millions of dollars. so before you buy in the hype, look and see what the bill is actually doing. >> bob: stops me from downloading stuff -- >> for free. a lot of foreign websites. if you rob the amazon warehouse, you'd go to jail. this is the same thing online.
11:59 pm
>> greg: poorly written bill. >> eric: yep. u.s. chamber of commerce is with the bill as well. guys, very quickly, roll the videotape. sad day this morning, we woke up to find out one of our best skiers, u.s. olympic skier sarah burke passed away after a bad fall. she was in the hospital for a while. say goodbye to her. fantastic skier. i don't want to end the weekend on a bad note. look forward to the voting on saturday and a big football sunday. watch the giants win. i think -- >> bob: i bet you on this. i take the baltimore ravens. give me seven points. >> eric: give you seven points. it take patriot act. >> bob: one last thing for me. president obama was in new york city last night, where we are. he went to harlem. he sang. take a listen. [ applause ] >> ♪ i'm so in love with you [ applause ] those guys didn't think i woul d


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