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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  February 11, 2012 10:00am-11:00am PST

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is. and i'll see you next week, have a great day everybody. >> . >> jamie: fox news alert. another major result for the republican test for the white house. announcing the winner of the state's week long caucuses and welcome to a brand new hour of america's news headquarters, i'm kelly wright. >> everybody is waiting for the results and they are coming today. keep it right here on fox. mitt romney and ron paul are the only candidates campaigning in maine today. and romney looking to end a he recent losing streak, while ron paul tries for his first win, he wants it. and molly line is live for us in new gloucester, maine. >> that's right, this is the
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home of the racoons. and this is paul is behind me greeting some caucus goers and ron paul is walking around and the chatting with folks as well. he told me that a win would be safe for him, but romney laid a lot of groundwork for him and the the first stop in the state yesterday when he held a big town hall meeting in portland. but he's laid the groundwork since 2008, a victory, 52% of the vote and ron paul was third back in 2008 and while these are hoping that some the foundation they've laid over the years, some support they've given to local republicans here over the years, will help them have a strong turnout as the caucuses continue and the straw poll results coming out this evening. mitt romney had, was trying to sell a conservative message here in the state of maine and where admittedly few applause lines in the town hall. and stopping by the caucus sites and here is what he had to say about the controversial elements of birth control and
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the catholic organization. >> the president's recent attack on religion and is contrary to the constitution and is wrong. >> so he's hammering away at that and talks about how he plans to create jobs. ron paul also here in the state and he made an appearance in late january, as well. holding some town hall meetings and speaking directly with a lot of the voters here, a strong youth contingent and he plays well in caucus states where he can feel he has a big impact and shaking hands and chatting with caucus goers and he'll have a speech in an hour or so. a perspective on what he really needs here, the maine caucus, there are only about 5,500 people that participated in the 2008 g.o.p. caucuses so it's a small number, but could have a big impact. the next contests are two weeks' way in michigan or arizona, a win or loss could
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linger in the minds of voters, molly line, good to see you. >> kelly: the political action conference is going out with a banning in washington. in a few hours we'll learn the results of their straw poll and hear a keynote address from former alaska governor, sarah palin. and live with more details, dowelli doug, how are you? >> good afternoon. the auditorium will be packed here when she speaks and she's favored. the question, will she endorse somebody. and she has votes of confidence newt gingrich's way in the first weeks and her husband had promised to campaign with newt gingrich and it's fallen short of a full fledged endorsement, we shall see when she speaks at 4:30 this afternoon, how about the conventioners, how will they be voting? a scientific sampling as the votes were cast for the straw poll here, here it is. >> and mitt romney is the nominee, deal with tshouldn't
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and get on with it. (laughter) >> and doesn't make a difference to you. >> not at all. the only thing that would do is to make the primaries go on longer which would be a lot of fun. we all love that type of stuff. at the end of the day we need a guy who is going to beat obama. that of course is mitt romney from a ron paul guy. >> and i did vote in the straw poll, one of the most difficult, i took it as seriously if it was the real vote. i did end up voting for santorum. >> i haven't committed to anyone yet. >> reporter: the bigger question is what is the significance of this straw poll vote today? consider the fact that ron paul won it it big last year and didn't bother to show up at the convention this year, and falls in the midst of the republican season and amid the crucial pace. another way to look at it. the left leaning organization, came out with a poll regarding
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the republican popularity today and has santorum on top. 38% and romney, gingrich 17% and ron paul. and the interesting thing about the poll. 52% of the response dents said they haven't fully made up their mind and would be open to changing their mind and things are clearly in a state of flux. >> kelly. >> i'm so glad, i was looking at that earlier and gee, when will they settle on a final candidate? we'll continue to follow those, from washington, thank you, sir, have a good day. >> well, republicans not the only ones taking the message to cpac, you're looking at it right now. hundreds of protesters causing the scene outside the conservative conference last night. and many of them taking more republicans for giving tax breaks to the so-called 1%. a scuffle with police reportedly resultening no serious injuries, but one woman was arrested for assaulting a police officer. >> and there's major fallout,
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how could you miss it, from the president's new plan for health care coverage of birth control and the white house now back peddling after there was an uproar from the catholic church. now some church leaders saying the new plan isn't good enough. will this fight going on until november, will it go on until november? hurt the president's chance for reelection? what does it it mean for the g.o.p. candidates? angela mcglowan is a fox news analyst and it's great to see both of you fair and balanced. let's take a look at this. angela, you first, the conference of catholic bishops are not happy. where do they stand right now and how influential a group are they on voters? >> they are very influential group. and still out there, jamie have some of the one issue voters that are pro-life, but this decision, jamie, that the president made was not about religious freedom, it wasn't about the catholic church, it was about independents in pennsylvania and ohio and it was about hispanics in florida
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and those states are very important for him to win reelection and he does not want to lose the hispanic base in florida or have the independent voters sway to the g.o.p. this fall. >> jamie: do you mean women? >> women and men. the bottom line is this: when you have people that have. >> well. >> a belief in pro-life. when you have people that believe that the government should stay out of the reproductive purposes or contraception, that's a strong voting block, that's going to go on both of their conscious. >> jamie:ed president said he made accommodation, is this stuff to satisfy? >> i think it's enough to satisfy independents. this may come as a surprise to a lot of people, but americans have sex all the time for reasons other than pro creation, angela. we all agree to that. >> thank you for-- >> and we all agree, and i think that-- >> do you think that's the
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issue, chris, come on, you're making a funny maybe, but-- >> really, the president has a mandate that you have to buy health insurance, including in that health insurance he wants women to get what they need including birth control. catholics have a really hard time with this and he is still mandating that women to work for catholic institutions might be able to get whatever they need, whatever they want. >> jamie, let he me get in here. because catholics don't have a problem with this. the catholic church has a problem with this and the catholic church has been wrong many times and often amended their position and i believe they'll come around on birth control as well at some point, but the catholic parishioners are way ahead of them on this. 98% of catholics use birth control and 77% of catholic women support paying for it, okay? so. >> chris, i'm not catholic, i'm not catholic and i don't know if you're catholic, but i am a woman and i am very conservative and i am a pro lifer. that's, let's put that in
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front. i don't know if you're catholic or not, but i know that bishops in the catholic church, i know people that know-- i know religious organizations and organizations do not want to give contraceptives or the morning after pill to their female workers, they don't want to do it and they they-- >> and it's the-- >> chris, if the president says with this accommodation that they have to give it, now what, they don't have to have the conversation with the employee if they don't feel comfortable. the insurance company can let them know what's available including the morning after or five day after pill even though that's against their religious beliefs. will that fall within the mandate that is being constitutionally challenged. does any of this really matter to the race right now? >> jamie, i think the thing that matters to the race is ginning up far right conservatives who might do something crazy like nominate rick santorum as the
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republican nominee and that can only be good news for the president. and rick santorrum believes that it in and of itself should be be banned and that does not play in the suburbs. >> jamie: if chris thinks this helps rick santorrum because of his beliefs, and he's on a surge, let's admit it, what does it do or not do for president obama. >> president obama underestimates the christian coalition not only catholics and independents, but christian that is do not want the federal government in our bedrooms and telling our churches they have to give their organizations, women who are part of the organizations contraception, number one. number two, i don't believe that rick santorrum is going to be the republican nominee. do i like rick santorrum? yes, can rick santorrum defeat barack obama, no. can mitt romney, yes.
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and i believe that he will be our nominee. >> jamie: all right on some of those issues, chris is agreeing with you. chris, what does the president do now? is this accommodation enough? do you think it will withstand the overall constitutional challenge that the government should or should not be telling us what we have it buy for health insurance, and when and who has to pay for it? >> well, you know, the debate over whether or not the government should or shouldn't tell you to buy health insurance is a completely different debate than what the catholic church's employees or the catholic charities and hospitals and colleges and employees should have in their plans. that's a different topic. what i will say, this cannot be making mitt romney comfortable. it's not a conversation he wants to have and-- >> before we go, president obama, where-- you get the final word, chris, about president obama. talk to us. >> well, listen, i am not happy the way this whole thing unfolded, but i think that this conversation helps
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president obama because if these guys are talking about contraception, they're talking about the federal government blocking women's rights and that's not a good for them to have. >> and jamie, to answer a question, number one, obamacare is unconstitutional, number two, to mandate that religious organizations have to give contraceptives, that tromps on the constitution as well. >> jamie: got to leave it there. we report and everyone out there will decide and it's issue hotly debated and talked about all across this country. thanks to both of you. >> absolutely. >> jamie: thank you. >> thank you, guys. >> jamie: kelly. >> kelly: fox news alert. washington reaction to iran making a shocking nuclear. and ahmadnejad will reveal major achievements in the control program, comments on the anniversary of iran's islamic revolution and peter doocy now in washington with m >> kelly, it was a few hours ago that iran's president ahmadnejad said he will have a he very important announcement
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on his country's nuclear program and that he'll have it soon. the translated quote from president ahmadnejad re tad nex world will witness the inauguration of several big new achievements in the nuclear field. now, president ahmadnejad also said that iran will never yield to countries in the west who are trying to pick apart their nuclear program, but the state news agency says this week's announcement has nothing to do with nuclear weapons. the irna says it will instead deal with scientific application of nuclear know-how to the betterment of life standard and augmenting level of food and agriculture production. if that's true, it certainly does not mesh with what our statement department said this thursday. >> they are living in a state, with a government that would rather spend money on a nuclear weapons program than on the welfare of its people and that's why we are compelled to increase the pressure and increase the isolation until this he see
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the light. >> reporter: and something else the united states government says is that we need to make sure that we have 20 of our 30,000 pound bunker busters battle ready and soon, they asked congress for 81 million dollars for urgent upgrades to the bunker busters, penetrators, and admiral chief schwartz says that the upgrades are not linked to what's going on in iran. kelly. >> kelly: interesting thought there at the end there. they do want to increase those bunker buster bombs to penetrate deeper. peter doocy, thanks for the report. >> jamie: kelly, this is just out of syria, and it's a situation that cannot be ignored. there are dire new warnings from one bomb-scarred rebel city. and they're saying now that they're running dangerous any low on basic necessities, and world affairs contributor, streaming live from the the border in lebanon. dominic, how bad is it now?
10:15 am
>>. >> jamie, it's becoming very dire and residents talking about not just for lack of basic services, but medical supplies as well. we were actually in the north of the country here in lebanon a few days ago, talking to people in the medical field trying to smuggle medical across the border and along with supporters, and preventing doctors from getting across to try to help treat people in homes, and fencing off the city and making life just incredibly difficult, really, for those inside. and many people desperate to get out, but they can't because of the government forces surrounding the city and that the heavy gunfire there hitting buildings today. activists saying that as many as 20 people were killed today. and we can't independently verify that and the syrian government is preventing the journalist froms getting in and take a degree of forces and the public itself. and-- today saying that one of their
10:16 am
highest ranking offers in the military in damascus was shot by three gunman today. and that will be a shock for the syrian government if it's true because the capital is highly protected and this will be the first time we've actually seen a high ranking official killed in the city limits, that no doubt, told that the resistance is this, is able to actually hit at the heart of government and no doubt, some response to that. but by now shall the international community is trying to find yet another solution, a week after russia and china blew out an attempt to bring an end to the violence in saudi arabia, a new plan based on the old plan and not sure whether they can get it through the u.n. security council and again, in the coming weeks. in the meantime, it's business as normal in syria. the ongoing violence. very much something like the people in the city of homs want to bring to answered. jamie. >> jamie: dominique, we heard some explosions when you
10:17 am
started your report. i'm told it's fireworks, not gunfire, can you confirm. >> it is indeed fireworks, there's a wedding going on just out of the shot. north of us, there was a gun fight between protesters and loyalists in a neighborhood outside of tripoli, and it shows how much the tensions are growing across the region. >> jamie: thank you, be safe there, thanks. >> kelly: coming up from poverty to powerhouse. michael oher's life became a film. >> jamie: and congresswoman gabrielle giffords is getting high honor from the u.s. navy. >> kelly: new information leading to a big break in a notorious serial killer case and the tip coming from the killer himself. >> jamie: incredible. >> we've uncovered a partial
10:18 am
skull, as well as some bones that we believe are also human remains. when you have tough pain, do you want fast relief? try bayer advanced aspirin. it has microparticles so it enters the bloodstream fast and rushes relief to the site of your tough pain. it's proven to relieve pain twice as fast as before. bayer advanced aspirin.
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>> welcome back everybody. there must be a lot smiles in
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arizona because the u.s. navy, decided to name the new ship next one online after former congresswoman gabrielle giffords. giffords and mark kelly were on hand for the announcement and the secretary of the navy commending her for unwavering courage. she's still recovering after being shot by a gunman at an event with former constituents in tucson, arizona more than a year ago and the secretary of the navy saying he hopes her story will inspire everyone that's assigned to the new ship and i'm sure it will. >> michael oher made famous after millions viewed a portrayal of his life in the movie "the blind side" the film and his career and nfl serve as a platform for michael to discuss his amazing journey from poverty to living his life beyond the dream. >> michael oher, and meeting
10:23 am
and talking to children. at prince street school in salisbury, maryland, michael takes advantage of every moment to encourage students to stay in school, focus on getting a good education and pursue their dream. >> if you guys want to make it in life, you can't do the bad things, you have to do what's right. i always stayed away from the negative people and you know, the people that did the bad things and stayed away from those guys and i was, i didn't have to get to the nfl, i was going to be something, so, you know, i do think i was going to be a positive influence in the city or you know, in the world. >> kelly: posing with students holding his best selling students "i beat the odds", michael is on a mission and knows that some of the kids he meets are experiencing the same kind of heart break and pain that he endured as a child. >> i didn't have anybody telling me i needed to go to school. i didn't see anybody to go to work every day, i saw none of this in my neighborhood. i didn't want to get caught up
10:24 am
in a cycle growing up, dropping out of school, getting involved in, you know, drugs or violence. >> in his book, michael tells his own story of growing up in a tough public housing project, in memphis, tennessee. one of 12 children, living with his single parent mother who was constantlily battling drug addiction. her failures caused michael and his siblings to be separated and sent to various foster homes and recalls how difficult his early life has become. >> and it was just, you know, have your mother-- and no father in your home and your mom is on drugs and you're raising yourself. >> kelly: michael remembers when he was just seven years old watched michael jordan play in the nba finals against the phoenix suns. that game and moment stuck with him and made a lasting impression. >> i wanted somebody to look up to me, like everybody looked up to, you know, the professional athletes. >> kelly: now that he
10:25 am
accomplishes a dream of becoming a nfl player for baltimore ravens, he enjoys serving as a role model to children growing up in similar circumstances. unlike the movie, the blind side, depicts michael as a slow learner and unknowing about the game of football. he'd been playing football since he was a young boy and a thirst for education, but admits he needed a lot of help of academically to get into ole miss. and the film tells a wonderful story of michael's relationship with the tooey family. here is a white family adopting a black child and accepting you as their family and you accepting them as your family. what does it say about the racial divide in america. >> it's not about black and white. nobody reached out like the tooey's reached out and to take somebody in coming from the neighborhood i came from. i don't know if i would have took somebody. and an influence like that and shows you what type of people
10:26 am
they are. and just, to open their homes and to trust, to believe in me and trust that i was going to do the right thing. >> kelly: and the right thing he continues to do. michael tells kids anywhere, anytime that anything is possible if you put your mind to it and he encourages people to get involved through the mentoring through boys and girls clubs, big brothers, big sisters, and anything that encourages them to be the best they can be. >> jamie: this one i have to comment it on. to see the movie, but the real story and willing to share love and encouragement and giving them hugs, must have been a lot to be there. >> kelly: it meant a lot to me, he beat the odds. >> jamie: he did. you've got to live your treemgs and he is and did. thanks kelly so much. we've got information into a killing spree. police identified some human remains and more on this case and two men dubbed the speed
10:27 am
freak killers. we'll tell you more on this. and plus, these pleas are coming in, they're desperate, and new and coming from a syrian city under attack by their on government. the violence is escalating and raising questions about whether or not the u.s. should step in. should we arm, once again, opposition forces there? we're going to talk about it next. stay with us. [ male announcer ] drinking a smoothie with no vegetable nutrition? ♪ [ gong ] strawberry banana! [ male announcer ] for a smoothie with real fruit plus veggie nutrition new v8 v-fusion smoothie. could've had a v8. until the end of the quarter to think about your money... ♪ that right now, you want to know where you are, and where you'd like to be. we know you'd like to see the same information your advisor does so you can get a deeper understanding of what's going on with your portfolio. we know all this because we asked you, and what we heard helped us create pnc wealth insight,
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10:32 am
facing criminal charges, and iranian president mammoud ahmadnejad saying his nation will make a very important announcement on its nuclear program. ahmadnejad making his statement or making the statement, rather, at a rally marking iran's islamic revolution. >> and it's doubtful they're going to say that they're stopping their nuclear program, but we'll stay tuned for that. meanwhile, we're taking a look, we've probably heard, 25 billion dollars, a settlement involving some of the nation's largest mortgage lenders, the ones who service loans. under the agreement, the institutions will have to reduce loans for nearly 1 million home owners and plan to send out $2,000 checks to victims of foreclosures that should never have happened, remember the robo signing situation. and to help home owners reduce the costs of home and 49 states taking part and the only holdout was oklahoma and reached a separate agreement. it's the largest settlement
10:33 am
with a single industry since the 1998 tobacco deal. how much will it really help struggling home owners what about the housing market. will it help you? and a certified financial planner managing partner with car guile investment services and great to have you here. >> thank you. >> at first blush, this sounded like the greatest news every home owner getting a reduction in principle, lower interest rates and maybe a little check comes to you. big picture first. will it impact the housing market? >> well, the short answer is no. the settlement, even though it's 25 billion dollars is really rather modest and especially when you look at the huge 15 trillion dollar mortgage market. and as we step back and look at the settlement, the first part of it is very good, 5 billion dollars going to those victims of robo signing. now, remember, these aren't people that were improperly kicked out of their houses just denied due process, they were behind on their loans and deserve to lose their homes now they will he' get a check
10:34 am
for 2000. so i think that's good for them and at least overtly, this does not cost the taxpayer. >> jamie: but let me first play devils advocate on that one. you lose your home, because i didn't have a chance to defends your case, you were behind, $2000 for losing your home. >> and i don't remember when i got a $2,000 check for a paper work error from the bank. it's something to help compensate them. it's a very big compensation when you look at it from the bank's standpoint. they did make a mistake and paying a fine and get to move on. >> the provisions about reducing your interest rates or renegotiating, the president had a prior plan in place that provided a lot of money to people who were supposed to get these students and restructuring. and a lot of them weren't able to take advantage.
10:35 am
is this easier? >> i don't really think it's easier, it doesn't affect that many people. and half the money is going to go to florida and california. and if your mortgage is with fannie mae or freddie mac, you're not eligible, so it has to be a mortgage held and serviced by one of the five banks that are in the settlement. >> jamie: right. >> so, that, that's the first thing. the first limitation that you have. but also, 6 million mortgages in the country are underwater and underwater by an average of 50,000. 1 million people are going to get $20,000 to offset the amount they're underwater and not something that's going to make a huge difference, but it will help some people. again, it's not overtly costing the taxpayer so it's a good thing from that standpoint, but it's just another bandaid attached to a-- the symptom that we have, rather than addressing the real issue that people are in homes they can't afford. >> jamie: let me ask you this, i did the research and i saw
10:36 am
the statistics. 25% of the people in this country owe more on their mortgage than their houses are worth. so, you said maybe this is a bandaid, maybe it's a good one. will help the people in that situation, but overall, do you expect the foreclosure prices to continue and will the banks maybe take a hit for having to pay this settlement? >> well, the price is already in the price of the bank stocks and we actually saw a little bit avrilly, friday, when this was announced. so it's somewhat relief from the standpoint of the stockholder. it is something that was expected. again, it's modest, so, i think it's a good deal for the banks. it helps the home owner some. but i think, overall, we have to take a closer look. this money would be better applied if it helped people get out of homes they can't afford, rather than continue to keep them in homes that they've already proven they can't afford. home prices are too high. we need to let the market come
10:37 am
in and clear this excess housing that we have, and bring home prices down, suffer the pain. and be stronger later on. you know, texas was a laboratory for this in the '80s. every other house on every other block was for sale or dipped into the single digits yet we survived and the economy is strong today and we will survive this crisis as well and it's impacting the people that try to borrow from their homes. >> jamie: i love your optimism. this website, people get more information, national mortgage if you want to get more information. mickey, thank you so much. mickey carlisle, nice to see you, i appreciate it. >> a chicago auto show is rolling into the the windy city now and gary gastelu is on the mission to find the biggest, baddest new vehicle in this week's new car report. >> chicago, the city of the big shelters, where the pizza
10:38 am
is thick and pork belly considered currency and the auto show is about heavy haulers and high performance sports car and they introduced the hatchback and coupe version of this sedan. i think we can do better. gmc, definitely a truck brand and this is the new crossover, 2013 acadia, sure looks like a truck though. the volkswagen isn't exactly a sports car or a truck and this one has a powerful new turbo diesel engine which makes it kind of close to both. the all new acura ilx compact maybe not big enough to be chicago approved, but the first to be hybrid car and the other falling into the utility category. and nissan definitely has gotten into the spirit of things, a van and a baby van. and now we're talking kia truckster concept. oh, wait, it's trackster. still, looks like it can carry a few things, now, that's a
10:39 am
truck. forget everything else, this is what chicago is all about. 650 horsepower mustang convertible. do i need to make a windy city joke, or maybe i just did. gary gastelu, fox news. >> kelly: i think gary had fun with that. >> jamie: he always does. biggest and baddest. >> kelly: if you want to learn more about the chicago auto show, you can go to fox car >> jamie: well, a frightening new warning from a syrian city that's under siege. activists saying they're running low on life saving supplies and escalating violence raising questions about whether the u.s. should or will step in and on the opposition forces. that's next. the employee of the month is...
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>> fox news alert.
10:44 am
new video coming in from homs, syria, the violence is escalating, this as new pleas come out of the country and growing calls for the world to stop the killing. activists saying at least seven people killed in reported government strikes in the city of homs. hundreds more killed over this past week and that's an estimated 6,000 people since the month of march. the u.s. state department repeatedly saying, the u.s. won't intervene. now, several lawmakers here at home, including senator john mccain or calling for action. steven yates is the former deputy assistant to the vice-president for national security affairs and joins us right now and it's good to have you. in at that video we were just looking at, fresh in from homs, syria, shows all the more why there should be something done to stop the violence there on streets of
10:45 am
syria. and the diplomacy effort already failing, what can we expect the united states to do? >> well, kelly, i think it's rightly seen as another big test of what an obama doctrine of foreign policy is supposed to be and one of the tragedies, as the washington events unfold the last years and the oppressed have bug doubts where we stand in terms of a country and freedom movement. now, we see once again, people have taken their own lives and put them at risks to throw off in the the presser and they have no idea, whether and how the united states will support them. i think that it's very, very important at that we do many, many things that have not been tried today, that are short of using american troops. a lot of things can be done to help the people materially communicate, provide or the welfare of their people and also to encourage our allies in the region to do more to support them. it's really not bilateral question of the united states
10:46 am
and syria, as is the case in libya, unfortunately we con strain our allies what we seek and encouraging them to materially help these people. >> and steven to your point, senator john mccain has gone so far as to say we should actually arm opposition in syria. and people agree with him. should we arm syria? is that something the united states should be doing? >> i wouldn't rule it out. i don't know why we wouldn't turn to the allies, that we support the rights for them to seek a better future. and we certainly won't impose a phony embargo frankly with libya, where we said the leader must go and left home with a small n.a.t.o. environment and em leads to point down the road to have
10:47 am
our troops involved which i think will be a last resort. >> based on that, looking at the libyan example where the arab league got together and they were actually part of this plan to take out muammar gaddafi and stop libya from doing its violence. would it work as it did in libya? would syria be different because of assad's relentless attack on his own people? >> i think there are a lot of analysts who can point to a lot of ways, and syria is very, very different from libya, what is definitely true is that our president should be taking a comprehensive approach to american power and making very clear what we seek in this area, they're a region vital to our interest and ally of israel and down fall would be inherently good for american interest and serious about supporting that kind of an outcome and we should be using all elements of american power and even a cold war like grand strategy that newt gingrich has talked about in terms of poland, where you
10:48 am
have secular government and all other he wielements of our culture to help seek freedom. and without that, we're chasing events and actually increasing the conflict and war. >> i think you were mennimentio of israel i think you meant iran. and i think it sheds light on what the united states can do and should be doing to help the people in syria. jamie. >> thanks. >> jamie: kelly, thanks. two of the deadliest illnesses affecting americans may be linked, shock being prostate danze and cancer. and our medical a-team will tell us about it that's next. stay with us. lue... i'm on an aspirin regimen... and i take bayer chewables. [ male announcer ] be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. he's my success story.
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>> what might be be a serious health warping for men. a new study finding a link between two deadliest diseases for men, heart disease and prostate cancer. here is a member of our fox news medical a-team and vice chair of the urology department of mount sinai and
10:53 am
joins us, this study, what can you tell us, it can be alarming and informative. >> one of the greatest thing we like about the segment bringing the latest breaking news on medical. this happens to be one of them. how do you bring heart disease and prostate cancer and link them together, this is from the cancer institute and looking for a drug for provisional cancer. and they clinical trial didn't pan out. but what they found was having coronary heart disease can increase the risk of prostate cancer in men. over 6,000 men they followed over four years and in the first two years, if you have coronary artery disease, the risk of prostate cancer went up by 24%, and in four years, are you ready for this, kelly, rate went up by 74%. this is significant findings and obviously, this is observational study and not cause and effect and we need more studies to duplicate this. but you cannot dismiss this kind of study and this is
10:54 am
significant. what it tells me as someone who views the cancer day in, day out. when i see a patient in front of me, i have to speak the language of the cardiologist, i need to talk to them about weight loss, i need to talk to them about exercise, healthier diet and for patients to really follow, that what's good for the heart, it's good for prostate. so this is significant. >> it is, indeed. there's another study, what impact that may or may not have on one's heart condition. >> i thought the y chromosome was more superior than x. and many women, including-- >> don't go there, doc. >> the doctor over there is-- okay, but what we're finding out now, if you're looking at y chromosome. one out of five men when they have this particular gene higher risk at heart disease. how many times you see a man who doesn't take care of himself. obese, high blood pressure, all of this and ends up living longer than the guy who runs in the new york marathon and takes care of himself ends up
10:55 am
having a heart disease and heart attack. because now we're really zooming into the molecular level of y chromosome and finding if you have this gene you're at higher risk of heart disease by 50%. what's interesting about this is the way it works. it actually increases the offense by increasing information. you need information to form those coronary artery disease and reduces our defense, which is our immune system. just like the football game we just saw, increase offense, reduce defense, you have touchdown and that's your heart disease. so what we learn from in is going back to the same topic. eat healthy, exercise, and this can help us with screening. if we find the man that has this gene, we're going to be more aggressive, treating them. if you don't have this, maybe relax. >> getting back to the fundamentals, basics of good healthy leaving and the three of us were discussing prior to this segment, you know, you've got to get to a person who has a cardiology background who can really help you and you
10:56 am
have, you have the urology background. >> what we really need, after all the years, everything is coming together. diabetes, heart disease, blood pressure, cancer, all have the same kind of thing and feed off each other and going back to the basics, healthy diet, exercise, healthy living, you can reduce your risk. >> jamie: what to do to reduce your risk, sunday house call, 10:30 a.m. with dr. samadi and dr. siegel. and we watch out for each other, i did not hit the donut tray in the green room today. >> kelly: behaving today. >> jamie: thanks, guys, great to have you with us. >> kelly: that's it for us, i'm kelly wright. >> jamie: i'm jamie colby. take care. see you tomorrow. wake up!
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