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tv   FOX News Sunday With Chris Wallace  FOX News  February 13, 2012 1:00am-2:00am PST

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>> this is a fox news alert. i am geraldo rivera. we will bring you up to date on the death of whitney houston. the song bird who's soaring voice and incredible stage presence served and inspired us. her as sent into drug and alcohol hell along frustrated everyone who loved and cared about her. deputy chief coroner just about an hour ago. >> we have concluded the autopsy on ms. witt knee houston. there will be no cause of death at this time because it is pending toxicology and that could take up to six to eight
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weeks. i believe someone removed her from the bathtub and the paramedics did cpr on her. there was no visible signs of trauma. foul play is not suspected at this time. what if any prescription drugs or illegal drugs were -- would be found in her system, so that is what we will be looking for ag also. >> never wias such supreme talet squandered so publicly as it was with whitney. never was a super star in my opinion brought so low by a drug pushing husband bobby brown who last night received tears from an audience who should have booed him in the role he played in the destruction of one of the most musical talents. >> i love you whitney. (cheers)
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(inaudible) >> the bitter irony of whitney's life is she will be remembered as much for telling diane sawyer is crack is what cck as for her grammys and gold records. >> anorexia? >> no way. >> bulimia? >> no, way. >> because of drugs? >> no. i grant you, i partied. but there were times when i knew i was going through a lot of
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emotions. >> whitney crack rehab failed. >> let's get one thing safe, crack is -- i don't do crack. i don't do that. crack is whack. >> isn't it symbolic of her later life that she is being celebrated at the grammy's about the same time as her autopsy was being performed at the coroner's office. >> some of the biggest names converge on the staim centstapl center behind me. the a listers are making their way inside. the grammys run from 8 eastern until 11:30 eastern. the awards will be handed out tonight. it is safe to say the focus of this year's show shifted from the nominees to the late whitney houston. the pop icon was supposed to be
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walking down this very red carpet tonight. that is why she was out here in los angeles in the first place. meantime the coroner's office confirming the autopsy on whitney houston was completed today. we should point out because of her past, a lot of people obviously wondering if drugs or alcohol played a role in her death, and we still have to wait on that. it takes 6-8 weeks for toxicology reports to come in which would show us that. so the official cause of death will not be released until that time. beverly hills police also telling us foul play is not suspected here and they will not elaborate that was found inside the 48-year-old's hotel room. geraldo? >> casey, thank you. legal drugs, illegal drugs, probably. for an unvarnished assessment we go to the ace reporter for the
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national inquirer. thank you. you know i trust your reporting, and your magazine's reporting long before it was chic to do so. >> we had no idea whitney houston was going to die. that is not why we have this story on the news stands right now that takes you right up to her death and tells you the horrible things she was going through broke, strung out and as you know we had reported she had emphysema. it may have some bearing on the bathtub death. there are reports she may have drowned rather than just passed out in the bathtub. years ago on the stage of your own show your huge daily show you remember i was challenged more than once when the national enquirer said whitney houston was on crack and drugs. you saw on your show her saying to diane sawyer crack is whack. later you the pictures of her vanity filled with crack pipes
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with things to inject herself hypodermics, drugs, et cetera. drugs have very much played a part in whitney houston's demise. it wasn't something that happened yesterday. nobody wanted to believe it. she was an angel. probably the greatest pop singer we have ever ever had on this planet. and she died of a lifetime of abusing her body with drugs. it was inevitable what happened. >> any information, mike, on whether it was a drowning death because she was so stoned she was unconscious and slid under water or an actual overdose death? >> i spoke to my police source and it is the -- the police he hasn wasn't right on the scene. of course they all talk to each other. no one knows for sure. the autopsy will tell us whether there were water in her lungs or not. one thing they agreed on is
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whitney was partying really hard at the hilton hotel. the grammys were coming up. wasn't the night of the grammys. but she was partying hard so hard the hotel warned the party a couple of times. they were more boys stristerous any one else and everybody was boisterous. the report is, what we have heard from sources is she was doing hand stands in the lobby. just acting, nothing bad but just acting slieflike she was h. then she went up to her room and she was pretty loaded. everyone said she had been drinking heavily. in the room xanax, valium, lorazapane, sleeping pills we don't know about illegal drugs. you know how it is you sort of doze off in the bathtub. did she have some sort of attack and die before she went into the water or did she slip to sleep
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and drown? several weeks ago she had the beginnings of emphysema. medical experts told me, i have spoken to two of them, it would be possible that it didn't necessarily kill her but you slip under water you go oh my god i am slipping under wuter you have emphysema you have a breathing impairment that could have contributed to her death. >> mike walker thanks, mate. i appreciate it. i am sure we will read it first in the enquirer. craig rivera is out at the scene. what led security up to her room in the get go? >> well, let me just start with my day, geraldo at the beverly hilton today we arrived around 10:00 in the morning pacific time. paramedics were back at the hotel after the tragic death of whitney houston. this time for her 18-year-old boughter bobbi kristina the only daughter with singer bobby
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brown. whitney deemed to have a panic attack overwhelmed with emotion of her mother's death. she broke down earlier but this time was rushed to cedar sinai hospital in los angeles. she has since been released. we also learned new details about whitney houston's death. we are told the hotel staff were notified that water was leaking from the 4th floor of her hotel room where whitney had been staying and that's what led for her hair stylist and body guard and the hotel security of course to go to that room and make that gruesome discovery, ralegeraldo. >> the actor jon voight has strong feelings about whitney's life and death. jon joins us momentarily. we will visit newark new jersey, right across the river
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>> welcome back to our special
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two-hour report. lisa ever receipt is a fine reporter in new york. she visited the neighborhood where young whitney grew up. this is her report. >> this is her community and this is her family. we are praying for the family right now. that's the most important thing. >> the memorial to whitney houston is growing. she sang with the church choir and her mother. they offered prayers and condolences and received support from jesse jackson. >> this is where her soul was cultivated. her mother sang sweet inspirations in the church choir sang with aretha franklin and elvis presley and church choirs, so she had very natural gifts. she took these gifts to the world stage and the whole world rejoiced. >> in harlem on 125th street fans began a tribute at the doors of the apollo theater.
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she filmed "the greatest love of all." ♪ the grates love of all is happening to me ♪ >> apollo historian billy mitchell was there and remembers her voice of course but also her personality. >> very low maintenance. when they were shooting the video. she wasn't demanding i want this, i want that. that's not the vibe that she showed. i didn't see that type of vibe at all. >> whitney houston's ties to new jersey runs deep she grew up in east orange where performing art school is named in her honor the whitney houston academy. church members leading a special service told us they are now focused on supporting her family at this traumatic time. >> we all love one another. praying for the family holding up. >> the world will remember whitney houston's amazing voice and talent but for those who knew her and her family it's a
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very personal loss. i am lisa everetts, fox news. geraldo, back to you. jon voight is an academy award winning actor an activist he had strong feelings about the passing of whitney houston. he joins us from los angeles. jon thank you very much. nice to see you again. how are you? >> very good. before we start i want to say i have such great respect for you, geraldo. over the years many times you put yourself, yaur career -- put yourself on the line in harm's way to report the truth. you are an american hero. god bless you. >> thank you. i remember working with you hand in hand on the issue of homelessness. thank you very much for those kind remarks. go back to last night to clive davis' pregrammy gala when the news of her death had come. can you explain the mood and
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your reaction. >> we were all in a little bit of shock, not a little bit of shock. we were in shock. there was a lot of sadness. at one point people asked whether it would go on. i think we all knew that it would. that would be a proper way to celebrate her brilliant talent and the love that everyone in the industry had for this soul. it went forth and it was a worn derful show. many people had the ability to express their love for her. >> as they expressed their love, jon, i am sure you did as well, was there not the understanding that whitney houston was a deeply flawed individual because of the drugs in her life? >> well, you know, geraldo, people usually ask me, because i am a veteran in the hollywood community this question about
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how magnificent talents, people with magnificent talents find their way to destruction. it's a difficult question. from my own observation i have to say a gal like whitney houston was blessed with the most magnificent talents. she came -- she rose up. we all remember when she came forth perhaps like no other talent. across the world. millions of people received so much happiness from her. we asked why she couldn't find happiness for herself. i feel that maybe there's a thin line between genius and suffering they seem to come together so often. >> it also seems this particular industry is right with it. how many times do we recognize the passing of a genius like amy wine house before her time or elvis. michael jackson didn't do it to himself but also died because of drugs. why this business?
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is it tolerated too much do you think jon voight? >> i don't know. all i know is it is prevalent in this industry and the human being seems to thrive on these magnificent talents that come forth. that's why we have this billion dollar industry. and life is difficult for everyone and we need these escape mechanisms. whitney houston, this loss of whitney is -- it's going to have a very great impact of sadness all across the world. we can only say we hope that whitney's soul is finally at peace. >> amen to that jon voight. quickly, what should the mood have been tonight during these grammys? should people be embarrassed to celebrate? tell me if you can quickly?
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oo everyone will find their own way to address it. whitney will be in the hearts of everyone and on their minds and they will have a way of expressing. it will be very moving and i think that finally there will be many brilliant talents expressing themselves not only for whitney but to celebrate the gift of music. i think it will be a very suck he isful event. it will be a little mixed of a memorial for whitney. >> jon voight thank you very much. up next a prominent physician and addiction specialist both la based give us the wisdom of their expertise on whitney's passing. then at the bottom of the hour what does the grandfather and the grandmother of the tragic powell children killed by their own father as you remember, think about the way the child custody case was handled?
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>> i wish we had time to play the national anthem for you. she did it in 19 '91 desert storm one was going on at the time. i had tears going down my face i am sure you did as well. it was the magnificent performance. maybe the best ever of the national an dem. now to the point. this woman died i think drugs contributed. it was unreliable, erratic may have led to her death. i think it did.
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he is an attending physician at ucla medical center. you hear me alexandra? >> i can hear you perfectly. are you able to hear me? >> quiet everybody testing the microphones. alexandra just give me comments on what is going on here? oo i was so saddened to hear that she was on a cocktail of sedatives. i think it's hard for a lot of people to believe. your general as sump is she was on illegal drugs. i had a strong feeling it was sedatives involved. it may have been a cocktail of sedatives and illegal drugs. the sedatives alone would they have rendered her unconscious or could they have where she slid under the water and drowned? >> absolutely.
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people don't realize this is not a sleeping state it is an unconscious state. she could have been completely unconscious slid under the water and not woken herself up and it could have been with a mixture of xanax and valium. >> you are a physician the ucla medical center. do you corroborate what alexandra just said? >> good evening mr. rivera. yes, i think we completely agree with what she is bringing forward. given the complexity and significant past medical history of mrs. houston's addiction i think it is absolutely plausible. >> do they, do addicts typically use prescription sedatives to
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reduce the craving for the illegal drugs? >> i think it is an important point that you are bringing forward. once we realize the various fragile and weakened condition that illegal drugs have on our body, on our physiology it is very plausible. i have seen it in my personal experience where addicts use prescription medication to quench their own thirst, if you would. >> we have other experts coming on board at the top of the 10:00 eastern hour. we will continue our probe into the sad life and tragic perhaps unsurprising death of one of the most incredible talents whitney
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houston. coming up next the crime time and prime time special report as we investigate josh powell sickening murder of his own two boys. powell's missing and probably
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>> i am a fit and qualified father. i am the natural father. i love my sons. and the manner in which the -- the manner in which they were behaving leads me to believe the ir repperable harm that is occurring to my sons is having taken them out of the stable home. >> the prime suspect in the december disappearance of his wife sues son -- susan two years ago. he took a hatchet to his 5 and
1:32 am
2-year-old sons before he blew them up. here is craig's report before we meet the family. >> i hope nobody was in there. >> it was the unthinkable act of the savage murder of his two children hacked with an ax and burned alive by his father josh. >> he said good-bye i can't live without the kids. i can't do this any more. it's all about him. >> he believes his murder suicide was planned and executed because he knew police were finally closing in on him for the murder of his wife susan who vanished three years ago from their home in hue saw. >> i think the pressure was on plus you have the kids talking and remembering a little bit about what happened. at that point kids become evidence in his mind. >> four-days before the murder evidence of what cops describe
1:33 am
as insuccess tus porn was found on josh's computer. a seattle judge ordered he undergo a rigorous psycho sexual examination and take a polygraph examination. we spoke to utah detectives three years ago. >> joshua if you are as interested in finding susan as you say you are please' cyst us in this investigation. >> he never explained why he left his home after midnight in december 20, 006 december 20, 0069, -- 2009 with a claim he was going camping on a privilege i had night -- frid had night in sutah. or why his son told his grandparents mommy was in the trunk. mom and dad got out of the car and then mommy disappeared. it is horrible what
1:34 am
happened. he destroyed the evidence and in doing so he killed two kids. >> the grist me pur ders of his two sons fulfilled a gruesome list dropping off toys at salvation army and buying gas tan cans used to ignite the fire. he stopped at this storage unit where they found a quilt with bloodstains. the one survivor who may hold the key is josh powell's weird father steven who claims he had an affair with susan. now he is sitting in jail arrested in september for voyeurism and child porn found on a computer in the seattle home he shared with josh and his grandson. saturday with spoke with the prosecutor before he joined thousands of mourners attending a memorial for the boys and their mother susan. >> is steven powell josh's
1:35 am
father a person of interest in his wife's disappearance? >> there is no evidence to connect him to the murder of susan powell. >> they wonder if the boy's tragic death could have been prevented they say josh had been abusive to susan and they feared for the boys. >> is there criticism that josh powell had access to his children? >> i think there is too much of an attempt to do a blame game. the responsibility lies with the man who murdered his own children josh powell. oo poo what do you think of josh powell? >> good riddens. i think he is an evil, evil mean person. >> evil evil person he should have killed himself first. this revenge most foul. he makes me sick thinking about him. is it a fact that steven powell the grandfather that there are discussions of a plea deal where
1:36 am
he can get out of jail, craig? >> well there isn't discussions of a plea deal where he can get out of jail. what the prosecutor told me is steven powell had information that would help their case in finding out what happened to susan that he would be willing to listen and then perhaps offer some kind of a plea deal for a sentence for that disgusting pornography he had. it is not a plea deal in hand but the police, the prosecutors in the utah police knows what happened to susan. >> craig, thank you. right now the day after laying these beloved boys to rest their grandfather along with their aunt is with us from seattle along with on the left our friend ann bremer who is acting as a family spokesman. schubs
1:37 am
chuck, first of all our severe condolences to you and denise. it is horrifying. words are inadequate. i will shut up. do you feel there is any blame beyond josh powell? do you think the authorities could have handled this differently? >> primarily josh powell did this on his own. it is so hard to place blame on somebody for a completely irrational act nobody could have fore seen. however he was pressure nude a corner. when he lost the visitation or lost custody of the kids until july that was a big blow to him. when he was ordered to take the psychosocial evaluation with the polygraph i think that should have been a stop visitation until it gets cleared up. i was always against it being in
1:38 am
his own home because i think there wasn't adequate security. >> denise do you think he plotted their death to deny you and your dad and mom custody of the children? did he do it for spite, denise? >> i believe he did it as the last act of trying to take back control. he knew most likely after that he wouldn't be getting the boys back and decided to take him with it so he wouldn't be able to have him. >> do you believe his dad steven powell has information about your sister susan's disappearance or i do. >> would you be willing to give him some kind of deal if he told the authorities what he knew? oo not if it meant him getting out of jail.
1:39 am
>> he wouldn't get outright away. >> what would be acceptable to the family visa vis powell do you think he had anything to do with the murder? >> i have been told there are people in law enforcement that think he may have and he knows something and there's some sort of come police city. when i talked to the prosecutor in the case this is before the horrible events of last sunday so over a week ago. they said they thought he would never talk. maybe he will now. the family wants justice and answers. this is the most horrific crime ever. i think everyone in america is got by this. i think any information about susan finding susan and the family still wants to find susan. also for the memory of the boys to have meaning from this case they want the answers. he may have some of those answers. >> chuck, i can't image you are such a loving grandpa i can't
1:40 am
image how you must be feeling. did you get any closure in the ceremony and the funeral yesterday? >> it is a great national audience over a thousand people showed up at the life center and more at a private service after. that helps but we still need to know where our daughter is. they can'ting harmed by their daughter. >> could you look at this man and say i knew he had this malice in your heart and plan this had the whole time. >> yeah. >> you knew it? >> it was a shock that he actually did it. i didn't put it past him to do something horrible like this.
1:41 am
>> again sincere condolences to both of you. we hope you can heal such a horrifying loss. as usual thank you. >> thank you. before we cover the death of whitney houston at the top of the hour what next what do billionaires and millionaires think about the super pack that have remade our election campaigns. i think not necessarily for the better. we will ask them live russell simmons after this.
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>> there's a bar couple doors down a conservative liberal and moderate walked into a bar. the bartender says, hi, mitt. >> very funny. the billionaire who has become one of rick santorum's biggest backers money wise in a race that has been characterized by the tsunami that brings in the crucial moments that alter the campaign's direction is that a good thing? let's ask steve forbes. you know him. i knew his dad malcolm. his dad was enormously wealthy. he goes chair and editor in chief. will you tell us steve who you are going to back now? >> are you running sfwh i haven't made my mind up yet. >> maybe by the end of the segment? >> i think it is a long shot but
1:46 am
i think there's a possibility we may end up with another candidate before the day is over. >> we are joined by a man described as a music mogul entrepreneur russell simmons is here. he has strong feelings about super pack. while on the phone is the aforementioned billionaire activist and chief backer of rick santorum. let me get steve you hope up and russell you rebut. do you think they are good for the process? >> money will come into politics this is a back doorway to get around the restrictions put it in the mid 1970s which i think is totally distorted our political system. i think we should go in the opposite direction. if you want to give money to a candidate that's fine have it out in the open i think that's better than all of these contortions of super pac's and everything else.
1:47 am
>> a sub question. should the money be allowed to give anonymously with some llc or inc where you can't tell who the money was given by? >> again when you reveal those contributors they open up to harassment. you want to do it directly and make it public. >> not necessarily who gave the money? >> i don't have trouble with it but people feel they will be harassed if they do. if you want to give fine as long as it's out in the open instead of all of these secret committees and super committees. it distorts the system. >> make him run. tell him what do do. no one knows what they stand for if you look at the polls maybe we have to figure out what you stand for on top of the
1:48 am
politicians. they should fork pofor people w elect them not buy them. americans are sick of their democracy being distorted. that's what i think it is. we should have public funding they should have the same amount of money. we should be clear that a politician so the people elect them. the reason we don't have healthcare, the reason we don't have many jobs travelling overseas over special befointer and private money and corporate money the reason we have all of these people locked up in jails because these industrial complexes they pay 50 million -- >> they have people locked up in jail they make money off it. >> the big bun buys the politician? >> buys everything. buys our democracy. >> force to freeze, you are up next. are you there by the way? >> i am here. >> we are coming your way after this. capital one's new cash rewards card
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>> welcome back. we will get back to the hwhitne houston coverage in 10 minutes at the top of the hour. the billionaire who has become one of rick santorum's biggest backers. let me show you first the recent gallup poll. it has mitt romney in the lead but look how rick santorum is this is a gallop tracking poll separates romney from santorum. how much have you given if i may ask? >> geraldo i need to dispel this billionaire thing when the press picked up on this idea my wife asked if i was squirrelling money away. i am sort of a billionaire
1:53 am
wannabe. i hope that doesn't make me less interesting to interview. i am also excited about -- >> can you still lend me a dollar? >> i have enough money to take my wife and buy buttered popcorn. you come get your dollar. >> how much have you given him for his campaign? >> it gets to the point that was mentioned earlier about disclosure. the disclosure has to be revealed i think january 31st. that number is available. i keep that number private. >> six figures, seven figures? >> it's six figures. i think what steve forbes said earlier is so right on that is why he is one of my heros and i consider him a national treasure. what he said is we should basically give the money straight to candidates. you can't believe the hoops people have to jump through. every time i pick up a phone i have to call a lawyer and find out what i can and cannot say.
1:54 am
>> i don't care how much you want to give as long as you say foster freeze -- half jewish there, the rivera family gives a million dollars anonymously. why don't you tell people what you are giving? oo i have given. it will appear. i don't know why. people like to keep it as confidential as possible. if you talk to the polls i don't faux if you saw the ppp poll where rick was 38 percent and romney was 23 percent. >> i did. i went with gallup because it has been around longer and generally considered so reliable. i agree there are some polls that show rick santorum. for the record you are not going to tell us. i don't care how much people give. as long as people say that they give as much as they give. as long as it's fully disclosed
1:55 am
what's wrong with that? steve forbes you suggested they will be ar rased for what sfwh people will ask them for money also? can i have some? >> no. this is a transition to where you give directly to candidates. sh that should be revealed within hours. >> real name? >> real name. >> so everyone sees it. >> foster? >> let me tell you about the real joke you have said. i have become visible because i am open and square with everybody and i had 40 requests for money. one guy wanted me to give enough money for his thousand dollar payment on his condo. i know what steve is talking about. the real story in that is you can find four or five types in the past where president obama says the organizations can't allow all of this to happen in secret. the reality is we have to reveal
1:56 am
it. on january 31st you will see exactly how much i gave and soon you will see at the end of february. >> most are given in corporate names. almost out of time here. >> can i say something? that is why the country is disempowered. the one percent of the one percent who can afford politicians make them do their bidding. this entire country is corrupt because people are buying the politicians. it should be illegal, it should be public funding and people who voted want the politicians to work for them. >> i want to thank you. i want to thank steve forbes. i am going to ask you a question. >> they should work for the american people. >> i agree. this as long as i don't care how much they give. >> shouldn't give a dime. >> legal bribe before i is what it is. >> whitney houston's drug addiction from preventing people from healing her. russell simmons that's the
1:57 am
question i am asking you. you have to answer it in two and a half minutes. >> i won't discuss this. i said what i said. i think it's rude that we think people who have money these guys somehow don't suffer.
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