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tv   The Five  FOX News  January 24, 2012 11:00pm-12:00am PST

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here's what you can do, you can go to gretawire, we are putting up an open thread to talk about the state of the union address, talk about the things you were happy and things that were missing, things you hoped the president would do and you hope that congress will do to try to solve their problems. in the meantime, see you tomorrow night, 10:00 p.m., for "on the record". sean hannity is coming up. >> sean: it was more of the same from the president tonight as he attempted to outline his economic vision for america. because once again the politics of division own the night. take a look. >> settle for a country where a
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shrinking number of people do really with well while a growing number barely get by. we can restore an economy where everyone gets a fair shot and everyone does their fair share and everyone plays by the same set of rules. a than to the american values of fair play and shared responsibility will help protect our people and our economy. right now, warren buffett pays a lower tax rate than his secretary. do we want to keep these tax cuts for the wealthiest of americans? now, you can call this class warfare all you want, but asking a billionaire to pay as much his secretary in taxes, most americans would call it common sense. >> sean: and it comes in the nomination rages on. among the final four candidates hoping to walk out of the sunshine state about a win next tuesday is former massachusetts
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governor mitt romney who joins me from the campaign trail. welcome back. >> thanks, sean, good to be with you. >> sean: one thing that what was interesting, charles krauthammer made an observation he was going to heal the earth. one observation he has had three years. what did you accomplish with five trillion dollars in new debt in three years? what was your observation. >> i had the same feeling you did. i looked at the president he is disconnected from reality. i don't think he understands what is happening in american homes across in country. people in the middle-class in america are hurting. median income is down 10% over the last four years. here in florida, they almost have 10% unemployment and legally unemployment rate is about 18%, people under in the time or stopped working. he seems to be saying that
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america is on the right track, things are going well. that is not what i'm hearing. i sat down with a group of floridians that are out of work, lost their homes, they don't feel that those policies have made things better. >> sean: what about his line that america is back and anybody tells you otherwise that america is in decline that our influence is waned doesn't know what they are talking about. is america in decline? is america back? >> he hasn't made things better. there is no question about that. this is a president where the gap what he says and what he does is so enormous, sometimes you watch the tv screen and shake your head. he laid out how he wants to lower regulation, even though he has raised it dramatically. he talked about raising lower taxation but he last raising it. as you know he has made it harder to get coal and oil and
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natural gas. what he says and does is dramatically different you are overwhelmed with that. you have to remember he was in power for the first three years with a democratic house and democratic senate. if he really believed these things, wouldn't he have done these things when he had all this power. this guy has failed the american people. they are suffering. they know it and he doesn't know it. >> sean: it's interesting what he says and what he does. we followed the example of the military. we can all work together. we've got to lower the temperature in this town. this is a same guy, if they bring a knife, we bring a gun. and republicans want dirtier air and water which is not true. argue with him and get in their faces. he says let's all come together, let's be civil. that shis history. i can give you numerous other examples. what does it say? he would cut the deficit in half.
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he said george bush was unpatriotic. he had a $4 trillion debt in eight years, he had $5 trillion in three years. what does it say rhetoric versus what he does? >> you are saying how i feel. he says things that the american people agree with and nod their head to, lower taxes, lower regulation, take advantage of energy resources, crackdown on china, consolidate training programs. we listened to a lot of though things but you look at his record and he did just the opposite. how we are stronger internationally, we have more influence. this is the time he a laying out proposals that cut our military budget by almost a $1 trillion with the deal he made with congress. taken america's military we can only fight one war at a time under his policies. we've had a two-war policies since franklin roosevelt. he has weakened our military and
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family values. he says one thing and does something very different. >> sean: i recently released your tax returns and it shows you paid about 15% rated. as the irs pointed out about 97% of the american people pay, and i wanted to ask you this. i don't think anyone in the media brought this up. is this a second bite of the apple for most of this money. did you pay tax on it earlier and then this is the second tax so capital gains tax? >> in my case, the taxable income was overwhelmingly capital gains, the first part of the apple is the corporate level. what people forget, reason we have a capital gains tax rate which is lower than the regularly tax rate, is because the corporations were getting capital gains tax, they paid taxes themselves.
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so the corporate rate is 35% and capital gains is another 15%. you have to look at both levels to understand why we have 15% capital gains tax. and we want people to invest in america, to invest in companies, if they invest it creates jobs. the president wants to raise the capital gains tax rate. if he does so he will kill job creation in this country to some degree, depending how much he raises it. with regards to my own taxes, i would like to also point out in addition to the 15% i paid to the government. if you add them all up, along with charitable contributions, bits 40-42%. >> sean: you did a lot better than joe biden that he gave $367 one year and obamas made two million and they only gave $10,000 in those years.
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let's go to the nomination campaign and the battle with you and former speaker gingrich. ad wars have heated up in florida. this is part of the exchange in the debate the other night. >> we of congressmen who say you lobbied them and congressmen say that you came and lobbied them with regards to medicare part "d" at the same time your center was taking contributions. >> i publicly advocated, medicaid "d". it has saved lives and includes medicare alternatives which gave people choices and i did it publiclyly. you've been walking around the state saying things not true. it's not correct to spub advocacy as lobbying. what i did on before of medicare i did out in the open and that
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is my right. >> sean: this recent week after south carolina you said that newt is a d.c. insider, influence peddler, resigning in disgrace. he has new ads out you, that are equally harsh. a lot of people are writing me. at the end of this process, are you going to be able to resolve these differences. there is going to be one winner. a lot of people are concerned, there is too much heat. do you feel that strongly that newt can't be the candidate? >> i do feel very voluntary strongly that i should be the candidate. think we would be making a mistake if we choose newt. i think it's important for people people to remember not just the beginning of the responsibility for leading our party, but the contract of america is a great dheesmt. we picked up the house under his vision. but then he was in four years and during that four years it
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was chaotic in the house and at the end of the four years, his approval rating was down to 18%. we lost the race for to the white house. we stored an historic defeat in the house. he had to line from congress in disgrace. he was charged about ethics violations. had to pay $300,000 fee associated with that. people need to understand the rest of the story. my view, give him the leadership of the republican party again would be an enormous mistake. >> sean: but are confident you guys put aside differences and everybody will get along? >> sure, after the debate, even between the various sessions. we understand. this like i said before. in is hardball. we're pointing out, ou
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>> sean: welcome back to special post state of the union address. embracing an opportunity to bring america together the president elected to further class warfare and further split a deeply divided nation to focus on partisan issues. frank luntz a great group of voters to get their reaction to the anointed one's address. frank, welcome back. >> you know the speech is important because the election is only ten months away. what these people think will have a determination on what happens. my first question to you, how many people feel his speech exceeded your expectations, raise your hand. only four of you, five of you.
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who thought it came short of your expectations, raise your hand. two, three, six of you. so it didn't have that much of an impact. if you were to give the american people what you describe the speech what would it be. >> the same old rhetoric that comes out of every state of the union speech. >> i want to see leadership. >> i heard the same passions i heard throughout his campaign and every other of the state of the union. i don't believe it anymore. >> it was dark and divisive. it was not for me. >> i appreciated the fact that he honored our troops. >> he was in campaign mode. >> he hit every pointed that people wanted to hear. >> clearly you are watching a different speech. [ laughter ] >> he established hope for the future. >> had he a weak leader but he does give good speeches. >> he gives good speeches.
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>> so when you listened to him and we talked earlier about being anxious, some some cases angry is he reaching the right tone for what you want, yes or no? >> no. he misses the fact this is american people's government, not his governmental only. >> no, i heard the speech. it was three federal agencies that we are going to create. >> so smaller government or bigger government? >> bigger. >> there is a segment of his speech where republicans, independents and democrats all reacted favorably. i would like to go to that segment. it was the high point of his presentation. is when he talked about no more dealts. let's take a listen. >> let's never forget millions of americans who work hard and by the rules everyday deserve a government and a financial system that do the same.
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it's time to apply the same rules from top to bottom, no bailouts, no handouts and no cop outs, an america built to last for responsibility from everybody. >> the words among everybody, that is what american people are looking for. in that language he captured exactly what people, i can tell you what the country wants between now and election. >> sean: what is fascinating about that, he did better among republicans than he did with democrats. here my question based on what you just played. i would like to ask the group this question. when they go back to 2008 and obama and soaring rhetoric and he is going heal the planet -- yes, we can, obama, i call it obama mania. three years later, five trillions of new obama debt, unemployment is not fixed. i country i don't believe has
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come back. has he failed or has he succeeded and what do they think about the money he spent and debt he has taken on more than any other president in history? >> you voted for him. why did you vote for him? >> i voted for him because i felt this country needed a totally different path. i did feel i gotten a lot of good speeches. >> did you get what you expected? >> absolutely not. totally the opposite. >> you voted for him? >> i voted for him, at the time there was change and my brother was killed in afghanistan. so for me, he provided what i needed. >> you voted for him, did you get what you expected? >> no, i did not. because he is going back to the same old thing before, he wants to blame the rich. >> did you find him to be divisive or not?
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>> yes or no. >> who says yes, this group here 15 of the 27 voted for barack obama so there is a clearly discontent. there are other segments we'll get to the next segment that scored very well but i'll show you very polarizing comment from the president. >> sean: i wanted to ask whether the three years have been a success or failure. we'll ask much more and coming up, marco rubio is here with reaction and the preview of the upcoming primary in the all important state of florida. all of this has we continue a special post edition of hanni [ male announcer ] when do you take 5-hour energy? when i'm on the night shift. when they have more energy than i do. when i don't feel like working out. when there isn't enough of me to go around.
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>> sean: welcome back to this special edition of hannity. as we continue with pollster frank lun tfz. simple yes or no before you get to the next piece you go to. do they think in the three years barack obama has been president -- we do have a five trillion of new debt -- has he succeeded or failed as
11:25 pm
president. >> has he succeeded or failed. raise your hands. raise your hands if he failed. i'm going to make this fair. raise your hands if george bush succeeded, raise your hands if he failed. i understand that. sean i wanted to go to a clip about fairness because the president talked about it's several times tonight and he is going to do it again and again between now and election day. this divisive clip. >> we do not settle with a country where a shrinking group of people do well where a growing number barely get by. we can restore an economy where everyone gets a fair shot and everyone does their fair share and everyone plays by the same set of rules. [ applause ] >> everyone plays by the same set of rules. who is against that here?
11:26 pm
a lot of republicans dialed that down. why? >> it's not true because, same set of rules, tax breaks for you. >> i don't get. >> there were loads of scoundrels and cheats in the system and system has not been fair, it has been rigged. it needs to be improved. it needs to be improved. >> you can't make life fair. life is not fair. there is no way to do it. that is really code for what the president is saying. i think he is talking socialism again. >> wait. >> fairness of opportunity. >> everybody does their fair share and everybody plays by the same set of rules. >> how can the expectation by the same set of rules and government doesn't. >> i don't think you can talk about fairness and having a fair
11:27 pm
share and working the same when you are holding your hand and giving people opportunities. >> they were moaning and groaning when they talked about tax cuts to the rich. i want to play one more segments for you, this is one of the most decisive ones in the state of the union address. >> do we want to keep these tax cuts for the wealthiest americans who are do we want to keep our investment in everything else? like education, medical research a strong military and care for our veterans. because if we're serious about paying down our debt, we can't do both. >> sean, that was the lowest point that republicans got. you believe the top 2%, how many would not raise taxes on the top 22%?
11:28 pm
>> how many voted for barack obama would not raise taxes on top 2%. only two of you. i under you have a question. >> sean: as i watch the debates, where the plan to save social security, going bankrupt, medicare is going bankrupt, debt reduction, unemployment, they didn't talk about the high unemployment numbers, 5 trillion is huge, where is the shovel ready jobs? people are reminded of these past promises and then you listen to tonight. i'm wonderingering do they really think obama has the ability to turn things around. do they think that, or do they think he a rigid ideologue? >> does obama have the ability to turn things around, yes or no? >> not with the time he has left. >> what would you say? >> i agree totally with that. no, he does not. >> you voted for him? >> it's possible for him to do that, but i don't think he will.
11:29 pm
>> president bush ran the country in the ground economically in the space of five years, president obama has a track record not only of success in knocking off bin laden but also bringing us health care for everyone for the first time in our nation's history and he has created 3.1 million jobs. what have the republicans done? >> what is your reaction? >> you can't say what he is not doing if you are not leveling with him. you have to fair and work together, not for your side. >> mitt romney in the fall, i want to shout you on who you are voting for based on this speech. one more time. okay, sean, i want to make one point, when obama said, republican abraham lincoln, government should do for people only what they can't do better and no more.
11:30 pm
they all agreed with that. do they believe that is really barack obama's position. >> sean: many thanks to to fo a great focus group thachbh for being with us. coming up marco rubio he'll be next for reaction and next week's primary in florida as the special edition of hannity continues. the employee of the month isss... the new spark card from capital one. spark miles gives me the most rewards of any small business credit card. the spark card earns double miles... so we really had to up our game. with spark, the boss earns double miles on every rchase, every day. that's setting the bar pretty high. owning my own business has never been more rewarding. coming through! [ male announcer ] introducing spark the small business credit cards from capital one. get more by choosing unlimited double miles or 2% cash back on every purchase, every day. what's in your wallet?
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they'll never be enough public revenue to pay for our safety net, national security or whatever sized government we decide to have. >> sean: that is indiana governor just a short time ago delivering the republican response to the state of the union address. for more reaction i am joined by florida senator. welcome back. >> good to be with you. >> you're in the room, general impaigs pregss? what did you think? >> first, let's take this off the table as far as speeches are concerned. no one accused the president of not being able to give a give a good speech here is a fact. three years into the presidency there is no plan to save social security. no plan to save medicare, no serious plan to reduce national debt. and there is no plans for job creators. i would say i don't think ever have we ever seen a national leader so blatantly try to
11:36 pm
divide americans against each other and say the only way to solve us is to make other people worse off. that is the only way some of us can pro gris is making sure other people have less money. it's not -- it's not part of our heritage as a people to do that. and and it's not intellectually honest. taxes he's talking about raising, 30%, the richest americans make money from investment income meaning money made available to other companies by investing in them so those other companies can create middle class jobs. so why would we make it harder and discourage people from investing money in companies? second thing he's not telling people is that as we raise taxes he's threatening and promising to raise the story about the jobs but it doesn't come close to raising the kind of money we need to make a dent on this massive $15 trillion debt. >> and i r.. >> sean: i would agree in the
11:37 pm
past he's given great speeches and inspired people. one of the thing that's struck me is that if he's going to go to america and travel across the country and make the case four more years i didn't get a sense of a grand vision he has for the country short of igniting embers of class warfare. i didn't hear anything too inspiring. there is a different obama than four years ago. i'll tell you that. >> i have grown up around sports, football. there are coach that's give great locker room speeches but then, you've got to play the game. and if you're going 0 and 7 and 0 and 9 people start tuning you out no matter how great your locker room speeches are. this president had thee years and this is not a guy that just took over. he's been in charge two years. two of the three years cohave had anything he wanted from congress, what we got was a
11:38 pm
health care bill, obama care, killing jobs. we got a debt commission, then ignored them. what we got is failure, now we're all paying the price for that. >> i would argue he was successful. he gave his budget passed, $5 trillion in debt. he ran through his ajend yachl the question is, it didn't fulfill promises. you saw great disappointment tonight. how are things looking down there in terms -- things getting negative in terms of the ads and rhetoric. and this primary what. is your take about this? as you sit there and watch it close up and watch ads, every 30 seconds? >> well, i've been a proponent of florida having an earlly primary. we understood where all of the major issues. every major issue that confronts america is present in florida all are going to
11:39 pm
have to be addressed. let me tell you why that is important. presidency of the united states is a very important job. it's probably the most-important job in the world. if someone in this building a legislature, whatever, makes a statement that isn't right or takes an action that perhaps isn't well thought out they get a lot of bad press coverage. if the president does that, people could get hurt all over the world. floridians understand that. they're saying okay. who can lead our country? who are we going to make commander in chief of the most powerful military force in the world? and that is why i'm glad florida plays a significant role in this primary. floridians understand that. >> sean: i think floridians are being unfairly punished by having delegates cut in half as a result of this. i've got to tell a funny story. you're giving a speech in naples florida and i'm five minutes late. i walk in and you're very gracious to acknowledge i was
11:40 pm
there. i said thank you, senator. sorry, thank you mr. vice president. at that moment i got quite a lot of applause for that line. and that leads to the obvious question your name is thrown around a lot. boy be surprise if you weren't on a short list for potential vice president. do you have an answer? >> and i've answered that question many times. >> this is an inside joke. i said don't say no. you did well with that. >> yes. >> senator rubio always good to see you. love it down there in your sunshine state. >> thank you for being with use coming up next, going head to head with democratic congressman robert andrews as this special post state of the union edition of "hannity" continue [♪...] >> announcer: bank robbery
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>> greta: tonight you'll tell us what mitt romney, and marco rubio. now we go to the other side of the aisle to get a democrat's perspective. and joining me now is robert andrew autos thank you fr the marathon coverage tonight. >> we're hear and you know what? glad to follow the president. but that is okay. in light of -- i want to go back to republican national committee today. it reminds people of something barack obama said. and i think it's legitimate. he had three years. two years with the house and senate of democrats here is what he said about what happens if he didn't turn things around by now. >> fi don't have this down in three years there is going to be a one term opposition. >> here we are four years later and i can't find a job. why did we support him? >> there is 49 million
11:46 pm
americans living below the poverty line? >> things not going in the right direction. going into wrong direction. >> the republican national committee is responsible for the content of this ad. >> there is a one term proposition. i don't think people are better off. there is $5 trillion in debt. i assume you're going to blame george bush for this? >> not really. i'm going to say thchl the economy was in awful shape and it got worse for a while. and there is businesses added new jobs and i think the question that they'll decide is whether the direction the president is taking is working or not. i do think speech was well founded in this extent, most of the time talking about what
11:47 pm
he wants to do which i s.what i think people want to hear about. >> i -- we've got to examine whether he's been successful as president. he says in july, 2008, early july, 2008 that george bush was irresponsible and unpatriotic because of a $4 trillion debt. he's accumulated more than that in one term, promising shovel-ready jobs promised unemployment below 8%. we've lost two million jobs since he's been president. no president ever lost jobs on and in first term. tell me what he's done that deserves a second term. >> month he took off the economy lost 700,000 jobs. now gaining jobs and 3.1 million since spring of 2010
11:48 pm
and second? >> we're losing unemployment numbers going up. the month of december aside, quarter thousand every week. >> no. >> that is a fact. we don't count people that are still unemployed or under employed if they're 99 weeks. that is not accurate. >> i'm not saying unemployment rate. i'm talking about the next number of new jobs in the committee. in the private sector. and 3.1 million jobs higher than it was in march, 2010. not talking about the rate. >> sean: march of 2010? he became president in january of 2009. >> there has been a melt down on wall street in september and october. and that problem aside, economy was shrinking by 15% in the fourth quarter, 2008. and the first quarter, 2009. second accomplishment i think you have to give credit to the
11:49 pm
intelligence community is that some of the bush policies were in effect. he led efforts to get osama bin laden. that is an important thing to do. >> sean: i appreciate you gave bush intelligence credit. i can see the point. $5 trillion in new debt. he said he'd cut deficit in half. not talking about saving social security and medicare tonight. $5 trillion in new debt. what did we get for $5 trillion? >> best way to reverse debt is have private sector job growth. one thing about the debt and deficit. he did make another proposal. we've done $2 trillion in deficit retux with the august 1 law. all spending cuts. i heard him reiterate that he would do another trillion dollars in medicare and medicaid and restraint on social security. i'm for that. if there were a trillion dollars in new revenue coming
11:50 pm
from the top 3% or 4% that, is an offer on the table this summer. this would get us another $2 trillion in debt reduction. we should do it. >> and there is colleagues that lead to man up and battle back and forth. wasn't too painful. >> wasn't painful at all. >> this is about first amendment. >> good to see you congressman. we'll spend a lifetime paying off this debt. we'll get into this next time. coming up, more reaction to tonight's state of the union address. i'll ask to make redictions ahead of the primary and we're on twitter if you'd like to join us straight ahead.
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>> sean: so with the state of the union address behind us, eyes of the political world return to the republican primary battle next in the great state of florida.
11:55 pm
joining me now for analysis is tucker carlson, and we have never had this year will be historic. usually in the past since reagan, 1980 whoever won either iowa or new hampshire, one would go on to win south carolina and become nominee. we've got three different caucus primaries. three different wins. things seem tight in florida. is this we're going all the way to the convention? >> if newt gingrich wins florida, those things are equal. and that is a very, very tough hurdle for mitt romney to get over. i don't think there is anyway. >> and we can only hope.
11:56 pm
>> waim. -- wait a minute. you were a hillary person. >> yeah. >> are you happy with the presidency? >> no. no. there are things about it i'm happy with and things about it that i'm not happy about. >> and if there was a good candidate to consider. yeah. >> is there any one of the people running. >> i think romney is someone i thought i would have taken a look at. i don't think the performance has been that great. and you have to see how most of my issues about obama are foreign policy related. and this is interesting.
11:57 pm
i thought there was a new aggressiveness to romney. and i wish their aggressiveness was towards obama and their ideas rather than each other. >> and i think think probably wish the same thing. i think both would rather be attacking the president but there is no choice. they're in a contest with each other. one has to prevail in order for that person to take on president obama. it's just part of the process. and who ever does get the nom nation, have you to be to get through this. >> and this to their credit, this made them stronger. and this is -- when i think back, you know, think back four years ago. you were there cheering yes,
11:58 pm
we can. obama. yeah. yeah. you were. >> yeah. i was chanting. >> sean: chanting away and lighting candles in homes. and worshipping a picture of obama. >> that is how it was. >> sean: the tone i picked up is flat. just same old rhetoric. there is no big vision here. he has to run negative. he can't run on his record. you know? i mean, i'm just thinking do you know what? there is a lot, it just doesn't seem like the same guy. >> and there is -- i think it's flat. >> look. a lot of people are unhappy about w.him but he does have a high approval rating among democrats. if you look democrats are not jumping out of their seats for him still approve of him.
11:59 pm
he has biggest problem is with independents which is a serious problem z romney, i'm thinking is peaceful today, romney needs at least 10 points for last... >> sean: so neck and neck match up, what do you think? how does this play out on the republican side? there is with b.a minute left. >> i think it's a hunl problem if gingrich wins in florida. maybe good news in the end but i think there is, people who run the party in washington are going to have a heart attack if newt gingrich wins florida you're going to see a major scramble. >> and i'm telling you, read the paper. they're attacking newt gingrich if he wins, holy smokes. >> is


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