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tv   The Five  FOX News  January 23, 2012 2:00pm-3:00pm PST

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we'll have lots, up to the second, tick-by-tick movements, market reactions from all over the globe including futures market reaction here. this is the best of both worlds. your money, your vote, your life. if you don't watch us, you could very well die. captioned by closed captioning services, inc >> kimberly: hello, everyone. i'm kimberly guilfoyle. known in the twitter universe, kimberly guilfoyle, at eric bolling, at dana perino, at bob beckel and at greg gutfeld. it's 5:00 and this is "the five." ♪ ♪ >> kimberly: was that silly? what can you say?
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things are looking up for newt gingrich after his huge win in south carolina on saturday. florida is next, people. their primary is a week from tomorrow. and, according to a new rasmussen poll, gingrich topped mitt romney by nine points in the sunshine state. here is how the former speaker defineed his opponent. >> i think governor romney's core problem was that he governed as a massachusetts moderate, which by the standards of the republican primary voters is a liberal. he can't relax and be candid so you end up with a guy who is a good salesman, very much wants to sell. but has a weak product. he's dancing on eggs to find a version of romney that will work. >> kimberly: do you love that visual? a resume builder. is newt the guy to beat? >> bob: it's amazing how he boosted up so quickly. >> dana: dancing on eggs. >> bob: the thing about gingrich in south carolina,
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it's a unique voting state. no question about that. if i were romney i'd be worried about the demographics which he got beat in, in a lot of places. gingrich kate out of the most electable. but the debates define south carolina. they will not define florida. i think gingrich will make a mistake this week. romney may stumble on the taxes but it's by no means over. >> kimberly: what about the numbers, though? >> eric: i don't know why all of a sudden, look, if you ignore the con seventive base, if you -- conservative base, if you ignore the tea partiers and the far right, you will get burned. what newt gingrich did is he tapped into it. when juan williams asked him question and he came back with food stamps. then john king said talk about it more. he changed the complexion of not just south carolina but changed complexion of the whole race from that point on. conservatives are looking for a voice to stand up to obama and they found him. >> kimberly: are they going to stick with him?
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will it carry him? does he have legs? >> dana: remember where we started last monday. the mole race changed. huntsman got out, perry got out. romney had a lead over gingrich in south carolina and completely lost it, but it was five days later. could the same thing happen going the other way around? it depends. if you think back to iowa when romney started attack against newt gingrich, remember the reaction. which newt gingrich will you see this week? you can imagine that attacks are coming. will it overcome being thin skin and rise above and paint a picture for how he could beat president obama and be the best presidential and date that republicans can provide? maybe he can. he has done a good job this week. >> kimberly: south carolina. at greg gutfeld. comment? >> greg: newt has to come out against the elitist mosquitoes, humidity, long
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lines at the early bird special and support of dead people. dead people are forgotten, a forgotten minority. they are a silent minority. but the media always talks about how brave is it, to speak truth to power. newt flipped so it sticking truth to power is sticking it to the media. people respond to that because they tie media this with obama. they were so closely supportive of obama. when he goes out to the media, it's essentially obama. obama, obama. the electorate seems to be responding and conventional wisdom is out the window. >> bob: he did have, as eric pointed out, two unbelievable setup in the debate, which will resonate. keep in mind 400,000 people already voted in florida. >> kimberly: early voting. >> greg: early bird special. >> bob: they were voting when romney was riding high. i assume romney will win that substantially. secondly, romney has a lot of money.
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and using it right out of the chute. they went out after gingrich, the super pac did. gingrich has money problems which people have not focused on yet. he has not been able to collect the money fast enough or spend it fast enough. >> kimberly: to translate to organization. >> bob: the other thing is newt is a far better candidate running from behind than running from the front. that is where he makes his mistakes. when he is out front, he gets full of himself and makes mistakes. >> kimberly: newt outlined a strategy against president obama and many people that are coming out of the exit polls that they like he has a plan, he is being specific in his attacks about what he doesn't like about president obama. take a listen. >> let me just say i believe the debate we'll have with president obama in the next eight or nine months the outlining of two americas, the america of the declaration of independence and america of sal alinsky and america of paychecks and america of food stamps, america of
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independence and dependence. strength of foreign policy and the america of weakness in foreign policy. >> kimberly: rebuilding america. >> eric: this is different from what you said, greg. newt uses the media as i'm going to launch off at the media but really what i'm doing is going to point out obama weaknesses, how we need to fix what he has broken. i think what he is doing, bob, i think he is trying to light the way. it doesn't matter if he is in front or behind. he is going after the right target. obama is the target. >> greg: he has the ability, frame the battle between parties that no -- there is nobody better at doing that. that is why he wins debates and why people are responding. he goes after the media but he uses it to separate. >> bob: that statement. i'm curious what you thought about that. that was clear -- i don't agree with it, but number from the republican standpoint a clear dif reasoniation --
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differentiation. i don't know if the alinsky thing works because i don't know how many people know who he is. does it work how he set that up, framed it up? is a good construct against republicans in the fall -- against obama in the fall? >> dana: that is what people responded to after the debate. not just that he goes after the media but a sharp attack. that is what we need is someone to draw a sharp picture no, more fuzziness around the edges. something sharp. i am curious about one thing and maybe it doesn't matter. we need to look at it. look at favorability, likability. not electability. likability, gingrich is under water. obama whose policies are unpopular, his likability is flipped the other way around. i don't know how it plays out. it will be interesting to watch. >> greg: here is the thing. what you see are people substituting one question for another. if you go to somebody who
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likes gingrich and says can he win? they will go he is going to kill obama in the debate. that is not the question. it's say in your mind you think the republicans aren't going to win period. then you go for newt because at least it's entertaining. >> eric: likability, electability, remember when right before the debate on friday we were concerned and wondering how south carolina will go with the whole issue and look what happened? the exit polls show 41% of -- >> kimberly: married women. >> eric: voted for newt gingrich. >> dana: that is that they made a decision they want to see president obama ousted from office and they like the sharpness on the attack. plus the other thing i notice today, i follow my former colleague and previous white house press secretary ari fleischer wrote a column at another place, we won't mention. he made a good point. he was there in 1994 working as a staff person on contract with america. democrats totally ignored it. the media downplayed it and
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thought it was hooey. a huge water shed year for republicans to turn things around. there was quibbling about who was the leader but newt gingrich was the speaker after that. people look at that and say he can win. >> bob: he was the speaker after that, but remember he was ousted as speaker. one thing that newt did not get subjected to last week was attack at the debate. he had foils to attack obama via the media. romney stayed off of him and tried to play a safe game. we have talked about that. that defense is not the way to play in south carolina. i think now that mitt is going to come after him, already indicating he will hit him hard, can gingrich take the heat of being attacked not by media but fellow republicans? >> dana: can romney show he can take a punch and get off the mat. >> kimberly: what a metapho metaphor. >> eric: going with the bain stuff, and romney backed off quickly. >> dana: the damage was done. >> eric: he let rick perry
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go after tax issue and turned a focus to obama. romney is looking at newt. brand new ad today he turns to newt and says you made money at fannie and freddie. >> dana: i don't know. michael moore says i couldn't say -- have said it better myself, newt gingrich said demonizing private equity and capital. michael moore is saying he couldn't say it better than newt gingrich. the daniel is done. >> kimberly: romney has to go on the attack, offensive and he has surrogates out there already doing it forhim. you know who i'm talking about. coming up, chris christie calls newt gingrich an embarrassment to the entire g.o.p. guess what? sarah palin punching back against the jersey governor. who is going to win that fight? christie versus palin next. all energy development comes with some risk,
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♪ ♪ >> eric: oh, boy, after the big loss in south carolina, mitt romney and his allies are finally fighting back against newt gingrich. begin with governor chris christie yesterday on "meet the press."
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>> i think newt gingrich has embarrassed the party over time. will he do it again in the future? i don't know. governor romney never has. we know the record. he was run out of the speakership by his own party. fined $300,000 for ethics violations. this is a guy who has had a very difficult political career at times. has been embarrassed with the party. >> eric: sarah palin wasn't impressed with the governor's comments. here is what she told me this afternoon. listen to this. >> poor chris. this was a rookie mistake. he played right in the media's hands. sometimes if your candidate loses in one step along this path, as was the case when romney lost to newt the other night. romney is chris christie's guy, you get your panties in a wad and you may say things that you regret later. that is what chris christie did. >> eric: hmm. kimberly, the tone is being raised. rhetoric, he's -- newt is an embarrassment from governor chris christie and sarah palin
2:16 pm
said poor chris, rookie mistake and got his panties in a wad. kilthat is an interesting visual. like with the west side story." the nives are out. i like it. i don't know. who is your money on in this little battle between palin and christie? i like them both but i think christie comes off forceful in a way i wish romney would come off. >> eric: were your surprised when chris christie said newt -- here is the point. say that newt wins the g.o.p. nomination. doesn't the left, doesn't obama just use chris christie for the ad campaign? >> bob: they are probably not going to use sarah palin. put it that way. that was a good interview on your part. panties in a wad. >> eric: it goes on. >> bob: were your microphones working? >> eric: i tell you - -- >> bob: i think you will hear it over and over. fact of the matter is he was embarrassment to republicans in the house. a great guy to take
2:17 pm
republicans to majority. people will say about newt gingrich a great field general but not a guy to run things. that is what happened when he got to the house. he had a revolution on his hand. >> eric: do i want christie saying it or mitt romney saying it? >> dana: it can go either way. i think it's -- for romney it's wonderful to have governor christie in his corner. somebody who can go on "meet the press" or some other place because you can't be all places at once. you have to get off the mat and show you can take a punch. i don't think going forward the democrats would use chris christie in an ad against gingrich. thinking back to -- >> eric: even someone held him to say that chris christie is in the republican party? >> dana: i don't think so. if you look back, i don't think john mccain used ads from hillary clinton attacking barack obama in that pray mare. i don't think it's effective. it will be ads. >> eric: listen to the next s.o.p. romney is stepping it up and going after it.
2:18 pm
take a listen. >> we're not choosing a talk show host. all right? we are choosing a leader. choosing a person who somebody the leader of the free world. the free world should lead the entire world. speaker gingrich has also been a leader. leader for four years as speaker of the house. at the end of four years, it was proven he was a failed leader and he had to resign in disgrace. >> greg: romney calling newt a talk show host. has mitt looked in the mirror lately? he is a perfect talk show host. talk show host hair. >> kimberly: like maury povich. >> greg: people want newt to change his personality, but it's impossible. cagney can't become lacey. >> dana: batman can't be robin. >> greg: tango can't be cash. >> dana: but people say they want him to take the -- i
2:19 pm
tried to say it. i saw it on twitter. they want him to be tougher. slap him back and be sharper. if he does do that and it's not authentic, i think it will come off worse. >> greg: stuffing the wrong software in a different computer. it comes out -- >> dana: square peg, round hole. >> greg: exactly. >> eric: go to the comments. do we have that one? >> if you believe the line that newt gingrich is the outsider will shake things up in washington, you must believe that hillary rodham clinton didn't inhale. he had to resign in -- that bill clinton didn't inhale. he had to resign in disgrace. influenced peddling. helping freddie mac of all people. he said he was a historian there. i'd love to see the contract and the work product. he is the ultimate washington, d.c. insider. >> bob: coming off better than i expected he would. this is where the mormon faith
2:20 pm
come in. they are the nicest people in the world. they don't tend to be aggressive. they get along very well. i never met a mormon i didn't like. >> kimberly: nice neighbors. >> bob: here is the thing. one thing against him. but what is curious is a leader, businessman, ceo, is expected to be tough. if you are not tough, it runs counter to what you envision a ceo being. >> dana: although, a lot of good leaders will be the calm, steady one and then they have their people around them that will do it for them. that's why you -- >> kimberly: you know who that sounds like? >> dana: the assassin. >> kimberly: a little ninja. a blonde one. >> eric: romney uses your metaphors. >> greg: i send it to him late at night. the lawyer test. who would you rather have defend you in court? you know newt would shred the opposition, but you know during that period, the judges and the jury would hate him. judge and jury would hate him. >> bob: who is the guy the
2:21 pm
sweater and kid's show? mr. rogers. that is who romney reminds me of. >> greg: newt is captain kangaroo. and mitt romney is mad men. >> bob: barney. >> eric: we've got to go. got to go. coming up, the left is going to be doing a lot of fundraising in the campaign. we have multiple examples from the last few days. we'll show you next coming up. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] imagine facing the day with less chronic osteoarthritis pain. imagine living your life with less chronic low back pain. imagine you, with less pain. cymbalta can help. cymbalta is fda-approved to manage chronic musculoskeletal pain.
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>> bob: welcome back. you know, race is always a difficult and dangerous territory for politicians to walk on. newt gingrich was accused in south carolina by some democrats which i'm about to show you of race bait. you have to make up your mind about that but look at the montage and what democrats have to say about it. >> we live clearly in the debate in south carolina, a replay of a 2012 version of nixon southern strategy. playing on the racial grievances and resentment. attacking a mythic liberal media. attacking obama's otherness. >> it's throwing the red meat to the base, saying the little words and phrases that we are familiar with here in the south. >> code words are words that generate and signify race. >> gingrich's race baiting is really effective with the g.o.p. voters. >> this the nation founded o
2:27 pm
onien side. we started with a racial problem. >> bob: was newt gingrich race baiting? >> kimberly: i don't see it, bob, sorry, even with the super specks on to see in the future. what seems to me is they are engaging the partisan divisive rhetoric because they don't have anything else to run on. i think they are worried about him and coming out with the attacks on him. and they are not based in any kind of concrete evidence. in fact, makes the position look weaker. herman cain said american people are sick and tired of the race card and class warfare card. it's tiresome. >> bob: do you agree, eric? >> eric: one people was representative cliburn. i had a discussion with him and i said why is it that racist to call mr. obama the food stamp president? he resided over the -- we had this bet. proliferation of more food stamps, people on food stamps,
2:28 pm
amount of money on food stamps than any other american president, some combined. for somebody that seems to be the one they want to go back to. white people on food stamps dwarfs black people on food stamps. >> bob: i want to hear what you have to say. >> dana: one thing preparing for the segment in 2008, republican south carolina the democratic primary, where there was an illusion, not directly from the obama cam pape but from others that senator, that former president bill clinton was a racist. that was just despicable for him to have to deal with and for someone to stand up sort of let it go. race and politics has a long history. it's on both sides. i have a feeling that newt gingrich would have said the sky is blue and somebody would have said there is a code word in there that has to be with race baiting. >> bob: greg? >> greg: my point is about
2:29 pm
the code word. race baiters say that conservatives speak in code. how is it a code if you know what they're saying? when katrina from the nation said the exposing the mythic liberal bias that is now racist if you mention a liberal bias. i want to make a bigger point here. this is a great time for the republicans because it reveals the last refuge of intellectual coward, race baiting. if you want to compare the folks like sheila jackson lee to allen west, race baiters to black conservatives, the black conservatives win hands down and race baiters are embarrassing to them. we should be celebrating. the hbo special about allen web. >> kimberly: herman cain. >> bob: let me put perspective on this for newt gingrich. it worked for bipartisan liberal pac in the '70s. i went to meet with newt gingrich. we were the first ones to give him $5,000. in fact, i have taken heat
2:30 pm
over the years for doing that. one of the reasons was he was running against a racist income belt democrat. overt racist. gingrich was history professor and strong in civil rights. i know from my history with newt that's not the case. nixson debate we remember that nixon ran a southern strategy to race in the south and he went north and played ad in rate to liberal republican. there are people who believe that when you say food stamps, you are right, more people using food stamps are white than black. but for some of us that is a code. it's one that is not all that covert. quite overt. >> eric: why? >> bob: people general view of people on food stamps tends to be they're inner city and black. >> kimberly: even though it's not true? >> bob: well, i don't -- it's not agree or disagreeing. if you put it on a poll, i don't have one but my history is people do believe that
2:31 pm
people on welfare and people on food stamps are minorities. >> dana: but when newt gingrich talks about wanting to have the economic policies that would the rising tide lifts all boats, i don't understand how they come up with the race card. >> bob: talk about the january torse making $36,000 a year in new york, have all the kids take the janitors jobs to learn how to have a job is -- that frankly is a suggestion that these kids are not, have no work ethic. >> dana: this is where gingrich gets himself in trouble. i don't think he necessarily meant 12-year-olds should take the jobs. those people are providing that. but he uses specifics when he is talking a little bit more broader and so then he gets, then you can make the case. specifically talking about 19-year-old taking the janitor job.
2:32 pm
snoop not black 12-year-old. just 12-year-old. >> kimberly: that was irrespective of race. developing a work ethic. >> dana: if you are explaining you're losing. >> bob: he is referring to inner city kids. the blacks you mentioned are a small minority of the black leadership in this country. >> dana: small and growing. >> greg: the accusation of divisiveness is rich from a party championing class warfare. >> bob: we are championing class war fai warfare for a good reason. it is. tomorrow night is state night. i'll be stuck in new york. i met my future ex-wife there. i'll tell you what we're stalking about next. it's something, too. ♪ ♪
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i'm bret baier in washington. the big story here today is the fall-out from the south carolina primary and the shifting focus to florida. tonight on "special report," we'll see what south carolina winner gingrich is saying about mitt romney and vice versa. the rhetoric is intensifying eight days ahead of the next voting. carl cameron has examples and brit hume has analysis. we will also look at what makes the florida primary special. from the huge early voting to the huge population of this key state. we will set the table for you. steve centanni has that story from miami. jim angle catches up with the man who took first place in the first nominating contest of the season and show us how iowa caucus voter rick santorum is getting ready for the primary. ed henry has an early preview of the president's "state of the union" address. "special report" from washington starts at 6:00 eastern. now send it back to new york and my colleagues with "the five." ♪
2:38 pm
♪ ♪ ♪ >> greg: welcome back to "the five." tuesday's "state of the union" address, some dems and republicans say something started last year in the wake of gabrielle giffords's shooting. lauded by the group no labels meaning sitting together means they might work together. a few hours of bench sharing makes everything peachy. once again they mistake something meaningless for something productive. i sit here with bob every day. do you think it changes anything? both of rus in therapy. but the real problem with date night it's a weird linkage to tucson, suggesting instability led to the shooting. no. insanity did. more important, the real message here is you only need reconciliation when right is angry. but if the left is mad, ah, that's okay. even though righties aren't taking over park or fighting cops or vandalizing property. that is what you can get away
2:39 pm
with when reporters covering a event share a moldy tent with you. who wants politicians to get along? if anything, the less they like each other the harder is it to spend our money. next time, make your date night on your own time please, no necking. it's family film. >> kimberly: i like that movie. he would make a great conversation. >> greg: we'll save that for later. >> eric: what has the right -- >> bob: when has the right not been angry? >> greg: but they're the angry right male. but left is angry and it's social justice. >> dana: i love being a cheerful conservative. >> bob: but you are not a rightie. eric can be cheerful. on occasion. >> dana: conservatives are usually more cheerful. >> eric: if i did date night i want debbie waserman schultz. sit next to her. >> bob: listen in on that
2:40 pm
one. >> dana: imagine the director preparing for the coverage, who is sitting is not good shot. make sure if harry reed rolls his eyes at so-and-so -- >> bob: one of the problems with all of this is they are right about the polarization in congress. members of congress get together on bills, they put them in the hopper and they have a legitimate interest in doing it. rubio from florida. delaware, the bill on job. who kills it? leadership of both sides. that is the problem. they want the tuition and they don't see advantage of being out of the polarization mode. they are trying to get along to find bipartisanship. >> dana: that's not true when it comes for ryan weiden healthcare reform plan. speaker boehner would go for it. mitch mcconnell would go for it. the senate democratic leadership doesn't like it.
2:41 pm
>> eric: it shouldn't be the con seventive. allen west with waserman schultz. >> dana: that would be fun. >> kimberly: they don't get along. >> greg: they both have great hair. >> kimberly: if you're in the frizzal thing. i gave up personals a long time ago. >> greg: who would you sit next to? >> kimberly: i like paul ryan. >> dana: i met senator scott brown today. it'd sit next to him. >> greg: you would come up to his ankle. >> dana: maybe i had high heels on. it didn't feel that short. >> kimberly: it's like forced speed dating. awkward and unnatural. nobody is having a good time. you can't wait for it to end. >> eric: who is in favor of this? whose idea is this? >> bob: this happened because the group had a lot of e-mail members of congress and decided that was something to pay attention to. in the end, there is a real story here. there is polarization between the parties of the congress of
2:42 pm
the united states. rating is low on either side. >> eric: i love polarization. >> bob: you are a polarizing qui. with wine or without. if you decide to run, i'd like to see a stark difference in the poll. it'd like to see your red wing agenda versus obama's agenda. you represent 25% of the country. that is why you will get killed. unless you find reasonable middle ground. >> greg: quick bet. "state of the union" address tomorrow how many time will "fair share" or "fairness" come up? >> eric: not enough. 45 minutes to an hour, six. >> dana: 18. >> eric: 18? >> kimberly: seven. >> bob: as many as he could because the point is exactly right. the republicans favored wealthy people -- >> dana: you realize the most interesting thing about tomorrow night's speech is date night. >> kimberly: this is date night here? bob and -- it's weird. >> dana: your dream come true. >> greg: every night is date night. we have to move on. did you see steven tyler see
2:43 pm
the national anthem in the football game last night? it was a thing of beauty. it's like beauty you mean ear-shattering pain. if you leave now i will erase your memory of everything. ♪ ♪
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♪ ho, say can you see ♪ by the dawn's early light ♪ and the rocket's red glare ♪ the bombs bursting in air ♪ the land of the free >> dana: crazy. welcome back to "the five." that was aerosmith steven tyler singing at the national anthem of the afc championship game with patriots and ravens and the patriots won that. i thought he was singing his heart out.
2:48 pm
>> greg: his at trophyed, diseaseed heart. hard to look at a guy who looks like cross between whoda and janice dickenson. it shows how much talent rock sickersingers have. >> dana: if he did that an an audition on "american idol"? >> eric: i remember steven tyler and he flubbed the line, every marine said -- [ inaudible ] >> dana: if you were a pop star, major rock star. and you were asked to go and sing the national anthem. at one of the big events, would you do it or just say no? it goes bad for nearly everyone. >> kimberly: i think i would do it, because it's such an honor to be asked, as long as
2:49 pm
i could throw dance moves with the singing in case i hit the wrong note. i didn't mind this. this is who he is. if you askstein tyler to sing, what did you think you'd get? mary poppins. >> bob: he sounded like a bullfrog that was stepped on. it will be interesting to see. i think the guy was out of his element here for sure. madonna will do the halftime show at the super bowl and it will be interesting. she is the contemporary of aerosmith. she was hot in the day. she was hot. still to me is hot. you know, she will be surrounded by a big cast of characters and you can make one or two mistakes. one mistake that one super bowl -- >> kimberly: wardrobe malfunction. >> dana: don't bring up janet jackson. i have something else to show you. v.w. had a great commercial the kids dressed up at darth vader with the car and this
2:50 pm
year they have something and have given us a sneak peek. the bark side. [ barking ] don't you love that? you see the dog in the middle, the brown one in the back? okay the dog in the back brown one is the kind that i have. >> eric: good boy. >> kimberly: my gosh. >> bob: what were they trying to do? >> dana: they are singing the "star wars" theme. i thought it was a band. didn't you hear it from the dogs? >> kimberly: i don't know, man. >> bob: i didn't get it. >> dana: this is one i could not believe. >> eric: bob thought that was racist. >> kimberly: my gosh. >> dana: let me ask you, eric, i'll ask about this. what do you think warren buffett with was doing on the chinese television with a
2:51 pm
ukulele? can you play it? ♪ ♪ ♪ dinah won't you blow your horn ♪ >> i'd like to wish all the people in china a happy new year in this year of the dragon. your country has accomplished amazing things. best is yet to come. >> dana: there is warren buffett. that was code, that song. for capitalism. it's great. right? >> eric: chinese new year. that is the smartest investor in america? >> greg: tiny tim must be rolling over. >> bob: he has done very well. >> greg: celebrating the delivery of the keystone pipeline to china. >> very good. >> bob: buffett just got in railroads, right? he's in china selling railroads. they're buying a lot of them. he is the greatest promoter i've seen. >> kimberly: exactly. hello. >> dana: no shame. that was, you know, maybe
2:52 pm
he'll be asked to do the national anthem. i know, why doesn't he sing the national anthem at the bank of america stadium next summer when president obama accepts the nomination? >> greg: a perfect metaphor for the obama administration. >> kimberly: i think -- >> dana: "dinah blow your horn." all right. bob, i don't know how bob saves himself from something. we'll come back with one more thing. our last segment. we love it. coming up next. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] it's simple physics...
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or trouble breathing. tell your doctor your medical history and find an arthritis treatment for you. visit and ask your doctor about celebrex. for a body in motion. ♪ ♪ >> kimberly: that special time of the show. time for one more thing. miss dana, what do you got? >> dana: i had a chance to see juan williams, part of "the five" group here. he is part of a great organization. well, a lot of movements on national school choice, which would allow parents to be able to send their kids to better schools if they want to. he did a film with kyle olson, education activist called "two missions." we have a sound bite. >> when parents are given the power to choose, schools are given incentive to compete. and with competition comes flexibility, adaptability, and
2:57 pm
innovation. >> dana: juan has been part of the movement to allow more parents to have the freedom to choose where to send their kids to school. and at the heritage foundatio foundation, hair tage, parents are interested. they can find out more information. juan works with them as well. juan more thing. >> juan! >> bob: okay, let's roll. >> kimberly: bob is like it's about me. go ahead. >> greg: i had my first "the five" dream where i had a dream about "the five." we were sitting around the table and doing one more thing and i didn't have one. >> kimberly: like now? >> greg: a horse jumped out of the window. i have one more thing. it wasn't a unicorn. but they say horses are symbo symbolic for debt of passion. so i might have a feeling about one more thing. i don't like it anymore. the horse came to save me.
2:58 pm
>> dana: what? >> greg: my friend dave went clubbing. >> kimberly: my goodness. sad if that is true. bobby? >> bob: i'm going to let it -- >> kimberly: eric go first. >> eric: i lost a bet. patriots did win but they didn't cover the spread. i have to wear a tie. beautiful tie. i'll wear it tomorrow. got to put it on. my one last thing if you sawstein tyler butcher the national anthem. the other side of that coin. listen to kristen chenoweth nail it. listen. ♪ o, say can you see ♪ by the dawn's early light ♪ what so proudly we hail >> eric: she just really nailed it straight through, guys.
2:59 pm
that is the way -- >> bob: who is that? >> dana: country music. >> kimberly: you like her, right? >> bob: very much. >> kimberly: date night. bring it on. >> bob: it was good. >> kimberly: you don't want to go yet? >> bob: no. i have a bummer. >> kimberly: i'm happy because i love my san francisco 49ers. i'm wearing my red and gold. they played a great game. tremendous defense. we came up a little bit short in the end. i was having a hard time breathing last night watching this game. it went down to the wire. giants, my new home in new york. they had a fantastic game. you know what? i'm on the bandwagon. go giants against the pats. >> bob: my one last thing. human nature to feel sorry for the kicker of the baltimore ravens who missed the field goal from a short distance for professional football. to tie the game and put it in overtime against the patriots. let me tell you, that guy will think ou


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