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tv   Americas Election Headquarters  FOX News  January 21, 2012 3:00pm-6:00pm PST

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same as on the flake. because great grains steams and bakes the actual whole grain. now check out the other guy's flake. hello, no seam. because it's more processed. now, which do you suppose has better nutrition for you? mmm. great grains. the whole whole grain cereal. >> bret: welcome to special coverage of the first in the south primary. i'm bret baier. >> megyn: i'm make egyn kelly, is a live look at columbia, where people have been casting their votes all day long, the four remaining candidates are hoping to win big in the paul met so state, an important stop on the road to the nomination. >> bret: in fact since 1980 no republican has won the presidential nomination without a victory in south carolina.
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and, tonight, is shaping up to be a very good night for former house speaker newt gingrich, south carolina, could turn this race upside-down, once again. >> megyn: we have complete coverage of tonight's primary with our panel, here in new york. in washington, chris wallace, karl rove and joe trippi, bill hemmer will break down the results throughout the state and the fox news decision team crunching the numbers will make the call when we have a winner. >> bret: we start with martha mccallum monitoring our exit polls. >> good evening, you guys. we knew newt gingrich would make a strong run at mitt romney and that is what we are seeing in the polls. polls in south carolina, still open, but we can start to tell folks exactly how people are responding on their way out of the polls, we have seen a huge upheaval in the race in recent days, boy the mud-slinging, ex-wife tories astories and tax and the question is what do viewers think? how did it factor in? just over half say they decided
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the vote in the last few days, nearly half decided before that and gingrich seems to be doing well this evening among late decide,and romney is doing better with those who made up their minds over the course of the last month and you had a couple debates over the course of the week and they got a lot of attention and no surprise, newt gingrich is having an advantage with those who say the debates were influential in helping them decide. romney is winning big among those who said they were not all that important and he was not noted for having great performances over the course of the debates. that is how that is working out. accusation about gingrich's earlier marriage in the mix, a lot. but, interestingly, is not hurting him among women. married women, going for the newt gingrich, in bigger numbers as we can see, single women split between gingrich and romney as they walked out and the question of religion, always significant in south carolina, where there is a very large evangelical vote. over half of the folks today they it does matter to them, if
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the candidate shared their religious beliefs and gingrich is doing very well with those voters. he has the advantage with them and mitt romney has a double-digit lead and they say it doesn't matter to them and 60% of south carolina identifies themselves, basically as etching. and, the nonevangelical votes used to be leaning more double-digit vote you can see here, for mitt romney in that regard. what about all of these questions about mitt romney's finances, his wealth, tax returns, all of that and how about the background as a venture capitalist? the voters say they are much more likely, actually to see his business experience as a good thing, and that will make the romney folks feel better about the bain capital argument going forward and still more than a quarter of the g.o.p. voters when asked about this, said they didn't really like how that sat with them, that was a negative for them and let's look at this. slightly more voters think romney made unfair attacks during the campaign, than gingrich and there has been a
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lot of mud back and forth between the two camps, the last couple days in particular and the economy continues to be what it is all about, 10% unemployment rate in south carolina. this is what voters are caring about, more than anything, conservative voters are backing gingrich in fairly big numbers, and believe the economy is important and moderates going for mitt romney in the early look how things are going and rick santorum is best among those who want a candidate with strong moral character and he hopes for the third place win if that is how it comes out and we're watching the numbers as they come in and paul seems to be doing well with the younger voters and, ron paul, a strong push for him and as they walk out of the polling areas, across the state of south carolina. we'll get you more, in a while. >> bret: thank you. >> megyn: a busy day, last-minute campaigning in south carolina. candidates making one final push before the polls close, we have team fox coverage of the campaign headquarters. john roberts, with the santorum
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campaign. mike emanuel with the romney campaign and chief political correspondent, campaign carl cameron with newt gingrich and he has followed all the day's action including dueling stops this morning at tommy's country ham house! carl? >> reporter: hi, well, the anticipation is electric here at gingrich headquarters, less than a week ago he was trailing by double digits and mitt romney was thinking he was going to storm out of south carolina unbeatable and tonight things may change dramatically. and, newt gingrich, is looking for his first big victory. down to the wire and the front-runners scheduled simultaneous breakfast appearances at tommy's ham house in greenville. but, mitt romney showed up early. avoiding gingrich and hinting should he lose the state he'll bounce back in upcoming contests. >> we have a long way to go, join us in florida, and nevada and michigan and colorado and, a long way to go.
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we need to get 1150 delegates, off to a good start. >> reporter: and, polls prior to the primary, newt gingrich rolled into time's and called out his rival. >> where is mitt? i thought he was going to stay and maybe we'd have a debate here this morning. >> reporter: south carolina insiders, even romney officials say it feels like a gingrich win and will hinge on turnout in greenville and spartanburg the heart of the first southern primary's conservative up state. >> i'm the only conservative who has the opportunity to stop a massachusetts moderate. >> reporter: and romney sent him an anniversary, marking the anniversary of the day, becoming the only speaker in u.s. history reprimanded for an ethics investigation and a gingrich win en south carolina guarantees a long battle. 47 states have yet to vote and no candidate can cinch the nomination until late april and, rick santorum promises, he's in another long haul.
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>> the longer the race goes for republicans the more we can talk about our issues and have the center of the stage focusing on barack obama. >> he suggested cnn's debate session about the assertion made by gingrich's second ex-wife that he wanted a open marriage, helped him surge. >> i don't know if he paid him to say that question but that's the nicest things done for the republicans in a long time. >> reporter: he needs to beat ron paul. >> we have a clear message and i'm challenging the status quo and the rest of the candidates are part of the status quo. >> reporter: paul expects to come in fourth tonight but it will not stop him and the mitt romney campaign braces for second place and signalling they are prepared to start their counter punching against gingrich next week in florida, going after him again, demanding that he release documents from his ethics reprimand, house speaker 15 years ago today and the documents that explained his
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contract arrangements with freddie mac where heav was paid $1.6 million. >> bret: the primary was started to help elect ronald reagan. and, it worked. he won the primary in 1980. since then, it has been seen as a key republican primary state. politicians and analysts see it as an early indicator of how the rest of the south will vote. >> megyn: many voters in south carolina were trying to decide just today who to support. mike emanuel reports on the undecideds and what they are thinking. >> reporter: despite a steady rain there is heavy volume much of the day at the columbia polling place. the newt gingrich supporter says she was undecided until very recently, but likes his toughness. >> i didn't know if it would be mitt romney or newt gingrich but i felt compelled to newt gingrich especially after the debate in charleston. i thought he handled that so well. and i thought he'll come up
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against a lot of that and that is the candidate i want, who can handle themselves and go back against the liberal media. >> reporter: supporters say he's most electable in the g.o.p. field. >> i feel like the candidates in the field, he offers the best chance for the republican party to regain the white house. >> reporter: with unemployment in south carolina, close to 10%, above the national average, this voter says that is why she's backing romney. >> when i hear him talking, ronald reagan, he gives you hope for the country things will be better. it has been tough and i think he has some ideas how to make the country strong, and, get private sector going again. >> reporter: several santorum supporters say they like his authenticity and integrity. >> i feel like he is the most honest of all the people running. i just think that he is conservative, that is what i want in a president this year. >> i really like the way he handles himself, he's not a teleprompter guy, he's quick on
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his feet. >> reporter: one first-time voter explains why ron paul earned her support. >> the way he talks, the way he communicates with people i feel is very, he's humble and i think would be a wonderful president. >> reporter: that certainly was not a scientific survey, a snapshot of several polling places we visited in the columbia area and i'll tell you some people we talked to off camera who were a little camera shy about their votes confirmed for us, that the debate performance was a big factor in their decision. >> megyn: thank you. >> bret: this is the second early eest republican primary in south carolina, any registered voter is allowed to vote without revealing party affiliation and each voter can only vote in one primary, republican or democrat. there were more than 2.7 million registered voters in the palmetto state as of january 1st. >> megyn: federal spending and unemployment are two of the major concerns, the unemployment rate is 9.9%, above the latest
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national rate, 8.5%, and the south, north carolina and florida are the only states with a higher unemployment rate than south carolina. >> bret: now, let's head to washington, fox news sunday anchor chris wallace is. with his guests. chris? >> thanks, bret. i'm with the space cowboys and the wise guys, i'm not sure what we call you today. karl, let me pick up on something that bret said. south carolina has the streak, they've voted for the person who turned out to be the nominee every time this primary has been held since 1980. how big a deal, if, repeat, if, newt gingrich wins south carolina tonight. >> it is a big deal. but, let's put it in perspective. it is -- this is not the traditional sort of confirmation primary. this is a vote to go on. clearly, republicans are interested in the contest and we saw earlier people in south carolina were interviewed by our people on the ground and like gingrich and romney and settled
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own on newt gingrich and the debate is important, ten polls this week, four of them early in the week had mitt romney leading and the last six in the week had the debate bake into them, gingrich won. >> joe i think it is fair to say mitt romney has been the front-runner in this case, felt like the front-runner at least, even when he has been trailing in the polls and one of his strengths has been to sort of project this aura of inevitability and you might as well support me, i'll be the nominee. if, again, if he loses tonight, how big a set back is all of that? it will hurt the argument. i think, going to what karl said it could be a vote to go on, one of the things that happens, once you win the way romney won in new hampshire, is you become the presumptive nominee and, there is a -- states start to realize who they vote for, it is over and they vote to go on and if they vote for the other guy, get to go on and sarah palin, when
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she talked about what she would do if she was in south carolina, vote for newt gingrich, the reason was, vote to go on. and i think that was -- that message actually may have actually helped fuel some of the newt gingrich... >> they are having fun with this thing, we get to watch the debate and now see a bunch of primaries, 3 out of 51 voted and let the other 48 of 'em vote, the district of columbia. >> let's not denigrate them. electability has been a big issue and has helped, certainly in new hampshire, helped mitt romney big time. interestingly enough, the -- among those who said electability was a key issue, 45% in the exit poll, narrowly went for gingrich. is he beginning to make the i case, i'm the man to stands up to barack obama. >> he says what matters is who can go toe-to-toe with obama and
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there is a broader electability argument and the most important thing is, gingrich's own words, and he said it is good to be back home and this was to him like new hampshire to romney, his neighborhood. >> and briefly, joe, again, the exit polls seem to indicate romney's two big problems are, he's a moderate and a mormon, at least by the view of south carolina voters? what does he do about either of those. >> it will be tough though the electorate is more moderate as you go on from here. south carolina is a pretty tough state for romney and i thought it would always be a tough state for him. but, it is a problem, these are -- what we see in the exit polls, start to become a problem if he is going to emerge as the nominee of the party. >> if this is the way the world turns, the view of the south carolina voters, they want it to continue and among the old guys, sunshine boys here in washington... >> i like space cowboys better.
3:15 pm
>> megyn: as opposed to old guys! >> bret: space cowboys might work and mitt romney on fox news sunday, this weekend will be interesting. with chris wallace, no matter what happens tonight. coming up, our all-star panel, brit hume, juan williams, steve hayes, and we'll hear from ed rollins and mike huckabee and they'll help us break down the vote with polls set to close at the top of the hour. >> megyn: and more coverage at, jenna lee has more. >> i'm at the decision desk and we have breaking news coming in at every moment, and at fox, by the way. starting at 6:45 we'll have special live coverage at fox, and, harris faulkener and i are anchoring the show and we have a terrific guest line-up, join the conversation, ask questions, get instant answers and live streaming video of the candidates' headquarters, you never know what will pop up there. and, exit polls and real-time results, county by county, all on-line is the place to be,
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>> t-minus 40 minutes and polls closing in south carolina. looking live at headquarters,
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santorum, romney, gingrich headquarters, the last camera from the ron paul headquarters should be up shortly. we're getting close, south carolina and a decision. >> megyn: did you say "t-minus". >> bret: i did, very "nasa." >> bill hemmer is on the touch-screen. >> i want to show you here, right now, a few things we can look at based on history. especially going back to 2008 here, let's show you the match-up and the results from 2008 when john mccain went up against mike huckabee, here in south carolina. try and look for trends here in the palmetto state to see what we might be able to pick up. on the screen, john mccain beat huckabee by 3 points and one thing not talked about a lot, throughout the past week, is where fred thompson did, finished, rather, four years ago. he got 70,000 votes, 16% of the vote, really taking mike huckabee, would argue the election in south carolina away from him and giving it to john mccain. here's where huckabee was
3:21 pm
strong, you see the blue mark, all the counties he was a winner, evangelicals voters and tea party voters concentrated here and john mccain won coastal areas, up through the midlands and the section of columbia, the capital city and you can break down the state in three, maybe even four different ways. 20% of your vote comes from the two counties of greenville and spartanburg. 20% of your vote comes from the central area here, john mccain did well in 200 a8 and, votes i charleston and closer in greenville, where jim demint was born and raised. some would argue as a leader of the tea party movement you'll see strengths from him and also strong with evangelicals, huckabee won the county, four years ago, with 29%, barely beating john mccain and thompson took the county away from huckabee, having a greater margin, based on the final vote
3:22 pm
tally there. similar story in spartanburg county. the reason why this is important, we'll find out whether tonight, santorum and gingrich split the vote up in the northern part of the state or whether or not somebody like ron paul or even mitt romney can find success and what is considered the bible belt there, of south carolina. we'll get results in about 40 minutes as it trickles into the variety counties and see which trends are set up for this year in 2012. back to you guys. >> bret: let's bring in our all star panel, brit hume, senior political analyst, juan williams, columnist with the hill and stephen hayes, senior writer with the weekly standard. you saw bill talk about the different areas of the state, they all have a different personality, if you will, as we look at the early results. >> they do, and, i don't think we could say much about, you know, those areas still we have a little bit of actual raw vote coming in, we an can'tize them but what strikes me tonight, two things, one is, debates matter
3:23 pm
in this election season. debates are what propels gingrich into the first lead, you may recall some weeks back, seems like a long time ago, debates clearly propelled him forward and second, length of time of campaigns matter. if the election was held in the regular cycle, tuesday, new hampshire, the following tuesday, south carolina, there is a distinct possibility we'd be looking at a different result from the one we're likely to see tonight, as it was, it was time north mitt romney momentum to peter out and gingrich to recover as he seems to have done, length of time of the campaigns matters. >> megyn: juan, to you think on the subject you will get a nice bouquet of flowers from newt gingrich. >> i hope it is a check! no. i think i get at least 50%, and the guy who asked him about his problems with his second wife, mary ann, the first question, the other debate... >> megyn: did you feel at that moment, that was a potential game-changing moment. >> yes. i understood, brit hume and i
3:24 pm
have a joke about arguing politics all the time and he says it is like the two of us do professional wrestling and, you have to do it the next night and the next place and with newt gingrich i had a sense i was the villain in a wrestling match taking place, right there at that moment, in myrtle beach and he was though good guy and, he was winning. >> bret: if it turns out, going in it appears he had the huge momentum and has the huge win, it does turn the race on its head, doesn't it? >> i don't think there is any question it turns the race. it was literally the case the beginning of the week, an hour before the debate on monday night, it looked like mitt romney could well win the first three contests and people were thinking he wins by acclamation, the nomination and even if he wouldn't technically get the number of delegates required until april and given what happened in iowa and the iowa republican party said rick santorum was actually the winner, made that a declaration and what we think may happen in
3:25 pm
south carolina, where mitt romney mass won one state and the state that he's lived next to, has a house in. i think it opens it up and makes florida all that more interesting. in ten days from now, and i think brit's point to talk about the space, between the amount of time between these primaries, could be key again, if newt gingrich in fact does well here tonight can he sustain the momentum for ten days? doesn't seem like a long time but it could -- >> megyn: would it settle him that's anti-romney candidate, santorum would say, when i why aren't i' anti-romney candidate. >> from what we can tell there is a contest between santorum and ron paul and if santorum finishes fourth there is a question, can he go into florida and do anything? would he have the money or organization or any momentum at all? if he does better he might go into florida.
3:26 pm
bad news for newt gingrich. most of the votes, it can be presumed, had he takes, he'll take from newt gingrich. and his presence in the race is a factor, that will make a difference here. >> bret: panel, we'll be back throughout the night, of course. >> megyn: the candidates kuwaiting for the results of the first in the south primary -- candidates are waiting for the results of the first in the south primary and we're close to the closing of the polls in south carolina. we're keeping an eye on the campaign headquarters for the candidates. >> bret: and our guests break down what to expect tonight, ed rollins and mike huckabee and we'll hear from sarah palin as well, this is fox news, america's election headquarters. ♪ at i am today. r science teacher helped us build it. ♪ now i'm a geologist at chevron, and i get to help science teachers. it has four servo motors and a wireless microcontroller. over the last three y we've put nearly 100 million dollars into american education. that's thousands of kids learning to love ience. ♪ isn't that cool? and that's pretty cool. ♪
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>> megyn: 6:30 p.m. in the east, 0 minutes -- 30 minutes until polls close in south carolina. it has been quite a wild week in south carolina. john roberts looks at how we got here. >> reporter: in politics a day is a long time, a week is forever and, this week was one for the ages. >> i am suspending my campaign for the presidency. >> reporter: it started monday with john huntsman's withdrawal and low on cash and headed for dead last he bowed out, not without a first choice words about the race. >> this race has degenerated into an onslaught of negative and personal attacks, not worthy of the american people. >> reporter: it was a scolding that fell on deaf ears. the super pacs doubled down on
3:31 pm
the negative ads which took center stagen monday's fox news debate. >> it would be nice if mitt romney would exercise leadership on his former staff and major donors to take falsehoods off the air. >> mr. speaker you have a super pac ad that attacks me. hold on, attacks me, and it is probably the biggest hoax since big foot. >> reporter: also the night newt gingrich found new life, a performance that earned a rare standing ovation. and by tuesday, had catapulted him in the polls. >> he woke up and had a sudden surge that i think gingrich knew was coming but took the rest of us by surprise. >> reporter: with a head of steam on, he took aim at rick santorum. hoping to embarrass him out of the race. >> i actually know how to dine a national campaign and know how to set up a conservative alternative to obama in a way that will be very very, effective. and very strategic. and, i don't think san ttorum could do that. >> reporter: he was having none
3:32 pm
of it. >> the hubris and i might go so far as to say the arrogance of speaker gingrich to suggest i don't have the experience to run a campaign, to win a national campaign... >> reporter: fast forward to thursday, a month's worth of political news in just a few hours. it began with tawdry revelations from newt gingrich's second wife. >> he was asking to have an open marriage and i refused. >> reporter: minutes later, rick perry saddled up and headed back to texas, throwing his support behind newt gingrich. with what appeared to be a tilt toward the new scandal. >> the fact is there is forgiveness for those who seek god. and i believe in the power of redemption. >> reporter: then a boost for santorum. when iowa reversed its results, the wind gave him braking rights over both mitt romney and gingrich. and, the apex of the day came at the final debate. when newt gingrich exploded over a question about his ex-wife. >> i am appalled that you would begin a presidential debate with
3:33 pm
a topic like that. [cheers and applause]. >> reporter: by friday night the campaign had been completely up ended with polls showing gingrich taking the lead over romney, that would stretch even further with polls released just this morning. south carolina politics, always volatile, surpassed anyone's expectations. >> south carolina prides itself in being the state that sometimes does the unexpected. but, this time i think it has gone even further. >> reporter: if he prevails tonight he'll sail straight ton a headwind of support for mitt romney in the state of florida and the next primary contest and the latest real clear politics average has him up 81 points and if south carolina has proven anything, it is that leads can be fleeting. >> megyn: john roberts, thank you. >> bret: republicans fight one another and the president is focusing on the general election. ed henry has details on the
3:34 pm
president's campaign efforts, hi, ed. >> reporter: good evening, bret, and white house aides continue to insist the president is spending a small share of his time on the campaign though she had 6 fund-raisers last week and five this state and after he delivers the state of the union on capitol hill tuesday night is hitting five battle ground states around the country and in fact when he decided to preview the speech by taping a video, it was released not by the white house, it was released by his campaign team in chicago because his aides say he wants to be sure his supporters get a sneak peek of the state of the union, basically the broad theme we're told by aides will be the same thi thing about income in equality and republicans say that that is class warfare and the president says it is fair play. take a listen: >> president barack obama: we can go in two directions, one towards less opportunity and less fairness or we can fight for where i think we need to go. building an economy that works for everyone. not just the wealthy few.
3:35 pm
>> reporter: now fox news also learned in the speech the president is now expected to create a new government task force that is going to keep a close eye on china, and make sure that their trade practices are fair, and, also, the president responding in a way to some of the republican presidential candidates who were hitting him hard saying it should get tougher on china and i'm told to show how serious he is about this, he'll put vice president biden in charge of the task force, looking at china and will say in the speech he wants to out-compete and out innovate china and the republicans may respond, if he really wants to do that he should have pushed through the keystone xl pipeline since canada is now in talks with china about maybe moving the big energy project and jobs to china instead. >> bret: ed henry on the north lawn, thank you. >> megyn: as we wait for the polls to close we have other headlines from around the world. the death toll rising today in the italian cruise ship accident. divers finding a 12th body in a corridor of the ship. amy kellogg live from italy with
3:36 pm
more. >> reporter: the woman's body has been found and the woman has not been identified. she was in a very narrow, difficult-to-access part of the ship and divers were only able to get to today because explosives were used on a couple of occasions this morning to open up the pass for the divers and they also today found the safe the captain had in his possession, in his cabin, providing clues for the investigators and also an important part of the video camera from the bridge of the ship and that is of course important, because, there are a lot of questions about exactly what hatchppen at the time of t crash and who was on the bridge with the captain and the italian press is heavy on the story of leaked prantranscripts and the interrogator he face and the captain saying in fact he called costa cruise lines right after the ship ran aground, asking for help and asking for a tug boat
3:37 pm
and extra life boats and asking for a helicopter, saying that he actually didn't want to leave the ship, he fell off the ship and the coast guard told him that he could not go back onto the ship. is th this as anger builds against the captain, popular opinion mounting against him and people wanting to see the investigation move linalong and the practice the drive-byes and salutes of cruise ships needs to be look at more carefully here and around the world. >> megyn: thank you. we'll bring you the full story of the costa concordia disaster in a fox news reporting special hosted by geraldo rivera. tragedy at sea airs tonight and rr00ean ed about this before, you know, special report doesn't do a lot on the cruise, but we have covered it and now the captain claims the coast guard told him that he needed to stay in the life boat after those audio tapes came out with the coast guard saying, get
3:38 pm
back on the boat! that is what you call a tough to sell claim in a court of law. >> bret: the one hour special is quite something. we are just over 20 minutes until the polls close in south carolina. candidates looking to lock up a victory, the first in the south primary and can the speaker ride the wave of momentum? >> megyn: a live look at campaign headquarters, our guests weigh in, on what to expect. ed rollins, karl rove, mike huckabee, coming up, right here on america's election headquarters. when i grow up,
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♪[music plays] purina one beyond. food for your cat orog. but my nose is still runny. [ male announcer ] truth is, dayquil doesn't treat that. really? [ male announcer ] alka-seltzer plus fights your worst cold symptoms, plus it relieves your runny nose. [ deep breath] awesome. [ male announcer ] yes, it is. that's the cold truth! >> bret: 18 minutes, 47 seconds and we're looking at the campaign headquarters in south carolina as promised, ron paul's headquarters popped up there. all four waiting for polls to close, 7:00 p.m., and our decision desk will be pouring through the numbers. -- poring through the numbers. >> megyn: former advisor to
3:42 pm
hillary clinton's presidential campaign and, former press secretary to house republican leadership, andrea tantaros, newt gingrich, it looks like a good night for him and martha mccallum is reporting on the late deciders in the election, who are breaking for gingrich. does it suggest to you that the ex-wife giving the interview, coming out, is not having an impact? >> yes. absolutely, i mean, these are republican primary voters, and, they are sensitive to the fact that the media is going after gingrich in the way and it smelled funny 48 hours before the primary and these are voters who remember what the media did when bill clinton had his affair and i think he changed the way politic and sex and the way we look at it and now it doesn't matter and they see it as, he's a victim and i think he was handed a huge win with the question. >> megyn: does it suggest they don't care about the issue or more about how he handled it and, their belief that he is a
3:43 pm
warrior and went up against barack obama, he can handle this and other issues? >> we got to see a side of his combativeness and it absolutely probably helped him looking after his debate performance because he never really polled well with women but, even after jenny sanford came out and trashed him on msnbc the other night, he, through the conversation reestablished himself as a strong catholic and talk about how he asked for forgiveness which plays well in south carolina and he was also able to show his fighting side which so many of the late deciders looked for who will be able to really go up and fight against president obama. >> megyn: and -- >> it hurts him in the general. >> megyn: as a democrat, as a democrat, do you worry at all about the possibility of barack obama debating newt gingrich? >> no. i don't. i think if you look at who the republican primary voters have been and who have been in the audiences, standing ovations,
3:44 pm
booing military veterans, there is going to be an extreme shift anyone from the camp is going to have to make to appeal to independents, to appeal to women. and, i think it will be very difficult to go up against them. >> megyn: is there a tide now behind newt gingrich because of those debate performances? >> absolutely, and if he wins tonight, which he probably will do, he goes into florida and he will be the headline tomorrow, a lot -- and the question is, though, can he be competitive in a state mitt romney has an operation in all 67 counties, and it costs $8 million a week to go on t.v. but, even if he loses by -- to mitt romney by ten points, because of the way it is set up, proportional delegates he can still be competitive with gingrich and can go into a state like michigan which mitt romney won in '08 and be competitive and it does favor mitt romney because he has the money and ground game in florida, and michigan, is in his favor. and, nevada is in his favor as well and he'll have the momentum coming out of south carolina. >> megyn: is it helpful?
3:45 pm
sarah palin said if she lived in south carolina she'd endorse newt gingrich because he wants to see it keep rolling, the extended process which the republicans thought about when they changed the process for this year and wanted something more like what we saw between obama and hillary clinton, last time, do you think it is beneficial to the republicans if it keeps going on? >> i do. look, they do not want a weak candidate. and there will be plenty of time to go out and focus on barack obama. but, i do, i think it is good for the party and i think a lot automotive people want the strongest one and were not satisfied in 2008 with john mccain and i think this is good, let 'em go at it. >> and take the play from hillary clinton and obama's campaign, in 2008, where you saw state parties really get to build their ground operations and get to fund-raise and be a lot more active and there's a reason president obama's campaign in south carolina has had actually more people showing up for events, than any of the republican candidates. because there is such a strong operation on the ground. and if i was a republican, i would want to see that same opportunity, so, in the war with
3:46 pm
women, i think sarah palin won out over mary ann gingrich. >> if newt gingrich wins south carolina, is the ex-wife issue done? >> no. jehmu and her pals in d.c. will not let it go. >> women voters will not let it go. >> bret: now another all star panel as the polls in south carolina are set to close, at the top of the hour. stay right here on fox news channel, your front row seat, to politics t [ mujahid ] there was a little bit of trepidation,
3:47 pm
not quite knowing what the next phase was going to be, you know, because you been, you know, this is what you had been doing. you know, working, working, working, working, working, working. and now you're talking about, well you know, i won't be, and i get the chance to spend more time with my wife and my kids. it's my world. that's my world. ♪
3:48 pm
3:49 pm
mark welcome back, we're taking a live look at the campaign headquarters of all of the candidates, you can see a little bit more action on the ground,
3:50 pm
some of them, as we are now 10 minutes away from the polls closing and we'll have the action covered as the results come in. >> bret: and back there, the decision team, the decision desk. huddled around, looking at exit polls, right now, as the raw vote totals come in. they are smiling. >> megyn: bill hemmer is there. everyone is smiling. >> bret: get out of there, bill! okay, back to our all star panel. brit, juan, steve. go ahead. [laughter] mark good times for bill and the panel back there. it is fun being back there, they know the answers and can't share it with us yet. let's talk about these late deciders, because i mentioned with the earlier panel, it seems that they are breaking for newt gingrich. which would suggest that all of the things we have heard from him in the past week about next wife and so on, either didn't matter a lot or didn't matter
3:51 pm
enough. to stop his momentum, does it mean it's not an issue for him on a go-forward basis. >> no, what sometimes happens with these primary seasons, it will happen late in the campaign for one state and won't make much difference and you'll think it didn't work. and, it will carry over, into the next rounds of campaigning and the next state. i remember in 1980, john anderson, remember, he was a republican congressman from illinois, liberal republican, basically, reformist minded and new hampshire made a speech to gun owners and the candidates were there and pandered like mad and john anderson came out for restrictions on handguns and they bad, and, immediate sooned over john anderson, what a courageous act it was and it didn't help him in new hampshire but the next primary was in massachusettsnd he ner won it as i recall, finished a strong second and made a big showing and it carried over and they love it in massachusetts. so, you never know. sometimes these things carry over from one state to the next.
3:52 pm
>> bret: steve, let's talk about rick santorum. you mentioned that iowa, officially named him the winner, last night and he heads in here and according to the polls, heading in, was really battling for third, trying not to be last in south carolina. what about his campaign? >> well, i mean, that will be the real question, brit suggested earlier he'll have to take a hard look and, if he doesn't get third place, he came in fourth here. if the campaign is as people have described it, for so long, battle to see who is the nonmitt romney candidate and newt gingrich does well here, in state where both he and rick santorum could lay claim to doing well, friendly state for them. where rick santorum had a good organization and county chairs in all of the counties and spent a lot of time here, some 30 visits and had done a lot of events here and had endorsements, if he, after all of that effort, he isn't able to presents himself to florida voters next in ten days, as a serious nonromney candidate,
3:53 pm
he'll have to take a long look, despite the fact he said i'm going on and staying in for a long time. >> megyn: what about ron paul? and his chances in this general contest, in addition to south carolina and what role does he play if he's not to be the winner, in terms of taking votes away from one of the other candidates. >> we have been looking at this always in terms of finding a true conservative alternative, to mitt romney. that has been the narrative so far and, much of this has been driven bity the idea mitt romne is viewed as a flip-flopper on key social issues, abortion, gay rights, gun control and during his time as governor of massachusetts but let me offer another scenario. what if the anti-romney is actually ron paul? ron paul in terms of his libertarian stance and appeal to young people, and his jugs that u.s. foreign policy has been too interventionist and there are a
3:54 pm
lot of people who have been responding and i think you have seen ron paul finish third in iowa, come in third in i think third in new hampshire and here has been -- i don't think has been campaigning as hard, he's not going to do as well with the evangelicals but you get down into florida and i think he again may emerge as a key factor in the race. >> he hasn't really campaigned in florida. he has put his focus on these caucus states, like minnesota and wyoming and other places. nevada. coming up. >> we saw in fact he put more money into those states, that's right. but given mitt romney's strength and the amount of money and organization he has already made evident in florida, it will be interesting to see whether or not some of those floridians who are looking for someone other than mitt romney might graph vate towards ron paul and not -- gravitate towards ron paul and not the more conservative santorum... >> the problem is ron paul
3:55 pm
suffers with conservatives of the conventional republican stripe. even strong conservatives from a foreign policy view is more close identified with dennis kucinich than almost anybody else and i think the votes that he is getting now, are probably not available to very many other candidates. and, i don't think that he can take from very many other candidates. i think he has his block of voters who are drawn to him, because of an extraordinary, unusual combination of views, some young people find him attractive but i'm not sure where they'll go, if they'll vote at all once it is over and he's not a part of it. >> megyn: negativity toward mitt romney and his financial experience in these exit polls, people for whom it was an issue didn't vote for him and appears they went someplace else, a deal-breaker for them. why? is it -- you know, because he has been saying it is a capitalist thing and why would they hold it against me? why would they hold it against him. >> one is the bain capital issue
3:56 pm
and people didn't have as much trouble with that and were able to get behind mitt romney for that. i don't think in that sense, newt gingrich's attacks worked on the substance of those issues and the second issue is his taxes. and i think part of it may be his taxes and the attention that that focused on, that issue, but, more broadly i think the bigger problem for him was, this week, his inability to answer those questions. the fact that he stumbled again and again and stumbled in the debate on monday and wasn't able to say exactly how much he was going to release or when he was going to do it and the fact that he stumbled repeatedly throughout the week caused him some problems. >> we saw -- sorry. >> megyn: we'll be right back, soon, and often. on the other side of the break, polls in south carolina will be closed. things getting dramatic on the campaign trail the last few days and late deciders, playing a key role, live from the candidates' headquarters. >> bret: and ed rollins, mike huckabee and former vice presidential candidate, sarah palin. it. ♪ now i'm a geologist at chevron,
3:57 pm
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4:00 pm
>> it is 7:00 p.m. in the east and polls are now closed in south carolina. good evening, i you am bret baier. and i am megan kelly. fox news projects nanewt gingrich will beat mitt romney in the state. there is three different winners now in three different states. mitt romney will finish second in south carolina where he led the pack just days ago. rick santorum and ron paul battling for third place. that contest is too close to call. fox news project newt gingrich has won the south carolina primary. this victory caps a remarkable come back for the house speaker. second soy far in the campaign season. this is propoled by strong performance in two debates. whether railing against barack obama or slamming the main
4:01 pm
stream media when asked about his ex-wifes making at the same times. one week ago mitt romney looked like he was cruise to victory after wins in iowa and new hampshire. a recount went to santorum in iowa . romney came under wiggering attack from being hed of bain capitol to the hisitation of releasing his federal income tax returns. this gives new importance to florida. 10 days from now. mitt romney has a 18.5 lead over newt gingrich. this is huge. where newt gingrich was, his campaign was finished and many analyst thought he was through and should hang it up. you can see the gingrich
4:02 pm
campaign headquarters there are not that many people. the call was made from fox news projecting that newt gingrich will win. that is local coverage and they are having momentum. >> and check in with carl cameron. they are founding out in newt gingrich's headquarters that he is the winner of the south carolina primary. it is huge win coming from behind as he did. not performing as he wanted in iowa and new hampshire. but pulling off the the record here. no gop wins the white house without coming here first.
4:03 pm
if he wins here he would capture the nomination and beating mitt romney who he calls the massachusetts moderate. mr. gingrich campaigned up until the polls closed. staffers are en route to columbia and stayed on the cam 59 trail. he may come down and make a speech early tonight maybe by 8:00. that will depend on concessions speeches from mitt romney. and gingrich tomorrow will head back to virginia and will be on tampa, florida on monday . will have a town hall meeting and start raring to go. gingrich is planning to build the national campaign. mitt romney knew it would likely be a defeat. they have waited and saying they are looking for states
4:04 pm
that come down on the campaign trail. romney is on the air in ads before the iowa caucaus three weeks ago. the super pack has been on the air in florida two weeks longer than that. no other candidate is on the air advertising and romney hopes to build a fire wall and recognizes that the victory for gingrich guarantees that the race will go on longer. romney was cautious to say he did expect to lose one or two races but running a long-term campaign that will ultimately choke off the oxygen for his rivals by the massive war chest and nationwide organization . it is worth remembering that newt gingrich will not appear in the ball on the in virginia, denied that opportunity. there are structural hurdles against newt gingrich. but tonight's win will give him support to overcome them
4:05 pm
in days ahead. newt gingrich was out spent two-one if you add the super pack and candidate. what does that say about newt gingrich down the road and in florida that is very expensive. >> he will have a challenge there and newt gingrich's life blood in this campaign is indisputable debate. he said so and part of the reason they like him so much he's candidate that can debate and beat barack obama in the debate. they have seen him unfiltered and not through promotional ads but an impromptu opportunity. and newt gingrich showed
4:06 pm
himself capable of winning the duels x. mitt romney on thursday, the dat of state of the union in which mitt romney will attack the president and also say that newt gingrich has waged attack on free enterprise for his criticism of romney's day of bain. look for mitt romney to cast ring newt gingrich against growth economy. mitt romney believes that the come back trail will be most conservative when it comes to business and jobs and economic. and taking a beating here in south carolina. let's check in with mike emanuel from mitt romney headquarters. it is it a quieter place. mike. >> bret, good evening, it is a subdued scene and supporters
4:07 pm
filing in here and await governor mitt romney to come down and address supporters. it will be interesting to see his tone and what his tone will be on "fox news sunday". it is a disappointing week but over the past couple of days, senior advisors and key surrogates told us it is it going to be a long slog and they feel like they have the organization and resources to compete in a complex market as the state of the florida which is up next and an expensive place to compete. and with the adand organization they have on the ground it is a different story. it will be being to note if governor romney pivots to get back on offense in a way. he was outworked here and it is a difficult place for him.
4:08 pm
folks said the debate performance was a key factor and they want somebody who can fight against the we'll be right back attacks that will come in the general election and heard from south carolina voters that they were looking to send a message, perhaps casting a vote other than the establishment candidate. that is the latest from here . we'll listen for his tone tonight and on "fox news sunday". >> he had the support of the south carolina governor nicky haley down there. we'll see what he said in his speech. >> how did newt gingrich do it? we are looking at the exit polls, martha. >> megan. it is interesting when you get down and look at the numbers. to get to the white house, a candidate must win the south carolina to lock up the gop nomination and for 12 hours south carolina voters went to the polls to help pick the gop
4:09 pm
nominee. how did the voters give that victory to newt gingrich. double digits over mitt romney. he got the late deciders and conservatives and evangicals and newt gingrich won a smaller segment of independents. indepeents were a quarter of the electorate in south carolina and they went for newt gingrich with 30 percent. ron paul and mitt romney if you look at this were tied at independents. and that is a very strong group for mitt romney. here is something that is an being element. which candidate can beat barack obama. they picked newt gingrich 10 points over mitt romney. electability is mitt romney's strong suit. he was the one who could beat mitt romney. 10 percent more voters went
4:10 pm
for newt gingrich as electible over the president. significant in south carolina. back to you. >> we are going to talk about that throughout the night. mark stanford is a former governor and a fox news contractor. governor, your reaction to this result? well, fairly stunning given the fact that you know. (no audio) >> okay. the satellite went out there. it is rain showers in south carolina. when we get him back we'll bring him back to get his assessment and inside knowledge of south carolina. >> it was a rude welcome. >> how are you, and see you later. and we'll go back to the governor soon. we'll also go to sarah palin and mike huckabee. and plus, live from the candidate's headquarters as all of the results are n newt gingrich is the big winner in south carolina.
4:11 pm
there is a fight for third place between rick santorum and ron paul. this is fox news channel. america's election headquarters. wake up!
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4:15 pm
>> looking live at the fox news headquarters in south carolina. finishing first in the south primary. mitt romney will finish second. and firefighter between rick santorum and ron paul. >> turning to edrolins who is a former deputy chief-of-staff to reagan. hoe had major roles in nine other campaigns. your thoughts about that. newt gingrich and i had a conversation in the straw paul. and i will stay in this thing drive ideas. here we are a few months later he is the front rner and the conservative alternative to mitt romney and santorum will
4:16 pm
be diminished. you will see a republican establishment will say he cannot win and drag down the house and they will go to war on him and the bottom line he has to put a campaign structure together. he's done it his way and through debates and will have to put a campaign together. >> accord toth exit polls, south carolinians believe he was most electable and that is countered to the national polling and mitt romney's strategy. >> the reason he is more electable. they think he can beat the daylights on the stage. there is no contest with him and obama. romney will not go away. but he has organization and tructure. this is the second time for mitt romney. he lost it to huckabee and by this night he was done .
4:17 pm
four years ago mccain won the nomination. and when newt gingrich had his first surge in the polls, folks who had known him from the time of speak exer conservatives and had a lot of negative things to say about the newt gingrich and we saw the poll numbers go off of the cliff and the negative ads. will that happen depane? >> i think it certainly will happen again and there will be more of it. but the end of the contest here, people see him as a strong candidate and they know he has a lot of past proclivities . they know he is strong and brightest guy in the game. what is the connection problem with mitt romney. >> he never was a conservative until he run for the president. he won the governorship he was
4:18 pm
not a conservative and trying to convince people he is now and it is not. >> and it seems to be a deal breaker. is the problem for mitt romney he worned in bain and it was a private equity term and he's not giving a good explaination of his time and not able to perwade people. >> it is both of that. we want to talk about capitalism and talk about jobs. he needs to emphasis that. he's far from done. newt gingrich is the number one. and huckabee. he will win home state of
4:19 pm
georgia and alabama and mississippi and paul obviously getting his people. we bring back former governor of south carolina mark sanford. we want your thoughts on the results. >> i think it is amazing begin the fact that mitt romney stepped in the race here in south carolina with a 16-point lead two weeks ago. and newt gingrich, 13 million was spent in south rolina over the last two weeks. i think it is a significant win . what ed said a moment ago. conservatives didn't feel comfortable with romney. it will always go for the conservative candidate and
4:20 pm
always has. it goes for the establishment candidate and many believe that is why they choose the guy who is nominee for the party. your thoughts on that. i would say probably one of the reasons. we are an independent lot and historically the historic side is splintered up therefore what you are suggesting is true. in many cases the tabement candidate would win. what you saw here begin the focus on income issues and high unemployment in the state was a focus was conservatives coming together with social conservatives and they banded here in the lenth hour behind a candidate other than the front runner mitt romney and we saw the verdict. i think that trend will hold longer as we go in florida and other primaries. >> you are saying that south carolina is sending a message
4:21 pm
that this needs to continue and number two, would it send a message if rick santorum finishes last. there is still a battle for third. many people thought santorum would take off in a place like south carolina especially in the upstate. >> i think in many ways, south carolina was taylor made for santorum to do well. but the head wind was in this case a lot of folks out of work for social conservatives. the economy became preimminent and as a consequence rick didn't do as well as many folks thought he would of. and back to "fox news sunday" anchor chris wallace and his guest.
4:22 pm
>> hey, megan. we are talking about the debates that played a key role. you look at the polls before the fox debate. mitt romney with a lead over newt gingrich, that turned around on a dime after monday night's fox debate and continued in the week and cnn debate on thursday. two key moments when newt gingrich took on juan williams on minorits and john king about allegations of his ex-wife and you could feel the visceral roar in the crowd. >> everybody is paying attention to these things . it is in the early battle ground states and taking on the media is always good in a republican primary and taking them on thursday night. john cane could not have set up the question in a more positive way for newt gingrich to nail it and haul it out of the park. >> conversely, joe. you have mitt romney who the reviews were poor for him in
4:23 pm
the two debates particularly the answers over the taxes and bain. the question i have, shouldn't he have been able to anticipate. they were not surprises. they didn't seem prepared to answer them. >> absolutely. it wasn't in mitt romney's control. what newt gingrich did that was newt gingrich. >> romney, knowing that these two questions were coming for four years and he had no worry to them and the problem that this is creating for him. a growing number of republicans and a quarter of the vote in south carolina had deep concerns about rom-- mitt romney's work related stuff and he only got five percent of the voters . the second part and newt gingrich is seen by voters as more electible than romney .
4:24 pm
that is a kink in the armor of mitt romney. he is holding the mantel forever. we'll talk about rick santorum that won iowa anding in a head wind in south carolina and finish a distant third or fourth. can he stay or will he? >> it defends on his finances. what is 10 days of staying on the campaign. >> there are 10 media markets. >> we learned one thing in south carolina. television aids are important. the debates assume a bigger importance. monday night's debate and thursday's nights are important 10 days away. >> what should one piece of advice for each much them. what should mitt romney do
4:25 pm
going forward in florida and start with you, karl. >> i wrote in the wall street journal. an opportunity to go after and explain blain bain and go after newt gingrich and point out newt gingrich's not conservative moments. and newt needs to brouden up his message that mitt romney is the massachusetts moderate . a diverse state . he needs to really be aimed at putting legs in the other contest. ed rolins is right. we are not at the end or in the middle. >> briefly joe, your thoughts for both candidates. the message was keep it going and vote for me and keep it going . romney. romney has to come up with answers on bain and the income taxes. he's in deep, deep trouble.
4:26 pm
this could go go a long way. >> next time we are on, we'll talk about that. joe thinks it being be a bitter campaign that goes on for monthses. >> one of the many things he will discuss with mitt romney. >> and coming up. newt gingrich wins a huge win in south carolina x. turning the race upside down. who will take third place. that is next. >> bill hemmer has the answers and most amazing part about newt's victory coming up. parts in south carolina that newt won. go to fox news.comfor team analysis. and go to fox news. and you will find the real-time results right down to the individual counties. you are watching fox news coverage of the south carolina republican party and primary. in america, we believe in a future that is better than today. since 1894, ameriprise financial has been working hard
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4:31 pm
between santorum and ron paul. that is continuing. as you look. there are so few votes in x. based on the exit poll data and raw vote totals, they are projecting newt gingrich will win big. he tweeted thank you, south carolina and help me deliver the knock out punch in florida and donate money now. and mitt romney's campaign and senior ads are reporting to a major speech in florida on tuesday that will be a prebulletable of the president's state of the union. and mitt romney looking to a state to improve his fortunes . ron paul aids are telling fox news they expected newt gingrich to come in first x. he's leading in the internal polls for a week and they expect to come in fourth . and there is a speech coming from mitt romney at 7:45. at least that is the early
4:32 pm
indication. and now we can make a call. fox news is projecting that rick santorum will finish third. and rick santorum is going to beat ron paul in the state of south carolina. romney two and santorum third and paul is fourth. >> interesting he is showing no signs was slowing down. he said he will be in it for a while. he wants his issues discussed in the critical debates. >> bill hemmer is breaking down the results in real time and has more explanation for what we are seeing. >> the results are prelimary right now. we have one percent or less than one percent of the vote that we can tabulate right now. based on the exit polling, this seems to be a major concern to the mitt romney campaign that we are about to
4:33 pm
show you here and a big boost to gingrich. and one part of the state that frankly romney should have done well. two percent of the vote is in. we called it for gingrich. romney in the orange and gink are are gingrich in the yellow. look at the area here. this is so important. counties like ore county and myrtle beach and the debate. this county has been wracked by the economy going back four years. real estate market fell off of the floor and has not came back. tourism industry that relies on people coming to that part of the state has suffered a great deal because of a lack of money and the economy that slipped so deeply. same thing for george town. and over here in marion county
4:34 pm
and the pd river that flows up here. manufacturing left. and real estate market is wrecked and the economy is first and foremost in this part of the south carolina to be issue number one which would appear to appeal to supporters of mitt romney x. just to show you four years ago on the map where huckabee is in blue and mccain is in red. mccain won half and huckabee won half. based on 2012. newt gingrich swept this area and move to florida it would be certain parts of thatitate that reflect a similar economic down turn . at the moment newt gingrich did well in upstate. very conservative voterss and evangelical voterss and here in the pd river area newt gingrich did well. in the low country where you
4:35 pm
expect mitt romney to do quite well, that is where mccain performed so well in 2008. it is 50-50 between mitt romney and newt gingrich and the support they are getting there. and based on the middle part of the state in columbia where there is rich land county and the state capitol a lot of votes right there. what we are see nothing rich land and lexington county to the west of rich land that's where mitt romney has the most strength so far based on the exit poling in south carolina. we'll have more coverage in a moment and tell you a bigger story as to what is happening tonight. >> we like colors. back to the panel now. senior political analyst brit hume and juan williams and steve hayes with the weekly standard. bret, you look at the boards here and first place for newt gingrich and second place for mitt romney and third place for rick santorum and pointing
4:36 pm
out raw vote totals are confusing and you will see the check mark and that is the order they will finish based on the exit polling. brit, something interesting. voters in south carolina believe that newt gingrich is more electable than mitt romney. >> there is a clear answer. if the voters in south carolina said to us. what they mean by electabilitiability to take on barack bum wum in a debate. there is no doubt who was the strongest debater. you saw this when newt gingrich took on a question from my colleague juan. and hit the thing out of the park and got a standing ovation and similarly on thursday night in the other debate. he took on a question from john cane something his
4:37 pm
ex-wife said and got a standing ovation. this is what they are hungering for. somebody to make the case for the things they believe in or don't believe in can like barack obama and main stream media outlets and on mitt romney on bain capitol and tax questions. he was halting and faltering. this is a bad night for mitt romney. not only he lost for newt gingrich but he lost ground in the polling. he ended up worse than he would have if he made a strong case for himself and role in bain. it was his weakness that disappointed the voters and that's what electability came to mean in this particular race. >> this is a pen pin from south carolina that bust the balon for mitt romney as you go down the road. i am translating what you are saying. >> let's not get carried away.
4:38 pm
in the idea of electability in thisitate meant this thing. debatability. >> but that speaks for more than yust south carolina. it leads to florida and the south. >> that's true. >> one candidate of the three made a strong finish in all three states it is not newt gingrich and ron paul or santorum. it is mitt romney. this is a big disappointment for mitt romney and cost him momentum and support in florida in the seem. >> is there any reason to believe that mitt romney can turn it around? is there any reason to believe he will improve? >> remember meyan he did well. and rick perry was a threat and zoomed to the top of the polls, we saw mitt romney much better and sharper in the debates and he should be able to do it or needs to.
4:39 pm
>> i think when it comes to the debates what we have seen from mitt romney is like a dean smith. four corners stall. i have a big lead and sit on it. it was a wrong strategy against newt gingrich. i am taken by the exit polls that indicate and known it from the larger results in iowa and new hampshire. even though mitt romney is doing well. most republicans and people who are conservatives, don't vote for romney. in fact when you look at the numbers, look at newt gingrich supporters, it is two-thirds of them have reservations about supporting mitt romney or would not support mitt romney. in response to bret baier's initial question. nationally mitt romney is the best candidate for republicans and they are focused on beating barack obama. he runs better in obama and newt gingrich, no other
4:40 pm
candidate can say that. >> yet they didn't believe that in south carolina on electability they sided with newt gingrich and that's the most recent metric we have. >> the things are related. there is a cause and affect. the fact that mitt romney didn't do well in the debates and that he was stumbling and searched answers to the questions and on other policy questions was not sharp as he had been and perhaps thrown off by the fact he had trouble answers questions on taxs and bain. i think they are related. if you see mitt romney not a strong debater against barack obama and machine who can't beat him, that does factor in. and let me differ from what bret said. i think it is bigger than that. too. the question was not posed to south carolina can you beat barack in a debate. can you beat barack obama.
4:41 pm
50 percent of the voters said that was a priority and thought newt gingrich was their man. i think it is also that newt gingrich is speaking to big issues. in one debate he took a question about grandiosity and mitt romney's team put out a opposition research piece where they talk about the people that newt gingrich compared himself to and all of which is true. but he said, this is a time for big issues. these are -- we are in times that require big solutions to the problems. he turned it around and that spoke to conservatives. that is what we want to hear from our candidate. >> we'll be back throughout night. >> coming up, charles helps us to break down the vote. >> we can tell you that mitt romney is californied to speak soon. when he does, you will see it here on fox news channel as we
4:42 pm
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4:45 pm
when you walk 10,000 steps a day, it's the same as walking a professional golf course. humana. proud supporter of health and well-being. >> welcome back everybody. fox news is projecting that newt gingrich won the south carolina primary. mitt romney has come in second . we are watching mitt romney headquarters we are told we are within five minutes of the candidate taking to the lecturn and addressing his supporters there and all of you. as we wait for that. rick santorum came in third in this contest and ron paul finished fourth. ron paul came in third in iowa and came in second in new hampshire. >> we'll bring in fox news contractor charles cradhammer.
4:46 pm
charles, your thoughts. >> well, it is an amazing result but not complicated. some of the results are complicated and lot was factors. here it is very simple. it is a double digit lead by mitt romney collapsed in a week of the late deciders who were two-thirs of the electorate. and went to newt gingrich and by 26 points that. is a huge margin. it was not only the debates but the moments in the debate. over all i think they all did well. but moments where mitt romney stumbled on the question of tax bain capitol. he stumbled in the first and thursday debate. he appears troubled by his own wealth and experience in finance and doesn't have confidence in himself.
4:47 pm
that's the feeling he gave out on that and that is supposed to be his strong suit and claim on the presidency. he is a businessman and newt gingrich had the moment in the first debate. i am not sure he was attacking one. he gave a affect of compassion of the conservative idea exercise how you deal with the poor and those who are not doing well. he gave a succinct rousing estimation of conservative in dignity yejobs and and then the debate in cnn he did a reagan had new hampshire. i paid for this microphone. and that channel to the electorate and the fact that he could articulate the conservative philosophy and take on oppons without fear. accounts for the victory. >> we are looking live and
4:48 pm
awaiting mitt romney's speech and we are told that rick santorum will come out and obviously newt gingrich to have a victory speech. i have a surprise for you, charles. a sound bite we put together from the beginning of the newt gingrich time and campaign. listen to he's done. he didn't have a chance but it is over. >> he's out. >> look the campaign is over and a matter of if he announces it. >> it is over but staying n >> he had the worst since the hendon burg. you would think i am doing humility now. it doesn't come easy. >> it is over. you and juan. it is over. that was in may, charles. >> you can tell, the viewers know that is spontanous and unrehearsed. and i was not prepared and
4:49 pm
humility is not my strong suit. you have lazarus. he only had to rise once and newt gingrich has risen twice. what newt gingrich understood that you don't are to have the organization, you don't have to have the money. but so much of the primary campaigns hinge on debates if you have the moments and that's what he did. he stayed in their doingedly. he began in new hampshire and it was these moments which can change an election and that's why for florida election is really up for grabs. despite the fact that romney has had ads out there for weeks and he has a lot of strength on the ground. this is all about how it appearos television. two-thirds of the south carolinians said that it was very important what happened in the debates . they are the ones who made the
4:50 pm
difference. so yes, i do, i am fallible x. i lack what the pope has. newt gingrich can hang in there. and watching him in the debate. i think it was the defiance in the last answer in the john king question that was decisive. i think john king if newt gingrich wins the presidency. will have a gilded and endowed chair. >> charles to bring you in the panel here. brit hume. >> charles, i was feeling for you here. remember, a guy who can rise twice had to die twice to do it. he may die again. you can't rule it out. >> in the end, we all do. but it is a question of when.
4:51 pm
>> steve, you think that newt gingrich has at ing here and a bounce out of south carolina? >> i look, the victory that we think it will be. yeah, i think that helps him. he's trying to raise money off of this. and i talked to a top advisor and said newt is in through the convention and staying in and established himself as a conservative alternative to mitt romney . what the campaign was about from last pring until voters started to actually cast votes on january 3rd in iowa is who that nonmitt romney candidate would be. if newt gingrich is right and it settles on him. that is an if. he does stick around for eye while. >> do we overestimate the importance . debates. bret, you and i talked about it before the show. 17 debate there will be three
4:52 pm
against barack obama. can he do the same thing in a general election that he does in a primary? >> debates are rarely important in the general election as they are in the primary. only one debate in the years that i have covered this tough is the reagan and carter debate and reagan said there you go again . coinicided with the moment the public was about to make a change and ronald reagan assured him he was acceptable and plausible and safe enough alternative to jimmie carter. most of the time debates end up with everybody thinking that the person they wanted won. in primary debates. they agree. massachusetts moderate versus reagan conservative. mitt romney and newt gingrich are not that part. ron paul is out there on foreign policy employees sentiment can be soft. you don't have the heavy
4:53 pm
loyalty when you have very different view points in the general election. >> juan, in south carolina, the voters are saying a big difference between newt gingrich and mitt romney. and the difference is who touches their conservative and where they need to be as far as conservatives and as a party, is that fair? >> it is their passion and picking up on what charles was talking about. it is a passion. and it is it a radio talk show menitality here, appeal would to people who want to hear fire and brimstone and they get it from newt gingrich. they are not getting it from mitt romney. earlier, we were talking about gee, there is charles and juan saying the campaign is over. why? money and organization, remember newt gingrich imploded when he took the cruise trip to greece and then the wife at tiffanies. >> that's when you said it was
4:54 pm
over . >> at that point, his own staff was fleeing the deck and then he comes back after new hampshire by appealing on two topibs. bain, first saying it is not good capitalism and costing people jobs and mitt romney is a moderate and not a true conservative. those are not the key things that fired up the crowd. what fired up the crowd was red meat answers that stoked the idea. this guy is a power puncher that can bring it to barack obama. >> what is firing up the crowd mitt romney. we are showing you this because the mitt romneys are in the building in columbia and we are just a short time away from his speech. we'll bring you all of the speeches tonight here on the coverage on fox news channel. >> does anybody here think that the importance of the win to newt gingrich is overstated given the role of religion appearing to play?
4:55 pm
59 percent of the voters said yes. sharing my religious belief matters to me and votersed for newt gingrich. folks who said it doesn't matter voted for mitt romney; is that the way it will play out in the republican primaries yet to come. >> south carolina is heavy with evangelical christians and have more identification with a catholic than a morm on. probably enough to matter a bit that think that mormonism think is a cult. >> you think his mormonism hurt him in south carolina. >> i think it is too early to say that. in other states religion hasn't mattered when we thought it would have. rick santorum was supposed to be brought by the evangelical voters in iowa and he was going to get a boost because 38 percent of the electorate
4:56 pm
in new hampshire was catholic. if you want to look at the way they unfolded, i would argue that religion played a smaller role. >> what about the connection ed rolins and the connection with mitt romney and the republican voting block. his ability to connect to people as you mentioned juan, the emotional issues in the party and talk about his time as massachusetts governor and sell it. >> he's having a hard time . what is really most puzzling to me, look. republican party establishment rally to his side when newt gingrich began to attack him on capitalism and bain cament - capitol. this is hurting the republicans and you are playing to the barack line. as we said. they will continue to rally x. none theless how disappointing
4:57 pm
he could not articulate the points. he failed to deliver a exock out punch that was set up for him by everybody. commentators said he would have to dole with the bain question now . mitt romney is a man with success . being a natural politician is not one of them. he doesn't have that ability. >> he he is polite and courtous to everybody. he doesn't have the common touch that rick perry and bill clinton had. and newt gingrich had it not the gratest but better than mitt romney. barack obama is said to not have connected with nim them in the way he hoped. >> absolutely. he has to start to show the fire that we have talked
4:58 pm
about. he tried at times to suggest he was truly conservative. it is hard for him. >> let's listen in. he will come in second in the south carolina primary. >> you guys are fantastic, and thank you so very much. [applause] you should hear them when we win. [cheers and applause] that is really something. now this race is getting to be more interesting. i just want to say to you guys, thank you so much for your help in the last days and months and weeks ago over the great state and i appreciate all of the calls you made and people in the polls and exciting day for us. and thanks to all of the people that help begin with your governor, governor nicky
4:59 pm
haley has been fabulous and i owe so much for her help. treasurer loftus who chared my campaign. had natevalentine has been with me . david rad. and of course, the people of south carolina who helped this campaign. i owe you so much. thank you for the great night tonight. [cheers and applause] tonight, i want to congratulate of course, speaker gingrich and my fellow republicans in the hard fought campaign. we are now three contest in a long season. it is it a hard fight because so much is worth fighting for. [applause] we still have a long way to go
5:00 pm
and a lot of work to do and tomorrow we'll move on to florida. [applause] it is a state that has suffered under the failed policies was president obama. and three years ago, we had nothing but promises and slogans by which to judge this president and today we have a record of deficits and decline and debt. president obama likes to remind us that elections have consequences and today, the consequences are clear and the stakes have never been higher. i say this before and i firmly believe that this election is a battle for the soul of america. [applause] it is a choice, it is a choice between two very different destinies of america. present obama wants to fundmentally transform america and we want to restore to
5:01 pm
america founding principles that made this count reap the greatest hope of the earth. [cheers and applause] he is making the federal government bigger and bloated. i want to make the federal government simpler and smaller and smarter and we'll do it. [applause] he has raised the national debt time and time again tas tronomical levels and i will cut the budget and cap the budget and finally balance the united states budget. [cheers and applause] he has -- (chanting we need mitt) >> he has enacted job killing regulations and i will eliminate. and he passed obama care, i will repeal it. [cheers and applause]
5:02 pm
the president, president has adopted an appeasement strategy and believes that america's role as leader of the world is a thing of the past. i believe in a strong america and i believe that america must lead the nation and world and be the leader of the free world and the free world must lead the entire world. [cheers and applause] in recent weeks, the choice within our party has come into star focus. president obama has no experience running a business and no experience running a state. our party can't be led to victory by someone who never run a business or state. [cheers and applause] our president has divided the nation and engaged in class warfare and attacked the free enterprise system that made america the economic envy of the world.
5:03 pm
we can't defeat the president with a candidate that joined in the assault on free enterprise. [cheers and applause] when my opponents attack success and free enterprise they are not only attacking me, but every person who dreams of a better future. he is attacking you. i will support you and help you have a better future and america is a place was opportunity, strong. [cheers and applause] i am passionate. i am passionate about our economic liberty because i witnessed our free enterprise system as it rewards the ard work of many and creates prosperity for all in this country . over the last few westbounds we have seen a frontal assault on free enterprise. we expected it from president obama but didn't expect the republicans to join in him. ours is the party of free
5:04 pm
enterprise and consumer choice. and markets. cheer here the republican party doesn't demonize prosperity. we celebrate success in our party. [cheers and applause] that's one of the differences between the party and president. he leads a party of the big government and believes inks panding entitlement. he's wrong and we are right and this is a battle we cannot lose. cheer here - cheer here and those who pick up the weapons of the left today will find them turned against us tomorrow. that's the choice our party gives america. or else we don't offer them any choice at all. americans will demand a choice in the campaign between those people who believe in
5:05 pm
prosperity and success and opportunity and government. i think they will choose us. [cheers and applause] bys way, by it is the way, if president obama can compare his record of job loss and my mine of job creation that's a battle we will win. and if he thinks he can compare his record of croby capitalism with my record of free market success, that is a battle we can win. let me be clear. if republican leaders want to join the passport in demonizing success and disparging family values they will not be fit to be our nominee. our campaign fought hard in south carolina and in the coming weeks and months, i
5:06 pm
will fight for every single vote and compete in every single state. [cheers and applause] we are going to win this nomination and defeat president obama in november. [applause] our campaign will be about the businesses i helped to start and not the bills i tray -ed to pass and above all our campaign will champion the founding principles of liberty and opportunity and economic freedom. i do not shrink from competition. i embrace it. competition makes us better and i know it is making our campaign stronger and in the coming weeks, ideals of free and economic freedol will need a strong defense and i intend
5:07 pm
to make it. [cheers and applause] the american people, the american people. (chanting we need mitt) >> why, thank you. and agrees with you. american people will look for a choice in the campaign and i will provide it. the plan we are offering protects freedom and opportunity. and our blueprint is the constitution of the united states of america. [cheers and applause] if you want to make this election about restoring american greatness, i hope you join us. if you believe the disappointments of the last few years are a detour and not a destiny.
5:08 pm
i am asking for your vote. we believe in a land of america that is a land of opportunity and beacon of freedom and believe that america challenges each of us to be bigger. and shining city on the hill. this election i am asking for your support. we need you to join in the fight and thank you and god bless the united states of america. you guys are th best. thank you so much. [cheers and applause] >> former governor mitt romney who will finish second in the south carolina primary. this race is getting to be more interesting, and we are three contest in a long primary season. he said the election is a battle for the soul of america. opponents who attack and free . those who pick up the weapons of the left today will find them turned against them tomorrow x. he will fight for
5:09 pm
every single vote. he moves on to florida and forecast that it will be a fight in florida. mitt romney, finishing second . rick santorum is come in third place . john roberts is live. john in good evening to you, regan. we are expecting the senator to come out. they knew they were playing for third and numbers never moved in their direction even though the meeting much evangelical leaders in houston came to the consense us that santorum is the guy they should vote for. many campaigns might drop out after a third place finish in south carolina. and no, no, no. we have a win under our belt and have wind in our sails and
5:10 pm
we'll go to to florida . they have county captains and a lot of money and going up with a new adand staff of 17 permanent people and will make a play for the sunshine state. i am sure over the next few days, they will hear calls fromerisherishh campaign. do you want to go forward with this? do you want to split the conservative vote between yourself and newt gingrich or let newt gingrich put up a head-to-head competition. not leakly. mr. santorum going to heed those calls. they didn't in south carolina and will not in florida. >> thank you, john. >> and we'll wait for former senator rick santorum. and now let's talk to former arkansas governor mike huckabee. he is of course, the host of the fox news channel's huckabee. >> deplad to be here. >> you know south carolina
5:11 pm
well. i know four we'res ago you were counting votes closely. >> we were and i think tonight, big surprise is, mitt romney should never have done as well as he was doing a week ago . newt gingrich had a phenomenal x. he will probably take john king out to the nicest steak restaurant and buy dinner for him. he did him a favor. big night for newt gingrich and certainly one that taurned the election in a longer haul than we thought. watching mitt romney, i couldn't help but think. the toughest job in politics when you lose and depive a speech as if you won. it is hard to do to give your supporters something to believe in. >> we heard something new from mitt romney tonight. talking about the oppons. they never ran a business or
5:12 pm
state. and which is something he said of barack obama as well is affective message against newt gingrich. >> biggest thing mitt romney has to do get back to his message and not be on defensive about bain capitol or taxings. he will decide what he's going to release and when he will release it and he seemed tentative and timid. he has to get his sea legs going in florida. >> a lot of people looked at him in the debates and the issue of taxes was raised and by thursday in the next debate he seem uncomfortable and didn't have an worry ready. what explains that? >> there is no explaination.
5:13 pm
that is an issue he knew was coming. he shouldn't release tax returns when he is ready. look, i am not releasing them because you want me to. i am running for president and i am going to make bigger decisions than that. that's when i will do it and you don't like it. too bad. governor huckabee another one bites the dust is playing on the muc there. and talking about the exit polls. would you say born again or evangelical christian and 42 percent of them went for newt gingrich . 20 percent to santorum and 22 percent for mitt romney. surprised by the evangelical christians comingly out in that level for newt gingrich?
5:14 pm
>> not really. it was a week ago that some of the christian leaders rallied together and said they were to support santorum. and the followers made up l own minds x. it left them looking powerless in this process. but one of the things that people have questioned is whether mitt romney being a mormon matters. i will not vote against mitt romney or anybody else because he is a mormon than i will vote for al gore because he is a baptist like me. people need to think seriously about who they are going to elect for the confidence andabilities. i don't want to think that the reason people voted one way or the other was strictly because the guy would sit with them in church better. >> governor, one more thing. as you head down to florida. next contest 10 days from now. do you think that newt gingrich can colsolidate
5:15 pm
conservatives? it appears that rick santorum will stay in the race and fight on. do you think that there will be a momentum and swell against the conservative that is are not happy with mitt romney as they head into florida? >> it is volatile still. rick santorum should stay in the race. the only way you can know the outcome of a presidential process is if you quit. and if you quit, you know you have lost. but this thing is so crazy. three different people in the first three contests and santorum is right to stay in. you never know what is going to happen. this process of the primary this year as forest gump it is leak a box of chocolates. you don't know what you will get. >> governor huckabee host of huckee thanks. >> we'll bring in sarah palin.
5:16 pm
governor, thank you for being here . your thoughts on the election contest tonight? >> it is still early not only in the night, but in the process. remember we have fren states to go. and if you are barack obama you have 54 more states to go. so a lot can happen. do political pundits really surprised that newt gingrich did as well as he did? ron paul came out without a two minute warning and we'll get back to you. >> thank you very much. you know a lot is done in the last week or so and also there's now three electionns in a total of 37 delegates have been chosen so far. less than two percent and one and half percent. this is a beginning of a long hard fight.
5:17 pm
we will continue to do this. there is no doubt about it. the message of liberty is being received by more people every single day. thanks to your efforts. [applause] the wonderful thing about the message of liberty is what we seek is peace and prosperity. you get it by understanding and defend promoting the cause of liberty. [cheers and applause] there is no doubt the numbers are growing whether it is this primary. i have been in the business of promoting the cause in the electoral process for a long time n the beginning, i thought it was a promotion of a cause . dawn on me. if you win lecs and delegates that is the way you promote a cause. [cheers and applause]
5:18 pm
we will certainly promote it in the frugeral way . going to the caucaus states and promoting the whole idea of getting more delegates because that is the name of the depame and we will pursue it. 20 or 30 yearrs ago, i started and i didn't think it would be well received and obviouslyy getting elected 12 types meant people who knew me best voted for the cause of liberty and this cause has continued to grow. even compared to four years ago. tonight we'll get four or five times more votes than we did four years -ing. [cheers and applause] so there is every reason to be encouraged and every reason that we understand so clearly
5:19 pm
that the cause is so necessary. this is what i noticed about four years ago. after the last election our efforts were getting, they were getting more and more attention. and everybody asked me and media asked me, what is different? the evidence has become clear that the efforts by government is failing and we can't be depending on the government to take care of us from craiddle to grave and depend on the government to police the world and go in nation building because we are all gone broke. [cheers and applause] of course we talked about the economy and how we got into
5:20 pm
the mess and what we do about it. and others talked about it in glib terms and not being spectacular. i see our problems as a pending problem and government is too big and we do all of the thingings we are supposed to do and as a modest attempt to get back to reasonable budgets, we want to have a one trillion cut in spending in one year. [applause] of course, there is one other item that i talked about not for this campaign and not for the last campaign but last 30 years, as a matter of fact it motivated me to run for congress. it has to do how do we get away from paying from the bills and endless spend government gross. it can't if you have a sound
5:21 pm
monetary system and sound dollar and reign in the federal reserve system. [applause] right. (chanting) you know, one of the arguments is that you know posed against us for talking about the gold standard, they say it is too complex and risky business. but what is, what could be more ridiculous money comes out of a printing press and should be done in secret and creating trillion of dollars and give to the special about and we accept that as a good monetary system? it is not all that complex if
5:22 pm
we obey the law we would have sound money. the constitution said gold and silver is the only legal tender. one understands this, you can understand why government grows, because politicians don't have to be responsible. the various reasons why they spend money and if to one degrees they tax us and there is a limit because there will be a tax rebellion and they can borrow and get away as long as credit is goes. and interest goes up. that's why they invented in 1913 on printing money because you delay the pain and penalty. i used to say so long over the years. we run up the debts and pass them on to the next generation and we shouldn't do it. you know what, it is different today because we are the next generation and we are suffering the consequences. [cheers and applause]
5:23 pm
and this is the reason that we cannot resolve the problem of the unfinanced entitlement system and social security and all. if you just print money the value of money goes down and people's standards go down. people in fixed incomes, the middle class is phrinking and unemployment if you look at those honestly is closer to percent and people concerned about this. the worries come with an uncomplicated solution. we got in this mess by too many people in washington didn't care or understand the constitution. we need to restore the constitution and we will restore liberty. [cheers and applause] in order to do that, we should spend all of our resours here at home. that is a good place to spend the money and also the reason i emphasized so strongly about
5:24 pm
the waste and the amount of money overseas and the foreign aid. at the same time people suffering here at home. if we want to spend money. we should work hard to return money from overseas spending to the people here in this country and they should spend the money. [cheers and applause] but in order to do this, we all know that it is not so simple. you don't wave a wand. you have to change people's attitude and that's what is happening. people's at tues aring and they are realizing we can't afford this any. people on the receiving end know they are in trouble because producers are pushed out of our country. this is an opportunity for us to restore the values that made america great. it is it based on individual liberty and the concept that we are free people with free spirits and should have control of our lives and destiny and also should have control of our money as well.
5:25 pm
[cheers and applause] this will not be done. government does reflect the prevailing attitudes of the people. where we are gaining is the attitudes of people ising and that is good. because it is coming our way and saying government is the problem and not the solution. we got into this mess by too much spend debt and regulation. how will they get out by spending more money and borrowing more mon competent regulating more it is impossible. it is why we have to reverse the course. foreign policy . we need a foreign policy not so strange but the one the founders gave us and constitution designed. one designed to operate in our self interest and for our national security. that's the kind we have. [cheers and applause]
5:26 pm
i think a simple thing to avoid going in the war that is never seem to end and never seem to stop and never know why we are there and what the purpose is. founders gave us the answer. don't go to war unless war is declared and win them and come home. [applause] so that is a good place to start bring the troops home and have them spend their money here and not overseas. entitlement system doesn't work. it is well intended. everybody gets a house and free health care and education and look at what we have. all you do pump more money in any area you get higher prices. more putches money in education or medicine costs go up. unfortunately our countryy is lacadasical.
5:27 pm
we are not understanding about our understanding and trust in freedom. we need to restore the free and prosperous society we have to understand the necessity of assuming responsibility for ourselves. [cheers and applause] one other area that bothers me significantly. when we accept the big role of government in economic overseas, it undermines our personal liberties and that is being attacked now. always with good intention. but in the last 10 or 12 years we have embarked on a road that is undermining our libraries. when you think of the harm done and the threat to our privacy with the patriot act that has cancelled out the fourth amendment. we need to reverse that and get rid of the patriot act.
5:28 pm
that's what i think we should do. one place people spoke out . few people i am sure are computer savvy and internet savvy . they threaten us with on line gambling act to take over the internet, you all spoke out and at least temp rarelyy it was removed from the docket in the house and senate. so that is an achievement. people speak out you can get the attention in washington. [cheers and applause] we also need to continue to speak out against what that paragraph they put in the national defense authorization act. that is a provision that allows our presidents to use
5:29 pm
our miltary with american citizens with no charges and no attorneys. now, i got a little bit of the criticism and from the media and i worry a lot about that. but i took a day this week and went up to washington and voted to make sure i was on record against increasing the national debt by 1.2 trillion dollars. but also, while there, i dropped a piece of legislation that i think is significant and i hope we gain the momentum, because so many people on the campaign is aware of this although it is not noticed much in the main streamm media. i bruced a bill to repeal the provision and remove the power from our president. [cheers and applause] our cause is the right cause.
5:30 pm
it is the cause that made america great. freedom is the answer to so many of our problems. if you think of diversity as a country as ours is freedom brings people together. it releases the creativeness of the people to choose life tile and religious and personal values, and that will be determined by the individual as long as they do not interfere with others. economically it should be the same. social and economic issues, you should have a right to your life and own practices, but you should have a right to spend your money as you choose. this is what we have to do. [cheers and applause] and we did have the best experiment ever. we were the richest country ever and largest middle class ever and now it is it changing and it is systemically changing over the last few decades. we have to reverse that because right nowed it is
5:31 pm
middle class and shrinking and the country is poorer and the prosperity is biased on debt. we owe money to overseas. ironically and unfortunately the chinese have become our banker. what is going on with us? why don't we invite capital and investments back in this country? that's what we need [cheers and applause] the issues that you all know very well, the country is coming our way and the campaign has a longg way to go. momentum is growing can one thing we can say about our campaign. have you ever noticed candidates going up down and had up and then down. so far, i am proud to say that our efforts is steady deproth. like this. [applause]
5:32 pm
that is the way it will continue. that's what is necessary and a great need for it and the opportunity is there and let me tell you how proud i am of the supporters and efforts made in this. and just believe me. thank you and very much and keep up the good work. we have the message and we have thital yent determination and we will win this battle for peace and prosperity. thank you. you heard congressman ron paul who came in fourth saying he will go on. his message in the campaign one of promoting legibility and limited government. he came in third in the iowa caucaus. and second in new hampshire and fourth in south carolina and his journey continues because he doesn't wish to be counteded out of the race. the newt gingrich campaign is
5:33 pm
getting ready to speak within the half hour at gring - newt gingrich headquarters. >> we are waiting for santorum to speak and governor sarah palin and we'll talk to her about the thoughts about the race heading forward. keep it here. this is an rc robotic claw.
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>> there is a live look at headquarters. we are told that the candidate is there with his wife in another room and speaking privately and he will come out momentarily. we'll wait for thosings as rick santorum came in third in the state of the south carolina and apparently better than he, good enough for him. he said tonight sort short of coming in first it is better to come ahead of ron paul. they'll head down to florida. it is it a tougher market. he doesn't have as much money as the other candidates. >> there is the family and they are all wearing the sweater vest. >> you can get them
5:38 pm
embroidered for $100 and the former senator from pennsylvania is wearing a suit and not a sweater vest. you can point out governor sarah palin is on the line. don't want to interrupt as we listen to rick santorum who said he's fighting on to florida and finished third in south carolina. [applause] >> thank you . thank you . (chanting) thank you, thank you. thank you: thank you. thank you.
5:39 pm
well, three states. three winners. what a great country. [applause] i had the pleasure to congratulate my friend newt gingrich a few minutes ago on an amazing victory for him. he's been up down and he never stopped fight it is a newt gingrich, give him a big round of applause and at ing in there and fight good job, buddy. good job, plause plause well, i just want to also thank somebody else and a group of folks who are standing behind me. i just want to thank first and foremost my wife, karen, [applause]
5:40 pm
we have six of our 7 children. our little one bella is here in south carolina but not up on stage. thank you for all of the hard work ou did for us. thank you. [applause] and i always have to thank my family, because that is where it all starts for me. karen has written two books. i only have written one . her books sold more than my one book. i wrote that book in response to a book written by hillary clinton. she wrote a book called "it takes a village" and i wrote a rebuttal "it takes a family" [applause] (chanting)
5:41 pm
was a family decision . it was not an easy decision to step forward and tep back into the firing line and this is clearly been a firing line. but it was a family decision to step forward at a time when we just like everybody else in america, tea party people who rose up and delivered that great victory in 2010 and felt this sense -- that something -- something was wrong in america . that something was out of whack. something that they couldn't sit on the sidelines anymore and just watch america, the america that they knew and loved, fundmentally change . that's why car yen i and thid kids sat around the kitchen table like we all sit around
5:42 pm
the catchen table and we decided to step forward and run for president of the united states . we went to this little town, in the hills of the appalachian mountains. somerset, pennsylvania and i went there for two reasons. i think what is fundmentally at stake in this country is freedom. government taking and every man, woman and child and institutions that seeks to do good in our society, they continue to rob it of their freedom and try to control everything from the top down. [applause] so our family went to this little ton in somerset, pennsylvania. it was not where i was from have a couple of friend in the somerset. we went there.
5:43 pm
and that is the threat of the administration. it was to the fundmental freedoms. number one was as i mentioned before it is it a few miles from down the where my grandfather came to this country and worked in the coal mines. that's where my grandfather doug his way for freedom for me and my father and this generation that follows me . so i wanted to stand in the place where freedom was etched for the santorum family and just down the road from the place where an airliner crashed on a september day. five miles away from somer set in shanksville, where the first blow for freedom is struck in the war against radical jihadist and i want to make a clarion call that this race and campaign was not going to be about tearing everybody down and negative
5:44 pm
ads. it was not going to be about anything other than painting a bold vision for our country and one that believed in the working class values that my deprand father taught to me. [applause] workers, workers who believed as well, barack obama actually got it right when he made that comment in san francisco unbeknowns to that it was recorded. yes, my grandfather and i come from the area of pennsylvania he referred to that holds on tightly to their guns and their bibles. [cheers and applause]
5:45 pm
and those are the people in america who are being left behind. those are the folk in america whose party, neither party has a voice for. president obama and the left will tell you oh, they care. they want to do everything for you. from the top down. they don't believe in you. they believe in their ability to care for you. that's not america. and that's not what the working people of western pennsylvania and south carolina and working people across this country want. they don't want machine or a government to for them. they want somebody who believes in them. [cheers and applause] we went out and all across the
5:46 pm
country and in these three states now. let me assure you we'll go to florida and arizona and colorado and everywhere else across the country. [applause] (chanting) we are going to deliver a different message than the other folks in this race and i respect them greatly. it is great to be shoulder to shoulder with them and taking on every night and day as we travel across the country and takog the policies of this president. i plan to be a little different. i will go out and talk about how we are going to have a republican conservative movement that makes sure
5:47 pm
everyone in america has an opportunity to rise. not just those who have maybe advantage, or maybe are has had more opportunity than someone else. but every person in america who will have the opportunity to rise in america again. [cheers and applause] it is a simple formula. it is a pretty formula. i talked about it in the debate and we all understand. it is a formula that values work. it respects the dignity of all work in america. and that says to anybody for any job, that we respect that and we also want to give you an opportunity to rise in society and that's what is missing. as much as we like to talk
5:48 pm
about conservatives and cut taxs and reduce spending everybody will do fine. that is simply not the case. we have to create an atmosphere in the country where people get the education they need and create an atmosphere where they get the training they need. we need an attitude in this country that said we want to compete for those blue collar jobs that create the opportunities that in two can generations one of their kids can run for president of the united states. [cheers and applause] >> we also want to say, we also want to say that we stand up, we stand up and want to
5:49 pm
promote the values that made this country great. the values of faith, family, and freedom. those values that we understand and we all know that is what works in america. i topped off my peaches about the liberal think tank. if you do three things you can guarantee to stay out of poverty. work and get that education and graduate from high school and get married before you have children. marriage. family. [applause] if we are not the party, that stands up for the truth about the importance of marriage, the importance of families, the importance was fatherhood and motherhood, the importance
5:50 pm
of those values and instilling virtues in the next generation of children with faith, then we are a party that no longer has a heart and we are not a party that is going to be a majority party in this country. we have to be a party that speak to everyone. those that know and understand that it is the heart of america and the beating sound and the beating pulse of a healthy family. [applause] ci want to thank everybody here in the state of south carolina, thank you so much. here in the sitalle for the tremendous hospitalit competent wonderful job the cadets did for us and the
5:51 pm
beautiful mussel that i got yesterday. and i want to say to all of those folks in america who are looking for that candidate, that candidate that can be the good stark contrast, someone who can contrast on all of the issues and that are important for america today and the ones that are going to decide this election. the ones that have experience on national security and the consistency on the conservative principles that made this country great. i ask you, it is a wide open race, join the fight. thank you. [cheers and applause] former president rick santorum starting his speech saying three states, three winners and what a great country . he took the tage at the gingrich headquarters where the party is saying drop out
5:52 pm
now. former pennsylvania senator fighting for every rote and he will be the candidate to stand up for working class values and i come from pennsylvania. we hold titlely to guns and bibles. he said he is the stark contrast and he will fight on. rick santorum finishing third in thitate of the south carolina. we'll get back to former alaska governor sarah lin who we rudely cut off because congressman paul came out unexpectedly. we want to talk to you about it tonight f. you lived in south carolina you would support newt gingrich because you want to see the race go on and that is better for the republican party. tell us why? >> i do. first i would rather hear from a lawyer - warrior on the field than a arm commair quarterback. i appreciate what you are doing. more betting and did more
5:53 pm
ideas vigorously debated. we need this to continue and i am glad to see the result knowing it will continue and we'll talk about the solutions to get the country back on track. >> is that an endorsement of anybody in particular. >> i am still not endorsing anyone at this time. when todd endorsed newt gingrich two weeks ago and i explain to your colleague. todd is all about steel boots and work and job opportunitis and i think real reflective of red-blooded average americans who want that opportunity to work and who would it be to best espouse idea said on how job opportunities can be embraced by this electorate out there that is cognizant of the fact that we don't have enough jobs out there because government has been on the back of small businesss and
5:54 pm
corporation and not allowed the expansion needed. that endorsement was reflective of americans who want machine who will cut taxs and someone who waged war on hillary care and government taking over the health care. member with importance and struggled personally would be one that was embraced by vores and i think that even todd's endorsement of newt gingrich was reflective of that. >> depov gov, you are not endorsing tonight. but you are a voters in florida. should rick santorum at a in the race and be an option for the florida voters or a consolidation behind newt gingrich in >> i think with rick perry dropping out and that patriot doing well for
5:55 pm
the front runner and having endorsed him was a good smart move and took one for the conservative team when he dropped out. i don't see that necessity for rick santorum. listen to the speech he just gave. it was bout work and work ethic and what made america great with free enterprise. and encourage everybody to stay tuned to the upcoming debates and listen carefully without the filter of the main treme media and super pack ads that are negative and listen closely to what the candidate is actually saying about how liberty can be espoused and lived out in our country with government getting off our back and allowing the private sector to grow. candidates themselves is what we need to listen to in florida. you know, we'll see what happens next. >> governor palin, thank you for your time. and you can see we are
5:56 pm
waitingerishherish in his campaign headquarters . he will speak within moments and we have a interview with rick santorum after the break. stay with us. this is an rc robotic claw. my high school science teacher made me what i am today. r science teacher helped us build it.
5:57 pm
♪ now i'm a geologist at chevron, and i get to help science teachers. it has four servo motors and a wireless microcontroller. over the last three y we've put nearly 100 million dollars into american education. that's thousands of kids learning to love ience. ♪ isn't that cool? and that's pretty cool. ♪
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when you walk 10,000 steps a day, it's the same as walking a professional golf course. humana. proud supporter of health and well-being.
5:59 pm
>> welcome back to fox news coverage of the south carolina primary. newt gingrich a big winner in south carolina. mitt romney coming in second and the spread could be large. the vote total is not completed yet. we are looking at 15 percentage points separating the two and rickk santorum third and ron paul fourth.


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