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tv   Huckabee  FOX News  January 28, 2012 5:35pm-5:52pm PST

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for blitz creed because he was back and forth with newt on this. i thought he did a great job. i preferred the way he handled his debate with him to john king. i thought he was fair. a right to ask the questions he did and perhaps maybe newt struggled a little bit in terms of getting answers out in terms of what he has seen. >> mike: i thought he was fair. i have done the show many times as a candidate in the past and i always thought he has been fair. the question that he he raised i thought was legitimate. it was not something said about newt. it was something that newt himself injected into the campaign. that is what made it fair. >> of course, and wolfs into the wild eat newts. a little known fact. if they raise these things on the campaign trail in the commercial they should have to answer them in the debate. we would rather not have to do that and rather not see the commercials but if they do this they have to focus. >> mike: has mitt romney succeeded in defending his 15% tax rate that has been out there? go ahead and put your grades down. and you are littering, mancow,
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you and a -- the epa is going to be coming after you for this terrible thing you have done. on this one, pete, i will start with you. how has mitt romney been doing in -- >> i give mitt an i for incomplete. depends on the con at this time are looking we a lot of republican conservatives say i'm all right with it. a lot of independents learning now wow, this guy makes $56,000 a day and what does he do? where is he working? he is paying 15% capital gains. it is on investments. i think for independents that matter that verdict is still out. >> mike: kimberly? >> i gave him an a. i have been tough on romney. i wanted him to show substance and have backbone. i don't like people who are apologists for trying to go after the american dream to support free market capitalism. >> , let him make money. we want everybody to succeed in
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america. >> mike: all right, mancow, what kind of grade do you give mitt romney? >> the rose amongst the thorn is here. so nice. i gave him an f. this guy makes $57,000 a day. i'm with the comny live here for a second. standing on hay bails and eating corn dogs one of us. george w. bush always chopping wood and clearing bush and obama at saddle back. abortion what is abortion. this is the guy i'm from chicago. fought for late term abortion and at saddleback he doesn't know anything and mitt romney trying to be the man of the people all the time. the guy with the tassles on his shoes and wears the disney tie on friday and say he is one of the guys. let's go bowling. he wants people to like him and he is not one of the guys because we can't put our money in swiss bank accounts and the cayman islands. most of us work hard every day for a living. these people in the audience work shifts and make wages.
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they weren't making their money off of capital gaines. mitt romney won conservative republicans who make over $200,000 and pay 15%. does anybody here pay 15% on their salary. >> mike: youour time is up. at least mancow you are consistent. >> he only knows how to draw an f i think. >> mike: bought anthose who fod contributed to the efforts of world war ii the greatest generation. there was a group of unsung heros who played an important part of the war. cuba gooding, jr. plays one of the men in the movie red tails. he is going to be joining us next.
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>> mike: before 1940, african americans were knot allowed to fly for the u.s. military but a group of black pilots known as the tuskegee airmen battled through segregation and were assigned to escort bombers in europe. the story is the inspiration for the brand new movie in theaters called red tails. >> what we do and how well we do it, does it matter? >> and you all have what? you would sign up. get shiny boots a uniform and that would be the end of 100 years of bigotry. you are colored men in the white man's army. a miracle you are flying fighters in italy and not mopping la treens in milwaukee. any of you feel otherwise and want to wash yourselves out, negro, please do so. i will have you on the next smoking back home to make room for the men who want to stand and fight. get your head up, son. you are fighter pilots.
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>> mike: please welcome one of the stars of the film "red tails" oscar winning actor cuba gooding, jr. >> hello, governor. >> mike: thank you so much. >> thank you for having me. >> mike: how was it to play in a movie about a subject you had already done. in 1995 the hbo special tuskegee airmen, a great movie but the "red tails" movie is something george lucas worked on 23 years. >> the key is george lucas. the first time we did it was an hbo special. this was done by maestro that is george lucas. i knew that the kids would feel like they were playing in the planes and it would be an event
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picture. >> mike: i thought james earl jones. i read aequat that he made about the film. he said that "red tails" is like star wars for black kids. >> right on, james, right on. >> mike: what he meant was it puts a person in the cockpit and makes them feel like that they are part of the remarkable story. >> absolutely, absolutely. >> mike: of the tuskegee airmen. >> that is exactly right. we shot in the czech republic in an abandoned russian air base. the whole for like two mile space all you saw was like vintage 1943 military air base. it is what we recreated and they put these kids through training, eight days of hard intense training and sleeping in the snow and then finally put them in the planes and when you have a professional pilot take you up as an actor he has to show you his skills. a lot of throwing up in them planes. >> mike: are you admitting there was a little bit of
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upchucking going on? in there was as lot of upchucking. >> mike: most people don't want to admit that. you realize you have no future in politics if you are that honest. >> i got sick a couple of times. >> mike: you played a lot of roles in which you played real people. my favorite film that i think you have done up until now was men of honor the phenomenal story of karl brasheers. and the tuskegee air men, so much the story. is it harder tore play a role when the story is true? >> well, the word isn't harder. you have to be more focused. you have to find truth in the reality of the character you are playing who it in both instances they were on the set. karl was on the set and the surviving airmen who were in their 90s. >> they were there. >> it is like gooding sit up
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straight. it was a little bit of that stuff but you makes you stay focused on the truth because that is what we do as actors try to find the truth of the moment. >> mike: did you look at those guys with emotion. >> every day. >> mike: and what they did and what they put up with. growing up in the deep south i saw first hand what people put up with. i look back and i marvel that there was the courage and the determination and the per severance that people who went through a racism that i don't think most people can even comprehend and stood their ground and persevered and as a result today we are not a perfect world by any stretch but a better world. >> that's right. >> mike: i don't know. your career wouldn't be this successful without the people like that. >> absolutely. they say we would rather die in the skies over berlin fighting nor our country than come back and face the racism that is still evident. it is true. you see the things that they did. essentially kicked off the
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civil rights movement with the protests at the time. they weren't allowed a lot of the advantages afforded the officers. airmen were by definition officers and they couldn't go into the officer's club. an interesting thing where they had german prisoners of war flew to -- they flew them over because of overpa overpopulatin the south and had them on this base where this were tuskegee airmen and the prisoners of war, german prisoners of war had ps opened the la pells and could go anywhere in the base. they cosimo in th could do go e officer's club and everything. they protested and some of them got dishonorably discharged and there was a court trial and there was a documentary george lucas pu put together called double victory and you see one of the airmen go 50 some odd years and finally gets recognized. because he was dishonorably
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discharged he couldn't vote. when they rein stated him he got the vindication that he had done the right thing back in the days. >> mike: when you looked at the film after it was completed and saw the screening of it was there one part of the film or maybe an impact of the film that you stood as an artist and said i'm he proud i was part of that. what was it about this film that just gave you a sense of accomplishment? >> when i first read the script in 1995 for the tuskegee for hbo i was 24, 25. finished with my education and knew nothing about the tuskegee airmen and i was frustrated and angry and i think now after seeing "red tails" and these two films and everything they encompass and explain the magnificence that are the tuskegee airmen my sons will know and won't have the same scenario happen to them. i think it is the education of who these american heros were is what makes me proud to be part of it.
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>> mike: every american whether black or white ought to look back with a great sense of gratitude to the tuskegee airmen and all those who put up with so much to make our country a better country. good story. i hope every american will see it and i hope they will see it with a sense of understanding of what a great country we have but also how far we have come from -- >> how far we have come, that's right. >> mike: you have done a great job in telling that story. what an honor to have you here. >> thank you, governor. >> mike: thank you very much. cuba gooding,, jr. thank you very much. coming up he is a rising country music star. a powerful new song. craig campbell with his new hit is next. >> craig campbell is here?
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